Richard and Nathalie Woodbury Papers 1890s-2010

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Series 1: RBW Biographical Materials
Series 1A: NSFW Biographical Materials
Subseries 1: Childhood, Early Life and Estates
Subseries 2: NFSW Student work: Comanche color study, ca. 1939-1949
Subseries 3: NFSW Student work: Plains culture, ca. 1940
Subseries 4: NFSW Student work Bengali folk tales, 1944-1949
Subseries 5: Gladys Amanda Reichard papers
Subseries 6: Benedict and Parsons papers
Subseries 7: Doriane Woolley McCullough papers
Subseries 8: Books from the Gladys A. Reichard Library
Series 2: Correspondence
Sub-Series 1: RBW family correspondence
Sub-Series 2: NFSW correspondence with family, friends, employers, and professional associates, 1945 to 2000s
Sub-Series 3: Correspondence between RBW and NFSW, 1947-1970s
Sub-Series 4: Early corresopndence by RBW and NFSW, 1947-1952
Sub-Series 5: General correspondence, 1950s-2000s
Series 3: Employment, Archaeology and Anthropology Projects, and Research, 1937-2000s
Sub-Series 1: NFSW Materials
Sub-Series 2: NFSW Hopi Pottery Analysis Project, Museum of Northern Arizona, 1961 to 1963
Sub-Series 3 RBW Awatovi, Harvard University, 1938-1939, 1947
Sub-Series 4: RBW Indian mounds of northwest Florida, Columbia University, 1940-1942
Sub-Series 5: RBW Upper Gila Reconnaissance, Peabody Museum
Sub-Series 6: RBW Zaculeu Project, Huehuetenango, Guatemala, United Fruit Company: 1947-1948
Sub-Series 7: Barrett Mound excavation, University of Kentucky Department of Anthropology, 1949-1952
Sub-Series 8: Columbia University Department of Anthropology, 1950s
Sub-Series 9: El Morro and Atsinna, Columbia University, 1953-1955
Sub-Series 10: University of Arizona, Arid Lands Program, 1958-1963
Sub-Series 11: General arid lands research and correspondence files compiled by RBW and NFSW while at the University of Arizona
Sub-Series 12: Tehuacan Valley, Mexico, 1963-1971
Sub-Series 13: Smithsonian Institution, 1963-1969
Sub-Series 14: Hawikuh and Zuni research, 1919-1994 (bulk 1956-1966)
Sub-Series 15: University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 1960s to 2007
Series 4: Professional activities, organizations, and travel
Sub-Series 1: Organizations
Sub-Series 2: Conferences
Sub-Series 3: Professional travel
Sub-Series 4: American Anthropological Association
Sub-Series 5: American Anthropological Association & Society for American Archaeology
Sub-Series 6: Society for American Archaeology
Sub-Series 7: American Ethnological Society
Series 5: Publications, lectures, and writings
Sub-Series 1: NFSW writings
Sub-Series 2: RBW writings
Sub-Series 3: RBW Handbook of Middle and North American Indians, 1957-1980
Sub-Series 4: RBW Awatovi, 1989-2008
Sub-Series 5: RBW Kidder
Sub-Series 6: RBW 60 Sixty years of southwestern archaeology: a history of the Pecos Conference
Sub-Series 7: RBW Reviewing, evaluating, and supporting publications and grant applications of colleagues in anthropology
Series 6: Research, subject, and miscellaneous files
Sub-Series 1: Research, subject, and miscellaneous files
Sub-Series 2: General subject files
Sub-Series 3: Books from the Woodbury library with special associations, inscriptions, and annotations
Sub-Series 4: Zuni and other materials
Series 7: Photographic materials, personal and professional
Sub-Series 1: Personal photographs
Sub-Series 2: Professional photographs
Series 8: Artifacts
Sub-Series 1: Oversize Box
Sub-Series 2: Portfolio box
Sub-Series 3: Plastic bag
Appendix A