Larry Kusche Papers 1945-1986

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Larry Kusche Papers 1945-1986


Overview of the Collection

Creator: Kusche, Larry
Title: Larry Kusche Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1945-1986
Quantity: 42 Boxes (11.0 Linear Feet)
Abstract:This collection houses manuscripts (including drafts, final manuscripts, copy edited manuscripts, and master proofs) for Kusche's books, published monographs, publicity, reviews, and research materials including correspondence, notes, reports, documents, taped interviews, and photographs.
Identification: MS SC KU
Language: Material in English
Repository: Arizona State University Library. Rare Books and Manuscripts
Arizona State University Library
P.O. Box 871006
Tempe, AZ 85287-1006
Phone: (480) 965-4932
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Biographical Note

Lawrence David Kusche was born on November 1, 1940. He worked as a reference librarian at Arizona State University from 1969 to 1975. His book Bermuda Triangle Mystery-Solved is the product of his work on reference questions asked by library users. After the book was published, Kusche took a leave of absence from the Library to make a lecture tour of the U.S. and Canada. The demands of the lecture circuit and new writing projects eventually caused Kusche to resign his position at ASU. He went on to write several books, including Flight 19, Popcorn Cookery, and How to Shape Up Your Hips and Thighs.

Scope and Content Note

This collection houses manuscripts (including drafts, final manuscripts, copy edited manuscripts, and master proofs) for Kusche's books, published monographs, publicity, reviews, and research materials including correspondence, notes, reports, documents, taped interviews, and photographs.


This collection consists of forty two boxes divided into five series:


Access Restrictions

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Arizona State University does not own copyright to this collection. Distinctive Collections recognizes that it is incumbent upon the researcher to procure permission to publish information from this collection from the owner of the copyright.

Access Terms

Personal Name(s)
Kusche, Larry -- Archives.
Taylor, Charles, 1917-1945.

Air pilots -- United States -- Biography.
Aircraft accidents -- Atlantic Ocean.
Aircraft accidents.
Bermuda Triangle.
Cooking (Popcorn).
Marine accidents -- Atlantic Ocean.

Administrative Information

Credit Line

Larry Kusche Papers, MS SC KU. Arizona State University Library: Rare Books and Manuscripts.


Larry Kusche donated these papers to Special Collections between 1977 and 1986 (Accession #2004-03171).

Container List

Series I: Bermuda Triangle Mystery-Solved
11 Original Manuscript
12 Completed Manuscript
21 Typed Manuscript
22 Final Draft
31 Master Proof
32 Master Proof, 1974 November 22
41 Biographical
42 Magazine Regarding Book Including Galleys and Copies of National Geographic World Article, 1978, 1989
43 Correspondence with Collier's Encyclopedia on Inclusion of Kusche Article on Bermuda Triangle
44 Correspondence with Ron Story Regarding Including Bermuda Triangle Article in the Encyclopedia of UFOS (Includes Manuscript)
45 Publicity Book Including Book Club Releases
46 Maps and Photographs of the Bermuda Triangle
47-8 Vessels - Disappearances
New York Times articles regarding ships and planes.
49 Maps (Copies)
410 Correspondence to McDivitt Regarding UFOs
411 Ballpoint Pens Used to Write Book (46 Items)
51 Atlanta, 1880 January
52 Carrol A. Deering, 1921 January
53 Mary Celeste, 1872 December 5
54 Lotta, 1866
54 Viego, 1868
54 Miramon, 1884
55 Bella, 1854
56 USS Insurgent et. al., 1800
57 Globemaster, 1951
58 Sandra, 1950 June
59 Star Ariel, 1949 January 17
510 Ellen Austin, 1881
511 DC-3, NC16002, 1948 December 28
512 John and Mary, 1932
513 Stanvenger, 1931
514 Suduffco, 1926
515 Cotopaxi, 1925
516 Connemara, 1955
517 Southern Districts, 1954 December
518 Navy Super Constellation, 1954 October
519 York Transport, 1953 February 2
520 Columbus, 1492
521 Vile Vortices
522 Sargasso
523 Magnetism
524 Conditions
525 Arthur Godfrey: Correspondence
526 Great Lakes
527 Devil's Sea
61 Research Correspondence, 1973-1974
62 Endorsements, 1975
63 Cousteau Society Correspondence, 1978
64 Crestwood House Correspondence, 1978-1979
65 Warner Books Correspondence, 1975-1980
66 Correspondence, Important People, 1975-1977
67 Causes - Chemical Reaction (Ocean Currents)
68 Grant Correspondence, 1972-1974
69 Fan Mail, Inquiries and Answers, 1978
610 Fan Mail, Inquiries and Answers, 1977
611 Fan Mail, Inquiries and Answers, 1976
612 Fan Mail, Inquiries and Answers, 1976
613 Flagg Letters, to and from, 1974-1975
614 Paperback Covers
615 Correspondence, Articles, 1975-1978
616 Early Correspondence, 1972-1978
617 Correspondence, 1974-1979
618 Correspondence, 1973-1975
Includes some research correspondence.
619 Military Replies, 1978
71 Kusche's Book Tours (Harper & Row), Interviews, and Appearances, 1975-1976
72 Articles by Kusche
73 Fate Magazine Letters, 1975
74 Book Reviews
75 Articles, General
76 LC Information Bulletin, 1974 September 20 (Copy)
77 Articles, Reviews, Talk Shows Regarding Bermuda Triangle Books
78 French Reviews and TV Program, Paris, 1978
79 Correspondence, Articles, Publicity
710 General Articles, Oberg Correspondence, 1976-1977
711 Theories
712 In Search of the Bermuda Triangle Script
Episode # 714 in the In Search of ... Series.
713 Prospectus, Miscellaneous Correspondence, Articles, Publicity; Bermuda Triangle Special Report, 1977
714 Maps: Drawings from BTMS
715 Maps
716 Maps, Drawings
717 Bibliographies
81 Correspondence Regarding Flight 19, 1974-1978
82 DC-3
"For Larry Kusche from Don Bruce. Including B.T. bibliography put together for SPL, and data collected (to make the B.T. film for the SCC class) on accidents and crashes on the Puerto Rican flights."
83 Miscellaneous Aircraft Articles
84 National Airlines Flight 120, 1978 January 27
85 Angel Derby, 1978 May
86 KA-6, Paul Smyth, 1978 February
87 Cascio, Carolyn, 1969 June 7
88 Ohio Biplane, 1961
89 Correspondence Regarding Ships: Michaels Brother, 1976
810 Correspondence, Coast Guard; Dept of Navy, 1974
811 Articles Regarding Ships: General-Ship Losses, Marine Disasters
812 Articles Regarding Ships: "Cyclops", Oalin
813 Articles Regarding Ships: "Raifuka Maru", 1925 April
814 Articles Regarding Ships: "Rubicon", circa 1944 October 22
815 Articles Regarding Ships: "Freya", 1902
816 Articles Regarding Ships: "Ellen Austin", 1881
817 Articles Regarding Ships: "Elizabeth", 1972
818 Articles Regarding Ships: "Rossini" or "Rosalie"
91 Newspaper Articles, 1978-
92 Newspaper Articles, 1976-1977
93 Newspaper Articles, 1975
94 Newspaper Articles, 1974
95 Newspaper Articles, 1970-1973
96 Newspaper Articles, 1968-1969
97 Periodical Articles, 1975
98 Periodical Articles, 1974
99 Periodical Articles, 1972-1973
910 Periodical Articles, 1970-1971
911 Periodical Articles, 1961-1969
912 Minor Incidents: From BT Books
913 Minor Incidents: 3 Florida Planes, 1967 January
914 Minor Incidents: c119, 1935 June 7
915 Minor Incidents: 2KC-135's, 1963 August 28
916 Minor Incidents: Sno'Boy, 1963 July 1
917 Minor Incidents: Thresher, 1963 April 10
918 Minor Incidents: Apache, 1963 April
919 Minor Incidents: KB-50, 1962 January 8
920 Minor Incidents: Revonoc, 1958 January 1
921 Minor Incidents: Navy Patrol Bomber, 1956 November 9
922 Philadelphia Experiment (Book Review by Kusche), 1979
10 Original Reference Sources (5" x 8" Index Cards)
Box contains sections for (among others): [Persons and Organizations] Written to, Bibliographies, Books, Periodicals, Newspapers, and Reports.
111 "Star Tiger" Confidential Report
112 Proteus, Nereus, 1941
113 Slocum (The Spray), 1909
114 Rosalie, 1840
115 City Belle, 1946
116 Gloria Colita, 1940
117 Cyclops, 1918 March 4
118 Star Tiger, 1948 January 29
119 Stardust, 1947 August
121 Boat "Anita", 1973 March
122 Boat "HMS Bounty" (Reconstruction; Bill Verity), 1969 August
123 Boats, Cuba Connection to Capture and "Disappearances", 1973 October
124 Boat "El Caribe". Cuba Connection, 1971 October
125 Boat "V. A. Fogg", 1972 February 2
126 Boat "Jillie Bean", Piper Comanche, 1970
127 Boat "Niagara", 1974 July
128 Boat "Saba Bank", 1974 March
129 Boat "Sea Boy", 1973 December
1210 Boat "Scorpion". (Submarine). Mention of Triest II, Picardo Research Sub; Mizar, 1968 May 21
1211 Boat "Queen Elizabeth II" and "Sea Vulture", 1974 April
1212 Boat "Teignmouth Electron". Sailor of Boat is Crowhurst, 1969 July
1213 Airplane. Eastern Airlines Tri-star; L-1011, 1973
1214 Airplanes, Helicopter
1215 Balloon, "The Light Heart". Thomas Gatch, 1974 February
1216 Airplanes. Cesna 172. Lake Amphibian, 1974 December 16
1217 Tabloid Articles. Mention of Theodosia Burr Alston (Aaron Burr's Daughter)
1218 Boats. Incidents: Boats in Storms, U.S., Europe, 1975 January
1219 Excerpts from Bermuda Triangle Books Regarding Land, Sea, and Air
1220 Most Common Writings
1221 Photographs of Boats, Planes, and People
1222 Photographs Not Used
1223 General Articles and Correspondence on Bermuda Triangle
Numerous references to Cyclops and Scorpion.
131 American Super Fortress Bomber Disappeared 1947 100 miles off Bermuda
132 Article Regarding Lloyds/60 Ships in the National Enquirer, 1973 August 5
133 Letters of Permission and Sources of Information
134 Letters of Permission and Photographs
135 Book Reviews Regarding Charles Berlitz
136 $10,000 Reward
137 BTMS Photos
138 Photographs
139 Photographs
1310 Photographs
1311 Photographs
1312 Photographs
1313 Photographs
1314 Article for Pursuit (Journal of Society for Investigation of the Unexplained)
1315 Bibliographies
1316 Miscellaneous Articles and Correspondence
141 Bermuda Triangle by Ian Thorne, 1978
142 Correspondence with Harper & Row Regarding Book
143 Photographs and 27 Negatives Showing Kusche, Flight Crews, Planes, Ships, and Other Subjects
144 Short Biography of Taylor (Flight 19); 2 Book Jacket Cover Layout with Taylor’s Photo
145 The Committee: Correspondence
146 Science and Paranormal Correspondence
147 Browne, Jane Jordan
148 Removed from Final Draft
149 Cyclops Article
1410 Business
1411 Publicity
1412 Correspondence with Graham Massey of BBC
1413 James Oberg
1414 The Bermuda Triangle: 1980 by Michael Dennett
1415 Fan Mail
1416 Argosy: Correspondence with Magazine
1417 Jim Field
1418 Publications
1419 Fate, 1979 October
15 "Case of the Bermuda Triangle", Nova, circa 1976 (Video Cassette)
15 Capt. W. O. Burch, Jr. "Report on the Loss of Flight 19", 1945 December 5-1946 January 15 (Microfilm; Includes Charts)
15 Board of Investigation. "TBM and PBM Losses", 1945 December (Microfilm; 2 Copies)
See Box 18, Folder 22 for print copy (poor).
151 Map, Slocum Correspondence
152 Articles: Boats & Planes
153 Book Club Brochures
154 Other Material
Series II: Flight 19
161 Inquiries of Personnel Involved in Flight 19, 1975 August 9-September 4
Letters from Kusche to chief of Public Affairs Division, Washington, D.C. (1975 August 10) and National Personnel Records Center (1975 August 9, September 4) regarding personnel who testified at Board of Inquiry. List of 44 names giving rank, Social Security number, Service number, and date of birth.
162 Telephone Calls, 1975 April 30, September 15
Lists dates of call, person called, and length of call. Calls cover Kusche's research regarding flight as well as calls to publishers, libraries and naval personnel. No subject matter of calls given.
163 Correspondence Regarding Flight 19
Letters from Kusche to National Archives, Naval Historical Center, Pentagon, and Ft. Lauderdale Information Office. Also correspondence with Taylor family members, other authors, schools, editors, etc.
163A Correspondence and Early Draft of Flight 19
Facts and opinions; Disappearance of the search plans; of the coast; the phantom 15th man. Extensive correspondence between Kusche and Jane Jordan Browne. Also correspondence from Star with excerpt from book.
164 Correspondence between Mrs. Taylor and Navy Personnel
Includes request for inquiry addressed to HQ's, Naval Air Advanced Training Command. Letters to Admirals R.E. Jennings and Ralph Davison, Chief of Naval Air Training.
165 Inquiries to Locate Naval Personnel Regarding Flight 19
Gives list of 47 Navy personnel on duty. Correspondence between Kusche, Department of the Navy, National Personnel Records Center, and Navy Reserve. See also Box 16, Folder 1.
166 Naval Personnel Involved with Flight 19
Board of Inquiry, record of interrogation with Lt. Cox, Cdr. Robert D. Cox, Lt. Marshall Goodwin, Lt. Marion C. Hanna, Lt. Malvin C. Hansen, Lt. Samuel M. Hines, Lt. J.R. Jackson, Jr., Lt. R.W. Kohlmaier, Lt. Cdr. J.D. Mastaglio, Lt. Cdr. J.A. Rapp, Lt. Wm L. Stoll, Avn. Radio man V.J. Zappalo. Other names listed.
167 Notes on Flight 19
Kusche's thoughts on the circumstances regarding flying, TBM's, lifestyles (drinking, etc.) of the Navy airmen, home environment of Charles' family in Corpus Christi. This folder constitutes collection of pre-rough draft MS ideas.
168 Letters of Condolence to Mrs. Taylor
A collection of eleven letters from friends, strangers, and families who also had lost sons in service. Some offered optimistic theories of Charles' survival.
169 Negative to Inquiries
Thirteen letters sent by Kusche to Navy personnel in Florida at time of inquiry were returned - not delivered. Navy Board of inquiry reports for Lt. L.T. Conklin, Lt. Cdr. C.M. Kenyon, Spec. R.J. Koch, Cdr. C.C. Newman, Lt. A.G. Thompson, Jr. See Also Box 16, Folder 6.
1610 Confederate Air Force Correspondence, 1978
1611 Finding Aid Reports - Deceased Personnel
1612 Correspondence Requesting Permission from Families of Flyers to use Photos and Quotes
Harper & Row info sheet, including Kusche biography. Also drawings from pilots Landbook of operation instructions.
1613 Old Correspondence Regarding Flight 19
Copies of letters to Texas schools, to publishers, libraries, editors, TV stations, and various Government record and archival centers. List of requests for letters of endorsement.
1614 Second Report: Jennings Letter
Report of Informal Board, comments in connection with remarks in letter by Mrs. Taylor to Rear Admiral Jennings, dated 22 June 1946. Copy of Mrs. Taylor's 14 Aug. 1946 letter to Admiral Jennings.
1615 Correspondence
Letters requesting permission, and signed permission granted, by Navy personnel and families of flyers to use quotes and photos given to Kusche in any and all publications.
1616 Newspaper Articles Regarding Flight 19
Gives detailed news coverage by many newspapers at the time of the disappearance.
1617 Magazine Articles on Flight 19 and the Bermuda Triangle (Mostly Photocopies)
Includes items in Saga, Sea Classics, Probe the Unknown, Legion Magazine, Naval Aviation News, Info Journal, Pastimes, and Argosy. Also newspaper articles, and Invisible Horizons by Vincent Gaddis.
171 Biography of Charles Taylor
Includes enlistment papers and physical exam forms for Charles Taylor, biographical data regarding military service, copy of discharge, copies of Katherine's comments regarding Pearl Harbor, and copy of Charles' appointment as Naval Aviation cadet.
172 Biography of Charles Taylor
Copy of Charles Taylor's appointment in the Naval Reserve, copies of letters from "Lettie" to "Mamie" (Katherine's sisters), letter dated 1941 October 20 from Katherine to Mamie, copy of Charles Taylor's 1942 February 9 appointment to Ensign in the Naval Reserve, copy of Final Report of Aviation Training at Corpus Christi, and original letter dated 1942 October 28 from "Mamie" to Katherine.
173 Biography of Charles Taylor
"The Navy's Air War - Anti-Submarine Warfare" (xerox copy, pp. 42-45) including 1943 October 12 letter from Pauline to Mamie. 1943 August 21 letter from Mamie to Katherine regarding Charles Taylor's promotion, 1943 October 4 and 1943 November 18 letters from Katherine to Maime, and two letters from Charles to Katherine.
174 Biography of Charles Taylor
Notes, information, and short interview with Lowe regarding Charles Taylor's ditch near Guam (3 days in a rubber life raft and 30 days survivor's leave).
175 Biography of Charles Taylor
Interviews regarding Charles Taylor with Brewer and Rapp, fellow squadron members. Short paragraph on the impact of the economy on servicemen in 1945. Paragraph on the decline of the Avenger as a superior air weapon as the war progressed.
176 Official Notification of Taylor Being Missing
Western Union telegram dated 1945 December 6, 1:09 p.m. from Capt. Burch, Ft. Lauderdale Naval Air Station to Katherine reporting Charles missing. Letter dated 1945 December 11 from Pauline to Katherine and Mamie regarding Charles' presumed death. Letters of "comfort" and sympathy from family and friends. Copy of Time magazine article dated 1945 December 24 entitled "Flight into Mystery." Letter dated 1945 December 27 from Katherine to Admiral J. J. Clark requesting a personal interview.
177 Offical and Family Correspondence Regarding Missing Bombers
Letter of condolence dated 1946 January 11 from Vice Admiral Mitscher, US Navy, to Katherine. Letter of condolence dated 1946 January 14 from Bess Harris to Mamie and Katherine. Letter dated 1946 January 15 from Mary Carroll to mother of an Ensign on the PBM that blew up on its rescue mission. Letter to Chaplain J. H. Courage. List of family survivors to deceased Squadron members. Letter dated 1946 January 25 from John F. Gallivan to Mr. and Mrs. Bossi, parents of a son lost on Flight 19.
178 Offical and Family Correspondence Regarding Missing Bombers
Letter dated 1946 February 28 from Mary Carroll to Mrs. J. J. Jordan, mother of a crew member on the Martin Mariner that exploded on its rescue mission for Flight 19. Copy of letter dated 1946 February 5 from A. A. Vandegrift, General, USMC to Major Curley of Boston regarding the Board of Investigation on Flight 19. Letter dated 1946 February 15 from John F. Gallivan to Mr. and Mrs. Bossi. Letter from Gallivan to Mr. and Mrs. Bossi dated 1946 February 26 regarding footprints in the Everglades. Letter dated 1946 February 12 from Mary Carroll to Capt. Burch.
179 Offical and Family Correspondence Regarding Missing Bombers
Copy of letter from Mary Carroll to J. J. Gallivan giving extensive remarks on Flight 19. Letter dated 1946 February 5 to Hon. John E. Lyle. Corpus Christi Caller news item dated 1946 March 9 reporting end of Navy search, and record of conference between Katherine and Mary Carroll, Capt. Burch and Lt. Cdr. Howard Roberts.
1710 Offical and Family Correspondence Regarding Missing Bombers
Letter from Mary Carroll to Commander Baxter calling him a "fraud", etc. Newspaper clippings regarding cause of loss of Flight 19. Letter to Cdr. Howard Roberts. Letter from Cdr. Atkinson to the Bossis dated 1946 April 11. Letters to Congressman Milton Hast and Admiral Ralph Jennings.
1711 Offical and Family Correspondence Regarding Missing Bombers
Newspaper clipping of unrelated incidents. Letter dated 1946 August 6 from G. F. Devlin to Katherine. Letter to Drew Pearson.
1712 Offical and Family Correspondence Regarding Missing Bombers
News item in the Corpus Christi Caller. Transcript of interview with Annie Cox Shaw.
1713 Mrs. K. Taylor Receives Service and Victory Medals
Letter from Mamie to Katherine dated 1954 February 28. Detailed account of Mary Carroll and Katherine with Youngs and Wagners. Letter dated 1948 June 17 from Mary Carroll to Pauline. Communication from Navy to Katherine sending medals awarded Charles Taylor.
1714 Investigations into the Disappearance of Flight 19
Lengthy letter from Katherine Taylor to Mr. Fofoed [Kofoed?] relating the details of Flight 19. Letter from May Carroll (probably) to Wesley W. Stout of the Ft. Lauderdale Daily News. Page from Katherine's notebook about decorations given S. S. Hancock and personnel.
1715 Investigations into the Disappearance of Flight 19
Mary Carroll's premonition of Charles' death. Katherine's lack of fear that Charles would die.
1716 Investigations into the Disappearance of Flight 19
Letters dated 1955 April 19 and 26 from Wesley W. Stout of the Ft. Lauderdale Daily News to Katherine Taylor and her replies. Several newspaper clippings from the Ft. Lauderdale Daily News regarding the 10th anniversary of Flight 19. Short biographical comment by Mary Carroll regarding her career and life.
1717 Investigations into the Disappearance of Flight 19
Four 1961 May clippings from the Miami Herald regarding finding plane wreckage and part of a body dredged up from the bottom of the Banana River. Conclusion is that these items were not part of Flight 19.
1718 Investigations into the Disappearance of Flight 19
Katherine's [or Mary Carroll's?] comments regarding her cataract operation and how she is unhappy with seeing a Corpus Christi that has grown too large.
1719 The Aging Katherine
Mary Carroll comments regarding Christmas 1966. Biographical comments regarding her physical condition (age 83) and Katherine at home, but preferring that to a rest home.
1720 Rosters of Naval Personnel
Roster of Torpedo Squadron Seven dated 1944 October 19. List of Officers giving primary and collateral duties.
1721 Taylor's Request Not to Go on Flight
Dialogue between Larry Kusche ("K") and "L" and "W". Both "L" and "W" may be Whitney Lowe.
1722 Signal Devices
Dialogue between Larry Kusche and FAA regarding signal devices, i.e. Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELT).
1723 Correspondence
Letter from Cdr. Ellen M. Sorenson, USN (Retired) to Larry Kusche saying she was on duty in the Miami, Florida control center when the Flight 29 "tragedy" occurred. Interviews during Miami US Naval Air Station Board of Inquiry with Lt. J.G. Floyd R. Parmenter, JR., and Lt. Lester R. Hussey, dated 1945 December 18-19.
1724 Maps of the B. T. Area
Numerous maps and diagrams of the State of Florida and surrounding waters, including the Bahamas and the Gulf.
1725 The Lost Patrol Star Tiger - Star Ariel
Letter dated 1975 March 26 from Paul Edward Guay, Mugar Memorial Library, Boston University, transmitting copies of the file materials relating to the "Myster of the Lost patrol". Includes published letters from the 1962 June issue of the American Legion Magazine; British report on a missing "Star Tiger" aircraft. January 13 news item regarding missing Air Force Major Robert Tawney.
1726 Compass "off"?
L.K. notes of questions to consider, including whether Charles' compass was out of order.
1727 Materials Regarding Taylor's Competence
The Navy's AIR War (pages 56 and 57, 1942). Quotes regarding Charles Taylor by Silas A. Johnson, Germ, Wm. A. Brewer, Yavorsky (Capt. Joseph T.), "S" (Stool), Roberts, Lowe, John Hudson, and Lt. Cdr. Wm. F. Krantz. Arizona Republic article dated 1977 July 31 by Pat Murphy giving a brief review of Final Approach by William Stockton (Doubleday & Co).
1728 Scattered Flight?
Interview with Stoll dated 1975 December 30
1729 Did Taylor Know Flight Route?
L.K. notes and questions for research and development. Paragraphs regarding factors that contributed to the loss of Flight 19 including "most important" factor.
1730 Taylor's Request to be Relieved of Flight
L.K. notes for research and development of manuscript. Quote by Mary Carroll regarding Arthur Curtis' refusal to let Taylor withdraw from the flight. Part of Board Interview of Lt. Arthur A. Curtis. Interview, L.K. with Jackson, regarding Charles Taylor's "condition". Segments of interviews between L.K. and Curtis, Stoll and Rapp. Notes regarding quotes by Winchell, Yavorsky, and James R. Jackson.
1731 Taylor's Character and Personality
Interviews, L.K. with Jim (Red) Morey, Broadwater, Burch, Roberts, Stoll, and Yavorsky. Discussion covers Taylor's drinking habits.
1732 Reports of the Search for the Missing Flight 19
Interview L.K. with Vincent J. Zappolo, the radioman who was supposed to be on the PBM that blew up, dated 1975 September 21. Letter to L.K. dated 1976 January 3 and L.K. letter dated 1975 December 11. Statement regarding George Devlin, Jr. dated 1976 January 27. Interview with Eagle Bolotin dated 1975 September 7. Newspaper clippings from The Florida Times Union of Jacksonville (1945 December 8) and The N.Y. Sun and N.Y. Daily Mirror (1945 December 7). PBM Flight schedules Banana River dated 1945 December 4-5. Testimony of Lt. Marshall B. Goodwin.
1733 H. S. Robert Interview
Interview Larry Kusche with "Roberts". Questions regarding court martial.
1734 Letters from Katherine Taylor to Adm. R. Davidson and James Forrestal
Letter dated 1946 May 25 from Katherine Taylor to Admiral Ralph davidson regarding K.T.'s visit to Ft. Lauderdale and to see Captain Burch. Copy of 1946 May 19 letter to the Secretary of Navy from Katherine Taylor. Question: Did Charles Taylor call his mother the day before the flight?
1735 Katherine's visit to the Wagners
Mary Carroll's [?] observations on visit to "Wagners" and trip to see Alice. Comments regarding several girl friends of Charles'.
1736 Taylor Concerned about Health, Allergies, Stuffy Nose, etc.
Larry Kusche notes regarding "the letter" that Charles got; Charles' allergies.
1737 Memorial Plaque Unveiled at Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport Commemorating Flight 19
Illustration of ditching practice in Tides' Club Action News. Notes regarding Ft. Lauderdale Naval Air Station. Item from 1971 October 14 Ft. Lauderdale News regarding plaque placed at Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International airport. Note to Larry from "O'Brie" O'Brien and a copy of his Tides' Club Action News. Copy of "A Supplement to the History of the U.S. Naval Air Station. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida" from 1944 November 1 to 1945 March 31.
1738 Materials Regarding Survival Equipment on Flight 19
Observations regarding rescue and emergency equipment on TBM's. Larry K. interrogations with various persons regarding signal devices.
1739 Acknowledgments of Source Material on Flight 19
Position of moon on 1945 December 5. Materials regarding death of Mary Carroll and Katherine Taylor. Burial at Seaside Memorial Park, Corpus Christi. L.K. acknowledgments of those helping him in putting together the book. L.K.'s observations regarding deaths of Mary Carroll and Katherine Taylor. Interview with Warren.
1740 Getting the Position Fix of Flight 19
Interview with Lt. Ellen Sorenson regarding fixes of location of Flight 19. Why delay in reporting locations to planes?
1741 List of Items to Check
List of various factors to investigate regarding Flight 19.
1742 Air Force Policy on Releasing Information on Accidents
Los Angles Times news clipping dated 1975 January 9 regarding courts refusal to free to public Air Forces's findings regarding air crash in 1971 June. Letter dated 1976 January 28 from D. C. Allard of Dept. of Navy Naval Historical Center regarding release of Flight 19 info to the public. Interviews with Roberts and Curtain Coleman.
1743 Confederate Air Force Base Brochures
Folders and fliers (some colored brochures) about Harlingen, Texas. Info on Confederate Air Force.
1744 Chapter Epigrams
Pt. IV - Epilogue; collection of quotes, verses, etc., for possible use in the book.
1745 Correspondence and Interviews
Eckert letter, Kosnar interview, and Hines interview. Letter dated 1975 March 5 from Allen W. Eckert to L.K. L.K. interview with Allen Kosnar, Samuel M. Hines (in Control Tower), Roberts, and "Y".
1746 Professional Advice on Coping with the Death of Loved Ones
Numerous newspaper clippings and excerpts from books, i.e. "On Dying and Denying" by Avery D. Weisman, "Coming to Terms with Death" by Fred Cutter, "Scapegoat: the Impact of Death" by Eric Bermann, and "Dying" by John Hinton.
1747 Publications (Copies)
Copies of three items: "History of Torpedo Squadron Seven" by M. P. Thompson, Lt. Cdr., U.S. Navy; "Torpedo Squadron Seven" 1944 January 3-September 1 and 1944 August 30-1945 February 15; and "Scouting Squadron Sixty - Two (V. 5-62)" from 1942 November 1-1945 July 2.
1748 "Air Sea Rescue/Gulf Sea Frontier Net" Glossary, 1945 December 5 (Page 373)
1749 Interviews with Men who Flew with Taylor
Pages from Kathryn Taylor notebook. Conversation with Brewer, "G", "B", Rapp, Lawade, Brewer, "Germ", Broadwater, Swope, and Parish. Articles and items regarding Hancock.
1750 Photographs of the USS Hancock (8 8" x 10" Glossy Photos)
Aircraft carriers, airplanes, "combat shots", and crew members. Some descriptive labels in the pictures.
1751 Naval weather reports
Weather data 1945 December 4-11, Miami and vicinity from US Dept. of Commerce; Wind data 1945 December 5 at Ft. Lauderdale; Synoptic weather maps, 1945 December 5-9, Northern Hemisphere sea level.
181 Flight 19 Reports of Sightings
Report on sightings (2 copies). Sightings by Coast Guard office, Miami: SS President Tyler, SS Thomas Paine, Eastern Airlines pilot, a bus driver, a hunter, and others. Also criticism by relatives of Naval search efforts.
182 Navy Pamphlet "Ditching Sense" (Kusche MS Rough Draft)
183 Questions Regarding Why Students Followed their Leader if they Thought he was Wrong
Kusche questions student ensign John A. Sweezy as to why student pilots follow the flight leader.
184 Radar-Radio Officer Testimony at Inquiry
Testimony at inquiry including Lt. (Jg) Richard W. Kohlmeier, Ensign Donald W. Harris, and Ensign John Andrew Sweezy.
185 Question: Did Pilot Other than Taylor Take Over Command?
186 [Unititled]
Jenkins: Supt. of Flight Training. Johnson: Assistant. Jenkins, Supt. of Aviation Training in 1945. Silas Johnson, Assistant to Jenkins.
187 Navy Report on Inquiry
Navy report on inquiry and "conspiracies".
188 Magazines and Periodicals
Numerous accounts in magazines and periodicals regarding Flight 19.
189 Taped Interviews and Correspondence with Friends of the Taylor Family
1810 Pilot Log Radio Communication with Lauderdale (Copy)
Radio station log (2 copies). U.S. Naval Air Station of Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. OPR Myhrvold - frequency 4805. Position three - Date 1945 December 5.
1811 Report, Board of Investigation at Miami
Includes names of all participants in Board. Record of proceedings of investigation conducted at the US Naval Air Station, Miami, Fla. on 1945 December 10. Testimony.
1812 Location of an Avenger in Key West Waters
Article on Attocha - sunken treasure boat.
1813 Daily Chronicle of Events of Rescue Search
Also dicusses other emergency situations involving boats. 1945 December 6-10.
1814 Writing by Kusche and Information on the "Search" for Flight 19
1815 Materials Regarding "Search"
1816 Briefing Data Regarding Winds
1817 The "Search" for
Includes detailed log of search operations. One map.
1818 "Search"
Miscellaneous pages.
1819 Correspondence between Kusche and the Lowe and Taylor Families
1820 List of People Involved in Naval Onvestigation Interviewed by Kusche
1821 The Effect of Sea Water on Submerged Plane
1822 Board of Investigation, Miami
The investigation by Naval Board of Investigation, Miami, 1945 December 10. See Box 15 for microfilm copies (2).
1823 Archives: Info on U.S. Naval History Division
Information for visitors to the Operational Archives U.S. Naval History Division. Declassified and unclassified record groups in Operational Archives.
1824 Excerpt from Book
"Training Naval Aviation's Manpower" from The Forces Behind the Navy's Air War Part V, Chapter 28.
191 Interrogation Regarding the Use of Navigational Flight Aids
192 Interviews with O'Brien and Pike on Navigational Flight Aids
19X Contacts with Navy Personnel for Possible Information on Flight 19
193 Interviews with Navy Fliers Regarding Preparation of Aircraft for Flight
194 [Missing]
195 Why The Loss of Flight 19 was Written.
196 Navy Aircraft Pictures and Descriptive Literature
197 Interviews Regarding PBM Search Mission out of Banana River
Includes names of crew.
198 Information on Avenger and Issue of WW II Aircraft
Notes on the history of the Avenger (TBF/TBM). Special issue of World War II Aircraft.
199 Location of Aircraft in Museums Around the World
1910 Pilot's Handbook of Flight Operating Instructions. Navy Model TBM 3 Airplane
1911 Lyndon Johnson Library
1912 Information on Officers and "Marine Fighter Squadron 422 is Missing" in Air Classic Magazine
1913 Flight 19 Superseded
The legend of Flight 19 has been superseded by 1978 January version.
1914 The Controversy (Part II)
1915 My Visit to Corpus Christi (The Dust Settles) (Part III)
1916 The Folks Back Home (The Dust Settles) (Book II)
1917 Correspondence from Ft. Lauderdale Navy Station Clearing Charles Taylor of "the Blame"
1918 Epilogue
201 Letters and Conversations with Capt. and Mrs. Norman H. Anthony
Taylor was a roommate of Anthony's for awhile on the USS Hancock.
202 Letters and Conversations with Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Barron Regarding Taylor's Father, Ira Taylor
203 Letter and Conversation with Capt. Richard Baxter Regarding the Search for Flight 19
204 Conversation with Donald J. Beuttenmuller Regarding Taylor's Ability to Operate (Draft and Typed Copy)
205 Conversation with Terry Bird Regarding Compass Performance
206 Interview with Eagle Bolotin Regarding Flight Personnel Schedules
207 Conversation with Mrs. Gertrude Bossi Regarding Joe Bossi
208 Conversation with William A. (Bill) Brewer
Brewer, a firend of Taylor's, appraises his character and his ability as a flier.
209 Conversation with Joseph T. Broadwater
Broadwater was a radioman who flew with Taylor.
2010 Letters and Notes from a Conversation with Admiral William O. Burch, Jr., 1975 September 5
Not Recorded. Includes a letter from D. C. Allard (Naval Historical Center) enclosing a report by Capt. Burch and a letter to Capt. Burch from Mary Carroll.
2011 Conversation with Carolyn and Joe Carroll
The Carrolls were students of Mrs. Taylor (no relation).
2012 Conversation with Nelson Charles
Charles served as a flight instructor and as an administrative assistant to Capt. Burch.
2013 Conversation with Capt. Curtain Coleman
Coleman was a legal officer and a friend of Robert Cox.
2014 Kusche letter to Mrs. Joan Conlon
Inclued a notation at bottom regarding Ford.
2015 Conversation with Capt. Robert D. Cox
Cox retired in 1968.
2016 Conversation with Robert F. Cox
2017 Correspondence with Robert F. Cox (Contains Restricted Information)
2018 Conversation with Arthur Curtis
Curtis served as an aviation training duty officer. He retired 1945 and died on 1975 November 11. Also included is a new article with Curtis' picture.
2019 Interview with Capt. Larry French
French served as the flight officer at Miami through 1975 September 20.
2020 Statement Regarding Gerber
2021 Conversation with John Germ
Germ served on the USS Hancock and was Taylor's wingman.
2022 Conversation with Barbara Gonzales
Barbara (Lowe) Gonzales is the daughter of Whitney and Georgia Lowe.
2023 Interview with Marion C. Hanna
2023a Conversation with John W. Harris
Includes a letter to Kusche from Harris, a Navy citation to Harris, and training flight logs.
2024 Conversation with Samuel M. Hines
Hines was the Lieutenant in the control tower in 1945.
2025 Conversation with John J. Hudson
Hudson served on the USS Hancock with Taylor and flew on Taylor's wing for a short time.
2026 Conversation with James R. Jackson, Jr.
2027 Conversation with Silas R. Johnson
2028 Conversation with Richard W. Kohlmeier, Jr.
2029 Conversation with Allen Kosnar
2030 Conversation with John D. Lawade
2031 Conversation with Whitney and Georgia Lowe
Includes interviews with Taylor's hometown acquaintances and friends of the family.
2032 Conversation with Jim (Red) Morey
2033 Conversation with Cdr. W. T. Murphy
2034 Conversation and Correspondence with James Nofstad
Includes letter from Nofstad to Kusche.
2035 Conversation with Robert L. Parish
2036 Conversation with Melvin Pike
Pike was in the air when Flight 19 went down and had some communication with Flight 19.
2037 Conversation with Don Poole, Graham Massey, and Walter Winchell
2038 Conversation with Margaret Powers
2039 Conversation with Nathan D. Puffer
Puffer was in the air at the time of Flight 19. Also includes a conversation between Kusche and Puffer.
2040 Conversations with Jerry Rapp
2141 Interview with Sgt. Paul Radcliff, 1978 November 9
2142 Interviews with Howard S. Robert by L.K. (Several Copies)
Robert was executive officer to Cpt. Burch.
2143 Interviews and Letters with Richard S. Roberts, 1975
Roberts was the Recorder for the Board of Investigation.
2144 Interview Letters Written Between Larry K. and Carol Ann Rossi
Rossi is the daughter of Whitney and Georgia Lowe.
2145 Interview Letter to, and Brief Conversation with, Herman Spivey by Larry K.
2146 Conversation between Larry K. and Wiley Stivers, 1975 September 26
Wiley Stivers is George Stivers' brother.
2147 Interview Letter from Willard L. Stoll to Larry Kusche
Includes two conversations between Stoll and Kusche.
2148 "Warren Running Out of Gas" as Noted by L.K.
2149 Interview with Robert S. Swope by L.K.
Discusses ditching of plane off Guam.
2150 Conversation with Bernard Thomas
2151 Telephone Interview and Interview with A. W. Winchell
2152 Interview with Roy H. Wirshing
Includes a letter from Roy Wirshing regarding Belitz claim that Wirshing would sue L.K. and an interview, letter, and notes taken between L.K. and Roy Wirshing.
2153 Interviews with J. T. Yavorsky
2154 Interview with Vincent J. Zappolo
Zappolo served as a radioman.
2155 Conversations with and Letters from Other Pilots
Includes J. T. Bossi, W. E. Lightfoot, E. J. Powers, Jr., G. W. Stivers, F. J. Gerber, and relatives.
221 Newspaper Clippings, Memorabilia, and Family Information Regarding Members of the Taylor Family
222 Letters, Conversations, and Birth Certificates
Includes a letter from Charles Taylor to his aunt Mary Carroll (Mame) thanking her for his High School graduation gift, a conversation with Eunice (Cox) Haas and Elbert Cox (next door neighbors to the Taylors when they were children), and two birth certificates for C. Taylor listing different years of birth.
223 Conversations and Letters
Conversation between Charles and Katherine. Conversations with boyhood friends of Charles. Letter from Charles at Texas A & M to Katherine, Mame and Georgia. Other letters regarding Charles and letter from Katherine. Notes on housekeeping and budget. Conversations with John Wright and R. S. Carter, boyhood friends of Charles.
224 Newspaper Clippings Regarding World War I, Pershing's Grave, and World War II
225 Contacts with Celebrities
Comments regarding Taylor’s contacts with celebrities, i.e. Tyrone Power, Hemmingway, Jinx Falkenberg.
226 Letters and Articles
Letters include Maggie Garrick, Ben. Bossi, Ben. Thelander, and Be. Devlin. Article on "Cauls"
227 Conversations with Brewer
228 Kusche’s Request to General Services Administration for Information on Taylor
Includes a copy of birth certificate, a chest x-ray, and a newspaper clipping on Wing Commander Lance C. Wade.
229 Photographs
Includes a photo of "Miami"flight section (no identification) and a negative (no print) flight sections 5 and 6 with card identifying members (including Taylor) dated 1944 August 28.
2210 Photographs
Includes three action photos of Taylor and Nafstad on life raft being rescued in 1945 January and a snapshot of a boy (possibly Taylor).
2211 Snapshots and Photos of Charles and Georgia Taylor
Some photographs include relatives and friends.
2212 Pictures of Charles Taylor in Service
2213 Pictures of Naval Air Station Personnel (Fla.)
2214 Snapshots and Biographical Data
Most of the snapshots and photographs show Mary Carroll and Katherine Taylor. Also included is biographical data and personal observations by family members.
2215 Photos and Snapshots of Georgia and Whitney Lowe and their Home
2216 Western Union Telegrams to Katherine Taylor from the Navy (Xerox Copies)
Telegrams state that Charles is missing and discuss the search.
2217 Letter from L.K. to Georgia and Whitney Lowe
Kusche asks the Lowes them to review his draft of the chapter on Charles (Part III).
2218 Manuscript of Part III: Charles Taylor
2219 Letters and Newspaper Article
Newspaper report of Flight 19 in the Corpus Christi Caller (1946 April 4). Letter from Katherine Taylor to Admiral Jennings requesting discharge from the Navy of Capt. William Slattery, Cmdr. Claude Newman, Lt. Cmdr. William Murphy, and Lt. Cmdr. Donald Poole. Extensive correspondence between Katherine Taylor and Bernard Thomas, Grover Cleveland Taylor and others. Letter from James Forrestal to Rep. John E. Lyle. Letters containing analytical notes of the results of the Naval Board of Inquiry regarding Flight 19.
2220 Conversations and Letters
Conversation, Kusche with Whitney Lowe and letter from the Navy to the parents of Ensign Joseph Bossi.
2221 Letter and Interview
Letter to Kusche from Mrs. William C. Taylor, Jr. regarding Ira Taylor and interview with Mrs. Isaac Barron, daughter of Ira’s brother, Grover Cleveland Taylor.
2222 Information Regarding "the Cox house"
2223 Interview, Letters, Biographical Data, and Other Material
Interview with "Breser". Letters from Mary Carroll to Cmdr. Morehouse. Biographical data on Charles before, during, and after World War II. Family Tree. Navy report of casualty. Charles Taylor’s service record.
2224 Interview with Warren Lowe
2225 Letters Between Navy Department and Mrs. Katherine Taylor, Larry Kusche, and Georgia Taylor Lowe
2226 Documents Regarding the Naval Board of Inquiry Exonerating Lt. Taylor of Blame of the Flight 19 Disaster
2227 Three Photos and Explanatory Sheet Regarding Memorial Service for Charles Taylor and Others on Flight 19
2228 Letter from City of Corpus Christi
States that the name of Charles Taylor is on plaque in the Memorial Auditorium dedicated to 400 men and women who lost their lives during World War II. Newspaper clippings of the dedication.
2229 Chronological Chart, 1940-1949
2230 Telegrams and Letter (Copies)
Telegrams and letter from Cpt. W. O. Burch to Edward J. Powers, Sr. Letters from Gen. A. A. Vandergrift, USMC, to Mayor Curley and Se. Leverett Saltonstall.
231 Birth of Charles Taylor and Family History (Handwritten Manuscript Pages)
Written by L.K. Gives family history–biographies of the Taylor family from Charles Taylor’s birth to his death. Also includes earlier information on the Carroll family.
232 Early Childhood of Charles Taylor (Handwritten Draft Pages)
Discusses Charles Taylor’s boyhood years.
233 High School and College Years (Handwritten Draft Manuscript)
Written by L.K. Covers boyhood period up to and including Taylor's attendance at A & M.
234 Flight Training (Handwritten Draft Manuscript)
Written by L.K. Discusses arly flight training: Entered Naval Air Force; more flight training - teaching. Covers Charles Taylor from A & M to Pearl Harbor; training and quality as a pilot; promotion to officer in Naval Reserve; duties as flier to 1943.
235 Facts Compiled by Navy Board Investigation Flight 19 Loss
Contains detailed information of crew member identification and aircraft involved.
236 List of 56 Opinions of the Navy Board of Investigation
Revised and reworded by L.K. Discusses the crews, their deaths, the mission,and their possible actions during the Flight. Also covers the search by the PBM giving crew members and actions to time of observed explosion.
237 Search for the Missing Flight 19
Written by L. K. Discusses Flight 19 getting lost, the search, "clues and leads" in the Everglades, flashes, oil slicks, etc.
238 Summary of Taylor’s Career and Brief Biography of Charles Taylor’s Life in the Military Service
239 Avenger: A short essay on the TBF-1 Avenger
2310 Inspection of Planes Prior to Flight 19
Testimony of Officers Smith, Krantz, and Harris regarding the condition of the five planes in Flight 19. Covers equipment and instruments inspection.
2311 Letters (Carbon Copies)
Letters written by L.K. to persons related to the crew of Flight 19. Copy of letter from Georgia Taylor Lowe raising question as to Charles’ date of birth.
2312 Minute-by-Minute Log of Flight 19
Extends from the first sign of trouble through the night of 1945 December 5.
2313 The Search for Flight 19 by Military Boats and Planes
The search took place on December 6-8. Checking of all leads from flares, wreckage and sight of bodies.
2314a-c Manuscript (Handwritten Draft Manuscript)
Gives anecdotes and reminiscences of Navy personnel who knew Charles Taylor and his exploits. Includes accounts of Hudson, Broadwater, Morey, Jackson, and others and letters and communications to Mrs. Taylor giving sympathy, theories, and moral support.
241 Charles Taylor and the Loss of Flight 19 by Lawrence David Kusche (Scattered Pages)
Index showing 6 parts (very condensed). Abbreviated manuscript entitled "Charles Taylor and the Loss of Flight 19." Outline of parts with headnote quotes, Parts I-VI. Contains accounts of later years of Charles’ mother and aunt.
242 Manuscript Discussing 1960's
Includes mention of publications on "mystery" occurrences in Bermuda Triangle area. Tells of plane wreckage found, Charles Taylor’s family, and publications based on Flight 19.
243 Part III: "Charles Taylor" (Draft Manuscript)
244 Part IV: December 5, 1945 (Draft Manuscript)
Gives record of events in time sequence: 1:15-2:10 p.m.; 2:10-3:40 p.m.; 3:40-4:10 p.m.; 4:10-4:40 p.m.; 4:40-5:00 p.m.; 5:00-7:04 p.m.
251 Personality traits of Charles Taylor
Describes his jokes at Navy parties; "contacts" with celebrities (i.e. Tyrone Power and Betty Grable); his "theory" that the earth was concave, etc.
252 The Search (Manuscript Draft)
Explains why the search was enacted; what the objectives of the search were; the extent of the search area.
253 "Strange Theories" Regarding Flight 19
Examples: UFO’s, magnetic aberrations, and time warps.
254 Katherine Taylor and Mary Carroll's Interactions with the U.S. Navy
Reasons for Taylor and Carroll's lack of confidence in the U.S. Navy. Persistence by the two in pursuing the matter for years after it happened.
255 "Passing the Bahamas"
Speculations as to the route of Flight 19 which would take it beyond the Bahamas and out to sea.
256 Epilogue: Retracing the Route of Flight 19
Larry Kusche revisits Corpus Christi in 1978; visits Georgia and Whitney Lowe; visits the Conferate Air Force museum at Harlingen with them; flies a torpedo bomber; tries to mentally recreate what happened to Flight 19.
257 Data Regardning Naval Search for Flight 19
Chart of events of the search in time sequence, i.e. reported sightings of flares, parachutes, oil slicks, etc. Covers December 9 and 10, 1945.
258 List of Photos and Other Illustrations for the Book
Includes two photo copies of a flight of U.S. planes, possibly Avengers.
259 Manuscript Regarding Flight 19
Possibly a preface (draft) for the book. Includes a present day view of Ft. Lauderdale air station.
2510 Comments on Radar and Radio Navigation
2511 Clark Miller and Lee M. Pearson
Miller was Taylor’s roommate at Ft. Lauderdale; Pearson is an historian.
2512 Log of Pilot’s Calls
Observations regarding how and by whom the log of the pilot’s calls of Flight 19 were kept.
2513 Materials Regarding Navigation
Discusses navigation, disorientation, compass failure, maps, and plotting boards. How pilots "dead reckon." How disorientation can occur to anyone under certain conditions.
2514 The Rescue Efforts
Were they faulty? If so, did this affect the outcome of the flight? The "ready plane". Why the rescue planes were not sent out at the first sign the flight was lost.
2515 The Search
Same as Box 17, Folder 2. Probably subsequent draft to that in Folder 2.
2516 Rumors about Drinking
Observations and rumors regarding Charles Taylor's drinking habits.
2517 Materials Regarding Poole
Discusses Poole's decision not to send plane to help Flight 19 to establish position - also, why they were lost. Lt. Cox's criticism of the air base Flight officer (Poole) to refuse Cox permission to take out a search plane as soon as the "lost" message was received. Poole's rationale for holding back the search plane. Review of Problem No. 1.
2518 Why Taylor Learned to Play the Trumpet
Taylor played in the height school band, but not in college.
2519 Biographical Information Regarding Charles Taylor
Covers November and December of 1945. Charles Taylor reports for duty at Ft. Lauderdale Naval Air Station on November 21, 1945. Processing and short training, flying again by Dec. 1, 1945. Observations on his experience and abilities.
2520 TBM-3R Epilogue
Observations on the TBM-3, its characteristics, multiple uses and impact on Naval warfare. "Epilogue": comments on use after WW II in Korean War and later.
2521 Criticism of Rescue Efforts
List of Air-Sea rescue networks. Board of Inquiry testimony from man in tower as to radio contact efforts with Flight 19, and accuracy of compasses on planes.
2522 Taylor's Request not to Fly
Observations regarding Charles' request not to go on the flight.
2523 Legends about Flight 19
Myths and speculations regarding the disappearance. Discussion of such things as "They look like they're from outer space" and "Don't come after me".
2524 Analysis of Communications Problems During the Flight
Continued search for debris from the planes. Speculation as to what happened. Relation between the "accidents" of Flight 19 and the Mariner.
2525 Why Navy was Slow to Release Report of Flight 19
Discussion why the Navy delayed publishing the results of its investigation of Flight 19 for so many years.
2526 Allen Kosnar's Decision not to go on Flight 19
How some flight reports are inaccurate. Who went, or did not go, and why.
2527 Relatives Criticize Naval Search for Lost Flight 19
Comments on Flight 18. Discussion of where Flight 19 was during the communication phase of the lost flight. Did Charles say he was over the "Keys" or "Cays." Visibility at night - coast of Florida, Everglades, how far one can see at various altitudes of plane.
2528 Reports and Search
Reports and search by sea going vessels and aircraft in the presumed Flight 19 area.
2529 Visit to Corpus Christi to Interview Taylor's Family
Account of L.K.'s visit to Corpus Christi in search of clues as to why the loss of Flight 19 through Charles Taylor's home, relatives and friends. Examines school records, flight training, etc.
2530 Probable Explanation for Dissappearance of Flight 19
Is Charles Taylor for the disappearance of Flight 19? The Forestal paper. Questions involved.
261 Mrs. Taylor's and Sister's Investigative Trip to N.Y. and Return to Corpus Christi
262 Investigation Continued by Atty. Burke
Mrs. Taylor turns all letters, records, reports over to Atty. Burke to carry on investigation.
263 Burke's Presentation to Naval Review Board and Final Vindication
264 Mrs. Taylor and Sister Continue Search
Mrs. Taylor and her sister continue the search of wreckage and clues of the disaster.
265 Log of Letters and Notes
266 Renewal of Interest in Flight 19, 1961-1971
Includes magazine articles and books.
267 Post Mortem (1946-1958) and Biographical Information Regarding K. Taylor and Miss Carroll
268 The Search on 1945 December 6
269 List of Photos by Number
2610 Kusche Visits the Lowes
2611 Table of Contents of Flight 19
2612 Book II: The Folks Back Home
2613 Unidentified Pages
271 Drafts and Lists
Includes drafts of table of contents, lists of photos, and lists of maps.
272 Story Outlines (Drafts)
273 Manuscript of Various Parts of Book (Drafts; In Sequence)
274 Part III: The Boy (Draft)
Includes "the shake down" and "The Legend of Flight 19".
275 The Leaders and Crew of Flight 19
276 Part III: The Dust Settles (Manuscript)
277 Various Manuscript Pages
281 Part III: The Dust Settles (Typed Draft)
282 The Controversy, 970 February, 1979 June (Final Drafts)
Final typed draft (1970 February); final correction (1979 June).
283 Part I: The Flight, 1979 September (Last Correction)
284 The Loss of Flight 19 (Draft; Typed Corrected Pages Numbered)
Covers through Monday, 1945 December 10, when search was called off.
285 Part I: The Controversy (Final Draft; Retyped 1979)
286 The Loss of Flight 19 (Original Manuscript of First Version; No Photos or Maps)
287 Table of Contents and Brief Outlines (3 Drafts)
288 Page Listing
Page count and subject listing by page for Parts I, II and appendix.
289 Short Subject Pages (Manuscript)
Includes information regarding automatic radio transmitters, ditching, the Avenger, rumors about drinking, Corpus Christi, Part III: The Dust Settles - page list, the refusal to change frequencies, mysterious MT 28, the unknown lead pilot, the scattered flight, the other lost flight, Epilogue, the young man, Taylor's family, Taylor's car, the ready plane, the radio, flares and debris, disorientation, navigation, and compass failure, the search, the record of pilots' call, dedication, acknowledgements.
291 Correspondence from Jean Flagg, 1979 October 10
Letter from Jean Flagg, Editor, Barnes & Noble to Larry Kusche enclosing composition samples.
292 Complete Manuscript (Typed; No Illustrations or Maps)
Complete [?] manuscript including bibliography and acknowledgments.
293 Proof Copy and Letter
Proof copy of The Disappearance of Flight 19 and copy of Larry Kusche letter to Jean Flagg with list of corrections.
294 Letter and "Scenario" for Tentative Film Ireatment
295 Proof Index
Page proof index for The Disappearance of Flight 19 with Harper and Row transmittal letter dated 1980 February 22.
296 Letter to Larry Kusche from the Department of the Navy, Naval History Division
Letter indicates that the 500 page microfilm record of Board Investigation is available.
297 Bibliography (Draft)
298 Epilogue (Draft)
299 Biography of Larry Kusche and "Flap" Copy for Dust Jacket
2910 Epilogue and Descriptions of Illustrations
2911 Correspondence with Jean Flagg Regarding Details of Corrections to The Disappearance of Flight 19
2912 Dedication, Acknowledgements and Biography
2913 Appendix (Draft)
Discusses the sensationalized mystery (Taylor's premonition), the missing crewman, the dramatic "quotations", the December 4 telephone call, the "disappearance" of the search plane, navigation and communications, the "Keys" or the "Cays", command of the flight - Why they all followed, the wreckage.
2914 Navy Department Release, "Loss of Five Navy Planes Off Florida Coast Attributed to Faulty Navigation", 1946 April 3
2915 Discarded and Replaced Manuscript Pages
30A File Regarding Kusche Photos used by Greenhaven Press
Discusses images of Charles Taylor, Allan Kosner, Slocum Spray Boston, and Sargasso Sea Wreck.
301 Index of Photographs
302A Photographs and Diagrammatic Pictures (50 Images)
Approximately 50 photographs of planes, boats, airfields. Also, diagrammatic pictures of TBM's. Miscellaneous negative copies. Includes 13 snapshots of Corpus Christy Bay, 1975 November.
302B Photographs of Flight 19 Crew Members, Navy Personnel, and Family Snapshots (50 Photographs)
Includes Charles Taylor as college student and as student navigator, 1941 August 8; Kosnar in checkered suit jacket.
303 Assorted Photographs (Xerox Copies)
Photos of crew members, aerial photos, and diagrams of TBM planes. Charles Taylor included.
304 Photo of an Island with Others in the Background
305 Photos of TBM Ditching (3 8" x 10" Glossy Photographs)
Photos of a TBM ditching (photos in sequence).
306 Maps and HF/DF Bearings Lists
Photo map and listing of all HF/DF bearings on alert. Photo map of Gulf of Mexico and Bermuda Triangle showing Florida and Gulf coast line. Also, listing of all HF/DF bearings on alert LP7 for Flight 19.
307 Aerial Photo
Aerial photo of Banana River Naval Air Station.
308 Photos of Air Stations
Photos of Ft. Lauderdale Air Training Station and Hollywood International Air Port. Also, air strips, air towers, and operations rooms.
309 Photo, "Rough Seas"
3010 Map and Photo
Copy of map showing over water day navigation problem from Ft. Lauderdale. Also, photo of large rock in sea.
3011 Photo of USS Solomons Aircraft Carrier
3012 Unidentified Air Base (5 Glossy Prints and Negatives)
Unidentified air base and buildings, showing air strips, barracks and operations equipment.
3013 USS Hancock Photos (Xerox Copies)
Pictures show engagements. Chart record of testimony of Lt. Cdr. Donald J. Poole. Miscellaneous statistical data. Poem, "Some ships sail East ..."
3014 Maps and Aviation Charts
Numerous maps of Florida, Florida Keys, Bahamas area. Some aviation charts.
3015 Maps
Maps with plotting of radio receptions, sightings, explosion during Flight 19 search.
3016 Lists of Illustrations and Maps
Lists of illustrations and maps with explanations of illustrations. Reference: painting by G. J. Lind of Flight 19 (Painting in Flight Office).
3017 Letters, Articles, Clippings, and Photos
Article on Flight 19 in the Star, 1980 April 8. Various other letters, articles, clippings and photos of Larry Kusche in 3 piece suit by bookcase, Undated.
3018 Observations Regarding Ditching
Pages from a notebook with observations regarding ditching a plane.
311 Photos
Glossy prints of Charles' house, medals and other "memorabilia", islands off Florida coast, planes, Naval "team mates" of Charles, diploma as Naval aviator.
312 Letters and Manuscript
Letters to Publisher Regarding Manuscript, photos and dust jacket "blurbs" (including biography). Manuscript of Part III as edited 1980 January.
313 Part I (Copies)
314 Manuscripts by Dates
Includes 1945 December; 1946 March; 1946 April-May; 1946 June-July; 1946 August; 1947 October-December; 1948-.
315 Appendix: Items A through N
a. Charles Taylor 1941-1943
b. The sensationalized mystery
c. Taylor's premonition
d. The missing crewman
e. The dramatic quotations
f. FT... FT...
g. The December 4 telephone call
h. Disappearance of the search plane
i. Navigation and communications
j. The Keys or the Cays
k. Command of the flight
l. The wreckage
m. Automatic radio transmitters
n. The phantom squadrons
316 Manuscripts (Drafts)
a. Katherine Taylor and Mary Carroll
b. Charles Taylor 1917-1936
c. Charles Taylor 1936-1942
d. Typed draft-appendix
e. Second guessing Larry Kusche flies the Flight 19 route
317 Manuscript Pages (Drafts)
Includes Appendix, Index, Table of Contents; list of photos with titles and page numbers, area map drawings; and acknowledgements.
318 Letter of Transmittal to Jeanne with Advanced Draft of Manuscripts
Includes The Flight, The Controversy, and The Dust Settles.
321 Master Proof
322 Draft Notes; Dictation of Deception
331 Correspondence from Katherine Taylor to the U.S. Navy Regarding Charles Taylor
News clipping posting reward for word of Charles. Navy reports on Charles' medals. Draft manuscript regarding Navy telegram to Taylor family telling of Charles' status as missing.
332 Letters from Larry Kusche to Navy Associates of Charles Taylor Requesting Phone and/or Personal Interviews for Anecdotal and Other Information (Copies)
333 Other Materials
Larry Kusche's remarks regarding the bibliography. Burke's report as to what happened, who erred. The search; reports of sightings. Mrs. Taylor's correspondence with Admiral Jennings. Log of Navy base during search. Comments regarding Charles proficiency as pilot and student.
334 Maps and Other Materials
Map of Caribbean Yucatan Peninsula, Gulf of Mexico and Southeastern U.S. Photo map of Southern Florida (Everglades). Includes Bahamas and Andros Island. Aeronautical Chart map and article on Florida Keys. Confederate Air Force Air Show (1978 October 5-8) brochure. Map appearing on end papers of book.
335 Brochure and Lectures by Larry Kusche
a. Charles Taylor and the Loss of Flight 19
b. The Great Bermuda Triangle Fraud
c. How They Fool You with Facts
Miscellaneous clippings in brochure. Returned envelope addressed to "Relatives of Mr. Clark W. Miller." Booklet and two items mentioning S.S. Gaines Mill.
336 Letters from Navy Department and Other Materials
Letters from Navy Dept., interviews, short quotes and notes dealing with what equipment (i.e. watch, compass, plotting board) Charles went on his ill-fated flight.
337 Interview with Whitney Lowe and Georgia by Larry Kusche
Discusses Mamie and Katherine's life after Charles' death. Biographical note regarding Charles from 1940-1942.
338 Other Materials
Communication logs, photo lists, flight lists. Emergency operations, training, and search patterns. Communications: Larry with "Jeanne", the publisher. Index, draft of poem, "Ships Sail East..." For newspaper articles (1991 May) on discovery of Flight 19, see Box 9, F-1.
341 [Interview], 1975 September 5, Undated
Side A: Albert O. Winchell (1975 September 5); W. O. Burch. Side B: W. O. Burch; Eagle Bolotin
342 [Interview]
Side A: Eagle Bolotin; Richard Baxter; Zappolu. Side B: Zappolu, Parmenter.
343 [Interview]
Side A: Don Poole (bad tape). Side B: Blank.
344 [Interview]
Side A: Don Poole (Part 2); Howard S. Roberts. Side B: Roberts; Yavorsky.
345 [Interview], 1975 September 19, Undated
Side A: Yavorsky; French. Side B: Hines (1975 September 19).
346 [Interview]
Side A: Hines; Hanna; Stoll. Side B: Stoll (Part 2).
347 [Interview]
Side A: Stoll (Part 3; Continued on Tape 8). Side B: Beuttenmuller; Curtis.
348 [Interview]
Side A: Stoll (Part 4). Side B: Stoll (Part 4 Continued); Kohlmeir.
349 [Interview]
Side A: Curtis (Contined from Tape 7); Jackson. Side B: Jackson; Mastaglio; Hansen; R. D. Cox.
3410 [Interview], 1975 November 20, December 30, Undated
Side A: Gerber (1975 November 20); Mrs. Isaac Barron. Side B: Barron (1975 December 30); Stoll (1975 December 30).
3411 [Interview], 1975 November 25, Undated
Side A: Poole (1975 November 25); Winchell; David Russell. Side B: David Russell; Lowe - 1 (Beginning of Corpus Christi Tapes)
3412 [Interview]
Side A: Lowe (2 CC Tapes). Side B: Blank.
3413 [Interview]
Side A: Lowe (3 CC Tapes). Side B: Blank.
3414 [Interview]
Side A: Lowe (4 CC tapes); Eddie Stephenson. Side B: Stephenson (5 CC Tapes); Lowe; White.
3415 [Interview]
Side A: White (6 CC Tapes); Carroll, Carolyn; Lowe. Side B: Warren (7 CC Tapes); Lowe; Wright.
3416 [Interview]
Side A: McNeil (8 CC Tapes); Lowe; O'Brien. Side B: O'Brien (9 CC Tapes); Steve Allen.
3417 [Interview]
Side A: Chas Weil (10 CC Tapes); Elbert Cox; Side B: Blank.
3418 [Interview]
Side A: Cox (11 CC Tapes); Herold; Coxes. Side B: Coxes (12 CC Tapes); Carter; Annie Cox; The Bluff.
3419 [Interview]
Side A: Annie Cox (13 CC Tapes); Herb Garret; Susser, Alexander; Lew Borden. Side B: Borden (14 CC Tapes); F. Clay Caldwell; E. L. Caldwell.
3420 [Interview], 1975 December 3, Undated
Side A: Gerber; Barbara Gonzalez. Side B: Gonzalez (1975 December 3); Rossi.
3421 [Interview], 1975 December 19, Undated
Side A: Rossi; Jutte; Massey; Melvin Pike. Side B: Wirshing (1975 December 19).
3422 [Interview], 1975 December 29-30, Undated
Side A: Rapp (1975 December 29). Side B: Rapp; Burch (1975 December 30).
3423 [Interview], 1975 December 30, Undated
Side A: Burch; Nelson R. Charles. Side B: Charles; Silas Johnson (1975 December 30).
3424 [Interview], 1975 December 30, Undated
Side A: Silas Johnson (1975 December 30); W. T. Murphy (1975 December 30). Side B: Stoll (Continued from 10:B).
3425 [Interview]
Side A: Murphy (Continued from 24:A); Richard S. Roberts. Side B: Broadwater.
3426 [Interview], 1976 February 8, Undated
Side A: Broadwater. Side B: Anthony (Continued from Tape 32); Nafstad (See Tape 36; 1976 February 8).
3427 [Interview], 1975 December 30, Undated
Side A: Bernard Thomas (1975 December 30); Brewer (1). Side B: Brewer (2).
3428 [Interview]
Side A: Brewer (3). Side B: Brewer (4).
3429 [Interview], 1976 January 2, Undated
Side A: Brewer (5); Germ (1976 January 2). Side B: Germ.
3430 [Interview], 1976 January 2-3, Undated
Side A: Germ (3; 1976 January 2); Hudson (1976 January 3); Swope (1976 January 3). Side B: Swope (1976 January 3); Lamade; Roberts; Yavorsky.
3431 [Interview], 1976 January 3, Undated
Side A: Rapp (1976 January 3); Morey. Side B: Morey; Jackson, Jr.
3432 [Interview], 1976 January 3-5, Undated
Side A: Lowe (1976 January 3); Parish (1976 January 4); Poole (1976 January 5). Side B: Norman Anthony and Wife (Continued on Tape 26).
3433 [Interview], 1976 January 8, Undated
Side A: Robert F. Cox (1; 1976 January 8). Side B: Robert F. Cox (2).
3434 [Interview], 1976 January 8-31, Undated
Side A: Robert F. Cox (3; 1976 January 8); Hudson (1976 January 9); Hatcher (1976 January 11); Swope (1976 January 25); Richard S. Roberts (1976 January 25). Side B: Roberts (1976 January 25); Silas Johnson; Jackson (1976 January 31); Rapp.
3435 [Interview], 1976 January 19
Side A: Libert (Regarding BT Mystery Solved; 1976 January 19); Brewer. Side B: Brewer.
3436 [Interview], 1976 February 3-14
Side A: Nafstad (Continued from Tape 26; 1976 February 3); Bird (1976 February 9); Wirshing (1976 February 9). Side B: Wirshing (1976 February 9); Harris (1976 February 14).
3437 [Interview], 1976 February 14, 28
Side A: J. W. Harris (1976 February 14). Side B: Harris (1976 February 14); Georgia (1976 February 28); Winchell (1976 February 28); Poole (1976 February 28).
3438 [Interview], 1976 February 12, 28, Undated
Side A: Brewer (1976 February 12). Side B: Brewer; Poole (Continued from Tape 37:B; 1976 February 28).
3439 [Interview], 1976 February 28, August 7-26
Side A: Stoll (1976 February 28); Robert F. Cox (1976 August 7). Side B: Spivey (1976 August 25); Brewer (1976 August 25); Brewer (1976 August 26); Brewer (1976 August 26).
3440 [Interview], 1976 August 6, October 10
Side A: Joan Conlon (1976 August 6). Side B: Joan Conlon (1976 October 10).
3441 [Interview], 1977 January 29
Side A: Nathan Puffer (1977 January 29); Side B: Blank.
3442 [Interview], Undated
Side A: Terry Bird (Regarding Compass; Undated); Stivers (Undated). Side B: Stivers (Undated).
Series III: Popcorn Cookery
351 Magazine Articles Used in Research
352 Newspaper Articles Used in Research
353 Newspaper Article Not Used
354 Popcorn Pamphlets Used in Research
355 "Salesology of the Butter-kist Popcorn and Peanut Machines"
356 "Knotts' Pop-corn Book"
357 Popcorn Advertisements
368 Popcorn Poems, Stories and Anecdotes
369 Popcorn History, Research
3610 Commercial Toppings, Research
3611 Uses of Popcorn, Miscellaneous
3612 Research on Uses of Popcorn in Education
3613 Research on Uses of Popcorn in Nutrition
3614 Research on Uses of Popcorn for Money Raising
3615 Research on Growing your own Popcorn
3616 Research on Popping Techniques
3617 General Articles on History of Popcorn
371 Popcorn Recipes
372 Recipes Not Tested
373 Recipes That Were Dups, Flops, Not Needed
374 Volume Testing Research
375 Popper Test Research
376 Candy Recipes
377 Light Fare Recipes
378 Sugared Popcorn Recipes
379 Salty Mixes Recipes
3710 Appetizer Recipes
3711 Dessert Recipes
3712 Salty Recipes
3713 Breakfast Recipes
3714 Bread Recipes
3715 Entree Recipes
3716 Ball and Crunch Recipes
3717 Recipes That Need Photos
381 Correspondence with Popcorn Manufacturers
382 Correspondence with the Popcorn Institute Corporation
383 Correspondence with HP Books Regarding Book Tour, 1977
384 Correspondence with Berkshire County Savings Banks
385 Correspondence with Foreign Countries
Includes some information that shows which countries use popcorn and which do not.
386 Correspondence Regarding Popcorn Testing
387 Correspondence for Popcorn Photos
388 Correspondence, Personal Notes
389 Correspondence, Popcorn Publicity
3810 Manuscript Notes
391 Outline of Popcorn Cookery
392 Introduction
393 Wagons and Whiskers (Final Readings)
394 History of Popcorn (Typed Manuscript)
395 Popper Information (Final Reading, Safety Rules)
396 Popper Tests (Final Reading)
397 Popcorn Cookery (Manuscript)
398 Popcorn Cookery (Paste-Up)
399 Popcorn Cookery (Paste-Up)
3910 Popcorn Photos
3911 [Untitled]
3912 Personal Notes on Trip to Los Angeles
3913 Popcorn Cookery Publicity
3914 Dinah Show Possible
401 Additional Recipes
402 News Clippings and Correspondence
403 Slides, Popcorn
404 Negatives and Photos
40 Books on Popcorn (4 Books)
40 Slide Boxes (4 Boxes)
MAPA Photos of Popcorn. Jolly Time (Black and White)
MAPB Color Photos from Book
Series IV: How to Shape Up Your Hips and Thighs
There is no listing for this material. The two boxes containing this material have had a preliminary sort.
41-42 How to Shape Up Your Hips and Thighs
Series V: Monographs
KU-1 1975Kusche, Lawrence David. The Bermuda Triangle Mystery – Solved. New York: Harper & Row, 1975
KU-1 1986Kusche, Lawrence David. The Bermuda Triangle Mystery – Solved. Buffalo: Prometheus Books, 1986
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KU-1.2 1979Kusche, Lawrence David. a Bermuda-haromszug rejtelye – Megfejtve. Budapest: Zrinyi Katonai Kiado, 1979
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KU-4 1977Kusche, Lawrence David and Porr, Dennis. Shape Up Your Hips and Thighs. New York: Collier Books, 1979
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KU-2001Aaseng, Nathan. The Bermuda Triangle. San Diego: Lucent Books, Inc., 2001