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Forrest E. Doucette Photographs 1923-1931


Overview of the Collection

Creator: Doucette, Forrest E. (Forrest Ernest), 1894-1989
Title: Forrest E. Doucette Photographs
Inclusive Dates: 1923-1931
Quantity: 5 Document and 4 Flat Boxes (1,516 Photographic Prints)
Abstract:The Forrest E. Doucette Photographs include personal photographs, clippings of Doucette's newspaper articles, and associated ephemera documenting Doucette's recovery from a World War I mustard gas injury and his career as a journalist in Arizona.
Identification: CP SPC 94
Language: Material in English
Repository: Arizona State University Library. Greater Arizona Collection
P.O. Box 871006
Tempe, AZ 85287-1006
Phone: (480) 965-4932
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Biographical Note

Forrest Ernest Doucette was born to Ernest and Electa (Fearing) Doucette on May 16, 1894 in Little Falls, Minnesota and raised in Detroit, Michigan. He worked for a weekly newspaper before he enlisted for service in World War I. Doucette was injured in a mustard gas attack during the war and was treated at Aberdeen Hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota after his discharge. While at Aberdeen he continued his career as a journalist, contributing articles to the hospital's patient newsletter. In 1923 he was transferred to the Veterans Hospital at Whipple Barracks near Prescott, Arizona to aid the recovery of his lungs. There, he served as editor of the Whipple Echo, a leading publication for veterans.

Doucette returned to Minnesota in 1925, but when the cold weather exacerbated his war injury he returned to Arizona for the mild, dry climate, entering the Pastime Park Veterans Hospital in Tucson in 1927. After his release in 1928, he took a job in Clifton, Arizona. In 1929 he moved to Phoenix, where he was the editor of the Arizona Yearbook. Doucette married Ferna Dail (1904-1990) in about 1930 and the couple had one son, Dail Dewitt (1931-). The family moved to Ontario, California in about 1938, where Doucette owned and operated a newspaper until selling his business after World War II. Forrest Doucette died on June 15, 1989 in San Bernadino, California.

Scope and Content Note

The Forrest E. Doucette Photographs include personal photographs, clippings of Doucette's newspaper articles, and associated ephemera documenting Doucette's recovery from a World War I mustard gas injury and his career as a journalist in Arizona. The photographs show his stay at the United States Veterans Administration Aberdeen Hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota (1923); his residence at the Veterans Hospital at Whipple Barracks near Prescott, Arizona and his work for the patient newsletter, the Whipple Echo (1923-1924); his return to his home to Duluth, Michigan (1925); his stay at Veterans Administration Pastime Park Hospital in Tucson (1927); and his career as a journalist in Arizona (1928-circa 1932).

Among these images are snapshots of Doucette, friends, and hospital staff, many of whom worked on the hospital newspapers with him. One group of images records the filming of a motion picture starring Tom Mix and June Marlowe near Prescott, Arizona. A large number of photographs were made on automobile tours through Arizona. Doucette made two of the trips with J. L. Baker in a Chrysler roadster through Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, and California for the Arizona Republican (now the Arizona Republic) to inspect and report on road conditions. These images are accompanied by clippings from the paper.


This collection consists of nine boxes divided into five series:
Series I: Album 1
Series II: Album 2
Series III: Album 3
Series IV: Album 4
Series V: Loose Prints


Access Restrictions

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Arizona State University does not own the copyright to this collection. We recognize that it is incumbent upon the researcher to procure permission to publish information from this collection from the owner of the copyright.

Photographs from this collection may not be reproduced, published, or exhibited without the advanced, written permission of the Department of Archives and Special Collections. This permission is required in addition to any copyright permission described above.

Related Material

See also the unprocessed Forrest Doucette Papers at Arizona State University.

Access Terms

Personal Name(s)
Doucette, Forrest E. (Forrest Ernest), 1894-1989.

Corporate Name(s)
Veterans Administration Hospital (Saint Paul, Minn.) -- Pictorial works.
Veterans Administration Hospital (Tucson, Ariz.) -- Pictorial works.
Veterans Hospital No. 50 (Whipple, Ariz.) -- Pictorial works.

Geographic Name(s)
Arizona -- Pictorial works.
Minnesota -- Pictorial works.

Disabled veterans -- Arizona -- Photographs.
Disabled veterans -- Minnesota -- Photographs.
Veterans' hospitals -- Arizona -- Photographs.
Veterans' hospitals -- Minnesota -- Photographs.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], Forrest E. Doucette Photographs, CP SPC 94, Arizona State University Library.


Forrest E. Doucette donated these photographs to Archives and Special Collections in 1984 (ACC #84-096).

Processing Note

The photographs in these four albums are arranged roughly chronological in order. The photographs have been withdrawn from the albums for preservation when possible; photographs which could not be withdrawn as well as newsclippings remain in the original albums. Prints are numbered and stored in their original order; the album pages are marked to indicate the prints' original placement.

Other Finding Aids

Some photographs from this collection have been individually cataloged in ASU's Special Materials Index. These images can be found by searching the index for "Doucette."

Container List

Series I: Album 1
SPC94:1.1Postcard of Aberdeen Hospital, Selby and Virginia Avenues. Saint Paul, Minnesota, 1925
SPC94:1.2Staff at U.S.V.B. Hospital. Saint Paul, Minnesota, circa 1923
SPC94:1.3Building. Saint Paul, Minnesota, 1923
SPC94:1.4Snapshot of a woman. Saint Paul, Minnesota, circa 1923
SPC94:1.5Snapshot of Forrest Doucette. Saint Paul, Minnesota, circa 1923
SPC94:1.6Snapshot of a woman. Saint Paul, Minnesota, circa 1923
SPC94:1.7Snapshot of a woman. Huntimer, South Dakota, circa 1923
SPC94:1.8Snapshot of R. Huntimer. Saint Paul, Minnesota, circa 1923
SPC94:1.9Snapshot of woman standing by "Welcome Colton" sign. S.l., circa 1923
SPC94:1.10-1.13Snapshots of "Chuck" Gilbert and family. S.l., circa 1923
SPC94:1.14Snapshot of Forrest Doucette with a note. S.l., circa 1923
SPC94:1.15Snapshot of house at 2801 East First Street. Duluth, Minnesota, 1923
SPC94:1.16Snapshot of Gill and Hay. Duluth, Minnesota, circa 1923
SPC94:1.17-1.21Group portraits of Edith visiting. Duluth, Minnesota, circa 1923
SPC94:1.22-1.25Snapshots of a picnic. S.l., circa 1923
SPC94:1.26Snapshot of desert cactus. Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.27Panorama. Prescott, Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.28Main Street. Prescott, Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.29Yavapai County Courthouse. Prescott, Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.30Thumb Butte. Prescott, Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.31Sunset on Prescott's western sky. Prescott, Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.32United States Veterans Hospital #50. Whipple, Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.33-1.39Cityscapes. Whipple, Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.40Building. Whipple, Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.41Wards 8-9. Whipple, Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.42Wards 11-12 and "Moonshine Row." Whipple, Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.43Garages. Whipple, Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.44Wards 16-17. Whipple, Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.45Snapshot of men on steps of receiving building. Whipple, Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.46Snapshot of Forrest Doucette. Whipple, Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.47-1.50Snapshots of Forrest Doucette downtown. Prescott, Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.51Colonel Rene. Whipple, Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.52Ward 12. Whipple, Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.53-1.56Snapshots at headquarters. Whipple, Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.57-1.59Snapshots at first capital of Arizona. Prescott, Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.60Prescott's Sentinel. Prescott, Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.61Dells. Prescott, Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.62Snapshot of Forrest Doucette on the way to Smoki Dance. Prescott, Arizona, 1923
SPC94:1.63-1.64Snapshots of the great Smoki Snake Dance. Prescott, Arizona, 1923
SPC94:1.65Group portrait on street. Prescott, Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.66-1.73Snapshots of Prescott Frontier Days activities. Prescott, Arizona, 1923
SPC94:1.74-1.77Granite Dells. Prescott, Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.78-1.79Cowboys entertaining. Whipple, Arizona, 1923
SPC94:1.80Snapshot of cars used to transport Tom Mix's movie company. Prescott, Arizona, 1923
SPC94:1.81Group Portrait. Prescott, Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.82Snapshot of Dells road. S.l., circa 1923
SPC94:1.83-1.86Snapshots of trip through the Dells. Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.87-1.88Snapshots of Forrest Doucette feeling fine. Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.89Snapshot of Frank Freeman. Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.90-1.92Snapshots on the way to Williamson Valley. Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.93Snapshot of John Bowers and Forrest Doucette. Prescott, Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.94Snapshot of John Bowers and cameraman Eddie Cline. Prescott, Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.95Snapshot of June Marlowe. Prescott, Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.96Snapshot of John Bowers. Prescott, Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.97Snapshot of June Marlowe as Kitty Reid. Prescott, Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.98-1.99Snapshot of bucking scenes. Prescott, Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.100Snapshot of Margarete De La Motte with John Bowers. Prescott, Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.101Snapshot of Forrest Doucette and Miss Marlowe. Prescott, Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.102-1.107Snapshots of June Marlowe with various people. Prescott, Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.108Snapshot of F. Jacobs of the London Times. Prescott, Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.109-1.110Snapshots of John Bowers at work. Prescott, Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.111-1.114Snapshots. Whipple, Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.115-1.116F. E. Doucette, D. E. Dawley, editor and assistant, the Whipple Echo. Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.117-1.120Snapshots of the Whipple Echo staff. Whipple, Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.121Snapshot of the 33 mile road between Prescott and Jerome. Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.122-1.123United Verde Copper Mine, snapshots. Jerome, Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.124United Verde Copper Mine smelter. Clarkedale, Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.125Group portrait of Whipple Echo staff members. Whipple, Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.126Snapshot of moon. S.l., circa 1923
SPC94:1.127Funeral March for President Warren G. Harding. San Francisco, California, 1923
SPC94:1.128-1.130Snapshots of Forrest Doucette on a windy day. Whipple, Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.131Landscape. Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.132-1.136Roosevelt Dam. Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.137Snapshot of Forrest Doucette on top of Roosevelt Dam. Roosevelt, Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.138Group portrait of Bill O'Brien and Forrest Doucette. Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.139-1.140Along the Apache Trail. Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.141-1.142Landscape between Phoenix and Tucson. South-central Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.143Group portrait. Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.144-1.145Mercury Mine. Phoenix, Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.146-1.147Snapshots of Forrest Doucette. Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.148Group portrait of Ward 12 gang. Whipple, Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.149Group portrait. Williams, Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.150-1.152Group portraits. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.153-1.156Group portraits. Arizona, circa 1923
SPC94:1.157-1.159American Legion convention parade. San Francisco, California, 1923
SPC94:1.160Group portrait. S.l., 1923
SPC94:1.161-1.167Snapshots. Los Angeles, California, 1924
SPC94:1.168-1.182Snapshots. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, 1924
SPC94:1.183-1.184Group portrait of the Ernest A. Love Post of the American Legion. S.l., 1924
SPC94:1.185-187Group portraits. S.l., circa 1924
SPC94:1.188-1.191Snapshots of a parade. Arizona, 1924
SPC94:1.192-1.193Snapshots on route to Yuma for the state American Legion convention. Arizona, 1924
SPC94:1.194-1.197Snapshots of the American Legion and Auxiliary convention parade. Yuma, Arizona, 1924
SPC94:1.198-1.200Laguna Dam on the Colorado River. Yuma, Arizona, 1924
SPC94:1.201Postcard of Camelback Mountain. Phoenix, Arizona, circa 1924
SPC94:1.202Snapshot of Forrest Doucette back from trip to Yuma. Whipple, Arizona, 1924
SPC94:1.203Group portrait. Whipple, Arizona, 1924
SPC94:1.204Group portrait. S.l., 1924
SPC94:1.205Cityscape. Klamath Falls, Oregon, circa 1924
SPC94:1.206Snapshot of Forrest Doucette. S.l., 1924
SPC94:1.207Group portrait of Helen Born and Osee Stack. Arizona, 1924
SPC94:1.208Ancient Indian writing on rocks. Near Prescott, Arizona, 1924
SPC94:1.209-1.217Snapshots of street scenes. Clemenceau, Arizona, 1924
SPC94:1.218Group portrait. Arizona, 1924
SPC94:1.219-1.223Montezuma Castle National Park. Arizona, 1924
SPC94:1.224-1.228Snapshots. Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona, 1924
SPC94:1.229-1.243Snapshot landscapes. Arizona, 1924
SPC94:1.244-1.246Group portrait of George and Dorothy. Arizona, 1924
SPC94:1.247-1.256Snapshots in and about Prescott. Prescott, Arizona, 1924
SPC94:1.257Snapshot of woman with camera. Arizona, 1924
SPC94:1.258Landscape. Arizona, 1924
SPC94:1.259Group portrait of Forrest Doucette and George Stack. Arizona, 1924
SPC94:1.260-1.265Snapshots of friends. Arizona, 1924
SPC94:1.266-1.267Snapshots of the justice of the peace. Arizona, 1924
SPC94:1.268Snapshot of attorney Gordon Clark. Arizona, 1924
SPC94:1.269Snapshot of prospector on burro. Arizona, 1924
SPC94:1.270Landscape. Arizona, circa 1924
SPC94:1.271-1.274Snapshots of Forrest Doucette. Arizona, circa 1924
SPC94:1.275-1.276Snapshots of friends. Arizona, circa 1924
SPC94:1.277Postcard of saguaro cactus. Florence, Arizona, circa 1924
SPC94:1.278-1.279Postcards of Prescott Frontier Days. Prescott, Arizona, circa 1923
Series II: Album 2
SPC94:2.1Studio portrait of June Marlowe. S.l., circa 1925
SPC94:2.2-2.3Oak Creek Canyon. Arizona, circa 1925
SPC94:2.4Montezuma Castle. Montezuma Castle National Monument, Arizona, circa 1925
SPC94:2.5-2.7Landscape. Arizona, circa 1925
SPC94:2.8Jerome-Prescott highway. Arizona, circa 1925
SPC94:2.9-2.30Snapshots. Jerome, Arizona, circa 1924
SPC94:2.31-2.32Clarkdale smelter. Clarkdale, Arizona, circa 1924
SPC94:2.33-2.60Snapshots of mining methods and equipment used by the United Verde Copper Mine. Jerome, Arizona
SPC94:2.61-2.62Snapshots. Jerome, Arizona, circa 1924
SPC94:2.63-2.69Snapshots showing mining methods used by the United Verde Copper Mine. Jerome, Arizona, circa 1924
SPC94:2.70-2.71Snapshots of people. Jerome, Arizona, circa 1924
SPC94:2.72-2.74Snapshots. Jerome, Arizona, circa 1924
SPC94:2.75-2.90Snapshots showing mining methods and equipment. Jerome, Arizona, circa 1924
SPC94:2.91-2.92Snapshots of wrecked locomotive. Jerome, Arizona, circa 1924
SPC94:2.93Snapshot of Forrest Doucette. Arizona, circa 1924
SPC94:2.94Snapshot of Forrest Doucette. Minnesota, circa 1924
SPC94:2.95-2.128Snapshots of family and friends. Minnesota, 1925
SPC94:2.129Snapshot of Kemp home. Long Island, New York, circa 1925
SPC94:2.130Group portrait. S.l., circa 1925
SPC94:2.131Snapshot of Saint Mary's Hospital. Duluth, Minnesota, circa 1925
SPC94:2.132-2.134Snapshots. S.l., circa 1925
SPC94:2.135-2.146Snapshots of trip to Port Arthur. Minnesota, circa 1925
SPC94:2.147Snapshot of Fond-du-Lac. Minnesota, circa 1925
SPC94:2.148Snapshot of the Saint Louis River. Minnesota, circa 1925
SPC94:2.149-2.150Duluth harbor. Duluth, Minnesota, circa 1925
SPC94:2.151-2.156Visiting friends at Fond-du-Lac. Fond-du-Lac, Minnesota, 1925
SPC94:2.157-2.158Snapshots of the Duluth Exposition of Progress. Duluth, Minnesota, circa 1925
SPC94:2.159-2.162Snapshots of Duluth harbor. Duluth, Minnesota, circa 1925
SPC94:2.163-2.173Snapshots at the home of Forrest Doucette. Duluth, Minnesota, 1925
SPC94:2.174-2.175Snapshots of the Lake Superior highway. Minnesota, 1925
SPC94:2.176-2.189Snapshots in the wilds of Superior National Forest. Minnesota, 1925
SPC94:2.190-2.200Snapshots of Forrest Doucette. Duluth, Minnesota, 1926
SPC94:2.201United States Federal Reserve Bank. Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1926
SPC94:2.202Snapshot of the Journal building. Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1926
SPC94:2.203-2.112Snapshots of Journal carriers. Minneapolis, Minnesota, circa 1926
SPC94:2.213-2.216Snapshots of the visit of the Crown Prince of Sweden. Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1926
SPC94:2.217Forrest Doucette as district manager of the Minneapolis Journal. Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1926
SPC94:2.218Group portrait of twin carriers, the George Brothers. Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1926
SPC94:2.219-2.221Snapshots. Chisago City, Minnesota, 1926
SPC94:2.222-2.225Snapshots. Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota, 1926
SPC94:2.226-2.227Snapshots. Alamogordo, New Mexico, 1926
SPC94:2.228-2.229Street scenes and landscapes. El Paso, Texas, 1926
SPC94:2.230Southern Pacific Railroad Depot. Tucson, Arizona, 1926
SPC94:2.231-2.241Snapshots of the United States Veterans Hospital #51. Tucson, Arizona, circa 1926
SPC94:2.242-2.245Landscape. Tucson, Arizona, 1926
SPC94:2.246-2.253Snapshots at the United States Veterans Hospital #51. Tucson, Arizona, circa 1926
SPC94:2.254-2.255San Xavier Mission. Tucson, Arizona, circa 1926
SPC94:2.256Papago Indian children. Papago Indian Reservation, Arizona, circa 1926
SPC94:2.257Santa Cruz River. Papago Indian Reservation, Arizona, circa 1926
SPC94:2.258Annual roundup of horses. Papago Indian Reservation, Arizona, circa 1926
SPC94:2.259Branding horses. Papago Indian Reservation, Arizona, circa 1926
SPC94:2.260-2.268Snapshots of San Xavier Mission. Tucson, Arizona, circa 1926
SPC94:2.269Group portrait of Papago Indians. Arizona, circa 1926
SPC94:2.270-2.272Adobe homes of the Papago Indians. Arizona, circa 1926
SPC94:2.273-2.275Prickly pear and cholla cactus. Tucson, Arizona, circa 1926
SPC94:2.276-2.284Snapshots of street scenes and buildings. Tucson, Arizona, circa 1926
SPC94:2.285Snapshot of Forrest Doucette with a hungry dog. Tucson, Arizona, circa 1926
SPC94:2.286Snapshot of a cactus. Tucson, Arizona, circa 1926
SPC94:2.287Snapshot of Forrest Doucette with friend inside of cottage #9. Tucson, Arizona, circa 1926
SPC94:2.288Highway between hospital and Tucson. Arizona, circa 1926
SPC94:2.289Papago Indian Reservation. Tucson, Arizona, circa 1926
SPC94:2.290-2.291Snapshots of the hospital grounds. Tucson, Arizona, circa 1926
SPC94:2.292Snapshot of Dr. Axline. Tucson, Arizona, circa 1926
SPC94:2.293-2.299Snapshots at the United States Veterans Hospital #51. Tucson, Arizona, circa 1926
SPC94:2.300-2.302Snapshots of Tumacacori Mission. Tumacacori National Monument, Arizona, 1926
SPC94:2.303-2.305Snapshots on the way to Mexico. Arizona, 1926
SPC94:2.306-2.309Street scenes. Nogales, Sonora, Mexico, 1926
SPC94:2.310-2.312Snapshots of Spanish-American War veterans picnic. Sonora, Mexico, circa 1926
SPC94:2.313-2.315Snapshots of Forrest Doucette with a burro. S.l., 1926
SPC94:2.316-2.317Cottonwood trees along Santa Cruz River. Tucson, Arizona, circa 1926
SPC94:2.318Customer dickering with Papago Indian women over price of basket. Tucson, Arizona, circa 1926
SPC94:2.319-2.329Landscape snapshots. Arizona, circa 1926
SPC94:2.330-2.337Snapshots of the Santa Cruz River during flood stage. Tucson, Arizona, 1926
SPC94:2.338-2.345Snapshots of run down buildings. S.l., circa 1926
SPC94:2.346Landscape. Tucson, Arizona, circa 1926
SPC94:2.347-2.350Entrance road and home of writer Harold Bell Wright. Tucson, Arizona, circa 1926
SPC94:2.351-2.368Snapshots Mountain View Hotel and landscape. Arizona, circa 1926
SPC94:2.369-2.372Snapshots of hospital grounds. Tucson, Arizona, circa 1926
SPC94:2.373-2.384Armistice Day commemoration activities. Tucson, Arizona, circa 1926
SPC94:2.385-2.388Snapshots of hospital grounds. Tucson, Arizona, circa 1926
SPC94:2.389-2.392Football game being played at University of Arizona football stadium. Tucson, Arizona, circa 1926
SPC94:2.393-2.396Snapshots of Forrest Doucette and friends. Tucson, Arizona, circa 1926
SPC94:2.397-2.403Snapshots of landscape. Tucson, Arizona, circa 1926
SPC94:2.404-2.406Snapshots of Forrest Doucette and friends. Tucson, Arizona, circa 1926
SPC94:2.407-2.411Knute Rockne and the Notre Dame football team practicing for USC Game. Tucson, Arizona, circa 1926
SPC94:2.412-2.423Snapshots of Forrest Doucette and friends. Tucson, Arizona, circa 1926
SPC94:2.424-2.428Snapshots of cactus. Tucson, Arizona, circa 1926
SPC94:2.429-2.444Snapshots of hospital grounds and patient activities. Tucson, Arizona, circa 1926
SPC94:2.445Snapshot of a rattlesnake. Tucson, Arizona, circa 1926
SPC94:2.446-2.448Snapshots of friends of Forrest Doucette. Tucson, Arizona, circa 1927
SPC94:2.449Snapshot of altar on a stage. Tucson, Arizona, circa 1926
SPC94:2.450Postcard of sea plane named the Santa Maria. S.l., 1920s
SPC94:2.451-2.463Snapshots of Forrest Doucette, family and friends. S.l., circa 1927
SPC94:2.464Snapshot of fireplace mantel. S.l., circa 1927
SPC94:2.465Studio portrait of Forrest Doucette. S.l., 1919
Series III: Album 3
SPC94:3.1Snapshot of Forrest Doucette. S.l., circa 1927
SPC94:3.2Snapshot of the Grand Canyon. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, circa 1927
SPC94:3.3-3.4Landscapes. Arizona, circa 1927
SPC94:3.5-3.7Group portraits with friends. S.l., circa 1927
SPC94:3.8-3.14Snapshots of the Greenway field day events. Phoenix, Arizona, circa 1927
SPC94:3.15-3.17Snapshots of the Mesa Temple. Mesa, Arizona, circa 1927
SPC94:3.18-3.80Snapshots of 3,000 mile scenic tour. Arizona, 1927
SPC94:3.81-3.94Snapshots of 3,000 mile scenic trip. Arizona, 1927
SPC94:3.95-3.124Snapshots of 3,000 mile scenic trip. Arizona, 1927
SPC94:3.125-3.134Snapshots of 3,000 mile scenic trip, Intertribal reunion. Tuba City, Arizona, 1927
SPC94:3.135-3.164Snapshots of 3,000 mile scenic trip. Arizona, 1927
SPC94:3.165-3.187Snapshots of 3,000 mile scenic trip. Arizona, 1927
SPC94:3.188-3.261Snapshots of 3,000 mile scenic trip. Arizona, 1927
SPC94:3.262-3.263Snapshots of 3,000 mile scenic trip. Arizona, circa 1927
SPC94:3.264-3.265Snapshots. Nogales, Sonora, Mexico, circa 1927
SPC94:3.266-3.267Snapshots of Tumacacori Mission. Arizona, 1927
SPC94:3.268-3.325Snapshots of 3,000 mile scenic trip. Arizona, 1927
SPC94:3.326-3.329Snapshots of a construction site. Arizona, circa 1927
SPC94:3.330-3.335San Xavier Mission. Tucson, Arizona, circa 1927
SPC94:3.336-3.337Snapshots of the Grand Canyon. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, circa 1927
SPC94:3.338-3.341Snapshots. Tucson, Arizona, circa 1927
SPC94:3.342-3.343Football game University of Arizona. Tucson, Arizona, circa 1927
SPC94:3.344-3.345Snapshots United States Veterans Hospital #51. Tucson, Arizona, circa 1927
SPC94:3.346-3.347Snapshots of a sunset. Arizona, circa 1927
SPC94:3.348-3.351San Xavier Mission Tucson, Arizona, circa 1927
SPC94:3.352-3.353Tumacacori Mission. Tubac, Arizona, circa 1927
SPC94:3.354San Xavier Mission bells. Tucson, Arizona, circa 1927
SPC94:3.355-3.356Snapshots United States Veterans Hospital #51. Tucson, Arizona, circa 1927
SPC94:3.357-3.367Snapshots of excavation. Tucson, Arizona, circa 1927
SPC94:3.368-3.374Snapshots. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, circa 1927
Series IV: Album 4
SPC94:4.1-4.9Group portraits of various people. Tucson, Arizona, 1928
SPC94:4.10Snapshot of the Elks Club building. S.l., 1928
SPC94:4.11Group portrait of men with World War I artillery piece. Arizona, 1928
SPC94:4.12-4.13Street scenes. Arizona, 1928
SPC94:4.14Group portrait of men with World War I artillery piece. Arizona, 1928
SPC94:4.15Snapshot of playground built by the American Legion. Arizona, 1928
SPC94:4.16Snapshot of the American Legion building. Arizona, 1928
SPC94:4.17-4.20Snapshots of Forrest Doucette. Arizona, 1928
SPC94:4.21-4.34Snapshots of Pastime Park after snowstorm. Tucson, Arizona, 1928
SPC94:4.35Street scene with a burro-drawn wagon. Arizona, 1928
SPC94:4.36Snapshot of Forrest Doucette. Arizona, 1928
SPC94:4.37Street scene of a burro-drawn wagon. Arizona, 1928
SPC94:4.38Group portrait of two other men with Forrest Doucette next to a car. Arizona, 1928
SPC94:4.39-4.47Snapshots of construction of new hospital building. Tucson, Arizona, 1928
SPC94:4.48Group portrait of men by American Legion highway sign. Arizona, 1928
SPC94:4.49Snapshot of a man in a flight suit. Arizona, 1928
SPC94:4.50Snapshot of building and sign. Arizona, 1928
SPC94:4.51-4.54Snapshots of rest stop on the road. Arizona, 1928
SPC94:4.55-4.62Snapshots of funeral for a dog. Tucson, Arizona, 1928
SPC94:4.63-4.64Street scenes. Phoenix, Arizona, 1928
SPC94:4.65-4.66Snapshots of historical markers. Arizona, 1928
SPC94:4.67-4.4.70Snapshots of motorlog tour for the Arizona Republican. Arizona, 1928
SPC94:4.71-4.81Construction of Coolidge Dam. Arizona, 1928
SPC94:4.82-4.84Snapshots of travel log tour for the Arizona Republican, 1928
SPC94:4.85Snapshot of Forrest Doucette riding a horse on the Coronado Trail. Arizona, 1928
SPC94:4.86Town hall. Clifton, Arizona, 1928
SPC94:4.87Interior of the office of Forrest Doucette. Clifton, Arizona, 1928
SPC94:4.88-4.104Snapshots of Forrest Doucette and others with a dog. Arizona, 1928
SPC94:4.105-4.108Snapshots Coolidge Dam. Arizona, 1929
SPC94:4.109-111Clifton railroad depot. Clifton, Arizona, 1929
SPC94:4.112Snapshot of a road during winter. Arizona, 1929
SPC94:4.113Clifton railroad depot. Clifton, Arizona, 1929
SPC94:4.114Snapshot of Forrest Doucette in front of a car. Arizona, 1929
SPC94:4.115Snapshot of a car. Arizona, 1929
SPC94:4.116Snapshot of dog with pups. Arizona, 1929
SPC94:4.117Snapshot of a woman sitting on car bumper. Arizona, 1929
SPC94:4.118Snapshot of two pups. Arizona, 1929
SPC94:4.119Snapshot of woman sitting on car bumper. Arizona, 1929
SPC94:4.120Group portrait of people watching a horseshoe game. Arizona, 1929
SPC94:4.121Snapshot of men eating by a Union Oil Company truck. Arizona, 1929
SPC94:4.122Navajo Bridge on dedication day. Arizona, 1929
SPC94:4.123Snapshot Little Colorado River Canyon. Arizona, 1929
SPC94:4.124Dedication of the Navajo Bridge over the Colorado River. Arizona, 1929
SPC94:4.125-4.127Snapshots Coronado Monument. Springerville, Arizona, 1929
SPC94:4.128-4.176Snapshots of trip through northern Arizona. Arizona, 1929
SPC94:4.177Snapshot of a woman with two children. Arizona, 1929
SPC94:4.178Group portrait of Forrest Doucette with two men unloading packages. Arizona, 1929
SPC94:4.179-4.180Snapshots of a road camp. Arizona, 1929
SPC94:4.181Studio portrait of Forrest Doucette. Arizona, 1929
SPC94:4.182-4.187Snapshots of Forrest Doucette and friends by a car. Arizona, 1929
SPC94:4.188Street scene. Clifton, Arizona, 1929
SPC94:4.189-4.191Snapshots along the Clifton-Morenci road. Arizona, 1929
SPC94:4.192-4.195Snapshots of Coolidge Dam. Arizona, 1929
SPC94:4.196-200Snapshots of Forrest Doucette and others. San Carlos, Arizona, 1929
SPC94:4.201-4.236Town of San Carlos before being covered by San Carlos Lake. San Carlos, Arizona, 1929
SPC94:4.237San Carlos Lake. Arizona, 1929
SPC94:4.238Coolidge Dam. Arizona, 1929
SPC94:4.239-4.241Snapshots of Indian wickiups. Arizona, 1929
SPC94:4.242-4.247Snapshots of downtown. Phoenix, Arizona, 1929
SPC94:4.248-4.252Snapshots of Forrest Doucette. Arizona, 1930
SPC94:4.253-4.254Snapshots of historical markers. Arizona, 1930
SPC94:4.255-4.258Arizona state office building. Phoenix, Arizona, 1930
SPC94:4.259-4.264Snapshots of downtown. Phoenix, Arizona, 1930
SPC94:4.265-4.277Snapshots of Forrest Doucette, his wife and home. Phoenix, Arizona, 1930
SPC94:4.278-4.283Snapshots of trip to Tucson. Arizona, 1930
SPC94:4.284-286Snapshots. Douglas, Arizona, 1930
SPC94:4.287Gillespie Dam. Arizona, 1931
SPC94:4.288Snapshot of bridge over Gila River. Arizona, 1931
SPC94:4.289Gillespie Dam. Arizona, 1931
SPC94:4.290Snapshot of bridge over the Gila River. Arizona, 1931
SPC94:4.291-4.294Snapshots of a church being torn down. Phoenix, Arizona, 1931
SPC94:4.295-4.306Snapshots of Mrs. Doucette [Ferna (Dail) Doucette] and baby. Arizona, 1931
SPC94:4.307-4.310Snapshots. Long Beach, California, 1931
SPC94:4.311-4.314Baby pictures. Long Beach, California, 1931
SPC94:4.315-4.328Snapshots. Long Beach, California, 1931
SPC94:4.329-4.331Snapshots of family. Corona, California, 1931
SPC94:4.332-4.336Snapshots Santa Barbara. California, 1931
SPC94:4.337-4.338Baby pictures. Long Beach, California, 1931
SPC94:4.339-4.348Brophy College buildings and grounds. Phoenix, Arizona, 1931
SPC94:4.349-4.352Snapshots. Agua Caliente, Mexico, 1931
SPC94:4.353-4.354Snapshots. Peach Springs, Arizona, 1931
SPC94:4.355Snapshot from Hassayampa Trail. Arizona, 1931
SPC94:4.356Snapshot. Jerome, Arizona, 1931
SPC94:4.357-4.360Snapshots. Spingerville, Arizona, 1931
SPC94:4.361Snapshot en route to Castle Hot Springs. Arizona, 1931
SPC94:4.362Snapshot of parking lot. Castle Hot Springs, Arizona, 1931
SPC94:4.363-4.372Baby pictures. S.l., 1931
Series V: Loose Prints
SPC94:5Dedication of the Navajo Bridge. Arizona, 1929
SPC94:6Snapshot United States Veterans Hospital. Tucson, Arizona, 1928
SPC94:7Snapshot of the Arizona Hut building and sign. Tucson, Arizona, 1928
SPC94:8-12Arizona Hut interior and exterior. Tucson, Arizona, circa 1928
SPC94:13Four truck loads of toys being delivered from the Arizona Hut. Tucson, Arizona, 1928
SPC94:14National Commander E. E. Spafford inspecting the Hut during official visit. Tucson, Arizona, 1928
SPC94:15Group portrait of the American Legion L. A. Engle, Jr., Post Number 16, officers. Bisbee, Arizona, 1928
SPC94:16-19Snapshots Pastime Park hospital. Tucson, Arizona, circa 1928
SPC94:20-24United States Veterans Hospital #55. Fort Bayard, New Mexico, circa 1928
SPC94:25Group portrait with actors from a play. S.l., circa 1928
SPC94:26Street scene. Nogales, Arizona, circa 1928
SPC94:27The Cave Cafe. Nogales, Mexico, circa 1928
SPC94:28Street scene showing the city fire department. Nogales, Sonora, Mexico
SPC94:29-30Pastime Park hospital. Tucson, Arizona, circa 1928