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Ted Morgan Papers 1983-1988


Overview of the Collection

Creator: Morgan, Ted, 1932-
Title: Ted Morgan Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1983-1988
Quantity: 17 Boxes (20.0 Linear Feet)
Abstract:The bulk of this collection consists of research materials that Ted Morgan gathered between 1983 and 1988 while researching his biography of William Burroughs, Literary Outlaw: The Life and Times of William Burroughs.
Identification: MS SC MOR
Language: Material in English
Repository: Arizona State University Library. Rare Books and Manuscripts
Arizona State University Library
P.O. Box 871006
Tempe, AZ 85287-1006
Phone: (480) 965-4932
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Biographical Note

Journalist and writer Ted Morgan (pseudonym) was born in 1932 in Geneva, Switzerland. His father was a descendant of the de Gramont family, which had aristocratic roots in France. Morgan's given name was Sanche de Gramont, but by 1973 he had legalized his pseudonym Ted Morgan (an anagram of de Gramont).

Morgan earned his B.A. (summa cum laude) from Yale University in 1954 and his M.S. from Columbia University's School of Journalism in 1955. Morgan became a naturalized United States citizen in 1977.

Morgan's journalistic career included employment as a reporter with the Worcester Telegram, the Associated Press, and the New York Herald-Tribune. He has been a freelance journalist since 1964. Morgan has been honored with a number of awards, including the Pulitzer Prize (1961), the Front Page Award of the New York Newspaper Guild (1975 and 1976), the Deadline Club (New York) Award (1976), and the New York Bar Association Media Award (1975).

Morgan published seven books as Sanche de Gramont in addition to several more as Ted Morgan, including On Becoming an American (1978), Maugham (1980), Young Man in a Hurry (Churchill 1874-1915) (1982), FDR: A Biography (1985), Literary Outlaw (1988), and An Uncertain Hour (1990).

Scope and Content Note

The bulk of this collection consists of research materials that Ted Morgan gathered between 1983 and 1988 while researching his biography of William Burroughs, Literary Outlaw: The Life and Times of William Burroughs. William Seward Burroughs (1914-1997), a founder of the counter-culture movement, is one of the literary figures identified with the Beat Generation. A prose-poet, Burroughs was known as an experimental innovator of forms (for example, the "cut-up" technique), form ideas, and unique narrative techniques and moods in his writings. He was the grandson of adding machine inventor and Burroughs Adding Machine Company Founder William Burroughs (1855-1898).

The collection contains audio cassette tapes and partial transcripts of Morgan's interviews with Burroughs contemporaries, notes of untaped interviews, notes taken on written materials, copies of correspondence (usually photocopied from University or library sources), correspondence, manuscript texts, and photographs. Monographs that Morgan collected for background reading have been cataloged separately. A title list is located in Box 1, Folder 2.

Series I: Personal contains biographical information about Morgan, book reviews, and three of Morgan's spiral notebooks with detailed notes.

Series II: Correspondence relates directly to developing resources and leads, researching, writing, revising, and publishing Literary Outlaw, and subsequent litigation. Many letters answer Morgan's requests for interviews, requests for permission to use certain material, or contain reminiscences, suggestions for revisions, and general comments on the biography.

Series III: Research Materials has been arranged primarily according to Morgan's original alphabetical order. This series houses photocopies of Burroughs' correspondence with such figures as Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, and Paul Bowles as well as Ted Morgan's notes and transcriptions of taped interviews. Of particular interest is the photocopied correspondence between Burroughs and his son, William S. "Billy" Burroughs Jr., Billy Burroughs' journals, and medical records located in Box 6 documenting Billy Burroughs' 1976 liver transplant and follow-up.

Series IV: Literary Outlaw Drafts and Revisions contains manuscript texts and an uncorrected proof of Literary Outlaw. Some of these drafts include comments from William S. Burroughs and James Grauerholz.

Series V: Photographs houses images considered for or used in Literary Outlaw.

Series VI: Oral Interview Tapes contains cassette tapes of oral history interviews housed in card-file boxes.


This collection consists of seventeen boxes divided into six series:
Series I: Personal
Series II: Correspondence
Series III: Research Materials
Sub-Series A: Research Subjects, A-B
Sub-Series B: William S. Burroughs Biography
Sub-Series C: William S. Burroughs Correspondence
Sub-Series D: William S. Burroughs Notes and Tape Transcriptions
Sub-Series E: William S. "Billy" Burroughs III
Sub-Series F: Research Subjects, C-W
Series IV: Literary Outlaw Drafts and Revisions
Series V: Photographs
Sub-Series A: Photographs Used in Literary Outlaw
Sub-Series B: Photographs Not Used in Literary Outlaw
Sub-Sub-Series i: General
Sub-Sub-Series ii: Acted Out Scenes from Andre Gide's The Counterfeiters on Morningside Heights

Sub-Series C: Unnumbered and Identified Photographs
Sub-Series D: Unnumbered and Unidentified Photographs
Series VI: Oral Interview Tapes


Access Restrictions

Photocopy Policy: Transcripts of interview tapes and photocopies of materials held at other repositories may not be photocopied.

Taped Interviews: Access will be granted to persons engaged in scholarly research who possess a letter of introduction from a qualified scholar. However, by allowing auditing access, Archives and Special Collections has not granted permission to publish. Duplication of these tapes is prohibited.

Permission to Publish: Researchers wishing to quote from words spoken on interview tapes should refer to the interviewee and may be required to furnish a transcript of the quotation.

Duplication of any photographs made by Clayton Patterson is prohibited without the advance written consent of Mr. Patterson. Contact the Head of Archives & Special Collections to receive instructions for how to contact Mr. Patterson. Approved uses of these photographs shall always be presented and associated with the citation Clayton Patterson Photographs.

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Arizona State University does not own copyright to this collection. Distinctive Collections recognizes that it is incumbent upon the researcher to procure permission to publish information from this collection from the owner of the copyright.

Related Material

Numerous publications have been separated from this collection and cataloged into the Hayden Library Special Collections stacks under call numbers beginning with "SPEC MOR". A title list of these materials is located in Box 1, Folder 2.

Access Terms

Personal Name(s)
Burroughs, William S., 1914-1997.
Burroughs, William S., 1947-1981.
Morgan, Ted, 1932- -- Archives.
Morgan, Ted, 1932- -- Correspondence.
Morgan, Ted, 1932- Literary Outlaw.

Novelists, American -- 20th century -- Biography.

Administrative Information

Credit Line

Ted Morgan Papers, MS SC MOR. Arizona State University Library: Rare Books and Manuscripts.


Arizona State University purchased these papers from Ted Morgan in 1989 to complement the Burroughs materials purchased from Robert H. Jackson in 1984. A deed of gift to ASU was signed on December 15, 1990 by William S. Burroughs in order to account for items that were Burroughs' personal property that had been loaned to Morgan. Morgan mistakenly sold these materials (manuscripts, photocopied letters, photographs, and books) to ASU. They are indicated with a * in this guide. James W. Grauerholz, Director, William S. Burroughs communications, prepared a checklist with notes during visits to Special Collections in 1989 and 1990 that has been incorporated into this guide.

Container List

Series I: Personal
11 Biographical Information, Undated
12 Morgan's "inventory" of collection, Undated
Includes a list of oral history tapes.
13 Book jackets, Literary Outlaw, Undated (5 Items)
14 Reviews of Literary Outlaw, Undated
15 Reviews of other books, Undated
16 Red Steno notebook, Undated
17 Yellow spiral notebook, Undated
18 Spiral notebook, Undated
Series II: Correspondence
19 Sources/Contacts Information, Undated
Names, addresses and telephone numbers of Burroughs sources and leads.
110 Library and private holdings of Wm. S. Burroughs manuscripts, Undated
Listing of institutions holding Burroughs and Beat related original source material. Memo regarding proposed disposition of Burroughs papers.
111 Correspondence from libraries to Ted Morgan Regarding Manuscripts and Letters, 1985 March-May
112 Correspondence from libraries to Ted Morgan, 1985 June-1986 August
113 Correspondence, James Grauerholz and William S. Burroughs to Ted Morgan, 1979-1985
114 Correspondence, James Grauerholz and William S. Burroughs to Ted Morgan, 1986-1989
21 Correspondence, Holt, Rienhart (publishers) to Ted Morgan, 1985-1989
22 Letters to Ted Morgan: Ansen, Alan, 1984-1988
23 Letters to Ted Morgan: B, Undated
24 Letters to Ted Morgan: Bowles, Paul, 1984-1985
25 Letters to Ted Morgan: C, Undated
26 Letters to Ted Morgan: Carr, Lucien, 1987-1988
27 Letters to Ted Morgan: DeBakey, Teina, 1985-1986
28 Letters to Ted Morgan: DeGrazia, Edward, 1986
29 Letters to Ted Morgan: Dillon, Richard, 1985-1988
210 Letters to Ted Morgan: Elvins, Peter, 1985-1988
211 Letters to Ted Morgan: G, Undated
212 Letters to Ted Morgan: Girodias, Maurice, 1986-1988
213 Letters to Ted Morgan: Grady-O'Connor, Panna, 1985-1986
214 Letters to Ted Morgan: Jackson, Robert H., 1985-1988
215 Letters to Ted Morgan: Kush, 1985
217 Letters to Ted Morgan: M, Undated
218 Letters to Ted Morgan: Meyer, Stewart, 1987-1988
219 Letters to Ted Morgan: Morgan, Bill, 1985-1988
220 Letters to Ted Morgan: Nicosia, Gerry, 1986-1988
221 Letters to Ted Morgan: Nowicki, Ron, 1986
222 Letters to Ted Morgan: Parker (Kerouac), Edie, 1985-1988
223 Letters to Ted Morgan: Pelieu, Claude, 1987
224 Letters to Ted Morgan: S, Undated
225 Letters to Ted Morgan: Sommerville, Edith, 1985
226 Letters to Ted Morgan: Starzl, Thomas E., MD., PhD, Undated
227 Letters to Ted Morgan: V-Z, Undated
228 Letters to Ted Morgan: Woolfe, Marianne, (Elvin's wife), 1985
229 Letters to Ted Morgan: Miscellaneous, Undated
31 Letters to Ted Morgan Regarding Reactions to Biography, A-E, 1988-1989
Includes de Borchgave (Washington Times); Ann Prewitt-Eaton
32 Letters to Ted Morgan Regarding Reactions to Biography, F-M, 1988-1989
33 Letters to Ted Morgan Regarding Reactions to Biography, N-Z, 1988-1989
Includes John O'Mara (Green Valley School); Claude Pelieu; Stanford University (re: Woolman); Amanda Urban (International Creative Management, re: film rights in biography).
34 Miscellaneous correspondence, 1989
35 Litigation correspondence: Alfred deGrazia, 1989
Regarding deGrazia vs. Holt - Holt legal department correspondence; Robert Goodman and copyright status of photograph.
Series III: Research Materials
Sub-Series A: Research Subjects, A-B
36 American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters, Undated
37 Ansen, Alan: Notes, Tape Transcripts, and Photocopies of Letters, Undated
38 Bacon, Francis, Undated
39 Beat Hotel, Undated
Includes 12 pages of transcripts of Bill Belli tapes; Sinclair Beiles letter, notes.
310 Beat Movement, leader of, Undated
311 Bockris, Victor, Undated
Contains additional transcript of Jeff Goldberg tape.
312 Bowles, Paul: Photocopied Letters, Notes, and Tape Transcripts, 1959-1963
Includes photocopies of Paul Bowles' letters to John Montgomery, 1959-1963; 12 pages of typed notes, Paul, Texas and Tangier; 19 pages of transcripts of Paul Bowles' tapes. Notes, Bowles to Jackson.
313 Brookner, Howard, Undated
314 Budd, David, Undated
315 Burroughs Corporation: history, annual report, 1984
316 Burroughs Corporation: photocopied periodical articles, Undated
317 Burroughs Corporation: Notes, Undated
318 Burroughs Family: Letter from James Grauerholz to Ted Morgan, 1985 October 25
Discusses Burroughs' reminiscences on childhood and family *[see Provenance]; notes, Jackson.
319 Burroughs, Joan Vollmer: Photocopies of letter from Joan to "Allen", 1947, 1949
Includes typewritten notes from Joan's letters to Edie Kerouac, which Ted Morgan examined.
Sub-Series B: William S. Burroughs Biography
41 Notes and Transcripts, 1975
"Outtakes"; notes on the art of biography; Morgan essay on his FDR biography; Burroughs' transcript in response to book by John Tytell, Naked Angels: the Lives & Literature of the Beat Generation, December 1975. *[see Provenance]. Driving lesson.
42 Character, curses, Undated
43 Childhood, Undated
Sub-Series C: William S. Burroughs Correspondence
44 Burroughs to Paul Bowles, 1958-1965, 1975-1979
These photocopies were made from originals on deposit at Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, University of Texas at Austin; and University of Delaware Library.
45 Burroughs to Jack Kerouac, 1950-1962
Photocopies include one letter to Allen Ginsberg, 1959 June 8.
46 Burroughs to Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac, 1940 (Photocopies)
47 Burroughs to Allen Ginsberg, 1950-1952 (Photocopies)
48 Burroughs to Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac, 1950-1952 (Photocopies)
49 Burroughs to Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac, 1953-1957
Yage letters re: Burroughs' search for the hallucinogenic drug called yage, made by Indian tribes from the inner bark of a vine. Notes of James W. Grauerholz's deletions in Letters to Allen Ginsberg, 1953-1957.
410 Burroughs to Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac, 1957-1959 (Photocopies)
Includes a letter to Kerouac, 1957 December 4.
411 Burroughs Correspondence, 1960-1962
Letter to William Belli, 1960 July 6; letters to Ginsberg; excerpts of "current work" and methods; letter to Kerouac, 1962.
412 Burroughs Correspondence, 1964-1965
Includes "Palm Sunday Tape", 1965.
These photocopies were made from originals at the Department of Special Collections, Spencer Library. University Of Kansas, Washington University Libraries.
413 Burroughs Correspondence, 1970s
Includes a letter from Burroughs to Sanche de Gramont (Ted Morgan), 1974 April 22.
Sub-Series D: William S. Burroughs Notes and Tape Transcriptions
This sub-series houses partial typed transcriptions of Morgan's interview tapes with Burroughs and others, notes of untaped interviews, notes copied from written materials, background notes describing the social and literary scene by decade, and some photocopies of correspondence.
414 Burroughs Material Regarding Harvard University, 1932-1936
Includes Robert Miller and Richard Stern tape transcripts.
415 Burroughs Material, 1940s
Transcripts from Burroughs' tapes, 1985 December and Chandler Brossard tape; notes from correspondence. Topics include William and wartime, Algiers, Louisiana and New York.
416 Burroughs Material, 1950s
1950's scene. Notes from Burroughs' correspondence; Philip Whalen letter to Burroughs; notes, Jacques Stern and others. O'Neil text piece of Beats, description of rolls of film showing Burroughs in his haunts in Paris, 1959 prepared for Life 1959 November interview.
51 Burroughs Material, 1960s
52 Burroughs Material Regarding the 1968 Democratic Convention (Chicago, Ill.), 1968
53 Burroughs Material, 1970s
Includes "1978 James" tape and notes; "1979" notes; Jacques Stern tapes; Raymond Foye tape; and Liz Strickland letters.
54 Burroughs Periodical Articles, 1984
Photocopies of periodical articles on Burroughs, including "The Most Dangerous Man In The World. His unplot and unwrites and now he belongs to ASU", New Times, 1984 December 5
55 Burroughs Material, 1980-1981, 1987
Photocopies of letters from Burroughs to Brion Gysin, 1980-1981. Notes of 1987 River City Reunion, a "gathering of the counter culture tribe", Naropa, Leary and Trungpa.
56 Burroughs tapes, 1983 June, November
Transcripts of Morgan's first two trips to interview Burroughs. 69; 16 pages.
57 Burroughs tapes, 1984-1985
Ted Morgan in Kansas.
58 "Finale", Undated
Approximately 60 pages of William S. Burroughs' unpublished manuscript photocopied, being first-draft work on Burroughs' text then titled "Memories".* [See Provenance]
Sub-Series E: William S. "Billy" Burroughs III
59 Diary, 1978-1979
Photocopies of Billy's journal entries. (blue notebook). See also Teina de Bakey's letter of 1985 May 30 in Box 2, Folder 7.
510 Letters to Billy Burroughs, 1974-1980
Photocopied letters by Burroughs to Billy Burroughs from Burroughs' own files. "CB: Untyped", on some. *[see Provenance]
61 Letters to Billy Burroughs, 1973-1980
62 Correspondence, 1974-1978
Photocopies of correspondence between Billy, Burroughs and James Grauerholz, 1974-1979. Letter from Allen Ginsberg to Dr. Richard Warner, 1978 March 5 re: condition of William S. Burroughs, Jr.
63 Morgan's Notes Regarding Billy Burroughs' Liver Transplant, 1976
Ted Morgan's notes on liver transplants; notes on Billy's medical history and liver transplant operation (1976 August 26). Periodical articles; information on Dr. Thomas Starzl, pioneer liver transplant surgeon.
64 Diaries, Manuscripts, Medical Information, and Notes Regarding Billy Burroughs' Liver Transplant, Undated
Includes Photocopies of Billy's diaries. Manuscript of "Fury is a Sign of Life" by William Burroughs Jr. Photocopies of Billy's medical files from University of Colorado Medical Center, Denver, Colo. Photocopy of William Burroughs' autopsy report.
65 Notes and Transcripts Regarding Billy Burroughs, 1985
Transcripts of Burroughs' 1985 interview tape; notes from diaries, interviews, correspondence with Teina de Bakey, James Grauerholz.
66 Notes and Transcriptions of Taped Oral Interviews, Undated
Interviews discuss Billy, Teina de Bakey, Joanne Kyger, Dr. Thomas Starzl, Dr. Richard Warner, Nancy Barfield, George van Hilsheimer, John Steinbeck, Jr., Judy Coffee, Ursla Schaefer, Virginia Smith, and others.
Sub-Series F: Research Subjects, C-W
67 Calder, John, Undated
68 Carr, Lucien, Undated
69 Cassady, Neil, Undated
71 Chase, Hal, Undated
72 Cities of the Red Night, Undated
Morgan's typed notes and photocopies of articles on the controversy of linking AIDS virus to Africa.
73 Cobblestone Gardens, Undated
Typescript by Burroughs.
74 Cohen, Ira, Undated
75 Corso, Gregory: Correspondence, Undated
Ted Morgan's notes on Corso correspondence, varied sources, photocopies of letters.
76 Corso, Gregory: Tape Transcripts, Undated
77 Counter-culture, Undated
Notes on the counter-culture phenomenon; also transcript of Les Levine tape.
78 Cut-Ups, Undated
79 De Chadenedes, John Letters from Burroughs, 1972-1973 (Photocopies)
710 Drugs, Undated
Morgan's notes on William and drugs, methadone. Photocopies of "William Burroughs on Narcotic Drugs" from 3 interviews with Bill Butler; Thomas De Quincy.
These photocopies were made from originals in Special Collections, Northwestern University
711 Drugs: Dr. Dent, Undated
Also transcript from Ira Jaffe tape. "Early Routines". See also Routines.
712 Edinburgh Conference, 1962 August 20-24
A five day conference organized by John Calder as part of Edinburgh Art Festival.
713 Elvins, Kells, Undated
Transcript of Peter Elvin's oral interview tapes. Notes from William S. Burroughs on Kells Elvins; photocopies of Burroughs letter to Mrs. Laurie, Kells' mother.
714 Ferlinghetti, Lawrence, Undated
715 Froge, Gait, Undated
716 Ginsberg, Allen, 1950s (Photocopies)
717 Ginsberg Correspondence, 1950s
Morgan notes from correspondence, varied sources.
718 Ginsberg Correspondence, 1960s (Photocopies)
719 Ginsberg Notes, Undated
Morgan's notes taken from various sources; correspondence, "Jane letters", Ginsberg film outtakes, Allen "deposit", and Allen tapes transcripts.
720 Ginsberg Notes and Transcriptions, Undated
Transcripts of Ginsberg tapes; transcript of an interview with Richard ______ with Ginsberg on June 27, 19__.
721 Giorno, John, Undated
Transcripts of tapes; notes, some from R.H. Jackson, Vaduz notes.
722 Giorno, John, Undated
Manuscript; "I've known the best minds of my generation...", working title.
723 Girodias, Maurice, 1986
Notes and tapes. Letter from Girodias to Samuel Beckett, 1986 September 17.
724 Grady, Panna, Undated
725 Grauerholz, James W., 1971-1987
Includes chronology 1978-1983; Paulk Family notes; notes from tapes, journals; notes on JWG first meeting with Burroughs; JWG page outline of second half of Morgan's first draft of biography.
81 Gysin, Brion, Undated
82 Gysin Tape Transcripts and Notes, Undated
Includes Jackson notes; Gysin and Burroughs correspondence; Gysin biography draft and notes.
83 Hardy, Cabell, Undated
Notes; transcript from Hardy interview tapes; William Burroughs remark on Hardy; Jonathan Robbins notes.
84 Hinkles, Al and Helen, Undated
85 "Hippos", 1945
Reference to Burroughs-Kerouac 1945 unpublished manuscript.
86 Holmes, John Clellon, Undated
87 Homosexuality, Undated
88 Huncke, Herbert, Undated (Photocopies)
Notes from tapes.
89 Junky, Undated
Terry Southern 1977 film project. Includes Terry Southern tape notes; Burroughs on Jacques Stern.
810 Kerouac, Jack, Correspondence, 1940s
811 Kerouac, Jack, Correspondence, 1950s
812 Kerouac, Jack, Correspondence, 1960s
813 Kerouac, Jack and Edie Parker, Undated
Notes from oral interviews tapes. Edie: Jack's first wife. Morgan notes.
814 Kingsland, John, Undated
815 Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction, Undated
816 Korzybski, Alfred, Count, Undated
817 Leary, Timothy, 1971
Morgan's notes; notes from Jackson; notes from Leary tape. "Declaration of Independence for Dr. T. Leary, July 4, 1971".
These photocopies were made from originals at the Special Collections Department, Northwestern University Library.
818 Lee, Ivy (1877-1934), Undated
William S. Burroughs' uncle.
818 Levine, Les, Undated
See also Box 7, Folder 7.
819 Los Alamos Ranch School: Notes, 1985
Grauerholz notes; Burroughs' talk re: Los Alamos, 1985 February 20 (incomplete). Arthur Chase and Roger Scudder tape notes.
820 Los Alamos Ranch School, Undated
Los Alamos Historical Museum letter to Morgan, addresses. When Los Alamos Was a Ranch School; other articles about Los Alamos, N.M.
821 Lou-Anne, Undated
822 Lowe, Steven, Undated
823 Mailer, Norman, Undated
824 Marker, Lewis Adelbert, 1985
Notes, Burroughs letter to Ginsberg; Ticket That Exploded extracts, re: Lewis Marker. Eddie Wood's sister (June Overgaard) tape; transcripts from Marker's tapes; transcripts from Eddie wood's tapes; Queer extracts re: Marker; Marker letter to Morgan, 1985 February 4.
825 Mason, Felicity, Undated
826 Mexico, 1949-1985
Includes Excelsior copies, 1951 Mexico City newspaper accounts of Joan Vollmer's death; Mexico City atmosphere notes; transcript of 1985 taped interviews.
827 Meyer, Stuart, Undated
Meyer letter to Morgan; Meyer memo; transcripts from Meyer tape.
828 Mezzrow, Mezz. "Reminiscence of Mezz Mezzrow" by Buddy Blacklock, Undated
829 "Miggy" (Margaret) Burroughs, Undated
Wife of Mortimer, Burroughs's sister-in-law.
91 Naked Lunch: Publishing, Undated
Includes notes and transcript of Seavers' oral interview tape. Notes; Wylie/Seaver/James; notes on Andrew Wylie; Barney Rosset tape transcripts and notes.
92 Naked Lunch: Critique, Undated
Critique by Lydenberg; notes on meaning, criticism, reviews. Photocopy of interview with William S. Burroughs by Gregory Corso and Allen Ginsberg.
These photocopies were made from originals at the Special Collections Department of Northwestern University Library.
93 Naked Lunch: Publication and 1965 obscenity trial, 1959-1965
Photocopies of correspondence and notes, Seaver, Girodias, Rosset, William S. Burroughs and Grove Press on publication and obscenity trial. Also Edw. De Grazia correspondence photocopies.
94 Naked Lunch: Censorship, Undated
Notes on Edward de Grazia, lawyer for Grove Press.
95 Naked Lunch: Grove Press Contract, 1960
96A-06E Naked Lunch Materials, 1960-1965
Includes brief, transcripts from obscenity trial; photocopies of Burroughs' art; correspondence.
These photocopies were made from originals at Temple University, Northwestern University, Lilly Library, University of Indiana, Special Collections, Homer Babbidge Library, University of Connecticut.
101 Naropa Institute, 1985
Flyers on William Burroughs's Conference, Naropa Summer Institute 1985. Ted Morgan's essay on Burroughs' biography (given at Naropa, 1985). Notes on Naropa from Wm. Corso and Allen Ginsberg tapes.
102 New York (William), 1940s-1975
Notes on Burroughs and NY in the 1940's, some being original typed notes, tape transcripts and research on Burroughs' residences and experiences in NY made by James Grauerholz in NY in 1974-75. *[see Provenance]
103 Norse, Harold, Undated
104 "Nova Convention", 1978
Notes on the 1978 "Nova Convention", notes from oral interviews tapes of Brion Gysin; James Grauerholz.
105 Nova Express, 1961-1963
Photocopies of correspondence on the publication of Nova Express between Barney Rosset and Burroughs, 1961-1963.
These photocopies were made from originals at Syracuse.
106 Orlovsky, Peter, Undated
107 Place of Dead Roads, Undated
Notes on writing the trilogy Red Night, Place of Dead Roads and Western Lands. Typescript of M. White's "Blast on Through, A Review of The Place of Dead Roads".
108 Portman, Mikey, Undated
109 Prentice, David, Undated
1010 Queer, Undated
See also Box 8, Folder 24.
1011 Reich, Wilhelm, Undated
1012A Resenthal, Irving, Undated
1012B Rosset, Barney, Undated
See Box 9, Folder 1 for information regarding Naked Lunch publishing and Box 10, Folder 5 for information regarding Nova Express.
1013 Routines, Undated
Photocopy of "Dream City", by William Lee (Burroughs) and photocopy of The Moving Times.
Photocopy of "Dream City" was made from original on deposit in Butler Library at Columbia University.
1014 Routines [Early], 1972
Notes and autobiography. Burroughs' notes on "Lee"; "Casting Notes" (a reference to Naked Lunch film project and Gysin, 1972). Also "The Driving Lesson"; "The Junkie's Christmas".
1015 Schultes, Richard Evans "Doc", Undated
Notes; notes from Schultes tape; notes on Burroughs's search for yage specimens.
1016 Scientology, Undated
Burroughs/Morgan rewrite on Scientology.
1017A Scientology, 1972
Notes; tapes transcription. Copy of reviews of Inside Scientology by Burroughs, originally appearing in Rolling Stone, 1972 October 26. Copy of 1967 typescript on Scientology.
These photocopies were made from originals at Special Collections, Spencer Library, University of Kansas.
1017B Seaver, Richard/ Andrew Wylie, Undated
See also Box 9, Folder 1 for information regarding Naked Lunch publication.
1018 Solomon, Carl, Undated
1019 Sommerville, Ian/Alan Watson/Barry Miles, 1985
Includes Alan Watson tape (Paris, January, 1985); James W. Grauerholz on Ian Sommerville; Burroughs on Sommerville. Bill Levy, Natural Jew Boy, pgs. 70-79. Barry Miles on Ian Sommerville and James Grauerholz.
1020 Southern, Terry, Undated
See also Box 8, Folder 9 for information regarding movie project.
1021 St. Louis, Undated
1022 Tangier, Undated
1023 Texas, Undated
1024 Thomas, Mack, Undated
1025A Tuck, Porter, Undated
1025B Vollmer, Joan, Undated
See also Box 3, Folder 19.
111A Western Lands, Undated
See also Box 10, Folder 7.
111B Welch, Denton, Undated
112 Wild Boys, Ports of Saints, Exterminator!, Undated
113 White, Michael Letter to Ted Morgan, 1985 September
Works by Michael White, "Dreams, Drugs & Altered Reality: A Conversation with Wm. Burroughs". Proposed table of contents: "After Me the Deluge". See also Box 10, Folder 7.
114 Writing (Burroughs) - Critiques, Undated
Notes on critiques and criticism, various reviews. Copy of "Wm. Burroughs & the Algebra of Need".
These photocopies were made from originals in the Calder and Boyer manuscripts, Lilly Library, University of Indiana.
115 Writing (Burroughs), 1978
General Morgan notes on Burroughs' writing; William Dream notes (1978).
116 Writing: publication, Undated
General Morgan notes on Burroughs' individual works.
117 Writing: Texts, 1965 (Photocopies)
Copies of manuscripts; "Have You Seen Slotless City?", "Foreword to a Brief History of the Occupation/Cut Cut", "The Reply" by Allen Ginsberg, "Cuts from 'Word Line', William Burroughs for Hassan i Sabbah", "Salt Chunk Mary", "Dream of the City," by William Lee (Burroughs).
These photocopies were made from originals at Originals at Special Collections Department, Northwestern University.
Series IV: Literary Outlaw Drafts and Revisions
121 Outline, Undated
First draft of outline for Literary Outlaw, with chapter summaries and themes, with corrections. 22 pp.
122 Original First Full Draft, Undated (1 of 2)
First half of Morgan's typed manuscript; holographic annotations and revisions by W. S. Burroughs in his hand, and by James Grauerholz. 390pp.
131 Original First Full Draft, Undated (2 of 2)
Second half of Morgan's typed manuscript of Literary Outlaw. Ted Morgan's manuscript with W. S. Burroughs's and James Grauerholz's annotations and revisions.
132 Biography Drafts of "Billy" Burroughs, Undated
Miscellaneous notes and acknowledgements. Draft of the "Billy" chapter with notes by Dr. Leonard Makowka (red, blue ink) and Dr. Thomas E. Starzl (yellow ink), relating to medical terminology on liver transplants.
133 Second Draft Notes, Undated
W. S. Burroughs notes for Ted Morgan, 1987 April 23.
141 Literary Outlaw Manuscript, Undated (Photocopy; Box 1)
"Author's copy". Annotations by Lucien Carr and Holt editor.
142 Second Half, Undated (Photocopy; Box 2)
151-5 Corrected Manuscript; Assembly of First Draft. (JWG note), Undated
16 Uncorrected Proof of Literary Outlaw, 1998
See also Box 7, Folder 23 for James Grauerholz' page by page comments on Morgan's first draft of the biography.
Series V: Photographs
These photographs were either considered for or published in Literary Outlaw. Photographs are black and white and 8" x 10" unless otherwise indicated. Morgan's list and photo credit information are included.
Sub-Series A: Photographs Used in Literary Outlaw
171APMOR-1 Wm Burroughs, Sr. [Burroughs archive], Undated (5" x 7")
Inventor of adding machine and Burroughs' paternal grandfather.
171BPMOR-2 Billy Burroughs at the Los Alamos Ranch School, age 15. [Los Alamos County Historical Museum], Undated (5" x 7 1/4")
171CPMOR-3 A. J. Connell, director of the Ranch School and his dog Peggy. [Los Alamos County Historical Museum], Undated (8" x 10 1/2")
171DPMOR-4 Billy (1st row, left) and classmates at Los Alamos Ranch School. [Los Alamos County Historical Museum], 1929
171EPMOR-5 Edith Parker. [Edith Dietz on back], 1944 (5" x 7")
Parker married Jack Kerouac. She and Joan Vollmer shared an apartment near Columbia University, where founders of Beat Generation gathered.
171FPMOR-6 Joan Vollmer, Burroughs' common-law wife. [Ginsberg Deposit, Columbia University], Undated
172APMOR-7 Allen Ginsberg, Lucien Carr & Burroughs in the Columbia days. [Ginsberg Deposit, Columbia University], Undated
172BPMOR-8 Joan Vollmer shortly before her death in 1951. [Ginsberg Deposit, Columbia University], circa 1951
172CPMOR-9 Burroughs being questioned in the shooting of his wife, Mexico City. [Ginsberg Deposit, Columbia University], 1951
172DPMOR-10 Burroughs & Kiki. [Ginsberg Deposit, Columbia University], 1957
172EPMOR-11 Kells Elvins in a visit to Tangier. [Ginsberg Deposit, Columbia University], Undated
Elvins was Burroughs' boyhood friend.
173APMOR-12 Maurice Girodias [Robert Doisneau], Undated (6 3/4" x 9 1/4")
Girodias first published Naked Lunch.
173BPMOR-13 The psychedelic summer of 1961, Tangie. [Ginsberg Deposit, Columbia University], 1961
Left to right, Michey Portman, Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, Alan Ansen, Gregory Corso, Ian Commervilla. Sitting, Paul Bowles.
173CPMOR-14 Jack Kerouac shortly before his death in 1969. [Ginsberg Deposit, Columbia University], 1969
173DPMOR-15 Billy & his father not long after Billy's liver transplant in 1976 [Ginsberg Deposit, Columbia University], Undated (#20A frame)
173EPMOR-16 Peter Orlovsky & Billy not long before Billy's death in 1981 [Burroughs archive], 1981 (3 1/2" x5")
173PMOR-17 Two masters of the macabre: Burroughs & Charles Addams [Clayton], 1986 (2 items; Black & white 5" x 7"; Color: 5" x3 1/2")
Sub-Series B: Photographs Not Used in Literary Outlaw
Sub-Sub-Series i: General
174A(PMOR-18; Old #3) Methodist minister Wideman Lee, Burroughs' maternal grandfather. [Burroughs archive], Undated
174B(PMOR-19; Old #6) Billy at age 5 in sailor suit. [Burroughs archive], Undated
Sub-Sub-Series ii: Acted Out Scenes from Andre Gide's The Counterfeiters on Morningside Heights
174C(PMOR-20; Old #11) Hal Chase and Kerouac. [Ginsberg Deposit, Columbia University], Undated
174D(PMOR-21; Old #12) Hal Chase and Burroughs. [Ginsberg Deposit, Columbia University], Undated
174E(PMOR-22; Old #13) Indoors, Burroughs and Kerouac. [Burroughs archive], Undated (4" x 5")
174F(PMOR-23; Old #14) Herbert Huncke. [Louis R. Cartwright photo], Undated (3 1/2" x 5")
174G(PMOR-24; Old #20) Burroughs and a pregnant Joan in East Texas. [Ginsberg Deposit, Columbia University], 1947
174H(PMOR-25; Old #27) Burroughs and English gangster Paul Lund. [Ginsberg Deposit, Columbia University], Undated
174I(PMOR-26; Old #29) Burroughs getting some exercise in Bay of Tangier. [Burroughs archive], Undated (3 1/2" x 4 1/2")
174J(PMOR-27; Old #30) Burroughs in London when he took the apo-morphine cure. [Burroughs archive], 1958
175A(PMOR-28; Old #32) Brion Gysin at the time of his Fulbright. [Burroughs archive], 1929
175B(PMOR-29; Old #33) Harold Norse, Burroughs and Brion Gysin, veterans of the Beat Hotel. [Burroughs archive], Undated (4 1/2" x 3 1/2"; Color)
175C(PMOR-30; Old #43) Billy Burroughs at 18 at Green Valley School. [Burroughs archive], Undated (5" x 7")
175D(PMOR-31; Old #44) Burroughs in New York. 210 Center St. Picture by Brion Gysin. [Burroughs archive], 1965 (2 1/2" x 4")
175E(PMOR-32; Old #48) Table scene, Burroughs with Panna Grady and Andy Warhol. [Panna Grady], Undated (5" x 7"; Negative)
175F(PMOR-33) Table scene, other view, Undated (5" x 7"; Negative)
175G(PMOR-34; Old #50) Burroughs with Francis Bacon. [Burroughs archive], Undated
175H(PMOR-35; Old #52) Burroughs with Tennessee Williams. [Burroughs archive], Undated (5" x 7")
175I(PMOR-36-37; Old #58-59) Burroughs demonstrating martial arts, Lawrence, KS. [Burroughs archive], Undated (4 1/4" x 3 1/2"; Color)
Sub-Series C: Unnumbered and Identified Photographs
176A(PMOR-38) Burroughs and animal. [Nigel Finch on back], Undated (Negative)
176B(PMOR-39) Allen Ansen[?], Burroughs and James Grauerholz, Photo by Avrom Robin, circa 1987
176C(PMOR-40) Burroughs at Naked Lunch book signing. Also Allen Ginsberg. Photo by Avrom Robin, circa 1987
176D(PMOR-41) Burroughs and Ginsberg. Photo by Avrom Robin, circa 1987
176E(PMOR-42) Booksigning, Naked Lunch. Photo by Avrom Robin, circa 1987
176F(PMOR-43) Burroughs and Unidentified. Photo by Avrom Robin, circa 1987
176G(PMOR-44) Burroughs and Hans Hafman, Undated (5" x 3 1/2")
176H(PMOR-45) Photograph inscribed "For Ted, Ira Cohen", Undated
177A(PMOR-46) Burroughs and 16 year old Billy in Tangier, 1963 (5" x 7"; Color Clipping)
See TM list #29 and book.
177B(PMOR-47) William S. Burroughs, Undated
177C(PMOR-48) Edie (Parker) Kerouac and grandmother, 1943 (3 1/2" x 5")
177D(PMOR-49) Edie (Parker) Kerouac, 1943 (3 1/2" x 5")
177E(PMOR-50) Edie (Parker) Kerouac with mother, 1943 (3 1/2" x 5")
177F(PMOR-51) John Giorno, Hotel Chelsea, NY. [photo credit: Brion Gysin], 1965 August
177G(PMOR-52) John Giorno, Hotel Chelsea, NY. [photo credit: William Burroughs], 1965 August
177H(PMOR-53) Brion Gysin, Ted Morgan behind unidentified black man and Burroughs in djallabah at right. Dujudjuka, Morocca. [From Ted Morgan], circa 1980 (4 1/2" x 3 1/4")
Sub-Series D: Unnumbered and Unidentified Photographs
178A(PMOR-54) Woman, child in crude dwelling, Undated
178B(PMOR-55) WSB [?] and Allen Ansen [?], beach scene, Undated
178C(PMOR-56) Unidentified couple in front of trees, Undated
178D(PMOR-57) Burroughs and two unidentified women, Undated
178E(PMOR-58) Ted Morgan, unidentified man and woman, Undated (5" x 3 1/2"; Color)
178F(PMOR-59) Burroughs and Ted Morgan in living room, Undated (5" x 3 1/2"; Color)
178G(PMOR-60) Burroughs and two unidentified men at table with wine, Undated (5" x 3 1/2"; Color)
Series VI: Oral Interview Tapes
Access Restrictions
Access to these tapes will be granted to persons engaged in scholarly research who possess a letter of introduction from a qualified scholar. However, by allowing auditing access, Archives and Special Collections has not granted permission to publish. Duplication of these tapes is prohibited.
18 Interview Tapes, Undated
28 Boxes (card-file size) and accompanying list. Includes fifty 90 minute tapes and twenty-six 60 minutes tapes, for 101 hours. A complete list of these tapes is available upon request.