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Reg Manning Collection 1936-1981


Overview of the Collection

Creator: Manning, Reg, 1905-1986
Title: Reg Manning Collection
Inclusive Dates: 1936-1981
Quantity: 376 Boxes (70.0 Linear Feet)
Abstract:The Reg Manning Collection houses original cartoons, cartoon newsclippings, and correspondence ranging from 1936 to 1981. The bulk of the collection consists of original cartoons published in the Arizona Republic from 1964 to 1981. The collection has been divided into three series.
Identification: MSS-55
Language: Material in English
Repository: Arizona State University Library. Greater Arizona Collection
Arizona State University Library
P.O. Box 871006
Tempe, AZ 85287-1006
Phone: (480) 965-4932
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Biographical Note

Editorial cartoonist Reginald West Manning was born in Kansas City, Missouri in 1905. He moved with his widowed mother to Phoenix in 1919 and began work with the Arizona Republic in 1926, handling all their photography and art work. Manning became an editorial cartoonist on July 17, 1934.

Manning was initially known for his feature cartoon page, "The Big Parade", in the Arizona Republic. His cartoons began national distribution in 1948 when he signed on with the McNaught Syndicate. In 1951, Manning won the Pulitzer Prize for "Hats", which juxtaposed numerous silk top hats belonging to Korean War peace negotiators hung on a hat rack at the Lake Success peace talks with a soldier's helmet pierced by a bullet and hanging from a cross. Manning published over 15,000 cartoons that were distributed to as many as 179 newspapers through syndication. He was also the author of a number of books, including What Kinda Cactus Izzat? (1941) and What is Arizona Really Like? (1938).

Manning continued to submit cartoons for publication after he reduced his work schedule in 1980. He passed away in Scottsdale, Arizona on March 10, 1986.

Scope and Content Note

The Reg Manning Collection houses original cartoons, cartoon newsclippings, and correspondence ranging from 1936 to 1981. The bulk of the collection consists of original cartoons published in the Arizona Republic from 1964 to 1981. The collection has been divided into three series.

Series I: Arizona Republic Cartoon Newsclippings consists of newsclippings of Manning cartoons as they originally appeared in the Arizona Republic. The clippings are filed by date of publication and extended from 1936 to 1978.

Series II: Correspondence extends from 1941 to 1945 and is filed alphabetically by the correspondent's last name. The bulk of these files are letters from American servicemen in the United States and overseas during World War II. The Newsclippings file includes substantial biographical information published from 1940 to 1968.

Series III: Original Cartoons dates from 1964 to 1981. Other than the individual cartoons located in box 21, the cartoons are filed chronologically by the date they appeared in the Arizona Republic.


This collection consists of three hundred and seventy-six boxes divided into three series:
Series I: Arizona Republic Cartoon Newsclippings
Series II: Correspondence
Series III: Original Cartoons


Access Restrictions

To view this collection, make an appointment at least five business days prior to your visit by contacting Ask an Archivist or calling (480) 965-4932. Appointments in the Distinctive Collections Wurzburger Reading Room at Hayden Library (rm. 138) on the Tempe campus are available on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.; and Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Note: All library reading rooms are currently closed as part of the ASU Library's COVID-19 response. Ask an Archivist is available Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m., for reference assistance regarding collection materials.


The copyrights to this collection are retained by the Manning Family. Information regarding requests for permissions to publish, display, or redistribute information from this collection may be submitted to the Head, Distinctive Collections, Arizona State University Library.

Access Terms

Personal Name(s)
Manning, Reg, 1905-1986.

Political Satire, American -- Arizona -- History.

Cartoonists -- Arizona -- Biography.

Arizona Republic (Phoenix, Ariz.).

Administrative Information

Credit Line

Reg Manning Collection, MSS-55. Arizona State University Library: Greater Arizona Collection.


The Reg Manning Collection was established with a gift of four original cartoons (now located in box 21) received from Reg Manning that were intended to serve as part of the Carl T. Hayden Papers.

The Arizona Republic cartoon newsclippings and correspondence were received from Mr. Manning in 1978 (ACC# 1978-00051).

The balance of the original cartoons were received from Mrs. Ruth E. Manning (Reg Manning's wife) in 1987.

Container List

Series I: Arizona Republic Cartoon Newsclippings
1/OV21 Arizona Republic, 1936
1/OV22 Arizona Republic, 1937
1/OV23 Arizona Republic, 1938
1/OV24 Arizona Republic, 1939 January-April
1/OV25 Arizona Republic, 1939 May-August
1/OV26 Arizona Republic, 1939 September-December
1/OV27 Arizona Republic, 1940 January-April
1/OV28 Arizona Republic, 1940 May-August
1/OV29 Arizona Republic, 1940 September-December
1/OV210 Arizona Republic, 1941 January-April
1/OV211 Arizona Republic, 1941 May-August
1/OV212 Arizona Republic, 1941 September-December
2/OV21 Arizona Republic, 1942 January-April
2/OV22 Arizona Republic, 1942 May-August
2/OV23 Arizona Republic, 1942 September-December
2/OV24 Arizona Republic, 1943 January-April
2/OV25 Arizona Republic, 1943 May-August
2/OV26 Arizona Republic, 1943 September-December
2/OV27 Arizona Republic, 1944 January-April
2/OV28 Arizona Republic, 1944 May-August
2/OV29 Arizona Republic, 1944 September-December
3/OV21 Arizona Republic, 1945 January-April
3/OV22 Arizona Republic, 1945 May-August
3/OV23 Arizona Republic, 1945 September-December
3/OV24 Arizona Republic, 1946 January-April
3/OV25 Arizona Republic, 1946 May-August
3/OV26 Arizona Republic, 1946 September-December
3/OV27 Arizona Republic, 1947 January-April
3/OV28 Arizona Republic, 1947 May-August
3/OV29 Arizona Republic, 1947 September-December
4/OV21 Arizona Republic, 1948 January-April
4/OV22 Arizona Republic, 1948 May-August
4/OV23 Arizona Republic, 1948 September-December
4/OV24 Arizona Republic, 1949 January-April
4/OV25 Arizona Republic, 1949 May-August
4/OV26 Arizona Republic, 1949 September-December
4/OV27 Arizona Republic, 1950 January-April
4/OV28 Arizona Republic, 1950 May-August
4/OV29 Arizona Republic, 1950 September-December
5/OV21 Arizona Republic: Pulitzer Prize Winning Cartoon, 1951
5/OV22 Arizona Republic, 1951 January-April
5/OV23 Arizona Republic, 1951 May-August
5/OV24 Arizona Republic, 1951 September-December
5/OV25 Arizona Republic, 1952 January-April
5/OV26 Arizona Republic, 1952 May-August
5/OV27 Arizona Republic, 1952 September-December
5/OV28 Arizona Republic, 1953 January-April
5/OV29 Arizona Republic, 1953 May-August
5/OV210 Arizona Republic, 1953 September-December
6/OV21 Arizona Republic, 1954 January-April
6/OV22 Arizona Republic, 1954 May-August
6/OV23 Arizona Republic, 1954 September-December
6/OV24 Arizona Republic, 1955 January-April
6/OV25 Arizona Republic, 1955 May-August
6/OV26 Arizona Republic, 1955 September-December
6/OV27 Arizona Republic, 1956 January-April
6/OV28 Arizona Republic, 1956 May-August
6/OV29 Arizona Republic, 1956 September-December
7/OV21 Arizona Republic, 1957 January-April
7/OV22 Arizona Republic, 1957 May-August
7/OV23 Arizona Republic, 1957 September-December
7/OV24 Arizona Republic, 1958 January-April
7/OV25 Arizona Republic, 1958 May-August
7/OV26 Arizona Republic, 1958 September-December
7/OV27 Arizona Republic, 1959 January-April
7/OV28 Arizona Republic, 1959 May-August
7/OV29 Arizona Republic, 1959 September-December
8/OV21 Arizona Republic, 1960 January-April
8/OV22 Arizona Republic, 1960 May-August
8/OV23 Arizona Republic, 1960 September-December
8/OV24 Arizona Republic, 1961 January-April
8/OV25 Arizona Republic, 1961 May-August
8/OV26 Arizona Republic, 1961 September-December
8/OV27 Arizona Republic, 1962 January-April
8/OV28 Arizona Republic, 1962 May-August
8/OV29 Arizona Republic, 1962 September-December
9/OV21 Arizona Republic, 1963 January-April
9/OV22 Arizona Republic, 1963 May-August
9/OV23 Arizona Republic, 1963 September-December
9/OV24 Arizona Republic, 1964 January-April
9/OV25 Arizona Republic, 1964 May-August
9/OV26 Arizona Republic, 1964 September-December
9/OV27 Arizona Republic, 1965 January-April
9/OV28 Arizona Republic, 1965 May-August
9/OV29 Arizona Republic, 1965 September-December
10/OV21 Arizona Republic, 1966 January-April
10/OV22 Arizona Republic, 1966 May-August
10/OV23 Arizona Republic, 1966 September-December
10/OV24 Arizona Republic, 1967 January-April
10/OV25 Arizona Republic, 1967 May-August
10/OV26 Arizona Republic, 1967 September-December
10/OV27 Arizona Republic, 1968 January-April
10/OV28 Arizona Republic, 1968 May-August
10/OV29 Arizona Republic, 1968 September-December
11/OV21 Arizona Republic, 1969 January-April
11/OV22 Arizona Republic, 1969 May-August
11/OV23 Arizona Republic, 1969 September-December
11/OV24 Arizona Republic, 1970 January-April
11/OV25 Arizona Republic, 1970 May-August
11/OV26 Arizona Republic, 1970 September-December
11/OV27 Arizona Republic, 1971 January-April
11/OV28 Arizona Republic, 1971 May-August
11/OV29 Arizona Republic, 1971 September-December
11/OV210 Arizona Republic, 1972
12/OV21 Arizona Republic, 1973 January
12/OV22 Arizona Republic, 1973 February
12/OV23 Arizona Republic, 1973 March
12/OV24 Arizona Republic, 1973 April
12/OV25 Arizona Republic, 1973 May
12/OV26 Arizona Republic, 1973 June
12/OV27 Arizona Republic, 1973 July
12/OV28 Arizona Republic, 1973 August
12/OV29 Arizona Republic, 1973 September
12/OV210 Arizona Republic, 1973 October
12/OV211 Arizona Republic, 1973 November
12/OV212 Arizona Republic Republic, 1973 December
12/OV213 Arizona Republic, Undated
13/OV21 Arizona Republic, 1974 January
13/OV22 Arizona Republic, 1974 February
13/OV23 Arizona Republic, 1974 March
13/OV24 Arizona Republic, 1974 April
13/OV25 Arizona Republic, 1974 May
13/OV26 Arizona Republic, 1974 June
13/OV27 Arizona Republic, 1974 July
13/OV28 Arizona Republic, 1974 August
13/OV29 Arizona Republic, 1974 September
13/OV210 Arizona Republic, 1974 October
13/OV211 Arizona Republic, 1974 November
13/OV212 Arizona Republic, 1974 December
14/OV21 Arizona Republic, 1975
15/OV21 Arizona Republic, 1976 January-February
15/OV22 Arizona Republic, 1976 March-April
15/OV23 Arizona Republic, 1976 May-June
15/OV24 Arizona Republic, 1976 July-August
15/OV25 Arizona Republic, 1976 September-October
15/OV26 Arizona Republic, 1976 November-December
16/OV21 Arizona Republic, 1977 January-February
16/OV22 Arizona Republic, 1977 March-April
16/OV23 Arizona Republic, 1977 May-June
16/OV24 Arizona Republic, 1977 July-September
16/OV25 Arizona Republic, 1977 October-December
17/OV21 Arizona Republic, 1978 January-March
17/OV22 Arizona Republic, 1978 April-May
17/OV23 Arizona Republic, 1978 June 1, July
17/OV24 Arizona Republic, 1978 August-September
17/OV25 Arizona Republic, 1978 October-December
Series II: Correspondence
Letters from military personnel to Reg Manning are arranged alphabetically by author's last name.
18/OV21 Military Personnel to Reg Manning: A, 1941-1945
18/OV22 Military Personnel to Reg Manning: B-BL, 1941-1945
18/OV23 Military Personnel to Reg Manning: BO-BU, 1941-1945
18/OV24 Military Personnel to Reg Manning: C-CH, 1941-1945
18/OV25 Military Personnel to Reg Manning: CL, 1941-1945
18/OV26 Military Personnel to Reg Manning: CO-CU, 1941-1945
18/OV27 Military Personnel to Reg Manning: D, 1941-1945
18/OV28 Military Personnel to Reg Manning: E, 1941-1945
18/OV29 Military Personnel to Reg Manning: F, 1941-1945
18/OV210 Military Personnel to Reg Manning: G, 1941-1945
18/OV211 Military Personnel to Reg Manning: HA-HI, 1941-1945
18/OV212 Military Personnel to Reg Manning: HO-, 1941-1945
19/OV21 Military Personnel to Reg Manning: I, 1941-1945
19/OV22 Military Personnel to Reg Manning: J, 1941-1945
19/OV23 Military Personnel to Reg Manning: K, 1941-1945
19/OV24 Military Personnel to Reg Manning: L, 1941-1945
19/OV25 Military Personnel to Reg Manning: M-ME, 1941-1945
19/OV26 Military Personnel to Reg Manning: MI-, 1941-1945
19/OV27 Military Personnel to Reg Manning: N, 1941-1945
19/OV28 Military Personnel to Reg Manning: O, 1941-1945
19/OV29 Military Personnel to Reg Manning: P, 1941-1945
19/OV210 Military Personnel to Reg Manning: Q, 1941-1945
19/OV211 Military Personnel to Reg Manning: R, 1941-1945
19/OV212 Military Personnel to Reg Manning: S-SC, 1941-1945
19/OV213 Military Personnel to Reg Manning: SE-SL, 1941-1945
19/OV214 Military Personnel to Reg Manning: SM-SP, 1941-1945
19/OV215 Military Personnel to Reg Manning: ST-, 1941-1945
20/OV21 Military Personnel to Reg Manning: T, 1941-1945
20/OV22 Military Personnel to Reg Manning: U, V, 1941-1945
20/OV23 Military Personnel to Reg Manning: W-WE, 1941-1945
20/OV24 Military Personnel to Reg Manning: WH-, 1941-1945
20/OV25 Military Personnel to Reg Manning: Y, 1941-1945
20/OV26 Military Personnel to Reg Manning: Z, 1941-1945
20/OV27 Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1941-1945
20/OV28 Unidentified Correspondence, 1941-1945
20/OV29 Envelopes Without Correspondence, 1941-1945
20/OV210 Newsclippings, 1940, 1961-1968
Series III: Original Cartoons
21/OV21 Trying to reduce him [Congress considers the US Post Office budget], 1963 April 25
21/OV22 I seem to have lost the ball [Dirksen takes the Civil Rights Bill football from Humphrey], 1964 May 4
21/OV23 I'm all for free enterprise [Uncle Sam strong arms "American business" for Lyndon Johnson], 1964 May 4
21/OV24 All the other kids gamble [US business wants Congress to allow them to join Western Europe in doing business with communist countries], 1964 May 7
21/OV25 Don't worry, nephew [Uncle Sam provides aid to rest of the world while neglecting Alaskan quake victims], 1964 May 11
21/OV26 New belly dance act - wowing 'em at the Egyptian Room [Russia supports the Arabs against Britain, China, and Israel], 1964 May 14
21/OV27 The carpet treatment for McNamara [The Defense Department is called before Congress about Vietnam], 1964 May 14
21/OV28 Coffee break [Difficulty with relations with Brazil], 1964 May 18
21/OV29 I can't understand why [Britain questions the US in Vietnam where, unlike Britain in the Middle East, there is no oil], 1964 May 18
21/OV210 Railsplitter [The timber issue in Oregon], 1964 May 18
22/OV21 For educational equality [School protesters tally the number of school hours that they caused students to miss], 1964 May 21
22/OV22 Pay as you go [Graves of those killed by communists, including "one President"], 1964 May 25
22/OV23 Smile [US reconnaissance flights catch Laos communists in the act of aggression], 1964 May 25
22/OV24 Can I go now, doc? [Congressional "surgeons" wait to "trim" the Foreign Aid Budget], 1964 May 28
22/OV25 The catch [The expense to tax payers for unproductive Arizona State Senate "fishing" for impeachments], 1964 June 1
22/OV26 What happened to Article X? [The Supreme Court treads on state's rights], 1964 June 1
22/OV27 What we see when we look [The Soviets "spy" back at the US], 1964 June 1
22/OV28 What's the big hurry? [Unusually exciting Arizona Primaries for contests in both parties for Senator and Governor], 1964 June 1
22/OV29 You've had great instruction [Young US graduates are warned of real life difficulties], 1964 June 1
22/OV210 Prospective patients are a little nervous [Difficulties in Vietnam makes potential SE Asian allies nervous], 1964 June 4
23/OV21 How do you translate that? [The Soviets try to "translate" a Chinese "raspberry"], 1964 June 8
23/OV22 Now, I've come to help you [The White House rejects encouraging political straw votes indicating strong support for Lyndon Johnson], 1964 June 8
23/OV23 No super highway ahead ["Dixie" obstructs the Civil Rights Bill in Congress], 1964 June 11
23/OV24 That one doesn't just pull ears [The Supreme Court pulls teeth from Subversive Activities Control Act], 1964 June 11
23/OV25 Ma-a-a! [Congressional representatives sneak home after giving themselves a pay raise], 1964 June 15
23/OV26 There was a man, son [Younger generation is not up the challenges faced by their fathers], 1964 June 15
23/OV27 Time to stop this litter bug [Phoenix traffic violators toss ignored citations from moving vehicle], 1964 June 17
23/OV28 "Big Uncle" will be watching [Federal government enforces Civil Rights Law on US business], 1964 June 22
23/OV29 He doesn't get really angry [Khrushchev is not camera shy unless "photographed from the air"], 1964 June 22
23/OV210 Hello! Casey Stengle? [Scranton lines up support but does not know what to do next], 1964 June 25
24/OV21 Those new topless fashions [The board room fights topless swim suits], 1964 June 25
24/OV22 Whee! Let's celebrate! [Death stalks the 4th of July weekend], 1964 June 29
24/OV23 Change drivers, if necessary [Phoenix Mayor and City Manager compete over charter form of city government], 1964 July 1
24/OV24 Side tracked for the Political Special [Lyndon Johnson's Presidential campaign side tracks Colorado River water plans], 1964 July 1
24/OV25 Such a sunny day - such a tiny cloud [Mayor recall attempt in Phoenix], 1964 July 1
24/OV26 A change of cloaks (no date) [Arizona State Senate takes off legislative jacket and dons a judicial robe for impeachment proceedings], 1964 July 2
24/OV27 As I was saying [The Congo returns to its old ways once the United Nations has departed], 1964 July 2
24/OV28 Of all the people you met [Khrushchev returns from visiting the Scandinavian countries], 1964 July 2
24/OV29 Mind if I eat with you, judge? [Civil Rights Law approaches the courts at a dinner counter], 1964 July 6
24/OV210 Now, will you believe [Castro's sister tells Mexico that Cuba is a communist prison], 1964 July 6
25/OV21 They call that a fight? [Lyndon Johnson and the Democratic donkey watch the Republican National Convention on TV], 1964 July 9
25/OV22 Has anybody suggested [U Thant proposal that would "neutralize" South Vietnam], 1964 July 13
25/OV23 Filthy capitalist! ["Mousie Tongue" criticizes a letter of credit guaranteed by the British government to Khrushchev], 1964 July 16
25/OV24 It went thata-way [Eastern "big city liberals" bemoan the loss of population and influence to the Southwest], 1964 July 16
25/OV25 As a dedicated communist [No US "wean-away-a-commy loan" for Castro], 1964 July 20
25/OV26 Who's calling who what? [Questionable critics criticize Goldwater], 1964 July 20
25/OV27 Cry me a mainstream [Barry Goldwater questions the sincerity of liberals' sorrow over Republican Party problems], 1964 July 23
25/OV28 When the bars are sawed [Allowing civil disobedience encourages more severe crime], 1964 July 23
25/OV29 Doctor with a headache [Both southern states and big northern cities give Lyndon Johnson a "headache" over his Civil Rights law], 1964 July 27
25/OV210 Body blow, cushioned [Not all Latin American states support the US led OAS sanctions], 1964 July 30
26/OV21 Bull by the tail [Lyndon Johnson and the Meat Import Quota Bill], 1964 July 30
26/OV22 Did Barry Goldwater say that? [Barry Goldwater and Martin Luther King said similar things about "extremism"], 1964 July 30
26/OV23 Appeal to the highest court [Proliferation of misconduct charges in Arizona politics], 1964 August 1
26/OV24 And the winner is [A political beauty contest hosted by Lyndon Johnson], 1964 August 3
26/OV25 If it's not your baby [Khrushchev sleeps through a slide show of the US's "moon"], 1964 August 3
26/OV26 Getting the "Castro treatment" [Agriculture Department spy planes fly over US farms], 1964 August 6
26/OV27 Respectfully report [North Vietnam navy takes a licking from the US], 1964 August 6
26/OV28 Look under the table, men [Greece and Turkey over Cyprus], 1964 August 13
26/OV29 Problems of carpetbagging [Bobby Kennedy and the politics of primary delegates], 1964 August 13
26/OV210 O.K., if you insist [Indonesia rejects US foreign aid], 1964 August 17
27/OV21 Isn't it contempt of court [Conflict between the Legislature and the Supreme Court], 1964 August 17
27/OV22 Meet a real winner, son [The younger generation is encouraged to respect disabled American veterans], 1964 August 17
27/OV23 One promise that may be kept [Congressional candidate Lowe Blough makes inflated campaign promises], 1964 August 17
27/OV24 Atlantic City bored walk [Lack of interest by Southern Democrats at Democratic Convention in Atlantic City], 1964 August 20
27/OV25 How the fortune cookie crumbles [Lack of suspense over Lyndon Johnson's expected selection of Hubert Humphrey for his running mate], 1964 August 20
27/OV26 There are two sides to every street [Lyndon Johnson allows US prosperity to overshadows poverty], 1964 August 20
27/OV27 Have you seen the latest best seller? ["Who sues who in Arizona politics"], 1964 August 23
27/OV28 I walk the line [UN peace keeping force in Cyprus], 1964 August 24
27/OV29 We gave him an athletic scholarship [Bobby Kennedy and New York politics], 1964 August 24
27/OV210 They were in such a hurry [Civil rights leaders speed down hill out of control], 1964 August 31
28/OV21 A great place to visit [Bobby Kennedy as tourist in New York], 1964 September 3
28/OV22 Remarkable diplomacy [US (Johnson) alienates both parties in Turkey-Greece Cyprus dispute], 1964 September 3
28/OV23 Another false bomb scare [Arizona politics; Stackhouse as a dud bomb], 1964 September 6
28/OV24 Labor's place in Democratic Party [AFL-CIO bosses place workers as back end of Democratic donkey costume, the position once reserved for the "Solid South"], 1964 September 7
28/OV25 They're waiting for you [Encouragement for the general public to vote], 1964 September 8
28/OV26 Latest thing in military inspection [Disunity in South Vietnam military leadership], 1964 September 10
28/OV27 The alcoholic's wife [Castro must turn to Mexico after "consuming" bottles of Russia, China, and other "commy" booze], 1964 September 10
28/OV28 The storm's only half over [Tax Commission in eye of storm], 1964 September 13
28/OV29 No offense, Nikita [Goldwater is compared to the authoritarianism of Stalin and Mao], 1964 September 14
28/OV210 Will her date wait? [Congressional incumbents must work late in Washington before returning home to campaign], 1964 September 14
29/OV21 Equal time? [The "socialized" Medicare debate], 1964 September 17
29/OV22 The rains came [Primary campaign expenses], 1964 September 19
29/OV23 Go find your own podium [The British political campaign], 1964 September 21
29/OV24 Doncha know this is a disaster city? [Uncle Sam with disaster loan in hand scolds a Phoenix citizen], 1964 September 24
29/OV25 Kibitzer [The Soviets look over the shoulder of NATO war games], 1964 September 24
29/OV26 Please, general! [DeGaulle, pursued by Father Time, marches across South America], 1964 September 24
29/OV27 Just one more step [Arizona balloting irregularities], 1964 September 28
29/OV28 Russ to supply arms to Cypriots [A redefinition of Russia's "free and disinterested" aid to Cyprus], 1964 September 28
29/OV29 Crossing the picket line [The US and OAS protest "friends and allies" doing business with Castro], 1964 October 1
29/OV210 Embarrassing time to meet old girl friends [Indiscreet "left" women distract Humphrey as he tries to appeal to the more conservative], 1964 October 1
30/OV21 I'll deal with you all later [The public is more interested in the baseball World Series than in politics and world problems], 1964 October 5
30/OV22 Those picnic weather forecasts [A small black clouds threatens Johnson and Humphrey's perfect political picnic], 1964 October 5
30/OV23 Any time off for good behavior? [Germany's leadership keeps East Germans in chains], 1964 October 8
30/OV24 It's downright upsetting [Both Salinger and Bobby Kennedy are portrayed as political carpetbaggers], 1964 October 8
30/OV25 Arizona stars over Tokyo [Arizona qualifies seventeen athletes on the US Olympic team for Tokyo games], 1964 October 11
30/OV26 Biggest mushroom cloud ever [Reaction to Red China's first A-bomb], 1964 October 12
30/OV27 That must be it! [The problem of "lop-sided polls" determined by other poll-takers], 1964 October 12
30/OV28 The first qualification [Honesty as the first qualification for a candidate], 1964 October 13
30/OV29 Suddenly it's a race [Goldwater gains on Johnson in the polls], 1964 October 15
30/OV210 You're off to the right start [The Arizona Governor and Arizona newspapers], 1964 October 17
31/OV21 It's an Ill wind [Mao is pleased with an ill "wind" that blows through the Kremlin], 1964 October 19
31/OV22 No matter what your politics [The Greater Phoenix United Fund receives equal patronage from both Democrats and Republicans], 1964 October 19
31/OV23 Unfortunate U.S. and British people [In Russia, the government spares its people the trouble of choosing a leader], 1964 October 22
31/OV24 Move over, Mr. K [Russian Olympic coaches join Khrushchev in the dog house], 1964 October 26
31/OV25 A thought for the day after [Everyone joins to support the nation after the election], 1964 October 29
31/OV26 I hope you realize [Lyndon Johnson rides the back of straw vote takers], 1964 October 29
31/OV27 Speaking of medals [Anastas Mikoyan and Soviet politics], 1964 November 2
31/OV28 Anyone who does not vote today ["Non-voter" is a "friend" of bad government], 1964 November 3
31/OV29 Unemployed [King Saud's "retirement pension"], 1964 November 5
31/OV210 DeGaulle yard stick [DeGaulle measures everything in terms of benefit for France], 1964 November 9
32/OV21 This should get us a Nobel Peace Prize. [Japanese protest US military presence in their country], 1964 November 9
32/OV22 Will he be an "active" v.p. [Humphrey is too much of a "whirlwind" for Johnson], 1964 November 9
32/OV23 Hey Sam, this line is full [Uncle Sam leaves the "paying" line and joins other countries in the "free passes" line of the United Nations], 1964 November 12
32/OV24 We'd enjoy their visits more [The public finds presidential campaigns last too long], 1964 November 12
32/OV25 Style trend [Steel unions look to recent auto industry union success], 1964 November 16
32/OV26 That's what we need -firmness [The US is less than forceful in seeking the USSR's contribution to the UN], 1964 November 16
32/OV27 Hunting in the wilderness was hazardous [City congestion makes life more difficult than in the wilderness times of the Pilgrim], 1964 November 19
32/OV28 You're too shot up to lead [GOP liberals come from the safety of under the bed seeking to replace GOP conservatives who have been shot up being on the front line], 1964 November 19
32/OV29 Replacement for the horse [Issue of taxation in Arizona on property owners and businessmen], 1964 November 22
32/OV210 Ho-Ho-Ho [The Christmas shopping season arrives before Thanksgiving has concluded], 1964 November 23
33/OV21 When they removed the chairman [China replaces the Soviets as leader of the communist world], 1964 November 23
33/OV22 He can wait till Christmas Eve [Mail early for Christmas], 1964 November 26
33/OV23 If you live in Arizona [All should give thanks for living Arizona], 1964 November 26
33/OV24 The new "freedom" [Kremlin loosens chains on East Europe Satellites], 1964 November 26
33/OV25 But most of all [Warning against holiday drunk driving], 1964 November 30
33/OV26 Those mean ol' Americans and Belgians [Drunken Congo rebels kill whites in Africa under observation of Russia and China], 1964 November 30
33/OV27 Are they leaving these behind [The changing system of government in Maricopa County], 1964 December 2
33/OV28 You get so discouraged [Praise for the Phoenix United Fund's success in light of national troubles], 1964 December 5
33/OV29 Annual snow storm [A snow storm of Christmas songs], 1964 December 7
33/OV210 Isn't Lyndon nice [The US "plays ball" with Britain and not France in NATO], 1964 December 10
34/OV21 It's the snacks [Expensive "snacks" bloat the 1965 Federal budget], 1964 December 10
34/OV22 The prospectors [Arizona's new Legislature and Governor consider the state's tax structure], 1964 December 13
34/OV23 Before you are served [The "emerging African nations" of the UN have the US and Belgium for dinner], 1964 December 14
34/OV24 No time for sergeants [Johnson has Humphrey peeling Civil Rights hot potatoes], 1964 December 14
34/OV25 If things get too hot [Arizona Democrats drive supporters into the Republican camp], 1964 December 16
34/OV26 Feeling his new antlers [Republican "Young Turks" challenge the established leadership], 1964 December 17
34/OV27 What ails Europe's kids these days? [The US cannot get Europe to "buy" its military hardware], 1964 December 17
34/OV28 Christmas present from the voters [Voters give Arizona a new, clean Corporation Commission], 1964 December 20
34/OV29 How can we reach the moon? [The US space program has labor problems], 1964 December 21
34/OV210 Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa [Christmas greeting], 1964 December 21
35/OV21 Going-out-of-business sale [A 1964 Republican rummage sale], 1964 December 24
35/OV22 Just the standard form [The world ignores the many "vigorous protests" of the US], 1964 December 28
35/OV23 They seem big now [Baby New Year 1965 has big clothes to fill], 1964 December 28
35/OV24 When you're on night prime time [Handlers dress LBJ as a real cowboy for prime time State of the Union Message], 1964 December 28
35/OV25 Shadow boxer ["World Opinion" shadow is larger than Uncle Sam], 1964 December 31
35/OV26 Who's crazy? [The UN caves to Russia's unwillingness to pay its bill], 1964 December 31
35/OV27 My "Ballot Bowl" triumph ["The Voter" displays his "team" and political "trophies"], 1965 January 3
35/OV28 Another "space race" [Steel industry wages rise; steel prices rise], 1965 January 4
35/OV29 It used to lean left [Italian politics move to the right], 1965 January 4
35/OV210 "We must not look for easy goals" [The governor and state legislature of Arizona faces an ominous opposition of issues in a game of basketball], 1965 January 6
36/OV21 After you get in [Changes to Medicare rules opens door for socialized medicine], 1965 January 7
36/OV22 But not to making Khrushy's mistake [Possible visit of Russia's leader to the US and Disneyland], 1965 January 7
36/OV23 Sukarno's place in the world [UN in pocket of China], 1965 January 11
36/OV24 The pen is mightier [LBJ pressures congress], 1965 January 11
36/OV25 Most likely to apply [Mechanized farming replacing the bracero], 1965 January 14
36/OV26 Come In, come In [The Congress "barber" gives the Foreign Aid Bill a trim], 1965 January 18
36/OV27 Why bother to rebuild it? [State Houses wrecked in Supreme Court Reapportionment], 1965 January 18
36/OV28 Heal! Sit! Down boy! [Undisciplined House Republicans run circles around Gerald Ford], 1965 January 21
36/OV29 It's hard enough fighting him [Arizona highway deaths and uninspected cars], 1965 January 21
36/OV210 "Aid to education" [New federal rules concerning welfare funds to states], 1965 January 24
37/OV21 Check ideals and convictions at the door [The US joins the line to do business with communist countries], 1965 January 25
37/OV22 He was taking a bow, when [Britain's Labor government], 1965 January 25
37/OV23 Neighborhood solicitation [Latin America is cold to US solicitations for support of war in Vietnam], 1965 January 25
37/OV24 Every hour, on the hour [The threat of a coup is routine in Vietnam], 1965 January 28
37/OV25 Want info on cheating scandals? [Public information gag order leaves way for rumors on Air Force issue], 1965 January 28
37/OV26 You can't sandbag it forever [Maricopa County has disproportionate vote-power in the state of Arizona], 1965 January 31
37/OV27 All right, all right [Carl Hayden and Arizona offer many guarantees and safeguards to California in Colorado River water allocations], 1965 February 3
37/OV28 Before we can fill our canteens (no date) [Carl Hayden and California-Arizona Colorado River water], 1965 February 3
37/OV29 Devil to pay [Developing countries reject US aid], 1965 February 4
37/OV210 Eyeball to eyeball [Vietnam], 1965 February 4
38/OV21 Never mind what the doctor says [Papago Park development in Phoenix], 1965 February 7
38/OV22 Massachusetts was never like this [New York politics gives Bobby Kennedy a hard time], 1965 February 8
38/OV23 Ohh - I can't watch [Eisenhower cringes over Johnson's solicitations toward the USSR], 1965 February 8
38/OV24 Sassy valentines [Satirical valentines to DeGaulle, Humphrey, Khanh of Vietnam, and Khrushchev], 1965 February 8
38/OV25 Explain again [Uncle Sam is not very successful in gaining the support of villagers in South Vietnam], 1965 February 11
38/OV26 U.S. homes bombed [American boys killed in Vietnam are equated to bombs dropped on American households], 1965 February 11
38/OV27 Who do they cheat? [College cheaters only cheat themselves], 1965 February 11
38/OV28 As a test project [Proposed National Crime Commission to help clean up lawlessness should begin in Washington DC], 1965 February 18
38/OV29 If y' doubt peace is possible- [If Arizona and California can reach agreement on the Colorado River water, then the rest of the world can get along], 1965 February 18
38/OV210 Would ja stop an ambulance [New County Hospital and Arizona State Legislature at odds over land use], 1965 February 21
39/OV21 Don't look now, boys [Women apply for jobs under the Civil Rights Act Title VII], 1965 February 22
39/OV22 Judging from results [West Germany has no more success at mediating between the Arabs and the Israelis than the US], 1965 February 25
39/OV23 More room for favored tenants [Ho Chi Minh evicts the International Control commission for China and the USSR], 1965 February 25
39/OV24 To start a stampede [Communists lead American students (a herd of cattle) willing to protest anything], 1965 February 25
39/OV25 Why call an ambulance? [Arizona House of Representatives on Medicare and the elderly], 1965 February 25
39/OV26 Let's get married [Phoenix courts North Phoenix in offer of annexation], 1965 February 28
39/OV27 D' they take you for a statue? [Peace-in-Vietnam international probes (pidgins) attack Uncle Sam], 1965 March 1
39/OV28 I'd have bipartisan support [Johnson lacks the support of Democratic leadership on US policy in SE Asia], 1965 March 1
39/OV29 We bought it for you 80 years ago [Arizona State Legislature and land for the new county hospital], 1965 March 3
39/OV210 Ambidextrous [The Soviets speak of the US cordially with the left hand while denouncing the US with the right], 1965 March 4
40/OV21 How times have changed [Europe rejects the US dollar], 1965 March 4
40/OV22 Where it hurts [US air strikes in N. Vietnam hurts China, the "puppet master"], 1965 March 4
40/OV23 Time bomb [Arizona: Uninspected cars are ticking time bombs], 1965 March 7
40/OV24 "Police brutality!" [China criticizes Russia's treatment of protestors against US Embassy in Moscow], 1965 March 8
40/OV25 Don't tear up Your tickets, folks [A photo finish for Steelworkers Union elections], 1965 March 8
40/OV26 Me do "stoop" labor? [Welfare pays as well as agriculture field work], 1965 March 8
40/OV27 Hate-America windfall [Race violence in US provides fuel for communists against the US], 1965 March 11
40/OV28 Pushed! [Egypt and East Germany push West Germany into the arms of Israel], 1965 March 11
40/OV29 He's my bonus baby [Bobby Kennedy and New York politics], 1965 March 15
40/OV210 Look at it this way [The new County Hospital is located next door to existing Arizona State Hospital], 1965 March 16
41/OV21 The torch [Federal enforcement of Voting Rights as torch of Statue of Liberty], 1965 March 18
41/OV22 Change the name to "Mexico peace Corps" [Call braceros "Agricultural Advisors" and allow into the US], 1965 March 22
41/OV23 Splash! splash! [US contributes disproportionate amount to UN], 1965 March 22
41/OV24 New pipes and headgates [Arizona House Bill 57 and state funds control and distribution], 1965 March 24
41/OV25 Deadliest "bomber" in the world [Motorist as "bomber" of Americans], 1965 March 25
41/OV26 I've started you on the way [Martin Luther King leaves Alabama], 1965 March 25
41/OV27 Lots of smoke and fire [Arizona Governor's tax plan and the home owner], 1965 March 28
41/OV28 Civil rights demonstrations [Unions deny non-members their civil rights], 1965 March 29
41/OV29 These things could only happen today [Satirical commentary on the UN, Egypt, and demonstrators], 1965 March 29
41/OV210 The officer already has plenty of guns [Lyndon Johnson looks for a new weapon to enforce civil rights in the South], 1965 April 1
42/OV21 Would you shoot a simple asian peasant? [Communist terrorism disguised as a peasant], 1965 April 1
42/OV22 Please, Stew [Looking to the Columbia River for water for Arizona], 1965 April 2
42/OV23 For the quickest way out [UN gives Uncle Sam a defective parachute and tells him to take a jump over the US defense of S. Vietnam], 1965 April 5
42/OV24 Longest filter yet! [Ten cents per pack cigarette tax in New York State], 1965 April 5
42/OV25 Now he tells me! [Lyndon Johnson and finances], 1965 April 5
42/OV26 Gerrymandering? Perish the thought [Northern Arizona State Senators and Congressional Redistricting Plans], 1965 April 6
42/OV27 With these modern dances ["Distance dancing" between Britain and France], 1965 April 8
42/OV28 Flood victim [Spring floods of 1965], 1965 April 12
42/OV29 How they wish for peace [Mao and Ho Chi Minh split the wishbone of Johnson "peace dove" offering], 1965 April 12
42/OV210 Washington wizards loan rangers [Washington throws money at "depressed areas"], 1965 April 12
43/OV21 Y' couldn't get it in the trunk [Arizona needs twenty days of special sessions], 1965 April 13
43/OV22 The persistent salesman [British negotiation attempts in SE Asia], 1965 April 15
43/OV23 The silver lining [Arizona clouds lack rain after all the water is squeezed into irrigation and reservoirs], 1965 April 18
43/OV24 Too many generals [The "War on Poverty" programs and funds are given confusing marching orders], 1965 April 19
43/OV25 But they did! [Arizona State Senate holds hostage land designated for new county hospital], 1965 April 22
43/OV26 Monster in the river [Mississippi Valley flood crest], 1965 April 22
43/OV27 Students? [Students or professional protestors on campus?], 1965 April 22
43/OV28 Holding the seats [Arizona voter redistricting problems], 1965 April 25
43/OV29 Ready to knock another pillar [Lyndon Johnson asks Congress to "knock down" state right to work laws], 1965 April 26
43/OV210 They think that's the voice of U.S.? [Peking and Hanoi mistaking the pacifist's protest as the true voice of America], 1965 April 26
44/OV21 When the superstructure washes away [Americans respond heroically to floods and tornadoes], 1965 April 26
44/OV22 Fanning up a backfire [Mao fans the flames of conflict between Pakistan and India in shadow of Vietnam conflict], 1965 April 29
44/OV23 Look what we dug up [Russia revives the image of Stalin], 1965 April 29
44/OV24 If y'didn't want your building to collapse [Arizona homeowners disproportionately supports education financially], 1965 May 2
44/OV25 He's been shooting chickens! [Lyndon Johnson chases Castro from The Dominican Republic], 1965 May 6
44/OV26 Four fingers [British nationalization of its steel industry], 1965 May 10
44/OV27 Crime is "guerilla warfare" [Arizona citizens should support their police force], 1965 May 13
44/OV28 The liveliest 75 you're likely to see [Arizona celebrates 75 years of the Arizona Republic newspaper], 1965 May 16
44/OV29 He thinks he's a little lamb [US "peace" groups are driven by "professional Commies"], 1965 May 17
44/OV210 How is defining "soft" landing [The Russian space program], 1965 May 17
45/OV21 Definitely not the Indianapolis 500 [Arizona's Second Special Tax Session is spinning it wheels], 1965 May 19
45/OV22 How they get those statistics [Spinning the unemployment numbers], 1965 May 20
45/OV23 Novel way to "reduce conflicts" [Lyndon Johnson and the union-states right-to-work conflict], 1965 May 20
45/OV24 The tender hearted overseer [Arizona Congressional redistricting], 1965 May 23
45/OV25 Castro voodoo [Castro exerts self in Latin America], 1965 May 24
45/OV26 Expert testimony [Frank Sinatra as criminal in the restricting of gun ownership], 1965 May 24
45/OV27 Strange bed, fellows! [India, Russia, and France join in opposition to Lyndon Johnson], 1965 May 27
45/OV28 Wonder if they modeled these? [Russia copies much from America], 1965 May 27
45/OV29 Calories (and taxpayers) don't count [The US national debt continues to grow], 1965 May 31
45/OV210 Sorry I can't take y'along, ma [John Lindsay leaves the Republican Party behind], 1965 May 31
46/OV21 Successor [Backyard pool drowning today replace the irrigation ditch drowning of yesterday in Arizona], 1965 June 1
46/OV22 Sure, you'd rather fight [Arizona is the one to suffer in the "fight" between the governor and the legislature], 1965 June 2
46/OV23 It wasn't you we were shooting at [Lyndon Johnson hunts Castro as he stalks Latin America], 1965 June 3
46/OV24 Prehistoric creatures [Space flight marks a new human era], 1965 June 3
46/OV25 It's hard to keep 'em apart [Refereeing the Dominican Republic civil conflict], 1965 June 7
46/OV26 You've conquered major space problems [Space exploration advances while common products remain unperfected], 1965 June 7
46/OV27 If you balance out those opinions [Arizona: Maricopa County land issues], 1965 June 9
46/OV28 Wait'll I tell papa what I found [Lyndon Johnson's daughter finds Carl Hayden campaign poster at archeological dig in Grasshopper, Arizona], 1965 June 13
46/OV29 After they see pay-ree [War on Poverty and money for state and local welfare departments], 1965 June 14
46/OV210 War-theater in the round [The US soldier surrounded by a host of problems], 1965 June 14
47/OV21 Admittance by invitation [Phoenix and a new housing code], 1965 June 16
47/OV22 Going by ship might be quicker [The USSR's turboprop, world's largest airplane], 1965 June 17
47/OV23 You can get your college education [There are many alternatives to "bulging state and prestige universities"], 1965 June 17
47/OV24 A shoot-out can't help Arizona [Lack of cooperation between Arizona's State Senate and House], 1965 June 19
47/OV25 "It's a kidnapping!" [The Arizona State Supreme Court is asked to intervene in the transfer of land to the County Hospital], 1965 June 20
47/OV26 Do it yourself reapportionment kit [The Supreme Court further confuses the complicated process of determining new state congressional and legislative districts], 1965 June 21
47/OV27 Voice of the turtle (dove) [British Commonwealth peace mission results in "calling" China into the picture], 1965 June 21
47/OV28 The people really flip for me [Ben Bella loyalists and Algeria], 1965 June 24
47/OV29 Waiting to meet him at the gate [Lyndon Johnson releases federal funds], 1965 June 24
47/OV210 Two more to get out [The Arizona Legislature has its hands full with the issues of school aid, university bonds, and voter redistricting], 1965 June 26
48/OV21 Don't let mean ol' Martin scare you [Lyndon Johnson, the Federal Reserve Board, and the prosperity of 1965 and its effect on the stock market], 1965 June 28
48/OV22 Our revolution was different [The US revolution did not produce generals/dictators as leaders], 1965 June 28
48/OV23 Door to nowhere [Strike and lockout in Arizona construction industry], 1965 July 1
48/OV24 Goal of the great society [Debate over what annual income determines the poverty level], 1965 July 1
48/OV25 If he can show me [Lyndon Johnson has success in persuading senators to change their vote], 1965 July 1
48/OV26 Chickens home to roost [The civil rights protest moves from the South to the big Northern cities], 1965 July 5
48/OV27 Wanna bet who gets the heave ho? [France, Russia, and Article 19 of the UN charter], 1965 July 5
48/OV28 Your output may be o.k. [Floods in the West and Midwest US], 1965 July 6
48/OV29 Game called on account of lost ball [France refuses to "play ball" with the European Common Market], 1965 July 8
48/OV210 To keep you honest- [Congressional hearing (about professional prize fighting?)], 1965 July 8
49/OV21 I think they're way ahead of us [Civil Rights Law bars differentiation between the sexes], 1965 July 12
49/OV22 I'm pro fusion [Lindsay and New York Democratic politics], 1965 July 12
49/OV23 Typical 'Melican tv [Another new ambassador for Vietnam], 1965 July 12
49/OV24 I did it with my "anchor punch" [Lyndon Johnson knock outs Congress], 1965 July 15
49/OV25 Pictures of Mars [The pictures of Mars are not impressive], 1965 July 19
49/OV26 Poor substitute for flowers [A mixed legacy for Adlai Stevenson], 1965 July 19
49/OV27 Maximum security? [Lack of security at Arizona State Hospital for criminal insane], 1965 July 21
49/OV28 What's in a name [Ambassador Goldberg's assignment to the UN is unsettling to Arab nations], 1965 July 22
49/OV29 Live--not a tv rerun [New York and Philadelphia compete over water supply], 1965 July 26
49/OV210 Who gets the plums [Consultants pick clean the Office of Economic Opportunity job tree], 1965 July 26
50/OV21 For the battlefield of words [Ambassador Goldberg is well qualified for his appointment to the UN], 1965 July 29
50/OV22 Isn't it wonderful [Unproductive Disarmament Talks in Geneva between Russia and the US], 1965 July 29
50/OV23 After the storm - reconstruction [Some will never recover from the losses of the Arizona construction industry strike], 1965 August 1
50/OV24 Plop! [It took a marathon 172 days for the Arizona legislature to deliver a state bonding compromise], 1965 August 1
50/OV25 Modern carpetbagger [The Federal government comes in on side of the Union against Right-to-Work states], 1965 August 2
50/OV26 Turnabout [The US is firm against Red China, North Vietnam, and the Viet Cong's invading of South Vietnam], 1965 August 2
50/OV27 Kibitzer [Russian radar ships tell the Viet Cong of US military actions in Guam], 1965 August 5
50/OV28 People who need people [Western Growers Association cries for Bracero labor], 1965 August 5
50/OV29 He's their daddy [A small inventory tax repeal is responsible for large tax increases in other areas?], 1965 August 8
50/OV210 Vagrant? Perish the thought! [Federal poverty programs go easy on "vagrants"], 1965 August 9
51/OV21 Don't stray too far, little feller [Red China and Indonesia lay in wait for a stray Singapore], 1965 August 12
51/OV22 Messenger from Olympus [Humphrey acts as Lyndon Johnson's messenger], 1965 August 12
51/OV23 Their natural offspring [Tolerance of minor protest disturbance encourages more violent race riots], 1965 August 16
51/OV24 Line forms outside the new office [Municipal leaders line up for funds from federal Urban Affairs program], 1965 August 19
51/OV25 Happy days are here again [Settlement of Arizona's construction strike], 1965 August 20
51/OV26 A light for Mao [American "Liberal-Isolationist Fringe" attacks on the US in Vietnam stokes the pipe of Mao], 1965 August 23
51/OV27 City of angels [No consensus exists as to what to do after the Los Angeles riots], 1965 August 23
51/OV28 Another rendezvous in space [The US National Debt Ceiling is so high that it orbits the earth], 1965 August 26
51/OV29 Good to the last drop [All of Arizona's water goes to others], 1965 August 29
51/OV210 Grooming him [France grooms China for acceptance to UN], 1965 August 30
52/OV21 Speaking of minorities [The small minority group in Arizona is the small twenty percent of the population that votes], 1965 September 1
52/OV22 For our own good [Police deserve public support], 1965 September 2
52/OV23 Protecting the old homestead [Supreme court squares off against state government on reapportionment], 1965 September 2
52/OV24 Follow Me [If Arizona follows Democratic leadership they will be led down the liberal path of greater Washington control], 1965 September 5
52/OV25 Are you sure the bomb is defused? [Communist Castro infiltrates the construction of a new Dominican government], 1965 September 6
52/OV26 A selling job [Big city politics replaces Northern small counties in Arizona], 1965 September 9
52/OV27 Anybody home? [No one is at home as India and Pakistan burns], 1965 September 9
52/OV28 Man who came to dinner, again [Another Arizona Legislature Special Session], 1965 September 12
52/OV29 Looking for new worlds to conquer? [How helpless man is in the face of hurricane season], 1965 September 13
52/OV210 Extra sensory pain [The defeat of the socialist government in Norway is felt around Europe], 1965 September 16
53/OV21 Speaking as a minster of the gospel [Martin Luther King supports the admittance of China into the UN], 1965 September 16
53/OV22 The ark [Conservationists and the Grand Canyon in Arizona], 1965 September 19
53/OV23 Cities won't feel really loved [The new Urban Affairs Department wants as large a budget as the Agriculture Department], 1965 September 20
53/OV24 Tarred with the same brush [China blames equally the USSR and the US for problems between India and Pakistan], 1965 September 20
53/OV25 But I'm not thirsty [Arizona reapportionment is poison for small county senators], 1965 September 22
53/OV26 If that wasn't a steamroller [Erhard's big win over Brandt], 1965 September 23
53/OV27 The snake's back in the basket [The UN and the Kashmir cease-fire], 1965 September 23
53/OV28 A-mazing Arizona [The Arizona redistricting maze], 1965 September 26
53/OV29 In choosing our new supervisor [Phoenix, Arizona: Rhea Woodall, Barnery Burns, and Pat Riggs are asked to leave politics out of the decision making process], 1965 September 30
53/OV210 Rumors at the top [Rumors of impending shakeups in the Kremlin], 1965 September 30
54/OV21 You've got the flags reversed [State Department "loyalty flag" flies above the nation's flag], 1965 September 30
54/OV22 Hospitality, Johnson style [New Immigration Law is too generous], 1965 October 4
54/OV23 Those trick flames [The UN cannot blow out the Pakistan-India "candles" of conflict], 1965 October 4
54/OV24 Unique cure for bank robbing [If China is admitted into the UN, it will "write checks" for its aggression], 1965 October 4
54/OV25 Welcome home! [Arizona welcomes the AAA Pacific Coast League baseball team to Phoenix], 1965 October 6
54/OV26 Man who puts arm around tigers [Indonesia's Sukarno is harmed by flirting with Communists], 1965 October 7
54/OV27 You and your discovery [If America had not been "discovered," communism would have an easier job of world conquest], 1965 October 7
54/OV28 Tear gas [Gassing the Viet Cong makes all Reds around the world cry], 1965 October 11
54/OV29 Your own observation space platform [The local newspaper is Arizona's best source of news], 1965 October 11
54/OV210 You'll have to extract, doc [Arizona redistricting requires the help of the Federal Courts], 1965 October 13
55/OV21 "Mighty Casey" struck out [State's Rights wins out over the Labor Lobby], 1965 October 14
55/OV22 Exit through a graveyard [Believe Castro and die], 1965 October 14
55/OV23 The one that tips the scales [Your vote counts in Arizona's bonding election], 1965 October 17
55/OV24 Oh, I'm not the star [Communists direct the performance of Vietnam protests on US campuses], 1965 October 18
55/OV25 The escape artists [What the US sees as an escape of Viet Cong troops the communists see as desertion], 1965 October 18
55/OV26 Entertaining the troops - of the enemy [US student protests only encourage Asian communists to "go on killing"], 1965 October 21
55/OV27 I remember you at the big tent [Conservative Republicans shun Lindsay], 1965 October 21
55/OV28 Poor measure for a robe [Federal judge appointments are determined by Democratic standards], 1965 October 21
55/OV29 Handwriting on the wall [Arizona's no vote on bonds and debt limit translate into the need of a budget director], 1965 October 24
55/OV210 From now on [Washington's control of government aid is the true ruler of state and city governments], 1965 October 25
56/OV21 What mask, man? ["Kampus Kooks" look like they are dressed for Halloween], 1965 October 25
56/OV22 When the road is smooth [Phoenix voters expect the new Charter government to carry a bigger load], 1965 October 27
56/OV23 Mao has sent word [China wants to replace Russia in the UN], 1965 October 28
56/OV24 One more mountain to climb [Lyndon Johnson is not enthusiastic about tackling DeGaulle], 1965 October 28
56/OV25 Another air rescue? [Childless husbands are subject to draft], 1965 November 1
56/OV26 That's easy [Citizens pay for the cost of the "Great Society"], 1965 November 1
56/OV27 Who, me? [Lindsay's New York victory places him in the arms of the Republicans], 1965 November 4
56/OV28 If a person is Illiterate [Big-city bosses tell voters how to vote], 1965 November 8
56/OV29 If you don't attend the meeting [Arizona citizens are encouraged to attend city election board meetings], 1965 November 8
56/OV210 I've got new for you, paleface [American Indians reject the encouragements of "professional hate mongers"], 1965 November 8
57/OV21 A toe, stubbed in the dark [Northeast states suffering power failures indicates US dependence on electric power], 1965 November 11
57/OV22 If we had let him graze his cow [Federal government policies are making it expensive for the average citizen to live], 1965 November 11
57/OV23 When you enroll my boy [Washington dictates to local schools with its control of federal school aid], 1965 November 11
57/OV24 To keep in championship form [Arizona finds that it is time for a Charter Government check-up], 1965 November 14
57/OV25 When someone else's freedom is Involved [African nations remain neutral on Red aggressions but aggressive towards Rhodesia's white rebellion], 1965 November 15
57/OV26 In return for Cuban refugees [It is suggested to Lyndon Johnson that he send a boat load of protesters to Cuba], 1965 November 18
57/OV27 Shucks, I got no quarrel with business [Federal Government contracts and stockpiles are good for business], 1965 November 18
57/OV28 Why a great art museum in Arizona? [New wing for Phoenix Art Museum is a good investment], 1965 November 18
57/OV29 The door to peace is open [Lyndon Johnson holds open the door for North Vietnam to exit from South Vietnam], 1965 November 22
57/OV210 The mad (peevish) scientists [Washington can dictate prices by control of government stockpiles], 1965 November 22
58/OV21 Too big for even a computer to handle [Too many reasons for Americans to be thankful in 1965], 1965 November 22
58/OV22 Female of the species [Equal Employment Opportunity takes jobs away from men], 1965 November 25
58/OV23 Heads up! [Thanksgiving collides with the Christmas shopping season], 1965 November 25
58/OV24 You did! [Mao and Ho Chi Minh eat the peace dove for dinner], 1965 November 25
58/OV25 So you won't talk, eh? [Gag order placed on Schmid Murder charges in Tucson, Arizona], 1965 November 28
58/OV26 We're organizing another march [A march against Red aggression], 1965 November 29
58/OV27 The substitute police reporter [Arizona, "Dame Rumor", and the court barring the news media], 1965 December 2
58/OV28 To catch the North Pole flight [Mail early during the Christmas season], 1965 December 2
58/OV29 Anyone has the right [US citizens have the right to protest anything but taxes], 1965 December 6
58/OV210 Okay, you may pass [Western Europe trade with Reds in Asia, but big on sanctions against Rhodesia], 1965 December 9
59/OV21 That kinda cultural aid I could use [Unjust allocation of federal funds for Harlem racial-hate school], 1965 December 9
59/OV22 "Million dollar rain" [Farmers], 1965 December 11
59/OV23 And then there were two [Changing of leadership in Russia], 1965 December 13
59/OV24 Back to the ol' drawing board [The city of Phoenix launches it's Civic Auditorium plan and it sinks], 1965 December 15
59/OV25 Howdy, please t'meetcha, s'long - howdy [A quick handshake from Lyndon Johnson for the world leaders], 1965 December 16
59/OV26 I already gave at the office [Federal deductions for the Great Society is all the charitable contributions that the citizen can afford], 1965 December 16
59/OV27 Bearded little man demonstrates! [Satirizing protesters of the time, Santa Claus demonstrates for a Merry Christmas], 1965 December 20
59/OV28 The boy at the dike is a G.I. [The US in Vietnam is the "dike" that protects Europe from communism], 1965 December 20
59/OV29 Long as you're in the neighborhood [Lyndon Johnson gives Humphrey a list of side trips for his visit to the Philippines for the inauguration of President Marcos], 1965 December 23
59/OV210 Looking for me? [The US finds communist infiltrators in Cambodia], 1965 December 23
60/OV21 Parents listening? [Arizona citizens ask Santa Clause for resolution of the County Hospital issue in Phoenix], 1965 December 23
60/OV22 Here's one final card [Season's greetings from the Arizona Republic], 1965 December 25
60/OV23 I'm looking for drinking drivers [Father Time looks for souls to take with him on the way out], 1965 December 27
60/OV24 We've got a Year to do It [Baby New Year has a lot of work to make the world look better], 1965 December 27
60/OV25 Succor - succor! [Flood victims wait for help from Washington], 1965 December 29
60/OV26 Once more, with feeling ["Peace feelers" reaching for the Dove], 1965 December 30
60/OV27 Someone's bugging me [FCC monitors AT&T], 1965 December 30
60/OV28 What wazzat y'just threw out? [Congress discards the "rubber stamp" for Lyndon Johnson's policies], 1965 December 30
60/OV29 It's your boy [The Phoenix Charter Government committee is asked if he approves of the liberal "hippie style" of the 1964-65 City Council record], 1966 January 4
60/OV210 I don't wanna go out and play [Bobby Kennedy "bullies" beat up on Humphrey], 1966 January 6
61/OV21 With the boys [Marguerite Higgins], 1966 January 6
61/OV22 A slight delay in festivities [Uncertainty in Dominican Republic], 1966 January 10
61/OV23 Fighting trim? [The budget is bloated with "Great Society fat"], 1966 January 10
61/OV24 Hold still a little longer [Uncle Sam's pause in bombing in Vietnam allows Russia to assist Hanoi], 1966 January 10
61/OV25 Will you love me in February [Governor Goddard and state Legislature exchange valentines], 1966 January 12
61/OV26 When he goes for his gun [Strikes by "trigger happy" union leaders harm workers and the by-standing public], 1966 January 13
61/OV27 Justice is blind [The Roylston Decision "blindfolds the press", which is the "eyes" of justice], 1966 January 16
61/OV28 I know, I know, Hubert [Lyndon Johnson and Hubert Humphrey], 1966 January 17
61/OV29 Priority [Legitimate financing needs are held up for "political pay-offs"], 1966 January 17
61/OV210 That's a load off my mind [Jack Vaughn takes the "Peace Corps" load off of Sargent Shriver], 1966 January 20
62/OV21 Watch you language, men [World leaders welcome India's Prime Minister India Gandhi], 1966 January 20
62/OV22 I asked him to deliver olive branch [The USSR refuses to accompany Japan with peace offering for Hanoi], 1966 January 24
62/OV23 If y' thought I was rough [The New York transit strike is nothing compared to a national railroad strike], 1966 January 24
62/OV24 Much quieter living up here [A four year term congressman is more removed from the people than one with a two year term], 1966 January 24
62/OV25 Help! He's holding me up! [Unions and 14-B repeal], 1966 January 27
62/OV26 It's called Sphinx poker [Egypt between Washington and Hanoi], 1966 January 27
62/OV27 Would ja mind moving a little, friend [Allies trading with Hanoi are in the way of a bombing target], 1966 January 27
62/OV28 Line up here for your reservation [Arizona state agencies prefer to deal directly with the Legislature rather than the governor], 1966 January 30
62/OV29 Another smoking label? [Arizona's anti-smog bill], 1966 January 31
62/OV210 Chill at the back of the room [The drafting of students], 1966 January 31
63/OV21 Sure, we could win in Asia [Consider the expense of supporting Asia], 1966 January 31
63/OV22 After knocking here for months [Russia is behind the door of both Geneva and the UN], 1966 February 3
63/OV23 Casualty list, from home [Comparison of American highway casualties to that of war], 1966 February 3
63/OV24 Expert testimony ["Crazy" economist stretch the dollar to meet both the cost of the Great Society and the war], 1966 February 3
63/OV25 Replaced [Arizona reapportionment: The auto (modern city) replaces the horse (rural domination of the legislature)], 1966 February 3
63/OV26 Scooped! [Russia claims another false first], 1966 February 7
63/OV27 If you ask the cook [Arizona voters are very receptive to an increased number of house representatives], 1966 February 10
63/OV28 Lie detector [If one files a truthful tax return then there is no need to fear the IRS], 1966 February 10
63/OV29 If I can't take it with me [Arizona small county senators hold up the state budget], 1966 February 13
63/OV210 "What you don't know -" [Secrecy of government fiscal planning], 1966 February 14
64/OV21 Why the black looks? [Russian trade balance is in the Red, just like the West], 1966 February 14
64/OV22 Asia, It's breath taking [The Department of Agriculture's plans for SE Asia], 1966 February 17
64/OV23 In the Jet Age [The governor of Arizona encourages the state legislature to join the modern age], 1966 February 17
64/OV24 I think they liked me [Humphrey acts as Santa Claus in distributing foreign aid to Asia], 1966 February 21
64/OV25 Oh, don't throw him to the wolves ["Compromisers" policies amount to throwing South Vietnam to the wolves], 1966 February 21
64/OV26 Road to the conference table [The road to peace is barricaded at every turn by Hanoi and Peking], 1966 February 21
64/OV27 The losingest image [Mao loses face in Indonesia, Cuba, and Ghana], 1966 February 28
64/OV28 The best way to avoid accidents [Arizona highway deaths], 1966 March 2
64/OV29 Horse of another color [Organization of African Unity is upset by white ruled Rhodesia], 1966 March 3
64/OV210 Just what we need - another rabbit [Peace proposals continue to multiply], 1966 March 3
65/OV21 I'm a practical man [Arizona flood control tax], 1966 March 6
65/OV22 These boots are made for walkin' [Bobby Kennedy has boots for walking over Humphrey], 1966 March 7
65/OV23 The ark [Arizona votes on flood control], 1966 March 8
65/OV24 Y'want us to send more to Vietnam? [US allies continue to trade with the communists], 1966 March 10
65/OV25 The figurehead [Sukarno of Indonesia], 1966 March 14
65/OV26 International "Nielsen Rating" [US live broadcasts from space are better than anything that Russia did in space], 1966 March 17
65/OV27 Traffic maestro [DeGaulle holds up both NATO and the European Common Market], 1966 March 17
65/OV28 How many lives left? [Sukarno in Indonesia], 1966 March 21
65/OV29 See me as soon as decree is final [Russia courts France in divorce from NATO], 1966 March 21
65/OV210 Can I have more taxes now? [LBJ feeds voters through their November nap], 1966 March 24
66/OV21 If they won't let my boy pitch [Labor's support of Democrats wanes], 1966 March 24
66/OV22 The Phoenix Rodeo INDOORS! [Phoenix's rodeo in Memorial Coliseum], 1966 March 27
66/OV23 I don't read history - I write It [DeGaulle is destined to repeat history's failures], 1966 March 28
66/OV24 I'm afraid to try an April Fool prank [The nation takes all "pranks" seriously], 1966 March 28
66/OV25 Invite the wolf to the farm [Academic philosophies collide with reality in dealing with China], 1966 March 28
66/OV26 Best medicine I've had in years [Phoenix resolves its County Hospital site issue], 1966 March 30
66/OV27 Cut that out! [Buddha and Ky], 1966 March 31
66/OV28 Is perfect fit [Brezhnev fills the shoes of Stalin], 1966 March 31
66/OV28 Protective custody? [The secrecy of the criminal court system in Arizona is no service to the public], 1967 July 17
66/OV29 Snake in the flower garden [Arizona, the Grand Jury, "Flower Funds," and political shakedowns], 1966 April 3
66/OV210 Rags to riches [Britain's government], 1966 April 4
67/OV21 Think your're busy now, nurse? [US nursing shortage], 1966 April 4
67/OV22 That's no Easter egg, son [Arizona's lame duck senate lays a zero], 1966 April 6
67/OV23 Do as I say [The public benefits from increased interest in US savings bonds], 1966 April 7
67/OV24 Is the fatted calf good today? [Sukarno, Indonesia, and the UN], 1966 April 7
67/OV25 The "pigeon drop" bunko game [DeGaulle "withdraws" from NATO in "deal" with Russia], 1966 April 7
67/OV26 Guess it's a flood emergency, all right [Arizona's governor inflated claims for federal disaster aid], 1966 April 10
67/OV27 But, if you want to go [Lyndon Johnson makes an exception to his opposition to congressmen visiting Vietnam], 1966 April 11
67/OV28 Take me out to the ball game [Baseball season attracts the public's attention from world news], 1966 April 11
67/OV29 If we want to solve it in our lifetime [Let us avoid Washington in addressing Phoenix's smog problems], 1966 April 13
67/OV210 We've been doing that for years [The US had been feeding and caring for the world's population for years with foreign aid], 1966 April 14
68/OV21 What's so strange about that? [The communities dislike for local police is compared to the Vietnamese dislike for American soldiers], 1966 April 14
68/OV22 Not the same student who flunked [If state universities were more expensive to the student, only serious students would attend], 1966 April 17
68/OV23 It'll be a wonderful day [Auto makers are capable of making a "safe" car], 1966 April 18
68/OV24 Let that ship pass [Britain trades with North Vietnam but not Rhodesia], 1966 April 18
68/OV25 Disarming the sentry [The US Supreme Court removes the loyalty oath requirement from Arizona public employment], 1966 April 20
68/OV26 Don't mind him [Turkey, the US, Britain, and Iran question the "loose" ties that Pakistan has with China], 1966 April 21
68/OV27 I can't help wandering [How can impoverished people afford to attend a cross country "war on poverty meeting?"], 1966 April 21
68/OV28 Maybe he'd sell some of his surplus [If America needs arms, maybe Castro will sell some of his], 1966 April 21
68/OV29 Quadruped [The "Commies" are behind the Buddhists in South Vietnam], 1966 April 25
68/OV210 I hope you don't mind sharing the bath [The Arizona budgeting process is crowded], 1966 April 27
69/OV21 95 per cent may be duds [While few of the countries that the US supports with military aid support the US in Vietnam, it is still a bargain], 1966 April 28
69/OV22 He's not for real, senator [McNamara produces like a machine], 1966 April 28
69/OV23 The third son [Northern Arizona University is added to the University of Arizona and Arizona State University], 1966 May 1
69/OV24 I traded "cold turkey" for "the bacon" [Vote trading between Lyndon Johnson and Alaska Senator Bartlett], 1966 May 2
69/OV25 Flowers for the living (no date) [The Arizona Supreme Court and the Flower Fund], 1966 May 5
69/OV26 It's the new hospital "bunk bed" [Higher prices for patients under 65 makes up for the lesser priced Medicare patients], 1966 May 5
69/OV27 Not yet broad enough for house moving [The Federal Civil Rights program is not ready for Johnson's anti-discrimination law in house sales and rentals], 1966 May 5
69/OV28 Not a minute to lose [Phoenix's Convention Center is not ready for the American Legion convention], 1966 May 7
69/OV29 Gov't way to lower price load [Lyndon Johnson loads more taxes on the family purse], 1966 May 9
69/OV210 Peking loyalty check [The split between China and the Soviets], 1966 May 9
70/OV21 Shut that off! [California voters consider Pat Brown and Ronald Reagan], 1966 May 9
70/OV22 Opportunity knocking [The Republicans can take advantage of the liberal Democrats knocking heads with the Democratic administration], 1966 May 12
70/OV23 Ready to write a new chapter [Arizona's reapportioned legislature], 1966 May 15
70/OV24 And it's not so great to visit, either [A variety of strikes make visiting New York City difficult], 1966 May 16
70/OV25 How to tell [How to tell the differences in protesters of US in Vietnam], 1966 May 16
70/OV26 Mutiny aboard a carrier [The US abandons South Vietnam], 1966 May 19
70/OV27 Severing ties [Rumania attempts to separate itself from the Warsaw Pact], 1966 May 19
70/OV28 It only hurts for a little while [Congressional hearing concerning the labeling of unsafe autos], 1966 May 23
70/OV29 Another heart operation [Phoenix City Council sees the new Convention Center as a revitalization of the inner city], 1966 May 26
70/OV210 Where Napoleon failed [DeGaulle receives an invitation to visit Moscow], 1966 May 30
71/OV21 Breaking through the Chinese wall [Indonesia and Malaysia meet through the communist divide in Asia], 1966 June 2
71/OV22 Takes their minds off their stomachs [Castro uses anti-US propaganda as a distraction from Cuba's problems], 1966 June 2
71/OV23 The hand that feeds them [Uncle Sam has a bandaged hand], 1966 June 2
71/OV24 Dangerous cocktail [Political influence and the issuance of liquor licenses in Phoenix], 1966 June 5
71/OV25 "Dr. Livingston, I presu ..." [Bobby Kennedy and South Africa], 1966 June 6
71/OV26 The blow was on your chin, Juan! [Dominican Republic politics], 1966 June 6
71/OV27 Touché [Dirksen, Shriver, and the War on Poverty], 1966 June 6
71/OV28 Great news! Y'don't need our help to get In! [Arizona Voter Registration Laws and the Arizona Indians], 1966 June 13
71/OV29 No, no - it's not for myself [Father's Day commentary on youth], 1966 June 13
71/OV210 Bad apple [State Liquor Department "Scholarships" is the rotten apple in the basket of Arizona Universities scholarships], 1966 June 15
72/OV21 It's hard to tell from the shadow [New Medicare payments and US hospitals], 1966 June 16
72/OV22 That's got t'make marching difficult [Internal South Vietnam struggles causes problems for US forces], 1966 June 16
72/OV23 Stop worrying, little feller [The Grand Canyon National Park dwarfs the Sierra Club over the Hualapai Dam], 1966 June 20
72/OV24 Communing with the spirits [Arizona Governor Goddard and the Liquor Department], 1966 June 22
72/OV25 Any marcher here from Mississippi? [Civil Rights marchers in Mississippi are outsiders, not local residents], 1966 June 23
72/OV26 Bread and butter [Canada's big wheat deal with Russia], 1966 June 23
72/OV27 Whatever happened to Castro? [A beardless Castro], 1966 June 23
72/OV28 Allies in another deadly conflict [Mexico and the US cooperate against the screwworm], 1966 June 27
72/OV29 Nobody else can even come close [The world, including Russia and the red leaning countries, label China a "stinker"], 1966 June 27
72/OV210 This is the collateral we put up [The signers of the Declaration of Independence made sacrifices for our rights], 1966 June 27
73/OV21 As of now, that's an academic question, captain [Arizona and the Liquor Department as a sinking ship], 1966 June 29
73/OV22 Everything's gotta be paid by somebody [Taxpayers fund Medicare], 1966 June 30
73/OV23 Fully equipped with red carpet and siren [Degaulle gets cozy with Moscow], 1966 June 30
73/OV24 "Political football" [Liberal Democrats cause problems for Lyndon Johnson on Vietnam War policy], 1966 July 4
73/OV25 Step in the right direction [The US cuts Ho Chi Minh's supplies], 1966 July 4
73/OV26 Another "secret society" unmasked [The Freedom of Information Law unmasks secrecy in government], 1966 July 7
73/OV27 President without strings [Communist China cuts ties with Indonesia's Sukarno], 1966 July 7
73/OV28 Watch it, Sam! [US allies complain that the US air strikes interfere with their trade with North Vietnam], 1966 July 7
73/OV29 Ja! Dot iss vot I vass alvays zaying! [The Warsaw Pact countries sound like Hitler on US military involvement in Europe], 1966 July 11
73/OV210 How to avoid a tackler [The Phoenix City Council passes off the City Housing Code to a referendum vote], 1966 July 13
74/OV21 He ordered marching boots [Soviet cancellation of athletic games with Americans is of no help to Ho Chi Minh], 1966 July 14
74/OV22 Much demand for that kind o' junk? [The State Department relaxes travel restrictions to communist Asia], 1966 July 14
74/OV23 With this abundance of blossoms [Many candidates are interested in a seat in Arizona State Legislature], 1966 July 17
74/OV24 If you catch the killer [The Miranda Act], 1966 July 18
74/OV25 I hope you move those cases before election day [Arizona liquor license trials], 1966 July 20
74/OV26 Pilot to tower [The Foreign Aid Bill], 1966 July 21
74/OV27 You still here? [Arizona: Gag order in Schmid case is still in effect four months after the trial], 1966 July 24
74/OV28 Until man repeals the laws of nature [Arizona and the Hualapai Dam in the Grand Canyon], 1966 July 25
74/OV29 You qualify for a world record [Mao claims a nine mile swim in the Yangrze River at age seventy-two], 1966 July 28
74/OV210 London's newest style fad [British economic and social policies], 1966 August 1
75/OV21 That kind of "palm tree" we don't need [Graft and corruption in Arizona politics], 1966 August 1
75/OV22 The language barrier [Russia only knows how to say "no" to Japan], 1966 August 1
75/OV23 What's this "tight money" they talk about? [Fiscal commentary], 1966 August 1
75/OV24 Maybe we'd better campaign by train [Politicians should exercise caution during campaign travels because of "airplane strikes"], 1966 August 4
75/OV25 You saw how I did it [China moves forward with collectivized farming and industry], 1966 August 8
75/OV26 Great yardage gain, but [School taxes takes away any gains from other tax changes in Maricopa County, Arizona], 1966 August 11
75/OV27 Soapy [The GOP in Michigan], 1966 August 11
75/OV28 Which to rescue? [Who's vote is more important in the airline strike, public or labor?], 1966 August 11
75/OV29 Doncha know what month it is? [Football pushes baseball out of the camera in August], 1966 August 15
75/OV210 Smell of scorched hide [Bobby Kennedy causes problems for Lyndon Johnson and Humphrey], 1966 August 15
76/OV21 You should've told me earlier [North Korea declares "independence" from Moscow and Peking is too late for US aid in 1966], 1966 August 15
76/OV22 Censorship [Court restrictions prevents the public from getting the facts in Arizona], 1966 August 17
76/OV23 Eggs not golden enough, so ... [Union strikes at the New York Herald-Tribune causes the loss of jobs], 1966 August 18
76/OV24 I'd swear I heard a donkey [The issue of Lyndon Johnson campaigning while on "official" business], 1966 August 22
76/OV25 You can't draft this poor boy! [Bobby Kennedy is against the draft because this is the age group of the population that supports him], 1966 August 22
76/OV26 "Lip sync" [Liberal participants at congressional hearings sound Soviet influenced], 1966 August 25
76/OV27 I can't understand why you're getting weaker [Government aid to US cities is not successful because of the Federal Tax burden], 1966 August 25
76/OV28 'Round the corner [Political office holders fear the election season], 1966 August 25
76/OV29 But, isn't that a kid's game? [Degaulle as an Indian and Lyndon Johnson as the cowboy], 1966 August 29
76/OV210 History repeats [Mao's Red Guard is compared to Hitler's Storm Troopers], 1966 August 29
77/OV21 Ignore Nixon's cries of "wolf," Hubert [Bobby Kennedy as a wolf attacking Humphrey], 1966 August 29
77/OV22 As long as you're going to the polls [The Phoenix Council wants to include a vote on the Housing Code in the current election rather than a possible special election later], 1966 August 31
77/OV23 Sound [Moscow's verbal attacks on the US is loud while its troops located on the China border are silent], 1966 September 1
77/OV24 To start his re-education [There are jobs for some on federal relief programs], 1966 September 1
77/OV25 DeGaulle was here [Degaulle causes resentment for the US in Europe and Asian], 1966 September 5
77/OV26 His campaign contribution [The Vietcong terrorizes South Vietnam elections], 1966 September 5
77/OV27 Yankee dam [The US finances a dam in Turkey while Arizona and California wait for theirs], 1966 September 5
77/OV28 Are there really two LBJ's [The political and the non-political Lyndon Johnson], 1966 September 8
77/OV29 Figured out who to vote for [The Arizona voter is confused by the new districting], 1966 September 8
77/OV210 I gotta be double sure I get mine [California holds the Central Arizona Project in jail], 1966 September 9
78/OV21 Fighting to protect OUR right to vote, too [Comparing South Vietnams right to vote to Arizona's responsibility to vote in its primary], 1966 September 11
78/OV22 "To cool off the economy" [Washington's suspension of tax credits for modernizing equipment only fuels the flames of inflation], 1966 September 12
78/OV23 And thereby hangs a tail [Housing and the Civil Rights Bill of 1966], 1966 September 12
78/OV24 Me thinkee see dove flap flap in window [China prevents Ho Chi Minh from considering peace], 1966 September 12
78/OV25 Down to the final out [Encouragement for Arizona voters to vote in the primary], 1966 September 13
78/OV26 I'm pooped, too [High food prices for US consumers], 1966 September 15
78/OV27 Red China dropout [The purge of China's old leaders], 1966 September 15
78/OV28 Sorry 'bout that, chief [Bobby Kennedy harms Lyndon Johnson's popularity], 1966 September 15
78/OV29 Red Asian definition [China complains about its troops being attacked in a "demilitarized" zone], 1966 September 19
78/OV210 The old shock sbsorber [Opposition to House Education and Labor Commissioner Adam Clayton Powell], 1966 September 19
79/OV21 Thanks just the same, Lyndon, but [Local campaigning Democrats do not want Lyndon Johnson's help due to his slipping popularity], 1966 September 22
79/OV22 That's no mirage, son [Washington supports development abroad while neglecting the same needs at home], 1966 September 22
79/OV23 Must be weakening their sales resistance [Russia slams the door on US peace proposals in the UN], 1966 September 26
79/OV24 Sure, it was a great record [The apathetic American voter is not impressed with South Vietnam's 80% turnout], 1966 September 26
79/OV25 Dropping ballast [Arizona politics moves to the center], 1966 September 28
79/OV26 Aid, with extra bonus [Washington aids India at the expense of US cotton producers], 1966 September 29
79/OV27 New "sly-hook" rescue technique [Lyndon makes a trip to the Manila Conference for a popularity boost], 1966 September 29
79/OV28 Speaking of backlash [Red Guard Terrorists in China], 1966 September 29
79/OV29 Clear otta th' ol' ballpark [The public forgets about world problems during the World Series], 1966 October 3
79/OV210 They must think it's good [Peking, Hanoi, and Moscow dislike most recent peace offer], 1966 October 3
80/OV21 Columbus proved the world was round [The world of 1966 is deformed when compared to the period of Columbus], 1966 October 6
80/OV22 When justice wears a mask [Arizona and the censorship of crime news], 1966 October 6
80/OV23 To keep it from blowing shut [The Arizona Supreme Court forces open trial proceedings], 1966 October 9
80/OV24 A salute to our future leaders [The Arizona Republic hold out the youth, such as their newspaper delivery boys, as the future leaders of the country], 1966 October 10
80/OV25 That Russian wolfhound might bite You [Mao and Ho Chi Minh reject Soviet aid], 1966 October 10
80/OV26 But don't tell California [Arizona reservoirs currently hold the most water since 1941], 1966 October 11
80/OV27 I have to base outgo on my income [The US government's lack of solid fiscal policy], 1966 October 13
80/OV28 Not red enough [Mao rejects the Red Cross], 1966 October 13
80/OV29 Is maybe thinking you are DeGaulle? [East Europe wants trade payments with USSR to be in gold], 1966 October 17
80/OV210 Such devotion, such loyalty [Albania allies with China because of its fear of the Soviets], 1966 October 17
81/OV21 Don't you boys know better than play with fire? [Lyndon Johnson's spending is out of control while he tends to the local spending of mayors and governors], 1966 October 20
81/OV22 Mao's Halloween goblins [Russia and the US haunt China], 1966 October 24
81/OV23 The president got it in Australia [Crossing an Australian kangaroo with a democratic donkey], 1966 October 24
81/OV24 Halloween at the phony haunted house [Arizona voters are spooked by opponents to the Housing Code], 1966 October 26
81/OV25 If he wins, I win [Bobby Kennedy is popular for state democratic races], 1966 October 27
81/OV26 Tell me again, gramps [Pat Brown and California politics], 1966 October 27
81/OV27 You can't stay here, this seat is taken! [Unions and municipal employees in Tempe, Arizona], 1966 October 30
81/OV28 Be our guest editor [Encouragement to get out and vote], 1966 October 31
81/OV29 Is this a probe, Sam? [Washington's Great Society spending resembles the "games and gimmicks" of fast food chains], 1966 October 31
81/OV210 Give you a lift, fraulein? [The Socialists in West German politics], 1966 November 3
82/OV21 Now that campaigning is over [Politicians discard their campaign promises], 1966 November 3
82/OV22 Stop shoving, boys [Lyndon Johnson visits Phoenix's Sky Harbor Airport], 1966 November 4
82/OV23 But that's no castle! [Encouragement to vote "yes" on Phoenix's Minimum Housing Code], 1966 November 6
82/OV24 "A great beacon of socialism in Europe" (Mao) [China uses Albania for attacks on Russia], 1966 November 7
82/OV25 Credit rating [Degaulle demands trade payments in gold from the US while offering most generous terms from Russia], 1966 November 10
82/OV26 Is this how UN promotes peace? [The UN will not get involved in Rhodesia unless there is a war], 1966 November 14
82/OV27 Saved by "sand bags" [US taxpayers provide wheat subsidies that helps Russia support its collapsed communist planned agriculture], 1966 November 14
82/OV28 Two who switched lanes [Kansas and Maine governorships jump from Republicans to the Democrats], 1966 November 14
82/OV29 One who will be listening [Decisions in the Mesa, Arizona mass murder case], 1966 November 17
82/OV210 That first Thanksgiving [Commentary on the cost of living], 1966 November 17
83/OV21 Didn't y'usta help train him? [Lyndon Johnson's coalition of Southern Democrats and the GOP threaten his Great Society program], 1966 November 21
83/OV22 I'd consider it a personal favor [Mail early for Christmas], 1966 November 21
83/OV23 Thanksgiving turnabout [Pima Indians and Phoenix metro politics], 1966 November 23
83/OV24 Under the mistletoe [Holiday traffic deaths], 1966 November 24
83/OV25 Won't you let him up for Christmas? [Doves encourage a let up of bombings for the Christmas season], 1966 November 24
83/OV26 Another wool clad wolf [Conflict between the rights of the people and the rights of accused criminals], 1966 November 28
83/OV27 It's things like this that start fights [Syria jabs Israel; Israel jabs Jordan, Jordan turns on Syria], 1966 November 28
83/OV28 "Washington" slept here [France is friendly with USSR], 1966 December 1
83/OV29 Brimsmanship [Relations between the US and Mexico], 1966 December 1
83/OV210 I'm not jumping on his "bandwagon" [Partisan politics in Arizona], 1966 December 4
84/OV2-3 Before you let him on your roads [Arizona stops its motor vehicle inspection], 1966 December 8
84/OV21 Eiffel Tower is wonderful launch pad [Russia uses France to oppose US and West Germany], 1966 December 5
84/OV22 Judging from all the signs [So much political focus on 1968 that 1967 feels neglected], 1966 December 5
84/OV24 I'm looking for a new leading man [California Democratic Party seek a candidate], 1966 December 8
84/OV25 Two's a crowd [West German politics], 1966 December 8
84/OV26 U.F.O. [Citizen tax burden continues to grow], 1966 December 8
84/OV27 Gimme a better deal on gas [Syria and Iraq in conflict over oil], 1966 December 12
84/OV28 How 'bout expanding UN sanctions [The African bloc in the UN prevents action in Rhodesia], 1966 December 12
84/OV29 Those horror stories have started [GOP liberals scare the party], 1966 December 12
84/OV210 Those space photos of Earth [Pollution as seen from space], 1966 December 15
85/OV21 You've been threatening that lady! [The UN unduly criticizes Rhodesia], 1966 December 15
85/OV22 It's your fault he crashed! [Democratic governors complain of the pace of Lyndon Johnson's Great Society], 1966 December 19
85/OV23 Return from orbit [Santa Claus returns to Earth], 1966 December 19
85/OV24 I hate to see you go [1966 was a good year for Republicans and a bad year for Democrats], 1966 December 22
85/OV25 Lease expires Jan. 1st [An auction of marquee 1966 events], 1966 December 22
85/OV26 Where can the diverted shipping go? [The UN orders a trade blockade of Rhodesia but not on Cuba or North Vietnam], 1966 December 22
85/OV27 Compared to "less fortunate" communities [Phoenix taxpayers are pretty lucky], 1966 December 25
85/OV28 Fill in these 12 pages properly [Baby new year greeting], 1966 December 26
85/OV29 Why build your bases in residential areas? [Hanoi places anti-aircraft stations in residential areas for "protection"], 1966 December 29
85/OV210 But let's look in his mouth [Republicans find the Great Society too expensive], 1967 January 2
86/OV21 I know how he felt! [Shriver's support of War on Poverty is compared to Custer's Last Stand], 1967 January 2
86/OV22 Nobody has fewer friends than I [China is more "friendless" than the US], 1967 January 2
86/OV23 Killed me another American eagle [Ho Chi Minh kills another peace dove], 1967 January 5
86/OV24 Preventive medicine [The Phoenix City Charter Review Committee is praised], 1967 January 5
86/OV25 Y'gonna send me in, coach? [Higher taxes are necessary for the national budget], 1967 January 5
86/OV26 Little cloud [The "Just Society" rains on Romney's picnic], 1967 January 6
86/OV27 Hopeful sign [More peace proposals in South Vietnam], 1967 January 9
86/OV28 Now that they've started shooting [Who does the US support, Russia or China?], 1967 January 9
86/OV29 Just add to the length of the pole [War costs and the cost of the Great Society requires more taxes], 1967 January 12
86/OV210 More escapes than a British jailbreak [British government spending is out of control], 1967 January 15
87/OV21 Hard to interest volunteers [No one is willing to muzzle Adam Clayton Powell], 1967 January 16
87/OV22 It's an old Hollywood trick [Federal Government creative financing], 1967 January 16
87/OV23 Letter home [Arizona universities request more funding from the state legislature], 1967 January 18
87/OV24 Another enemy of "Culture Revolution" [Even Confucius falls to the Cultural Revolution], 1967 January 19
87/OV25 But watch out for the last jump [DeGaulle is an obstacle to the European Common Market], 1967 January 19
87/OV26 Indians must file returns (news item) [Native Americans have a selective understanding of the federal tax system], 1967 January 19
87/OV27 I've got a funny feeling [Arizona State Coliseum is about to "milk" the taxpayer], 1967 January 22
87/OV28 The dawn comes up [Chiang Kai-shek from Formosa listens to conflict from mainland China], 1967 January 23
87/OV29 Would unilateral bomb-stop being peace? [Bombing pauses only allows the communists to buildup], 1967 January 23
87/OV210 Y'can tell he's inexperienced [The "new" legislature is more productive than the "old" legislature], 1967 January 25
88/OV21 Move further back in the bus [The Great Society "free ride" leaves no room for the taxpayer], 1967 January 26
88/OV22 Stop! [China's internal struggles leave Ho Chi Minh with less support], 1967 January 26
88/OV23 A ringing in the ears [Bobby Kennedy visits with DeGaulle], 1967 January 30
88/OV24 Is training consuls for new U.S. posts [Soviet diplomats are trained spies], 1967 February 2
88/OV25 Should relive the traffic on this corner [Arizona: New Uniform Rules for handling cases in the Maricopa County Superior Courts], 1967 February 2
88/OV26 Wonder why he started going armed? [University financing in Arizona], 1967 February 5
88/OV27 "Big-brother" video [The federal government gets involved in television programming], 1967 February 6
88/OV28 I goofed! [China and the USSR are not the good match they first appeared to be], 1967 February 9
88/OV29 We can fix up the old bus [Phoenix State Fair Coliseum is salvageable, but with new management], 1967 February 12
88/OV210 Fire to fight fire [Mao reacts to revolt against him with a hate campaign against Russia], 1967 February 13
89/OV21 Oh, I'm not selling anything [Ambassador Goldberg], 1967 February 13
89/OV22 Parting is such sweet sorrow [AFL-CIO politics], 1967 February 13
89/OV23 Into the wonderful land of "Non" [Romney, a "non-candidate" runs like a declared candidate], 1967 February 20
89/OV24 It's worse when you're pinned down [Fulbright's Foreign Relations Commission is detrimental to the conduct of war in Vietnam], 1967 February 20
89/OV25 I almost hate to ask [The CIA is independent of the White House], 1967 February 23
89/OV26 It started out to be heroic-size [Bobby Kennedy in the shadow of brother John], 1967 February 23
89/OV27 Through this portal [Romney is "in" and Humphrey is "out" in Arizona], 1967 February 23
89/OV28 Kindergarten exercise [Education financing], 1967 February 26
89/OV29 Has color influenced his case, congressman? [Adam Clayton Powell gets special treatment because he is not white], 1967 February 27
89/OV210 You might prejudice the defendant's case [Victims are not allowed to participate in their own justice], 1967 February 27
90/OV21 CIA? [CIA infiltration of university campuses], 1967 March 2
90/OV22 So quiet you could hear a tear drop [No one protests the killing of civilians by Viet Cong], 1967 March 2
90/OV23 When you finish the job over there [The roads in South Vietnam are safer than the highways in the U.S], 1967 March 2
90/OV24 Y'got him softened up, kid [Arizona gets a grip on its legislature problems], 1967 March 2
90/OV25 It's risky to go on without a spare [Arizona legislature commentary], 1967 March 5
90/OV26 I can't understand why [Poland does not allow Nixon to visit], 1967 March 6
90/OV27 It's that dumpling shooter again! [Bobby Kennedy causes problems for Lyndon Johnson], 1967 March 6
90/OV28 Sorry, you're from the same ward [The Phoenix Ward System accommodates only one minority group], 1967 March 9
90/OV29 A good pitcher to have in the bull pen [Arizona CAP bill and the Federal Central Arizona Project], 1967 March 12
90/OV210 Back to the Bush Leagues? [Economic slowdown threatens the success of a tax hike], 1967 March 13
91/OV21 Hey, that's some kind of a record! [The Arizona 28th Legislature cut forty days off last year], 1967 March 15
91/OV22 Margin of victory [DeGaulle wins the French election by a nose], 1967 March 16
91/OV23 In this age of rockets [The traditional Phoenix Rodeo is still popular], 1967 March 18
91/OV24 I stand firmly behind my followers [Commentary of Black America's leadership], 1967 March 20
91/OV25 Russian bridgework [Washington-Moscow bridge is one of peace; the Moscow-Hanoi bridge is one of war], 1967 March 20
91/OV26 He captured it in Guam [Premier Ky and Guam], 1967 March 23
91/OV27 How to modernize a draft "lottery" [The draft is equated to "an all expense trip around the world"], 1967 March 23
91/OV28 It's a nutty society [Police are handcuffed when it comes to the confessions of criminals], 1967 March 23
91/OV29 Whatever happened to the Hohokam people? [Arizona and atomic energy], 1967 March 23
91/OV210 Who could fit those specifications? [The only people who can meet the strict specifications to be jurors are those in the mental ward], 1967 March 30
92/OV21 Y' just don't hire an untried flier [Charter form of government in Phoenix is untried], 1967 April 1
92/OV22 Shadow boxer [Boxer "Ali Babble Clay" is drafted], 1967 April 3
92/OV23 Brick bats and soothing salve [Bobby Kennedy sooths Lyndon Johnson with support], 1967 April 6
92/OV24 Summer came a little early this year [Reruns on TV due to strike], 1967 April 6
92/OV25 Salute to Hubert [All Americans and both parties owe Humphrey praise for his trip to Europe], 1967 April 10
92/OV26 If he gets back [Adam Clayton Powell's new seat in Congress is a stool in the corner], 1967 April 13
92/OV27 If y' want our advice [Many cities encourage Phoenix to adopt the Charter form of government replacing the Ward system], 1967 April 13
92/OV28 Downtown gold strike [The Convention Center gets land for cheap in downtown Phoenix], 1967 April 16
92/OV29 He's long past retirement age [The US Postal System needs updating], 1967 April 17
92/OV210 Now it’s a political oil slick [British politics], 1967 April 17
93/OV21 Wish I hadn't thrown away my 'chute! [Cambodia's problems and its broken relations with the US], 1967 April 20
93/OV22 Why rescue him? [Financing the Phoenix Convention Center], 1967 April 23
93/OV23 Their eyes met [Lyndon Johnson and Degaulle meet], 1967 April 24
93/OV24 Tiger in his tank [Humble Oil on the Navajo Indian reservation], 1967 April 27
93/OV25 When you visited his reservation [Russia fails to extend the same courtesies to American Navajos that they extended to Russia], 1967 April 30
93/OV26 Funnel cloud? [Wallace upsets the tranquil Electoral Voting System], 1967 May 1
93/OV27 Is another Yankee trick [China is suspicious of medicines offered by the US], 1967 May 1
93/OV28 June wedding at city hall [Pay increase for Phoenix city employees and no tax hike], 1967 May 3
93/OV29 Russian oil exploration [Russia gives arms for rights to oil fields in Middle East], 1967 May 4
93/OV210 I didn't ask him to give me a ride [Flood control funding in Phoenix], 1967 May 7
94/OV21 We had to let him go [The difficulty police have with new restrictions], 1967 May 8
94/OV22 You can bargain better in quieter surroundings [Lyndon Johnson sidetracks railroad labor negotiations], 1967 May 8
94/OV23 Poverty war tactics [Taxpayers continue to pay for the Vietnam War and domestic policies], 1967 May 11
94/OV24 Search for a rocket fuel-mix [The White House searches for the right formula to end the war in Vietnam], 1967 May 11
94/OV25 The builder [Phoenix and Charter Government], 1967 May 11
94/OV26 Wonder why citizens hate to give up guns? ["Shackled" police is a good argument for Americans to bear arms], 1967 May 11
94/OV27 I didn't grab it for myself, your honor [Arizona: Publicity in the Schmid trial], 1967 May 13
94/OV28 Greatest lion act since Androcles [Degaulle, Britain and the European Common Market], 1967 May 15
94/OV29 Ship on his shoulder [Russia watches US fleet maneuvers closely], 1967 May 15
94/OV210 That government can't be all bad [Greek military junta bans bearded beatniks], 1967 May 15
95/OV21 Short change artist [Phoenix: At large gives the citizen six votes to the Ward System's one], 1967 May 18
95/OV22 What margarine has he been eating? [DeGaulle wears the "Imperial Margarine" crown of a popular commercial of the time], 1967 May 18
95/OV23 What'd Confucius say about this? [China's internal problems and world trade], 1967 May 18
95/OV24 We've surveyed the land [Arizona Uniform Assessments and Tax Equalization Route], 1967 May 21
95/OV25 Arthur, what are you promising? [The US and UN peace keeping action in the Middle East], 1967 May 22
95/OV26 It could be a lot worse [Newspapers and union bosses in New York], 1967 May 22
95/OV27 Oughta be real exciting this year [College reunions and the current student protests], 1967 May 22
95/OV28 But it's not a Hollywood rerun, governor [Ronald Reagan gains strength in California politics], 1967 May 25
95/OV29 Time tested way [Conflict in the Arab world over war with Israel], 1967 May 25
95/OV210 Page the pure drugs department [The UN cure for war in the Middle East], 1967 May 29
96/OV21 Seems a lot more neighborly [The lowering of trade barriers lends to better relations], 1967 May 29
96/OV22 You're making him look like you! [Republicans dominate Arizona politics in 1968], 1967 May 31
96/OV23 Dr. Dove and Mr. Hawk [Wayne Morse plays both the dove and hawk], 1967 June 1
96/OV24 This should get me a Noble Peace Prize [Nasser manages to unite the Arab nations], 1967 June 1
96/OV25 Divide and conquer [The at-large system of selecting Phoenix Councilmen is less corrupt than the Ward System], 1967 June 4
96/OV26 Coexistence [The Russian and US navies share the Mediterranean], 1967 June 5
96/OV27 Too late to salvage much of spring [The national political weather map for spring and summer], 1967 June 5
96/OV28 War? What war? [The Vietnam "War" is a "Ho Chi Minh love-in"], 1967 June 5
96/OV29 Final outcome, a matter of survival [The whole world has an interest in Israel], 1967 June 8
96/OV210 Not quite ready for the ribbon cutting [US-Russian differences create problems for a UN Middle East cease-fire], 1967 June 8
97/OV21 Sign or else! [Democratic Party Loyalty Oath in Arizona], 1967 June 10
97/OV22 It takes years to grow [The Ward System election threatens twenty years of good government in Phoenix], 1967 June 11
97/OV23 It has a swinging door in back [Nasser and the Middle East], 1967 June 12
97/OV24 That's a toast to peace? [Agreement: Russia "smashes" relations with Israel in exchange for the Arabs "smashing" relations with the US], 1967 June 12
97/OV25 Mideast peacemaker? [Oil motivates DeGaulle efforts in the Middle East], 1967 June 15
97/OV26 When a city has good government [Compliments to Phoenix voters for rejecting the Ward System], 1967 June 15
97/OV27 Oh, No! Not again! [A proliferation of "referendum-of-the-month" is expensive to Phoenix taxpayers], 1967 June 18
97/OV28 Assuming rules must apply to all products [The FCC rules free TV airtime for opponents of cigarette advertising], 1967 June 19
97/OV29 Is saying Nikita's performance was more soulful [The review of Russia's Kosygin's "performance" at the UN], 1967 June 19
97/OV210 You'll know you've achieved neutrality [Both sides are unhappy with the US], 1967 June 19
98/OV21 Hadn't you heard, doc? [The Ward System still survives in Phoenix], 1967 June 25
98/OV22 Back to the gym for retraining [Nasser rebuilds himself], 1967 June 26
98/OV23 By-passed [Washington-Moscow direct communications bypass Degaulle in the Middle East], 1967 June 26
98/OV24 Dying on the Fourth doesn't make it patriotic [Holiday traffic deaths], 1967 June 26
98/OV25 Good place for an Arab summit? [Arab leaders looking into a crater], 1967 June 29
98/OV26 Is it trash, or is it art? [Phoenix is over regulating with trivial ordinances], 1967 June 29
98/OV27 No hugs or kisses form Castro [Castro's distancing from Russia does not disappoint Moscow], 1967 June 29
98/OV28 Since I broke pull of U.S. gravity [DeGaulle is in orbit around the USSR], 1967 July 3
98/OV29 Revolting development [The supporters of Mao are unhappy], 1967 July 6
98/OV210 Time to retire? [Phoenix mayor considers a third term], 1967 July 6
99/OV21 He fenced me in! [Arizona redistricting], 1967 July 9
99/OV22 Give up? Give up? [Egypt hurts itself with the Suez Canal Blockade], 1967 July 10
99/OV23 Rember, I'm not running, George [Politics: Rocky and Romney], 1967 July 10
99/OV24 Can't say what it'd do for others [Not all residents of "ghettos" are vandals and looters], 1967 July 13
99/OV25 Peace in our time? [A list of world conflict], 1967 July 13
99/OV26 Ugly duckling [Doves and hawks in the Congo], 1967 July 13
99/OV27 I've just discovered a new home run hitter [Private enterprise is the answer to the welfare state], 1967 July 17
99/OV29 To get along with a dragon [China bites the hand extended to it by Burma], 1967 July 17
99/OV210 And leave me to carry it all alone? [The British plans to drop Far East bases in 1970s leaves the US isolated in the region], 1967 July 20
100/OV21 If the blood holds out [The State Industrial Insurance drains Arizona industry], 1967 July 20
100/OV22 What they asked for [Compulsory arbitration unites the railroad and the railroad unions], 1967 July 20
100/OV23 Now, let's see how this one can be treated [Arizona Governor's Committee considers the many state commissions], 1967 July 23
100/OV24 In an age when everything gets taller [The higher cost of living and people on fixed incomes], 1967 July 24
100/OV25 Is your Soviet test pilot's wings [Egypt gets Soviet made planes], 1967 July 24
100/OV26 For him, not even a safety belt [Arizona state, county, and school taxes continue to increase], 1967 July 27
100/OV27 Showing his real colors [Stokely Carmichael and Castro], 1967 July 27
100/OV28 The losers [The copper strike has deeper effect than just the miners' pocketbook], 1967 July 30
100/OV29 Back to the drawing board [Detroit race relations], 1967 July 31
100/OV210 I thought S.E. Asia was teeming with people [A visit by Clark Clifford and General Maxwell Taylor is not well received], 1967 July 31
101/OV21 As you were, Mac! [State governors do not like the Pentagon's plan to cut the National Guard], 1967 August 3
101/OV22 Lack of ammo ain't what's losing it [Too much money is being poured into the War on Poverty], 1967 August 3
101/OV23 Precocious proboscis [Criticism of DeGaulle], 1967 August 3
101/OV24 Peace in the Mideast? [The Arab nations fight among themselves], 1967 August 7
101/OV25 That Capitol Hill air conditioning [Lyndon Johnson's ten percent surtax gets a cold reception], 1967 August 7
101/OV26 Chewing out uncle again [The UN at odds with the US], 1967 August 10
101/OV27 For me? [The re-commissioning of retired battleships], 1967 August 10
101/OV28 We've always changed it every two terms [Phoenix mayors], 1967 August 13
101/OV29 By failing to recognize Red China [Those who have recognized China suffer at China's hand], 1967 August 14
101/OV210 If America were overrun by armed enemies [US politicians have unrealistic expectations for elections in South Vietnam], 1967 August 17
102/OV21 We don't want to drink your water, neighbor [Arizona and the Colorado River Project], 1967 August 17
102/OV22 To prevent a blowout [Arizona homeowners are overburdened by taxes], 1967 August 20
102/OV23 Seeds of its own destruction [Maoism is contrary to China's positive past], 1967 August 21
102/OV24 "Running-out-of-gas" insurance. [Arizona and the Colorado River Project], 1967 August 24
102/OV25 A thought for labor day [Hard work is the foundation of the US], 1967 August 24
102/OV26 No, no, that's for employees only! [Restructuring of the State Department's foreign policy], 1967 August 24
102/OV27 When the kids go back to school [A plea to not let our children repeat our errors], 1967 August 24
102/OV28 In the China shop [Mao has problems with both civil and foreign relations], 1967 August 28
102/OV29 They argue over "design and horsepower" [UAW and the auto industry negotiations], 1967 August 28
102/OV210 Fumes in the shelter? [Scandal in the Arizona Civil Defense Education Program], 1967 August 31
103/OV21 The innocents [Parents and educational professionals hit the books], 1967 August 31
103/OV22 C'mon daddy, it don't hurt [Arizona State Department of Health Immunization program], 1967 September 3
103/OV23 Latest move [USSR increases its arms sales to Africa], 1967 September 4
103/OV24 Same breed o' cats [Comparison of Asian opium dens to LSD hippie pads], 1967 September 4
103/OV25 It looked different when Wallace did it [A teacher blocks the school entrance during the Teachers' Strikes], 1967 September 7
103/OV26 Just pull the pin and throw it [Phoenix city government and the Civic Center Auditorium Initiative], 1967 September 7
103/OV27 Through these glasses Vietnam looks different [1968 as an election year causes Romney to view Vietnam differently], 1967 September 7
103/OV28 A man can rise high in this job [The explosive racial and crime problems in Washington, DC], 1967 September 11
103/OV29 Pawns? Aren't we all? [The public and students are pawns in the teacher's and auto strikes], 1967 September 11
103/OV210 Well, it'd be some improvement [Ky and Humphrey], 1967 September 11
104/OV21 No sale [Poland rejects DeGaulle's overtures of an alliance], 1967 September 14
104/OV22 Reds know who lost in S. Vietnam [Successful elections in South Vietnam are a blow to communists in Asia], 1967 September 14
104/OV23 The President's support is appreciated [The police need the support of the public], 1967 September 18
104/OV24 Thin? Yes, but look how big! [The Missile Defense Umbrella], 1967 September 18
104/OV25 The kind of "school nusing" America needs [The teaching of industrial skills is needed for the unskilled and unemployed], 1967 September 21
104/OV26 But, Chm. Mao, they really are students [Student riots in Peking], 1967 September 25
104/OV27 I'm getting in YOUR hair? [Bobby Kennedy to Lyndon Johnson], 1967 September 28
104/OV28 Tax reform is like street widening [Arizona special session of the legislature], 1967 September 28
104/OV29 When Charlie pulls his cork [The USSR waits to replace the French in Algiers], 1967 September 28
104/OV210 Whose brains are we washing today, Colonel? [The Pentagon], 1967 October 2
105/OV21 You can't even ride a camel [If the UN cannot handle the Arab-Israeli conflict how can it expect to handle Red China?], 1967 October 2
105/OV22 Columbus was trying to trade with Asia [America hinders China's foreign trade], 1967 October 5
105/OV23 So do I! [The local newspaper has news to offer world leaders], 1967 October 5
105/OV24 One-sided mourner ["Leftwing Doves" cry over North Vietnamese killed in bombing raids while unsympathetic to South Vietnamese killed in Red terrorist bombings], 1967 October 9
105/OV25 You're standing in my light, ambassador [Russian arms sales abroad jeopardizes the "Peace in Outer Space Treaty"], 1967 October 12
105/OV26 Broken (crime) record [Arrested criminals are too easily released], 1967 October 16
105/OV27 Marry him and make him over? [China will beat up the UN just like in Indonesia], 1967 October 16
105/OV28 A winner has to have co-ordination [Left wing vs. Right wing in each party is dizzying], 1967 October 19
105/OV29 Did anyone set the alarm? [Voter apathy in the Phoenix city elections], 1967 October 19
105/OV210 He's been readin' Goldwater speeches, too [Humphrey sounds like Goldwater], 1967 October 19
106/OV21 No, no, doctor [Criminal law is "crazy," not the defendant], 1967 October 23
106/OV22 Space rescue [Russian space program is well funded while the US space budget is cut], 1967 October 23
106/OV23 Weights and balances [Both the US and USSR prevent the UN from reaching a compromise in the Arab-Israeli conflict], 1967 October 26
106/OV24 The old suit gave long service [Arizona's special session of the legislature needs to totally revamp the state's tax system], 1967 October 29
106/OV25 Ere 'e comes [The US, Britain, and France in the European Common Market basket], 1967 October 30
106/OV26 We made our bed [Rising hospital costs threatens Medicare for the elderly and the income of the young], 1967 October 30
106/OV27 Not me! [Nasser and Hussein recognize Israel as a state but Syria refuses], 1967 November 1
106/OV28 Dry wells [Nasser and Castro are not returning on the expensive investments made to them by Russia], 1967 November 2
106/OV29 Is a "singing telegram" [China pays its "respects" to Russia on anniversary of Bolshevik Revolution], 1967 November 2
106/OV210 Make her give you this medicine [Lyndon Johnson and tax increase to relieve symptoms of inflation], 1967 November 6
107/OV21 Sorry - I've got to cut your pay [Unions benefit at shareholders expense], 1967 November 9
107/OV22 You set your own value [Encouragement to Phoenix voters to vote in the city election], 1967 November 12
107/OV23 He's not trying to be my right hand [The relationship between Johnson and Humphrey], 1967 November 13
107/OV24 C'mon, doc, give up [Congress opposes the Pentagon's resuscitation of the TFX experimental plane], 1967 November 16
107/OV25 Just as a starter [Give thanks for the men fighting in Vietnam this Thanksgiving], 1967 November 16
107/OV26 Stop him? Don't be silly [USSR aid prolongs the war in Vietnam], 1967 November 16
107/OV27 The best reward [Phoenix voters confirm the Charter form of city government], 1967 November 16
107/OV28 Christmas packages [Russia re-supplies the Vietcong during US bombing pauses during the holiday season], 1967 November 20
107/OV29 Gold in them thar hills [Competition for candidacy for the Republican nomination], 1967 November 20
107/OV210 It's later than you think [Encouragement to mail early for Christmas], 1967 November 23
108/OV21 It's not exactly a new idea [Britain devalues the sterling], 1967 November 23
108/OV22 Look at that beautiful sunset! [Social Security picks the pocket of young workers], 1967 November 27
108/OV23 Arizona has a place for gangsters! [Tucson, Arizona cracks down on the Mafia], 1967 November 30
108/OV24 He was escalated [McNamara goes to the World Bank], 1967 November 30
108/OV25 Old wine, turned to vinegar [Criticism of Degaulle], 1967 November 30
108/OV26 Picket line [The copper strike prevents Santa Claus from visiting miners' homes], 1967 November 30
108/OV27 Bobby's so good to me [McCarthy tests the primary political mine field for Bobby Kennedy], 1967 December 4
108/OV28 Checking equipment for the holiday rush [Preparation for holiday highway accidents], 1967 December 4
108/OV29 I'd like to insert an ad [Lyndon Johnson seeks a diplomat for France], 1967 December 7
108/OV210 Pollution [The spread of communism], 1967 December 7
109/OV21 Maybe it's just a "service charge" [The city of Phoenix is "billed" by the Federal Government], 1967 December 10
109/OV22 It's not a miniskirt [Democratic governorships are shrinking], 1967 December 11
109/OV23 King Midas [DeGaulle and the gold standard], 1967 December 11
109/OV24 Here's my pass [The Supreme Court gives US communists access to sensitive material], 1967 December 14
109/OV25 Honest - I'm not against education [Arizona property owners support too much of the tax burden], 1967 December 14
109/OV26 White House cake recipe "flat" (news item) [Lack of support from Democrats for Johnson's Great Society], 1967 December 14
109/OV27 "70% chance," the weather man said [Arizona floods], 1967 December 16
109/OV28 Back to life [European attacks on the US dollar bring tax increases back to life], 1967 December 18
109/OV29 Y'reckon the judge has gone color blind? [The Supreme Court removes restrictions from US communists], 1967 December 19
109/OV210 Odds and ends from the old year [Rummage sale of major 1967 topics], 1967 December 21
110/OV21 World tourists [US diplomatic trips result in little else than photographic snap shots], 1967 December 21
110/OV22 Relief mission [Republican backed new Arizona Reform and School Finance Bills will "never get off the ground"], 1967 December 24
110/OV23 Happy holidays, soldier! [Vietcong have re-supplied after a break in Holiday bombings], 1967 December 25
110/OV24 His replacement coming [1967 was not a good year in Vietnam and hopes that 1968 will provide relief], 1967 December 25
110/OV25 Special delivery packages [Welcoming the new year 1968], 1967 December 25
110/OV26 Anyone for another peace march? [The US offered many peace options in Vietnam, but all were rejected], 1967 December 28
110/OV27 Overstocked [Arizona highway deaths declined in 1967], 1967 December 28
110/OV28 After that tough mountain driving [1968 looks like smooth driving for the Arizona Legislature after a difficult 1967], 1967 December 31
110/OV29 When the stunt men are through [The 1968 presidential primary race], 1968 January 1
110/OV210 The other two came armed to kill [False Vietcong offers of a "truce"], 1968 January 4
111/OV21 All kinds of things lay eggs [Washington is skeptical of Hanoi peace offers], 1968 January 6
111/OV22 Did you forget to tell Hubert? [Lyndon Johnson and Humphrey are not on the same page when it comes to foreign aid], 1968 January 8
111/OV23 Hey - swing the boom this way [The 1968 Republican Primary race], 1968 January 8
111/OV24 Doesn't coffee keep you awake [Arizona legislature], 1968 January 10
111/OV25 The walls have ears [Communists in Cambodia], 1968 January 11
111/OV26 Assuming you defeat Johnson [McCarthy's run for president], 1968 January 15
111/OV27 No reds under my bed [Communists in Cambodia], 1968 January 15
111/OV28 East of Suez [The shrinking British Empire], 1968 January 18
111/OV29 Don't stand under tall trees in a storm [Tax increase to cover government spending], 1968 January 22
111/OV210 I'm not worried about rustlers [Wallace's courting "Dixie electoral votes" away from Lyndon Johnson], 1968 January 22
112/OV21 Flag of North Korea [North Korea flies a Communist skull and cross bones], 1968 January 25
112/OV22 It's a party line [Moscow and Peking cannot speak publicly of peace], 1968 January 29
112/OV23 Killing by the water torture [North Korean threats to peace], 1968 January 29
112/OV24 "In the interest of justice" [The Arizona Supreme Court allows the press to cover preliminary hearings], 1968 January 31
112/OV25 No, no! It doesn't exempt you [Supreme Court ruling that it is unconstitutional to tax gamblers], 1968 February 1
112/OV26 Hey, hold it! [Arizona's state employees and politics], 1968 February 8
112/OV27 I should put a stop to this [The USSR enjoys the cost of Vietnam to the US], 1968 February 8
112/OV28 How about recruiting him? [Supreme Court rulings about gun registration is favorable to criminals], 1968 February 12
112/OV29 The garbage curtain [New York City's standoff over garbage collection between the Governor and Mayor], 1968 February 12
112/OV210 Here, wear my sweater [Decreasing membership and influence of the Americans for Democratic Action], 1968 February 15
113/OV21 Just a sample [South Vietnamese would be massacred if the US abandoned them], 1968 February 15
113/OV22 It's easier to guard on door [The Republican majority in the Arizona legislature determines state spending], 1968 February 18
113/OV23 There's a real Poverty-war fighter [US industry has created ten million new jobs in six years], 1968 February 19
113/OV24 You're being nominated for a Pulitzer Prize [Federal "ghost writers" report "fiction," not truth], 1968 February 19
113/OV25 Black Klan [American black athletes are intimidated by "black-racist terrorism"], 1968 February 22
113/OV26 Strange way to stamp out crime [The Reardon Report curbs news on crime in Arizona], 1968 February 22
113/OV27 Frog men demolition team [Tonkin Gulf probe], 1968 February 26
113/OV28 Don't blame me [Nixon, New York, and Republican liberals], 1968 February 29
113/OV29 Last lap [The Arizona 1968 Legislative session is not starting out as well as 1967 ended], 1968 March 3
113/OV210 It's still leap year [Republican primaries], 1968 March 4
114/OV21 They've been traveling in circles [The President's Riot Commission makes little progress in urban racial problems], 1968 March 4
114/OV22 Danger breeds in darkened streets [Detroit newspaper strike], 1968 March 7
114/OV23 Why don't you answer dissenters? [Secretary Rusk has trouble finding an audience], 1968 March 7
114/OV24 Oh, say can you see - ? [Sweden's anti-American campaign], 1968 March 14
114/OV25 Pen bender [Johnson and McCarthy in New Hampshire], 1968 March 14
114/OV26 Bank president at the races [Federal government spending], 1968 March 18
114/OV27 That's show biz, Mac, baby [Liberal Democrats discourage McCarthy's candidacy], 1968 March 18
114/OV28 Oh, what a beautiful sunrise! [End of copper strike in Arizona], 1968 March 21
114/OV29 Coming here gets me off a hot spot! [Shriver is appointed as ambassador to France], 1968 March 25
114/OV210 Thanks just the same, Bobby [Bobby Kennedy is unable to attract the "college crowd" from McCarthy], 1968 March 25
115/OV21 Remember, that could happen to you! [Moscow reminds dissident Eastern Europeans of what happened to Hungary when it sought freedom from Russia], 1968 April 1
115/OV22 In Indiana there's one essential difference [Indiana offers the first real challenge to McCarthy's campaign], 1968 April 4
115/OV23 That’s cooing? [Hanoi is uncooperative in peace efforts], 1968 April 4
115/OV24 What so proudly we hailed [An American flag burning from "violence"], 1968 April 8
115/OV25 H.H.H.hat [Kennedy and McCarthy are overshadowed], 1968 April 11
115/OV26 No light at the end of this tunnel [Breakdown of law and order], 1968 April 11
115/OV27 In Watts they have new slogans [Not all in Watts are rioters], 1968 April 15
115/OV28 Before telling us how to run our cities [Washington DC offers a poor example of how to run a city], 1968 April 18
115/OV29 Does Nixon have the nomination sewed up? [Liberals take aim at Nixon], 1968 April 18
115/OV210 It took a lot of spark out of the talks [Hanoi dictates the conditions of peace negotiations], 1968 April 18
116/OV21 West Side Story [Arizona needs a bridge over the Agua Fria River], 1968 April 18
116/OV22 Bring on the peace doves [Hanoi rejects peace efforts], 1968 April 22
116/OV23 Spare some sobs for us [Mayor Daley's order for police to "shoot-to-kill" arsonists and snipers in race riots], 1968 April 22
116/OV24 That's not their lady fair in the window [Kennedy and McCarthy compete in the Indiana primary], 1968 April 22
116/OV25 Did you hear something splitting? [Dissention among Arizona Republicans], 1968 April 25
116/OV26 I think I'm running [Humphrey and the presidential campaign of 1968], 1968 April 25
116/OV27 His moment of truth [Bobby Kennedy and the Indiana Democratic Primary], 1968 April 29
116/OV28 I'm rioting to get the advantages you've got [Class differences in urban unrest], 1968 April 29
116/OV29 Everybody else is coming [Romney does not join other Republicans at the Convention], 1968 May 2
116/OV210 Quick, driver! Catch that car! [Nixon pulls away in the primaries], 1968 May 2
117/OV21 The first step [Vietnam peace meetings in Paris], 1968 May 6
117/OV22 The mother image [Views of motherhood], 1968 May 6
117/OV23 Who, me? [Humphrey is surprised with the tag of "conservative" candidate], 1968 May 6
117/OV24 "Soul brothers" [Black students at Northwestern University demand for separate housing is similar to the position of the KKK], 1968 May 9
117/OV25 While they fight for her favor [Kennedy and McCarthy fight it out while Humphrey walks off with the delegates], 1968 May 9
117/OV26 Fun and games have their place [Lack of action by Phoenix City Government on cleaning up Encanto Park], 1968 May 13
117/OV27 Some ideas they might learn to live with [Bobby Kennedy], 1968 May 13
117/OV28 Why they sit so far away [USSR and Mao exert influence over Hanoi in Paris peace negotiations], 1968 May 13
117/OV29 It sure don't LOOK safe! [The "march" of poor people is not what it is promoted], 1968 May 20
117/OV210 A taste of his own cooking [The US and Britain give DeGaulle a taste of his own medicine], 1968 May 23
118/OV21 How much can a man give for his country? [Those killed in Vietnam gave 100 percent], 1968 May 23
118/OV22 I'd rather not dig into that [The US Supreme Court upholds decisions by the Arizona Supreme Court concerning preliminary hearings], 1968 May 23
118/OV23 Advance behind the smoke screen [Hanoi uses peace negotiations in Paris to advance war in South Vietnam], 1968 May 27
118/OV24 The referendum isn't 'til June [Degaulle faces discontent at home], 1968 May 27
118/OV25 Mirror, Mirror on the wall ... [Maricopa County, Arizona Juvenile Court problems], 1968 June 1
118/OV26 I shouted, "General strike!" And he did! [DeGaulle cracks down on French Communists], 1968 June 3
118/OV27 We're not poor people from Alabama [Washington's black citizens are not given a voice in the poor March on Washington], 1968 June 3
118/OV28 The Poisonous cloud [Crime and violence in the US], 1968 June 6
118/OV29 "Integrity" [Hanoi brings nothing to the peace table], 1968 June 10
118/OV210 A funeral procession is no place for parading [Opportunists take advantage of Martin Luther King's death to promote their causes], 1968 June 10
119/OV21 In the mainstream [Nixon continues to pull away in the Republican Primaries], 1968 June 13
119/OV22 The climber who cut off his friends [DeGaulle faces internal domestic unrest], 1968 June 13
119/OV23 The turnstile [Trade between Sonora, Mexico and Arizona], 1968 June 13
119/OV24 The balanced diplomacy [Moscow diplomacy with the US and Berlin], 1968 June 17
119/OV25 Welcome to Phoenix, young fella [Phoenix welcomes the Jaycee convention], 1968 June 17
119/OV26 Why so those who weep for Hanoi [Civilians killed in Saigon deserve sympathy too], 1968 June 17
119/OV27 Coals to Newcastle [Bill Moyers "puts words in Humphrey's mouth"], 1968 June 20
119/OV28 For him to refuse military service [Draft card burners are not wanted by the military anyway], 1968 June 20
119/OV29 How to get elected without really trying [Property tax cut in Maricopa Country, Arizona], 1968 June 20
119/OV210 If you don't like it here [Students unhappy with conditions at large, popular universities should turn to uncrowded small colleges], 1968 June 20
120/OV21 How about a little gun control for him? [The public wants Washington to move on gun control and gun use laws], 1968 June 24
120/OV22 I'm sure it moved a little [The US sees some movement in North Vietnam's peace position], 1968 June 24
120/OV23 Does being early catch the worms? [The trailing candidates in the Presidential Primaries of both parties], 1968 July 1
120/OV24 I know it sounds a little illegal [Justice Warren seeks to arrange his successor], 1968 July 1
120/OV25 Who, meee? [Johnson supports the registration of firearms], 1968 July 4
120/OV26 Who gave 'em seats on our bus? [Crowded Arizona elections], 1968 July 7
120/OV27 Use any color you want to [Control of the arts in USSR], 1968 July 8
120/OV28 Y'mean to say there may be no TV? [McCarthy and Humphrey prepare to campaign], 1968 July 8
120/OV29 I don't want any more friends! [Russia and China compete over support of North Vietnam], 1968 July 11
120/OV210 If you don't make me captain [Competition for the Democratic Presidential nomination], 1968 July 11
121/OV21 What's it worth to me? [Tax payers and the Arizona copper industry], 1968 July 11
121/OV22 Another school door [Wallace stands in front of the "Electoral College"], 1968 July 15
121/OV23 Sign of the nutty times! [The irony of concern over nudity in the arts in the midst of strip bars], 1968 July 15
121/OV24 Jonah was lucky [Russia and Czechoslovakia], 1968 July 18
121/OV25 Run it up the flagpole [Testing the waters for a large budget in Maricopa County, Arizona], 1968 July 18
121/OV26 Wonderful wizards of Washington [Less mail deliveries during an increasing volume of mail], 1968 July 22
121/OV27 En garde [Presidential candidate TV debates], 1968 July 25
121/OV28 Everybody wants to get into the act [Cambodia ransom note for captured US crew], 1968 July 25
121/OV29 The election is getting closer [Name calling in Arizona politics increases as elections near], 1968 July 25
121/OV210 Nothing to worry about yet, chief [The National Guard lease stands in the way of Phoenix projected future runway], 1968 July 27
122/OV21 It'd help post office efficiency [A suggestion to improve post office efficiency], 1968 July 29
122/OV22 No fair hitting below the belt! [Disproportionate might between USSR and Czechoslovakia], 1968 July 29
122/OV23 The new "secret weapon" [Watchful citizens are the best weapon to curb crime in Phoenix], 1968 August 1
122/OV24 They're listening, but not to us! [Occurrences in US political conventions determine how Hanoi acts at peace negotiation], 1968 August 1
122/OV25 A little late to complain, Lyndon [Steel worker's wage hike results in increased steel prices], 1968 August 5
122/OV26 Biafra isn't a U.N. type problem [African nations do not get involved in Africa unless white people are involved], 1968 August 5
122/OV27 That's only for honest people [Only criminals have a problem with national gun registration], 1968 August 5
122/OV28 Compared to China's Red Guard [Gang warfare between Red Guard mobs], 1968 August 8
122/OV29 Holding pattern over Havana [Hijacking of aircrafts to Havana], 1968 August 8
122/OV210 Move over, boys [Arizona Republicans want more seats in Maricopa County government], 1968 August 8
123/OV21 The duel [Humphrey had McCarthy out-gunned in debates], 1968 August 8
123/OV22 Could turn out to be a toothpick [No uniformity in the Democratic Party's Vietnam plank of their political platform], 1968 August 12
123/OV23 The Chicago Loop [Humphrey seeking delegates in Chicago], 1968 August 12
123/OV24 Better balanced burden [A minor tax adjustment for Arizona home owners], 1968 August 15
123/OV25 For today's news menu [Hanoi dictates the peace negotiations in Paris], 1968 August 15
123/OV26 No vacancy [McGovern moves in on McCarthy's "dove loft"], 1968 August 15
123/OV27 Here's my battery for the big game [Republicans have chosen their candidates], 1968 August 18
123/OV28 Regardless of party [Everyone in Arizona appreciates Senator Carl Hayden], 1968 August 18
123/OV29 Anybody for muleburger? [McCarthy and McGovern carve up the Democratic Party], 1968 August 19
123/OV210 Mama! He iss playing mit bad boys again! [USSR, East Germany, and Eastern Bloc relations], 1968 August 19
124/OV21 Remember, no hilarity and floor demonstrations! [The effect of Chicago's taxi strike on the Democratic National Convention], 1968 August 19
124/OV22 September song [Arizona candidates prepare for the September primary], 1968 August 22
124/OV23 There's our opposition-and don't underrate it [Republicans await Humphrey's running mate], 1968 August 22
124/OV24 Back-to-school supplies [Supplies for "non-student campus activities"], 1968 August 26
124/OV25 A free ride for splinter parties [The taxpayer pays the bill for insignificant parties to participate in Arizona politics], 1968 August 30
124/OV26 His second chance [The courts are too easy on criminals], 1968 August 30
124/OV27 The natives are restless [Eastern Bloc countries unhappy with the USSR], 1968 August 30
124/OV28 We seem close to a consensus [Both party conventions speak out against Lyndon Johnson], 1968 August 30
124/OV29 Let's see what comes out of it [The "doves" court McCarthy for a fourth party], 1968 September 5
124/OV210 Outside interests [Candidates back at home have an advantage over those still working in Congress], 1968 September 5
125/OV21 Road to hell is paved with good resolutions [The UN is helpless in dealing with Russia's aggressions toward its neighbors], 1968 September 5
125/OV22 Who y' gonna vote for next Tuesday? [Encouragement to Arizona residents to prepare for upcoming elections], 1968 September 5
125/OV23 Y' mean one nail is important? [Your vote is the most important component in Arizona politics], 1968 September 8
125/OV24 Have y' seen a stray donkey? [Democratic Party splits in Chicago Concention], 1968 September 9
125/OV25 No, no! You're s'posed to use salt! [Humphrey is not aggressive enough to capture "doves"], 1968 September 12
125/OV26 So I'm a crook [Illegal petitions in Arizona balloting], 1968 September 12
125/OV27 End of a long, long trail [Carl Hayden at head of Arizona interests in the Colorado River water allocation process], 1968 September 15
125/OV28 Communist "communications" [Moscow talks through the gun], 1968 September 16
125/OV29 Hunting elephants or donkeys? [George Wallace takes aim at both parties], 1968 September 16
125/OV210 I've got just the medicine [The same unsuccessful practice of throwing federal aid at poverty is used for curing crime], 1968 September 19
126/OV21 Look up! Look up! [Russia uses its space program to distract the world from its oppression of Czechoslovakia], 1968 September 19
126/OV22 Welcome to the torch bearer [Olympian athletes train in the altitude of Flagstaff, Arizona in preparation for Mexico City], 1968 September 19
126/OV23 A lesson learned in tragedy [Considering the qualifications of a vice-presidential candidate], 1968 September 23
126/OV24 How "coalition" works [Communist participation in free government is poisonous to democracy], 1968 September 23
126/OV25 What are you majoring in? [Anarchy seems to be a major at Berkeley], 1968 September 23
126/OV26 Don't be too hard on the 3rd party, H.H. [Wallace is gaining on Humphrey], 1968 September 26
126/OV27 Hey, U [The UN treats conflict in Vietnam differently than other locations], 1968 September 26
126/OV28 Police to protect PUHS Students [Police are brought off the street to patrol schools in Phoenix], 1968 September 26
126/OV29 Prescription: Worry less about the taste [Maricopa County, Arizona needs to be tougher on juvenile crime], 1968 September 29
126/OV210 Domestic politics is so much more fun [Former Ambassador Ball finds domestic politics "dirtier" than in the Diplomatic Service], 1968 September 30
127/OV21 While they tackle the big fellow [Washington cannot keep all price increases from getting through], 1968 September 30
127/OV22 Man, that's living! [Highway safety], 1968 October 1
127/OV23 Humphrey's Dumpty [Humphrey repairs cracks in the Democratic Party], 1968 October 2
127/OV24 Up the down staircase [Wage increases do not keep up with purchasing power], 1968 October 2
127/OV25 Let's see if Nixon dares shoot at this [Both Nixon and Hanoi cause problems in peace negotiations], 1968 October 3
127/OV26 To the court of last resort [The ballot allows the public to take Maricopa County governing issues out the hands of the court and place in hands of the Arizona voter], 1968 October 6
127/OV27 Extending the olive branch [Russia offers the sword with the olive branch in negotiations with the US over ballistic missiles], 1968 October 7
127/OV28 Wouldn't it be simpler, Hubert [It would be easier to not tax to begin with than for Washington to collect it and then return it for local use], 1968 October 7
127/OV29 Have you heard the new "folk song?" [Psychedelic patriotism], 1968 October 10
127/OV210 The people are "running scared" [Crime issues influence the way the public votes], 1968 October 10
128/OV21 We may not load the bus [The labor vote is not solid behind Democrat candidate Humphrey], 1968 October 10
128/OV22 It's not the hippie-yippie odd balls [Not all American youth are hippies], 1968 October 12
128/OV23 Remove the rotten apple [The Phoenix police and drug pushing in Encanto Park], 1968 October 13
128/OV24 Earthquake season [Political unrest in Latin America], 1968 October 14
128/OV25 Tug-of-war [Competition for Congressional committee chairmanships], 1968 October 14
128/OV26 I defended you [Johnson lamely defends Humphrey against Nixon], 1968 October 17
128/OV27 Now they won't even talk during coffee break [Hanoi is more interested in what is going on in US presidential campaign than in negotiating], 1968 October 17
128/OV28 Bomb stop [The troops in Viet Nam are happy about the bombing stop], 1968 October 24
128/OV29 Have your transfers read [Encouragement for Arizona to vote for change in state government], 1968 October 24
128/OV210 It's the man behind who always wants to debate [Nixon refuses to debate Humphrey], 1968 October 24
129/OV21 Stage center [Voters should pay more attention to Congressional races than the race for the Presidency], 1968 October 24
129/OV22 It's nice to see clean linen on the line [Arizona's 28th legislature is clean of scandal], 1968 October 27
129/OV23 Getting ready for blastoff [The "undecided vote" is the unknown component in presidential election opinion polls], 1968 October 28
129/OV24 It's been interesting to hear [The world waits for their outcome of the US presidential election], 1968 October 28
129/OV25 Hub of the world [The world watches the US presidential elections], 1968 October 31
129/OV26 After this constitutional rubdown [The voters approve all Arizona constitutional amendments], 1968 November 3
129/OV27 First step toward law and order [Congress must address crime in Washington before it can address crime nationally], 1968 November 4
129/OV28 Practicing his act opening in January [Russia is ready to test the new US president], 1968 November 4
129/OV29 Here's your chance to kick [Encouragement to vote], 1968 November 5
129/OV210 I've been through landslides before [Arizona Republicans sweep the election], 1968 November 7
130/OV21 Lincoln studied by fire-light [Education problems in New York], 1968 November 7
130/OV22 Great news for today's 18-year-olds [Eighteen year olds demanding the vote will get it next election when they are twenty-one], 1968 November 11
130/OV23 Uneasy the head that wears the crown [Arizona Republicans have trouble adjusting to the role of majority party], 1968 November 14
130/OV24 While they're busy changing the guard [Russia finds no weakness in the transition from the Johnson to Nixon administration], 1968 November 14
130/OV25 What's higher education coming to - ? [Campus unrest needs to be dealt with as strongly as street riots], 1968 November 18
130/OV26 Ringing for a cure - or a pep shot? [The French franc is sick], 1968 November 21
130/OV27 The harsh school master [Education and Thanksgiving], 1968 November 21
130/OV28 They've put aside their hatchets [Nixon political opponents now want to be part of his cabinet], 1968 November 21
130/OV29 It's certainly a new way to wag a dog [Arizona State University student sit-ins and private industry], 1968 November 24
130/OV210 The bouncing Czech [Russia cannot get a grip on Czechoslovakia], 1968 November 25
131/OV21 Psst - Santa! Please! [Arizona taxpayers and legislature oppose State Universities Board of Regents budgetary requests], 1968 November 27
131/OV22 Seating arrangement for Paris Talks [Problems in US-Vietnam peace talks in Paris], 1968 December 2
131/OV23 Fastest gun in the East [Hanoi and Vietcong shoot down peace efforts], 1968 December 5
131/OV24 Scape goat [The Democratic Party loads blame on Chicago's Mayor Daley], 1968 December 5
131/OV25 The flirt [USSR flirts with Nationalist China behind the back of China], 1968 December 5
131/OV26 Annual winter visitor FROM Arizona [Winter produce from Arizona to the frozen eastern US], 1968 December 8
131/OV27 It's not raining violets [Fighting continues while negotiations falter in Paris], 1968 December 9
131/OV28 The unbalanced minority [The majority of students in college do not agree with or participate in militancy], 1968 December 9
131/OV29 Why not shift the talks to Tokyo? [If the Vietnam peace talks were changed to Japan, there would be no table and seating to argue over], 1968 December 9
131/OV210 We astronauts feel safer in space [Commentary on holiday highway safety], 1968 December 12
132/OV21 We never did anything like this to you! [The new Republican majority in Maricopa County, Arizona take top jobs from Democrats], 1968 December 15
132/OV22 Before the break can be spliced [Arab and Israeli relations], 1968 December 16
132/OV23 We're too young to riot [Public schools], 1968 December 16
132/OV24 Which of us do you think he'll favor? [Encouraging the Nixon administration to pay more attention to domestic affairs than foreign affairs], 1968 December 16
132/OV25 Turned off [Phoenix Memorial Coliseum censors obscene performers], 1968 December 19
132/OV26 After they adjust the folding table legs [More discord over seating arrangements at the Paris peace talks], 1968 December 23
132/OV27 Plain as black and white [African-Americans boycott Nixon and then criticize him for not including them in his cabinet], 1968 December 23
132/OV28 Ready for retirement [Father Time applies for government retirement benefits], 1968 December 23
132/OV29 365 brand new days [Baby New Year encourages you to use the coming year wisely], 1968 December 26
132/OV210 Lesson of the Pueblo [The Pueblo needed escort ships], 1968 December 26
133/OV21 Extra passengers take extra fuel [Arizona's budget increases in 1968], 1968 December 29
133/OV22 Claim jumper! [Udall and McCormack compete over the House Speakership], 1968 December 30
133/OV23 Four Horsemen of Gotham [Fuel drivers strike adds to the miserable winter], 1968 December 30
133/OV24 It'd be better to fight the main blaze [The UN works around the edges of Middle East conflicts rather than addressing the source], 1969 January 2
133/OV25 You'll have to drive fast [1968 was a record year for Arizona highway deaths], 1969 January 2
133/OV26 Anybody wanta buy a table? [A sale of oddly shaped tables from the Paris peace negotiations], 1969 January 5
133/OV27 It may need a few alterations [The communists in Thailand are similar to the Vietcong], 1969 January 6
133/OV28 Springboard [Ted Kennedy eyes future political plans], 1969 January 6
133/OV29 Their new quarterback is no rookie [The experience of Henry Cabot Lodge is expected to be good for the US when negotiating with North Vietnam], 1969 January 9
133/OV210 Signals from the passenger [Arizona taxpayers do not support an increase in the school budget], 1969 January 12
134/OV21 Didn't mother warn you about hitchhiking? [Phoenix Mayor Graham turns to federal aid for local problems], 1969 January 16
134/OV22 Hazing a tenderfoot [Senate Democrats give Nixon's new Interior Secretary a hard time], 1969 January 16
134/OV23 Yes, but it's still a taped show [Russia counters US successes in space by releasing tapes of its previous space accomplishments], 1969 January 16
134/OV24 Birds of a feather [The NAACP comments on the difference between the segregation of Jim Crow and the separation demanded by black militants], 1969 January 20
134/OV25 How to evaluate the price [The cost of the space race], 1969 January 20
134/OV26 Meanwhile, back at the ranch [Lyndon Johnson's return to Texas stirs up state politics], 1969 January 20
134/OV27 Roundtable? [More commentary on the table at the Paris negotiations], 1969 January 23
134/OV28 Watcha mean, he doesn't measure up? [Mexican tomato imports and the Department of Agriculture embargo], 1969 January 26
134/OV29 Before you can doctor the tree [The Urban Affairs Council must clean up after the Johnson's programs], 1969 January 27
134/OV210 This way to peace [Confusing road sign from Paris peace negotiations], 1969 January 27
135/OV21 Eye for eye, tooth for tooth [Arab and Israel's never ending reprisal for reprisal], 1969 January 30
135/OV22 Naturally, it doesn't deter murderers [The threat of capital punishment has no teeth], 1969 January 30
135/OV23 Oh, no, not running [Ted Kennedy and Muskie for 1972], 1969 January 30
135/OV24 Backward, turn backward [Senator Fulbirght and isolationist views], 1969 February 2
135/OV25 I might get you a chair in economics [College militants that live without jobs are qualified to teach economics], 1969 February 3
135/OV26 He's grown taller since his last visit [The Nixon presidency has increased power in dealing with Europe], 1969 February 6
135/OV27 I thought life in Cuba was sweet [Cuban hijackers are put to work in Cuban sugar fields], 1969 February 6
135/OV28 It'll put us out of business [Arizona's therapeutic abortion law will put an end to the dangerous unlawful abortion mill], 1969 February 6
135/OV29 All I want is a "tune-up" [The Arizona Legislature goes too far in adjusting the 1968 tax reform], 1969 February 9
135/OV210 It's hard to see eye to eye [US relations with Egypt], 1969 February 10
136/OV21 Why they send Valentine? [Southeast Asian politics], 1969 February 10
136/OV22 Look upon it as a bargain [Hospitals profit on the back of Medicare], 1969 February 13
136/OV23 Most dangerous place on Earth [The city streets of America are unsafe], 1969 February 13
136/OV24 When you're clean and respectable [Clean-up of Phoenix's Encanto Park], 1969 February 16
136/OV25 Look! I caught a minnow [Peru, the US, a fishing fine, and US economic aid], 1969 February 17
136/OV26 Another oil slick [Moscow aids Arabs seeking oil], 1969 February 20
136/OV27 Chairman Mao's second thoughts [Mao cancels Warsaw Talks], 1969 February 20
136/OV28 I'm ready to track down the criminals [Arizona law enforcement agencies ask the state legislature for help], 1969 February 20
136/OV29 A question for college demonstrators [How does campus demonstrating prepare one for the future?], 1969 February 24
136/OV210 Look who's getting spattered [US-Mexican relations are harmed by US Agriculture Department Embargo], 1969 February 24
137/OV21 We've been fighting poverty with "missiles" [Criticism of Federal Government's waste of money fighting poverty], 1969 February 24
137/OV22 Makes a great bomb proof bunker [Paris peace table is used as a "bunker" for Vietcong], 1969 February 27
137/OV23 You can pay for it on time [The regents promote a bond issue for Arizona universities], 1969 February 27
137/OV24 Boundary markers [Headstones as boundary markers at USSR and China border], 1969 March 6
137/OV25 Students should have vacations [Arizona school buildings should be used during the summer months], 1969 March 6
137/OV26 What kind of American is that [Americans that support the Viet Cong are traitors as defined by the US Constitution], 1969 March 6
137/OV27 Frankenstein [New-left opposition to Vietnam turns on Senator Fulbright], 1969 March 10
137/OV28 Got any more bright ideas? [Stopping the bombing of North Vietnam only resulted in communist attacks on South Vietnam], 1969 March 10
137/OV29 It's not that she's naturally so slow [Criminal rights weigh down the court], 1969 March 10
137/OV210 Here's what you lose [Arizona homeowners make up for reduced taxes on dog racing], 1969 March 13
138/OV21 How to wag a dog [City bosses control presidential politics], 1969 March 13
138/OV22 If you have trouble raising those kids [The world needs to address its future population increases], 1969 March 13
138/OV23 With inflation robbing everyone [Congressmen insincerely claim to act as a "watchdog" against taxes at election time], 1969 March 13
138/OV24 I pass! [Neither Arizona's Senate or House wants to address the school budget], 1969 March 16
138/OV25 Chairman Mao's thoughts [The USSR accuses Mao of being a dictator], 1969 March 17
138/OV26 Why have a watchdog? [Congressional "doves" criticize Nixon's ABM sentinel system], 1969 March 17
138/OV27 Not for home consumption [Russia uses force, not diplomacy against Czechoslovakia], 1969 March 20
138/OV28 A hungry wolf won't make friends [Ted Kennedy considers giving Nationalist China's UN seat to Communist China], 1969 March 24
138/OV29 You s'pose we might get back together? [Passengers reconsider use of the railroad], 1969 March 24
138/OV210 An old fashioned idea [A new economy exists in the Space Age], 1969 March 27
139/OV21 If he's going to guard us from attack [The ABM and missile bases], 1969 March 27
139/OV22 "Footprints on the sands of time" [Praise of Eisenhower and his way of governing], 1969 March 31
139/OV23 Look! It's already got them agreeing! [Arabs and Israel agree-neither want a settlement imposed from outsiders], 1969 March 31
139/OV24 Grownups have math exams, too, son [Students need math skills to deal with adult situations, such as income taxes], 1969 April 3
139/OV25 The one he disturbs most [Serious black students do not support black campus militants], 1969 April 3
139/OV26 One big trouble with "loopholes" [The average income earner cannot take advantage of tax loopholes], 1969 April 7
139/OV27 Next question? [Phoenix taxpayers are in no mood for a tax increase for city growth], 1969 April 8
139/OV28 Voice in the wilderness [King Hussein is the voice of peace between Arabs and Israelis], 1969 April 10
139/OV29 Watch out for the k.o. punch [US flooding], 1969 April 10
139/OV210 You could get out of this trap [The US cannot abandon South Vietnam as all of Asia is threatened by communists], 1969 April 10
140/OV21 Bloodstains in the snow remind us [NATO's dealings with Russia after its action in Czechoslovakia], 1969 April 14
140/OV22 It's Teddy's own "Headstart" program [Ted Kennedy gets a head start on other potential candidates for presidential election of 1972], 1969 April 14
140/OV23 Hockey is not the kind of game we meant [Czechoslovakia fails to participate in the Warsaw Pact war games], 1969 April 17
140/OV24 Let me get this straight [Nixon gives Congress a lot of domestic issues to deal with], 1969 April 17
140/OV25 It's another kind of "flood control" [Arizona Legislature shores up law enforcement], 1969 April 20
140/OV26 Has the actual cutting started? [Nixon proposes budget cuts], 1969 April 21
140/OV27 In dealing with North Korea [It is time to get tough with North Korea], 1969 April 21
140/OV28 Another Suez sinking [No progress in the Arabs and Israeli conflict], 1969 April 24
140/OV29 Wanna try kidnapping me? [The US deals with North Korean "pirates"], 1969 April 24
140/OV210 Which way will the "middle man" jump? [The "undecided" will determine Phoenix's proposed bond issue], 1969 April 24
141/OV21 Out of step? Not really [Arizona adopts standard time to gibe with West Coast Daylight Saving Time], 1969 April 27
141/OV22 Don't judge us by them! [The majority of college students, regardless of color, are serious students], 1969 April 28
141/OV23 Where would the neo-isolationists' trail lead? [Limited retreat from Vietnam leads to total isolationism], 1969 April 28
141/OV24 "April showers bringeth forth May flowers" [Many candidates for the French Presidency appear with the departure of Degaulle], 1969 May 1
141/OV25 I've grown accustomed to your face [The mayor and Phoenix], 1969 May 4
141/OV26 The future of our nation [The future of the US depends on motherhood], 1969 May 5
141/OV27 "Rain on the just and unjust" [Fortas and the Supreme Court], 1969 May 8
141/OV28 Nader wants this notice on all new cars [Ralph Nader's crusade against unsafe autos], 1969 May 8
141/OV29 We won't take to the life boats [Arizona and education funding], 1969 May 8
141/OV210 You stay in the background [USSR hides its ABM in military build up], 1969 May 8
142/OV21 Public killer no. 1 [Highway casualties are greater than those of war and crime], 1969 May 12
142/OV22 The old run-around [The public cannot find out how much of Medicare expense goes to administration], 1969 May 12
142/OV23 When your generation gets old enough [The generational differences in university protesting], 1969 May 12
142/OV24 To get him off the hook [Revamping the Selective Service], 1969 May 15
142/OV25 With our lives depending on it [Partisan politics and ABM], 1969 May 15
142/OV26 During the summer school vacation [What are campus protesters going to do during the summer?], 1969 May 19
142/OV27 Man on the moon [Ted Kennedy is not pro-NASA], 1969 May 22
142/OV28 That awful U.S. "industrial-military complex" [The US "industrial-military complex" prevents the communists from global conquest], 1969 May 22
142/OV29 The best way to honor my memory [Memorial to the Vietnam dead and alive], 1969 May 22
142/OV210 If we don't clear the track [Roadblocks to the convention business in Phoenix], 1969 May 25
143/OV21 The sour grape [USSR is not impressed by US space program successes], 1969 May 26
143/OV22 Even if he's a "friend" of yours [Politics and the Postal Service], 1969 May 29
143/OV23 Somebody's in for a big surprise! [Campus protesters are not well received when they turn their attention to factory and labor], 1969 May 29
143/OV24 There's a time and place for everything [Phoenix school financing], 1969 May 29
143/OV25 While you're computing "escalation" [The Vietnam war continues while negotiations flounder], 1969 May 29
143/OV26 The GOOD seed [Day care centers for Arizona farm workers' children], 1969 June 1
143/OV27 Give it a really tough test [Waste in Federal Government spending], 1969 June 2
143/OV28 Spring house cleaning [The Supreme Court and new ethical rules for federal judges], 1969 June 2
143/OV29 Oh, say, can you see - ? [US campus and urban violence], 1969 June 5
143/OV210 What a relief, doc [The Arizona Supreme Court and the Phoenix Civic Plaza Project], 1969 June 8
144/OV21 I resent that! [Vietnam and the "New Isolationists"], 1969 June 9
144/OV22 After a few years with the Reds [Renewed US-Cambodia relations], 1969 June 12
144/OV23 Every day he stands out there - laughing [Khrushchev outside of the Kremlin], 1969 June 12
144/OV24 And now, a "Paris Wall" [Vietcong "provisional government" for South Vietnam], 1969 June 16
144/OV25 Old Russian ball game [First Russia, then the US expel news correspondents], 1969 June 16
144/OV26 What good air mail and zip codes? [Politics and the Postal System], 1969 June 16
144/OV27 Oh sure, Rocky is our amigo! [Rockefeller is not well received in Latin America], 1969 June 19
144/OV28 Weight watchers [Arizona energy taxes], 1969 June 19
144/OV29 In case of turbulence [Justice Douglas and the Supreme Court], 1969 June 23
144/OV210 The old wire cutter salesman [USSR seeks to turn Asian nations against China], 1969 June 23
145/OV21 Blow kisses at our enemy [Negative commentary on liberal Congressmen], 1969 June 26
145/OV22 What? No volunteers? [Both Russia and China find little support from other nations in conflict against each other], 1969 June 26
145/OV23 July 4th fun in Arizona pine country [July 4th forest fires, highway deaths, and drowning in Arizona], 1969 June 29
145/OV24 Better get a surf board, King Canute! [US liberals face a tidal wave of conservatism], 1969 June 30
145/OV25 Never mind the dead goose [Peru expropriates foreign capital and investments], 1969 June 30
145/OV26 Guess who's coming to dinner! [Nixon visits Romania], 1969 July 3
145/OV27 In business for himself [Senator Fulbright pursues his agenda outside normal government channels], 1969 July 3
145/OV28 We'll fly back for them later [US tax reform], 1969 July 3
145/OV29 They didn't call me "Phoenix bird" for nothing [Phoenix bond issues], 1969 July 6
145/OV210 I think the doorknob moved a little [Britain, France, and the European Common Market], 1969 July 7
146/OV21 'Twas a Rockeyroad [Nixon, Rockefeller, and Latin America], 1969 July 7
146/OV22 But, Mayor, y' already broke that ground in '67 [Phoenix Civic Plaza success is revisited], 1969 July 8
146/OV23 Wider than Suez [The hatred between Arabs and Israelis], 1969 July 10
146/OV24 Pot luck peace meal [The US is the only party to offer anything for peace with Hanoi], 1969 July 14
146/OV25 Ready to start fencing? [Arms limitation negotiations favor the USSR], 1969 July 14
146/OV26 By the light of the moon [The USSR lets the US have the moon: It will take the Earth with military expansion], 1969 July 17
146/OV27 The ol' pros in action [Ev Dirksen and Mike Mansfield volley the surtax issue], 1969 July 17
146/OV28 Welcome for the new teacher [The "liberals" have some tricks ready for the new Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction, Shofstall], 1969 July 17
146/OV29 Y'want ME to do a nude scene? [Neo-Isolationists want to "strip" US defenses], 1969 July 17
146/OV210 Those trick candles [The OAS is unable to extinguish conflict between El Salvador and Honduras], 1969 July 21
147/OV21 U.S. Reds told me he'd never be elected [Nixon visits Eastern Bloc countries], 1969 July 21
147/OV22 Yowling for another bombing pause? [Peace offers for Hanoi], 1969 July 21
147/OV23 Russian Frankenstein [Castro does not return well on investment by the USSR], 1969 July 24
147/OV24 Shadow [The Kennedy family and tragedy], 1969 July 24
147/OV25 He's been on an inflation diet [Increased burden on Arizona taxpayers], 1969 July 27
147/OV26 I hate walls! [International communism is a real threat], 1969 July 28
147/OV27 Take your time, Gene - I can wait [Jockeying for Senate chairmanships], 1969 July 28
147/OV28 Wee - the suction feels funny! [The dangers of teenage drug experimentation], 1969 July 28
147/OV29 Man! [Pollution], 1969 July 31
147/OV210 What's been going on while I've been away? [Nixon returns from a world tour to conflicts in congress], 1969 July 31
148/OV21 Wonder what it'd be like - ? [US space exploration successes], 1969 July 31
148/OV22 Hey - There's somebody in there! [Tax reform of exempt municipal bonds is not beneficial to American cities], 1969 August 4
148/OV23 The ferry captain is not impressed [Nixon pursues relations with Eastern Europe], 1969 August 7
148/OV24 The shoemaker's child [The US Postal System is sacrificed for the space program], 1969 August 7
148/OV25 How about serving a slice for me? [Arizona taxpayers deserve a portion of the state's budget surplus], 1969 August 10
148/OV26 Better send some of these "Dough Boys" home [Nixon redirects funds marked for "War on Poverty"], 1969 August 11
148/OV27 Reforming the ol' purse snatcher [Congress needs to pay more attention to its spending than taxes], 1969 August 11
148/OV28 Watch out for his fast ball, and curve, and slider! [After handling foreign problems, Nixon is ready for domestic problems], 1969 August 14
148/OV29 If We're gonna save the building [Phoenix needs a strong City Manager, with authority to manage free of political control], 1969 August 17
149/OV21 The dirtiest four-letter work [Proposed new welfare laws], 1969 August 18
149/OV22 Comeback [The Constitution and the Supreme Court], 1969 August 21
149/OV23 Whatever happened to that state-support diet? [Phoenix school district taxes], 1969 August 21
149/OV24 A shame to waste all this hate [Arab and Israeli conflict], 1969 August 25
149/OV25 No fair! He's stealing my lines [The US uses Hanoi's techniques at the Paris Peace Talks], 1969 August 25
149/OV26 Re-entry [Beginning of a new school year], 1969 August 28
149/OV27 Stepping stones - to where? [Russian sea power build-up], 1969 August 28
149/OV28 Do as I say! [The US government cracks down on domestic smoking while promoting distribution of cigarettes abroad], 1969 September 1
149/OV29 If you try to shoot me [Sino-Soviet relations], 1969 September 1
149/OV210 Hanoi's idea of troop withdrawal [Hanoi "withdraws" troops and inserts them into South Vietnam], 1969 August 18
149/OV210 Hold it, you guys! [The rest of the world tries not to get drawn into the conflict between Russia and China], 1969 September 4
150/OV21 Not-so-Jolly Roger [International hijacking and sky piracy], 1969 September 4
150/OV22 It takes broad shoulders to play the line [Phoenix city governing], 1969 September 7
150/OV23 Nixon's tax plan is unfair to secretaries [Senator Gore and Federal income tax], 1969 September 8
150/OV24 The pallbearers [China and Russia struggle over who assumes Ho Chi Minh's power after his death], 1969 September 8
150/OV25 Maybe we'd better send out a tracer [US postal reform], 1969 September 11
150/OV26 The bus may not come for years [Federal funds and Arizona], 1969 September 14
150/OV27 Not only U.S.-Mexican relations [US Department of Agriculture embargo of tomatoes from Mexico], 1969 September 15
150/OV28 We should know from experience [North Vietnam peace offers are booby-trapped], 1969 September 15
150/OV29 "Collective leaders" must keep firm grasp [Internal conflict in China], 1969 September 18
150/OV210 Yeah - how 'bout that? [US Public Health Service and color TV x-rays], 1969 September 18
151/OV21 Cross off another old axiom [There is room at the top for everyone but the taxpayer], 1969 September 22
151/OV22 It's later than you think [Russia has the largest submarine fleet in the world], 1969 September 22
151/OV23 Now we can take our wives and daughters [Obscene foreign pictures are equated to stag films], 1969 September 25
151/OV24 There's one big drawback [Arizona law permits children to withdraw from elementary school without consent of parents], 1969 September 28
151/OV25 A time of trial in China [Peking power struggle], 1969 September 29
151/OV26 It'll be "popular" with tall players [Direct popular vote of the President would benefit political machines, big cities, and big states over smaller ones], 1969 September 29
151/OV27 One thing's sure! ["Doves" portrayed as an ostrich with its head in the ground], 1969 October 2
151/OV28 Why doncha drive fast like the old bus? [Nixon takes a slower route than the previous administration to school integration], 1969 October 2
151/OV29 Don't give up the ship [Phoenix mayor and city council play "repeal and pass the buck"], 1969 October 5
151/OV210 How 'bout adopting this system? [Congress considers changing the method of electing the President], 1969 October 6
152/OV21 It doesn't take a wizard to predict that [The Republic praises its newspaper delivery boys], 1969 October 6
152/OV22 Do y' hafta shoot the dog [Tax reform and charitable foundations], 1969 October 9
152/OV23 From 'way out there [The World Series takes TV viewers' minds off world troubles], 1969 October 9
152/OV24 I just want to warm you up [Nixon "lights a fire" under the Democratic Party], 1969 October 9
152/OV25 Joe's old shotgun [Liberals still resort to "character assassination"], 1969 October 13
152/OV26 Pollution [Free enterprise is polluted by gangsterism], 1969 October 13
152/OV27 The rooke is a soft ball pithcer [President Nixon's programs are not "pitched" with much strength], 1969 October 13
152/OV28 Another Russian docking exercise [USSR and China relations], 1969 October 16
152/OV29 I could have won my war [Hitler's Germany would have won the Second World War had the American public protested then as it does now against Vietnam], 1969 October 16
152/OV210 For strength to keep going [US domestic demonstration keeps Hanoi alive in South Vietnam], 1969 October 20
153/OV21 The ultimate indignity [Russia cracks down on Czechoslovakia], 1969 October 20
153/OV22 How to cut the reapportionment cloth [Arizona population has grown and deserves greater representation in Washington], 1969 October 22
153/OV23 How can we tame the 'gater [Red China "bites the hand" of any one that attempts to bring it into the UN], 1969 October 23
153/OV24 Modern version of cavalry-to-your-rescue [Support of local police], 1969 October 23
153/OV25 Neatest magic trick of the week [The city of Phoenix and the garbage workers pay raise], 1969 October 26
153/OV26 Erosion [Lebanon on the eroding "middle ground" between the Arab and Israeli conflict], 1969 October 27
153/OV27 To catch a bird [SALT (Strategic Arms Limitation Talks) for the tail of the peace dove], 1969 October 27
153/OV28 Don't let it scare you [Phoenix city politics], 1969 October 30
153/OV29 If you really wanta know [Congress needs to look at Czechoslovakia, not Russia, to learn how the USSR system works], 1969 October 30
153/OV210 Me thinks he is too generous [The USSR will let the USA have the moon: It will take the Earth], 1969 October 30
154/OV21 Disarming the potential killer [Drunk driving in Arizona], 1969 November 2
154/OV22 If you can't stand the heat [Neo-isolationist liberals and VP Agnew], 1969 November 3
154/OV23 We want to help our neighborhood [Nixon stays out of Latin American domestic affairs], 1969 November 3
154/OV24 Mirror, mirror on the wall [East Germany, West Germany, and Russia], 1969 November 6
154/OV25 If y'want another championship team [Phoenix and its Charter Government Committee], 1969 November 9
154/OV26 Out of the way, fatso! [Christmas shopping season arrives before Thanksgiving], 1969 November 10
154/OV27 When the judge raps for order [Judge Hoffman and Chicago militants], 1969 November 10
154/OV28 Why doncha march and demonstarate for your causes? [The "Great Silent Majority" really has something to protest], 1969 November 10
154/OV29 Are we the space-generation, gran'pa [Today's children are told to build their own "generation"], 1969 November 13
154/OV210 Now, that didn't hurt, did it? [Nixon gets a lottery draft bill out of Congress], 1969 November 13
155/OV21 The Nasser rating [The Arabs see the US as a greater enemy than Israel], 1969 November 13
155/OV22 Report card for the teacher [Federal government and the education of American Indians], 1969 November 17
155/OV23 They laughed [Agnew and the TV networks], 1969 November 17
155/OV24 Face at the window [China looks in from the outside on US-USSR Helsinki Arms Talks], 1969 November 20
155/OV25 Here comes the rabbit, rabit, rabbit [Reporters, owners, and the dog races], 1969 November 20
155/OV26 Is that your idea of swift justice? ["In and out" jail sentences for the Mafia], 1969 November 20
155/OV27 What's an American got t' be thankful for, man? [Returning Vietnam vets and protester], 1969 November 20
155/OV28 After this, clear appointment with me [AFL-CIO makes congress jump through hoops], 1969 November 24
155/OV29 I'm all for peace talks [Hanoi portrayed as a broken record in Paris Peace Talks], 1969 November 24
155/OV210 Spiro ain't funny any more [TV and Spiro Agnew], 1969 November 24
156/OV21 Hold it, Santa [Santa offers the public tax cuts], 1969 November 27
156/OV22 Maim street, U.S.A. [Crime], 1969 November 27
156/OV23 You keep asking officials to cut expenses [Litter on Arizona highways], 1969 November 30
156/OV24 Puzzle: Arrange letters to spell "peace" [Meeting between France, Britain, US and USSR], 1969 December 1
156/OV25 There's a serious flaw in this man's record [Candidates for Supreme Court are scrutinized too much], 1969 December 1
156/OV26 Before we hang 'em, let's hear the evidence [The My Lai Massacre], 1969 December 4
156/OV27 Release me! [Britain and the European Common Market], 1969 December 4
156/OV28 Santa doesn't like bad boys [Nixon threatens Congress with a special session during Christmas], 1969 December 8
156/OV29 You're so horrified by My Lai [Hanoi and the Vietcong do not investigate their atrocities like the US did with My Lai], 1969 December 8
156/OV210 There's a place for obscenity [Obscenity rulings by Judge LaPrade], 1969 December 10
157/OV21 Cracks in the wall [Trade between East Europe and West Germany], 1969 December 11
157/OV22 Lunar flights clearly prove [No germs found on the moon], 1969 December 11
157/OV23 You can stay at work - and still "protest" [Protest by writing, not picketing], 1969 December 11
157/OV24 Cat's paws [Black Panthers hide behind student protestors], 1969 December 15
157/OV25 Guess who'd gobble up those goodies [Tax reform], 1969 December 15
157/OV26 I hate to do this, Santa [Holiday highway deaths], 1969 December 18
157/OV27 If Nixon continues Vietnamizing War [Unreasonable demands by Hanoi for peace], 1969 December 18
157/OV28 Gezundtheit! [Moscow, Peking, and the US trade ban on China], 1969 December 22
157/OV29 Oh Santa, one last minute request [Pollution in Arizona], 1969 December 24
157/OV210 Can he recover that lost ground? [Tax reform], 1969 December 29
158/OV21 Maybe we'd better let him in now [Britain and the European Common Market], 1969 December 29
158/OV22 We'll call on you, Ed [Phoenix City Council], 1969 December 31
158/OV23 Welcome back to school, class [Congress takes lessons from Nixon and the voters in election year 1970], 1970 January 1
158/OV24 High noon [Arizona and air pollution], 1970 January 4
158/OV25 That proves it [Nixon on the "right" and the New Left], 1970 January 5
158/OV26 Who's the better Arab? [Arab nations compete to see who hates Israel more], 1970 January 5
158/OV27 Remember, if we don't slice it right [The courts oversee Arizona redistricting], 1970 January 8
158/OV28 We not confused [Hanoi continues to seek military victory and conquest of South Vietnam], 1970 January 8
158/OV29 Don't you worry, dearie [Closed hearings and secret inquests cause reports based on rumors and half truths], 1970 January 12
158/OV210 To the greatest Nigerian warrior [Starvation in Nigeria], 1970 January 15
159/OV21 If you ask Agnew what's what [Vice President Agnew has useful information to offer after his trip to the South Pacific], 1970 January 19
159/OV22 You honor credit cards? [Credit, income debt, and the national debt], 1970 January 19
159/OV23 If you have tears, prepare to shed them [The President vetoes Democratic supported appropriations], 1970 January 22
159/OV24 It might be a little difficult [Disputing that Arizona redistricting is Republican biased], 1970 January 22
159/OV25 Can "sophisticated" equipment help much ["Sophisticated" equipment does not offset the courts lenience in Phoenix], 1970 January 25
159/OV26 Do I hear digging? [France revives the idea of a channel tunnel to Britain], 1970 January 26
159/OV27 Actually, we'll still knock [Increased ability for law officers to fight drug dealers], 1970 January 29
159/OV28 If you have fish to fry [Russian interests in the Arab-Israeli conflict], 1970 January 29
159/OV29 We've decided to take action [The Arizona legislature protects the rights of non-protesting students on colleges], 1970 January 29
159/OV210 No, really, I think wealthy miners are charming [Smelter pollution in Arizona], 1970 February 1
160/OV21 Calling all cars [Burglar wins settlement from homeowner who shot him during criminal act], 1970 February 2
160/OV22 French support [West-East European relations], 1970 February 2
160/OV23 Generation gap [Differences between junior and senior Democratic House members], 1970 February 5
160/OV24 Give a little, take a lot! [Arizona tax reform takes more away from taxpayer than it gives], 1970 February 5
160/OV25 Needed tool [Maricopa and Pima counties in Arizona adopt a permanent grand jury system], 1970 February 8
160/OV26 How to lose a patient [Hospitalization in American], 1970 February 9
160/OV27 Lost cause [Protests by University of Arizona students about Mormons], 1970 February 15
160/OV28 Great place for a bus parking lot [Busing to achieve racial balance in public schools], 1970 February 16
160/OV29 Oh, it's Mrs. Romney! [Michigan Republican politics], 1970 February 16
160/OV210 It's bad to be crowded out anywhere [American consumers buy cheaper foreign made products], 1970 February 19
161/OV21 Materials he used to build the wall [Chicago Seven and contempt of court jail sentences], 1970 February 19
161/OV22 Sounds of wings [1970 census gives Arizona a fourth Congressional district], 1970 February 19
161/OV23 Sitting up and taking nourishment [Downtown Phoenix development], 1970 February 21
161/OV24 Bears? I don't see any bears! [The inability of the US Senate to see Russian missile build-up], 1970 February 23
161/OV25 We can sit down together [East German and West German relations], 1970 February 23
161/OV26 Another rescue attempt [The US and France readdress relations after DeGaulle], 1970 February 26
161/OV27 Pardon me, your grenades are showing! [Communist offensive in Laos], 1970 February 26
161/OV28 They'd better do somethin' about that smoke [Air pollution], 1970 February 26
161/OV29 It's understandable why [Lack of qualified people interested in the Democratic National Committee Chairmanship], 1970 March 2
161/OV210 Santa Barbara "student's" textbook [Protesting students look to Hitler as model to destroy free government], 1970 March 2
162/OV21 Stop! They're pets! [Opposition to Nixon's cutting of Federal programs], 1970 March 2
162/OV22 Tell it to Fulbright [Cambodia fears invasion if the US pulls out of Vietnam], 1970 March 5
162/OV23 To test a mine field [School busing for integration and its effect on the children involved], 1970 March 5
162/OV24 A new lock on that door [The US tells the USSR that opposition to China's aggression in Asia is in their best interest as well as the interest of the US], 1970 March 9
162/OV25 Don't look on yourself as out of work [Inflation and unemployment], 1970 March 9
162/OV26 "The complete angler" [Russia in the Indian Ocean], 1970 March 12
162/OV27 Guerrilla roulette [Latin American terrorism], 1970 March 12
162/OV28 Face lifting [Chinese aggressions in Cambodia], 1970 March 16
162/OV29 The throwback [Anarchist bombers of the 1880's and 1970], 1970 March 16
162/OV210 Shame on us! [Crime in the nation's capital], 1970 March 19
163/OV21 Skeleton key [Laos is the key to Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, and South Vietnam], 1970 March 19
163/OV22 We're off to a great start [The Democratic party begins its reconstruction in $9 million dollar hole], 1970 March 19
163/OV23 You're too gentle with him, pa [Arizona and air pollution], 1970 March 19
163/OV24 Checks and balances [Arizona judges get more pay but also get more review of conduct], 1970 March 22
163/OV25 I did! [Congress finally enacts a new postal pay scale], 1970 March 23
163/OV26 Kremlin temblors [Signs of Russian leadership shakeup], 1970 March 26
163/OV27 They won't let me keep it [Postal workers], 1970 March 26
163/OV28 Wise man who built a bridge [Regents plan for the future of Arizona universities], 1970 March 26
163/OV29 It's everybody's fight [Arizona air pollution], 1970 March 29
163/OV210 For whom the toll [Too many consumer taxes collected by too many government agencies in Arizona], 1970 April 2
164/OV21 Punching bag [Labor strikes hurt the American public], 1970 April 2
164/OV22 There goes your ol' freedom of speech! [The US Supreme Court rules against court room disruptors], 1970 April 2
164/OV23 A revolution thought [The "Domino Theory" in reverse against China], 1970 April 6
164/OV24 Feel like y' lived through this before? [Filling out income tax returns as an adult is similar to arithmetic lessons as a school child], 1970 April 6
164/OV25 Don't offer us "something just as good" [Arizona needs a permanent grand jury], 1970 April 9
164/OV26 Barbarian [North Vietnamese treatment of war prisoners], 1970 April 13
164/OV27 People who live in glass houses [Liberal politicians that opposed Nixon court nominees will suffer come election time], 1970 April 13
164/OV28 Call me smiley [China tries to win "friends" in the world], 1970 April 16
164/OV29 Here's a spare [Private donations to help Phoenix schools], 1970 April 16
164/OV210 To find out about Castro reds [Disillusioned "sugar harvest volunteers"], 1970 April 16
165/OV21 How the artist sees the model [Democrats and Republicans try to redistrict Arizona in their image], 1970 April 19
165/OV22 Apollo 13 heroes' hero [Praise for the lunar module], 1970 April 20
165/OV23 He was unfriendly [Jordan expels the American Ambassador], 1970 April 20
165/OV24 Come out friendly and smiling [US and USSR cooperation on SALT talks disturbs China], 1970 April 23
165/OV25 Nixon sends them to confuse me! [A flurry of US peace offers to Hanoi], 1970 April 23
165/OV26 You're the opposing jockey, aren't you? [Racing reform bill], 1970 April 23
165/OV27 Damned if you do, ditto if you don't [Russia criticizes both the US presence in Vietnam and US "Vietnamization"], 1970 April 27
165/OV28 I'm glad we got everything cleared up [Arizona air pollution], 1970 April 29
165/OV29 It's not all one-sided [US military aid to Cambodia], 1970 April 30
165/OV210 To wreck a plane, aim for the engines [Anarchists shoot at commercial airliners], 1970 April 30
166/OV21 It's an old play, but it always works [Arizona universities regents], 1970 May 3
166/OV22 Didn't think it was loaded [Nixon strikes at North Vietnamese in Cambodia], 1970 May 4
166/OV23 Dance marathon [Numerous problems at Arizona's universities], 1970 May 6
166/OV24 His blind side [Doves are unable to see China's presence in Indochina], 1970 May 7
166/OV25 We don't want to make dirty movies [Pornography], 1970 May 7
166/OV26 Handwriting was on the wall [Accepted violent public protest leads to anarchy], 1970 May 11
166/OV27 The railroads, who needs 'em [Railroad passenger travel in America], 1970 May 11
166/OV28 It's wonderful to see him grow - (no date) [A growing Phoenix requires increased city services], 1970 May 13
166/OV29 Demolition squad [Arizona and California fight the Caribbean fruit fly], 1970 May 14
166/OV210 Never far from Mao's thoughts [Russians on the border of China are a constant threat to Mao], 1970 May 14
167/OV21 This is rustler country [Republicans look to take seats in the Senate from Democrats], 1970 May 14
167/OV22 How long can we keep going [The US postal system receives more "patches"], 1970 May 18
167/OV23 Before we can bring him back to life [Lake Erie and pollution], 1970 May 21
167/OV24 Biggest "peace march" [The US military that defends the nation is the true "peace march"], 1970 May 21
167/OV25 It may work without a safety valve (no date) [Phoenix population growth and the housing code], 1970 May 21
167/OV26 It'd be a political freeway to Washington [Direct popular vote for the president], 1970 May 21
167/OV27 Free enterprise display window [Eastern Europe envies West German prosperity], 1970 May 25
167/OV28 The exciting "William Tell game" [Drunk drivers on the highway], 1970 May 25
167/OV29 Easy to track enemy movements [Hanoi makes plans according to the "doves" in the US], 1970 May 28
167/OV210 Guess who chose weapons [British elections], 1970 May 28
168/OV21 Don't complain about the competition, daughter [Arizona Republicans see a large increase in potential candidates], 1970 May 31
168/OV22 The word is out [A leak reported in the news that Humphrey will run for the Senate in Minnesota], 1970 June 1
168/OV23 Three guesses [USSR increases arms sales to Egypt], 1970 June 1
168/OV24 Man in the future [George Wallace, candidate 1972], 1970 June 4
168/OV25 Of course we had a choice [The US finds large stores of communist munitions and supplies in Cambodia], 1970 June 4
168/OV26 Why should you get so mad [Confrontation between militant anarchists and "hard-hat" workers], 1970 June 4
168/OV27 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde [Senate doves in Asia are hawks in the Middle East], 1970 June 8
168/OV28 Mr. Nixon's "imaginary" victory [Stores of munitions and supplies in Cambodia], 1970 June 8
168/OV29 Look who just discovered the constitution [Militant students and campus leftists trample on free speech and then turn to it for protection], 1970 June 11
168/OV210 Something's ticking in that package [US postal reform], 1970 June 11
169/OV21 Whether the people want me or not [Arizona regents and the courts], 1970 June 13
169/OV22 Before you abandon the old trail, son [Encouragement to future generations to follow in their father's footsteps], 1970 June 15
169/OV23 Bird call [USSR's Brezhnev cozies up to US doves], 1970 June 15
169/OV24 That monster, Thieu [US apologists are wrong in claiming that South Vietnam President Thieu keeps driving Hanoi from the peace table], 1970 June 18
169/OV25 Till they find a miracle cure [World leaders seek to keep Middle Eastern problems from spreading], 1970 June 18
169/OV26 Broken lance [Opinion polls hurt the British Labor Party], 1970 June 22
169/OV27 Bird with soiled wings [Crime and the city of Phoenix], 1970 June 25
169/OV28 Don't overlook the high school kids [Encouragement for political parties to include young future voters in the process], 1970 June 25
169/OV29 When I needed you [Former Harlem supporters of Adam Clayton Powell fail to reelect him], 1970 June 28
169/OV210 While we've got it back in the shop [Phoenix municipal bonds and rising interests rates], 1970 June 28
170/OV21 If we turn them away [If the political parties do not welcome students into its ranks, the radicals will], 1970 July 2
170/OV22 Spiro ain't polite! [Militant radicals do not like being placed in same category as violent criminals], 1970 July 2
170/OV23 Tell the president [Senate military experts seem intent on repeating historic military blunders], 1970 July 2
170/OV24 Modern pyramid builders [Russia builds a "hate America" monument in Europe], 1970 July 6
170/OV25 Washington war on crime [Washington wastes it time on making and enforcing trivial criminal laws], 1970 July 6
170/OV26 And whadda we get? More pollution! [Congressional pet spending projects produce pollution], 1970 July 9
170/OV27 The guerrilla? Haven't I seen that face before? [China aids Arab commandos], 1970 July 9
170/OV28 You were expecting maybe good taste? [Romania does not appreciate Russia's "medicine"], 1970 July 9
170/OV29 Hey! Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater! [Arizona's law to clean up direct selling hurts legitimate as well as illegitimate businesses], 1970 July 12
170/OV210 Wring out freedom [Moscow finally eliminates Dubcek from Czechoslovakia], 1970 July 13
171/OV21 How fast they grow up [Local taxes continue to grow with the needs of local governments], 1970 July 16
171/OV22 Mideast iceberg [The Russian Mediterranean fleet is nothing when compared to its massive fleet in the Black Sea], 1970 July 16
171/OV23 Price for peace [The price for peace in the Middle East is the end of Israel], 1970 July 20
171/OV24 That's heresy [To the US Senate, trying to save money is heresy], 1970 July 20
171/OV25 How many friends have I got? [America is the only friend that Israel has], 1970 July 23
171/OV26 It seemed so bare after the pruning [Congress trims the budget and then adds more than it trimmed], 1970 July 23
171/OV27 It's not the table I'm questioning [Problems with US planned peace talks between Arabs and Israelis], 1970 July 27
171/OV28 This could start a whole new trend [New DC crime law allows more aggressive pursuit of criminals], 1970 July 27
171/OV29 Coming off the canvas [Reviving big-city downtowns], 1970 July 30
171/OV210 Going my way? [The Phoenix bus system], 1970 July 30
172/OV21 Excitement aboard the fishing trawler [Russian spy ships as fishing trawlers], 1970 August 3
172/OV22 Either way you may get sued [Maricopa County, Arizona issue of investing funds], 1970 August 6
172/OV23 The timing device disconnected [The US and USSR are left holding the Arab-Israeli bomb after defusing it], 1970 August 6
172/OV24 Those dry cereals [Add other foods to cereal and it becomes a good breakfast], 1970 August 6
172/OV25 Cyclone cellar [Resolution to impeach Justice Douglas], 1970 August 10
172/OV26 Three ring circus [Sensational murder trials in the nation's courts], 1970 August 10
172/OV27 Here's your share [Arizona gives its taxpayers a tax cut], 1970 August 13
172/OV28 The Red hand [Uruguayan terrorists assassination of helpless hostages], 1970 August 13
172/OV29 You can't make me take 'em back [Congressmen refuse to give up its budget because of upcoming elections], 1970 August 13
172/OV210 It can't fly without that "propeller" [Encouragement for Phoenix voters to vote], 1970 August 16
173/OV21 If the cease-fire fails [Both the Israelis and the Arabs agree to blame the US if cease-fire fails], 1970 August 17
173/OV22 You can lead a horse to water [Viewers do care to see equal time for opponents of the president], 1970 August 17
173/OV23 In this game [Arms limitation negotiations between the US and USSR], 1970 August 20
173/OV24 They call themselves doves [Increased pressure to get out of Vietnam], 1970 August 20
173/OV25 Mideast peace? [Accord between Arab states, not with Israel], 1970 August 27
173/OV26 That's a good question [Phoenix bus service], 1970 August 27
173/OV27 Where the serious dickering is done [Secret talks between the US and North Vietnam outside of the Paris venue], 1970 August 27
173/OV28 You guys call yourselves killers? [Drunk drivers are the greatest killers], 1970 August 27
173/OV29 In this race with death [Maricopa County Drug Abuse Control], 1970 August 30
173/OV210 Barnacles [USSR has a more modern navy than the US], 1970 August 31
174/OV21 Here, let me take your hat [Nixon courts Labor], 1970 August 31
174/OV22 If U.S. and Russian heads come together [China suffers if the US and USSR reach an accord], 1970 August 31
174/OV23 Another labor walkout? [Labor and the Democratic Party], 1970 September 3
174/OV24 Nodding in front of the TV [Arizona voters do pay attention to political primaries], 1970 September 3
174/OV25 Peeping "Com" [Computers are invading citizen's privacy], 1970 September 3
174/OV26 Congrats on you recent moral victory [Doves may win "moral victory", but will not win at the polls], 1970 September 7
174/OV27 When a policeman is assassinated [Praise of policemen], 1970 September 7
174/OV28 Beachhead [Chile goes communist], 1970 September 10
174/OV29 Since I'm the one who pays for it [Auto union gains are passed to consumers contributing to inflation], 1970 September 10
174/OV210 Empty saddles in the old corral [Incumbent state Congressmen in Arizona are unseated in primary], 1970 September 13
175/OV21 It's designed 'specialy for "busing" [Students are bused such a great distance that teaching occurs on the bus], 1970 September 14
175/OV22 Riding shotgun [Armed guards on US airlines to protect against Arab skyjackers], 1970 September 14
175/OV23 Double your pleasure? Double your fun? [Two Phoenix elections in one month is an unnecessary extra expense], 1970 September 17
175/OV24 O say, can you see? [The US fleet in the Mediterranean gets the attention of Egypt], 1970 September 17
175/OV25 The bur under the saddle [Guerrillas in Jordan], 1970 September 17
175/OV26 Westward ho [The center of US politics moves West from the East with the shift in population], 1970 September 17
175/OV27 We've got a pretty good crowd tonight [Arizona politics attract a crowd of possible candidates], 1970 September 20
175/OV28 Picking up the pieces [Arab terrorist hijackings disrupt Middle East peace talks], 1970 September 21
175/OV29 Barking? [Dog racing and the Arizona Third Congressional District campaign], 1970 September 24
175/OV210 Monster from the China Sea [China arming Palestinian guerrillas is greater threat to Mediterranean peace than the fleets of the US and USSR], 1970 September 24
176/OV21 You've gone far enough [The Arizona Supreme Court and bail for habitual criminals], 1970 September 27
176/OV22 Hired guns [Political public relations experts and the making of candidates], 1970 September 28
176/OV23 Is going to be hard to fill [Egyptian leaders and filling Nasser's boots], 1970 October 1
176/OV24 The best way to stop a hijacking [Arizona board of regents wants university administrations to screen applicants more closely for campus trouble makers], 1970 October 1
176/OV25 Why vote in a school election? [Encouragement for citizens to vote in Phoenix High School Board election], 1970 October 4
176/OV26 Can't forget those spurs [Republican candidates that oppose Nixon's policies risk loosing support of the party], 1970 October 5
176/OV27 When Columbus made his trip [Columbus Day], 1970 October 5
176/OV28 First, defuse it [Another peace plan for Hanoi to reject], 1970 October 8
176/OV29 The trick is to stay close [Egypt's new President Sadat is less interested in close relations with the USSR than the previous administration], 1970 October 8
176/OV210 When y' gotta go, y' gotta go [Congressional incumbents prepare for reelection], 1970 October 8
177/OV21 You steer him in here [Arizona lottery], 1970 October 11
177/OV22 Pornography [Violence advocated by campus underground press], 1970 October 12
177/OV23 Who's afraid of a peace dove? [World support of Nixon cease-fire plan], 1970 October 12
177/OV24 You're the best partner I ever had [Crime and narcotics], 1970 October 12
177/OV25 Get your members to agree on this [Pleas for the UN to make skyjacking an international crime], 1970 October 15
177/OV26 Peking through the maple leaves [Canada and diplomatic recognition of China], 1970 October 15
177/OV27 Straight shooters are welcome here! [40th World Shooting Championships in Phoenix], 1970 October 15
177/OV28 When universities get into politics [Universities in politics bring politics into the university], 1970 October 15
177/OV29 As anyone can see [Western nations seeking admittance of China into the UN are motivated by trade with China], 1970 October 16
177/OV210 The games people play [Wages go up, cost of living goes up, wages go up, ...], 1970 October 16
178/OV21 "Q" for murder [Quebec terrorists], 1970 October 19
178/OV22 It'd help our score, coach [Nixon, the voters, and the Democratic controlled Congress], 1970 October 19
178/OV23 Can't talk now [Hanoi negotiates according to American election results], 1970 October 22
178/OV24 The springboard [Mayor Lindsay's bid for Democratic nomination for Presidency in 1972], 1970 October 22
178/OV25 To drive out a tiger [Police are ill equipped to combat organized crime in Arizona], 1970 October 22
178/OV26 Why am I suddenly so popular [Apologists for violent dissent cozy up to law and order issues when they become political candidates], 1970 October 22
178/OV27 I've been listening for months [The voter has the final say], 1970 October 26
178/OV28 Please! Not that ol' hobgoblin stuff [Liberals demonize Spiro Agnew], 1970 October 26
178/OV29 Hot potato [Narcotic fugitive Leary], 1970 October 29
178/OV210 Now to run these through the computer [Political predictions for 1972], 1970 October 29
179/OV21 You can't change your mind in two years [Four year terms in Arizona], 1970 November 1
179/OV22 Get outta here! [Christmas encroaches on the Thanksgiving holiday season], 1970 November 2
179/OV23 Where have we heard that before [Chile's President Allende sounds like an early Castro], 1970 November 2
179/OV24 But only a little limp [Lame duck session of congress], 1970 November 5
179/OV25 It takes more than a placard to get in that parade [Veterans parade], 1970 November 5
179/OV26 Negotiating is getting so specialized [Interpreters needed for all the "talks" going on around the world], 1970 November 5
179/OV27 C'mon, John, sit at our table [A crowded field for the Democratic presidential nomination for 1972], 1970 November 9
179/OV28 It's not my job to clean it up [Environment protection Czar Ruckelshaus], 1970 November 9
179/OV29 Ask the man who carries them [Arizona taxpayers are not warm to university expansion], 1970 November 12
179/OV210 In event of a nationwide strike [Railroad unions promise better service when on strike than they currently provide], 1970 November 12
180/OV21 Start of a new pyramid? [Arab alliance of Libya, Egypt, and Sudan], 1970 November 12
180/OV22 The tortoise and the hare [The Soviet space program slowly gains on the US], 1970 November 19
180/OV23 They won't let me smoke in there [Arizona's and California's pollution], 1970 November 19
180/OV24 Twixt the grave and the banana peel [Lame duck congress], 1970 November 19
180/OV25 And from now on, let's make sure [Security at Phoenix high schools], 1970 November 22
180/OV26 From your Christmas list - (no date) [Annual holiday highway deaths], 1970 November 23
180/OV27 Get rid of him in '72 (no date) [Left-wing commentators and columnists critical of Spiro Agnew], 1970 November 23
180/OV28 How could you stop negotiations? (no date) [Lack of sincere efforts to negotiate on part of Hanoi], 1970 November 23
180/OV29 Oh, they're not lobbyists [A crowded slate of Democratic Presidential candidates], 1970 November 23
180/OV210 Please, don't call in THAT doctor! (no date) [Arizona hospital costs], 1970 November 23
181/OV21 Under the gun [USSR over the new Arab alliance of Egypt, Syria, Libya, and Sudan], 1970 November 30
181/OV22 Double handoff [Consumers bear the burden of inflated cost of living caused by union labor wage hikes], 1970 December 3
181/OV23 Now, let's see - where'll we put it? [A new congressional seat for Arizona], 1970 December 3
181/OV24 Oh, you can run things in your office [Reorganization of state welfare offices], 1970 December 3
181/OV25 Camel with aching back [America's taxpayers are overburdened], 1970 December 7
181/OV26 Pit stop at a critical moment [The US senate slows the development of Super Sonic Transportation], 1970 December 7
181/OV27 Go through the holidays without decorating? [Downtown Phoenix refurbished Christmas decorations], 1970 December 10
181/OV28 Slippery foothold [Algeria, France and oil], 1970 December 10
181/OV29 But, sheriff [News ban against Arizona Republic], 1970 December 13
181/OV210 He hasn't slacked up on target practice [Russia plays catch up with US space program], 1970 December 14
182/OV21 White elephant [Soviet aid to India is not what India expected], 1970 December 14
182/OV22 Please, please drive carefully [Holiday highway deaths], 1970 December 17
182/OV23 Please, Santa, don't promise him [Arizona university expansion], 1970 December 17
182/OV24 Through the children's eyes [The spirit of Christmas lives], 1970 December 17
182/OV25 Communist answer to "dissent" [Polish food riots], 1970 December 21
182/OV26 Your detergent contain a bleach, Mr. Justice? [US Supreme Court appointments], 1970 December 21
182/OV27 To lock the stable door [Arizona fire codes], 1970 December 24
182/OV28 Another "Berlin Blockade"? [Arizona welfare department regulations], 1970 December 27
182/OV29 Hands full [Not all students are slacking protestors], 1970 December 28
182/OV210 No room for "dark horses" [A crowd of presidential contenders for the Democratic nomination], 1970 December 28
183/OV21 I'd like to believe you [The UN tries to revive peace talks in the Middle East], 1970 December 31
183/OV22 Is not picking on Jews [Russia treats all of its citizens as badly as they do the Jews], 1970 December 31
183/OV23 We can't close the book on 1970 [Phoenix police officer deaths], 1971 January 3
183/OV24 Mao's first thoughts of 1971 [Chinese propaganda accuses both Russia and the US of imperialism], 1971 January 4
183/OV25 It's not your music we object to [Rock concerts attract an undesirable crowd], 1971 January 7
183/OV26 Peace-table tennis [No progress in Middle Eastern negotiations], 1971 January 7
183/OV27 What are you two waiting for? [Spain's military and "technocrats" hover over Franco], 1971 January 7
183/OV28 When will you decide whether to run? [Muskie still an undeclared candidate for the presidency], 1971 January 7
183/OV29 If you really want to serve passengers [National Association of Railroad Passengers], 1971 January 10
183/OV210 Sorry, Charlie [Seafood and mercury], 1971 January 11
184/OV21 If you cut out the haggling [Federal Trade Commission and the auto industry], 1971 January 14
184/OV22 Someone ought to call the Better Business Bureau [China seeks trade with American countries other than the US], 1971 January 14
184/OV23 The leaky sugar bowl [Cuba is a big financial drain on USSR], 1971 January 14
184/OV24 Top "draft choice" [Arizona and the permanent Grand Jury], 1971 January 14
184/OV25 Riot police [The US protects the Russian Embassy while they encourage protest against the US Embassy in Russia], 1971 January 18
184/OV26 A cops "time card" [Police risk their lives for their job], 1971 January 21
184/OV27 Pass the ammunition [Ecuador holds up US fishing boats on the high seas], 1971 January 21
184/OV28 Y' better heat up our iron, cowboy [Democrats are more successful at attracting young voters than Republicans in Arizona], 1971 January 24
184/OV29 Always first to be purged [Chile, like Cuba, eliminates the free press], 1971 January 28
184/OV210 Going over his head [Nixon goes around Congress and directly to the voter], 1971 January 28
185/OV21 If y' can't help me [Arizona taxes on the homeowner], 1971 January 28
185/OV22 Truly neutral [France sells arms indiscriminately], 1971 January 28
185/OV23 Let's cool it in the balcony [Arizona's welfare controversy], 1971 January 31
185/OV24 End of the old high wire act [Balanced budget bites the dust], 1971 February 1
185/OV25 More than one can play [The US responds to Ecuadoran taking of US tuna boats with a cut-off of aid], 1971 February 1
185/OV26 As long as the fence is so low [Private practice offers too much salary for public sector to keep its attorneys], 1971 February 4
185/OV27 Traffic jams beget traffic cops [Too many want to visit the Grand Canyon], 1971 February 7
185/OV28 Almost within reach [Poland risks the same fate as Czechoslovakia in resisting the USSR], 1971 February 8
185/OV29 If I agree to unblock it [Egypt, Israel, and the Suez Canal], 1971 February 8
185/OV210 One way to cut off the sniper [Cutting off the Laos supply line of North Vietnamese], 1971 February 11
186/OV21 That IS the treasure [Changing of Treasury Secretaries from Kennedy to Connally], 1971 February 11
186/OV22 A man can only take so much [Britain in the midst of great cultural change], 1971 February 15
186/OV23 Gullibility gap [Liberals skeptical of what the US government says while accepting the propaganda of Moscow, Peking, and Hanoi], 1971 February 15
186/OV24 A gift of "T" for China [Nixon brings trade to China], 1971 February 18
186/OV25 More than just moon rocks [Space exploration has more benefits than just those for science], 1971 February 18
186/OV26 Now rated No. 1 weight lifter [Russia has the world's most powerful navy], 1971 February 18
186/OV27 Separately, just a bunch of sticks [Unified Arizona Water Commission gets results in Washington], 1971 February 21
186/OV28 He's trying to hurt you! [Opposing North Vietnamese forces in Laos], 1971 February 22
186/OV29 Didn't know there was anyone above him [The construction industry is hurt by the President's pay curb on federal projects], 1971 February 25
186/OV210 What's left to negotiate? [Hanoi no longer needs to negotiate because Senate Democrats demand a total pullout of forces from Indochina], 1971 February 25
187/OV21 Wonder what he means? [Ted Kennedy goes out of his way to say that he is not a candidate for President in 1972], 1971 February 25
187/OV22 Silent partner [Arizona Senate bill with mandatory stiff penalties for attacking a policeman], 1971 February 28
187/OV23 Strange economy [Criticism of the US abandonment of Super Sonic Transportation (SST)], 1971 March 1
187/OV24 Wolves hate fences [Cutting off North Vietnam's rout from Laos into South Vietnam], 1971 March 1
187/OV25 At $24 mil. I couldn't pass up this bauble [New York City sacrifices pay for teachers for a new baseball stadium], 1971 March 4
187/OV26 I remember mama [Memory banks of Federal Computer], 1971 March 4
187/OV27 There's one we can do without [Chilly March weather interferes with Arizona's big league training camps], 1971 March 4
187/OV28 Disarming the marshal [Arizona pollution], 1971 March 7
187/OV29 Extracting the fangs [Limit the amount of ammunition transported along the Ho Chi Minh Trail used to shoot US and Vietnamese by allowing South Vietnamese incursions into Laos], 1971 March 8
187/OV210 Before we trade away a 20 game winner [Change the form of city government for Phoenix], 1971 March 11
188/OV21 Gold strike [Prize fighting gets a lot of money from closed-circuit pay TV], 1971 March 11
188/OV22 Maybe you need another "hot line" [The public wants more frequent news conferences from President Nixon], 1971 March 11
188/OV23 Robes don't seem designed for running [Selecting judges by appointment], 1971 March 14
188/OV24 Do you have a credit card? [Supreme Court rules that a person cannot be jailed because he cannot pay a fine], 1971 March 15
188/OV25 Throw that little SSTinker out [Unemployment in aircraft industry due to elimination of the Super Sonic Transportation (SST)], 1971 March 15
188/OV26 "Salt" shaker [Little results from Strategic Arms Limitation Talks], 1971 March 18
188/OV27 In the spring ["Spring Romance" between Western Europe and Russia; US, and China], 1971 March 18
188/OV28 Living statuary [Kissinger meets with doves], 1971 March 18
188/OV29 Try to push a cactus around [Mexico is not receptive to USSR mingling in its internal affairs], 1971 March 22
188/OV210 Will someone please explain [Arab-Israeli conflict], 1971 March 22
189/OV21 That hawk is no squab of mine! [A "hawk" among the Democratic Presidential hopefuls], 1971 March 25
189/OV22 That's right, comrade [Former Senator Joseph Clark warns that the Pentagon is bigger threat than the USSR], 1971 March 25
189/OV23 Get the picture, senator? [Nixon is wrongfully blamed for current US unemployment], 1971 March 29
189/OV24 He who's "fustest with mostest" [Nixon puts controls on construction unions], 1971 March 29
189/OV25 The long, long trailer hitch [The geographic separation between West Pakistan and East Pakistan], 1971 March 29
189/OV26 Don't hold your breath while you're waiting [US convicts Lieutenant Calley], 1971 April 1
189/OV27 Please, can'tcha move faster? [Considering the Permanent Grand Jury for Arizona], 1971 April 1
189/OV28 A lesson in "old" math [Scottsdale teachers union and striking], 1971 April 4
189/OV29 He may be in for a surprise [The "far-left's" courting of young voters may not be as successful as they think], 1971 April 5
189/OV210 The company he keeps [Detractors of America are in the camp of America's enemies], 1971 April 5
190/OV21 In another five years [Poor standard of living in the USSR], 1971 April 8
190/OV22 Ex-No.2 forgot to try harder [Brezhnev replaces Kozygin with Podgorny], 1971 April 12
190/OV23 Beacon [Success of Navaho Community College], 1971 April 15
190/OV24 With this sore arm [Poor performing US steel industry], 1971 April 15
190/OV25 Sorry I can't help with the plumbing [Lack of April rain in Arizona], 1971 April 18
190/OV26 Since you like games [Ping-Pong diplomacy in China], 1971 April 19
190/OV27 How can you guys stand running so long? [Early campaigning of potential candidates], 1971 April 22
190/OV28 We're more than halfway home [US withdrawal from Vietnam not fast enough for doves], 1971 April 22
190/OV29 Where are you delivering that table? [Ping-Pong diplomacy, China, and the UN], 1971 April 22
190/OV210 All in the same boat [Southern and Southwestern states all suffer from a drought in 1971], 1971 April 25
191/OV21 Congressional tap dance [Hale Boggs stamps out Hoover], 1971 April 26
191/OV22 And now, to top off the feast [Arizona gains a major NCAA bowl game], 1971 April 29
191/OV23 Guess who's coming to dinner [The UN and China], 1971 April 29
191/OV24 Where have I failed? [Ralph Nader and GM profits of 1971], 1971 April 29
191/OV25 If we train the pup right [Arizona's Grand Jury and organized crime], 1971 May 2
191/OV26 Fight fire - save the "ecology" [Free expression and the New-Left], 1971 May 3
191/OV27 If he can open the bottle [Russia, the US and the Suez], 1971 May 3
191/OV28 A special message for you, mom [Arizona Mother's Day greeting], 1971 May 9
191/OV29 Now we're considering a sanity trial [Criminals freed on "technicalities"], 1971 May 10
191/OV210 Which came first? [The relationship between steel prices and steel wages], 1971 May 10
192/OV21 Don't look now, senator [Doves and the withdrawal of US troops from Vietnam], 1971 May 13
192/OV22 If it looks dirty, sounds dirty, and smells dirty [Judge Peterson's ruling on obscene movies], 1971 May 13
192/OV23 You won't have to dig a grave [Arizona and street maintenance], 1971 May 16
192/OV24 Reports of my demise [Revival of the US economy], 1971 May 17
192/OV25 They're fitting better every day [Sadat acts as Nasser did against Egypt's dissident cabinet ministers], 1971 May 17
192/OV26 Bailing wire repairs [Congress and railroad relations], 1971 May 20
192/OV27 Change course, hard aport, captain [Republican insurgents are not very powerful], 1971 May 20
192/OV28 Sure, some got away [A successful Arizona 30th Legislature], 1971 May 20
192/OV29 The man who came to dinner [Indian and East Pakistani refugees], 1971 May 20
192/OV210 To you, maybe it looks like chicken feed [Increase in sales tax collections takes Phoenix by surprise], 1971 May 23
193/OV21 Fancy meeting you here [Moscow and Peking court the US], 1971 May 24
193/OV22 Hands across the channel [Britain and France and the Common Market], 1971 May 24
193/OV23 Just how much is freedom worth? [Honoring America's sons who died in battle], 1971 May 24
193/OV24 Philadelphia story [Philadelphia's mayoral race], 1971 May 27
193/OV25 Whose zoo? [Russian's in Egypt], 1971 May 27
193/OV26 You created the marvelous giant [Four Corners power plants and pollution], 1971 May 27
193/OV27 Want to see a real hero, son? [Praise for local policemen], 1971 May 31
193/OV28 When your life hangs by a belt [Highway deaths and the lack of seat belt use], 1971 May 31
193/OV29 Fastest gun in the Near East [Hussein and Palestinian guerrillas], 1971 June 3
193/OV210 It's an ill wind that blows no good [Disruption in Cuba and Chile helps Arizona's sugar and copper industries], 1971 June 3
194/OV21 Camp followers [East Pakistani refugee camps in India], 1971 June 7
194/OV22 Boy at the dike [Phoenix City Council puts six month moratorium on building on mountain slopes], 1971 June 10
194/OV23 Someone nearer his size [Rules for moon exploration is added the list of UN concerns], 1971 June 10
194/OV24 Why Hanoi wouldn't let them come home [North Vietnam POWs do not wish to return home], 1971 June 10
194/OV25 Has anyone consulted the alligator? [Nixon loosens trade restrictions with China], 1971 June 14
194/OV26 You can't back out now, son [Britain has second thoughts about joining the European Common Market], 1971 June 14
194/OV27 How did he get first in line? [Federal Government promotes the hiring of returning Vietnam vets], 1971 June 17
194/OV28 International fishing derby [World competition in Latin America], 1971 June 17
194/OV29 Sorry I have to cut this [Welfare in Arizona], 1971 June 17
194/OV210 Where two's a crowd [USSR and the US naval fleets in the Mediterranean], 1971 June 17
195/OV21 Italians love to pinch girls [Local elections threaten the ruling Left leaning government in Italy], 1971 June 24
195/OV22 American "Bastille" [Classified government files unnecessarily not made public], 1971 June 28
195/OV23 Communication above ideology [Sympathy from America for the death of Russian cosmonauts], 1971 July 1
195/OV24 Crowbar [Enemy intelligence and stolen secret US documents], 1971 July 1
195/OV25 Fiery footsteps [Drought and forest fires], 1971 July 1
195/OV26 Dad, couldja let me have $20? [Young voters], 1971 July 5
195/OV27 Is this where I deliver stolen documents [Newspapers and stolen government files], 1971 July 5
195/OV28 Move along, old man [Turkey cracks down on drug traders], 1971 July 5
195/OV29 How much more can it carry? [The sinking US steel industry], 1971 July 8
195/OV210 Slanted viewpoints [The US is viewed as partial by both parties in Indian-Pakistani relations], 1971 July 8
196/OV21 They say, "if truckers eat there ..." [Nixon's courts organized labor], 1971 July 8
196/OV22 Whatever it costs [Arizona and the cost of the copper strike], 1971 July 8
196/OV23 Action in the bull pen [Peace negotiations in Paris continue], 1971 July 15
196/OV24 If only we could get rid of Israel [Dissention amongst the Arab nations], 1971 July 15
196/OV25 If the house burns down [Organized labor's demands fuel inflation], 1971 July 15
196/OV26 Unzip the silver living [Seeking rain in Arizona's drought], 1971 July 17
196/OV27 Now you see him, now you don't [The elusive Henry Kissinger], 1971 July 19
196/OV28 Remember your gentlemen's agreement [The crowded Democratic presidential candidates and the disbursement of party campaign funds], 1971 July 19
196/OV29 A little early to build a poultry farm [Nixon tempers the expectations about his upcoming trip to China], 1971 July 22
196/OV210 A rock in his Chile beans [Allende and his leftist government in Chile], 1971 July 22
197/OV21 Equalize the load between humps? [Arizona and taxes], 1971 July 22
197/OV22 Is he one of our crew? [US Customs and foreign trade], 1971 July 22
197/OV23 Chinese fortune cookie [China's influence in North Vietnam], 1971 July 26
197/OV24 I'm happy you can come [The Republican National Convention in San Diego], 1971 July 26
197/OV25 Making waves [Russia's war games in the Baltic threaten Norway and Denmark], 1971 July 29
197/OV26 What's it say? [Reading standards for Arizona schools], 1971 July 29
197/OV27 You'll have to aim for his heel [The Democrats take aim at Nixon's foreign policy], 1971 July 29
197/OV28 The donor only has so much to give [Legal Aid Society wants more out of the taxpayer], 1971 August 1
197/OV29 Capitol hill display room [The many options for Democratic presidential campaigning], 1971 August 2
197/OV210 We're so advanced in moon travel [The US can land a man on the moon but cannot run its railroads], 1971 August 2
198/OV21 "Preventive medicine" [Phoenix fire safety code and existing high-rise buildings], 1971 August 5
198/OV22 For some, it's a short airlift [Rising steel industry wages], 1971 August 5
198/OV23 I've determined what they both don't like [Nixon's policies please neither Taiwan nor China], 1971 August 5
198/OV24 A star lands in Arizona [Fraternal Order of Police visit Arizona], 1971 August 8
198/OV25 Advice form the opposing coach [The Democrats advise Nixon to fire Agnew], 1971 August 12
198/OV26 Now I'm all yours [Candidate Lindsay embraces the Democratic Party], 1971 August 12
198/OV27 We can't risk sudden withdrawal pains [China continues its traditional "hate-America" propaganda], 1971 August 12
198/OV28 Buck him off! [ADA advises the Democratic Party not to support Senator Jackson and his strong defense stand], 1971 August 16
198/OV29 If they won't honor my credit card [Chile seeks financial assistance from both the US and the USSR], 1971 August 16
198/OV210 Want a ride? [George Wallace and his anti-school busing issue takes voters away from Nixon], 1971 August 16
199/OV21 It should "rain" any day now! [Cloud seeding in Arizona], 1971 August 19
199/OV22 Now it "floats" [Value of the US dollar], 1971 August 19
199/OV23 Ol' cowhand from the Rio Grande [Treasury Secretary Connelly sells the President's Economic Package to the Democratic Congress], 1971 August 19
199/OV24 That's discrimination! [The Arizona Education Association opposes the requirement that students pass a reading exam to graduate from high school], 1971 August 22
199/OV25 Stop pumping gas into the bus [Ralph Naders says tax incentives should to directly to each worker, not to US businesses], 1971 August 23
199/OV26 This treatment killed George Washington [Federal budget cutbacks], 1971 August 23
199/OV27 What's all the hollering about? [Nixon places tariffs on imports], 1971 August 26
199/OV28 When Russia goes out the door [China replaces USSR in Sudan], 1971 August 26
199/OV29 I'd just as soon you'd postpone this [Arizona legislature's special session to operate on taxes], 1971 August 29
199/OV210 I'm taking over this herd [Competition for New York delegates at the Democratic Convention], 1971 August 30
200/OV21 Improves the view considerably [Less Communist restrictions in accessing Berlin], 1971 August 30
200/OV22 The guy who was yelling from the grandstand [Organized labor and combating inflation], 1971 August 30
200/OV23 Good teachers don't need to be strapped in [Arizona teacher-tenure laws], 1971 September 2
200/OV24 For whom the bell tolls? [California Supreme Court and school funding], 1971 September 6
200/OV25 Is that a meteorologist or economist [The economic "freeze"], 1971 September 6
200/OV26 Boy, could we get a wrong number! [Phone service to China], 1971 September 9
200/OV27 Defensive huddle [Nixon, Presidential candidates in Congress, and the economic issue], 1971 September 9
200/OV28 Smoking can endanger health [Arizona industries and pollution controls], 1971 September 12
200/OV29 Have you twain met? [Canada between Russia and China], 1971 September 13
200/OV210 Symptoms of malignancy? [Trouble in America's prisons], 1971 September 16
201/OV21 We're already working on many of these problems [Arizona prisons], 1971 September 19
201/OV22 Big spender [Sadat is willing to sacrifice many lives in war with Israel], 1971 September 20
201/OV23 Chill wind from Alaska [China is concerned about US-Japanese relations], 1971 September 20
201/OV24 That wasn't what we had in mind [The courts and school busing try to achieve racial balance], 1971 September 20
201/OV25 To build a permanent structure [Arabs building hate for Israel], 1971 September 20
201/OV26 Drafty dorm [End of mandatory student induction deferment], 1971 September 23
201/OV27 Just juggling those two will not be enough [Candidates for the next UN Secretary General must consider China's approval as well as that of the US and USSR], 1971 September 23
201/OV28 New U.S. treasurer is Mexican food expert (news item) [Financial aid to Mexico], 1971 September 23
201/OV29 When you bring him into your herd [The UN must redefine China now that it has been admitted into the world community], 1971 September 27
201/OV210 Whoa - steady boy! [Another possible candidate for the Democrats], 1971 September 27
202/OV21 Who'd o' thought he still has teeth? [Britain expels Soviet Embassy employees], 1971 September 27
202/OV22 Don't dry up your tear ducts [Liberals should be more concerned about the victims of crime rather than the rights of criminals], 1971 September 30
202/OV23 First trumpet [Arizona's Mo Udall gets on the Muskie band wagon], 1971 September 30
202/OV24 Where do we go from here [Observing Nixon's preparation for the second phase of his economic "freeze"], 1971 September 30
202/OV25 While we're discussing Chinese changes [US taxpayers shoulder the UN financial load], 1971 September 30
202/OV26 Either way it was a bad bargain [Arizona Attorney General "slaps the wrist" of Sheriff Burr], 1971 October 3
202/OV27 Faces of China [Peking offers a "friendly" face to the world but remains repressive of its people], 1971 October 12
202/OV28 Daddy, I LOVE this one [National auto pollution], 1971 October 13
202/OV29 Cometh [Labor unions and Nixon's economic plan], 1971 October 15
202/OV210 Sneak preview [National Newspaper Boy Day], 1971 October 16
203/OV21 It's not a marriage [Phoenix public transportation], 1971 October 18
203/OV22 O what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive! [The Soviet spy network], 1971 October 19
203/OV23 Fly in the syrup [Anti-Russian protests in Canada], 1971 October 20
203/OV24 The China hangup [China disrupts the internal politics of the UN], 1971 October 23
203/OV25 The decoration he would value most [Veterans Day], 1971 October 25
203/OV26 We're working on it, professor! [Changing America's freedoms and the federal bureaucracy], 1971 October 26
203/OV27 Why must we provide the crutch? [The US provides the UN's financing while its own agenda is opposed], 1971 October 27
203/OV28 They'd never permit this "booth" at the State Fair [Highway deaths and drunk driving], 1971 October 28
203/OV29 - and what was your biggest catch? [Russian relations make progress with France, but not with Cuba and Canada], 1971 October 30
203/OV210 You're not likely to find "treasure" here [Arizona strongly supports Supreme Court nominee William Rehnquist], 1971 October 31
204/OV21 Insight of land [Britain and the European Common Market], 1971 November 1
204/OV22 To adjust UN balance [Complaint against the amount of money paid by the US to the UN], 1971 November 6
204/OV23 Why are YOU so important? [Encouragement to vote in Phoenix city election], 1971 November 7
204/OV24 Go ahead - insult me, insult me! [Congress wants to withhold foreign aid to nations that criticize the US], 1971 November 9
204/OV25 Don't just stand there [Washington's lid on wage increases], 1971 November 10
204/OV26 A "yes" and "no" vote [Phoenix voters reject pay raises for Mayor and City Council], 1971 November 11
204/OV27 We know he's coming [Considering Phoenix's future growth problems], 1971 November 14
204/OV28 Repairing a self inflicted amputation [US harms itself with embargo against Rhodesia in order to please the UN], 1971 November 15
204/OV29 Mars obscured by dust pollution [Pollution makes Mars fit for human life], 1971 November 16
204/OV210 Start of the new fishing season [Ecuador and fishing rights], 1971 November 17
205/OV21 Passed his freshman year [Arizona colleges and a Campus Code of Conduct], 1971 November 18
205/OV22 Leftist logic [Liberal senators against the Rehnquist nomination for Supreme Court], 1971 November 21
205/OV23 What was that twinge? [Life in the "paralyzed right wing" of the Democratic Party], 1971 November 22
205/OV24 Thanksgiving-then-and now [Thanksgiving should celebrate the freedom in America], 1971 November 24
205/OV25 Y'gotta shoot him to get me, sheriff [Nixon veto and the Democratic campaign financing plan], 1971 November 27
205/OV26 Let's not forget [China turns on the USSR after it assists in getting China admitted to the UN], 1971 November 29
205/OV27 It was a double killing [The assassination of the Premier of Jordan also killed the hopes for peace with Palestinian guerrillas], 1971 November 30
205/OV28 They can't keep the lid on [Russia, China, and the US in the Indian-Pakistani war], 1971 December 3
205/OV29 Independent hand action [Restrictions harm US industries], 1971 December 4
205/OV210 Taxi, taxi! [Tax supported campaign plan does not materialize for 1972 presidential candidates], 1971 December 6
206/OV21 -And I've got the scars to prove it! [Doves in Congress and military defenses], 1971 December 7
206/OV22 The pen is mightier than the -- wups! [UN cease-fire resolution fails in Indian-Pakistani war], 1971 December 10
206/OV23 We'll be happy to listen [Lack of progress continues in Paris Peace Talks with Hanoi], 1971 December 11
206/OV24 What progress are you making [The original plans of Arizona State University are not realized], 1971 December 12
206/OV25 She punches like a man [Russia supports India against Pakistan], 1971 December 13
206/OV26 Unfortunately, we can't handle big fires [UN General Assembly problems], 1971 December 13
206/OV27 Judging the art show [Arizona political redistricting map drawing contest], 1971 December 16
206/OV28 Moving to the launch pad [Preparing to launch the 1972 presidential election], 1971 December 17
206/OV29 Annual Christmas card headaches [The changing Christmas card list], 1971 December 18
206/OV210 You get 100 on your first answer, son [Employment for returning veterans], 1971 December 19
207/OV21 Just between us girls [Because India has taken land in war with Pakistan it can no longer criticize Israel for doing the same], 1971 December 20
207/OV22 Books that speak volumes [UN has few answers for the many world peace problems], 1971 December 21
207/OV23 Now, what do we do with him? [Problems for USSR and India "liberating" Bangladesh], 1971 December 22
207/OV24 I can't understand those Irishmen [As many Americans die on the highway as those killed in many years of conflict in North Ireland], 1971 December 24
207/OV25 I delivered so much love and good will today [Christmas greeting], 1971 December 25
207/OV26 No, you can't exchange that [The year ends with a "beat up old world"], 1971 December 26
207/OV27 Wow! What a Christmas gift [Arizona and the first Fiesta Bowl], 1971 December 27
207/OV28 Never mind what others say [China had a good year in 1971], 1971 December 29
207/OV29 I think I qualify [Old Man Time applies for social security], 1971 December 30
207/OV210 Give him a great big hand! [Starting the 1972 election year], 1972 January 1
208/OV21 No. 71 got possession of the ball for us [Arizona and the continuing Colorado River Water Issue], 1972 January 2
208/OV22 Not exactly a tidal wave [Lindsay gets little attention in his bid for the Democratic nomination], 1972 January 3
208/OV23 Hatrack [Too many Democratic candidates], 1972 January 5
208/OV24 He's unfair [U.S. air strikes on Hanoi], 1972 January 7
208/OV25 Anyone here named Cinderella? [Candidates seeking the Democratic nomination], 1972 January 8
208/OV26 Instead of bracing up the house [Nixon and the economy], 1972 January 10
208/OV27 Heating up! [Arizona delegates and Democratic candidates], 1972 January 11
208/OV28 Welcome home! [Problems of destitution in Bangladesh], 1972 January 12
208/OV29 I hate to tell him [Not impressed with the Mariner 9 photos of Mars], 1972 January 14
208/OV210 Ton of lead for a drowning man [Postal rate increase for magazines hurts the business], 1972 January 15
209/OV21 The take off speed is terrific [A new system for bills in the Arizona legislature], 1972 January 16
209/OV22 Can I give you a lift? [Lindsay, New York garbage, and the Democratic nomination], 1972 January 17
209/OV23 The fire would be over by now [Complication with Vietnamization of the war], 1972 January 25
209/OV24 We don’t demand a "communist" gov't in Saigon [Hanoi and it's choice of government], 1972 February 3
209/OV25 Why don't you go in and stop that? [Northern Ireland as a domestic problem], 1972 February 4
209/OV26 Give them an inch [More and more concessions demanded by Hanoi], 1972 February 5
209/OV27 All in the family [The right to vote for eighteen year olds leads to other rights in Arizona], 1972 February 6
209/OV28 Come back and see me next summer [The Democratic Congress make it difficult for Nixon's reelection campaign], 1972 February 7
209/OV29 What can I do about it? [West coast dock strike and compulsory arbitration], 1972 February 8
209/OV210 Ma! Dick's trying to intimidate us! [Liberal Presidential candidates can dish it out, but cannot take it], 1972 February 11
210/OV21 Bus as I say, not as I do ["Big name supporters" of busing send their children to private schools], 1972 February 13
210/OV22 Twice as nice [Celebrating Arizona's birthday], 1972 February 14
210/OV23 How to make a bomb [Northern Ireland], 1972 February 15
210/OV24 British glacier of '72. [British coal strike], 1972 February 16
210/OV25 Can you hear what they're saying? [China shuts out Moscow and Hanoi in improved relations with the US], 1972 February 22
210/OV26 The last to know [The Chinese people are the last to know that Nixon visited], 1972 February 23
210/OV27 How did you like our Chinese ballet? [Nixon likes China's Ping-Pong more than its ballet], 1972 February 25
210/OV28 Tell the President he has a right to his own attorney [Senate Judiciary Commission and the Kleindienst nomination for Attorney General], 1972 February 26
210/OV29 American goodies included cigarettes [Promoting trade with China], 1972 February 27
210/OV210 Couldn't you provide a stronger cord? [More restraints are needed on labor's ability to call crippling strikes], 1972 February 28
211/OV21 Busing [The many Senators running for President are absent for vote on school busing], 1972 February 29
211/OV22 Y' gotta be kidding [Phoenix public bus system], 1972 March 2
211/OV23 Centennial year of the National Parks [Arizona has more national parks and monuments than any other state], 1972 March 5
211/OV24 What? No presents for us? [China treats Senate leaders better than House leaders], 1972 March 5
211/OV25 It's only a little tree, but [Muskie and the New Hampshire Primary], 1972 March 7
211/OV26 Better get back to your classroom, son [Arizona universities regents and State Legislature do not consider the voice of student government protesters in decision making], 1972 March 9
211/OV27 The warm surf should be a welcome change [Muskie moves to Florida Primary after New Hampshire], 1972 March 10
211/OV28 Taking away his security blanket! [Nixon's and the indiscriminate use of the "top secret" stamp], 1972 March 11
211/OV29 Too early to abolish the death penalty [The public believes that the bombing of jetliners deserves the death penalty], 1972 March 13
211/OV210 Waste paper [U.S. citizenship of draft dodgers and deserters], 1972 March 14
212/OV21 Eeny, meeny, miney, mo [Many Democratic candidates in the Florida Primary], 1972 March 15
212/OV22 Being out front has its drawbacks [Wallace attacks Muskie in the Florida Primary], 1972 March 16
212/OV23 The critics were unanimous [No praise for King Hussein's Jordanian-Palestinian Plan], 1972 March 20
212/OV24 Mirror, mirror [Muskie looks to the Illinois Primary after poor showings in New Hampshire and Florida], 1972 March 21
212/OV25 We trust you [The legislature has confidence in the eighteen year old to vote, but not to drink], 1972 March 22
212/OV26 Easy to please [Muskie over McCarthy in the Illinois Primary], 1972 March 23
212/OV27 I had to quit [Labor leaders walk out of Pay Board meetings], 1972 March 25
212/OV28 Will the real leader please stand up? [Wallace, Humphrey, and Muskie all claim to lead in the primaries], 1972 March 27
212/OV29 If you haven't dug up enough by now [Judiciary Committee Liberals oppose Kleindienst nomination], 1972 March 29
212/OV210 Grocery cart rodeo [Connally and cost of groceries], 1972 March 31
213/OV21 No, no - not "April fool" [A poll by labor in Wisconsin shows McGovern the leading candidate], 1972 April 1
213/OV22 Not what it was cracked up to be [Arizona and the Four-Corners crash anti-pollution standards], 1972 April 2
213/OV23 Promises, promises [Seven Democratic candidates in Wisconsin], 1972 April 3
213/OV24 Credibility gap [Hanoi wants peace talks while it invades South Vietnam], 1972 April 5
213/OV25 But does the horse know? [Muskie runs out of financial backing in his Presidential bid], 1972 April 6
213/OV26 To tell which are the aggressors [Refugees flee from North Vietnam invaders], 1972 April 8
213/OV27 Don't I even get carfare to Albany? [The Democrats reject Lindsay as a Presidential candidate and as Governor of New York], 1972 April 11
213/OV28 I don't see any voters on this end [Arizona's tax load is shifted to corporations from liquor and tobacco], 1972 April 12
213/OV29 Replacing the old chair [Salary raise needed for state judges and officials to compete with the private sector], 1972 April 14
213/OV210 The eyes of taxes are upon you [IRS tax return inspections], 1972 April 15
214/OV21 Weird definition of "free" [Movement to abolish prisons], 1972 April 17
214/OV22 Friends assured him it was a dud [The US bombs Haiphong while withdrawing from Vietnam], 1972 April 18
214/OV23 Hungry for a little GOOD news? [Fishing in Arizona], 1972 April 20
214/OV24 Don't look now [Withdrawal for Vietnam leaves POWs behind], 1972 April 21
214/OV25 It's a strange time we're living in [Criminals are turned loose and juries are sequestered], 1972 April 22
214/OV26 Let's face it [Mo Udall, Arizona energy, and pollution], 1972 April 23
214/OV27 The "neutral" [House Democrats condemn both North Vietnam and American bombing], 1972 April 24
214/OV28 Quick! Let me in! [Muskie moves to the Pennsylvania Primary], 1972 April 25
214/OV29 Doncha think we've milked this one dry? [The Kleindienst confirmation hearings drag on], 1972 April 26
214/OV210 Do I have your attention? [Wallace performing well in the primaries gets the attention of the Democratic Party "establishment"], 1972 April 28
215/OV21 Killed in action [The invasion from North Vietnam proves that the war was not a civil war], 1972 April 29
215/OV22 Orphans of the storm [A fight for Muskie delegates], 1972 May 1
215/OV23 Government headache test [The Federal Trade Commission and aspirin makers], 1972 May 2
215/OV24 In the Hoover tradition [Nixon chooses not to fill the FBI director position until after the election], 1972 May 5
215/OV25 Not just whistling "Dixie" [Wallace moves on to attract the voters of Northern states], 1972 May 7
215/OV26 Charge! [Sadat and leading Egypt], 1972 May 8
215/OV27 He's just crying "wolf" so you'll raise his pay [Narrowing surpluses of water and power in Arizona], 1972 May 9
215/OV28 He's waving the wrong flag! [Nixon continues the offensive in Vietnam], 1972 May 10
215/OV29 We couldn't get the "court" to hang him [Kleindienst survives the Liberal-Left inquisition at his confirmation hearing], 1972 May 12
215/OV210 Pass it on [Terrorists fear Israeli retaliation for airplane hijacking], 1972 May 13
216/OV21 Do you pretend to be representing me? [Voters will oust dove Senators and Congressmen in the upcoming elections], 1972 May 15
216/OV22 Now can we expect you to return our Kuriles? [Okinawa returned to Japan by US], 1972 May 16
216/OV23 Credibility Gap, Texas [John Connally claims to have no political aspirations], 1972 May 19
216/OV24 No place for a holiday! [Arizona drought and forest fires], 1972 May 21
216/OV25 The plum [California primary], 1972 May 22
216/OV26 Pretend we don't see him. [Russia and the USSR ignore China], 1972 May 23
216/OV27 Bingo! [Praise of religion], 1972 May 25
216/OV28 Mighty generous of you, Larry [Wallace and Miami], 1972 May 27
216/OV29 Understand, I'm not criticizing you [Record drought in Arizona], 1972 May 28
216/OV210 The chase is on [Arizona's new Fourth Congressional District attracts a lot of aspirants], 1972 May 30
217/OV21 The duel [McGovern and Humphrey debate in California], 1972 May 31
217/OV22 That new farm labor law [Arizona farm labor law protects both laborers and growers], 1972 June 4
217/OV23 Teach an old dog new tricks? [Democratic convention reforms, the selection of delegates, and Mayor Daley], 1972 June 5
217/OV24 Trail balloon? [Connally world tour], 1972 June 7
217/OV25 That would certainly end the "fighting" [Russia is better armed than the US defenses], 1972 June 8
217/OV26 Counting his chickens [McGovern expects success in Miami], 1972 June 10
217/OV27 Try it, you'll like it [Wallace courts the Democratic Party in Miami], 1972 June 12
217/OV28 A funny thing happened on the way to the ecology meeting [UN Stockholm Conference and China], 1972 June 16
217/OV29 Swinging back [The Supreme Court swings from protecting criminals rights to more favorable rulings for police], 1972 June 17
217/OV210 Beware of this "dope pusher" [Warning vacation drivers to beware of fatigue], 1972 June 19
218/OV21 All sewed up - almost [McGovern has all of the Democratic support except for the Right Wing], 1972 June 21
218/OV22 Back to the poultry pen, ol' bird [Phoenix rules that a goose is not a watch dog], 1972 June 22
218/OV23 Your followers have nothing to fear form me [Muskie and Humphrey concede to McGovern], 1972 June 24
218/OV24 Play that on your chopsticks! [Russian and the US do business without China], 1972 June 26
218/OV25 Wake up, George - it's all a mistake [A reversal of Democratic position on Vietnam], 1972 June 29
218/OV26 What can you find in there to save me? [US Supreme Court declares the Death Penalty ruled unconstitutional], 1972 July 1
218/OV27 Don't worry, teacher [Arizona teacher re-certification exam], 1972 July 3
218/OV28 Choose me or else! [McGovern threatens to bolt the Democratic Party], 1972 July 5
218/OV29 "Free" is not exactly the word [Maricopa County, Arizona and the cost of public defenders], 1972 July 6
218/OV210 Dominoes anyone? [Expulsions from the Democratic Convention], 1972 July 7
219/OV21 Fence mending [Arizona courts get tough on first offenders smuggling across the Mexican border], 1972 July 9
219/OV22 If I wait 'til November [Hanoi at Paris peace conference considers the presidential campaign in US], 1972 July 14
219/OV23 The ticket [The unknown McGovern running mate], 1972 July 15
219/OV24 Hey cap! Keep your mind on your steering [Nixon and the Republican Party are overconfident in upcoming Presidential election], 1972 July 18
219/OV25 Do they have to give Democrats equal time, daddy? [The circus comes to Phoenix], 1972 July 19
219/OV26 Why wait? [The Democratic congress should not wait for a president of its party to be in office to act on the Democratic platform], 1972 July 20
219/OV27 Scratch one [Russia considers adding Castro to its list of dropped dependents that includes Sadat], 1972 July 21
219/OV28 Will the real donkey please stand up? [McGovern Democrats and Connally Democrats], 1972 July 24
219/OV29 All right! That does it! [Spiro Agnew okayed for VP], 1972 July 25
219/OV210 Weather vane [McGovern blows both liberal and conservative on Vietnam], 1972 July 28
220/OV21 If he won't let us charge it [Democrats try to corner Nixon over the budget], 1972 July 29
220/OV22 That sure eases the pain, doc! [Nixon-Moscow diplomacy make the world safer], 1972 July 31
220/OV23 His golf is improving [Agnew and Meany], 1972 August 1
220/OV24 Devalued [McGovern and Eagleton], 1972 August 2
220/OV25 For the guy who buys the gas [Maricopa County and Phoenix City jails], 1972 August 6
220/OV26 New concept in fighter planes [Military Procurement Bill and a time limit on ending the fighting in Vietnam], 1972 August 7
220/OV27 Now, your first job, Sarg [McGovern charges Shriver with putting the broken Democratic Party back together], 1972 August 8
220/OV28 Now cactus rustlers can get stuck! [Arizona cracks down on cactus thieves], 1972 August 10
220/OV29 The Czech story - epilogue [Communist prisons in Czechoslovakia], 1972 August 11
220/OV210 Sleep, sleep, sleep, ... [Nixon's lead in the polls lulls Republicans to sleep], 1972 August 12
221/OV21 Always room for one more [Gun laws do not effect criminals], 1972 August 14
221/OV22 Where did everybody go? [US troops have pulled out of Vietnam and doves continue to cry], 1972 August 15
221/OV23 Hey, watch where you're shooting [UFW and the Teamsters], 1972 August 16
221/OV24 Excess baggage [Democrats try to sneak spending by Nixon's veto], 1972 August 18
221/OV25 Whee - I made it! [Revenue sharing for cities makes the Arizona November ballot], 1972 August 20
221/OV26 Nothing exciting about that fare [The Republican convention is more interesting than the Democrats'], 1972 August 21
221/OV27 I'd swear I saw it wink [Kissinger in Egypt], 1972 August 22
221/OV28 Boy, have I go a fall for you [The Democratic Controlled Congress hinders Nixon's campaign], 1972 August 23
221/OV29 Any old port in a storm [Chicago Mayor Daley and McGovern], 1972 August 24
221/OV210 "Bring us together" [McGovern scares the disenchanted into Nixon's camp], 1972 August 25
222/OV21 I have my own cure for breath offenders, officer [Arizona courts go easy on drivers who refuse to take sobriety test], 1972 August 26
222/OV22 Who says I can't come in? [Arizona state law makes state reports open to the public], 1972 August 28
222/OV23 A rose by any other name - (no date) [Uganda's expulsion of Asians is racist], 1972 August 29
222/OV24 Say - that tastes good! [China takes a page from USSR book in using its UN veto], 1972 August 29
222/OV25 Please buy it for me, pa! [Voters do not trust Maricopa County Citizens Committee and Supervisors word on bond issue], 1972 August 31
222/OV26 If athletes were given a vote [Olympic judges from communist countries are biased], 1972 September 1
222/OV27 Be careful, and avoid this hitchhiker [Labor Day highway deaths], 1972 September 2
222/OV28 Would somebody explain to me again [UN expenses overburden US taxpayers], 1972 September 5
222/OV29 Olympic flag [Arab terrorists and the Olympics], 1972 September 6
222/OV210 Empty saddle [AFL-CIO and the Arizona Democratic Party], 1972 September 7
223/OV21 Unscheduled contest [Terrorism and the Olympics], 1972 September 8
223/OV22 Star bright - I wish I may, I wish I might [Primaries for Sheriff of Maricopa County], 1972 September 10
223/OV23 If you don't vote [Encouragement to vote in primaries], 1972 September 11
223/OV24 And now, the sifting [Arizona primaries weed out the field], 1972 September 12
223/OV25 The "accompanist" [Teddy Kennedy overshadows McGovern], 1972 September 13
223/OV26 Birds of a feather [Arab-"Maoist" terrorism], 1972 September 16
223/OV27 Hat dance [Mexican-American successes in Arizona Primaries], 1972 September 17
223/OV28 Gentlemen, take your seats [Arizona state politics is dominated by Republicans, national Congress is held by Democrats], 1972 September 18
223/OV29 Sabotage [Palestine Guerrilla action in Munich and Lebanon in conflict with Israel], 1972 September 19
223/OV210 I think Meany nailed it down! [Shriver and McGovern cannot attract the steel workers' vote], 1972 September 20
224/OV21 Substitute postman [Palestine Guerrillas' terrorism by mail], 1972 September 22
224/OV22 But I feel good! [The US uses its UN veto power], 1972 September 23
224/OV23 Credibility gap [A list of adult issues unresolved indicates lack of credibility to children], 1972 September 25
224/OV24 Oh golly, you're late, Chris [Congress assigns the celebration of Columbus Day a date not true to the event], 1972 October 12
224/OV25 If misery loves company [Phoenix joins the larger cities of the US with freeway congestion], 1972 October 13
224/OV26 Whatever happened to the militant youngsters [Militant youngsters have become adults], 1972 October 14
224/OV27 To assure a blind following [A lack of free press keeps the public blind], 1972 October 16
224/OV28 Congress tied the knots [Congress struggles towards adjournment so it can go home and campaign], 1972 October 17
224/OV29 Thanks just the same, George [Democratic Congress and Governor campaigns do not what the coattails of McGovern's campaign], 1972 October 18
224/OV210 Hang the expense to taxpayers [The UFW and Cesar Chavez recall of Arizona Governor], 1972 October 19
225/OV21 It could be worse [Rain for Arizona], 1972 October 20
225/OV22 Another devalued currency [McGovern promises both liberal and conservative social programs], 1972 October 21
225/OV23 If it had been raining election day [Flood control and Arizona voters], 1972 October 22
225/OV24 Yes, the banner still waves [Thanks to American war veterans], 1972 October 23
225/OV25 Come on, Henry, drop it! [Kissinger, peace in Vietnam, and McGovern's campaign], 1972 October 24
225/OV26 We don't look on this as money [Arizona State Arts Commission, Mesa Schools, and unauthorized federal school subsidies], 1972 October 25
225/OV27 A bad congress? [Congress overrides Nixon's deficit ceiling], 1972 October 26
225/OV28 All clear for landing? [Cease fire agreement in Vietnam], 1972 October 27
225/OV29 He's heckling us [Agnew and hecklers], 1972 October 29
225/OV210 Samson and Delilah [Canada's voters give Trudeau a "trim" in recent election], 1972 November 1
226/OV21 One more tap [McGovern and Hanoi encourage Kissinger to move on peace in Vietnam], 1972 November 2
226/OV22 How much is it worth? [Encouragement to vote], 1972 November 6
226/OV23 Catch! [Encouragement to vote], 1972 November 7
226/OV24 Yesterday, Republicans, Democrats, et al [No losers or winners in American elections], 1972 November 8
226/OV25 This has to be the cornerstone [Democrats look to Massachusetts as an example for rebuilding], 1972 November 10
226/OV26 If you can't afford this job [Arizona voters and salary increase for state legislators], 1972 November 12
226/OV27 To be blunt about it [Nixon believes that the federal payroll is too fat], 1972 November 13
226/OV28 Bur under her saddle [Jean Westwood and Democratic Governors], 1972 November 15
226/OV29 An inviting escape exit [Reduced security at Arizona state prison], 1972 November 16
226/OV210 Needed - new screens [More security checks are needed to prevent skyjacking], 1972 November 17
227/OV21 Trying on his Santa whiskers [Christmas comes early to Arizona], 1972 November 19
227/OV22 It must be nice to have a motor [Nixon lacks congressional support while Willie Brandt has a parliament majority], 1972 November 21
227/OV23 I was rather expecting the fatted calf [Argentina sacrifices domestic needs in favor of exporting beef], 1972 November 22
227/OV24 Indoctrination [China indoctrinates the UN with its philosophies], 1972 November 25
227/OV25 Compared to this monster [Highway traffic and a welcome to American Association of State Highway Officials meeting in Phoenix], 1972 November 26
227/OV26 Jingle bells, jingle bells [Christmas and Arizona retail sales], 1972 November 30
227/OV27 Don't forget to wear your hard hat, Pete [Secretary of Labor Brennan expects a hard time at Senate Confirmation hearings], 1972 December 1
227/OV28 Y'think you can really reform him? [Taxes and federal spending], 1972 December 4
227/OV29 Something new in scripts [Reorganization of Bureau of Indian Affairs by Secretary Rogers Morton to better serve Indians], 1972 December 5
227/OV210 Don't let your car be an "eraser" [Arizona highway deaths reduces the number of names on a Christmas list], 1972 December 7
228/OV21 What's taking so long? [Kissinger is still tinkering with peace in Vietnam], 1972 December 9
228/OV22 I feel nekkid [The Supreme Court removes the protection afforded by he First Amendment from topless-bottomless night clubs], 1972 December 10
228/OV23 Another great rescue mission [US military doctors and troops in Vietnam abuse of heroin], 1972 December 11
228/OV24 Vigil (no date) [The US keeps watch on the Apollo 17 moon voyage, Vietnam peace talks, and Harry Truman near death], 1972 December 11
228/OV25 Where'd you rather spend the rest of your life? [Domestic skyjackers need to consider their future], 1972 December 13
228/OV26 Ships coming in [Arizona finally completes the Central Arizona Project contract], 1972 December 16
228/OV27 First step - get it back on the track [McGovern reforms have sidetracked the Democratic Party], 1972 December 17
228/OV28 So, PLEASE drive carefully [Santa encourages safe driving], 1972 December 18
228/OV29 Cat's paw [Cesar Chavez and Gerald Pollock and attempted Arizona Governor recall], 1972 December 20
228/OV210 "Nixon was ready to surrender," you said [Hanoi is surprised that Nixon continues to fight in Vietnam], 1972 December 21
229/OV21 Successor to Apollo [Meat prices are in outer space], 1972 December 22
229/OV22 A Christmas present for Santa [Arizona State and Missouri in the second annual Fiesta Bowl], 1972 December 23
229/OV23 Only a few more hours left [Arizona highway deaths], 1972 December 30
229/OV24 Are you a boy or a girl? [Welcoming baby new year], 1973 January 1
229/OV25 New kind of stickup [Showdown between big spending Congress and Nixon], 1973 January 2
229/OV26 Chip off the old block [The number of young that vote is as poor as that of adults], 1973 January 5
229/OV27 Loading it [Democrats and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee], 1973 January 6
229/OV28 This time try not to jiggle the needle [Winding up the Vietnam cease fire], 1973 January 8
229/OV29 You gave 'em to him [Nixon takes "constitutional responsibilities" from Congress], 1973 January 9
229/OV210 Who's afraid of this deadly "sniper"? [Highway deaths], 1973 January 12
230/OV21 Well, let's put it this way [Congressional Democrats hinder Nixon in negotiating end of Vietnam war], 1973 January 13
230/OV22 It's an ill wind that blows nobody good [Arizona revamps its 1913 law covering the recall of the governor], 1973 January 14
230/OV23 But watch out for that pussycat [Nixon and inflation controls], 1973 January 15
230/OV24 "All day thy wings have fanned - And soon that toil shall end" [Peace], 1973 January 16
230/OV25 To unfetter a friendly giant [Geothermal power in Phoenix], 1973 January 18
230/OV26 Split personality [Auto pollution], 1973 January 19
230/OV27 A better way than the "grab bag" [The method of selecting judges in Arizona], 1973 January 21
230/OV28 You wanna keep on gambling, sport? [Flood control bonding in Maricopa County, Arizona], 1973 January 23
230/OV29 "Dear John" letter [Kissenger is asked to come home from Vietnam negotiations], 1973 January 27
230/OV210 Setting the example [Phoenix school teachers vote a "slow down"], 1973 January 28
231/OV21 Turning him over to indulgent grandparents [Congress and the Senate continue to feed the budget], 1973 January 29
231/OV22 You can't just "click off" a fire [Fighting continues in Vietnam in mist of cease-fire agreements], 1973 January 30
231/OV23 Take away the net [Soft justice system encourages the path of crime], 1973 February 2
231/OV24 How'd you like to referee this kind of "game"? [Cease fire in Vietnam], 1973 February 3
231/OV25 It's worth it to have him tell me I'm right [Phoenix uses professional consultants in bids for federal funding], 1973 February 4
231/OV26 How can you say it's harmful? [Nixon budget cutbacks and Congressional spending], 1973 February 6
231/OV27 Inner sanctum [Arizona public and press and closed meetings of tax-supported bodies], 1973 February 7
231/OV28 Lady in waiting [The Statute of Liberty welcomes home Vietnam POWs and Veterans], 1973 February 8
231/OV29 Off relief? [Government subsidies and cotton sales to China], 1973 February 9
231/OV210 Feet of clay [Teacher strikes], 1973 February 10
232/OV21 Something's gotta give [International currency trade], 1973 February 11
232/OV22 Patched up trestle [Temporary fix be Congress for Penn Central Railroad], 1973 February 13
232/OV23 Cut yourself a piece of cake [February 14 is Valentine's Day and Arizona statehood], 1973 February 14
232/OV24 Uncle's back in competition [US products compete for world trade], 1973 February 15
232/OV25 Another forward step [US-Cuba accord and skyjackers], 1973 February 16
232/OV26 Every time they try to de-junk the attic [Congress opposes Nixon's clean up of old programs and projects], 1973 February 19
232/OV27 Trying out his hard hat [Nixon weathers organized labor complaints about his economic reforms], 1973 February 20
232/OV28 Doing her own laundry [Conviction of Judge Kerner], 1973 February 21
232/OV29 High noon [County assessors and the state legislature attack the Arizona property owner from both sides], 1973 February 24
232/OV210 We can have a meaningful relationship [Uncle Sam courts both China and Taiwan], 1973 February 25
233/OV21 Step on it, Noah! [Arizona legislature and flood control], 1973 February 26
233/OV22 If you want to stir up a hornet's nest [Stalled release of Vietnam POW], 1973 March 1
233/OV23 Another loophole that needs closing (no date) [Praise for the death penalty], 1973 March 7
233/OV24 Wounded knee [Misguided militant Indian minority harm the legitimate problems of America's Indians], 1973 March 7
233/OV25 Needed - wisdom of Solomon [Land dispute between Navajos and Hopis], 1973 March 9
233/OV26 With the price of beef what it is [Arizona suffered drought last year and too much rain this year], 1973 March 14
233/OV27 We grieve to see you so weak [Foreign aid is a drain on the US dollar], 1973 March 15
233/OV28 Hey, look who just came back to town [The sun comes out for the annual Phoenix rodeo], 1973 March 16
233/OV29 Ransom note [Congress holds the Pat Gray confirmation hostage], 1973 March 17
233/OV210 Too long in the shadow [The black majority in America are do not support the small number of militant blacks], 1973 March 20
234/OV21 That ain't hay! [Arizona financing of education is too much of the total budget], 1973 March 21
234/OV22 They can't frighten me! [FBI's Pat Gray is beaten up in Senate hearings], 1973 March 22
234/OV23 Whatever happened [Radio "sex talk" shows], 1973 March 23
234/OV24 Fighting crime is a team effort [Public support of police is needed to fight crime], 1973 March 26
234/OV25 Why worry about reducing plans? [Inflation of the cost of food], 1973 March 27
234/OV26 Don't think of this as pick pocketing [Cesar Chavez gets publicity at Arizona's expense], 1973 March 29
234/OV27 The molehill keeps growing [Republicans in Congress, Nixon, and Watergate], 1973 March 31
234/OV28 Vegetarian! [The price of meat], 1973 April 3
234/OV29 That station belongs to our family [America needs Alaskan oil], 1973 April 4
234/OV210 It's called, "Brushing back the batter" [Democratic Congress, Nixon's budgetary powers, and "impoundment" attacks], 1973 April 6
235/OV21 Let this be a warning to the real rustlers [It is not the grocers or cattle growers that responsible for high beef prices], 1973 April 6
235/OV22 Another notch [The Senate rejects Nixon's nominee, Pat Gray], 1973 April 7
235/OV23 For your own peace of mind [Closed deliberations of state boards and committees in Arizona], 1973 April 9
235/OV24 Obituary [Member of ICCS peace team shot down by Viet Cong], 1973 April 11
235/OV25 That April 15 felling [Income tax filing], 1973 April 12
235/OV26 Get out of town! [Scottsdale bonds for flood control], 1973 April 13
235/OV27 Get lost, kid! [High minimum wage prevents unskilled, untrained youth from getting jobs], 1973 April 14
235/OV28 Man on a pedestal [Arizona's Harold Giss is an example of a good legislator], 1973 April 17
235/OV29 Home to roost [Liberal Senators calling for cuts in defense budget loose military installations in their states], 1973 April 18
235/OV210 Don't expect me to bail you out [US tries to call in foreign debt], 1973 April 20
236/OV21 How naïve can you get? [Hanoi cheats on peace deal], 1973 April 24
236/OV22 No such thing as just a little pie [Maricopa County Supervisors and County Courts building site], 1973 April 27
236/OV23 Polls indicate Midwest indifference to Watergate mess [Midwest floods overshadow Watergate], 1973 April 28
236/OV24 Ms. Sippi [Mississippi River Valley floods of 1973], 1973 May 1
236/OV25 Shot out from under him [Kleindeienst falls to Watergate crossfire], 1973 May 2
236/OV26 Why bother with a trial? [Media hangs anyone remotely associated with Watergate], 1973 May 5
236/OV27 They get my blue ribbons [Phoenix City Bond election], 1973 May 7
236/OV28 To tip the scales [Vote on Phoenix Papago freeway], 1973 May 8
236/OV29 Sitting ducks [US envoys are "ducks" in an "international shooting gallery"], 1973 May 9
236/OV210 If it's any comfort [Planning Arizona freeways], 1973 May 11
237/OV21 Equality for women? [Mother's Day], 1973 May 13
237/OV22 Fountain of youth [Peron's return to Argentina encourages other old South American dictators], 1973 May 15
237/OV23 A rose by any other name [US - Peking liaison offices], 1973 May 17
237/OV24 Do-it-yourself laundry [Ervin Committee open hearings on Watergate], 1973 May 19
237/OV25 Y'got a spare umbrella I could use? [Cost of living is in orbit], 1973 May 20
237/OV26 They have pros for golf and tennis [Panning for gold in Arizona], 1973 May 21
237/OV27 "We here highly resolve -" [Honoring America's war dead], 1973 May 28
237/OV28 I can't get used to fighting fire like that! [Canada, the ICCS and the Vietnam War], 1973 May 31
237/OV29 Now there's an idea - ask the passengers! [Highway construction in the Phoenix area], 1973 June 1
237/OV210 Graffiti - written in blood [The murder of Philadelphia wardens justifies bring back the death penalty], 1973 June 3
238/OV21 What if they do mess up the trail a little? [The press makes it difficult to determine the truth about Watergate], 1973 June 6
238/OV22 Our own "triple crown" [Downtown Phoenix development], 1973 June 8
238/OV23 Another "skylab" repair job [Nixon tries to repair damage caused by Watergate], 1973 June 9
238/OV24 This makes you a freshman in my school [June graduates], 1973 June 10
238/OV25 Time to try your own wings [American financed European defenses], 1973 June 11
238/OV26 Freeze! [Nixon arresting escalating retail prices], 1973 June 15
238/OV27 Daddy! [Father's day], 1973 June 17
238/OV28 Millions are watching us [China is on the sidelines of USSR and US relations], 1973 June 19
238/OV29 And the winner - EVERBODY [Harmony between labor and employers in Phoenix construction industry], 1973 June 21
238/OV210 Guess who gets rescued [Oil companies support their stations over the independent retailers], 1973 June 22
239/OV21 Carrying out the garbage [The Supreme Court and anti-pornography ruling], 1973 June 23
239/OV22 Just between you and me and a few million readers [The Ervin Committee, Dean, and "secret" testimony], 1973 June 24
239/OV23 Death house [Murder of guards in Arizona state prison], 1973 June 26
239/OV24 Wonderful Wizards of Washington - the lion tamer [The EPA orders states to drastically cut the public's auto travel], 1973 June 27
239/OV25 All he said was, "nuts!" [Nixon vetoes bill to cut funds for bombing in Cambodia], 1973 June 28
239/OV26 Cliff hanger [John Mitchell's testimony in Watergate hearings], 1973 June 30
239/OV27 The best bomb shelter [Fourth of July traffic deaths], 1973 July 1
239/OV28 But officer, sewage is a part of life [The Supreme Court and pornography], 1973 July 2
239/OV29 Actually it's a slipknot [Railroad overpass needed for Phoenix east-west traffic], 1973 July 3
239/OV210 Let freedom ring [July Fourth tribute], 1973 July 4
240/OV21 "Dance macabre" [Palestinian terrorism and Mideast mine fields], 1973 July 5
240/OV22 Kingman [Tragedy in Kingman, Arizona], 1973 July 7
240/OV23 Silly boy! [The prestige of the dollar has slipped but all still want it as US aid], 1973 July 8
240/OV24 Camera - action [Sam Ervin], 1973 July 9
240/OV25 What crime am I charged with, officer? [EPA police state rules to curtail use of autos in Arizona], 1973 July 10
240/OV26 Why do grownups get so uptight about Watergate [Watergate type occurrences are common on TV programs], 1973 July 11
240/OV27 Ah'm Kunnel Kennedy, suh, from Suth'n Mass [Teddy Kennedy is a Wallace supporter], 1973 July 12
240/OV28 A triumph of cryogenics [Peron returns to Argentina politics], 1973 July 14
240/OV29 Hornets' nest [EPA regulations of auto in Arizona], 1973 July 16
240/OV210 The mail's overwhelmingly in favor of your recovery [Nixon's economic recovery policies are seeing results], 1973 July 17
241/OV21 Tape measure [Dean testimony and the White House tapes], 1973 July 18
241/OV22 Emancipation [Agriculture Secretary Butz removes acreage restrictions fro wheat, corn, and soybeans], 1973 July 21
241/OV23 "Landfill" for highway "litter" [Arizona traffic deaths], 1973 July 22
241/OV24 Nation's business keeps interrupting [Convenient interruptions of the Watergate hearings], 1973 July 23
241/OV25 If you want to make a hit with me [Encouragement for the Arizona legislature to remove sales tax on food], 1973 July 27
241/OV26 The contest will be over sooner [Senator Mansfield offers a half cut of US forces in talks with USSR], 1973 July 29
241/OV27 You think we have a meat problem? [African drought and starvation], 1973 August 1
241/OV28 Nine lives [Papago freeway in Phoenix], 1973 August 2
241/OV29 It'll be safer without the Canadians [North Vietnam truce violations], 1973 August 3
241/OV210 Could you hurry up the annual buffalo hunt [High beef prices], 1973 August 6
242/OV21 Speaking of space rescue missions [Alaskan oil and the US energy crises], 1973 August 7
242/OV22 Who are you, mister? [Boycott against high meat prices], 1973 August 9
242/OV23 To beef up you act [Arizona election issues], 1973 August 10
242/OV24 Oasis [Reduced taxes on Arizona home owners], 1973 August 13
242/OV25 Taste test [Phase four economic policy], 1973 August 14
242/OV26 Power failure [Allende failures in Chile], 1973 August 15
242/OV27 Switching operation [Railroad ties up traffic in Phoenix], 1973 August 16
242/OV28 Pull over [Increasing bicycle fatalities], 1973 August 17
242/OV29 When this one gets loose, everybody gets hurt! [Wildcat strikes], 1973 August 18
242/OV210 I think he's regaining consciousness [The dollar gains strength], 1973 August 19
243/OV21 That unwanted feeling [Difficulty in finding a route for I-10 through Phoenix], 1973 August 20
243/OV22 Actually, government operates like an army [The common citizen deals directly with non-elected government bureaucrat not their elected official], 1973 August 21
243/OV23 Evaporation [Property valuation increases counters recent tax rate reductions in Maricopa county, Arizona], 1973 August 22
243/OV24 Arabian roulette [US dependence on Arab oil], 1973 August 23
243/OV25 Leaky bucket [Secrecy and closed door government in Washington], 1973 August 28
243/OV26 Modern carriers of "bubonic plague" [International terrorism from Europe and Asia], 1973 August 30
243/OV27 Replacement [The Federal Government and industrial espionage], 1973 September 1
243/OV28 Smoke gets in your eyes [Australia and France's nuclear bomb testing], 1973 September 2
243/OV29 Who ever heard of a picnic without a cloud? [Labor Day and looming auto strike], 1973 September 3
243/OV210 It's a two-way street [Children must lookout for cars as well as drivers looking out for children], 1973 September 4
244/OV21 Make 10% or more, tax free [Pay cash and make money], 1973 September 6
244/OV22 Whoa power [Presidential veto of Congressional spending], 1973 September 7
244/OV23 Strangulation might cure bad breath [EPA auto use plan and Arizona], 1973 September 8
244/OV24 Stab in the back [Arab terrorist attacks on Saudi Arabia], 1973 September 9
244/OV25 Love story [John Connally embraces the Republican Party on seventy-five day speaking tour], 1973 September 18
244/OV26 Chile! [Brezhnev morns actions in Chile while it is guilty of same in its realm], 1973 September 20
244/OV27 Stop kicking me around! [Inflation and high interest rates], 1973 September 21
244/OV28 "Slings and arrows of outrageous fortune" [Vice President Agnew suffers assault], 1973 September 22
244/OV29 We're going to be working together [Secretary of State Kissinger wants to be a friend of the world], 1973 September 24
244/OV210 When you get back to earth [Food prices are as high as the Skylab], 1973 September 25
245/OV21 Catch! [Agnew scares House of Representatives with a request for hearings on corruption charges], 1973 September 27
245/OV22 The networks have cancelled our show [Loss of interest in Watergate hearings], 1973 September 28
245/OV23 "I'm not leaving" [Agnew and congressional hearings], 1973 October 2
245/OV24 Wups - there goes the security blanket [USSR leads US in number of multiple war heads], 1973 October 4
245/OV25 Land of the pilgrims' pride [Boston "kid-gangs"], 1973 October 6
245/OV26 Now, that's more like it! [Good economic indicators], 1973 October 7
245/OV27 How can this be Columbus Day, admiral [Columbus Day and daylight saving time], 1973 October 8
245/OV28 Super-tank [Mideast war propaganda], 1973 October 9
245/OV29 Dean Rusk was so right! [Dean Rusk], 1973 October 10
245/OV210 View from "outer space" [World Series offers an escape from world problems], 1973 October 13
246/OV21 Search for an honest war report [No truth coming out of the Mideast], 1973 October 16
246/OV22 We must be polite! [Russia aids Arabs and US aids Israel], 1973 October 17
246/OV23 Award for grand champion dove [Nobel prize for Vietnam Peace], 1973 October 19
246/OV24 Anti-aircraft gun [Arabs oil production cut hurts aid to Israel], 1973 October 20
246/OV25 Since you pick up no passengers at these stop [Unnecessary school bus stop at Sun City, Arizona], 1973 October 21
246/OV26 Why do I honor them? [Honoring war veterans], 1973 October 22
246/OV27 Big enough to tackle Nixon? [Democrats consider impeaching Nixon], 1973 October 23
246/OV28 "No, no - it's not a clay pigeon!" [Lack of success of Kissenger in Mideast], 1973 October 24
246/OV29 Race with Santa [Drive to finish Arizona legislature session before Christmas], 1973 October 25
246/OV210 We all pray for Mideast peace [Investigating Nixon], 1973 October 27
247/OV21 Go ride the ferris wheel, children [1973 Arizona State Fair], 1973 October 28
247/OV22 Hello, White House - we're holding your boy [Senate holds up Jerry Ford nomination], 1973 November 1
247/OV23 Fellahs, here's someone I want to introduce [Capital Hill needs a sense of humor], 1973 November 3
247/OV24 Meanwhile, guess who waits [Phoenix highways and the Santa Fe Railroad crossing], 1973 November 4
247/OV25 St. George had nothing on our dragon killer [Arizona fire fighters and the San Francisco Peaks fire], 1973 November 8
247/OV26 Double-bitted ax [Nixon promotes conservation and developing new reserves for America's energy], 1973 November 9
247/OV27 Time to buy him bigger shoes [Phoenix city leaders need an increase in salary], 1973 November 10
247/OV28 Another Washington tape problem [Need to stop delaying the development of nuclear power plants for US energy], 1973 November 11
247/OV29 Suddenly Buck looks good again [Europe finds the US dollar attractive after the energy crisis], 1973 November 12
247/OV210 Waste in government [Voting apathy], 1973 November 13
248/OV21 I once tried to cut off their sugar [Comparison of Castro's attempt to deprive the US of sugar and the Arabs with their withholding of oil], 1973 November 16
248/OV22 Feet that press too hard on the gas pedal [Speed limits to conserve gas consumption], 1973 November 17
248/OV23 "Everybody smiling at everybody else" [Meany is suspicious of Kissinger peace in Asia], 1973 November 18
248/OV24 Thanks, I needed that! [Arizona gets much needed rain], 1973 November 20
248/OV25 I object! ["Death" opposes the 50 MPH speed limit], 1973 November 21
248/OV26 What has an American to be thankful for? [POWs and being thankful for Thanksgiving], 1973 November 22
248/OV27 "Excuse my dust" [Luxury cars and the energy crisis], 1973 November 24
248/OV28 Caught in the oil slick [Japan is innocent victim of Arab "oil squeeze"], 1973 November 25
248/OV29 Lest we forget [The advantages of Charter Government in Phoenix], 1973 November 26
248/OV210 Please! Go rescue someone else [Arizona citizens continue to shoulder an increased school tax burden], 1973 December 4
249/OV21 Don't "U" be the weakest link (no date) [Voters are the links in the chain of good government in Phoenix], 1973 December 5
249/OV22 The advantage of reindeer power [Santa's reindeers are energy efficient], 1973 December 5
249/OV23 You're overdressed, honey [Commercial Christmas lights and decorations uses valuable energy], 1973 December 9
249/OV24 Surprise package [Increase in postage rates], 1973 December 10
249/OV25 Road to Mecca [Kissinger and Mideast oil], 1973 December 13
249/OV26 No Christmas tree lights? [There are other way to decorate a Christmas tree than with lights], 1973 December 14
249/OV27 Prairie schooner '73 [Many factors effect goods moved by truck], 1973 December 15
249/OV28 The free musketeers [European Common Market is in conflict over Arab oil], 1973 December 17
249/OV29 Viewed through the new glasses [Coal has become more attractive in time of energy shortage], 1973 December 20
249/OV210 It warms the cockles of you heart [Arab and Israel discussions], 1973 December 23
250/OV21 Shadow of St. Nick [Christmas Eve], 1973 December 24
250/OV22 How to make your Christmas merry [Christmas greeting], 1973 December 25
250/OV23 They're so used to "war toys" [The lack of success of peace efforts around the world], 1973 December 26
250/OV24 So I fumbled the ball a lot [Mixed successes for the year 1973], 1973 December 29
250/OV25 And the winner is ... [Kissinger and the Arabs watch closely the Israeli election], 1973 December 30
250/OV26 I'm your new boss [The world needs to take energy seriously in 1974], 1974 January 1
250/OV27 The old family pet [Replace old, big, gas guzzlers with little cars], 1974 January 2
250/OV28 An opposing view on the 55 mph limit [High speed highway fatalities], 1974 January 5
250/OV29 My time is your time [Arizona and California are on the same time], 1974 January 6
250/OV210 Spoil sport [Ervin Committee is on a "fishing expedition"], 1974 January 7
251/OV21 Lost ball [Bad weather hurts Phoenix winter sports], 1974 January 9
251/OV22 Gasoline, gasoline [Arizona is thirsting for gasoline], 1974 January 11
251/OV23 This one takes real magic [Kissinger and Mideast diplomacy], 1974 January 12
251/OV24 Hello Dollah! [International speculators return to the US dollar], 1974 January 14
251/OV25 Tennis? No, Kissinger! [Kissinger bounces from one part of the globe to the other in Mideast diplomacy], 1974 January 17
251/OV26 Uncle forgot you're a big boy now [Government gas allocations need adjustment due to Arizona's population growth], 1974 January 19
251/OV27 Don't be fooled ["Naderites" believe that the gas shortage is caused by the oil companies], 1974 January 20
251/OV28 Try it - you'll like it! [Kissinger and Sadat propose a peace plan to Syria], 1974 January 21
251/OV29 Remember me? [The French franc falls as the dollar rises], 1974 January 23
251/OV210 Paint rag [Insulting display at District of Columbia Bicentennial Center], 1974 January 26
252/OV21 The bad news is: the forms are fouled up! [Problems with Arizona state income tax forms in 1973], 1974 January 27
252/OV22 "Fever" carrier [American forces in Germany and drug addiction], 1974 January 28
252/OV23 Tinted glasses [AFL-CIO influence in Washington], 1974 January 31
252/OV24 The President's speech was disappointing [Nixon disappoints Democratic liberals by not leaving office], 1974 February 1
252/OV25 Tell it to the judge! [Easy bail for repeat criminals], 1974 February 2
252/OV26 When you plan next summer's holidays [Stay close to home and tour Arizona during the energy crisis], 1974 February 3
252/OV27 Pandora's box [Mideast peace settlement and the Russian navy in the Suez], 1974 February 5
252/OV28 Truckers roulette [Truckings' dominance of America's freight hauling], 1974 February 6
252/OV29 We used to be in your racket [Old style pirates and modern international terrorists], 1974 February 8
252/OV210 Progress [Mail service was cheaper and better in days past], 1974 February 9
253/OV21 When all other remedies fail [Britain elections and Prime Minister Heath], 1974 February 10
253/OV22 Would you mind my little orphan [Russia seeks recognition for Cuba], 1974 February 11
253/OV23 Waiting at the church [Arizona has increased population but no increase of gas allotment from Washington], 1974 February 13
253/OV24 Our Valentine [Valentine's Day and Statehood Day for Arizona], 1974 February 14
253/OV25 Oil painting [Kissinger, France, and a thirteen-nation energy conference], 1974 February 15
253/OV26 Another service station operator [Energy shortage commentary], 1974 February 17
253/OV27 Ouch! That smarts! [Democrats pull Gerald Ford's seat in congress out from under the Republicans], 1974 February 20
253/OV28 If the death penalty is revived [Political terrorist kidnappings in America encourage enacting the death penalty], 1974 February 24
253/OV29 Economic credibility gap [World currency and speculation in gold and silver], 1974 February 26
253/OV210 What to do with all those oil billions [Oil rich Arab states should shoulder some of the burden of carrying the world's poor], 1974 February 28
254/OV21 You really want us to go that route? [Unfavorable comparison of Britain's Parliamentary form of government to the US], 1974 March 3
254/OV22 Stop that man [A pay raise for Congressmen is not appropriate in the time of inflation], 1974 March 5
254/OV23 The charmer [Kissinger and diplomacy in the Arab oil embargo], 1974 March 6
254/OV24 When y'gonna investigate these tracks? [Congress fails to investigate the influence of labor union spending], 1974 March 7
254/OV25 What's your occupation? [US unemployment], 1974 March 8
254/OV26 Mail call [Americans Unhappy about postage increase], 1974 March 11
254/OV27 Another job for Henry? [Kissinger and diplomacy between Arab nations], 1974 March 13
254/OV28 Eat your heart out! [Horses in Phoenix Rodeo Parade do not need gas], 1974 March 15
254/OV29 The slap that woke us up [Arab oil embargo forces America to pay attention to its stalled energy policy], 1974 March 17
254/OV210 Now, can I get my windshield wiped? [Arabs lift oil ban], 1974 March 20
255/OV21 Foot dragging? [An unproductive Congress], 1974 March 21
255/OV22 Not the kind of picture window you'd choose for your home [Arizona state prison in a south Phoenix residential area], 1974 March 22
255/OV23 The new Arab "free car wash" [The US pays it debt to the Arabs for oil with action in the Suez Canal], 1974 March 25
255/OV24 Is driving Chou crazy [Diplomacy between USSR and US concerns China], 1974 March 26
255/OV25 Never underestimate woman power [Consumers cause a decrease in the price of meat], 1974 March 28
255/OV26 100% wrong [Prophets of gloom and doom are wrong], 1974 March 29
255/OV27 Here's a donation you made [The US forgives the debt of India but Americans must pay their taxes], 1974 March 30
255/OV28 April fool [Unlikely events for 1974], 1974 April 1
255/OV29 Cliff hanger [Arizona and the 55 mph legislation], 1974 April 3
255/OV210 The helmsman is swept away [Death of Pompidou leaves France without leadership], 1974 April 4
256/OV21 And now, the good news [Nixon owes the IRS], 1974 April 5
256/OV22 Moths don't listen when you pray [FBI and the Hearst kidnappers' terrorist movement], 1974 April 8
256/OV23 Where a lot of crime comes from [Easy bail-out puts habitual criminals back on the street], 1974 April 9
256/OV24 By the lines in his palm [Results of Phoenix newspaper researchers], 1974 April 11
256/OV25 Okay, you asked for it [Prime Minister Meir passes Israel's burdens to her critics], 1974 April 12
256/OV26 It's Sen. Russell Long again [Senator Russell Long serves the President], 1974 April 13
256/OV27 Coloring eggs [Coloring Easter eggs with the red ink of deficit spending], 1974 April 14
256/OV28 Every time I put it together [Kissinger and Mideast peace], 1974 April 15
256/OV29 Deadly genie imprisoned [Support for child-proof container caps], 1974 April 16
256/OV210 Could we rent your tent? [Equating impeachment plans to a circus], 1974 April 17
257/OV21 Get out of my nest! [Crime in Phoenix], 1974 April 18
257/OV22 The eight cobra head [Patty Hearst], 1974 April 19
257/OV23 Streets of San Francisco [Race killings in San Francisco], 1974 April 21
257/OV24 Copper bracelet [Arizona and copper production], 1974 April 22
257/OV25 Should we tell him? [Senator Kennedy on Soviet military spending], 1974 April 23
257/OV26 Dragnet [Arizona bipartisan crime commission], 1974 April 24
257/OV27 A great "new idea" to fight fire [Inflation and easy money policy], 1974 April 25
257/OV28 Pickpocket and victim [Crime costs all Americans], 1974 April 27
257/OV29 Where to vacation this year? [Encouraging Arizonans to see Arizona], 1974 April 28
257/OV210 Why is anyone surprised? [Mitchell, Stans, and a fair trail], 1974 April 30
258/OV21 It's a relief from politics [Candidates not admitting that they are going to run], 1974 May 4
258/OV22 Speak louder, gentlemen [Gunfire prevents peace negotiators from hearing each other], 1974 May 5
258/OV23 Red carpet [The USSR benefits form US mine clearing in the Suez Canal], 1974 May 6
258/OV24 Rescue will have come mighty soon [Adjournment of Arizona legislature and the Weights and Measures Bill], 1974 May 7
258/OV25 "Among my souvenirs" [Willy Brandt and the Nobel Peace Prize for 1971], 1974 May 8
258/OV26 Integration [Wallace and integration], 1974 May 9
258/OV27 Short cut to trouble [Support for the 55 mph to conserve gas], 1974 May 13
258/OV28 Slow down [Timing impeachment for the best political results], 1974 May 16
258/OV29 Lesson for today [Terrorists cannot be dealt with], 1974 May 17
258/OV210 Sabateur [Palestine guerrillas disrupt Kissinger and the Mideast peace efforts], 1974 May 18
259/OV21 If Scottsdale adopts stagecoaches [Horses and Scottsdale sanitation workers], 1974 May 19
259/OV22 Snake charmer [India and the A-bomb], 1974 May 21
259/OV23 Tight rope [New President D'estaing and French politics], 1974 May 22
259/OV24 The best way to honot me next week [Provide Vietnam vets with the same benefits and respect as other war vets], 1974 May 23
259/OV25 Chilling wind from Arkansas [The defeat of Fulbright is warning for other incumbents], 1974 May 30
259/OV26 Another long step for mankind [Kissinger makes progress towards Mideast peace], 1974 May 31
259/OV27 Light at the end of the tunnel [West Phoenix residents see a railroad crossing overpass in their future], 1974 June 2
259/OV28 Not that easy to buck off [Wilbur Mills and the House Democratic reform movement], 1974 June 4
259/OV29 Flight from fallout [India's A-bomb jeopardizes US aid for India], 1974 June 5
259/OV210 Getting that old feeling [Maricopa County property and predicted tax increase], 1974 June 6
260/OV21 And now the good news [A list of US accomplishments in 1974], 1974 June 7
260/OV22 Footprints on the sands of time [A monument to Golda Meir], 1974 June 8
260/OV23 That wrench will disconnect the brakes [Veto-proof Democratic majority in Congress and the nation's economy], 1974 June 10
260/OV24 Every time there's a forest fire [Arizona forest fires cost taxpayers], 1974 June 11
260/OV25 If they don't stop throwing [Attempts to discredit Nixon harms Kissinger's efforts in diplomacy], 1974 June 12
260/OV26 It's nice to see friendly face [Nixon and Kissinger in Egypt], 1974 June 13
260/OV27 Speaking of superstars [Old Glory], 1974 June 14
260/OV28 Mirror, mirror [Father's Day], 1974 June 16
260/OV29 Some like it hot [Arizona gubernatorial contests], 1974 June 17
260/OV210 Ambulance [Special session Arizona State Legislature], 1974 June 20
261/OV21 To stop a skidding car [Inflation, the nation's economy, and Congress], 1974 June 22
261/OV22 Endangered species [Hopeless Mideast peace], 1974 June 26
261/OV23 You've gotta be kidding [Rodino committee refusal to investigate campaign contributions], 1974 June 27
261/OV24 Laughter in the cemetery [Eight terrorist murderers released by Sudanese government], 1974 June 28
261/OV25 Time for something drastic [Record heat wave in Arizona], 1974 June 30
261/OV26 Détente [USA and USSR smiley faces], 1974 July 1
261/OV27 Eat your heart out, Evel Knievel [July 4th highway deaths], 1974 July 3
261/OV28 Talk about games of chance [Signers of the Declaration of Independence took great chances], 1974 July 4
261/OV29 Ouch! [The US and China team up against USSR], 1974 July 5
261/OV210 Détente arithmetic [Criticism of Nixon's summit negotiations], 1974 July 7
262/OV21 Flowers for the living [Legalized poppy growing in Turkey], 1974 July 8
262/OV22 He still packs a wallop [Trudeau and Canadian elections], 1974 July 11
262/OV23 Answer me one question [Congressional committees and recording tapes], 1974 July 12
262/OV24 Fable of the puppy and the bone [Dilemma of shared relations with Nationalist China and Red China], 1974 July 13
262/OV25 If you hadn't gone on strike [Arab oil embargo caused increase in geothermal energy research], 1974 July 14
262/OV26 They'd make an ideal jury panel [Polling], 1974 July 15
262/OV27 What makes "Buck" run? [Politician courts campaign givers], 1974 July 16
262/OV28 Have you had these pains before? [The UN and Cyprus], 1974 July 17
262/OV29 He's not about to give up his wheels [Phoenix and auto traffic], 1974 July 18
262/OV210 Trophies [Tower of London bombing], 1974 July 19
263/OV21 As if engine trouble wasn't enough [NATO and Cyprus], 1974 July 20
263/OV22 Contest for runners [AFL-CIO and Arizona candidates], 1974 July 21
263/OV23 Let's face it, folks [Nudity on beaches is not necessarily sexy], 1974 July 22
263/OV24 The odd couple [Arizona leads the nation in growth rate and crime rate], 1974 July 24
263/OV25 Thumb on the scale [Leaks in Nixon impeachment hearings], 1974 July 26
263/OV26 Drawing the line [Detroit school busing], 1974 July 27
263/OV27 Guess who's going to get hit [Arizona and increased utility tax increase], 1974 July 29
263/OV28 There's no business like show business [Congressmen take advantage of the impeachment debate to get publicity], 1974 August 1
263/OV29 New twist on an old fable [Football strike hurts the fans], 1974 August 5
263/OV210 Touché! Touché! [Mining strikes hurt Arizona in many ways], 1974 August 6
264/OV21 Fate of our state and nation [Encouragement to Arizona voters to vote in the primaries], 1974 August 8
264/OV22 Back to the main highway [The end of Watergate allows Congress to get back to business], 1974 August 12
264/OV23 Before this doc starts cutting on me [Wait and see what happens in Great Britain over its health care changes before making changes in the US], 1974 August 13
264/OV24 Any cure for that kind of neurosis, doctor? [Nervousness in the stock market], 1974 August 15
264/OV25 O.K. I've ordered a cease-fire [UN in Cyprus], 1974 August 17
264/OV26 Look out for a sneak right [Poor corn harvest], 1974 August 19
264/OV27 Rockefeller's real wealth [Nelson Rockefeller as Gerald Ford's running mate], 1974 August 21
264/OV28 Backfire [The impeachment of Nixon means that the Republicans can now run incumbent Ford], 1974 August 24
264/OV29 Down the up staircase [Inflation], 1974 August 25
264/OV210 It's called an Evel Knievel fracture [Kids imitate the stunts of Evil Knievel], 1974 August 26
265/OV21 Will it deter gluttons? [Wage and price controls], 1974 August 27
265/OV22 Hole n the screen [If you do not vote in the Arizona Primary then you get the kind of candidate that you do not want], 1974 August 29
265/OV23 Wash day [Arizona's soiled real estate reputation], 1974 August 31
265/OV24 A salute to the candidates [Praise for citizens who run for office], 1974 September 1
265/OV25 All the world's a carnival [Inflation is greater than any pay increases received], 1974 September 2
265/OV26 First day of school [School is open--look out for children], 1974 September 3
265/OV27 Hate in bloom [Cyprus], 1974 September 4
265/OV28 Take all those "solutions" promised by candidates [Too many solutions and no answer for world problems], 1974 September 7
265/OV29 YOU are! [Vote in the Primary], 1974 September 9
265/OV210 Splattered [Ted Kennedy and Boston school busing], 1974 September 11
266/OV21 I've picked your teams [The party line-ups after Arizona primaries], 1974 September 12
266/OV22 Soiled robe [Overly lenient Maricopa County judges], 1974 September 13
266/OV23 Caged [Haile Selassie, the Lion of Juda], 1974 September 14
266/OV24 A point of no return [British election campaign], 1974 October 8
266/OV25 Go 'way - you could louse up my act! [Kissinger, Arab-Israeli tensions, and Arab oil prices], 1974 October 9
266/OV26 Unanimous decision [Superior courts and mandatory sentences for drug pushers], 1974 October 11
266/OV27 Better luck next year, pal! [The Far West (Los Angeles and Oakland) replaces the Eastern powers in professional baseball], 1974 October 12
266/OV28 Yes, my ships are slow [Environmental concerns], 1974 October 14
266/OV29 Fly me to the U.N., New York [Palestinian Guerrillas are invited to join UN debates], 1974 October 16
266/OV210 On the shelf [Rockefeller confirmation vote is shelved until after the elections], 1974 October 18
267/OV21 Sometimes he jumps over [The Democrats in Congress try to make it harder for Ford to use his veto powers], 1974 October 19
267/OV22 Mexican hat [Mexican oil in Tabasco and Chiapas], 1974 October 22
267/OV23 A well established pathway [Sonora and Arizona as neighbors], 1974 October 25
267/OV24 The mirror [Arizona State Fair], 1974 October 26
267/OV25 This Veterans' Day [Veterans Day], 1974 October 28
267/OV26 I think he really needs a raise, boss [Arizona State Legislators deserve a pay raise], 1974 November 1
267/OV27 Hey - don't open the window! [Ford, big spenders in Congress, and elections], 1974 November 2
267/OV28 Now it's in your hands [Encouragement to vote], 1974 November 4
267/OV29 Your inheritance [Encouragement to vote], 1974 November 5
267/OV210 To the victor belongs [Responsibilities of newly elected officials], 1974 November 6
268/OV21 The picnic [Wallace continues to be a divider of "Solid South" and the Democratic Party], 1974 November 7
268/OV22 He's promised to co-operate [Newly elected Senate and House members allow Democrats to tie up President Ford], 1974 November 8
268/OV23 When someone demands "a fair shake" [Mining labor negotiations does not bode well for the general public], 1974 November 10
268/OV24 Handicap [Rockefeller's confirmation hearings], 1974 November 13
268/OV25 For our distinguished guests - (no date) [Arizona promotes sunshine to the nation and the SPJ-SDX (journalism fraternity)convention], 1974 November 14
268/OV26 From acorn to oak [65th anniversary convention of SPJ-SDX (journalism fraternity) in Phoenix], 1974 November 14
268/OV27 Now that I have your attention [Meany trying to reign in the Democratic Congress], 1974 November 17
268/OV28 On "automatic pilot?" [The President is out of the country without aconfirmed Vice President], 1974 November 18
268/OV29 It's called "cooling the economy" [Six percent unemployment cools a heated US economy], 1974 November 19
268/OV210 Deal me in! [Mo Udall of Arizona joins the 1976 list of Democratic candidates for President], 1974 November 20
269/OV21 I'm about to retire [Lame duck Congress is not willing to deal with concerns of the public], 1974 November 21
269/OV22 Compared to me [Even with the problems of the Arizona Republican Party, it is still in better shape than the national party], 1974 November 22
269/OV23 When you get through up there [The public would prefer the Federal Government deal with Postal Service problems instead of AT&T], 1974 November 23
269/OV24 I don't know about your grievances [Labor strikes cause unemployment for the general public], 1974 November 25
269/OV25 To break that one to harness [The old majority Democrats in Congress must "break" the newly elected Democrats], 1974 November 27
269/OV26 No turkey, no pumpkin pie, not TV football [Thanksgiving], 1974 November 28
269/OV27 And one to carry [The consumer picks up the expense of wages and benefits that miners receive from operators], 1974 November 29
269/OV28 Horseshoe tracks [Mo Udall makes tracks as a candidate in New Hampshire], 1974 November 30
269/OV29 Our monster is really a good boy [The US supports a UN that is not supportive of our interests], 1974 December 1
269/OV210 Take it off, take it off! [Reform Democrats in Congress and Wilbur Mills], 1974 December 3
270/OV21 Theses old love letters [President Ford and Congress' promises to cut the budget], 1974 December 4
270/OV22 Here to eternity [Jaywalking and pedestrian deaths], 1974 December 5
270/OV23 You guys can't match my offer [Income tax reduction and unemployment], 1974 December 6
270/OV24 Never forget - that's the goal [Democratic gains in Congress are good, but they want the White House], 1974 December 7
270/OV25 One-way détente [Détente benefits USSR space program with US secrets], 1974 December 8
270/OV26 Things are tough everywhere, pal [Constantine of Greece loses his job], 1974 December 10
270/OV27 They'll be my Christmas present to you [Rockefeller and Secret Service body guards], 1974 December 12
270/OV28 Pinchpenny! [Howard Hughes and rich Arabs in Las Vegas], 1974 December 14
270/OV29 Horror movie come true [Spread of terrorism], 1974 December 15
270/OV210 Sweets for the sweet [US sugar subsidy], 1974 December 16
271/OV21 A whiff of smoke [Humphrey and Muskie are put to pasture], 1974 December 17
271/OV22 "Armed - and must be considered extremely dangerous" [Holiday drunk drivers], 1974 December 18
271/OV23 And whose little boy are you? [Domestic Christmas wish list is longer than the foreign list], 1974 December 19
271/OV24 Rocky road [Nelson Rockefeller and the Vice Presidency], 1974 December 20
271/OV25 I hope it's not far away [Phoenix traffic problems], 1974 December 23
271/OV26 Another ski lift [President and the 94th Congress], 1974 December 24
271/OV27 (no caption) [Christmas greeting], 1974 December 25
271/OV28 Which ones are you exchanging, Jerry? [Cabinet posts and the 93rd Congress], 1974 December 26
271/OV29 It's a strange world [Criminals go free while juries are sequestered], 1974 December 29
271/OV210 Hit and run [The "Old Year" runs over the Republican Party], 1974 December 30
272/OV21 If gold is so great to own-and dollars are so worthless [Private ownership of gold legalized: questioning the "weak" dollar], 1974 December 31
272/OV22 Ironclad contract [Welcoming Baby New Year], 1975 January 1
272/OV23 Seeing those teenage exhibitors [Arizona National Livestock Show], 1975 January 3
272/OV24 Great news [The rumor of a tax reduction does not excite the unemployed], 1975 January 6
272/OV25 Midas [European gold speculators], 1975 January 8
272/OV26 Challenging the old buck [Competition for the House Banking and Currency Committee], 1975 January 12
272/OV27 Lethal cattle rustler [The blizzard of 1975 and its effect on America's cattle herds], 1975 January 18
272/OV28 The hook [Federal funds come with demands for US universities], 1975 January 23
272/OV29 Ring-around-a-rosy [Tax rebates to taxpayers go to banks who loan it to the Federal Government], 1975 January 24
272/OV210 Re-entry from space [Auto rebates to consumers], 1975 January 25
273/OV21 Man, I'm glad I'm not in you racket [Legitimate business is more risky than being a criminal], 1975 January 26
273/OV22 You've got an unfair advantage [Ford and the Congress battle over economic and energy policies], 1975 January 28
273/OV23 Freedom gagged [Buckley-Evans-Lewis ruling, Union for news commentators, and freedom of speech], 1975 January 29
273/OV24 Aerobatics [Egypt's Sadat steps between Russian Migs and French Mirage planes], 1975 February 3
273/OV25 Your speaker is a man of convictions [A convict speaks], 1975 February 4
273/OV26 Sharper than any sword [The power of letters to the editor], 1975 February 5
273/OV27 "Musical chairs" game, 1976 version [Many seekers for the Presidency], 1975 February 7
273/OV28 Women's lib? [Margaret Thatcher and British politics], 1975 February 8
273/OV29 Congressional and other gov't salaries [Congressional salaries], 1975 February 10
273/OV210 Our Valentine [Valentine's Day and Arizona Statehood], 1975 February 14
274/OV21 Your first "special project" [Opposition to Phoenix Charter Government], 1975 February 15
274/OV22 Not ready for the undertaker [US economy is not as bad as it seems], 1975 February 18
274/OV23 The elephant might grow a new trunk [Third Party deemed a threat to Conservatives of the Republican Party], 1975 February 20
274/OV24 Energy test [Ford, Congress, and the veto on oil tariff], 1975 February 21
274/OV25 No man's land [Women's rights], 1975 February 22
274/OV26 Paper umbrella [Failed "cease-fire agreement" with North Vietnam], 1975 February 24
274/OV27 Got your attention? [Arizona and organized crime], 1975 February 25
274/OV28 Everyone should tighten his belt [Private citizens sacrifice while the Federal bureaucracy remains bloated], 1975 March 1
274/OV29 Burned blanket [American Indian Movement harms other Indians], 1975 March 4
274/OV210 Think of me as a conductor [Police on school buses], 1975 March 6
275/OV21 Thanks all the same [Thailand and the US in Southeast Asia], 1975 March 7
275/OV22 Why arrest me and not him? [Fixed pricing and the consumer], 1975 March 11
275/OV23 A sport so tough and bone-crushing [Phoenix Jaycees Rodeo], 1975 March 13
275/OV24 Flak-over Washington [Critics taking shots at Kissenger], 1975 March 15
275/OV25 He's just crying, "Wolf!" [Increasing federal deficit], 1975 March 19
275/OV26 Help, police! [Organized crime in Maricopa County, Arizona], 1975 March 21
275/OV27 I'm his main source of support [The UN, the IRS, and the US taxpayer], 1975 March 21
275/OV28 Corking the bottle [Communists in Portugal and control of the Mediterranean], 1975 March 22
275/OV29 Lots of scissor-clicking [A lack of faith in Congress trimming the budget], 1975 March 24
275/OV210 The mighty Casey [Kissinger unsuccessful in Egyptian and Israeli negations], 1975 March 25
276/OV21 A loss we couldn't afford [Assassination of King Faisal is loss to the US], 1975 March 26
276/OV22 More deadly than Phnom Penh rockets [Highway deaths], 1975 March 28
276/OV23 Easter egg hunt [Ford and Congress argue over the deficit], 1975 March 29
276/OV24 Thereby hangs a tale [US pulls out and South Vietnam falls], 1975 April 1
276/OV25 Cease-fire violations? [North Vietnam offensive is disregard of cease fire], 1975 April 4
276/OV26 We'll save some of the wool [Federal income tax], 1975 April 7
276/OV27 Next? [Mao is getting old], 1975 April 8
276/OV28 Taxi, taxi! [Boston school busing controversy and Ted Kennedy], 1975 April 9
276/OV29 Cut that out! [Congressional probes and the CIA], 1975 April 11
276/OV210 Stretching our resources [Farmers are caught in the middle of rising prices for consumers and declining prices to them], 1975 April 14
277/OV21 Stop worrying [The Domino Theory in Southeast Asia and Australia], 1975 April 16
277/OV22 Don't confuse us with facts [Changing city government in Phoenix], 1975 April 17
277/OV23 Harbinger? [Recession and a rising stock market], 1975 April 19
277/OV24 Latest scoop [Scoop Jackson and Mo Udall in New Hampshire poll], 1975 April 21
277/OV25 Our Frankenstein monster [US Federal Bureaucracy], 1975 April 24
277/OV26 He likes to think he's steering [Portugal's military leaders really control Portugal, not the people], 1975 April 26
277/OV27 What's the difference? [An unused Phoenix bond election ballot is no better than one used in Portugal], 1975 April 28
277/OV28 Voting is so much trouble [Encouragement to vote in Phoenix bond election], 1975 April 29
277/OV29 'Scuse me! I'd rather not get involved! [Organized crime in Arizona], 1975 April 30
277/OV210 It will take a team effort [A non-partisan effort to win the National Solar Energy Institute for Arizona], 1975 May 6
278/OV21 A "man-bites-dog" story [Irony of Senator getting his pocket picked while he does same to the taxpayer], 1975 May 9
278/OV22 I don't hate EVERYTHING American [Castro and McGovern], 1975 May 12
278/OV23 Try this on your gallop poll [Many Democratic Presidential candidates], 1975 May 21
278/OV24 It's only fair to warn you [New Massachusetts gun control law], 1975 May 23
278/OV25 Since the Mayaguez homerun [Ford and the Presidential veto], 1975 May 24
278/OV26 We're thankful they're now so few [The Mayaguez rescue and the US military tradition], 1975 May 26
278/OV27 Now begins the serious education [New graduates, jobs, and the real world], 1975 May 27
278/OV28 U.S. might [Lack of commitment of US in Indochina], 1975 May 28
278/OV29 Hey, you can't run with the ball yet! [Ford gets the jump on Congress with the oil tariff], 1975 May 29
278/OV210 Diplomatic phenomenon [Two-faced Europe versus straight-faced Ford], 1975 May 31
279/OV21 A plot to ruin Fidel Castro's image? [Crazy CIA plots against Castro], 1975 June 2
279/OV22 He's just a spectator! [Teddy Kennedy big in polls], 1975 June 3
279/OV23 It's a hard life! [Congress wants Father's Day off], 1975 June 4
279/OV24 It's still loaded [US armed forces are still strong after defeat in attempts to slash weapons funds], 1975 June 7
279/OV25 Genie [Egypt's reopening of the Suez Canal assists the Russian Navy], 1975 June 9
279/OV26 Donkey stampede [Wallace spooks the Democrats], 1975 June 10
279/OV27 After all, he's a growing boy [City employees get too much of the Phoenix budget], 1975 June 11
279/OV28 Can of worms [Rockefeller and Senate probes into the CIA], 1975 June 12
279/OV29 The pole that supports our flag [The flag pole is the freedom that supports the flag], 1975 June 14
279/OV210 St. George to the rescue [Mo Udall tries to rescue the Democratic Party from Wallace], 1975 June 16
280/OV21 We'll not abandon you! [Supporters in Asia bail out after US failures in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos], 1975 June 20
280/OV22 On your mark, get set [An early jump on the 1976 presidential race], 1975 June 21
280/OV23 The three R's revised [Public schools are plagued with Robbery, Rape, and Rip-offs], 1975 June 23
280/OV24 (no caption) [America is great because America is free], 1975 June 25
280/OV25 Skyrocket, 1975 [Expensive gas prices], 1975 July 2
280/OV26 Strange torch of freedom [Lack of democracy in India], 1975 July 3
280/OV27 They laid a solid foundation [July 4th], 1975 July 4
280/OV28 Does the noise keep him awake? [Jet planes training in Arizona], 1975 July 7
280/OV29 Locking horns [USSR and China compete for dominance in Southeast Asia], 1975 July 8
280/OV210 How do you read the cards? [Gasoline prices], 1975 July 9
281/OV21 Closed society [Lack of democracy in India], 1975 July 10
281/OV22 We don't have a trailer hitch [Ford and Rockefeller for president], 1975 July 11
281/OV23 No sale [Partisan politics and Phoenix city elections], 1975 July 12
281/OV24 Merry-go-round [Many Democratic Presidential hopefuls], 1975 July 14
281/OV25 Don't look now [US taxpayer supporting the UN], 1975 July 17
281/OV26 Quick, which way shall we go? [Too many unnecessary proposals for change in Phoenix city elections], 1975 July 18
281/OV27 International political "docking" [The US and West give up too much to Communists], 1975 July 19
281/OV28 Magic carpet [Welfare cheaters], 1975 July 22
281/OV29 Stamp licks man [Increased postal rates], 1975 July 23
281/OV210 Rehabilitated? [Form of city government in Phoenix], 1975 July 24
282/OV21 Too many drivers [Lack of leadership in foreign affairs], 1975 July 26
282/OV22 Dear John [Ford drops Rockefeller], 1975 July 28
282/OV23 Kicking out her own chicks [Phoenix City Council], 1975 July 30
282/OV24 Thanks, old buddy! [Congress gives itself a pay raise], 1975 August 1
282/OV25 I hate to do this to you, neighbor [New Mexico charges tariff on electric power to Arizona], 1975 August 2
282/OV26 Let this be a lesson to you! [OAS does not support trade embargo on Cuba], 1975 August 4
282/OV27 Spare tire [Mo Udall runs for President while keeping open his bid for Congress], 1975 August 5
282/OV28 He doesn't like it [Helsinki agreement between US and USSR is distasteful to China], 1975 August 6
282/OV29 Not guilty! [India's Parliament is pressured to free Gandhi of campaign offenses], 1975 August 7
282/OV210 Oh, shah! [Rich Shah of Iran claims he's too poor to help needy nations], 1975 August 8
283/OV21 Look out for a "pick-off" [Portugal, US, USSR, and bases in Azores], 1975 August 12
283/OV22 The rival services stations [Selling Ford's gasoline plan to consumers], 1975 August 13
283/OV23 Blabbermouth [IRS gives out private information about taxpayers], 1975 August 14
283/OV24 Y'sure the switch is off? [Kissinger in Mideast], 1975 August 15
283/OV25 It could be a crowded honeymoon [SRP and electric rate increase in Arizona], 1975 August 18
283/OV26 The other shoe [Reagan announces candidacy for Presidency], 1975 August 20
283/OV27 "Calling all cars!" [San Francisco police strike], 1975 August 21
283/OV28 After all, it is my business [Secret secessions of Arizona state boards and agencies ruled illegal], 1975 August 22
283/OV29 I think they've got us outnumbered [Too many candidates for Phoenix City Council], 1975 August 23
283/OV210 The dating game [Arizona Republican political hopefuls], 1975 August 26
284/OV21 First, the head of the camel [US trade with Cuba], 1975 August 27
284/OV22 Take a couple of aspirin [Arizona malpractice insurance], 1975 August 28
284/OV23 Right field [Rockefeller, Reagan, and the South], 1975 August 29
284/OV24 Won't he do for collateral? [NY Mayor Beame and the 1976 Democratic Convention], 1975 August 30
284/OV25 Police brutality [Police strikes hurt the public], 1975 September 1
284/OV26 Man on the move [Maricopa County attorney Moise Berger], 1975 September 2
284/OV27 It's a genuine peace dove's egg [Kissinger and the Mideast], 1975 September 3
284/OV28 The kettle and the pot [Meany and McGovern engage in name calling], 1975 September 8
284/OV29 Sequel to book burning [Teachers' strike, education, and busing], 1975 September 9
284/OV210 Stop worrying, Henry [Kissinger, Meany, and the State Department], 1975 September 11
285/OV21 Smoke that [Secretary Earl Butz, Meany, and a bumper corn crop], 1975 September 13
285/OV22 Write it 100 times, Judge [School busing is not the answer], 1975 September 15
285/OV23 One thing we agree on [Repeat vote of New Hampshire US Senator], 1975 September 16
285/OV24 Thanks - just what I needed [New Hampshire sends another Democrat to Congress], 1975 September 18
285/OV25 One that got away [Portugal slips off the Communist hook], 1975 September 19
285/OV26 Soft landing [Patty Hearst], 1975 September 20
285/OV27 Just in case of drafty weather [Hubert Humphrey is poll watching], 1975 September 22
285/OV28 Picket [A strike for more pay by Tucson firemen and police did not effect the city and proves that not all of them are needed], 1975 September 30
285/OV29 Won't the President help you, either? [New York and Congress are bankrupt], 1975 October 2
285/OV210 Why revive a dinosaur? [Papago freeway through Phoenix], 1975 October 3
286/OV21 Well, back to the ol' drawing board? [Failures of US Post Office], 1975 October 4
286/OV22 Your present car runs okay [Form of city government in Phoenix], 1975 October 6
286/OV23 Hot time in the old town [Firemen strike in Kansas City], 1975 October 7
286/OV24 Where can you get the bone I promised him? [Federal spending], 1975 October 8
286/OV25 Save one, let the others sink or swim? [New York City is not only city in financial trouble], 1975 October 11
286/OV26 This is your lucky day, chief [Columbus day: cynical "joys of civilization"], 1975 October 13
286/OV27 Tempting the former "politic-colic" [The form of Phoenix city government], 1975 October 15
286/OV28 Well, not exactly a "split" [Ford, Rockefeller, and aid to New York City], 1975 October 16
286/OV29 We love all games [Sunshine, sports, and conventions in Arizona], 1975 October 17
286/OV210 The losers [Voter apathy and loss of votes in Windrose, Arizona], 1975 October 18
287/OV21 What do I think of Brezhnev? [Kissinger's loose lips at China banquet], 1975 October 21
287/OV22 Y'oughta change that combination! [Form of Phoenix city government], 1975 October 22
287/OV23 We're not asking for money [Mayor Beame seeks financial aid for New York City], 1975 October 24
287/OV24 Count down [Franco, Chou, and Mao], 1975 October 27
287/OV25 Next week you get a second chance [Papago freeway and Phoenix city elections], 1975 October 28
287/OV26 Heads, Phoenix wins - tails, Phoenix wins [Voters have two good choices for Mayor of Phoenix], 1975 October 30
287/OV27 A rose by any other name [Form of Phoenix city government], 1975 November 3
287/OV28 The most important "proposition" [Form of Phoenix city government], 1975 November 4
287/OV29 The long, long on-ramp [Papago freeway in Phoenix], 1975 November 8
287/OV210 Not "running" [Humphrey is leading pack and not even officially running], 1975 November 10
288/OV21 Supreme bar [Supreme Court Justice Douglas holds onto office to prevent a Ford appointed replacement], 1975 November 12
288/OV22 My kind of guy [UN general assembly anti-Zionism resolution is compared to Hitler], 1975 November 13
288/OV23 I'm thinking - I'm thinking [Ford and Supreme Court appointment], 1975 November 14
288/OV24 Smoke gets in your eyes [East Phoenix brush fires and air pollution], 1975 November 15
288/OV25 In love again [Jump in US car sales], 1975 November 17
288/OV26 Are we coming full circle? [US children lack the ability to read or write], 1975 November 19
288/OV27 It's a strange world [Crime], 1975 November 20
288/OV28 Try these on for size [Juan Carlos of Spain], 1975 November 21
288/OV29 You should feel flattered [US Senate and an increased deficit], 1975 November 22
288/OV210 Political acupuncture [Many Democratic Presidential candidates], 1975 November 25
289/OV21 If one doesn't find you [Census missed 130,000 people in Phoenix populations count], 1975 November 26
289/OV22 Hey, what's this rip-off for? [The expense of bureaucracy in business], 1975 November 29
289/OV23 Serpents come in pairs [Las Angles brush fires lead to mud slides], 1975 December 1
289/OV24 Crossroad [Form of Phoenix city government], 1975 December 5
289/OV25 Non-voters take a position [Encouragement to vote in Phoenix city elections], 1975 December 9
289/OV26 Should we help him get a cease-fire? [Kissinger under assault by Congress], 1975 December 10
289/OV27 Sure you won't join us, John? [City governing in Phoenix], 1975 December 11
289/OV28 Springboard [Frank Church uses Senate Intelligence committee as springboard to Democratic Presidential run], 1975 December 12
289/OV29 Icicles [Reagan leads Ford in Gallup poll], 1975 December 13
289/OV210 They're playing my song [Christmas shopping in Phoenix], 1975 December 15
290/OV21 Freedom is not without its hazards [Angola is free of Portuguese rule, but others threaten], 1975 December 17
290/OV22 Graveyard shadow boxing [Attacks on the reputations of dead prominent US leaders], 1975 December 18
290/OV23 David and Goliath [Ford's tax cuts and Congress spending cuts], 1975 December 22
290/OV24 The silence is deafening [Communist aggressions in Angola], 1975 December 23
290/OV25 Santa writes a letter to YOU! [Christmas greeting], 1975 December 25
290/OV26 Who's on first? [Confusing political opinion polls], 1975 December 27
290/OV27 Fashion note [Secret agents in the foreign service], 1975 December 29
290/OV28 "You and him fight" [Cuba does the dirty work of the USSR in Angola], 1975 December 30
290/OV29 That's my baby! [Many presidential candidates see 1976 as their year], 1976 January 2
290/OV210 Don't mind their screams [Medicaid reform], 1976 January 5
291/OV21 Annual physical checkup [State of the Union address], 1976 January 7
291/OV22 Strange way to mark the bicentennial year [Judge's gag rules in North Platte, Nebraska murder trial], 1976 January 8
291/OV23 Good news and bad news [Arizona Department of Health pollution inspection station], 1976 January 9
291/OV24 The Middle East problem [PLO at the UN], 1976 January 13
291/OV25 Mush! [Teamsters Union in Alaska], 1976 January 14
291/OV26 Punishing students [Teacher's strike], 1976 January 19
291/OV27 Hey, how about "red no.1?" [Food and drug administration and "red ink"], 1976 January 21
291/OV28 Iowa corn [Humphrey does better than Carter and he is not a declared candidate], 1976 January 22
291/OV29 Cuban machete [10,000 Cuban troops in Africa], 1976 January 24
291/OV210 Political Evel Knievel [Wallace success in Mississippi caucus], 1976 January 27
292/OV21 Cowtown, U.S.A., 1976 [7th Annual convention of the American National Cattlemen's Association in Phoenix], 1976 January 28
292/OV22 Outsmarting the insurance companies [Avoiding insurance rate increases], 1976 February 2
292/OV23 Who needs a push? [Kissinger and Moynihan], 1976 February 4
292/OV24 Slalom [Ford and Reagan ski circles around the Democrats in New Hampshire], 1976 February 10
292/OV25 Pulling together can get it out [Malpractice insurance and the Arizona Legislature], 1976 February 11
292/OV26 The understudy [Rockefeller waits in the wings for Ford's role], 1976 February 13
292/OV27 Happy birthday [Valentine's Day and Arizona statehood are celebrated on the same day], 1976 February 14
292/OV28 In the Olympics it's for medals [Russia has a larger navy than the US], 1976 February 23
292/OV29 Thumbs [New Hampshire Primary determines a candidate's political future], 1976 February 24
292/OV210 If we don't pass a good malpractice bill [Malpractice insurance and the Arizona Legislature], 1976 February 25
293/OV21 I thought they'd never leave [Primary is over in New Hampshire], 1976 February 26
293/OV22 After listening to the psychiatrists [Patty Hearst trial], 1976 March 1
293/OV23 Hat trick [Shriver, Kennedy, and the Primaries], 1976 March 2
293/OV24 Jilted [Major League Baseball's spring training in Arizona, California, and Florida], 1976 March 3
293/OV25 Bye-be, Bayh [Presidential campaign and Birch Bayh], 1976 March 5
293/OV26 A rose by any other name [Ford and Udall "re-tag" their labels], 1976 March 8
293/OV27 Who's ahead? [Carter, Wallace, and Jackson in Florida], 1976 March 9
293/OV28 Robin Hood? [Arizona and New Mexico's electricity], 1976 March 10
293/OV29 For a spend-oholic [Arizona deficits], 1976 March 13
293/OV210 Sticks and stones may break my bones [Empty warning from US to Cuba], 1976 March 15
294/OV21 Mr. Voter, meet the candidates [The Presidential candidates meet the nation's Mayors], 1976 March 16
294/OV22 "And departing, leave behind us footprints -" [Britain will miss Prime Minster Wilson], 1976 March 17
294/OV23 Why aren't more people buying my apples [US Postal Service provides less service for more money], 1976 March 18
294/OV24 Another baseball midget [Abbreviated spring training season], 1976 March 19
294/OV25 Wages of sin [Income tax advantages for unwed couples], 1976 March 20
294/OV26 How to run a race [Hubert Humphrey has Labor support and leads the Democratic pack of candidates], 1976 March 22
294/OV27 Time bomb [Lack of proper electrical inspection in Maricopa, Arizona Country schools], 1976 March 23
294/OV28 Unwelcome guest [Civil War in Lebanon], 1976 March 24
294/OV29 In the on-deck circle [Carter takes on Mo Udall in Wisconsin], 1976 March 26
294/OV210 Color it red [Cuba, USSR, and China "color" Africa], 1976 March 30
295/OV21 Working on the railroad [Carter takes on Jackson in New York], 1976 March 31
295/OV22 Can't you keep me out of this? [Trucking strike puts taxpayer in the middle], 1976 April 3
295/OV23 The net [Udall keeps his Congressional seat while running for President], 1976 April 5
295/OV24 Meow-w! [False friendliness between Carter and Humphrey], 1976 April 6
295/OV25 Still alive? [Mo Udall barely alive in Democratic Primaries], 1976 April 8
295/OV26 Relax and forget politics [Baseball season is season to forget politics], 1976 April 9
295/OV27 Hostage [Threat of general strike in San Francisco], 1976 April 10
295/OV28 This may hurt a little [Power struggle in China], 1976 April 13
295/OV29 He talks too much [Jimmy Carter's "ethnic purity" slip of the tongue], 1976 April 14
295/OV210 Widening the canal [Ford and Panama Canal negotiations], 1976 April 16
296/OV21 Electronic age "who's who" [You can judge a man's importance by the number of microphones on his podium], 1976 April 21
296/OV22 Long, long trail [Lack of matching funds causes Presidential hopefuls to drop out], 1976 April 22
296/OV23 Here how it works [Arizona State Lottery], 1976 April 23
296/OV24 Duel of the branding irons [Ford and Reagan in the Texas Primaries], 1976 April 27
296/OV25 Every lot has a built-in lawsuit potential [Homes in Arizona too close to airbases], 1976 April 28
296/OV26 Likewise! [Lack of support between Labor and Democratic Candidate Jackson], 1976 April 29
296/OV27 Interested spectators [Ford and Reagan in Michigan], 1976 May 17
296/OV28 Unlocked [Maryland does not give Carter a lock on the Democratic nomination], 1976 May 20
296/OV29 Hey, you still in the race? [Udall the tortoise, Carter the hare], 1976 May 21
296/OV210 This illness can wipeout whole families [Divorce rate in Arizona], 1976 May 22
297/OV21 The castaway returns [Ford, Rockefeller, and New York and Pennsylvania delegates], 1976 May 24
297/OV22 Expensive insect [Litter in National Forests], 1976 May 26
297/OV23 Head in a cloud [Arizona repeals emission testing], 1976 May 29
297/OV24 If they could speak [Memorial Day], 1976 May 31
297/OV25 Beware of claim jumpers [Reagan and Brown both claim California], 1976 June 4
297/OV26 Get off the track [Church is passing Udall in pursuit of Carter], 1976 June 5
297/OV27 The parade gets the attention [Democratic Congressional deficit spending continues], 1976 June 7
297/OV28 Cheer up, old friend [The British pound will rebound just like the dollar did earlier], 1976 June 8
297/OV29 Voters have a "rating" system, too [Voters will chose the right man], 1976 June 12
297/OV210 Oh say, can you see? [200 years as a nation], 1976 June 14
298/OV21 Don't mind me [AFL-CIO "inspects" the Democratic platform], 1976 June 15
298/OV22 Dad's footprints [Father's Day], 1976 June 19
298/OV23 Obituary for a motorcyclist [Helmet laws for motorcyclists], 1976 June 22
298/OV24 Two-legged stool [Communists and Christian Democrats in Italy], 1976 June 23
298/OV25 That smarts! [Construction industry strike and unemployment fund in Arizona], 1976 June 25
298/OV26 I've left the motor running [Auto emissions testing in Arizona], 1976 June 26
298/OV27 The fine art of flirting [Carter and Vice Presidential hopefuls], 1976 June 28
298/OV28 To the last man [Ford and Reagan reach for the uncommitted delegates], 1976 June 30
298/OV29 When we were kids, we had firecrackers [Holiday highway hazards], 1976 July 1
298/OV210 Shucks, it's happened before [Arizona Republicans split in support of Ford and Reagan], 1976 July 2
299/OV21 Here we go on the next 100 [US bicentennial], 1976 July 6
299/OV22 Handwriting on the wall [Treating domestic murderers and terrorists with their own type of violence], 1976 July 7
299/OV23 For starters [Asking the UN to outlaw terrorism and skyjacking], 1976 July 9
299/OV24 Hee-haw [The Democratic Convention arrives in New York], 1976 July 12
299/OV25 No rescue for that one [Idi Amin oppresses the Ugandan people], 1976 July 13
299/OV26 The excitement, the drama, the thrills! [Boring Democratic Convention], 1976 July 14
299/OV27 Olympic flame [Politics in Montreal], 1976 July 15
299/OV28 "Horse" of another color [Is Carter a liberal or a conservative?], 1976 July 17
299/OV29 Unofficial official [China and the Olympics], 1976 July 20
299/OV210 Noah story update [Orme Dam site], 1976 July 21
300/OV21 Who's got who? [Reagan, Ford, and uncommitted delegates], 1976 July 23
300/OV22 Look who painted it, Jimmy [Carter criticizes the US tax system created by Democrats], 1976 July 24
300/OV23 Nothing can stop you now [Congress overrides veto of public works bill], 1976 July 26
300/OV24 It's later than you think [There is more for Arizona voters to consider than just the Presidential race], 1976 July 27
300/OV25 Political rock and roll [Carter and Reagan both sound liberal to their party conservatives], 1976 July 29
300/OV26 Cinderella, Cinderella [Phoenix city council], 1976 July 31
300/OV27 Is government housing [A "dog house" is housing for Russian athletes who did not win gold at the Olympics], 1976 August 2
300/OV28 How about secret service protection [Republican uncommitted delegates are very valuable], 1976 August 3
300/OV29 "Support" [AFL-CIO control the Arizona Democratic party], 1976 August 7
300/OV210 Ford's terrible veto record [Democratic Congress criticizes Ford for not vetoing its bad legislation], 1976 August 9
301/OV21 The preliminary bouts [Pre-convention jockeying between Reagan and Ford backers], 1976 August 10
301/OV22 Lonesome road [Harold Stassen en route to Kansas City], 1976 August 12
301/OV23 It's a strange world [Legal system harms the injured in Lincoln and US Thrift depositors], 1976 August 13
301/OV24 The senator from New York [James Buckley at the Republican Convention], 1976 August 14
301/OV25 Time to do you hove work [Study the candidates before you vote], 1976 August 19
301/OV26 No caption [Ford and Dole vs Carter and Mondale], 1976 August 20
301/OV27 Macabre gavel [North Korea, DMZ axe murders, and Panmunjom truce table], 1976 August 21
301/OV28 Shades of '48 [Beware of poll predictions], 1976 August 23
301/OV29 Moscow could use U.S. news photos [Russians portray scruffy looking college students as standing in bread lines], 1976 August 24
301/OV210 The snake pit [Libya is breeding ground for terrorism], 1976 August 26
302/OV21 Lebanon war casualty [Arafat-PLO influence in Lebanon], 1976 August 28
302/OV22 Weather vane [Carter blows in the political winds], 1976 August 30
302/OV23 Two kinds of shameful waste [Encouragement to vote], 1976 September 7
302/OV24 Bloody hand on the gavel [Libya, a sponsor of terrorism, presides over the UN Security Council], 1976 September 8
302/OV25 China quake [Mao falls in China], 1976 September 10
302/OV26 Headless giant [China without a leader], 1976 September 13
302/OV27 I'll save you from Medicaid [Arizona does not need Carter's Medicaid reform], 1976 September 17
302/OV28 Same old game [Ford Motors and Auto Union negotiate at consumer's expense], 1976 September 18
302/OV29 Go ahead [America and the world are interested in the Ford-Carter Presidential debates], 1976 September 23
302/OV210 Strange way to find out [Dealing with the energy shortage], 1976 September 24
303/OV21 Could never happen in Russia [How political debates would be conducted in Russia], 1976 September 25
303/OV22 During a 1968 golf game [Ford, golf, and the Steel Lobbyist], 1976 September 27
303/OV23 Road opening [Kissinger, Ian Smith, and Rhodesia], 1976 September 28
303/OV24 Warning mark or the fence [Terrorists in Syria], 1976 September 30
303/OV25 Shaky raft [Shaky state platform for Arizona Democratic candidates], 1976 October 1
303/OV26 To keep the light on [Vote no on nuclear power in Arizona], 1976 October 5
303/OV27 And the winner is [Supporters of Carter and Ford each claim victory in debates], 1976 October 8
303/OV28 But, admiral Columbus [Spending money on the poor], 1976 October 11
303/OV29 The hearing that never were [Senate subcommittee fabricated hearings], 1976 October 13
303/OV210 Why not skip the middlemen? [League of Women Voters should hold debate between campaign advisors and not the Vice Presidential candidates], 1976 October 15
304/OV21 Widow's weeds [Purge of Mao's widow], 1976 October 16
304/OV22 Trick-or-treat goblins are cute [Voters should pay more attention to local politics than national], 1976 October 23
304/OV23 Two Veterans' days [Veterans' Day], 1976 October 25
304/OV24 If I want to keep you [Vote no on Arizona emission tests], 1976 October 27
304/OV25 Sleep - or coma? [Ford and Carter look after the undecided vote], 1976 October 28
304/OV26 In private life he's quite normal [The candidates put on a show for voters], 1976 October 29
304/OV27 Keep punching, Sam [Retiring Arizona Senator Fannin advises replacement Steiger], 1976 November 1
304/OV28 The buck really stops here [Encouragement to vote], 1976 November 2
304/OV29 Check your politics [Non-partisan America], 1976 November 3
304/OV210 Aimed at Russia? [China's development of the H-bomb to defend against Russia affects the US], 1976 November 20
305/OV21 Cellar dwellers [The Mexican peso joins the British pound in the currency basement], 1976 November 24
305/OV22 Backpedaling [Carter and campaign promises], 1976 November 26
305/OV23 Speaking of Chinese trade [Taiwan is a bigger trading partner than China], 1976 November 27
305/OV24 No man's land [The months between changing administrations], 1976 November 29
305/OV25 The spirit of giving is not dead [Complaint about increased postage], 1976 November 30
305/OV26 I raised them [New Mexican president Portillo is left with problems created by predecessor Echeverria], 1976 December 1
305/OV27 Jumping the gun [Price increases of steel], 1976 December 2
305/OV28 Don't call us, we'll call you [Death row criminals profit from selling their stories], 1976 December 4
305/OV29 No more Mr. Nice Guy [Tip O'Neill takes over as Speaker of the House], 1976 December 8
305/OV210 Are you sure we won, Jimmy? [Real estate prices in Washington], 1976 December 9
306/OV21 No longer healthy climate - for crooks [Arizona Legislature makes Arizona inhospitable to fraudulent schemes], 1976 December 10
306/OV22 Always remember Mr. Rusk's words [Kissinger warns Cy Vance that someone in the world is always plotting mischief], 1976 December 13
306/OV23 All alone by the telephone [Ralph Nader waits for a phone call from Jimmy Carter], 1976 December 14
306/OV24 Deadly santa [Holiday drunk driving], 1976 December 16
306/OV25 Blitz [Influences on Carter Cabinet appointments], 1976 December 17
306/OV26 Dragon slayer [Saudi Arabia is ally of Western world against OPEC oil price hikes], 1976 December 18
306/OV27 For the man who has everything [Brezhnev awards himself another Soviet accolade], 1976 December 21
306/OV28 A bigger boss [Death takes Mayor Daley], 1976 December 22
306/OV29 Letters from the editor [Christmas greeting], 1976 December 25
306/OV210 The year of grace is ending [Arizona emissions testing], 1976 December 29
307/OV21 Copilot [The Carter Vice Presidency has more importance than in past administrations], 1976 December 30
307/OV22 Will you be kind to us? [Carter, Congress, and the public ask baby New Year to be kind], 1977 January 3
307/OV23 The buck stops here [Democrats control all branches of government], 1977 January 6
307/OV24 And now the good news [The only problem in America that Carter cannot be blamed for is the rising price of coffee], 1977 January 11
307/OV25 If executions come on TV [Broadcasting executions on TV], 1977 January 12
307/OV26 Outweighed [France finds Arab oil and Mirage jet sales outweigh justice for the Olympic massacre by terrorists], 1977 January 13
307/OV27 Maybe [Ford's use of the word "maybe"], 1977 January 15
307/OV28 Reducing cabinet [Tax collections are disproportionate to refunds], 1977 January 17
307/OV29 Super-vender (no date) [Mondale peddles Carter's "peanuts" to the world], 1977 January 22
307/OV210 When a mad snipe is loose [Freezing weather hurts farming and consumers], 1977 January 22
308/OV21 Let me kiss away the hurt [Congressional reprimand of Sikes for using House Chairmanship for personal gain], 1977 January 26
308/OV22 Another wreath? [End of opposition to Vietnam's membership to UN and pardon of draft dodgers is dishonor of war dead in Vietnam], 1977 January 28
308/OV23 Just establishing the pecking order [Congressional priorities and Carter's economic program collide], 1977 January 29
308/OV24 The iceman cometh [Severe winter of 1977], 1977 February 1
308/OV25 First Olympic gold of 1980 [NBC pays USSR $100 million to broadcast the Olympics], 1977 February 3
308/OV26 A possible fuel source [Still no action in Congress on the energy crisis], 1977 February 4
308/OV27 Turning up the thermostat [Congress raises salaries at taxpayer's expense], 1977 February 5
308/OV28 Watchout for a left hook [Eastern US is set up for spring floods after so much winter snow], 1977 February 7
308/OV29 The submissive majority [The twenty percent who vote in Phoenix election determine things for the remaining eighty percent], 1977 February 8
308/OV210 Conflict of interest [Taxpayers complain to Congress about Congressional pay raises], 1977 February 9
309/OV21 Bridge o'er the river Styx [591 suicides from Golden Gate bridge], 1977 February 11
309/OV22 They used to call us the Babe State [Valentine's Day and Arizona statehood day greeting], 1977 February 14
309/OV23 Our society can't be all bad [Praise of Arizona youth], 1977 February 16
309/OV24 How do I love thee? [Profitable winter tourism in Arizona], 1977 February 19
309/OV25 Disasters come in threes [Severe winter, drought, and Carter budget], 1977 February 23
309/OV26 The plum - and the fruit flies [Phoenix city government and partisan politics], 1977 February 26
309/OV27 What's to negotiate, little buddie? [US arms negotiations are too generous to USSR], 1977 February 28
309/OV28 Armed and dangerous [Idi Amin's violence against Americans in Uganda], 1977 March 1
309/OV29 Fencing the range [Coast Guard enforces new two hundred mile fishing zone against foreigners], 1977 March 2
309/OV210 Ships that pass [India heads towards dictatorship while Spain moves towards democracy], 1977 March 3
310/OV21 Rockhounds are magicians [Phoenix gem show], 1977 March 5
310/OV22 The sunshine boys [Major League Baseball camps in Arizona], 1977 March 8
310/OV23 View from the hill [Congress and the Carter White House], 1977 March 10
310/OV24 Death sentence? [FDA banning saccharin is harmful to heart and diabetic patients], 1977 March 12
310/OV25 Introduction to big league hitting [Carter cuts the budget and Congress restores the cuts], 1977 March 14
310/OV26 Why didn't you head him off? [FBI hands are tied against Washington, DC terrorists], 1977 March 15
310/OV27 Snag [Indira Gandhi loses support in India], 1977 March 16
310/OV28 Squeeze [Carter and PLO at UN puts the squeeze on Israel], 1977 March 19
310/OV29 The stablizer [Congress, the Labor Secretary, and Unions], 1977 March 21
310/OV210 Red rash [Communist victories in French city elections], 1977 March 22
311/OV21 See what can happen [The dictatorships of the world say "I told you so" as Indira Gandhi is ousted by public elections in India], 1977 March 23
311/OV22 No eclipse [Arizona and the benefits of its sunshine], 1977 March 26
311/OV23 Speak louder [Russia continues arms build up while in strategic arms negotiations], 1977 March 28
311/OV24 Time to really worry [Plane deaths threaten to become as common as auto deaths], 1977 March 31
311/OV25 Maybe you were testing him [Public opinion about Carter's performance on arms-control negotiations with Russia], 1977 April 1
311/OV26 Look out, it's a trap [Arafat is obstacle to cease-fire in Palestine], 1977 April 4
311/OV27 Listening audience [PLO and Israel listen in on discussion between Sadat and Carter], 1977 April 5
311/OV28 Oh, we're not grave robbers [Digging for conspiracy evidence], 1977 April 6
311/OV29 The basket [Cuba seeks US trade], 1977 April 7
311/OV210 Scissor - clicking [Phoenix city budget], 1977 April 13
312/OV21 My number one dependent? [Income tax payers support the US government], 1977 April 15
312/OV22 We know they're comin' [Arizona and Phoenix need to plan for projected population increases], 1977 April 18
312/OV23 If Columbus had lived today [Columbus and taxes that discourage exploration], 1977 April 22
312/OV24 Bid for parental approval [Ethiopia closes US consulates to please Russia], 1977 April 26
312/OV25 The good news is [Russian bombers invade US air space], 1977 April 27
312/OV26 Conclusion of an expert [Federal Government directives are written with words that do not exist in the English language], 1977 April 28
312/OV27 We know you said no [ERA advocates threaten to cut off federal funds to Arizona], 1977 May 3
312/OV28 Jack up the radiator cap [Carter's plan to overhaul the US welfare system], 1977 May 4
312/OV29 Mind if I go with you ? [Russian Jews seeking to visit Israel are used as part of Soviet foreign policy], 1977 May 6
312/OV210 Best of everything in our world [Mother's Day], 1977 May 7
313/OV21 Pathfinder [Fiftieth anniversary of Lindbergh's historic flight], 1977 May 21
313/OV22 Hi! [The Republican Party unexpectedly revives itself with victories in Minnesota and Washington State], 1977 May 23
313/OV23 Drummer boy [Andrew Young in South Africa], 1977 May 24
313/OV24 Child abuse [Terrorism and Dutch school children], 1977 May 25
313/OV25 A bigger thrill than Indy [Congress and Carter's veto vote], 1977 May 28
313/OV26 That we here highly resolve [Memorial Day], 1977 May 30
313/OV27 An extended hand [Cuba seeks trade with US], 1977 May 31
313/OV28 Mr. In-between [Mondale straddles gap between the Democratic Congress and Carter], 1977 June 2
313/OV29 Foot in the door [Castro gets limited diplomatic relations with the US], 1977 June 6
313/OV210 Funny, fun-n-eee! [New USSR constitution], 1977 June 8
314/OV21 Cloud at the picnic [Idi Amin and the London Commonwealth Conference], 1977 June 9
314/OV22 If Medicaid come to Arizona [Taxpayers will pay for Medicaid in Arizona], 1977 June 10
314/OV23 Peanut layin' on a railroad track [Congress opposes Carter's gas tax and rebates], 1977 June 11
314/OV24 FDA pit patrol [FDA seeks pits in canned apricots], 1977 June 13
314/OV25 Home of the free [Your house is the home of the free], 1977 June 14
314/OV26 Who's got whose attention [Congress rebuffs Carter's get tough attitude], 1977 June 15
314/OV27 The ice man cometh [Brezhnev steps up Soviet Cold War tactics], 1977 June 16
314/OV28 Remember, dad [Father's Day], 1977 June 18
314/OV29 Why so nervous Aleksei? [Russian Presidential succession], 1977 June 20
314/OV210 Slow starter [Difficulty getting oil out of Alaska], 1977 June 21
315/OV21 Black eye [Arizona forest fires], 1977 June 22
315/OV22 Trivia [The Idi Amin story], 1977 June 24
315/OV23 Never a stay of execution [Murder never gets a stay of death], 1977 June 27
315/OV24 Hitchhiker [July 4th weekend highway deaths], 1977 June 30
315/OV25 Fenced in [The city of Phoenix strip annexation and Deer Valley], 1977 July 7
315/OV26 Crutch [Foreign oil and the US], 1977 July 11
315/OV27 Pornography [TV censorship and human rights in USSR], 1977 July 12
315/OV28 Feudin' and fussin' [Senate overrides Carter's veto of nuclear power plants], 1977 July 13
315/OV29 Eyes of the jungle [Crime during the New York City blackout], 1977 July 16
315/OV210 And the on-deck circle [Geneva Conference and Mideast peace], 1977 July 19
316/OV21 Nine lives [China's Communist Party and Teng], 1977 July 21
316/OV22 Priorities [Carter seeks peace between the Arabs before it can be achieved with Israel], 1977 July 23
316/OV23 Get off the line! [Soviet bugging of telephones and Senator Moynihan], 1977 July 25
316/OV24 Cooking Vance's dove [Jerusalem peace talks], 1977 July 28
316/OV25 Head in the clouds [Congress and South Korean influence buying scandal], 1977 July 29
316/OV26 Blackbeard II [Cuba threatens US trawlers in international waters], 1977 August 1
316/OV27 Beauty consultants [The Arab world and US groom the PLO to make it more presentable], 1977 August 3
316/OV28 Environmentalists arise [Mexican oil fields are linked to US gas lines], 1977 August 8
316/OV29 I think I have one wire loose [Cy Vance tries to defuse the Mideast War], 1977 August 10
316/OV210 Job interview [Carter interviews for the job as an agent of FBI, CIA, and Secret Service], 1977 August 11
317/OV21 Don't look now, Grif [Too much attention is being paid to the accusations that the FBI is harassing terrorists], 1977 August 12
317/OV22 Alleged justice [Rights of accused], 1977 August 15
317/OV23 That darned cat [Coal strikes and UMW leadership], 1977 August 16
317/OV24 Lone Ranger rides again [Kissinger, Carter, and the Panama Canal Treaty], 1977 August 17
317/OV25 Interested spectators [USSR and Taiwan observe Cy Vance in China], 1977 August 19
317/OV26 Experienced driver [Is Bert Lance qualified to drive the financial affairs of the US?], 1977 August 20
317/OV27 How would this grab you? [Return the canal to Panama; return Panama to Columbia], 1977 August 24
317/OV28 View from Moscow [USSR is pleased with results of Vance talks with China], 1977 August 27
317/OV29 Worse than any prison cell [Murder victims], 1977 August 29
317/OV210 Did you sign his note? [Congress has questions about Bert Lance], 1977 August 30
318/OV21 What's the plus? [The "plus" in gasoline is contaminants], 1977 September 1
318/OV22 Catch! [Federal judge places prison crowding in the hands of Arizona's officials], 1977 September 3
318/OV23 Who needs enemies? [Meany beats up on Carter], 1977 September 5
318/OV24 Who's on first? [Football and baseball seasons overlap], 1977 September 6
318/OV25 Thanks just the same [Bruce Babbitt passes on the 1978 Arizona Governor's race], 1977 September 9
318/OV26 Now, tell us honestly, Abe [New York Mayor Beame looses his job], 1977 September 10
318/OV27 Peace pipe [Gas pipeline agreement between Canada and the US], 1977 September 12
318/OV28 Also hot in the dining room [Lance and Carter], 1977 September 13
318/OV29 Our Phoenix Giants [Pacific Coast League pennant], 1977 September 14
318/OV210 Suddenly the surf is more inviting [Babbitt's withdrawal from the Arizona Governor's race is encouraging to other Republican candidates], 1977 September 21
319/OV21 Pass the SALT [SALT talks], 1977 September 24
319/OV22 Possible solution [Federal prisons should take surplus state convicts], 1977 September 26
319/OV23 A new service for wife beaters [Spousal abuse], 1977 September 28
319/OV24 Here comes Carter's cavalry [Carter's veto and energy], 1977 September 29
319/OV25 Look how they spell buy [Federal money to states in lieu of taxes on Federal property], 1977 October 1
319/OV26 Lipstick! [Carter is cozy with Republican leaders], 1977 October 3
319/OV27 We've reached agreement [Everyone involved in Mideast blames the US], 1977 October 5
319/OV28 Trouble-shooter [Mondale as intermediary between Congress and the White House], 1977 October 6
319/OV29 First, shoot out the light [National newspaper week and the importance of a free press], 1977 October 8
319/OV210 It's no freeway [Geneva], 1977 October 8
320/OV21 The old one-two [Nogales and Santa Cruz counties in Arizona suffer floods and contaminated drinking water], 1977 October 14
320/OV22 Tails of two cities [Moscow, Washington, and the Soviet military buildup], 1977 October 17
320/OV23 Humpty Dumpty [Congress cracks Carter's energy program], 1977 October 18
320/OV24 Somebody in there is not a sheep! [Forty percent of Panamanians vote against Panama Canal Treaty], 1977 October 26
320/OV25 Ben Franklin's words are still true [West Germany calls for world unity against terrorism], 1977 October 27
320/OV26 Putting up hurdles isn't the answer [American steel industry and US trade barriers to foreign steel], 1977 October 28
320/OV27 Jungle drums [Arms embargo against South Africa], 1977 October 29
320/OV28 The most scary goblin [Voters scare the candidates], 1977 October 31
320/OV29 If you don't vote today [Lack of voter participation allows poor candidates to hold office in Phoenix], 1977 November 1
320/OV210 Toss-up [Senator Russell Long offers Carter an energy compromise], 1977 November 2
321/OV21 All in favor [Russia and the US support a ban on all nuclear tests before China conducts them], 1977 November 4
321/OV22 Magic carpet [UN dues and oil producing nations], 1977 November 7
321/OV23 Bomb shelter [Mideast peace efforts], 1977 November 11
321/OV24 Death house [Inmate violence inside Arizona state prisons], 1977 November 12
321/OV25 Suggestion for saving energy [Suggestions on how to save energy], 1977 November 14
321/OV26 Hot potato [Carter and Federal Reserve Chairman Burns], 1977 November 15
321/OV27 And take your love letters with you [Somalia ousts USSR and Cuba], 1977 November 16
321/OV28 Remember the ant with high hopes? [Sadat and Israel], 1977 November 17
321/OV29 Profiles in courage [Sadat and Begin], 1977 November 19
321/OV210 Boo-ski! [Russia boos Sadat], 1977 November 22
322/OV21 That first thanksgiving [Football is more a part of Thanksgiving than traditional Pilgrims meeting the Indians], 1977 November 24
322/OV22 Ready for the annual race to Christmas Day? [Holiday season traffic death toll], 1977 November 28
322/OV23 Which way Mecca? [Arabs must choose between Sadat and PLO], 1977 November 29
322/OV24 Tightrope [King Hussein of Jordan between Sadat and Cairo peace parley and Libya-Iraq summits], 1977 November 30
322/OV25 Dove hunters [A host of countries join PLO in Mideast peace], 1977 December 2
322/OV26 Security at the state prison [Death row in Arizona], 1977 December 3
322/OV27 Thud! [Arab anti-Sadat summit], 1977 December 6
322/OV28 Lest we forget - lest we forget [Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona], 1977 December 7
322/OV29 Builder [Arizona prison problems], 1977 December 8
322/OV210 Really new gov't activity [Labor Department and OSHA regulations], 1977 December 9
323/OV21 Peek-a-boo [Russia against Sadat], 1977 December 10
323/OV22 Air raid! [Mideast peace and Arab hard-liners], 1977 December 13
323/OV23 The light that failed [Congress neglects addressing energy issues], 1977 December 16
323/OV24 Wonder what made him sick? [Peace in Mideast makes Brezhnev sick], 1977 December 17
323/OV25 PLO has a Mideast peace plan [PLO peace plan calls for end of Israel], 1977 December 21
323/OV26 Old faithful [US pays for OPEC's success], 1977 December 22
323/OV27 It's a losing struggle [The fattening food of the holidays], 1977 December 23
323/OV28 He doesn't know when he's licked [Hubert Humphrey continues to be a political force], 1977 December 27
323/OV29 I took it to the one yard line [World peace is closer at end of 1977 than at beginning], 1977 December 29
323/OV210 Race you to midnight [Drunk driving], 1977 December 31
324/OV21 We've got high hopes for you, kid [Happy New Year], 1978 January 2
324/OV22 Are you going to run? [Arizona Governor Bolin], 1978 January 3
324/OV23 Whatever happened to your old interpreter? [President Carter], 1978 January 4
324/OV24 Death sentence? [Arizona state prisons], 1978 January 6
324/OV25 After he sees Paree [Carter neglects his rural constituents], 1978 January 7
324/OV26 The corner men [China in Cambodia and USSR in Vietnam], 1978 January 12
324/OV27 Horn of Africa [Russian military intervention in Ethiopia and Somalia], 1978 January 17
324/OV28 Warning! [Carter needs the political support of tobacco producing states], 1978 January 18
324/OV29 It wasn't supposed to turn out like this [Angola and Africa are strains on Cuba], 1978 January 19
324/OV210 Keep your eye on the ball [Mideast politics], 1978 January 20
325/OV21 Do you read me? [Farmers get attention in election years], 1978 January 23
325/OV22 Introducing the new superstar [New bigger budget], 1978 January 24
325/OV23 Slips that pass [Auto recall for defects], 1978 January 25
325/OV24 Let's get on with the operation [Arizona prison ills], 1978 January 26
325/OV25 Her seven-league boots [Senator Muriel Humphrey tries to fill the boots of Hubert Humphrey], 1978 January 27
325/OV26 Real abominable snowman [Midwest blizzard of 1978], 1978 January 28
325/OV27 Canal widening [Public opposition to Panama Canal treaties], 1978 January 30
325/OV28 Star war [Russia's nuclear satellites], 1978 January 31
325/OV29 Another prison-made knife [The cost of prisons in Arizona], 1978 February 2
325/OV210 More than they can chew? [Africa is too much for USSR and Cuba to handle], 1978 February 3
326/OV21 But I came prepared for floodlights! [Low key diplomacy at Camp David], 1978 February 4
326/OV22 For whom the bell tolls [The Justice Department and politics], 1978 February 6
326/OV23 No need to shove [Vietnam's UN ambassador and the US], 1978 February 7
326/OV24 Instant replay [Eastern US gets the second blizzard of 1978], 1978 February 8
326/OV25 Eyes that can't see [Combination of a coal strike and killer blizzards], 1978 February 15
326/OV26 The boy next door [Russian pilots in Cuban warplanes], 1978 February 16
326/OV27 Using the Panama Canal formula [Giving up Panama Canal is like paying Mexico to take back California and Arizona], 1978 February 22
326/OV28 Middle ground [Carter between the coal strike and voters], 1978 February 23
326/OV29 Count down [Carter allows the coal strike to hurt consumers], 1978 February 25
326/OV210 Stick around, folks [Arizona's winter offerings to visitors], 1978 February 27
327/OV21 Salesmen [Many issues before the current administration], 1978 February 28
327/OV22 How did he get in this army? [No Ethiopian in the Ethiopian army], 1978 March 1
327/OV23 Someone left the water on upstairs. [Drought, California, and Arizona], 1978 March 2
327/OV24 All-wet thinker [Phoenix flood control studies and the Orme Dam], 1978 March 4
327/OV25 New PLO headdress [Rupture of relations between PLO and Egypt], 1978 March 6
327/OV26 Black lung [American coal strike], 1978 March 7
327/OV27 If you want to turn me off [Lack of public sympathy for coal strikers], 1978 March 9
327/OV28 One for the guinness book of records [The US dollar takes a dive], 1978 March 10
327/OV29 That'll be the day [Cuba and Russia laugh at demands from Somalia that all foreign forces leave the horn of Africa], 1978 March 13
327/OV210 The pendulum [Indira Gandhi returns to India's politics], 1978 March 17
328/OV21 Which is the citizen of a dictatorship? [Panamanians get to vote on the canal treaty while US citizens do not], 1978 March 18
328/OV22 Intensive care ward [Sadat tries to revive Mideast peace efforts], 1978 March 20
328/OV23 No left turn [French elections and the Left], 1978 March 21
328/OV24 Mr. In-between [UN between the guns of PLO and Israel], 1978 March 23
328/OV25 Used car lot [DeConcini for Governor of Arizona], 1978 March 24
328/OV26 We had a meeting of minds [Carter and Begin knock heads], 1978 March 25
328/OV27 Without a net [Phoenix, flooding, and the Orme dam], 1978 March 28
328/OV28 A long neck can be dangerous to you health [Traditional US foreign policy is dangerous], 1978 March 30
328/OV29 Who needs enemies? [Arafat opportunistic in getting close to UN], 1978 March 31
328/OV210 Reflection [Coal wage increases and steel price increases], 1978 April 1
329/OV21 Don't back off now [Voters are angry with Congress in an election year because of social security tax increases], 1978 April 7
329/OV22 Strange bed fellows [Opponents of Panama Canal treaties], 1978 April 8
329/OV23 Tight squeeze [Carter asks Panama's leader not to cause difficulties while he is trying to get the Panama canal pact through the Senate], 1978 April 11
329/OV24 Following the winter rains [Arizona gets flowers and weeds], 1978 April 12
329/OV25 Rescue squad [Carter gets little help in combating inflation], 1978 April 13
329/OV26 We know what we don't like [Seventy percent of Arizona citizens do not approve of the Panama Canal pact], 1978 April 14
329/OV27 Y'know something we don't [Stock market climbs unexpectedly], 1978 April 18
329/OV28 Moths [Inflation], 1978 April 19
329/OV29 Litmus test [Soviet Olympic Committee scrutinizes the political views of sports reporters and athletes], 1978 April 21
329/OV210 Danse Macabre [Terrorists in Italy], 1978 April 22
330/OV21 Giant step for mankind [Eradication of smallpox], 1978 April 25
330/OV22 Now up to the head ump [US Supreme Court must decide Arizona's death penalty law], 1978 April 26
330/OV23 In this day of liberated women [Betty Ford and addiction], 1978 April 28
330/OV24 Cut that out! [Democratic Party conflict between Carter and Congress], 1978 April 29
330/OV25 Highway terrorist [Highway deaths], 1978 May 1
330/OV26 Inflation [Inflation], 1978 May 3
330/OV27 Fence mending [Carter seeks to corral western Democrats], 1978 May 5
330/OV28 Who'll win the Derby? [Republicans win when Carter and Congress compete], 1978 May 6
330/OV29 Oh, I'm not running [California Governor Brown denies running for office], 1978 May 8
330/OV210 Please! Don't libel the beasts! [Terrorists called animals], 1978 May 11
331/OV21 Call for volunteers [AFL-CIO leader Meany refuses to sign on to Carter's war on inflation], 1978 May 12
331/OV22 In this age of superstars [Mother's Day], 1978 May 13
331/OV23 When you say you're sorry [USSR and China border], 1978 May 16
331/OV24 The president has bodyguards [Police and firemen are the public's bodyguards], 1978 May 17
331/OV25 Parked [The end of George Wallace's political career], 1978 May 18
331/OV26 Enough is enough [Testing products on lab rats], 1978 May 19
331/OV27 We feel better about tommorrow [Boy Scouts of America], 1978 May 20
331/OV28 Cell mates [Yuri Orlov and human rights in Russia], 1978 May 22
331/OV29 Sticks and stones might hurt, but ... [Carter's lack of action against Cuba and USSR in Africa], 1978 May 24
331/OV210 Nose job [US Supreme Court and OSHA], 1978 May 25
332/OV21 Surrogate courtship [Local candidates do not seek Carter's support], 1978 May 26
332/OV22 Lest we forget [Memorial Day], 1978 May 29
332/OV23 The volunteer system isn't working [Carter's failed war on inflation], 1978 May 30
332/OV24 Double tragedy [Memorial Day holiday highway deaths], 1978 May 31
332/OV25 Who's the daddy? [Who is to blame to for double-digit inflation?], 1978 June 1
332/OV26 Bleeding heart [Castro and Brezhnev "grieve" over the French-Belgian intervention in Zaire], 1978 June 2
332/OV27 Hole in the life net [Lack of public sympathy for Phoenix fire fighter's strike], 1978 June 3
332/OV28 Red bugs [Bugged US embassy in Moscow], 1978 June 5
332/OV29 If y'gotta have war - this is the best kind [US-Canadian fishing fracas], 1978 June 6
332/OV210 Start of an avalanche? [California Proposition 13 tax revolt is considered by other states], 1978 June 7
333/OV21 The smell of smoke [George Wallace take advantage of the "political fray"], 1978 June 9
333/OV22 Smoke gets in your eyes [Cuba in Africa complicates détente], 1978 June 10
333/OV23 Axe [Voter tax revolt and the candidates], 1978 June 12
333/OV24 The higher court [Voters watch over the Senate Ethics Committee], 1978 June 13
333/OV25 Yes, it still waves [Flag Day], 1978 June 14
333/OV26 Jimmy goes fishing (news item) [Jimmy and the political polls], 1978 July 1
333/OV27 Patriotism? [July 4th weekend auto deaths], 1978 July 3
333/OV28 It has its faults [While the US is not perfect, it is the best nation on earth], 1978 July 4
333/OV29 Ill wind? [China approves of the cooled relations between the US and USSR], 1978 July 5
333/OV210 Rerun of a nightmare [Arizona state prison in Maricopa county], 1978 July 6
334/OV21 Will they drink? [Mondale, Sadat, and Begin at London peace talks], 1978 July 7
334/OV22 Fancy meeting you here [Both Carter and Brown of California tread water politically], 1978 July 10
334/OV23 Bad news for criminals [Arizona and crime], 1978 July 11
334/OV24 Pass the salt [Geneva arms talk], 1978 July 12
334/OV25 Admission denied [Soviet trial of Shcharansky and Ginzburg], 1978 July 13
334/OV26 Everybody reads the polls [Carter's unpopularity and the Bonn Economic Summit], 1978 July 14
334/OV27 Tight rope [Arizona death penalty law], 1978 July 17
334/OV28 International garbage heap [Helsinki Pact and human rights violations], 1978 July 21
334/OV29 Population boom predicted [Problems caused by Arizona's population increase], 1978 July 24
334/OV210 If foreign markets don't like him [Value of the dollar on the foreign markets], 1978 July 25
335/OV21 Anyone for water polo? [Leaky Phoenix Coliseum roof], 1978 July 26
335/OV22 Another test tube case? [Mideast peace], 1978 July 27
335/OV23 Magpie [Castro and the US], 1978 July 31
335/OV24 Leaks [Carter, O'Neill, and Teddy Kennedy], 1978 August 1
335/OV25 T'aint funny [Phoenix and the Federal Aviation Administration], 1978 August 2
335/OV26 Double rescue [Repeal of US arms embargo against Turkey], 1978 August 3
335/OV27 Straining relations [Disturbed détente and the harassment of US newsmen and embassy personnel in USSR], 1978 August 4
335/OV28 Shades of railroader Vanderbilt [Maricopa county's Planning and Zoning Commission's disregard for the public], 1978 August 7
335/OV29 Please don't bring shotguns [Carter, Begin, Sadat, and peace], 1978 August 9
335/OV210 Penalty for murder [Crime and the death penalty], 1978 August 10
336/OV21 Could you try taming him? [Carter asks Cy Vance to help tame the Democratic Congress], 1978 August 11
336/OV22 Paper dam [Phoenix and flood control], 1978 August 12
336/OV23 Speaking of lost buying power [Meany, AFL-CIO, and the Democratic Party], 1978 August 14
336/OV24 It's later than you think! [Arizona voters need to pay attention to upcoming primaries], 1978 August 15
336/OV25 Handcuffs [Memphis police strike and crime], 1978 August 17
336/OV26 Who dunnit? [Arizona death penalty law], 1978 August 18
336/OV27 Sighted flattop-sank some [Carter vetoes arms bill], 1978 August 19
336/OV28 The bad news is [Jailed NY Times reporter Farber], 1978 August 21
336/OV29 Early bird [Football season and ticket prices], 1978 August 22
336/OV210 Darts [China and Russia relations], 1978 August 23
337/OV21 No appeal, no higher courts [Death of Gary Tison], 1978 August 24
337/OV22 Rough water ahead [Carter, Sadat, and Begin], 1978 August 25
337/OV23 Hello, down there [Congress is more popular in the polls than Carter], 1978 August 30
337/OV24 Lost weekend [Labor Day weekend highway deaths], 1978 September 2
337/OV25 Higher than Everest [Begin, Sadat, and Carter at Camp David], 1978 September 5
337/OV26 Minding the store [Mondale and Congress], 1978 September 6
337/OV27 More contamination [Milk toxin controversy and politics], 1978 September 7
337/OV28 Ring around the collar [White collar crime in US], 1978 September 8
337/OV29 Surgery to save the golden goose [US trade relations with Russia], 1978 September 9
337/OV210 The buck stops here [Primary voting], 1978 September 11
338/OV21 Great expectations [Voters have a responsibility to vote], 1978 September 12
338/OV22 Captive [The few who vote in primaries control politics in Arizona], 1978 September 15
338/OV23 I've learned to love you, Sam [China and Hanoi], 1978 September 16
338/OV24 The numbers game [Displeasure with the new nine digit zip codes], 1978 September 18
338/OV25 David and Goliath [Camp David and USSR], 1978 September 20
338/OV26 Can of worms [Senate probes], 1978 September 21
338/OV27 There is a tide [Camp David accord helps Carter's popularity], 1978 September 23
338/OV28 Swallow this biter pill Nov. 7th [Arizona needs to curb spending or suffer more drastic measures like California's Prop 13], 1978 September 25
338/OV29 Yardstick [The election of Maricopa and Pima, Arizona county judges], 1978 September 26
338/OV210 Gromyko takes ill at UN [USSR speech at UN], 1978 September 28
339/OV21 Lightning strikes twice [Death of Pope Paul and Pope John Paul], 1978 September 30
339/OV22 How come you get the attention [Air accidents compared to highway accidents], 1978 October 2
339/OV23 Washington pyramid [Carter and Egypt and Israel peace talks], 1978 October 4
339/OV24 Partners [Arizona bankers convention], 1978 October 5
339/OV25 Hostile skies [Attacks on Egypt-Israel peace], 1978 October 7
339/OV26 Message from the coach [Carter supports his cabinet], 1978 October 10
339/OV27 Quicksand [Syria in Lebanon], 1978 October 11
339/OV28 Gifts for savages [Columbus Day], 1978 October 12
339/OV29 Gift horses [Campaign contributions], 1978 October 14
339/OV210 Humpty-Dumpty [Carter and Mideast peace], 1978 October 14
340/OV21 Boomerang [Congress gives tax cuts but takes more in Social Security increases and inflation], 1978 October 17
340/OV22 Fly in the ointment? [Moshe Dayan and Mideast peace talks], 1978 October 21
340/OV23 The United Way [List of agencies supported by United Way in the Phoenix area], 1978 October 23
340/OV24 Bees to honey [US dollar exchange is attractive to foreigners], 1978 November 8
340/OV25 Turning over [Republican sweep in Minnesota causes Humphrey to turn over in his grave], 1978 November 13
340/OV26 You're almost there now [Arizona highway deaths], 1978 November 15
340/OV27 Hello, Turkey! [Minnesota election results spell end of Mondale's political future], 1978 November 17
340/OV28 Wolf! Wolf! [Congress, Carter, Kahn, and inflation], 1978 November 18
340/OV29 Why did they leave? [Phoenix, demise of the Hohokam, and federal funds], 1978 November 20
340/OV210 Update! [The new USSR is not different than the old when it comes to aggressive rhetoric], 1978 November 21
341/OV21 Pied Piper of Guyana [Jones cult], 1978 November 22
341/OV22 No turkey I can understand [Football on Thanksgiving is more important than turkey], 1978 November 23
341/OV23 And who carries the load? [Consumers pay for Federal Government paperwork placed on business], 1978 November 24
341/OV24 For his blood pressure [Salt II], 1978 November 27
341/OV25 Transfusion [Foreign investment improves the US dollar], 1978 November 28
341/OV26 Butterfingers! [Prisoner escapes in Arizona], 1978 December 1
341/OV27 Never lose sight of our goal [Carter encourages Democrats to work towards 1980], 1978 December 4
341/OV28 Animal crackers [US big cities are controlled by Federal funds], 1978 December 5
341/OV29 Sticky [Inefficiency, high postal rates, and private delivery in the Christmas season], 1978 December 6
341/OV210 Uneasy lies the head [Shah of Iran], 1978 December 6
342/OV21 When parents and schools fail [Juvenile gangs in Phoenix], 1978 December 7
342/OV22 Why do you do this to me? [Record December cold in Arizona], 1978 December 9
342/OV23 Lifeguard [Teddy Kennedy and medical insurance plan], 1978 December 12
342/OV24 Five days and counting [Mideast peace], 1978 December 13
342/OV25 The old melodrama - revised [The city of Cleveland and bankruptcy], 1978 December 14
342/OV26 Commercialized? [No problem with the commercialization of Christmas], 1978 December 18
342/OV27 If he likes it [USSR supports US recognition of China], 1978 December 22
342/OV28 To you for Christmas [Christmas Day], 1978 December 25
342/OV29 The day after Christmas [Christmas bills], 1978 December 26
342/OV210 Biggest story of the year [Peace in the Mideast], 1978 December 28
343/OV21 Don't pity me, son [Old man 1978 is ready to go], 1978 December 30
343/OV22 Test tube baby [1979 New Year], 1979 January 1
343/OV23 Without this [Orme dam and flooding in Phoenix], 1979 January 2
343/OV24 I could never be bought [Russian aid to Cuba], 1979 January 5
343/OV25 You've worn this out! [Deportation of Iranian students], 1979 January 6
343/OV26 Under the eagle's wing [US fighter planes in Saudi Arabia], 1979 January 11
343/OV27 Don't be afraid of the water [Voter repercussions for pay raises for elected officials], 1979 January 12
343/OV28 Easy pickin's [Russia and Cambodia and Iran], 1979 January 13
343/OV29 If it's fair for cigarettes [Riding in autos is dangerous to your health], 1979 January 15
343/OV210 What makes it tick? [Carter and the 96th congress], 1979 January 17
344/OV21 No u-turn [Shah and Iran], 1979 January 18
344/OV22 We're your interference [Democratic leaders hold Carter back], 1979 January 20
344/OV23 Famous last words [Billy Carter], 1979 January 22
344/OV24 Never mind the x-rays, doc [Flooding in Phoenix], 1979 January 23
344/OV25 New foundation [Carter and the Democratic Party], 1979 January 25
344/OV26 Trophy [Snail darter minnow holds up Tellico Dam], 1979 January 29
344/OV27 Increased reports of flying objects [1980 presidential contenders], 1979 February 1
344/OV28 If we translated correctly [China, US, and USSR], 1979 February 2
344/OV29 When you soak business [Tax rates in Arizona], 1979 February 7
344/OV210 The other shoe [Record winter snow means spring floods], 1979 February 9
345/OV21 Sure, you scare me [Consumer votes mean more to Congress than protesting farmers], 1979 February 10
345/OV22 Pandora's box [Prisons in Arizona], 1979 February 12
345/OV23 Exchanging cards [Valentine's Day and Arizona Statehood day], 1979 February 14
345/OV24 How does it feel [Is America safe?], 1979 February 16
345/OV25 Piker! [Prisons in Arizona], 1979 February 17
345/OV26 As true now as in his day [George Washington and peaceful change of government], 1979 February 19
345/OV27 Why would they want this job? [The President's job is not easy, yet many want it], 1979 February 20
345/OV28 Shearing time [Arizona and home repair cons], 1979 February 22
345/OV29 Getting the lead out [Unjustified increase of price of leaded gas], 1979 February 24
345/OV210 Another eclipse [Restrictions on CIA and its effect on US foreign policy], 1979 February 26
346/OV21 The man who quit smoking ["Smoke" from Asia and Iran attracts the US], 1979 February 27
346/OV22 Where it hurts [Maricopa, Arizona and inflated food prices], 1979 February 28
346/OV23 Chicago blizzard of '79 [Party politics in Chicago], 1979 March 1
346/OV24 From here to eternity [Refugees], 1979 March 1
346/OV25 Who needs Jane Fonda? [USSR gives military supplies to Vietnam], 1979 March 3
346/OV26 Strange bedfellows [New Orleans police strike], 1979 March 5
346/OV27 What happens to the donor? [Arizona crime], 1979 March 6
346/OV28 The mountain comes to Mohammed [Carter visits Sadat], 1979 March 7
346/OV29 Where's our marshal [Congressional restraints prevents the CIA from reacting to Cuba and Russian aggressions in Yemen], 1979 March 14
346/OV210 Why this marriage should not work [Russia and PLO object to Israel-Egypt peace], 1979 March 15
347/OV21 In four repairs [Chicago politics], 1979 March 16
347/OV22 That reminds me [Phoenix rodeo], 1979 March 17
347/OV23 Just fishin' [Yasser Arafat in Mideast], 1979 March 20
347/OV24 Silence is golden [Saudi Arabia does not criticize Sadat], 1979 March 22
347/OV25 The unfriendly skies [Arab opposition to Egypt-Israel peace], 1979 March 24
347/OV26 You think you have problems [The Salt River and Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport], 1979 March 26
347/OV27 Long trail a-winding [Special Counsel investigation of Carter], 1979 March 27
347/OV28 Don't leave home without it [Sadat, Begin, and the US taxpayer], 1979 March 28
347/OV29 The water's fine [National Health Insurance], 1979 March 29
347/OV210 After the first death sentence [Arizona's death row], 1979 March 30
348/OV21 Smack [National debt], 1979 April 4
348/OV22 The magician [Idi Amin disappearing act], 1979 April 6
348/OV23 Send me in now, coach? [The truck strike and unemployed auto workers], 1979 April 7
348/OV24 If [Value of the US dollar], 1979 April 9
348/OV25 Look who's bogged down [Vietnam in Cambodia], 1979 April 10
348/OV26 Hole card [US taxpayers pay for international diplomacy], 1979 April 11
348/OV27 Partners in crime [Public participation in the "rackets"], 1979 April 12
348/OV28 Fitted for glasses [Arizona and cameras in the court room], 1979 April 13
348/OV29 The egg hunt [Uganda provisional government hunts for Idi Amin], 1979 April 14
348/OV210 Those nice new chalk marks [Government arbitrators in labor strikes], 1979 April 17
349/OV21 Butt out [Auto workers and inflation], 1979 April 19
349/OV22 When you wrote this [Supreme court "thought-probe" ruling], 1979 April 20
349/OV23 Keep him out [Arizona politics and law enforcement], 1979 April 21
349/OV24 Thaw [Moscow-Peking relations], 1979 April 23
349/OV25 Alms, arms [Idi Amin], 1979 April 24
349/OV26 You call that the bacon? [The US Senate is not pleased with Carter's SALT II treaty], 1979 April 25
349/OV27 Cure for the shortage [Manipulation of the price of gas at the pumps], 1979 April 26
349/OV28 Where can we go [Chemical and nuclear plants are safer than the family home], 1979 April 27
349/OV29 Look who's complaining [Russia, with a history of cheating, accuses the US of cheating on SALT I], 1979 April 28
349/OV210 No matter how you slice it [Teddy Kennedy criticism of Carter's oil policy], 1979 May 2
350/OV21 The pen is mightier than the gun [US bank fraud and embezzlements], 1979 May 3
350/OV22 New headdress [Ayatollah Khomeini], 1979 May 4
350/OV23 The woman's touch [Margaret Thatcher and Callaghan], 1979 May 5
350/OV24 If he's not running [Teddy Kennedy as Presidential candidate], 1979 May 9
350/OV25 It's a crazy world! [Lack of gasoline in California, an oil producing state], 1979 May 10
350/OV26 That new prescription [Teddy Kennedy's health plan], 1979 May 16
350/OV27 Last lap [Arizona State Supreme Court and Wassell Ranch prison site petition], 1979 May 17
350/OV28 Defanged [Carter and the allocation of gas to California], 1979 May 18
350/OV29 Now, you take Castro [The cost of supporting Cuba is passed to Mexico by Russia], 1979 May 19
350/OV210 Which? [Encouragement to vote in Phoenix election], 1979 May 22
351/OV21 Ladies first [The US, Britain, and recognition of Rhodesia], 1979 May 23
351/OV22 Which reminds us [Khomeini threatens the US], 1979 May 29
351/OV23 To the rescue [Recent college graduates to the rescue of world problems], 1979 June 1
351/OV24 Fiction vs fact [Nuclear is safer than coal burning energy], 1979 June 2
351/OV25 Upstairs, downstairs [Gas prices go up, Skylab comes down], 1979 June 11
351/OV26 Best way to the hip pocket [Both Kennedy and Carter's health plans will cost the taxpayer dearly], 1979 June 14
351/OV27 Who's blocked? [Truckers' blockade irritates the public], 1979 June 15
351/OV28 Summit II [Carter must sell SALT II to Capital Hill], 1979 June 18
351/OV29 I am your captain [Refugees from Vietnam], 1979 June 19
351/OV210 Odd-even won't work here [Everyone is "odd" in Washington, DC], 1979 June 20
352/OV21 Try this on for size [Unions' attempts to repeal right to work law in Arizona], 1979 June 21
352/OV22 Thanks, Andrei [US Senate opposition to SALT II], 1979 June 29
352/OV23 Bad news and good news [The high price and poor availability of gas results in less auto deaths on July 4th weekend], 1979 July 2
352/OV24 Oh, say can you see? [July 4th], 1979 July 4
352/OV25 Double whammy [The Supreme Court's latest anti-press ruling effects both the news media and the public], 1979 July 5
352/OV26 The flying lesson [Scottsdale's Indian Bend wash greenbelt and Phoenix's Rio Salado project], 1979 July 6
352/OV27 American sphinx [Jimmy Carter as Sphinx], 1979 July 7
352/OV28 Something rotten [Food tax in Arizona], 1979 July 10
352/OV29 Double entry? [Skylab falls from space and Carter falls from Camp David], 1979 July 11
352/OV210 Blockbuster or dud? [Carter's upcoming speech], 1979 July 14
353/OV21 Choice of evils [Choices for Vietnam refugees], 1979 July 16
353/OV22 Wanna bet? [Somoza moves out of Nicaragua; Castro waits to move in], 1979 July 18
353/OV23 Stay, go-stay, go [Carter and cabinet resignations], 1979 July 19
353/OV24 Clearing the driveway [Carter cabinet and staff firings], 1979 July 21
353/OV25 Welcome to the club, Susan [Americans reject the dollar coin and the two dollar bill], 1979 July 23
353/OV26 New cabinet meeting [Carter has a cabinet of "yes" men], 1979 July 24
353/OV27 The incredible Hulk [Hualapai Dam for energy in Arizona], 1979 July 25
353/OV28 Hold it! [Gasohol], 1979 July 26
353/OV29 Comes highly recommended [Califano recommended by Carter to Kennedy], 1979 July 27
353/OV210 Head of the camel [Castro aids Nicaraguan Sandinistas], 1979 July 28
354/OV21 Good trick [Arizona legislature and tax cuts], 1979 July 31
354/OV22 Will this be a round trip? [Carter hits the campaign trail], 1979 August 1
354/OV23 Coals to Newcastle [Mexican oil slick threatens Texas], 1979 August 4
354/OV24 Something rotten [Contaminated dumps and landfills in Arizona], 1979 August 7
354/OV25 World's happiest rats [Products tested for cancer are "fun" products], 1979 August 9
354/OV26 Back to the stockade [Rising price of gasoline causes more interest in moving to inner-cities], 1979 August 10
354/OV27 One way to bring home the bacon [Carter uses 1980 census jobs for political patronage], 1979 August 11
354/OV28 Congratulations [US bans on the press in the courtroom resembles the system in the USSR], 1979 August 15
354/OV29 Hey! I ain't dead yet! [Phoenix charter government], 1979 August 16
354/OV210 Protesters allowed in Moscow? [Protest in Moscow, Ohio, not the USSR], 1979 August 17
355/OV21 Pass the ammunition [Khomeini firing squads], 1979 August 22
355/OV22 No Susan Anthony dollars, please [Even bank robbers do not want the Susan B. Anthony dollar coin], 1979 August 23
355/OV23 Road under construction [Arizona students and conversion to the metric system], 1979 August 24
355/OV24 The third man [Moscow listens in on Mondale and Peking], 1979 August 25
355/OV25 Back from vacation [Young students do not recognize the responsibility of adulthood], 1979 August 27
355/OV26 Pressure to run [Gerald Ford and the race for President], 1979 August 28
355/OV27 View form the bus [High gas prices increase ridership on Phoenix buses], 1979 August 29
355/OV28 Their followers [World press and television pay attention to terrorists], 1979 August 30
355/OV29 Is disturbing your sleep? [Russian combat troops in Cuba disturb Uncle Sam], 1979 September 1
355/OV210 News form home [The Shah of Iran revels in the troubles of Khomeini], 1979 September 4
356/OV21 Excuse my dust [Kennedy decides to run against Carter], 1979 September 8
356/OV22 Non-aligned [Cuba and USSR summit], 1979 September 11
356/OV23 Example [Teachers' strikes], 1979 September 14
356/OV24 When death knocked [Heeding warnings prevented deaths from Hurricane Frederic], 1979 September 15
356/OV25 I've heard that before [Phoenix and floods], 1979 September 21
356/OV26 Not guilty! [Nuclear energy is safe for Arizona], 1979 September 25
356/OV27 Steppes of Russia [The Monroe Doctorine, Russian troops in Cuba, and SALT II ratification], 1979 September 28
356/OV28 Use my yardstick? [Phoenix voters and Charter Government], 1979 October 1
356/OV29 The big sleep [Your vote determines how your tax money is spent], 1979 October 5
356/OV210 Short tether [Arizona borrowers, state usury limits, and the Federal Reserve Interest Rates], 1979 October 13
357/OV21 Stack it there [The UN and food for Cambodia], 1979 October 16
357/OV22 Off the floor [Value of the dollar], 1979 October 18
357/OV23 Along for the ride [Phoenix voters and freeways], 1979 October 22
357/OV24 Real star of the show [Of all the attractions at the Arizona state fair, the state's resources are the best], 1979 October 25
357/OV25 Is U.S. propaganda [Starvation in Cambodia], 1979 October 26
357/OV26 Phantom runners [A pack of undeclared candidates for President], 1979 October 27
357/OV27 Severe Byrnes ward [Carter and defection of Chicago's Mayor], 1979 November 3
357/OV28 It's the envy of millions [Encouragement to vote], 1979 November 5
357/OV29 The buck stops here [Encouragement to vote], 1979 November 6
357/OV210 Football - ASU [Arizona State University football in the courts], 1979 November 7
358/OV21 Can I help? [PLO and the US in Iran], 1979 November 10
358/OV22 All dressed up [Archaeological tests and design hearings delay Papago Freeway in Phoenix], 1979 November 12
358/OV23 Tell it to the judge [New wage agreement at Chrysler is inflationary], 1979 November 15
358/OV24 It's getting harder [American hostages in Iran], 1979 November 16
358/OV25 Gloves of a champ fighter [Meany and the AFL-CIO], 1979 November 19
358/OV26 Who's on trial? [World view of Iran hostage situation], 1979 November 20
358/OV27 Oil exploration [The expense of oil exploration to the consumer], 1979 November 21
358/OV28 What did you have to be thankful for? [List of modern Thanksgiving traditions], 1979 November 22
358/OV29 I must be getting deaf [Lack of concern for American hostages in Iran], 1979 November 23
358/OV210 Annual visit from St. Nick [Christmas shopping season], 1979 November 26
359/OV21 The UN can't stop this murderer [Highway auto accidents], 1979 November 28
359/OV22 Orchestration [Iranian demonstrations], 1979 November 29
359/OV23 Congratulations, Khomeini [Spirit of American and Iranian hostages], 1979 November 30
359/OV24 Stop the world [Khomeini], 1979 December 1
359/OV25 Silly boy [US Post Office shows revenue surplus], 1979 December 4
359/OV26 Boomerang [Teddy Kennedy's speech about Shah of Iran], 1979 December 5
359/OV27 You and your resolution [Khomeini disregards UN Security Council], 1979 December 6
359/OV28 Speaking of windfalls [Troubles in Mideast provide oil to USSR], 1979 December 7
359/OV29 Flats on the school bus [Phoenix School Board], 1979 December 10
359/OV210 Will the real leader please stand [Lack of leadership in Iran], 1979 December 13
360/OV21 Another amendment [Supreme court, the Goldwater Suit decision, and the President's Constitutional treaty-making power], 1979 December 14
360/OV22 Pulling the plug [Hostages in Iran dampen the Christmas spirit], 1979 December 17
360/OV23 Special delivery [Christmas greeting], 1979 December 25
360/OV24 Watergate, narcotics, oil prices? [Smallpox is eradicated in the 1970s], 1979 December 28
360/OV25 Plans for the future? [Old man 1979 exits], 1979 December 31
360/OV26 It's twins [Welcoming the new year], 1980 January 1
360/OV27 Leftovers [1979 leaves much unfinished business for 1980], 1980 January 2
360/OV28 Replay of history [Russia's invasion of Afghanistan is compared to Hitler's occupation of the Rhineland], 1980 January 3
360/OV29 Shove [Russia shoves the US into the arms of China], 1980 January 8
360/OV210 Last laugh [Criticism of consumer credit cards], 1980 January 9
361/OV21 Unwanted [Crime increases in the winter in Arizona], 1980 January 10
361/OV22 The victim [The cost of a vandalized power station to Arizona electricity customers], 1980 January 12
361/OV23 Words can never harm me [UN speeches are useless against Russia in Afghanistan], 1980 January 14
361/OV24 Who needs enemies? [Events in Afghanistan should alarm Khomenini], 1980 January 16
361/OV25 Between a rock and the hard place [Afghanistan refugees in Pakistan], 1980 January 17
361/OV26 How high is up? [The price of gold and gas are high], 1980 January 18
361/OV27 Iron curtain [The expulsion of US correspondents from Iran and Afghanistan], 1980 January 19
361/OV28 How high is it? [Candidates reaching for delegates in Iowa Caucuses], 1980 January 21
361/OV29 When a flame dies [Moscow's boycott of Summer Olympics], 1980 January 22
361/OV210 Who did that? [Bush makes a better showing than Reagan in Iowa Straw Poll], 1980 January 23
362/OV21 How equal? [Does equal rights for women mean the drafting of women into the military?], 1980 January 26
362/OV22 Bus stop [High gas prices cause Phoenix motorists to consider the city bus], 1980 January 28
362/OV23 The choice [Voting on the issue of bonding for new jail space in Phoenix], 1980 January 29
362/OV24 I been robbed [Canadian rescue of US Diplomats in Iran], 1980 February 1
362/OV25 Here we go again [Flooding and the need for bridges in Phoenix], 1980 February 4
362/OV26 The good neighbor [The US owes Canada for its rescue of American hostages], 1980 February 5
362/OV27 Empty guns don't scare him [The lack of lawmen in Arizona is good for organized crime], 1980 February 6
362/OV28 Cards so carefully stacked [Afghanistan causes the collapse of détente], 1980 February 7
362/OV29 What's in the wind? [Carter and the registering of women for the draft], 1980 February 9
362/OV210 What is this meaning? [The US response to Iran's request that the US confess to crimes], 1980 February 13
363/OV21 Moment of truth [Teddy Kennedy in New Hampshire], 1980 February 15
363/OV22 Bedside vigil [Russia watches over Tito], 1980 February 16
363/OV23 I had my troubles with congress [Setting the date to observe Washington's birthday], 1980 February 18
363/OV24 Squalls or zephyrs? [Testing the Presidential winds in New Hampshire], 1980 February 19
363/OV25 Hi, neighbor [Russia in Afghanistan threatens Iran], 1980 February 21
363/OV26 Quicksand? [Russia is stuck in Afghanistan], 1980 February 25
363/OV27 Out of our hands [New Hampshire primaries and the race between Kennedy and Reagan], 1980 February 26
363/OV28 Where's our tallest player? [Carter, the Orme Dam, and flood control in Arizona], 1980 February 27
363/OV29 New Hampshire [Kennedy wins New Hampshire], 1980 February 28
363/OV210 Careful - it's contagious [The problems in Iran may be spreading to Columbia], 1980 February 29
364/OV21 Honk! [Ford tries to move the Republicans along], 1980 March 4
364/OV22 You're out! [World problems give way to baseball spring training in Arizona], 1980 March 5
364/OV23 Mr. In-between [Bush between Ford and Reagan], 1980 March 10
364/OV24 Y'think that's tough? [The Phoenix rodeo], 1980 March 13
364/OV25 Iron shot [Ford may throw a monkey wrench into the Republican Presidential campaign], 1980 March 15
364/OV26 Saddest words [The Orme dam and flooding in Phoenix], 1980 March 17
364/OV27 A test-tube baby, maybe [Anderson is a cross between a Democrat and a Republican], 1980 March 18
364/OV28 Whistling past the graveyard [UN ignores deaths in Afghanistan by Russians], 1980 March 19
364/OV29 Teddy, Teddy, blub [Jane Byrne and Kennedy], 1980 March 20
364/OV210 The wall [Arizona Governor Babbitt vetoes prison site], 1980 March 21
365/OV21 The proof [Anderson does not do well in Presidential bid], 1980 March 24
365/OV22 Today's hurdle [Carter leads Kennedy going into New York Primary], 1980 March 25
365/OV23 First rule for guard dogs [Arizona's proposal to prohibit strikes by public employees], 1980 March 26
365/OV24 Trying to break in [Politics and the Arizona prison site issue], 1980 March 28
365/OV25 I dunno 'bout you guys [Voters tire of the long campaign trail], 1980 April 2
365/OV26 Kept alive by machines [Inflation and the sick dollar], 1980 April 3
365/OV27 Something rotten [Carter and Iran], 1980 April 5
365/OV28 You still here? [Arizona increase in state gas tax], 1980 April 7
365/OV29 A recession eruption? [Conditions are ripe for a recession in US], 1980 April 8
365/OV210 Showdown [Arizona legislature overrides the Governor's veto], 1980 April 10
366/OV21 Hallucinations [The US surrounds Khomeini], 1980 April 11
366/OV22 Eenie, meenie [Arizona Democratic Caucus is indifferent to Kennedy or Carter], 1980 April 12
366/OV23 The students [Protesting Iranian students are not students], 1980 April 14
366/OV24 Another hockey player? [The Russian general responsible for the invasion of Afghanistan is sent to Siberia], 1980 April 17
366/OV25 Anyone know any reason [US income tax laws and marriage], 1980 April 18
366/OV26 How to slice the pie? [Which ever party wins Arizona gets to carve up the Fifth District], 1980 April 19
366/OV27 Last stand? [Pennsylvania Primary may be last stand for contenders of Reagan and Carter], 1980 April 21
366/OV28 April showers [Campaign spending in Pennsylvania], 1980 April 22
366/OV29 All the way to the bank [Reagan cashes in on Republican Delegates at the Convention], 1980 April 24
366/OV210 One-way street [Refugees pour out of Communist Cuba], 1980 April 28
367/OV21 In the shadows [Russia waits for appropriate time to pounce on Iran], 1980 May 1
367/OV22 Looking for me? [Carter finally comes out of the White House to "fight" Kennedy], 1980 May 2
367/OV23 Oh, shut up (no date) [Phoenix traffic congestion], 1980 May 2
367/OV24 Why waste gas? (no date) [Arizonans are encouraged to see Arizona during their vacations], 1980 May 2
367/OV25 Receding flood [Lower interest rates for home buyers], 1980 May 15
367/OV26 One can't be too careful [Iran's fear of US spies], 1980 May 16
367/OV27 Handshake - Russian style [Muskie and Gromyko], 1980 May 17
367/OV28 Man vs. nature [Natural disasters in Miami and Mount St. Helen's], 1980 May 21
367/OV29 In these times of turmoil [Relations between Canada and Quebec], 1980 May 22
367/OV210 In a two-car race [Kennedy finishes second behind Carter], 1980 May 24
368/OV21 What is freedom worth [Memorial Day], 1980 May 26
368/OV22 Contempt of court [Iran thumbs its nose at the International Court of Justice], 1980 May 28
368/OV23 Reach out and touch someone [Reagan chooses a running mate], 1980 May 30
368/OV24 Which to throw? [Arizona votes on public spending], 1980 June 2
368/OV25 Where the action is [Arizona election], 1980 June 3
368/OV26 The hand that fed them [Cuban refugee riots in the US], 1980 June 4
368/OV27 Who's crazy? [Government aid checks go to criminally insane], 1980 June 6
368/OV28 Double good [Baseball victories by Grand Canyon College wins the NAIA and University of Arizona wins the NCAA championships], 1980 June 10
368/OV29 America's best [Honor Flag Day and Father's Day], 1980 June 14
368/OV210 Our twins are growing [The increasing political strength of America's citizens], 1980 June 17
369/OV21 Threat to navigation [Phoenix Rio Salado development], 1980 June 18
369/OV22 See - I got them to agree [No progress at the Venice Peace Plan for the Mideast], 1980 June 19
369/OV23 I shot an arrow into the air [US Supreme Court and freedom of speech], 1980 June 20
369/OV24 It's not that I've shrunk [The salaries of the Arizona legislature are behind the times], 1980 June 23
369/OV25 What's holding him up? [Decreased demand causes the price of gas to fall], 1980 June 24
369/OV26 Afghan lullaby [Russia in Afghanistan], 1980 June 26
369/OV27 Public enemy [The price of arson in Phoenix], 1980 June 27
369/OV28 Stop calling it my deadline [Carter, the Democratic Senate, and proposed tax cuts], 1980 June 28
369/OV29 His own petard [Khomeini suffers from the continued US hostage situation], 1980 July 1
369/OV210 Stampede [Reagan's tax-cut plan], 1980 July 2
370/OV21 Whoopee! [4th of July auto accidents], 1980 July 3
370/OV22 This country can't be all bad [July 4th], 1980 July 4
370/OV23 Off limits [ERA and draft registration], 1980 July 7
370/OV24 Mr.In-between [Saudi Arabia (and its oil) stuck between Iran-type fanatics and Russia], 1980 July 10
370/OV25 Going my way? [Republican Convention meets in Detroit], 1980 July 14
370/OV26 And the winner is [Reagan chooses a running mate], 1980 July 17
370/OV27 In your future (no date) [Regan and Ford], 1980 July 17
370/OV28 Unwanted [No vacancy in Arizona state prison], 1980 July 19
370/OV29 Iranian export [Iranian assassins], 1980 July 21
370/OV210 Done with mirrors [Lack of participation in Moscow Olympics], 1980 July 22
371/OV21 Guess! [Russia suspiciously dominates its own Olympics], 1980 July 26
371/OV22 'Taint funny anymore [Jimmy Carter's brother Billy is a distraction for the President], 1980 July 28
371/OV23 Revised ransom note [Terms for release of Iran hostages changes], 1980 July 29
371/OV24 Latest thing in presidential limos [Democratic dump truck used as Presidential limousine], 1980 August 1
371/OV25 Square peg, round hole [Arizona prison problems], 1980 August 2
371/OV26 Et tu, senator? [Carter and the Democratic Convention], 1980 August 5
371/OV27 Watch your hat [Presidential Conventions], 1980 August 7
371/OV28 Collision course? [Phoenix housing sales and interest rates], 1980 August 9
371/OV29 Strange bedfellows [Support for Carter from all the wrong sources], 1980 August 12
371/OV210 Head start [Teddy Kennedy starts running for 1984], 1980 August 15
372/OV21 Why hijack? [Send homesick Cuban refugees back to Cuba], 1980 August 18
372/OV22 How grave? [Kosygin gravely ill], 1980 August 21
372/OV23 Loan or payoff? [Billy Carter and Libyan money], 1980 August 22
372/OV24 Short change artist [US census and Federal funds], 1980 August 23
372/OV25 Back to school [Back to school means it is football season], 1980 August 25
372/OV26 Cloud at the labor day picnic [Russia and strikers in Poland], 1980 September 2
372/OV27 Where would the money come from? [Arizona State Lottery takes money from the pockets of citizens], 1980 September 4
372/OV28 Please, Fidel - not more favors [Castro and Cuban refugees cause problems for Carter], 1980 September 5
372/OV29 Refreshing [US leaks to Russia], 1980 September 6
372/OV210 Yankee - go home [Troops in Korea], 1980 September 18
373/OV21 Where Carter stands [Carter fears Presidential debates], 1980 September 20
373/OV22 One guess [The cost of tax cuts in Arizona], 1980 September 25
373/OV23 Anyone betting on the turtle? [Phoenix floods and the Orme Dam], 1980 September 27
373/OV24 Lame duck [Liberal Democrats are lame ducks], 1980 November 13
373/OV25 What to be thankful for? [The US has it good compared to the rest of the world], 1980 November 27
373/OV26 Winning hand [Arizona likes Reagan's choice of John Rhodes for a cabinet position], 1980 November 29
373/OV27 No! [Phoenix Proposition 200, City Hall, and compulsory arbitration], 1980 December 4
373/OV28 Volunteer fireman [Encouragement to vote against Phoenix Proposition 200, compulsory arbitration], 1980 December 11
373/OV29 The gun that killed Lennon [Registering and licensing guns do not prevent crime], 1980 December 13
373/OV210 Up the ladder [Phoenix climbs to eleventh largest city in nation], 1980 December 20
374/OV21 Very well [Arizona gets "stabbed in the back" by Secretary Andrus over water], 1980 December 27
374/OV22 Which do I tackle first, coach [Reagan and the problems for 1981], 1981 January 1
374/OV23 Who's on first? [Change of leadership in China], 1981 January 3
374/OV24 The new quarterback [Republicans control the Senate], 1981 January 8
374/OV25 Another seat in congress [Increased population gets Arizona another seat in Congress], 1981 January 15
374/OV26 The inheritance [Reagan sorts through Carter's left-over dirty laundry], 1981 January 17
374/OV27 Amen [Honoring deaths from Iran rescue mission], 1981 February 12
374/OV28 Double celebration [Valentine's Day and Arizona Statehood Day is same], 1981 February 14
374/OV29 I'll tell you how I liked it [Congress follows Reagan's lead], 1981 February 19
374/OV210 The pioneer [An automated Postal Service provides less service than in past], 1981 February 21
375/OV21 Head start [Reagan gives push to US arms race which is way behind USSR], 1981 March 19
375/OV22 The buck stops here [Loss of funds for Phoenix street construction], 1981 April 11
375/OV23 Guess who gets the lift [US grain sales to Russia], 1981 April 15
375/OV24 Leap frog [The space shuttle puts the US ten years ahead of the Russians], 1981 April 16
375/OV25 Political hara-kiri [Members of congress who oppose Reagan risk political suicide], 1981 April 30
375/OV26 Shot heard round the world [Attack on the pope], 1981 May 14
375/OV27 Matches [Russia, Syrian missiles, and Lebanon], 1981 May 16
375/OV28 Poll position [Reagan's popularity], 1981 May 23
375/OV29 Why we're behind [US obsolete plants lose to modernized European and Japanese industry], 1981 June 4
375/OV210 Be careful where you point it [US weapons to China threaten Russia], 1981 June 18
376/OV21 Bitter [Polish strikes and USSR], 1981 July 11
376/OV22 (No caption) [Riots in Britain], 1981 July 16
376/OV23 Middleman [Lebanon takes Israeli blow for the PLO and Syria], 1981 July 23
376/OV24 Now, what if he'd strike? [Fan backlash against baseball], 1981 August 1
376/OV25 Closer to home [Calling for success on earth in light of those in space], 1981 August 29
376/OV26 Best foot [Arizona State Fair shows off state assets], 1981 October 29
376/OV27 The tail that wagged the dog [The few that vote control Phoenix elections], 1981 December 8