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Richard and Nathalie Woodbury Papers, 1890s–2010 (1920s-2009)

MS 20

Collection Summary

Creator: Woodbury, Richard B. (Richard Benjamin), 1917-2009. Woodbury, Nathalie F. S.
Collection Name:Richard and Nathalie Woodbury Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1890s-2010
Physical Description:77.5 linear feet / 172 manuscript boxes
Abstract:Consists of the personal and professional papers, research files, manuscripts, field notes, correspondence, photographic materials, and ephemera of Richard Benjamin Woodbury and Nathalie Ferris Sampson Woodbury, archaeologists, anthropologists, writers, educators, and editors.
Collection Number:MS 20
Language: Materials are in English
Repository: Arizona State Museum
University of Arizona
Arizona State Museum Library and Archives
PO Box 210026
Tucson, AZ 85721-0026
Phone: 520-621-4695

Biographical Note

Richard Benjamin Woodbury was born on May 16, 1917 in West Lafayette, Indiana. His father, Charles Goodrich Woodbury (1884-1971) was Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station at Purdue University. His mother, Marian Benjamin Woodbury (1882-1973) was an accomplished artist who had trained as an architect. Woodbury entered Oberlin College in 1934 and transferred to Harvard College after two years. After earning a B.S. degree, he began studies at Columbia University. There he continued his archaeological studies and met fellow graduate student Nathalie Ferris Sampson. Woodbury returned to Harvard and after a six-month deferment, began his war service in January 1942. He received training at Roswell Army Air Force flying school in New Mexico and served during World War II as a weather observer. Eventually he was posted to Brisbane, Australia, and to the Bismarck Archipelago in New Guinea. He was discharged as a Staff Sergeant in November 1945. In 1947, Woodbury joined Emil W. Haury at the Point of Pines field school sponsored by the University of Arizona. Here he once again encountered Nathalie Sampson.

Nathalie Ferris Sampson was born on January 25, 1918 in the small town of Humboldt, Arizona where her father was an engineer and rancher. When Nathalie was eight, the family moved to Chappaqua, New York, where her mother’s family had deep roots. She attended Horace Greeley High School and then Barnard College. She worked on University of New Mexico field schools at Jemez and Chaco Canyon. Nathalie graduated from Barnard in 1939 and began graduate studies in Columbia. During this time, she taught at Hunter College, Brooklyn College, and Eastern New Mexico College in Portales. She worked with Emil W. Haury at the Point of Pines Field School, encountering Richard Woodbury again, and their professional friendship deepened into love. They were married on September 18, 1948.

Together the Woodburys went to Guatemala after Richard was hired by United Fruit Company to work on the Maya site of Zaculeu. Thereafter, their professional careers evolved in tandem with frequent relocations for employment at the University of Kentucky, Columbia University, Barnard College, the new Arid Lands Program at the University of Arizona, the Museum of Northern Arizona, and the Smithsonian Institution. During their long careers, the Woodburys authored numerous books and articles including 60 Sixty Years of Southwestern Archaeology: a history of the Pecos Conference (1993) and a monograph on Alfred V. Kidder for Columbia University Press (1973). They contributed in major ways to collaborations such as Remembering Awatovi: the story of an archaeological expedition in northern Arizona, 1935-1939 (2008) and Handbook of North American Indians (1957-1980). Both of them wrote dozens of obituaries and book reviews.

The University of Massachusetts, Amherst, called on Richard to lead development of a new Department of Anthropology in the 1970s and 1980s. Simultaneously, he taught classes, launched and completed new writing projects. Both Woodburys became deeply involved in the Amherst community. Even after Richard’s retirement in 1981, they remained active in professional organizations and in a large international community of archaeologists and anthropologists. Nathalie died in 2008 and Richard in 2009.

Scope and Content Note

Series 1 and 1A: Biographical

These materials document the childhood, education, marriage, employment, retirement, and a wide variety of interests, friendships, and activities in Richard’s and Nathalie’s personal and professional lives. Some photographs are found in these files, but the bulk of family and personal photographs are filed in Series 7: Photographic materials. Early family correspondence and memoirs are found here. Extensive genealogy files relating to the history of the Woodbury and Benjamin families are included, as well as information about their property in the Tomahawk Club and the Eveline Fruit & Land Company. Of special note are the journals, diaries, and commonplace books written by Richard Woodbury. Biographical materials related to Nathalie are few. Of special note are the materials related to her friendships with Gladys Amanda Reichard and Elsie Clews Parsons.

Series 2: Correspondence

This large group of materials is divided into five subseries to improve access. Subseries 1: RBW family correspondence. Subseries 2: NFSW correspondence with friends and family. Subseries 3: Correspondence between RBW and NFSW. Subseries 4: Early correspondence by RBW and NFSW. Subseries 5: General correspondence, 1950s to 2000s.

Several generations of the Woodbury family shared a concern for preserving family history through letters and other forms of communication. Following this tradition, Richard and Nathalie saved not only letters they inherited, but also cared for the letters to and from their colleagues, friends, family, and acquaintances. Over the years, they had various systems for arranging the letters, including filing duplicate copies in different files. For the convenience of researchers most groups of letters have been united and described below. The basic arrangement for letters is alphabetical by correspondent. Within each alphabetic section miscellaneous letters are arranged by year. Letters by important or prolific correspondents have been given their own folders. For example, under the letter “A” are folders arranged by decade as well as separate folders for Rick Ahlstrom and E. Wyllys Andrews (among others). Correspondence in the decade folders is not indexed, so the researcher should examine them to find individuals of interest not found in the alphabetic folders. Note that early family correspondence is found in Series 1 with other biographical materials. Some photographs are found in these files, along with other enclosures. Of special note are the letters Richard wrote to his friends and family while deployed in World War II and while engaged in archaeological excavations.

Series 3: Employment, archaeology and anthropology projects and research

These papers are arranged chronologically. Each group has been given the title of either the sponsoring organization or the official project designation. Records document the employment and research activities for both RBW and NSFW. It is often impossible to separate the work of Richard and Nathalie because after their marriage the activities of one usually meant the involvement of both. Types of materials include correspondence, photographs, business records, grant applications, ephemera, field notes, and research notes. Of special note are extensive research files documenting arid lands, irrigation systems, and changing patterns of land use in the American Southwest and elsewhere.

Series 4: Professional activities, organizations, and travel

Both Nathalie and Richard Woodbury were active in national and regional professional organizations, especially the American Anthropological Association and the Society for American Archaeology. They served in editorial roles and elected positions, were involved in planning, attended conferences, compiled the history of the groups, and wrote for publications. These files contain correspondence, newsletters, conference programs, travel documentation, publications, and miscellaneous ephemera. Of special note is documentation about Teocentli, the Cosmos Club, and various regional and student organizations in the 1960s-1980s.

Series 5: Publications, lectures, and writings

These files contain manuscripts, drafts, research, correspondence, and related materials documenting the extensive published and unpublished writings of Richard and Nathalie. They are divided into two subseries and arranged chronologically. Subseries 1: NFSW writings. Subseries 2: RBW writings.

Series 6: Research, subject, and miscellaneous files

Topics in these files span a wide range of interests including the history of archaeology, anthropology, and ethnology of the Southwest assembled to support teaching, writing, and research. Of special interest is extensive research related to arid lands, global water management, and the bibliography of archaeology. Materials include books, clippings, photocopies, and other items collected, typed, and handwritten by both RBW and NFSW. Some of their research is recorded on 3 x 5 inch cards and 5 x 8 inch cards.

Series 7: Photographic materials, personal and professional

Consists of photographic materials created or collected by RBW and NSFW for personal and professional purposes. Includes black and white and color prints, negatives, slides, and various photographic ephemera. Subjects in these photographs relate to Nathalie’s and Richard’s biographies, professional activities, vacations, friends, extended family, pets, and residences, 1900s to 2000s. The bulk of the materials was organized by RBW. Some items he could not classify, so he organized them under labels such as “unidentified residue.” Most of these materials have been left unorganized in their original sleeves and many have little if any identification written on them. Materials are organized into two subseries. Subseries 1: Personal photographic materials. Subseries 2: Professional photographic materials.

Series 8: Artifacts

Includes objects with historical, personal, and exhibition value.


This collection is organized into 8 series.
Series 1: RBW Biographical Materials
Series 1A: NSFW Biographical Materials
Sub-Series 1: Childhood, Early Life and Estates
Sub-Series 2: NFSW Student work: Comanche color study, ca, 1939-1949
Sub-Series 3: NFSW Student work: Plains culture, ca. 1940
Sub-Series 4: NFSW Student work Bengali folk tales, 1944-1949
Sub-Series 5: Gladys Amanda Reichard papers
Sub-Series 6: Benedict and Parsons papers
Sub-Series 7: Doriane Woolley McCullough Papers
Sub-Series 8: Books from the Gladys A. Reichard Library
Series 2: Correspondence
Sub-Series 1: RBW family correspondence
Sub-Series 2: NFSW correspondence with friends and family
Sub-Series 3: Correspondence between RBW and NFSW
Sub-Series 4: Early correspondence by RBW and NFSW
Sub-Series 5: General correspondence, 1950s to 2000s
Series 3: Employment, archaeology and anthropology projects and research
Sub-Series 1: NFSW Materials
Sub-Series 2: NFSW Hopi Pottery Analysis Project, Museum of Northern Arizona, 1961 to 1963
Sub-Series 3 RBW Awatovi, Harvard University, 1938-1939, 1947:
Sub-Series 4: RBW Indian mounds of northwest Florida, Columbia University, 1940-1942
Sub-Series 5: RBW Upper Gila Reconnaissance, Peabody Museum:
Sub-Series 6: RBW Zaculeu Project, Huehuetenango, Guatemala, United Fruit Company: 1947-1948
Sub-Series 7: Barrett Mound excavation, University of Kentucky Department of Anthropology, 1949-1952
Sub-Series 8: Columbia University Department of Anthropology, 1950s
Sub-Series 9: El Morro and Atsinna, Columbia University, 1953-1955
Sub-Series 10: University of Arizona, Arid Lands Program, 1958-1963
Sub-Series 11: General arid lands research and correspondence files compiled by RBW and NFSW while at the University of Arizona
Sub-Series 12: Tehuacan Valley, Mexico, 1963-1971
Sub-Series 13: Smithsonian Institution, 1963-1969
Sub-Series 14: Hawikuh and Zuni research, 1919-1994 (bulk 1956-1966)
Sub-Series 15: University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 1960s to 2007
Series 4: Professional activities, organizations, and travel
Sub-Series 1: Organizations
Sub-Series 2: Conferences
Sub-Series 3: Professional travel
Sub-Series 4: American Anthropological Association
Sub-Series 5: American Anthropological Association & Society for American Archaeology
Sub-Series 6: Society for American Archaeology
Sub-Series 7: American Ethnological Society
Series 5: Publications, lectures, and writings
Sub-Series 1: NFSW writings
Sub-Series 2: RBW writings
Sub-Series 3: RBW Handbook of Middle and North American Indians, 1957-1980
Sub-Series 4: RBW Awatovi, 1989-2008
Sub-Series 5: RBW Kidder
Sub-Series 6: RBW 60 Sixty years of southwestern archaeology: a history of the Pecos Conference
Sub-Series 7: RBW Reviewing, evaluating, and supporting publications and grant applications of colleagues in anthropology
Series 6: Research, subject, and miscellaneous files
Sub-Series 1: Research, subject, and miscellaneous files
Sub-Series 2: General subject files
Sub-Series 3: Books from the Woodbury library with special associations, inscriptions, and annotations
Sub-Series 4: Zuni and other materials
Series 7: Photographic materials, personal and professional
Sub-Series 1: Personal photographs
Sub-Series 2: Professional photographs
Series 8: Artifacts
Sub-Series 1: Oversize Box
Sub-Series 2: Portfolio box
Sub-Series 3: Plastic bag
Appendix A: Sample RBW writing transcript samples



The donors placed no restrictions on access.

This collection contains a few student records including grades. Access to these materials is restricted in accordance with student confidentiality law, but may be granted under special circumstances at the discretion of the Archivist.

Access to specific information about the nature and location of archaeological resources may be restricted pursuant to the United States Archaeological Resources Protection Act of 1979 (ARPA) and Arizona Revised Statutes, Title 39-125. ARPA includes a specific exemption from the the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requirements for information about the nature and location of archaeological resources (16 U.S. Code 470hh: Confidentiality of information concerning the nature and location of archaeological resources).


Copyright to the papers of Richard and Nathalie Woodbury is held by the Arizona Board of Regents and is administered by the Arizona State Museum.

For permission to reproduce images including photographs in this collection please consult the ASM staff.

The Arizona State Museum may not own copyright to all parts of this collection. It is the responsibility of the user to obtain permission to publish from the owner of the copyright (the institution, the creator of the record, the author or his/her transferees, heirs, legates, or literary executors). The user agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Arizona Board of Regents for the University of Arizona, Arizona State Museum, its officers, employees, and agents from and against all claims made by any person asserting that he or she is an owner of copyright.

Access Terms

Personal Name(s)
Bunzel, Ruth Leah, 1898-1990.
Bushnell, G. H. S. (Geoffrey Hext Sutherland), 1903-1978.
Davis, E. Mott (Edward), 1918-1998.
Dyer, Charlotte Leavitt.
Gell, Elizabeth Ann Morris, 1932-2012.
Herzog, George, 1901-1983.
Hodge, Frederick Webb, 1864-1956.
Kidder, Alfred Vincent, 1885-1963.
Kroeber, A. L. (Alfred Louis), 1876-1960.
McClellan, Catherine, 1921-2009.
McCullough, Doriane Woolley.
Parsons, Elsie Worthington Clewes, 1874-1941.
Philips, H. Jane, (1910-1997).
Reichard, Gladys Amanda, 1893-1955.
Woodbury, Nathalie F. S.
Woodbury, Richard B. (Richard Benjamin), 1917-2009.

Corporate Name(s)
Awatovi Expedition (1935-1939).
Pecos Conference--History.

Geographic Name(s)
AZ U:9:2(ASM)
Awatovi (Ariz.)--Antiquities.
El Morro National Monument (N.M.).
Hawikuh (N.M.).
Hohokam Pima National Monument (Ariz.).
Indiahoma (Okla.).
Mason County (Ky.)--Antiquities.
New Mexico--Antiquities.
Park of the Four Waters (Ariz.).
Point of Pines Site (Ariz.)--Antiquities.
Snaketown Site (Ariz.)--Antiquities.
Zaculeu (Guatemala).

Archaeologist--United State--Biography.
Archaeologists--United States--Correspondence.
Archaeology--Southwest, New--History.
Canals--Arizona--Maricopa County.
Comanche Indians.
Excavations (Archaeology)--Arizona--Awatovi.
Excavations (Archaeology)--Arizona--Phoenix.
Excavations (Archaeology)--New Mexico--Hawikuh.
Folk literature, Bengali.
Hohokam culture.
Hopi Indians--Antiquities.
Indians of North America--Arizona--Point of Pines region.
Indians of North America--Implements.
Irrigation canals and flumes--Arizona--Maricopa County.
Irrigation canals and flumes--Arizona--Phoenix.
Kootenai Indians.
Land use--Arizona--Tohono O’Odham Reservation.
Pueblo Indians.
Stone implements.
Tohono O’Odham Indians--Agriculture.
Tohono O’Odham Indians--Land tenure.
White Mountain Red Ware.
Zuni Indians.

Genre Form(s)
Field notes.

Administrative Information

Credit Line

Richard and Nathalie Woodbury Papers (MS 20). Arizona State Museum Library and Archives.

Processing Note

The Woodbury Papers constitute one of the largest and most complete manuscript collections at ASM. As accessioned by the Museum in 2011, the Woodbury gift included Southwest arts and crafts, a huge multi-disciplinary library, research files, genealogy files, and ephemera as well as extensive personal papers. Some of the items in the collection were donated during the lives of the Woodburys, but the bulk arrived after their deaths, boxed and shipped under the supervision of ASM staff. An unintentional benefit of the direct chain of events linking the Woodbury papers to ASM is that many artifacts and tools of their profession also arrived intact. For example, the tools of the scholars’ profession -- metal file cabinets, card catalog drawers, ledgers, bound diaries, pocket notebooks, computer punch cards, and dozens of letter file boxes with decorative paper covers -- graphically demonstrate how scholarship was accomplished before photocopy machines, personal computers, or digital technology.

During a prolonged period of sorting and organization many staff members and volunteers were involved in working with the Woodbury Papers under the supervision of Mary Graham, Head of the Library and Archives. Under her direction, valuable arts and crafts were unpacked and moved to the ASM Collections Division. Archivist Amy Rule processed the papers. Books and other library materials were examined, some items added to the ASM Library, and the rest sold at the October 2012 Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society’s Estate Sale and Silent Auction to benefit the ASM Library and Archives. Lucy Magruder, an experienced retired book dealer residing near Tucson, volunteered to price the books before the sale. Her expertise made it possible to separate out the rare and valuable from the thousands of books in the collection.

In several instances, the archivist discovered historical documents that came into the Woodburys’ possession as a result of various scholarly projects, but were not strictly speaking part of their personal papers. One of the most outstanding examples of this is the box of 19th century American Ethnological Society (AES) records possibly acquired from colleagues who were early AES members. We conjecture that friends Margaret Mead or Elsie Clews Parson may have been the source for these files. An effort has been made to find appropriate homes for the AES and other orphan materials and when this was successful we have added notes in the finding aid indicating disposition.

Processing of the Woodbury Papers was completed in 2017. During this lengthy project, important encouragement, assistance, and special knowledge were contributed by Patti Bell, Alan Ferg, Mary Graham, Beth Grindell, Carol Gifford Jelinek, Chris Sugnet, and Ray Thompson.

Other Finding Aids

The complete, detailed, folder-level finding aid for this collection is 70 pages in length. It is available upon request from the Librarian or Archivist, Arizona State Museum Library and Archives.

Container List

Series 1: RBW Biographical Materials
Richard Benjamin Woodbury biographical materials, 19th century-2000s. Includes official documents and awards, curriculum vitae, extensive genealogy files, correspondence, family photographs, personal journals, and documentation of his education at Oberlin, Harvard, and Columbia. Of special interest are files related to his first exploration of archaeology as a college student and his long-term interest in family genealogy. In addition, papers document the family's ownership of apple and cherry orchards in the Eveline Fruit and Land Company, East Jordan, Michigan, originally purchased by RBW's grandfather, Chester D. Woodbury in about 1911. The family's participation in the Tomahawk Club on an island in Ontario, Canada, beginning in the 1890s is also richly documented. Also of note is material related to RBW's interest in taconite mining and timber sales from land originally purchased by his father Charles G. Woodbury along the Dunka River in Minnesota, 1961-1969.
11 Birth certificate, health records, and other documents
12 Curriculum vitae, 1963-2008
13 National Park Service, Southwest Region, 1936
14 "Vitae, miscellaneous data," awards, school records, and certificates
15 Curriculum vitae, ca. 1980s
16 "Recollections"
17 "Fan mail"
18 Research cards, lists of deadlines
19 Quaker brochures and miscellaneous rules of order
110 Greeting cards, unused
111 Business envelopes, unused
112 Christmas mailing lists, 1962-1988
113 Charitable contributions
114 Kachina and silver collections
115 Honorary citizens of the town of Lubbock, Texas, 1969
116 "Book orders"
117 "Birthdays"
21 "Humor" and poem titled "Brief reflections on reaching another decade," 1977
22 "Quotes with comments"
23 Childhood in Washington, D. C., including ephemera and childhood drawings, 1920s - 1930s
24 Grade school through high school, Washington, D.C., 1920s - 1930s
25 Composition: "The sky," English VI (1933)
26 Photographs and miscellaneous papers related to Oberlin College, 1936
27 Class notes and exams from Classical Archaeology IA, 1936-1937
28 Class notes from Anthropology SA, 1936-1937
29 Bibliographies, associated letters, various sources, 1936 - 1941
210 "Academic records, 1936-1945"
211 Composition: "Use and character of the feet in the chimpanzee ... ," 1937
212 Composition: "Flint," 1937
213 Reading notes for Hooten Anthropology 4A, 1937
214 Composition: "Musical instruments of Africa," 1937
215 Composition: "Evidences of agriculture in archeological deposits of the United States," 1937
216 Composition: "Four papers on European archeology written for Anthropology 4, 1937-1938
217 "Anthro exams," 1933-1945.
133 5 x 8 inch cards with RBW's notes made while a student at Harvard, ca. 1938-1941. Includes sketches, maps, outlines, bibliography, and excerpts from readings. Some are arranged by the course number or professor's name. Typed and handwritten. [filed later
31 Harvard: composition "Population in the Southwestern United States," 1938
32 Harvard: composition "Representation of birds and animals in Maya art," 1939
33 Harvard: composition "Classification of metal objects from the sacred cenote at Chichen Itza," 1939
34 Harvard: composition "Dress and ornament on the stelae at Copan," 1939
35 Harvard: "Books left at home, Sept. 1939"
36 Harvard: "Alfred Vincent Kidder, an analysis of the excavations at Pecos, New Mexico, and their influence on American archeology," 1940
37 Harvard: Routes of trade and migration in the Near East, an example of the geographical approach to archaeological problems," 1941
38 Harvard: "The theory of Robert Mowry Zingg's 'A Reconstruction of Uto­ Aztekan history'," 1941
39 Harvard: alumni (clippings, letters, miscellaneous items, and a photograph)
310 Columbia: "Writing and publishing," 1958
311 Columbia: "Cultures of the Pacific, bibliography," done for Margaret Mead's class, 1958
312 Columbia: "Bibliography, Polynesia," for Margaret Mead's class, 1958
313 Photographs of anthropology/ethnology collections, Peabody museum, ca. 1900
314 Peabody Museum newsletters, 1960s -1970s
315 Peabody Museum events, 1960s - 1970s
41 Tomahawk Club: "A history of the Tomahawk Club" by Marion Benjamin Woodbury, ca. 1954.
42 Tomahawk Club: "An insurgent campaign," anonymous undated manuscript about origins of the Club. Includes original b/w photographs.
43 Tomahawk Club: miscellaneous sketches and publications
44 Tomahawk Club: Photographs of the cabins, boating, and fishing ca. 1900
45 Eveline Fruit & Land Company: legal documents, 1891-1937
46 Eveline Fruit & Land Company: correspondence, 1936-1941
47 Eveline Fruit & Land Company: history, list of types of trees, and maps
48 Eveline Fruit & Land Company: expenses, 1937
49 Eveline Fruit & Land Company: miscellaneous papers
410 Eveline Fruit & Land Company: leather wallet that contained the legal documents
411 Taconite papers: correspondence and legal documents, 1963-1969
412 Taconite papers: Olafson letters re: Dunka River mines
413 Taconite papers: Minnesota lat1d, 1961-1962
414 Taconite papers: Minnesota land, 1963
51 Journal: Ledger with lined and numbered pages in black and maroon binding. Covers period June 6, 1952 to September 30, 1958. Dimensions: 9 ¾ x 8 inches. Contains an account in RBS's handwriting of travels and archaeological work at Zuni, Mesa Verde, Mexic
5lA "Diary begun at Camp Shanks, New York, just before going overseas," May- December 1943, typescript and copy.
52 Journals: pocket-sized notebooks (3), green binding. Covers "Travel Expenses" from August 1964-October 1971 while RBW was employed at the Smithsonian Institution.
53 Journal: Ledger with lined pages, black binding. Covers July 1968 to September 1969 (?). Dimensions: 8 ¾ x 5 ½inches.Contains an account in RBS's handwriting of travels while he was employed at the Smithsonian. Haven site and Medicine Creek site, South Da
54 Journal: pages from 3-ring binder. Covers June 1970 to August 1979. Contains an account in RBW's handwriting of the Woodburys' life at "Mole End North" their home near . Amherst, Massachusetts. Bulk of the entries relate to the weather, but also includes
55 Journal: pages from 3-ring binder. Covers August 1979 to December 1983. Contains an account in RBW's handwriting of the Woodbury's home life in Amherst. Bulk of the entries relate to weather, but also include wildlife observations, home repairs, short tri
56 Journal: ledger in black binding "The Reporter Company, law and commercial printing, New York City." Covers January 1984 to December 1988. Bulk of the entries relate to weather but also cover daily life and wildlife observations.
6 These inexpensive composition books were used by RBW as "commonplace books" for recording his activities and thoughts along with weather and nature observations. While demonstrating his life-long devotion to the science of phenology, they also preserve a
61 Composition book containing RBW's daily entries from December 1988 to October 1990
62 Composition book containing RBW's daily entries October 1990 to July 1992.
63 Composition book containing RBW's daily entries July 1992 to January 1994
64 Composition book containing RBW's daily entries January 1994 to August 1995
65 Composition book containing RBW's daily entries August 1995 to February 1997
66 Composition book containing RBW's daily entries February 1997 to March 1998
7 Desk calendars maintained by RBW from 1967 to 2005. Some years are missing.
81 RBW letters to family: "School and other odds and ends, 1926."
82 RBW account books and expense lists, 1934-1938.
83 RBW letters from Oberlin to his family, 1934-1936.
84 RBW letters from Oberlin to his family, in the form of a diary, 1934-1936.
85 RBW letters from Oberlin to his family, in the form of a diary, 1936.
86 RBW letters from Harvard to his family, 1936-1937.
87 RBW letters from Harvard to his family, 1938-1939.
88 RBW letters from Harvard to his family, 1937-1938.
89 RBW letters from Awatovi to his family, 1938-1939. [originals]
810 RBW letters from Awatovi to his family, 1938-1939. [copies]
811 Letters to RBW from Anne and Harold Hepp, 1930s-1940s.
812 Letters to RBW from his friends A to D, 1939-1941.
813 Letters to RBW from his friends E to L, 1939-1941.
814 Letters to RBW from his friends M to Z, 1939-1941.
91 Charles G. Woodbury letters, 1906.
92 Charles G. Woodbury letters, 1907.
93 Charles G. Woodbury letters, 1908.
94 Charles G. Woodbury letters, 1909.
95 Charles G. Woodbury letters, 1913-1914.
96 Charles G. Woodbury letters, 1916-1917.
97 Charles G. Woodbury letters, 1918.
101 Charles G. Woodbury letters, 1920s.
102 Charles G. Woodbury letters, 1930s.
103 Charles G. Woodbury writings and miscellaneous documents.
104 Poems written by CGW and transcribed by him from other sources.
105 Chester D. Woodbury (grandfather of RBW), letters to and from him, 1900s to 1930s.
106 Charles G. Woodbury, miscellaneous documents.
107 Marion Benjamin Woodbury (mother of RBW), journals: a.) "My journal in England" 1897; b.) autograph/friendship album with inscriptions, June to August1903; c.) spiral-bound notebook listing popular songs in different categories. Folder also includes sever
111 Memoir written by Marion Benjamin Woodbury, pages 8-13 (pages 1-7 are missing), undated.
112 Marion B. Woodbury, miscellaneous items including war ration books, letters, book plates, family folklore, and a poem.
113 "An English interlude, being a rambling account of certain weeks spent in the land of our fore fathers...." By Marion B. Woodbury, edited by Charles G. Woodbury, the ramblers," undated manuscript drafts about a 1955 trip to England.
114 Some things that I remember, by MBW, 20 page undated typescript original and carbon copy.
115 "Random recollections," by MBW [or CGW?], 14 page typescript illustrated with b/w captioned snapshots, 1957. [Fragile item. Photos are coming loose from their pages due to deteriorating glue.]
116 MBW sketches and paintings: includes two small sketchbooks dated 1903 and a magazine article illustrated with one of her watercolors.
117 Christmas/New Year's letters from CGW and MBW, 1939-1966.
118 Woodbury Family "Kenneth Files," regarding the adoption of a young boy by Chester D. Woodbury and family, 1900-1935.
119 Frank Woodbury (cousin of CGW), Po1tland, Oregon, 1907-1952: letters and photos.
1110 May [or Mary?] Goodrich Woodbury, Lansing, Michigan, 1907-1959: includes letters (including some written from J. H. Kellogg's Battle Creek Sanitarium) and MGW's death announcement.
1111 "Our exodus from Estes," by Mary G. Woodbury, ca. 1920s: original, copy, and typed transcription of the 7-page handwritten account of a trip to Big Thompson Canyon,
1112 Sidney Woodbury, letters, 1914-1915.
1113 Woodbury family postcards with handwritten messages, 1900s to 1930s.
121 "The Woodbury Family 1072 [sic] to 1961," 11 page typescript.
122 Woodbury family tree, multiple drafts charting individuals and relationships.
123 Miscellaneous notes about family history.
124 "Inventory of archives and memorabilia from Hoban Road," December 25, 1973. List of items from home of Charles G. and Marian B. Woodbury.
125 "Papers related to Downer descent in connection with Downer Scholarship." Historic documents and RBW's application for Harvard scholarship, 1940.
126 Essex Institute, Salem, Massachusetts.
127 Sons of the American Revolution.
128 Correspondence regarding Benjamin and Woodbury family genealogy. Fragile nineteenth century originals.
129 Correspondence regarding Benson family genealogy. Correspondence regarding Fairfield family genealogy.
1210 Correspondence regarding Goodrich family genealogy. Correspondence regarding Metcalf family genealogy.
1213 Miscellaneous publications.
131-3 Miscellaneous notes and letters regarding Woodbury family genealogy.
134 Newspaper clippings
135-6 Correspondence regarding Woodbury genealogy [acidic paper]
137 Correspondence regarding Woodbury genealogy, 1920s.
138 Correspondence regarding Woodbury genealogy, 1930s
141 Correspondence regarding Woodbury genealogy, 1940s.
142 Correspondence regarding Woodbury genealogy, 1950s to 1970s.
143 Genealogy books: Genealogical sketches of the Woodbury family its intermarriages and connections. Charles Levi Woodbury (1904). The old planters of Beverly in Massachusetts and the thousand acre grant of 1635. Alice Gertrude Lapham (1930).
144 Miscellaneous postcards collected by the Woodbury family members. Cards have no-messages and were never mailed.
151 Journals kept by Charles Remy Benjamin (father of RBW's mother), 1921-1927, including original photographs and clippings, accounts of his paintings, weather observations, family activities.
151A Correspondence and drawings from the Benjamin grandparents, ca. 1920s
152 Journal kept by CHB, 1919-1931, including birds and flowers seen, books read, journeys, meetings, weather, walks, expenses, and mi activities.
153 Stereographs collected by CHB on trips to Europe, late 19th century.
154 Pocket-sized notebooks (2) of pencil and watercolor sketches by CHB made on trips to Europe, 1889-1897.
155 A genealogy of the family of Lieut. Samuel Benjamin and Tabitha Livermore, his wife, early settlers of Livermore, Maine, with a record of their descent Ji-om John Benjamin and John Livermore, the emigrants, including biographical sketches, notes and diary
156 Indexed genealogical register of generations of ancestors of Mary Louise Benjamin. Names and dates are handwritten by several individuals.
161 Pocket-sized notebooks (2) of pencil and watercolor sketches made by CHB, 1888-1895 and 1930s. Also includes enclosures.
162 "My forebears," by Charles Henry Benjamin, December 21, 1935. (12-page typescript)
163 "A hill town in New England," unsigned typescript, November 24, 1929 (24 pp)
164 Miscellaneous notes and letters regarding CHB and family.
165 Correspondence (some with sketches) from and to CHB, 1920s.
166 Samuel E. Benjamin, extracts from diary, chronology, and Revolutionary War Service record.
167 "Jottings from a New England girlhood," by Cora Louise Benjamin (great­ grandmother of RBW) and other family documents.
168 Benjamin family genealogy notes.
169 Benjamin family newspaper clippings. [copies; originals discarded]
1610-12 Woodbury and Benjamin family photographs, 19th & 20th century.
1613 Benjamin family photographs, Altadena, California, 1920s-1930s.
171 Donations of Woodbury family papers and artifacts to museums, 1954-2000.
172 Photocopies of family genealogy documents, notes, and research.
173 Miscellaneous family correspondence
174 Charitable contributions
175 Miscellaneous correspondence, 1990s-2000s
176 Samples of writing papers
177 Membership cards
178 Computer and camera information
179 Book orders, 1979-1989
1710 Posthumous materials including obituaries
Series 1A: NSFW Biographical Materials
Nathalie Ferris Sampson Woodbury biographical materials,1920s to 1990s. Includes minimal information about her family genealogy, college education, and connections with other women anthropologists. Very little documentation of NFSW's childhood is included. Of special note are small groups of papers of Gladys A. Reichard, Elsie Clews Parsons, and Doriane Woolley McCullough.
Subseries 1: Childhood, Early Life and Estates
181 Childhood
182 Ferris family genealogy
183 Estate of Margaret 0. Sampson; estate of Nathalie F. Sampson
184 Estate of Margaret O. F. Mann (Aunt Peg)
185 Nathalie Woodbury resumes, curriculum vitae, employment history
186 Awards
187 Wedding memorabilia including pressed flowers of Nathalie's corsage, 1948
188 The story of Winkie by NSW, 1926
189 Horace Greeley School, Chappaqua, NY, 1931-1935
1810 Greeley Tribune, 1931-1935
1811 Chappaqua, NY, ephemera and photographs, 1930s
1812 Photographs of NWS, childhood to 1960s
1813 Photographs of NWS, 1970s to 1990s
1814 Pencil sketches and verses by NSW
1815 Records of student years, 1939-1945
1816 Student notes: Plains culture note cards
1817 Student notes: Plains culture bibliography cards
Subseries 2: NFSW Student work: Comanche color study, ca. 1939-1949
191 Correspondence with Professor George Herzog, 1949 (then at Indiana University)
192 The color terminology of the Comanche, by Nathalie Sampson, rough draft, ca. 30 pages, undated
193 "The color terminology of the Comanche," by Nathalie Sampson, 16 page typescript and carbon copy, undated
194 Comanche photographs, undated
195 Comanche bibliography
196 Comanche handwritten word-lists
197 Comanche color vocabulary cards
198 Comanche color note cards
199 "Comanche colour [sic] problem and pigments and parts of body paint," n.d.
1910 "Comanche tests," handwritten on brittle paper, undated
1911 Comanche horses, notes
1912 Comanche animals, notes
1913 Miscellaneous Comanche research notes
1914 Miscellaneous Comanche research notes
1915 Comanche color and paint designs
1916 Miscellaneous Comanche resources
125 "Comanche body terminology": 3 x 5 inch cards with NSFW's notes and glossary
Subseries 3: NFSW Student work: Plains culture, ca. 1940
201 Plains culture note cards
202 Body paint index cards
203 Body paint manuscripts
204 "Northwest body paint and tattooing designs"
205 "Body paint," manuscript ca. 1940
206 Northwest Coast bibliography
207-11 Comanche Expedition, Columbia University, fall 1940. B/w photographs and negatives showing Professor George Herzog and his students (including NSFW) doing field work in Indiahoma, Comanche County, Oklahoma. Includes portraits of Comanche Indians, town residents, grain elevators, railroad depot, landscapes, and the small downtown area.
Subseries 4: NFSW Student work Bengali folk tales, 1944-1949
211 Pocket calendars, 1944-1945
212 Correspondence with Abdul Rahman, 1945-1946
213 Correspondence with Abdul Rahman, 1947-1950
214 Photographs of NSW and Abdul Rahman
215 Notes from interviews with Rahman
216 Notes on informant Rahman
217 Interview notebooks (5)
218 Shagazi and love songs in Arabic
219 Bengal love songs in Arabic
2110 Language note cards
2111 Notes on folk tales
2112 Miscellaneous notes
2113 Notes from interviews with Rahman
2114 Typed notes from interviews with Rahman
2115 Bibliography cards
Subseries 5: Gladys Amanda Reichard papers
221 Barnard College, correspondence, etc., 1928-1946
222 Barnard College miscellaneous
223 Book contracts, 1934-1951
224 Correspondence to GAR and her sister Lilian, 1935-1955
225 Correspondence by Lilian Reichard, 1955
226 Reichard Memorial Symposium, obituaries, etc.
227 Correspondence regarding the GAR estate, 1955-1962
228 Disposition of the GAR Library
229 "Comparison of Five Salish Languages, "1954
2210 Gift of sand paintings to the Museum of Northern Arizona, 1957
2211 "Another look at the Navaho," original typescript with corrections, pp, 1-29
2212 "Another look at the Navaho," pp, 30-56
2213 "Another look at the Navaho," pp, 57-76 plus
2214 "Silver hatband understands rationing," carbon typescript, 1944, 8 pp
2215 "Another look at the Navaho," additional pages
2216 "I Personally… [sent to Atlantic magazine, July 1949]," original typescript, 9 pp
2217 "From pauper to plutocrat (sent to Harpers 1954)," carbon typescript, 12 pp
2218 Photographs, summer 1940, Flagstaff, Arizona
2219 GAR notes by NSFW
2220 "Gladys Reichard at the frontiers of Navajo culture," by William H. Lyon, n.d.
2221 "Gladys Reichard among the Navajo," by Louise Lamphere, 1989
Subseries 6: Benedict and Parsons papers
23 Note that an addition!!! group of Parsons publications is filed in Series Six with other Zuni research materials
231 "The Santu," by Ruth F, Benedict, ca,1930s, 36-page carbon copy typescript (possibly unpublished) with envelope addressed to Reichard
232 Ruth Underhill papers including correspondence, 1937-1945
233 Elsie Clews Parsons book review
234 Elsie Clews Parsons estate settlement and bibliography
235 Elsie Clews Parsons obituaries, 1942
236 Elsie Clews Parsons correspondence, to, from and about, 1928-1957
237 "Fiesta at Sant'ana," by Elsie Clews Parsons, 1923 with letter from journalist Agnes K Meyer
238 Map of Jemez Pueblo, pen and ink, ca, 1925, by Elsie Clews Parsons, Includes correspondence regarding early field work at Jemez
239 "The Elsie Clews Parsons Collection," [at the American Philosophical Society] by Gladys A. Reichard, 1950
Subseries 7: Doriane Woolley McCullough papers
2310 Acquisition of her papers
2311 Letter and student papers from Bennington College, 1935-1936
2312 Typed notes on important anthropologists
2313 Anthropology, first semester, 1935-1936
2314 Anthropology, second semester, 1935-1936
2315 Student papers and charts, 1936
2316 "Material culture of the Tarahumara Indians," 1936
2317 "Linguistic history," by Harry Hoijer, lecture given at the University of Chicago, October 20, 1936, 15 pages
2318 Chicago term papers, 1937
2319 Chicago term papers, 1937 [brittle paper]
2320 Marriage study sponsored by the Social Science Research Committee, University of Chicago, 1937 (blank forms)
2321 Kinship worksheets
2322 Papers and notes while a student of Ralph Linton, 1938
2323 Notes while a student of George Herzog, 1938-1939
2324 Notes while a student of William Duncan Strong, 1939
Subseries 8: Books from the Gladys A. Reichard Library
24 Benedict, Ruth. "Eight stories from Acoma: the travels of salt woman." (1930)
24 Bode, Hendrik, et al. "The education of a scientific generalist." (1949)
24 Bushnell, David I., Jr. "Ojibway habitations and other structures." (1919)
24 Danzel, Theodor-Wilhelm. "Gefuge und fundamente der Kultur vom Standpunkte der Ethnologie." (1930)
24 Du Bois, Cora. "Some anthropological perspectives on psychoanalysis." (1937)
24 Euler, Robert C. and Harry L. Naylor. "Southern Ute rehabilitation planning." (1952)
24 Fewkes, J. Walter. "Fire worship of the Hopi Indians." (1922)
24 Hewes, Gordon W. "Economic and geographical relations of aboriginal fishing in Northern California." (1942)
24 Hewitt, J. N. B. "A constitutional league of peace in the stone age of America: the League of the Iroquois and its constitution." (1920)
24 Hallowell, A. Irving. "Anthropology-yesterday and today." (1936)
24 Hoebel, E. Adamson. "Fundamental legal concepts as applied in the study of primitive law." (1942)
24 Hoebel, E. Adamson. "Law and anthropology." (1946)
24 Hutchinson, G. Evelyn. "Marginalia." (1950)
24 Kroeber, A. L. "Eighteen professions." (1915)
24 Kroeber, A. L. "The Seri." (1931)
24 Lowie, Robert H. "The methods of American ethnologists." (1911)
24 Mason, J. Alden. "The Tepehuan and the other aborigines of the Mexican Sierra Madre Occidental." (1948)
24 Mead, Charles W. "The musical instruments of the Incas." (1903)
24 Means, Philip Ainsworth. "Preliminary survey of the remains of the Chipewa settlements on La Pointe Island, Wisconsin." (1917)
24 Nordenskiold, Briand. "Palisades and 'noxious gases' among the South-American Indians." (1918)
24 Opler, Marvin K. "A Colorado Ute Indian bear dance." (1941)
24 Opler, Marvin K. "The southern Ute dog-dance and its reported transmission to Taos." (1939)
24 Opler, Marvin K. "Woman's social status and the forms of marriage." (1943)
24 Opler, Morris Edward. "The kinship systems of the southern Athabaskan-speaking tribes." (1936)
24 Opler, Morris Edward. "Themes as dynamic forces in culture." (1945)
24 Parsoils, Elsie Clews. "Mothers and children at Laguna." (1919)
24 Parsoils, Elsie Clews. "Picuris, New Mexico." (1939)
24 Parsoils, Elsie Clews. "The religion of the Pueblo Indians." (1924)
24 Parsoils, Elsie Clews. "Ritual parallels in Pueblo and Plains cultures, with a special reference to the Pawnee." (1929)
24 Parsoils, Elsie Clews. "A romantic in Bengal and in New York." (1925)
24 Parsoils, Elsie Clews. "Spanish elements in the Kachina Cult of the Pueblos." (1928)
24 Parsoils, Elsie Clews. "Witchcraft among the Pueblos: Indian or Spanish?" [book review] (1927)
24 Radcliffe-Brown,' A. R. "The present position of anthropological studies." (1931?)
24 Radin, Paul. "A sketch of the peyote cult of the Winnebago: a study in borrowing." (1914)
24 Redfield, Robert. "Race and class in Yucatan." (1938)
24 Redfield, Robert. "The second epilogue to Maya history." (1937)
24 Rivers, W. H. R. "The concept of 'soul-substance' in New Guinea and Melanesia." (1920)
24 Safford, W. E. "Our heritage from the American Indians." (1927)
24 Sargent, S. Stansfeld. "Cultural anthropology." (1953)
24 Skinner, Alanson. "The Manhattan Indians." (1912)
24 Smith, Marian W. "American Indian warfare." (1951)
24 Southwest Society. "Constitution and By-Laws of the Southwest Society." (n.d.)
24 Speck, F. G. "Notes on the ethnology of the Osage Indians." (1907)
24 Staub, Walter. "Some data about the Pre-Hispanic and the now living Huastec Indians." (n.d.)
24 Steward, Julian H. "Changes in Shoshonean Indian culture." (1939)
24 Swanton, John R. "An early account of the Choctaw Indians." (1918)
24 Titiev, Mischa. "Hopi notes from Chimopovy." (1945)
24 Titiev, Mischa. "Hopi snake handling." (1943)
24 Titiev, Mischa. "Notes on Hopi witchcraft." (1943)
24 Titiev, Mischa. "Suggestions for the further study of Hopi." (1946)
24 Tozzer, Alfred M. "The value of ancient Mexican manuscripts in the study of the general development of writing." (1912)
24 Warburg, A. "A lecture on serpent ritual." (n.d., ca. 1924)
24 Waterman, T. T. "North American Indian dwellings." (1925)
24 Weakland, John Hast. "Method in cultural anthropology." (1951)
24 Weitenkampf, Frank. "Early pictures of North American Indians: a question of ethnology." (1950)
24 White, Leslie A. '.'Notes on the ethnobotany of the Keres." (1945)
24 White, Leslie A. "Sociology, physics and mathematics." (1943)
24 White, Leslie A. "The symbol: the origin and basis of human behavior." (1940)
24 Willoughby, Charles C. "Prehistoric hafted flint knives." (1902)
Series 2: Correspondence
The basic arrangement for letters is alphabetical by correspondent. Within each alphabetic section miscellaneous letters are arranged by year. Letters by impo1iant or prolific correspondents have been given their own folders. For example, under the letter "A" are folders arranged by decade as well as separate folders for Rick Ahlstrom and E. Wyllys Andrews (among others). Correspondence in the decade folders is not indexed, so the researcher should examine the contents to find individuals of interest not found in the alphabetic folders. Note that early family correspondence is found in Series 1 with other biographical materials. Some photographs are found in these files, along with other enclosures. Of special note are the letters Richard wrote to his friends and family while deployed in World War II and while engaged in archaeological excavations.
Sub-Series 1: RBW family correspondence
Includes letters from and to his parents, grandparents, distant family, and brother, 1920s to 1960s. Note that it was common practice in the Woodbury family to mail each other's letters to family members in order to share news. This practice resulted in letters not addressed to RBW being found in his archive. Contents of these letters concern family matters, genealogy, and service in the US military during World War II, and also include discussions of professional activities. Quantity: 4 ms. boxes.
251 Family to RBW, 1920s to 1940s
252 Letters regarding admission to Harvard, 1936 to 1940
253 Family to RBW, 1937to 1941
254 Family and friends letters to RBW, 1940 to 1942
255 Family and friends letters to RBW, 1943-1945
256 Family to RBW, 1942-1944
257 Letters from Mott Davis (1918-1998), Harvard friend and archaeologist, 1942-1945
258 Letters from RBW to E. Mott Davis, 1940s
259 V-mail, 1942-1945, from family to RBW and from him to family
261 RBW to family, undated
262 RBW to family, 1930-1936
263 RBW to family, 1939 to 1941
264 RBW to family, 1942 to 1944 (originals)
265 RBW to family, 1943 (originals)
266 RBW to family, "letters home" file, 1943
267 RBW to family, January to November 1944 (originals)
268 RBW to family, "letters home" file, 1944
269 RBW to family, "letters home" file, 1945
2610 RBW to family, 1946
2611 RBW to family, 1947
2612 RBW to family, 1948
2613 RBW to family, 1948 to 1956
2614 RBW to family, 1949
271 RBW letters to family, 1950s
272 RBW letters to family, 1950
273 RBW letters to family, 1951
274 RBW and NFSW letters to family, 1952
275 RBW and NFSW letters to family, 1953
276 RBW and NFSW letters to family, 1954 to 1955
277 RBW and NFSW letters to family, 1956
278 RBW and NFSW letters to family, 1957
279 RBW and NFSW letters to family, 1958
2710 RBW and NFSW letters to family, 1959 TO 1960
2711 Cards from RBW and NFSW to family, 1960s
2712 RBW and NFSW letters to family, 1960s
2713 RBW and NFSW letters to family, 1961 to 1963
2714 RBW and NFSW letters to family, 1965 to 1970
2715 Woodbury family letters to RBW, 1950s to 1960s
2716 Letters from RBW's parents, 1960 to 1961
281 Correspondence with Charles B. Woodbury (brother of RBW), 1950s to 1970s
282 Correspondence with Charles B. Woodbury, 1980s
283 Correspondence with Charles B. Woodbury, 1990s
284 Correspondence with Charles B. Woodbury, 2000s
Sub-Series 2: NFSW correspondence with family, friends, employers, and professional associates, 1945 to 2000s
Quantity: 2 ms. boxes.
291 Undated miscellaneous letters and cards
292 Ferris family genealogy
293 1945
294 1946
295 1947
296 1948-1949
297 1950-1951
298 1952-1953
299 1954-1955
2910 1956
2911 1957-1958
2912 1959
2913 1960-1961
2914 1960s
2915 1970s
2916 1980-2000s
2917 NFSW to the Woodbury Family, 1948 to 1960s
2918 Correspondence with Elizabeth Morris Gell (1932-2012) archaeologist and daughter of Earl and Ann Morris, 1958 to 1960
2919 Correspondence with Elizabeth Morris Gell, 1961 to 1962
2920 Elizabeth Morris Gell: miscellaneous snapshots, postcards, and ephemera
2921 Margaret 0. F. Mann letters
301 Correspondence with Kitty McClellan (Catherine McClellan, 1921-2009, cultural anthropologist who graduated from Bryn Mawr College in 1942)
302 Correspondence with Kitty McClellan, undated
303 Correspondence with Kitty McClellan, cards and envelopes
304 Correspondence with H. Jane Philips (1910-1997, anthropologist, graduated from Columbia University) 1959 to 1961
305 Correspondence with Sukey and Bill Janes (Sukey is sister of Barbara Tandy)
306 Correspondence with Barbara "Bix" Sampson (sister of NFSW)
307 Correspondence with M. 0. "Geppy" Sampson, 1970s
308 Correspondence with Geppy Sampson, 1980s
309 Correspondence with Barbara Tandy (niece of RBW)
Sub-Series 3: Correspondence between RBW and NFSW, 1947-1970s
These letters were written during the rare periods when the couple was separated by professional travel. Their lengthy letters contain references to friends, family, from a time when the telephone was used infrequently to maintain communication. Nathalie was fondly addressed as "Pookie" by her husband and Richard was addressed as "Elf” by his wife. Quantity: 1 ms. box.
311 RBW to NSW, undated
312 NSF to RBW, February 1947
313 NFSW to RBW, June -August 1960
314 RBW to NSW, International Congress of Americanists, July-August 1960
315 NFSW to RBW, 1960-1961
316 RBW to NSW, summer 1961
317 RBW to NSW, 1962
318 NFSW to RBW, summer 1962
319 RBW to NSW, 1963
3110 NFSW to RBW, summer 1963
3111 NFSW to RBW, February-June 1964
3112 RBW to NSW, August-October 1964
3113 NFSW to RBW, August-October 1964
3114 RBW to NFSW, 1970s
Sub-Series 4: Early corresopndence by RBW and NFSW, 1947-1952
This group of special personal, family, and professional letters was set aside and arranged by RBW personally. Letters reference major activities of these early years such as the Zaculeu Project and the Woodburys' tenure at the University of Kentucky. Miscellaneous items are included as, for example, RBW's U.S. Army Air Force discharge papers. The original damaged acidic accordion file for these letters was discarded. Quantity: 1 ms. box.
321 "Addresses for announcements," n.d.
322 A
323 B
324 Cosgrove, Hattie S.
325 D
326 E-F
327 G
328 H-J
329 K-L
3210 M:N
3211 0-P
3212 s
3213 T-U [including Honorable Discharge papers]
3214 V-Z
Sub-Series 5: General correspondence, 1950s-2000s
Quantity: 22 ms. boxes
33 Mailing list, n.d.
33 A-1950s
33 A-1960s
33 A-1970s
33 A-1980s
33 A-1990s to 2000s
33 Adams (various individuals)
33 Adams, Chuck and Jennie
33 Adams, Nettie and Bill
33 Adams, Bill: "Question Marks" manuscript
33 Ahlstrom and Parezo
33 Andrews, E. Wyllys
33 Arundale, Wendy and Bob
33 B-1940s and 1950s
33 B-1960s
33 B-1970s
33 B-1980s
34 B-1990s
34 B-2000s
34 Bagwell, Sue
34 Bart, Hans
34 Bartell, Gilbert D. and Ann
34 Bartlett, Katherine
34 Barzun, Jacques
34 Black, Lydia, 1975-1986
34 Black, Lydia, 1987-2000
34 Bleiweiss, Amy
34 Bohrer, Vorsila L.
34 Borhegyi, Stephan F.
34 Boynton, David P. (Holt, Reinhart & Wilson)
34 Bradfield, R. M.
34 Breternitz, Cory
34 Brew, Jo and Evelyn
34 Browman, David
35 Brugge, David, 1950s to 1980s
35 Brugge, David, 1990s
35 Brngge, David, 2000s
35 Brugge, David - cards
35 Brush, Charles and Ellen
35 Bumstead, M. Pamela, 1978 to 1990
35 Bumstead, M. Pamela, 1991-1994
35 Bumstead, M. Pamela, 2004-2007
35 Bumstead, M. Pamela - postcards
36 C - 1950s and 1960s
36 C - 1970 to 1977
36 C-1978 to 1986
36 C-1987 to 2007
36 Coe
36 Collins, Henry B.
36 Colton, Harold S.
36 CRAR, 1965 to 1966
36 Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, 2005 to 2008
36 Curry, Donald, 1970s
36 Curry, Donald, 1980s
36 Curtis, Stanley
37 D -1950s to 1960s
37 D -1969 to 1977
37 D -1978 to 1986
37 D - 1984 to 1999
37 D - 2000 to 2005
37 Dales, George
37 Danson, Ned
37 Davis, E. Mott, 1950s to 1970s
37 Davis, E. Mott, 1980s
37 Davis, E. Mott, 1990s
37 Davis, Hester
37 De Laguna
38 Dincauze, Dena
38 Di Peso, Charles C.
38 Dockstader, Alice and Frederick Folder
38 Dozier, Edward P.
38 E-1950s to 1960s
38 E-1969 to 1977
38 E-1978 to 2000
38 Ellis, Bob
38 Evans, Clifford and Betty Maggers Folder
38 F-1950s to 1960s
39 F-1969 to 1979
39 F - 1980s to 2002
39 Fairservis, Walter A., Jr. Folder
39 G-1960s
39 G- 1970s and 1980s
39 G- 1990s to 2003
39 Gell, Elizabeth A. M.
39 Gifford, Carol A., 1988 to 1997
40 Gifford, Carol A., 2001-2006
40 Givens, Douglas R. , 1980 to 1984
40 Givens, Douglas R., 1989
40 Givens, Douglas R., 1990 to 1993
40 Givens, Douglas R., 1994 to 1995
40 Givens, Douglas R., 1996 to 1999
40 Givens, Douglas R., 2000s
40 Green, Jesse
40 Griffith, James
41 H-1950s to 1960s
41 H-1970s
41 H-1980s
41 H-1990s
41 H-2000s
41 Haley, Harold B.
41 Harrison, William M.
41 Haury, Agnese N. and Emil W.
41 Hayes, Alden C.
42 Heizer, Robert F.
42 Hendricks, Albert J.
42 Hepp, Maylon H. and Anne, 1970s
42 Hepp, Maylon H. and Anne, 1980s
42 Hepp, David and Laurie
42 International Congress of Americanists
42 Ingersoll, Daniel W., Jr.
42 International Association of Anthropology Editors
42 J -1950s to 1960s
42 J - 1972 to 2005
42 Johnson, Frederick
42 Judd, Neil
42 K- 1950s to 1960s
42 K-1970s
43 K-1980s to 1990s
43 Khan, F. A.
43 Kavanagh, Patricia
43 Kehoe, Alice B.
43 Kelemen, Pal and Elizabeth
43 Kidder, Alfred V, and Madeleine, 1950s to 1960s
43 Kintigh, Keith and Brenda
43 Krieger, Alex D.
43 L-1960s
43 L- 1970s
43 L-1980s
44 L-1990s
44 L-2000s
44 Lathrop, Donald W.
44 Lehman, Edward J.
44 Loosli, Keith
44 Lyons, Thomas R.
44 M-1950s to 1960s
44 M-1970s
44 M-1980s
44 M- 1990s to 2008
44 Martin, Joseph W. and Alberta, 1983 to 1986
44 Martin, Joseph W. and Alberta, 1987 to 1992
45 Martin, Joseph W. and Albe1ia, 1993-1995
45 "The Failure of congress," chapter one, by Joseph W. Martin
45 McGinnies, William G.
45 McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1966-1967
45 Midvale, Frank
45 Miller, Jimmy H.
45 Mintz, Sidney W.
45 Moore, Harvey C.
45 Morris, Elizabeth, 1970 to 1975
45 Morris, Elizabeth, 1977 to 1979
45 Morris, Elizabeth, 1980 to 1982
46 Morris, Elizabeth, 1983 to 1987
46 Morris, Elizabeth, 1995 to 2007
46 Murray, Tim
46 N - 1960s to 1970s
46 N - 1980s to 2007
46 National Science Foundation
46 Neely, James A.
46 O
46 Osborne, Douglas
46 P-1950s to 1960s
47 P -1970s to 1995
47 Packard's Indian Trading Company, Santa Fe, NM
47 Parezo, Nancy
47 Peabody Foundation/ Phillips Academy
47 Peabody Museum
47 Pool, Kelly J.
47 Quintana, Miguel and Frances Leon [with photos of Chaco Canyon 1936, etc.)
47 R- 1960s
47 R-1970s
47 R-1980s
47 R- 1990s to 2006
48 Ramos, Melba, 1980s to 1990s
48 Ramos, Melba, 2000s
48 Ressler, John Q.
48 Reyman, Jonathan E.
48 Roberts, Frank H. H., Jr.
48 Rohn, Arthur H. [includes photos and master photo log for "Anasazi Ruins of the Southwest in Color" by William M. Ferguson and Arthur H. Rohn (1987)]
48 S - 1950s to 1960s
49 S - 1970s
49 S -1980s
49 S -1990s
49 S-2000s
49 Sayles, Ted
49 School of American Research (SAR)
49 Science magazine, American Association for the Advancement of Science
50 Shaeffer, James and Margaret
50 Shepard, Anna C.
50 Smith, Watson - 1940s to 1970s
50 Smith, Watson - 1980 to 1986
50 Smith, Watson, "One Man's Archaeology"
50 Smith, Watson - 1987 to 1995
50 Smith, Watson - miscellaneous
51 Smith, Watson - miscellaneous publications
51 Smithsonian Institution
51 Spicer, Edward
51 Suggs, Robert C.
51 Swan, Edith
52 T
52 Tanner, Clara Lee
52 Thompson, Raymond H. -1950s to 1960s
52 Thompson, Raymond H. -1970s
52 Thompson, Raymond H. -1980 to 1984
52 Thompson, Raymond H. -.1985 to 1989
52 Thompson, Raymond H. -1990 to 1995
52 Thompson, Raymond H. - 1996 to 1999
52 Thompson, Raymond H. - 2000 to 2006
52 Thompson, Raymond H. -- Dogged
52 Thompson, Raymond H. - "Those Woodburys" (2004)
52 Thompson, Raymond H. - miscellaneous writings
52 Thompson, Raymond H. - cartoon map of the world, n.d.
53 Thompson, Raymond H. - "An old and reliable authority," an act for the preservation of American Antiquities," draft manuscript, 1999.
53 Thompson, Raymond H. - "The place of museums in anthropological material
53 culture studies: a symposium
53 Turner, Christy G.
53 u
53 University of Arizona, 1970s
53 University of Arizona, 1980s
53 University of Arizona, 1990s
53 University of Arizona, 2000s
53 V
53 Vellenoweth, Jim
53 Vivian, R. Gwinn, 1960s to 1980s
54 Vivian, R. Gwinn, 1990s to 2000s
54 Volk, George [Pete]
54 W-1950s
54 W-1960s
54 W-1970s
54 W-1980s
54 W-1990s
54 W-2000s
54 Ward, Charles W.
54 Watson, Patty Jo
55 Wedel, Waldo R.
55 Weinberg, Gladys D.
55 Weyer, Edward
55 Wilcox, David R.
55 Wilcox, Davis R.
55 Wiley, Gordon R.
55 Wilmsen, Edwin Norman
55 Wright, Barton
55 Wright, Barton - scratchboard cards
55 Zahniser, Jack
55 Zubrow, Ezra
55 Zuni Archaeology Program
55 Y through Z
Series 3: Employment, Archaeology and Anthropology Projects, and Research, 1937-2000s
These papers are arranged chronologically with each group given a title for either the sponsoring organization or the official project designation. Records document the employment and research activities for both RBW and NSFW because in many instances, it is impossible to separate their work. After their marriage the activities of one usually meant the involvement of both. Types of materials include correspondence, photographs, business records, grant applications, ephemera, field notes, and research notes. Subseries 3-5: This group of materials documents the employment, research, and projects unde11aken by RBW before his marriage to NFSW in 1948 and later when he worked on his own separate projects. See also files documenting his service to the American Anthropological Association, American Ethnological Society, and the Society for American Archaeology in Series 4: Professional Activities. Subseries 6-15: This group of materials documents the employment, research, and projects unde1iaken by RBW and NFSW after their marriage in 1948. See also files documenting service to the American Anthropological Association, American Ethnological Society, and the Society for American Archaeology in Series 4: Professional Activities.
Sub-Series 1: NFSW Materials
This group of materials documents the employment, teaching, research, and other projects undertaken by NFSW before her marriage to RBW in 1948 and later when she worked on her own separate projects and jobs. See also files documenting her service to the American Anthropological Association, Society for American Archaeology, and American Ethnological Society in Series 4: Professional Activities. Her research undertaken while a college student is found in Series 1: Biographical.
561 Guatemala truck names, ca. 1948. Includes field notes.
562 Maize project, 1953. Includes photographs of Navahos and corn made in the 193Os by Milton Snow, as well as correspondence, ephemera, research notes, and clippings.
571 Curriculum vitae and notes about employment
572 Barnard College, course proposal, 1953-1955
573 Barnard College, class notes for Anthro 4
574 Barnard College, class notes for Anthro 1-4
575 Barnard College, class notes for Anthro 5-6
576 Barnard College, class notes for Anthro 8
577 Barnard College, seminar notes for Anthro 52
578 Barnard College, senior comprehensive, 1956-1958
579 Barnard College, class list and advisor, 1954-1958
5710 Barnard College, papers by her students
5711 Barnard College, student roll books, 1950s
5712 Barnard College, student recommendations, 1950s
5713 Barnard College, faculty memos, 1957-1958
5714 Barnard College, report on department, 1955-1956
5715 Women in education, newspaper clippings, 1950s
581 Barnard College, "other people's course outlines," 1950s
582 Barnard College, miscellaneous publications
583 Barnard College, miscellaneous publications
584 Employment at Barnard and Columbia, 1950s
585 Barnard College, "Man and his world" course, 1953-1956
586 Barnard College, daily appointment books, 1955-1958
587 Barnard College, correspondence, 1955-1958
588 Barnard College, Millicent C. McIntosh correspondence, 1958-1961
589 Barnard College, correspondence and ephemera
5810 Eastern New Mexico College and Chaco Canyon field school, 1939 to 1946 (?)
5811 University of Arizona, employment and gifts to the collection, 1950s
5812 Smithsonian Institution, docents course, 1966
Sub-Series 2: NFSW Hopi Pottery Analysis Project, Museum of Northern Arizona, 1961 to 1963
Note: one box of photographs was destroyed by ASM staff. These photographs of the MNA Hopi pottery collection were made using the Agfa Fotorite process. The photographic paper had severely deteriorated, stuck together in blocks, and faded. As photographs produced in a rapid processing machine with some of the chemistry remaining in the papers, they self-destruct in a short period of time if not fixed and washed. (These prints, probably duplicates of the photographs in box 59, were removed and discarded.)
591 Miscellaneous
592 Hopi pottery bibliography
593 Data sheets with NFSW notations, MNA accession numbers 100 to 129
594 Data sheets with NFSW notations, MNA accession numbers 255 to 289
595 Data sheets with NFSW notations, MNA accession numbers 335 to 834
596 Data sheets with NFSW notations, MNA accession numbers 2012 to 2359
597 Data for undecorated pottery, NFSW notations, MNA numbers 4 to 669
598 Data for undecorated pottery, NFSW notations, MNA numbers 746 to 918
599 Data for undecorated pottery, NFSW notations, MNA numbers 1015 to 1786
5910 Data for undecorated pottery, NFSW notations, MNA numbers 2004 to 2358
5911 Photographs of pottery in the [Henry] Voth collection, b/w rolls NR 23 & 24
5912 [accession numbers are not visible]
5913 Hopi pottery study negatives, 35 mm, b/w. (see Box XXX)
5914 Photographs, miscellaneous b/w views of Hopi ceramics and a woman polishing a bowl [possibly portrait of Nampeyo (1859-1942) in later years].
5915 Photographs and negatives of Hester pottery, Byron Harvey effigy jar, and various ceramics with Sputnik [Woodbury pet dog] nearby, ca. 1963.
167 Photographs (9 x 13 cm, black and white) and 35 mm negatives of the MNA Hopi pottery collection.
601 Data sheets for decorated Hopi pottery
602 Data sheets for decorated Hopi pottery: makers by village
603 Data sheets for decorated Hopi pottery: makers by village
604 Data sheets for decorated Hopi pottery: loan pieces at NMA
605 Data sheets for decorated Hopi pottery: Hopi show pots, 1963
606 Data sheets for decorated Hopi pottery: 900 to 1000
607 Pottery colour [sic]
608 "Non-typological approach to the analysis of archaeological materials," by James
609 J. F. Deetz, [1962]
6010 Procedure
6011 Collections
6012 Pottery design
6013 Colton file notes
6014 "The Magdalena problem," by Emma Lou Davis, 1963
6015 Alfred F. Whiting crafts survey, 1942
6016 "A guide to the description of pottery types in the Southwest, "edited by James C. Gifford, 1956
6017 Source notes, including "The arts and crafts of the Hopi Indians," by Mary­ Russell F. Colton, 1938
6018 Hopi study
6019 Jim Hester pots
6020 Byron Harvey pots
6021 Voth Collection, Fred Harvey Hopi House
6022 K. Harvey Collection
6023 Gell Collection
6024 Wright Collection, dates and makers
6025 MNA uncatalogued
6026 Undecorated pots, data to be recorded, pots not found in storage or museum "Ethnological Hopi pottery" [in the United States National Museum], by Christopher Brown, 1968
Sub-Series 3 RBW Awatovi, Harvard University, 1938-1939, 1947
Richard Woodbury was a member of the 1938-1939 Peabody Museum excavations at Awatovi pueblo and completed an analysis and chronology of the ground stone retrieved. This work formed the basis of his Harvard dissertation published in 1954 by the Peabody Museum, as number 6 of the Reports of the Awatovi Expedition. He was later a participant in a publication on the social history of the Awatovi project. See that material in Series 5: Publications "Remembering Awatovi" (2008). See also Series 6: research notes on ground stone.
611 Awatovi and Mishongnovi, correspondence, 1941-1943
612 Awatovi and Mishongnovi, journal from 1938-1939
613 Awatovi and Mishongnovi: 1st and 2nd Mesa house plans
614 Hopi research materials
615 Hopi research materials, 1900-1920s
616 Hopi research materials, 1930s­
617 Hopi linguistics
618 Awatovi journal, August to September 1947
Sub-Series 4: RBW Indian mounds of northwest Florida, Columbia University, 1940-1942
Gordon Randolph Willey received his Master's degree in Anthropology from the University of Arizona in 1936. In 1939 he began graduate school at Columbia University, and there enlisted the aid of another Columbia student, Richard Woodbury, to collaborate on a survey of archaeological sites in the Florida Panhandle area. From May through August 1940, they traveled around Florida checking rumors of sites and collecting data for a chronological outline based on pottery types. Woodbury kept a travel journal and wrote descriptive letters to his family, digital copies of which are available online through the website. The originals (at least some of them) are in Series Two: Correspondence.
621 Indian mounds of northwest Florida: Correspondence, 1940-1941
622 Indian mounds of northwest Florida: Travel journal, June 2-August 16, 1940 (copy of original)
623 Indian mounds of northwest Florida: "A chronological outline for the northwest Florida coast," by Gordon R. Willey and R. B. Woodbury, American Antiquity, volume 7, number 3, January 1942.
624 Indian mounds of northwest Florida: "A chronological outline for the northwest Florida coast," by Gordon R. Willey and R. B. Woodbury, carbon copy of typed manuscript with corrections.
625 Indian mounds of northwest Florida, 1940-1941: "Pioneers of Southeastern Archaeology: Gordon R. Willey," printout from Peabody Museum website downloaded January 2003 and sent to Woodbury. Includes transcriptions of letters Woodbury wrote home to his family during the Florida project, May 21 to August 12, 1940. [See also Family Correspondence files for the originals of these letters.]
Sub-Series 5: RBW Upper Gila Reconnaissance, Peabody Museum
631 Upper Gila Reconnaissance: Map and field journal, July 1947.
632 Notes regarding Point of Pines Field School, 1947
Sub-Series 6: RBW Zaculeu Project, Huehuetenango, Guatemala, United Fruit Company: 1947-1948
633 Correspondence, 1947-1998, including letters from RBW to his family
634 Zaculeu Project: "Progress at Zaculeu, Guatemala," by RBW, 1948; Zaculeu fact sheet, ca. 1947; program for premiere presentation of motion pictures "Zaculeu" and "The Maya through the ages" shown at the Carnegie Institution of Washington, 1949.
635 Zaculeu Project: A. V. Kidder publications on Maya research
636 Zaculeu Project: miscellaneous
637 Zaculeu Project: ephemera
638 Zaculeu Project: matchbox graphics and postage stamps collected in Guatemala
639 35mm color slides and a few color snapshots of the Zaculeu Project.
64 Photographic materials documenting the Zaculeu Project, landscapes, towns, inhabitants, arts and crafts. Includes black and white negatives made by the Woodburys, prints from local photo labs, and commercially-produced prints in postcard format.
Sub-Series 7: Barrett Mound excavation, University of Kentucky Department of Anthropology, 1949-1952
651 University of Kentucky Department of Anthropology, 1949-1952
652 Barrett Mound, Dover, Kentucky: map of mound excavation site and artifact catalog cards
653 Barrett Mound, Dover, Kentucky: Daily log of excavation, 1950-1951
654 Barrett Mound, Dover, Kentucky: Payroll, expenses, etc.
655 Barrett Mound, Dover, Kentucky: photographs of site before and during excavation, from William S. Webb, 1950
656 "A preliminary report on the excavation of the Barrett Mound (MS27) in Dover, Kentucky," by RBW, April 1951
657 Clippings and publications about Barrett Mound
Sub-Series 8: Columbia University Department of Anthropology, 1950s
658 Columbia University Department of Anthropology, 1952-1970: correspondence, clippings, and miscellaneous
659 Columbia University Department of Anthropology: student paper submitted to RBW, 1953
Sub-Series 9: El Morro and Atsinna, Columbia University, 1953-1955
Background: While on the faculty of Columbia University, Richard Woodbury was encouraged by his mentor Duncan Strong to select an excavation project in the Southwest. During the summer of 1953 he began working with graduate students and Zuni workmen in the vicinity of El Morro National Monument, Inscription Rock, Ramah, Atsinna Ruin, and Zuni to investigate the prehistory of the region and the ceramic relationships of Zuni pottery. Nathalie Woodbury collaborated on the project. Work continued in the field until 1955 and was published as "Zuni prehistory and El Morro National Monument" in Southwestern Lore v. 21, no. 4 (Mar 1956). Later grants enabled them to analyze the data collected during summer field work.
Scope and content: Consists of personal papers and official documents regarding the Columbia University archaeological excavation of the site of Atsinna in El Morro National Monument, New Mexico. Includes correspondence, newspaper clippings, notes, photographs and postcards, payroll and expense ledgers, 1952-1984. Although "excavation journals" are included, they are not journals created in the field, but are instead notes typed and annotated later. The bulk of this series consists of papers related to obtaining funding, reporting to the granting agencies, correspondence with other scholars, and arranging for the classification and storage of artifacts from the El Morro site. ASM does not hold the field survey cards or sherd collections.
Related materials: Consult the Correspondence Series for letters from and to Duncan Strong and other scholars involved in El Morro research.
661 American Council of Learned Societies applications, 1957-1958
662 Atsinna, miscellaneous, 1952-1999
663 Columbia University, Social Science Research Council, 1956-1961
664 Columbia University, Social Science Research Council application, 1956-1958
665 Exhibitions and storage, 1954-1958
666 Forest Service, 1953
667 Johnson, R. E., 1957-1958
668 Martin, Paul S., 1958-1966
669 Museum of New Mexico, Danson, etc., 1957-1959
6610 National Geographic Society, 1957
6611 National Park Service, reports, 1953-1955
6612 National Park Service, rep01ts, 1953:1955
6613 National Park Service, reports, 1953-1955
6614 Pottery classification, correspondence, 1953-1958
6615 Reed, Erik and the National Park Service, 1954-1965
6616 Robe1ts, J.M., 1952-1957
6617 Schroeder, Albert, 1954-1972
6618 [Charlie] W. Ward, 1958
6619 Wenner-Gren application, 1955-1976
6620 Gloria Fenner, NPS, 1984-1992
6621 Southwestern Lore, March 1956
6622 Newspapers, 1954
6623 Miscellaneous
671 Expedition journal, June 22 to August 20, 1954 (37 pages, typed and annotated)
672 Expedition journal, June 23 to September 4, 1955 (36 pages, typed and annotated)
673 El Morro Journal, June 28 to August 12, 1956 (19 pages typed) with photographic postcards of the Juan de Onate inscription at El Morro National Monument.
674 El Morro Journal, August 16 to September 1, 1957 (6 pages, typed)
675 Equipment, books, and 35 mm slides, 1953-1957
676 Payrolls, 1954-1955
677 Columbia University, El Morro Expedition 1954, expense account, [small leather notebook]
678 Expenses, ledger pages, 1954-1956
679 Columbia University, expenses, 1952-1953
6710 Columbia University, expenses, 1954-1956
6711 Columbia University, expenses, 1958
6712 Expenses, battle records
6713 Visitor register 1919-1926, copied at El Morro, 24 August 1968
6714 Visitors and amateur inquiries, 1956- 1960
Sub-Series 10: University of Arizona, Arid Lands Program, 1958-1963
After the Woodburys moved to Tucson in 1958 RBW was appointed associate professor in the new interdisciplinary Arid Lands Program and in the Anthropology Department.
This group of research files on irrigation, agriculture, and arid lands contain research materials collected by the Woodburys to suppo1t their wide-ranging investigation of water use in arid lands of the world, especially the American Southwest. Included are personal correspondence, clippings, photographs, manuscripts by other archaeologists, and ephemera related to water use throughout the world. Of note are articles and notes written by early pioneers in the study of arid lands such as Neil Judd and Frank Midvale collected from other repositories and fellow researchers. The Woodburys began this research while employed by University of Arizona and continued investigating water use for many years after leaving the University in 1963 with support of the National Science Foundation.
Other materials document RBW's field work while at the University, 1958-1963. His work with Donald H. Hiser at a Phoenix site near Pueblo Grande called "Park of Four Waters" resulted in the publication of "The Hohokam Canals at Pueblo Grande, Arizona" (1960). He also was part of the 1959 project to dig and evaluate cross sections at the branching of the Snaketown canal system. This was published as "A reappraisal of Hohokam irrigation" (1961). Other research materials and manuscripts are included.
A rare book found with RBW's papers has been transferred to the ASM Library Collection and housed in the oversize locked cabinet for rare materials. Graphic Section of the Report on the Gila River Pima Indian Reservation published by the United States Department of Agriculture, Soil Conservation Service, Project for Technical Cooperation, Bureau of lndian Affairs, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 1939. Prepared under the direction of Maurice T. Price. Walter V.
Woehlke, Project Director. It contains 29 pages with hand-colored maps and charts and many small, original black and white photographs glued onto the pages.
Quantity: 6 ms. boxes
681 Background notes on these arid lands files.
682 Park of Four Waters, excavation log, October 27-November 13, 1959.
683 Park of Four Waters, correspondence.
684 Park of Four Waters, publications and clippings.
684A Park of Four Waters: materials donated directly to ASM by RBW in 1986. Includes newspaper clippings, correspondence with Odd Halseth, "Excavations at Pueblo Grande," notes on sherds, maps and cross-sections. Previously filed as collection A-1248. (ASM ACC. 86-87)
685 Snaketown, 1959-1972. Correspondence.
686 Snaketown. Proposal, October 1959.
687 Snaketown. Canal cross section.
688 "The canal fork west of Snaketown" by Woodbury 1972. "A reappraisal of Hohokam irrigation" by RBW 1961.
689 "Arizona sacrifices her prehistoric canals" by Neil Judd, 1929.
6810 Snaketown USNM survey and correspondence, 1959.
6811 Snaketown bibliographical notes by Neil Judd.
6812 Snaketown maps.
6813 "Systems of irrigation and water control in arid N01ih America," by RBW, 1960.
6814 "Field observations of prehistoric fields near Zia, New Mexico" by RBW, 1960. Correspondence and manuscript drafts.
6815 "The Hohokam canals at Pueblo Grande, Arizona" by RBW, 1960.
6815 "Social implications of prehistoric Arizona irrigation" by RBW, 1960.
6816 "The ancient fields of Zia Pueblo, New Mexico" by RBW. Manuscript drafts, correspondence, and original photographs, 1960-1963.
6817 Review of "Agriculture problems in arid and semiarid environments" by RBW in Plains Anthropologist, 1961.
6818 "A reappraisal of Hohokam irrigation" by RBW in American Anthropologist, June 1961. Includes correspondence.
6819 "Aboriginal water-control systems of Western North America" by RBW, 1962?
6820 "Systems of irrigation and water control in arid North America" by RBW, 1962.
6821 "Man's cultural adaptation to aridity in the western United States" by RBW, 1962-1963.
6822 "Civilizations in desert lands" edited by RBW, December 1962.
691 "A study of land use on the Papago Indian reservation, Arizona" by RBW 1962.
692 "Indian adaptations to arid environments" by RBW, 1963.
693 Review of "A history of land use in arid regions" in American Anthropologist, volume 65, number 2, April 1963.
694 "The changing patterns of Papago land use" by RBW and NFSW, 1964.
695 "Prehistoric water management systems in the Tehuacan Valley, Mexico" by RBW, 1966.
696 "Social science and the utilization of arid lands," by RBW, 1969.
697 "Role of social science in land and water utilization," by RBW, 1970.
698 Symposium on prehistoric southwestern water control systems: the Zuni area. Paper by RBW for Pecos Conference 1970.
699 Maps relating to arid lands research.
6910 Research notes about C.H. Southworth Gila River study, 1919.
6911 C. H. Southworth Gila River study, copies of supplemental exhibits.
6912 "Survey of the Round Mountain-Mt. Floyd sector" by James W. Simmons, manuscript and maps, 1939 (photocopy of original).
6913 Southwest, general: miscellaneous clippings and publications.
Sub-Series 11: General arid lands research and correspondence files compiled by RBW and NFSW while at the University of Arizona
701 Walnut Canyon, Arizona.
702 Wupatki National Monument, Arizona
703 Yaqui farming
704 Zuni
705 Biology and botany
706 General
707 California
708 Casa Grande National Monument, Arizona
709 Chinle area, Arizona
7010 Iraq and Iran
7011 North Africa: Sudan, Sahara, etc.
7012 Oaxaca
7013 Pakistan
7014 Soils
7015 Tropical agriculture
7016 Utah
7017 Vamori Wash, Papago Reservation
711 Grand Canyon
712 Gran Quivira, New Mexico
713 Hohokam, general
714 Hopi. Includes photographs of Hopi agriculture by Milton Snow taken ca 1936.
715 Hovenweep: includes color slides from 1952 and 1962, maps, and correspondence.
716 Lupton area, Arizona: includes color slides, photographs, a negative, and correspondence.
717 Mesa Verde
718 Near East, general
719 Montezuma Well National Monument, Arizona
7110 Nevada irrigation
7111 Peru
7112 Picuris: "Evidence of prehistoric farming in the vicinity of Picuris, New Mexico" by REW, ca. 1961-1963. Includes photographs, maps, correspondence, and manuscripts.
7113 Plains
7114 Quemado, New Mexico
7115 Rio Grande, general
7116 Safford Valley
7117 Salt River Valley maps
7118 San Juan irrigation
7119 Sand Papago
7120 Sonora
721 Gila Bend (Gatlin Site)
722 Gallina Area, New Mexico
723 Bolivia
724 Arizona, miscellaneous
725 Abiquiu, New Mexico
726 Maze (geoglyphs) near Needles, California, ca. 1930s
727 "Big Ruin" on Manuelito Wash, New Mexico, 1953
728 "Artificial terraces on Fry and Deadman Creeks," by Emil W. Haury, 1935 [With original b/w photographs]
729 ""Prehistoric irrigation in Arizona," by F. W. Hodge, 1893
7210 "Kin Bineola irrigation study: an experiment in the use of aerial remote sensing... ," by Thomas R. Lyons, et al., 1972
7211 Frank Midvale materials, clippings, and letters
7212 "Water control systems ... ," by Fred Plog, 1970
7213 "Prehistoric water control systems in Chaco Canyon... ," R. Gwinn Vivian, 1970
7214 "Prehistoric irrigation in the Southwest," Ann Stofer, 1956
7215 "Investigation of a prehistoric farming community in the Superstition Mountains," by Odd S. Halseth, 1932 [including original b/w photographs]
7216 Salt-Gila aqueduct project, 1980-1981
7217 Salt-Gila aqueduct project, 1980-1981
7218 Salt-Gila aqueduct symposium, 1982
731 University of Arizona employment, official documents, 1958-1964
732 University of Arizona correspondence, 1959-1963
733 University of Arizona, REW annual reports, 1958-1960
734 University of Arizona, anthropology department
735 Governor's conference on arid lands, 1959
736 "Rockefeller Foundation Fiasco," 1961
737 "Ancient civilization in the Northeast Southwest as seen through an hourglass darkly, translated from the nOn [sic] Language, by Robert F. Burgh. Tucson: The Soapweed Opera, 1960
738 Arid Lands Colloquia, 1958-1961
739 "Computers and anthropology at the University of Arizona," by Morgan J. Tamplin, 1973
7310 Indian Programs, newsletter of the Indian Programs at the University of Arizona, 1969-1973
7311 Miscellaneous
7312 Student papers submitted to Professor Woodbury
7313 Jicaque Indians of Guatemala, photographs, research and correspondence
Sub-Series 12: Tehuacan Valley, Mexico, 1963-1971
741 Field notebook and associated notes by RBW
742 "Site inventory and chronology"
743 C-14 sample and reports
744 Tehuacan report, editing, manuscripts, notes
745 Tehuacan Valley: duplicate photographs
746 "Prehistoric water management systems in the Tehuacan Valley, Mexico" presented by RBW at the 1964 Congresso Internacional des Americanistas.
747 "Culture and envirollll1ent in the Tehuacan Valley," Andover conference, 1965
748 Tehuacan Valley: travel and expenses
749 Expense notebooks
7410 Correspondence, 1963-1971
7411 Correspondence with Douglas S. Byers
7412 Correspondence with Richard MacNeish
7413 Correspondence with James Neely, 1964
7414 Correspondence with James Neely, 1965-1967
7415 Correspondence with James Neely, 1968
7416 Neely fiscal and personnel files
7417 "Reconocimiento general de alto Papaloapan," 1954, with RBW's notes
7418 James Schoenwetter report, undated typescript
7419 "Outline of the geology of the Valley of Tehuacan," by Jean Brunet, 1965
7420 "Proposed plan of research," by Rene Francis Millon, 1956
7421 West Texas Museum Association presentation by RBW, January 1969
7422 Correspondence with Aubrey Williams, 1964-1967
75 Photographic materials documenting the Tehuacan irrigation systems: Includes b/w negatives, enlarged prints, identification cards for each photograph, 35mm color slides, and photo log notebooks for each photographic format. Negatives were made by RBW and
Sub-Series 13: Smithsonian Institution, 1963-1969
761 Smithsonian Institution, 1963 -1968
762 Smithsonian forms, booklets, and employment information
763 Smithsonian correspondence and dictation logs, 1963-1969
764 Photographs of RBW, NFSW, and others
765 Office of Anthropology annual report, 1968
766 Smithsonian Bicentennial Celebration, 1965
767 Research proposal: "Comparative analysis of pre-industrial systems of water management in arid regions," RBW, Emil W. Haury, and David L. Patrick, 1962
768 University of Illinois, Urbana, seminar on prehistoric human ecology, 1964
769 "Comments on anthropology at the Smithsonian" by RBW to the Ad Hoc Committee on Anthropology of the Director, 1967
7610 "Man and beast: comparative social behavior, Smithsonian Institution third international symposium, May 13-16, 1969.
7611 Employment, 1968-1969
Sub-Series 14: Hawikuh and Zuni research, 1919-1994 (bulk 1956-1966)
These materials, consisting of a wide variety of formats and spanning many years, are all related to Zuni culture and in particular to the ancient pueblo of Hawikuh, situated along the Zuni River in northwestern New Mexico. In 1917 the site was partially excavated by the Smithsonian Institution and the Museum of the American Indian. The Hendricks-Hodge Expedition progressed over six seasons and resulted in several published rep01is, but much of its original documentation went straight into archives without final analysis or publication. During a visit to the Woodbury's house in 1955, Frederick Webb Hodge asked Richard to write the final rep01i of the Hawikuh excavations. After Hodge's death in 1956 Watson Smith was asked to lead a team to complete the study of surviving data. At this time, Mrs. Gene Meany Hodge made her husband's papers available to the project. This fact accounts for the presence today of original Hodge documents in the Woodbury Papers. Richard Woodbury, who had begun his Zuni research in 1953-55 with the excavation of Atsinna on top of El Morro National Monument, joined the project with his wife to study and write about the Hawikuh pottery collections. Their writings, along with essays by Watson Smith and Ross G. Montgomery, were included in the 1966 publication "The Excavation of Hawikuh by Frederick Webb Hodge: Rep01i of the Hendricks-Hodge Expedition" issued as volume XX in the Contributions ji·om the Museum of the American Indian Heye Foundation. After completing their research and writing in the mid- 1970s, the Woodburys donated Kechipawan burial data, Hawikuh records and notes, and documentation of Kechipawan pottery (in the Cambridge University Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology) to ASM. The rest of their Hawikuh files came to ASM with the bulk of the Woodbury papers after their deaths. Quantity: 11 boxes
771 Correspondence and printouts from the burial file
772 Forms 100 through 199
773 Forms 200 through 241
774 Forms 501 through 598
775 Forms 602 through 699
776 Forms 700 through 799
777 Forms 800 through 899
778 Forms 900 through 999
779 Forms 1000 through 1099
78 Hawikuh Burial Data: "mimeographed forms, one for each of the 995 burials, on which all information from the field notebooks is entered." [Received in 1975, assigned A-1050 to 1055) Forms contain handwritten comments by RBW and NFSW.
781 Forms 1100 through 1199
782 Forms 1200 through 1299
783 Forms 1300 through 1331
784 List of Kechipawan burials in the Cambridge University Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology received from G. H. S. Bushnell with letter of 12 January 1960.
785 Photographs of ceramics in Kechipawan burials at the Cambridge University Museum received in letter from G. H. S. Bushnell with letter of 12 January 1960.
786 Duplicate prints of Hodge's field photos with his own handwritten identifications on the backs. Several pages of inventory are written in another hand.
787 "Some miscellaneous photos by Smith & Woodbury made at Hawikuh in July 1963."
788 Negatives "of the drawings of the Hawikuh pottery done for Hodge by Wm. Saake (and, incidentally, rescued by Wat [sic] Smith from Chapman in Santa Fe after Hodge had long thought them lost)."
789 Correspondence with G. H. S. Bushnell, 1958-1960, including "Inventory of records pertaining to excavation of Kechipawan, New Mexico, in University Museum, Cambridge."
7810 "An inventory of the Hawikuh records secured from Mrs. Hodge by NFSW in 1960 before his papers were sold, and eventually transmitted to Dockstader after the Hawikuh volume was complete." (14 pages) Including comments by Watson Smith.
7811 Correspondence with Samuel K. Lothrop, 1958.
7812 Kechipawan burial data: transcription from a notebook in F. W. Hodge's handwriting. Transcribed by Mrs. Jesse. S. Shaw, April 1967. [A-1109]
7813 Letter from RBW to Raymond H. Thompson regarding transfer of Hawikuh records to ASM, 3 August 1975 [copy].
79 Hawikuh Burial Data: "key sort edge-punch cards for the burials, with code." [Received in 1975, assigned collection numbers A-1050 to A-1055) Includes information about how to read the punched code.
80 Hawikuh Burial Data: "key sort edge-punch cards for the burials, with code." [Received in 1975, and originally designated collections A-1050 to 1055.]
81 Hawikuh and Kechipawan pottery catalogue cards, "with a photo of the drawing or decoration when available, as well as routine descriptive and provenience data. All cards for 'killed' pots are flagged." Used during production of the 1966 book The Excavatio
82 Hawikuh and Kechipawan pottery catalogue cards, "with a photo of the drawing or decoration when available, as well as routine descriptive and provenience data. All cards for 'killed' pots are flagged." Used during production of the 1966 book The Excavatio
83 Hawikuh and Kechipawan pottery catalogue cards, "with a photo of the drawing or decoration when available, as well as routine descriptive and provenience data. All cards for 'killed' pots are flagged." Used during production of the 1966 book The Excavatio
84 Hawikuh and Kechipawan pottery catalogue cards (3 x 5 inches): numerical cross reference to the pottery files, cards by house groups and monastery, cards labelled 'Kechipawan rooms.'
85 Hawikuh and Kechipawan pottery catalogue cards (3 x 5 inches): catalog for original field photographs arranged by catalog number. Photographs are at the Museum of the American Indian (Smithsonian).
861 Hawikuh project plans including lists of photos, notes from meetings, interview with F. J. Dockstader, and miscellaneous outlines.
862 "Hawikuh: the resurrection of a ruin" papers given at SAA meeting, Tucson, 1962 by Smith and the Woodburys.
863 "Pottery from Hawikuh and Kechipawan at Museum of the American Indian, Heye Foundation," by RBW [?] October 1958.
864 Hawikuh project expenses, receipts, correspondence, 1960-1967.
865 Conespondence with F. W. Hodge, A. Hrdlicta, B. Oetteking, and others, 1915- 1961.
866 Miscellaneous correspondence, 1954-1992.
867 Watson Smith letters, 1956-1964.
868 Watson Smith letters, 1965-1968.
869 Frederick J. Dockstader letters, 1960-1964.
8610 Frederick J. Dockstader letters, 1965-1969.
8611 "Ethnog. Notes & Ling" some in Hodge's handwriting.
8612 "Ethnographic items from F. W. Hodge's Hawikuh Notes," research notes and mapbyRBW.
8613 Photocopies of original ledger pages with illustrations of Colonel James Stevenson's Acoma pottery collected in 1884 for the Bureau of American Ethnography.
8614 Typed transcriptions of the burial records in the archives of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe for N. S. de Guadalupe of Alona (Zuni), 1700-1719.
8615 Correspondence, analysis, and data on Atsinna (Zuni) pottery
8616 Miscellaneous manuscripts including catalog numbers of the MAI-H collection, R. W. Leigh and F. W. Hodge typescripts.
8617 "Burials, age and sex list, miscellaneous notes by RBW.
8618 "Priest's burial in church," miscellaneous notes.
871 The excavation of Hawikuh by Frederick Webb Hodge: Report of the Hendricks­ Hodge Expedition, 1917-1923 by Watson Smith, et al. (New York: Museum of the American Indian, Heye Foundation, 1966).
872 "Preliminary inventory of the Frederick Webb Hodge manuscript collection (including the Frank Hamilton Cushing Papers) [at the Southwest Museum, Los Angeles]... " prepared by Bernard L. Fontana, 1960.
873 Zuni bibliography by John M. Roberts.
874 "F. W. Hodge and the Southwest Museum, 1932-1955," by Thomas H. Wilson.
875 USGS maps for the Hawikuh project.
876 Hawikuh/Zuni miscellaneous information
877 Zuni publications by RBW
878 "Decorated pottery of the Zuni area," typed manuscript by RBW and NFSW, ca. 1966.
879 "Zuni notes," by RBW
8710 "Zuni trip," correspondence, travel diary, research notes, 1968-1969.
8711 Zuni fetishes, Matilda C. Stevenson Collection, Smithsonian: photographs, catalog cards, correspondence,
8712 Zuni research: publications, 1800s to 1917
8713 Zuni research: "My adventures in Zuni" by Frank H. Cushing, 1882-1883
8714 Zuni research: publications by Elsie Clews Parsons, some with her annotations, some from the personal library of Gladys Reichard, 1916-1939
Sub-Series 15: University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 1960s to 2007
881 University of Massachusetts, Amherst: correspondence, 1960s
882 University of Massachusetts, Amherst: correspondence, 1970s
883 University of Massachusetts, Amherst: correspondence, 1980s
884 University of Massachusetts, Amherst: newsletters, clippings, misc.
885 University of Massachusetts, Amherst: Department of Anthropology annual reports
886 University of Massachusetts, Amherst: press committee, 1978-1979
887 Classes taught: 1974
888 Classes taught: 1978
889 Classes taught: 1979
8810 Classes taught: 1980
8811 Classes taught: 1981
8812 Ledger with names of students and their grades, 1956-1980. ACCESS TO THIS FOLDER IS RESTRICTED.
891 Mock ce1tificate made out to RBW as "Doctor of Somethingspecial Honoris Causa" by the Official Giver of Diplomas to Departing Deans, undated.
892 Audio recording tape, 7 inch reel-to-reel: "Anthro 391 General discussion and summary, April 8, 1967 AM. No other information about content of the tape.
893 Richard B. Woodbury Award, University of Massachusetts, endowment reports, 1985-2007
894 "The Mashpee Conflict": video documentary rant applications, correspondence, and miscellaneous papers, 1980-1981
895 Papers written by faculty colleagues of RBW
896 Papers written by students of RBW
Series 4: Professional activities, organizations, and travel
Both Nathalie and Richard Woodbury were active in numerous national and regional professional organizations and members of select private clubs. The Cosmos Club, for example, established by John Wesley Powell in 1878, was a quiet oasis in Washington, D. C. where scholars and scientists (including Richard Woodbury and his father) met "both to see each other and offer advice, a gentle form of lobbying," as Raymond H. Thompson has commented. The Woodburys were editors of journals, were involved in planning, attending conferences, compiling the history of the groups, and writing for publications. These files contain correspondence, newsletters, conference programs, publications, and miscellaneous ephemera.
Sub-Series 1: Organizations
901 Amherst Historical Society, l 999-2000s
902 Anthropological Society of Washington, 1966-1988
903 Anthropologists for Radical Political Action, 1973-1977
904 Archaeological Society of New Mexico, 1966-1991
905 Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society, 1997-2005
906 Compadres: Newsletter of the Friends of the Palace of the Governors, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1990s
907 Cosmos Club, Washington D. C.: correspondence Cosmos Club: miscellaneous
908 Cosmos Club: newsletters and other publications
909 Cosmos Club: publications
911 Dakin Animal Shelter, Amherst, MA
912 Friends of the Jones Library System, Amherst, MA
913 Museum of New Mexico, 1984-1991
914 Museum of the American Indian
915 National Science Foundation
916 New Mexico Association on Indian Affairs, 1956-1961
917 Northeastern Anthropological Association
918 Old Pueblo Archaeology
921 School of American Research, 1973-1988
922 Shutesbury Historical Commission, 2001-2002
923 Simon Fraser University, 1969
924 Simon Fraser University newsletters
925 Society for Cultural Anthropology, 1980s
926 Society of Professional Archeologists, 1970s
927 Society of the Cincinnati, 1942-1972
928 Verde Valley School, Sedona, Arizona, 1940s - 1950s
931 Teocentli correspondence
932 Teocentli 1999-2007
933 Teocentli research
934 Wem1er-Grenn, Burg Wartenstein Symposium (1976-1978)
935 Miscellaneous student anthropology clubs, organizations
Sub-Series 2: Conferences
941 Conference programs, 1940s
942 Conference programs, 1950s
943 Conference programs, 1960s
951 Conference programs, 1970s
952 Conference programs, 1980s
953 Southwestern Ceramic Conference, Flagstaff, 1961-1970
Sub-Series 3: Professional travel
961 1964-1968
962 1970-1974
963 1977-1980
964 Copenhagen, 1960
965 European trip, 1960
966 Paris, 1960
967 Vienna, 1960
968 International Congress of Americanists, 1962
969 Middle East, 1964
9610 International Congress of Americanists, 1964
9611 Mexico, 1966
971 Hokkaido, Japan: University of Massachusetts International Seminar, 1974
972 Hokkaido, Japan: RBW's travel journal
973 Hokkaido, Japan: correspondence
974 Hokkaido, Japan: tourist souvenirs
975 American Museum of Natural History "Around Britain" cruise, 1980
976 "Coronado's Trail" tour, 1992
977 Miscellaneous brochures
Sub-Series 4: American Anthropological Association
981 History of the AAA
982 Correspondence and miscellaneous: 1940s
983 Correspondence and miscellaneous: 1950s
984 Correspondence and miscellaneous: 1960 - 1968
985 Anthropology curriculum study project, 1966-1971
986 Correspondence and miscellaneous: 1968
987 Charles Frantz report, ca. 1968
988 Correspondence and miscellaneous: 1969
989 Source material on the AAA , 1970
9810 Obituary files, drafts, correspondence, etc.
991 Correspondence and miscellaneous: 1970
992 Minutes of the Executive Board: 1970
993 Continuation of the Consortium of Professional Associations for Study of Special Teacher Improvement Programs (CONPASS), 1970
994 Simon Fraser University, 1970
995 Correspondence and miscellaneous: January - October 1970
996 Correspondence and miscellaneous: 1971
997 Minutes of the Executive Bom-d: 1971
998 Correspondence and miscellaneous: 1972
999 Executive Board meetings: 1972
1001 Correspondence and miscellaneous: 1973
1002 "Follow up" files on various topics: 1973
1003 AAA/AES membership, 1973
1004 Zubrow report on AAA membership, May 1973
1005 Editorial Board, 1973-1975
1006 Executive Board meeting, 1973
1007 Executive Board meeting, 1973
1011 Correspondence and miscellaneous: 1974 NFSW files, 1974
1012 Correspondence, 1974 (includes AES materials)
1013 Correspondence and miscellaneous: 1975
1014 Correspondence and miscellaneous: 1976
1015 NFSW files, 1976-1998
1016 Correspondence and miscellaneous: 1977
1017 Correspondence and miscellaneous: 1978
1018 Correspondence and miscellaneous: 1979
1019 "Oral history of Anthropology", oral memoirs project, 1982-1987
10110 AAA and AES, 1980
10111 Correspondence and miscellaneous: 1980s
10112 Members in the United States, 1982
10113 Correspondence and miscellaneous: 1990s -2005
1021 June Helm's anthropology acrostics
1022 AAA secretary files: Constitution
1023 AAA secretary files: National Register
1024 AAA secretary files: Candidate information
1025 AAA secretary files: papers for publication
1026 AAA secretary files: student proposals, 1960s
1027 AAA secretary files: Vietnam herbicide study, ' NAS defoliation study," 1972
1028 AAA secretary files: Carlson letter, Simon Fraser University, 1972
1029 AAA secretary files: "Resolutions on ethics," 1967
10210 AAA secretary files: Miscellaneous 1970s - 1990s
10211 AAA secretary files: Miscellaneous, 1971
10212 AAA secretary files: Miscellaneous, 1971
10213 AAA secretary files: Miscellaneous, 1971
Sub-Series 5: American Anthropological Association & Society for American Archaeology
102A Miscellaneous conferences and other ephemera American Indian Chicago Conference, 1958-1961
Sub-Series 6: Society for American Archaeology
1031 Mimeographed copy of "The Notebook," February,1939 through April 1942
1032 Editor's report, constitution, maps, etc., 1950s
1033 Correspondence, reports, executive committee business, 1960s
1034 Executive committee business, 1970 to 1974
1035 Executive committee business, 1975 to 1980
1036 Correspondence, past presidents business, 1984 to 1987
1037 NEH grant, 1985
1041 "Committee on the spelling of archaeology," 1949
1042 John Evans management study, 1988
1043 John Evans management study, 1988
1044 Symposium "Assessing the impact of federal archaeology," 1985
1045 Finance committee, symposium papers, etc., 1988-1989
1046 Papers presented at annual meeting, 1988
1047 Various reports, papers, and miscellaneous correspondence, 1990s
1048 "Processing implements and ground tools," symposium 1994
1049 History of archaeology committee, 1985-1990
10410 History of archaeology committee, 1991-1992
1051 History of archaeology committee, 1993-1995
1052 Fund raising plans, 1991-
1053 American Antiquity style notes
1054 Kidder Awards
1055 Publications Endowment Fund
1056 Archives Committee
1057 SAA badges
1058 CRAR
1059 Abstracts of New World Archaeology
10510 Abstracts of New World Archaeology
10511 ANWA style sheet
10512 ANWA reviews
10513 ANWA fan mail
10514 ANWA memos to participants
10515 ANWA list of participants
10516 Anthropological Literature, 1978-1984
Sub-Series 7: American Ethnological Society
Nathalie Woodbury served as secretary and treasurer of the Society during various periods in the 1960s and as a result kept files of Society business. Through her associations with other members she came into possession of approximately 5 linear inches of records from the 1830s through 1890s. These materials were transferred to the National Anthropological Archives at the Smithsonian Institution in 2017. It is expected that Nathalie's records will join the 36 linear feet of Society records already in that collection.
Series 5: Publications, lectures, and writings
Sub-Series 1: NFSW writings
1061 "The color terminology of the Comanche," undated copy of original 16 plus page manuscript along with correspondence and research materials by other authors
1062 "The history of Zaculeu," publisher's proof pages, undated
1063 "Kentucky speech, malapropisms, redundancy," ca. 1951. Folder includes notebook, clippings, and notecards
1064 "Dial spreading caliper," offprint, June 1952
1065 "Acoma," article for Encyclopedia Britannica, 1960
1066 "Treatment of the dead in a Zuni pueblo from the 14th to the 17th century," 1963
1067 American Anthropologist obituaries, 1970s
1068 Daniel D. Whitney correspondence regarding obituaries for AAA
1069 "Gone and forgotten? Dealing with death," 1983
10610 "Awards to archeologists, 1946-84 (compiled by N. Woodbury), 1985
10611 "Amateurs," December 1985
10612 Daughters of the Desert conference, 1986. Transcription of the interview with Nathalie and Richard Woodbury, 1985. (66 pp.)
10613 "Women's money and the 'study of man': contributions from the Northeast," Northeastern Anthropological Association annual meeting, 1987
10614 "Comments on papers by Mathien, Levine and Davis for symposium, 'Women in Archeology," Atlanta 1989
10615 "Archiving the associations," paper for Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research international symposium, 1992
10616 Notes and compilations for "Recent deaths and brief obituaries" in Anthropology Newsletter, ca. 1996
10617 "The Plains Indians: from George Catlin to Wounded Knee," fall 1999 and review of "Glen Canyon" by Jesse D. Jennings, April 1999.
10618 "Past is present" columns for Anthropology News, 1992-1993
10619 Book reviews for Archaeology magazine, 1960s
10620 Compilation of abstracts for volume 2
10621 "Notes and news" edited by NFSW for American Antiquity, 1950s
10622 Book reviews for Science magazine, 1960s
10623 "My people: a belly's eye view of organizational change in the AAA in the 1960s and 1970s," prepared for the American Anthropological Association annual meeting, 2004
Sub-Series 2: RBW writings
RBW writing, lectures, reviews, drafts, research materials, and related correspondence includes some joint writing projects done with NFSW.
1071 1930s
1072 1940s
1073 "Societies around the world," 1949 to 1964
1074 1950s
1075 1950 to 1956
1076 "Prehistoric stone implements of Northeastern Arizona," 1954
1077 1957
1078 1958
1079 1959
10710 1960
10711 1960s, miscellaneous reviews
10712 "Nels C. Nelson and chronological archaeology" 1960
10713 "Objectives and concepts in the teaching of archeology in undergraduate courses," 1960
10714 1961
10715 "Prehistoric agriculture at Point of Pines, Arizona" 1961
10716 "The American Indian's social and technological approaches to water management" 1962
10717 Reviews for Science Books and Films, AAAS, 1960s to 1970s
1081 1962
1082 1963
1083 "The teaching of archaeological anthropology: purposes and concepts" 1963
1084 American Anthropologist review "A history of land use in arid regions" 1963
1085 "Indian adaptations to arid environments" in Aridity and man 1963
1086 1964
1087 "Village agriculture toward the peripheries: the North American Southwest" 1964
1088 1965
1089 International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, 1965-1968
10810 "Man in the primitive world" 1965-1969
10811 1966
10812 1967
1091 1968-1969
1092 "Anthropology in a university museum" 1969
1093 "Why the Palace of the governors is not part of the Smithsonian Institution" 1969
1094 "Anthropology today" for CRM Books, 1969
1095 1970s
1096 "Symposium on prehistoric Southwestern water control systems: Zuni area" 1970
1097 Reviews 1971 -1972
1098 "The arid west: an interpretive atlas" and CODAZR, 1970-1973
1099 "Getting round archaeologists out of square holes" 1972
10910 Warner Module Publications, 1972-1974
10911 Cibola Archeological Research Project (CARP) 1972-1973
10912 Editorial for American Antiquity, "Archaeology in anthropology" 1972
1101 Reviews for various publications, 1979
1102 Introduction to Bruce D. Smith's paper on "Explaining 'Mississippiai1' "at AAA 1979 conference
1103 1980s
1104 Review of essays in honor of Irving B. Rouse, 1980
1105 Review of Chaco Canyon by Robe1i and Florence Lister, 1981
1106 Review of Dolores Archaeology Project report, 1981-1985
1107 "A century of Zuni research" in Zuni and El Morro, 1983-1992
1108 "Regional archaeological conferences" 1984
1109 "The first hundred years of northern Arizona archaeology" 1985
11010 Review of Jim Shaeffer Kinishba manuscript, 1986
11011 Foreword for Ferguson & Rohn book Anasazi Ruins, 1986
11012 Review of Prehistoric agricultural strategies in the Southwest by Paul and Suzy Fish (1986)
1111 Review of Barton Wright's Kachinas of the Zuni 1986
1112 "Watson Smith and Western Anasazi archaeology" co-written with Raymond H. Thompson 1987
1113 Foreword for Emil W. Haury's history of Point of Pines 1987-1988
1114 "Women of vision and wealth" by RBW and NFSW in Reflections: papers on Southwestern culture history, 1989
1115 Foreword to Harold Colton biography by Jimmy Miller 1988
1116 "A history of archaeology in the Zuni area" for Zuni through time 1988
1117 Foreword to Rock art of Bandelier National Monument by Rohn et al. 1988
1118 Review of Gordon Willey's Portraits in American archaeology 1989
1119 Review of biography of Adolph Bandelier by Lange and Riley 1989
11110 "Networks versus hierarchies: Southwestern examples" 1989
11111 "How many cookies are left in the cookie jar? The assets of the SAA" 1989
11112 "A brief history of Hohokam archaeology" 1989-1990
1121 1990s
1122 Obituary for John Otis Brew, 1990
1123 Reviews for Science books and films, AAAS, 1990s
1124 "William Duncan Strong's archeological legacy" by RBW & NFSW, 1991
1125 Comments on Great Excavations by Melinda Elliott, 1992-1994
1126 Review of "Sir Gardner Wilkinson and his circle" by Jason Thompson, 1992
1127 "Evidence of prehistoric farming in the vicinity of Picuris, New Mexico" 1994
1128 "The remarkable history of Edgar Lee Hewett's Ph.D. disse1iation" 1994
1129 "American Anthropological Association" in Encyclopedia of Cultural Anthropology, 1994
11210 William Duncan Strong profile for ABC/CLIO Press, Archaeologists: a biographical encyclopedia 1994
11211 1995
11212 Obituary for Samuel Watson Smith, 1995
11213 1996 to 1997
11214 Review of Bandelier: the life and adventures of Adolph Bandelier by Lange and Riley, 1996
11215 "TI1e rise and fall of the Bureau of American Ethnology" by RBW and NFSW, 1997
11216 Review of Prehistoric warfare in the American Southwest by Stephen LeBlanc, 1997
11217 Review of Stephen Nash's dissertation "Dendrochronology and the interpretation ofN01th American Prehistory" 1997
11218 Review of Charles R. McGimsey's "Gleanings from the first fifty years of Teocentli" 1999
11219 Obituary for Alden Cary Hayes, 1999
11220 2000s
Sub-Series 3: RBW Handbook of Middle and North American Indians, 1957-1980
1131 Miscellaneous, 1950s
1132 Miscellaneous, 1960s-1970s
1133 "Artifacts of the Guatemala highlands," by RBW, 1959-1964
1134 Reviews of HNAI, 1965
1135 Correspondence and manuscripts, 1970-1971
1136 Correspondence and manuscripts, 1972-1973
1137 Correspondence and manuscripts, 1974-1980
1138 RBW published chapters in volume 9, "Southwest" and related correspondence, 1973-1979
Sub-Series 4: RBW Awatovi, 1989-2008
In the late 1980s, archaeologist Hester A. Davis, daughter of Mott Davis, one of the original archaeologists at the Peabody Museum's Awatovi excavations, contacted RBW and other original participants to ask for their help in writing a social history of the project. Her Awatovi Project Monthly Report kept all the participants (including Evelyn Brew, Harriet Cosgrove, John M. Longyear, and Watson Smith) informed and involved. Remembering Awatovi: the st01y of an archaeological expedition in northern Arizona, 1935-1939 was published by Peabody Museum Press in 2008. RBW worked closely with Davis, utilizing his personal experience at Awatovi excavations and his talents as an editor to help shape the book. Of special importance in his files are about 300 original photographs he made at Awatovi, 1938-1939. Some of these were reproduced in the 2008 monograph. See also Series 3: Employment and archaeology.
1141 Project files, 1989-1990. Includes correspondence and manuscript drafts.
1142 Project files, 1991-1992. Includes collected research materials and letters.
1143 Project files, 1992-2008. Includes correspondence and manuscript drafts.
1144 Correspondence and part three manuscript draft, June 2001.
1145 Typed excerpt from A. V. Kidder diary of 1939.
1146 Project files, miscellaneous
1147 Jo Brew Awatovi journals, July- September 1938, page 1-68 (copies of typed manuscript)
1148 Jo Brew Awatovi journals, September-December 1938, page 69 -169 (copies of typed manuscript)
1151 Jo Brew Awatovi journals, 1939, page 1-89 (copies of typed manuscript)
1152 Jo Brew family letters (copies), 1938
1153 Original b/w photographs (ca. 300) made at Awatovi by RBW, 1938-1939. Many were used in Remembering Awatovi.
1154 Original b/w photographs (ca. 75) from a variety of sources, 1938-39
1155 Part 2 manuscript draft, with annotations and corrections
1156 Illustrations
1157 Awatovi registration form for National Register of Historic Places, 1990
1158 "Preliminary report of the Peabody Museum Awatovi Expedition of 1936," copy
1159 "Preliminary report of the Peabody Museum Jeddito Expedition of 1935," copy
11510 Miscellaneous Awatovi publications, 1937-1959
11511 "List of file numbers with information re northeastern Arizona," from the Peabody Museum, compiled by Carol A. Gifford at the request of Richard Woodbury sometime between 1957 and 1964.
Sub-Series 5: RBW Kidder
RBW published several pieces about his Harvard professor Alfred V. Kidder. In 1973 he compiled a volume for the "Leaders of Modern Anthropology" series of Columbia University Press. In 1981 his article "Kidder at Pecos" appeared in the SAR Bulletin. Woodbury's files contain both research materials as well as original correspondence between Kidder and Alfred Kroeber, F. W. Hodge, Ruth Bunzell, Elsie Clews Parsons and others.
1161 Correspondence to Kidder, 1928-1929
1162 Dictated memoirs, extract copy (20 pages)
1163 Unpublished manuscript on Pecos by Kidder, typescript with annotations, n.d.
1164 Diary entry by Kidder, Durango, June 1914, copy of typescript (11 pages)
1165 Notes from Kidder for a comparative study of Southwest artifacts, typescript, n.d.
1166 Material culture general notes, typescript, handwritten notes, n.d.
1167 Material culture general notes, n.d.
1168 Comparative culture study, rough draft, n.d.
1169 Comparative culture, pages from pocket-sized notebook
11610 Comparative culture, correspondence, 1925-1930
11611 Personal copy of "Alfred V. Kidder" from Leaders in Modern Anthropology Series (Columbia University Press, 1973)
1171 Columbia University Press: correspondence, royalties, reviews, 1970-1993
1172 Columbia University Press: correspondence about editing manuscripts
1173 Photographs
1174 "Kidder at Pecos" manuscript for School of American Research, 1981
1175 "Kidder at Pecos" manuscript for National Park Service, 1987
1176 Kidder research materials collected by RBW
1177 Kidder research materials: Southwest 1908-1919
1178 Kidder research materials: Southwest 1920-1929
1179 Kidder research materials: Southwest 1930-1945
11710 Kidder research materials: Southwest 1946-1961
11711 Comparative culture, artifact cards
11712 Artifact photographs
11713 Illustrations
11714 Stratigraphy
11715 Comparative culture, selected pages from publications, ca. 1900
11716 Comparative culture, artifact drawings
Sub-Series 6: RBW 60 Sixty years of southwestern archaeology: a history of the Pecos Conference
Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 1993.
1181 Correspondence: A
1182 Correspondence: B
1183 Correspondence: Brugge, David
1184 Correspondence: C
1185 Correspondence: D
1186 Correspondence: E
1187 Correspondence: F
1188 Correspondence: G - H
1189 Correspondence: Haury, Emil
11810 Correspondence: Henderson, Mark
11811 Correspondence: J
11812 Correspondence: K
11813 Correspondence: L
11814 Correspondence: Lambert, Marjorie
11815 Correspondence: M, N, 0
11816 Correspondence: P, Q, R
11817 Correspondence: S
11818 Correspondence: Schroeder, Albert H.
11819 Correspondence: Smith, Watson
1191 Correspondence: T
1192 Correspondence: Thompson, Raymond H.
1193 Correspondence: U - V
1194 Correspondence: W, X, Y, Z
1195 Correspondence: Wissler, Clark
1196 Correspondence with editor: Carol Gifford
1197 Conference schedules
1198 Audio tapes (two 5-inch reel-to-reel tapes) "Floor-Fill" session at Tucson conferene, 1973 (ACC. #1989-10)
1209 Transcriptions of the Pecos Conference Floor Fill cassettes with corrections and annotations by R. Gwinn Vivian (1980)
12010 University of New Mexico Press contract for Pecos book, 1991
12011 Pecos book, miscellaneous
12012 "Before Pecos: settlement aggregation at Rowe, New Mexico" and "Carl Guthe's 1917 notebook, Rowe, N.M." by Linda S. Cordell.
12013 Reviews and notices for the Pecos book
12014 Fan mail
12015 Expenses for the book project
12016 Initial outlines, notes, miscellaneous
1201 University of New Mexico Press, correspondence, 1993-2000
1202 University of New Mexico Press, correspondence, 1991-1992
1203 "Impressions of the Pecos Conference" by RBW (1981)
1204 "Looking back at the Pecos Conference" by RBW (1983)
1205 American Ethnological Society conference 1983-1984
1206 "The small conference as personal network" by RBW (1985)
1207 Pecos publications by others
1208 University of Arizona Press correspondence
1209 Corrections to the book
12010 Draft manuscripts
12011 Manuscript pages, notes, miscellaneous
121 Original and complete manuscript with pencil notations, deletions, additions for the manuscript titled "Southwestern archaeology as seen through sixty years of the Pecos conference, 1928-1988."
122 RBW copy of uncut version of Pecos book titled "Sixty years of Southwestern archaeology: a history of the Pecos Conference" (489 pages)
Sub-Series 7: RBW Reviewing, evaluating, and supporting publications and grant applications of colleagues in anthropology
1231 Miscellaneous
1232 Ahlstrom, Richard
1233 Armelagos, Swedlund, Maxwell
1234 Bishop, Ronald L.
1235 Bostwick, Todd W.
1236 Crown, Patricia
1237 Crumrine, N. Ross
1238 Ewing, J. Franklin
1239 Fast Wolf, Mary
12310 Fowler and Madsen
12311 Freilich, Morris
12312 Galinat, Walton C.
12313 Granger, Joseph E.
12314 Gregory and Wilcox
12315 Hale and Harris
12316 Hinton, Thomas B.
12317 Holland, Brenda
12318 Judge, W. James
1241 Landman and Halpern
1242 Leavitt, Charlotte [Dyer], "The Kutenai Indians" ca. 1929-1930: part 1 of 4
1243 Leavitt, Charlotte [Dyer], "The Kutenai Indians" ca. 1929-1930: part 2 of 4
1244 Leavitt, Charlotte [Dyer], "The Kutenai Indians" ca. 1929-1930: part 3 of 4
1245 Leavitt, Charlotte [Dyer], "The Kutenai Indians" ca. 1929-1930: pa1t 4 of
1246 4 Loring, Stephen
1247 Marwitt, John P.
1248 Parezo, Nancy J.
1249 Neely, James A.
12410 Rogge, Gene
12411 Ross, E. Lamar
12412 Schwartz, Douglas W.
12413 Thorbahn, Peter
12414 Ward and O'Leary
12415 Warren and Crabtree
Series 6: Research, subject, and miscellaneous files
Topics in these files indicate a wide range of interests including the history of archaeology, anthropology, and ethnology of the Southwest. Of special interest is extensive research related to arid lands, global water management, and bibliography. Materials include manuscripts collected, typed, and handwritten by both RBW and NFSW as well as 3 x 5 inch cards, 5 x 8 inch cards.
Sub-Series 1: Research, subject, and miscellaneous files
125 RBW research notes: "Near East"
125 NSFW research notes: "Comanche body terminology" and notes from her student days at Barnard and Columbia.
126 RBW research notes: "Meso-Am and Indian life-histories and Kidder and biography"
127 RBW research notes: "SW population seminar, 1961," Method and Theory, "Field Technics"
128 RBW research notes: "Method and theory" continued
129 RBW research notes: "SW Bibliography, A to H"
130 RBW research notes: "SW Bibliography, H to R"
131 RBW research notes: "Arid Lands bibliography, part 1"
132 RBW research notes: "Arid Lands bibliography, part 2"
133 5 x 8 inch cards with RBW's notes made while he was a student at Harvard, ca. 1938-1941. Includes sketches, maps, outlines, bibliography, and excerpts from readings. Some are arranged by the course number or professor's name. Typed and handwritten.
134 5 x 8 inch cards with RBW's notes for his dissertation on ground stone implements, 1940s. Includes drawings, notes, observations, and extracts from publications.
135 5 x 8 inch cards: "Notes on water control areas and localities in New World" including field notes and logs, notes on interviews, survey of historic literature on irrigation in the Southwest, b/w photographs and negatives by RBW and others, hand-drawn map
136 5 x 8 inch cards: "Arid Lands" mostly from 1959, including handwritten and typed notes, photocopies and clippings, b/w photographs from various sources including Paul Fish, maps, field notes, and summaries of conversations with informants. Note that all o
137 5 x 8 inch cards: "North American Archaeology, Southwest Archaeology and Ethnology" including handwritten and typed notes on sources.
138 5 x 8 inch cards: "Southwest archaeology and ethnology."
139 5 x 8 inch cards: "Anthropology history and theory."
0 5 x 8 inch cards: "North American archaeology, Southwest Archaeology and ethnology and Prehistoric Technology."
Sub-Series 2: General subject files
General subject files assembled by the Woodburys to support their teaching, writing, and research. Consists of clippings, magazine a1ticles, notes, and miscellaneous other paper resources, some with annotations.
1401 Adena and Hopewell archaeology
1402 Africa
1403 American Indians, general
1404 Andean archaeology
1405 Anthropology and government
1406 Anthropology theory and method
1407 Archaeological techniques
1408 Archaeology and the public
1409 Arctic ethnology
14010 Asia
14011 Athapaskan archaeology
14012 Australia
1411 Bibliographies arranged by RBW in chronological order, 1930s to 1940s
1412 Bibliographies, 1950s to 1960s
1413 Bibliographies, 1970s
1421 Castaneda, "Don Juan"
1422 Central America
1423 Chaco Canyon, publications
1424 Chaco Canyon, mapping and remote sensing
1425 Comparative and typological studies
1426 Demography
1427 Discrimination, racial, social
1428 Dogs
1429 Drugs
1431 Eastern United States ethnology
1432 Egypt
1433 Ethics and anthropology
1434 Far East
1435 Graduate education
1436 Grand Canyon archaeology
1437 Great Basin region
1438 Greece and Italy
1439 Guatemala
1441 "Guia Geologica de Oaxaca" by Tomas Barrera
1442 Harner "Aztec Sacrifice"
1443 History of anthropology
1444 History of archaeology
1445 Hohokam
1446 Housing
1451 Indians today, Southwest
1452 Inuit
1453 Interdisciplinary archaeological research
1454 Iroquois
1455 Jeddito pots
1456 Keiller, Garrison
1457 Linguistics
1458 Maps
1459 Mashpee Wampanoags
1461 Maya
1462 McGee, W. J.
1463 Mesoamerica, general
1464 Mesoamerican codices
1465 Mexico
1466 Mogollon
1471 Near East
1472 New World archaeology, general
1473 New World, "Early Man"
1474 New World origins, transatlantic
1481 New World origins, transpacific
1482 North America, Great Basin Plateau
1483 North America, Plains ethnology
1484 Northern Arizona area
1485 Northern Mexican region
1486 Olmec
1487 Pacific
1488 Pacific Coast ethnology
1491 Paleo-Indian sites
1492 Paleo-Indian, Southwest and Great Basin
1493 Paleolithic archaeology
1494 Photography
1495 Pleistocene extinctions
1496 Pollen analysis
1497 Postcards, racial types
1498 Pottery study, Southwest
1501 Pottery study, Southwest
1502 Prehistoric Britain and northern Europe
1503 Prehistoric irrigation and water systems
1504 Psychology and I.Q.
1505 Public archaeology
1506 Puebloan
1507 Rand Corporation ads from Science magazine
1511 Reburial issues
1512 Region Three Research Abstract, National Park Service, 1951-1964
1513 Research grants and proposals
1514 Rio Grande and vicinity
1515 San Juan drainage, Mesa Verde, Navajo Canyon Expedition, etc.
1516 Sapir, Edward: Poems, n.d.
1521 Social anthropology, ethnology, modern society
1522 Social sciences and federal policy
1523 South American ethnology
1524 Southwest North America, miscellaneous ethnology
1525 Southwest, syntheses and surveys
1531 Southwest United States, physiography, climate, and hydrology
1532 Southwestern-Mexican relationships
1533 Sumerian documents
1534 Table of social organization of Southwestern tribes, by Marjorie Harley, n.d.
1535 Teaching anthropology
1536 Technology, miscellaneous
1537 Theory, epistemology, part 1
1538 Theory, epistemology, part 2
1539 Tree-ring dating
1541 West Texas and Big Bend
1542 Writing and publishing
1543 Zuni
1544 Salvage archaeology, miscellaneous
1545 Indian arts and crafts, miscellaneous
1546 Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial Magazine
1547 Newsprint clippings on a variety of subjects
Sub-Series 3: Books from the Woodbury library with special associations, inscriptions, and annotations
155-155A 1918: Osborn, Henry Fairfield. Men of the old stone age: their environment, life and art. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons. Inscription: "May 16, 1937. To Dick. Did they throw stones? We may be sure of one thing - that they did not live in glass houses. DHB [Benjamin]." Bookplate of Charles H. Benjamin.
155-155A 1920: Boas, Branz. "The methods of ethnology" in American Anthropologist, vol. 22, no. 4, October-December. Signed by Richard B. Woodbury and annotated throughout.
155-155A 1931: Woolley, C. Leonard. Digging up the past. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons. Inscription: "For Richard. May 10, 1931. If you begin to 'dig up the past' please omit ours. The grandparents. CHLB [Benjamin]." Bookplate of Richard Benjamin Woodbury.
155-155A 1932: Benedict, Ruth. "Configurations of culture in North America." Offprint from American Anthropology, vol. 14, no. 1. Signed as property of R. B. Woodbury and with his pencil annotations throughout.
155-155A 1938: Murdock, George Peter. Our primitive contemporaries. New York: Macmillan Company. Inscribed "from Father, December 1939." Contains additional bibliography tipped into the book.
155-155A 1938: Densmore, Frances. "Music of Santo Domingo Pueblo, New Mexico" in Southwest Museum Papers, number 12. Annotated by Richard B. Woodbury. Rubber stamp from R. and N. Woodbury collection.
155-155A 1941: Douglas, Frederic H. and Rene D'Harnoncourt. Indian art of the United States. New York: Museum of Modern A1t. Inscribed: "Richard B. Woodbury 2/1/41."
155-155A 1947: Toynbee, Arnold J. A study of history. New York: Oxford University Press. Inscribed "R. B. Woodbury, May '47." Annotated throughout.
155-155A 1949: Montgomery, Ross Gordon, Watson Smith and John Otis Brew. Franciscan Awatovi: the excavation and conjectural reconstruction of a 17'"-centwy Spanish mission establishment at a Hopi town. Report of the Awatovi Expedition, Peabody Museum, Harvard University, Report no. 3. Inscription: "To my good friend Charlie Woodbury. J. 0. Brew."
155-155A 1954: Munsell soil color charts. Baltimore: Munsell Color Company. Accompanied by email from Richard Ahlstrom stating that the Woodburys gave him the book in the 1990s, but that much earlier they had used the book to identify soil colors from the Zuni Area.
155-155A 1954: Woodbury, Richard B. Prehistoric stone implements of Northeastern Arizona. Papers of the Peabody Museum, volume 34.
155-155A 1972: Schaafsma, Polly. The rock art of Utah from the Donald Scott Collection. Cambridge: Papers of the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology. Inscription: "2/22/72 For Dick Woodbury. With all the good wishes in the world of anthropology and with heaps of delightful Awatovi memories on the plans! Sincerely, Louise Scott."
155-155A 1975: Fiske, Turbese Lummis and Keith Lummis. Charles F. Lummis: the man and his West. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press. American Anthropologist review copy containing annotations and marginalia by RBW.
155-155A 1993: Essays in honor of Richard B. Woodbury. Edited by Dorothy Schlotthauer Krass, R. Brooke Thomas, John W. Cole. Amherst: University of Massachusetts. Research Report 28. Inscription: table of contents has the signatures and comments of all contributing authors.
155-155A 1995: Davis, Carolyn O'Bagy. Treasured earth: Hattie Cosgrove 's Mimbres archaeology in the American Southwest. Tucson: Sanpete Publications and Old Pueblo Archaeology Center. Inscription: "To Richard Woodbury, with appreciation and gratitude for your help and wonderful contribution to the book. With best regards, Carolyn O'Bagy Davis. July 1995."
155-155A 2008: David, Hester A. Remembering Awatovi: the story of an archaeological expedition in Northern Arizona, 1935-1939. Cambridge: Peabody Museum Press. Inscription: "To Dick and Nat for their friendship, and contributions that facilitated the production of this book. Hester, 26 Sept. 08."
Sub-Series 4: Zuni and other materials
1561-3 Correspondence, clippings, notes, postcards, invoices, and other miscellaneous documents found inside books in the Woodbury Library. Removed when the books from were sorted prior to Archaeological and Historical Society book sale.
1564 Zuni research, Ted Lock
1565 Zuni publications, 1940s to 1950s
1566 Zuni publications, 1960s
1567 Zuni publications, 1970 to 1990
1568 Zuni Fair, 1968
1569 Zuni Newsletter, 1969 Newspaper clippings about Zuni
Series 7: Photographic materials, personal and professional
Consists of photographic materials created by and collected by RBW and NSFW for personal and professional reasons and includes some important documentary views of archaeological field work. Includes black and white and color prints, negatives, slides, and various photographic ephemera. Subjects are related to Nathalie's and Richard's biographies, professional activities, vacations, friends, extended family, pets, and residences, 1900s to 2000s. The bulk was organized by RBW. Some items he could not classify, so he organized them under labels such as "unidentified residue." Most of these materials have been left unorganized in their original containers and many have little if any identification written on them. Quantity: 11 boxes
Sub-Series 1: Personal photographs
157 Barnard camp
157 Cambridge, 1937
157 Montreal to Gaspe Peninsula, 1937 Tomahawk, 1936 and 1937
157 Tomahawk, 1953? 1954?
157 Tucson, 1947?
157 Keur's cabin, Kent Cliffs Tucson, 1959 etc.
157 1801 residence, various years Mole End North, 1980s
157 Mole End North, .1970s Tether's End
157 Hepps, 1943-1946
157 R & N, various
157 R & N wedding
157 Quien sabe and unidentifiable residue Woodstock
158 Barnard and Chappagua, family, 1939-1940
158 Scarsdale and family
158 Columbia University
158 People, Barnard
158 New York World's Fair
158 Sampson family
159 Miscellaneous family portraits
159 World War II
159 RBW and NSFW
159 Woodbury family
159 Marian Woodbury, including early portraits
159 RBW childhood and family portraits
159 NSFW early photographs
159 Tomahawk views
160 Miscellaneous including small, pocket-sized photo albums
161 Woodbury family, 1950s-1970s
161 RBW portraits
161 NSFW portraits
161 RBW and NSFW
161 Mole End North views
161 Miscellaneous portraits of colleagues
161 Miscellaneous photographs, formerly ASM ACC 2011-250
Sub-Series 2: Professional photographs
162 Lexington and Dover, Kentucky
162 Southwest, 1953
162 Santa Fe, 1940
162 Mishongnovi and Awatovi
162 Hopi, 1947
162 Wichita Wild Life Res., Oklahoma, 1956
162 Flagstaff, 1959
162 Southwest, 1950s
162 El Morro, Hopi, and Gallup, 1956
162 Big Bend, Texas, 1961
162 Ohio archaeology (Glem1 Black, Ray Baby, RBW and NSFW)
162 Miscellaneous
163 Portales
163 Jemez, 1938-1939
163 Indiahoma, Oklahoma, 1940
163 Chaco and Gallup Ceremonial
163 Chaco, Gallup, and Durango, 1939
163 Flagstaff, Grand Canyon, Santa Fe, 1940
163 Mission, NM, Durango, Canada
163 Humboldt, Prescott, and ranch, 1940
163 Bakewell family
163 Southwest, 1947 and later
163 Clinton and Morenci, 1947
163 Mole End West and camping, 1963
163 Photo log in small notebook: Hawikuh, Obregon, Magdelen River, Hannagan Meadow and other locations (color and b/w photos are listed) followed by many b/w negatives in sleeves, 1960s
164 Tehuacan, 1964
164 Point of Pines, 1947
164 Awatovi and Michongovi, 1947
164 Miscellaneous ducplicates, Arizona water control study
165 Contact sheet and 35mm negatives of Hopi sites(?), undated
165 Places, landscapes, and objects
165 Uxmal, Antiqua
165 "Water control" Gila Bend, Mesa, Arizona, 1960-1963
165 Snaketown, 35mm slides, 1959
165 Guatemala(?), small album
166 35 mm color slides of irrigation studies, Hopi sites, pottery, Zaculeu, Atsinna, and other locations. Organized by RBW.
167 Unsorted 35 mm color slides from a wide variety of archaeological sites and projects
168 B/w photographs and negatives made by NSFW during her project to document the Hopi pottery collection at the Museum of New Mexico, 1960-1963
Series 8: Artifacts
Quantity: one box, one bag, one rolled map, and one object.
Sub-Series 1: Oversize Box
Medals and ribbons from RBW's military career and his family and AV materials.
oversize Verdun Medal from World War I. Attached is a paper label: "Sent to Cora L. Benjamin by her nephew Fred Sawtelle who was in the campaign as an engineer in the U. S. Army."
oversize Australian Commonwealth Military Forces, collar insignia, metal.
oversize US Army Good Conduct Decoration Medal and miniature ribbon with single star pin.
oversize Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal (yellow, red, white ai1d blue ribbon on metal pin)
oversize US Army Air Corp insignia Prop and Wings button
oversize US Army insignia button
oversize Richard B. Woodbury dog tag with embossed numerals 33069065 T43-44 0
oversize Reel-to-reel audiotapes for the NSFW interview by Jennifer Fox for the Daughters of the Desert project, June 1985. Transcription of the interview by Sue Ruiz and Nancy J. Parezo, 1992.
oversize 16mm motion picture film in original Kodachrome developing package with postage stamp and unreadable postmark. Possibly 1948. Note attached: "Merry Christmas Dick and Nat. To be opened, used and kept by the Sampsons till the bride and groom return." Conte
Sub-Series 2: Portfolio box
Letter po1tfolio box used to ship papers across country from Scarsdale, New York, to Tucson, Arizona via the Railway Express Agency. Preserved as an example of Woodbury record-keeping and frequent relocations.
Sub-Series 3: Plastic bag
Oversize materials are stored inside a plastic bag.
bag "Linguistic map ofN01ih America and Middle America" printed, hand-colored map with annotations possibly by RBW, 14 x 10 ½ inch, undated.
bag [award] Citizens of Shutesbury honor NSFW and RBW "for their many contributions to the community" with seal of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts,14 ½ x 11 ½ inches, 18 September 2004.
bag "Site map for Kaminaljuyu, Guatemala, based on the Carnegie contour map by Edwin Shook " Folded map 38 x 25 inches, April 1971.
bag "Chapter XXX: the seigniory of the names, its dominion, the Quiche conquest, the Spanish conquest, taken from the book 'Monografia de Huehuetenango' by Adrian Recinos " Typed manuscript originally in envelope labeled "Fuentes y Guzman" and addressed to RBW, Department of Anthropology, Columbia University
bag "A proclamation, by the president of the United States of America: Bandelier National Monument, New Mexico." Official government document with map of the area set aside for protection, 1916.
bag Greeting card (Christmas keepsake) from Ruth and Charles de Y. Elkus containing original screen print of Kachina for Bean Planting Ceremony by Fred Kabotie, 12 ¼ x 9 inches, undated.
bag Kachina [?] painting on sandpaper, 12 ½ x 7 ½ inches, unsigned, undated.
bag Marriage ce1tificate for Marion Benjamin and Charles G. Woodbury, 23 June 1909, 19 x 14 inches, with official seal of Tippencanoe County, Indiana.
Appendix A
Partial transcription from one of Richard Woodbury's commonplace books showing an example of his writing style as well as his typical subjects and interests. Note that when this was written in 1994 RBW was 77 years old. He retired from the University of Massachusetts Department of Anthropology in 1981.
January 1994 Wed 26th
Light snow all night to midday but only: 1 ½". Clearing & steadily colder - 8 degrees this morning, up to 12 degrees & now down to zero with bright full moon. Beautiful but bitter. Birds have been busy these days, never stopping. Pleased to see 2 red-breasted nuthatches - such handsome, perky birds (a pair, I hope). Some time on AAA history, but it goes so slowly. Long ph visit with Susie Skommid [?], AAA office, and she told us of the deaths of Carlyle Smith and John Westhaft [?], as well as others we didn't know. So sad. For lunch made creamed corn soup from last Sept's frozen. So good we had a modest supper of left-overs. N walked Poncho this afternoon and had such a stressful time, what with slippey underfoot and him straining at the leash, that it isn't sensible to take him out until the snow and the ice are gone.
Th 27th
At sunrise clear and minus 12, at bedtime snowing and plus 15 - but warm with fzg rain and rain expected tomorrow. Ugh! A solo trip in the morning for groceries, mainly for a beef stew, for copying a mass of Irwin [?]-Williams self-documentation for Doug Givens, for red wine for the stew, for pants at the cleaners, and the bank to deposit checks. Nothing from Jeff Bochs [?]. Doug Turner painting this afternoon, part way thru N's bedroom. Poco a poco! Bkfst at the stove in honor of the cold, or German Toast.
F 28th
Snow had changed to sleet and freezing rain during (2 ") the night with ice on every twig and pine needle, binding them all [?]: discouragingly- but mid afternoon it got warmer and all the ice melted. Up to 50 degrees! But the heavy crust of ice made the road terrible, tho Poncho and I managed a 4:30 walk and a bedtime "go across" - but he hates to get his feet wet! Still warm and dripping at bedtime. Didn't make the stew today but did make Pumpkin Bread, which came out fairly well. [drawing of low rectangular loaf shape], but not [drawing of loaf shape with high curved top]. And for dessert tonight N. made a splendid rice pudding. We live well.
Sat 29th
Still cold, but roads solid with ice with a bit of sluch on top - terrible. We were planned getting rid of several inches of ice and hard crust - but what next - same? Shoveled the path from garage to rear drive, and got some ice off the garage floor by the door - but ice, ice, ice from there out. Made a beef stew, which came out well. And N. made a fine custard. [Weather summary newspaper clipping is pasted on the journal page with annotations by RBW to clarify data.]
Sun 30th
From 18 to 28 and now 15 [degrees] - no melting and roads, as far as we've gone, awful. High Point no sand at a:11, W'ood [?] a good layer of sand in the middle, frozen and slick both sides. Our afternoon, 4:30, walk was different. We'd just inched down the drive when Mary Wilson (Bowder) and her husband came by - walking! She said I shouldn't be there, could she walk Poncho? I agreed, Poncho agreed less readily, and off they went. Much later arrived at the garage door, trailing his leash. Mrs Wilson followed - he'd refused to let her come all the way up the drive - so protective!! Long ph visit with Dana, and later with Melba - over worked, a low-grade infection (cold? Virus?), but keeping warm. May go to the campus on skis - a mile. Snow, snow, snow.
31 Jan, Mon
Still cold, temps to 20s, road (w-ood) a mass of ice with a [?] of sand and [?] - slick with hardly any sand. Walking with P. is an ordeal! Some time on AAA ms, but it goes slowly Excellent pancake bkfst, they turned out "too thick" like little brown biscuits almost, a nice innovation. Doug Turner here, finished N's bedroom. LR next, and then the kitchen. It advances but slowly.
[commonplace book continues ]