William Seward Burroughs Papers 1938-1997

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William Seward Burroughs Papers 1938-1997


Overview of the Collection

Creator: Burroughs, William S., 1914-1997
Title: William Seward Burroughs Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1938-1997
Bulk Dates: 1959-1978
Quantity: 25 Boxes (12.0 Linear Feet)
Abstract:The core of the Burroughs collection is 12 linear feet of manuscripts, dating from 1938, including several drafts of a number of Burroughs' major works including The Soft Machine, Ah Pook Is Here, and The Wild Boys. Also included are drafts of unpublished works such as Numero Uno Nu, The Revised Boy Scout Manual, and The Unspeakable Mr. Hart, each of which had portions significantly revised by Burroughs before their inclusion in his published oeuvre. Additionally, there are clippings and source materials (used by Burroughs in his text manipulations) dating from his tenure at the unnamed Beat Hotel at 9 rue Git-le-Coeur in Paris during the late 1950s-early 1960s.
Identification: MS SC BU
Language: Material in English
Repository: Arizona State University Library. Rare Books and Manuscripts
P.O. Box 871006
Tempe, AZ 85287-1006
Phone: (480) 965-4932
E-Mail: archives@asu.edu
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Biographical Note

William S. Burroughs (1914-1997), an American writer, is one of the literary figures identified with the Beat movement. A prose-poet, Burroughs is known as an experimental innovator of forms (such as the "cut-up" technique), unique narrative techniques and moods in his writings. He is the grandson of William Burroughs (1855-1898), the inventor of the first recording adding machine and founder of the Burroughs Adding Machine Company. At Harvard, Burroughs studied literature, linguistics, and anthropology. Later, in the process of drifting through odd jobs in New York City, he became a drug addict. From the late 1940's to 1973, Burroughs lived in Mexico, Tangiers, London, and Paris, returning briefly to New York in 1965. In 1981 he moved to Lawrence, Kansas where he died August 3, 1997 at the age of 83.

Scope and Content Note

The core of the Burroughs collection is the 12 linear feet of manuscripts, dating from 1938, including several drafts of a number of Burroughs' major works including The Soft Machine, Ah Pook Is Here, and The Wild Boys. Also included are drafts of unpublished works such as Numero Uno Nu, The Revised Boy Scout Manual, and The Unspeakable Mr. Hart, each of which had portions significantly revised by Burroughs before their inclusion in his published oeuvre. Additionally, there are clippings and source materials (used by Burroughs in his text manipulations) dating from his tenure at the unnamed Beat Hotel at 9 rue Git-le-Coeur in Paris during the late 1950s-early 1960s. It was at the Beat Hotel that Brion Gysin stumbled across the text manipulation technique called cut-up, which Burroughs has used extensively. It was also Brion Gysin who wrote the first screenplay adaptation of Burroughs' Naked Lunch, present in this collection in Gysin's holograph. There are also over seventy other small manuscripts and fragments in this collection as well as two volumes of dream notes.

Arizona State University continues to expand the collection, primarily by adding to Burroughs' copies of over 100 magazines containing his work, as well as books by Burroughs, not to mention translations of same. Further expansions have been made in the audio and video medias with the collection of Burroughs recorded appearances. Notable among these expansions are Call Me Burroughs, his first album (released in 1965) Ali's Smile, a companion disc to the 1971 limited edition book, and the Howard Brookner documentary Burroughs.

An additional concern addressed by this collection is the immediate circle of writers around Burroughs such as the aforementioned Gysin, Jack Kerouac, Jeff Nuttall, Paul Bowles, Alan Ansen, William S. Burroughs Jr., Carl Weissner, and Mary Beach. Each of the above authors is represented, either in the Burroughs ephemeral section or in the Special Collection stacks.

This archive is the largest Burroughs collection publicly available. It continues to grow as ASU's commitment to Burroughs, not to mention Burroughs' own proclivity, brings in dozens of items annually.

Series I: Archival Boxes is the centerpoint of the Burroughs archives and houses a number of Burrough's own working files, down to his handwritten titles and cover collages. Within the files are manuscript pages (published and unpublished), photographs, cut-ups, drawings, correspondence from fans, publishers, family and collaborators, as well as film scripts and other associated materials. A note regarding the identification of manuscript pages: William Burroughs has achieved great renown for his advocacy and use of various text manipulation methods, including cut-ups and fold-ins. Additionally, one aspect of Burroughs' style is the repetition of words and phrases, recontextualized and slightly altered. These factors render the identification of unlabeled manuscript pages problematic at best. Identification is further complicated by Burroughs' penchant for using his own text as well as others' in these manipulations. Thus, specific identification, including whether a piece has been published, should not be thought of as definitive.


This collection consists of twenty-four boxes divided into seven series:


Access Restrictions

Manuscript materials in this collection are extremely fragile and subject to damage with use. Therefore, access will be restricted for use by scholars providing need to use them.

Those wishing to use these materials will be asked to observe the following regulations:

1. Obtain a letter of introduction from a faculty member or scholar who will vouch that you are engaged in serious research requiring use of this collection.


Have a letter or signed contract from a publisher verifying that you are writing a work for publication that requires research based upon these manuscript materials.

2. Provide a copy of your documentation for departmental files.

3. You will be asked to meet with the Head of Archives and Special Collections or his Assistant to discuss your research project and to determine what materials you will need.

4. You will be restricted to using only ONE FILE FOLDER at a time. It is imperative that you observe and retain the same order of materials within the file folder as when you received it.

5. File folders will be collated as they are returned to the collection before a new one will be issued.

6. Failure to comply with these rules will result in loss of privileges to use the collection.

To view this collection, make an appointment at least five business days prior to your visit by contacting Ask an Archivist or calling (480) 965-4932. Appointments in the Wurzburger Reading Room at Hayden Library (rm. 138) on the Tempe campus are available Monday through Friday. Check the ASU Library Hours page for current availability.


Arizona State University's original purchase agreement acknowledges that Burroughs continue to hold the copyright on the material represented by the manuscript pages in the collection, including unpublished selections.

Arrangements and permission to photocopy manuscript pages must come from Burroughs' office. Ask for assistance of Reference Staff.

Published materials such as books and magazine articles may be photocopied up to a maximum of ten percent of an entire publication.

However, certain works may not be photocopied either because of their large size (The Cat Inside, for instance) or their delicate nature (APO 33: A Metabolic Regulator).

For works that can be photocopied, standard Special Collections costs and procedure are in effect.

Other materials such as videotapes and audio recordings can not be duplicated. These materials must be viewed during regular hours.

Duplication of any photographs made by Clayton Patterson is prohibited without the advance written consent of Mr. Patterson. Contact the Head of Archives & Special Collections to receive instructions for how to contact Mr. Patterson. Approved uses of these photographs shall always be presented and associated with the citation Clayton Patterson Photographs.

Related Material

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Access Terms

Personal Name(s)
Ansen, Alan.
Burroughs, William S., 1914-1997.
Ginsberg, Allen, 1926-1997.
Gysin, Brion.
Kerouac, Jack, 1922-1969.
Wilson, S. Clay, 1941-.

American literature -- 20th century.
Authors, American -- 20th century.
Beat generation.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], William Seward Burroughs Papers, MS SC BU, Arizona State University Library.


This collection was purchased from (50%) and donated by (50%) Robert H. Jackson in 1984.

Container List

Series I: Archival Boxes
11 Adam and Eavesdroppers [J:532]
Two files. The first file contains several drafts of Burroughs' article about Watergate written in 1972. Included in this file are the following: 2pp. typed first draft manuscript about 500 words. 4 pp. typed second draft expanded manuscript, signed by the author on first page, approximately 1250 words. 9 pp. typed variant text manuscript, with a different title "Towards a Field Theory of Word," signed by Burroughs, which is another attempt to essay the same topic, approximately 3000 words. 19 pp. final draft of MS, with 6 pp. of inserts and illustrations for the article, of which all is in photostat with new title typed on first page, last 2 pp. in original typescript, some corrections in author's hand. 1 page of holograph notes primarily dealing with Blake's theory of language as a virus. Burroughs' own clipped copy of the final published article, from Harper's, November 1973, which has yet another title, probably provided by the magazine's editor, "Playback from Eden to Watergate."
Second file contains 33 pp. of various carbon redrafts (1973-1974) of Adam and Eavesdroppers, signed by Burroughs. Text of these drafts resembles the text used by Grove Press in the 1974 first paperback edition of The Job, which has a new Introduction, which this seems to be. About 4500 works altogether. Textually varies from any published materials.
Both sets of manuscript drafts are enclosed in the original red folders, the first elaborately decorated by Burroughs on the front cover, with pasted cut-outs of Blake's drawing of Moses mixed in a collage with a photograph of the White House and tape recorder. The second bears a note in Burroughs' hand on front cover: "Adam and Eavesdroppers and Academy Copy Notes."
12 Apollo 14/Mary Celeste [J:528]: Autobiographical Essays, 1969-1972
This folder contains numerous short pieces, virtually all of which are autobiographical in nature and which constitute small essays about writing and becoming a writer. All these pieces where written in 1969-1972 in London. The file may be broken down into the following individual essays:
"Une Poeme Moderne". Singled page, typed, signed by Burroughs. About 200 words, single-spaced. Essentially a cut up routine in which Burroughs himself figures as a character, Le Grand un Homme de Lettres.
"Look Around Audrey". 2pp. typed, signed, with corrections. About 1000 words. Unpublished, but possibly incorporated in the Carsons Family MS.
"Techniques for Preconditions the Public to Read it". 3pp. typed, signed twice, with corrections throughout. 1500 words. Unpublished.
"In Any Game on of the Players Must Lose". 6pp. typed, signed. One of Burroughs' most humorous and brilliant short pieces, about books, being a writer, games and gambling, and money. Should be published.
"The Name is Bill Burroughs. I am a Writer". 2pp. typed MS, signed. Humorous autobiographical essay about being a writer. First leaf is signed twice by Burroughs. About 1000 words. Unpublished.
"Writers". Single page, typed, signed. Poem, humorously discussing Hemingway and Fitzgerald, and being an author. Unpublished.
"I Was Born February 5, 1914". 4pp. legal size, typed, signed, single-spaced, nearly 4000 words. A straight autobiographical essay, in which Burroughs outlines his childhood experiences and earliest memories. A brilliant, unpublished manuscript.
Miscellaneous. 21pp. of miscellaneous pieces, seven of which are signed by the author. Altogether about 6500 words. Various contents, including several autobiographical pieces, and a few pages which appear to be part of the Carsons Family MS, but which we retain in this file, since that is the way the author arranged the files. Includes carbons of some of the above pages.
Altogether a highly informative file, containing many unpublished autobiographical essays and fragments. Preserved in the original red folder with a decorative illustration of the Apollo 14 moon landing pasted (by Burroughs) onto the front cover.
13 Blue Movie Copies [J: ]
One folder, labeled in Burroughs' hand. Contains a small amount of correspondence regarding an erotic film festival and an interview with Gay Sunshine. The remaining 5 typescript pages may be broken down as:
"When I Entered With Ali The Scene Was Indescribable". 2pp. railroad routine. About 750 words. Unpublished.
"When John Reached the Mary Celeste". 3pp. routine. About 500 words. Published [?)]
14 Book of Breething [J:538]
3 folios containing various drafts of both the MS and illustrations for the Book of Breething published by OU, Henri Chopin, Essex, 1974 in an edition of 400 copies.
First folio. This portfolio contains Burroughs' own copy of the Book of Breething, 27 pages of the original MS (3 in holograph) with some pages bearing drafts of Burroughs' ideas for the illustrations that were executed by the artist, Bob Gale, 3 carbons of letters from Burroughs to the publisher and a friend retained by Burroughs, 1 letter to Burroughs from the publisher regarding the contract and approximately 20 pages of xeroxed copies of (rejected) illustrations for the book.
*Also contained in this portfolio are 8 of the original pen & ink drawings by Bob Gale. The first of these drawings is inscribed by Gale to Burroughs. All of the drawings are in fine condition on heavy drawing paper of various colors.
*Also included are 6 other drawings executed by Burroughs himself to give Gale ideas for various illustrations in the book. All of these drawings are in red or black ink on various types of paper. All contained in the original red legal-sized folder with Burroughs' original title for the book, Book of Breething, written in ink on the front cover in his hand. Additionally, there are 4 photocopied pages of a French translation in an unknown hand.
Second folio. This portfolio contains 8 original holograph hieroglyphic drawings in numerous colored inks by Burroughs (one signed) for the book. All of these hieroglyphs constitute early versions of illustrations used in the book and were later reworked by Bob Gale for publication. Contained in original blue folder with notes in pencil in Burroughs' hand on front cover.
Third folio. This portfolio contains a 12" x 9 1/2" unpublished photograph of Bob Gale. Preserved in the original green folder with note in Burroughs' hand on front cover. Photograph in poor condition.
15 Correspondence [J:553], 1973
17pp. correspondence from publishers and editors and others desiring advice or manuscripts. 2pp. typed replies and 1 page holographic by Burroughs. Unpublished.
16 Friendly Film Notes and Projects [J: ]
1 page (blank of Friendly Film Ltd. Stationary, and 1 photocopy from Today's Cinema announcing the optioning of Naked Lunch.
17 Greek Clippings and Notes [J:539], 1973
This file is supposed to, but does not, contain the "dream notes".
9 pages of notes in Burroughs' holograph of dreams during Burroughs' visit to Greece in August 1973. Also included in the file are two typed pages of dream notes made during the visit with Alan Ansen in Greece. Alan Ansen, a close friend of Burroughs, was given a number of manuscripts of Burroughs in the late 1950's in Venice, Italy. Ansen wrote Burroughs from Greece in Summer 1973, advising him that he had discovered these manuscripts which both authors had forgotten about among his papers, offering to return them to Burroughs. Burroughs then flew to Greece in the early autumn 1973, to recover his manuscripts. All of the manuscripts which Burroughs left with Ansen in Venice are present in this archive. And this file contains Burroughs' dream notes while recovering his manuscript.
Entirely unpublished. Also present at the back of the file are Burroughs' cut up clippings from newspaper at the time. Preserved in the original light blue legal-sized folder with Burroughs' note in pencil on the front cover.
18 "Smell Brain" [J:547]
"Smell Brain" is a long story written on September 13, 1973 and subsequently retitled "The Health Officer" and published by the Coach House Press, Toronto Canada, 1974, in The Short Story So Far pp. 166-170.
This file consists of:
7pp. typed first draft of the manuscript, with numerous corrections and alterations to the text in the author's hand, on nearly every page. Signed by Burroughs on first leaf.
9pp. typed, revised second draft with many holograph changes to the MS in Burroughs hand throughout. Burroughs has written "2nd draft" at the top of the first leaf, and has made alterations to nearly every sentence of the first couple of pages of MS. Text of this version radically differs from the first draft, although Burroughs states in the first draft that the text was virtually dictated to him from a dream.
Envelope containing over 30 cut ups from carbons of the first and second drafts, with note in Burroughs' hand on envelope: "Cut ups "Smell Brain"."
2pp. holograph night dream notes for September 12th and 13th 1973 relating dreams which led up to "Smell Brain Story".
9pp. typed dream notes, expanded and fictionalized versions of the holograph night dream notes for the two nights preceding composition of "Smell Brain". This really constitutes the actual first working draft of the story. Corrections in Burroughs' hand on about half the pages.
Together about 4000 words. First drafts unpublished, second draft published under the title given above, in very slightly different form. Preserved in the original light blue folder with note in Burroughs' hand on front cover in pencil: ""Smell Brain" first drafts and cut ups."
19 Liz Strickland Correspondence [J: ]
3 files containing typed and handwritten correspondence from Strickland to Burroughs, in which she threatens suicide and proposes marriage. Approximately 150 pp. from Strickland, including 9 photographs, 1 drawing and 2 poems. Burroughs 5pp. typed replies from June 1973 are insightful and personal. Preserved in the original folders with "Liz Strickland" written on each in Burroughs' hand. On one he has amended, "(Valuable)."
110 Original Drawings, Pictures by Various Artists [J:534]
This file includes original drawings by John Brady, Bob Gale (who illustrated Book of Breething and Malcolm McNeill). Brady has drawn what appears to be two portraits of William Burroughs on a small sheet of paper in green ink, signed the portrait twice. There are 4 finished pen and ink drawings by Bob Gale unsigned, each of which is especially fine and all are unpublished. Finally, there are 4 very colorful drawings executed by Malcolm McNeill in Tangier, Morocco which were presented to Burroughs (as were all the others) in 1972. All of the above drawings are in fine condition and are unpublished. Preserved in the original maroon folder with notes in Burroughs' hand in ink on the front cover. An exceptionally interesting file.
21 Terry Southern [J: ]
3 TLS from Southern to "My dear Benway", with additional holographic notations on one, inquiring about a collaboration with Burroughs for National Lampoon. One holographic page with newspaper photo pasted on. An excerpt ripped from a paperback book is enclosed, as is a tintype photo labelled Dutch Schultz. Also included are 4 pages of the Burroughs typescript for the National Lampoon, all in the original red folder with Burroughs' handwritten title.
22 Tim Leary Ph.D. [J: ]
One copy of "Starseed", a prison communique from Dr. Timothy Leary, dated 1973. In the original red folder with Burroughs' handwritten title.
23 Biofeedback Materials [J: ], 1970-1973
45 pages of information about biofeedback, including a number of issues of Biofeedback Newsletter.
24 Correspondence for which Files Exist [J: ]
Approximately 100 pages of correspondence, magazine articles, exhibition notices and book adverts. Some letters, postcards and photographs. In original blue folder with Burroughs' handwritten title. Includes Heathcote Williams mimeographed program, 1970.
25 Dada [J: ]
Three files, totalling approximately 90 pages of Dada-related or Dada-influenced work, as well as a small number of missives to Burroughs. 1st Folio is labelled Dada, 2nd folio is labelled Modern Dada Communications and Layouts, and the 3rd folio is labelled Canadada, all in Burroughs' hand and in the original folders.
26: Minutes to Go and Exterminator Cut-Ups [J: ]
26 pages of photocopies from Minutes to Go and Exterminator, mostly used for cut-ups.
27 Letters Answered Misc. [J: ]
26 pages of correspondence to Burroughs including letters from David Budd, S. Clay Wilson, Terry Wilson, and Bill Belli. Included are letters from admirers and publishers, as well as 3 carbon responses from Burroughs. In the original blue folder with Burroughs' handwritten title. Burroughs has also written "valuable" in a different ink on the cover.
28 London Miscellaneous Material [J:502], 1960
This file contains about 40 pp. of typescript and holograph MS of various unpublished drafts of untitled and evidently unfinished pieces, written from 1962 to 1967 in London. Although Burroughs has written on the front cover of the red folder "Layouts from original 3rd Mind, Diaries, Last Word of Dutch Schultz," none of the texts present in this folio seem to resemble either the first or last mentioned texts. One single page, legal size, holography MS appears to be a complete routine, and is certainly unpublished. There are also a number of collages with ink washes.
29 Column Cut Up Duplicates [J:488]
This file contains 79 pp., mostly experiments with writing in the cut-up style, in 2 column, 3 column and 4 column layouts. The materials in this file all date from the early 1960's and most appears to be unpublished, certainly in anything resembling the present texts. Some holograph corrections to the texts, and most columns marked off by Burroughs in various colored inks. The multiple column writing style which Burroughs experimented with and them ultimately abandoned is evident in the complete text of Apo-33. Altogether about 10,000 words. Preserved in the original red legal-size folder, with note in Burroughs' hand on front cover.
210 To Morrow Now Occurs Again [J:556]
This file contains a typescript to Robert Grover's To Morrow Now Occurs Again, with a cover letter from Grover to Burroughs seeking a blurb. A carbon of Burroughs' response is included. Another typescript is also included, Kubla Khan or A Vision In A Dream by Samuel Taylor Coleridge and continued to completion by Julio Delatorre. A letter from Delatorre and a carbon of Burroughs' response is included. Preserved in the original tan folder, signed by Burroughs. Located elsewhere in the collection is the published version of Grover's book.
31 Alan Ansen, Poet [JACKSON 527]: Drafts of Essays Abut Ansen and Copy of Poems
2 pp. first draft essay about the poet Alan Ansen, marked in the author's hand "1st draft" with a couple of minor holograph corrections to the text, about 500 words.
3 pp. second draft essay, with one page entirely in holograph, and the other pages profusely corrected in Burroughs' hand in ink, marked "Second draft" by the author.
3 pp. of carbon drafts, probably made for cut-ups, as well as an envelope containing a number of cut up pp. of typescript of the essay. This untitled essay seems to have been written at Ansen's request for possible inclusion as the Preface to the 1973 edition (London, Aloes Books) of Ansen's Poems 1969-1973. The MS, however, remains unpublished.
Also included in the file is Burroughs' copy of the photostat of Ansen's typescript of Poems 1969-1973.
Preserved in the original orange folder with notes in Burroughs' hand in two colors of ink on front cover.
32 Joujouka, Musicians in Morocco [JACKSON 541]: Correspondence and Essays
File containing materials listed below regarding Burroughs' essay about the Jajouka musicians in Morocco, which was published in Oui Magazine (August 1973). Included in this file are:
Source Materials
Burroughs' working copies of Bob Palmer's study of Jojouka, "Jajouka/Up the Mountain" in Rolling Stone, 6 legal size xerox pages stapled. 9 page xerox from various sources, stapled, assembled by Michael Aldrich, and sent to Brion Gysin. On the verso of the first sheet ALS from Aldrich to Gysin.
3 lengthy letters from Hamri, director of the Jajouka musicians, and a central figure in Burroughs' study, to Burroughs, regarding Burroughs' trip to Northern Morocco for the Jajouka festival.
5 telegrams from John Lombardi, editor of Oui, to Burroughs, inviting him to write the article for Oui, and making all arrangements for royalties and trip expenses.
1 TLS, 2 pages, from Brion Gysin to Burroughs, regarding the festival and various other matters
Contract agreement between Burroughs and Oui for the article, dated 11 January 1973, on Oui stationary, signed by Lombardi.
Carbon of letter from Burroughs to Lombardi, agreeing to terms set by Oui for article.
17 page first draft typescript of Joujouka, with minor corrections in Burroughs' hand. Textually very different from final version.
17 page second draft MS of Joujouka, consisting of 15 typed pages and 2 holograph. Numerous corrections and alterations throughout by Burroughs in various colored inks. The 2 holography pages of MS appear to be dream notes. Very interesting MS.
Also included in this file are 2 photographs of the festival, taken by John Brady, Burroughs' secretary in London, which were intended for use in the article by Oui, but ultimately not published.
Enclosed in original red folder, with front cover decorated by Burroughs with an unpublished John Brady photograph of a musician, and with Burroughs' holograph notes: "Joujouka Jan 17-21-1973....Very good, Very good everything. Out of sight."
33 Pages from Chaos [JACKSON 522]: Unpublished Works, 1968-1971
This file contains early drafts of various unpublished and abandoned works, probably assembled together and titled Pages from Chaos by Burroughs because the file is precisely that. Most of the materials in this file were written between 1968 and 1971 and amount to 49 typed pages of MS. Most of the subject matter in this lengthy file is centered on political matters and drug addiction with some pages being fiction. None of the material in the file was ever published. Approximately 11,000 words altogether.
Preserved in the original light blue folder with title written in by Burroughs on front cover.
34 Michael X, Abbie Hoffman, and Tommy [JACKSON 542]: Printed Materials and Correspondence, 1973 Fall
This file contains a number of printed materials regarding the Abbie Hoffman and Friends Defense Committee. Included among these materials is the 5 pp. photostat letter by Allen Ginsberg distributed by the Committee on behalf of Hoffman which is signed at the end, and then inscribed by Ginsberg to Burroughs, with love, on 12 September 1973. Carbon of Burroughs' reply, giving $100.00 for Hoffman's defense is enclosed.
The file also contains 2 letters from Ellen Siegel on behalf of the International Committee To Save Michael X, asking Burroughs for a statement on Michael X's behalf. Carbons of 2 replies from Burroughs are present.
Statement of William Burroughs on Behalf of Michael X. The file also contains the first draft MS, typed with half a page of holograph notes in Burroughs' hand, and a carbon of the final draft that was sent along to Ellen Siegel.
Finally the file contains about 20 pages of other xerox materials regarding the Michael X case, distributed by the Committee, including various statements similar to Burroughs' by other well-known writers.
Preserved in the original orange legal-size folder with title in Burroughs' hand in pencil on front cover.
35 The Royal Family [JACKSON 535] and Notes Resembling Text from The Revised Boy Scout Manual
4 pp. of unpublished typed notes about the British Royal Family, with some holograph alterations to the text. Also, laid into the back of this file are numerous clippings, mostly regarding the Royal Family. Some of the material in these notes, altogether about 1000 words, resembles text of The Revised Boy Scout Manual, and was written about 1972.
Preserved in the original red legal size folder, with note transcribed above in ink on front cover, in Burroughs' hand. Unpublished.
36 Completed Cycles of Action: Roberty Shaye [ ]: Correspondence
5 pages of correspondence between Robert Shaye of New Line Presentations and Burroughs. Shaye wishes to book Burroughs on a speaking tour. 2 of the pages are TL from Burroughs answering Quenes and eventually calling the tour off. Preserved in the original red folder with Burroughs' notation on the cover.
37 Flat 22 (Dalmeny Court, London [ ]: Correspondence
8 carbon pages of correspondence from Burroughs concerning a flat at 22 Dalmeny Court, London, and one letter from Burroughs' solicitor (attorney). Preserved in the original red folder with the title in Burroughs' handwriting.
38 Christmas Cards to Burroughs [ ], 1973
49 post cards and Christmas cards sent for Christmas 1973 to Burroughs, including greetings from Brion Gysin, Allen Ginsberg, Ian Sommerville, S. Clay Wilson, Barry Miles and Genesis P. Orrige.
39 John Dechadenedes [J:540]: Story About, Correspondence, and Photographs, 1973-1974
Two files regarding John DeChadenedes.
1st File: John D.C.
27 pp. typescript, apparently unfinished and entirely unpublished, written about 1973-1974, story about Burroughs' friend John de Chachnedes. Altogether about 3500 words, some in holograph and most of the typed pages with holograph alterations in the author's hand.
Also included in this file are two carbons of letters from Burroughs to de Chachnedes, as well as one long TLS from de Chachnedes to Burroughs.
Preserved in the original red folder with note in Burroughs' hand, transcribed above, on front cover.
Entirely unpublished materials.
2nd File: John DeChadenedes
38 pages of correspondence between John D.C. and Burroughs, circa 1972-1973. The DeChadenedes correspondence contains 4 AL and 9 TL. Burroughs' correspondence is 13 TLS 2 pages of gridded text, 4 clippings and 1 clipping with typed text. Also included is an envelope with the cut-up elements, labeled by Burroughs "John D.C. cut ups." Preserved in the original red folder with note in Burroughs' hand, "John DeChadenedes, Born May 13, 1951, Picture by Fred Macdiarmid Jan 1972" underneath a photo of John D.C.
310 David Bowie and James Taylor Cut Ups [JACKSON: 533]
11 pp. typed and holograph manuscript, signed by Burroughs. A number of pages bear holograph corrections, and 2 complete pages are in multi-colored inks in Burroughs' hand. Probably written around 1972, and entirely unpublished. The title written by Burroughs on the front cover of the folder.
Preserved in the original light blue folder with title given above written on front cover in Burroughs' hand, and a note to "sift" (the contents?). Unpublished.
41 Archive Catalogue [J:529]
61 pp. typescript carbons of materials published in the Archive Catalogue of Burroughs' materials in Vaduz, Litchenstein. This file is incomplete and was written in 1972-1973 in London, and contains largely autobiographical anecdotes about various books and places. Preserved in two folders, one maroon and the other orange, with a note on one in Burroughs' hand "Descriptions for the archive."
42 "Who is the Third?" and Seven Others [J:489/496]
Folder containing eight individual prose pieces by Burroughs, as follows:
"Who is the Third?" 7 pp. typed legal-size early draft MS of this important experimental story, published in a textually different version in Art & Literature, Lausanne, 1964, and written about 1960. Contains a good deal of important unpublished materials as well. Signed on first page.
"Distant Hand Lifted". 9 pp. early draft typescript, signed. Published in slightly different version in Transatlantic Review 15, London, 1964, and written about 1962. MS contains one holograph correction to the text. Introduction to piece is present in both final published version and earlier (longer) variant version. The textual differences between the earlier and final versions are radical in this section. About 2000 words.
"Word Authority More Habit Forming then Heroin". 3 pp. early draft typescript, signed by Burroughs, with some holography corrections to the text. A modified version of this was published in The San Francisco Earthquake, I, 1 (Fall 1967). Written about 1962.
"The Soft Machine". 11 pp. early draft typescript from the novel "The Soft Machine", corresponding roughly to pp. 104 - 109 of the Calder & Boyars edition of the novel, London, 1968. A number of deletions and corrections in ink on various pages.
"The Light Skin". 5 pp. typed carbon, with holograph corrections, signed by Burroughs, and misnumbered. Story by Burroughs, apparently unpublished, about 600 words. Written about 1963.
"Twilights Last Gleamings". 10 pp. typed manuscript of film ideas for this early routine, Burroughs' first written work (original manuscript of which is present in this collection). Published in slightly different form in Mayfair. Signed by Burroughs on first page.
"Censorship" 2 pp. carbon typescript, signed. Published in identical form in Transatlantic Review 11, London, 1962. Tip sheets evidently sent by Burroughs to the publishers and not returned.
"Are You a Member of the Union??" 23 pp. typescript, unfinished and unpublished drafts, about 3500 words altogether, written about 1963. On one page Burroughs has made several hieroglyphic drawings of owls, and there are a few holograph correction to the text here and there. Unpublished.
Preserved in the original red folder with note in Burroughs' hand reading "variousms" [?]. Most of the materials are published.
43 Gnauoa File [J:500]
This file contains three separate manuscripts which were published in slightly different textual versions by Ira Cohen in his literary journal Gnauoa in 1962. Also included in the file is a letter from Burroughs dated April 8, 1963 to Ira Cohen in which Burroughs offers these manuscripts for Cohen's magazine, signed in full, and folded for mailing. There is also a second shorter letter dated March 5, 1963 in which Burroughs mentions that Harold Norse suggested that he contact Cohen regarding Gnauoa.
The three manuscripts present in this file include:
"Pry yourself loose and listen": 2 legal-sized pages typed in red ribbon heavily corrected by Burroughs in blue ink. Published in Gnauoa, and later used in a radically different version in the novel Nova Express.
"Ancient face gone out": 4 legal-sized pages, typed, approximately 900 words, misnumbered by the author 2-5 although the text is complete as stands. Also published in Gnauoa and later rewritten for Nova Express.
"Just so long and long enough": 2 legal-sized pages typed with corrections. This prose poem is actually written by Billy Burroughs, Jr., William Burroughs' son, composed in Tangier, Morocco while he was visiting his father. This is the earliest known manuscript by Wm. Burroughs, Jr. and remains unpublished in the present manuscript version. The MS was later published in 1967 in Great Society Magazine (Maynard and Miles, C168) under William Burroughs' name in a cut up version by Burroughs Sr. Great Society Magazine was also edited by Ira Cohen, hence its presence in this file.
All manuscripts folded for mailing and showing some signs of wear.
44 Greek Notes [J:539], 1973
This file contains 7 pages of dream noted made by Burroughs during a visit to Greece in 1973. Also included are 2 pages typescript by Burroughs, as well as 10 clippings from newspapers. Preserved in the original blue folder with the title above in Burroughs' hand.
45 "The Last Words of Dutch Schultz" [J:551]
Photocopy only of the final typescript of this novel, the first page being inscribed by Burroughs to a friend. One of a very few xeroxes made by Burroughs of the 195 pp. typescript, sent out to friends for comments and suggestions before the book was submitted to Cape Goliard for publication. Original MS is in the Vaduz, Lichtenstein archive, and is listed as folio #35 in that archive catalogue.
Preserved in original red folder.
5-6 Naked Lunch Filmscript and Correspondence [J:531] (11 Folders and Notebooks)
This massive group of manuscript drafts of a filmscript for Burroughs' novel, The Naked Lunch, consists of some 11 separate portfolios and notebooks, including approximately 100 pp. of Burroughs' typescript, heavily corrected by both Burroughs and Brion Gysin, as well as literally thousands of pages of MS inn Brion Gysin's holograph and typescript of various drafts for the film project.
During the period in the early 70s when Antony Balch, Brion Gysin and William Burroughs, who first met at the Beat Hotel on the rue Gi Le Coeur, Paris, all had apartments at 17 Duke Street, Saint James, London, a great deal of time and energy was spent on producing a treatment for Naked Lunch. Balch had originally filmed Burroughs and Gysin in Towers Open Fire (filmed in 1961-1963 at the Beat Hotel in Paris) and Cut Ups (filmed in 1964-1967, in Tangier, Paris, London and the Hotel Chelsea, New York).
The idea for making a film of The Naked Lunch was initiated by Burroughs and Gysin in 1971, and most of the manuscript materials in these files date from 1971-1972 in London. The film, for a variety of reasons, was never produced, and therefore ALL the materials contained in these massive files remain unpublished.
A company called Friendly Films was set up, owned by Burroughs, Balch and Gysin to make the film, but the project was never realized. Their friend Felicity Mason got involved to give advice. Burroughs moved from London to New York City where Balch ran errands for him, dealt with his ex-boyfriends, etc. Brion Gysin wrote the film-script, with the considerable involvement of Burroughs, and on the basis of this, Antony Balch produced a set of storyboards which are in the Antony Balch Collection offered for sale Water Row Books, in 1990.
The storyboards consisted of four volumes, each 14" x 12", containing drawings of every scene in the film, with details of panning and zooms and other action. The drawings are in color, done in felt-tip pen, and mostly feature William Burroughs himself as the main character of the story.
Included among the ASU Burrough's Collection materials are a letter from Anthony Balch to Brion Gysin, October 12, 1973, all of Burroughs' letters to Brion Gysin about the project, all of Gysin's replies (all in Gysin's holograph), together with an 80,000 word first draft screenplay by Burroughs (typed) with literally thousands of corrections and emendations in both authors' hands.
Gysin's 75,000-85,000 word second draft manuscript of the screenplay, which entirely revised the sequence of events in the original novel by Burroughs, and which apparently had Burroughs' approval (indeed in one of Burroughs' letters to Gysin, he claims that he has discovered a better ending for this landmark novel, through his work on the filmscript, and he intends to adopt this ending in some future publication of The Naked Lunch).
Two files containing about 600 pp. of combined typescript and xeroxes of earlier drafts of the typescript, with numerous holograph alterations mostly in Gysin's hand, but with comments and suggestions in Burroughs' hand.
In Box 6: Three large ring binder notebooks, each containing some 125-150 pp. of typescript and xeroxes of earlier versions of the manuscript, one bearing massive corrections in Gysin's and Burroughs' hands.
Various other portfolios with other drafts, notes, correspondence regarding the project, manuscript drafts of prospectuses for the film, advertisement manuscript copy, and so forth.
Altogether this group of files amounts to well over 175,000-200,000 words, entirely unpublished, and reveals a complete collaborative effort between Burroughs and his closest friend and fellow novelist, Brion Gysin. The Naked Lunch filmscript remains a project close to Burrough's heart, one which he would like to see produced, and this group of manuscript files is the only (and complete) extant record of the project. An extraordinarily important group of manuscripts. All in the original folders and binders, each individually marked with notes in Burroughs' hand.
51 Naked Lunch Scripts (NL#1) [J:531]
Hand marked NL 1 in a circle. Green file folder with yellow label marked "Naked Lunch." Hand-written notes, typed scenes with written corrections, etc. Varied pagination.
52 "I Woke Last Night" (NL#2) [J:531]
Hand-marked NL with 2 in circle. Tan file folder with yellow label marked "Script - "I Woke Last Night"." Typed with hand written notes. Varied pagination, pp.1-47.
53 Naked Lunch Script (NL#3) [J:531]
Hand-marked NL with 3 in circle. Orange folder with hand-written NL and 3 in circle. Contains typed script of Naked Lunch circa 1972, with corrections, 123 pp. Marked on page 1, top: "Return to: Anthony Balch Films."
54 Naked Lunch Script Correspondence (NL#4) [J:531]
Hand-marked with NL & 4 in circle. Maroon colored folder with hand-written NL4 circled. On front cover is hand-written note: "material relative to Naked Lunch film script, to films in general. Correspondence with Brion Gysin reference to N.L. film," 1970-71. Includes corrected typescript, "The Blue Movies," 29 pp. Also: "Bill's notes."
55 Naked Lunch Script Agreements (NL#8) [J:531]
Hand-marked 8 in circle. Orange colored folder with yellow label marked "Naked Lunch" film papers. Hand-written "N.L. Film Papers." Folder contains: rough draft of "Agreement" between William W. Burroughs and Brion Gysin; and copy of signed Agreement.
56 Naked Lunch Script [J:531]
Envelope addressed to Brion Gysin in Tangier from New York. Contains Naked Lunch Script early version. Scenes 54-367.
57 Naked Lunch Script by Don Sanders [J:531], 1970
Blue legal-size letter wallet containing "Script by Don Sanders for Naked Lunch state production in Chicago, 1970., and letter to Burroughs from Sanders." Varied pagination.
58 Miscellaneous
Found without cover in Box 5. "Scene 367 of a script." and a hand-out in French/English, re: "Extracts from the Electronic Revolution by William Burroughs".
59 Naked Lunch Letters: [J:471/474]: Allen Ginsberg
Pp. 1-2, 4-9 of a letter dated October 20, 1955 to Allen Ginsberg written by Burroughs from the Hassan hospital, Tangiers, Morocco in 1955 while Burroughs was recovering from heroin addiction.
This famous MS contains passages which Ginsberg edited with Burroughs into the final version of the novel The Naked Lunch. Every page bears corrections and additions in Burroughs' holograph. Page 9 contains synopsis of The Naked Lunch, which at the time was tentatively titled Ignorant Armies. In this synopsis, which is very different from the arrangement of chapters in The Naked Lunch, Burroughs outlines the plot of the entire novel dividing it into 6 chapters. With the help of Ginsberg the novel was entirely restructured for publication by the Olympia Press four years later. In other parts of the letter Burroughs discusses his method of composition and his reasons for writing the novel:
"I am trying, like Klee to create something that will have a life of its own, that can put me in real danger, a danger which I willingly take on myself. I find I cannot write without endless parenthesis. A parenthesis indicates the simulateaty [sic] of past, present and emergent future. I exist in the present moment. I can't and won't pretend I am dead. This novel is not posthumous. A 'novel' is something finished, that is dead." On page 4 of letter Burroughs suggest several humorous alternate titles to the novel.
Also contained in this folder are the following: Page 1 numbered "2" with corrections in Burroughs' hand, from a letter to Ginsberg, about 1954, which appears to be a dream routine, later adopted into The Naked Lunch; single leaf typed on one side and written in holograph on the other, dated January 6, 1955, Tangier, discussing work-in progress, i.e., The Naked Lunch, and his problems writing the book; 2 pages discussing MS of The Naked Lunch, with corrections.
Since parts of the text of these letters lapse into quasi-hallucinatory narrative, and because the letters are present in this Burroughs archive, it is evident that Burroughs considered a number of passages contained in the letters to be too important to his novel to send the letters to Ginsberg. In fact, at the top of the first page, Burroughs has written in pencil "Letter A, chapter II."
Preserved in the original red legal sized folder with the following note in Burroughs' hand in ink on the front cover: "Letters to Allen Ginsberg dated 1954-55-56. Containing first drafts for Naked Lunch together with unpublished material."
A highly important collection. Unpublished in this form. Folio 1.
6A1 Naked Lunch Script [J:531]
3-ring binder, legal-size, maroon color, hand-written notes on Naked Lunch Script. Varied pagination: p. 17-111.
6A2 Naked Lunch Script [J:531]
3-ring binder, legal-size, navy-blue color, typescript with some corrections, of Naked Lunch Script. Brion Gysin and Friendly Films Ltd, circa 1972. Revised. 123 pp.
6A3 Naked Lunch Script and Balch Letter [J:531]
3-ring binder, legal-size, maroon color, clean, typescript with very few corrections, of Naked Lunch Script. Brion Gysin and Friendly Films Ltd, circa 1972. Revised. 123 pp. Letter from Anthony Balch to Brion Gysin, October 12, 1973.
6B4 Soft Machine [NO J:]
Mislabeled folder:
Manilla folder marked "Naked Lunch Final Film Script MS/30 Sept 73, Some Value." However, folder contains 167 pages of yellowing photocopy of Soft Machine. Note states: "Appears to be a photostat of Soft Machine as submitted to publisher - VALUABLE because complete."
7A "Beat Hotel" (Red Binder) [J:487]
This binder contains numerous individual manuscripts written while Burroughs lived in the famous "Beat Hotel" in Paris, from 1959 to 1962. Burroughs showed up at Brion Gysin's Rembrandt Hotel show in 1953. They became inseparable and moved from Tangier to Paris in 1959, which was the beginning of the Beat Hotel period and the discovery of the cut-ups.
Included in the folder are some 120 pp. of typescripts and holographs manuscripts, most of which are heavily corrected by Burroughs and signed by him on the first leaf and all of which are completely unpublished. Included in this file are the following:
7A1 "John" [J:487]
2 pp. routine, initialed by Burroughs, approximately 300 words, written in 1960-1961. An unpublished story which takes place in a barroom in Mexico City.
7A2 "Jerry Wentworth" [J:487]
8 pp. unpublished short story, typed, signed by the author on the first page, approximately 2500 words altogether. This short story, which dates from the early 1960s, begins: "Jerry Wentworth was a strikingly good-looking young man. Not being stupid he took his good looks into account. It was an asset and he knew it." An atypical, predominately heterosexual routine.
7A3 "My Father" [J:487]
4 pp. story, signed by Burroughs. This story dates from the same period as Jerry Wentworth. Approximately 1500 words altogether, completely unpublished.
7A4 "The Desk Clerk" [J:487]
4 pp. story, signed twice by Burroughs on the first and last page, approximately 2500 words. This story, which dates from the same period as the previous two stories listed begins: "The desk clerk thought the man looked ill. Immediately after being shown to his room he called the desk and asked for the busyboy and sent him to the all night pharmacy to buy some medicine. Half an hour later he passed the clerk on the way to the bar jaunty and smiling. Whatever the medicine was it had clearly done him alot of good." Unpublished. A highly humorous piece.
7A5 "You Sure is a Good Man Boss" [J:487]
2 pp. story, signed by Burroughs, dating from the same period as the previous stories, approximately 750 words. This story, which is unpublished, begins "You sure is a good man boss. You sure is a fair white man. However, the fraud came to light and the fair white man was dumpted into the Hudson in a barrel of concrete after the strict code of the underworld. After that, the bounty hunters were required to produce severed genitals as proof of performance."
7A6 "A Forgotten Volume" [J:487]
2 pp. story, signed by Burroughs, dating from the same period as the above, autobiographical in nature. This unpublished work consists of approximately 1500 words.
7A7 "The Sensitive Old Lady English Teacher" [J:487]
9 pp. story, signed by Burroughs, dating from the same period as previous stories. This piece, which is unpublished, is autobiographical in nature and concerns Burroughs' childhood in elementary school years. The story beings "After that John Burroughs School I never quite found the sensitive old lady English teacher who molded my future career I wrote at that time Edgar Allen Poe things like old men in forgotten places very flowery and sentimental too that flavor of high school prose can still taste it like I can taste it still like chicken coquette in the school dining room."
7A8 "My Name is Bill Burroughs" [J:487]
2 pp. typescript, signed by Burroughs, dating from the same period as the previous materials. This autobiographical fragment which is unpublished and which consists of approximately 300 words, begins: "The name is Bill Burroughs. I am a writer. Let me tell you a few things about my job."
7A9 "Abstract" [J:487]
2 pp. routine, signed by Burroughs, possibly published, approximately 200 words. The MS bears number of holograph corrections through the text and dates from the same period as above.
7A10 "Lawrence Durrell Answers a Few Questions"
4 pp. typescript, signed by Burroughs, with numerous holograph corrections and a number of ink markings which a thick nib on 3 pages of the MS. This humorous (and essentially libelous) MS has never been published, and dates from the late 1950's. Curiously, Burroughs has taken a thick nib pen and has marked out passages of the MS at apparent random.
7A11 "The Big Con Switch" (Exterminator) [J:487]
25 pp. typescript signed in several places by the author. This MS appears to be drafts for various passages in Exterminator! The MS consists of approximately 5000 words and bears many holograph corrections in the author's hand.
7A12 "The Novia Police"[J:487]
25 pp. typescript, signed by Burroughs. This MS dating from the same period as the previous material consists of approximately 3800 words and is mostly unpublished.
7A13 "Towers Open Fire" [J:487]
1 pp. routine, signed by the author, apprximately 100 words. Unpublished.
7A14 Miscellaneous Drug Article Pages [J:487]
15 pp. typescript, every page signed or initialled by Burroughs, mounting to approximately 2500 words. These materials which consists of straight non-fiction regarding the use of drugs and drug addiction are completely unpublished. Most of the pages bear holograph corrections by the author and all of these materials date from the dame period as the above manuscript.
7A15 Clippings About Burroughs [J:487]
Also contained in this file are a number of clippings made by Burroughs of reviews of his books, as well as articles about him.
7B Blue File: "Beat Hotel"
This file dates from the same period as the red 3-ring binder (file) in this box. Consists of the following individual manuscripts.
7B1 "Exterminator"! Initial Draft [J:458]
8 pp. Story, signed or initialled by Burroughs on every page. This extremely important story marks Burroughs' initial draft of what was finally to become the complete novel of the same title. The story remains unpublished in its original form. Approximately 3,000 words. Extremely important MSS. [Jackson #458]
7B2 "They do not Always Remember" [J:459]
2 pp. typescript, initialled by the author on both pages, and then signed and dated 14 February 1966 at the bottom of the second page. An unpublished story, consisting of about 750 words, which begins: "It was a Monterey Mexico a square a fountain a cafe. I had stopped by the fountain to make an entry into my notebook: dry fountain empty square silver paper in the wind frayed sounds of distant city."
7B3 Untitled (Exterminator?) [J:460]
70 pp. Typescript containing unpublished ms which resembles passages from Exterminator! This ms which dates from the same period as above consists of approximately 60,000 words. A number of pages bear holograph corrections in the author's hand.
7B4 William Lee (Letter to Ginsberg) [J:461]
10 pp. typed letter to Allen Ginsberg dated 7 February 1954, Approximately 15,000 words unpublished in this form. This ms which was written in Tangier includes the infamous "talking asshole" routine, and begins as follows: "Hear is my latest attempt to write something saleable. All day I have finding pretexts to avoid work, reading magazines, making fudge, cleaning my shotgun, washing the dishes, going to bed with Kiki, tying the garbage up in neat parcels and putting it out for the collector. Did I ever tell you about the man who taught his asshole to speak? His whole abdomen would move up and down you dig farting out the words. It was unlike anything I ever heard."
8A1 Miscellaneous Manuscripts [J:501]
This file contains five stories and routines all of which with one exception are unpublished.
The first story is untitled, consisting of 6 pp. signed by the author, dated, beginning "Karate chops break red bricks ..."
The next story, entitled "Prose on a Distant Wall" is a 5-page autobiographical fragment, approximately 500 words, unpublished.
The next, written in 1961 and entitled "Notes for a Metromone piece on Hassan i Sabbah" is a 2-page carbon typescript with title in Burroughs' hand.
"A Brief Statement on The Naked Lunch, The Soft Machine and the Nova Express". 8 pp. early draft carbon, approximately 1800 words. Appeared in a modified version in the Evergreen Review, Jan/Feb 1962.
Naked Lunch, Fragments, perhaps the most important materials contained in this file are 9 pp. from the original manuscript of Burroughs' most famous novel, The Naked Lunch. Every page bears a considerable number of holograph corrections and alterations, with notes also in Burroughs' hand to himself regarding whether materials should be included or excluded from the MS (For example: One 5 line passage has been circled by Burroughs and is marked "Out? Too technical?"). Altogether about 2500 words including an unfinished letter to Allen Ginsberg. Most of the material in this MS corresponds to pages 61-65 of the first Olympia Press edition of The Naked Lunch. Original folder lost.
8A2 Miscellaneous Materials and Communication [J:511], 1966-1967
An extraordinary files of 54 pp. of miscellaneous short pieces, routines, stories, poems and drawings by Burroughs, amounting to approximately 8,000 words. About a third of this MS material is in Burroughs' rare holograph, the rest is typed and most typed pages bear alterations and additions in the author's hand. The holograph material is written in several different colored inks.
The file dates from 1966-1967 and is entirely unpublished material. Preserved in the original red folder with title written on cover in ink in Burroughs' hand.
8A3 Fan Mail
"Rare and Priceless" written across front of folder in Burroughs' hand.
8A4 The Wild Boys Film Ideas and Correspondence [J:503]
This file contains a 2 page signed introduction and 16 page typed signed prospectus for the film of The Wild Boys and 7 page signed manuscript of various scenes for The Wild Boys film project, also signed by Burroughs.
The Wild Boys film project, as outlined by Burroughs in the introductions, was an attempt, with the help of Terry Southern, to make Burroughs' novel into a film. The project was a failure: "In the spring of 1972 while I was in New York trying to sell The Naked Lunch film script I saw a number of hard core porn films including Fred Halsted's LA Plays Itself and Sex Garage. This gave me the idea for shooting The Wild Boys as a hard core porn film. I met with Fred Halsted and discussed the idea with and gave him a copy of The Wild Boys ... I then discussed the project with Terry Southern and we considered working together on the script ... during the summer of 1972 Fred Halsted came to London and we discussed a number of alternative scripts. I finally decided the whole idea was impracticable both from a financial standpoint and from a standpoint of making a good film within our budget."
Also included in this file are carbon copies of Burroughs' letters to Terry Southern and Fred Halsted regarding the project. At the end of the file, the clippings for showtime of Fred Halsted's film in Time Square cut out of the New York Times, May 1972, are laid in.
All of the material contained in this file are unpublished and Burroughs' plans for creating a film based on The Wild Boys is unknown outside this file. Preserved in the original maroon legal sized folder with title written in Burroughs' hand in ink on the front cover and illustration pasted on the front cover by Burroughs. Also see Box 20.
8A5 Cut Up Materials [J: ]
This file contains 3 large brown envelopes with hundreds of pieces of cut ups. Practically impossible to identify.
1st envelope with #218 in a circle. Front of envelope with large colored magic-marker "MIS" and Nova Express; Evergreen; The Second Coming. Also pencil hand-written notes.
2nd Envelope with #225 in a circle. Pencil hand-written notes: "187" cut up fragments many large pieces.
3rd envelope address to the Committee for Puerto Rican Independence with Brussel postmark. 100's of cut up fragments.
8A6 Letters Answered [J: ]
Preserved in original orange folder with title on front cover in author's hand. 67 pages of letters and responses.
8A7: Correspondence, Little Mags, and Underground Press [J: ]
Preserved in original maroon colored legal folder with title on front cover in the author's hand.
8A8 Inspectorate of Canadada
Preserved in original maroon colored folder with title on front cover in the author's hand. Picture postcard of Canadian Mountie on front of folder. Post card to Burroughs from B. Koas.
8A9 Correspondence: Gregory Michael
Preserved in original wine colored folder with title on front in author's hand. Picture of Gregory Michael on front.
8A10 Correspondence: Fred Halsted [J: ]
Preserved in the original maroon colored folder with title on front in author's hand.
8A11 Doctor Dent Cut-Up
Envelope with cut up. Copy of letter to Editor of Sunday Times re: Dr. Dent used for cut up.
8B12 Charles Gatewood [J:550]
Two early drafts of an article by Burroughs about the photographer, Charles Gatewood, with who Burroughs co-authored sidetripping published by strawberry hill in 1975. The ms consists of 7 pp of typed first draft of the essay, signed by Burroughs on the first page, approximately 1500 words. Also contained in this file is a four page xerox of what appears to be the final draft of this essay with several corrections in the author's hand as well as four miscellaneous pages of typescript constituting, evidently, an intermediary draft.
This article remains unpublished. Preserved in the original maroon legal sized folder with note in ink in Burroughs' hand on front cover stating that the material contained herein is "valuable."
Date of composition unknown.
8B13 Bardo Thodol (Tibetan Book of the Dead) [J: ]
General description of film by Rafal Zielinski and Lawrence Johnson.
Preserved in the original pink folder with"Book of the Dead" in author's hand on front cover.
8B14 Apo-33 [J:506]
This file contains a copy of Apo-33 (San Francisco, City Lights, 1964) with 10 original carbons of the make-ready typescript, which have all the text on every page in unsuppressed and unobliterated state. Burroughs has numbered each of these 9 pp. of text, and has written dates of composition on several of the leaves. The reason these make-ready leaves are important is because just before publication, the publishers marked out a number of passages which were considered either libellous or which might result in suppression of the entire book (as happened with the true first edition of this book, published by Fuck-You Press a year earlier, and suppressed.) This was Burroughs' own copy of Apo-33 which he retained with what is the only extant set of carbons from the original TS, and which has the unsuppressed text.
This copy of Apo-33 is laid into a file which contains 6 pp. of early drafts and related manuscripts materials by Burroughs which are unpublished as well as a 9 pp. photostats of the final manuscript with notes and corrections of typos throughout in Burroughs' hand. Preserved in the original tan folder with title "Apo-Morphine Article & Mis. pages" in Burroughs' hand.
Highly important materials. Published, but containing suppressed passages.
8B15 Miscellaneous Film Material Not Used [J:449]
66 pp. typed drafts for an abandoned film typed on various size pieces of paper, amounting to about 2000 words, most pages bearing holograph alterations and notes in Burroughs' hand. The film apparently is autobiographical, and is set in 1914-1920. None of the materials present in this cut-up manuscript appear to have been adapted for any other of Burroughs' writings and all of it is unpublished.
Preserved in the original light blue folder with title on front cover in the author's hand.
8B16 Miscellaneous Cut Ups [J:497]
Present in this file are various pages from abandoned works, some of which seem to be complete in themselves, and each of which is initialed or signed in full by the author. Included are the following:
"Apo-morphine has proved useful ..." About 300 words typed initialed regarding morphine written in 1961.
"Qinsana Finish" About 400 words initialed.
"Ain't them dear God pretty orphans." Initialed, about 200 words, cut up routine 1961.
"Vienna" About 400 words signed in full. Cut up routine in German and English.
"Ice Man's tatoo." About 550 words signed in full. Cut up routine set in France.
"An Exhaustive Study." About 400 words. Cut up routine set in California signed in full, about 1961.
"Happy Dog." About 350 words initialed, set in Mexico, cut up routine.
"J. S. He Lives in Canada." About 400 words, initialed, cut up routine, written in English and French, with Bull Lee as a character, set in Canada.
"A Season in Hell." Burroughs' translation from Rimbau initialled, single correction to the poem made in pencil by the author.
Wild Boys. Six miscellaneous typed pages, approximately 2000 words, possibly relating to early rejected drafts of The Wild Boys.
This important file of entirely unpublished materials in preserved in the original violet legal-size folder with note in the author's hand on the front cover: "MS cut ups and first drafts materials Valuable".
91: Hamri [J: ]
Contains a Christmas card from Hamri. In reference to Joujouka musicians in Morocco is a letter from Blanca regarding two stories attached: "Maalim Ashmee's Memoirs" and "Titti's Tabac."
Enclosed in original maroon folder with"Hamri" written on front in author's hand.
92 Correspondence: Burroughs, Wm. Jr. [J: ], 1973
In original orange folder with"Family" written in author's hand. Letter and responses between father and son during 1973.
93 Correspondence: Miscellaneous, Letters, Material [J:553]
In original maroon folder with "Letters answered and material from other writers" in author's hand on front cover.
94 Correspondence: Paul Thiel [J:553]
In original maroon folder with "Paul Thiel" written in author's hand, and photo of Thiel pasted on cover. Also slide of "daisies" by Thiel.
95: Meditation Institute [J: ]
In original maroon folder with"Applied Meditation" written in author's hand.
96 Poems by Peachie Le Nic [J: ]
In original blue folder with"Peachie" in author's hand on front cover.
97 Letters Answered for Which Files Exist [J: ]
In original maroon folder with"Letters answered for which files exist" written in author's hand.
98 Night Dream Notes [J:543] (Volume 1)
132 page holograph manuscript on loose 8 1/2 x 11 sheets contained in original salmon colored folder with holograph title in pencil on front cover in Burroughs' hand.
This highly interesting manuscript is comprised of notes made by Burroughs in 1973 in the middle of the night after awakening from dreams. Burroughs has stated in many interviews that 70% of his seminal ideas for fiction come from notes he makes during the night after awakening from dreams. Each of the pages bears the date the dream notes were written. A good deal of the subject matter in the night dream notes is critical, terse and highly personal.
Manuscript also contains some typescript and drawings by Burroughs.
Fine condition, entirely unpublished.
This file only supposed to contain 67 pages; the remainder was removed from Night Dream Notes, Vol. 2, and placed in here.
99 Night Dream Notes [J:544] (Volume 2)
Supposed to be 87 pages, but only 22 pages. Remainder were put in Item 9, Night Dream Notes, Vol. 1 by someone.
Mostly on 8 1/2 x 11 sheets contained in original maroon colored folder with holograph title in pencil on front cover in Burroughs' hand, and the following note written beneath in ink: "Original material some value."
Continuation of the 1973 night dream folder, this folder contains all of Burroughs' notes to himself made during the night. Many of Burroughs' friends as well as his parents seem to recur in the notes and in a number of places, plots for entire stories are developed. Each of the dreams hass dates, as in the previous file.
Very fine, entirely unpublished. Folio 13.
910 Dream Notes and Cut Up with Science Fic. [J:520], 1968 February 26-1969 April 4
Manuscript notebook, 30 pp, 11 1/2 x 8 1/4, containing holograph dream notes entirely in Burroughs' hand dating from February 26, 1968 to April 4, 1969. Many of the dream notes are cut up using color coded inks, red, green and blue. The dream notebook also contains plot ideas for science fiction short stories.
Original black wrappers, white label on front cover with title of notebook written out by Burroughs in black ink, noting that the volume was mostly composed in 1968 at St. Hill, West Grinstead (the world Scientology Headquarters where Burroughs was enrolled as a student at the time). Signed by Burroughs on the first page.
Fine condition. Entirely unpublished.
911 Photos, Comic Books, Prospectives
In original maroon folder with "Photos, short comic books, invitations, projections" written in ink by Burroughs.
Contains photos, comic books, E.M.E-UFO magazines, invitations and memorabilia.
912 Clippings from Newspaper, Misc.
Four 6" x 9" envelopes.
1. Labeled"Misprints" with 236 in a circle. 24 clippings.
2. Labeled"23" with 239 in a red circle. 4 clippings. The number 23 is Burroughs' favorite number.
3. Labeled"mis newspaper pics and articles" with 238 in red circle. Written in pencil, 24 newsclippings, 8 cut-up quarter, (i.e., 2 pp), 1 Egyptian hieroglyphic in Ian Sommerville's hand.
4. Labeled"52" with 240 in red circle. 19 clippings.
913 Dream Notes, John Brady [J: ]
In original maroon folder with"J.B." written in Burroughs' hand. Contains dream notes of John Brady. Drawings, birthday cards.
914 Manuscripts and Photos [J:486], 1968-1970
Important file containing various manuscripts, listed below:
All in plastic sleeves. Preserved in original maroon folder with "MSS" in Burroughs' hand on front of folder.
"The End". 6 pp, single spaced typed draft of a story, published under a different title, and with major alterations to text, in Mayfair, 1968. About 3000 words altogether.
"You Want to Know How Things Got This Way?" 3 pp. unpublished autobiographical sketch, approximately 1700 words, written in 1968, typescript.
"Burroughs Played End of the Line." 87 pp. mostly carbon typescript, 1959-1962, including much experimental materials ultimately adapted for Minutes to Go, and including a Corso-Burroughs collaboration.
"These Individuals are Marked: Foe". 2 pp., 1961, typed with heavy corrections in Burroughs' hand on both pages. Unpublished story, about 350 words.
"Now Dig This." 1 p. holograph statement by Burroughs regarding his Virus 23 theory of language. Undated, but probably 1965-1970. Unpublished about 50 words.
At the end of the folder are a number of miscellaneous photographs, including the famous collage photograph of half of Burroughs' face, and half of Gysin's, executed by Ian Somerville, and signed by him on the back. Other photographs of Gysin in the Beat Hotel in 1959, with his Dream Machine, all unpublished. See list in "photos".
MISSING FROM Box 5 Routines. 5 individual, single and double column routines (not received), each complete, varying from 200 to 600 words apiece, each signed and dated by Burroughs, all written on 14 February 1966 (so stated by Burroughs, under his signature). Unpublished routine.
101 Academy Prospectus [J:537]
Preserved in original salmon (orange) colored legal size folder with note in Burroughs' hand, signed with initials on front cover: "two copies each page W.S.B. 1st drafts and copy material for academy prospectus." A highly important and eccentric manuscript.
1. Loose 23 page prospectus typed MS signed in several places by the author, written in 1973. This unpublished MS is a lengthy outline of a projected academy of advanced studies, which Burroughs hoped to see established in Europe. The academy would primarily concern itself with research regarding "the altering of consciousness". Programs which would be adopted by the academy are described at considerable length in the prospectus and include meditation, yoga, sound experiments, light experiments, film experiments, sensory depravation chambers, use of Reich's Orgone Accumulators, pyramids, and psychotronic generators, as well as dream experiments. Of course, for a host of reasons the academy was never founded. Nevertheless, this unpublished manuscript provides a unique insight into the Burroughsian societal ideal.
2. In large original envelope addressed to Richard Aaron, Esq., is a second 21 pp. set of photostats of the Academy Prospectus with a hand-written cover ALS from Burroughs to a friend presenting him with the prospectus and stating "Here is prospectus for the Academy. I think we have enough serious projects here for a start". Back of envelope has drawings and reminders to Burroughs re: Brions medicine, Cleaners, Schraepell.
3. In a large original envelope addressed to Brion Gysin is yet another copy of the Academy Prospectus. This copy has a typed cover letter from Wm. Burroughs to Brion Gysin presenting him with the prospectus. Also enclosed are association articles. Folio 23.
102 Revised Boy Scout Manual [J:504/505], 1963-1970
Unpublished MS, suppressed by the author, contained in two files. (See Item 3)
This eccentric "Manual" contains instructions to the underground concerning subversive activities, home-made weapons, de-centralization of all governmental agencies, and essentially essays methods for anarchists activities.
The materials in these files included in the MS are entirely unpublished in this version, though some of the ideas developed by Burroughs in this MS were later used in The Job. Because the manuscript was so completely political, and non-fictional, Burroughs considers this a failed MS. See also Unspeakable Mr. Hart/Ah Pook is Here MS - which are related politically.
In original legal-size tan folder with note in Burrough's hand on front cover "William Burroughs Revised Boy Scout Manual (Typed Transcript of Tape)."
In front of file are 43 pp. photocopy of a circular entitled "The Revised Boy-Scout Manual/Bulletin 23/Revolutionary Weapons and Tactics" which is signed by Burroughs.
This bulletin, apparently not typed by Burroughs himself, but corrected throughout by him, was one of a number of copies circulated by Burroughs among close friends. The text was transcribed from a tape of Burroughs. Not mentioned in Maynard and Miles.
At the end of the portfolio is Burroughs' own copy of the very rare Sigma Portfolio, containing the "MOB Statement" which is largely extracted from this Boy Scout Manual. Burroughs has crossed out the preliminary material in the Sigma Portfolio (Maynard and Miles, C284) and has made some notes.
103 Revised Boy Scout Manual [J:504/505], 1963-1970
Unpublished MS, suppressed by the author, contained in two files. (See Introduction to Item 2.)
Item 3 is in original letter-size maroon folder with note in Burrough's hand on front cover "Scout Manual & Ah Pook first drafts with unpublished material (valuable)"
At beginning of folder the MS consists of 57 typed pp., signed and dated by Burroughs on first leaf "Thursday, Seal Point, 12, 1970." Altogether about 17,500 words, typed mostly with a red ribbon, corrections throughout in the author's hand, though mostly clean since Burroughs never intended for this material to be published.
At end of folder contains 11 pp. typed, with author's corrections, has miscellaneous drafts of materials which Burroughs was developing for both the Scout Manual and Ah Pook.
104 Miscellaneous Cut-Ups and Materials: Lancaster Gate Period [J:498], 1961-1963
This file preserved in original tan legal-size folder with notes on front cover in Burroughs' hand. Interesting early materials, largely unpublished.
Folder contains a number of published and unpublished drafts of various manuscripts written by Burroughs in London, primarily form 1961-1963. Included in the file are the following individual pieces:
The Photo Collage. 20 pp. typed and holograph MS, unpublished. Except for the first 2 pp. this manuscript is typed and written on legal size sheets, and bears numerous corrections and alterations in Burroughs' hand. Several pages are quite heavily corrected. The Photo Collage, approximately 7000 words was written in London in 1963.
Miscellaneous Cut Ups. 86 pp. typed and carbon MSS, of various cut ups, some with holograph alterations in Burroughs' hand. This enormous group of routines and rejected pieces, amounting to over 35,000 words altogether, consists of materials which were rewritten and seem to have been adapted for use in the Academy Bulletin, The Carsons Family and Nova Express. Certainly, for the most part all of these manuscripts are unpublished as they stand.
Wild Boys 1st Drafts. 9 pp. legal size typed with drawings and holograph corrections by Burroughs. First draft typescript of The Wild Boys, resembling the passage on pp. 168-171 of the Grove Press edition of the novel. It is evident from the MS materials present here that this passage was originally envisioned as a routine or short story by Burroughs, and then later changed for inclusion in the novel. About 1500 words.
11 Port of Saints: Materials Under Preparation
Each of the original folders in this box has Burroughs' hand-made covers, drawings, writings, pasted pictures, etc. Some of the folders are labeled "Wild Boys", but the contents are obviously Port of Saints.
These folders contain the Port of Saints preparatory materials, First Drafts and 1973 Covent Garden Press Limited/Am Here Books Galleys.
111 Port of Saints: Materials Under Preparation (1 of 3; Pages 1-54)
Original Maroon folder with drawing pasted on of boys ready to fight, and back cover shows printing "I'll stick my knife right down your throat...." Folder has no other marking to indicate its contents.
Contents: Letterhead of Burroughs in New York with note hand-written in ink "Port of Saints" and signed by Burroughs.
Numero Uno song.
112 Port of Saints: Materials Under Preparation (2 of 3; Pages 55-120)
Original maroon letter-size folder with note: "Material under preparation" in Burroughs' hand. Picture of chimney sweeps [?] on front and back cover. No other identification on it of file contents.
113 Port of Saints: Materials Under Preparation (3 of 3; Pages 121-204)
Original grey letter size folder with picture of nude cowboys on cover. Dated Dec 16, 1971. Folder also has in red ink "Le Gran Luxe (in preparation) The Wild Boys"
114 Port of Saints: First Drafts (1 of 4)
Original maroon legal-size folder with picture pasted on front cover and written in ink "Marie Celeste" and at bottom "First Drafts for Port of Saints"
All typed pages, red and black ink. First page is "Friday Bellevue 8, 1970." Hand-written top right corner "DR 150 @". Pages are not numbered.
115 Port of Saints: First Drafts (2 of 4)
Original blue letter-size folder with "Port of Saints first drafts" written on cover in ink.
Pages are numbered in pencil right-hand corner in pencil. Not sequentially numbered.
Inside cover of file has written in pencil: "41 pcs, 1 MSS, 1 cut-up."
116 Port of Saints: First Drafts (3 of 4)
Original maroon letter-size folder with picture pasted on front cover (i.e., crystal skull, etc.) and "Port of Saints" written in ink at bottom of cover.
Typed in red and black ink. Some pages numbered. Some holographic corrections, etc.
117 Port of Saints: First Drafts (4 of 4)
Original maroon letter-size folder with Sunday Times, August 6, 1972 picture of boys with guns pasted on front cover.
Typed pages. First page title in blue ink,"Where is my Cobra?" Pages unnumbered.
118 Port of Saints - Galleys
Did not have an original folder.
Galleys of Port of Saints. First published in 1973 by Covent Garden Press Limited in conjunction with Am Here Books.
133 pages with Title page, etc.
12 Correspondence
Various letters and cards in separate folders.
Item 1 Correspondence: TLS letter from B. Gysin (October 5, 1973)
Item 2 Correspondence: TLS letter to B. Gysin (October 30, 1973) regarding filming of Naked Lunch.
Item 3 Correspondence: TLS letter to A. Ginsberg (January 14, 1974)
Item 4 Correspondence: Christmas cards signed by Burroughs (1990- )
Item 5 Correspondence: TLS from Freddy de Vree, (March 7, 1973)
Item 6 Correspondence: ALS to Allen De Loach (December 1971)
Item 7 Exhibition announcements, invitations, 1996-
131-6 Scientology [J:514/519]
First six folders. These extremely personal and important folders contain the only surviving manuscript materials which relate to Burroughs' 1967-1978 period as a student of Scientology in London.
Burroughs spent one month at East Grinstead, outside London, at the Scientology Headquarters, as a personal student of L. Ron Hubbard. The various events which led to Burroughs' rejection of the Scientology Movement, and to his expulsion from East Grinstead, are outlined completely in Burroughs' expose, Ali's Smile: Naked Scientology. Most of the Mayfair magazine contributions made by Burroughs from January 1968 through October 1968 relate directly to materials contained in these files. For further information about Burroughs' study of Scientology, see Maynard and Miles C187, C255 and C276.
131 Virus B-23. Dr. Lee's Notes and Audrey's Diary Charting Audrey's Case. Scientology File Connection [J:514]
This original green letter-size file folder has the above title written in ink in author's hand.
Contains a complete holograph notebook, titled "Scientology Notes" signed by Burroughs, and filled with his notes taken at meetings in London with Scientology teachers. 33 pp. entirely in holograph, with numerous drawings, and what appears to be a dream note in the back.
Of course, Dr. Lee and Audrey are both Burroughs himself, Audrey being the childhood Burroughs and Dr. Lee more or less representing the "Bull Lee" character of Burroughs, in Jack Kerouac's On the Road: the older, experimenting Burroughs.
Also at the back of the file are 4 legal size Auditor's Report Forms, entirely filled out in Burroughs' hand, containing some highly personal materials. Other Scientology pamphlets laid in.
132 Scientology [J:515]
Original light blue folder, with title transcribed as above, in Burroughs' hand on front cover.
Contains 4 letters written to Burroughs from friends, while Burroughs was staying at East Grinstead as a student.
Printed materials relating to scientology.
133 Scientology [J:516]
Original maroon folder with title transcribed as above, in Burroughs' hand on front cover.
Contains 3 letters and corrected xerox typescript of Burroughs' article about Scientology. One of the letters is from publisher Maurice Girodias of Olympia Press.
134 Scientology [J:517]
Original green folder with title transcribed as above, in Burroughs' hand on front cover.
Contains 2 carbons of letters from Burroughs to Rolling Stone regarding Mr. Sorrell's protests to Burroughs' expose in that magazine about Scientology. Other printed materials laid in.
135 Auditing [J:518]
Original maroon folder with title transcribed as above, in Burroughs' hand on front cover.
52 pp of highly personal audit of Burroughs made on 17 October 1972 by a Scientologist, the entire manuscript is in Scientology shorthand, with numerous notes throughout regarding Burroughs' psychological makeup. This audit was stolen by Burroughs from the classified files of the Scientology Church headquarters in London, while Burroughs was on janitorial duty (see "Ali's Smile" for all details).
Also 6 pages of typed and holograph printed materials also present in the file.
136 W.B. RE - F. H. [J:519]
Original maroon folder with title transcribed as above, in Burroughs' hand on front cover.
63 pp. holograph audit of Burroughs taken on 10 January, 1973, with 2 typed pp of notes and interpretations by Burroughs regarding the audit. More of a table-of-contents.
This audit delves into Burroughs' relationship with Ian Sommerville, with whom Burroughs wrote several articles and books. Again, highly personal, unpublished (and probably unpublishable) materials.
137 Open Letter to Mister Gordon Mustain, 1970
Original 9 pp. carbon typed sheets with holograph notations and corrections by Burroughs re: Scientology. Along with stamped envelope from Burroughs to Los Angeles Free Press, returned to Burroughs for "address unknown".
Letter is dated April 22, 1970. Was published in East Village Other 5, no. 31, 3, 25. New York, July 7, 1970. [C286]
138 Ah Pook is Here [J:512]
Consists of 2 original files in this folder. Fine condition, entirely unpublished novel.
First one is tan colored with the following written on cover "Hart Episodes. Some unpublished material, Ah Puch is Here".
Contains 5 separate sets. Burroughs variously spells the name of the protagonist of the novel, Ah Pook and Au Puch.
First set starts with red ink title: Ah Puch was here. Unpublished novel consisting of some 68 pp. typed, with heavy corrections and additions in Burroughs' hand throughout the entire MS, amounting to hundreds and hundreds of changes. 4 pp. are entirely in the author's holograph, and there are graphs or drawings on the verso of a couple of pages. Altogether about 20,000 words. 1967-1972.
2nd set starts with black ink title: The Unspeakable Mr. Hart, with Burroughs' signature underneath, typed mostly in red ink. Burroughs has also signed 7 of the pp. in the MS. This unpublished novel is textually similar to The Unspeakable Mr. Hart, and constitutes Burroughs' second failed attempt to fictionalize the themes surveyed in The Revised Boy Scout Manual.
3rd set starts with pencil written "Ah Puch." And under it "Hiroshima...1945...August 6...23 Seconds Before 8 a.m." Consists of 47 pages of photocopied MS.
4th set is 5 pp. of typed cut-ups."Sons of Your In" words of Rimbaud, by Corso and Burroughs., etc.
5th set contains numerous newspaper clippings and xeroxes used as source material by the author for this novel.
Second file is original blue folder and is marked in the author's hand on the font cover "Ah Pook duplicates". Contains 12 pp. of various rejected passages from the novel is present.
139 G.O.D. [J:513]
Preserved in the original light blue legal size folder with notes and title written in pencil by Burroughs on front cover: "G.O.D. first drafts and cut up for end of Ah Pook is Here and "Smell Brain"." Fine, unpublished. Ref. Ah Pook is Here MS.
The text of G.O.D. constitutes various possible endings for the Ah Pook is Here novel, although it is evident from Burroughs' notes on the front cover of the file that this MS could also be the beginning of another, obviously abandoned, work. Laid into the back of this file is an envelope of typed cut-ups, approximately 500 words altogether. Burroughs has made many corrections to this MS, and all the materials containing herein are entirely unpublished. Careful editing of this text together with Ah Pook will probably eventually constitute a publishable Burroughs' novel.
1310 Unspeakable Mr. Hart [J:536]
MS consists of 100 pp. typed, minor textual corrections here and there, signed by Burroughs on first page. Enclosed in the original tan legal size folder with title written in Burroughs' hand on front cover in pencil and ink.
Altogether about 22,000 words. Although the text is marred by many false stops and starts, it certainly could be edited for publication.
This large, unpublished MS novel represents Burroughs' attempt to fictionalize theories and topics discussed in The Revised Boy Scout Manual. (See Box 8) Much of the material resembles themes and nuances ultimately developed in Burroughs' novel The Wild Boys, and in some respects The Unspeakable Mr. Hart is the very first draft of what was to become The Wild Boys. Mr. Hart was actually offered for publication to Straight Arrow Press, New York, in 1972, and accepted for publication but due to financial reasons the book was never produced.
14 Photographs [J:554]
Preserved in the original tan folder with flap, marked in Burroughs' hand: "Drawing of friends, personal letters &." File does not contain any letters.
Included in the collection are 28 separate envelope folders each individually marked by Burroughs, containing some 500 unpublished photographs of (and mostly) by Burroughs. The photographs are all in fine condition, and were taken in London, New York, Tangier, Paris, Geneva, Greece and elsewhere. Each individual envelope is noted in Burroughs' hand as to where and when the photographs were shot.
Also in this file is a published photograph of Burroughs and Brion Gysin, taken by Francois Lagarde and published by Am Here Books. This photograph is one of the only 50 numbered copies, signed by Burroughs and gysin, and is entitled "Le Colloque de Tanger." Photo measures 12.5 " x 9.5 ".
The following folders (1-28) correspond the original photo-processing envelopes mentioned above and contain 441 photographs in total.
Photographs in other boxes of the Burroughs Collection include:
Box 1, Item 4: Unidentified male. In "Bob Yale drawings."
Box 3, Item 2: "Saturday Night," 1973 January 20. Photo by John Brady. Berdoz the Drummer. Photo by John Brady.
Box 3, Item 9: DeChadenedes, John.
Box 9, Folder 7: "To Uncle Bill." E and his sister Cosey, Apollo St., Marra Kech.
Box 9, Folder 11: The A.J. Restaurant. PSA ticket counter, 1972 December; circa 1973 Trinity Press. Woman and a young boy; circa 1973 Trinity Press.
Box 9, Folder 14: 6 photographs:
Painting by B.G projected on face of WSB by Ian Summerville. Beat Hotel, Paris 1961. 3.75" x 2.75" Negative
B.G. with Dreamachine cylinder in Rm. 25, Beat Hotel, Paris 1962. 3" x 3" Negative
Painting by B.G., fade in by WSB, Beat Hotel, 1960. 3.75" x 2.75" Negative
Painting by B.G., projected by Ian Sommerville onto face of B.G."Foto 1.5." 3.75" x 2.75" Negative
Cut photos - half BG, half WSB."Foto 1.5." Negative
Carl Weimar, 1972 July, Frankfort. 5" x 7" Negative
141 Frakes, Moka Bar, British Museum. Exterior building shots, interior museum (3.5" x 3.5"; 12 Items)
142 Street Shots, John and Richard Goron. On 1 building, Fortnum and Mason, also people in shots (3.5" x 3.5"; 19 Items)
143 Montages, British museum, Masons' (?) yard. Bulk, exterior shots (3.5" x 3.5"; 11 Items)
144 British museum. Scientology, London building (3.5" x 3.5"; 9 Items)
145 Greece, zoo with color scenes (3.5" x 3.5"; 9 Items)
146 Greece. Some people, WSB (?) and younger man in several photos (blurred) (3.5" x 3.5"; 4 Items)
147 Greece. Scenery shots, unidentified young man in some (3.5" x 3.5"; 13 Items)
148 Street scenes, many taken from window. Rosin on Peter St. Blue Mountain Cafe. 92: Edwin R. Cooper Ltd, Chemist (3.5" x 3.5"; 17 Items)
149 Zoo animals, 1983 July 1 (Color; 3.5" x 3.5"; 6 Items)
1410 Building exteriors (1972 December 12). Resham Travels. 113:Rowey's. 92: Edwin R. Cooper Ltd, Chemist/Savoy Baths (young man in doorway). City of Westminister, Princess Palace on Duke Street, 1972 December 12 (3.5" x 3.5"; 20 Items)
1411 Street scenes/ Building exteriors. Unidentified male. Hartnell. Bury St. (3.5" x 3.5"; 8 Items)
1412 Street scenes/Building exteriors and negatives. Post Office. Baron on Eagle Place. Golden Nugget. Swiss Tavern. L'epicure, next to Moka Bar. Lexington Street (3.5" x 3.5"; 12 Items)
1413 Unidentified people (3.5" x 3.5"; 6 Items
1414 Unidentified buildings [Gibralter]. Buildings and street scenes. Ragged Staff Gaurd. Beach. Gache and Co. (3.5" x 3.5"; 34 Items)
1415 No envelope received
1416 Some building and street scenes (Assorted Sizes; 36 Items)
1417 London street scene and John Brody, 1972 July (Color; 3.5" x 3.5"; 11 Items)
1418 "Flood pictures ref. Scrapbook 3" (3.5" x 3.5"; 0 Items
1419 Miscellaneous street scenes and buildings. WSB (?) in arid area. WM Page and Co. Maxims Revue. Cavendish. Laporte de Paris. (Brody?). Burlington Arcade. Simpson (3.5" x 3.5"; 14 Items)
1420 Beach and water scenes (4.5" x 3.25"; 11 Items)
1421 Street and building scenes, New York. Shanghai Lounge (April 1960s). Chatham Clothes (December 1964). Interior of kitchen. Ungers Hosiery Shop. U.S. Post Office, Howard Station, N.Y. Sun Sing Theatre. Sun Hop Soon. Globe Machinery. Dave's Bar. Garcia y Vega, 1960s (5" x 3.5"; 67 Items)
1422 Building and street scenes, New York. NY City, Jimmy's Produce. Globe Machinery (May 1965). Dave's Bar (April 1960s). Rubble in alley (May 1965). Garcia y Vega on 7th Ave. (May 1965), 1960s (5" x 3.5"; 18 Items)
1423 Zoo/Street scenes (May 1965). Lions. Swig Lounge. Parade with troops, etc. Unidentified male, 1965 May (3.5" x 3.5"; 35 Items)
1424 Street scenes (July 1965). Peddler with cart, 1965 July (5" x 3.5"; 16 Items)
1425 Pictures from H.A. Soferco Jr. International Boys Circus and misc., colored in Madison Square Garden and misc. (5" x 3.5"; 8 Items)
1426 Miscellaneous pictures and newsclips (3.5" x 3.5"; 26 Items)
1427 Miscellaneous colored photos. Unidentified male (5.25" x 3.5"; 4 Items)
1428 Miscellaneous. Desert and rock scenes. One collage. (4.75" x 7" and 7" x 9"; 15 Items)
1429 Bicycle Gang, West 107st, New York, T. Lesley. Inmates: The Tombs (Spring 1972), T. Lesley (Mounted on Board; 8" x 8"; 2 Items)
1430 Wm S. Burroughs. Bobby Neel Adams, circa 1984 (8" x 10"; 1 Item)
See also framed portrait for exhibit purposes, Special Collections stacks, Range 8, Framed Section 1, Shelf 8.
1431 "Spare Ass Annie" Photograph. Rono Tse, WSB, Michael Franti (8" x 10")
PXL-153Plate 26 Robert Mapplethorpe, 1970-1983
8 Framed photo
See Box 14 (listed in Series I).
C-2379 Mapplethorpe. Certain People.
15-18 Clippings [J:555]
Source Material Files and Cut Ups
61 individual folders, filled with Burroughs' clippings from magazines, newspapers, flyers, books, printouts and thousands of pieces of cut-ups made by Burroughs from numerous carbon and manuscripts.
All of these materials were used by Burroughs from 1957-1973 for information contained in his novels and articles. Each of the individual files bears Burroughs' notes in holograph on the front cover, indicating exactly what the materials contained in each folder was used for, and in most cases which book or article the source materials were gathered for. Where possible, folder titles in boxes 15 through 17 have been taken from these titles.
These files contain literally thousands upon thousands of materials, some of which are marked by the author, and all of which have some bearing on the major portion of his work. The reputation that Burroughs gained in the 1950's as being purposely haphazard in his writing methods (primarily because of the manner in which The Naked Lunch was composed, passages at the time, and then thrown on the floor, only later to be gathered together by Allen Ginsberg and reassembled with Burroughs' help for publication) is completely controverted by these extraordinary files.
Undoubtedly, the materials contained in these files, which have never been examined by any scholars and which the author kept for some 16 years with him wherever he was living and writing, will reveal a good deal of scholarly information regarding sources for the better part of Burroughs' published works.
61 separate files, in 4 boxes, a few large enclosed envelopes containing cut ups from various MSS.
151 Pictures of People
152 Virus
153 VS (contains reviews of Soft Machine, articles about drug use, pornography, brutality and crimes.
154 Clippings: art catalogs, and literary materials
155 Riots
156 People
157 New Speak
158 Writers
159 Howard Brookner
161 Two files: Tan file: "23 & 52" and blue file: "Clippings"
162 In menu for American Export Isbrandtsen Lines the S. S. Independence. Has Clippings about travel, etc.
163 "Looking Back"
164 Intersections
Contains tearsheets from Playboy regarding article "Youth - the Oppressed Majority" where Burroughs is mentioned.
165 Rub out the White word
166 Floods, tornados, earthquakes and air crashes
167 The Flesh
168 The Dutchman (about Dutch Schultz's Last Words)
Discusses Dutch Schultz's last words.
169 Disaster
1610 Clark Street
1611 Art and science
1612 Allen Ginsberg
171 70 News Clippings
172 Belli (folder #223)
173 In envelope #221, 22 Clippings, called "The Eel and Coordinates"
174 In envelope #220, called "Intersections Specials"
175 In blue folder #220, called "Newspeak"
176 In salmon/pink folder #224, called "Clippings"
177 Folder #215, called "New York Times" and Folder #213, called "Lundi 8 Juin 1964"
178 In mailing envelope to Burroughs in Morocco, #212, called "Miscellaneous Nudes by D.H. Lawrence"
179 Brown accordian folder #23, with skull and crossbones drawn on in black marker.
1710 Mailing envelope, #237 labeled "Mis. Souvenirs"
1711 St. Louis brochures
1712 Reviews of Burroughs' books
181 Tan folder #32, "Letters to the Editor" Clippings
182 Maroon folder #4, "Reviews Unfavorable"
183 Tan folder #209, labeled "Clippings used in tapes"
184 Tan folder #44, labeled "Crime"
185 Copy of Kontexts No. 8, 1976 Spring
Moved to BU-MOS #75.
186 Copy of International Times #18, 1967 August 31-September 13
Moved to BU-MOS #76.
187 Copy of Times Literary Supplement containing review of "The Yage Letters", 1964
Moved to BU-MOS #33.
188 Blue folder #41, labeled, "Drugs", and Tan folder #42, labeled "Drugs"
189 Blue folder #35, labeled "Scout Manuel [sp] and weapons (Valuable)", but only has a few clippings of Jerusalem, and plants.
1810 St. Louis Post Dispatch, with number 208 on cover.
1811 Envelope #Folio 202, labeled, "St. Louis"
1812 Blue folder #210, labeled, "40 Clippings"
1813 Tan folder #224, labeled, "58 picture ________"
1814 Miscellaneous in maroon folder #31
1815 Clippings about Burroughs, 1979-1991
1816 Clippings about Burroughs, 1992
1817 Clippings about Burroughs, 1993
1818 Clippings and exhibition information, 1994-1997
1819 Obituaries, 1997 August
See also BU-MOS.077.
1820 Clippings and exhibition information, 1998-
Series II: Blue Slipcased Materials
19 Early Routines by William S. Burroughs [JACKSON 450, 467, 468]
Includes Burroughs' earliest surviving manuscript, "Twilight's Last Gleamings" which was written in 1938 with Kells Elvins. However, most of the manuscripts date from 1950-1957. Hem Descriptions 2-9, 14-28.
[450] "Twilight's Last Gleamings": 6 page typescript with a number of holograph corrections by Burroughs throughout, written by Burroughs in collaboration with his college friend, Kells Elvins in 1938. This is the earliest surviving Burroughs manuscript, written when he was 24 years old. Burroughs has written in his holograph the author of each section of the MS on every page. According to a recent interview with Burroughs in Rolling Stone's College Papers (Fall 1979 issue) the manuscript was submitted to Esquire and was rejected by the magazine because the contents of the manuscript were "too screwy and not effectively so for us." Burroughs later used the MS in his novel Nova Express in virtually unrevised form. This MS also contains the first appearance of Burroughs' most famous fictional character, doctor Benway, who later appears in The Naked Lunch. Folded for mailing, and some stains, else fine. Signed by Burroughs on first leaf. Preserved in Early Routines Slipcase.
[467] "Chumu Skit": 2 pp. routine typescript, written primarily in The Naked Lunch style, with title written at top of both pages in holograph. Signed by Burroughs, with numerous holograph corrections throughout, about 500 words. Unpublished. Probably written 1955-1956.
[468]: Also a 2 pp. carbon of "Chumu Skit" with different holograph corrections. Additional pieces of material.
20 Drafts and Unpublished Film Manuscript of The Wild Boys by William S. Burroughs [JACKSON 523, 526, 503], 1965
Item Descriptions: 55, 75, 78.
[523/525]: The Wild Boys (4 Files)
The first file contains the most important materials. This file contains the complete extant first drafts (1968-1972) of various passages from The Wild Boys. The MS consists of 92 pp. typed drafts, many of which bear extensive additions and alterations in the author's hand in various colored inks, as well as several holograph pages. Because this entire MS is typed with an elite machine and is almost completely single-spaced, we estimate that it contains well over 175,000 words. Burroughs has signed various opening pages throughout the drafts and has also indicated which passages were ultimately used in the 1971 Grove Press edition of the novel. The subject matter in The Wild Boys may be seen as the final and successful extension of ideas originally essayed in The Revised Boy Scout Manual MS, The Unspeakable Mr. Hart MS, and Ah Pook is Here MS, all of which are contained in this archive.
This massive MS contains lengthy sections that were discarded by Burroughs in the final draft of The Wild Boys and which therefore remain unpublished. Preserved in the original maroon legal size folder with note in Burroughs' hand in ink on front covers: "Wild Boy Overflow".
Enclosed together with Wild Boy Film Ideas portfolio in cloth slipcase with Morocco label.
Second file. "Unpublished materials from Wild Boys also layouts and first drafts ... old duplicates." 14 pp of miscellaneous drafts of passages from The Wild Boys, mostly carbons. Notes in the author's hand on orange file cover. Folio 22A.
Third file. "Wild Boys Hard Core Porn Movie and Chinese Bongsae Film Idea ... Distinct file." 26 pp. various sizes with a few holograph corrections, mostly carbon cut ups. Entirely unpublished material preserved in the original red folder with notes on front cover in the author's hand. Folio 22.
Fourth file. "Wild Boys Film Notes Valuable." This file contains numerous clippings and several pages of typed notes regarding The Wild Boys and used as source material for the film. Preserved in red folder with note in Burroughs' hand on cover. Folio 35.
21 Original Manuscript of Operation Soft Machine/'Rub Out the Word' by William S. Burroughs and Brion Gysin [JACKSON 499; Old Number Box 15], 1961, 1963
Item Description: 51
72 pages MS by William Burroughs and Brion Gysin signed by both of them on title page of the MS, executed in 1961-1963, and intended for display in an art museum. This extraordinary and seminal MS is typed and written by Burroughs in various specifically coded colors, utilizing Burroughs' own version of Rimbaud's color system. Virtually every page of the MS is signed by Burroughs in full (probably because the authors originally intended for each page of this MS to be individually framed, and placed on public display in linear sequence). Brion Gysin has illustrated 12 of the MS pages in colored pencils, watercolors and pen & ink, and has also rewritten a number of the cut up Burroughs texts in his own holograph. Gysin has also signed many of the pages. Among the many famous Burroughsian "catch phrases" contained in this important MS are "Rub out the word," "I am that I am," and"Therefore I think I am." These phrases are mathematically rearranged in all possible patterns. In this way, this MS becomes central to Burroughs' early 1960's linguistic technique called both "The Cut-up Method" and"The Fold-In Method." For an excellent discussion of the Cut Up Method, see Tony Tanner's City of Words (New York: Harper & Row, 1971, Chapter 5, "Rub Out the Word," pp. 109-140).
Burroughs' plans for an exhibition of this MS never materialized nor has the complete MS ever been published. Although Burroughs has subsequently altered the writing method displayed in the Operation Soft Machine MS, public display of the MS should certainly be promoted.
MS is in fine condition with all leaves individually preserved in slip-out plastic folders, and the whole enclosed in cloth slipcase with morocco leather.
22 Drafts and Final Manuscript of Exterminator by William S. Burroughs [JACKSON 507,509, 510; Old Number Box 16], 1966-1973
Item Descriptions: 59, 61, 62.
[507] Exterminator First Draft and Source Materials
Remarkable file contains 40 pp. typed with massive holograph corrections virtually on every page, of the earliest drafts of various sections from Exterminator. The file breaks down into roughly seven sections, and Burroughs has signed the first pages of each of these stories or passages. The texts of each of these stories vary considerably from the final published versions of the text, produced in the Viking 1973 version of the book, and in several instances the connections between the texts of these early drafts differ so radically as to nearly constitute entirely unconnected stories (though the characters' names tend to bind the materials together thematically if not narratively).
Nearly 10,000 words of early drafts, and related routines that Burroughs revised for stories in Exterminator, composed between 1964 and 1966. Preserved in the original red folder with Burroughs' title for the file written in ink in his hand on front cover, with a photograph of a wolf standing over a carcass pasted (evidently by Burroughs) onto the cover as a decoration.
Published, but in revised form. Preserved together with other Exterminator files in cloth slipcase with morocco label.
[509] Drafts Exterminator and Port of Saints
File contains 45 pp. of various early drafts of Exterminator and Port of Saints, as well as some miscellaneous drafts from The Wild Boys. 3 pp. in holograph, the remainder in typescript and carbon. Quite a number of photocopied pages are also in the folder, some bearing editorial marks in Burroughs' hand. Conjectural dates of composition from 1966-1970.
Preserved in original red folder with Burroughs' title for the file written in ink on front cover. Most of the materials in this folder were published in slightly altered form. About 4000 words altogether.
[510] The Exterminator
The complete MS of this entire book, published by the Viking Press in 1973 (Maynard and Miles A23a). This was the actual copy sent by Burroughs to his literary agents in New York, Harold Matson Company, who then forwarded the manuscript to Viking for publication: Viking's first publication of any book by Burroughs.
Composition of the MS ranges from 1966 to 1972. MS consists of 75 pp. made up by Burroughs from various earlier typescripts, and in several instances from photocopies of earlier published texts, reworked by Burroughs with holograph alterations on many pages. Burroughs' original title-page is also present, giving the rejected subtitle for the book "A Statement of American Policy" as is the 2 pp. typed table of contents for the book, bearing a number of minor changes in Burroughs' hand. The entire MS is contained in the original green folder from Harold Matson agency, and is then re-enclosed in Burroughs' legal size orange folder with the title of the book written on front cover in an unknown (Miles'?) hand.
A second file containing copies of various parts of the MS is present. This file is marked on the front cover in the author's hand and initialled "Exterminator copies 2 copies of each W.S.B."
Very fine, published. Note: Burroughs' own author's copy of Exterminator!, cited by Maynard and Miles in their notes to entry A23a in the Burroughs bibliography, bound in the original three-quarter leather, is present in this collection.
Preserved in slipcase with morocco label, together with drafts of Exterminator and Port of Saints and Exterminator first drafts and source material files.
23 First Draft Manuscript of Numero Uno Nu by William S. Burroughs [JACKSON 545; Old Number Box 17], 1972
The original first draft manuscript, 190 pages, of Numero Uno Nu, an unpublished novel, which was entirely rewritten by Burroughs and published in totally different form in London, 1973, by Covent Gardens Press, in an edition of 200 copies. The MS consists of 156 carbon TS pages most with holograph additions and alterations in Burroughs' hand. 34 pages are present in xerox from a later version (i.e., from the Port of Saints MS).
Pages 35, 91 and 99 in the numbering of the manuscript are missing, but in a note in Burroughs's hand at the beginning of the manuscript it is indicated that these pages may not exist.
Burroughs has signed the first page of the MS and has numbered every page in pencil. This first draft is radically different from the published version of Port of Saints, and has many alternate passages.
Contained in the original legal-size red folder with title written in magic marker on front cover in the author's hand, and signed by him. Folder shows some wear, else fine. This is the only extant version of the novel, and differs so completely from reworked and retitled version as to constitute an unpublished novel. Unpublished in this version. Enclosed with Folio 15b in slipcase with morocco label.
Also a second file containing 28 pp. of miscellaneous carbon drafts form Port of Saints, approximately 3500 words. Partially unpublished.
Preserved in the original red legal-sized folder with title in author's hand on front cover in ink.
Folio 15 & 16.
24A-B Setting Manuscript and Proofs for The Third Mind by William S. Burroughs Brion Gysin (Unpublished Grove Press Edition, 1965) [JACKSON 508; Old Number Box 18]
Item Description: 60
A fascinating file of unique materials and manuscript drafts of the original version of The Third Mind. This novel by Burroughs and Brion Gysin was completed in 1964 and was submitted and accepted for publication by Grove Press. Grove began setting the type and preparing the layouts and dust-jacket for the book, but, for financial reasons, as well as complications due to Burroughs' unhappiness with the manner in which this very difficult text was being set into type, the entire project was scrapped. Burroughs asked Grove to send him everything regarding the project at the printers', and what they sent him is all present in this file.
Included in the file are three separate color proofs of dust-jacket designs for the book, with notes in the designer's hand making alterations. The complete set of original typeset veloxes, each sheet measuring 15" x 12", is present: amounting to over 750 pages, each with numerous annotations and suggestions about typographical alterations in the printer's and various editor's hands. Approximately 50 transparencies with type to be cut into the text are present, as well as several dozen proof pulls on proofing paper from various sections of the book.
In a separate light red folder, with note in Brion Gysin's hand on front cover, the complete set of original photostats of the entire mock-up MS is present, amounting to over 200 pp. with about 10 pp. in original typescript. There are a number of holograph proposals and alterations in various (probably editorial) hands on a number of these mock-up pages.
A unique and enormous file. The Third Mind was finally published by Viking Press in 1978, with the text changed from this abandoned original publication. Of considerable scholarly interest, this is the only instance in Burroughs' writing career that full-length manuscript was accepted for publication and completely set up in type, announced for publication by the publishers, and then abandoned and suppressed due to financial problems and differences between the publishers and Burroughs.
Series III: Magazines
BU-MAG.001"The Future Of Sex And Drugs" in Mayfair (Volume or Publication 2/10; Page 11) by Burroughs, Wm., 1967 October
The Burroughs Acadamy Bulletin 1. [c178]
BU-MAG.002"Where's Our Killer Whistle" in Mayfair (Volume or Publication 2/12; Page 54) by Burroughs, Wm., 1976 December
The Burroughs Acadamy Bulletin 3. [c180] Chronicles 20th century as it should have been. Also Naked Lunch photo (p. 8).
BU-MAG.003"By Far The Most Efficient & Precise Language We Possess Is The Common Cold" in Mayfair (Volume or Publication 3/03; Page 54) by Burroughs, Wm., 1968 March
The Burroughs Acadamy Bulletin 6, [c190]. New ways of talking, listening & being rude.
BU-MAG.004"The Fire Breaks Out" in Mayfair (Volume or Publication 3/04; Page 32) by Burroughs, Wm., 1968 April
The Burroughs Acadamy Bulletin 7, [c193]. Projected 1988 teenage rebellion & riots against police state.
BU-MAG.005"In That Year Of 1969 Astonished Motorists Were Hustled At Random into The Death Cells For Parking Offenses" in Mayfair (Volume or Publication 3/05; Page 54) by Burroughs, Wm., 1968 May
The Burroughs Acadamy Bulletin 8. [c196] Prediction of police state.
BU-MAG.006"Switch On And Be Your Own Hero" in Mayfair (Volume or Publication 3/06; Page 53) by Burroughs, Wm., 1968 June
The Burroughs Academy Bulletin 9. [c198] "Photic Epilepsy" and possible consequences.
BU-MAG.007"The Acadamy's Ultimate Offer-Immunity To Death" in Mayfair (Volume or Publication 3/07; Page 52) by Burroughs, Wm., 1968 July
The Burroughs Acadamy Bulletin 10. [c200] Ultimate achievement of Burroughs academy, also p.7, for history of academy.
BU-MAG.008"Do You Remember Tomorrow?" in Mayfair (Volume or Publication 3/08; Page 28) by Burroughs, Wm., 1968 August
The Burroughs Academy Bulletin 11. [c201] Use your mind as a camera.
BU-MAG.009"Oh God, Get Me Out Of This!" in Mayfair (Volume or Publication 3/09; Page 32) by Burroughs, Wm., 1968 September
The Burroughs Academy Bulletin 12. [c204] Advice on how to live in civilized society.
BU-MAG.010"Wind Die You Die We Die" in Mayfair (Volume or Publication 3/10; Page 52) by Burroughs, Wm., 1968 October
The Burroughs Academy Bulletin 13. [c211] SF fantasy based on his life in Tangiers.
BU-MAG.011"Rally Round the Secrets, Boys" in Mayfair (Volume or Publication 4/01; Page 52) by Burroughs, Wm., 1969 January
The Burroughs Academy Bulletin 15. [c221] Scientific secrets are being suppressed by world governments.
BU-MAG.012"Infiltration" in Mayfair (Volume or Publication 4/02; Page 52) by Burroughs, Wm., 1969 February
The Burroughs Academy Bulletin 16. [c222] Stategem for overthrowing establishments of the west.
BU-MAG.013"The Brain Grinders" in Mayfair (Volume or Publication 4/04; Page 32) by Burroughs, Wm., 1969 April
The Burroughs Academy Bulletin 17. [c223] Secrets of Mayan priets used by governments to discipline you.
BU-MAG.014"I'm Scared, I'm Scared, I'm Not" in Mayfair (Volume or Publication 4/05; Page 52) by Burroughs, Wm., 1969 May
The Burroughs Academy Bulletin 18. [c224] E-meter of Scientology.
BU-MAG.015"The Final Crusade Of The Veteran Warriors" in Mayfair (Volume or Publication 4/06; Page 52) by Burroughs, Wm., 1969 June
The Burroughs Academy Bulletin 19. [c226] Men of the present killed by boys of the future.
BU-MAG.016"The Voracious Aliens" in Mayfair (Volume or Publication 4/08; Page 32) by Burroughs, Wm., 1969 August
The Burroughs Academy Bulletin 20. [c234] Science Fiction erotica.
BU-MAG.017"Days Of Great Luxury Are Coming Back" in Mayfair (Volume or Publication 4/09; Page 54) by Burroughs, Wm., 1969 September
The Burroughs Academy Bulletin 21. [c237] Prophesy of life in 1989.
BU-MAG.018"The Transplant Apocalyse" in Mayfair (Volume or Publication 5/02; Page 32) by Burroughs, Wm., 1970 February
Spare-part surgery. [c267]
BU-MAG.019"Mr. Burroughs you're wrong about my husband" in Mayfair (Volume or Publication 5/04; Page 52) by Hubbard, Mary S., 1970 June
Defending Scientology.
BU-MAG.020"D.E. My Super-Efficiency System" in Mayfair (Volume or Publication 5/07; Page 52) by Burroughs, Wm., 1970 July
New success system. [c279]
BU-MAG.021"Twilight's Last Gleamings" in Mayfair (Volume or Publication 5/12; Page 61) by Burroughs, Wm., 1970 December
(This is not the Burroughs-Kells Elvins routine used in Nova Express). [c299]
BU-MAG.022"Heroin Maintenance" in New Times (Volume or Publication 9/10; Page 58) by Burroughs, Wm., 1977 November 11
Methadone maintenance a bigger addiction. [*]
BU-MAG.023"Brief Encounters" in Vanderbilt Review (Page 277) by White, Michael, 1986 Spring
Includes Burroughs, Ginsberg, Cassady, Kesey, et al.
BU-MAG.024"Martine Torheit" in Mama (Volume or Publication 0/16; Page 04), 1966 March
German magazine.
BU-MAG.025"Diggers" in Realist, The (Volume or Publication 0/81), 1968 August
Burroughs is listed as a contributor, but the contents are not attributed to specific authors. Created by the Diggers. [c202a]
BU-MAG.026"Out Show Window And We're Proud Of It" in Floating Bear, The (Volume or Publication 0/5; Page 6) by Burroughs, Wm., 1961
One Page short story on a newsletter, has 3 cent stamp. [c31]
BU-MAG.027"Roosevelt After Inauguration" in Floating Bear, The (Volume or Publication 0/9; Page 8) by Burroughs, Wm., 1961
Newsletter signed by Burroughs. [c33]
BU-MAG.028"The Revised Boy Scout Manual" (Exerpt) in Re/Search (Volume or Publication 0/4-5; Page 5) by Burroughs, Wm., 1982
"Early Routines" (2 Exerpts; p. 12); "The Place Of Dead Roads" (2 Exerpts; p. 16); "Interview" (p. 20); "Cities Of The Red Night" (A Chapter Not Included; p. 28); and "The Cut Up Method of Brion Gysin" (2 Copies; p. 35). [*].
BU-MAG.029"Burroughs: Word Image Technology" in Feedback (Volume or Publication 1/2; Page 21) by Tait, Robert, 1967 Spring
Maintains Burroughs materials relate to whole conception of technological man.
BU-MAG.030"A Wm. S. Burroughs Bibliography" in Serif (Volume or Publication 11/2; Page 12) by Skerl, Jennie, 1974 Summer
Biographical article with TLS from Skerl tipped in. Chronological listing of works.
BU-MAG.031Inkblot (Volume or Publication 1/1), 1983 Spring
Burroughs-influenced cut-ups.
BU-MAG.032Ink-flash issue of Inkblot (Volume or Publication 0/3), 1984 May
Burroughs-influenced cut-ups.
BU-MAG.033Dripping ink issue of Inkblot (Volume or Publication 0/4), 1985 January
Burroughs-influenced cut-ups.
BU-MAG.034"Information about the Operation: A Portrait of William Burroughs" in New Review (Volume or Publication 3/25; Page 37) by Bockris, Victor, 1976 April (2 Copies)
Tape recorded interview of Burroughs.
BU-MAG.035"Portugal: Stopover in Madeira" in Traveler's Digest (Volume or Publication 1/1; Page 2) by Burroughs, Wm., 1977 Summer
Photographs by Wm. Burroughs, circa 1964. Also quote about travel. [*]
BU-MAG.036"Everywhere March Your Head" in Locus Solus II (Volume or Publication #2(?); Page 148) by Burroughs, Wm., 1961 Summer
G. Corso & A. Rimbaud and p.150 "Sons of Your In" are cut-ups of Rimbaud's "To a Reason".
BU-MAG.037"Burning Heavens, Idiot" in Insect Trust Gazette (Volume or Publication 1/1; Page 21) by Burroughs, Wm., 1964 Summer (2 Copies)
BU-MAG.037"Grids" in Insect Trust Gazette (Volume or Publication 1/1; Page 27), 1964 Summer (2 Copies)
Experiment of passing prose through grid and a letter explaining process.
BU-MAG.038"William Burroughs" in Kunst en Cultuur (Volume or Publication 0/5; Page 24) by de Vree, Freddie, 1973 March 8
German Text.
BU-MAG.039"Burroughs et le Style Cut-up" in Magazine Litteraire (Volume or Publication 0/87; Page 36) by J-L Brau, 1974 April
French text, cut-up style.
BU-MAG.040"Animadversion On The Naked Lunch" in Glasgow Review (Volume or Publication 1/4; Page 10) by Gray, John, 1964 Winter-1965
Review of Naked Lunch.
BU-MAG.041The Last Words of Hassan-i-Sabbah; On cover "In Am Here Books Catalogue" (Volume or Publication 0/5) by Burroughs, Wm., 1981-1982
(Post modern) in tickertape format across the tops of pages 1-146. A 45 RPM phonograph record of Burroughs reading The Last Words of Hassan-i-Sabbah is included. [*]
BU-MAG.041Last Words of Hassan-i-Sabbah (Volume or Publication 0/5) by Burroughs, Wm., 1981-1982 (45 RPM)
In Am Here Catalogue #5.
BU-MAG.042Photo of Burroughs in Paris Review (Volume or Publication 0/64; Page 193) by Malanga, Gerard, 1975 Winter
And an accompanying poem by David Ignatow.
BU-MAG.043"Lost Chapter of Naked Lunch" in Avec (Volume or Publication 1/1; Page 63) by Burroughs, Wm., 1988
Naked Lunch
BU-MAG.044"Energey & How to Get it" in CoEvolution Quarterly (Volume or Publication 0/29; Page 46) by Frank, Robert, 1981 Spring
Pictures of Burroughs.
BU-MAG.045"Fun and Games, What" in East Side Review (Volume or Publication 1/1; Page 74) by Burroughs, Wm., 1966 January-February (2 Copies)
Short Story.
BU-MAG.046"Life With Father" in Esquire (Volume or Publication 76/3; Page 113) by Burroughs, Wm. Jr., 1971 September
Smiling Picture of Burroughs, also see p. 45.
BU-MAG.047"They just fade away" in Evergreen Review (Volume or Publication 0/32; Page 64) by Burroughs, Wm., 1964 April-May
Exerpt of new novel (?) Also p. 57, "Cut up" by Brion Gysin, explains techniques.[c73]
BU-MAG.048"The Dead Child" in Evergreen Review (Volume or Publication 15/94; Page 33) by Burroughs, Wm., 1971 December
[c321] Selection from The Wild Boys; Burroughs's 12th appearance in Evergreen.
BU-MAG.049"Dream Voices of Technical Tilly" in Bouillabaisse (Volume or Publication 0/0; Page ?) by Burroughs, Wm., 1992 January
Short story. Debut Issue. Beat authors.
BU-MAG.050"Mother And I Would Like To Know" in Evergreen Review (Volume or Publication 0/67; Page 35) by Burroughs, Wm., 1969 June
And "Journey Through Time-Space (Burroughs interviewed by Daniel Odier)" p.39 [c227]
BU-MAG.051"Points Of Distinction Between Sedative and Consciousness-Expanding Drugs" in Evergreen Review (Volume or Publication 0/34; Page 72) by Burroughs, Wm., 1964 December
BU-MAG.052"Day The Records Went Up" in Evergreen Review (Volume or Publication 0/60; Page 47) by Burroughs, Wm., 1968 November
BU-MAG.053"Parenthetically 7 Hertz," in Klacto/23 Special (Volume or Publication 0/0; Page 43) by Burroughs, Wm., 1967 September (2 Copies)
Re: L. Ron Hubbard's Engrams: words recorded in the state of unconsciousness. Also Alan Ginsberg, Charles Bukowski, Timothy Leary articles.[c174]
BU-MAG.054"Soldier's Pay" in Fervent Valley (Volume or Publication 0/0; Page 2) by Burroughs, Wm., 1972 Sumer
Short story.
BU-MAG.055"Civilian Defense" in Heavy Metal (Volume or Publication 4/11; Page 4) by Burroughs, Wm., 1981 February
BU-MAG.056"Rock Magic" in Crawdaddy (Volume or Publication 0/0; Page 34) by Burroughs, Wm., 1975 June
Burroughs interviews Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin. Front cover foto also. [*]
BU-MAG.057"Time of The Assassins" in Crawdaddy (Volume or Publication 0/0; Page 12) by Burroughs, Wm., 1975 August
Debut column about writing a best-seller [*]
BU-MAG.058"Time of the Assassins" in Crawdaddy (Volume or Publication 0/0; Page 12) by Burroughs, Wm., 1975 September
Column: "The word as a virus." [*]
BU-MAG.059"Time of the Assassins" in Crawdaddy (Volume or Publication 0/0; Page 12) by Burroughs, Wm., 1975 October
Column: "On CIA, black magic and the heart attack machine." [*]
BU-MAG.060"Time of the Assassins" in Crawdaddy (Volume or Publication 0/0; Page 12) by Burroughs, Wm., 1975 November
Column: "on Cia, LSD and biological warfare." [*]
BU-MAG.061"Time of the Assassins" in Crawdaddy (Page 12) by Burroughs, Wm., 1975 December
Column: "How 18th centrury pirate communities would have saved the world." [*]
BU-MAG.062"Time of the Assassins" in Crawdaddy (Page 12) by Burroughs, Wm., 1976 January
Column: "Purpose of writing and art". [*]
BU-MAG.063"Time of the Assassins" in Crawdaddy (Page 12) by Burroughs, Wm., 1976 February
Column: "Lifeboat politics, Mayan Caper and Limits of control". [*]
BU-MAG.064"Time of the Assassins" in Crawdaddy (Page 12) by Burroughs, Wm., 1976 April
Column: "Assassination, CIA & the conservative buffoon, Wm. F. Buckley." [*]
BU-MAG.065"It Belongs To The Cucumbers" in Crawdaddy (Page 30) by Burroughs, Wm., 1977 January
Column: Konstantin Raudive discovery of unexplained voices on tapes. [*]
BU-MAG.066"Time of the Assassins" in Crawdaddy (Page 16) by Burroughs, Wm., 1977 February
Column: Where writers get ideas. Naked Lunch. [*]
BU-MAG.067"Time of the Assassins" in Crawdaddy (Page 12) by Burroughs, Wm., 1977 March
Column: Purity of motive of anti-heros. [*]
BU-MAG.068"Time of the Assassins" in Crawdaddy (Page 12) by Burroughs, Wm., 1977 April
Column: "Life as young paranoid out-and-out queer junkie con." [*]
BU-MAG.069"Time of the Assassins" in Crawdaddy (Page 12) by Burroughs, Wm., 1977 May
Column: a short story. No title.
BU-MAG.070"Time of the Assassins" in Crawdaddy (Page 12) by Burroughs, Wm., 1977 June
Column: Exerpt from novel, Cities of the Red Night. [*]
BU-MAG.071"Time of the Assassins" in Crawdaddy (Page 12) by Burroughs, Wm., 1977 October
Column: Where he got his ideas for stories. [*]
BU-MAG.072"Immortality" in Heavy Metal (Volume or Publication 5/2; Page ?) by Burroughs, Wm., 1981 May
BU-MAG.073"Kicking Drugs: A Very Personal Story" in Harper's (Volume or Publication 235/1406; Page 39) by Burroughs, Wm., 1967 July
Recalls experience of drug addiction and escape. [c170]
BU-MAG.074"William Burroughs Rapping on Revolutionary Techniques" in Global Tapestry Journal (Page 45) by Burroughs, Wm., 1971
BU-MAG.075"William Burroughs On The Painting Of Brion Gysin" in Soft Need (Volume or Publication 0/9; Page 36) by Burroughs, Wm., 1976 Spring
BU-MAG.076"Man You Voted for a Goddamn Ape" in Mayfair (Volume or Publication 3/12; Page 52) by Burroughs, Wm., 1968 December
Burroughs' Academy Bulletin #14. Describes danger of democratic vote.
BU-MAG.077"William Burroughs Special" issue in Arcade (Volume or Publication 0/1; Page all) by Burroughs, Wm., 1964
"The Border City," p.(3), "The Danish Operation," p.(19), "The Cut," p.(21) [c84, c85, c86] Laid in Rose colored glasses.
BU-MAG.078"Martin's Folly" in Cleft (Volume or Publication 1/1; Page 18) by Burroughs, Wm., 1963 June
BU-MAG.079"The Mayan Caper" in Gambit (Page 26) by Burroughs, Wm., 1963 Spring
New University Review, Scotland. Review of "The Ticket that Exploded", [c58]
BU-MAG.080"Abstract" in Milkrocosmos (Volume or Publication 0/14; Page 01), 1969
Wichita State University. [c238]
BU-MAG.081"Letter Out of Nowhere" in Doris (Volume or Publication l/?; Page 26) by Burroughs, Wm., 1974 August
Cut-up by Burroughs from obituary. Inscribed front cover, "Someone, somewhere wants a Poem from you, Love Tim XXXX."
BU-MAG.082"Naked Lunch" in Pulse (Volume or Publication 0/101; Page 70), 1992 February
David Cronenberg film Naked Lunch.
BU-MAG.083"Without Your Name, Who Are You?" in Mayfair (Volume or Publication 5/03; Page 52) by Burroughs, Wm., 1970 May
Power of words. Also, p. 55, "Burroughs vs Hubbard" Scientologist reply to V5, #1. [c270]
BU-MAG.084"Wilt Caught in Time" in Outsider (Volume or Publication 1/2; Page 3) by Burroughs, Wm., 1962 Summer
BU-MAG.085"After the Inauguration" in Notes From Underground (Volume or Publication 0/3; Page 30), 1970
"Roosevelt After Inauguration" text with the names changed to those of contemporary politicians by the editors, John Bryan and Jan Herman. [c293]
BU-MAG.086"The Last Words of Dutch Schultz" in Atlantic Monthly (Volume or Publication 223/6; Page 72) by Burroughs, Wm., 1969 June
BU-MAG.087"Comic book" in Arcade (Comic Book) (Volume or Publication 1/1), 1975 Spring
Burroughs not in this issue. We have set of the first 4. Burroughs in 2, 3, 4.
BU-MAG.088"Anti-Junk" in Books and Bookman (Volume or Publication 12/2; Page 19) by ?, 1966 November
Article about his drug addiction. [c156]
BU-MAG.089"Exterminator!" in King (Volume or Publication 0/0; Page 58) by Burroughs, Wm., 1966 July
Short story. [c148]
BU-MAG.090"Qui est le - Marche a vos cotes - Ecrit 3" in Poudier De Dent (Volume or Publication 0/1)
BU-MAG.091"Electronic Revolution" in Apeiros (Volume or Publication No. 2) by Burroughs, Wm., 1972
With Brion Gysin, "Lime stone skulls rain in the young maize."
BU-MAG.092"The Baron Flies Again" in Vanity Fair (Volume or Publication 46/91; Page 04) by Burroughs, Wm., 1983 November (2 Copies)
A section of In the Place of Dead Roads.
BU-MAG.093"Fare To Face With The Goat God" in Oui (Volume or Publication 2/8; Page 68) by Burroughs, Wm., Aug 1973 (2 Copies)
Also includes a biographic article by Craig Karpel. [c348]
BU-MAG.094"A Lecture" in Loka 2 (Page 115) by Burroughs, Wm., 1976
Journal from Naropa Institute. Relationship of ESP & creative process.
BU-MAG.095"Playback From Eden To Watergate" in Harper's (Volume or Publication 247/1482; Page 84) by Burroughs, Wm., 1973 November
Proposal to let word virus loose into the national bloodstream. [c353]
BU-MAG.096"The Drug Revolution" in Playboy (Volume or Publication 17/2; Page 53) by Panel, 1970 February
Burroughs participates along with Harry Anslinger, James Coburn, Baba Ram Dass, Leslie Fiedler, John Finlator, Joel Fort and Alan Watts. [c266]
BU-MAG.097"Nova Express" in Second Coming (Volume or Publication 1/3; Page 44) by Burroughs, Wm., 1962 March
Chapter from "Nova Express". [c42]
BU-MAG.098"Comic book" in Arcade (Comic Book) (Volume or Publication 1/2), 1975 Summer
Comic book. Burroughs not in it. In 3 & 4.
BU-MAG.099"Composite Text" in Underground Telegram (Volume or Publication /1; Page 11) by Burroughs, Wm., 1965
Short story. [*]
BU-MAG.100Pot (Volume or Publication 7/1), 1972 July
German publication. [c331]
BU-MAG.101Parvis a L'echo des Cils by Burroughs, Wm., 1972
Pages from Burrough's St. Louis journal.
BU-MAG.102"Ali's Smile" in Sixpack (Volume or Publication No. 2; Page 3) by Burroughs, Wm., 1972 August
Short story. [c337]
BU-MAG.103"A Distant Hand Lifted" in Cleft (Volume or Publication 1/2; Page 4) by Burroughs, Wm., 1964 May
University quarterly, Edinburgh. [c74]
BU-MAG.104"Pry Yourself Loose and Listen" in Gnaoua (Volume or Publication No. 1; Page 7) by Burroughs, Wm., 1964 Spring
Also see: "Notes On Page One," p.8, "Ancient Face Gone Out," p.10, "Just So Long And Long Enough," p.14 [c68] [c69] [c70] [c71]
BU-MAG.105"Two cut ups" in AQ 14 (Volume or Publication No. 14; Page 16) by Burroughs, Wm., 1973
Cut up of Ezra Pound work in 1959. Cut up of 1973 using words of Burroughs and A. Rimbaugh. [c350, c351, c352]
BU-MAG.106UFO-2 (Volume or Publication German), 1971 October
Burroughs name appears on un-numbered, p. 14. [c317]
BU-MAG.107"William Burroughs Speaks" in Marijuana Newsletter (Volume or Publication No. 1; Page 1) by Burroughs, Wm., 1965 January 30
BU-MAG.108"William Burroughs Answers Jim Bishop" in Marijuana Newsletter (Volume or Publication No. 2; Page 3) by Burroughs, Wm., 1965 March 15
Re: Bishop article titled: "Marijuana Newsletter a shocking revelation." [c110]
BU-MAG.109"Lie Lie Lie" in Hard/1 (Volume or Publication No. 1; Page 5) by Burroughs, Wm., 1972 Summer
Re: CIA & Guerrilla resistance. [c333]
BU-MAG.110"Do Not Disturb the Mongrels" in Bastard Angel (Volume or Publication No. 1; Page 2) by Burroughs, Wm., 1972 Spring
Story story. [c329]
BU-MAG.111"Academy Twenty Three" in Orpheus (Volume or Publication 1/3; Page 4) by Burroughs, Wm., 1967
From the S. F. Oracle, "A Deconditioning".
BU-MAG.112"Interview with William Burroughs" in Paris Review (Volume or Publication No. 35; Page 148), 1965 Fall
Also see p. 51, "St. Louis Return." [c127]
BU-MAG.113"Abstract" in Fruit Cup (Volume or Publication 0/0; Page 8) by Burroughs, Wm., 1969 (2 Copies)
Abstract and post-script to "The Invisible Generation".
BU-MAG.114"Ah Pook Is Here" in Rush (Volume or Publication 1/3; Page 39) by Burroughs, Wm., 1976 December
Includes 12 pages of Malcolm McNeil illustrations. [*]
BU-MAG.115"Exerpt from The Third Mind" in Kontexts (Volume or Publication 8/0; Page 9) by Burroughs, Wm., 1976 Spring
BU-MAG.116"Comic book" in Arcade (Comic Book) (Volume or Publication 1/3), 1975 Fall
Comic book. Preview of Burrough's appearance in next issue, #4.
BU-MAG.117"Pages From Chaos" in Antaeus (Volume or Publication No. 2; Page 83) by Burroughs, Wm., 1971 Spring
Short story. [c304]
BU-MAG.118Burroughs reviews in Quest (Volume or Publication 1/3; Page 84) by Burroughs, Wm., 1977 July-August
Reviews Herbert Brean's How To Stop Smoking. [*]
BU-MAG.119"Word Authority More Habit Forming Than Heroin" in San Francisco Earthquake (Volume or Publication 1/1; Page 25) by Burroughs, Wm., 1967 Fall
"What are heroin words?" [c175]
BU-MAG.120"The Coldspring News" in San Francisco Earthquake (Volume or Publication 1/4; Page 54) by Burroughs, Wm., 1968 Summer-Fall
"All the News that Fits We Print." [c209]
BU-MAG.121"Who is The Third That Walks Beside You?" in Art And Literature (Volume or Publication No. 2; Page 9) by Burroughs, Wm., 1964 Summer
Short story cut-up with arrows under columns. Re: third column of time. [c82]
BU-MAG.122"Electricals" in Antaeus (Volume or Publication No. 6; Page 55) by Burroughs, Wm., 1972 Summer
"Wild Boys." [c334]
BU-MAG.123"Your Name My Face" in Antaeus (Volume or Publication No. 8; Page 33) by Burroughs, Wm., 1973 Winter
Taking over a young body .[c343]
BU-MAG.124Birth (Volume or Publication N.3 Bk 1; Page 66), 1960 Autumn
BU-MAG.125Quote from British Journal of Addiction in Birth (Volume or Publication N.3 Bk 2; Page 46) by Burroughs, Wm., 1960 Autumn
And quotes from The Naked Lunch, p.48 and 80 [c21, c22, c23]
BU-MAG.126"Academy 23" in Wormwood Review (Volume or Publication 9/4; Page 19) by Burroughs, Wm., 1969
History of the Academies. [c247]
BU-MAG.127"Unfinished Cigarette" in Birmingham Bulletin (Volume or Publication No. 2; Page 27) by Burroughs, Wm., 1963 Autumn
"White Subways gathered Silent...."[c63]
BU-MAG.128"Have You Seen Pantapon Rose?" in Yugen (Volume or Publication No. 3; Page 4) by Burroughs, Wm., 1958
2 Page short story. [c3]
BU-MAG.129"Have You Seen Slotless City?" in Sidewalk (Volume or Publication No. 2; Page 48) by Burroughs, Wm., 1960
Cut-up story with history of cut-ups. [c20]
BU-MAG.130"Be Cheerful, Sir Our Revel Touching Circumstance" in Rhinozerous (Volume or Publication No. 7; Page 22) by Burroughs, Wm., 1962
Story. [c45]
BU-MAG.131"The Cut Up Method of Brion Gysin" in Yugen (Volume or Publication No. 8; Page 31) by Burroughs, Wm., 1962
History of Cut-ups and examples. [c50]
BU-MAG.132"The Perfect Servant" in London Magazine (Volume or Publication 7/9; Page 8) by Burroughs, Wm., 1967 December
Short story. "Basic J. Hudson". [c186]
BU-MAG.133"Creative Reading" in Review of Contemporary Fiction (Volume or Publication 4/1; Page 4) by Burroughs, Wm., 1984 Spring
"Revenge Of The Ice Box," p.9; "Ruski", p.10, (this issue is called "William S. Burroughs Number" and includes numerous articles about Burroughs and his work) and cover picture. [*]
BU-MAG.134"Introduction to Naked Lunch" in Evergreen Review (Volume or Publication 6/22; Page 99) by Burroughs, Wm., 1962 January-February
The Soft Machine, Novia Express p.99, Episodes From Novia Express. (Towers Open Fire, Twilights' Last Gleamings, Photo Falling-Word Falling, Pure Song Of New Before The Traveller) p.103 [c39]
BU-MAG.135"From Naked Lunch" in Evergreen Review (Volume or Publication 5/16; Page 18) by Burroughs, Wm., 1961 January-February (2 Copies; 1 Signed)
Exerpts from Naked Lunch. [c24]
BU-MAG.136"Comments On The Night Before Thinking" in Evergreen Review (Volume or Publication 5/20; Page 31) by Burroughs, Wm., 1961 September-October
Short story based on an article in the same magazine written by Ahmed Yacoubi. [c30]
BU-MAG.137"Interview with William Burroughs" in Departures (Volume or Publication 1/1; Page 11) by Major, Clarence, 1979
BU-MAG.138"Un Poeme Moderne" in Asylum (Volume or Publication No. 3; Page 21) by Burroughs, Wm., 1968 January (2 Copies)
Cut-up Story. [c188]
BU-MAG.139"Adios Of Saturn" in Great Society (Volume or Publication No. 1; Page 51) by Burroughs, Wm., 1967
1 Page short story. Signed [c168]
BU-MAG.140"Interview with Burroughs." in Radar (Volume or Publication 0/3; Page 94), 1984
In German with photos.
BU-MAG.141"Martin's Folly" in Residu (Volume or Publication 0/2; Page 17) by Burroughs, Wm., 1966 Spring (2 Copies)
From Sigman's Moving Times #1.
BU-MAG.142"The Hombre Invisible" issue of Atticus Books Catalogue 8 (Page 3), 1981
"The Future of the Novel," p.3. Also includes an extensive offering of Burroughs items. #37 of fifty signed by Burroughs. [*]
BU-MAG.143"Tickertape" in Shanith: International (Volume or Publication 2/2; Page 77) by Burroughs, Wm., 1972 Summer
BU-MAG.144Sixpack (Volume or Publication No. 6; St. Louis, ; Page 6) by Burroughs, Wm., 1973-1974
Untitled short story.
BU-MAG.145"William S. Burroughs: Sonntag 17" in Gasolin 23 (Volume or Publication No. 7; Page 14), 1975 August
[*] German
BU-MAG.146"Interview: William Burroughs" in High Times (Page 42) by Brockris, Victor, 1979 February
Burrough's interview. [*]
BU-MAG.147"Kerouac" in High Times (Volume or Publication No. 43; Page 53) by Burroughs, Wm., 1979 March
Article about Kerouac. [*]
BU-MAG.148Special Burroughs Issue of Intrepid (Volume or Publication 14/15; Page all) by Burroughs, Wm., 1969-1970
Special issue on Burroughs stories: Salt Chunk Mary, Abstract, etc. [c257-c264]
BU-MAG.149"Sections from The Place of Dead Roads" in New Departures (Volume or Publication No. 15; Page 24) by Burroughs, Wm., 1983
Place of Dead Roads. [*]
BU-MAG.150"The Boston Trial of Naked Lunch." in Evergreen Review (Volume or Publication 9/36), 1965 June
Court transcript.
BU-MAG.151"Interview" in Southern CA. Anthology (Volume or Publication Santa Barbara; Page 16) by McLaughlin, Michael, 1984
Interview with William Burroughs by Michael McLaughlin.[*]
BU-MAG.152"Health Officer" in Story So Far (Volume or Publication 0/3; Page 165) by Young, David, 1974
Editor. Short story written on boat, 1973.
BU-MAG.153"Cut up Method of Brion Gysin" in Swakal (Page 1) by Burroughs, Wm., 1979
Printed in India in English.
BU-MAG.154"Writing Cure" in Entertainment Weekly (Page 41) by Appelo, Tim, 1990 April 13
Seth Moorgan, Wm. Burroughs, & James Fogle explore curative powers of fiction.
BU-MAG.155"Notes on Burroughs" in Nation (Volume or Publication 199/21; Page 517) by McLuhan, Marshall, 1964 December 28
Book Review on Burroughs.
BU-MAG.156"Western Lands" in Beat Scene (Volume or Publication 0/5; Page 28) by Goss, M. R., 1989 March
Article on Burroughs.
BU-MAG.157"Word Falling. Photo Falling. Towers Open Fire" in Poesie Ouverte by Burroughs, Wm., 1963 May
(In French) Autographed. Pg. 17 signed by Burroughs; back cover signed by Brion Gysin. [c56]
BU-MAG.158"Interview: William Burroughs" in Talk Talk (Volume or Publication 3/6; Page 18), 1981 Autumn
Includes record (33 1/3 rpm) of Abandoned Artifacts/On the Nova Lark. [*]
BU-MAG.159"The Evening News" in New Departures (Volume or Publication No.7/8; Page 120) by Burroughs, Wm., 1975
Short story. [*]
BU-MAG.160"The Moving Times" in San Francisco Earthquake (Volume or Publication 1/5; Page 1) by Burroughs, Wm., 1969 Spring
"We Will Travel Not only in Space but in Time as Well"; "English Made Easy for Beginners"; "Las Gun Post Erased in a Small Town..."
BU-MAG.161"Salt Chunk Mary" in San Francisco Earthquake (Volume or Publication 1/2; Page 35) by Burroughs, Wm., 1968 Winter
"Last Awning Flaps on the Pier," p. 38-40. [c217, c218]
BU-MAG.162"Ten Episodes From Naked Lunch" in Big Table 1 (Page 79) by Burroughs, Wm., 1959 Spring
Naked Lunch. [c6]
BU-MAG.163"Abstract" in Ginger Snaps (Volume or Publication 1/0; Page 3) by Burroughs, Wm., 1972 March
Short story. [c324]
BU-MAG.164"Deposition: Testimony Concerning a Sickness" in Evergreen Review (Volume or Publication 4/11; Page 15) by Burroughs, Wm., 1960 January-February
Concerning Drug Addition. [c12]
BU-MAG.165"Introduction (Kerouac)" in Bradford Morrow Bookseler (Volume or Publication Cat 5) by Burroughs, Wm., 1969
Catalogue details two archives of Kerouac materials. [*].
BU-MAG.166German Language Interview With Burroughs in Decoder Handbuch (Volume or Publication No.1; Page 10), 1984 February
Also, "Der Erste Watergate-Skandal Passierte im Garten Eden", p.15; "Infraschall", p.16, "Stadte de Roten Nacht", p.22 [*]
BU-MAG.167"Fun City in Ba'Dan" in Arcade (Comic Book) (Volume or Publication 1/4; Page 11) by Burroughs, Wm., 1975 Winter
Excerpt from Cities of the Red Night, Illustrated by S. Clay Wilson. [NOTE: Other issues of Arcade: The Comics Revue are available [*]
BU-MAG.168"Twilight's Last Gleaming" in Stiletto: Number One by Burroughs, Wm., 1989
From the Interzone: The Junkie's Christmas; In the Cafe Central; Dream of the Penal Colony; Twilight's Last Gleamings; Painting by Wm. S. Burroughs.
BU-MAG.169"In Quest of Yage" in Big Table 2 (Page 44) by Burroughs, Wm., 1959 Summer
Story & photos re: Burroughs. Also p.32, by Alan Ansen; p. 42, Paul Bowles.
BU-MAG.170"Exterminator" in Evergreen Review (Volume or Publication No. 46; Page 54) by Burroughs, Wm., 1967 April
And Alan Ginsberg, "Chances R", p. 57. (2 copies)
BU-MAG.171"William Burroughs on the Word-Image Front" in Pequod (Volume or Publication 3/2) by Lotringer, Sylvere, 1979
Journal of Contemporary Literature, San Francisco, CA.
BU-MAG.172"Interview with John Giorno" in Option (Volume or Publication G2 Issue; Page 9) by Montgomery, Maria, 1986
Re: Giorno Video-Paks on Burroughs, Beat-generation.
BU-MAG.173"William S. Burroughs" in BravEar (Volume or Publication No. 6; Page 24) by MacDonald, Michael, 1983
Biographical sketch & review of Burrough's performance on stage reading his materials.
BU-MAG.174"Burroughs, on Tear Gas, Queers, Naked Lunch, and the Ginsberg Affair" in Advocate (Volume or Publication No. 581; Page 38) by Ethrenstein, David, 1991 July 16
BU-MAG.175"Various articles." in Big Table 1-4 (Volume or Publication No. 1-4), 1959 Spring-1960 Spring
4 volumes bound in one. Spring/1959, Summer/1959, Winter/1959, Spring/1960. Numerous articles & photos re: Burroughs. Also Beat Generation.
BU-MAG.176 Pianeta Fresco I
BU-MAG.177"LSD Interviews: Ginsberg, Kesey" in High Times (Page 47) by Gorman, Peter, 1993 May
BU-MAG.178"LSD Interviews: Ginsberg, Kesey" in Nerve (Page 12) by Gorman, Peter, 1993 March
BU-MAG.179"The Valley" in Paris Review (Volume or Publication No. 69; Page 43) by Burroughs, Wm., 1977 Spring
Chapter from original manuscript of Junk.
BU-MAG.180"Interview with William Burroughs" in Resources for American Literary Study by Rivers, J.E., 1980 Autumn (2 Copies)
BU-MAG.181"Who him? Don't Let Him Out Here!" in Harvard Advocate (Volume or Publication 97/3; Page 72) by Burroughs, Wm., 1963 Summer
BU-MAG.183"Conspiracy" in Kulchur (Page 5) by Burroughs, Wm., 1960 Spring
Section from original manuscript of Naked Lunch.
BU-MAG.184"Notes More or Less Relevant to Burroughs and " in Kulchur (Volume or Publication 2/7; Page 3) by Dorn, Edward, 1962 Autumn
Random notes by Dorn.
BU-MAG.185"Pieces" in Mother (Volume or Publication 5; Page 63) by Burroughs & Gysin, 1965 Summer
Uses cut up technique.
BU-MAG.186"Lou Reed Meets William Burroughs" in Northeast Rising Sun (Volume or Publication 4/17; Page 18) by Bockris, Victor, 1980
Meeting between Burroughs & Reed.
BU-MAG.187"Where Cummith Bozo The Clown?" in Now Now by Lee, William, 1965
[Now, 1963 also filed here.]
BU-MAG.188"W.S. Burroughs: Critical Approaches" in Occident (Volume or Publication C/1; Page 15) by Parkinson, Thomas, 1980 Spring
Talk at M.L.A. Convention, Chicago, 1977.
BU-MAG.189"From William S. Burroughs" in OLE (Volume or Publication #5; Page 48) by Burroughs, Wm.
Writing of Norse's exhibition, in Harold Norse special edition of OLE.
BU-MAG.190"Ten episodes from Soft Machine" in Olympia (Volume or Publication #1; Page 3) by Burroughs, Wm., 1961
Cut up technique.
BU-MAG.190"Paris Scene" in Olympia (Volume or Publication #1; Page 1) by deGramont, Sanche, 1961
Article by Ted Morgan.
BU-MAG.191"Ticket that exploded" in Olympia (Volume or Publication #4; Page 8) by Burroughs, Wm.
Excerpt from novel.
BU-MAG.192"Various" in Big Table 9 (Volume or Publication No. 9), Undated
BU-MAG.193"Palm Sunday Tape" in Bulletin From Nothing (Volume or Publication No. 2; Page 1) by Burroughs, Wm., 1965
Tornado dead, April 12, 1965.
BU-MAG.194Klactoveedsedsteen 4 (Volume or Publication 0/4), 1966 Fall-Winter 1966
BU-MAG.195"Two Abstracts" in Lip (Volume or Publication 0/1) by Burroughs, Wm., 1969 Fall
BU-MAG.196"Sects and Death" in Semiotext [E] USA (Volume or Publication 13; Page 62) by Burroughs, Wm., 1987
BU-MAG.197Storming Heaven (Volume or Publication Stride 35 35) by Loydell, Rupert, 1993
Wm. Burroughs interviewed by Nicholas Zurbrugg.
BU-MAG.197"Storming Heaven" in Stride 35 by Loydell, Rupert, 1993
Wm. Burroughs interviewed by Nicholas Zurbrugg.
BU-MAG.198"Transitional Period" in Two Cities (Volume or Publication 6; Page 43) by Burroughs, Wm., 1959
BU-MAG.199"Censorship" in Transatlantic Review (Volume or Publication 11; Page 5) by Burroughs, Wm., 962 Winter
BU-MAG.200"From A Distant Land Listed" in Transatlantic Review (Volume or Publication 15; Page 56) by Burroughs, Wm., 1964 Spring
BU-MAG.201"The Speaking Clock" in Transatlantic Review (Volume or Publication 21; Page 99) by Burroughs, Wm., 1966 Summer
BU-MAG.202"23 Skiddoo" in Transatlantic Review (Volume or Publication 25; Page 93) by Burroughs, Wm., 1967 Summer
BU-MAG.203"Interview: Wm. Burroughs" in Third Rail (Volume or Publication 6; Page 52) by Hertz, Uri, 1984
Also interview Jack Kerouac, p.54.
BU-MAG.204"Beardsley, Burroughs Decadence" in TriQuarterly (Volume or Publication 12; Page 139) by Michelson, Peter, 1968 Spring
BU-MAG.205"Where He Was Going" in Editor's Choice III (Page 255) by Burroughs, Wm., 1991
Short Story.
BU-MAG.206"Kerouac Selected Letters" in Water Row Review (Volume or Publication 4), 1995
Review by Rod Rod Anstee.
BU-MAG.207Soft Need (Volume or Publication 0/8; Page 17) by Burroughs, Wm., 1973 September
BU-MAG.208"Ports of Entry" in Grand Street 59 (Volume or Publication Vol. 15 No. 3; Page 70) by Burroughs, Gysin, 1997 Winter
BU-MAG.209"Last words" in New Yorker (Page 36) by Burroughs, Wm., 1997 August 8
On Ginsberg, Gingrich, caviar and death. WSB died Aug. 2, 1997.
BU-MAG.210"Standing on a Street Corner" in Evergreen Review (Volume or Publication 6/23; Page 63) by Corso, Gregory, 1962 March-April
A play.
BU-MAG.211"Cobblestone Gardens" in New Writers & Writing (NWW-16) (Volume or Publication 16; Page 11) by Burroughs, Wm.
Combines photographs and words.
BU-MAG.212Proceedings of the American Academy and (Volume or Publication No. 34), 1983
Induction of WSB, p.13 (Lit.)
BU-MAG.213"Wm. S. Burroughs: Shots from the Bunker" in Pop Smear Magazine (Volume or Publication #15; Page 32) by Meyer, Stewart, May/June 1998
Also conversation with John Giorno; 5 postcards.
BU-MAG.214"Review" in Hudson Review (Volume or Publication XII/4; Page 601), 1959 Winter-1960
Review of Kerouac's "Mexico City Blues".
BU-MAG.215Radio Poetry Newsletter (Volume 1), 1998 July 24
Top 20 spoken words.
BU-MAG.216"Wild Bill" in Details (Page 190) by Streitfeld, David, 1993 September
D-298Outsider (Volume or Publication 1/1), 1961 Fall
Many "Beat Authors." We have all 5 issues.
Series IV: Pamphlets
BUP-00"American Avant Garde: Firstwave", 2001
Exhibit at Ohio State University
BUP-00"Death of Joan Vollmer Burroughs" (University of Kansas) by Grauerholz, James, 2002
For 5th Congress of the Americas, 2001 October 18, Puebla
BUP-000"Apo-33 Bulletin: A Metabolic Regulator" (n.p.: Beach Books Texts and Documents), circa 1966
BUP-000"Am Here Books" in Arriving at Customs
Folded piece of paper - sealed with a stamp.
BUP-000"Drawing Dialogue" (NY: Pat Hearn Gallery) by Burroughs, Wm. & Taafe, Philip, 1987
Excerpts during drawing collaboration 1987 February 1.
BUP-000Jack Tilton Gallery in Literary Vision by Grauerholz, J., 1988
On Burroughs' art with photos.
BUP-000"Luna Park" (0/1), 1974 Winter
Photographs of William Burroughs by Martin Fraudreau.
BUP-000"Mr. Watkins Got Drunk And Had To Be Carried" (London: Writers Forum Poets No. 24) by Nuttel, Jeff, 1968
"A Party piece cut-up by Jeff Nuttal from an idea by William Burroughs".
BUP-000"Phoenix Gazette & Scottsdale Progress", 1987 January-February
Articles about Lawrence Ferlinghetti.
BUP-000"So Who Owns Death TV?" (Athens: Eleutheros) by Burroughs, Wm., 1983
(Greek) Wm. S. Burroughs, Claude Pelieu and Carl Weissner. [*]
BUP-000"So Who Owns Death TV?" (India: Kishore Press) by Burroughs, Wm., 1969
Wm. S. Burroughs, Claude Pelieu, Carl Weissner & others. ppH0069, Intercontinental, 1969.
BUP-000"Souvenier Programme for the Official Lynching of Michael Abdul Malik, with poems, stories and saying by the condemned" (Cambridge: Cokaygne Press) by William Levy & John Mitchell, 1973
(Editors) Privately published as a fund raiser for Michael. Includes a statement by Burroughs about the author. [F32]
BUP-000"Abstract" in Structures Implicit & Explicit (2/0; Page 76) by Burroughs, Wm., 1973
Abstract, University of Pennsylvania. [c356] {Also a copy in Arch. stacks}
BUP-000"From the Place of Dead Roads" in "This is Important" (0/12) by Burroughs, Wm., 1986
L.A., Illuminati.
BUP-000"This is Important" (Santa Cruz: Important Poetry Press) by Burroughs, Wm., 1981
Untitled piece which begins, "Now to say a word about Falwell and his Moron Majority ..."
BUP-000 "Wild Halvzi Presents Big Table"
(German) "Cut-up special".
BUP-001"Cobble Stone Gardens" (Cherry Valley, NY: Cherry Valley Editions), 1976
BUP-003"Exterminator, The" (1st Edition; San Francisco: Auerhahn Press) by Burroughs, Wm., 1960
William S. Burroughs and Brion Gysin. Signed. [A42]
BUP-004"Ali's Smile" (English/German; Gottingen: Expanded Media) by Burroughs, Wm., 1973
BUP-005"Retreat Diaries [Zwischen Mitterhacht und Morgen]" (Basel: Sphinz Verlag), 1980
(German) [*]
BUP-005"Zwischen Mitterhacht und Morgen" (Basel: Sphinz Verlag) by Burroughs, Wm., 1980
(German trans. The Retreat Diaries) [*]
BUP-006"Ruski" (Brooklyn, N.Y.: Hand-Job Press) by Burroughs, Wm., 1984
BUP-008?"Last Post: Danger Ahead" in Lines (No. 6; Page 31) by Burroughs, Wm., 1965 November
BUP-009Sezon Museum of Art Catalog in Apocalypse (Japanese/English; Page 72) by Haring/Burroughs, 1990
Appears in "Shogun Paintings: exhibit of Burroughs' works on wood and paper". p. 21, Biographical Introduction by Grauerholz; p.82, Bibliography.
BUP-009Sezon Museum of Art Catalog in Shogun Paintings (Japanese/English) by Grauerholz, James, 1990
Burroughs' exhibit of works on wood and paper: p. 21, Biographical Introduction by Grauerholz; p. 72, Apocalypse, by Keith Harding & Burroughs; p.82, Bibliography.
BUP-010"Sinki's Sauna" (1st Edition. NY: Pequod Press) by Burroughs, Wm., 1982
BUP-011"Darazt: An Anthology" (London: Lovebooks, Ltd.) by Miles, 1965 (20 Pages)
BUP-012"Roosevelt After Inauguration and Other Atrocities" (San Francisco: City Light Books) by Burroughs, Wm., 1979
BUP-013"Retreat Diaries" (City Moon Publication) by Burroughs, Wm., 1976
With the "Dream of Tibet" by Allen Ginsberg.
BUP-014"Minutes To Go" (SF: Beach Books) by Burroughs, Wm., 1968
Gregory Corso, Brion Gysin, and Sinclair Beiles.
BUP-015"William Burroughs Birthday Book, A" (London: Temple Press), 1994
80th birthday celebration, Brighton, England.
BUP-016"Roosevelt After Inauguration" (1st Ed) NY: Fuck You Press) by Burroughs, Wm., 1964
Covers by Allen Ginsberg.
BUP-017Picture of "Fuck" door by Galerie Specht in Clignett/Burroughs (German), 1989 April-May
BUP-018"Electric Banana" (Cherry Valley, NY: Cherry Valley Eds) by Mary Beach, 1975
Introduction by William Burroughs
BUP-019"Dead Star" (San Francisco: Nova Broadcast Press) by Burroughs, Wm., 1969
BUP-020"Letter From A Master Addict To Dangerous Drugs" (Shrewsbury: Privately Printed. 1st ed), 1957
An offset reprint from The British Journal Of Addiction issue dated 1957 January. Burroughs' first appearance under his real name.
BUP-021"Gette's Crystals" (Paris Exhibition Catalogue), 1970
Untitled piece in Burroughs holograph which begins, "invisible art ... passing through the viewer and through the flexible mirror back and forth in and out ..." Dated 1970 March 11.
BUP-022 c.1"So Who Owns Death TV?" (1st Edition. San Francisco: Beach Books, Texts) by Burroughs, Wm., 1967 (Copy 1)
Wm. S. Burroughs, Claude Pelieu and Carl Weissner. Signed by Burroughs, Pelieu and Publisher Mary Beach.
BUP-022 c.2"So Who Owns Death TV?" (Ex. 2nd Ed. San Francisco: Beach Books, Texts) by Burroughs, Wm., 1967 (Copy 2)
Wm. S. Burroughs, Claude Pelieu and Carl Weissner. Signed by Burroughs, Pelieu and Mary Beach.)
BUP-023"Takis Magnetic Sculpture" (NY: The Howard Wise Gallery, 7 April 1967), 1967
Burroughs piece beginning, "Song cut along typographical magnetic lines ..."
BUP-024"Takis Magnetic Sculpture and the White Signals" (London: Indica Gallery), 1966
Burroughs piece beginning, "Takis is working with and expressing in his sculpture thought forms of metal ..."
BUP-025"S. Clay Wilson Collected Works" (NY: Museum of the Surreal and Fantastique), 1982
Includes "The Popcorn Kid" and "An Appreciation" by Burroughs. [*]
BUP-026"Chambas", 1975 November 19-December 23
French: Catalog with Burrough's photos, etc.
BUP-028"Valentine's Day Reading" (NY: American Theatre for Poets), 1965
Theatre program which reprints Dutch Schultz' last words and The Coldspring News.
BUP-029"Nova Convention" (N.Y. Official Program), 1978
Signed by Burroughs with quote on front cover, "I am primarily concerned with the question of survival."
BUP-030"Ansichten (Opinion)" (Limes, in German) by Burroughs, Wm.
The Naked Lunch.
BUP-031"Snack" (London: Aloes), 1975
Transcript from a BBC interview with Burroughs. [*]
BUP-032"So Who Owns Death TV?" (Frankfurt: Nova Press) by Weissner, Carl, 1969
(German:Fernsch-Tuberkulose) Translator. Wm. S. Burroughs, Claude Pelieu and Carl Weissner. Translated by Carl Weissner. Signed by Weissner.
BUP-036"Alors a Qui Appartient...Televisee" (France: La Main Courante) by Burroughs, Wm., 1977
Pelieu, Burroughs, Weissner
BUP-037"Collecting William S. Burroughs in Print" (Ratishna Books) by Shoaf, Eric C., 2000
A checklist.
BUP-038"William S. Burroughs: Time Place Word" by Brown University Library, 2000
Exhibit catalog, 2000 October-December.
BUP-039"Flower Arranging" (Coca Cola) by Burroughs, Laura Lee, 1940
Author was mother of WSB.
BUP-136 c. 2"William Burroughs: An Essay" (Sudbury, MA: Water Row Press) by Ansen, Alan, 1986
Biography and criticism of work, photography by Allen Ginsberg. Papercover, 104/500
BUP-33"William Burroughs, George Cordo" (Pat Hearn Gallery), 1997
Painting, exhibition, 1997 December 6-1998 January 17.
BUPX-000"Invisible Generation" (London: Project sigma), 1966 December
An offset reprint from International Times issue dated 1966 November 14. Folded for mailing, with mailing envelope. Signed with inscription.
BUPX-001"Final Academy" (Academy), 1982
Miles: A checklist of the books of Wm. S. Burroughs. (p. 37-39)
BUPX-002"William S. Burroughs: Exposition" (Galerie K), 1990
Painting exhibition, 1990 March 23-April
Series V: Ephemera
BU-E.001"Unlocking Inspector Lee's Word Horde: A Biblio-graphy Of The Writings Of William S. Burroughs" (n.p.: Charlottesville, VI. Bibliographical Society of Univ. of VA. U of VA Press) by Maynard, Joe and Barry Miles, 1973
BU-E.002"Rednight/Trax 0682" (Bertiolo, Italy: Near the Edge Editions) by Burroughs, Wm., 1982
A collection of international submissions in honor of and influenced by Burroughs. Volume contains the visual and textual entries, plus sound cassette contains sonic entries.
BU-E.003"Crawl or Die", 1997
"Loaded sentences and art...," WSB Quote.
BU-E.004Postcard of Wm. S. Burroughs, Tangiers 1961 in William S. Burroughs by Ginsberg, Allen, 1961
Photograph by Allen Ginsberg. 8/50.
BU-E.005"Literary High: Language & Intertextuality in the Works of William S. Burroughs" by Rodrigo Garcia Lopes, 1992 May
M.A. Thesis, ASU.
BU-E.006"Nova Report: William Burroughs" by Butler, Bill
N.P.: Carbon of article that appeared in The Guardian, 1965 November 27 (pg. 7).
BU-E.007"Cities of the Red Night" by Ayers, David
See "Politics Here is Death" paper by David Ayers.
BU-E.007"'Politics Here is Death': William Burroughs, Cities of the Red Night" by Ayers, David
English and American Literature lecture at the University of Kent at Canterbury, England.
BU-E.008"International Festival of Short Films" (Valley Art Theatre), 1993 September 17-30
BU-E.009"Wouldn't you polish floors ..." (#68 of 125) by Burroughs, Wm. (1 Framed; 1 Loose)
Broadside. [See Map. Uncat #61]
BU-E.010"Where naked troubadors shoot ..." by Burroughs, Wm. (2 Copies)
Broadside. [Map. Uncat #61] 2 copies
BU-E.011"William S. Burroughs reads from his work", 1984 October 22
3 posters of his reading at ASU and art layout, 2 signed by WSB. See Uncat Map.61.
BU-E.012"LSD the Consciousness Expanding Drug" by Solomon, David, ed., 1964 (Chapter 10; Photocopy
"Points of Distinction ..." by WSB.
Series VI: Audio and Video
BU-CD.000Elvis of Letters (TK Records. 91CD001) by Burroughs, Wm. and Van Sant, Gus (Copy 2)
BU-CD.000William S. Burroughs & Gus Van Sant, the Elvis (North Star Gus Van Sant. TK Records. 91CD001), circa 1985
"Burroughs Break", "Word is Virus", "Millions of Images", "The Hipster Be-Bop Junkie".
BU-CD.001Spare Ass Annie and Other Tales (Island Red Label. NY: Island Records Inc), 1993
BU-CD.002Spare Ass Annie and Other Tales (NY: Island Records Inc.), 1993 (Interview Disk)
See Box 14, F-31 for photograph.
BU-CD.003They Called Him "The Priest" (Portland: Tim Kerr Records) by Burroughs, Wm., circa 1993
Kurt Cobain.
BU-CD.004You, Me and Jack Kerouac (Santa Maria, CA: Scotti Bros.), 1994
Jack Kerouac. (Naked Soul band)
BU-CD.006Gargoyle Wings (NY: Bomb Sniffing Dog Records) by Xark, Bob, 1997
Dedicated to Burroughs and Ginsberg.
BU-CD.007Digital Culture Stream, 1997 (CD-ROM Magazine; Volume 5)
Has section on WSB.
BU-CD.008New Yorker Out Loud (New Yorker Magazine/ Mercury Records) by Kerouac, Jack, 1998
"On the Road Journals"
BU-CD.009Dinner is Ruined (Sonic Unyon), Undated
Song, "I Ain't No Neal Cassidy". Elevator music for non-claustrophobic people.
BU-CD.010Towers Open Fire and Other Films By Antony (Montauk, NY: Mystik Fire Video), 1989
BU-MAG.041"Last Words of Hassan-i-Sabbah" (0/5) by Burroughs, Wm., 1981-1982 (45 RPM)
In Am Here Catalogue #5.
BU-MAG.158 Abandoned Artifacts/On the Nova Lark
Sound recording located with "Talk Talk".
BU-REC.001Call Me Burroughs (Paris: English Bookshop) by Burroughs, Wm., 1965
Exerpts from The Naked Lunch and Nova Express. Signed. (G1)
BU-REC.002Sugar, Alcohol and Meat (NY: Giorno Poetry Systems.) by Burroughs, Wm., 1980 (2 Disks)
Burroughs reads from Nova Express. (*) The Dial-A-Poem Poets.
BU-REC.003Life Is A Killer (NY: Giorno Poetry Systems) by various artists, 1982
Burroughs reads "The Mummy Piece." (*)
BU-REC.004You're A Hook (NY: Giorno Poetry Systems) by Burroughs, Wm., 1983
Various artists. Burroughs reads "Old Man Bickford" from The Place of Dead Roads. (*)
BU-REC.005Mortal Micronotz (Lawrence, KS: Fresh Sounds) by Burroughs, Wm., 1982
Lyrics to "Old Lady Sloan" written by Wm. S. Burroughs (*).
BU-REC.006Diamond Hidden In The Mouth Of A Corpse (NY: Giorno Poetry Systems) by various artists, 1985
Burroughs reads from The Western Lands. (*)
BU-REC.006Nova Convention (NY: Giorno Poetry Systems) by various artists, 1979 (2 Disks)
Burroughs delivers a keynote commentary and reads from Roosevelt After Inauguration and The Gay Gun. Terry Southern and Frank Zappa read Burroughs routines. Brion Gysin reads two permutation texts. (Vol. 1) Burroughs speaks on "What the Nova Convention is About" and participates in a conversation with Brion Gysin, Timothy Leary, Les Levine, and Robert Anton Wilson. (Vol. 2) (*)
BU-REC.007One World Poetry (NY: Giorno Poetry Systems) by various artists, 1981 (2 Disks)
Burroughs reads "Cold Hearted Bastard." (*)
BU-REC.008Nothing Here Now But The Recordings (N.P.: Industrial Records), 1981
Cut-up and tape experiments, including the earliest surviving cut-up tape. (*)
BU-REC.009Ah Pook is Here (NY: Giorno Poetry Systems) by Anderson, Laurie and Wm. S. Burroughs, 1981 (2 Disks)
Burroughs reads.
BU-REC.009Cities of the Red Night (NY: Giorno Poetry Systems) by Anderson, Laurie and Wm. S. Burroughs, 1981 (2 Disks)
Burroughs reads.
BU-REC.009Nova Express (NY: Giorno Poetry Systems) by Anderson, Laurie, 1981 (2 Disks)
William S. Burroughs, John Giorno. Burroughs reads.
BU-REC.009You're The Guy I Want To Share My Money With (NY: Giorno Poetry Systems.) by Anderson, Laurie and Wm. S. Burroughs, 1981 (2 Disks)
John Giorno. Burroughs reads from The Place of Dead Roads, Nova Express, Cities of the Red Night, and Ah Pook Is Here. (*)
BU-REC.010Better An Old Demon Than A New God (NY: Giorno Poetry Systems) by various artists, 1984
Burroughs reads "Dinosaurs." (*)
BU-REC.011Ali's Smile (Brighton: Unicorn Press) by Burroughs, Wm., 1971
Companion disc to the book #BUP-004. Burroughs reads the complete text.
BU-REC.012Myths 1-Instructions (Brussels: Sub Rosa) by various artists, 1984
Burroughs and Martin Olson appear with "the five steps". Also, the cover reproduces the text of "the five steps". (*)
BU-REC.012Myths 1-Instructions (Brussels: Sub Rosa) by various artists, 1984
Burroughs and Martin Olson appear with "the five steps". Also, the cover reproduces the text of "the five steps". (*)
BU-REC.013Break Through In Grey Room (Brussels: Sub Rosa.), 1986
Collection of readings, recordings and cut-up tape experiments.(*)
BU-REC.015Doctor Is On The Market (England: Les Temps Modernes.), 1986
Burroughs reads assorted selections. (*)
BU-REC.016Valentine Day Reading, William Burroughs and Others
OU Revue Disque 40-41. Ingatestone, England
BU-REC.017Burroughs Reading (Essex, England: The Gate House-Ingatestone), 1965
Sound poetry and readings of Wm S. Burroughs, and others.
BU-REC.018Mister Heartbreak (Warner Bros. Records) by Anderson, Laurie, 1984
Includes Sharkey's Night, vocals, Wm S. Burroughs
BU-REC.019Dead City Radio (NY: Island Records) by Burroughs, Wm., 1990 (Sound Recording)
BU-REC.020Burroughs Readings (Essex, England: The Gate House Ingatestone), 1972
Poetry and readings of WSB, Gysin and others.
BU-REC.021Words of Advice for Young People (Island Records) by Burroughs, Wm., 1993 (Sound Recording)
BU-REC.022Millions of Images (SOL) by Burroughs, Wm. and Gus Van Sant, 1990
Side B: "The Hipster BeBop Junkie".
BU-SC.001You're A Hook (NY: Giorno Poetry Systems.) by Burroughs, Wm., 1983
Various artists. Burroughs reads "Old Man Bickford" from The Place of Dead Roads.
BU-SC.001ANothing Here Now But The Recordings (M.P.: Industrial Records), 1981
Cut-up and tape experiments, including the earliest surviving cut-up tape.
BU-SC.002You're The Guy I Want To Share My Money With (NY: Giorno Poetry Systems.) by Anderson, Laurie, 1981
Wm. S. Burroughs and John Giorno. Burroughs reads from Nova Express, The Place of Dead Roads and Ah Pook Is Here.
BU-SC.003William S. Burroughs/ John Giorno (NY: Giorno Poetry Systems), 1975
[Missing: not in box as of 1994 April 12.] (Burroughs' Disc)
BU-SC.004William S. Burroughs/ John Giorno (NY: Giorno Poetry Systems), 1975
(Giorno's Disc)
BU-SC.005Nova Convention, Volume 1 (NY: Giorno Poetry Systems.) by Various artists, 1979
Burroughs delivers the keynote commentary and reads from Roosevelt After Inauguration and The Gay Gun. Terry Southern reads Burroughs' routine, "Vignette of Idyllic Life in South Texas." Brion Gysin reads two Burroughs/Gysin permutation poems, "Kick That Habit" and "Junk Is No Good Baby".
BU-SC.006Nova Convention, Volume 2 (NY: Giorno Poetry Systems) by various artists, 1979
Burroughs speaks on "What the Nova Covention Is About" and participates in a panel discussion.
BU-SC.007 Moveable Feast
Burroughs reads from The Place of Dead Reads and Cities of the Red Night. Interviews with Burroughs by Tom Vitale
BU-SC.008Better An Old Demon Than A New God (NY: Giorno Poetry Systems) by various artists, 1984
Burroughs reads "Dinosaurs".
BU-SC.008BMister Heartbreak (NY: Warner Bros.) by Anderson, Laurie, 1984
Burroughs does vocals on "Sharkey's Night".
BU-SC.008BMr. Heartbreak (See Mister Heartbreak)
BU-SC.009Life Is A Killer (NY: Giorno Poetry Systems) by various artists, 1982
Burroughs reads "The Mummy Piece"; also includes Velvet Underground.
BU-SC.009BLoaded (NY: Cotillion Records), 1970
The Velvet Underground. The song "Lonesome Cowboy Bill" is purported to be about Burroughs.
BU-SC.010One World Poetry Live In Amsterdam (NY: Giorno Poetry Systems) by various artists, 1981
Burroughs reads "Cold Hearted Bastard".
BU-SC.011Diamond Hidden In The Mouth Of A Corpse (NY: Giorno Poetry Systems) by various artists
Burroughs reads from The Western Lands.
BU-SC.011BWho You Staring At? (NY: Giorno Poetry Systems) by Giorno, John, 1982
Glenn Branca/John Giorno.
BU-SC.012Ali's Smile (Brighton: Unicorn Press) by Burroughs, Wm., 1971
Companion Sound Cassette to book #BUP-004. Burroughs reads the entire text.
BU-SC.013Timothy Leary Reads His Autobiography (S1: Dove Books), 1989 (Cassettes)
BU-SC.014Uncommon Quotes (Caravan of Dreams Productions) by Burroughs, Wm, 1988
[Gift of Steve Kran]
BU-SC.017 Myths 1-Instructions
BU-SC.018William S. Burroughs Reads; Copenhagen 29 10 83 (Sisyfoss Editions, Ltd.), 1983 October 29 (Cassette)
BU-SC.019 Mortal Micronotz (Recorded Cassettes)
BU-SC.020Unidentified (Cassette)
BU-SC.021Junky (Penguin Audio Books) by Burroughs, Wm.
Read by the author.
BU-SC.022Naked Lunch (Warner Audio) by Burroughs, Wm., 1995 (2 Cassettes)
Read by WSB.
BU-VC.001Burroughs, the Movie (Giono Video Pak 2), 1985 (Running Time: 87 minutes; VHS)
Directed by Howard Brookner of Giorno Poetry Systems Institute Inc.
BU-VC.001Giorno Video Pak 2 "Burroughs, The Movie", 1985 (Running Time: 87 minutes; VHS)
Directed by Howard Brookner, Giorno Poetry Systems Institute, Inc.
BU-VC.001William Burroughs, The Movie (Giorno Poetry Statems Instutute, Inc.) by Brookner, Howard, 1985 (Running Time: 87 minutes)
Director. Giorno video Pak 2.
BU-VC.002Burroughs, William S.: Readings at ASU October, 1984
BU-VC.003Ghosts At No. 9 plus Towers Open Fire (Fresh Video), 1962 (2 Copies)
Archive film footage by Anthony Balch featuring Wm. S. Burroughs and Brion Gysin. Soundtrack by Wm. Burroughs from the archives of Psychic TV.
BU-VC.004Kerouac (Active Home Video) by John Antonelli, 1985 (Running Time: 73 minutes; Color)
Biography of the King of the Beat Generation. Interviews with Allen Ginsberg, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Michael McClure, William Burroughs, Carolyn Cassady, Herbett Huncli, Joyce Johnson, John Clellon Holmes.
BU-VC.005Poetry in Motion (Voyager Press VHS#1003), 1985 (Running Time: 90 minutes; Color)
Featuring performances by: Jim Carroll, Charles Bukowski, Amiri Baraka, Anne Waldman, Ted Berrigan, William Burroughs, John Cage, Tom Waits, Ed Sanders, Ntozake Shange, Allen Ginsberg and John Giorno. A film by Ron Mann.
BU-VC.006Giorno Video Pak (VHS GPS 031, Giorno Poetry Systems)
LENNY KAYE Connection: "I've Got A Right". WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS: "Dr. Benway" scene. JOHN GIORNO: "Life is a killer."
BU-VC.007 Comissioner of Sewers
See Wm. S. Burroughs: Commissioner Sewers.
BU-VC.007William S. Burroughs: Commissioner of Sewers (Mystic Fire Video) by Maeck, Klaus, 1986 (Running Time: 60 minutes)
BU-VC.008Destroy All Rational Thought: Celebrating Wm. S. Burroughs & Brion Gysin in Dublin (Lytham, England: Visionary) by Burroughs, Wm. and Brion Gysin, 1994 (Running Time: 50 minutes)
BU-VC.009Giorno Video Pak 3, 1987 (VHS)
It's Clean, It Only Looks Dirty
BU-VC.009It's Clean, It Only Looks Dirty (Giorno Video Pak), 1987
BU-VC.010Towers Open Fire and Other Films By Antony (Montauk, NY: Mystik Fire Video), 1989
BU-VC.011Gang of Souls (NY: Giorno Poetry Systems Inst.), 1990 (Running Time: 60 minutes)
Giorno Video Pak 4. A film by Maria Beatty.
BU-VC.011Giorno Video Pak 4 (NY: Giorno Poetry Systems), 1990 (Running Time: 60 minutes)
Gang of Souls.
BU-VC.012Nike Commercial (7/21 8:00 pm) by Burroughs, Wm., 1994
60 second commercial for Nike. WNYW. Copied by Bill Hummel.
BU-VC.013Source: The Story of the Beats and the Beat (PBS/Beat Productions) by Workman, Chuck, 2000 May 31
Taped by M. Wurzburger.
BU-VC-006William S. Burroughs: Dr. Benway Scene (Giorno Video Pak, VHS GPS 031, Giorno Poetry), 1984
LENNY KAYE Connection: "I've Got A Right," JOHN GIORNO: "Life is a Killer."
Series VII: Oversized Magazine Articles
BU-MOS.001"Black Smokers and Shotgun Art" in Borderline (Volume or Publication 0/2; Page 20) by Hitchcock, Doug, 1989 February 3
History of Burrough's art, especially Shotgun Art.
BU-MOS.002Cover photo in Borderline (Volume or Publication 1/1; Page 01), 1988
Timothy Leary and Burroughs.
BU-MOS.003"Norman Mailer vs Nine Writers" in Esquire (Volume or Publication 60/1; Page 63) by Mailer, Norman, 1963 July
Beat Writers.
BU-MOS.004"Tangier" in Esquire (Volume or Publication 62/5; Page 114) by Burroughs, Wm., 1964 September
Picture essay photographs of Burroughs, his son, Billy, and others in Tangiers.
BU-MOS.005"They Do Not Always Remember" in Esquire (Volume or Publication 4/6; Page 95) by Burroughs, Wm., 1966 June
BU-MOS.006"The Coming of the Purple Better One" in Esquire (Volume or Publication 70/5; Page 89) by Burroughs, Wm., 1968 November
About Chicago, 1968 and articles by Beat writers: T. Southern, Jean Genet, and John Sack.
BU-MOS.007Table of contents collage in Interview (Volume or Publication 18/1; Page 03) by Burroughs, Wm., 1988 January
Collage of target shooting paintings.
BU-MOS.008"Les Garcons Savages" in Quinzaine, La (Volume or Publication 0/180; Page 14) by Delarue, Claude and Burroughs, Wm., 1974 February 15
BU-MOS.009"The 'Priest' They Called Him" in Weekend Telegraph (Volume or Publication 0/132; Page 46) by Burroughs, Wm., 1967 April 14
Short story.
BU-MOS.010"The Naked Lunch Report" in Village Voice, The (Volume or Publication 36/53; Indiana, Gary.; Page 26), 1991 December 31
On the set of Naked Lunch movie with Burroughs and Cronenberg.
BU-MOS.011"Cool Cats, furry cats, & aliens,..." in Interview (Volume or Publication 0/120; Page 120) by Bockris, V., 1991 April
Interview with Burroughs, photographs
BU-MOS.012Interview in Rolling Stone (Volume or Publication 0/623; Page 66) by Breskin, David, 1992 February 6
Interview with David Cronenberg, director of Naked Lunch movie.
BU-MOS.013"Call Him Burroughs" in Spin (Volume or Publication 1/7; Page 60) by Gehr, Richard, 1985 November
Tackles myth of Burroughs.
BU-MOS.014"When Patti Rocked" in Spin (Volume or Publication 4/1; Page 70) by Burroughs, Wm., 1988 April
Article about Pattie Smith.
BU-MOS.015"Antihero" in Spin (Volume or Publication 5/11; Page 64) by Burroughs, Wm., 1990 February
Writes about his drug addiction.
BU-MOS.016"William Tells" in Spin (Volume or Publication 7/7; Page 68) by McNeil, Legs, 1991 October
Biographical, Beat writers & Naked Lunch movie.
BU-MOS.017"Return of the Invisible Man: ..." in Rolling Stone (Volume or Publication 0/485; Page 68) by Fox, James, 1986 October 23
Biographical question of what is Burroughs doing in Lawrence, Kansas.
BU-MOS.018"Fat's Outside Pitch A Hit" in Pulse (Volume or Publication 0/81; Page 72) by Ashby, Paul, 1990 April
Article about Burroughs recordings, and p. 15, article on Kerouac recordings.
BU-MOS.019"The Wild Boys" in Exit (Volume or Publication 0/1; Page 40) by Wilson, S. Clay, 1975
Illustrations of German ed. of William S. Burroughs, The Wild Boys.
BU-MOS.020"From Here to Eternity" in Lightworks (Volume or Publication 0/6; Page 14) by Burroughs, Wm., 1977 December 1
Excerpted from The Wild Boys by Wm S. Burroughs. p.12-13. "Interview: William S. Burroughs" by Telesis Video. p14-16 [*]
BU-MOS.021"W. S. Burroughs: Alias Inspector J. Lee of the Nova" in Friends (Volume or Publication No. 5; Page 15) by Burroughs, Wm., 1970 April 14
BU-MOS.022"Storm the Reality Studios" in Friends (Volume or Publication 2/6; Page 7) by Burroughs, Wm., 1970 July 10
BU-MOS.023"Beat Godfather Meets Glitter Mainman" in Rolling Stone (Volume or Publication 0/155; Page 24) by Burroughs, Wm., 1974 February 28
Burroughs interviews David Bowie. [*]
BU-MOS.024Interview in Rolling Stone (Volume or Publication 0/108; Page 34) by Palmer, Robert, 1972 May 11
Interview with William S. Burroughs and Brion Gysin. [e36]
BU-MOS.025"C is electricity through the brain" in Rolling Stone (Volume or Publication 115/0; Page 17) by Burroughs, Wm., 1972 August 17
Quote on coke. [c336]
BU-MOS.026"Burroughs On Scientology" in L.A. Free Press (Volume or Publication Pt 2; Page 33) by Burroughs, Wm., 1970 March 6
Opinions on Scientology. [c272]
BU-MOS.027"The Unspeakable Mr. Hart" in Cyclops (Volume or Publication 0/0; Page 17) by Burroughs, 1970 July
Malcolm McNeill. Short story/art. [c281]
BU-MOS.028"Letter to Kerouac (circa 1951)" in Traveler's Digest (Volume or Publication 1/2; Page 08) by Burroughs, Wm., 1977 Winter
Letter to Kerouac regarding Mexico. (2 copies) [*]
BU-MOS.029Review in Village Voice, The (Volume or Publication 14/43; Page 07) by Burroughs, Wm., 1969 August 7
Reviews Brion Gysin's The Process. [c235]
BU-MOS.030Book Review in Rat (Volume or Publication 2/14; Page 23) by Burroughs, Wm., 1969 July 9
Reviews Clarence Cooper's The Farm. [c233]
BU-MOS.031"Academy 23: A Deconditioning" in Village Voice, The (Volume or Publication 12/38; Page 05) by Burroughs, Wm., 1967 July 6
Article on drug use and hallucinogenics. [c169]
BU-MOS.032"The Invisible Generation" in International Times (Volume or Publication 0/3; Page 06) by Burroughs, Wm., 1966 November 14 (2 Copies)
Experiments with tape recorders. [c157]
BU-MOS.033"The Literary Techniques Of Lady ..." and "Yage" in Times Literary Supplement (Volume or Publication 0/3258; Page 682) by Burroughs, Wm., 1964 August 6 (2 Copies)
Short story and a review of The Yage Letters is on the same page. [c81]
BU-MOS.034a"Most Dangerous Man in the World" in New Times (Volume or Publication 15/50; Page 08) by Mills, Steve, 1984 December (2 Copies)
Article about ASU acquiring Burroughs collection.
BU-MOS.034b"Most Dangerous Man in the World" in New Times (Volume or Publication 15/50; Page 08) by Mills, Steve, 1984 December (2 Copies)
Article about ASU acquiring Burroughs collection.
BU-MOS.035Review of Port of Saints in Rivertown Times (Volume or Publication 1/14; Page 4) by Lucas, Timothy R., 1976 March 10
BU-MOS.036"Johnny 23" in Ambit (Volume or Publication 0/37; Page 11) by Burroughs, Wm., 1968
Short story [c199]
BU-MOS.037"Beat Goes On" Style Section in Chicago Tribune (Volume or Publication 0/0; Page 23), 1988 October 19
Donato, Marla "37 years since he shot his wife but still has power to shock."
BU-MOS.038"Unspeakable Mr. Hart" in Cyclops (Volume or Publication 0/3; Page 10) by Burroughs, Wm., 1970 September
Burroughs text, Malcolm McNeill drawings, pictures of fear and death. (Continued in next issue).
BU-MOS.039"Unspeakable Mr. Hart" in Cyclops (Volume or Publication 0/4; Page 10) by Burroughs, Wm., 1970 October
Continuation of article in September 1970 issue. Pictures of fear and death.
BU-MOS.040"Academy 23: A Deconditioning" in City of San Francisco Oracle (Volume or Publication 1/10; Page 3) by Burroughs, Wm.
BU-MOS.041Culture Hero (Volume or Publication 1/2)
BU-MOS.042Daily Telegraph (Volume or Publication 0/34825), 1967 April 14
BU-MOS.043Ad with Burrough's Picture in International Times (Volume or Publication 0/2; Page 5)
In German
BU-MOS.045"The Invisible Generation Continuted" in International Times (Volume or Publication 0/6; Page 6) by Burroughs, Wm., 1967 January 16
BU-MOS.046"A Nice Run Thing" in New Society (Volume or Publication 17/454; Page 1010) by Burroughs, Wm., 1971 June 10
Book review of Psychedelics.
BU-MOS.047"Drugs & Literature: The Death of Opium Jones" in New Statesman (Volume or Publication 71/1825; Page 304) by Burroughs, Wm., 1966 March 4
Description of drugs.
BU-MOS.048"Literature and Drugs" in New Statesman (Volume or Publication 71/1826; Page 338) by Burroughs, Wm., 1966 March 11
Letter to the Ed. [C135]
BU-MOS.049"Uncle Bill Burroughs (alias Technical Tilly)" in Rat: Subterranean News (Volume or Publication 2/24; Page 12) by Burroughs, Wm., 1970 December 25
On Scientology.
BU-MOS.050"The Discipline of D__E" in Rolling Stone (Volume or Publication 0/69; Page 34) by Burroughs, Wm., 1970 Ocotber 29
Chp excerpted from Revised Boy Scout Manual, also issue devoted to Janis Joplin's death.
BU-MOS.051"William Burroughs the Job" in UFO (Volume or Publication 0/1) by Burroughs, Wm., 1971 June
In German, with photographs.
BU-MOS.052Time (Volume or Publication 0/0; Rip Off Press; Page all), 1965
Issue of Time Magazine. Examples of cut up.
BU-MOS.053"My Own Mag" (Volume or Publication 0/3; Page all), 1964
Contribution by William Burroughs. [c99]
BU-MOS.054Newsletter written by Burroughs in "My Own Mag" (Volume or Publication 0/5; Page all) by Burroughs, Wm., 1964
Newsletter, cutups. [C95]
BU-MOS.055Contribution by William S. Burroughs in "My Own Mag" (Volume or Publication 0/6; Page all), 1964
BU-MOS.056Letter from William Burroughs to Jeff Nuttall in "My Own Mag" (Volume or Publication 0/8; Page all), 1964 May
Edited by Jeff Nutall. Barnet, England. The Special Tangier Edition with a full-cover drawing of Burroughs wearing a fez. Contains Burroughs' magazine, "The Moving Times." [c101, c102]
BU-MOS.057William Burroughs Issue of "My Own Mag" (Volume or Publication 0/9; Page all) by Burroughs, Wm., 1964 November
Edited by Jeff Nutall. Barnet, England. Special "post-election" issue with a fall-out shelter cover and a brown-green stain running down the cover. Contains Burroughs' "Extracts from the Letter to Homosap" and "personals Special to The Moving Times". [c100]
BU-MOS.058Letters from Burroughs in "My Own Mag" (Volume or Publication 0/11; Page all) by Burroughs, Wm., 1965 February
BU-MOS.059Newsletter Written by Burroughs in "My Own Mag" (Volume or Publication 0/12; Page all) by Burroughs, Wm., 1965 May
Edited by Jeff Nutall. Barnet, England. Contains Burroughs' "The Last Words of Dutch Schultz". [C112, 113]
BU-MOS.060Dutch Schultz Special edition of "My Own Mag" (Volume or Publication 0/13; Page all) by Burroughs, Wm., 1965 August
Edited by Jeff Nutall. Barnet, England. Containing the complete "The Dead Star" manuscript in facsimile. One of 500 numbered copies, Signed. [c122]
BU-MOS.061Newsletter in "My Own Mag" (Volume or Publication 0/14; Page all) by Burroughs, Wm., 1965 December
Edited by Jeff Nuttall. Contains quotes by Burroughs in collaged material by Carl Weissner as section of Burroughs' magazine "Moving Times". (c131)
BU-MOS.062"The Moving Times" in "My Own Mag" (Volume or Publication 0/15; Page all) by Burroughs, Wm., 1966 April (2 Copies)
Including "Nut Note on the Column Cutup Thing", "William Burroughs Talking," "Quantities of the Gas Girls," and an untitled piece beginning "There I was in the corpse finger almost immediately rotten ..." [c137], [c138], [c139], [c140]
BU-MOS.063Newsletter written by Burroughs in "My Own Mag" (Volume or Publication 0/17; Page all) by Burroughs, Wm., 1966 September
Newsletter. [C154]
BU-MOS.064"Wm. Burroughs: An Interview" in Gay Sunshine (Volume or Publication 0/21), 1974 Spring (2 Copies)
BU-MOS.065"Cut me up by Brion Gysin" in International Times (Volume or Publication 0/11-12; Page 6) by Burroughs, et al
Text from Minutes to Go by Burroughs, Gysin, Corson, Beiles.
BU-MOS.066"Invisible Generation" in Los Angles Free Press (Volume or Publication 3/49) by Burroughs, 1966 December 9
1st U.S. Version [C158]
BU-MOS.067"Invisible Man" in N.Y. Review of Books (Volume or Publication 31/8; Page 12), 1984 March 10
Book reviews on: Place of Dead Roads, Naked Lunch, Letters of Ginsberg, Burroughs, a film, & Luc Sante.
BU-MOS.068"Kerouac Revisited" in State Press (Volume or Publication 5/9; Page 3) by Fuss, Troy, 1992 November 22
Story about Beat Generation: Kerouac and Burroughs.
BU-MOS.069"Picture of Burroughs" in Travelers Digest (Volume or Publication 1/3; Page 9), 1978 Spring
Burroughs with ping-pong machine gun in Towers Open Fire.
BU-MOS.070"Unspeakable Mr. Hart" in Crawdaddy (Volume or Publication 5/1; Page 33) by Burroughs, 1970 November 22
Short Story.
BU-MOS.071"Takis" in Signals (Volume or Publication 1/3-4; Page 9) by Burroughs, Wm., 1964 October-November
Short story [c87]
BU-MOS.072"Who is the Third That Walks Beside You?" in Organ (Volume or Publication 0/0; Page 35) by Burroughs, Wm., 1971 July
Short story. Cut-up 3-column style. [315]
BU-MOS.073"Book of Shadows" in Northwest Extra (Volume or Publication 1/12) by Burroughs, 1990 April
Newspaper format. 1 pg story with illustration by S. Clay Wilson, also front cover photo.
BU-MOS.074"Authoring Anarchy" in State Press (Volume or Publication 76/59; Page 3) by Fuss, Troy, 1992 November 19
Story about Burroughs and ASU collection.
BU-MOS.075"New Reformers" in Kontexts (Volume or Publication 8/0; Page 8), 1976 Spring
Interview: Burroughs and Gysin, photos and pages from The Third Mind.
BU-MOS.076"23 Skidoo" in International Times (Volume or Publication ?; Page 4) by Burroughs, Wm., 1967 August-September
BU-MOS.077"Wm. Burroughs deroche" in Liberation (Page 1-2) by DuPuy, Gerard, 1997 August 4
French newspaper.
BU-MOS.078"William Burroughs: Some Last Words With..." in Search & Destroy (Volume or Publication 10; Page 19) by Rumor, Roy, 1988 reprint
Interview with Burroughs.
BU-MOS.74Poem in article in Thanksgivings Day Poem (ASU: State Press)
Also in Tornado Alley.
BU-MOS.79"Thanksgivings Day" and "Flag" painting in Planet Magazine (Page 22/23) by Burroughs, Wm., 1994 November
BU-MOS.80"Forwarding Address Unknown" in ROAM (Volume or Publication No. 1; Page 28) by Harris, Oliva, 1998 February-March
Article on WSB.