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Frank Midvale Papers 1865-1972 (bulk 1930-1972)


Overview of the Collection

Creator: Midvale, Frank
Title: Frank Midvale Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1865-1972
Bulk Dates: 1930-1972
Quantity: 47 Boxes (254 Linear Feet)
Abstract:The Frank Midvale Papers house correspondence, manuscripts, notes, photographs, maps, and printed material documenting Midvale's archaeological work. Although the collection dates from 1865 to 1972, the bulk of the material was created between 1930 and 1972. The papers are arranged in six series.
Identification: MSS-147
Language: Material in English
Repository: Arizona State University Library. Greater Arizona Collection
P.O. Box 871006
Tempe, AZ 85287-1006
Phone: (480) 965-4932
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Biographical Note

Frank J. Midvale was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on May 9, 1903 and moved with his family to Phoenix, Arizona in 1907. He demonstrated an early interest in archeology, showing some stone axes he had found to city archaeologist Omar A. Turney when he was in the fifth grade. Midvale went on to aid Turney in mapping prehistoric canal systems in the Phoenix area and purchased Mesa Grande (a Classic period mound) from a Mesa, Arizona farmer in 1927.

Midvale was admitted to the University of Arizona in 1924 and attended for a year before returning to his work. He supervised expeditions for Phoenix businessman Dwight B. Heard in 1927, 1928, and 1929 at La Ciudad and worked at odd jobs during the early 1930s. He returned to the University of Arizona in 1931 and graduated with his bachelor's degree in 1938. He then entered the University's graduate program in archaeology and stayed in Tucson until 1940.

When several Army Air Force training fields were proposed for construction in the Salt River Valley, Midvale mapped the archaeological features likely to be destroyed by the construction of Williams Air Force Base. This site is now known as the "Midvale Site" and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1988. Midvale joined the AAF in 1942.

In 1944, Midvale married Grace Murdock. The couple had two children, Edward and Lorraine (Midvale) McGaw. The family moved to Mesa Grande in 1951 and Frank Midvale began a career as a public school teacher in Ajo, Arizona in 1955. He taught until 1960, commuting 140 miles to Mesa Grande on the weekends to help supervise the excavations being conducted by Dr. Kenneth Stewart and students from Arizona State University. He became a seasonal ranger at Casa Grande National Monument in 1962, continuing to serve until his retirement in 1968. The Midvales sold Mesa Grande to a Phoenix businessman in 1963. Frank Midvale also completed his Master's Degree in Archaeology at the University of Arizona (1954) and continued mapping prehistoric canals along the Gila River until his death in November of 1971.

Source: Morris, Donald H. "Frank J. Midvale, 1903-1971". American Antiquity (39:3), July 1974.

Scope and Content Note

The Frank Midvale Papers house correspondence, manuscripts, notes, photographs, maps, and printed material documenting Midvale's archaeological work. Although the collection dates from 1865 to 1972, the bulk of the material was created between 1930 and 1972. The papers are arranged in six series.

Series I: Correspondence dates from 1941 to 1974 and houses manuscripts, biographical correspondence, obituaries, and subject files composed of printed materials.

Series II: Scrapbooks contains photographs, maps, and newsclippings dating from 1865 to 1974. The bulk of the material dates from 1935 to 1970 and documents Midvale's efforts to survey prehistoric canals and other ruins in Arizona. Also included are materials documenting nineteenth- and twentieth century sites and their impact on antiquities. Midvale arranged these materials into scrapbooks focusing on selected geographic areas. The majority of the maps and photographs are annotated and descriptions are included.

Series III: Photographs includes black and white and color prints of various sizes, 35mm color transparencies, and black and white and color negatives of various sizes. The majority of these images are negatives for photographs used in scrapbooks and companion images. Many are accompanied by proofsets or prints and some have explanatory notes. Slide jackets are annotated with identifications and comments. Although these images date from 1946 to 1970, most are undated.

Series IV: Maps houses manuscripts dating from 1886 to 1970. Some of these maps are hand drawn, others are photocopies of hand drawn maps, and others were created by joining segments of printed maps. All are extensively annotated with markings indicating the locations of ruins and canals from prehistory or from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Explanatory notes and comments are also included.

Series V: Illustration Boards houses photographs and notes describing specific topics that have been mounted on poster boards. These materials are undated.

Series VI: Aerial Photographs are folio sized and depict areas rich in anthropological features.


This collection consists of forty-seven boxes divided into six series:
Series I: Correspondence
Series II: Scrapbooks
Series III: Photographs
Series IV: Maps
Series V: Illustration Boards
Series VI: Aerial Photographs


Access Restrictions

Culturally sensitive Native American materials located in this collection, specifically boxes 5, 11, 18, 34, 39 and all maps, are restricted and cannot be made available to patrons in accordance with the Protocols for Native American Archival Materials.

To view this collection, make an appointment at least five business days prior to your visit by contacting Ask an Archivist or calling (480) 965-4932. Appointments in the Wurzburger Reading Room at Hayden Library (rm. 138) on the Tempe campus are available Monday through Friday. Check the ASU Library Hours page for current availability.


Arizona State University does not own the copyright to this collection. We recognize that it is incumbent upon the researcher to procure permission to publish information from this collection from the owner of the copyright.

Access Terms

Personal Name(s)
Halseth, Odd S.
Heard, Dwight B. (Dwight Bancroft), 1869-1929.
Midvale, Frank -- Archives.
Turney, Omar A.

Corporate Name(s)
Salt River Project.

Geographic Name(s)
Casa Grande National Monument (Ariz.).
La Ciudad Site (Ariz.).
Salt River Valley (Gila County and Maricopa County, Ariz.) -- Antiquities.
Snaketown Site (Ariz.).
Superstition Mountains (Ariz.).
Theodore Roosevelt Dam (Ariz.).

Agriculture, Prehistoric -- Arizona.
Excavations (Archaeology) -- Arizona.
Hohokam culture -- Arizona.
Indians of North America -- Agriculture -- Arizona.
Indians of North America -- Arizona -- Antiquities.
Irrigation -- Arizona.
Irrigation canals and flumes -- Arizona.
Pueblo Indians -- Arizona -- Antiquities.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], Frank Midvale Papers, MSS-147, Arizona State University Library.


The Frank Midvale Papers were received from the Arizona State University Department of Anthropology in 1997 (ACC# 1997-01875). Grace Midvale donated the materials to the Department of Anthropology in 1973.

Container List

Series I: Correspondence
11 Accession Correspondence, 1972-1974
12 Antiquities Bills Public Law 86-523, Undated
13 Arizona Academy of Science Newsletter, 1971 February
14 Arizona Highways, 1970 April
15 Carl Hayden, Undated
16/OV3 Certain Cultural Classification Problems in Middle Western Archaeology by W. C. McKern, Undated
17 The Coronado Expedition by Southwest Monuments Association, Undated
18/OV3 Fort Mountain Maps and Articles, Undated
19 Four Newsletters, Undated
110 Know Your Soil, Undated
111 Letter from Odd S. Halseth to Frank Mitalsky, Undated
112 Library of Arizona's Treasures by Mitzi Zipf, Undated
113/OV3 1960 Metropolitan Phoenix Street Atlas, Undated
114 Midvale Biographical Correspondence: Academic Credits, 1973
115 Midvale Obituaries, 1971
116 Midvale Obituary in Antiquity, 1974 July (Volume 39, Number 3)
117 Newspaper Clippings of Superstition Highway, Undated
118 Phoenix Rainfall from 1896-1928, Undated
119 The Phoenix Story, Undated
120 The Phoenix Story, Undated
121 The Salt River Project of Arizona, 1941 June
122 Salt River Project Annual Report, 1954
123/OV3 Simmons Notes on Photo Techniques, Undated
124 Theodore Roosevelt Dam, Undated
125 Travelogue of Pinal County by A. W. Gressinger, Undated
126 Underground Water of the Gila Valley by Willis T. Lee, Undated
127 Unpublished Manuscripts, Undated
Series II: Scrapbooks
21/OV3Book 1 Mesa System, Undated
21ABook 1 Mesa System, Undated
2A1BBook 1 Mesa System, Undated
2A1CBook 1 Mesa System, Undated
2A1D Photographs, Undated
31Book 2 Los Muertos System, Undated
31A Canal Lehi Photographs, Undated
3A1A/OV3Book 2 Los Muertos System, Undated
3A1BBook 2 Los Muertos System, Undated
41/OV3Book 1 Maricopa County, Undated
41A Maricopa County, Undated
51/OV3Book 16 Gila Bend, Undated
51A Gila Bend, Undated
5A1B Cactus Lodge Photographs, Undated
61Book 17 Montezuma Well Area, Undated
71Book 18 Verde Valley Prehistoric Irrigation, Undated
81Book 19 Sears-Verde Horseshoe Reservour Area, Undated
91Book 20 Lower Verde River (Fort McDowell), Undated
91ABook 20 Lower Verde River (Fort McDowell), Undated
101Book 25 Agua Fria River, Calderwood Butte, Humboldt and Dewey Area, Undated
102Book 23 Prehistoric Irrigation Tools and Artifacts, Undated
111/OV3Book 26 Air Photographs (Gila Bend, East Side), Undated
121/OV3Book 27 Air Photographs (Gila Bend, West Side), Undated
131Book 28 Air Photographs, Buckeye Valley, Undated
132Book 29 Southwestern Arizona Photographs, Undated
141Book 3 Tempe-Phoenix System, Undated
142Book 3 Tempe-Phoenix System, Undated
151/OV3Book 31 Ruins and Irrigation Remains Under and About Canyon and Saguaro Lakes, Undated
161Book 32 Santan Ancient Indian Gardens, Undated
162Book 35 , Undated
16A1Book 30 Gila Valley Canals, Undated
16A2Book 33 Western Arizona, Undated
16A3Book 34 Mountain and Desert Spring, Undated
171Book 36 Mesa Archaeological Society, Undated
172Book 37 El Rito and Caliente Rivers, New Mexico,
181Book 38 Keresan Pueblos, Undated
182Book 39 Tewa Pueblos, Undated
183Book 40 Abiquin and Chama, New Mexico, Undated
191Book 41 Prehistoric Irrigation in Utah, Undated
201Book 42 Olberg to Gila Crossing, Prehistoric Canals, Undated
202Book 43 Ruins, Sites and Canals (Newsclippings), Undated
211Book 45 Air Maps and Air Views, Undated
212Book 44 Miscellaneous Canals and Prospects, Undated
231Book 13b Cave Creek Area, Undated
241Book 14 New River Ruins and Canals, Undated
251/OV3Book 15 Buckeye Valley, Undated
25A1Book 15 Buckeye Valley, Undated
25ABook 16 Gila Bend, Undated
261/OV3Book 5 Cashion-Colinas System, Undated
26A1Book 5 Cashion-Colinas System, Undated
271Book 7 Salt River Valley, N.E., Undated
27A1/OV3Book 7 Salt River Valley, N.E., Undated
281Book 11 Casa Grande Ruins, Undated
28A1Book 11 Casa Grande Ruins, Undated
321Book 5 Mound 8, Los Colinas (West)
331Book 8 Northeast Canal System, Beeline Dragstrip and Hillside Casa, Undated
392 12th Street and Broadway Road, 1935 (Photographs)
401Book 10 Gila Valley, Undated
Series III: Photographs
128/OV3 Infrared Photo from Phoenix to Gila Bend, Undated
291Book 1 Salt River Valley, Southeast and Surplus, Undated (Negatives and Photo)
291Book 10 Sears, Verde, Horseshoe Reservoir Area, Undated
291Book 11 Gila Valley Below Snaketown, Undated
291Book 12 Gila Bend, Undated (Negatives)
291Book 13 Rillito Survey (Tucson Area), Undated
291Book 14 New River Canals, Undated
291Book 15 Ballcourt, Undated (Negatives)
291Book 16 Cave Creek Canals and Ruins, Undated
291Book 9 Lower Verde (Dorchester Ruin), Undated
301Book 2 Los Muertos, Casa Loma, Undated
301Book 3 Tempe, South Mountain, Undated
311Book 17 South Mountain Park, Undated
311Book 18 Liberty, Buckeye Valley, and Arlington, Undated
311Book 19 Queen Creek, Undated
311Book 20 Verde Valley, Montezuma's Well, Undated
311Book 21 New Mexico, 1970 August
311Book 22 Florence Area, Undated
311Book 5 Colinas, Cashion, Undated (Negatives)
311Book 5 Mound 8, Los Colinas (West), Undated
321Book 6 Pueblo Grande, Undated
321Book 7 Salt River Reservoir, Undated
321Book 8 Northeast Canal System, Beeline Dragstrip, and Hillside Casa, Undated
341Slide Box 1 Prehistoric Irrigation, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4718Canal Anchor from Bottom Cut and Damage from new Bush Highway in foreground, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4719Adobe Ruin South of Lehi and prehistoric canal looking north, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4720Prehistoric Canal Mesa passes Southwest through, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4721Farthest East Traces of Canal Crimson on South bank of Salt River looking East, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4722Canal Casa South of Lehi Looking Northeast, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4723Canal Mesa looking Southwest, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4724Ancient Canal Mesa, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4725Heading of Old Lehi Canal looking East, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4726Canal Casa South of Lehi, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4727Canal Mesa looking Northeast, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4728Crimson Canal From Salt River, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4729Looking East: Canal Mesa, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4730Canal Mesa, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4731Canal Lehi on Mesa Golf Course, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4732Ancient Canal Mesa Looking Northeast, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4733Canal Mesa Looking West, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4734Large Prehistoric Canal Northeast of Mesa, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4735Looking south-southwest where Canal is seen in foreground and house is built on it, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4736Looking south-southwest down line of Canal Mesa through old Orange Grove, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4737Canal Mesa, Crosses Farm Road where figure stands left to right direction, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4738Canal Mesa-McDowell and Superstition Mountain, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4739Looking East: Canal Crimson farther west where it crosses Indian Reservation, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4740Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4741Canal Crimson near old Lehi Canal and North of Orange Grove Looking East, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4742Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4743Farthest East Remains of Canal Crimson on South bank of Salt River, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4744Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4745Ancient Canal on Hartline Drag Strip. Figure sits in middle of bend (Looking East), Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4746Curve in Ancient Canal Hartline Track in dist. (Looking Northeast), Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4747Curve in Ancient Canal Hartline Speedway ground looking East, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4748Canal Anchor from Bank showing bend up course East New Bush Highway at Left, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4749Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4750Old Ruins of Sheep Bridge Blue Point, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4751Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4752Irrigation Salt River Valley (Midvale Map) Prehistoric Irrigation Outline Map, 1945
CP MSS-147:34/1.4753Canal Ultimo East of Papago Ward Looking East, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4754West of Cremation Northeast Hill Ruin (Canal Laveen) Traces of prehistoric canal, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4755Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4756Prehistoric Canal or Ditch, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4757Canal Ultimo East of Papago Ward Looking West, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4758Prehistoric Canal Course Looking North East (West of Las Cremaciones) Canal Laveen, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4759Ancient Canal in Mesa edge South of 8th Street West of Mesa (Looking Northeast), Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4760Small Ancient Canal on Salt River Reservoir (Looking East) Just West of Country Club, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4761Canal Ultimo: Prehistoric canal East of Papago Ward, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4762Canal Lehi, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4763Same Ancient Canal as 5: this is being destroyed for subdivision, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4764Canal Ultimo bends 1/4 mile East of Papago Ward (Looking Northeast), Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4765Cliff at Blue Point, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4766Canal Lehi Northwest of Mesa, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4767Prehistoric Ditch is seen crossing pithouse Left to Right at Ruin East of Dewey Arizona, 1969
CP MSS-147:34/1.4768Ancient Ditch East of Dewey Crosses round pithouse marked by Bret H., Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4769Canal Bueno looking up course. Park of Four Waters, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4770C. Turney East up-course, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4771Canal Bueno 4 Waters, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4772Canal Turney Near West end of Park of 4 Waters- up Course East, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4773Looking Across Heads of Two Canals, Turney C. Bueno at Park of 4 Waters, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4774Phoenix Park of 4 Waters C. Bueno Up-course Both Canal Grande and Canal Salado, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4775Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4776Park of 4 Waters: Canal Patriero Looking up-course Papago Buttes and Superstition, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4777C. Bueno North Cross Views, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4778Canal Viego Looking West (West of Tempe), Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4779Looking Across Canal Bueno North, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4780Canal Turney Northwest, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4781Four Waters, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4782Canal Viego Looking West 3 miles west of Tempe, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4783Looking Northwest at 2 Canal Heads C. Turney and C. Bueno (Downcourse from Salt), Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4784Canal Bueno Crossview, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4785Canal Bueno East 4 Waters, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4786Canal Viego Looking west 3 miles of Tempe, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4787Canal Viego Northeast Camelback, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4788Canal Muertos Looking Northeast on West 4th Street West of Mesa, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4789Rock Structure at sheep flats ruin below Blue Point, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4790Prehistoric Canal Over River Bank of Verde (Looking Northwest), Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4791Canal Veigo Looking Southwest, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4792Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4793Two Prehistoric Canals (West of Alma School Road), Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4794Snaketown: Prehistoric Canals below fork, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4795Canal Viego, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4796Ancient Ditch East of Dewey exposes Pithouse and runs Southwest, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4797Old Wormser canal Looking west Located along North side of present Canal, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4798Snaketown Canal: Headgate Area East, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4799Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4800Two Prehistoric Canals located west of alma School Road canal Lehi in foreground, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4801Canal Pinal looking Northeast, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4802Ancient Canal near Beeline Highway looking upcourse or north canal branches west, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4803County Road that follows top of Canal Muertos for 3/4 of a mile looking Northeast, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4804Rock Outline at Sheep Flat Ruin below Blue Point, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4805Canal Pinal looking Northeast up course - Northeast of Florence, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4806Ancient Canal near beeline highway looking Southwest down stream of one of two, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4807Wash Used as Canal seen looking North Atamos, Sonora, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4808Montezuma Well Canal unexcavated part of Highline ditch west of Museum, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4809Ancient Canal new River Channel Canal 2nd Segment, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4810New River Channel Canal- Southeast, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4811Large Abandoned Canal San Miguel, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4812Montezuma Well Prehistoric Canal, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4813Ancient Canal looking northeast New River, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4814New River Long Canal looking North, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4815Small abandoned Canal with native house over course, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4816Prehistoric Canal - Montezuma Well, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4817Ancient "Channel" Canal looking north (New River), Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4818Channel Canal Northwest (New River), Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4819Montezuma Well Model of Pithouse- Stone Hand Picks, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4820Prehistoric Canal (New River) Near 2 story Cactus, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4821New River: Prehistoric Canal, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4822Near River Crossview of canal, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4823Montezuma Well- Prehistoric Canal, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4824Ancient Canal Looking North (New River), Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4825Prehistoric Canal (New River), Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4826New River 2nd Canal Southeast of sump looking Northeast, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4827New River: Small curved Canal, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4828Ancient Canal South of Horseshoe Reservation Verde River, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4829Ancient Canal Sacaton, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4830Gila River Crossing, Road to Maricopa on right, on left old cement railroad bridge piers, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4831Ancient Canals on East Bank of Cave Creek (Northwest of Downs Hills), Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4832Near Santan, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4833Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4834Ancient Canal Mouth of Cave Creek 3/4 a mile below, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4835Santan, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4836Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4837Canal Sacaton crosses the Photo left to right, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4838Ancient Canal Sacaton looking east toward town, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4839Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/1.4840Canal Sacaton looking west wash with heavy brush and trees crosses in background, Undated
342Slide Box 2 Prehistoric Irrigation (Miscellaneous), Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4841Bluff Utah, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4842Warning sign posted at Hot well site Northeast of El Paso, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4843Civil War Monument Near Picho Peak, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4844Prehistoric Canal Bend Red Mountain, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4845Bluff Utah, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4846Adobe Wall Foundations: Hot well site El Paso, Texas, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4847Adobe: Old Church Ruins 5 miles Southeast of Olberg Bridge, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4848Prehistoric Canal Bend: Red Mountain, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4849Hill with scattered Ruins on top North side of Highway New Mexico, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4850Cave East of T.B. Sanitarium North side Salt River and opposite Tempe Butte, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4851Prehistoric Canal Coyote, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4852Creek After flash flood: Runs into Rio Grande River opposite San Antonio, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4853Site on Texas and New Mexico Border: Hot well site 30 miles Northeast of El Paso, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4854Cave near aqueduct in Papago Park (Cave faces East), Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4855Prehistoric Canal Coyote, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4856Adobe Well underlines 6 foot sand dune, Hot Well site (El Paso Texas) , Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4857Adobe walls and rooms at hot well site (El Paso), Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4858Old Gatlin Stone Ranch House 5 miles Northeast of Gila Bend, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4859Prehistoric Canal, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4860Petroglyphs in Canyon West of Pierpont Ranch, Gila Bend Mountains, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4861Remains of Trash Mound at El Poniente or East Cashion, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4862Crazy Man's Castle (first building in Paradise Valley) never completed, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4863H. Womack, 1969 December
CP MSS-147:34/2.4864Circular Stone Room in Canyon West of Pierpoint Ranch in Gila Bend Mountains, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4865Snaketown Huge Clay "tub", Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4866Old Cement Shelter North of 10 mi. Washington, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4867Rio Grande River in flood: Las Cruces Looking Southwest, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4868Rectangular Pair of Rooms of Stone Canyon West of Pierpont Ranch, Gila Bend, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4869Snaketown: Circular Platform looking Northeast, 1965
CP MSS-147:34/2.4870H. Womack Coll., 1969 December
CP MSS-147:34/2.4871Rio Grande River in flood: near Las Cruces Looking Southwest, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4872Pueblo Poniente. Building mound where cut off by land leveling, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4873Old Pima Adobe House: Best and Last Adobe located on top of ancient canal, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4874H. Womack Coll., 1969 December
CP MSS-147:34/2.4875Moon Valley Fortress from Small Room west of it. Main ruin center, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4876Before House was moved looking Southwest (Tempe La Plaza Mound), Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4877Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4878Herman Womack Coll., 1969 December
CP MSS-147:34/2.4879Valley Fortress looking North- Moon Valley Beyond, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4880Moon Valley Fortress Looking West- Dear Valley Farms in distance, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4881Old Building Foundations on West side of road near Canal Fort McDowell looking south, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4882Last remaining exposed Adobe Walls at Fort McDowell. East four peaks, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4883Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4884Old Fort McDowell looking Southwest: Part of old Quartermasters Building, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4885Grave of Dr. Montezuma Fort McDowell Cemetery, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4886Stone faced house near old Reivas barn: 3 miles Southeast of Casa Grande City, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4887Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4888Old picket corral at Fort McDowell looking Northeast toward Payson Mountain, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4889Mounted backwards. Row of old foundations at Fort McDowell, looking south, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4890Old Reivas barn and newer stone house 3 miles southeast of Casa Grande City, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4891Granite Reef Diversion Dam from south side: Mesa Large Canal starts in foreground, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4892Last remaining building at Fort McDowell. Part of the old quartermasters building, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4893Remains of old Quartermasters building and stone church at Fort McDowell, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4894Old Reivas Barn on Highway 3 miles Southeast of Canal Grande, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4895Old Pinkley Trading Post Inside looking North, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4896Old For McDowell walls and small Indian Play Huts, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4897Old Picket corral at Fort McDowell looking east over Verde River, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4898Wrigley's House, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4899Old Pinkley Trading Post Inside looking East, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4900Snaketown: Odd groups of holes in 3s, deep and cylindrical, 1965
CP MSS-147:34/2.4901Snaketown: Close up of Platform Mound Looking Northeast, 1965
CP MSS-147:34/2.4902Snaketown: Circular platform mound looking Northwest, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4903Snaketown: Pit with large sobist rocks and slabs in bottom, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4904Snaketown: Cylindrical clay pits in sets of 3 or 6, 1965
CP MSS-147:34/2.4905Three clay mixing vats and pottery manufactory at right, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4906Snaketown: Large cylindrical clay pits in groups of 3 and 6, 1965
CP MSS-147:34/2.4907Two bridges over Little Colorado looking East, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4908The "Executive House", Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4909Snaketown: Circular platform mound looking south, 1965
CP MSS-147:34/2.4910Pithouse foundation: snaketown with trailer (Headquarters looking west), Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4911South side of Dewey St. Tempe where center St. intercepts old pool hall, 1955
CP MSS-147:34/2.4912Compound 1/2 mile west of Snaketown looking east, 1965
CP MSS-147:34/2.4913Old Pima Adobe House: Best and Last Adobe located on top of ancient canal, 1954
CP MSS-147:34/2.4914Pithouses Snaketown After Rain, 1965
CP MSS-147:34/2.4915Southeast corner of Dewey and Center Streets (Tempe) looking Southwest, 1955
CP MSS-147:34/2.4916Executive House (Snaketown) looking east, 1965
CP MSS-147:34/2.4917Old Pima Ki or House 1 1/2 miles west of Snaketown, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4918Looking Northeast: Compound 1/2 mile west of Snaketown, 1965
CP MSS-147:34/2.4919The Phoenix birdeast of Camelback Road, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/2.4920Statue of Frank Luke Jr. (amed Phoenix flier of World War I) in front of State Capitol, 1961
CP MSS-147:34/2.4921Newer Stone Slab house near Old Raivas House 3 miles Southeast of Casa Grande, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4922State Capitol Building with new wings at left and right, 1961
CP MSS-147:34/2.4923Unidentified, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/2.4924Tortilla Flat Arizona: Statue of Snowbird, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/2.4925Norton Allens camp Northeast of Gila Bend, 1970
343Slide Box 3 Ruins in Salt River Valley, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.4926Lower Santan Pueblo looking Northeast, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.4927Sand dune 25' high 4 miles North of Gila Bend, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.4928Sand marks near top of sand dune; 20 miles Northwest of Gila Bend, 1961
CP MSS-147:34/3.4929Besh Ba Gowah Ruin East of Globe; Streets of Globe seen in distance, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.4930A Sand Dune 4 miles north of Gila bend north side of Gila River: University excavations, 1961
CP MSS-147:34/3.4931Sand burying a thicket of mesquite 20 miles Northwest of Gila Bend, 1961
CP MSS-147:34/3.4932Santan Pueblo looking Northeast, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.4933Besh Ba Gowah Ruin East of Globe; Looking Southwest, 1954
CP MSS-147:34/3.4934Old Sand dune right, new one left; 20 miles Northwest of Gila Bend, 1961
CP MSS-147:34/3.4935Sand Dunes 20 miles Northwest of Gila Bend Southside of Gila River, 1961
CP MSS-147:34/3.4936Lower Santan Pueblo looking Northwest, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.4937Shrine of the heart stone at junction of Pine Cresc. And Sycamore, West of Baseline, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/3.4938Sand Dunes 20 miles Northwest of Gila Bend; Ripple marks in sand, 1961
CP MSS-147:34/3.4939Papago Village of Sil Murk (3 miles North of Gila Bend) Looking North, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/3.4940Santan Pueblo looking North-Northeast, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.4941Gila Pueblo near Globe; Showing Old Healy Terrace Ruin in foreground, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.4942Water ripples in the sand waste of sand dunes 20 miles Northwest of Gila Bend, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.4943Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.4944Sil Murk Northwest, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/3.4945Ramada and Indian Church at Sil Murk; 3 miles North of Gila Bend, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/3.4946Mystery Stones Arizona State Capitol Grounds Looking Northeast, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.4947Gila Bend Temple looking Northwest from Southeast, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/3.4948Sil Murk Papago Cemetery, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/3.4949Sil Murk Looking North at Jump Off peak, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/3.4950Inner and Middle Temple Walls looking North/Looking Northeast, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/3.4951Sil Murk Papago Cemetery, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/3.4952Large Gila Bend Mound looking Northwest, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.4953North wall of Inner Temple looking West-Southwest towards Gila Bend, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/3.4954Middle and Outer Temple Wall on Northwest side looking North, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/3.4955Gillespie Canal in Gila Bend- Pump and Overhead Water Station at right; Looking East, 1960
CP MSS-147:34/3.4956Large Mound near Gila Bend looking Northwest, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.4957Gila Bend temple from Southeast (Close up), Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.4958Middle Wall in shadow on Northwest side of Temple Outer wall in sunlight, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/3.4959Sil Murk near Gila Bend, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/3.4960Mystery Stones Arizona State Capitol Grounds Looking North, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.4961Inner and Middle Temple walls on west side; looking Northeast, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.4962Large Gila Bend Mound looking North, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.4963Large Gila Bend Mound looking north-northwest; arrow points to cliff and old fort ruin, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.4964Destruction of Plaza Tempe Mound, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.4965Tempe, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.4966Lower Verde at left near Fort McDowell, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.4967Between Inner and Middle walls on North side looking southwest, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/3.4968Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.4969Ancient Indian grinding camp 7 miles Northeast of Ajo; North of Well, 1960
CP MSS-147:34/3.4970Small House and Compound along Beeline highway, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.4971Tusayan Ruin after excavation by H. Gladwyn (Looking Southeast) Grand Canyon, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.4972Creamery Mound [sic]; East of Tempe, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.4973Ancient Indian grinding camp Northeast of Ajo near well village, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.4974Large Trash Mound at Brest Cashion Los Conejos Ruin, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.4975Remains of Alva at Tusayan Ruin Grand Canyon (Looking North) Small house block, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.4976Ground Silo at Del Rio Ruin, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.4977Indian Caves: southwest of Nine Mile Peak Mt, Guest, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.4978Lot on Corner where Casa Bueno Compound once stood, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.4979Last Remains of Los Muertos Ruin Looking North, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.4980Three types of Grinding Implements: Prehistoric Metate and Mono, Prehistoric Mortar, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.4981East of Ajo: Prehistoric Caves south of 9 mile peak, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.4982Longest trash Mound: Caliche Salt River Reservation looking east, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.4983Final Earth at Los Muertos Mounted backward, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.4984Close-up of fireplace, Buckhorn Mineral Baths, 1955
CP MSS-147:34/3.4985Pueblo Ultimo Ruin Cotton Stubble in foreground, 1954
CP MSS-147:34/3.4986Portion of Trash Mound on North side of Grand Canal west of 20th street, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.4987Corner of room in Pueblito Ruin opposite Tempe Butte, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.4988El Caliche Ruin Pima Cemetery Looking East, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.4989Pueblo Ultimo from the north: Salt River Reservation, 1961
CP MSS-147:34/3.4990Last Remnant of Pueblo del Monte, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.4991Casa Loma Across grain field, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.4992Pueblo Ultimo from the east: Salt River Reservation, 1961
CP MSS-147:34/3.4993Corner of room Sunflower Ruin, 1966
CP MSS-147:34/3.4994Casa Loma from the west, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.4995Stone Balls, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.4996Adamsville Pueblo Looking East, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.4997Corner of Room, Sunflower Ruin, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.4998Old Patrick House on East Monroe Street: Looking in Southwest, 1960
CP MSS-147:34/3.4999Fireplace and Barbecue Circle Buckhorn Mineral Baths. North Fort McDowell, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.5000Pueblo Ultimo Ruin Camelback Mountain Background left, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.5001Looking West from stone walls of Sunflower Ruin, Payson Ruin in distance, 1966
CP MSS-147:34/3.5002Ruin East of Sunflower (Corner of room) Roosevelt type Salado Hilltop Ruin, 1966
CP MSS-147:34/3.5003Large Prehistoric Trash Mound on old Pima site along Bapchule Road-Highway 93 l, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.5004Pueblo Parvo Mound Looking West, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.5005Largest Trash Mound at Van Liere Ruin looking North from Cremation ground, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.5006Approach to Sunflower Ruin, 1966
CP MSS-147:34/3.5007Prehistoric Trash Mound on old Pima Site on Bapchule Road and Highway 93, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/3.5008Los Alamas Pueblo, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.5009Van Liere Ruin from large cremation burial ground area: looking Northwest, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.5010Sunflower Valley and Payson Highway from large stone Ruin, 1956
CP MSS-147:34/3.5011Togits Oga Ruin, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.5012Part of Los Alamos compound where ditch cuts through end, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.5013Alkali Ruin 5 miles Southwest of Coldwater on North bank of Gila, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.5014Verde Bank Ruin looking east trees behind ruins grom along Verde River edge, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.5015Togits Oga Ruin, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.5016Futtons Diggings 5 miles south of Tumacacori on Highway to Nogales-Pithouse, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.5017Old Stone Walls below Arlington Mesa just North of where old A.P.O. burned down, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.5018Pueblo Blanco Salt River Reservation, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.5019Pueblo Parvo Mound, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.5020Ruin Excavated by Futton 5 miles South of Tumacacori on Nogales Highway, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.5021Ruin on Hefner Place on South bank of Gitar, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.5022Pottery and Artifacts from the Liberty Buckeye Area of Buckeye Valley, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.5023Large Trash mound at Coldwater Ruin Looking Northeast toward Aqua Fria River, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.5024Looking Northeast across Herman's Ranch where trash mounds were washed away, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.5025Trash Mound Agua Fria Village South of Coldwater, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.5026Alakli Ruin on North bank of Gila River 5 miles Southwest of Coldwater, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.5027Stone Enclosure on Arlington Mesa looking Northwest Largest trash mound, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.5028Taffe Collection: donated to Mesa Museum by Midvales, 1954
CP MSS-147:34/3.5029Large Mound East of Robbin's Butte which is in distance, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.5030View of Ruin Area from Northwest part of site. Foreground area partially leveled, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.5031Stone Enclosure on Arlington mesa looking Southeast; Powers Butte in Distance, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/3.5032Cut in largest trash mound looking West, Undated
344Slide Box 4 Archaeology, Indians Ethnology, Casa Grande, and Petroglyph Slides, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5033Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5034Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5035Yaqui Indians Living in Tin Shack in Water Users's Camp Southwest of Scottsdale, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5036Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5037Old Plasterd Adobe Church 5 miles Southeast of Olberg Brudge Ruins, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5038Old Yaqui House at South end of Water Users Village, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5039Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5040Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5041Yaqui Indians Living in Tin Shack in Water Users's Camp Southwest of Scottsdale, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5042Yaqui House near South end of water users village near Scottsdale, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5043Part of Indian village and pit from a Mt., Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5044Ruins of old native Adobe church Yaqui town (Catholic church beyond); Looking North, 1958
CP MSS-147:34/4.5045Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5046Mission at Yaqui town looking Northwest; Indian Shacks on left looking northwest, 1958
CP MSS-147:34/4.5047Phoenix Indain School Home Economics Building, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5048Last Wickiups at Fort McDowell Looking Northeast, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5049Unidentified, 1961
CP MSS-147:34/4.5050Indians in Historical parade, Ajo, Arizona "The Passing of the Redmen", Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5051Ajo Mining Dormitory and Teacher's Home, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5052Last Remaining landmarks of Yaqui: Water Users Town west of Scottsdale, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/4.5053Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5054High School Band, Ajo, Arizona, 1961
CP MSS-147:34/4.5055Indian Village and Mine from a Mt., 1959
CP MSS-147:34/4.5056Stuffed Navajos, East Van Buren Street, 1958
CP MSS-147:34/4.5057Unidentified, 1961
CP MSS-147:34/4.5058Indians and Soldiers, Ajo historical parade, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5059Old Round House circle south of cemetary at El Caliche Ruin, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5060Stuffed Navajos, East Van Buren Street, 1958
CP MSS-147:34/4.5061Unidentified, 1961
CP MSS-147:34/4.5062Hand woven Indian Blanket from Oklahoma; Mrs. Ruby Malone, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5063looking North: last Wickiups at Fort McDowell, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5064Pima Dwelling of old Prison Camp barracks on highway 93 near Gila Butte, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/4.5065Indians in historical parade, Ajo, Arizona, 1961
CP MSS-147:34/4.5066Hand woven Indian Blanket from Oklahoma: Mrs. Ruby Malone, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5067Last Wickiups at Fort McDowell Looking East, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5068Eastside of pit, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5069Windmill and water tanks at San Simon Village, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5070Shrine of the Children near Santa Rosa looking East, 1961
CP MSS-147:34/4.5071Navajo Mother, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5072Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5073Unidentified, 1960
CP MSS-147:34/4.5074Litle Miss Apache, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5075Teepee-like motel units in "Wigwam" court near Tempe, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5076Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5077The Cross in the road looking toward Santa Cruz, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5078Mother and Child, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5079Maricopa Indian Church at Akchin 3 miles southwest of Maricopa; Indian hand painted, 1960
CP MSS-147:34/4.5080Ajo High School Band: Historical Parade, 1961
CP MSS-147:34/4.5081Navajo Hogan and Residents, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5082Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5083Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5084Ajo High School Band Street Performace, 1961
CP MSS-147:34/4.5085Tracey's Trading Post (Owned by Mrs. Richmond) 35 miles East of Ajo, 1961
CP MSS-147:34/4.5086Willow Springs Cave from below: shows opening to three small opening in the back wall, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5087Unidentified, 1965
CP MSS-147:34/4.5088Looking South Mount McDowell in distance: last Wickiups at Fort McDowell, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5089Grave markers at Shrine of the Children, 1961
CP MSS-147:34/4.5090Papago Ceremonial Lodge, Santa Rose, 1961
CP MSS-147:34/4.5091Papago Church at Pia Oik and Adobe House Village, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5092Apache Wickiup near Superior East of Picketpost House, 1954
CP MSS-147:34/4.5093Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5094Papago Indian Ball and Club Game Santa Rosa (played by women), 1961
CP MSS-147:34/4.5095Japanese Flower Gardens on Baseline Road 8 miles Southeast of Phoenix, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/4.5096Ira Hayes: Casa Blanca, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5097Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5098Looking East toward Montezuma Peak, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5099Navajo Sheep Shearing, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5100Old Pima Houses East of Gila Butte on Highway 93, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/4.5101Papago Indian Ball and Club Game Santa Rosa (played by women), 1961
CP MSS-147:34/4.5102The Ceremonial House Pislnimo, Looking Northwest, 1961
CP MSS-147:34/4.5103Old Pima Round House circle looking Northwest on Southeast part of El Caliche Rim, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5104Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5105Papago Houses and Church at Pia Oik, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5106Large Ollas at Hicktawan Papago Indian Village, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5107Hopi girls on Canyon Rim, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5108Unidentified, 1960
CP MSS-147:34/4.5109Old Pima House and Ramada West of Papago Ward, Salt River Reservation, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5110Roadside Scare Crow on Papago Reservation, East of Hick, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5111Large Room South of Pinkley House Comp A, looking East, 1964
CP MSS-147:34/4.5112Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5113Remadas in front of old St. Francis Church Salt River Reservation, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5114Old Indian Cemetery on South Bank of Salt River looking Northeast: Lehi reservation, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5115Casa Grande from Southeast Face on upper left, 1966
CP MSS-147:34/4.5116Old St. Francis Church and Remada Salt River Reservation, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5117Old Pima Adobe house north of Pueblo Ultimo (Looking Northwest) Camelback Mt., 1961
CP MSS-147:34/4.5118Diorama of Pueblo Dwelling Zion Museum, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5119Rooms South of Big House Comp "A", Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5120Mrs. Guijuva's Old and New Houses (Salt River Reservation) east of agencies, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5121Pima House and Ramada South of Cemetery and Salt River Reservation, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5122Casa Grande View North from 3rd story doorway, 1965
CP MSS-147:34/4.5123Blue dot over fireplace: Large room south of Pinkley's House, 1964
CP MSS-147:34/4.5124Old Pima House Southeast of Papago Ward (this burned down later), Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5125Shrine of the Children, 1961
CP MSS-147:34/4.5126East front of Casa Grande, Charlie Steen Park, 1964
CP MSS-147:34/4.5127Southeast Corner of Casa Grande Square Window on 3rd story, 1964
CP MSS-147:34/4.5128Casa Grande from west showing windows and ventila, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5129Casa Grande National Monument Coolidge, Arizona from northeast, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5130Casa Grande National Monument Coolidge, Arizona from north, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5131Large Room South of Pinkley House Looking North toward Walker Butte, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5132Casa Grande Ruins Museum Building from South West before remodeling, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5133Casa Grande National Monument (Coolidge, Arizona) West room looking south, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5134Casa Grande; rooms south of big house, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5135Adobe Bricks of Old Frank Pinkley House Looking Northeast, 1963
CP MSS-147:34/4.5136Casa Grande in the rain; Rainbow over museum building, 1964
CP MSS-147:34/4.5137Casa Grande from east-southeast face on Upper Left Corner, 1966
CP MSS-147:34/4.5138Excavation under South Wall of Casa Grande, 1964
CP MSS-147:34/4.5139Hohokam Mosaics and Jewelry, Casa Grande National Monument, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5140Papago "Maze" tray, Casa Grande Ruin, 1965
CP MSS-147:34/4.5141South View of Casa Grande, 1964
CP MSS-147:34/4.5142Casa Grande Ruins: South rooms of big house square window on 3rd story, 1964
CP MSS-147:34/4.5143Casa Grande National Monument Coolidge Arizona; Looking North, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5144Casa Grande Ruins: Holding Papago "Maze" Pot, 1965
CP MSS-147:34/4.5145Well Preserved wall plaster Southwest Corner of Casa Grande, 1964
CP MSS-147:34/4.5146Pima men working in Compound A; Looking north, 1964
CP MSS-147:34/4.5147Sun Birth symbol on south wall of Casa Grande, 1964
CP MSS-147:34/4.5148Casa Grande National Monument Coolidge Arizona, Eastside looking North, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5149Casa Grande Ruin, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5150Casa Grande through a water spray from southeast; face on upper left corner, 1964
CP MSS-147:34/4.5151Inside Southeast Corner of Casa Grande ruin showing 3 doors, 1964
CP MSS-147:34/4.5152Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5153Walls in Southwest corner of Compound A, 1964
CP MSS-147:34/4.5154Southwest corner of Casa Grande; ruin square window and profile, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5155Rooms South of Building House; Compound A, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5156West End North Room: Casa Grande National Monument, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5157Casa Grande from Southwest comp wall and tower in foreground, 1966
CP MSS-147:34/4.5158Rainbow over Casa Grande Ruin, southwest corner, 1964
CP MSS-147:34/4.5159South room North wall Casa Grande Ruin, 1964
CP MSS-147:34/4.5160Sunset on Casa Grande, 1966
CP MSS-147:34/4.5161School Art Class is painting Casa Grande Ruin, 1965
CP MSS-147:34/4.5162Rooms south of big house looking northwest, 1964
CP MSS-147:34/4.5163Excavations in Compound A (November-December) looking north, 1964
CP MSS-147:34/4.5164Casa Grande Ruin from the south, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5165Casa Grande from Southwest Outside wall and tower in foreground, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5166Papago "Maze Tray" Casa Grande Ruins, 1965
CP MSS-147:34/4.5167Casa Grande National Monument Coolidge Arizona from southwest, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5168Casa Grande Ruins: Big House from Southwest Compound Wall on left. Part of tower, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5169Pictograph Mesa, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5170Atkins Travel Slides Incorporated; newspaper rock about 600 years old, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5171Rabitts Butte, Buckeye Valley, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5172Casa Grande from West barrow Pit in foreground, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5173Kiva Lodge Mesa, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5174Petroglyphs on Papago Reservation Road to Hickiwan, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5175Gila River from Rabbit's Butte (Northeast) Buckeye Valley, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5176Calendar Rock on grounds of Mormon Temple, Mesa, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5177Pictographs on Arlington Mesa: Petroglyphs, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5178So called "Painted Rocks" Northwest of Gila Bend, 1960
CP MSS-147:34/4.5179Petroglyphs on South side of Gila River west of Buckeye, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5180Petroglyphs 5 miles Northeast of Gila bend on North side of Gila, 1961
CP MSS-147:34/4.5181Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5182Petroglyphs on Arlington Mesa, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5183Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5184Pictographs: Keet Seel Ruin, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5185Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/4.5186Unidentified, 1968
CP MSS-147:34/4.5187South side of Highway west of Salome Arizona: Petroglyphs, Undated
345Slide Box 5 Salt River Project and Apache Trail, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5188Old Eureka Ditch heading before covering Northeast of Mesa Grande Ruin, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5189Old abandoned Arizona Canal Intake Gate on Salt River 2 miles north of Granite Reef, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5190Unidentified, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5191Looking down from top of hill of burried pipeline below to pumping plant, Northwest, 1958
CP MSS-147:34/5.5192Bridge for golf players Mesa golf course, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5193Looking down water spilling from top of plant to canal below and fields in distance, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5194Unidentified, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5195Beginning of the R.I.D. canal with power plant below: 10 miles northeast of Mesa, 1958
CP MSS-147:34/5.5196Back of Consolidated Power Plant near Crismons Ranch (Northeast of Mesa) overflow, 1958
CP MSS-147:34/5.5197Mesa Consolidated Canal west of lift plant (four peaks at left) Usery mountains right, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5198Waste water ditch from Arizona Canal to River, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5199Booster Pumping Station for R.I.D. lift canal, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5200Water approach and top of building: cosolidated power plant Northeast of Mesa, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5201Unidentified, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5202Irrigation, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5203Booster Pumping station for R.I.D. lift canal (Northeast of Mesa) headgates, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5204Power Plant behind the intake gates, Northeast of Mesa, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5205Air fan in Orange Grove Northeast of Mesa, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5206Phoenix City Water Line: Crosssing of waste ditch, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5207Arizona Canal Headgate: Indian lateral starts here. Looking downstream, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5208Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5209Unidentified, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5210Remains of the old abandoned "Maricopa" canal; looking southeast about 30th street, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5211South of Granite Reef Diversion fo Salt and Verde Rivers; Looking Northeast, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5212Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5213Irrigation Siphons ready for use, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5214Unidentified, 1942
CP MSS-147:34/5.5215Granite Reef Diversion dam from north side: Arizona canal starts from gates at left, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5216Cement siphon stand pipe (looking south) along western canal, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5217Unidentified, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5218Highline Canal looking east at old abandoned house on the hill, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5219Granite Reef Diversion dam from north side: Arizona canal starts from gates at right, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5220Cement Siplion Stand pipes on Western Canal looking south, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5221Highline Canal looking west about 28th Street, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5222Kyrene Outlet Highline Canal, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5223Old Crosscut Canal which once fed the Grand Canal looking North, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5224Unidentified, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5225Kyrene Outlet: Highline Canal, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5226Kyrene Booster Plant, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5227Old Cross cut canal North of Van Buren looking north, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5228Old abandoned "Joint Head" Diversion Dam on Salt River looking North to South, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5229Old Tempe Canal Headgates, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5230Enclosed flume over Agua River Looking Northeast; taken from the river bed, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5231Sump at the end of Kyrene Lift Canal Looking east, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5232Old abandoned headgates at "Joint Head" Dam now abandoned looking north, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5233Old waste canal headgates; Northwest, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5234Headgates and Diversion near end of Grand Canal; 3 miles south of Peoria, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5235Booster Pipe and 8 Electric Pumps, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5236Old waste water canal; return at country club and salt River, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5237Headgates on Tempe Canal 3 miles east of Tempe looking northwest, 1958
CP MSS-147:34/5.5238Reversed (Inclosed flume over Agua Fria River) R.I.D. canal looking west, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5239Highline Canal Near Japaneese gardens, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5240Old Tempe canal Headgates, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5241Unidentified, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5242Kyrene Canal Headgate, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5243Kyrene Oulet Highline Canal, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5244Old Stone and Cement Headgate of old Tempe; Canal near country club, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5245Old abandonded Arizona Canal Intake gate on Slat River looking Northeast, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5246Western Canal, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5247Drainage Canal flows miles to empty into Gila River, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5248Unidentified, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5249About 1/2 mile South of Begin of New crosscut canal where it flows higher than houses, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5250Indian Waste ditch, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5251Four Way point; western canal, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5252Field Headgate on Indian lateral, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5253Cement aquaduct north of Tempe (crosscut canal) looking east, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5254Soap weed in bloom along the Salt River, Arizona, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5255Unidentified, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5256Unidentified, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5257Headgate where New crosscut canal branches from Arizona Canal, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5258Salt River Canyon, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5259Unidentified, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5260Headgate near Scottsdale (hand operated gear and rotary tube) looking northeast, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5261Indian lateral just below same headgate looking upstream east, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5262The Salt River, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5263Headgate western canal looking southeast, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5264Cement aquaduct north of Tempe (crosscut canal) looking southeast, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5265Water Guage on Arizona Canal just below the Indian lateral diversion, 1959
CP MSS-147:34/5.5266Salt River Canyon looking west downstream, 1962
CP MSS-147:34/5.5267Along the Salt River Canyon, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5268Rye Bread Rock which is the southwest side of Whirl Pool Butte; four peaks, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5269Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5270Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5271Tortilla Butte, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5272Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5273Palo Verde trees in bloom near North end of Superstition Mountain, 1954
CP MSS-147:34/5.5274Tortilla Butte right looking across Tortilla Creek, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5275Ironwood, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5276Superstition Mountain, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5277Tortilla Butte from the bank of Tortilla Creek; Palo Verde in bloom, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5278Apache gap looking Northeast, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5279Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5280The Whirl Pool Rocks west of Canyon Lake, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5281Superstition Mountain: Apache Trail Arizona, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5282Boating on Canyon Lake, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5283View down into abyss of Wispering Horse Canyon from steel guard rail, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5284Traces of Old Apache Trail at South end of Prickly Pear Flat near power line, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5285Superstition Moutain: Apache Trail, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5286Along the Apache Trail: Canyon Lake, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5287Looking into Canyon from top of Fish Creek Hillar Horse, Mesa, 1954
CP MSS-147:34/5.5288Fish Creek Canyon: view north from lookout point, 1952
CP MSS-147:34/5.5289North End of Superstition Mountain and Needle Peak, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5290Along the Apache Trail: Superstition Mountains, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5291Whispering Horse Canyon twisting westward from Nigerhead butte, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5292The Magenta Rocks in cliffs on south side of creek east of Fish Creek, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5293Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5294Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5295Looking into deep crevice; lookout point of Whispering Horse Canyon, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5296Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5297Canyon Lake from Point South of Dam showing where original Roosevelt Road, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5298Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5299Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5300The Magenta Rocks 1 mile east of Fish Crescent Hill; cliff on south side of creek, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5301Apache Trail Gorge; Lookout Point, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5302Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5303View east from Fish Creek Hill Lookout, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5304Northeast View from near Perlite mines, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5305Looking out of Fish Creek Canyon from near Highway Bridge, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5306Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5307West wall of Fish Creek Canyon taken from large cave near bridges Fish Creek Hwy, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5308View Eastward from spot South of Perlite Mine; Highway #88, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5309Looking up Fish Creek Canyon from Highway Bridge, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5310Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5311Upper Part of Fish Creek Canyon cliffs showing caves, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5312Roosevelt Lake with Windy Hill seen on far side, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5313West side of Fish Creek Canyon taken from cave near bridge, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5314The Magenta Rocks, cliffs on south side of Creek, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5315High cliff west wall of Fish Creek Canyon, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5316Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5317Cave near Highway Bridge in Fish Creek Canyon "Walls of Bronze", Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5318Apache Trail, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5319Mountain south side of Tortilla Flat seen across Tortilla creek highway crossing, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5320Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5321Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5322Top of Roosevelt Dam from North Side of Lake near old Hotel Platform, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5323Apache Lake from Cabins Road Junction; staghorn cactus and palo verde in bloom, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5324Top of Tailings heap northeast of Miami with "Caving Grounds" in distance at left, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5325Roosevelt Lake and palo Verde n Bloom from cliff dwellings; Mongollon Rim in distance, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5326Looking North up Tonto Branch of Roosevelt Lake from old hotel siteplatform, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5327Canyon Lake, Apache Trail, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5328Colored Ores in "Caving Ground" Inspiration mine, Miami, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5329Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5330Roosevelt Dam, Apache Trail, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5331Weever's Needle, Superstition Mountains, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5332Caving Ground near Miami, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5333Roosevelt Lake with Windy Hill seen on far side; Mongollon Rim in the distance, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5334Roosevelt Dam, Apache Trail, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5335Roosevelt Dam and Lake, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5336Devil's Canyon; Highway 70, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5337Roosevelt Power Plant with water Emerging beneath taken from the top of the dam, 1954
CP MSS-147:34/5.5338View south from Highway 88 north end of Prickly Pear Flat, Horse Mesa, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5339Ponds on top of Tailings Heap and mine buildings of Inspiration Mine, Miami, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5340Devil's Canyon (Looking out of tunnel) Highway 70, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5341Devil's Canyon; Highway 70, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5342Devil's Canyon (Highway 70) Queen Creek Bridge, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5343Pinto Creek Bridge from Creek Bed; Highway 60, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5344Roosevelt lake from divide some 15 miles away (Near Power Line Pass) Highway 88, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5345Devil's Canyon; Highway 70, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5346Pinto Creek Bridge and century plant; Highway 60, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5347Old Dominion Hotel, Globe, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5348Picket Post Mountain Showing "Picket Post" rock looking from Highway 60, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5349Highway through Queen Creek Gorge, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5350Queen Creek Bridge, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5351Lake on tailings heap near Miami at the Inspiration Mine, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5352Apache Junction, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5353Devil's Canyon; Highway 70, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5354The Mitten; Devil's Canyon, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5355Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5356Tonto Cliff House in Distance in long cliff seen from museum, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5357Devil's Canyon; Highway 70, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5358Devil's Canyon; Highway 70, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5359Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5360Tonto Monument; Apache Trail, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5361Tonto Cliff Dwelling Lower House, 1954
CP MSS-147:34/5.5362Tonto Cliff Dwellings, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5363Roosevelt Lake from Tonto Cliff Dwellings Roof; White Spot shows New Ranger's House, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5364Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5365Tortilla Flat; view from Tonto national Monument, Apache Trail, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5366Tonto National Monument, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5367Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/5.5368Looking out from second story of Tonto Cliff (House over Roos Lake) Ancient passage, Undated
346Slide Box 6 Grand Canyon, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/6.5369Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/6.5370A Swamp of the Permian Period, 1967
CP MSS-147:34/6.5371Church of the Havasupai; Grand Canyon National Park, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/6.5372Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/6.5373Unidentified, 1968
CP MSS-147:34/6.5374Trilobites of a Cambrian Sea, 1969
CP MSS-147:34/6.5375Hopi House; Grand Canyon, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/6.5376Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/6.5377Unidentified, 1968
CP MSS-147:34/6.5378Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/6.5379Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/6.5380Unidentified, 1962
CP MSS-147:34/6.5381Discovery of the Grand Canyon, 1970
CP MSS-147:34/6.5382Havasu Falls, Grand Canyon National Park, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/6.5383Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/6.5384Rainbow over Grand Canyon, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/6.5385Reptiles of a Permian Desert, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/6.5386Supai Village, Grand Canyon National Park, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/6.5387Hopi Eagle Dance, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/6.5388Thor's Hammer from legend of Thunder God, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/6.5389View Northeast of the joining of Colorado and Little Colorado Rivers, 1960
CP MSS-147:34/6.5390Grand Canyon Indian Dance, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/6.5391Grand Canyon, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/6.5392Looking East from trail view, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/6.5393View along Kaibab Trail, Grand Canyon National Park, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/6.5394Major Powell Monument 3 miles northwest of village of Grand Canyon; near Hopi Point, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/6.5395Mass Grave in Grand Canyon national Park; victims of air crash, 1960
CP MSS-147:34/6.5396Moment of Sunrise on easter morning, 1954
CP MSS-147:34/6.5397Hopi Feather Dance, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/6.5398Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/6.5399Mass Grave in Grand Canyon National Park; victims of air crash, 1960
CP MSS-147:34/6.5400View of Grand Canyon near Lipton Point; Colorado River can be seen, 1960
CP MSS-147:34/6.5401Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/6.5402View northeast from Mather Point as Highway enters park, 1960
CP MSS-147:34/6.5403Swimming pool at Phantom Ranch, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/6.5404Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/6.5405Looking west from Grand view point, 1960
CP MSS-147:34/6.5406East of Grand Canyon, 1962
CP MSS-147:34/6.5407Stone Corral at Grand Canyon; Making ready for the rock trips on mule back down, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/6.5408Easter sunrise service; from distance across small canyon, 1954
CP MSS-147:34/6.5409Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/6.5410Plane victims (High Terrace) Flagstaff Cemetery, 1962
CP MSS-147:34/6.5411Stone Corral at grand Canyon making ready for mule back trips down; looking north, 1960
CP MSS-147:34/6.5412Point Moran looking northeast, 1960
CP MSS-147:34/6.5413Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/6.5414Powell Monument 3 miles northwest of village of Grand Canyon; Platform, 1960
CP MSS-147:34/6.5415Navajo Indian on rim of Grand Canyon, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/6.5416Looking Northwest from Mohave Point on west drive, 1960
CP MSS-147:34/6.5417Hopi Eagle dance, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/6.5418Chart at Mather Point taken with a telescopic lens; East Canyon Drive, 1960
CP MSS-147:34/6.5419Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/6.5420Rainstorm in Grand Canyon from near Navajo Point; good view of the Colorado River, 1960
CP MSS-147:34/6.5421Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/6.5422Unidentified, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/6.5423Looking west from Grand View Point, Grand Canyon, 1960
CP MSS-147:34/6.5424Decending Kaibab trail, Grand Canyon National Park, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/6.5425Flagstaff grave of plane victims, 1962
CP MSS-147:34/6.5426Raining in the Grand Canyon near Lipton Point, 1960
CP MSS-147:34/6.5427Boat Museum, Grand Canyon, Undated
CP MSS-147:34/6.5428Unidentified, Undated
35 Negatives, Undated
361Book 24 Gila Valley Canals, Casa Grande Area, Undated
361Book 23 Gila Valley Canals, Southside, Undated
37 Canal Viejo, Undated (2 Negatives)
37Book 3 Canal Viejo, Undated
37 Pima Cemetary, Undated (Color Photographs)
37 Guadalupe and Mouth of Pima Canyon, Undated (4 Negatives)
37 Midvale Family Photographs, Undated
37 Prehistoric Irrigation in the Salt River Valley, Undated (Negatives)
37 O. A. Turney, Undated
37 Around Coolidge, Undated
38 Poor Photos North of Coolidge Cemetary, 1946
Also West Bisnaga or Barrel Cactus Ruin.
393 Petroglyph Insect, Undated (Negatives)
411 Midvale Maps, Undated (Negatives)
Series IV: Maps
Maps located in this series are restricted and cannot be made available to patrons in accordance with the Protocols for Native American Archival Materials.
62Map 106 Queen Creek East Half, Undated
62Map 109 Verde Valley by O. A. Turney, 1901
63Map 149 Red Lake Wash Sector, Undated
421Map 60 Salt River Project, Undated (3 Maps)
422Map 89 La Ciudad Area Map, Undated
422AMap 89 La Ciudad Area Map, Undated
423Map 92 Prehistoric Irrigation of the Salt River Valley, Undated (Copy)
424Map 96 Mesa Terrace, Salt River Valley, Undated (Negatives)
425Map 100 Phoenix from Space, Undated
426Map 101 Aerial Photo of Mesa, 1960
427Map 102 Patrick Map #4 (Pueblo Grande), 1903
428Map 103 Water Life Road of Civilization: Maps of Prehistoric and Historic Ditches, Undated
429Map 167 Canal Maps: Horseshoe, Undated
4210Map 169a [Untitled], Undated (Old Linen Map)
4211Map 172 Patrick Early Map (East Half), Undated
4212Map 179 Prehistoric Irrigation of the Salt River Valley, Undated
4213Map 185 Becker Map 46: The Salt River, 1946
4213Map 187 Fort Whipple, North of Prescott, Undated
4214Map 200 Patrick Early Map (East Half), Undated
4215Map 281 Upper Verde Canals, Undated
431Map 169b Map From Territorial Land Office, 1909 (Old Linen Map)
432Map 169c Alhambra and Glendale Area From Territorial Land Office, 1909 (Old Linen Map)
433Map 169d Map From Territorial Land Office, 1909 (Old Linen Map)
434Map 169e Map From Territorial Land Office, 1909 (Old Linen Map)
435Map 169f Map of Tempe From Territorial Land Office, 1909 (Old Linen Map)
436Map 169g Map From Territorial Land Office, 1909 (Old Linen Map)
437Map 169h Map From Territorial Land Office, 1909 (Old Linen Map)
438Map 169i Map of Mesa From Territorial Land Office, 1909 (Old Linen Map)
439Map 169j Map From Territorial Land Office, 1909 (Old Linen Map)
4310Map 169k Map From Territorial Land Office, 1909 (Old Linen Map)
4311Map 169l Map of Tempe From Territorial Land Office, 1909 (Old Linen Map)
441Map 48 Prescott Area, Simmons Coyote Ruin, Undated
441Map 64 Cave Creek Quad., Undated
442Map 74 Unnamed Map of Mesa, Tempe and Los Muertos, Undated
443Map 88 Laveen Quad. Cut - Estrella Ruins and Canal, Undated
444Map 93 Map #92, Undated (Original Photo)
444Map 95a Prehistoric Irrigation Canals in Gila River Valley, Undated
444Map 95b Prehistoric Irrigation of the New River Area, Undated
444Map 95c The Prehistoric Irrigation of the Salt River Valley, Undated
445Map 97 Merrill Map: Prehistoric and Pioneer Mesa, 1970
446Map 104 Mesa and Phoenix Quads., Undated
447Map 161 Chino Wash, Undated
448Map 166 Ft. McDowell Quad: Beeline Highway Ruins, Sheepherder Site, Undated
449Map 171 Phoenix, 1932
4410Map 175 Cave Creek, Undated
4411Map 176 Patrick Early Map (East Half), Undated
4412Map 178 Mesa Terrace, Undated
4413Map 185 Becker Map 46: The Salt River, 1946
4414Map 189 New River Land Owners, Undated
4415Map 193 Prehistoric Ruins and Canal of the Mesa Terrace Area, Undated
451Map 137 James Simmons - Dewey - Granite Reef - Perkinsville, Undated
451Map 140 James W. Simmons Ruins and Terraces, 1940
451Map 145 [Untitled], Undated (Blue Simmons Map; 2 Pieces)
451/OV3Map 148 T24NR2E, 1918
451/OV3Map 150 Red Lake Wash Secctor, Undated
451/OV3Map 277 Mesa Terrace, Undated (Unfinished)
461Map 143 Off Seligman Rd, Undated (Small Simmons Map)
461Map 144 [Untitled], Undated (Small Unfinished Simmons Map)
461Map 223 Turney's Map, 1929 (Copy)
461Map 224 "Lost Races of Arizona", Undated (2 Copies)
461Map 226 Salt River Indian Reservation, Undated
461Map 237 Salt River Project, Undated
461Map 241 City Map of Phoenix, 1915
461Map 242 Turney Maps, 1922 (2 Maps)
461Map 243 Southeast Arizona, Undated
461Map 244 Prehistoric Irrigation of the Salt River Valey (T4NR1E), Undated
461Map 245 The Ancient Landmarks of the Mesa-Lehi Area, Undated
461Map 264 Amended Map of Montezuma Place, 1891
461Map 265 [Untitled], 1932
461Map 268 Unnamed, Undated
461Map 270 Prehistoric Irrigation Canals, 1929
461Map 272 Part of a Compound [Unnamed], Undated (Sketch)
461Map 273 Pre-Classic Site, Undated (Sketch Map)
461Map 274 Mound and Canal Systems (Mesa) [Unnamed], Undated (2 Maps)
461Map 275 [Untitled], Undated (Unfinished Map)
This map depicts an airstrip.
461Map 276 [Untitled], Undated (Unfinished Map; 5 Pieces)
461Map 283 Prehistoric Canals in the Salt River Valley, Undated
47 60: Turney Map Plate, Undated
B1Map 1 Red Mountain Irrigation System, Undated
B1Map 6 Arizona Ball Courts, Undated
B1Map 30 "HEP", 1886 (Linenbacked Map)
B1Map 31 Olberg Maps, Florence, 1916
B1Map 33 The Prehistoric Irrigation of the Salt River Valley, Undated
B1Map 35 Sacaton to Florence Canals, Undated (Illustrated Postcard Map)
B1Map 36 Frontier Military Forts, Undated
B1Map 39 Gila Bend Base Map, Undated
B1Map 40 Sawick Mountain Quad., Undated
B1Map 41 Baldy Mountain Quad, Hieroglyphic Mountains, and Pleasant Reservoir, Undated
B1Map 42 Safford and Duncan Valleys, Undated
B1Map 44 Wickenburg SW Quad., Undated
B1Map 47 Mountezuma Peak Quad., Undated
B1Map 49 Prehistoric Ruins and Irrigation in the Eastern Buckeye Valley, Undated
B1Map 54 Prehistoric Ruins and Irrigation Features in the Horseshoe Reservoir Region, Undated
B1Map 56 Glen Canyon Recreation Area, 1969
B1Map 57 Mesa City, Undated
B1Map 58 Montezuma's Well, Undated
B1Map 59 Untitled Midvale Map of Main Salt River Valley Canal, Undated
B1Map 61 Union Hills Quad, Cave Creek (Union Hills), Undated
B1Map 62 Laveen Arizona Quad., Undated
B1Map 63 Pinal County Map, 1962
B1Map 66 Unnamed Midvale Map, Undated
B1Map 69 Unnamed Midvale Map, Undated
B1Map 72 The Prehistoric Irrigation, 1966
B1Map 73 Midvale New River Map, Undated
B1Map 269 Salt River Valley Canal System, Undated (Unfinished Manila Map)
B2Map 75 "Rough Copy of Work Chart", 1966 July 5 (Linen Map)
B2Map 76 Daisy Mountain Quad, Undated
B2Map 79 Map Showing Indian Reservations in the U.S., 1941
B2Map 80 Mesa Grande, Undated
B2Map 81 The Original Boundaries of Maricopa, 1871
B2Map 82 Prehistoric Reservoir and Ditch at Indian Hot Springs, 1910
B2Map 84 Queek Creek (West Half), Undated
B2Map 85 Salt River Valley (East Half), Undated
B2Map 86 State of Arizona, 1933
B2Map 87 Large Salt River Valley (West Half), Undated
B2Map 90 Gila River Indian Reservation Agricultural Areas and Roads, Undated
B2Map 91 Gila River Indian Reservation Showing Irrigation Wells, Undated
B2Map 98 Prehistoric Irrigation of the New River Area, Undated
B2Map 105 Horseshoe Dam Area, Undated (Linen Copy)
B2Map 107 Arizona State Land Office Map, 1933
B2Map 108 Arizona State Land Office Map, 1933
B3Map 111a Phoenix Zoning Maps, 1950
B3Map 111a Phoenix Zoning Maps, Undated
B3Map 114 U.S. Geological Survey: Phoenix to Geronimo and Horseshoe Dam to Florence, Undated
B3Map 115 System Around Gila Butte and Snaketown, Undated
B3Map 126 Mesa Grande, Undated
B3Map 127 Legal Survey of Mesa Grande, 1961 June
B3Map 128 Map of Prehistoric Irrigation Canals, Undated
B3Map 129 Old Mesa City, Undated
B3Map 130 The Prehistoric Irrigation of the Salt River Valley by Frank Midvale, Undated
B3Map 131 Mesa Grande Ruins, Undated
B3Map 133 Verde Valley (Turney), 1901
B3Map 134 City of Mesa, Undated
Canals marked in red.
B3Map 136 Tonto National Forest, 1934
B3Map 138 Goodwin Map, Undated
B3Map 139 The Federal Aid Highway System Progress Map, 1935
B3Map 142 J. W. Simmons, 1938
B3Map 147 Patrick Early Map, Undated
B3Map 151 Northern Sonora (Lumholtz), Undated
B3Map 157 Mt. Union Quad., Undated
B4Map 162 Coconino National Forest, 1935
B4Map 163 Carl Pleasant Project Lake and Land, 1932
B4Map 164 Yavapai County, Az: Simmons Ruins Map, 1934
B4Map 165 Simmons Sites (Prescott Forest), Undated
B4Map 168 The Prehistoric Irrigation of Salt River Valley, Undated
Map by F. M.
B4Map 174 Simmons' Ruin, 1933
On Turret Butte quadrangle map.
B4Map 177 Patrick Early Map (West Half), Undated
B4Map 184 Phoenix to Bunse, Wickenburg to Gila Bend, Undated
B4Map 188 Gila River Indian Reservation Topographical Map, 1914
B4Map 190 North Colinas, Undated
B4Map 194 The Prehistoric Irrigation of the Salt River Valley, Undated
B4Map 197 Coconino National Forest, 1946
C5Map 203 La Ciudad Area Map, Undated
C5Map 204 San Vincente Quad, Undated
C5Map 208 Maricopa Quad, 1915
C5Map 213 McKeans Laundry Map of Arizona, Undated
C5Map 214 Lonesome Valley, Undated
C5Map 215 The Prehistoric Canals of the Casa Grande (Florence Area), 1946
C5Map 216 Simmons Ruin, Undated
C5Map 217 East Half of Patrick Map, Undated (Copy)
C5Map 218 West Half of Patrick Map, Undated (Copy)
C5Map 219 Patrick Map (West Half), Undated (Line Copy)
C5Map 220 Unnamed Map, 1900
C5Map 221 Prehistoric Irrigation Canals in the Gila River Valley, Undated
C5Map 225 The Prehistoric Irrigation of the Casa Grande Ruins Area, 1926
C5Map 240 City of Mesa, 1968
C5Map 247 State of Arizona, Undated
C5Map 248 Apache National Forest, Undated
C5Map 249 Casa Grande National Monument, Undated
C5Map 280 Salt River, Arizona Canal Area, Undated
C6Map 250 Pinal County, Az., 1942
C6Map 251 Southwestern Monuments, Undated
C6Map 252 Gila National Forest, New Mexico, Undated
C6Map 254 Gila National Forest, 1936
C6Map 255 Gila National Forest, 1931
C6Map 256 Coronado National Forest, 1931
C6Map 257 Sitgreaves National Forest, 1933
C6Map 258 Grazing Map (Cibola National Forest), 1930
C6Map 259 Crook National Forest, 1938
C6Map 260 Tonto National Forest, 1934
C6Map 261 Southwest Arizona and Northwest Arizona, Undated
C6Map 279 Pueblo del Monte Ruin, 1929 (Sketch)
C6Map 284 Prescott National Forest, Undated
C6Map 285 Indian Ruins of the Southwest, Undated
Series V: Illustration Boards
C7Board 1 Prehistoric Irrigation at Horseshoe Lake and Dam Area, Undated
C7Board 2 Prehistoric Canals: Types and Distinguishing Characteristics, Undated
C8Board 3 Prehistoric Irrigation on Verde River, Undated
C8Board 4 Prehistoric Irrigation on the Gila River, Undated
C8Board 5 A Hohokam Farm Unit or Water Distribution System, Undated
C8Board 7 Panel of Snapshots of Various Canals and Artifacts, Undated
C9Board 8 Prehistoric Irrigation Systems, Undated
C9Board 9 New River Canal Cross Section, Undated
C9Board 10 Hohokam Cotton, Undated
C9Board 11 Petrified Canal from Montezuma's Well, Undated
C10Board 12 Three Portions of Panels, Undated
C10Board 13 Frank Midvale (Personal Achievements), Undated
Series VI: Aerial Photographs
412 Mesa, Undated (3 Photographs)
D11Photo 1 Powers Butte, Arlington Mesa, and Hassayampa River Delta, Undated
D11Photo 2 Drag Strip, Undated
D11Photo 3 Red Mountain, Undated
D11Photo 5 Cashion, Undated
D11Photo 6 East of Buckeye, Undated
D11Photo 7 Robbins Butte, Undated
D11Photo 8 Hassayampa River Delta, Undated
D11Photo 9 Buckeye-Allenville, Undated
D11Photo 10 Beeline (Near Country Club Drive), Undated
D11Photo 11 Lehi, Undated
D11Photo 12 Beeline Junction on S.R.I.R., Undated