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National Coalition for Language Freedom Records 1987-1989


Overview of the Collection

Creator: National Coalition for Language Freedom (U.S.)
Title: National Coalition for Language Freedom Records
Inclusive Dates: 1987-1989
Quantity: 4 Boxes (2.0 Linear Feet)
Abstract:The National Coalition for Language Freedom Records contain correspondence, notes, minutes, agendas, and printed materials documenting the campaign to defeat "English-Only" legislation at the state and federal levels.
Identification: MSS-145
Language: Material in English
Repository: Arizona State University Library. Chicano Research Collection
P.O. Box 871006
Tempe, AZ 85287-1006
Phone: (480) 965-4932
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Historical Note

In the mid 1980s, a national conservative movement proposed legislation to suppress the use of the Spanish language in the United States by making English the official language. The National Coalition for Language Freedom (NCLF) kept activists informed on developments among the numerous organizations working to oppose this movement on the grounds that it violated the rights of Spanish-speaking people in the U.S. The Arizona Chapter of the NCLF was formed in 1989 and Kimberly Fisher served as its secretary.

Scope and Content Note

The National Coalition for Language Freedom Records contain correspondence, notes, minutes, agendas, and printed materials documenting the campaign to defeat "English-Only" legislation at the state and federal levels.

Series I: Arizona English consists of bylaws, minutes, memorandums, reports, activity summaries, and budgets created by two Arizona organizations, Arizona English and the No to 106 Committee, between 1987 and 1989. Series II: National Coalition for Language Freedom (NCLF) includes bylaws, membership mailing lists, minutes, memorandums, fact sheets, reports, and correspondence dating from 1987 to 1989 showing the NCLF's predecessor organization, the National Coalition Against English Only. Series III: English Only Movement houses position papers from national organizations, bills, legislation, and court cases created by a variety of groups supporting and opposing the "English Language Amendment." Series IV: Miscellaneous includes general reports relating to language, immigration, and labor in addition to numerous newspaper articles discussing "English-Only."


This collection consists of four boxes divided into four series:
Series I: Arizona English
Series II: NCLF
Series III: English-Only
Series IV: Miscellaneous


Access Restrictions

To view this collection, make an appointment at least five business days prior to your visit by contacting Ask an Archivist or calling (480) 965-4932. Appointments in the Wurzburger Reading Room at Hayden Library (rm. 138) on the Tempe campus are available Monday through Friday. Check the ASU Library Hours page for current availability.


Arizona State University does not own the copyright to this collection. We recognize that it is incumbent upon the researcher to procure permission to publish information from this collection from the owner of the copyright.

Related Material

Before the Court of Appeals, State of Arizona, Division One, Armando Ruiz, Linda Aguirre, John Philip Evans, Rosie Garcia, Candido Mercado, Manuel Pena Jr., Peter Rios, Marcario Saldate IV, Federico Sanchez, and Victor Soltero, plaintiffs - appealees vs. Arizonans for Official English and Robert D. Park, intervenors, defendants - appealees - cross appellants: appellant's opening brief/ Stephen G. Montoya, George Vice III, attorneys for appellants. Phoenix, Ariz.: Bryan Cave, 1994. Call # KFA 2812.F7 A85x 1994 Chicano Research Collection.

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Biography of Armando Ruiz. Call # CB BIO RUI Arizona Collection.

Torres, Luis A. The National English Only Movement, Past and Future. Call # ME CHI E-119.1 Chicano Research Collection.

Access Terms

Corporate Name(s)
National Coalition for Language Freedom (U.S.) -- Records and Correspondence.
National Coalition for Language Freedom (U.S.). Arizona Chapter -- Records and Correspondence.

Bilingualism -- Political aspects -- Arizona.
Bilingualism -- Political aspects -- United States.
English language -- Political aspects -- Arizona.
English language -- Political aspects -- United States.
English-only movement -- Arizona.
English-only movement -- United States.
Language policy -- Arizona.
Language policy -- United States.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], National Coalition for Language Freedom Records, MSS-145, Arizona State University Library.


Kimberly Fisher donated these records to the Chicano Research Collection in 1992 (ACC# 1992-00659).

Container List

Series I: Arizona English
11 Arizona House of Representatives: State Rep. A. R. Ruiz News Release, Arizona English Coalition, 1987
12 Arizona English: Symposium for Educators, 1987
13 Arizona English: Executive Committee Minutes, Memorandums, 1988
14 Arizona English: Statement of Purpose, Undated
15 English Only and Arizona English: Comparisons of the Two Initiatives, 1988
16 Arizona English: HCR 2012, 1988
17 US English or English-Only: an Initiative Measure, Undated
18 Arizona English: Legislative History/English Only Bill, 1988
19 Arizona English: Miscellaneous Notes, Undated
110 Arizona English: Miscellaneous Mailers, Letter Draft, Undated
111 Arizona English: Education Committee, 1987
112 Arizona English: Speakers Training, 1988 January 14
113 Arizona English: Model Speech, Undated
114 Arizona English: Speakers Handbook, 1988
115 Arizona English: Speakers Bureau, 1988
116 Arizona English: National Symposium Committee Minutes and Memorandums, 1988
117 Arizona English: the Pointe/Correspondence, 1988
118 Arizona English: Activity Summary Through June, 1988
119 Arizona English: Budget Through June, 1988
120 Language Rights and Public Policy: a Perspective of the "English-Only" Movement, Undated (Video Series)
121 Arizona English: Letterhead, Logos, Undated
122 No on 106 Committee: Notes, Memorandums, 1988
123 No on 106 Committee: Impact Communications Memorandums, 1988
124 No on 106: Fund Raiser, 1988
125 Proposition 106: Position Papers, 1988
126 AEA: Language Policy, Press Release, 1988
127 Miscellaneous Resolutions Against Prop. 106 in Arizona, 1988
128 Arizona Department of Economic Security: Letter to Minority Leader, AZ State Senate, 1988
129 Lewis and Roca: Attorney Review of Prop 106, 1988
130 Proposition 106: Miscellaneous, 1988
131 General Election: Publicity Pamphlet on Propositions, 1988 November 8
Series II: NCLF
132 NCAEO: Membership, Organization, Address and Phone List, 1988
133 NCAEO: English-Only Opinions: Editorial, 1988
134 NCAEO: English-Only Movement History, 1986-1988
135 NCAEO: Press Release, 1988
136 NCAEO: Memorandum, Proposed Materials for Anti-ELA Mailout, 1988
137 NCAEO: Sample Resolution, 1988
138 NCAEO: Fact Sheet, Undated
139 NCLF: Bylaws, Central Arizona Chapter, and Minutes (August 17), 1988-1989
140 NCLF: Membership Solicitation Letter, Forms, Undated
141 NCLF: Local Chapter Organization, Undated
142 NCLF: Conference Call Minutes, 1988-1989
143 NCLF: Summary of National Meeting, 1988 July 16
144 NCLF: Fact Sheet on U.S. English, 1988
145 NCLF: California Tax Board, 1989
146 NCLF: Letterhead, Undated
147 NCLF: Miscellaneous Memorandums, Letters, Articles, 1988-1989
148 Political Correspondence with Linda Miller, 1988-1989
149 NCLF: Linda Miller, Miscellaneous Notes, 1988-1989
150 Correspondence: Rose Appleman (Frontline) to Linda Miller, 1989
151 Correspondence: Richard Castro to Linda Miller, 1988-1989
Series III: English-Only
21 U.S. District Court: Yniguez vs. Arizona, 1988
22 Norman Shumway: Letter to Colleagues Concerning Amendments to H.J. Res. 656, 1988
23 H.J. Res. 656: Joint Resolution on English as Official U.S. Language, 1988
24 News from Congressman Norman Shumway: English Language Amendment (ELA), 1988
25 New York Times/CBS: English-Only Polls, 1986-1987
26 ELA: Sample Protest Letters to Honorable Don Edwards, Undated
27 Organizing Packet for Field Opposition to ELA, Undated
28 National Opposition to ELA: Petition Signatures, 1988 July 16
29 ELA: Argument and Counter-Argument, Undated
210 National Coalition Against the ELA: Fact Sheets, Undated
211 National Coalition Against the ELA: English-Only Movement: a Historical Perspective, 1988 July 6
212 National Opposition to ELA: Agenda, 1988 July 16
213 Resolution Opposed to the Amendment to the U.S. Constitution: the English-Only Initiative, Undated
214 Defeating English-Only: What Must be Done? How to Do It?, 1988
215 Leadership Conference on Civil Rights: LCCR Resolution Opposing Official English/English-Only, 1988 August 15
216 Sandoval Liz: the Relationship of the State: English-Only Campaigns and the English Language Amendment, 1988
217 Conference on Language Rights and Public Policy: Packet, 1988
218 National Meeting on Language Rights, San Francisco, California, 1988 July 16
219 Californians United: National Campaign Against ELA, Organizing Activities, Undated
220 NEA: Position Paper ELA, 1986-1987
221 ELA: Miscellaneous, 1988
222 Linda Chavez, President of the U.S. English Press Release, 1988
223 Testimony of Kathryn Bricker, Executive Director, U.S. English Before House Subcommittee, 1989
224 U.S. English: Mailers (Larry Pratt and S. I. Hayakawa), 1989
225 Luis Acle Testimony of U.S. English before U.S. Senate, 1989 July 14
226 U.S. English News: Steve Working's Statement, 1989 July 14
227 U.S. English: Invitation to "Arizonans for Official English Campaign", 1988
228 U.S. English: In Defense of our Common Language, Undated
229 U.S. English: Update (Newsletter), 1986-1988
230 Letter: John V. Van de Kamp, California Attorney General to Stanley Diamond, Chairman, California English Campaign, 1987 May 20 (Copy)
231 California Proposition 63: the Major Issues, Undated
232 Edward Chen, ACLU Memorandums, 1988
233 ACLU: Condemns English-Only Movement, Undated
234 Know Your Rights! Your Right to Bilingual Services, Voting and Education, Undated
235 California Senate Bill No. 1454, 1989 March 10
236 California Assembly Bill No. 2090, 1989 March 10
237 South-East Judicial District, County of Los Angeles, California: Alva Gutierrez v. Municipal Court, Undated
238 Rafael Lugo v. Pepsi Cola Bottling Company, 1988
239 Diocese of Tucson, Oficina Para Asuntos Hispanos: Correspondence, 1988
240 Memorandum from Perry Baker, 1988
241 Impact Communications: a Proposal for Arizonans Against Constitutional Tampering, 1988 July
242 Arizonans Against Constitutional Tampering: Membership Roster, Meeting Agendas, 1988
243 People for the American Way: Mailers, 1988
244 People for the American Way Issue Paper: English-Only Movement and the Politics of Intolerance, Undated
245 1987 History of State Legislation on English-Only, 1987-1988
246 Education Week: Official English Activity in State Legislatures and Copies of Bills, 1987
247 CRS Report: States Designating English as the Official Language, 1989 March 9
248 Pending Official English Bills, 1987-1988
249 ABA: Section of Individual Rights and Responsibilities, Report to the House of Delegates, Undated
31 EPIC: a Brief History, Undated
32 National Meeting on the Direction of EPIC, 1988 December 2
33 EPIC: Newsletters, 1988
34 Policy of the City and County of Denver with Regard to English as the Official Language of the State of Colorado, 1988
35 English First: Mailers, 1987
36 Speak Up Now - For Florida: Campaign to Defeat the Language Enforcement Act, 1988 September 20
37 NABE News, 1988 October
38 Sonntag, Selma (Dr.): Elite Competition and Official Language Movements, 1991
39 Briefing Paper on English-Only Legislation, Martha Jimenez for Ignacio Lozano, 1987
310 Western Center on Law and Poverty: Non-English Speakers Rights Under Law, Undated
311 Arizona Action Coalition: Purpose, Undated
312 Memorandum: Rich De Graw to Armando Ruiz, Mary Rose Wilcox, Tommy Espinoza, Manny Mejia, Linda Miller, 1989
313 Arizona General Election, 1988 November 9
314 MALDEF: Fact Sheets, 1989
315 MALDEF: Memorandum, Update on English-Only Legislation, 1988
316 Miscellaneous English-Only Materials, 1988-1989
317 Miscellaneous English-Only Materials, 1988-1989
318 Promotional Material for Anti-English-Only Campaigns, Undated
Series IV: Miscellaneous
319 M.U.P. Agenda, 1988 May 27
320 Arizona's Relations with Northern Mexico, Undated
321 Federal Register: Dept. of Labor, "Services to Migrant and Seasonal Workers", 1980
322 Arizona: Republican Clubs, Forums, Etc., Undated
323 IMMPAC: Immigration Political Action Committee Mass Mail Out, Undated
324 FAIR: Miscellaneous, 1987-1988
325 Letter: Louise H. Rennae, City Attorney, City and County of San Francisco to Honorable Nancy G. Walker, 1987 (Copy)
326 Rand Misses the Point: a "Minority" Report, 1988
327 Carlson A. Cheree: the Rhetoric of the Know-Nothing Party: Nativism as a Response to the Rhetorical Question, 1989
328 NEA: Gloria Barajas, Human and Civil Rights Specialists to Linda Miller, MANA Bylaws, 1989
329 LULAC: Bylaws, Structure, Undated
330 Council for Inter American Opportunity: On Creating a Hispanic America, a Nation within a Nation, 1987
331 Socialist Workers Party: Miscellaneous, Undated
332 Phoenix/Tucson Hispanic Market: Language Study, 1988
333 CAIEC: Agenda, 1988 February 12
334 Arizona Asian American Convention, 1988
335 Colorado Unity: Information Packet, Undated
336 Tesol: Global Perspectives in English Language Teaching, 1988 July 9-11
337 Time Magazine Special Issue: Magnifico! Hispanic Culture Breaks Out of the Barrio, 1988 July 11
41 Arizona Newspaper Articles: English-Only, 1987-1989
42 Miscellaneous Newspaper Articles: English-Only, 1987-1989
43 Miscellaneous Newspaper Articles: English-Only, 1987-1989
44 Miscellaneous Newspaper Articles: English-Only, 1987-1989
45 Miscellaneous Newspaper Articles: English-Only, 1987-1989
46 Miscellaneous Newspaper Articles: English-Only, 1987-1989
47 Miscellaneous Newspaper Articles: English-Only, 1987-1989
48 Miscellaneous Newspaper Articles: English-Only, 1987-1989
49 Miscellaneous Newspaper Articles: English-Only, 1987-1989
410 Miscellaneous Newspaper Articles: English-Only, 1987-1989
411 Miscellaneous Newspaper Articles: English-Only, 1987-1989
412 Miscellaneous Newspaper Articles: English-Only, 1987-1989
413 Miscellaneous Newspaper Articles: English-Only, 1987-1989
414 Miscellaneous Newspaper Articles: English-Only, 1987-1989
415 Miscellaneous Newspaper Articles: English-Only, 1987-1989
416 Miscellaneous Newspaper Articles: English-Only, 1987-1989
417 Miscellaneous Newspaper Articles: English-Only, 1987-1989
418 Miscellaneous Newspaper Articles: English-Only, 1987-1989
419 Miscellaneous Newspaper Articles: English-Only, 1987-1989
420 Miscellaneous Newspaper Articles: English-Only, 1987-1989
421 Miscellaneous Newspaper Articles: English-Only, 1987-1989
422 Miscellaneous Newspaper Articles: English-Only, 1987-1989
423 Miscellaneous Newspaper Articles: English-Only, 1987-1989
424 Miscellaneous Newspaper Articles: English-Only, 1987-1989