MG 98, The Public and Personal Papers of Ernest McFarland,1894/1985

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Container List
Subgroup I: U.S. Senate
Series One: Legislative Files, 1941-1952
Series Two: Issue and Agency Correspondence, 1940-1952
Series Three: Central Arizona Project, 1904-1976
Series Four: Speeches and Writings, 1940-1953
Series Five: Special Correspondence, 1940-1979
Series Six: Constituent Correspondence, 1941-1952
Series Seven: News Clippings and Press Releases, 1940-1958
Series Eight: Voting Records, 1941-1952
Series Nine: Administrative Files, 1941-1954
Series Ten: Campaign Files, 1940-1962
Series Eleven: Senate Travel, 1943-1952
Series Twelve: Service Case Files and Correspondence, 1941-1952
Series Thirteen: Personal Correspondence, 1937-1952
Series Fourteen: Personal Files, 1946-1952
Series Fifteen: Honors, Awards, Certificates and Tributes 1941-1953
Series Sixteen: Reading Files, 1939-1952
Subgroup II: Governor
Series One: Legislative Files, 1954-1958
Series Two: Issue and Agency Files, 1953-1958
Series Three: Correspondence, 1955-1958
Series Four: Speeches and Speech Material, 1954-1958
Series Five: Press Releases and News Clippings, 1954-1958
Series Six: Appointment Books and Guest Books, 1954-1959
Series Seven: Personal Correspondence Files, 1955-1958
Series Eight: Campaigns for Governor, 1954-1956
Series Nine: County Constituent Correspondence, 1956-1958
Series Ten: Administrative Files, 1946-1958
Series Eleven: Governors' Conferences, 1955-1958
Series Twelve: "McFarland Record" and Biographical Material, 1934-1957
Series Thirteen: Honors, Awards and Certificates, 1955-1958
Series Fourteen: Reading Files, 1920-1959
Series Fifteen: Invitations Declined, 1955-1956
Subgroup III: Supreme Court
Series One: Correspondence, 1965-1970
Series Two: Court Cases, 1965-1974
Series Three: Court-Related Business, 1964-1975
Series Four: Appointment Books, Calendars, and Court Schedules, 1965-1971
Series Five: Judicial Conferences, 1964-1977
Series Six: Public Relations, 1964-1971
Series Seven: National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence, 1968-1969
Series Eight: Political Campaigns, 1962-1966
Series Nine: Travel, 1966-1969
Series Ten: Printed Material, 1956-1973
Subgroup IV: Law Practice
Series One: Legal Cases, 1936-1970
Series Two: Western Union, 1941-1964
Series Three: Correspondence, and 19541959-1964
Series Four: Miscellany, 1930-1975
Series Five: Printed Material, 1950-1975
Subgroup V: KTVK-TV
Series One: Correspondence and Business Files, 1952-1975
Series Two: Operations and Management, 1953-1975
Series Three: "Editorials U.S.A.," 1959-1972
Series Four: Printed Material and Oversize Certificates, 1952-1970
Subgroup VI: Personal
Series One: Correspondence, 1959-1964
Series Two: Political Files, and 1920-19391958-1976
Series Three: Business and Board Files, 1912-1977
Series Four: Personal Files, 1952-1985
Series Five: Autobiography, 1941-1978
Series Six: News clippings, 1937-1978
Series Seven: Naval and Educational Records, 1914-1981
Series Eight: Family Records, 1902-1980
Series Nine: Scrapbooks and Memorabilia, 1929-1984
Subgroup VII: Audiovisual