Carl T. Hayden Papers 1851-1979

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Series I: Aeronautics and Space
Sub-Series A: General
Sub-Series B: Aviation
Sub-Series C: Civil Aeronautics Administration
Sub-Series D: National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Series II: Agriculture
Sub-Series A: General
Sub-Series B: Rural Electrification Administration
Series III: Appropriations
Sub-Series A: Agriculture
Sub-Series B: Chairman
Sub-Series C: Civil Functions
Sub-Series D: Commerce
Sub-Series E: Defense
Sub-Series F: District of Columbia
Sub-Series G: Education
Sub-Series H: Federal Security Agency
Sub-Series I: Foreign Aid
Sub-Series J: General
Sub-Series K: Health Education and Welfare
Sub-Series L: Independent Offices
Sub-Series M: Interior
Sub-Series N: Justice
Sub-Series O: Labor
Sub-Series P: Legislative
Sub-Series Q: Postal Service
Sub-Series R: Reclamation
Sub-Series S: State Department
Sub-Series T: Treasury
Sub-Series U: War
Series IV: Arizona
Sub-Series A: General
Sub-Series B: Political
Sub-Series C: State Government
Series V: Armed Forces
Sub-Series A: General
Sub-Series B: Coast Guard
Sub-Series C: West Point and Annapolis
Series VI: Banking and Currency Commission
Series VII: Bricker Amendment
Series VIII: Bureau of Employment
Series IX: Bureau of Land Management
Series X: Campaigns and Elections
Series XI: Census
Series XII: Civil Rights
Series XIII: Civil Service
Series XIV: Commerce
Sub-Series A: General
Sub-Series B: Interstate Commerce Commission
Series XV: Commodity Credit Corporation
Series XVI: Commodity Stabilization Service
Series XVII: Community Facilities Administration
Series XVIII: Company Files
Series XIX: Congress
Series XX: Correspondence
Series XXI: Customs
Series XXII: Defense
Series XXIII: Democratic Party
Series XXIV: Economics
Sub-Series A: General
Sub-Series B: Office of Economic Opportunity
Series XXV: Employment
Sub-Series A: General
Sub-Series B: Govt. Jobs
Series XXVI: Energy
Series XXVII: Environment
Sub-Series A: General
Sub-Series B: Conservation
Sub-Series C: United States Geological Survey
Sub-Series D: Weather Bureau
Series XXVIII: Executive Office
Series XXIX: Federal Communications Commission
Series XXX: Finance
Series XXXI: Fish and Wildlife Service
Series XXXII: Food and Drug Administration
Series XXXIII: Foreign Affairs
Sub-Series A: General
Sub-Series B: Agency for International Development
Series XXXIV: Forest Service
Series XXXV: General Services Administration
Series XXXVI: Government Accountability Office
Series XXXVII: Haldiman Lawsuits
Series XXXVIII: Hayden Office
Series XXXIX: Hayden Personal
Sub-Series A: General
Sub-Series B: Historical Research
Series XL: Hayden Political
Series XLI: Health, Education, and Welfare
Series XLII: Housing and Ubran Development
Series XLIII: Immigration and Naturalization
Series XLIV: Indian Affairs
Series XLV: Industrial Development
Series XLVI: Intelligence
Series XLVII: Interior
Series XLVIII: Internal Revenue Service
Series IL: Joint Committee on Printing
Series L: Judiciary
Series LI: Justice Department
Series LII: Labor and Public Welfare
Series LIII: Legislation
Sub-Series A: General
Sub-Series B: Hayden Bills
Sub-Series C: S Bills
Series LIV: Livestock
Series LV: Mining and Metals
Series LVI: Miscellaneous
Series LVII: National Park Service
Series LVIII: National Production Authority
Series LIX: National Science Foundation
Series LX: Passports and Visas
Series LXI: Peace Corps
Series LXII: Politcians
Sub-Series A: Barry Goldwater
Sub-Series B: Henry Ashurst
Sub-Series C: Ralph Henry Cameron
Sub-Series D: Roy Elson
Series LXIII: Postal Service
Series LXIV: President Pro Tem
Series LXV: Press
Series LXVI: Printing
Series LXVII: Prisons and Pardons
Series LXVIII: Production and Marketing Administration
Series LXIX: Public Building Administration
Series LXX: Public Health Service
Series LXXI: Public Relations
Series LXXII: Public Works
Series LXXIII: Publications
Series LXXIV: Reconstruction Finance Corporation
Series LXXV: Rules and Administration
Series LXXVI: Securities and Exchange Commission
Series LXXVII: Selective Service
Series LXXVIII: Small Business Administration
Series LXXIX: Social Security
Series LXXX: Speeches
Series LXXXI: State Department
Series LXXXII: Supreme Court
Series LXXXIII: Tariff and Trade
Series LXXXIV: Transportation
Sub-Series A: General
Sub-Series B: Highways
Sub-Series C: Railroads
Series LXXXV: Treasury
Series LXXXVI: Treaties
Series LXXXVII: Veterans Administration
Series LXXXVIII: War and Peace
Sub-Series A: General
Sub-Series B: Price Administration
Sub-Series C: Wage Stabilization Board
Sub-Series D: War Assets Administration
Sub-Series E: War Contracts
Sub-Series F: War Production Board
Series LXXXIX: Water
Sub-Series A: General
Sub-Series B: Arizona
Sub-Series C: Central Arizona Project
Sub-Series D: Colorado River
Sub-Series E: Hoover Dam
Sub-Series F: Reclamation
Series LXXXX: Addition to Hayden Papers