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Clara Lee Tanner Papers 1924-1997

MS 11

Collection Summary

Creator: Tanner, Clara Lee
Title: Clara Lee Tanner Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1924-1997
Quantity: 61 linear feet, 109 boxes
Abstract:This collection contains professional teaching materials, field work notes, research materials documenting American Indian artists in the Southwest and their traditional arts and crafts techniques, journal articles, correspondence, diaries, book manuscripts, including the final manuscript for Clara Tanner's unpublished book on prehistoric Southwestern basketry.
Identification: MS 11
Language: Material in English
Repository: Arizona State Museum
University of Arizona.
P.O. Box 210026
Tucson, AZ 85721-0026
Phone: 520 621-3647
Fax: 520 621-2976

Biographical Note

Clara Lee Frapps Tanner (1905-1997) was born in Biscoe, North Carolina, but moved to Tucson when she was two years old. She graduated from Tucson High School in 1923 and entered the University of Arizona where she earned a double bachelor’s degree in archaeology and English. After studying with Byron Cummings, Tanner became one of the first graduates in the anthropology program, receiving her master’s degree in 1928. She did additional post-graduate work with Alfonso Caso at the National University of Mexico in 1949 and was a visiting professor at Denver University in 1949 and at Colorado College in 1980.

Tanner began teaching in the anthropology department at the University of Arizona in 1928. She continued guiding students for the next fifty years, retiring in 1978. During these years, Tanner became an authority on the arts and crafts of Southwestern American Indians. Her interests encompassed almost every art form imaginable, but her best-known books, published in the 1950s to 1970s, focused on painting, pottery, jewelry, and baskets. Her extensive research resulted in influential publications, exhibitions, and voluminous research files.

Clara Lee married John Frederic Tanner (191-2010) in 1938, and they had one child, Sandra Lee Elers. The Tanner home was in Tucson where John had a business selling fine American Indian arts and crafts at the Yucca House and the Desert House Crafts (later known as Kaibab Shops). He and his wife were important agents in increasing the visibility of Indian artists and building a knowledgeable audience for appreciating tribal arts and crafts.

Scope and Content

The Clara Lee Tanner Papers, 1924-1997, include the professional, research, and teaching files of this authority on Southwest Indian arts and crafts. Tanner’s fifty year career as a professor at the University of Arizona is well documented as are her numerous books, lectures, and journal articles and her participation as a judge in the Gallup Ceremonial events. Her papers include correspondence, diaries, book manuscripts, and extensive files of unique primary resources collected during research on living Indian artists and traditional arts and crafts techniques. Of special note are the research notes and final manuscript for Tanner’s unpublished book on prehistoric Southwest basketry. A small amount of information exists about her field work as an archaeologist in the 1920s and 1930s. There is very little about her husband John Tanner’s Indian crafts businesses, or her family life. Posthumously, a bibliography of her writings and a summary of her lifetime achievements were assembled and these are included in the final box of the collection. This collection consists of 107 boxes and is organized into seven series.

Series 1: Biographical information
Series 2: Correspondence and outreach
Series 3: Research and publications
Series 4: Teaching and students
Series 5: Oversize materials
Series 6: Restricted material (student papers)
Series 7: Later acquisitions


Conditions Governing Access

Student records in the Tanner Papers are covered under confidentiality rules and are restricted from access. Additional materials may be covered by privacy and confidentiality issues. See archivist for more detail. The Arizona State Museum Library and Archives staff reserve the right to examine materials prior to providing access.

Access to specific information about the nature and location of archaeological resources may be restricted pursuant to the United States Archaeological Resources Protection Act of 1979 (ARPA) and Arizona Revised Statues, Title 39-125. ARPA includes a specific exemption from the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requirements for information about the nature and location of archaeological resources (16 U.S. Code 470hh: Confidentiality of information concerning the nature and location of archaeological resources.

Conditions Governing Use

It is the responsibility of the user to obtain permission to publish from the owner of the copyright (the institution, the creator of the record, the author or his/her transferees, heirs, legates, or literary executors). The user agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Arizona Board of Regents for the University of Arizona, its officers, employees, and agents from and against all claims made by any person asserting that he or she is an owner of copyright.

Related Material

Clara Lee Tanner’s journal of notes on the Pascua Yaqui, handwritten in ink in 1930, is part of a small manuscript collection A-474.

Six boxes of 35 mm color slides were transferred to the ASM Photography Department in 2013. Tanner used these slides for teaching and as documentation of Indian arts and crafts. Most of them are well identified and dated.

Controlled Access Terms

Personal Name(s)
Tanner, Clara Lee

Corporate Name(s)
Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society
Heard Museum
Southwest Indian Art Fair

Geographic Name(s)
Chihuahua (Chihuahua, Mexico)
Gallup (N.M.)
Gila River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community of the Gila River Indian Reservation of Arizona
Grand Canyon (Ariz.)
Hopi Indian Reservation (Ariz.)
Kinishba Site (Ariz.)
Navajo Indian Reservation
Pascua Village (Ariz.)
Taos Pueblo (N.M.)
Tohono O'odham Reservation (Ariz.)
Tucson (Ariz.)
Zuni (N.M.)

Apache baskets
Baskets, Prehistoric
Hopi baskets
Indian art--North America
Indian art--Southwest, New
Indian baskets--Southwest, New
Indian pottery--Arizona
Indian pottery--New Mexico
Indian pottery--Southwest, New
Indian textile fabrics--North America
Jewelry, Prehistoric
Navajo artists
Navajo arts
Navajo mythology
Pueblo mural painting and decoration
Pueblo mythology
Tohono O’odham artists
Tohono O’odham baskets

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

MS 11: Clara Lee Tanner Papers, Arizona State Museum Library and Archives.

Acquisition Information

The Clara Lee Tanner collection was donated in increments to the Arizona State Museum by her husband John Tanner, and Karl and Sandy Elers between 1988 and 2011.

Processing Information

Processing of the collection was completed in October 2013.


Archaeological Survey of Arizona MS, master's thesis, Department of Archaeology, University of Arizona, Tucson, 1928
Southwest Indian painting. Tucson: University of Arizona Press, 1957
Crafts of Arizona Indians. Phoenix, Ariz.: Arizona Development Board, 1960
The James T. Bialac collection of Southwest Indian paintings. Photographs by Helga Teiwes. Tucson: Arizona State Museum, University of Arizona, 1968
Southwest Indian craft arts. Tucson: University of Arizona Press, 1968
Southwest Indian painting : a changing art. Tucson: University of Arizona Press, 1973
Ray Manley's portraits and turquoise of Southwest Indians. Tucson: Ray Manley Photography, 1975
Indian arts and crafts. Phoenix, Ariz : Arizona Highways, 1976
Prehistoric southwestern craft arts. Tucson: University of Arizona Press, 1976
Ray Manley's Indian lands. [Tucson: R. Manley Photography], 1978
Apache Indian baskets. Tucson, Ariz.: University of Arizona Press, 1982
Indian baskets of the Southwest. Tucson, Ariz.: University of Arizona Press, 1983
The vanishing Indian: Ray Manley, a portfolio. [S.l. : s.n.], 1983

Container List

Series 1: Biographical Information
11 Arizona Annual Pageant, Casa Grande Ruins, 1929 [photocopy of program]
12 Arizona Highways, 1986, “Tribute” issue signed by artists
13 Articles about CLT, 1940s-1960s
14 Articles about CLT, 1970s
15 Articles about CLT, 1980s -1990s
16 Articles about CLT (obituaries), 1998
17 Articles about CLT, no date
18 Award certificates [see also oversize boxes]
19 Award, Arizona Press Women “Woman of the Year,” 1971
110 Award, Arizona Women’s Hall of Fame, 2004
111 Award, Sharlot Hall Women’s Hall of Fame, 1985
112 Award, University of Arizona, Centennial Medallion Award, 1989
113 Awards, University of Arizona, 1960s-2002
114 Awards, various
115 Bibliography, 1937
116 Bibliography, 1991
117 Bibliography, 1998, Kiva, volume 64, number 1
118 Biographical clippings, ephemera, and notes
118A Biographical photographs from archaeological excavations in northern Arizona, Tonto Ruins, and miscellaneous locations
119 Biographical essays
120 Biographical photographs and ephemera
121 Christmas letters 1976, 1978, and 1981
122 Family
123 Family clippings from newspapers, ca. 1930s to 1960s
21 Daughters of the Desert Conference and Exhibit, 1986-1989
22 Indian Fashion Show, Tucson Festival and Denver Art Museum, 1951-1955
23 Indian Fashion Show, Tucson Women’s Club, 1968
24 Memorabilia, arts and crafts judge, 1959-1991
25 Memorabilia, miscellaneous
25A Photographs made by unknown persons showing archaeology and architecture in India and the Middle East, undated: India (38 photos with captions); Mohenjo Daro (4 photos); Persepolis (postcards and 34 photos); Naqsh-e-Rustam (13 photos)
26 Poem, 1953, “Thus a Fossil”
27 Poetry and creative writing, 1920s-1930s
28 Tanner home
29 John Tanner, ASM reception and award, 2005
210 John Tanner, Desert House Crafts
211 University of Arizona, American Anthropological Association, presentation, 1953
212 University of Arizona, autobiographical notes
213 University of Arizona, Centennial Exhibit of University of Arizona Women, 1985
214 University of Arizona, Class of 1927
215 University of Arizona, Honorary LLD Degree, 1983
216 University of Arizona, Honorary LLD Degree, Program Booklet, 1983
217 University of Arizona, Notices of Appointment and salary information, 1928-1965
218 University of Arizona, Retirement, 1978
219 University of Arizona, Retirement Letters and Congratulations, 1978
220 University of Arizona, Tree-ring class notes, 1930
221 University of Arizona Tree-ring class of 1930 reunion, 1985
222 Univ. of New Mexico, Honorary Doctorate, support letters, 1982
223 Vita, Nominee Woman of Achievement, 1972
224 Vitae, 1950s-1990s
225 Who’s Who notes, various, 1970s-1980s
Box 3: Diaries, 1927-1949
31 Diary and notes, 1927 and 1928, trip to France and Italy
32 Diary and notes, 1929, trip to Mexico
33 Blackstone Ruin, 1930
33A Blackstone Ruin, photographs
34 Field notes, southern Arizona, 1929-1930
35 Diary of 1930 summer trip, field notes, lecture notes
36 Mexico summer school, 1930
37 Diary, January 1933
38 Dr. Cummings’ trip to Chihuahua, 1934
39 Trip to Santa Fe, 1935
310 Trip to Kinishba, August 1935 (Apache girls’ puberty ceremony)
311 Class field trip, 1935
312 Diary notes (brief), 1937
313 Summer trip, 1938
314 Diary notes (brief), 1939
315 Day Book, 1941
316 Day book, 1945
317 Day book and diary, 1944-1947
318 Diary and brief notes, 1944-1946
319 Day book and diary, 1948, trip to Santa Fe
320 Day books, 1949
Box 4: Diaries, 1950-1969
41 Undated diary page (Mexico?), 1950?
42 Day books, 1950-1953
43 Diaries and day book, 1954
44 Day books, 1955
45 Diary and day book, 1956
46 Day book, 1957
47 Diary and day book, 1958, “Trip East” and California trip
48 Diary and day book, 1959, Tulsa
49 Day book, trip notes, and trip diary, 1960
410 Day book and trip diary, 1961
411 Day book and trip diary, 1962, Shalako notes
412 Day book and diary, 1963
413 Day book and trip diary (Mexico), 1964
414 Day book, calendar, and trip diaries, 1965
415 Day books and diaries, 1966-1967
416 Day books and diary, 1968
417 Diary and day book, 1969
Box 5: Diaries, 1970-1981
51 Day book and diary, 1970
52 Day book and diary, 1971
53 Day book and notes, 1972
54 Day book and diary, 1973
55 Day book and diary, 1974
56 Day book and diary, 1975
57 Day book and diary, 1976
58 Day book and diary, 1977
59 Day book and diary, 1978
510 Trip diary, 1979
511 Day book and diaries, 1980
512 Day book and diaries, 1981
513 Calendar, 1981
Box 6: Diaries, 1982-1991
61 Day books and diary, 1982
62 Day book and diaries, 1983
63 Day book and diaries, 1984
64 Day book and diaries, 1985
65 Day book and diaries, 1986
66 Diaries, 1987
67 Diaries, 1988
68 Diaries, 1989
69 Diaries, 1990
610 Diary, 1991
Series 2: Correspondence
Box 7: Correspondence, individuals A-T
71 Ashton, Robert
72 Baldwin, Gordon
73 Bennett, Noel
74 Bolz, Peter
75 Breed, Jack
76 Breternitz, David
77 Brew, J.O.
78 Campbell, Ben Nighthorse
79 Colton, Harold [see also Museum of Northern Arizona]
710 Cummings, Byron (about)
711 Danson, “Ned” E.B. [see also Museum of Northern Arizona]
712 Dobyns, Henry
713 Dockstader, Frederick
714 Dozier, Edward (about)
715 Duncan, Kate
716 Dutton, Bertha
717 Eaton, Harry (re: Victoria Falls artifacts, 1935)
718 Ellis, Florence Hawley
719 Euler, Robert
720 Ezell, Paul
721 Field, Clark
722 Fontana, Bernard “Bunny”
723 Fowler, Don and Catherine
724 Freitas, Halley Eisner (illustrator of Prehistoric Basketry book)
725 Gebhard, Paul
726 Gifford, Carol
727 Gilmore, Frances
728 “Grace” (illustrated letter)
729 Hall, Ansel
730 Hardin, Helen
731 Hargrave, Lyndon
732 Hartman, Russell
733 Harvey, Byron
734 Haury, Emil
735 Hays-Gilpin, Kelley
736 Hedlund, Ann
737 Herndon, Betty Boulton
738 Hibben, Frank
739 Hulderman, Paul
740 Jacka, Jerry
741 Johnston, Bruce
742 Judd, Neil
743 Kent, Kate Peck
744 Kidder, A.V.
745 King, Dale
746 Kiva, Lloyd
747 Laird, W. David
748 Levine, Mary Ann
749 Link, Martin
750 Lippencott, Sallie
751 Lister, Robert (about)
752 Lockett, Clay (about)
753 McGregor, John C.
754 Manley, Ray
755 Mead, Jim
756 Meighan, Clement
757 Momaday, Al
758 Morris, Elizabeth Ann
759 Morris, Walter
760 Nabokov, Peter
761 Newcomb, Madge
762 Paladin, David (about)
763 Palmer, Gordon
764 Peterson, Cele
765 Pinkley, Jean
766 Redford, Robert
767 Robinson, Barbara
768 Slack, Earl (illustrated letter)
769 Smith, Watson
770 Spivey, Richard
771 Steen, Charlie
772 Stoner, Victor
773 Taylor, Margaret
774 Thompson, Raymond
775 Titievi, Mischa
Box 8: Individuals, U – Z, and miscellaneous correspondence
81 Underhill, Ruth
82 Van Valkenburgh, R.F.
83 Vickrey, Irene
84 Washburn, Dorothy
85 Webb, Jamie
86 Wheat, Joe Ben
87 White, Elizabeth (Hopi scholarship fund)
88 Whiteford, Andrew Hunter
89 Willey, Gordon
810 Williamson, Dan
811 Withers, Arnold
812 Woodard, M.L. “Woody”
813 Woodbury, Richard
814 Wormington, Marie
815 Wright, Barton [see also Museum of Northern Arizona]
816 Wyman, Leland
817 Misc. correspondence, 1938-1959
818 Misc. correspondence, 1960s
819 Misc. correspondence, 1970s
820 Misc. correspondence, 1980s
821 Misc. correspondence, 1990s
822 Misc. correspondence, no date
823 Book signing/autograph parties, 1957-1987
824 Congratulatory letters, 1961-1980s
825 Former student’s correspondence, 1936-1991
826 Children’s letters, Sewell School, 1974
827 Children’s letters, Tucson Country Day school, 1958
828 Children’s letters and artwork, 1973
829 Children’s letters, 1950s – 1960s
Box 9: Correspondence: Organizations and institutions, A – C
91 Alpha Chi Omega, 1979-1990
92 Alpha Delta Kappa Arts and Humanities Grant Committee, 1970
93 American Anthropological Association, 1952-1977
94 American Assoc. of University Women, 1950-1989
95 American Craft Council, 1988
96 American Indian Art Magazine, 1975-1991
97 American Indian Basketry Magazine, 1978
98 American Museum of Natural History, 1939
99 Amerind Foundation, Charles Di Peso, 1950-1981
910 Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society, Kiva, 1938-1993
911 Arizona Archaeological Society, Various Chapters, 1982-1992
912 Arizona Academy of Science, 1957-1962
913 Arizona Council on the Humanities and Public Policy, “Women at the Frontier,” 1975
914 Arizona Highways, 1949-1986
915 Arizona Highways, Letter from Readers, 1934-1986
916 Arizona Historical Convention Program, 1972
917 Arizona Historical Society, 1942-1990
918 Arizona Humanities Council, Kachina Doll Carvers, Review of Vivian-Teiwes Hopi Proposal, 1974-1987
919 Arizona Museum, Phoenix, 1940-1941
920 Arizona-Nevada Academy of Sciences, 1978
921 Arizona Press Women, Printed Info, Newsletters, n.d.
922 Arizona Press Women, Printed Info, Newsletters, n.d.
923 Bowsers’ Indian Arts and Crafts, 1978-1981
924 Bureau of Indian Affairs, 1948, 1950
925 Cerro Rendija Center for Environmental Studies, Ohio, Summer Class in Environmental Esthetics, cancelled, 1977
926 Colorado College, teaching, 1980
Box 10: Correspondence: Organizations and institutions, C – N
101 Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, 1989
102 Crown Dancer Ranch, n.s.
103 Cummings Publication Council, 1960s
104 Delta Kappa Gamma, 1960s-1970s
105 Educational Expeditions International, 1975
106 Ethnohistory journal, 1960
107 The Franklin Mint, 1981
108 Ft. Wingate Redevelopment, 1990
109 Gallup Public Library, 1960
1010 Gila Pueblo, Southwest Archaeological Center, Globe, AZ, 1969
1011 Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc., 1975-1977
1012 Heard Museum, Marie Bartlett Heard, Heard Museum Guild, 1941 -1990
1013 Hohokam Museum Association, 1937-1941
1014 Hubbell Trading Company, 1965
1015 Idyllwild School of Music and the Arts, 1987
1016 Indian Arts and Crafts Association, 1977-1984
1017 Impart Corporation, Native Arts and Crafts, 1975-1976
1018 Indian Council Fire, Indian Achievement Award, 1978-1986
1019 Institute of American Indian Art, 1966
1020 Mu Alpha Nu, 1938-1942
1021 Museum of the American Indian, Heye Foundation, 1958, 1983
1022 Museum of New Mexico, Laboratory of Anthropology, 1950-1992
1023 Museum of Northern Arizona, 1947-1984
1024 Museums, various, 1947-1983
1025 National Endowment for the Humanities, 1972-1986
Box 11: Correspondence: Organizations and institutions, N – Z
111 NEH Kino School Cultural Exchange Program Review, 1978-1980
112 National Hereford Conference, displays and demonstrations, Navajo, 1956
113 National Park Service, 1960-1979
114 National Science Foundation (NSI), proposal review
115 Navajo Community College, 1971-1972
116 Navajo Women’s Conference, 1978
117 New York Botanical Gardens, proposed for Economic Botany, David Rogers, 1959-1960
118 New York World’s Fair Advisory Committee, 1939
119 Oriental Institute, University of Chicago, John Wilson, 1934
1110 Pacific Arts Association, Indian Art Education, 1959-1960
1111 Papago Council, 1941-1948
1112 Peabody Museum, James Gifford, 1958-1963
1113 Pecos Conference, 1960-1992
1114 Phibrook Art Center, Jeanne Snodgrass King, 1955-1981
1115 Phoenix Magazine, 1974-1975
1116 Prentice Hall, Incor., 1977-1979
1117 Recursos de Santa Fe, 1984-1989
1118 Rockefeller Fund, Swindian Art Conference, University of Arizona, 1959-1961
1119 Ruth Sussman School of Ballet, 1953
1120 San Francisco State University, Women Anthropologists Book, 1984
1121 School of American Research, Santa Fe, 1972-1983
1122 Scottsdale Native American Indian Cultural Association, Indian Arts Council, Judging, 1966-1986
1123 Smithsonian Institution, 1958-1978
1124 Society of Southwestern Authors, n.d.
1125 Southwest Arts Foundation, 1980-1982
1126 Southwest Museum, 1942-1985
1127 Theta Sigma Pi, National Fraternity for Women in Journalism, 1962-1968
1128 Tohono Chul Park, Tucson, 1986-1990
1129 Tucson Art Center, 1973
1130 Tucson High School, n.d.
1131 University of Nevada, 1959-1960
1132 University of Oklahoma Press, 1978-1980
1133 U.S. State Department, 1951-1960
1134 Vinegar Tom Press, 1970
1135 W.C. Brown Company Publishers, 1964-1966
1136 Wenner-Gren Foundation, n.d.
Series 2: Public speaking and outreach
Box 12: Public speaking
121 “Changing Patterns in Our Culture,” Delta Kappa Gamma, 1963
122 “Indian Women,” Delta Kappa Gamma, 1970-1973
123 Lectures, summary, 1937-1961
124 Pima County Development Career Guidance, 1978-1982
125 Tucson Museum of Art Docents, 198-
126 Tucson Schools, 1967-1978
127 University of Arizona, 1945-1984
128 Public talks, various, 1930s – 1950s
129 Various organizations, 1960s
1210 Various organizations, 1970-1974
1211 Various organizations, 1975-1979
1212 Various organizations, 1980-1985
1213 Various organizations, 1985-1989
1214 Various organizations, 1990-1992
1215 Various organizations, n.d.
1216 Various, notes various dates and topics
Box 13: Outreach, Judging, various fairs, Gallup Ceremonial, 1924-1963
131 Arizona State Fair Commission, 1950-1969
132 Gallery La Luz Indian Arts and Crafts Show, 1975-1978
133 Indian Arts, various, 1946-1973
134 O’odham Tash, 1969-1979
135 O’odham Tash, 1980-1991
136 Southwest Association of Indian Affairs, correspondence, 1965-1991
137 Gallup Ceremonial, Gallup Daily Independent, note regarding, 1961-1983
138 Gallup Ceremonial, notes on, “Why lithography and bronze important,” n.d
139 Gallup Ceremonial, miscellaneous, n.d.
1310 Gallup Ceremonial, 1924
1311 Gallup Ceremonial, 1940s
1312 Gallup Ceremonial, 1950s
1313 Gallup Ceremonial, 1960-1961
1314 Gallup Ceremonial, 1962-1963
Box 14: Outreach, Judging, Gallup Ceremonial, 1964-1976
141 1964-1965
142 1966-1967
143 1968
144 1969
145 1970
146 1971, Fiftieth Anniversary
147 1972
148 1974-1975
149 1976
Box 15: Outreach, Judging, Gallup Ceremonial, 1977-1992, 2007
151 1977
152 1978
153 1979
154 1980
155 1981
156 1982
157 1983
158 1984
159 1985
1510 1986
1511 1987-1988
1512 1989
1513 1990-1992
1514 First-prize basket for sale on Ebay, 2007
Series 3: Research and Publications
Tanner’s research files contain her notes, draft manuscripts, photographs and other illustrations, analysis sheets, and small note cards arranged by subject. The note cards are grouped at the end of the series.
Box 16: Research, Southwest ethnology, miscellaneous and bibliographies
161 Apache Devil Dancers and masks, n.d.
162 Arizona Indians, miscellaneous notes, n.d.
163 Indian prayer, n.d.
164 Masks, miscellaneous correspondence, 1973-1976
165 Myths and stories, n.d.
166 Navajo, Navajo crafts and miscellaneous notes, n.d
166A Four texts by Louisa Wade Wetherill, ca. 1920: “Some Navaho recipes”; “Creation of Burro”; “The story of the first lie”; and “The woman whose nose was cut off twelve times….”
167 Pima and Papago, miscellaneous notes, n.d.
167A “Talk by Richard Hendricks…Papago Indian, given at the Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society, November 16, 1942.” [published in Kiva, volume 8, number 1, November 1942]
167B Papago permanent water wells drilled or improved, 1915-1942. [Copies of three hand drawn maps with place names, ranches, and wells indicated on the Papago Reservation]
168 Shields, notes, n.d.
169 Use of native plants, n.d.
1610 Use of native plants, medicine, n.d.
1611 Yaqui, miscellaneous notes, n.d.
1612 Zuni, 1664-1992
1613 Arts and crafts, bibliographies (1 of 2), n.d.
1614 Arts and crafts, bibliographies (2 of 2), n.d.
Box 17: Research, Southwest ethnology photographs
171 Photographs (11 b/w), Apache costume and “other” costume
172 Photographs (18 b/w), historic southwest images
173 Photographs, Rainbow Bridge, Augusta Bridge, 21 b/w photos
174 Photographs, dolls and figurines, 9 b/w photos, n.d.
175 Photographs, drums, rattles, Apache fiddle, 6 b/w photos, n.d.
176 Photographs, Hopi photos, 32 b/w
177 Photographs, Hopi Snake Dance, 12 b/w photos
178 Photographs, “Hopi” Mexican Dance given to CLT, 13 Kodacolors, c. 1968
179 Photographs (1) and illustrations (11) of sand paintings, n.d.
1710 Photographs, Seri and Navajo individuals, 3 b/w photos
1711 Photographs and illustrations, Rio Grande Pueblo shields, 11 b/w photos, n.d.
1712 Photographs, SW Ethnographic: Navajo mud dance, Hopi Old Oraibi, trading posts, 42 b/w photos
1713 Photographs and hand-painted illustrations, SW Ethnographic items, 2 b/w photos, 12 hand-painted illustrations n.d.
1714 Photographs and colored pencil illustrations, Yuma (modern) bamboo flute designs, n.d.
Box 18: Research, Southwest arts and crafts
181 Articles and notes, n.d.
182 Booklets and articles, 1910-1951
183 Catalogs, miscellaneous, n.d.
184 Correspondence, 1940-1975
185 Fleur de Lis design, n.d.
186 Indian dolls, miscellaneous correspondence, n.d.
187 Price lists and catalogs
188 School Arts Magazine, 1938, 1951
189 Scottsdale Indian Arts exhibition catalogs
Box 19: Research, Baskets, various tribes, notes and miscellaneous
191 Arizona Historical Society collection photos
192 Correspondence
193 Exhibitions and shows
194 Ethnographic notes
195 Pen and ink illustrations
196 Basketry materials
197 Miscellaneous notes
198 Miniatures
199 Photographs, various tribes
1910 Books, baskets, annotated by CLT, The Basket Weavers of Arizona, annotated by CLT, and Southwestern Indian baskets
Box 20: Research, Baskets, Apache, correspondence and analysis sheets
201 Baskets, Apache, correspondence
202 Baskets, Apache, miscellaneous notes
203 Baskets, Apache, Amerind Foundation, Gilliland Collection analysis sheets
204 Baskets, Apache, Amerind, Gilliland Collections, photos and manuscript
205 Baskets, Apache, Amerind, Gilliland Collections, notes and drafts (1 of 2)
206 Baskets, Apache, Amerind, Gilliland Collections, notes and drafts (2 of 2)
207 Baskets, Apache, Arizona State Museum Collections, analysis sheets (1 of 2)
208 Baskets, Apache, Arizona State Museum Collections, analysis sheets (2 of 2)
209 Baskets, Apache, Arizona State Museum Collections, analysis sheets and notes
2010 Baskets, Apache, Clay P. Bedford Collection
2011 Baskets, Apache, Jerry Collings Collections
2012 Baskets, Apache, Colter Bay, National Park Service
2013 Baskets, Apache, Desert House Crafts
Box 21: Research, Baskets, Apache, analysis sheets
211 Baskets, Apache, Galbraith Collection
212 Baskets, Apache, Guenther Collection, notes and analysis sheets
213 Baskets, Apache, Heard Museum, analysis sheets
214 Baskets, Apache, Hubbell Collection, analysis sheets (1 of 2)
215 Baskets, Apache, Hubbell Collection, analysis sheets (2 of 2)
216 Baskets, Apache, Illinois State Museum
217 Baskets, Apache, Kingdon and Elliot Collections, Arizona State Capital Archives and Museum
218 Baskets, Apache, Lockett Collection, Arizona State Museum
219 Baskets, Apache, Museum of Northern Arizona
2110 Baskets, Apache, Rupkey Collection
2111 Baskets, Apache, Southwest Museum
Box 22: Research, Baskets, Apache and Jicarilla Apache
221 Baskets, Apache, various collections, analysis sheets (1 of 3)
222 Baskets, Apache, various collections, analysis sheets (2 of 3)
223 Baskets, Apache, various collections, analysis sheets (3 of 3)
224 Baskets, Apache, Dorothy Gay, manuscript and notes, 1933
225 Baskets, Jicarilla, news clippings and miscellaneous
226 Baskets, Apache, Jicarilla, correspondence, Dorothy Cumming, 1963
227 Baskets, Apache, Jicarilla, notes and analysis sheets
228 Baskets, Apache, Jicarilla, analysis sheets, Lab of Anthropology, Santa Fe, New Mexico
229 Baskets, Apache, Mescalero, analysis sheets and notes
2210 Baskets, Western Apache, White River, 1954
2211 Baskets, Western Apache, Lab of Anthropology, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Box 23: Research, baskets, Apache, photographs and illustrations
231 Williamson basket collection, 4 b/w photos, ca 1930s
232 Baskets, Apache, “Details of Kelly Basket,” Tanner Collection, 5 b/w photographs by Ray Manley, n.d.
233 Baskets, Apache, ink illustrations, n.d.
234 Baskets, Apache, ink illustrations of design elements, n.d.
235 Baskets, Apache, copy photos for “Indian Baskets of SW,” n.d.
236 Baskets, Apache, “Photocopies enclosed with Manuel Victor’s letters to Fred Hurt,” n.d.
237 Baskets, Apache, photos, n.d.
238 Baskets, Apache, photos and illustrations, n.d.
Box 24: Research, baskets, Chemehuevi, Cocopah, Hopi
241 Baskets, Chemehuevi, Birdie Brown Collection
242 Baskets, Chemehuevi, miscellaneous notes
243 Baskets, Chemehuevi, news clippings and miscellaneous
244 Baskets, Chemehuevi, photos
245 Baskets, Chemehuevi, San Diego Museum of Man, analysis forms and notes, 1987
246 Baskets, Cocopah
247 Baskets, Hopi, analysis forms (including Heard Museum)
248 Baskets, Hopi, analysis forms, various collections in Tucson
249 Baskets, Hopi, miscellaneous notes, analysis forms, Tucson collections
2410 Baskets, Hopi, analysis sheets and notes, Tucson and other
2411 Baskets, Hopi, Cheryl Miller research, 1989-1990
2412 Baskets, Hopi, news clippings and miscellaneous
2413 Baskets, Hopi, Peach baskets
2414 Baskets, Hopi, photos and illustrations
Box 25: Research, baskets, Maricopa, Mission, Navajo, Paiute and Ute, Pai
251 Baskets, Maricopa/Mohave, 5 b/w photocopies, 1900-1925
252 Baskets, Mission Indians, California
253 Baskets, Navajo, analysis forms and correspondence
254 Baskets, Navajo, photos and illustrations
255 Baskets, Navajo, research notes
256 Baskets, Navajo, Paiute and Ute, photos, analysis forms
257 Baskets, Paiute and Ute, analysis forms
258 Baskets, Paiute and Ute, illustrations and photos
259 Baskets, Pai, Havasupai, analysis forms and photos
2510 Baskets, Havasupai, notes and correspondence
2511 Baskets, Pai, Walapai, Yavapai, Havasupai, analysis notes
2512 Baskets, Pai, Elsa Sweeney Collection, Arizona Historical Society, Havasupai or Walapai
2513 Baskets, Pai, Walapai (Hualapai), analysis forms and notes
2514 Baskets, Pai, Yavapai
Box 26: Research, baskets, Papago
261 Baskets, Papago, analysis sheets (1 of 4)
262 Baskets, Papago, analysis sheets (2 of 4)
263 Baskets, Papago, analysis sheets (3 of 4)
264 Baskets, Papago, analysis sheets (4 of 4)
265 Baskets, Papago, miniatures, analysis forms and notes
266 Baskets, Papago, News clippings
267 Baskets, Papago, notes
268 Baskets, Papago, notes (typed), part of manuscript on “materials,” n.d.
269 Baskets, Papago, photos, n.d.
2610 Baskets, Papago, photos, photocopies and drawings
2611 Baskets, Papago, wine basket in Jim Griffith Collection
2612 Baskets, Papago, wire baskets note
2613 Tohono O’odham basketry film project
Box 27: Research, baskets, Pima and Papago, Pima, Rio Grande Pueblo, Seri, Zuni
271 Baskets, Pima and Papago, articles (drafts), n.d.
272 Baskets, Pima and Papago, Kiaha, postcard published by Frasher’s, Inc. n.d.
273 Baskets, Pima, analysis forms (1 of 2)
274 Baskets, Pima, analysis forms (2 of 2)
275 Baskets, Pima, News clippings and miscellaneous
276 Baskets, Pima, correspondence and notes
277 Baskets, Pima, photos, photocopies, ink drawings
278 Baskets, Rio Grande Pueblos and Acoma, photos, photocopies, notes Basket making, 2 photos [copy print], August 1982, “Rosa” and Linda Moore
279 Baskets, Seri, photos, pencil drawings, analysis sheets, n.d.
2710 Baskets, Zuni, photos, ink drawings, n.d.
Box 28: Research, painting, correspondence, notes, and articles
281 Painting, articles and artists
282 Painting, booklets and articles, 1920-1970
283 Painting, correspondence, 1953-1959
284 Painting, correspondence, 1960-1969
285 Painting, correspondence, 1970-1972
286 Painting, correspondence, 1973-1974
287 Painting, correspondence, 1975-1979
288 Painting, correspondence, 1980-1985
289 Painting, correspondence, “Anne”
2810 Painting, correspondence, no date
2811 Painting, designs by students at Phoenix Indian School, pencil drawings
2812 Painting, film on Indian Art, 1959
2813 Painting, “Indians at Work” painting
2814 Painting, miscellaneous notes, n.d.
2815 Painting, notes about artists, n.d.
2816 Painting, notes for painting book
2817 Painting, Oraibi Day School Portfolio (CD of portfolio), 1927 [See also oversize box]
2818 Painting, Various Southwest artists (Southwest Indian Painting, 1973)
Box 29: Research, painting, various collections, galleries, photographs
291 Painting, stencil design of horses, Avery collection
292 Painting, James T. Bialac collection
293 Painting, Denman Collection of American Indian paintings
294 Painting, Heard Museum Gallery and shows
295 Painting, Museum of New Mexico Gallery
296 Painting, Philbrook Art Center Exhibitions (1 of 2)
297 Painting, Philbrook Art Center Exhibitions (2 of 2)
298 Painting, miscellaneous galleries, art shows, artists
299 Painting, outside the SW, miscellaneous artists and exhibits
2910 Painting, b/w photos and negatives of SW Indian painting
Box 30: Research, painting, artists, artist data sheets, and art programs
301 Painting, artists, Tony Begay
302 Painting, artists, Robert Freeman
303 Painting, artists, R.C. Gorman
304 Painting, artists, Helen Hardin
305 Painting, artists, Fred Kabotie and Michael Kabotie
306 Painting, artists, Dan Namingha
307 Painting, artists, Navajo, various
308 Painting, artists, Patrick Swazo
309 Painting, artists, Pablita Velarde
3010 Painting, artist addresses, lists of exhibitors
3011 Painting, artist data sheets, A-B (by last name)
3012 Painting, artist data sheets, C-D
3013 Painting, artist data sheets, E-G
3014 Painting, artist data sheets, H-J
3015 Painting, artist data sheets, K-L
3016 Painting, artist data sheets, M-O
3017 Painting, artist data sheets, P-S
3018 Painting, artist data sheets, T-Z
3019 Painting artist data sheets, miscellaneous, (original Tanner order)
3020 Painting artist data sheets, miscellaneous, (original Tanner order)
Box 31: Research, prehistoric archaeology, prehistoric artifacts, prehistory
311 Research: Archaeology, “History of Excavation in the Southwest” handwritten manuscript [1935 by F.H.H. Roberts?], outline of manuscript, and research notes by Tanner, n.d.
312 Archaeologists, “Who’s Who,” 1932-1933
313 Architecture, Anasazi
314 Architecture, Hohokam, Tanque Verde Pithouse #5, 2 ink illustrations
315 Artifacts, ASM, Gila Pueblo Collection and others, notes
316 Artifacts, Bone Awls and Tubes, 10 ink illustrations
317 Artifacts, Pipes, Awls, other, photos and ink illustrations
318 Notes on SW Prehistory (1 of 2)
319 Notes on SW Prehistory (2 of 2)
3110 PaleoIndian and Archaic
3111 Prehistoric, correspondence, 1953-1988
3112 Prehistoric, photos with captions
3113 Prehistoric, photos and miscellaneous
Box 32: Research, prehistoric jewelry, prehistoric murals and rock art
321 Jewelry, prehistoric, drawings and illustrations
322 Jewelry, prehistoric Notes
323 Jewelry, prehistoric, notes and typed manuscript drafts for “Fashions in prehistoric jewelry” (3 pp.) , n.d.
324 Jewelry, prehistoric, 12 b/w photos (1 of 2)
325 Jewelry, Prehistoric, 15 b/w photos, 1 Kodacolor photo (2 of 2)
326 Jewelry, Prehistoric, shell and other material, notes and illustrations
327 Prehistoric, figurines, Hohokam and Anasazi, notes and illustrations
328 Prehistoric, Kiva murals, notes
329 Prehistoric, murals, photos and illustrations
3210 Prehistoric, painted wood, 2 b/w photos
3211 Prehistoric, palettes, Hohokam, 3 b/w artifact photos, 8 ink illustrations
3212 Rock Art, Articles, Illustrations, Misc.
3213 Rock Art, Articles from “Indians at Work,” 1938-1939
3214 Rock Art, Bibliography
3215 Rock Art, Canyon del Muerto, 7 b/w photos, 1 Kodacolor photo
3216 Rock Art, Correspondence, 1949, 1953, 1985
3217 Rock Art, outline for rock art course
3218 Rock Art, photos, miscellaneous
Box 33: Research, prehistoric Pottery (Box 1)
331 Prehistoric Pottery, “Anasazi General,” Ink illustrations, photocopies, notes
332 Prehistoric Pottery, design layouts, ink illustrations
333 Prehistoric Pottery, ink and colored pencil illustrations, photocopies
334 Prehistoric Pottery, Kayenta, Drawings by Julian Hayden, Keet Seel
335 Prehistoric Pottery, life forms, notes
336 Prehistoric Pottery, notes
337 Prehistoric Pottery, photos
338 Prehistoric Pottery, Photos, East-central Arizona?
Box 34: Research, prehistoric pottery (Box 2)
341 Prehistoric Pottery, Casas Grandes (colored pencil drawings sent by A.V. Kidder), 1956
342 Prehistoric Pottery, Hohokam and Salado, students’ illustrations
343 Prehistoric Pottery, Mimbres, published illustrations
344 Prehistoric Pottery, Mimbres, Students’ illustrations (1 of 2)
345 Prehistoric Pottery, Mimbres, Students’ illustrations (2 of 2)
346 Prehistoric Pottery, Mogollon, miscellaneous pencil and ink illustrations
347 Prehistoric Pottery, photos and illustrations (Prehistoric Southwestern craft arts, 1976)
348 Prehistoric Pottery, published illustrations (Cummings, Hough, Fewkes)
Box 35: Research, jewelry (Box 1)
351 Jewelry, Apache (modern), jewelry and beadwork, notes and illustrations
352 Jewelry, artists and galleries
353 Jewelry book, correspondence, 1974
354 Jewelry Book, Correspondence, Notes, and Manuscript, 1970s
355 Jewelry, Buyer’s Guide, Catalogs
356 Jewelry, coral and spiny oyster, notes and correspondence, 1945-1947. [Specimens of coral and other beads were transferred to the ASM Ethnography Collection]
357 Jewelry, correspondence, 1954-1993
358 Jewelry, court case, definition of jewelry, Thelma Clark Riggs, 1977-1979
359 Jewelry, Farmer, Malcolm, notes on Navajo jewelry and belts, 1936 and correspondence, 1951
3510 Jewelry, glass beads
3511 Jewelry, gold
3512 Jewelry, gold, notes, and “Southwestern Indian Gold Jewelry” manuscript, 1985
3513 Jewelry, Hopi
3514 Jewelry, manuscripts: “Materials and Technology,” “Buckles,” “Earrings,” “Belts,” “Rings,” “Chapter IV: Design,” “Necklaces,” n.d.
Box 36: Research, jewelry (Box 2)
361 Jewelry, Manuscript notes
362 Jewelry, Mother Earth, Father Sky program, 1988
363 Jewelry, Navajo belts and buckles, b/w photos
364 Jewelry, Navajo bow guards, analysis sheets
365 Jewelry, notes
366 Jewelry, miscellaneous notes
367 Jewelry, Patania, Frank (jewelry artist)
368 Jewelry, silver, notes
369 Jewelry, silver crosses
3610 Jewelry, Squash Blossom necklaces, Heard Museum, (1 of 2)
3611 Jewelry, Squash Blossom necklaces, Heard Museum, analysis sheets (2 of 2)
3612 Jewelry, Squash Blossom necklaces, Lab of Anthropology
3613 Jewelry, Squash Blossom necklaces, Museum of Northern Arizona
3614 Jewelry, Squash Blossom necklaces, notes for article in American Indian Art magazine
3615 Jewelry, Squash Blossom necklace, manuscript “The Najas,” notes, illustrations, b/w photos, postcard: Tony Reyna of Taos Indian Pueblo, articles
Box 37: Research, jewelry (Box 3)
371 Jewelry, Squash Blossom necklaces, notes and manuscripts: “The Squash blossom,” “Necklaces:” numbering begins pg. 60
372 Jewelry, squash blossom necklaces, photos
373 Jewelry, squash blossom necklaces, TobeTurpen’s trading post collection, Gallup, photos, analysis sheets
374 Jewelry, source materials, magazines, ephemera, and other miscellaneous items
375 Jewelry, various forms: silver buttons, canteens, hat bands, tweezers, etc., notes
376 Jewelry, various forms: “little known now” bridles, canteens, combs, barettes, etc.
377 Jewelry, Zuni
378 Jewelry, beadwork, photos, illustrations, notes
379 Jewelry, Navajo silver, illustrations
3710 Jewelry, Santo Domingo, photos and illustrations
3711 Jewelry, illustrations, including watercolors by Nancy Wagner
3712 Jewelry, b/w and color photos used to illustrate Southwest Indian craft arts (1968)
Box 38: Research, textiles[Note: some of these folders contain student papers submitted to Tanner. Privacy restrictions may apply. Questions about use should be directed to the archivist.]
381 Textiles, Misc. notes
382 Textiles, Navajo
383 Textiles, Navajo, correspondence
384 Textiles, Navajo, George Rummage Collection, saddle blanket weaves
385 Textiles, Navajo, J.B.Moore Rug Catalogs, 1903, 1911
386 Textiles, Navajo, photos and Illustrations
387 Textiles, Navajo, photo sequence, sheep herding to making the rug by Tad Nichols
388 Textiles, Navajo, saddle blankets
389 Textiles, Navajo, slides of various collections, notes by Joe Ben Wheat, University of Colorado
3810 Textiles, “The Network,” a listing of scholars interested in cloth and textiles, 1985
3811 Textiles, Pima
3812 Textiles, Pueblo, Hopi
3813 Textiles, Pueblo, photographs
3814 Textiles, Spanish Colonial embroidery, New Mexico
3815 Textiles, Contemporary, Manfred Susunkewa fabric swatches
Box 39: Research, prehistoric textiles
391 Textiles, Prehistoric, Antelope House, notes
392 Textiles, Prehistoric, illustrations (1 of 2)
393 Textiles, Prehistoric, illustrations (2 of 2)
394 Textiles, Prehistoric, notes
395 Textiles, Prehistoric, photographs (1 of 2)
396 Textiles, Prehistoric, photographs (2 of 2)
397 Textiles, Prehistoric, sandals, photographs
398 Textiles, Prehistoric, Ventana Cave, notes
Box 40: Research, pottery
401 Pottery, Arizona Highways, illustrations and pages cut from the magazine
402 Pottery, correspondence, 1947-1988
403 Pottery, design motifs (1 of 2), pencil sketches
404 Pottery, design motifs (2 of 2), pencil sketches
405 Pottery, Heather Foundation, Mata Ortiz pottery
406 Pottery, Maria Martinez
407 Pottery, misc. notes
408 Pottery, Acoma
409 Pottery, Hopi, including b/w photos
4010 Pottery, Maricopa, including b/w photos
4011 Pottery, Mohave, including b/w photos
4012 Pottery, Navajo, including b/w photos
4013 Pottery, Navajo, notes and correspondence
4014 Pottery, Papago, including b/w photos miscellaneous articles and illustrations
4015 Pottery, Pueblo
4016 Pottery, Rio Grande Pueblo, including b/w photos
4017 Pottery, Zuni, including b/w photos
Box 41: Research, Kachinas
411 Kachinas, ASM “Hopi Kachina Doll Show,” 1989
412 Kachinas, notes
413 Kachinas, notes and correspondence
414 Kachinas, photos [Note: includes four b/w photographs from Byron Cummings]
415 Kachinas, photos, reproduction prints used in Southwest Indian craft arts(1968)
416 Kachinas, slides and catalog Information
417 Kachinas, Zuni, notes
Box 42: Research, prehistoric basketry book (unpublished), correspondence and manuscript chapters
421 Correspondence, 1981-1992
422 Grant for student illustrator, 1985
423 Volunteer help
424 MS, Chapters 1-2
425 MS, Chapters 3-5, Archaic, Hohokam, Mogollon
426 MS, Chapter 6, Anasazi
427 MS, Chapter 6, annotated with additional material
428 MS, Chapter 7, summary
429 Chapter and draft, “Old Mss.”
4210 “Old Mss.” (1 of 2)
4211 “Old Mss.” (2 of 2)
4212 Chapter 3, early man, research notes, “Old Mss.”
4213 Chapter 3, draft, “Old Mss.”
42A Copy of manuscript for prehistoric basketry book as sent to University of Arizona Press
Box 43: Research, prehistoric basketry book (unpublished), illustrations
431 Illustrations in various media
432 Illustrations and notes on illustrations
433 Illustrations including photographs
434 Illustrations, Hohokam
435 Illustrations on Basket Maker II (includes Mimbres)
436 Illustrations, Basket Maker III
437 Illustrations, Pueblo I-Pueblo III
438 Miscellaneous illustrations
439 Illustrations, photographs
4310 Prehistoric basketry and pottery designs
4311 Prehistoric basketry and pottery design elements
Box 44: Research, prehistoric basketry book (unpublished), notes
441 Notes for each chapter
442 Notes on references
443 Notes on “sites and charts”
444 Miscellaneous notes and analysis forms
445 Notes, “General”
446 Miscellaneous notes (1 of 4)
447 Miscellaneous notes (2 of 4)
448 Miscellaneous notes (3 of 4)
449 Miscellaneous notes (4 of 4)
Box 45: Research, prehistoric basketry book (unpublished), research organized by location and collection
451 Aztec Ruin, notes
452 Antelope House, Canyon de Chelly, notes
453 “An evolution of Anasazi basketry: A view from Antelope House,” by J. M. Adovasio, R.Carlisle, and R. Andrews in Journal of New World Archaeology II:5 (1978), pp. 1-5 [photocopy]. “Archeological investigations at Antelope House” by Don P. Morris, et al [copy of typescript].
454 Canyonlands, photo
455 Colorado Historical Museum, Wetherill Collection
456 Colorado University, Earl Morris Collection
457 Garfield Peak, Carlsbad Museum, New Mexico
458 Grants Basket Site, New Mexico, LA47818
459 Grass Mesa Site, Dolores, Colorado
4510 Hazzard Collection, Pennsylvania
4511 Laboratory of Anthropology, Santa Fe, analysis sheets, 1984
4512 Mesa Verde coiled baskets, includes color 35 mm slides
4513 Pratt Cave, New Mexico, Albert Schroeder articles with CLT notes
4514 San Diego Museum of Man, analysis sheets, 1987
4515 Southwest Museum, notes and color photographs, 1984
4516 Red Rock State Park, Church Rock, NM, notes and slides, 1984
4517 Various museum collections, notes
4518 Annotated reports and articles
4519 Anasazi, annotated reports and articles
4520 “Anasazi basketry, Basket Maker II through Pueblo III: A study based on specimens from the San Juan River country,” by Earl H. Morris and Robert F. Burgh (Carnegie: 1941). Photocopies of pages with annotations by CLT. Her personal copy of this book was sold at auction by ASM in 2001. Folder includes correspondence related to the auction.
4521 “Archaeological researches in the Northern Great Basin,” by L. S. Cressman (Carnegie: 1942), 158 pages plus 102 figures, maps, and illustrations with extensive annotations and marginalia by CLT.
4522 Miscellaneous research notes
Box 46: Research, prehistoric basketry book (unpublished), files returned from the University of Arizona Press in 2000
461 Correspondence, 2000
462 Chapter 1: Country and people, text with rough edit and illustrations
463 Chapter 2: Technical background, with edits
464 Chapter 2: Figures for chapter 2, ink and b/w photography
465 Chapter 3: Basketry of desert culture groups, with edits
466 Chapter 4: Hohokam basketry, with edits and illustrations
467 Chapter 5: The Mogollon area, with edits and illustrations
468 Chapter 6: The Anasazi, with edits
469 Chapter 6: Figures for chapter 6, ink drawings, b/w photographs and color 35mm slides
4610 Chapter 7: Summary, with rough edit and illustrations
4611 References cited, with edits
Card file boxes containing research note cards
47 Research cards, small box, bibliographies: general, Hopi, Havasupai, Apache, Maricopa, Navajo, Papago, Pima, Yuma, Opata, Seri, Tarahumara, Yaqui
48 Research cards, medium box, bibliographies: Southwest Indians, Yaqui, Yavapai, Architecture
49 Research cards, medium box, bibliographies: general, environment, architecture, baskets, ceremonies, fetishes, masks, painting, pottery, silver, songs, weaving, use of nature/plants
50 Research cards, medium box, bibliographies: Southwest ethnology, non-pueblo, pueblo
51 Research cards, medium box, bibliographies: Southwest ethnology, insects and butterflies in Southwest art
52 Research cards, small box, bibliographies: Southwest prehistoric art
53 Research cards, small box, bibliographies: Southwest archaeology
54 Research cards, large box, Southwest Indian art: including postcards, short letters, clippings, brochures, maps, snapshots, extensive notes, color transparencies (4 x 5 in.) of jewelry, and bibliography cards
55 Research cards, large box, baskets and textiles: including a group of cards with b/w contact photographic prints of miniature baskets, cards arranged by tribal designations
56 Research cards, medium box, baskets: Chemehuevi baskets in b/w photographs, no identification (box 1 of 2)
57 Research cards, medium box, baskets: Chemehuevi baskets in b/w photographs, no identification (box 2 of 2)
58 Research cards, small box, painting: artist card file, arranged alphabetically by artist and tribe, includes bibliographic cards
59 Research cards, large box, painting: includes exhibition announcements, note and short letters, clippings, b/w contact photo prints, and extensive notes on artists, schools, and collections arranged by location. (box 1 of 2)
60 Research cards, large box, painting: includes exhibition announcements, note and short letters, clippings, b/w contact photo prints, and extensive notes on artists, schools, and collections arranged by location (box 2 of 2)
61 Research cards, medium box, School of American Research book (never published) “Basketry of Southwest Indians,” notes and b/w photographs. [See also “Publications: Manuscripts by date, 1970-1980”]
62 Research cards, large box, prehistoric basketry, miscellaneous handwritten notes, not organized
Series 3, part 2: Publications by Clara Lee Tanner
Box 63: Publications, Southwest Indian Painting first draft
631 Correspondence, 1947-1955
632 Correspondence, 1956-1957
633 Permission letters, 1956-1957
634 Publisher contract and correspondence, 1956-1957
635 Reviews and articles
636 Congratulatory letters, 1957
637 Book sales, 1957-1978
638 Notes and research
639 Illustration lists and format
6310 Original manuscript, 1st draft
6311 Second (revised) edition, correspondence and publicity, 1971-1980
6312 Congratulatory letters (second edition), 1977
Box 64: Publications, Southwest Indian Painting second edition
641 Annotated copy of book (1st edition) with ink drawings and other changes
642 Second edition, draft two (1 of 2) typescript
643 Second edition, draft two (2 of 2) typescript
Box 65: Publications, Southwest Indian Painting illustrations for chapters 2, 5 and 6
651 Illustrations, chapter 2, with b/w photographs and ink drawings
652 Illustrations, chapter 3
653 Illustrations, chapter 5
654 Illustrations, chapter 6
Box 66: Publications, Southwest Indian Painting illustrations for chapter 6
661 Illustrations, chapter 6. Original ink drawings
662 Photographs of items in various collections.
663 Paintings in color and b/w photographs (1 of 2)
664 Paintings in color and b/w photographs (2 of 2)
Box 67: Publications, Southwest Indian Craft Arts second revised edition
67 Publications: Southwest Indian Craft Arts: Second revised edition
671 Draft (not numbered), second revised (1 of 2)
672 Draft (not numbered), second revised (2 of 2)
673 Publicity and correspondence, 1966-1968
674 Publicity and correspondence, 1969-1982
675 Notes
676 Reviews
677 Draft typescript with hand annotations
Box 68: Publications, Southwest Indian Craft Arts second revised edition
681 Draft, introduction, notes, bibliography
682 Drafts, baskets, textiles, pottery
683 Draft, jewelry
684 Draft, Kachinas and miscellaneous crafts
685 Draft, conclusion
686 Photographs (1 of 2)
687 Photographs (2 of 2)
Box 69: Publications, Prehistoric Southwestern Craft Arts, correspondence, reviews, drafts
691 Research grant for Prehistoric Southwestern Craft Arts, 1970
692 Correspondence
693 Reviews and correspondence
694 Foreward by William Longacre, handwritten
695 Draft, front matter, chapter 2, typescript
696 Draft, chapters 3 and 4
697 Draft, chapter 5 to end
698 List of illustrations
699 Illustrations (b/w photographs), chapter 1
Box 70: Publications, Indian baskets of the Southwest (1983)
70 Publications: Indian Baskets of the Southwest (1983)
701 Outline
702 Correspondence, reviews, congratulations
703 Illustration information and permissions
704 Draft typescript (1 of 4)
705 Draft typescript (2 of 4)
706 Draft typescript (3 of 4)
707 Draft typescript (4 of 4)
708 Photographs in color for various chapters
Box 71: Publications, Indian baskets of the Southwest (1983)and Apache Indian baskets (1982)
711 Photographs, chapter 4, Pueblo
712 Photographs, Chapter 5, Apache
713 Photographs, Chapter 6, Piman
714 Photographs, Chapter 7, Yuman
715 Photographs, Chapter 8, Navajo, Ute, Paiute, Chemehuevi
716 Apache Indian Baskets, correspondence, publicity and reviews
717 Apache Indian Baskets, illustrations
718 Apache Indian Baskets, illustrations, from Amerind Foundation
719 Apache Indian Baskets, illustrations, design elements
7110 Apache Indian Baskets, illustrations, glossy photos
7111 Apache Indian Baskets, photographs used in book
Box 72: Publications, Swift of thought, the Ancient One: A story of archaeology [unpublished children's book]
721 Correspondence and critiques, 1937-1954
722 Draft (first?)
723 Draft (second?)
724 Typed and handwritten manuscript, 1943, with b/w photograph of Keelseel cliff dwelling
725 Draft (third?) and review
726 Draft (fourth?) and review
727 “Where the Cave Men Dwell,” “They Lived in Houses Dug in the Ground,” and “Pueblos Everywhere,” 153 pages
728 “Where the Cave Men Dwell,” “They Lived in Houses Dug in the Ground,” and “Pueblos Everywhere,” first carbon, and two sketches
Box 73: Publications, writing for children, Pima Indian stories, and other
731 Outlines for books, no date
732 Pima Indian stories, original field notes, 1920s-1930s
733 Pima Indian stories, correspondence re: manuscripts, 1936-1990
734 “Pima Folk Tales,” manuscript
735 “Indian Tales for Children,” 1936
736 “Indian Tales for Children,” ca. 1937, sketches, notes, and manuscript
737 “How the Indians Made Rain” and other stories, two rough copies, no date
738 “How the Indians Made Rain” and other stories, ca. 1960s?
739 “How the Indians Made Rain” and other stories, with sketches, 1970s?
7310 “How the Indians Made Rain” and other stories, complete set, best copy
7311 “Child’s Book on SW Indians,” manuscript, 1961?
7312 “Child’s Ethnology of the SW,” notes and manuscripts, no date
7313 “For Children – Navajo,” manuscript, no date
7314 “Modern Indian for Children,” notes and manuscripts, 1960s?
7315 Illustrations (Pueblo, Navajo, Apache), original art work by two artists
Box 74: Publications, book reviews, newspaper articles, publications and correspondence stories, and other
741 Book reviews by CLT, 1936-1959
742 Book reviews by CLT, 1960-1969
743 Book reviews by CLT, 1970-1980
744 Film Review, “Papago Baskets: A Living Tradition,” 1979
745 Proposal reviews, no date
746 Review of “Modern American Indian Painting,” MNA Collections, 1971
747 Review of “Indian Blankets and Their Makers,” 1972
748 Review of “Lost and Found Traditions” for Arizona and the West, 1986
749 Newspaper articles by CLT, 1933-1956
7410 Publications correspondence, 1937-1949
7411 Publications correspondence, 1950-1969
7412 Publications correspondence, 1970-1991
7413 University of Arizona, Arizona Silhouettes contract, 1956
7414 University of Arizona Press, correspondence, 1973-1990
Box 75: Publications, manuscripts, undated, alphabetical by title (A – I)
751 American Indian Painting, for Boyer brochure, no date
752 An Ancient Symbolical Art, no date
753 Apache (“used notes, writing on Apache”), no date
754 Apache Arts, three manuscripts, no date
755 Apache Indian Devil Dancers, no date
756 Apache Puberty Rite, and Apache Coming Out Ceremony, no date
757 Archaeological Vista for the Modern Woman, no date
758 Arizona book, three chapters: Flora and Fauna, Modern Indians, Antiquities and Science
759 Arizona’s Modern Apache Indians, no date
7510 Arizona State Museum, no date (ca. 1970s?)
7511 Basketry among the SW Indians Today, no date
7512 Buying Indian Arts and Crafts, no date
7513 By Candlelight: A Papago Graveyard, and A Yaqui Pagan Custom, no date
7514 Contemporary Indian Art, and Contemporary Indian Fine Art, no date
7515 Contemporary Painting of SW Indians, no date
7516 Emil Haury, for Ted De Grazia pamphlet
7517 Emily Kalled Lovell biography, Arizona Press Woman (?), no date
7518 Hopi Indians, no date
7519 Hopi Kachinas, by John Tanner, no date
7520 Hopi Snake Dance, and The Snake Dance: A Hopi Prayer for Rain, no date
7521 Indian Lands, no date
7522 Indian Lands, and Indian Portraits, no date
7523 Indian Pottery, and Pottery Makers, no date
7524 Introduction, for exhibit catalog?
7525 Invitation to Apacheland, no date
Box 76: Publications, manuscripts, undated, alphabetical by title (J – Z)
761 Jewelry manuscript, no date
762 Jewelry, short manuscripts, no date
763 Kachinas, Carving, and Clay Figures, no date
764 A Medley of SW Indian Crafts, no date
765 Native American Art, no date
766 Navajo Arts and Crafts, no date
767 Navajo Indian Sandpainting, no date
768 Organization among the Ancient Arizonans, no date
769 Papago Legend, no date
7610 Pima Legends, no date
7611 Plains and Eastern Art, about Bialac collection, no date
7612 Preface for Ray Manley book, no date
7613 Prehistoric and Historic Points of Interest about Tucson, no date
7614 Pueblo and Navajo Weaving, Prehistoric Background, meeting paper, no date
7615 Reminiscing, Every Day Life, about Apache, no date
7616 The Sun Kachina, (“Dr. Ross took kachina to England”) no date
7617 Some Native Plants Used by Arizona Indians, no date
7618 SW Indian Craft Arts, (for Jeanne King, Bicentennial plan), no date
7619 SW Indian Crafts and Arts, (to Witte Museum, San Antonio, Texas), no date
7620 SW Indian Craft Arts Today, no date
7621 Southwestern Indian Jewelry, (for Idyllwild School of Music and Arts), no date
7622 Southwestern Indian Jewelry, (for Idyllwild School of Music and Arts), no date
7623 Spare Time Weaver, no date
7624 Tako “Yesterday,” (a play), no date
7625 Textile Weaving in the Indian Southwest, no date
7626 What the American Indian Has Given Us, no date
7627 Woman’s Career in Archaeology: Outline, no date
7628 Wupatki, House of the Ancient Ones, no date
7629 The Yaquis and Saint Peter, no date
Box 77: Publications, manuscripts by date, 1920s-1949
771 Archaeology [student paper?], 1925
772 Student papers, English courses, 1925, 1926
773 Ancient Arizonans, The Manuscript (Women’s Press), 1926
774 American Archaeology, student paper, 1920s
775 Ceramic Art of Greece, student paper, 1920s
776 Development of Prehistoric Sandal Manufacture, student paper, 1920s
777 Pleistocene of Arizona, student paper, 1920s
778 Pottery of the Santa Cruz Valley, student paper?, 1920s
779 The Valley of the Nile, and Agriculture of Ancient Egypt, student papers ?, 1920s
7710 Mission Moods, 1930
7711 Prehistoric Picture Writings of Arizona, 1930s
7712 Yaqui Indian Dance of Pascua Village, Tucson, 1930s
7713 Then and Now, Arizona Highways, 1931
7714 Prehistoric Agriculture and Irrigation, Arizona Highways, 1933
7715 Old World Archaeology, paper presented at AAAS, Santa Fe, 1935
7716 That by Which They Live--Turquoise, Arizona Highways, 1935?
7717 They Built Castles in the Air Called Cliff Dwellings, Hoofs and Horns, 1935
7718 Three Ancient Weavers, Hoofs and Horns, 1935
7719 Three Ancient Weavers, Hoofs and Horns, 1935
7720 Blackstone Ruin, Kiva, 1936
7721 Note on Navajo Divorce, Literary Digest, 1936
7722 The Kiva—The Indian Place of Worship, Hoofs and Horns , 1936
7723 With the Archaeologist in the Southwest, Chi Omega, 1937
7724 Boyce-Thompson Arboretum, Desert Magazine, 1938
7725 Petroglyphs in the Southwest, Kiva, 1938
7726 Synopsis of Excavations at Snaketown, Kiva, 1939
7727 Various articles for Tucson Daily Citizen, 1939-1940
7728 SW Indian Art, Arizona Daily Star, 1940
7729 Activities of the Museum, Kiva, 1942
7730 Life Forms in Prehistoric Pottery of the Southwest, Kiva, 1943
7731 Basketry of the Modern Southwest Indians, Kiva, 1944
7732 Pottery of the Modern Southwest Indians, Kiva, 1944
7733 Untitled, for Phoenix paper (about Tad Nichols and Paricutin volcano), post-1944
7734 Arizona Colleges, Arizona Highways, 1945 (uncut version and final)
7735 Picture Writing in Arizona, Arizona Highways, 1945
7736 Shepherds of the Arizona Desert, Arizona Highways, 1945
7737 Apache Basketry, Arizona Highways, 1946
7738 Apache Debut, Arizona Highways, 1946
7739 Antelope Trappers, Arizona Highways, 1946
7740 Basketry of the Modern Southwest Indians, Kiva, 1946
7741 Arizona Apaches Gather Pinon Pitch, Arizona Highways, 1946
7742 Beadwork: Most Recent Art of the Apaches, 1946
7743 Sheep, the Basis of Navajo Wealth, for Extension Service movie, 1946
7744 Designed for Living, Sunset, 1947
7745 Southwest Painted Pottery, Arizona Quarterly, 1947
7746 Spirits Which Came Out of the Mountains, Arizona Highways, 1947
7747 Ancient Pottery, Arizona Highways, 1948
7748 Indian Arts Fund Collection of Paintings, El Palacio, 1948 (with Anne Forbes)
7749 Southwest Chronicle: SW Indian Arts and Crafts, Arizona Quarterly, 1948
7750 Use of Native Plants by Arizona Indians, Arizona Daily Star, 1948
7751 Pollen Blessing, Arizona Highways, 1948
7752 Sandpaintings of the Indians of the Southwest, Kiva, 1948
7753 Southwest Indian Painting, Southwest Review, 1949
Box 78: Publications, manuscripts by date, 1950-1965
781 Contemporary Indian Art, Arizona Highways, February 1950 (pp. 12-13, 26-29)
782 Coral among Southwest Indians, 1950. Typescript, 18pp.
783 Arizona Indians, Kiva, 1950. Typescript, 17 pp.
784 Dine, the People of the Southwest, Tucson Daily Citizen, March 22, 1951. Typescript
785 Fred Kabotie Indian Artist, Arizona Highways, 1951. Typed and handwritten, 21 pp.
786 Cotton in the Native Southwest, Arizona Republic, April 1953. Typescript, 4 pp.
787 Dance of the Winds, not published, 1953. Typescript, 5 pp.
788 Southwestern Indian Watercolors, paper read at AAA convention, Tucson, December 1953. Typescript with indications of slides shown, 9 pp.
789 Byron Cummings, 1860-1954, Kiva 20:1 (October, 1954). Research notes, rough drafts, and photograph of Cummings
7810 Byron Cummings: In Memorium, text to be included in the minutes of the Society of Sigma Xi, December 1954 (with H. Getty). Typescript, 3 pp.
7811 Navajo Silver Craft, Arizona Highways, 1954. Typescript, 31 pp.
7812 A Navajo Burial of about 1850, Panhandle-Plains Historical Review XXVIII (1955) (with Charlie Steen). Typescript, 10 pp.
7813 Untitled article about Indians, for UA Wildcat, March, 1955. Typescript, 3 pp.
7814 Arizona Indians, for Arizona Highways, 1955 (not published?). Typescript, 127 pp. Plus research notes, list of illustrations, and correspondence.
7815 Indians of Arizona, Arizona Highways XXXIV: 8 (August 1958). Magazine, typescript, and rough draft
7816 Bibliography of Arizona Indians (annotated), Arizona Highways XXXV:7 (1959). Typescript, 16 pages, and research notes
7817 Contemporary Southwest Indian Silver, Kiva, 1960. Rough draft, 36 pp.
7818 Crafts of Arizona Indians, Arizona Highways, July 1960. Magazine and rough drafts
7819 The Influence of White Man on Southwest Indian Art, paper read at 6th Annual Meeting of American Indian Ethnohistoric Conference, Smithsonian, November 18-19, 1960. Typescript, 16 pp, and rough draft.
7820 Some Religious Beliefs of Arizona Indians, prepared for “Arizona: Its people and resources”, University of Arizona, 1960. Correspondence, typescript, 5 pp.
7821 The Teaching of Indian Art, paper read at Pacific Arts Association Conference, Tempe, Arizona, April 13, 1960. Correspondence and typescript 15 pp.
7822 Changing Culture of the Indian, Report of the 38th Annual Conference of the Western Society for Physical Education of College Women, 1962. Typescript, 29 pp.
7823 Pima Indian Crafts, published in program for the 2nd Annual Gila River Mul-chu-tha, Sacaton, Arizona, 1964. Typescript, 8 pp, correspondence, and program.
7824 Regional Styles of Navajo Weaving, Arizona Highways XL:9 (September 1964). Typescript, 16 pp.
7825 Read Mullan Collection of Navajo Weaving, (unpublished?) 1964. Typescript, 2 pp.
7826 Papago Burden Baskets, Kiva, 30:3 (1965). Typescript, 21 pp.
7827 Navajo Weaving, for exhibition at Tucson Art Center, August 1965. Rough draft, 8 pp.
7828 Prehistoric Visual Art, 1965(Unpublished ?). Publishing contract and typescript, 25 pp.
Box 79: Publications, manuscripts by date, 1970-1980
791 Text for Arizona Press Women Installation Ceremony, 1960s. Published in Contemporary Indian Affairs 1:3 (1970). Correspondence, rough drafts, final text on cards
792 Bernice Johnston, 1914-1971 (obituary), Kiva 37:3 (1972). Typescript, 4 pp.
793 Text for unpublished book Look to the Mountaintop, 1972. Promotional literature, typescript, 21 pp.
794 Papago Crafts, read at Arizona Historical Society, Nogales, May 5, 1972. Typescript, 10 pp. and rough draft
795 Indian Art, presented at conference of Society for Applied Anthropology, April 14, 1973. Conference program and typescript, 6 pp.
796 Women in Indian Life, Delta Kappa Gamma Society XXXIX:2 (winter 1973). Typescript, 13 pp.
797 “Pottery from tape lecture to Esber’s [?] class, fall 1974.” Typescript, 11 pp.
798 Tony Begay, Arizona Highways L:3 (March 1974). Typescript, 16 pp. and rough drafts
799 Southwest Indian Arts Series: Basketry volume (unpublished). Correspondence with the School of American Research, Santa Fe, New Mexico, rough drafts, and other documents 1974-1981. [Note: see also Series 3: Publications, small card file box “S.A.R. book: Basketry of SW Indians”]
7910 Plastic Arts of the Indians, 1965-1975, paper presented at the Symposium on the Arts, Southwestern Anthropological Association, Santa Fe, New Mexico, March 1975. Correspondence, program, rough draft, and typescript (12 pp.)
7911 Southwest Indian Painting,” for Ray Manley”, 1975. Typescript, 1 page
7912 Southwest Indian Pottery, Phoenix Magazine, 10:5 (May 1975). Typescript, 16 pp.
7913 Indian Arts and Crafts book edited by CLT for Arizona Highways, 1976. Typescripts of chapers by various authors and promotional literature for the book.
7914 Are There Good Indian Crafts Today?, sent to Susan Crowell, editor of “Native Arts and Crafts,” volume 1, 1976.
7915 Text read at the Zukowski 50th Wedding Anniversary, based on Navajo ceremony, October 5, 1976 (or 1974?).
7916 Navajo Arts and Crafts, text proposal for KAET-TV series on Navajo Nations, 1976. Correspondence and typescript, 16 pp.
7917 Portraits and Turquoise of Southwest Indians book, 1976 (with Ray Manley). Promotional literature.
7918 Preface for unspecified Arizona Highways book , 1976. Three typescripts.
7919 Untitled autobiographical text for Typewriter (?), June 1976. Typescript, 3 pp.
7920 Dedication to Byron Cummings, Arizona and the West, winter 1978. Correspondence, research notes, typescript, and copy of publication.
7921 Tracing Southwestern Indian Easel Art, USA Today, November 1978. Typescript, 8 pp.
7922 Helen Hardin (Tsa-sah-wee-ch), biographical note for exhibit, July 2, 1978. Typescript, 1 page.
7923 Bert Seabourn, published in Cherokee Artist by Dick Fountain, 1979. Typescript, 4 pp.
7924 Introduction, Genuine Navajo Rug: Are You Sure?, by Noel Bennett, 1979. Correspondence and typescript, 2 pp.
7925 Collecting Southwest Indian Arts and Crafts, by Ray Manley, 1979. Research notes
7926 Contemporary Hopi Crafts, Hopi Kachina: Spirit of Life book, 1980 (1 of 2). Typescripts
7927 Contemporary Hopi Crafts, Hopi Kachina: Spirit of Life book, 1980 (2 of 2) Correspondence and typescripts, 1979-1980
Box 80: Publications, manuscripts by date, 1982-1990
801 Text for Ray Manley’s Hopi Kachina dolls, 1980. Notes and rough drafts.
802 The Naja, American Indian Art Magazine 7:2 (spring 1982). Correspondence, 1978-1981, rough drafts, and typescript, 14 pp.
803 Re: pics of a Moqui-style rug, 1982 (with John Tanner). Typescript, 2 pp.
804 Western Apache Baskets, Plateau Magazine, 1982. Correspondence, rough drafts
805 Southwestern Indian Gold Jewelry, Kiva, 1985. Notes and typescript, 32 pp.
806 Forward to Navajo Pottery: Traditions and Innovations by Russell Hartman, 1987. Correspondence and typescript, 2 pp.
807 Southwest Indian Baskets Today, 1987 (not published). Correspondence and typescript, 6 pp.
808 Chapter on Southwestern Indian basketry for North American Indian Basketry book by Frank W. Porter, 1986-1989. Correspondence and typescript, 38 pp.
809 Traditional Southwest Indian Painting, presentation at Heard Museum, 1987. List of slides and typescript, 13 pp.
8010 Introduction for Beyond Tradition: contemporary Indian art and its evolution (with Jerry Jacka and Lois Jacka). Promotional literature, typescript outline and drafts, 1988
8011 Introduction for Beyond Tradition, 1988. Correspondence, notes, rough drafts
8012 Introduction for Patterns and Sources of Zuni Kachinas, 1988 (with Barton Wright). Research material and typescript drafts
8013 Byron Cummings, for International Dictionary of Anthropologists, 1989. Correspondence and typescripts
8014 Southwestern Indian Basketry, in The Art of Native American Basketry, A Living Legend, 1990. Draft and final typescript, 38 pp. 1990
8015 Indian Gold Jewelry, 1990. Typescript, 17 pp.
811 Arizona State Museum, gifts and loans to, including papers and artifacts, 1984-1988
812 Arizona State Museum, correspondence and ephemera, 1948-1990
813 Borderlands Network, Women’s Group, 1983
814 Department of Anthropology, correspondence, 1937-1991
815 Department of Anthropology, Diamond Jubilee, 1990, includes photographs
816 Department of Anthropology, radio broadcasts, 1947-1948
817 Research grant applications for book projects, 1960s
818 Sigma XI: the scientific research society, 1945-1991
819 University of Arizona, American Indian Graduate Center/Alumni, 1984-1991
8110 University of Arizona, American Indian Studies and Students, 1954-1993
8111 University of Arizona, awards and honors
8112 University of Arizona, award committees
8113 University of Arizona Chidaine Scholarship Fund
8114 University of Arizona Faculty Women’s Club
8115 University of Arizona Emeritus Club Reunions
8116 University of Arizona Freshman Advising and Orientation, 1936-1965
8117 University of Arizona Honors Program
8118 University of Arizona Mortar Board, 1927-1991
8119 University of Arizona Phi Beta Kappa
8120 University of Arizona Religious Council and University Forum Committee, 1934-1965
8121 University of Arizona the Southwest Center, 1982-1990
8122 University of Arizona “Understanding through Interchange” Conference, 1962
Box 82: Teaching, reports, schedules, course handouts
821 Annual reports, professional activities, 1946-1977
822 Anthropology class schedules, 1942-1978
823 Audiovisual materials
824 “Boners,” cartoons, jokes, and student bloopers
825 Bibliography and handouts, SW Archaeology
826 Bibliography and handouts, SW Indians
827 Bibliographies and handouts, SW Indian Crafts, other courses
828 Course outlines/syllabus, 1960s-1970s
829 Class Notes, Correspondence courses, Anthropology I and II
8210 Class Notes, Correspondence course, Anthropology 1b-c
8211 Class Notes, Correspondence course, Anthropology 1a-c, 1955
8212 Class Notes, Correspondence courses, Egypt, Anthropology 115c, Anthropology II
8213 Class Notes, Correspondence courses, SW Archaeology
Box 83: Correspondence and letters of recommendation (this box is RESTRICTED) [see also Series six: student papers]
831 Class rosters
832 Correspondence about students, 1936-1975
833 Correspondence about students, 1977-1987
834 Correspondence from students, 1950s
835 Correspondence from students, 1969-1988
836 Correspondence from students, other colleges and schools, 1950-1991
837 Correspondence, Parezo, Nancy, 1978-1984
838 Graduate College, list of Indian students, 1981
839 Graduate student theses and dissertations, 1956-1969
8310 Letters of recommendation, 1940s-1950s
8311 Letters of recommendation, 1960s
8312 Letters of recommendation, 1970s-1990s
Box 84: Teaching, classroom illustrations, original art, photographs and printed materials
841 Indian People, National Geographic pictures, North America
842 Moundbuilders, Upper Mississippi
843 Northwest Coast and Alaska
844 Plains Indians
845 Mesoamerica
846 Mexico, archaeology
847 South America, textiles and pottery
848 Old World, archaeology (Anthropology100)
849 Old World, archaeology, miscellaneous notes
8410 Old World, archaeology and architecture including signed portraits of Prentice Duell, 1938, by unknown photographer
8411 “Ancient and European Architecture,” notes
Box 85: Teaching, classroom illustrations, original art, photographs and printed materials
851 Africa, various arts
852 Australia, various arts
853 Old World Art
854 India
855 Oceania, various arts
856 World, masks
857 World, rock art
Box 86: Teaching, class notes on Old World topics
861 Class bibliographies, mostly undated
862 Class notes, Archaeology and life of the Hebrews, 1930s
863 Class notes, Asia, 1930s
864 Class notes, China
865 Class notes, comparative religion
866 Class notes, Egypt, Egyptian Archaeology, 1929, 1932
867 Class notes, Greece, Greek Archaeology
868 Class notes, India and Near East, 1930s
869 Class notes, Old World Archaeology
8610 Class notes, Old World Archaeology and Various Topics
8611 Class notes, Old World Prehistory
8612 Class notes, Origin of Man
8613 Class notes, Rome, Roman Archaeology, 1931- ?
Box 87: Teaching, class notes on archaeology, ethnology, physical anthropology
871 Child’s Course in Archaeology, 1934-1935
872 Class notes, Anthro.101, Exploring Archaeology, 1981
873 Class notes, Background of Modern Archaeology
874 Class notes, Methods in Ethnology, 1935
875 Class notes, Mexico
876 Class notes, Physical Anthropology, 1930s (1 of 2)
877 Class notes, Physical Anthropology, 1930s (2 of 2)
878 Class notes, South America, 1930s
879 Class notes, South American Ethnology
8710 Class notes, World Ethnography
Box 88: Teaching, class notes on Southwest topics
881 Class notes, Southwest
882 Class notes, Southwest archaeology, 1930s-1950s
883 Class notes, Southwest ethnology
884 Class notes, Southwest Indians
885 Class notes, Southwest Indian art, “first given in 1940”
886 Class notes, Modern Southwest Indian art, spring 1940
887 Class notes, Origin of man in America
888 Class notes, Prehistoric Southwest craft arts
889 Indian poetry and prayers
Card file boxes containing teaching note cards
89 Teaching: Note cards on the archaeology of Rome, Old World, Asia
90 Teaching: Note cards on primitive art, religion, Oceania
91 Teaching: Note cards on methods in anthropology, world ethnology, Spicer at Pascua, comparison of Aztecs and Tepoztan populations of Mexico, Old World, Panama, Venezuela, Mexican archaeology
92 Teaching: Note cards on North American ethnology, Southwestern prehistoric craft arts
93 Teaching: Note cards on Aztecs, Mayas, North American ethnology, Southwest arts and culture
94 Teaching: Postcards (printed and photographic) of subjects and locations in Rome, Greece, Babylon, India, Egypt, the Southwest, the Northwest coast, Mexico, and Europe
95 Teaching: Class notes on Southwest Indian craft arts, pottery, Kachinas, sandpaintings, musical instruments
96 Teaching: Class notes on North American ethnology and Hopi
Series 5: Oversize materials
97 Oversize materials, miscellaneous
“Los Juegos de Pelota en Arizona,” by Crosby Lee Gillan, Mexico, D. F. , undated carbon copy of thesis on the prehistoric ballparks of Arizona and Mexico with black and white photographs by the author
Certificate “New York World’s Fair 1939 Incorporated has hereby appointed Mrs. Clara Lee Tanner member of the National Advisory Committee on Women’s Participation for the State of Arizona”
Oraibi Day School Portfolio, 1927. [This consists of an album of 55 tempera paintings done by the Hopi students at Oraibi Day School. A letter from J. Preston Myers, Principal, transmits the album to Mrs. Charles Morgan Wood of Tucson, Arizona, on January 14, 1927]
“Egyptian costumes” by Margaret Bott. Undated typed and hand-illustrated manuscript in book format, possibly created by one of Tanner’s students
Posters announcing Tanner’s lectures, undated
“The use of the spiral in primitive art” by Scott Bivens. Undated semester project containing 88 hand-illustrated plates in spiral binding created by student in Tanner’s Art 114a class
“Sharp, Sharper, Sharpest, A Humorous Tale of Old Egypt penned down and depicted in the year 1315 a. c. by C. My Seyppel court painter and poet laureate of his majesty King Rhampsinit III” 40 pages, faux-Egyptian book, n.d.
Arabic (?) lithographic artwork
Pai basketry designs; Hohokam pottery illustrations; Designs from Fewkes; Indian art painting (photo for publication?); Prehistoric textiles, ASM analysis forms; Test tiles (2) for a study of painted decoration on pottery, 1962.
Illustrations for “How the Animals Made Rain” and other Pima Indian stories by a student of Tanner
Drawings for children’s book by Charlie Lee [Navajo artist]
Magazines related to Native American arts and crafts
98 Oversize materials
Clippings and other types of newsprint related to the Gallup Ceremonial, Indian Market, and articles on various Native American tribes and regions
99 Oversize materials
Drawings, paintings, and a variety of original artwork prepared for Tanner’s books
100 Memorabilia and awards, (Box 1 of 3), Clara Lee Tanner Awards
Sharlot Hall Award, 1985
Ceremonial Basketry Judge plaque, Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial Association, 1986
Ceremonial Basketry Judge plaque, Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial Association, 1987
Victor R. Stoner Award, Arizona Archeological and Historical Society, 1988
Honorary Judge plaque, Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial Association. 1988
Arts and Crafts Judge plaque, Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial Association, 1989
Ceremonial Basketry Judge plaque, Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial Association, 1987
Ceremonial Exhibits Judging certificate, 1990
Academic hood, possibly worn by Tanner, n.d.
100 (cont.) John Tanner Awards
Chairman of Judges plaque, Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial Association, 1986
Exhibits Judge Chairman plaque, Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial Association, 1987
Chairman of Exhibits Judge plaque, Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial Association, 1988
Arts and Crafts Judge plaque, Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial Association, 1989
Ceremonial Exhibits Judging certificate, 1990
101 Memorabilia and awards (Box 2 of 3)
Degree of Doctor of Letters certificate, University of Arizona, 1983
Degree of Doctor of Letters plaque, University of Arizona, [1983]
Byron S. Cummings Award, Arizona Archeological and Historical Society, 1987
YWCA award, 1988
Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial Award, John and Clara Tanner, 1991
Arizona Women’s Hall of Fame induction plaque, Office of the Mayor, 2004
Arizona Women’s Hall of Fame Family Award, Office of the Mayor, [2004]
102 Memorabilia and awards, (Box 3 of 3) Clara Lee Tanner
Thirtieth Annual Conference button, Catalina Rotary Club, Rotary International, Phoenix, Arizona, 1954
Woman of the Year Award, Arizona Press Women, 1971
Commemorative Metal box, Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial Association, 1971
Faculty Achievement Award certificate, University of Arizona Alumni Association, 1974
Faculty Achievement Award pen holder, University of Arizona Alumni Association, 1974
Appreciation certificate, Mortarboard National Senior Women’s Honor Society, 1974
Mortarboard Hall of Fame induction plaque, Mortarboard National Senior Women’s Honor Society, University of Arizona, 1977
Certificate of Appreciation, Kiwanis Club of Conquistador, Tucson, AZ; 1977
Appreciation Arts and Crafts Judging plaque, Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial Association, 1981
Athena award, Tucson Alumnae PanHellenic, 1983
Appreciation plaque, Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial Association, 1984
Appreciation plaque, Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial Association, 1985
Centennial Medallion Award, University of Arizona, 1989
Appreciation Certificate, Arizona State Museum, Clara Lee and John Tanner, 1990
Honorary Certificate, American Indian Alumni Association, University of Arizona, John and Clara Lee Tanner, 1991
Appreciation plaque, Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial Association, John and Clara Lee Tanner, 1991
Paperweight, American Association of University, Inc., n.d.
Catalina Rotary Club, Rotary International plaque, Tucson, AZ; n.d.
Charm bracelet, 35th year teaching at the University of Arizona, n.d.
Diamond Anniversary medallion, Department of Anthropology, University of Arizona, n.d.
Distinguished Contribution Honorable plaque, Arizona Highways Magazine, n.d.
Fiftieth Anniversary Award, Society of American Archivists, n.d.
Fifty Year Recognition certificate, Emeritus Club, National Alumni Association, University of Arizona; n.d.
Idylwild School of Music and the Arts button, n.d.
Rotary International plaque, Green Valley, Arizona; n.d.
Southwest Arts Foundation medallion, n.d.
Thirty- Five Years Award of Merit medallion, University of Arizona, n.d.
102 (cont.) John Tanner awards
Appreciation Arts and Crafts Judging plaque, Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial Association, 1981
Appreciation plaque, Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial Association, 1984
Appreciation plaque, Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial Association, 1985
Photo identification card [John Tanner?], Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial Association, 1980
Ceremonial Judge pins, Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial Association, n.d.
Series 6: Student papers and grade books
103 Miscellaneous Student Work, RESTRICTED
Addison, Anne J.; Angleman, Fran; Belton, Danna; Brandt, Patricia L.; Bunzel, Ruth L.; Chaffe, Holly; Clausen, Ann; Clough, Mary Christenson; Cook, Mike de; Cox, Bruce; Crumrine, Lynne S.; Danson, Edward Bridge; Diamond, Larry; Dobyns, Henry F.; Duncan, Kate; Foltz, L.; Garbe, Patricia Ann; Golder, Wendy; Green, Ernestene; Hall, Annabelle; Hammond, Lois; Hasting, Russ; Hays, Kelley A.; Holt, Rinchart; Jackson, Valerie Anne; Jensen, Tom; Johnston, Candy; Klobnak, Kathe; Knapp, Jane; Lancaster, Catherine A.; Lewis W.H.; Madison, Marty; McKee, Harry; McLaughlin, C.; Measelle, Bill; Miller, Lora Langworthy; Minor, Dorothea; Nichols, E.T.; Olson, Corrine C.; Pederson, Penny; Pelcak, Stan; Prewitt, Diana; Russell, Loren; Snobble, Cori; Snyder, Frances; Soles, Edna; Steward, Julian H.; Swanton, John R.; Tales, A. Weaver de; Taylor, Margaret R.; Tilley, Roberta; Udall, P.; Vaughn, Miles S.; Walker, Charles; Williams, Charlotte; White, Alice; White, Cherie Ray C.; Wilmsen, Edwin N.; Zahniser, Jack L.
104 Miscellaneous Student Work, RESTRICTED
Anderson, Wilda; Avery, Eric; Bartel, Norma; Bateman, Paul; Bouchard, Bonnie; Caarls, Blanche; Carpenter, Signe B.; Chaffee, Holly; Chase, Clement K.; Christensen, Ross T.; Davis, Ann; Feller, Aviva; Frame, Laurence A.; French, Helga; Graf, Kathleen E.; Griff, J.D.; Hartman, John M.; Hoffman, Helen Jean; Inslie, Dorothy K.; Knox, Tom; Komerska, Sally; Krider, Barbara R.; Linthicum, Barbara; Malinowski, Marya; Matty, [Unknown]; McKusick, Charmion Randolph; Modica, Robert I.; Mueller, Marilyn; Murphy, Dennis; Neal, Saralie; Noe, Sally; [Padfield, Harland ?]; Phelps, Lorane; Psaltis, Mike; Queen, Lourinda; Riley, Frank; Runge, Walter M.; Saunders, C.F.; Schindler, Seth M.; Schutte, Connie; Short, Bette; Temple, Wilber; Tilley, Roberta J.; Wadsworth, Beula M.; Wallace, Lisa E.; Weber, Gerry S.; Whitig, Frank; Wright, J.J.
105 Miscellaneous Student Work, RESTRICTED
Bakie, Thomas J.; Bissell, Arlene; Bissell, John D.; Casebier, Rodney Alan; Cohoe, Grey; Davis, Geo; Farness, Sherly; Gerber, Marilyn; Gifford, James C.; Hall, Christine; Hays, Kelley A.; Hitchcock, Ann; Huckell, Bruce B.; Hyams, N.A.; Jackson, Valerie Anne; King, Carol; Knox, Thomas; LaFave, Lizabeth; Libbey, Lorna; Losey, Roger S.; Maxwell, Robert; Minor, Dorothea; Morgan, Kay S.; Pappas, Tiana; Quayle, L.H.; Radway, Richard; Redfield, Alden; Young, Ernest Forbes; Walker, W.B.; Waxman, Robin; Williamson, Betty; Young, Karen Sue
106 Class records, grade books, 1928-1978, RESTRICTED
Series 7: Later acquisitions
1071 Biographical information and clippings
1072 Vita compiled after Tanner’s death
1073 Acquisition records
1074 Clara Lee Tanner Fund
1075 Tanner Remembrance, February 1988
1076 Tanner bibliography, early drafts and correspondence
1077 Tanner bibliography, April 1994
1078 Tanner bibliography, May 1994
1079 Tanner bibliography, June 1998
10710 John and Clara Lee Tanner Library
10711 Writings and publications
10712 Miscellaneous
10713 ASM basket collection analysis forms, 1973
1081 Wide Wide World, NBC show, 1957
1082 Weaving, Techniques, undated
1083 Radio Broadcasts, 1940s-1950s
1084 "Talks", informal notes on lectures and slides, undated
1085 "Lectures, old", correspondence, scripts, notes, and misc., 1969-1991
105A1 CLT memorials, obituaries (including John Tanner), interview, correspondence with Hayes-Gilpin, 1998-2003
105A2 Typescript, 1930 Trip (duplicate)
105A3 Kiva proposal, interview with Jennifer Fox, undated
105A4 Bibliography by Kim Frontz, autobiographical info, 1994
105A5-6 Articles, clippings, biographical info, 1971-2011