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Ryder Ridgway Collection 1799-1980


Overview of the Collection

Creator: Ridgway, Ryder (William Ryder), 1909-1985
Title: Ryder Ridgway Collection
Inclusive Dates: 1799-1980
Quantity: 14 Boxes (6.75 Linear Feet)
Abstract:The Ryder Ridgway Collection includes correspondence, manuscripts, research files, printed matter, and family papers showing Graham County and Mormon history from 1799 to 1980.
Identification: MSS-68
Language: Material in English
Repository: Arizona State University Library. Greater Arizona Collection
P.O. Box 871006
Tempe, AZ 85287-1006
Phone: (480) 965-4932
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Biographical Note

William Ryder Ridgway, author and historian, was born to David Lawrence and Ella Young Ridgway in Safford, Arizona on May 11, 1909. He graduated from Safford High School in 1927 and was employed at the Young and Ridgway Store at Safford. Later he worked as an inspector at the Arizona Agricultural Inspection Station at San Jose on Arizona 70.

Ridgway was an avid historian and collector of historical records showing Graham County and Mormon history. He was a regular columnist in the Eastern Arizona Courier and contributed a number of articles to Arizona Highways Magazine, particularly the September 1968 issue. Ridgway was also a lecturer in history at Eastern Arizona College at Thatcher. He was a member of the Graham County Historical Society and the Church of Safford. Ryder Ridgway died in Safford on May 21, 1985.

Scope and Content Note

The Ryder Ridgway Collection includes correspondence, manuscripts, research files, printed matter, and family papers showing Graham County and Mormon history from 1799 to 1980. The majority of the collection consists of personal papers and government and business records that Ridgway collected documenting Graham County history from 1890 to 1960. The collection has been divided into two series.

Series I: Ridgway Papers extends from 1890 to 1976 and consists of Ridgway's personal papers. The series has been divided into two subseries. Sub-Series A: Correspondence houses primarily letters exchanged with W. Roy Pace, a fellow researcher interested in eastern Arizona history. The letters discuss details of family and regional history in Graham County. Sub-Series B: Manuscripts/Scrapbooks generally concerns historical events and individuals in Graham County.

Series II: Ridgway Collections extends from 1799 to 1980 and consists of materials that Ridgway collected or received regarding Graham County history. This series is divided into five subseries.

Sub-Series A: Personal and Family Papers houses materials that Ridgway received from individuals who were stimulated by his writings in the Eastern Arizona Courier. As a result, this series contains records of a number of Graham County families as well as genealogical and historical manuscripts and "reminiscences" written by a number of Mormon residents.

Sub-Series B: Mining Records includes materials showing the Alabama Mine, Carlisle Mine, Duncan Mining and Milling Company, Phelps Dodge Corporation, and the Terreroca Mining Company of Steepler, New Mexico.

Sub-Series C: Graham County History includes histories of the towns of Hubbard and Matthewsville, maps and drawings of Fort Grant and Fort Thomas, and transcriptions of news articles and research notes on county history.

Sub-Series D: Mormon/Arizona History includes transcripts of James H. McClintock's radio program Forward, Arizona, biographical information on Mormons William Jordan Flake, Joseph Neal Haywood, and John D. Lee, and maps of the 1885 survey of the East Salt and Gila River Meridian.

Sub-Series E: Ephemera includes pamphlets and brochures on a variety of topics similar to those represented in the series above. The materials are indexed by author in the card file located in Box 11A.


This collection consists of fourteen boxes divided into two series:
Series I: Ridgway Papers
Sub-Series A: Correspondence
Sub-Series B: Manuscripts/Scrapbooks
Series II: Ridgway Collections
Sub-Series A: Personal and Family Papers
Sub-Sub-Series i: Edward D. Tuttle Papers
Sub-Sub-Series ii: Parks Family Papers
Sub-Sub-Series iii: J. L. T. Watters Papers
Sub-Sub-Series iv: Other Families and Individuals

Sub-Series B: Mining Records
Sub-Series C: Graham County History
Sub-Series D: Mormon/Arizona History
Sub-Series E: Ephemera


Access Restrictions

To view this collection, make an appointment at least five business days prior to your visit by contacting Ask an Archivist or calling (480) 965-4932. Appointments in the Wurzburger Reading Room at Hayden Library (rm. 138) on the Tempe campus are available Monday through Friday. Check the ASU Library Hours page for current availability.


Arizona State University does not own the copyright to this collection. We recognize that it is incumbent upon the researcher to procure permission to publish information from this collection from the owner of the copyright.

Related Material

The Ryder Ridgway Photograph Collection (CP SPC RR) contains 800 photographs, lantern slides, oversized images, and panoramas. Themes include the economic and social development of Southeastern Arizona, which is primarily comprised of the Thatcher and Safford area in Graham County but also includes Bisbee, Morenci, Clifton, and Superior.

A number of publications have been removed from the Ridgway Ephemera series. Ephemera relating to Arizona or the Southwest was removed and individually indexed. It is accessible through the ASU Special Materials Index.

Access Terms

Personal Name(s)
Ridgway, Ryder (William Ryder), 1909-1985.
Tuttle, Edward D., 1834-1928.

Family Name(s)
Park family.
Waters family.

Arizona -- Pictorial works.
Graham County (Ariz.) -- History.
Mines and mineral resources -- Arizona.
Mormon Church -- Arizona -- History.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], Ryder Ridgway Collection, MSS-68, Arizona State University Library.


The Ryder Ridgway Collection was received in at least thirteen accessions from 1968 to 1991. Nine accessions were received from Ryder Ridgway between 1968 and 1974 (ACC# 1968-00067, 1972-00067, and 1974-00067). Four accessions were received from Mrs. Ryder Ridgway from 1987 to 1991 (ACC# 1987-00111, 1989-00180, 1990-00381, and 1991-00468).

Processing Note

Materials received directly from Ridgway were originally processed as MSS-68. Materials received from Mrs. Ridgway were added to the collection in 1994 and the collection was rearranged to reflect the entirety of the Ridgway papers. A conversion sheet identifying the current location of materials cited by the old box and folder numbers is available from the University Archivist.

Ephemera not related to Arizona and the Southwest has not been retained. A complete card index to the original ephemera collection is available in Box 11A of this collection.

Container List

Series I: Ridgway Papers
Sub-Series A: Correspondence
11 Correspondence: Pace, W. Roy, 1958-1968
12 Correspondence: Pace, W. Roy, 1969
13 Correspondence: Pace, W. Roy, 1970
14 Correspondence: Pace, W. Roy, 1971
15 Correspondence: Pace, W. Roy, 1972
16 Correspondence: Pace, W. Roy, 1973
17 Correspondence: Pace, W. Roy, 1974-1976
18 Correspondence: Pace, W. Roy, Undated
19 Correspondence Enclosures: Pace, W. Roy, 1925, 1968, 1975 (Typescripts)
110-11 Correspondence Enclosures: Pace, W. Roy, 1918-1976, Undated (Printed Matter)
112 Correspondence: Chief Myers, Clifton, Arizona, 1953-1961
113 Correspondence: Haywood, Joseph Neal, 1962-1966
Sub-Series B: Manuscripts/Scrapbooks
21 Arizona Railroad with a Twist, Undated (Typescript)
22 Ed Irwin Practiced Photography with Gusto, by William R. Ridgway, 1955, Undated (Typescript and Biographical Articles)
23 Jupiter (Railroad) Story, Undated (Typescript)
24 Mormon Pioneer and the Yuma Prison, Undated (Typescript)
25 Mormon Pioneer and the Yuma Prison, 1890, 1967 (Research and Publication Correspondence)
26 Scrapbook Regarding Floriculture, 1929-1938
Series II: Ridgway Collections
Sub-Series A: Personal and Family Papers
Sub-Sub-Series i: Edward D. Tuttle Papers
27 Arizona in Retrospect, 1927 (Manuscript and Typescript)
28 Correspondence/Miscellaneous Papers, 1865, 1883-1899
29 Diary, 1863, 1866, Undated (With Typescript)
210 Ledger, 1893-1906 (With Index)
31-1A Reminiscence: Mary Tuttle Webb, Undated (Manuscript and Typescript)
32 Reminiscence: Mrs. Edward D. Tuttle, Undated (Manuscript and Typescript)
33 Untitled Manuscript Regarding First Territorial Legislature, Undated. (Manuscript and Typescript)
Sub-Sub-Series ii: Parks Family Papers
34 Before New Mexico Was Tamed by Jennie Parks Ringgold, Undated (Typescript)
35 Frontier Days in the Southwest by Jennie Parks Ringgold, 1940-1941 (Publication Correspondence)
36-6D Frontier Days in the Southwest by Jennie Parks Ringgold, Undated (Typescript)
37 When Arizona Was Young and Tragic Days of the West by Jennie Parks Ringgold, 1937, Undated (Typescript)
38 Correspondence: Parks, Charles, 1956-1966
39 Correspondence: Parks, John D. et. al. Regarding Arizona Pioneers and Parks Family History, 1896, 1955-1967
41-1A Correspondence: Parks, William H., 1951-1962
42-2A Correspondence: Ringgold, Jennie Parks, 1950-1958
Sub-Sub-Series iii: J. L. T. Watters Papers
43 American Woman's League, Duncan: Minutes, 1910-1912
44 Autobiography; History of Duncan, Arizona; Apache Kid Typescripts, 1935, 1946, Undated
45 California State Constitution, 1912 (Reprint)
46 Correspondence: Spence, Harold C. E. Regarding Oro Plata Consolidated Mines, New Mexico, 1914-1922
47 Duncan Pharmacy Account Book, 1918
51 Gila Canal Account Book, 1911-1912 (With Index)
52 Gila River Highline Canal Company: Minutes, 1913
53 Greenlee County Court Deposition: Robert Stewart Sherman Regarding Indian Depredations, Undated (Manuscript Copy)
54/OV3 J. L. T. Watters and Dana Miller Notarial Certificates, 1910, 1932
55 Mount Royal Consolidated Mining Company: Checkbook, 1920
56 Oregon Steamship Company: Steamship Columbia: Ships' Stores Inventory, Undated
57 Passenger Carriage Business Ledger, 1890-1891 (With Index)
58 Personal Account Book, 1882-1883 (With Index)
61 Pharmacist/Postmaster Checkbooks, 1919, 1925-1926
62 Real Estate Agency Records, 1913-1920
63 Springfield Fire and Marine Insurance Company: Policy Register, 1910, 1912
64 Watters Family Correspondence, 1897-1914, 1932
64A Watters Family Legal and Business Papers, 1891-1924, 1934
65 Watters Family Genealogy/Family Papers, 1799-1848, Undated
Sub-Sub-Series iv: Other Families and Individuals
66 Autobiography: Coleman, Emma Beck, Undated (Incomplete Typescript)
67 Autobiography: Dial, Henry, 1937, 1956, Undated
68 Bradberry Family History, Undated (Photocopy of Published Material)
71-1/OV3 Hansen, Charles Papers Regarding Steeplerock and Carlisle Mines, 1904, 1979
72 Miscellaneous Biographical Research, Undated (Photostats of Published Material)
73-3A Miscellaneous Biographical Research, Undated (Photostats of Published Material)
74 Packer, Bernie Correspondence Regarding Land for Sale, Wellton-Mohawk Area, 1954
75 Perry, George and Gamble Family Papers, 1900-1922, 1943
76 Perry, George and Gamble Family Papers, 1974-1976
77 Posey and Keasley Family Papers, 1899-1925
78 Whelan Family Correspondence, 1943
79 Unidentified Child's Poetry, Undated
Written on Silver King Mining Company Mill Report Form.
Sub-Series B: Mining Records
710 Alabama Mine: Account Book (Provisions/Stores), 1908-1909
711 Carlisle Mine: Record Book (Sample, Dump and Tailings Analyses), 1883
81 Duncan Mining and Milling Company: Shareholders Meeting Minutes, 1917-1929
82 Phelps Dodge Corporation, Arizona Copper Company and Detroit Copper Mining Company Histories by F. Remington Barr, 1940
83 Terreroca Mining Company (Steepler, New Mexico): Account Book, 1916 (With Index)
84 Terreroca Mining Company (Steepler, New Mexico): Supply House Account Book, 1909 (Journal with Index)
85 Terreroca Mining Company (Steepler, New Mexico): Supply House Cash Book, 1906-1920
Sub-Series C: Graham County History
91-1A Book of Remembrance, History of Hubbard, Graham County, Arizona by Margaret B. Shelley, Undated (2 Copies)
92-2B Book of Remembrance, Life Story of Matthewsville, compiled by Grace McBride Larson and Laura McBride Smith, Undated (2 Copies)
93/OV3 Fort Grant: Map of Military Installation, 1879
94/OV3 Fort Thomas: Architectural Drawings and Records, 1877-1887
95 Graham County, Arizona: Abstracts of Titles, 1897-1909
96 Graham County, Arizona: Physician and Surgeon Register, 1885-1909
97/OV Map Showing Location of Watters Canal (Graham County, AZ and Grant County, NM), 1909
101 Notebook: News Transcriptions Regarding Graham County, 1870-1903
102 Notebook: News Transcriptions Regarding Graham County, 1871-1976
103 Odd Fellow and Rebekah House (Safford, Arizona): Account Book and Records, 1897-1928
104/OV Planting Plan for Roosevelt Park, Safford, Arizona, 1953
105 San Carlos Agency: Preliminary Council Proceedings, 1896
106 San Carlos Agency: Stores received at Camp Apache Agency: Account Book, 1874-1897
111 Silver King Wood Camp: Neighbors, 1895 (Photostat Manuscript)
112/OV3 Tombstone Republican Articles, 1883 (Photostat)
113 Triumph Tunnelsite Company: Stock Certificate, 1902
114/OV3 Valley Canal and Duncan Farm Lands: Land Titles, 1912, 1917-1919
115 Wham Robbery Material, 1889 (Newspaper Transcripts)
Sub-Series D: Mormon/Arizona History
116-6B Forward, Arizona, 1930-1931 (Typescript)
Historical radio program by James H. McClintock.
117 Shadow Pictures of Arizona Men and Women by John Murdock, 1948
118 Filing Markers, Undated
119/OV First Interstate Bank Exhibit Poster: Arizona Then and Now, Undated
1110 Flake, William Jordan Biographical Information, 1963, 1969-1970 (Typescript Autobiography and News Clippings)
1111/OV3 Gila Valley Record and Printed Calendars with Historic Photographs, 1909, 1974-1976
1112 Lee, John D.: Journal Regarding Brigham Young/Mormon Emigration to Utah, 1844-1846 (Transcript)
1113 Lee, John D.: Gleanings Concerning [Biographical/Genealogical Information], 1874-1932
1114/OV3 Surveyors Maps: 1885 Survey East Gila and Salt River Meridian, 1885
1115 The Pioneers; Reminiscences: Dr. Joseph Neal Haywood, 1927, 1959
1116 US Postal Service: Informational Packet, 1906
Sub-Series E: Ephemera
11A Card File Index for Ridgway Ephemera, Undated
121 US Postal Service: General Scheme of Arizona, 1923-1948
122 US Postal Service: General Scheme of Arizona, 1951-1957
123 Notebook of Sketches, Maps and Outlines of Arizona Post Offices, Undated
13 Publications Removed
14 Publications Removed
15 Publications Removed
16 Publications Removed
17 Publications Removed
18 Publications Removed
19 Publications Removed
20 Publications Removed
211-3 Post Cards
22 Publications Removed
23 Publications Removed
241 Post Cards
The three-digit number associated with each post card is the image number assigned when it was housed with CP RR: Ryder Ridgway Photographs. Patrons should submit requests for these materials using the applicable box and folder numbers rather than the image number.
183Morenci Southern Railway Loop; Morenci, Arizona, 1909
188Smelter of Detroit Mining Company; Morenci, Arizona, 1906
190Morenci Southern Railway Loop; Morenci, Arizona, 1909
356"Race for Mining Superiority 1907"
Sketch of a cowboy with "Arizona" on his arm outdistancing another horseman.
359-364New Cornelia Copper Company Plant in Ajo; the Old Dominion Copper Company Concentrator and Smelter in Globe; the Inspiration Consolidated Copper Company Concentrator and the International Smelter in Miami; and the Arizona Eastern Railroad Depot in Globe, circa 1920
369-373Escalante Hotel (a Harvey House) and Railroad Station, Ash Fork, Arizona (circa 1915); the Santa Fe Railroad Bridge Across the Colorado River at Topock, showing Needles, California in the Background (circa 1915); the Tucson, Cornelia, and Gila Bend Rail Depot in Ajo, (circa 1915); the Rail Depot in Tucson, (circa 1910); and the Auto Bridge over the Colorado River at Lee's Ferry (circa 1930), circa 1910-1930
242 Post Cards
381-382Rose Tree Inn in Tombstone (circa 1915); San Marcos Hotel in Chandler, circa 1915
390-396Roosevelt Dam, Coolidge Dam, Boulder Dam, the Arizona Canal, Canyon Lake, Granite Reef Dam, and the Bill Williams Reservoir, 1908-circa 1960
401-403High School at Humboldt, Arizona (circa 1930); the Main Building at University of Arizona, Tucson (circa 1917); and the Round Up Motel, Tucson (circa 1949), circa 1917-1949
404 A-DSanta Rita Hotel, Old Pueblo Club, Rodgers Hospital, Pioneer Hotel, and Street Scenes; Tucson, Arizona, Undated
399*Library and Park at the University of Arizona; Tucson, Arizona, 1908
243 Post Cards
405 A-KHouses, Post Office, State Hospital, City Hall, County Courthouse, East Lake Park, Hotel Luhrs, and Churches; Phoenix, Undated
406 A-E*Bucky O'Neill Monument, Courthouse, Mercy Hospital, Hassayampa Hotel, Sills Service Station, and Apache Lodge; Prescott, Arizona, Undated
407 A-B*Mission San Xavier del Bac; Tucson, Arizona, circa 1910
409 A-DCurley School. Ajo, Arizona, circa 1920
244 Post Cards
410 A-BElks Hall and Palm Boulevard. Yuma, Arizona, circa 1920
411 A-BPostcards of the Cavern Cafe and a Bird's-Eye View of the City. Nogales, Sonora, Mexico
412 A-BPostcards of Cold Beer in Barrels at Agua Prieta (circa 1930); the Presbyterian and Methodist Churches in Douglas; and a Soldier and Woman Shaking Hands at a United States-Mexico Border Marker, circa 1910, 1930
415Casa Grande Pueblo, 1902, 1930
552Pueblo. Laguna, New Mexico, 1902
Corporate Name(s)
Detroit Photographic Co. (Publisher)

553-557Hopi Pueblos, Children, and Weavers, circa 1906
Corporate Name(s)
Detroit Photographic Co. (Publisher)

558-562Postcards of Navajo Warriors on Horseback and Blanket Weavers, circa 1908
563 A-BApache Indians, circa 1906
245 Post Cards
564-571Havasupai and Pima Indians, circa 1909
578Bird's-Eye View of Crawford Avenue. Nogales, Arizona, circa 1918
580-583Wise, Bowman, and Titcomb Residences and the Montezuma Hotel. Nogales, Arizona, circa 1918
585-586Morley Street and the Southern Pacific Depot. Nogales, Arizona, circa 1920
593-600Grand Canyon, circa 1915
Many of these images were published by Fred Harvey.
Personal Name(s)
Harvey, Fred (Publisher)

599East from Hopi Rowe Point, Grand Cayon National Park, Arizona, circa 1915
600Looking East from Grand View Point, Grand Canyon, Arizona, Undated
246 Post Cards
604Entrance to Bright Angel Lodge, Grand Canyon National Park, circa 1940
605Hotel El Tovar Grand Canyon, Arizona, c.1907, circa 1907
606Train on the Bridge over Canyon Diablo, Arizona, circa 1918
607-609Petrified Forest National Monument, circa 1910
610Needles Mountains from the Colorado River, circa 1920
611-613San Francisco Peaks, circa 1910
612-620Tonto Creek; Oak Creek Canyon; Maple Gulch near Prescott; Middle Fork Canyon of the Gila River; Monument Well; and Lowell Observatory, circa 1915-circa 1960
621Cliff Dwellings at Tonto National Monument, circa 1916
Photo by H. C. Tibbitts from the series Apache Trail: The Wonder Trip Through Oldest America (CP SPC 44:75).
622Interior of Hotel San Marcos; Chandler, Arizona, circa 1940
247 Post Cards
623Sierra Ancha Mountains with Roosevelt, Arizona in the Foreground, circa 1908
624-625State Capitol; Phoenix, Arizona, circa 1906
626Desert Sky Hotel on Van Buren; Phoenix, Arizona, circa 1950
627Tempe Normal School Auditorium and Gymnasium; Tempe, Arizona, circa 1916
628-630Congress Street, an Aerial, and Old Tucson; Tucson, Arizona, circa 1918-circa 1967
631-634Roosevelt Dam, circa 1918-1920
635General View of the Panama, California Exposition from the Arizona Gardens; San Diego, California, 1915
636Salt River Canyon between Showlow and Globe, circa 1955
637Praying Monk Rock Formation on Camelback Mountain; Phoenix, Arizona, circa 1955
638Superstition Mountains, circa 1927
639"The Desert, Arizona" by B. M. Dressler, circa 1910
Personal Name(s)
Peyton, Bertha Menzler, 1871-1947 (Author)

641-644Desert; Clusters of Dates; Citrus Fruit and Groves; and Cacti, circa 1910
643Giant Cactus, Arizona, Undated
248 Post Cards
645-649Desert; Clusters of Dates; Citrus Fruit and Groves; and Cacti, circa 1910
651-654Ostrich Farms; Arizona, circa 1900-circa 1920
656Burros, s.l., circa 1900
675San Ildefonso Indians Making and Smoothing Pottery, circa 1910
677-678New Mexico Pueblo Indians, circa 1910
679-683Mexicans in the Market Square, Tijuana; Ploughing; Burros Carrying Water; and Dwellings; Mexico, circa 1910
696Public School Building; Morenci, Arizona, circa 1905
710Morenci Motel; Morenci, Arizona, circa 1905
718Copper Head, Coronado Railroad; Clifton, Arizona, circa 1960
The Copper Head was the first locomotive used in the area.
720Resident and Business Section on the East Side of Clifton, circa 1900
249 Post Cards