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Works Progress Administration (WPA) Statewide Archaeological Project, 1938-1940

MS 2

Creator: Works Progress Administration (WPA next hit) Statewide Archaeological Project
Title: Works Progress Administration (previous hitWPA next hit) Statewide Archaeological Project,
Inclusive Dates: 1938-1940
Physical Description3.5 linear ft. (7 boxes)
AbstractCollection consists of reports, correspondence, personnel records, and other documentation of archaeological excavations in Arizona carried out under previous hitWPA next hit auspices, in particular the Besh-ba-gowah and Inspiration I sites.
Collection NumberMS 2
Language English.
Repository: Arizona State Museum
University of Arizona
PO Box 210026
Tucson, AZ 85721-0026
Phone: 520-621-4695
Fax: 520-621-9769

Historical Note

The Works Progress Administration, Statewide Archaeological Project was initiated in the spring of 1938 by Emil W. Haury, Department of Anthropology and the Arizona State Museum, University of Arizona. In May, 1938, the Arizona Board of Regents appointed a State Committee on Anthropology to draw up a proposal for the project and to recommend supervisory personnel for it. The committee was composed of Emil W. Haury, University of Arizona, Tucson, Chairman; Harold S. Colton, Museum of Northern Arizona, Flagstaff; Harold S. Gladwin, Gila Pueblo, Globe; Byron Cummings, Arizona State Museum, Tucson; and Odd S. Halseth, Pueblo Grande, Phoenix. The committee submitted a project proposal to the previous hitWPA next hit in June, 1938. After various bureaucratic delays and a request to rewrite the entire proposal, the previous hitWPA next hit approved the original proposal in September, 1938. It was assigned Project no. 1102. Project activities began in October, 1938, and ended in October, 1940.

The Statewide Archaeological Project, as approved by the previous hitWPA next hit, was divided into 5 subprojects with Roy Lassetter, Tucson, appointed Project Superintendent (this title varied as did all the titles on this project). Lassetter remained Project Superintendent until July 8, 1940, when he resigned to go into the Army. Irene Vickrey was then appointed Acting Project Superintendent, a position she held until the project was closed.

The subprojects were:

Subproject A, co-sponsored by the Museum of Northern Arizona
and the Arizona State Teachers' College
, Flagstaff, with Harold S. Colton as the sponsors' director. No mention is made of the State Teachers' College sponsorship except in the project proposal. John C. McGregor was the Archaeologist and Milton Wetherill was the Assistant Archaeologist on this subproject. Katharine Bartlett was also actively involved. The proposed activities of Subproject A were to prepare archaeological and ethnological material for publication; restore prehistoric pottery and prepare artifacts for exhibit; upgrade the MNA museum catalog; and excavate Winona Village and Ridge Ruin. Occasional mention is made of a Subproject A-1 located at Tuzigoot with Milton Wetherill as previous hitWPA next hit project supervisor. However, Wetherill seems to have ended up working in Flagstaff instead.

Subproject B, sponsored by the City of Phoenix
through Pueblo Grande with Odd S. Halseth as the sponsor's director. previous hitWPA next hit project supervisors or foremen were Albert H. Schroeder from October, 1938, to ca. September, 1939, and Paul Ezell from ca. September, 1939, to December, 1939. It is unclear who, if anyone, replaced Ezell when he left. Subproject B's proposed activities were to upgrade Pueblo Grande Museum
storage; conduct an Indian art project; and survey and trench prehistoric sites in the Salt River Valley.

Subproject C, sponsored by the Arizona State Museum
, University of Arizona
, with Emil W. Haury as the sponsor's director. previous hitWPA next hit project supervisor was Roy Lassetter from October, 1938 to July, 1940. It is unclear who replaced him; possibly George A. Burns, Senior Typist, was put in charge. Proposed activities of Subproject C were to prepare museum materials and manuscripts for publication; make a bibliographic survey of the library; and the preparation of skeletal material.

Subprojects D and E, co-sponsored by Gila Pueblo and the City of Globe
, with Harold S. Gladwin as the sponsors' director. Irene Vickrey was the previous hitWPA next hit supervisor. Subprojects D and E were written up separately in the project proposal but were treated as one project, called Subproject D, in the ensuing material. Proposed activities of Subproject D were the excavation and repair of significant ruins and the preparation of materials collected therefrom. The proposed activity of Subproject E was to excavate a prehistoric ruin near the Inspiration Mine. Besh-ba-gowah, Inspiration I and Inspiration II were excavated and a museum in Globe was maintained under Subprojects D and E.

There is mention of another Subproject E - this one at the Smoki Museum
in Prescott. There is no evidence in this collection that this project ever came to pass.

Funds for the Statewide Archaeological Project were expended by September 27, 1940, and the project was officially closed October 4, 1940.

Scope and Content Note

The collection relates to the administration of the Works Progress Administration, Statewide Archaeological Project, from 1938 when a State Committee of Anthropology was appointed to draw up a proposal for the project until 1940 when the project ended. The project was divided into four subprojects: Subproject A, sponsored by the Museum of Northern Arizona
, Flagstaff, and directed by Harold S. Colton; Subproject B, sponsored by Pueblo Grande and the City of Phoenix and directed by Odd S. Halseth; Subproject C, sponsored by the Arizona State Museum, Tucson, and directed by Emil W. Haury; Subproject D, sponsored by Gila Pueblo and the City of Globe and directed by Harold S. Gladwin. At the beginning of the project there was a Subproject E but it soon became incorporated with Subproject D. Material in this collection relates to the individual subprojects as well as to the project as a whole.

The goals of the project were to upgrade museum storage and cataloguing, prepare material for publication, and conduct archaeological investigations. Significant excavations were done at Winona Village and Ridge Ruin by Subproject A and at Besh-ba-gowah and Inspiration I and II by Subproject D. Field notes and other results of the work done by the Statewide Archaeological Project are not included in this collection except for two bibliographies and lists of donors, materials and books completed by Subproject C. Material on financial and personnel matters can be found in Series 1, Correspondence and Personal Memos, as well as in Series 6, Personnel Records, and Series 7, Financial Records, because that was the way the records were originally ordered. Principal correspondents are Harold S. Colton, Byron Cummings, Paul Ezell, Harold S. Gladwin, Odd S. Halseth, Emil W. Haury, Roy Lassetter, John C. McGregor, Agnes Hunt Parke, Albert H. Schroeder, and Irene S. Vickrey.


This collection consists of 7 boxes of manuscript material arranged in 12 series:
Series 1, Correspondence and Personal Memos, 1938-40;
Series 2, Project Proposals and Descriptions, 1938;
Series 3, Policies and Procedures Memos and Manual, 1938-40;
Series 4, Reports, 1938-40;
Series 5, Publicity, 1938-40;
Series 6, Personnel Records, 1938-40;
Series 7, Financial Records, 1938-40;
Series 8, Manuscripts, 1938;
Series 9, Work Completed by Subproject C, 1938-40;
Series 10, Work Completed by Subproject D, Besh-ba-gowah, 1938-39;
Series 11, Work Completed by Subproject D, Inspiration I, 1938-40;
Series 12, Miscellany.


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Conditions Governing Use

The Arizona State Museum may not own copyright to all parts of this collection. It is the responsibility of the user to obtain permission to publish from the owner of the copyright (the institution, the creator of the record, the author or his/her transferees, heirs, legates, or literary executors). The user agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Arizona Board of Regents for the University of Arizona, Arizona State Museum, its officers, employees, and agents from and against all claims made by any person asserting that he or she is an owner of copyright.

Related Material

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Access Terms

Personal Name(s)
Gladwin, Harold S. (Harold Sterling), 1883-1983
Halseth, Odd S.
Haury, Emil W. (Emil Walter), 1904-
Lassetter, Roy, Jr.
McGregor, John C. (John Charles), 1905-
Vickrey, Irene S.

Corporate Name(s)
Arizona State Museum
United States. Work Projects Administration (Ariz.)
United States. Works Progress Administration
WPA Statewide Archaeological Project (Ariz.)

Antiquities -- Southwest, New
Besh-Ba-Gowah Archaeological Park (Globe, Ariz.)
Excavations (Archaeology) -- Arizona
Hohokam culture -- Arizona
Museums -- Arizona
Pottery, prehistoric -- Arizona
Ridge Ruin (Ariz.)
Winona Village Site (Ariz.)

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Works Progress Administation (previous hitWPA next hit) Statewide Archaeological Project. MS 2. Arizona State Museum. Archives.


Publications resulting from the work of the Statewide Archaeological Project include:

Gavan, James A. 1940. "The Physical Anthropology of Besh-ba-gowah." The Kiva 6 (3):9-12.McGregor, John C. and Milton Wetherill. 1939. "Winona Village." Museum Notes 11 (7):51-54.

Vickrey, Irene S. 1939. "Besh-ba-gowah." Kiva 4 (5):19-22.

Vickrey, Irene S. 1945. "Inspiration I." Kiva 10 (3):22-28.

Vickrey, Irene. 1939. "Besh-ba-gowah: the Ancient City." Arizona Highways 15 (1):10-11, 32.

Container List

Series 1: Correspondence and Personal Memos , 1938-40
Series 1 consists of 16 folders of material arranged chronologically. The first four folders contain general correspondence and memos concerning the appointment of the State Committee on Anthropology and the committee's efforts to establish the Statewide Archaeological Project. Folders 5-9 contain general correspondence and memos dealing with personnel and financial matters, reporting procedures and the individual subprojects of the Statewide Archaeological Project. Much of the correspondence for the spring of 1939 dealt with the possible termination of Irene Vickrey. The establishment of a subproject in Yavapai County was discussed at length during the winter and spring of 1940. Principal correspondents found in the material in folders 1-9 were Harold S. Colton, Byron Cummings, Harold S. Gladwin, Odd S. Halseth, Emil W. Haury, Roy Lassetter, John C. McGregor, Agnes Hunt Parke, Albert H. Schroeder, and Irene S. Vickrey.
The correspondence and memos in the remaining seven folders are divided by subproject: Subproject A, 1 folder; Subproject B, 3 folders; Subproject C, 1 folder, and Subproject D and E, 2 folders. This correspondence was primarily between the subproject personnel and Roy Lassetter, the Project Superintendent. Most of it deals with personnel matters and reporting procedures. Topics specific to the individual subprojects are:
Subproject A, Winona Village, Ridge Ruin, and the employment of Milton Wetherill. Principal correspondents were Katharine Bartlett, Harold S. Colton, Emil W. Haury, Roy Lassetter, John C. McGregor and Agnes Hunt Parke;
Subproject B, personnel conflicts and possible misuse of public funds. Principal correspondents were Paul Ezell, Odd S. Halseth, Emil W. Haury, Roy Lassetter and Albert H. Schroeder;
Subproject C, personnel matters and reporting procedures only. Roy Lassetter was supervisor of this subproject as well as the Project Superintendent;
Subproject D, Besh-ba-gowah and Inspiration I and II. Principal correspondents were Emil W. Haury, Roy Lassetter, Agnes Hunte Parke and Irene S. Vickrey.
11 General, Apr.-Jun. 1938
12 General, Jul. 1938
13 General, Aug. 1938
14 General, Sep. 1938
15 General, Oct.-Nov. 1938
16 General, Dec. 1938-Feb. 1939
17 General, Mar.-May 1939
18 General, Jun.-Sep. 1939
19 General, Oct. 1939-Sep. 1940
110 Subproject A, 1938-40
111 Subproject B, Oct. 1938-May 1939
212 Subproject B, Jun-Nov. 1939
213 Subproject B, Dec. 1939-Aug. 1940
214 Subproject C, 1938-39
215 Subproject D and E, 1938-39
216 Subproject D, 1940
Series 2: Project Proposals, Descriptions and Applications, 1938
Series 2 includes 2 undated (and different) project proposals for the Statewide Archaeological Project, an undated organizational chart for the project, a description of Subproject A, and a description of other projects under the previous hitWPA next hit, Division of Professional and Service Projects.
217 Statewide Archaeological Project Proposal, undated"Item 27" (description of project), undatedOrganizational chart, undatedProject description card, undatedInstructions for writing a proposal for the previous hitWPA next hit, Professional Service Division, undatedPage 3 of previous hitWPA next hit form 301, undatedSubproject A description, undatedField instructions, Museum of Northern Arizona, undatedApplication to excavate Winona Village, 1938Description of other projects under the previous hitWPA next hit, Division of Professional and Services Projects, undated
Series 3: Policies and Procedures Memos and Manual, 1938-40
Series 3 contains 13 sets of numbered memos as well as general memos. The memos deal with reporting procedures, holidays, overtime, pep talks, payroll, personnel and other administrative details. Also included is an undated procedures manual from the Division of Employment Assignment. This material is divided by type of memorandum and arranged chronologically within each type.
218 "To all employees", 1939-40
219 To timeskeepers and supervisory personnel, 1938-40
220 To subproject personnel, "General Letters", "Foreman Letters", 1938-40 1939-40 1940
221 "Information Service Letters", "Memoranda," , 1940 1938-39
222 "Operating Procedure Memoranda," "Professional and Service Letters," , 1938 1940
223 "State Administrator's Orders," series S, "State Administrator's Orders," series W, "State Office Bulletins," , 1939-40 1938-40 1939-40
324 "Timeskeeper's Letters," "Timeskeeper's Special Orders," "Work Calendar for Arizona," "previous hitWPA next hit Safety Bulletin," , 1940 1940 1938-40 1940
325 Division of Employment Assignment Procedure (manual), undated
Series 4: Reports, 1938-40
Series 4 contains quarterly progress reports from the State Committee on Anthropology, the Statewide Archaeological Project, and each of the subprojects. It also contains monthly progress reports and inventory reports from the Statewide Archaeological Project and each of the subprojects, weekly labor reports from the Statewide Archaeological Project, and internal reports from Subprojects C and D. The Subproject A quarterly progress reports and the Subproject C quarterly and monthly progress reports series are incomplete. This material is arranged by creator and type of report.
326 State Committee of Anthropology. Quarterly reports, 1938, 1940
327 Statewide Archaeological Project. Quarter annual reports, 1938-40
328 Statewide Archaeological Project. Monthly progress reports, 1938-40
329 Statewide Archaeological Project. Quarter annual inspection trip, Statewide Archaeological Project. Weekly labor reports, Statewide Archaeological Project. Reports of inventory and property movement, Jun. 1939 1939-40 1939-40
330 Subproject A. Quarterly reports, Subproject A. Monthly progress reports, Subproject A. Reports of inventory and property movement, 1939-40 1938-40 1939-40
331 Subproject B. Quarterly reports, 1938-40
332 Subproject B. Monthly progress reports, 1938-40
333 Subproject B. Reports of inventory and property movement, 1939
334 Subproject C. Quarterly reports, Subproject C. Monthly progress reports, Subproject C. Reports of inventory and property movement, Subproject C. Project summary, Subproject C. Project notebook, Subproject C. Accomplishment report, Subproject C. Tree-ring Laboratory report, Subproject C. Museum storeroom report, Subproject C. Work report - cataloguing, Subproject C. Report on file work, 1940 1938-40 1939-40 Oct. 1938-May 1939 Oct. 1938-Oct. 1940 1938-40 Dec. 1938 Jan. 1940 undated undated
435 Subproject D. Quarterly reports, Subproject D and E. Monthly progress reports, Subproject D. Reports of inventory and property movement, Subproject D. Inspection trip, Subproject D. Unidentified, 1939-40 1938-40 1939-40 Nov. 1938 undated
Series 5: Publicity, 1938-40
Series 5 consists primarily of material about general previous hitWPA next hit activities but also includes news releases on excavations by Subproject A at Ridge Ruin, a brochure on Besh-ba-gowah, clippings from the Globe newspaper, and a list of articles that appeared in the Tucson newspapers. This material is arranged chronologically.
436 "Misconceptions concerning the previous hitWPA next hit Program." "previous hitWPA next hit summarizes accomplishments in three years operations." "Burial vault near Flagstaff gives up priceless artifacts", "Rich prehistoric burial vault excavated." (with cover letter) Burns, George E. Untitled, "previous hitWPA next hit completes accomplishment report with health and education services reaching millions; conservation activities reviewed." "Report of activity on projects of the Professional and Service Division and related work by Division of Operations. Arizona summary", 1939 1939 1939 Aug. 24, 1939 1939 1940 1940
437 "This work pays your community." "Rich prehistoric burial vault excavated." (with cover letter) State Committee of Anthropology. "previous hitWPA next hit aids archaeological research." State Committee of Anthropology. "Federal aid in Arizona archaeology." "Uncle Sam - archaeologist." Clippings from Globe, Arizona (?) newspaper, , List of articles in Arizona Star and Tucson Citizen, Tucson, Arizona, Besh-ba-gowah brochure, 1940 Oct. 1, 1940 undated undated undated 1938 undated 1938 undated
Series 6: Personnel Records, 1938-40
Series 6 contains the applications and resumes of the people who applied for supervisory positions on the Statewide Archaeological Project and notifications of approval or disapproval of these applications by the State Committee on Anthropology. This material is arranged according to the committee's master list, which is included. Applications, resumes, and approvals for individuals whose names do not appear on the master list are arranged alphabetically by person. Also included in this series are incomplete records for most of the project personnel of personnel actions such as orders to report for work, reclassifications, and terminations. This material is arranged alphabetically. Subproject time sheets, arranged chronologically, are also included as well as job descriptions and analyses, wage charts, and lists of job titles and personnel on the project.
438 "Suggested titles and classifications for archaeological projects." Job descriptions, previous hitWPA next hit interviewers (list of), Labor breakdown, Statewide Archaeological Project, Schedule of monthly wage rates, List of workers on Project No. 1102, Subproject A. Job analyses, Subproject C. Job analyses, Subproject D. Job analyses, Requisitions for workers, Workers assigned to Subproject B as of , undated undated undated undated Sep. 1, 1939 undated undated undated undated 1939-40 November 30, 1939
439 Applications to and approvals by the State Committee of Anthropology for: , 1938-39
Roy LassetterIrene VickreyMilton WetherillEdward T. HallJean McQuirtNancy PinkleyWilliam DuffenJan BurdonAlbert H. SchroederGertrude HillJohn DorshFlorence ConnellyCecil D. EmmonsPaul EzellAlfred PetersonElizabeth Boies HagbergA.B. PinkleyArnold W. Withers
440 Personnel actions for A-F: , 1938-40
Anderson, Oney, Jr.Binkley, JoeBixby, Hugh C.Boyle, Carmen F.Brady, Estelle L.Burns, George A.Burns, George E.Carruth, Earl J.Castillo, TimateoCeli, MannyChambers, Elizabeth Y.Chapman, Andrew F.Clark, SamuelCrowe, Ira S.Dawson, Willis B.Edwards, FultonEstes, Lloyd M.Ezell, PaulFoote, Chester H.French, Bernard I.Fuentes, L.H.
441 Personnel actions for G-J: , 1938-40
Godbout, Francis A.Goddu, Dana W.Goodner, JophaGreen, Albert T.Greger, PhilGriggs, John W.Griner, LorenaHallquist, Fred E.Herman, George C.Hitt, Beatrice M.Hodges, Clarence E.Howarth, ThomasJames, Edgar A.Jones, Charles E.Joyce, Jack J.
442 Personnel actions for K-P: , 1938-40
Kelly, AudieKrueger, MargaretLaHaie, WilfredLassetter, Roy, Jr.Lawrence, NathanLeazotte, BertLedesma, Joe R.Lucas, Woodrow W.McClure, Robert W.McCullough, John R.MacGleazen, JerylleMcIntyre, Arnold H.Malone, Robert H.Massey, Van R.Maxwell, Joseph M.Messner, Harvey C.Moore, Thomas N.Muse, Samuel L.Musgrave, Floyd D.Myers, Carl A.Neal, Homer F.Neston, Victor E.Olson, OtooPatrick, Frank V.Perkins, LucillePerry, VirginiaPicco, Thomas M.
443 Personnel actions for R-W:, 1938-40
Rayburn, Ivy S.Richardson, Henry J.Riley, William B.Rolston, John J.Ross, VincentSchoen, Edward D.Schroeder, Albert H.Sims, CarlSpafford, William H.Speese, AgnesStayton, William H.Stephens, CurtisStrange, Charles R.Sullivan, GroverTewksbury, VincentTurner, Nina S.Tyson, ElizabethUpshaw, Berrien K.Van Brunt, LafayetteVincent, Ferel R.Wessels, Myrtilla A.Wetherill, MiltonWhitehead, Emmon T.Williams, AlbertWomacks, Thomas W.Wray, Heather S.
444 Subproject A time sheets, Subproject B time sheets, 1940 1938, 1940
Stored in Oversize (both items)

445 Subproject C time sheets, 1938-40
Stored in Oversize

Series 7: Financial Records, 1938-40
Series 7 consists of "Project Financial Status Reports" for the entire project and the expenditures of the sponsors of each subproject (previous hitWPA next hit form 710 and 710a). This material is arranged chronologically.
446 Project financial status reports, 1938-40
447 Subproject A. Sponsor's expenditures, 1938-40
448 Subproject B. Sponsor's expenditures, 1938-40
549 Subproject C. Sponsor's expenditures, Oct. 1938-Aug. 1939
550 Subproject C. Sponsor's expenditures, Sep. 1939-Oct. 1940
551 Subproject D. Sponsor's expenditures, 1938-40
552 Partial summaries of forms 710 and 710a (Sponsor's expenditures), Miscellaneous encumbrances, 1938-39 1939
Series 8: Manuscripts, 1938
Series 8 contains a manuscript by Emil W. Haury, "A report on excavations at Ariz. P:16:1, a pit house village on Forestdale Creek, Arizona. June 15-August 8, 1938."
553 Haury, Emil W. "A report on excavations at Ariz. P:16:1, a pit house village on Forestdale Creek, Arizona. June 15-Aug. 8, 1938." , undated
Series 9: Work Completed by Subproject C, 1938-40
Series 9 contains an untitled bibliography (on tree-rings?), a "Papago bibliography", and lists of the museum's donors, of books in the Seminar Library, of locations of artifacts, and of catalog cards for which no corresponding artifacts could be found.
554 Untitled bibliography (tree-rings?), undated
555 "Papago bibliography." "Donors, State Museum." "Classified list of file cards which were not successfully checked against museum items." "Index storeroom separations." , 1938 1938 1938 1940
556 "List of all articles in cedar box in storeroom." "Storeroom separations." "Seminar Library." (shelf list) "Number of pieces marked." (artifact cataloguing?) , undated undated undated undated
557 A cross index of all ethnological material exclusive of pottery, A cross index of all ethnological pottery, A cross index of a portion of the prehistoric Southwest Indian material, A cross index of all prehistoric pottery, undated 1940 1940 1940
558 Supplement. Bone materials, Flint and obsidian items, also quartz crystals, A list of stone items arranged as to location, description..., Miscellaneous, A cross index of material listed in the files of the Arizona State Museum which could not be accounted for or which could not be identified, undated undated 1940 1938 1938
559 Items originating in the U.S. ..., A cross index...material having its origin in Mexico, Materials in the Arizona State Museum originating outside of the U.S., A list of items lost, stolen or destroyed, Lost or misplaced loans, A cross index of material...of which a permanent disposal has been made, Items permanently out of the museum, University of Arizona Museum, gifts and loans in , undated 1940 undated 1938 undated 1940 1942 1916
660 Donors and loans, State Museum, Materials received from various sources by exchange, Purchase, State Museum, Expeditions or field trips, State Museum, 1938 1938 1938 1938
Series 10: Work Completed by Subproject D, Besh-ba-gowah, 1938-39
Series 10 contains descriptions of room features, material associations, and trench features; numerous grave reports; a laboratory report summarizing work carried out on pottery and other artifacts; and lists of artifacts correlated with original location.
661-62 Room features and material assoc., Trench features
663-66 Grave reports
667 Burials; Curation; Lab work summary
668 Artifact list
Series 11: Work Completed by Subproject D, Inspiration I, 1938-40
Series 11 consists primarily of a draft version of a report on the project. It also contains field notes of pithouse measurements and associated material; pithouse excavation records and notes; an artifact catalog, burial records, and reports on regional industrial history, including the Miami Copper Company and the Roosevelt Dam; artifact descriptions, ceramic and tree-ring analysis, and painted sketches of pots and sherds.
769 House measurements and assoc. material
770 Pottery notes; Pithouses
771 Artifact catalog; Burial records; Industrial history
772 Artifact descriptions
773 Ceramic analysis
774 Misc. analysis; Sketches
775-77 Report draft
Series 12: Miscellany
Series 12 contains travel documents, 1939, and samples of previous hitWPA next hit forms.
778 Travel documents, 1939
779 Sample previous hitWPA forms