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Gertrude Hill Muir Papers 1862-1980 (bulk 1950-1980)


Overview of the Collection

Creator: Muir, Gertrude Hill
Title: Gertrude Hill Muir Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1862-1980
Bulk Dates: 1950-1980
Quantity: 8 Boxes (7.25 Linear Feet)
Abstract:The Gertrude Hill Muir Papers contain bibliographies, research cards, correspondence, biographical and genealogical information, and news clippings dating from 1862 to 1980. The bulk of the collection consists of bibliographies on various topics relating to Arizona and the Southwest that were produced during Muir's career as a professional librarian (1950-1980).
Identification: MSS-61
Language: Material in English
Repository: Arizona State University Library. Greater Arizona Collection
P.O. Box 871006
Tempe, AZ 85287-1006
Phone: (480) 965-4932
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Biographical Note

Gertrude Frances Hill was born to Edwin Bliss and Clara Ella (Hood) Hill in Phoenix, Arizona on October 26, 1909. She earned her B.A. in Anthropology with a minor in Geology (1937) and her M.A. in Anthropology with a minor in Art (1938) from the University of Arizona followed by her B.S. in Library Science (1945) from the University of Denver. Hill also completed a Library Certificate at the Riverside Library Service School in Riverside, California (1929).

Hill began her career as an Assistant Cataloger at the El Paso (Texas) Public Library (1928-1933). After completing her degrees at the University of Arizona, she worked as the City Librarian at the Flagstaff Public Library (1938-1945). Hill returned to the University of Arizona in 1945 and served as Head of the Circulation Department until becoming a Cataloger and First Assistant Librarian at the Dean Hobbs Blanchard Memorial Library in Santa Paula, California in 1949. She moved to the Museum of New Mexico Library in 1951, where she served as Assistant Librarian (1951-1953) and Head Librarian (1953-1960).

Hill was appointed Special Collections Librarian at Arizona State University in 1960 but left this post to become Head of Technical Services at the New Mexico State Library in 1962. She returned to Arizona State University as Special Collections Librarian in 1963 and married Robert Muir in approximately the same year. Despite her failing health, Muir continued to work at the Library until 1973 by arranging car pools with other library employees. She formally retired in 1975 and died in Phoenix, Arizona on May 6, 1981.

Scope and Content Note

The Gertrude Hill Muir Papers contain bibliographies, research cards, correspondence, biographical and genealogical information, and news clippings dating from 1862 to 1980. The bulk of the collection consists of bibliographies on various topics relating to Arizona and the Southwest that were produced during Muir's career as a professional librarian (1950-1980).


This collection consists of eight boxes.


Access Restrictions

To view this collection, make an appointment at least five business days prior to your visit by contacting Ask an Archivist or calling (480) 965-4932. Appointments in the Wurzburger Reading Room at Hayden Library (rm. 138) on the Tempe campus are available Monday through Friday. Check the ASU Library Hours page for current availability.


Arizona State University does not own the copyright to this collection. We recognize that it is incumbent upon the researcher to procure permission to publish information from this collection from the owner of the copyright.

Related Material

Interested researchers may also wish to consult MS SC HI: Edwin Bliss Hill Papers, 1882-1973.

Access Terms

Personal Name(s)
Muir, Gertrude Hill.
Starsky, Morris J.

Family Name(s)
Muir family -- Genealogy.

Corporate Name(s)
Arizona Historical Society.

Arizona State University -- Employees.
Decoration and ornament -- Southwest, New.
Indians of North America -- Arizona.
Indians of North America -- Southwest, New -- Art.
Indians of North America -- Southwest, New -- Pottery.
Indians of North America -- Southwest, New.
Librarians -- Arizona.
New Mexico -- History.
Southwest, New -- History.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], Gertrude Hill Muir Papers, MSS-61, Arizona State University Library.


Gertrude Hill Muir donated these papers to Archives and Special Collections between 1974 and 1978 (ACC# 78-058).

Other Finding Aids

A calendar that describes each item in the collection is available in the Luhrs Reading Room upon request.

Container List

11-1/OV2 Biographical Information, 1927-1951, Undated
12 Genealogical Material and Family Ephemera, 1871-1965, Undated
13 Personal Correspondence, 1900, 1918, 1949
14 Personal Correspondence Received from Edwin Bliss Hill, 1944-1948
15 Hill Family Papers: Masonic Ephemera and Property Deed, 1869-1871, Undated
16 Muir Poetry, Literary Works and Writings by Others, 1959, 1969, Undated
17 Arizona Pioneers Historical Society Correspondence and Printed Matter, 1960-1963
18 Arizona Pioneers Historical Society Rules, By-Laws and Printed Matter, 1955-1967, Undated
19 Arizona Pioneers Historical Society Printed Matter, 1960-1969, Undated
110 History of ASU Library, History of Arizona Collection [ASU], 1971, Undated
111 Publication Correspondence and Unpublished Manuscripts, 1960-1967, Undated
112 Publications Correspondence, Book Reviews and Bibliographies, 1960-1967, Undated
113 Muir Astrological Chart, Pre-Raphaelitism Manuscript, Southwest Monuments Loan Library Technician's Report, Undated
114 Radio Broadcast Scripts and Lecture Notes, 1957-1962, Undated
115 Lecture Notes, Linguistic Groupings of the Pueblo Indians, Laboratory of Anthropology Library [ASU?] Classification Scheme, Undated
116 News Clippings Regarding Yaqui Crucifixion Ceremonial, Father Kino Statue, 1961-1967, Undated
117 News Clippings, Correspondence and Minutes Regarding Arizona State Historical Advisory Board and Historic Sites, 1961-1966
118 News Clippings Regarding University of Arizona and Northern Arizona University Historical Collections, 1962-1963, Undated
119 Arizona Republic Index: Forward, List of Abbreviations and Sample Pages, 1966, Undated
120 The Westerners [Phoenix Corral] News Sheets. History of the Westerners, 1963-1968
121 Publications and Correspondence Regarding Academic Freedom at ASU, Morris Starsky, Special Collections and Librarians, 1970-1973, Undated
122 Bibliographies Regarding Latter Day Saints in Fiction, Santa Fe Trail, Spanish Entrada into the Southwest, Undated
21 Financial Records: Hanna Iron Ore Company [Minnesota], Stock Certificates, 1951-1974, Undated
22 Newsclippings and Publications Regarding New Mexico History, Pancho Villa, Santa Fe Historic Sites, La Conquistadora, Virgin of Remedios, 1960-1967, Undated
23 News Clippings Regarding Arizona History, Father Kino, Roadrunners, Nellie Cashman, 1950, 1960-1973
24 Morris Starsky, Student/Faculty Unrest, 1966-1973
25-5A Newsclippings and Publications Regarding Muir, ASU Libraries and Other Libraries, 1897-1967, Undated
26 News Clippings Regarding ASU Building Names, 1967
27 News Clippings Regarding Arizona Authors and Arizona Subjects, 1961-1972
28 Newspaper Southwesterner, 1964-1965
29-9B Journal Articles, Manuscripts and Printed Matter Regarding Indian Arts and Crafts, 1930-1975
210 Printed Matter Regarding Indian Education, Undated
211 Wells Fargo Reward Broadside, 1975, Undated
212 Exhibit Regarding Herbert Eugene Bolton, Undated
213 Publications Including Muir Articles, 1937-1957
214 Publications Including Muir Articles, 1965, Undated
215 Publications Including Muir Articles, 1968-1972
216 "Arizona State University and the Space Age" by Lowell Parker [Related News Clippings], 1963
217 Research Note Cards for Uncompleted Projects, Undated
218 Bibliography Regarding Adobe, 1960, Undated
219 Bibliography Regarding Air Pollution, 1970, Undated
220 Bibliography Regarding Arizona Antiquities (Prehistoric Cultures of Arizona), 1951-1959, Undated
221 Bibliography Regarding Juan Batista de Anza, Undated (Research Cards)
222 Bibliography Regarding Southwest Architecture, Undated
223 Bibliography Regarding Anthropology and Archaeology of the Southwest, 1954-1968, Undated
224 Bibliography Regarding Arizona [General], Ostrich Farming, Freighting, Arizona Authors, Safford [AZ]. Notes Regarding Arizona Yearbook, 1952-1968, Undated
225 Manuscripts and Bibliographies Regarding Indians of North America [Non-Arizona Tribes], 1945-1959, Undated
31 Fannin Speech Regarding Lake Havasu City; Coronado Letter to Mendoza [Translation/Reprint]; Arizona Territorial Proclamation, 1540, 1862, Undated
32 Printed Matter Regarding Santa Fe and Taos Arts/History, 1971, Undated
33 Muir Reminiscences and Printed Matter: Miscellaneous Envelopes, Houseplans, History of Coast Guard, 1940, 1965, Undated
34 Nameplates: Mrs. Edwin Bliss Hill and Others, Undated
35 Diary, 1931-1936
36 Diary, 1937-1941
37 Diary, 1942-1946
38 Diary, 1947-1951
39 Diary, 1952-1956
310 Diary, 1957-1961
311 Book of Verses and Philosophical Quotations, Undated
312 Daily Reminder With Poetry, 1962
313 Muir Baby Record Books, 1909-1911, Undated (2 Volumes)
41-1A Printed Matter; Correspondence Fragments; Poetry, 1940, Undated
42 AZTES Cookbooks
This item has been removed.
43 Special Collections Report, ASU Libraries, 1967
44 News Clippings: Scottsdale Progress Regarding Don Bolles, 1980
45 Bookplates and Printed Matter, Undated
46-6/ODD Research Cards; Wallet; Coronado Expedition [Pamphlet], Undated
47 Publications Regarding Papago Legends, Indian Philosophy, LDS Church. Maxwell Land Grant Map [New Mexico], 1940, Undated
48 Manuscripts Regarding Maricopa Slim and E. B. Hill; Gila Historical Society Correspondence; News Clippings Regarding Meteoric Society, 1961, Undated
49 Bibliography Regarding Jesuits in New Spain; Governor G. W. P. Hunt Address "Arizona's Great Progress"; Muir Article Regarding Turquoise; Rules for Riding in Stage Coach, 1914, Undated
51/OV3 Scrapbook Regarding Indian Pottery Designs, Undated
52/OV3 Scrapbook Regarding Indian Pottery Designs, Undated
53/OV2 Fabric Designs from Pottery Shards, Undated
54/OV2 Fabric Designs from Pottery Shards, Undated
55/OV2 Fabric Designs from Pottery Shards, Undated
56-6A Sketch Book: Indian Motifs, Undated
57 Muir Pottery Designs, Undated
58/OV2 Muir Fabric Designs, Undated
61 Bibliographies Regarding Latin America [from ERIC Database], 1944, 1956, 1959
62 Bibliography Regarding Lee's Ferry, Undated (Research Cards)
63 Bibliography Regarding Literature of the Southwest, 1960-1965, Undated
64 Bibliography Regarding Lost Mines of Arizona, 1973, Undated
65 Bibliography Regarding Charles Lummis, 1973, Undated (Research Cards)
66 Bibliography Regarding Meteorites, 1958, Undated
67 Bibliography Regarding Mexico: Archaeology of Northern Mexico/Chipas, 1957-1958, Undated
68 Bibliography Regarding Mexico: Antiquities, 1958, Undated
69 Bibliography Regarding Mines and Mining, 1957-1959, Undated
610 Bibliography Regarding Missions of the Southwest, 1958-1959, Undated
611 Bibliography Regarding Mountain Men, 1965-1966, Undated (Research Cards)
612 Bibliography Regarding Horses, 1959, Undated
613 Bibliographies Regarding Navajo Indians, 1954-1960, Undated
614 Bibliographies Regarding New Mexico, 1957-1962, Undated
615 Bibliographies Regarding New Mexico: Antiquities, 1954-1960, Undated
616 Bibliographies Regarding New Mexico: Biographies, 1954-1959, Undated
617 Bibliographies Regarding New Mexico: Ghost Towns, 1958-1959, Undated
618 Bibliographies Regarding New Mexico: History, 1957-1958, Undated
619 Bibliographies Regarding New Mexico: Literature, 1959, Undated
620 Bibliography Regarding Non-Arizona Newspapers Received by Hayden Library, Undated
621 Bibliography Regarding Indian Art and Painting, 1954-1956, Undated
622 Bibliography Regarding Paleontology, 1959
623 Bibliography Regarding Paleopathology, 1959, Undated
624 Bibliography Regarding Penitentes, 1955-1957, Undated
625 Bibliography Regarding Peralta Grant, 1966, Undated
626 Bibliography Regarding Petroglyphs, 1959, Undated
627 Bibliography Regarding Peyote, 1957-1973, Undated
628 Bibliography Regarding Pollution, Undated
629 Bibliography Regarding Printing, 1932, 1965, Undated
630 Bibliography Regarding Pueblo Indians, 1955, Undated
631 Bibliography Regarding Radio Carbon Dating, 1959,Undated
632 Bibliography Regarding Ranch Life, 1957, Undated
633 Bibliography Regarding Rhodes, Eugene Manlove, 1956, Undated
634 Bibliography Regarding Santa Fe, 1956-1959, Undated
635 Bibliography Regarding Santa Fe Trail, 1959-1971, Undated
636 Bibliography Regarding Santee, Ross, 1966, Undated
637 Bibliography Regarding Scalp Hunters, Undated (Research Cards)
638 Bibliography Regarding Seri Indians, Undated (Research Cards)
639 Bibliography Regarding Indians: Silverwork, 1957, Undated
640 Bibliography Regarding Sociology at ASU, 1969, Undated
641 Bibliographies Regarding Southwest [Various Subjects], 1939, 1956, 1963
642 Bibliographies Regarding Southwest Antiquities [Various Subjects], 1957-1960, Undated
643 Bibliographies Regarding Southwest: Biographies, 1955-1959, Undated
644 Bibliographies Regarding Southwest: Ghost Towns, Undated (Research Cards)
645 Bibliographies Regarding Southwest: History, 1957-1965, Undated
646 Bibliographies Regarding Southwest: Literature, 1960-1965, Undated
647 Bibliographies Regarding Spanish Borderlands, Undated (Research Cards)
648 Bibliographies Regarding Tempe, Arizona, 1971, 1973, Undated (Research Cards; Pamphlet)
649 Bibliographies Regarding Southwest Trading Posts, Undated
650 Bibliography Regarding Turquoise, 1938, Undated
651 Bibliography Regarding Pancho Villa, 1956, 1961, Undated
652 Bibliography Regarding Southwest Folklore, 1964, Undated
653 Bibliography Regarding Santos and Santeros, Undated
71 Library of Congress Classification Schedule and Government Documents Classification Schedule Rationale, 1942, Undated
72 Bibliography Regarding Arizona Biography, 1966, Undated (Research Cards)
73-3/ODD Bibliography Regarding Arizona Ghost Towns, Undated (Research Cards)
74 Bibliography Regarding Arizona Governors, 1965, Undated
75 Bibliography Regarding Arizona History, 1960-1971, Undated
76 Bibliographies Regarding Southwest Arts and Crafts, 1957-1964, Undated
77 Bibliography Regarding Barbed Wire, Undated (Research Cards)
78 Bibliography Regarding Bermuda Triangle, 1972, Undated
79 Bibliography Regarding Bull Fighting, Undated (Research Cards)
710 Bibliography Regarding Camino del Diablo, Undated (Research Cards)
711 Bibliography Regarding Christopher Kit Carson, Undated (Research Cards)
712 Bibliography Regarding Chicano Studies [Chris Marin Booklist], 1970
713 Bibliographies Regarding Christmas in the Southwest, 1956, Undated
714 Bibliographies Regarding Civil War in the Southwest, 1960-1967, Undated
715 Bibliographies Regarding Cowboy in Fact and Fiction, 1958, Undated
716 Bibliography Regarding Coyotes, Undated (Research Cards)
717 Bibliography Regarding Cummings, Byron, 1947, Undated
718 Bibliography Regarding DeGrazia, Ted, Undated
719 Bibliography Regarding Dendochronology, Undated (Research Cards)
720 Bibliography Regarding Deserts: Flora and Fauna, 1957, Undated
721 Bibliography Regarding Dobie, J. Frank, Undated (Research Cards)
722 Bibliography Regarding Ethnobotany of the Southwest, 1958, Undated
723 Bibliography Regarding Fetishes and Figurines of the Southwest, 1959, Undated
724 Bibliography Regarding Arizona in Fiction, Undated (Research Cards)
725 Bibliography Regarding Folsom Culture, 1958
726 Bibliography Regarding Arizona Forts, Undated (Research Cards)
727 Bibliographies Regarding New Mexico Forts, 1956-1960, Undated
728 Bibliography Regarding Southwestern Forts, Undated (Research Cards)
729 Bibliography Regarding Geology at ASU Libraries, 1969, Undated
730 Bibliography Regarding Bottle and Glass Collecting, Undated (Research Cards)
731 Bibliography Regarding Grey, Zane, Undated (Research Cards)
732 Bibliography Regarding Hall, Dick Wick, 1971, Undated (Research Cards)
733 Bibliography Regarding Heroin, 1970, Undated
734 Bibliography Regarding Hohokam Culture, 1959, Undated
735 Bibliography/Publications Regarding Holme, Frank Edward Bliss and the Bandar Log Press, 1903, 1943, 1953
736 Publications Regarding Holme, Frank Edward Bliss and the Bandar Log Press
This item has been removed.
737 Bibliographies: Indian Silverwork, 1937-1941, 1957,
738 Bibliography: Indians of Arizona: Education, 1972, Undated
739 Bibliographies: Indians of Mexico, 1956, 1959, Undated
740 Bibliographies: Indians of the Southwest [Various Topics], Undated
741 Bibliographies: Indians of Arizona, 1931-1959, Undated
742 Bibliographies: Apache Indians, 1948-1965, Undated
743 Bibliographies: Havasupai Indians, 1959, Undated
744 Bibliographies: Hopi Indians, 1957, Undated
745 Bibliographies: Mohave Indians, 1959, Undated
746 Bibliographies: Navajo Indians, 1955-1958, Undated
747 Bibliographies: Papago [Tohono Oodham] Indians, 1955, Undated
748 Bibliographies: Pima [Tohono Oodham] Indians, 1955, Undated
749 Bibliographies: Ute Indians, 1959, Undated
750 Bibliographies: Yaqui Indians, 1958, Undated
751 Bibliographies: Zuni Indians, 1960, Undated
752 Bibliographies: Irrigation in Arizona: Hohokam to CAP, 1971, Undated
753 Bibliographies: Kachinas, 1957-1963, Undated
754 Bibliographies: Kino, Eusebio Francisco, 1966-1967, Undated
755-55A Research Files and Manuscripts Regarding Henry Clay Hooker, 1961, Undated
8 Muir Diplomas, 1927-1945