Watson Smith Papers, 1936-1996

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Watson Smith Papers, 1936-1996

MS 10

Creator: Smith, Watson, 1897-1993
Title: Watson Smith Papers,
Inclusive Dates: 1936-1996
Quantity: 8.5 Linear Ft. (17 boxes)
Abstract:Collection consists of correspondence, archaeological papers, and manuscripts including lectures, an autobiography, and a biography of George Peabody by Charles Towne. 2000 addition consists of further correspondence and project files for reviews, lectures, and excavation reports.
Identification: MS 10
Language: English.
Repository: Arizona State Museum
PO Box 210026
Tucson, AZ 85721-0026
Phone: 520-621-4695
URL: http://www.statemuseum.arizona.edu/archives/index.shtml

Biographical Note

Watson Smith was born in Cincinnati, Ohio on August 21, 1897. After graduating from Brown University in 1919 and from Harvard Law School in 1924, he practiced law until 1933 at which time Watson decided to pursue an interest in archaeology. Through mutual friends, he became acquainted with Paul S. Martin of the Field Museum of Chicago.

During the summers of 1933 and 1934, Smith worked on the Field Museum Expedition at Lowry Ruin. He spent the summers of 1936 and 1937 on the Rainbow Bridge-Monument Valley Expedition (RBMVE). Smith joined the Harvard Peabody Museum's Awatovi Expedition, under the direction of J.O. Brew, for the 1938 field season. In 1952, Smith's "Kiva Mural Decorations at Awatovi and Kawaika" was published in the Papers of the Peabody Museum series. Through his work on the Awatovi kiva murals, Smith became an authority on the salvaging and recording of mural paintings, resulting in a 1954 invitation to assist in mural recovery at Nestor's Palace in the Western Peloponnesus of Greece.

After World War II, Smith was appointed Curator of Southwestern Archaeology at the Harvard Peabody Museum. He was the field director for the Museum of Northern Arizona excavation at Wupatki and for the Harvard Peabody Museum Upper Gila Expedition in 1949 and 1951. Smith spent the summer of 1952 near Zuni doing field research for his study of Zuni law. In 1954, "Zuni Law: A Field of Values," co-authored with John Milton Roberts, was published in the Papers of the Peabody Museum series.

When Smith moved to Tucson in 1954, he converted the guest house behind his home to an archaeological lab, known as "Peabody Museum West of the Pecos," where he continued research on the Awatovi materials. This research was the basis for his innovative views on the study of ceramics. Most important among the publications that resulted from research at the Peabody Museum West of the Pecos are two Papers of the Peabody Museum, "Painted Ceramics of the Western Mound at Awatovi" and "Prehistoric Kivas of Antelope Mesa."

When he went to the Southwest Museum to lecture on the Awatovi murals, Smith visited Frederick Hodge, who asked him to assume the responsibility for writing a report on Hawikuh. Hodge had directed an excavation at Hawikuh (or Hawikku) from 1917 through 1923 but had not produced a major report. Smith invited Richard and Nathalie Woodbury to collaborate on the project, which resulted in a 1966 publication, "The Excavation of Hawikuh by Frederick Webb Hodge: Report of the Hendricks-Hodge Expedition, 1917-1923."

In 1975, Smith moved from his home of 21 years to a location closer to the University. He continued to write using office space in the Arizona State Museum. In 1983, the American Anthropological Association presented him with the Alfred Vincent Kidder award for his significant contributions to Southwest archaeology. He died at age 95 on July 29, 1993, survived by his wife, Lucy (Cranwell) Smith, and his son, Benjamin W. Smith.

Scope and Content Note

Subgroup 1 is correspondence. Series 1, general correspondence, is arranged alphabetically by correspondent or topic. Series 2, correspondence with J.O. Brew, is arranged chronologically and covers the years 1961-79. Series 3, correspondence with the Peabody Museum, is arranged chronologically and covers the years 1963-77.

Subgroup 2 contains papers concerning the Awatovi Expedition and the Peabody Museum. Series 1 includes annual reports of the expedition and correspondence on Awatovi bones and plants. Series 2 includes files relating to Watson's Tucson laboratory, known as the "Peabody Museum West of the Pecos." Series 3 includes applications for grants related to Peabody Museum collections.

Subgroup 3 contains manuscripts and Watson's autobiography. Series 1 includes manuscripts and talks by Watson Smith. Series 2 is his autobiography and information on his Kidder award. Series 3 includes reminiscences about people associated with the School of American Research and the Museum of New Mexico by Marjorie Lambert, who worked at the Museum of New Mexico with Bertha Dutton and Edgar Hewett. Also included is Charles Towne's biography of George Peabody. Smith's biographical note about Towne accompanies the manuscript.

Subgroup 4 is an addition to the collection received in 2000, containing further correspondence and project files for reviews, informal talks given or written by Smith, and archaeological reports. Series 1 is general correspondence, arranged alphabetically by correspondent, with correspondence to University of Arizona entities grouped at the end of the series. Series 2 includes reviews written by Smith and related project files; many files contain drafts, published copies, and correspondence with editors and authors of the works reviewed. Series 3 includes project files for informal talks and presentations prepared by Smith, with drafts, correspondence, and programs. Series 4 includes project files for excavataion reports, with drafts, published copies, and correspondence. Series 2, 3, and 4 were not reorganized during processing.


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Personal Name(s)
Brew, J. O. (John Otis), 1906-1988
Hodge, Frederick Webb, 1864-1956
Lambert, Marjorie F., 1908-2006
Peabody, George, 1795-1869
Smith, Watson, 1897-1993
Towne, Charles Wayland, b. 1875

Corporate Name(s)
Awatovi Expedition (1935-1939)
Museum of New Mexico
School of American Research (Santa Fe, N.M.)

Geographic Name(s)
Awatovi (Ariz.) -- Antiquities
Hawikuh (N.M.) -- Antiquities

Excavations (Archaeology) -- Arizona
Excavations (Archaeology) -- New Mexico
Hopi Indians -- Antiquities
Indians of North America -- Arizona -- Antiquities
Indians of North America -- New Mexico -- Antiquities

Administrative Information


The bulk of the original collection was received prior to 1990. A smaller accrual was added in 1994, following Watson Smith's death. Benjamin W. Smith donated additional materials in 2000, now constituting more than half of the total collection.

Preferred Citation

Watson Smith Papers, 1936-1996. Arizona State Museum Archives.

Container List

Subgroup 1: Correspondence
Series 1: General Correspondence
11 Becker, Marion
12 Davenport, MariettaDirks, Sarah Shum
13 Dutton, Bertha
14 Fletcher, Maureen S.
15 Gladwin, Harold
16 Habicht, Judith
17 Haskell, John
18 Horvath, Steven
re: Hawikuh
19 Jones, VolneyLeach, (Mrs.) RichardLogan, Wilfred
110 Milne, SteveMusgrove, Peter
re: boomerangs
111 Orr, Robert C.
112 Reyman, Jonathan
113 Schuetz, Mardith
114 Silva, RobertSmith, Catherine Cockshutt
re: Jemez Village
115 Tozzer, Alfred
116 Underwood, L. Lyle
117-18 Walpi
119-20 Washburn, Dorothy
221 Wellman, Klaus
re: Kokopelli
222 Wilshusen, Richard
Series 2: Correspondence with J.O. Brew
21 1961, 1967-68
22 1969-72
23 1973-75
24 1976
25 1977
26 1978
27 1979
28 1980
39 1981
310 1982-83
311 1984-85
312 1986-88
313 1979
re: South Forty
Series 3: Correspondence with Peabody Museum
31 1963-64
42 1965-67
33 1968-69
34 1970-71
35 1972-73
36 1974-75
37 1976-77
48-9 Awatovi/Keam Project
410 Pusey, Nathan
411 Sales of Specimens
412 Upper Gila Sherds at ASMLoan of Rug by Watson Smith
Subgroup 2: The Awatovi Expedition and the Peabody Museum
Series 1: Awatovi Papers
41 Preliminary Report, Peabody Museum Southeastern Utah Project. 1933
42 List of participants and publications"The First Two Seasons at Awatovi"
43 Preliminary Report of the Peabody Museum Jeddito Expedition of 1935
44 Preliminary Report of the Peabody Museum Awatovi Expedition of 1936
45 Preliminary Report of the Peabody Museum Awatovi Expedition of 1937
(2 copies)
46 Preliminary Report of the Peabody Museum Awatovi Expedition of 1938
(2 copies and extra plates)
47 Preliminary Report of the Peabody Museum Awatovi Expedition of 1939
(2 copies)
48 Correspondence on Awatovi Bones and Plants
Series 2: Peabody Museum West of the Pecos
41 Peabody Museum West of the Pecos - History
42 Inventory of Jeddito Ceramics
43 Lists of Specimens Shipped from Cambridge to Tucson and Tucson to Cambridge
54 Lists of Specimens Shipped from Cambridge to Tucson and Tucson to Cambridge
Series 3: Grant Applications and Policy Statement
51 Keam Proposal to NSF
52 Wade Application to NEH
53 Statement on Policy by Watson Smith and Phil Phillips
Subgroup 3: Manuscripts and Autobiography
Series 1: Manuscripts and Talks of Watson Smith
51 Excavation of Awatovi and Other Hopi Sites
52 Me and Confucius
53 Pueblo Indian Religious Art
54 Southwestern Indian Pottery
55 Nestor's Palace
56 Man Against His World
57 Indians and Archaeology of the American Southwest
58 Changing Face of Archaeology
59 George Peabody
510 Soap Opera
511 Papers used for article on Dr. Spicer
512 Translation of "Reisen in Die Felsengebirge"
513 "Glimpses Through Gossamer." 1987
514 "Laureata Libraria." Verse on retirement of Daphne Scott, longtime ASM Assistant Librarian. , 1987
515 "Reflections on a Hopi Squash Maiden.", 1989
Series 2: Autobiography and Awards
51 Kidder Award. 1983
52 "Running, Jumping and Standing Still." 1984 [part 1]
63 "Running, Jumping and Standing Still." 1984 [part 2]
64 "Running, Jumping and Standing Still." 1984 [part 3]
65-6 "One Man's Archaeology." 1984
77 "One Man's Archaeology: Indiscrimate Supplement of Selected Short Subjects." 1984
78 "Handy Guide for Doggerelists." 1987
79 "Handy Guide for Doggerelists, Supplement 'A.'" 1988
710 Documents related to Watson Smith Memorial service, 3 October 1993.
Series 3: Manuscripts by Others
71 Short articles by Marjorie Lambert
72-3 "Beneficent Bachelor: The Life and Times of George Peabody, Philanthropist to Two Worlds, 1795-1869" by Charles Wayland Towne, 1963. And a 3-page introductory note by Watson Smith, 2 March 1988.
Subgroup 4: 2000 Addition, 1936-1996
Series 1: General Correspondence,
81 Adams, E. Charles, 1985-1986
82 Adams, Jenny, 1985-1988
83 Amsden, Madeleine, 1986-1990
84 Bannister, Bryant, 1985, 1987
85 Bartlett, Katharine, 1983, 1988
86 Colton, J. Ferrell, 1985, 1989
87 Congdon, Marcia, 1986
88 Danson, Edward B., 1958, 1981-1985
89 Danson, Edward B., 1986-1990
810 Davis, E. Mott, 1984-1990
811 Davis, Hester, 1981-1989
812 Davis, Jo Ann, 1985-1987
813 Dean, Jeffrey S., 1985
814 DeHarport, David H., 1985, 1989
815 Euler, Robert C., 1978-1988
816 Flather, M. Randoph, 1980-1985
817 Flather, M. Randoph, 1986-1989
818 Fontana, Bernard L., 1985-1987
91 Gaede, Marc and Marnie, on Camera, Spade and Pen, 1974-1982
92 University of Arizona Press and J.O. Brew, on Camera, Spade and Pen (ed. Marnie Gaede), 1979
93 Gaede, Marc and Marnie, on introduction to unpublished book on Colorado Plateau, 1982-1986
94 Gaede, Marc and Marnie, on Kate Cory, 1986
95 Gaede, Marnie, on interview of Al Lancaster including transcript, 1974, 1985
96 Gifford, Carol, 1978-1988
97 Givens, Douglas R., 1984-1989
98 Goddard, Judy, 1985-1986
99 Godley, Eric, 1988
910 Goodby, Robert G., 1987
911 Gould, Laurence M., 1985-1989
912 Grant-Mackie, Jack and Diana, 1985
913 Greene, Bill and Harriet, 1975-1988
914 Greene, Denny and Pop, Sade, Judy, 1979-1987
915 Greenway, John, 1986
916 Gross, Albert E., undated
917 Guadalcanal Campaign Veterans, 1987-1988
918 Gumerman, George J., 1985-1986
919 Hack, John T., 1979-1988
920 Hail, Barbara A., on Haffenreffer Museum, 1986
921 Hall, Edward T., 1985-1989
922 Hansel, Alfarata, 1969, 1980-1989
923 Hanson, Allan, 1988
924 Harris, Sallie, 1977-1989
925 Hartmann, Gayle, 1985, 1988
101 Haury, Emil W., 1984-1989
102 Hayden, Julian D., 1972-1990
103 Haynes, C. Vance, 1988
104 Hays, Kelley, 1986-1987
105 Heath, Dwight B., 1987-1989
106 Holland, Brenda, on Hawikuh, 1983-1987
107 Lancaster, Alice, on her 85th birthday, 1986
108 Lancaster, J.A., 1964-1989
109 Lancaster, J.A., on Distinguished Service Award from National Park Service and University of Colorado, 1962
1010 Lavin, Lucianne, on use of pollen photographs at Yale, 1984
1011 McGimsey, C.R., see also Mariana Mesa (Original note on folder; may not be in collection), 1985-1989
1012 MacNeish, Scotty, 1982-1989
1013 Martin, Paul S., on Tumamoc Hill, 1987-1988
1014 Nichols, E. Tad, 1986-1988
1015 "Playgirl, Inc.", 1976
1016 Powell, Lawrence C., 1983-1989
1017 Reid, J. Jefferson, 1984, 1986
1018 Redman, Charles L., 1989
1019 Roberts, John M., 1972-1989
1020 Robinson, William J., 1986
1021 Schiffer, Michael B., 1987-1988
1022 Schraeder, Albert H., 1987, 1989
111 Scott, Louise (wife of Donald Scott), 1967-1979
112 Sekaquaptewa, Emory, on Hopi Dictionary Project, 1989
113 Thompson, Raymond H., 1984-1989
114 Thompson, Raymond H., on anthology of Watson Smith writing, 1988
115 Thompson, Raymond H., on digraph, 1984, 1989
116 Thompson, Raymond H., Honors Convocation Speech, 1987
117 Williams, Stephen, 1987
118 Woodbury, Nathalie F.S., on "The Undying Digraph", 1984
119 Woodbury, Richard B., "Looking Back on the Pecos Conference", 1982
1110 Woodbury, Richard B. and Nathalie, 1982-1988
1111 Woodbury, Richard B. and Nathalie, 1989-1990
1112 Woodbury, Richard B., "History of the Pecos Conference", 1982-1986
1113 Southwest Parks & Monuments Association, on Haury Award, 1987
1114 University of Arizona, on Spicer Fund, 1983-1984
1115 University of Arizona Foundation, President's Club, 1979-1984
1116 University of Arizona, appointments as Research Associate, 1956-1978
1117 App, Renate Vera, 1984
1118 University of Arizona, McCormick Society, 1979
1119 On promotion of Jeffrey S. Dean, 1976
1120 Friends of the Boyce Thompson Arboretum, 1982-1986
1121 University of Arizona Foundation, Ares Scholarship Fund, 1985
1122 Arizona State Museum Library, on "One Man's Archaeology" appendices, 1988
1123 Arizona State Museum, on idols, slides of Awatovi and Lehner, and Achulean handaxe, 1955-1985
1124 Arizona State Museum, on loan of "Running, Jumping and Standing Still", 1987
1125 Arizona State Museum and John B. Wolff, on petroglyphs in White Tank Mountains, 1981, 1986
1126 Arizona State Museum, "Misinformation", 1982
1127 University of Arizona Press, on manuscript appraisal for "Landscapes of Arizona", 1980
1128 University of Arizona Press, on Pima-Papago Dictionary, 1983
1129 University of Arizona Press, on Fraser journals edited by Stephen C. Jett, 1984, 1986
1130 Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society, gifts, 1985
121 University of Arizona, Lab of Traditional Technology, 1986
122 University of Arizona, on retirement, 1977-1978
Series 2: Reviews,
123 Haury, Emil, "Southwest: A Pisgah View", 1987
124 Gumerman, George J., "A View from Black Mesa", 1985-1986
125 Lister, Robert H. and Florence C., "Those Who Came Before", 1984
126 Kidder, Alfred V., "Pecos Archaeological Notes", 1959
127 Ortiz, Alfonso, "Handbook of North American Indians" (volume 9), 1980
128 Dozier, Edward P., "The Hopi-Tewa of Arizona", 1955
129 Wendorf, Fred, Ruin at Point of Pines; Smiley, Terah L. Kivas at Point of Pines, circa 1952
1210 Gumerman, George J. and Robert C. Euler, "Papers on the Archaeology of Black Mesa, Arizona", 1976
1211 Deuel, Leo, "Conquistadors Without Swords", 1974-1975
1212 Muench, David and Donald Pike, "Anasazi: Ancient People of the Rock", 1973-1974, 1986
1213 Green, Jesse, "Zuni: Selected Writings of Frank Hamilton Cushing", 1979-1981
1214 Lancaster, James A. et al., Archaeological excavations in Mesa Verde National Park, 1955
1215 Riley, Carroll L. et al., "Man Across the Sea", 1971
1216 Hendrick, Basil C., "The Mesoamerican Southwest", undated
1217 Wendorf, Fred et al., "Pipeline Archaeology", undated
1218 Rudy, Jack R., Archaeological excavation in Beef Basin, Utah, 1956
1219 Kluckhohn, Clyde, "Culture and Life", 1973-1974
1220 Breternitz, David A., Nantack Village; Giddings, Ruth Warner, Yaqui myths; Owen, Roger C., Marobavi; Hinton, Thomas B., Survey of Indian Assimilation, undated
1221 Martin, Paul S. et al., "Late Mogollon Communities", undated
1222 McNitt, Frank, "Frank Wetherill: Anasazi", undated
1223 Lister, Florence C., "Kaiparowits Plateau", 1967
1224 Silverberg, Robert, "Mound Builders of Ancient America", 1968-1969
1225 Baerreis, David A., et al., "Archives of Archaeology" (numbers 12-20), 1963-1964
1226 Fontana, Bernard L., et al, "Papago Indian Pottery", 1963
1227 Steen, Charlie R., Archaeological studies at Tonto National Monument, 1962, 1964
1228 Bullard, William Rotch, Cerro Colorado site, 1963
1229 Carlson, Roy L., "White Mountain Redware", 1971-1972
1230 Judd, Neil M., "Men Met Along the Trail", 1969-1970
1231 Matson, Frederick, "Ceramics and Man", 1966
1232 Vivan, Gordon, "The Hubbard Site", 1961
131 McChesney, Lea S., Hemenway-Keam Project, 1981-1982
132 McChesney, Lea S., Hemenway-Keam Project, 1984-1986
Series 3: Informal Talks,
133 The Changing Face of Archaeology, 1980-1981
134 Southwest Ceramics, talk given to National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts, Flagstaff, Arizona, 1973
135 Southwest Ceramics, correspondence, 1973, 1988
136 Presentation on Hopi Archaeology and History for Mike Schiffer's class, 1978-1979
137 George Peabody: Forgotten Philanthropist, for the Tucson Literary Club, 1974
138 Man Against His World, for the Graduates' Club of Tucson, 1963
139 Remarks on Ned Danson at the Museum of Northern Arizona, 1980
1310 Hawikuh: The Resurrection of a Ruin, talk for Society of American Archaeology, 1962
1311 Seventeenth-century Franciscan Pueblo Missions, talk for Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society, 1980
1312 Thoughts on archaeology in a letter to Patricia Young, student at NAU, 1974
1313 TV presentation on missions with George B. Eckhart for KUAT, undated
1314 Anthropology, lecture to Rhode Island State Teachers, Brown University, 1952
141 How to Become a Godfather Without Really Trying, talk for Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society, 1976
142 Talk for dedication of the d'Autremont Memorial Fountain, 1973
143 Address on the Museum of Northern Arizona, Newcomen Society Dinner, 1968
144 Me and Confucius, talk for the Literary Club of Tucson, 1982
145 Mural Decorations from Ancient Hopi Kivas, California Academy of Sciences, undated
146 Hopi Tricentennial, 1980
147 Talk on Nestor's Palace, circa 1979
148 Talk on prehistoric Indian painting for M.H. de Young Museum, 1962
149-10 Eighty-five years After Sutter, or Living on the Maniototo, read at the Tucson Literary Club, 1985
1411 California Academy of Sciences, Hopi exhibit, correspondence, 1978-1980
1412 California Academy of Sciences, Hopi exhibit, NEH grant application, 1979
1413 California Academy of Sciences, Hopi exhibit, conference, 1978
151 Hopi Tricentennial, report on symposia, 1980
152 Hopi Tricentennial, symposium talk, 1980
153 Me and Confucius notes: Teachings, 1982
154 Me and Confucius notes: History of China, 1982
155 Me and Confucius notes: Examinations, 1982
156 Me and Confucius notes: Temple of Heaven, 1982
157 Me and Confucius notes: References, questions, 1982
158 Me and Confucius notes: Mao, 1982
159 Me and Confucius notes: Modern world, 1982
1510 Me and Confucius notes: Taoism, Buddhism, 1982
1511 Me and Confucius notes: Tai-an, Chou-fu, Tai-an fou, 1982
1512 Me and Confucius notes: Development of Confucianism, 1982
1513 Me and Confucius notes: Biography, 1982
1514 The Arts, lecture for Pima Community College class, 1975
1515 Archaeologists on the Loose, talk for the Graduate Club, 1972
1516 Museums in Transition, talk for Western Museums League Conference, 1960
1517 Talk on historical archaeology, undated
1518 Indians and Archaeology of the American Southwest, talk at Brown University, 1961
1519 Notes for taped interviews with Jeff Reid for Archaeological Reminiscences, 1975
1520 Primitive Law, talk for Foothills Forum, 1970
1521 Minutes and notes of ceramic conferences, 1958-1959
1522 Doggerel, draft, 1987
1523 Extracts (Concerning Ceramic Analysis) by Charles R. McGimsey, 1957
161 Analysis of State Archaeological Laws, 1941
162 Davis, Mrs. John, on Pecos, 1968
163 Zuni bibliographies by John M. Roberts, 1953-1954
164 Reprint of selected writings, including correspondence with Raymond H. Thompson, 1988
165 Bibliography, Upper Gila Expedition of the Peabody Museum, undated
166 Haury, Emil, on Personal View, 1981
Series 4: Excavation Reports,
167 17th Century Spanish Missions of the Western Pueblo Area, 1970
168 Excavations in Big Hawk Valley, preliminary report, 1949
169 Religious Sacraments from Awatovi, 1969-1971
1610 Prehistoric Kivas of Antelope Mesa, report, 1973-1975
1611 Archaeology in the Southwest, for the Parents' League Bulletin, 1940
1612 Painted Ceramics of the Western Mound at Awatovi, reviews and correspondence, 1970-1980
1613 Excavations in Big Hawk Valley, reviews and correspondence, 1952-1953, 1979
1614 The Williams Site, 1974
1615 Fossil Pollen and Archaeology, 1962, 1965, 1969
1616 Some Aspects of Zuni Law and Legal Procedure, 1954-1978
1617 Pots of Gold, 1971
1618 Method for Determining the Texture of Pottery, 1936
1619 Foreword for Museum of Northern Arizona Ceramic Series, undated
1620 Upper Gila Expedition, preliminary report, 1949
1621 Who Didn't Discover the Bernheimer Bridge?, 1977-1978
171 Schools, Pots, and Potters, 1961-1963
172 The Excavation at Hawikuh, reviews and correspondence, 1967-1971
173 Interview for Amateur Archaeologist, 1976
174 Camera, Spade and Pen, foreword; Hawikuh, Awatovi by J.O. Brew, undated
175 Camera, Spade and Pen, reviews, correspondence, and errors, 1981
176 Influences from the United States on the Mexican Constitution of 1824, 1958, 1962
177 Introduction for Nordensk├Âld's The Cliff Dwellers of the Mesa Verde, 1971, 1977, 1984
178 A chronology of the life of Watson Smith compiled by Raymond H. Thompson and other materials on Watson Smith, possibly from the files of Carol Gifford, 1957-1996