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Inventory of the Edward H. and Rosamond B. Spicer Papers, 1911-2000 (bulk 1937-1988)

MS 5

Creator: Spicer, Edward Holland, 1906- Spicer, Rosamond B.
Title: Papers of Edward H. and Rosamond B. Spicer,
Inclusive Dates: 1911-2000 (bulk 1937-1988)
Quantity: 71 linear feet
Abstract:Collection consists of correspondence, research, ephemera, photographs, articles, and other publications written or collected by Edward H. Spicer.
Identification: MS 5
Language: English.
Repository: Arizona State Museum
University of Arizona
PO Box 210026
Tucson, AZ 85721-0026
Phone: 520-621-2970
Fax: 520-621-2976

Biographical Note

Edward (Ned) H. Spicer (1906-1983) was a noted cultural anthropologist, member of the National Academy of Sciences, former president of the American Anthropological Association (1972), Guggenheim fellow, and University of Arizona professor emeritus. He received his bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Arizona in 1932 and his Ph.D. in anthropology from the University of Chicago in 1939. He is the author of numerous books, including: Pascua, a Yaqui Village in Arizona (1940), Cycles of Conquest: The Impact of Spain, Mexico, and the United States on the Indians of the Southwest, 1533-1960 (1962), Impounded People; Japanese-Americans in the Relocation Centers (1969) and The Yaquis: A Cultural History (1980).

Spicer worked extensively with the Yaqui Indians of Old Pascua Village and with the U.S. War Relocation Authority during WWII. He taught anthropology at the University of Arizona from 1939-41 and 1946-1978 and he received the UA Foundation’s Creative Teaching Award the Tucson Trade Bureau’s Faculty Achievement Award. He also excavated the Tuzigoot ruins in the Verde Valley, Arizona and helped establish it as a national monument.

Spicer married Rosamond Spicer (nee Brown) (1913-1999) in 1936 and they shared a life of research and companionship. Rosamond was a noted cultural anthropologist, writer, mother, artist and community activist. She received her bachelor’s degree with honors in archaeology from Northwestern University in 1934 and her master’s degree in anthropology from the University of Chicago in 1938. She coauthored with Alice Joseph and Jane Chesky, The Desert People: A Study of the Papago Indians (1949), edited People of Pascua (1988), and edited Performing the Renewal of Community: Indigenous Easter Rituals in North Mexico and Southwest United States (1997). She was also assistant editor for the journal, American Anthropologist (1960-62), research associate for the Guggenheim Foundation and senior research fellow with the Wenner Gren Foundation. Rosamond was a member of the research society, Sigma Xi, and a fellow of the American Anthropological Society. She was also active in many Tucson organizations including, the Tucson Council for Civic Unity, Tucson Community School, and Tucson-Pima County Historical Commission. Both Edward and Rosamond were active in the establishment of the Fort Lowell Historic District; they founded the Old Fort Lowell Neighborhood Association.

Scope and Content

Collection consists of correspondence, research, ephemera, photographs, articles, and other publications written or collected by Edward H. Spicer. The War Relocation Authority series contains detailed information on individual relocation centers such as Poston, Arizona and Manzanar, California. The Edward H. Spicer Publications, Courses, and Professional Materials series include various materials relating to his life and career. The collection also includes detailed materials on Native peoples of the Southwest including specific tribes, such as the Yaqui. Arizona State Museum's related and accession numbers associated with this collection are: Series I, AP 89-99; Series II, AP 90-116; Series III, AP 91-10; Series IV, AP 91-42; Series V, AP 91-80; Series VI, ASM ACC 92-124; Series VII, ASM ACC 94-92, Series VIII, ASM ACC 2000-175.


This collection is organized into eight series.
Series I. Edward H. Spicer Publications,1936-1988
Series II. War Relocation Authority,1942-1984 (Bulk 1942-1948)
Series III. Edward H. Spicer Courses,1930-1978
Series IV. Professional Materials,1930-1987 (Bulk 1939-1977)
Series V. Ethnic Groups,1911-1980 (Bulk 1940-1975)
Series VI. Pascua Yaqui Office of Economic Opportunity,1960-1981
Series VII. Correspondence,1936-2000 (Bulk 1940-1977)
Series VIII. Yaqui Files.1935-1995 (Bulk 1939-1988)


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Conditions Governing Use

The Arizona State Museum may not own copyright to all parts of this collection. It is the responsibility of the user to obtain permission to publish from the owner of the copyright (the institution, the creator of the record, the author or his/her transferees, heirs, legates, or literary executors). The user agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Arizona Board of Regents for the University of Arizona, Arizona State Museum, its officers, employees, and agents from and against all claims made by any person asserting that he or she is an owner of copyright.

Controlled Access Terms

Personal Name(s)
Spicer, Edward Holland, 1906
Spicer, Rosamond B.

Corporate Name(s)
Manzanar War Relocation Center
United States. -- War Relocation Authority
University of Arizona. -- Dept. of Anthropology

Geographic Name(s)
Pascua Village (Ariz.)

Apache Indians
Indians of North America -- Cultural assimilation -- Southwest, New
Indians of North America -- Southwest, New
Japanese Americans Evacuation and relocation, 1942-1945
Mayo Indians
Minorities -- Southwest, New
Opata Indians
Pima Indians
Tohono O'Odham Indians
Yaqui Indians -- Government relations
Yaqui Indians -- History
Yaqui Indians -- Rites and ceremonies
Yuma Indians

Genre Form(s)

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Edward H. and Rosamond B. Spicer Papers. MS 5. Arizona State Museum. Archives.

Container List

Series I: Edward H. Spicer Publications, 1936-1988
General Publications
A1Cycles of Conquest: Reprint from Cycles. Introduction and Chapter 19.
A2Cycles of Conquest: commendatory letters, reviews, UA press reports.
A3Cycles of Conquest: Reviews.
A4Cycles of Conquest: Southwestern Library Association Book Award., 1964
A5Cycles of Conquest: Miscellaneous references to.
A6Cycles of Conquest: Copies of cartographic material from various sources.
A7Cycles of Conquest: Plans for research and writing.
A8Cycles of Conquest: Introduction drafts and notes.
A9Cycles of Conquest: Tarahumaras, Chapter 2 drafts and notes.
A10Cycles of Conquest: Mayos and Yaquis.
Most material in the Yaqui file.
A11Cycles of Conquest: Lower Pimas and Opatas.
A12Cycles of Conquest: Upper Pimas and Papagos, Chapter 6, drafts.
A13Cycles of Conquest: Western Apaches, Chapter 10, draft.
A14Cycles of Conquest: Eastern Pueblo, notes and research.
A15Cycles of Conquest: Yumas, notes.
A16Cycles of Conquest: Spanish Culture, notes.
A17Cycles of Conquest: The Spanish Program, notes.
A18Cycles of Conquest: Mexican Program, notes and draft.
A19Cycles of Conquest: Bearers of Anglo Culture, notes.
A20Cycles of Conquest: Anglo Program, notes.
A21Cycles of Conquest: Part III: Results of Contact. Chapter 1.
A22Cycles of Conquest: Language changes, notes and draft.
A23Cycles of Conquest: Part III: Results of Contact. Changes in social organization.
A24Cycles of Conquest: Part III: Results of Contact. Religious differentiation.
A25Cycles of Conquest: Part III: Economics and Material Culture.
A26Cycles of Conquest: Part IV: General Processes.
A27Cycles of Conquest: Final typed drafts: Chapter 2.
A28Cycles of Conquest: Final typed drafts: Chapter 6.
A29Cycles of Conquest: Final typed drafts: Chapters 7-9.
A30Cycles of Conquest: Final typed drafts: Chapter 11.
A31Cycles of Conquest: Final typed drafts: Part II, Chapters 12-14.
A32Cycles of Conquest: Final typed drafts: Part II, Chapters 15-17.
A33Cycles of Conquest: Final typed drafts: Chapter 18, Part IV, Chapter 19.
A34Cycles of Conquest: Final typed drafts: Part III, Chapter 19.
A35Cycles of Conquest: Final typed drafts: Chapter 20, Part IV.
A36Cycles of Conquest: Bibliography.
B1Pascua, A Yaqui Village in Arizona: Reviews and correspondence regarding finances, reprinting., 1944-1985
B2Potam, A Yaqui Village in Sonora: Correspondence. , 1950-1954
B3Potam, A Yaqui Village in Sonora: Xerox copy of complete memoir.
B4Human Problems in Technological Change: A Casebook: Correspondence. , 1949-1974
B5Human Problems in Technological Change: A Casebook: Notes from a lecture by?
B6Human Problems in Technological Change: A Casebook: Articles and notes.
B7Human Problems in Technological Change: A Casebook: Outlines, notes, case studies, draft introduction, and Part IV.
B8Human Problems in Technological Change: A Casebook: Case studies and articles.
B9Human Problems in Technological Change: A Casebook: Drafts of front material.
B10Human Problems in Technological Change: A Casebook. The Spanish Americans of New Mexico, U.S.A.
B11Human Problems in Technological Change: A Casebook: Questions asked about, and information about several Navajo and Papago Cases.
B12Human Problems in Technological Change: A Casebook: Reports and articles.
B13Human Problems in Technological Change: A Casebook: Reviews.
B14Human Problems in Technological Change: A Casebook: 1954 Edition changes.
B15Human Problems in Technological Change: A Casebook: Paperback Edition.
B16International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences: Correspondence, articles, and table of contents.
B17Encyclopedia Britannica: Correspondence.
EHS enlarged article on Papago and added one on Acculturation.
C1Comparative social institutions text: correspondence, outline, and chapter 1.
C2Warner Modular Publications, Inc. , 1973
C3Schriftfest for Sol Tax: Correspondence. , 1975.
C4Plural society in the Southwest: Correspondence., 1968-1978
C5Plural society in the Southwest: Weatherhead Conference., August 24-28, 1970
C6Plural society in the Southwest: EHS diary, references, clippings, etc.
C7Plural society in the Southwest: Correspondence regarding publication and reviews and page proofs.
C8Plural society in the Southwest: Drafts, page proofs, and notes.
C9Plural society in the Southwest: Some reviews.
C10Ethnic medicine in the Southwest: Correspondence. , 1973-1988
C11Ethnic medicine in the Southwest: Memorandum of agreement and author report worksheets.
C12Ethnic medicine in the Southwest: Notes, introduction, and bibliography.
C13Ethnic medicine in the Southwest: Contents, front material, introduction, and bibliography.
C14Ethnic medicine in the Southwest: Introduction, first draft.
C15Ethnic medicine in the Southwest: Press letter and reviews.
C16Ethnic medicine in the Southwest: Edited material from taped interviews.
C17Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups: Announcement, project description, catalogue of ethnic groups stage 1, revised draft, edited transcript.
C18Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups: Correspondence and reviews. , 1974-1981
C19Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups: Notes and maps.
C20Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups: Notes.
C21Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups: American Indians outline and draft.
C22Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups: American Indians draft and bibliography.
C23Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups: Partial sections of American Indians and bibliography.
C24Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups: Related articles by others.
C25Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups: Related articles by others.
D1Perspectives in southwest Indian culture change: Correspondence., 1956-1968
D2Perspectives in southwest Indian culture change: Correspondence. , 1959-1975
D3Perspectives in southwest Indian culture change: Drafts and notes, Yaqui bibliography.
D4Perspectives in southwest Indian culture change: Reviews.
D5Six faces of Mexico: Memorandum and correspondence. , 1963-1977
D6Six faces of Mexico: Review.
D7Handbook of Middle American Indians: Announcement and instructions.
D8Handbook of Middle American Indians: Maps, correspondence, articles.
D9Impounded people: Memorandum of Agreement. , 1967
D10Impounded people: Correspondence and articles.
D11Impounded people: Reviews.
D12Impounded people: Reviews.
D13Impounded people: Notes and drafts.
D14A short history of the Indians of the United States: Correspondence and requests to reprint printed material. , 1966-1970
D15A short history of the Indians of the United States: Author suggestions, correspondence, and blurbs.
D16A short history of the Indians of the United States: Notes.
D17A short history of the Indians of the United States: Outline and notes.
D18A short history of the Indians of the United States: Original drafts and notes: Part 1, chapter 1.
D19A short history of the Indians of the United States: Original drafts and notes: part 1, chapter 2.
D20A short history of the Indians of the United States: Original drafts and notes: Part 1, chapter 3.
D21A short history of the Indians of the United States: Original drafts and notes: Part 1, chapter 4.
D22A short history of the Indians of the United States: Original drafts and notes: Part 1, chapter 5.
D23A short history of the Indians of the United States: Complete final draft: Part 1.
D24A short history of the Indians of the United States: Documents, drafts, notes: Part 2.
D25A short history of the Indians of the United States: Galley proofs: Part 1 and 2.
D26A short history of the Indians of the United States: The long arm of bureaucracy. Two pages never included or completed.
E1The Yaquis: a cultural history: Proposal, outline, bibliography, and budget.
E2The Yaquis: a cultural history: Correspondence and memos with UA Press and RHT. , 1969-1984
E3The Yaquis: a cultural history: Comments and reviews.
E4The Yaquis: a cultural history: Notes and summary.
E5The Yaquis: a cultural history: Table of contents drafts.
E6The Yaquis: a cultural history: Maps, table of contents, and photograph lists.
E7The Yaquis: a cultural history: Miscellaneous references.
E8The Yaquis: a cultural history: References cited.
E9The Yaquis: a cultural history: Notes and references, chapters 1-6.
E10The Yaquis: a cultural history: Illustration lists.
E11The Yaquis: a cultural history: Drafts of dedication, acknowledgments, and preface.
E12The Yaquis: a cultural history: Draft of prologue, article, and notes.
E13The Yaquis: a cultural history: Chapter 1: Drafts and notes.
E14The Yaquis: a cultural history: Chapter 1: Drafts and notes.
E15The Yaquis: a cultural history: Chapter 1: Drafts with corrections, references cited.
E16The Yaquis: a cultural history: Chapter 1: Xerox of original typing.
E17The Yaquis: a cultural history: Chapter 1: Draft, with corrections and changes.
E18The Yaquis: a cultural history: Chapter 1: Selections of chapter.
E19The Yaquis: a cultural history: Chapter 2: Drafts, notes, clipping, and comments.
E20The Yaquis: a cultural history: Chapter 2: Draft and notes.
E21The Yaquis: a cultural history: Chapter 2: Xerox of original typing.
E22The Yaquis: a cultural history: Chapter 2: Draft with corrections.
E23The Yaquis: a cultural history: Chapter 3: Notes and draft.
E24The Yaquis: a cultural history: Chapter 3: Notes and draft.
E25The Yaquis: a cultural history: Chapter 3: Corrected draft.
E26The Yaquis: a cultural history: Chapter 3: Xerox copy of original.
E27The Yaquis: a cultural history: Chapter 3: Draft with corrections, comments by Gorman.
E28The Yaquis: a cultural history: Chapter 3: Draft with corrections.
E29The Yaquis: a cultural history: Letter from Art Gallaher, article, and notes.
E30The Yaquis: a cultural history: Chapter 4: Notes, draft, and Yaqui poetry.
E31The Yaquis: a cultural history: Chapter 4: Notes and article by T. Robert Broughton.
E32The Yaquis: a cultural history: Chapter 4: Xerox of original typing.
E33The Yaquis: a cultural history: Chapter 4: Corrected drafts.
E34The Yaquis: a cultural history: Chapter 4: Corrected draft.
F1The Yaquis: a cultural history:Chapter 5: Notes and early drafts.
F2The Yaquis: a cultural history: Chapter 5: Notes, references, comments by Gorman.
F3The Yaquis: a cultural history: Chapter 5: Early drafts wit corrections.
F4The Yaquis: a cultural history: Chapter 5: Xerox of original.
F5The Yaquis: a cultural history: Chapter 6: Original and Xerox.
An early version of chapter 6.
F6The Yaquis: a cultural history: Chapter 6: Charts, notes, and article by Tom Sheridan.
F7The Yaquis: a cultural history: Chapter 6: Notes, draft and xerox with corrections, memo, correspondence.
F8The Yaquis: a cultural history: Chapter 6: Notes, and drafts with corrections.
F9The Yaquis: a cultural history: Chapter 6: Notes and draft.
F10The Yaquis: a cultural history: Chapter 6: Draft with corrections.
F11The Yaquis: a cultural history: Thoughts about an introduction or coda.
F12The Yaquis: a cultural history: Chapter 7: Draft, notes, article, letter, and comments.
F13The Yaquis: a cultural history: Chapter 7: Draft with corrections, original and xerox.
F14The Yaquis: a cultural history: Chapter 1 as submitted to UA press, notes and references.
F15The Yaquis: a cultural history: Chapter 2 as submitted to UA Press, notes and references.
F16The Yaquis: a cultural history: Chapter 3 as submitted to UA Press, notes and references.
F17The Yaquis: a cultural history: Chapter 4 as submitted to UA Press, notes and references.
F18The Yaquis: a cultural history: Chapter 5 as submitted to UA Press, notes and references.
F19The Yaquis: a cultural history: Chapter 6 as submitted to UA Press, notes and references.
F20The Yaquis: a cultural history: Chapter 7 as submitted to UA Press, notes and references.
F21The Yaquis: a cultural history: References cited as submitted to UA Press.
F22The Yaquis: a cultural history: Chapter 1 as edited by UA Press.
F23The Yaquis: a cultural history: Chapter 2 as edited by UA Press.
F24The Yaquis: a cultural history: Chapter 3as edited by UA Press.
F25The Yaquis: a cultural history: Chapter 4 as edited by UA Press.
F26The Yaquis: a cultural history: Chapter 5 as edited by UA Press.
F27The Yaquis: a cultural history: Chapter 6 as edited by UA Press.
F28The Yaquis: a cultural history: Chapter 7 as edited by UA Press.
F29The Yaquis: a cultural history: Notes to the chapters as edited by UA Press.
F30The Yaquis: a cultural history: References as edited by UA Press.
G1People of Pascua: Correspondence with UA Press. , 1938-1989
G2People of Pascua: Publicity materials.
G3People of Pascua: Early comments.
G4People of Pascua: Readers' reviews for UA Press.
G5People of Pascua: Various versions of dedication - Rosamond B. Spicer.
G6People of Pascua: Various table of contents - EHS and RBS.
G7People of Pascua: Photocopies of possible photos for use and captions.
G8People of Pascua: Working maps, notes, and genealogies.
G9People of Pascua: Small maps and genealogies used by UA Press.
G10People of Pascua: Preface, draft, and RBS notes.
G11People of Pascua: Drafts of Living in pascua - RBS.
G12People of Pascua: Materials for Kay Sands' epilogue.
G13People of Pascua: Difference drafts of Sands' epilogue or afterward.
G14People of Pascua: Footnotes by chapter.
G15People of Pascua: References with corrections and RBS notes.
G16People of Pascua: Drafts of acknowledgments.
G17People of Pascua: Print out of RBS computer directory, with various notes.
The computer directory includes a corrected final copy.
G18People of Pascua: Archives list of drafts, with page numbers.
G19People of Pascua: Third draft, Part I.
G20People of Pascua: Third draft, Part II.
G21People of Pascua: Third draft, Part III.
G22People of Pascua: Third draft, Part I. With editing by Kay Sands and Roz Spicer.
G23People of Pascua: Third draft, Part II. With editing by Kay Sands and Roz Spicer.
G24People of Pascua: Third draft, Part III. With editing by Kay Sands and Roz Spicer.
G25People of Pascua: Drafts, letter, and articles.
G26People of Pascua: Drafts and references.
G27People of Pascua: Part I: Complete draft.
G28People of Pascua: Part 2: Complete draft.
G29People of Pascua: Part III: Complete draft.
G30People of Pascua: Part I: Final copy with editing by Pat Shelton of UA Press.
G31People of Pascua: Part II: Final copy with editing by Pat Shelton of UA Press.
G32People of Pascua: Part III: Final copy with editing by Pat Shelton of UA Press.
Page proofs are in front of Box H.
H1People of Pascua: Page proof marked for indexing.
H2With good heartby Muriel Thayer Painter: Correspondence. , 1976-1981
H3With good heartby Muriel Thayer Painter: Preliminary table of contents, introduction drafts by EHS, and notes.
H4With good heartby Muriel Thayer Painter: Deer songs and matachin music.
H5With good heartby Muriel Thayer Painter: Muriel Thayer material.
H6With good heartby Muriel Thayer Painter: Draft (p. 1-226) and other comments by Wilma Kaemlein.
H7With good heartby Muriel Thayer Painter: Draft (p. 227-409) and other comments by Wilma Kaemlein.
H8With good heartby Muriel Thayer Painter: Draft (p. 410-608) and other comments by Wilma Kaemlein.
H9With good heartby Muriel Thayer Painter: Draft (p. 609-799) and other comments by Wilma Kaemlein.
H10With good heartby Muriel Thayer Painter: Draft (p. 800-971) and other comments by Wilma Kaemlein.
H11With good heartby Muriel Thayer Painter: Photographs and copies of photography permissions.
H12With good heartby Muriel Thayer Painter: Photographs, list of possible illustrations, and articles.
H13With good heartby Muriel Thayer Painter: Notebook with the original field notes of MTP.
Includes more material, some restricted until 2012.
H14Autobiography of a Yaqui Poet edited by Refugio Savala and Kathleen M. Sands: Correspondence and epilogue. , 1975-1980
H15Autobiography of a Yaqui Poet edited by Refugio Savala and Kathleen M. Sands: M.T. Painter Papers: Various writings and drawings of Refugio Savala.
H16Autobiography of a Yaqui Poet edited by Refugio Savala and Kathleen M. Sands: Notes.
H17Autobiography of a Yaqui Poet edited by Refugio Savala and Kathleen M. Sands: Clippings and article on Savala.
H18Autobiography of a Yaqui Poet edited by Refugio Savala and Kathleen M. Sands: Savala materials, genealogy materials, and xerox of pages from draft of People of Pascua.
H19Autobiography of a Yaqui Poet edited by Refugio Savala and Kathleen M. Sands: Photograph of Savala., 1955
H20Autobiography of a Yaqui Poet edited by Refugio Savala and Kathleen M. Sands: Manuscript of The autobiography of Refugio Savala, and drafts of acknowledgments and preface by EHS.
University of Arizona
A1Miscellaneous UA flyers, bulletins, and ephemera.
A3General university memos on a variety of subjects., 1965-1977
A4UA administrative business: faculty constitution and bylaws, loyalty oath, correspondence, memos, and reports., 1952-1966
A5Some campus history and personalities.
A6The University Foundation., 1973-1981
Includes annual reports and correspondence.
A7The Faculty Senate: Proceedings, minutes. , 1965-1968
A8The Faculty Senate: Proceedings, minutes. , 1968-1969
A9The Faculty Senate: Proceedings, minutes. , 1969-1970
A10The Faculty Senate: Various proceedings, minutes, resolutions., 1971-1977
A11The Faculty Senate: Reports of various Senate ad hoc committees., 1966-1969
A12The Faculty Senate: Committee of eleven., 1968-1969
A13The Faculty Senate: Committee of eleven. , 1969-1970
A14The Faculty Senate: Honors Program.
A15The Faculty Senate: UA library.
A16The Faculty Senate: ASUA.
A17The Faculty Senate: Proposed UA faculty club., 1967-1975
A18The Faculty Senate: UA chapter of AAUP.
A19The Faculty Senate: The state of university education.
A20University of Arizona Committees: Urban housing conference., 1969
A21University of Arizona Committees: Inter-American committee., 1955
A22University of Arizona Committees: Advisory council to the research and development center in early childhood education., 1966-1969
A23University of Arizona Committees: Committee on bilingual, bi-cultural studies., 1967
A24University of Arizona Committees: Committee on research on human subjects.
A25University of Arizona Committees: Committee on graduate study., 1950-1971
A26University of Arizona Committees: University radio committee.
A27University of Arizona Committees: Folklore committee., 1959
A28University of Arizona Committees: Committee on University depository for historical materials., 1959
A29University of Arizona Committees: Committee on oriental studies., 1954-1961
A30University of Arizona Committees: Minority relations committee.
A31University of Arizona Committees: Proposal to Rocketfeller Foundation for international research center at UA., 1966
A32University of Arizona Committees: Latin American studies committee., 1967-1973
A33University of Arizona Committees: Proposal for the establishment and operation of a Latin American information center at the UA., 1967
A34University of Arizona Committees: Signal corps language project.
A35University of Arizona Committees: Bilingual and bicultural studies committee.
A36University of Arizona Committees: UA western round table., 1965
A37University of Arizona Committees: Committee on academic privilege and tenure., 1966
A38University of Arizona Committees: Committee to nominate liberal arts lecturer., 1959
A39University of Arizona Committees: Faculty achievement award committee., 1980
A40University of Arizona Committees: Arizona Quarterly., 1947
A41University of Arizona Committees: UA Press.
A42University of Arizona Committees: Regarding university insurance., 1952-1957
A43University of Arizona Committees: Regarding university retirement., 1953
A44University of Arizona Committees: UA alumni association.
B1Arizona-Sonora Intercultural Project: Minutes., 1958-1963
B2Arizona-Sonora Intercultural Project: Correspondence, memos., 1958-1961
B3Arizona-Sonora Intercultural Project: Proposals., 1957-1958
B4Arizona-Sonora Intercultural Project: Progress report., October 1958
B5Arizona-Sonora Intercultural Project: Articles., 1957,1959
B6Arizona-Sonora Intercultural Project: Articles., 1959-1960
B7Arizona-Sonora Intercultural Project: Proceedings, photograph, and clipping., 1959
B8Arizona-Sonora Intercultural Project: Report to Rocketfeller Foundation and article., 1959-1960
B9Arizona-Sonora Intercultural Project: Flier, article, and clipping., 1960,1974
B10Arizona-Sonora Intercultural Project: Proposal to the Rocketfeller Foundation., 1960
B11Man in the Biosphere, Manchilla Project: Correspondence., 1976-1977
B12Man in the Biosphere, Manchilla Project: EHS notes.
B13Man in the Biosphere, Manchilla Project: General plan, analysis, and article.
B14Man in the Biosphere, Manchilla Project: Minutes, proposals, memos, and report., 1976
B15UA Indian Affairs Committee: Harry T. Getty, correspondence and programs., 1947-1978
B16UA Indian Affairs Committee: Proposals, correspondence, and notes., 1948
B17UA Indian Affairs Committee: Correspondence, memos, programs, notes, and reports., 1948-1960
B18UA Indian Affairs Committee: Correspondence with Lilly Endowment, Inc., 1959
B19UA Indian Affairs Committee: Correspondence with E. Roby Leighton., 1959-1960
B20UA Indian Affairs Committee: Third Annual Conference on Navajo Education, Flagstaff., January 25-27, 1960
B21UA Indian Affairs Committee: Notes on the Conference with Navajos., February 18, 1960
B22UA Indian Affairs Committee: Tribal Courts Conference., June 22-24, 1960
B23UA Indian Affairs Committee: Program on Indian resources development on Arizona Indian reservations., December 8-9, 1960
B24UA Indian Affairs Committee: Notes on the Program on Indian resources development on Arizona Indian reservations.
B25UA Indian Affairs Committee: Medallion of Merit Awards., January 21, 1961
B26UA Indian Affairs Committee: Indian Affairs Committee/Indian Advisory Committee/Indian Student Advisor correspondence, memos, programs, reports, and budgets., 1960-1963
B27UA Indian Affairs Committee: Correspondence, memos, reports, minutes, and programs., 1964-1968
B28UA Indian Affairs Committee: Correspondence, memos, reports, minutes, and programs., 1968-1971
B29UA Indian Affairs Committee: Correspondence, memos, reports, minutes, and programs., 1971-1982
B30UA Indian Affairs Committee: Proposals., 1966
B31UA Indian Affairs Committee: Reports, research, statements on Indian education in Arizona and elsewhere by Kelley, Wax, Simmions, etc.
C1Department of Anthropology: General correspondence.
C2Department of Anthropology: Correspondence regarding EHS., 1942-1979
C3Department of Anthropology: EHS travel vouchers and bills., 1951-1968
C4Department of Anthropology: Some departmental staff meetings; agendas, minutes, and notes. , 1965-1972
C5Department of Anthropology: Miscellaneous memos on various subjects., 1965-1969
C6Department of Anthropology: Cultural anthropology Curriculum Committee., 1965
C7Department of Anthropology: Memos regarding student affairs, grades, advisees, etc., 1962-1976
C8Department of Anthropology: Advisees of EHS., 1964-1966
C9Department of Anthropology: Various lists of advisees., 1961-1975
C10Department of Anthropology: Some student grades and comprehensive exam questions., 1957-1967
C11Department of Anthropology: Curriculum Committee., 1956-?
C12Department of Anthropology: Reading lists.
C13Department of Anthropology: Committee on Graduate Examination Structure., 1969
C14Department of Anthropology: Various departmental programs.
C15Department of Anthropology: Long-term research proposals in Gila-Sonoran area., 1949-1952
C16Department of Anthropology: Current research in anthropology and sociology., 1952
C17Department of Anthropology: Applied Anthropology, 1., 1965-1973
C18Department of Anthropology: Applied Anthropology, 2., 1973
C19Department of Anthropology: Proposal for a program in Applied Anthropology leading to a PH.D. , 1973
C20Department of Anthropology: Careers in anthropology, Keith L. Pearson., 1973
C21Department of Anthropology: Applied Anthropology programs at UA and elsewhere., 1973
C22Department of Anthropology: Jobs available and filled in Applied Anthropology., 1972-1973
C23Department of Anthropology: Need for Applied Anthropology., February 7, 1975
C24Department of Anthropology: Papers submitted for Edward P. Dozier Award., 1975
C25Department of Anthropology: Hammurabi Committee on Governance., 1974-1975, 1983
C26Department of Anthropology: Committee on Review of Administrators and Departmental Administration Review Committee., 1973-1976
C27Department of Anthropology: Proposal on autonomous multi-departmental graduate study program on the problems of 20th century Latin American Populism., 1966
C28Department of Anthropology: Professor of American Indian Languages and proposal for American Indian Languages center., 1962-1966
C29Department of Anthropology: Dept. of Anth and Medical School minutes and notes., 1962-1965
C30Department of Anthropology: Core graduate courses in Cultural Anthropology., 1975
C31Department of Anthropology: Comins Fund., 1968-1969
C32Department of Anthropology: Anthropology club., 1967-1977
C33Department of Anthropology: Atlatl, 1971-1972
C34Department of Anthropology: Arizona State Museum., 1962-1977
C35Department of Anthropology: The inter-university field training program in Cultural Anthropology.
C36Department of Anthropology: Proposal on humanities requirement., 1976-1977
C37Department of Anthropology: Anthropology departments at other universities.
C38-40Bureau of Ethnic Research and Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology
Files removed to Archives Record Group 8. Finding aids for BER and BARA can be found on the Arizona State Museum Library catalog and through the Archives webpage.
C41Departmental Annual Reports., 1939-1940
C42Departmental Annual Reports., 1947-1948
C43Departmental Annual Reports., 1948-1952
C44Departmental Annual Reports., 1953-1955
C45Departmental Annual Reports., 1953-1955
C46Departmental Annual Reports., 1960-1961
C47Departmental Annual Reports., 1962-1963
C48Departmental Annual Reports., 1964-1965
C49Departmental Annual Reports., 1966-1967
C50Departmental Annual Reports., 1967-1968
C51Departmental Annual Reports., 1968-1969
C52Some town committees: Tucson Festical Society., 1950-1961
C53Some town committees: Arizona Archaeological and Historical society letter., 1941
C54Some town committees: Sunday Evening Forum., 1950
American Anthropological Association
A1AAA general correspondence., 1937-1975
A2General memos and reports., 1945-1947
A3News bulletin of the AAA., 1947
A4Newsletters., 1949-1979
A5Anthropologists for radical political action., 1972
A6American Ethnologist announcement., 1974
A7Newsletters., 1969-1974
A8Miscellaneous publications.
A9AAA anthropology curriculum study project articles., 1962-1965
A10AAA annual meetings., 1945
A11AAA annual meetings., 1949
A12AAA annual meetings., 1953
A13AAA annual meetings., 1956
A14AAA annual meetings., 1958
A15AAA annual meetings., 1963
A16AAA annual meetings., 1968
A17AAA annual meetings., 1972
A18AAA annual meetings., 1973
A19AAA annual meetings: Correspondence re: problems with university press exhibits at meetings., 1974
A20AAA annual meetings: Constitution, correspondence, and expenses, etc., 1974
Edward H. Spicer president.
A21AAA annual meetings: Introduction of speaker and article., 1974
A22AAA annual meetings: Abstracts and papers., 1974
A23AAA annual meetings: Correspondence on applied anthropology session., 1974
A24AAA annual meetings: Correspondence on special sessions., 1974
A25AAA annual meetings: Council meeting., 1974
A26AAA annual meetings: Correspondence re: past presidents' breakfast, sister societies' breakfast., 1974
A27AAA annual meetings: Various EHS notes., 1974
A28AAA annual meetings: Correspondence and directories., 1976
A39AAA annual meetings: Singer symposium., 1976
A30AAA annual meetings., 1979
A31AAA ballots., 1970-1972
A32Manpower conference on applied anthropology., 1973
A33American Anthropologist: EHS associate editor, correspondence., 1952-1957
A34American Anthropologist: Notes and ideas.
A35American Anthropologist: EHS editor., 1960-1963
A36American Anthropologist: Correspondence with Steve Boggs., 1962-1963
A37American Anthropologist: Budget and annual report of editor.
A38American Anthropologist: Frank W. Young on Norbeck's Interpretation of Data., 1961-1962
A39American Anthropologist: Bentley Glass and Bernice Cohen re: Buettner-JanuschNatural selection in man.
A40American Anthropologist: R.N. WestcottRacism re-examined.
A41Publications policy committee: NSF grant., 1962
A42Publications policy committee: Correspondence re: various anthropological journals.
A43Publications policy committee: Correspondence with George Spindler, editor AA., 1962-1963
A44Publications policy committee: Reports on PPC., 1963
A45Publications policy committee: Correspondence with David Barreis re: PPC., 1963
A46Publications policy committee: Barreis microcard survey., 1963
A47Publications policy committee: Correspondence with Ward Goodenough., 1963
A48Publications policy committee: Carleton Putnam and W.C. George statements re: evolution., 1962
A49Publications policy committee: Correspondence with Thomas A. Sebeok., 1961-1963
A50Publications policy committee: Correspondence with Sol Tax., 1957-1963
A51Publications policy committee: Meeting of PPC at Wenner-Gren, N.Y.
A52Publications policy committee: Meeting of PPC at Michigan Union, Ann Arbor.
B1Executive Board Committee on Publications and Publications Policy Committee.
B2PCC fellow questionnaire and replies., 1963
B3Correspondence re: American Anthropologist., 1973-1979
B4AAA editorial committee, search materials.
B5Publications Policy and Operations Committee (PPOC): Correspondence and memos., 1973-1975
B6Publications Policy and Operations Committee (PPOC): Meeting minutes and notes., 1974-1975
B7Publications Policy and Operations Committee (PPOC): Committee of Ethics., 1967-1978
B8AAA Executive Board: 13th meeting. , December 27-28, 1950
B9AAA Executive Board: 14th-17th meetings., December 30, 1950 - November 17, 1951
B10AAA Executive Board: 18th-21st meetings., May 9-11, 1952 - December 30, 1952
B11AAA Executive Board: 22nd-23rd meetings., May 2-4, 1953-December 27-18, 1953
B12AAA Executive Board, Annual meeting: Correspondence, memos, minutes, reports, etc., 1953
B13AAA Executive Board, Annual meeting: Program Committee correspondence A-H., 1953
B14AAA Executive Board, Annual meeting: Program Committee correspondence I-R., 1953
B15AAA Executive Board, Annual meeting: Program Committee correspondence S-Z., 1953
B16AAA Executive Board, Annual meeting: Abstracts of papers, program, and correspondence., 1953
B17AAA Executive Board: Editorial Planning Conference report, 46th executive board meeting, correspondence, reports, financial., 1962
B18AAA Executive Board: Correspondence and memo., 1965,1966
B19AAA Executive Board: Correspondence with N.S.F.W., 1973-1975
B20AAA Executive Board: General correspondence and memos., 1971-1978
B21AAA Executive Board: Correspondence with White/Weiss., 1974
B22AAA Executive Board: 70th meeting., May 22-24, 1971
C1AAA Executive Board: 71st meeting., November 17-18, 1971
C2AAA Executive Board: 72nd-73rd meetings., November 21, 1971, May 22-23, 1972
C3AAA Executive Board: 74th meeting., November 29, 1972
C4AAA Executive Board: 75th meeting., December 3, 1972
C5AAA Executive Board: 76th meeting., April 6-8, 1973
C6AAA Executive Board: 77th meeting., November 28-29, 1973
C7AAA Executive Board: 78th meeting., December 1-2, 1973
C8AAA Executive Board: 79th meeting., June 3-6, 1974
C9AAA Executive Board: 80th meeting and agenda for 3rd meeting of the Administrative Advisory Committee., 1974
C10AAA Executive Board: 1st-3rd meeting of the Administrative Advisory Committee., 1974
C11AAA Executive Board: Various reports., 1968-1976
C12AAA Executive Board: Nominations Committee., 1972-1974
C13AAA Executive Board: Nominations Committee., 1972-1974
C14AAA Executive Board: AAA conference on the future employment of anthropologists., 1973
C15AAA Executive Board: Committee on Minorities and Anthropology., 1973-1974
C16AAA Executive Board: Committee on the Status of Women in Anthropology., 1974-1978
C17AAA Executive Board: Communications Policy Committee.
C18AAA Executive Board: Committee on Genocide., 1974
C19AAA Executive Board: Committee on Research Across International Boundaries., 1972-1973
C20AAA Executive Board: Proposed reorganization of AAA., 1982
C21Executive Board Finance Committee: Reports, memos, budgets, and notes., 1972-1974
C22Presidency: Correspondence, memos, annual meeting speech, and materials for Executive Board., 1974
C23Presidency: Correspondence and memos., 1974-1983
C24Presidency: Correspondence with June Nash., 1973-1974
C25Presidency: Reports.
C26Presidency: Notes for talks, ideas, to do, etc.
D1Committee on Anthropology as a Profession: Correspondence and memos., 1976-1977
D2Committee on Anthropology as a Profession: Correspondence and memos., 1978
D3Committee on Anthropology as a Profession: Correspondence and memos., 1979-1980
D4Committee on Anthropology as a Profession: Minutes., 1976-1979
D5Committee on Anthropology as a Profession: Reports.
D6Committee on Anthropology as a Profession: Notes., 1977-1980
D7Committee on Anthropology as a Profession: Articles and fliers concerning careers in anthropology.
D8Committee on Anthropology as a Profession: AAA panel., 1978
D9Research proposals: Research tools program of the NEH., 1975
D10Research proposals: Various research proposals submitted through AAA.
Series II: War Relocation Authority, 1942-1984 (Bulk 1942-1948)
In alphabetical order. See also in EHS General Correspondence.
12Correspondence: John F. Embree, Powell, Sweetser, LaBarre, LaViolette, deYoung, Rademaker, McVoy, Leighton.
13Correspondence: Dillon S. Myer.
14Correspondence: Ruth E. McKee.
See also WRARAA.
15Correspondence: BSR and CA staff.
16Correspondence: Evacuees.
17WRA administrative notices.
18WRA administrative notices., 1942-1944
19WRA administrative notices., 1945-1946
110Miscellaneous memos., 1943-1945
111Information digest., 1944-1945
112Relocation Division Memoranda.
113Relocation articles., 1942,1944, n.d.
114WRARAA: the latest word , alumni news bulletin.
115Public proclamation no. 21.
116Quarterly, semi-annual, and annual reports., 1942-1946
117Final reports.
118Congressional hearing, etc. Supreme Court.
119Un-American Activities Committee., 1943, n.d.
120Publications: Pamphlets.
121Publications: Articles., 1943-1946
122Publications: California and her less favored minorities., April 1944
123Publications: WRA press releases.
21Bureau of Sociological Research (BIA) / Community Analysis Section (WRA): Correspondence.
Includes EHS military deferment.
22Bureau of Sociological Research (BIA) / Community Analysis Section (WRA): EHS travel vouchers.
23Bureau of Sociological Research (BIA) / Community Analysis Section (WRA): Community analysis job description and program.
24Bureau of Sociological Research (BIA) / Community Analysis Section (WRA): Bibliographies on WRA, Japanese, and Japanese-Americans.
25Bureau of Sociological Research (BIA) / Community Analysis Section (WRA): Community analysis reports, no. 1-7., October 1942-October 1943.
26Bureau of Sociological Research (BIA) / Community Analysis Section (WRA): Community analysis reports, no. 8-11., 1944-1945
27Bureau of Sociological Research (BIA) / Community Analysis Section (WRA): Community analysis reports, 12-19., 1945-1946
28Bureau of Sociological Research (BIA) / Community Analysis Section (WRA): Project analysis series, no. 1-13., 1943-1944
29Bureau of Sociological Research (BIA) / Community Analysis Section (WRA): Project analysis series, no. 14-18. , 1944
210Bureau of Sociological Research (BIA) / Community Analysis Section (WRA): Project analysis series, no. 19-22., 1944-1945
211Bureau of Sociological Research (BIA) / Community Analysis Section (WRA): Project analysis series, no. 23-24., 1945-1946
212Bureau of Sociological Research (BIA) / Community Analysis Section (WRA): Community analysis notes, no. 1-16., 1944-1945
213Bureau of Sociological Research (BIA) / Community Analysis Section (WRA): CA Trend Reports and Trends in Relocation Centers., 1945
214Bureau of Sociological Research (BIA) / Community Analysis Section (WRA): Community analysts letter, no. 1-14., 1943-1945
No. 6 missing.
215Bureau of Sociological Research (BIA) / Community Analysis Section (WRA): CA section weekly summary, no. 1-30., 1944-1945
Nos. 6,9,14, and 15 missing.
216Individual WRA Centers: Colorado River/Poston, Arizona.
217Individual WRA Centers: Poston, Japanese language.
218Individual WRA Centers: Poston, course data.
219Individual WRA Centers: Poston, lecture notes.
220Individual WRA Centers: Poston, lecture notes.
221Individual WRA Centers: Poston, notes on self government.
222Individual WRA Centers: Gila River, Rivers, Arizona.
223Individual WRA Centers: Granada, Amache, Colorado.
224Individual WRA Centers: Heart Mountain, Wyoming.
225Individual WRA Centers: Jerome, Denson, Arkansas.
226Individual WRA Centers: Manzanar, California.
227Individual WRA Centers: Minidoka, Idaho.
228Individual WRA Centers: Topaz, Central Utah.
229Individual WRA Centers: Rohwer, Arkansas.
230Individual WRA Centers: Tule Lake, California.
231Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians: Correspondence., 1978-1982
232Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians: Articles.
233Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians: Articles.
31 Articles about WRA., 1942-1987
32 Articles about Japanese and Japanese-Americans., 1937-1976
34 Article, letter, and comments.
35Governing the occupied areas of the South Pacific: wartime lessons and peacetime proposals., 1946
36Reviews of articles.
37Student papers., 1946,1972
38Manuscript of Japanese American youth at the Tule Lake Relocation Center: Nisei school essays from autumn to winter, 1942-1943, by Robert Henry Billigmeier (pgs. 1-252).
39Manuscript of Japanese American youth at the Tule Lake Relocation Center: Nisei school essays from autumn to winter, 1942-1943, by Robert Henry Billigmeier (pgs. 253-531).
310Newspaper and magazine reports., 1944-1978
411Clippings., 1944-1990
312WRA notebooks and diaries of Edward H. Spicer and Rosamond B. Spicer: RBS notebook/diary., 1942
313WRA notebooks and diaries of Edward H. Spicer and Rosamond B. Spicer: EHS notebooks/diary., 1942-1946
314WRA notebooks and diaries of Edward H. Spicer and Rosamond B. Spicer: EHS notes, ideas and concepts.
315WRA notebooks and diaries of Edward H. Spicer and Rosamond B. Spicer: EHS notes for final report.
316WRA notebooks and diaries of Edward H. Spicer and Rosamond B. Spicer: EHS notes.
317WRA notebooks and diaries of Edward H. Spicer and Rosamond B. Spicer: EHS notes and correspondence.
318WRA notebooks and diaries of Edward H. Spicer and Rosamond B. Spicer: Bibliography, notes for talks and reports.
319WRA notebooks and diaries of Edward H. Spicer and Rosamond B. Spicer: Interview by Lawrence C. Kelly with Asael T. Hansen. , April 10-11, 1979
320Fort Ontario refugee shelter, Oswego, N.Y.: Correspondence and article draft.
Series III: Edward H. Spicer Courses, 1930-1978
Courses Taken and Taught by Edward H. Spicer
11Notes and papers, while a student at the University of Arizona: Geology 112., 1931
12Notes and papers, while a student at the University of Arizona: Historical and structural geology., 1931
13Notes and papers, while a student at the University of Arizona: Invertebrate paleontology., 1931
14Notes and papers, while a student at the University of Arizona: Old world archaeology., 1931, 1932?
15Notes and papers, while a student at the University of Arizona: Greek archaeology., 1931
16Notes and papers, while a student at the University of Arizona: Mexican archaeology., 1932
17Notes and papers, while a student at the University of Arizona: South America.
18Notes and papers, while a student at the University of Arizona: American archaeology., 1931-1932
19Notes and papers, while a student at the University of Arizona: Physical anthropology., 1932-1933
110Notes and papers, while a student at the University of Arizona: Archaeology seminar., 1932-1933
111Notes and papers, while a student at the University of Arizona: American Indian class., 1934?
112Notes and papers, while a student at the University of Arizona: Political organization.
113Notes and papers, while a student at the University of Arizona: Ethnology.
114Notes and papers, while a student at the University of Arizona: Term papers., 1931-1934
Other EHS papers under Archaeology.
115Class and lecture notes of John H. Provinse: Psycho-Analysis - Alexander., Spring 1931
116Class and lecture notes of John H. Provinse: Notes on Radcliffe-Brown lectures., 1931-1932
117Class and lecture notes of John H. Provinse: Primitive political organizations.
118Class and lecture notes of John H. Provinse: History of anthropology, 205a-b., 1933-1934?
119Class and lecture notes of John H. Provinse: History of Anthropology.
120Class and lecture notes of John H. Provinse: Primitive society.
121Class and lecture notes of John H. Provinse: Primitive society.
122Class and lecture notes of John H. Provinse: Provinse material.
123Edward H. Spicer research project in physical anthropology at UA (University of Chicago): Letter/report to Fay Cooper-Cole., 1936
124Edward H. Spicer research project in physical anthropology at UA (University of Chicago): Correspondence with Fay Cooper-Cole and Cummings and reports., 1936
125Edward H. Spicer and Rosamond B. Spicer class notes, exams from the University of Chicago: Practical phonetics., Fall 1934
126Edward H. Spicer and Rosamond B. Spicer class notes, exams from the University of Chicago: Comparative science and culture., 1937
127Edward H. Spicer and Rosamond B. Spicer class notes, exams from the University of Chicago: Comparative science of culture., 1934
128Edward H. Spicer and Rosamond B. Spicer class notes, exams from the University of Chicago: Notes on culture.
129Edward H. Spicer and Rosamond B. Spicer class notes, exams from the University of Chicago: Anthropology 211.
130Edward H. Spicer and Rosamond B. Spicer class notes, exams from the University of Chicago: The present position of anthropological studies, by A.R. Radcliffe-Brown., 1931
131Edward H. Spicer and Rosamond B. Spicer class notes, exams from the University of Chicago: Race and culture contracts seminar., 1934-1935
132Edward H. Spicer and Rosamond B. Spicer class notes, exams from the University of Chicago: Paper for Redfield's course on Maya., 1935
133Edward H. Spicer and Rosamond B. Spicer class notes, exams from the University of Chicago: Folk society, Anthro. 213., 1935
134Edward H. Spicer and Rosamond B. Spicer class notes, exams from the University of Chicago: Folk society, Anthro. 213., 1935
135Edward H. Spicer and Rosamond B. Spicer class notes, exams from the University of Chicago: Folk society, Anthro. 213., 1935
136Edward H. Spicer and Rosamond B. Spicer class notes, exams from the University of Chicago: Family, kin, and clan.
137Edward H. Spicer and Rosamond B. Spicer class notes, exams from the University of Chicago: The Australian aborigines, Anthro. 370., Spring 1935
138Edward H. Spicer and Rosamond B. Spicer class notes, exams from the University of Chicago: Linguistics, Anthro. 300., Winter 1935
139Edward H. Spicer and Rosamond B. Spicer class notes, exams from the University of Chicago: Seminar on India., Winter 1935
140Edward H. Spicer and Rosamond B. Spicer class notes, exams from the University of Chicago: Primitive economics.
141Edward H. Spicer and Rosamond B. Spicer class notes, exams from the University of Chicago: Primitive religion.
142Edward H. Spicer and Rosamond B. Spicer class notes, exams from the University of Chicago: M.A. and Ph.D exams., 1935-1936
143Edward H. Spicer and Rosamond B. Spicer class notes, exams from the University of Chicago: Journals., 1942-1958,1969
144Edward H. Spicer and Rosamond B. Spicer class notes, exams from the University of Chicago: Letter from Sol Tax., 1955
145Edward H. Spicer and Rosamond B. Spicer class notes, exams from the University of Chicago: Departmental dinner in honor of Dr. Cole., 1947
146Edward H. Spicer and Rosamond B. Spicer class notes, exams from the University of Chicago: Social organization, comparison of careers of R.B., Redfield, Eggan.
147Edward H. Spicer lecture notes from Dillard University: Primitive society., 1938
148Edward H. Spicer lecture notes from Dillard University: Primitive society., 1939
149Edward H. Spicer lecture notes from Dillard University: The family., 1938
150Edward H. Spicer lecture notes from Dillard University: Peoples of Africa., 1938-1939
151Edward H. Spicer lecture notes from Dillard University: Peoples of Mexico.
152Edward H. Spicer lecture notes from Dillard University: Minority peoples in the U.S., 1938
153Edward H. Spicer lecture notes from Dillard University: The concept of race., 1939
21Edward H. Spicer lecture notes from Dillard University: Contemporary American Institutions.
22Edward H. Spicer lecture notes from Dillard University: Contemporary American Institutions.
23Edward H. Spicer lecture notes from Dillard University: University affairs.
24Lecture notes, University of Arizona: Southwestern archaeology., Fall 1939
25Lecture notes, University of Arizona: Southwestern archaeology., Spring 1940
26Lecture notes, University of Arizona: Southwestern archaeology., 1939-1941
27Lecture notes, University of Arizona: World ethnology., 1939-1940
28Lecture notes, University of Arizona: Polynesia-Micronesia.
29Lecture notes, University of Arizona: Oceania-Malaysia.
210Lecture notes, University of Arizona: Paleo-Siberian and Central Asia.
211Lecture notes, University of Arizona: Languages of Asia.
212Lecture notes, University of Arizona: Southwestern ethnology., 1939,1940?
213Lecture notes, University of Arizona: Southwestern ethnology., 1939,1940?
214Lecture notes, University of Arizona: Growth of culture., 1940-1941
University of Arizona Courses Taught by Edward H. Spicer, 1946-1948
215UA catalogue: Anthropology., 1939-1977
216UA catalogue: Miscellaneous curriculum and registration material.
217Miscellaneous lists, plans, exams: Prelim exams, general.
218Miscellaneous lists, plans, exams: Plans for Arizona Department of Anthropology., 1945-1946
219Miscellaneous lists, plans, exams: Lectures for introduction to the social sciences.
220Miscellaneous lists, plans, exams: Notes for classes 1b, 170b, 185 and psych. test in methods.
221Introductory anthropology, 1B: Lecture notes., 1950-1951
222Introductory anthropology, 1B: Lecture notes.
223Introductory anthropology, 1B: Lecture notes, exam questions., 1947,1951
224Peoples of Mexico, 112/212: Lecture notes.
225Peoples of Mexico, 112/212: Lecture notes.
226Peoples of Mexico, 112/212: Bibliographies, exams.
227Peoples of Mexico, 112/212: Guatemala, some notes, bibliographies, maps.
228Peoples of Mexico, 112/212: Bibliographies, notes, class lists., 1965
229Peoples of Mexico, 112/212: Summary.
230Peoples of Mexico, 112/212: Mexican and Mexican Indian languages.
231Peoples of Mexico, 112/212: Nuhuatl speakers, Tepoztlan, etc.
232Peoples of Mexico, 112/212: Tarascans.
233Peoples of Mexico, 112/212: Mexico cultural processes.
234Peoples of Mexico, 112/212: Peoples of Mexico history and process.
235Peoples of Mexico, 112/212: Mexico cultural history.
236Peoples of Mexico, 112/212: Mexico geography and population.
237Peoples of Mexico, 112/212: Northwest Mexico, Yaqui etc.
238Peoples of Mexico, 112/212: Bibliographies, class lists, exams, notes.
239Mexican American culture, Anthro. 214: Lecture notes.
240Mexican American culture, Anthro. 214: Lecture notes., 1973-1974
241Mexican American culture, Anthro. 214: Lecture notes., 1973-1974
31Mexican American culture, Anthro. 214: Lecture notes., 1975
32Mexican American culture, Anthro. 214: Clippings and articles.
33Mexican American culture, Anthro. 214: Clippings and notes.
34Guadalajara Summer School, Anthro. 212: Correspondence, class lists, notices., 1963
35Anthro. 120/220, minorities: Various notes on ethnology and theory.
36Anthro. 120/220, minorities: American Indians.
37Anthro. 120/220, minorities: Lecture notes and article.
38Anthro. 120/220, minorities: Lecture notes and clippings.
39Anthro. 120/220, minorities: Bibliographies, correspondence, and miscellaneous course materials.
310Primitive and modern societies, Anthro. 170/276: American culture., 1945-1958,1970-1971
311Primitive and modern societies, Anthro. 170/276: Lecture notes., 1945-1958,1970-1971
312Primitive and modern societies, Anthro. 170/276: China., 1945-1958,1970-1971
313Primitive and modern societies, Anthro. 170/276: Japan., 1945-1958,1970-1971
314Primitive and modern societies, Anthro. 170/276: Melanesia., 1945-1958,1970-1971
315Comparative social organization, Anthro. 276 (170A and B): Lecture notes.
316Comparative social organization, Anthro. 276 (170A and B): Lecture notes.
317Comparative social organization, Anthro. 276 (170A and B): Lecture notes.
318Comparative social organization, Anthro. 276 (170A and B): Lecture notes.
319Comparative social organization, Anthro. 276 (170A and B): Lecture notes.
320Comparative social organization, Anthro. 276 (170A and B): Bibliographies, exams, statements, articles.
321Comparative social organization, Anthro. 276 (170A and B): Summary lecture notes.
322Comparative social organization, Anthro. 276 (170A and B): Various notes, article.
323Comparative social organization, Anthro. 276 (170A and B): Lecture notes.
324Comparative social organization, Anthro. 276 (170A and B): Lecture notes.
325Comparative social organization, Anthro. 276 (170A and B): Lecture notes.
326Comparative social organization, Anthro. 276 (170A and B): Miscellaneous lecture notes, bibliographies.
327Comparative social organization, Anthro. 276 (170A and B): Notes, outline of lectures, bibliographies.
328Comparative social organization, Anthro. 276 (170A and B): Exam and two student bluebooks., 1965
41Personality and culture, Anthro. 185: Lecture notes., 1946-1949
42Personality and culture, Anthro. 185: Notes and articles., 1946-1949
43History of anthropological theory, Anthro. 202/302: Lecture notes, articles, and correspondence.
44History of anthropological theory, Anthro. 202/302: Biographies, articles, and notes.
45History of anthropological theory, Anthro. 202/302: Biographies and lecture notes.
46History of anthropological theory, Anthro. 202/302: Lecture notes, class rolls., 1964,1968
47History of anthropological theory, Anthro. 202/302: Lecture notes and articles.
48History of anthropological theory, Anthro. 202/302: Lecture notes, students outlines, and bibliographies.
49History of anthropological theory, Anthro. 202/302: Lecture notes and bibliographies.
410Culture change, Anthro. 203/303: Exams, class rolls, reading list.
411Culture change, Anthro. 203/303: Lecture notes, class rolls, reading list.
412Culture change, Anthro. 203/303: Lecture notes, reading list, student notes.
413Culture change, Anthro. 203/303: Yaqui lecture notes, reading lists, outline, and articles.
414Culture change, Anthro. 203/303: Lecture notes and articles.
415Culture change, Anthro. 203/303: Lecture notes., 1967,1970
416Culture change, Anthro. 203/303: Lecture notes., 1970
417Culture change, Anthro. 203/303: Lecture notes.
418Culture change, Anthro. 203/303: Lecture notes, class roll, ideal schedule, reading list.
419Culture change, Anthro. 203/303: Class roll, lecture notes.
420Culture change, Anthro. 203/303: Lecture notes, exams, student outlines, bibliography.
421Culture change, Anthro. 203/303: Lecture notes, exams.
51Methods in anthropology and cultural anthropology, Anthro. 205 and 306: Exam, notes, and article.
52Methods in anthropology and cultural anthropology, Anthro. 205 and 306: Lecture notes, bibliographies, and syllabus.
53Methods in anthropology and cultural anthropology, Anthro. 205 and 306: Reading list, syllabus, outline, and lecture notes.
54Methods in anthropology and cultural anthropology, Anthro. 205 and 306: Letters, questionnaire, and article.
55Methods in anthropology and cultural anthropology, Anthro. 205 and 306: Lecture notes, outline, syllabus, and articles.
56Methods in anthropology and cultural anthropology, Anthro. 205 and 306: Student Unisort analysis cards on field work.
57Methods in anthropology and cultural anthropology, Anthro. 205 and 306: Bibliography and field work by graduate students.
58Methods in anthropology and cultural anthropology, Anthro. 205 and 306: Student field notes.
59Methods in anthropology and cultural anthropology, Anthro. 205 and 306: Term paper, George Bedell., 1963
510Methods in anthropology and cultural anthropology, Anthro. 205 and 306: Term paper, Ruth Busch and Ward Weekly., 1965
511Methods in anthropology and cultural anthropology, Anthro. 205 and 306: Term paper, Robert Harman., 1963
512Methods in anthropology and cultural anthropology, Anthro. 205 and 306: Term paper, Edie Harrison., 1961
513Methods in anthropology and cultural anthropology, Anthro. 205 and 306: Term paper, C.J. Homen., 1964
514Methods in anthropology and cultural anthropology, Anthro. 205 and 306: Term paper, Anne Kelly., 1963
515Methods in anthropology and cultural anthropology, Anthro. 205 and 306: Term paper, Maran LaRaw., 1963
516Methods in anthropology and cultural anthropology, Anthro. 205 and 306: Field notes.
517Methods in anthropology and cultural anthropology, Anthro. 205 and 306: Field notes and term paper by Terri Velten., 1963
518Methods in anthropology and cultural anthropology, Anthro. 205 and 306: Term paper, Jon Nathan Young., 1965
519Applications in Anthropology, Anthro. 222,257,399: Course details, papers, exams, class roll, and reading lists.
520Applications in Anthropology, Anthro. 222,257,399: Lecture notes and articles.
521Applications in Anthropology, Anthro. 222,257,399: Lecture notes, class rolls, ethical statements, papers and articles.
522Applications in Anthropology, Anthro. 222,257,399: Lecture notes, article.
523Applications in Anthropology, Anthro. 222,257,399: Class roll, student reports., 1973
524Community development, Anthro, 296: Correspondence, class rolls.
525Community development, Anthro, 296: 7" reel-to-reel tape, C.D. of class., May 15, 1968
526Community development, Anthro, 296: Class notes, blue book, answers to finals, class rolls, and notes.
527Community development, Anthro, 296: Correspondence.
528Community development, Anthro, 296: Lecture notes.
529Community development, Anthro, 296: Lecture notes.
530Community development, Anthro, 296: Information about the course.
61Community development, Anthro, 296: Semester plans, notes, class rolls, articles.
62Community development, Anthro, 296: Seminar, lecture notes, class roll, miscellaneous associated materials.
63Community development, Anthro, 296: Class roll, copies of much of the materials.
64Community development, Anthro, 296: Course evaluation.
65Community development, Anthro, 296: Lecture notes, suggested readings, schedule, and articles.
66Community development, Anthro, 296: Lecture notes, class list, memos, progress reports.
67Community development, Anthro, 296: Notes
68Community development, Anthro, 296: Articles and reports.
69Community development, Anthro, 296: Duplicated material.
610Community development, Anthro, 296: Seminar, lecture, notes.
611Community development, Anthro, 296: Bibliographies.
612Community development, Anthro, 296: Articles.
613Community development, Anthro, 296: Project pamphlets.
614Papago seminar, Anthro. 299A and B: Ideas for projected series of seminars., 1949-1950
615Papago seminar, Anthro. 299A and B: Class list, reports, discussions., 1949-1950
616Papago seminar, Anthro/Soc. 7296A: Lecture notes, correspondence, article., 1969
617Papago seminar, Anthro/Soc. 7296A: Class lists, syllabus, reading lists, articles and miscellaneous related materials., 1969
618Latin American seminar, Anthro. 295,298: Report, bibliography.
619Latin American seminar, Anthro. 295,298: Course outline, lecture notes, correspondence.
620Independent study, Anthro. 299: Student reports on.
621Problems of a multi-cultural society, Anthro. 7299: Course outline, lecture notes, evaluations, and correspondence.
Mesa extension class.
622World views, Anthro/Spanish colloquium 395A and B: Correspondence, reading lists, notes, class rolls, poetry., 1975-1976
623Ethnic groups and plural societies, Anthro 396r: Reading lists, notes., 1975
624Independent study, Anthro. 399b,l,n,q: World views, problems with the Greater Southwest; lecture notes, class roll, and bibliography.
625Independent study, Anthro. 399b,l,n,q: Applied anthropology; class roll, lecture notes.
626Independent study, Anthro. 399b,l,n,q: Cultural problems with the Greater Southwest; class roll, bibliographies, lecture notes.
Papers by students and others
A1Miscellaneous exams, bibliographies, notes by EHS., 1940-1972
A2Miscellaneous course materials.
A3Course bibliographies, requirements, and ASUA evaluation., 1970
A4Student notes on readings on Mexico and the Near East -- Aubrey Williams.
A5Theresa Adams: Museums and the applications of anthropology, Anthro. 257., Spring 1973
A6Alfredo Alvarez: Traditions of the Mexican American, Anthro214., January 1975
A7Olivia Arrieta: The situational role of a person with anthropological training in a U.S. government agency, Anthro. 399L., May 18, 1872
A8Theodore W. Atkins: Some aspects of Mestizo Mexico.
A9Marvin A. Bailey: Directed culture contact of the Guarani in Ecuador, Anthro. 302b., May 31, 1961
A10Barry R. Bainton: Toward a unified theory of action, Anthro. 299 readings in culture and personality., May 1968
A11Alan R. Beals: Science and the uniqueness of cultural phenomena.
A12Susan H. Bene: Ethnography of prominent American family of Mexican descent.
A13Dale L. Berge: American culture: Science. Brigham Young University.
A14Rachel Bonney: The history of anthropological theory. Independent study., Summer 1966
A15Rachel Bonney: Outline: Cultural change. Independent study., Summer 1966
A16Rachel Bonney: The Navajo farm training program at Shiprock, NM: Success of failure, Anthro. 296A., Summer 1970
A17David A. Breternitz: Hispanicization of Peru: 1532 to ca. 1750, Anthro 302B., May 10, 1961
A18Richard M. Brooks: Learning theory and culture contact change, Anthro. 302b., May 1962
A19Douglas Buttersworth: Rural Mexico and the culture of poverty.
A20Thomas S. Carlson: The military in American culture, Brigham Young University, Anthro. 471., May 22, 1964
A21Carol Carter: Indian dances of Mexico, Anthro. 212., August 1957
A22George P. Castile: The uses of a type., May 1969
A23George P. Castile: The culture of the conquered, southwest seminar. , January 7, 1969
A24George P. Castile: Federal Indian policy and the sustained enclave: an anthropological perspective., 1973
A25John H. Chilcott: A structural model for examining national systems of education which seek to assimilate american Indians., 1969
A26J.A. Christensen : Dionysia in the desert., 1966
A27Barton M. Clark: Belgium: Ethnic conflict and legislated boundaries, Anthro. 396R., Fall 1975
A28Geoffrey A. Clark: Ethnological and archaeological realities: Natchez socio-political organization and its relation to the subsistence base and A structural-functional study of two subsystems of a Late Mississippian chiefdom, Anthro. 280., 1967
A29Ann B. Cowan: Ethnoscience and its application, Anthro. 250.
A30Carleton L. Crain: The joking relationship: a survey of a concept and non-primitive example, Anthro. 276., January 4, 1965
A31Carleton L. Crain: Economic activity and social structure in a Mexican village, Anthro. 276.
A32Lynda L. Cuqua: Electricity's impact on the Papago Indians of Southern Arizona, Sociology of the Southwest., May 1968
A33Mary Ann Daugherty: The cycle of life among the Zapotecs of Mexico, Anthro. 212., May 27, 1963
A34David Day: The war of the castes. 1847-1901.
A35Pamela A. Devos: Changing inter-ethnic patterns in China, Anthro. 399., May 1977
A36Leigh C. Douglass: A merit system of personnel administration for the State of Arizona., November 6, 1967
A37E.B. Eiselein: Relational mathematics in the structural-functional analysis of associations in Arizona water politics.
A38E.B. Eiselein: Water and social systems: analysis of the association in the Arizona water politics system., 1968
A39E.B. Eiselein: The planned nationalistic revolution and the indigenous population of Mesoamerica., 1966
A40E.B. Eiselein: Ascertainment of the problems, needs, and concerns of the people of Southern Arizona: report on leaders contacted between May 1976 and February 1977, KUAT., 1977
A41Florence Hawley Ellis: Possible archeological, traditional, and linguistic guideposts to the prehistoric homes of the modern Pueblo Indians, Conclusions., 1966
A42F. Escalante: The American Indian's dilemma, group pressure and alcohol: a theory, Socio. 192., May 1972
A43Grace A. Farrell: Phoenix Indian School., January 25, 1977
A44Richard S. Felger and Gary P. Nabhan: Agroecosystem diversity: a model from the Sonoran Desert., January 25, 1977
A45Timothy J. Finan: Readjusting ethnic boundaries: a perspective on change, Anthro. 214.
A46Bernard L. Fontana: The melting pot that wouldn't: ethnic groups in the American Southwest since 1846, 11th conference on the History of America, Santa Fe, N.M.
A47Christine L. Fry: The social construction of communities: the age-graded case., 1973
A48Art Gallaher: The community study approach, Anthro. research.
A49Art Gallaher: A problem in applied anthropology: the effects of land allotment and subsequent Oklahoma statehood on Seminole Freedman Culture prior to 1920, Anthro. 222.
A50Velam Garcia: Reflections of community development, Anthro. 296B.
A51C.E. George: A statistical test of the folk urban hypothesis., 1953?
A52Ronald Gitek: Anthropology on trial: the Indian claims cases, Anthro. 299.
A53Thomas Gladwin: Culture and personality studies in Oceania., 1960
A54Ocen Goldupp: The role of parent-aide in federally funded program: a case study., 1970
A55Margaret Greeley: The Seri Indians, Anthro. 212., May 20, 1963
A56William Griffen: Tarahumara: directed culture change, Anthro. 302b., May 23, 1961
A57Elizabeth S. Grobsmith: Waku N'ya: uses of Yuwipi medicine power in comtemporary Teton Dakota Culture, AAA Toronto., November 29-December 3, 1972
A58Ramiro L. Guerrerro: The sense of community among Mexican-Americans in Tucson, Arizona, Anthro. 296B., may 24, 1972
A59Ann Haberlach: Pluralism at Pima College, Anthro. 399B., May 24, 1972
A60E. Gail Harkness: Roles and relationship between Chinese health professionals and their multi-ethnic clients, Anthro. 299., January 14, 1972
A61Robert C. Harman: Caracteristicas de la medicina de transicion: en el paraje de Yachib, Oxchuc.
A62Robert C. Harman: Informe sobre las practicas y creencias medicas en Yochib. Anthro. 214. [CONFIDENCIAL].
A63Edie Harrison: Japan: a study in the processes of directed culture change.
A64Nancy Jacobus: Land reform in Mexico, Peru, and Brazil, Anthro. 196.
A65Lane P. Johnson: Applications of anthropology in community and mental health programs, Honors., 1963
A66Richard D. Jones: Culture contact change: Maori/Anglo.
A67Margarita Kay: The Mestizos of Sonora, Anthro. 399N., January 17, 1969
A68William H. Kelly, Bureau of Ethnic Research: Indians of Arizona, The economic basis of Indian life, and Administration of American Indian affairs., 1955,1957
A69William B. Kessel: A case study in anthropology, Anthro. 399L., May 15, 1972
A70Aline H. Kidd, Lynee Scoggins, and Mary Elizabeth Shutler: A study of American kinship, Anthro. 276.
A71William K. Kikuchi: Tu'i manu'a: a study of the title inheritance and disputes in American Samoa, Anthro. 276., January 8, 1968
A72Shirley Klinger: Emile Durkhein, Anthro. 302.
A73Margaret Knight: Community development as a solution to Indian and urban school abuses, Anthro. 296b., May 1968
A74William S. Knopf: SAA discussion reports, Anthro. 257.
A75Kathy Kohnke: Aspects of Mexican-American Catholicism in the Tucson area, Anthro. 214., December 12, 1975
A76Kenneth E. Knudson: Trinidad: cultural variation and the plural society, Anthro.302b., June 8, 1962
A77Kathy Lee Kovacic: Television and sociocultural change, Anthro. 257., April 12-14, 1973
A78Kathy Lee Kovacic: Youth Service Bureau: a model cities project , Anthro. 257., Spring 1973
A79Bruce Kruger: Religion and the Maya, Anthro. 212.
A80Thomas A. Lee Jr.: Mexico's current programs effecting culture change, Anthro. 203., June 2, 1960
B1E. Roby Leighton: Directed culture change by dominant society: U.S. , subordinate society, Navajo Tribe, Seminar: Directed culture change., Fall 1961
B2E. Roby Leighton: 1868-1961: Directed culture change by dominant society: U.S., subordinate society, Navajo Tribe, Seminar: Directed culture change., Fall 1961
B3Susan Lenhoff: Structural-functional analysis, Anthro. 276., January 6, 1961
B4Fred Lindquist: The Mormon subculture, Anthro. 302b.
B5Fred Lindquist: A story of a Mormon family, Antho. 306.
B6Harry Maurice Lindquist: Marginal education and social-economic integration: night schools in Taipei, Taiwan, as a case study, AfAA meeting., April 12, 1969
B7Jill Lorenzini: Mesolithic adaptations in Prehistoric Europe, Anthro. 456., 1983
B8Billye Lovern: A study of Tarleton Park, Anthro. 306. , 1963
B9Gary L. Lundell: Language and communications in the American culture, Brigham Young University, Anthro. 471., Spring 1964
B10Garland J. Marrs: Malinowski on the methods and rules of scientific ethnography and ethnology, Anthro. 205a., Fall 1950
B11Bill Measelle: Adahooniligii, Anthro. 222.
B12John Meredith: A review of the S.A.A. P.M. session for April 12, 1973. Models fir studying school community transactions, Anthro. 257., April 27, 1973
B13John Meredith: Chicanismo and ethnic boundary shifts, Anthro. 396R., December 12, 1975
B14Jim Mueller: The study of complex society: method and theory, Anthro. 302., June 1, 1968
B15J. Larry Murdock: Religion in the American culture, Brigham Young University, Anthro. 471.
B16Alice B. McDonnell: Intimacy patterns in a small social unit, Anthro. 306., May 28, 1963
B17James Officer: Power in the Old Pueblo: a study of decision making in a southwestern community.
B18Amnon Orenet: Directed culture change in British West Africa, Anthro. 302b., Spring 1961
B19Amnon Orenet: Directed culture change in British West Africa, Anthro. 302b., Spring 1961
B20Amnon Orenet: Directed culture change in British West Africa, Anthro. 302b., Spring 1961
B21Alfonso Ortiz: Cosmological correlates of Tewa sex role classification., 1981
B22Edward A. Parmee: A theoretical focus on community development in an attempt to recognize some fundamental dimensions.
B23Edward A. Parmee: A theoretical focus on community development, Soc. 399e., December 13, 1961
B24Harland Padfield: New industrial systems and the culture of colonized peoples., 1968
B25Douglas Peacock: Social change in rural resettlement area, Quang Ngai Province, Republic of Vietnam, Anthro. 296b., May 1969
B26Adolfo Quesada: The Ejido System in Mexico, Anthro. 212., May 11, 1963
B27Alfred Reginald Radcliffe-Brown: Kinship terminologies in California.
B28Cynthia Radding: Los O'odham, los espanoles y los mecicanos en la frontera desertica de Sonora, 1768-1843., 1985
B29Robert Redfield: Cooperation and conflict as modes of social integration in cultural change, lecture at Oriental Institute., January 30, 1945
B30J. Rivers: The multiversity: a visit to an American mind-facturing company.
B31Bryan Roberto: Urban poverty and political participation in Guatemala.
B32Carolyn Roberts: The American educational system, Anthro. 471., May 26, 1964
B33Mercedes C. Rojas: Mexico: national programs and the local communities, Seminar in Latin America.
B34Steve Rosado: The Tarjin Totonac, Anthro. 212., May 20, 1959
B35Virginia D. Russell: Virgin of Zapopan, Guadalajara Summer School, 201., August 5, 1963
B36Michael Brian Schiffer: The economy of social interaction: a proxemic view.
B37Rev. Michael Schneider: Experimental block-making experiment at Cowlic, Arizona., 1968
B38Sandra Schulz: Thougts on ethnicity., Fall 1975
B39Judi Schwarz and Tom Holladay: Change in ASUA, Anthro. 203., Spring 1970
B40Keith Schwyhart: The history of the work and the changes as a result of the American Board Mission in Southern Rhodesia, Soc./Anthro. 296a.
B41Lee Sennett: Chicanismo: world view of the Spinglish-speaking Spanglo., May 16, 1972
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B44Milton Singer, 5 reprints.
B45Courtland L. Smith: Metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona: a little community., November 1967
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B47Roderick Sprague: Directed culture change of the Carrier Indians of British Columbia, Anthro. 302., May 15, 1961
B48Michael B. Stanislawski: Ethnoarchaeology and settlement archaeology, SAA annual meeting., May 4, 1973
B49Michael B. Stanislawski and Barbara B. Stanislawski: Hopi-Tewa ceramic tradition networks, AAA annual meeting., Novemeber 21, 1974
B50Michael B. Stanislawski and Barbara B. Stanislawski: Identification marks on Hopi and Hopi-Tewa pottery., September 1974
B51James Russell Stephens: Man on the highway: an anthropological examination of traffic safety, Anthro. 299s., August 1967
B52Jervis D. Swannack Jr.: Directed cultural change of the Hawaiian Polynesians, Anthro. 302b., May 3, 1961
B53Jackie Taylor: Mexican American identity: an attempt to define ethnic boundaries, Anthro. 399Q., January 21, 1972
B54Thomas Robert: Critique of 'social organization of the Papago' by Ruth Underhill, Anthro. 299B.
B55D.L. True: Luiseno culture change, Anthro. 203., Spring 1962
B56H.D. Tuggle: On the oecology of populations H. Sapiens, Anthro. 399B., 1969
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B58Paul R. Turner: The social context of laughter., 1971
B59Cassandra Van Horn: American family and kinship, Brigham Young University, Anthro. 471.
B60Jack Waddell: The utility of the Wagley-Harris typology of Latin American subcultures for the ordering of Mesoamerican ethnographic materials, Anthro. 299., May 17, 1965
B61Roland L. Warren: Toward a non-utopian model of the community., 1969
B62Ward F. Weakly: Working field definitions of: a culture, a culture trait, a culture process, Anthro. 302I., 1964-1965
B63Thomas Weaver: Social and economic change in the context of the Pima-Maricopa history., 1972
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B65David R. Wilcox: The entry of Athapascans into the American Southwest: the problem today, Anthro. 120.
B66Julianne Williams: Mexico: a study of its national character, Anthro. 212., May 12, 1965
B67Mark Winheld: The dream time., 1980
B68Alice L. Zink: Observation of a small group, Anthro./Soc. 296B., May 1966
B69Anonymous: Social welfare in America, Brigham Young University.
B70 Anonymous: Indian-white racial attitudes around the U.S., Anthro. 120., 1948
Professional Materials,1930-1987 (Bulk 1939-1977)
Professional associations and foundations
11Foundation addresses.
12Pamphlets on miscellaneous organizations.
13Miscellaneous proposals., 1949,1966
14American Association for the Advancement of Science., 1930-1975
15American council of Learned Societies., 1954-1984
16American Education Research Association.
17American Ethnological Society.
18American Philosophical Society., 1964-1982
19American Philosophical Society [Restricted].
Restircted until 2025.
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117John Simon Guggenheim: re applications by others.
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123XXXVI Congreso de Americanistas, Barcelona, Sevilla, Madrid., 1964
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126ICAES - International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences and IUAES - International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences., 1956-1968
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130III - Instituto Indigenista Interamericano., 1962-1978
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132NAS - National Academy of Sciences: By-laws, membership, misc.
Restrited to NAS members.
133NAS - National Academy of Sciences: Membership, correspondence, and EHS memorial statement.
Restricted to NAS members.
134NEH - National Endowment for the Humanities: Humanities, no. 6., 1971
135NEH - Indian Studies Program., 1971-1974
136NEH Proposals Reviewed by EHS., 1966-1982
136aEvaluation of Candidates for NEH Fellowships.
137Letters of Application for NEH Postdoctoral Fellowships.
138Donald J. Doerr, Postdoctoral Fellow., 1971-1972
139Donald Bahr, Postdoctoral Fellow., 1972-1973
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210National Science Foundation: Proposals reviewed by EHS.
211National Science Foundation: Proposals reviewed by EHS.
212National Science Foundation: Proposals reviewed by EHS.
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214NCERD - U.S. Office of Education.
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Edward H. Spicer activities: Workshops, seminars, talks etc.
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314Cornell summer field school: Cornell Seminar.
315Cornell summer field school: Cornell Seminar., 1949-1950
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327Summer seminar in culture change, Albuquerque. , 1958
328Seminar on North American Indian Culture Change, AAA Symposium., 1958
Some items listed here refer to the SSRC Seminar of 1956.
329Michigan State University - USPHS Project,Anglo-Latino Relations in Hospitals and Communities., June 18-19, 1958
330Wenner-Gren Ph.D. Curricula Conference, Washington, D.C., November 23-24, 1958
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332HEW (Department of Health, Education and Welfare) - PHS-ID (Public Health Service-Indian Division) Workshop on Community Documentation., 1961
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334Discussion for Teachers, Sells., 1961,1963
335Community Development Conference, Tucson., 1962
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340Committee to evaluate San Fernando Valley State College. , 1965
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44Training Seminar on Indian Health Problems, UA. , January 1967
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46San Francisco trip., 1967
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48Seminar on Indian Health: Program and papers.
49Phoenix Area Community Development Conference, BIA., December 1967
410 Seminar, UCLA Department of Anthropology., May 1968
411Papago (?) Community Development Training Session., Summer 1968
412Anthropology and Medicine.
413NEH Workshop on Negro Onfluences in American Culture., Summer 1969
414Conference on Social Science Needs in Agriculture and Natural Resources., 1969
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419Northeastern State College, Tahlequah, Okla.: Airplane receipt., 1973
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421Cochise College., 1973
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425Lectures at Augustana College., 1975-1976
426Lecture regarding various factors in Indian policy., 1975
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428Consultation on The Religious Character of Native American Humanities, ASU., 1977
429National Public Radio/NEH - Humanities Unit, Advisory Committee, Los Angeles. , 1977
430Anthropology Internship Project: University of South Florida., 1978
431Southern California Edison - Environmental Impact - Pearson Round Table recommendations., 1978
432Harwood Hinton - History Conference, People of the Southwest. UA Dept. of History., 1979
433Undated Talks by EHS.
434Information on Professional Grants.
435Guggenheim Foundation - EHS Fellowships: Study of Yaquis in Sonora.
436Wenner-Gren/Viking Fund: Grant #196., 1947-1948
437Guggenheim Foundation - 2nd EHS Fellowship: Study & writing in Mexico.
Wrote Cycles of Conquest.
438NSF Senior Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Mexico: Work with INI and III. , 1963-1964
439NSF Senior Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Mexico: Small project travel grant., 1964
440NSF Senior Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Mexico: Miscellany.
441NSF Senior Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Mexico: Patzcuaro field trip., 1964
51NSF Senior Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Mexico: Mexico, Central and South America.
52NSF Senior Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Mexico: CREFAL., 1964
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513NEH Sabbatical: - Budgets, SABT, Banco Central.
514NEH Sabbatical: Some Barcelona Correspondence.
515NEH Sabbatical: Sabbatical Report., 1970-1971
Archaeology and Edward H. Spicer
516The Inter-Agency Archaeological Salvage Program., 1958
517Newspaper clippings.
518 As an archaeologist., 1934-1940
519A Term papers on Archaeology by EHS, UA., 1931-1934
520More term papers by EHS.
521Hohokam Skulls: Papers and notes.
522 Pottery: Prescott Black-on-Grey.
523 Talk at Museum of Northern Arizona., 1977
524Paper by Robert C. Euler and Henry F. Dobyns.
525EHS director of the KINCAID Summer Archeological Field School, U. of Chicago: Correspondence., 1939-1941
526EHS director of the KINCAID Summer Archeological Field School, U. of Chicago: Supervisor's weekly reports., 1939
Thoughts, ideas, notes, and matters of interest to Edward H. Spicer
527Anthropology Ideas.
528General ideas.
529Lose jottings.
530Notes and ideas.
531Current ideas.
532Southwest acculturation.
533Points of view.
534Mapping the New World.
535Reading notes.
536Notes on Herbert Spencer.
537Contemporary Revolutions.
538Problems of Social Types.
539Processes of Acculturation (Book).
541Changing Ethnic Scenes.
542Ideas of Others of Interest.
544Bibliographies for various courses or articles.
545Various book titles noted.
546Various book reviews clipped.
546aBook and Article Referee for various presses and journals., 1962-1975
547Science Authors.
548Volume to honor E. Adamson Hoebel.
549Courses at other universities.
550Job Opportunities, Fellowships.
551Human Relations Area Files.
552Ethnomusicology., 1957-1958
553Ethnic Dance.
554Self Analysis of ? by ?
555Invitations to Join, to Attend.
556Clippings on Nixon.
557U.S. Business Leadership.
Ethnic Groups,1911-1989 (Bulk 1940-1975)
Various groups
11Persistence in Cultural Systems.
12Urban Studies, Immigration. Papers by others., 1973-1974, n.d.
13Israel., 1948-1963
14Jews: Notes.
15Jews: Issue of The Carolina Israelite, 15:2., March-April 1957
16Jews: Newspaper clippings.
17China and Japan: Newspaper clipping and notes.
18China and Japan: Understanding Japan during WW II., 1945
19Mexico: Revista de Revistas., 1911
110Mexico: El Progreso de Medina., 1912
111Mexico: Various issues of El Grafico and El Imparcial of Oaxaca., 1955, n.d.
112Mexico: Various issues of El Grafico and El Imparcial of Oaxaca., 1955, n.d.
113Mexico: Various issues of El Grafico and El Imparcial of Oaxaca., 1955, n.d.
114Mexico: Newspaper clippings about Mexico in Spanish and English., 1962-1989
115Mexico: Religion, Archeology, Travel, Codex.
116Mexico: Various city maps.
117Mexico: Early etchings of Mexico, D.F.
118Mexico: Sonora- Magdalena, Hermosillo
119Mexico: Articles by Oscar Lewis., 1966,1939
120Mexico: Articles on Mexico and Latin America.
121Mexico: Quotes from various authors on ethnic and non-ethnic programs in Mexico.
122Mexico: Studies in Cuernavaca.
123Mexico: Mexican journals and books of interest to Anthropology in UA Library and some not in Library.
124Mexico: National Directory of Latin Americanists., 1963-1964
125Mexican Americans: Newspaper clippings., 1950-1970
126Mexican Americans: Articles on Mexican Americans.
127Mexican Americans: Reports and Articles., 1944-1973, n.d.
128Mexican Americans: Pamphlets and Publications., 1935-1979
129Mexican Americans: Rudolfo Acuña, U of A/Chicano.
130Mexican Americans: Cesar Chavez.
131Mexican Americans: Education, Bilingualism.
132Mexican Americans: Mexican American Education., 1973
133Mexican Americans: A Method for Testing Bilingual (Spanish-English) Children with the WISC.
134Mexican Americans: A Most Singular Country: The Story of the Mexican-American Borderlands., 1971
135Mexican Americans: The Mexican in the Southwest: A Culture in process.
136Mexican Americans: Progress Report, Mexican-American Study Project, Division of Research, Graduate School of Business Administration, UCLA., 1965-1967
137Mexican Americans: A Progress Report of Field Work in Tubutama. Sonora, Mexico., 1956
138Mexican Americans: Community Renewal Program: The Role of Social Factors in the Successful Adjustment of Mexican-American Families to Forced Housing Relocation: A Final Report of the Chamizal Relocation Research Project, El Paso, Texas., 1970
139Mexican Americans: Mexican American Vocabulary.
21South America: Articles.
23Black studies: Colonialism - Race Relations.
24Black studies: Bibliographies., 1955-1969, n.d.
25Black studies: Ku Klux Klan.
26Black studies: 'Threat' of Communism, newspaper clippings.
27Black studies: Desegregation - Tucson and Arizona Councils for Civic Unity., 1979-1954
28Black studies: Desegregation & Civil Rights - Tucson and national., 1947-1949
29Black studies: Desegregation & Civil Rights - Tucson and national., 1950
210Black studies: Desegregation & Civil Rights - Tucson and national., 1951-1988
211Black studies: Newspaper clippings from ads regarding Dunbar School., 1948-1951
212Black studies: Civil rights., 1942-1955
213Black studies: School Segregation Survey, Eloy, AZ. Tucson Council for Civic Unity.
214Black studies: Black History and Condition., 1966-1977
215Black studies: Tucson Council for Civic Unity/Arizona Council for Civic Unity.
216Black studies: Chapter by Allison Davis.
217Mormons: Arizona Mormons.
218Mormons: Agriculture., 1936
219Mormons: Mormon World View., 1949
220Basque: Newspaper clippings.
221Basque., 1982-1984
222Catalan: Pamphlets, etc.
223Catalan: Newspapers., 1975-1981
224Catalan: Clippings on Spain from American newspapers., 1975-1981
225Catalan: Correspondence., 1970-n.d.
226Catalan: Reading notes on Passion Plays in Spain and Catalonia.
227Catalan: Notes on Catalan History.
228Catalan: ) Notes for a Catalan Slide Show.
229Catalan: Catalan Field Notes.
230Catalan: Spanish Ethnic Policy.
231Catalan: Notes for Catalan chapter of Enduring Peoples.
232Catalan: Anita Alvarado.
233Irish: Newspaper clippings., 1971-1981
234Irish: Notes for Irish chapter of Enduring peoples.
31Irish: Notes and map.
32Irish: Notes and correspondence.
33Irish: Various.
34Vietnamese (refugees).
35Indian (American): Newspaper clippings., 1930s
36Indian (American): Newspaper clippings., 1940s
37Indian (American): Newspaper clippings., 1950s
38Indian (American): Newspaper clippings., 1960s
39Indian (American): Newspaper clippings., 1970s
American Indians - General
310Correspondence., 1946-1978
311Bibliographies on Indians.
312Various newsletters and pamphlets., 1954-1978, n.d.
313More Newsletters., 1945-1973
314American Indian Chicago Conference., 1961
315Indians and Others., 1953,1965
316Articles on Indians., 1973-1974,1984
317Indians and Law.
318Indian land claims.
319Policy to Protect and Preserve American Indian Religious Freedom, Act of 1978. President Carter statement.
320Issues in Indian Affairs.
321Summer Institute of Linguistics.
322Pan Indian Ceremonials.
323Indian Songs and Poetry Southwest.
324Thematic Apperception Test, Drawings for Indians.
325Wenner-Gren Supper Conference on the American Indian in Transition, University of Chicago., 1954
327Various Conferences on Indians., 1960,1987
328Various papers on American Indians., 1960-1979
329Various commissions and associations: American friends service committee.
330Various commissions and associations: Association on American Indian Affairs, Inc.
331Various commissions and associations: Association on American Indian Affairs, Inc.
332Various commissions and associations: National Congress of American Indians.
333Various commissions and associations: New Mexico Association of Indian Affairs., 1955-1958
334Various commissions and associations: New Mexico Commission on Indian Affairs., 1961-1962
41BIA: Press releases., 1952-1973
42BIA: Pamphlets.
43BIA: Reports/Articles., 1951-1971
44BIA: John Collier re: IRA.
45BIA: John Collier re: Withdrawal.
46BIA: John H. Provinse on Withdrawal.
47BIA: John CollierThe Menominee of Wisconsin and the Klamath of Oregon Cases., 1957
48BIA: Glenn L. Emmons Whither the American Indian? The Problem Stated., 1954
49BIA: Dillon S. Myer.
410BIA: William H. Kelly Indian Adjustment and the History of Indian Affairs., 1969
411BIA: Federal vs. State Responsibility.
412BIA: Termination., 1953
413BIA: BIA Relocation Program., 1957
414BIA: American Indian Affairs, Relevant Assumptions.
415BIA: Various Statements on BIA Points of View--General and on Bills.
416BIA: Lower Muskogee Creek Tribe.
417BIA: BIA Changes in the 1960s.
418BIA: Indian Policy in the Kennedy Administration., 1963-1964
419BIA: A. L. Wahrhaftig Notes and Outlines for a Series of Articles on the American Indian., 1968
420BIA: Vine Deloria The War Between the Redskins And the Feds., 1969
421BIA: Discussion on basic assumptions underlying our national approach to the Indian problem by the editor of the AA. [RESTRICTED]., 1954
422BIA: Bert Aginsky Lateralization Among American Indians.
423BIA: Scudder McKeel Comparative Notes on the 'Social Role of the Settlement House' as Contrasted with that of the United States Indian Service., 1943
424BIA: William H. Kelly Los Indigenas de los Estados Unidos., 1966
425BIA: N. B. Johnson Solution Assimilation., 1954
426BIA: Volkswagen Project: 'Acculturation and Ethnic Identity: Resistance and Self-Determination Among the Indian Minorities of North America'., 1981?
427BIA: James H. Howard The Native American Image in Western Europe., 1981
428BIA: Evon Z. Vogt The Acculturation of American Indian., 1957
429American Indian Development, Inc.: Training programs., 1962-1965
430American Indian Development, Inc.: Organization information.
431American Indian Development, Inc.: Workshop on American Indian Affairs, Boulder, Colorado., 1952-1967
432American Indian Development, Inc.: Rosalie Wax.
433American Indian Development, Inc.: Newsletter of AID, Inc.
434Indian health: L. J. Lull, M.D. , 1955
435Indian health: Indian health highlights.
436Indian education: Indian Scholarships, Arizona State Department of Public Instruction, Division of Indian Education.
437Indian education: Murray L. Wax The White Man's Burdensome 'Business': A Review Essay on the Change and Constancy of Literature on the American Indians., 1968
438Indian education: Foundation for the Higher Education of American Indians, Inc.
439Indian education: Indian Student Conference, Amerind Club, UA., 1957
440Indian education: BIA/Univ. of Chicago Research on Indian Education and Administration., 1943-1944
441Indian education: BIA In-Service Training., 1960-1971, n.d.
442Indian education: Indian Art: Conferences, Plans.
443Indian education: Indian Art: Pacific Arts Conference, ASU., 1960
444Indian education: Phoenix Indian School.
445National study of American Indian education: Clippings.
446National study of American Indian education: Coordinating Council for Research in Indian Education., 1962
447National study of American Indian education: Research Conference on American Indian Education, Un. of Chicago., 1968
448National study of American Indian education: Correspondence, proposals, and articles.
449National study of American Indian education.
450National study of American Indian education: Pamphlets on Indian Education., 1966-1971
451National study of American Indian education: Indian Scholars Convocation., 1970
452Indian economics: Land, Water, and Social Institutions, by Courtland L. Smith and Harland I. Padfield., 1969
453Indian economics: Indian Mineral Interest: A Potential for Economic Advancement, by Edward B. Berger., 1968
454Indian economics: White and Indian Farmers on the Umatillas Indian Reservation, by Theodore Stern and James P. Boggs., 1970
51Indians, Southwest: Nativistic Movements .
52Indians, Southwest: The Southwest Indian: Studies in Cultural Continuity, proposal submitted by Douglas W. Schwartz, Director, School of American Research, Santa Fe, to National Endowment for the Humanities. , 1978
53Indians, Southwest: Patterns of Indoamerican Chief Executive Tenure, by Henry F. Dobyns and Native American Urbanization and Socio-Economic Integration in the Southwestern United States, by Henry F. Dobyns, Richard W. Stoffle and Christine Jones., 1972,1981
54Indians, Southwest: Southwest Indian Dispersion Myths, and Cycles and Time in a Southwest Indian Mythology, by Donald M. Bahr.
55Indians, Southwest: Social Foundations of Rural Poverty in the Southwest, by Harland Padfield., 1967
56Indians, Southwest: The Importance of Not Being Earnest: Play in the Greater Southwest, by Thomas E. Sheridan.
57Indians, Arizona: Clippings, Articles.
58Indians, Arizona: Pamphlets, clippings, and correspondence.
59Indians, Arizona: Central Arizona Indian Committee.
510Indians, Arizona: Indian problems.
511Indians, Arizona: Arizona Inter-Tribal Council., 1954,1961
512Indians, Arizona: The Unvanishing Indian., 1947-1948
513Indians, Arizona: Arizona State Employment Service., 1967-1970
514Indians, Arizona: Arizona Association of Indian Affairs.
515U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, Arizona Advisory Committee., 1957-1963
516U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, Arizona Advisory Committee., 1962-1963
517U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, Arizona Advisory Committee., 1960
518Arizona Commission on Indian Affairs., 1948-1965
519Arizona Commission on Indian Affairs., 1967-1970
520Arizona Commission on Indian Affairs: Annual reports., 1954-1976
521Arizona Commission on Indian Affairs: Publications., 1967
522Arizona Commission on Indian Affairs: Program and Proceedings of the AZ Commission of Indian Affairs, Window Rock., 1957
523Arizona Commission on Indian Affairs: Fourth Annual Indian Town Hall., 1976
524Tucson: Tucson Indian Center.
525Tucson: Directory of social resources., 1948
Indians by tribe (Alphabetical)
61Acoma: Correspondence., 1952
62Alaskan Indians: Clippings., 1953-1982
63Apache: Cassette tape., 1970
64Apache: Clippings.
65Apache: San Carlos Correspondence - Stanford Research Institute, AFSC.
66Apache: San Carlos Correspondence - AFSC.
67Apache: Report on the Fort Apache Indians of Arizona, by Morris E. Opler., 1936
68Apache: Second Annual Jicarilla Apache Conference on Indian Alcoholism, Dulce, NM., 1967
69Apache: White Mountain Apache.
610Apache: Apache Puberty Ceremony., 1932
611Apache: Apache Arts and Crafts., 1961
612Apache: San Carlos Apaches Stories., 1972
613Apache: San Carlos Apache Field Notes., 1954
614Apache: San Carlos Apache Field Notes., 1954
615Apache: San Carlos Cattle Industry.
616Apache: Apache Language.
617Apache: Stanford Research Institute.
618Apache: Stanford Research Institute., 1954
619Apache: Miscellaneous Information on Apaches.
620Apache: AFSC Reports., 1957-1966
621Apache: AFSC San Carlos Project and Southwest Indian Project., 1950-1966, n.d.
622Apache: AFSC Program Evaluations., 1962-1964
623Apache: NSF Final Report, Grant G-7171., 1959-1961
624Apache: Existing Factors Affecting the Program of Education for San Carlos Apaches, by Edward A. Parmee., 1961
625Apache: Indian affairs interview., 1954
Removed to ARCHIVES Record Group 8.
626Apache: The Painted Symbols of Silas John: A Western Apache Writing System, by Keith H. Basso and Ned Anderson., 1972
Removed to ARCHIVES Record Group 8.
627Apache: Preliminary Report on Use of Clinic Facilities by the Residents of the Mescalero Indian Reservation, by Peter Kunstadter., 1957
Removed to ARCHIVES Record Group 8.
628Apache: The Myth of Apache Economic Incompetence, by Steve Talbot., 1973
629Apache: Excerpts from Grenville Goodwin's diary about Apaches in the Sierra Madres if Mexico., 1927-1931
630Apache: Articles by William B. Griffen., 1983
631Canadian Indians: Newspaper clippings.
632Canadian Indians: Windigo Psychosis.
633Canadian Indians: Kwakiutl., 1961
634Canadian Indians: Plains Cree., 1965
635Canadian Indians: Subarctic Athapaskans., 1971
636Canadian Indians: Hurons.
637Catawba: South Carolina Catawba Claim., 1977
638Cherokee: Newsletter in Cherokee alphabet., 1950-1965
639Cherokee: Original Cherokee Community Organization, by Robert K. Thomas.
640Cherokee: Cherokee Values and World View, by Robert K. Thomas., 1958
641Cherokee: Social and Economic Characteristics of the Cherokee Population of Eastern Oklahoma, by Albert L. Wahrhaftig. , 1965
642Cherokee: Indian Communities of Eastern Oklahoma and the War on Poverty, by Albert L. Wahrhaftig., 1965
643Cherokee: The Five Civilized Tribes of Oklahoma: Report on Social and Economic Conditions, by Angie Debo., 1955
644Cherokee: Social Change on an Indian Reservation: A Community Study, by Evanell Thomsson. Dissertation proposal., 1967
645Cheyenne: Clipping., 1966
646Cheyenne: The Wonderful Herb: An Indian Cult Vision Experience, by E. Adamson Hoebel.
647Chippewa: Clipping., 1948
649Colorado River Tribes: Correspondence and articles., 1970, n.d.
650Colorado River Tribes: Proposal to the Colorado River Planning Area, by Donald M. Roberts., 1968
651Diegueño etc. Northern Baja California: Articles., 1967,1969
652Diegueño etc. Northern Baja California: Articles., 1963,1966
653Fort Berthold Reservation, North Dakota: Correspondence, article, and Bill S.3303., 1948-1950
654Havasupai: Clippings.
655Havasupai: Correspondence, clippings, nots, and bills.
656Havasupai: Alfred F. Whiting on Havasupai.
657Hidatsa: Note from Bella Weitzner.
658Hopi: Clippings.
659Hopi: Correspondence, political statements, etc.
660Hopi: Correspondence - John Lansa., 1954-1974
661Hopi: Correspondence - Bob Young.
662Hopi: Hopi Tricentennial., 1980
663Hopi: AFSC Community Relations Program., 1959
664Hopi: Miscellaneous Notes and Papers.
665Hopi: Notes.
Box 7 includes 3 cases which contain 3 wire recordings: Case 1. Apache with Morris Opler, Case 2. Navajo with Tom Sasaki, and Case 3. Spanish American with John Adair.
71Hualapai: Articles.
72Huichol: Clippings and photographs.
74Iroquois: Map.
75Article., 1951
76The Kickapoo: In Mexico., 1948,1954
77KIOWA: Clippings.
78Klamath: Article., 1961-1962
79Kwakiutl: Article.
710Menominee: Bibliography, article., 1975-1976
711Menominee: Article., 1963
712Mesquakie: Program on Behalf of the Mesquakie and Nearby Whites of Iowa, by Sol Tax.
713Mesquakie: Being A Mesquakie Indian, by Lisa Peattie.
714Mexico: Articles., 1963-1964
715Mexico: Clippings.
716Mexico: Clipping Mixtecs in Tijuana., 1964
717Modoc: Allotments., 1916
718Mojave/Mohave: Clippings.
719Navajo: Correspondence., 1948-1973
720Navajo: Navajo History.
721Navajo: General Information Flyers.
722Navajo: Notes.
723Navajo: The Navajo Problem. , 1947
724Navajo: Navajo Extension Program., 1952
725Navajo: Congressional Bills., 1947-1950
726Navajo: KAET-TV Navajo Film Project Working Papers.
727Navajo: Education.
728Navajo: Education.
729Navajo: Education - Navajo Community College.
730Navajo: The Navajo Control Policy: Navajo Community College, by Priscilla K. Mowrer. , 1970
731Navajo: Employment.
732Navajo: Health.
733Navajo: Law.
734Navajo: Law.
735Navajo: Missionaries., 1946-1953
736Navajo: Language.
737Navajo: Art and Poetry., 1941
738Navajo: Meetings and Proposals on Community Development., 1960s
739Navajo: Navajo Social Organization and Land Use Adjustment, E.R. Fryer. , 1972
740Navajo: Cultural Interplay and Political Anthropology: The Navajo Case, by René Koenig., 1983
741Navajo: Indian vote., 1948
742Navajo: Ethnography.
743Navajo: Fruitland Research - Tom Sasaki., 1951-1952
744Navajo: Some EHS Many Farms Receipts.
745Navajo: Navajo Pamphlet., 1940
746Navajo: Office of Navajo Economic Opportunity., 1965, n.d.
747Navajo: Eastern Navajo Agency - Reports of Meetings., 1968,1970
748Navajo: Eastern Navajo Council Resolutions ., 1968-1972
749Navajo: District 15-19 -- Minutes, Resolutions, BIA Memos,1969-1973
750Navajo: District 16 -- Minutes, Resolutions, BIA Memos., 1970-1973
751Navajo: Shonto. . . Life In A Contemporary Navajo Community, by Blake Brophy., 1959
752Navajo: Dinetxa News., 1967-1968
753Navajo: Newspaper Clippings., 1947
754Navajo: Newspaper Clippings., 1948
755Navajo: Newspaper Clippings., 1949
756Navajo: Newspaper Clippings., 1950
757Navajo: Newspaper Clippings., 1951
758Navajo: Newspaper Clippings., 1960-1969
759Navajo: Newspaper Clippings., 1970
760Nevome., 1954,1964
761Opata and Kickapoo (Sonora, Mexico): Photographs and notes.
762Paiute: Ethnographic Methodology: A Tri-Chronic Study in Culture Change, Informant Reliability, and Validity from the Southern Paiute, by Robert C. Euler., 1967
763Paiute: Three Gods for Joe, by Omer C. Stewart., 1956
81Papago/Tohono O'odham: About Papago Files.
82Papago/Tohono O'odham: Newspaper Clippings., 1940-1949
83Papago/Tohono O'odham: Newspaper Clippings. , 1950-1969
84Papago/Tohono O'odham: Newspaper Clippings., 1970s
85Papago/Tohono O'odham: General correspondence.
86Papago/Tohono O'odham: Tom Segundo correspondence.
87Papago/Tohono O'odham: Correspondence with Papagos - Topawa, Choulic, San Miguel.
88Papago/Tohono O'odham: Alden and Ruth Jones correspondence.
89Papago/Tohono O'odham: Personality & Administration Study, BIA/University of Chicago., 1942-1944
810Papago/Tohono O'odham: W. Wade & Beulah Head correspondence.
811Papago/Tohono O'odham: Indian Personality Project.
812Papago/Tohono O'odham: Re: The desert people, Correspondence, Maps, Charts.
813Papago/Tohono O'odham: Correspondence re: The desert people., 1943-1977
For correspondence about republishing The desert people, see RBS's file under publishers.
814Papago/Tohono O'odham: Papago Maps.
815Papago/Tohono O'odham: Elizabeth Estrada., 1962,1985,1988
816Papago/Tohono O'odham: Report, Arizona Commission on Indian Affairs., 1962
817Papago/Tohono O'odham: Newsletter Papago Indian Agency, Sells, Arizona., 1967
818Papago/Tohono O'odham: Newsletter Papago Indian Agency, Sells, Arizona., 1968
819Papago/Tohono O'odham: Association for Papago Affairs., 1954-1964
820Papago/Tohono O'odham: Association for Papago Affairs.
821Papago/Tohono O'odham: Mineral Claims.
822Papago/Tohono O'odham: American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)., 1956-1959
823Papago/Tohono O'odham: Papago Tribal Herd and Papago Range (drought)., 1968-1969, n.d.
824Papago/Tohono O'odham: Water - Agriculture.
825Papago/Tohono O'odham: Papago Claims Case.
Removed to ARCHIVES record group 8.
826Papago/Tohono O'odham: Health.
827Papago/Tohono O'odham: Community development.
828Papago/Tohono O'odham: Papago Legal Services.
829Papago/Tohono O'odham: Papago Research by Henry F. Dobyns., 1950-1951
830Papago/Tohono O'odham: Various Papago Research Projects., 1952-1975
831Papago/Tohono O'odham: North Carolina project.
Removed to ARCHIVES record group 8.
832Papago/Tohono O'odham: EHS notes and diaries.
833Papago/Tohono O'odham: Notes.
Possibly notes from Cycles of conquest.
834Papago/Tohono O'odham: Talks by Richard Hendrix and Mrs. Lupe Johnson., 1942
835Papago/Tohono O'odham: Enemy Slayer Ceremony, Santa Rosa., 1959
836Papago/Tohono O'odham: Shrine of the Children., 1932?
837Papago/Tohono O'odham: Papago Language.
838Papago/Tohono O'odham: Papago Language.
839Papago/Tohono O'odham: Papago Language, articles., 1968-1969
840Papago/Tohono O'odham: Papago Language, article., 1969
841Papago/Tohono O'odham: Published articles on programs., 1940-1978
842Papago/Tohono O'odham: Articles.
843Papago/Tohono O'odham: The Papago Village-Level Community Development Worker: The Papago Indian Case, by John Lewis., 1969
844Papago/Tohono O'odham: Final Report, Evaluation of Opportunities for Permanent Relocation of Papago Indians in Tucson, Arizona, by Kent Fitzgerald., 1956
845Papago/Tohono O'odham: Federal Writers' Project., 1939
846Papago/Tohono O'odham: Community Participation as an Indicator of Developmental Change, by Rolf Bauer and Henry Keneally, Jr., 1969
847Papago/Tohono O'odham: AURA -- Kitt Peak.
91Pima/Maricopa, Gila River Reservation, Salt River Reservation: Articles.
92Pima/Maricopa, Gila River Reservation, Salt River Reservation: Indian claims commission.
93Pima/Maricopa, Gila River Reservation, Salt River Reservation: Dana Nichols field notes., 1959
94Pima/Maricopa, Gila River Reservation, Salt River Reservation: Pima and Upper Pima.
95Pima/Maricopa, Gila River Reservation, Salt River Reservation: Clippings., 1937-1964
96Pima/Maricopa, Gila River Reservation, Salt River Reservation: Articles, clippings.
97Pima/Maricopa, Gila River Reservation, Salt River Reservation: Social and Economic Change in the Context of Pima-Maricopa History, by Thomas Weaver., 1972
98Pima/Maricopa, Gila River Reservation, Salt River Reservation: Pima Myths.
99Pima/Maricopa, Gila River Reservation, Salt River Reservation: Piman songs., 1979
910Pima/Maricopa, Gila River Reservation, Salt River Reservation: Plants Without Water: The Pima-Maricopa Experience, by Paul H. Ezell., 1974
911Pima/Maricopa, Gila River Reservation, Salt River Reservation: Effects of Acculturation on an American Indian Community, by Bhavani Banerjee Manheim.
912Pima Bajo (Lower Pima): Notes.
913Pima Bajo (Lower Pima): Language.
914Pottawatomi: A Study of the Hannahville Indian Community, Menominee County, Michigan, Kenneth E. Tiedke.
915Pueblos: Legislation., 1943
916Pueblos: The Pueblo Indians of the Southwest: A Survey of the Anthropological Literature and a Review of Theory, Method, and Results, by Edward P. Dozier. , 1964
917Pueblos: Newspaper Clippings.
918Pueblos: Attributes of Prehistoric Pueblo settlement patterns on Black Mesa, Arizona, by Robert C. Euler and Review by Robert C. Euler of The Pueblo Indians, by Joe S. Sando.
919Pueblos: Cochimi Word List.
920Pueblos: Correspondence re: possible conference on Pueblo.
921Seminole: Clipping.
922Seri: Files.
List in ASM archives: Seri Files...general research.
923Seri: Newspaper clippings., 1965-1980
924Seri: Correspondence., 1951-1975
925Seri: Borys Malkin correspondence., 1953-1959
926Seri: AFSC Seri Project., 1954-1957
927Seri: Notes and correspondence with Bill Smith.
928Seri: Wenner-Gren (Viking Fund) Grant ., 1951
929Seri: Seri Movie.
930Seri: Seri Movie.
931Seri: Negatives.
932Seri: Language.
933Seri: Bibliographical notes.
934Seri: Ethnobotany.
935Seri: Ethnobotany.
936Seri: Spanish influence on Seri.
937Seri: Carving.
938Shoshone: Clipping.
939Sioux, Dakota: Social system.
940Sioux, Dakota: Bulletins and articles.
941Sioux, Dakota: Newspaper clippings.
942South America: Ache, Paraguay., 1972
943South America: Junin program, Peru., 1964
944South America: The Cornell-Vicos project.
945South America: Newspaper clippings.
946Taos: Newspaper clippings.
947Taos: Blue Lake.
948Taos: Taos Factionalism, by Omer C. Stewart., 1981
949Tarahumara: Photographs.
950Tarahumara: Word lists.
951Tarahumara: Newspaper clippings.
952Tarascan: Articles.
953Tepecano: Tepecano, A Piman Language of Western Mexico, by J. Alden Mason.
954Tiwa: Correspondence and articles.
955Tzeltzal: Newspaper clipping.
956Ute: Southern Ute Rehabilitation Planning: A Study in Self-Determination, Robert C. Euler and Harry L.Naylor., 1952
957Wampanoag: Land claims.
See also Indian-General folder on land claims.
958Warahio (Guarihio): Language.
959Warahio (Guarihio): Language.
960Warahio (Guarihio): Language.
961Warahio (Guarihio): Newspaper clippings.
962Yavapai: The Yavapai-Tonto Apache Indian Community at Payson, Arizona: a position paper, by Joe P. Sparks., 1972
963Yavapai: Cycles and History in a Yavapai Mythology: Southwest Indian Mythologies as History, by Don Bahr.
964Yavapai: Correspondence and newspaper clippings.
965Yuma: Newspaper clippings.
966Zuni: Correspondence and notes.
967Zuni: Newspaper clippings.
Series VI: Pascua Yaqui Office of Economic Opportunity,1960-1981
11Inventory of this accession, ASM # 92-124.
12Correspondence., 1960-1966
13Correspondence., 1967
14Correspondence., 1968-1969
15Correspondence., 1970-1975
16Correspondence., 1976-1981
17Congressional bills: Petition For Land for the Relocation of Residents of Pascua Village of Tucson, Arizona., 1962
18Congressional bills: Intertribal Council of Arizona Resolution.
29OEO Directives, Various Applications to OEO.
210Application for CAP, Yaqui Development Project. , 1967-1968
211Various applications.
212Proposal to Ford Foundation., 1968
213Pima County: Planning Department., 1966-1967
214Pima County: Rezoning.
215Pima County: Committee for Economic Opportunity, Inc.
316Pima County: Committee for Economic Opportunity, Inc. Minutes, memo, reports.
317Pima County: Operation TACA (Teenagers & adults in community actions).
318Pima County: Proposal.
319Pima County: Tucson Community Council., 1965-1966
320Pascua Yaqui Association: Advisory Committee to PYA.
321Pascua Yaqui Association: Articles of incorporation, by-laws.
322Pascua Yaqui Association: Mortgage., 1971
323Pascua Yaqui Association: Land contracts, water & sewer, trainee applications.
324Pascua Yaqui Association: Various.
325Financial: Audits., 1966-1968
326Financial: Advisory Committee of the Pascua Community Housing Fund.
327Financial: Originals of checks from folder 26.
328Community projects: Work details, housing, cars owned.
429Community projects: Store, Coop.
430Community projects: The Neighborhood Health Center, general.
431Community projects: Barrio Centers Program.
432Community projects: Partial report of a community development worker.
433Community projects: Schedules of weekly activities of community development workers.
434Community projects: Community development.
436Committee on Pascua Housing: Minutes.
437Committee on Pascua Housing: Minutes of various other meetings.
438Committee on Pascua Housing: Lists of possible donors.
439Progress reports.
440Observations by Lorene Bennett., 1966-1968
441Report: An Outline for A Processual Study of Culture Change, by Sara Gay Beecham. Anthropology 299., 1966
442Report: Pascua Project: A Community Youth Organization, by Maria M. Valenzuela., 1970s
443Report: On trends of feeling about relocation, by Sara Gay Beecham.
544Report: Pascua Village conflict, by Betty Meader. Anthropology 306., 1967
545Report: A Report on Field Work Done at New Pascua Village, by James J. Smith., 1967
546Report: Summer project by Sharleen Simpson. Anthropology 299., 1967
547Report: New Pascua: Community Development in Action, by George H. Abrams., 1969
548Report: New Pascua: Opportunity for Economic Integrations, by Ann St. Raymond. , 1970
549Report: The Changing Nature of Authority in the Arizona Yaqui Community, by Eric Henderson., 1972
550Report: Pascua Village: Developmental Change of a Yaqui Community in Tucson, Arizona 1962-1966, by James J. Smith., 1967
551Report: Indigenous Community Organizers in Rural and Urban Settings: The Pascua Yaqui Community Development Workers, by William Willard. , 1969
552Pascua housing, etc., 1966
553Pascua housing, etc., 1967
554Report: Urban renewal: Yaqui Indian style, by Edward H. Spicer.
555Report: Pascua Yaqui feedback., 1968
556Report: New Pascua, by Edward H. Spicer., 1969
557Reports by Edward H. Spicer., 1970
558Report: The Community Development Worker in and Arizona Yaqui Project., 1970
559Letters to the editor.
560Notes by Edward H. Spicer.
561Various notes about the project.
664Final report: various materials for report.
665Comments, notes, sections for final report.
666Report: The Pascua Yaqui Development Project - An OEO Program. Rough first draft.
667Report: The Pascua Yaqui Development Project - An OEO Program. Draft, with corrections.
668Report: The Pascua Yaqui Development Project, 1966-1969, by John R. Lewis, EHS, WW., 1970
669Report: The Pascua Yaqui Development Project, 1966-1969, by John R. Lewis, EHS, WW., 1970
772Report: Activities of EHS - 1960-69., 1988
Written by RBS at request William Willard. He wanted it for writing revised edition of report on OEO.
773Community development: Training proposal at UA.
774Community development: Seminar outline., 1967
775Community development: Harvard University, development advisory service., 1963-1964
776Community development: Community development program in U.S.
777Community development: Reading Book: Nineteenth Annual Summer Laboratories in Human Relations Training, 1965, National Training Laboratories, NEA, Washington, D.C.
778Community development: Conferences., 1969
779Community development: Proposals.
780Community development: Bibliographies.
781Community development: Brochures and announcements.
782Community development: How to booklets.
883Community development: How to booklets.
884Community development: Photocopies of bibliographies.
Divided by countries. Up to about 1966.
885Community development: Photocopies of bibliography.
Alphabetized bibliography.
886Community development: Photocopies of bibliography.
Divided by cases, casebooks, organs and journals, and bibliographies.
887Community development: Photocopies of notes and references.
Series VII: Correspondence, 1936-2000 (Bulk 1940-1977)
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See also Ethnic Medicine.
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See also Yaqui Tucson Festival Society, Chamber of Commerce (Yaqui) and With Good Heart.
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See also Indian-General folder on Wenner,Gren Supper, Conference on The American Indian. Feb. 20,1954.
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Series VIII: Yaqui Files, 1935-1995 (Bulk 1939-1988)
11Yaqui Field Notes: Key to marginal notations in Yaqui Diary & field notes.
12Gila Sonoran Files: Suggestions for setting up, from Betty Williamson & M.T.
13Gila Sonoran Files: Suggested Plan for Setting up an Ethnological Laboratory for the GILA-SONORA AREA.
14Gila Sonoran Files.
15Middle America research.
16Ramah (Navajo).
17File Categories for Yaqui & Ethnology Files.
18Yaqui correspondence: Sundry Notes, addresses.
19Yaqui correspondence: A., 1940-1966
110Yaqui correspondence: B., 1936-1975
111Yaqui correspondence: William Bork., 1982-1983
112Yaqui correspondence: C., 1940-1978
113Yaqui correspondence: C. Castaneda., 1969, n.d.
114Yaqui correspondence: D., 1941-1991
115Yaqui correspondence: Richard Day, William T. Yost., 1940-1968
116Yaqui correspondence: John M. Dedrick., 1940-1983
117Yaqui correspondence: Evelyn Hu DeHart., 1971-1979
118Yaqui correspondence: E., 1978-1994
119Yaqui correspondence: F., 1944-1971
120Yaqui correspondence: G., 1940-1980
121Yaqui correspondence: Cecile Gouy Gilbert, Jim Griffith., 1976-1981
122Yaqui correspondence: Lorne Greenberg, Gwinn Vivian., 1982-1994
123Yaqui correspondence: Salome Hernandez., 1972-1973
124Yaqui correspondence: H., 1936-1989
125Yaqui correspondence: I., 1975
126Yaqui correspondence: J., 1958, n.d.
127Yaqui correspondence: Johnson, Jean B. and Irmgard., 1939-1977
128Yaqui correspondence: K., 1938-1976
129Yaqui correspondence: Jane Holden Kelley., 1969, n.d.
130Yaqui correspondence: Jane Holden Kelley. , 1969-1974
131Yaqui correspondence: Gertrude Prokosch Kurath., 1944-1956
132Yaqui correspondence: L., 1942-1985
133Yaqui correspondence: M., 1941-1994
134Yaqui correspondence: Mc., 1975
135Yaqui correspondence: N., 1941-1977
136Yaqui correspondence: O., 1941-1980
137Yaqui correspondence: P., 1943-1996
138Yaqui correspondence: Chad T. Phinney., 1982
139Yaqui correspondence: Q - empty.
140Yaqui correspondence: R., 1956-1975
141Yaqui correspondence: S., 1941-1995
142Yaqui correspondence: Virginia Sorenson (Mrs. Alec Waugh)., 1946-1969
143Yaqui correspondence: Richard Sortomme., 1938
Includes photographs.
144Yaqui correspondence: T., 1969-1978
145Yaqui correspondence: Tucson Chamber of Commerce., 1938
146Yaqui correspondence: U - empty.
147Yaqui correspondence: V., 1942-1979
148Yaqui correspondence: W., 1950-1982
149Yaqui correspondence: Carleton S. and Judith Wilder., 1942-1956
150Yaqui correspondence: X- empty.
151Yaqui correspondence: Y - empty.
152Yaqui correspondence: Z - empty.
153Correspondence with Yaquis: A-Z., 1937-1992
154Correspondence with Yaquis: Joe D. Romero., 1937-1969
155Correspondence with Yaquis: Juan Jesus Ujllolimea., 1942-1971
156Correspondence with Yaquis: Joe F. Vasquez., 1955-1987
157Pascua Diary and Field Notes: Notes about, location of.
158Pascua Diary and Field Notes: Pascua diary., January 28-March 19, 1937
159Pascua Diary and Field Notes: Pascua diary., March 20-April 21, 1937
160Pascua Diary and Field Notes: Pascua Diary., April 22-June 27, 1937
161Pascua Diary and Field Notes: Reports on field work., 1936-1937
162Pascua Diary and Field Notes: Various notes.
163Pascua Diary and Field Notes: Field notes., 1981-1986
164Pascua Diary and Field Notes: Yaqui recordings at ASM., 1988
165Yaqui conferences and seminars: C.O.R.D. Conference., 1972
166 Yaqui conferences and seminars: UA 399b: World Views - Yaqui., 1971?
167Yaqui conferences and seminars: Yaqui seminars., 1972-1978
168Yaqui conferences and seminars: UA 396Q., Spring 1975
169Yaqui conferences and seminars: Various notes.
170Yaqui conferences and seminars: Wenner-Gren Yaqui Ritual Conference., November 1981
271Yaqui conferences and seminars: The Year of the Yaqui, Holden Symposium at Texas Tech., 1984
272Yaqui conferences and seminars: A brief period in the long history of the Yaqui, and notes.
273Yaqui conferences and seminars: Texas Tech - ICASALS.
274Yaqui conferences and seminars: First International Yaqui Language & Culture Conference, Old Pascua AZ., July 1989
275Yaqui conferences and seminars: Arts Genesis Trilingual Conference., 1990
276Yaqui conferences and seminars: Talks and notes re: Easter movie., 1990-1991
277Yaqui conferences and seminars: Yaqui Easter movie, film narration.
278Yaqui conferences and seminars: Yaqui Eastern movie, script and correspondence.
279Yaqui conferences and seminars: RBS Slide Talk at 4th International Yaqui Language & Family Literary Conference, 1991
280Yaqui conferences and seminars: Talk on Yaqui Women by Michelle Taigue., 1991
281Talks, Lectures by EHS: Radio programs on Yaquis.
See also: Symposia, Talks, in Publications (not "published") file.
282Talks, Lectures by EHS: Heard Museum lecture., 1950
283Talks, Lectures by EHS: Talk The Interpretation of Yaqui Religion., 1975
284Talks, Lectures by EHS: BIA lecture on Yaquis, Phoenix., 1975
285Talks, Lectures by EHS: Easter Ceremonies-Lecture Notes by EHS., 1948-1972
286Articles and books by EHS and RBS: First draft of Potham., 1942
287Articles and books by EHS and RBS: Cultural Integration in Southwestern United States., 1937
288Articles and books by EHS and RBS: The Religious Participation of Yaqui Children., 1937
289Articles and books by EHS and RBS: The Yaqui Indians of Arizona., 1940
290Articles and books by EHS and RBS: Perspectives, Yaqui notes for Chapter 2.
291Articles and books by EHS and RBS: Dance probe., 1978
292Articles and books by EHS and RBS: The Yaquis, A Cultural History, Photocopies of chapter 2 and 4.
293Articles and books by EHS and RBS: RBS Interview with Anselmo and Heather Valencia., 1985
294Articles and books by EHS and RBS: Correspondence re: A Yaqui point of view., 1985
295Articles and books by EHS and RBS: RBS Yaqui article for Encyclopedia of Native Americans in the 20th Century., 1993
296Papers about Yaquis and related subjects: EHS article Problemas Yaquis, in Hispano Americano., 1951
297Papers about Yaquis and related subjects: EHS article Maintenance of Solidarity: The Arizona Yaqui Case.
298Papers about Yaquis and related subjects: Article by Lic. Francisco Xavier Manzo Taylor, El Corrido de Obregon: Un Hecho Historico ala Luz de la Tradicion Oral Sonorense., 1981
299Papers about Yaquis and related subjects: Article by Fernando Camara Barbachano, El Papel de la Religion en la Integracion Y Desintegracion de la Sociedad y Cultura Yaqui., 1962
2100Papers about Yaquis and related subjects: Larry Evers and Felipe Molina, The Holy Dividing Line. Draft., 1991
2101Papers about Yaquis and related subjects: Larry Evers and Felipe Molina, The Holy Dividing Line, Draft and Hiakim: The Yaqui Homeland., 1991-1992
2102Papers about Yaquis and related subjects: Ramiro Guerrero, s.j., The Role of Religious Institutions in the Process of Change among Yaqui Indians of Sonora, Mexico., 1970
2103Papers about Yaquis and related subjects: Pamela Hartman, article for Tucson Citizen., 1994
2104Papers about Yaquis and related subjects: Thomas B. Hinton, North American Indian Cultures, Encyclopaedia Britannica, 13th ed. , 1974
2105Papers about Yaquis and related subjects: Armando Hopkins Durazo, Los Indigenas Sonorenses y su contribucion a Sonora Actual, in Boletin de la Sociedad Sonorense de Historia, #21., May-June 1955
2106Papers about Yaquis and related subjects: Jane Holden Kelley, The Tall Candle.
2107Papers about Yaquis and related subjects: Jane Holden Kelley, working draft of Life History of Matilde Gonzalez. Chapter for Yaqui Women., 1978
2108Papers about Yaquis and related subjects: Gertrude P. Kurath, Panorama of Dance Ethnology, in Current Anthropology, 1:3., 1960
2109Papers about Yaquis and related subjects: Steven V. Lutes, The Mask and the Magic of the Yaqui Paskola Clowns., 1978
2110Papers about Yaquis and related subjects: Mary Jane Martinez, A Yaqui View., 1965
2111Papers about Yaquis and related subjects: Janet R. Moone, Yaqui Social Structure; An Analysis in the Context of Change., May 1965
2112Papers about Yaquis and related subjects: Thomas R. McGuire, Ecological Consequences of Economic Change in a Yaqui Fishing Cooperative., 1975
2113Papers about Yaquis and related subjects: Tom McGuire, Ceremonial participation, economic change and cultural persistence: a comparison of Yaquis and Mayos., 1975
2114Papers about Yaquis and related subjects: Thomas R. McGuire, Administration, Autonomy and Conflict in the Yaqui Valley, Sonora., December 1977
2115Papers about Yaquis and related subjects: Articles by Gary Nabhan.
2116Papers about Yaquis and related subjects: Margarita Nolasco Armas, Estratificacion Intraetnica e interetica., 1974
2117Papers about Yaquis and related subjects: Mary O'Connor, The Pilgrimage to Magdalena., 1984
2118Papers about Yaquis and related subjects: A. Ortiz, Cosmological Correlates of Tewa Sex Role Classification., 1981
2119Papers about Yaquis and related subjects: Marilyn Quinto, Why Families Move. Summary of Literature of Socio-Demographic Migration Literature. Old to New Pascua., 1977
2120Papers about Yaquis and related subjects: Cynthia Radding, Capitalism in the Desert: Conflict and Accommodation in Revolutionary Sonora., 1987
2121Papers about Yaquis and related subjects: Letter, George Roth to EHS., 1975
2122Papers about Yaquis and related subjects: Letter, George Roth to EHS., 1976
2123Papers about Yaquis and related subjects: Romney, Kim, The Genetic Model and Uto-Aztecan Time Perspective.
2124Papers about Yaquis and related subjects: Schechner, Richard, Points of Contact Between Theatre People and Anthropologists,draft. , 1982
2125Papers about Yaquis and related subjects: Sheridan, Tom, An Economic History of Republican Sonora., 1975
2126Papers about Yaquis and related subjects: Sheridan, Tom and Gary Nabhan, Living the River: Traditional Farmers of the Rio San Miguel, Sonora, Mexico, in Journal of Arizona History, 19:1., 1978
2127Papers about Yaquis and related subjects: Thomas, Robert K., CComparison of Mexican American and Yaqui Culture., 1979
2128Papers about Yaquis and related subjects: Warner, Judith Ann, The life History of Miguel Martinez., 1976
2129Papers about Yaquis and related subjects: Willard, Bill, Toward an Anthropology of Anthropology, A Place Beneath the Dawn., 1993
2130 Yaqui Ceremonialism: EHS notes.
2131 Yaqui Ceremonialism: Field notes., 1936
2132 Yaqui Ceremonialism: Lucas Chavez's Notebook.
2133 Yaqui Ceremonialism: Leaflets about various Indian fiestas.
2134 Yaqui Ceremonialism: Re: Ignacio Alvarez's (Puri) Prayer Book.
3135 Easter: Passion Plays.
3136 Easter: Bibliography.
3137 Easter: Holy Week in: Sevilla, Lucerne, Sicily - reading notes.
3138 Easter: Easter in Suaqui, etc. Letters, Manuel Martinez Jr. to EHS., 1950
3139 Easter: Warner (Gittings), Bets - reading notes, bibliography on Easter in Mexico.
3140 Easter: Barker, George C., The Yaqui Easter Ceremony in Hermosillo., 1957
3141 Easter: Semana Santa in Tumacacori, letter, Louis Caywood to Spicers., 1941
3142 Easter: Letter, Ralph L. Beals to Spicers., 1932,1937
3143 Easter: EHS general notes on Pascua Easter., 1940
3144 Easter: Clippings., 1948
3145 Easter: Clippings, ads., 1960
3146 Easter: Spicer, R.B., The Easter Fiesta of the Yaqui Indians of Pascua Arizona, unpublished M.A. thesis, Univ. Of Chicago., 1939
3147 Easter: RBS notes and analysis for M.A. thesis.
3148 Easter: RBS thesis, notes, correspondence., 1938-1939
3149 Easter: EHS, A Short History of Pascua., 1937
3150 Easter: Pascua Field notes by David J. Jones, Jr., 1936
3151 Easter: Pascua, EHS & RBS field notes., 1940-1941
3152 Easter: Pascua, Al Schroeder and Carleton Wilder field notes; Richard Jones field notes., 1940,1959
3153 Easter: Pascua, student observations., 1959
3154 Easter: Pascua, field notes on 5th & 6th Fridays by MVG., 1951
3155 Easter: Pascua, some RBS notes on Easter., 1984-1985
3156 Easter: Pascua, Chamber of Commerce: field notes, clippings., 1939-1940
3157 Easter: Pascua, Chamber of Commerce: pamphlets, committees, correspondence., 1940-1950
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6348Yaqui and Spanish names.
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6367Kinship: Pascua.
6368Kinship: Terms.
6369Kinship: Terms in several North West Mexico tribes.
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6371Population: Yaqui.
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6380Old Pascua: Maps. , 1922-1937
6381Old Pascua: Deeds.
6382Old Pascua: Ownership of property.
6383Old Pascua: Households.
6384Old Pascua: Household inventories.
6385Old Pascua: Economics.
6386Old Pascua: Births, deaths., 1936-1937
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6390Old Pascua: Housing.
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6394Old Pascua: Lupe Sinohui.
6395Richey School: Thamar Richey., 1927-1988
6396Richey School: Attendance, forms, charts.
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7407Potam and Sonora: SSRC Application for study of a Mexican Yaqui town., 1937
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7409Potam and Sonora: Permissions.
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7414Arts Genesis, Inc.: Nomination for Governor's Award for Arts Genesis.
7415Arts Genesis, Inc.: Newsletters, etc. Annual Report.
7416Arts Genesis, Inc.: Project Choki, Yaqui Opera. , 1982,1992
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7418Arts Genesis, Inc.: Old Pascua Youth Artists.
7419Arts Genesis, Inc.: Trilingual Curriculum Project.
7420Arts Genesis, Inc.: Letter, RBS to Carol Kestler., 1994
7421New Pascua, Yoem Pueblo: Handouts
7422New Pascua, Yoem Pueblo: Move to New Pascua., 1967,1980
7423New Pascua, Yoem Pueblo: Bingo.
7424New Pascua, Yoem Pueblo: RBS notes., 1992
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7426New Pascua,Yoem Pueblo, Marana: Bilingual project.
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7430New Pascua, Guadalupe: Study.
7431New Pascua, Guadalupe: Easter., 1935-1940
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7433New Pascua, Guadalupe: Schools.
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7436New Pascua, Scottsdale: Notes by EHS and Frank Mitalsky.
7437New Pascua, Tumacacori.
7438New Pascua, Yuma., 1940
7439SSRC project: EHS thoughts about framing the study of People of Pascua.
7440SSRC project: Grant.
7441SSRC project: Receipts and report.
7442Relations with other groups: Pacua and outside world, diagram of influences.
7443Relations with other groups: Anglo Contacts.
7444Relations with other groups: Anglo Contacts-Students, Artists, etc.
7445Relations with other groups: Anglo Attitudes.
7446Relations with other groups: Anglo Contacts - Political.
7447Relations with other groups: Chinese Contacts/Yaquis.
7448Relations with other groups: Mexican Contacts - Yaqui, Papago.
7449Relations with other groups: Yaqui - Papago Contacts.
7450Relations with other groups: Missionaries - Pascua.
7451Relations with other groups: Church-Catholic - Yaquis, Santa Rosa.
7452Relations with other groups: Patrons.
7453Relations with other groups: Relief and Charities.
7454Relations with other groups: Trade, Money.
7455Relations with other groups: Yaqui Self Conception.
7456SSRC project - life history material: Personality Types, Motivation.
7457SSRC project - life history material: Acuna Family - Pascua.
7458SSRC project - life history material: Alipas, Jose - Pascua.
7459SSRC project - life history material: Alvarez, Ignacio - Pascua.
7460SSRC project - life history material: Alvarez, Thomas - Pascua.
7461SSRC project - life history material: Alvarez, Thomas II - not Pascua.
7462SSRC project - life history material: Juan de Amarillas - Pascua.
7463SSRC project - life history material: Angwamea, Chico - Pascua.
7464SSRC project - life history material: Balthazar, Guadalupe - Pascua.
7465SSRC project - life history material: Castillo, Rosario - Pascua.
7466SSRC project - life history material: Chavez, Lucas.
7467SSRC project - life history material: Escalante-Araiza-Martinez Household - Pascua.
7468SSRC project - life history material: Garcia, Jesus - Pascua.
7469SSRC project - life history material: Garcia, Teresa - Pascua.
8470 SSRC project - life history material: Gastelo, Celso - Pascua.
8471SSRC project - life history material: Lora Family - Barrio Libre.
8472SSRC project - life history material: Lopez, Cayetano - Pascua.
8473SSRC project - life history material: Molonko (Juan Flores) - Pascua.
8474SSRC project - life history material: Nevitt, Ferne - Anglo teacher at Richey School.
8475SSRC project - life history material: Pilato, Juan (Vasquez) - Pascua.
8476SSRC project - life history material: Richey, Thamar - Founder of Pascua School, Anglo Teacher.
8477SSRC project - life history material: Romero, Joe D. - Pascua.
8478SSRC project - life history material: Savala, Refugio - Pascua.
8479SSRC project - life history material: Silvas, Juan - Pascua.
8480SSRC project - life history material: Suarez, Lino - Pascua.
8481SSRC project - life history material: Tapia Family - Pascua.
8482SSRC project - life history material: Valenzuela, Salamina & Dolores - Pascua.
8483SSRC project - life history material: Vasquez, Manuel [Miguel] - Pascua.
8484SSRC project - People of pascua: About Life Histories.
8485SSRC project - People of pascua: SSRC Plan of Study.
8486SSRC project - People of pascua: Names, maps, photographs.
8487SSRC project - People of pascua: Drafts of chapters, notes.
8488SSRC project - People of pascua: Odd jottings and ideas.
8489SSRC project - People of pascua: Drafts of chapters, notes, and discarded.
8490SSRC project - People of pascua: Part I, early draft, Chapters 2, 3, 4.
8491SSRC project - People of pascua: Part II, 1st draft., 1941
8492SSRC project - People of pascua: Part III, 1st draft., 1941
8493SSRC project - People of pascua:: Part III, draft of Chapters 8, 9, 10, 11.
8494SSRC project - People of pascua:: Part III, draft of Chapters 8, 9, 10, 11.
8495Mayo: Praying & Feasting: Modern Guamanian Fiestas, N. Ross Crumrine.
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9510Muriel Thayer Painter manuscript: Hours spent on manuscript.
9511Muriel Thayer Painter manuscript: CONFIDENTIAL, RE: INFORMANTS.
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9512Muriel Thayer Painter manuscript: Contents of boxes.
9513Muriel Thayer Painter manuscript: List of Illustrations.
9514Muriel Thayer Painter manuscript: Outline of Bulletin.
9515Muriel Thayer Painter manuscript: Yaqui Beliefs.
9516Muriel Thayer Painter manuscript: Ritual Concepts II.
9517Muriel Thayer Painter manuscript: Ritual Practices.
9518Muriel Thayer Painter manuscript: Ceremonial Organization.
9519Muriel Thayer Painter manuscript: The Native Dancers.
9520Muriel Thayer Painter manuscript: Native Dancers.
9521Muriel Thayer Painter manuscript: Easter Ceremony.
9522Muriel Thayer Painter manuscript: Easter Ceremony.
9523Muriel Thayer Painter manuscript: MTP handwritten notes, photocopies.
9524Muriel Thayer Painter manuscript: Appendix.
9525Proposed JOURNAL OF THE SOUTHWEST issue on Holy Week Ceremonies.
9526Semana Santa: Deleted chapters.