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Sayles Papers 1913-1977

MS 1

Creator: Sayles, E. B. (Edwin Booth), 1892-1977
Title: Sayles Papers,
Inclusive Dates: 1913-1977
Quantity: 8 linear feet
Abstract:Collection consists of surveys, reports and notes relating to several archaeological sites surveyed or excavated by E.B. Sayles, particularly work on the Cochise Culture, as well as some personal materials mainly relating to his freelance photography.
Identification: MS 1
Language: English.
Repository: Arizona State Museum
University of Arizona
PO Box 210026
Tucson, AZ 85721-0026
Phone: 520-621-2970
Fax: 520-621-2976

Biographical Note

Edwin Booth (Ted) Sayles was born in Abilene, Texas, in 1892. He was active in the family real estate business in Abilene from 1919 to 1931 and was Director of the Texas Real Estate Board from 1925 to 1931. He was co-founder of the Texas Archaeological and Paleontological Society and was its Secretary-Treasurer from 1929 to 1931. When he was 38 years old he decided to make a career of his hobbies: anthropology and archaeology. His only formal education in these fields consisted of extension courses at the University of Texas and Colombia University.

In 1931 Sayles went to work for the Gila Pueblo Foundation, Globe, Arizona. He worked there until 1942 when he left to work at the Inspiration Mine, Miami, Arizona. While at Gila Pueblo he participated in archaeological investigations in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Sonora, Mexico and Chihuahua, Mexico. His reports for the Gila Pueblo Foundation include papers on the 1934-1935 excavations at Snaketown, Arizona (Medallion Paper No. 25), An Archaeological Survey of Texas (Medallion Paper No. 17, 1935), An Archaeological Survey of Chihuahua, Mexico (Medallion Paper No. 22, 1936), The Cochise Culture (Medallion Paper No. 28, 1941), and The San Simon Branch: Excavations at Cave Creek and in the San Simon Valley. (Medallion Papers Nos. 34 and 35, 1945-46).

In 1943 Sayles became Curator at the Arizona State Museum (ASM). He was Acting Director of the Museum in 1949-50 and served as Assistant Director of the University of Arizona's Archaeological Field School at Point of Pines, Arizona, that same year. He retired from the Arizona State Museum in 1961.

During his years at the ASM, Sayles continued to write on the archaeology of Arizona. He was an active photographer and had photo essays published in Arizona Highways. He also supplied photographs for the files of Black Star Publishing Company.

After his retirement Sayles wrote, with Mary Ellen Stevens, two juvenile novels based on archaeology. One of these, Throwstone, the First American Boy, won the Cokesbury Juvenile Award. Other books written or co-written by Sayles after his retirement include Fantasies of Gold: Legends of Treasure and How They Grew, and Faith, Flowers and Fiestas. He was revising the Cochise report at the time of his death on May 26, 1977.

Sayles served with the infantry in World War I and was awarded the Croix de Guerre by the French government for gallantry in action.

Scope and Content

This collection consists of 9 boxes of manuscript materials arranged in 9 subgroups: Subgroup 1, Cochise Report, 1935-77; Subgroup 2, Chihuahua Archaeological Survey, 1933, 1969-75; Subgroup 3, Hohokam Report, 1962-64; Subgroup 4, Paul S. Martin. The Last 10,000 Years: A Fossil Pollen Record of the American Southwest, 1958-64; Subgroup 5, Normal Whalen. Cochise Culture Sites in the Central San Pedro Drainage, Arizona. 1966-72; Subgroup 6, Freelance Photography Material, 1944-77; Subgroup 7, Source Materials, undated; Subgroup 8, Personal Files, 1913-61; Subgroup 9, Miscellany, 1936-40.

The collection relates primarily to E.B. Sayles' archaeological work in southeastern Arizona, southwestern New Mexico and northern Mexico. It is particularly strong in its study of the Cochise Culture. Subgroups 1, 3, 4, and 5 all contain material on the Cochise Culture. There is also material on archaeological surveys Sayles did in Chihuahua, Mexico (Sg. 2), southeastern Arizona and southwestern New Mexico (Sg. 1 and 3), and notebooks of quotations, references and notes on archaeological topics that Sayles collected over a period of years (Sg. 7). The material on Sayles' personal life consists of a few documents on his freelance photography activities (Sg.6), a journal of random notes (c. 1913), a journal of a trip to Alamos, Mexico, some cartoons he drew for the University of Texas student magazine, and a few letters about his retirement (all Sg. 8). There are also 4 manuscripts on the archaeology of the Big Bend Country, Texas and Mexico (Sg. 9). Principal correspondents are Ernst and Ada Antevs, Harold S. Gladwin, Edith Sangster and Raymond H. Thompson.

ASM accession numbers related to this collection inlcude, but are not limited to: AP-1982-66, AP-2017-159, ASMLA 83-28. Photographs associated with this collection may be housed in ASM Photographic Collections under ASM accession number AP-2004-1343, or other numbers.


This collection is organized into nine subgroups and 28 series:
Subgroup 1: Cochise Report, 1935-77
Series 1: Correspondence, 1938-70
Series 2: Field Notes, 1935-69
Series 3: Drafts and Reports, 1936-69
Series 4: Analyses, Charts, Profiles and Checklists, 1937-59
Series 5: Photographs, 1935-40
Series 6: Editorial Comments and Notes, 1956-58
Subgroup 2: Chihuahua Archaeological Survey, 1933, 1969-75
Series 1: Correspondence, 1933,1970
Series 2: Field Notes and Logs, 1933, 1969-75
Series 3: Unpublished Reports, 1933
Series 4: Maps, 1933, 1969
Subgroup 3: Hohokam Report, 1962-64
Series 1: Correspondence, 1963-64
Series 2: Reports, 1962
Series 3: Maps, Site Surveys and Analyses, 1962
Series 4: Source Material, undated
Subgroup 4: Paul S. Martin. The Last 10,000 Years: A Fossil Pollen Record of the American Southwest, 1958-64
Series 1: Correspondence, 1959-64
Series 2: Source Materials, undated
Series 3: Notes, Figures and Drawings, 1958-64
Subgroup 5: Normal Whalen. Cochise Culture Sites in the Central San Pedro Drainage, Arizona, 1966-72
Series 1: Correspondence, 1966-72
Series 2: Drafts, 1971
Subgroup 6: Freelance Photography Material, 1944-77
Series 1: Correspondence, 1945-77
Series 2: Picture lists and Captions, undated
Series 3: Releases and Brochures, 1945-59
Subgroup 7: Source Materials, undated
Series 1: Notebooks
Series 2: Manuscripts
Series 3: Bibliographies
Subgroup 8: Personal Files, 1913-61
Series 1: Journals, 1913, 1954
Subgroup 9: Miscellany, 1936-84
Series 1: Manuscripts, 1936-40
Series 2: Addendum


Conditions Governing Access

Access to specific information about the nature and location of archaeological resources may be restricted pursuant to the United States Archaeological Resources Protection Act of 1979 (ARPA) and Arizona Revised Statues, Title 39-125. ARPA includes a specific exemption from the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requirements for information about the nature and location of archaeological resources (16 U.S. Code 470hh: Confidentiality of information concerning the nature and location of archaeological resources).

Conditions Governing Use

The Arizona State Museum may not own copyright to all parts of this collection. It is the responsibility of the user to obtain permission to publish from the owner of the copyright (the institution, the creator of the record, the author or his/her transferees, heirs, legates, or literary executors). The user agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Arizona Board of Regents for the University of Arizona, Arizona State Museum, its officers, employees, and agents from and against all claims made by any person asserting that he or she is an owner of copyright.

Related Material

Additional E.B. Sayles papers related to his service in the military during World War 1 are held in the Southwest Collection, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX.

Photographs related to these archives are housed with the Arizona State Museum Photographic Collection. Contact the ASM Curator of Photographic Collections for more information.

Controlled Access Terms

Personal Name(s)
Antevs, Ernst, 1888-
Gladwin, Harold S. (Harold Sterling), 1883-1983
Martin, Paul S. (Paul Schultz), 1928-
Sayles, E. B. (Edwin Booth), 1892-1977
Thompson, Raymond H.

Corporate Name(s)
Black Star Publishing Company
Gila Pueblo Archaeological Foundation

Geographic Name(s)
AZ L:10:2(ASM)
Chiricahua Mountains (Ariz.)
Tucson Region (Ariz.)-- Antiquities

Animals, Fossil--Southwest, New
Antiquities, Prehistoric-- Southwest, New
Archaeological surveying--Arizona--Tucson Region
Cochise culture--Arizona
Excavations (Archaeology)--Arizona
Excavations (Archaeology)--Mexico, North
Excavations (Archaeology)--New Mexico
Hohokam culture--Arizona
Pottery, Prehistoric-- Arizona
Stone implements--Arizona

Administrative Information

Custodial History

This collection was given to the Arizona State Museum by E.B. Sayles (ca. 1970) and Mrs. Finis Mothershead (ca. 1977). The four Big Bend archaeology manuscripts were probably donated by Emil W. Haury between 1976-1978.

Preferred Citation

Sayles Papers, 1913-1977 (MS 1). Arizona State Museum Archives.

Container List

Subgroup 1 Cochise Report, 1935-77,1950-66, 1969-77
Subgroup 1 contains materials from the original Cochise report (1941) and subsequent revisions (1958, 1969). It consists of 6 series: Series 1, Correspondence, 1938-70; Series 2, Field Notes, 1935-69; Series 3, Drafts and Reports, 1936-69; Series 4, Analyses, Charts, Profiles and Checklists, 1937-59; Series 5, Photographs, 1935-40; Series 6, Editorial Comments and Notes, 1956-58. Sayles originally published his findings on the Cochise Culture in The Cochise Culture, by Sayles and Ernst Antevs, Medallion paper no. 29, Gila Pueblo, 1941. He revised this work in 1958 and again in 1969. Publication is still pending (1982). Published in 1983 as UA Anthro Paper #42.
Series 1 Correspondence,1938-70
Series 1, Correspondence, 1938-70, relates to Sayles' work on the Cochise Culture and reports he wrote on his work. Correspondents include Hildegarde Howard (1938-39) and Chester Stock (1938-41), concerning the identification of camel, dire wolf and other bone for the original Cochise report; Harold S. Gladwin (1941), concerning the original Cochise report; Ernst and Ada Antevs (1956-58), Charles DiPeso (1957), Terah L. Smiley (1956-1957) and William W. Wasley (1957), concerning the 1958 revision of the Cochise report; Emil W. Haury (1957), concerning the 1958 revision of the Cochise report and expenses for further research; and Raymond H. Thompson (1956-70), concerning the 1958 revision of the Cochise report, a 1966 shipment of the "Texas Collection," and turning over Cochise archival material to the Arizona State Museum. Note: More correspondence concerning the identification of artifacts and samples is included in Series 4, Analyses, Charts, Profiles and Checklists.
11 Cochise Report: Correspondence A-R
Ernst and Ada Antevs, 1956-58
Jan Bell, undated
James C. Gifford, 1958
Harold S. Gladwin, 1941
Emil W. Haury, 1957
Hilgegarde Howard
Leland C. Marsh, 1956
Ernest Reed, 1956
12 Cochise Report: Correspondence S-W
Terah L. Smiley, 1956-57
Chestor Stock, 1938-41
Raymond H. Thompson, 1956-66, 1970
William W. Wasley, 1957
Richard B. Woodbury, 1957
Series 2 Field Notes, 1935-69
Series 2, Field Notes, 1935-69, documents work done on Cochise sites. Most of the notes were recorded by Sayles. Emil W. Haury recorded the first nine pages of the field notebook covering Cochise sites, 1935; Sayles recorded the rest of the notes in this notebook. Major sites and areas covered include Double Adobe and Whitewater Wash, Hands Site, Cave Creek, San Simon, Lake Cochise, Lordsburg Lake, Lake Cloverdale, San Pedro Valley, Santa Cruz Valley, and Sulphur Springs Valley. There are logs for trips taken through southeastern Arizona in 1951, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1955 and 1956.
13 Emil W. Haury, Cochise Sites, E.B. Sayles, Cochise Sites, 1935 1936
14 E.B. Sayles, Cochise Sites, 1937
15 E.B. Sayles, Cochise Sites, Double Adobe, 1937
16 Cochise Report: Field Notes
House Floor, E.J. Hands Site, Cave Creek, 1937
17 Cochise Report: Field Notes
G.P Chiricahua 3:21, E.J. Hands Ranch, 1937
Map: G.P. Chiricahua 3:21. Stored in oversize.
18 Cochise Report: Field Notes
G.P. Chiricahua 3:22, E.J. Hands Ranch, 1937
19 Cochise Report: Field Notes
Double Adobe, 1936-37
Whitewater Wash, 1936-38
Map: Whitewater Wash, Stored in oversize., 1938, 1956.
110 Cochise Report: Field Notes
Whitewater Wash, Sonora F:10, 1936-39
Map: Whitewater Wash, Sonora F:10:35, Stored in oversize., 1938.
111 Cochise Report: Field Notes
Pearce 8, 1936-39
Plan and section, G.P. Pearce 8:17, Stored in oversize., 1937.
112 Cochise Report: Field Notes
Lake Cochise, 1935-39
Lordsburg Lake, undated
Playas Lake, undated
Lake Cloverdale, undated
Other than Sulphur Springs Valley, 1936, undated
San Simon, 1940, 1969
113-14 Cochise Report: Field Notes
San Simon, 1940, 1969
G.P. Arizona L:10:2. Stored in oversize.
H 11A. Stored in oversize.
215 San Simon burial and cremation reports, 1939-40
216 Surveys of southern Arizona and New Mexico, 1952-56
217 Trip Logs, 1950-56
Series 3 Drafts and Reports, 1936, 1958, 1969, undated
Series 3, Drafts and Reports, 1936-69, consists of an undated proposal for the Cochise report, the 1958 and 1969 drafts of the revised report, a 1936 report on Chiricahua 3:16, and two undated reports by William W. Wasley: A New Look at the Cochise Culture, and Radiocarbon Dating.
218 "Summary of proposed project," , undated
Map: Southeast Arizona and southwest New Mexico, undated Stored in oversize.
219 "Plan for proposed report," , undated
220-21 Draft: Cochise report, undated
222-23 Draft: Cochise report, May 1958
224-25 Draft: Cochise Report, June 1958
326 Captions, Figs. 1-50, tables 1-5, June 1958
327-28 Draft: Cochise report, Oct. 1958
329 Bibliography for Cochise report, 1958
330-31 Draft: Cochise report, 1969
332-34 Figures and captions, 1969
335 Early drawings of figures, undated
Stored in oversize.
336-37 Appendices I, II, III, undated
438-45 Appendices I, II, III, undated
446 Appendices I, II, III, figures, undated
Stored in oversize.
547-48 G.P. Chiricahua 3:16, excavation of the Hands Site, 1936
Addendum: In June, 1983, a report, Field report, excavation of E.J. Hands site, Portal, Arizona, Chiricahua Mountains. April, 1936, was donated to the Archive by Chaco Center, Albuquerque, NM. This report is similar to, but has more figures, than the report in Subgroup 1, folders 47-48 of this collection.
549 William W. Wasley, A New Look at the Cochise Culture, undated
William W. Wasley, Radiocarbon Dating,undated
Series 4 Analyses, Charts, Profiles, and Checklists, 1937-1959, undated
Series 4 consists of analyses, charts, profiles and checklists, 1937-1959, for the Cochise report. Correspondence is included in the material concerning dating and identification of shell, pollen, and diatoms. (See Inventory for correspondence and dates.) Other analyses and charts concern faunal remains, climate, sherds, houses at Ariz. L:10:2, stone artifacts, and San Simon skeletal material. Profiles are of Whitewater Wash, G.P. Benson 8:3, G.P. Pearce 8:3 and 8:9, and Ariz. EE:30.
550-51 Analyses, charts, profiles, checklists, 1937-1959, undated
Dating, pollen analyses, shells, diatoms,1937-57
radiocarbon dates. Stored in oversize.
552 Analyses, charts, profiles, checklists, 1937-1959, undated
Faunal remains, 1959, undated
Artifacts, undated
Frequencies, undated
Traits, undated
Profiles, 1937, undated
Profiles. Stored in oversize, undated
Sherd analyses. Stored in oversize, 1969
House identifications. Stored in oversize, 1969
Stone artifacts. Stored in oversize, undated
Stone artifacts, 1957, undated
Soil types, undated
Skeletal material
Burials, undated
Series 5 Photographs, 1935-1940, undated
Series 5 consists of photographs, 1935-40, of San Simon, Ariz. L:10:2, and other Cochise sites. There are also photographs of Ernst Antevs' drawings for the Cochise report and of the plates for the Appendices for the revised Chochise report.
553-54 San Simon, G.P. Arizona L:10:2, 1940
555-56 Cochise sites, 1935-38
657 Ernst Antevs' drawings, undated
658 Appendix I, plates, undated
659 Appendix II, plates and Appendix III, plates, undated
Series 6 Editorial comments and notes, 1956-58, undated
Series 6 consists of editorial comments by Jan Bell on the revision of the Cochise report and notes Sayles made about areas of the report that needed further investigation and revision.
660 Editorial comments and notes, 1956-58, undated
Editorial comments by Jan Bell, undated
Notes, 1956-58, undated
Cummings' excavation, undated
List of things to do- RHT, undated
List of things to do- EWH, undated
Subgroup 2 Chihuahua Archaeological Survey, 1933, 1969-75
Subgroup 2 contains material from both the original Chihuahua Survey (1933) and a later revision of the data (1969-75). It consists of 4 series: Series 1, Correspondence, 1933,1970; Series 2, Field Notes and Logs, 1933, 1969-75; Series 3, Unpublished Reports, 1933; Series 4, Maps, 1933, 1969; Sayles published the results of this survey in An Archaeological Survey of Chihuahua, Mexico, Medallion paper no. 22, Gila Pueblo, 1936. The Chihuahua Survey extended into Texas.
Series 1 Correspondence, 1933, 1970
Series 1, Correspondence, 1933, 1970, concerns the survey Sayles did in Chihuahua, Mexico, in 1933 for Gila Pueblo, a private organization founded by Harold S. Gladwin to do archaeological work in the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. There is also frequent mention of the McGinnis Collection and Casas Grandes. Principal correspondents are Harold S. Gladwin and Edith Sangster (Secretary at Gila Pueblo).
61 Correspondence A-T
A.E. Anderson, 1933
W.R. Ely, 1933
George C. Engerrand, 1933
Harold S. Gladwin, 1933
Rodrigo M. Quevedo, 1933
Edith Sangster, 1933
Texas Highway Department, 1933
Raymond H. Thompson, 1970
Series 2 Field Notes and Logs, 1969-75
Series 2, Field Notes and Logs, 1933, 1969-75, contains field notes on Chihuahua A through Chihuahua F, Chihuahua I, and Chihuahua U. There is also a site log and a camp log for the Chihuahua Survey, February-June 1933, and checklists of survey sites, 1929, 1941. Also included are revisions of these field notes and logs, 1969-75.
62 Field notes, undated
63 Site log, Feb. 17- June 9 and Camp log, Feb 17- June 9, 1933
64 Checklist of GP survey sites, 1929-41
Stored in oversize.
65 Revision of field notes, Revision of 1933 logs, 1975, undated 1969-1975
66 Revision of Presidio/Mission logs, 1933
Series 3 Unpublished Reports, 1933
Series 3, Unpublished Reports, consists of one report by Sayles, Ethnology of Chihuahua, 1933.
67 Ethnology of Chihuahua, 1933
Series 4 Maps, 1933, 1969, undated
Series 4, Maps, consists of field maps of the Chihuahua Survey area, 1933, and a 1969 revision of the field map showing location of the 1933 camps.
68 Maps, 1933, 1969, undated
Chihuahua Survey area, undated
Field Maps, 1933
Field Maps. Stored in oversize, 1933
Camps added to field map, 1969
Sketch map, Chihuahua H:11:1, 1969
Trace Map, Sonora/Chihuahua border, undated
Subgroup 3 Hohokam Report, 1962-64
Subgroup 3 contains material concerning an unpublished report, The Hohokam as Related to other Southwestern Cultures, that Sayles wrote for the U.S. Department of Justice in connection with the Pima-Maricopa Indian lands claim case. The subgroup consists of 4 series: Series 1, Correspondence, 1963-64; Series 2, Reports, 1962; Series 3, Maps, Site Surveys and Analyses, 1962; Series 4, Source Material, undated. Some of this data was originally gathered for the Cochise report.
Series 1 Correspondence, 1963-64
Series 1, Correspondence, 1963-64, contains a letter from the U.S. Department of Justice, 1963, granting Sayles permission to publish the Hohokam report and a letter from Mark Leone thanking Sayles for letting him read the report, 1964.
71 Correspondence B-L, 1963-64
Ralph A. Barney for Ramsey Clark, Justice Department, 1963
Mark Leone, 1964
Series 2 Reports, 1962
Series 2, Reports, 1962, contains a copy of Sayles' The Hohokam Culture as Related to Other Southwestern Cultures, and an undated report by Richard B. Woodbury and John Q. Ressler entitled "Effects of Environment and Cultural Limitations upon Hohokam Agriculture."
72 E.B. Sayles, The Hohokam Culture as Related to Other Southwestern Cultures, 1962
73 Richard B. Woodbury and John Q. Ressler, Effects of Environmental and Cultural Limitations upon Hohokam Agriculture, undated
Series 3 Maps, Site Surveys, Analyses, 1962
Series 3 consists of a map of southeastern Arizona and northwestern Mexico superimposed with a grid system for identifying site locations, and Gila Pueblo and Arizona State Museum site survey analyses for the area covered by the map. Analyses show site number, dates and comments by Sayles.
74-5 Map: Southeastern Arizona and southwestern New Mexico, Gila Pueblo survey analyses, undated 1962
Stored in oversize.
76 ASM site analyses, undated
Series 4 Source Materials and Notes, undated
Series 4, Source Materials, consists of maps and quotations from published sources, with annotations by Sayles, that were used as background material for the Hohokam report. There is also a draft outline for the report.
77 Source materials and notes, undated
Quotations with annotations by Sayles, undated
Maps, undated
Maps. Stored in oversize, undated
Subgroup 4 Paul S. Martin, The Last 10,000 Years: A Fossil Pollen Record of the American Southwest, Tucson, University of Arizona, 1963, 1958-63
Subgroup 4 container materials concerning Sayles' disagreement with the findings on climate fluctuation in the Cochise Culture area as presented by Martin's book, "The last 10,000 Years." It consists of 3 series: Series 1, Correspondence, 1959-64; Series 2, Source Materials, undated; Series 3, Notes, Figures and Drawings, 1958-54.
Series 1 Correspondence, 1959-64
Series 1, Correspondence, 1959-64, concerns Sayles' disagreement with Martin's findings on the climate fluctuations in the Cochise Culture area. Ernst Antevs is the principal correspondent. Copies of letters with Antevs to Martin are included. Copies of Sayles' critique of Martin's findings, with comments by Watson Smith and Raymond H. Thompson, are also included. A final version of the critque accompanies a letter to T.N. Campbell. It was published as "Late Quarternary Climate Recorded by Cochise Culture," American Antiquity, v. 30, no 4 (April 1965).
71 Correspondence A-W, 1959-64
Ernst Antevs, 1959-64
T.N. Campbell, 1964
Watson Smith, 1964
Raymond H. Thompson, 1964, undated
Alfred Traverse, 1958, 1960
William W. Wasley, 1964
Series 2 Source Materials, undated
Series 2, Source Materials, consists of reports by others with comments by Sayles, including an extensively annotated copy of Martin's "The Last 10,000 Years." (See Inventory for authors and titles of other reports.) These reports were used by Sayles in his critique. Copies of the critique can be found in Series 1, Correspondence, of this subgroup.
72 Paul S. Martin, The Last 10,000 Years, undated
With extensive comments by Sayles.
73 Source materials, undated
Paul S. Martin, Investigations of the Postglacial Pollen Sequence in the Southwest, undated
Paul Damon and Austin Long, Arizona Radiocarbon Dates III, undated
Paul S. Martin, Paleoecology and Early Man in Arizona, undated
Series 3 Notes, Figures, Drawings, 1958-64
Series 3, Notes, Figures, and Drawings, 1958-64, contains notes on radiocarbon dating, climate, pollen, and sediments; maps and profiles of Double Adobe; Ernst Antevs' comments on Terah L. Smiley's "Paleoecology of the Cochise Culture area, southeastern Arizona;" and a chronology of Sayles' Critique.
74 Notes, Figures and Drawings, 1958-64
Radiocarbon dates, undated
Carbon 14 dates and climate, undated
Pollen and sediment, 1958-1959
Map, profile and section of Double Adobe, 1964, undated
Profiles used as basis for Sayles' critique. Stored in oversize, 1957
Antevs' comments on Smiley's Paleoecology of the Cochise Culture area, southeastern Arizona, 1959
Chronology of Sayles' critique, undated
Subgroup 5 Normal Whalen, Cochise Culture Sites in the Central San Pedro Drainage, Arizona, Ph.D. Dissertation, Unviersity of Arizona, Tucson, 1971, 1966-72
Subgroup 5 contains material concerning Sayles' critique of Whalen's dissertation. It contains of 2 series: Series 1, Correspondence, 1966-72; Series 2, Drafts, 1971.
Series 1 Correspondence, 1966-72
Series 1 consists of correspondence about Whalen's dissertation. Norman Whalen is the principal correspondent.
81 Correspondence T-W, 1966-72
Raymond H. Thompson, 1972
Norman Whalen, 1966-68
Series 2 Drafts, 1971
Series 2 consists of a draft (1971) of Whalen's dissertation with extensive notes and comments by Sayles
82-3 Norman Whalen, Cochise Culture sites in the Central San Pedro drainage, Arizona, 1971
with extensive comments and notes by Sayles
Subgroup 6 Freelance Photographs Materials, 1944-77
Subgroup 6 contains material concerning Sayles' activities as a freelance photographer. It consists of 3 series: Series 1, Correspondence, 1945-77; Series 2, Picture lists and Captions, undated; Series 3, Releases and Brochures, 1945-59.
Series 1 Correspondence, 1945-77
Series 1, Correspondence, 1945-77, concerns Sayles' freelance photography activities. Black Star Publishing Company and Lloyd C. Waters, a black cowboy in southeastern Arizona, are the principal correspondents.
81 Correspondence B-W, 1945-77
E. Berwind, 1945
Black Star Publishing Company, 1945-58
A.M. Carpenter, 1960
Robert Chipman, 1945
Lois Graham, 1945
Jack Hardy Grissom, 1945
Lloyd C. Waters, 1947
Series 2 Picture Lists and Captions, 1977, undated
Series 2 consists of picture lists and captions. Most of them are undated. Some, but not all, captions are identified by negative number. The captions indicate that the pictures are of various Southwestern subjects.
82 Picture lists and captions, 1977, undated
Black Star Publishing Company, undated
Bernard Fontana, 1977
EBS scrapbook, undated
Series 3 Releases and Brochures, 1945-59
Series 3 consists of releases from Sayles' models and exhibition brochures from Sayles' exhibitions at the Museum of Northern Arizona, 1948, and the Pima County Fair, 1949. More releases can be found in Series 1, Correspondence, of this subgroup.
83 Releases and Brochures, 1944-49
Releases from models, 1944-45
Exhibition brochures, 1948-49, undated
Subgroup 7 Source Materials, undated
Subgroup 7 contains material concerning archaeology in general. It consists of 3 series: Series 1, Notebooks; Series 2, Manuscripts; Series 3, Bibliographies.
Series 1 Notebooks, undated
Series 1, Notebooks, consists of the pages from 7 loose leaf notebooks containing notes and references collected over the years by Sayles. The notebooks were headed, "Geographic Division," "Mexico, Maya and Andean," Pacific" (coastal North America), "Southwest, Mexico, Basin and Plains," "East and Near East" (United States), "Old World," and "Dating, Geology, Climate and Environment." Correspondence from Charles Amsden and Earl H. Morris is included in "Southwest, Mexico, Basin and Plains." Almost none of the material is dated.
81-2 Geographic Divisions,undated
Mexico, Maya and Andean
Maps and charts. Stored in oversize.
83 Pacific (Coastal North America), undated
Charts. Stored in oversize.
84 Southwest, Mexico, Basin and Plains, undated
Charts. Stored in oversize.
95-6 East and Near East (United States), undated
Charts. Stored in oversize.
97 Old World, undated
98-9 Dating, Geology, Climate and Environment, undated
Series 2 Manuscripts, undated, 1956
Series 2, Manuscripts, consists of four manuscripts on early assemblages. Two of them are on Ventana Cave: one by Bernard Fontana, 1956, and the other undated and no author given. The third report is undated and unittitled but written by Jan Bell. The fourth report, Other early assemblages, has no date or author.
910 Manuscripts, undated, 1956
Bernard Fontana, Ventana Cave, 1956
Ventana Cave, 2 drafts, undated
Jan Bell, No title, undated
Early Assemblages, undated
Series 3 Bibliographies, undated
Series consists of 2 bibliographies. One is on early assemblages. The other is on archaeology and related topics and is divided into three sections: author, topics, and area.
911 Early assemblages, undated
912 General archaeology, undated
Stored in oversize.
Subgroup 8 Personal Files, 1913-61
Subgroup 8 contains material concerning Sayles' activities in 1913, a trip he took to Alamos, Mexico, in 1954, his retirement in 1961, and cartoons he drew about 1914. It consists of 2 series: Series 1, Journals, 1913, 1954; Series 2, Memorabilia, 1914, 1961.
Series 1 Journals, 1913, 1954
Series 1 consists of 2 journals kept by Sayles. One contains expenses, address, notes and a letter of introduction, c.1913. The other is a log of a trip Sayles took to Alamos, Mexico, in 1954.
91 Expenses, addresses, notes, 1913
92 Trip to Alamos, Mexico, 1954
Series 2 Memorabilia, 1914, 1961
Series 2, Memorabilia, 1914, 1961, consists of letters congratulating Sayles on his retirement in 1961, 2 copies of "The Coyote" (student magazine, University of Texas), 1914, containing cartoons drawn by Sayles, and originals of other Sayles' cartoons.
93 Memorabilia, 1914, 1961
Correspondence (on retirement), 1961
"The Coyote", 1914
Cartoons. Stored in oversize, 1914
Subgroup 9 Miscellany, 1936-1984
Subgroup 9 consists of 2 series, and contains miscellaneous manuscripts and an addendum of additional material.
Series 1 Manuscripts, 1936-40
Series 1 consists of 4 manuscripts by Sayles: 1) Mexico and the Tarahumara, undated; 2) an incomplete manuscript on the second or third season of Point of Pines, undated.; 3) Basic, evolved and developed patterns, c. 1936; 4) Field report, excavation of E.J. Hands site, Portal, Arizona, Chiricahua Mountains, April 1936. It also includes four manuscripts on the archaeology of the Big Bend Country of Texas and Mexico, c. 1939-40: one by George C. Martin, two by George C. Martin and David Dorchester and one by Victor J. Smith. These latter four manuscripts may be related to the Chihuahua Survey, (subgroup 2).
91 Sayles, E.B.,1936
Mexico and the Tarahumara, undated
Second and Third Season at Point of Pines, undated
Basic, Evolved and Developed Patterns, c. 1936
Charts from Basic, Evolved and Developed Patterns. Stored in oversize, c. 1936
92-3 E.B. Sayles Field Report, excavation of E.J. Hands site, Portal, Arizona, Chiricahua Mountains, April 1936, 1936
94 George C. Martin, Who were the Big Bend Basketmakers? and Victor J. Smith, Muller Rock Shelter, 1939 undated
95 George C. Martin and David Dorchester, Pictorial record of the material culture of the Big Bend Basketmaker, part 1 and 2, (2 booklets), 1940
96 George C. Martin and David Dorchester, George C. Martin collection of mortars and other stone utensils and containers from both sides of the Rio Grande in the vicinity of Boquillas and Mariscal, Big Bend Country, Texas and Mexico, 1940
Series 2 Addendum
Series 2, Addendum consists of additional E.B. Sayles Cochise Culture manuscript and assorted material (ASM LA # 83-28), and material from Pueblo Grande Museum, Phoenix, AZ (AP 2017-159).
107-12 Cochise Report, 1935-77: A New Appraisal of the Cochise Culture and its Relationship to Other Cultures, E.B. Sayles and Ernst Antevs. Manuscript draft with charts and illustrations (1950s); Correspondence and memos including Emil Haury, Harold Gladwin; Manuscript reviews; “Geology and Age of Cochise Culture,” Ernst Antev, 1957
1013-14 Cochise Report, 1935-77: The Cochise Cultural Sequence in Southeastern Arizona, E.B. Sayles. Anthropological Papers of the University of Arizona, no. 42. Tucson: University of Arizona Press, 1983. Correspondence with Emil Haury, Raymond H. Thompson and others; production notes; reviews of manuscripts; preliminary document; UA Anthropology Paper layout; research materials; photographs used as illustrations; zinc plates created in 1959 of James C. Gifford’s drawings used as illustrations.
1115-17 Cochise Report, 1935-77: materials continued from box 10.
12-14 Cochise Report, 1935-77: 3 cardboxes of zinc plates.
1518 Cochise Report, 1935-77: Origins of the Cochise Complex, 1958. Charts/drawings; correspondence including Hallam Movius, Robert Braidwood and Kenneth Oakley; draft text and notes.
1519 Correspondence between Nancy G. Sayles and Carol Gifford, 1984.
1520 Sayles, E.B. Elephant Slabs (Arizona State Museum.) Photocopy of typed manuscript from Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard Museum, undated.
1521-23 Hohokam Report, 1962-64: The Hohokam Culture as Related to Other Southwestern Cultures, E.B. Sayles. Copy of manuscript with maps and original charts; Bound flip book of black and white photos or figurines and ceramics; Black and white photos of figurines and decorated pot sherds; Notes and illustration draft layouts with black and white photographs.
1524-26 The Archaeology of America for Boys and Girls, E.B. Sayles and Bernard L. Fontana. Unpublished manuscript with illustrations and black and white photographs; Correspondence.
1527 The Last 10,000 Years: a Fossil Pollen Record of the American Southwest, 1958-1964. Manuscript draft; Correspondence with Jack T. Hughes; Original charts and illustrations; Draft of response to Paul Martin.