Barbara Seels Papers 1968-1999

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Barbara Seels Papers 1968-1999


Overview of the Collection

Creator: Seels, Barbara
Title: Barbara Seels Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1968-1999
Quantity: 12 Boxes (10.83 Linear Feet)
Abstract:This collection houses research and teaching materials documenting Barbara Seels' work in the field of visual literacy between 1968 and 1999.
Identification: MSS-156
Language: Material in English
Repository: Arizona State University Library. Visual Literacy Collection
P.O. Box 871006
Tempe, AZ 85287-1006
Phone: (480) 965-4932
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Biographical Note

Dr. Barbara Seels is currently Associate Professor Emeritus from the University of Pittsburgh, School of Education, Department of Instruction and Learning, Program in Instructional Design and Technology, where she retired from active teaching in 1999. Much of her professional background may be reviewed in her enclosed vita.

Her professional research and scholarly work has been focused on the effects of television upon society, particularly children and adolescents.

She has been an active member of the International Visual Literacy Association and has contributed a number of articles and presentations and held several elected offices in that organization.

Scope and Content Note

Series I: Research contains published articles by other visual literacy professionals and is arranged into fourteen subseries including Reading, Language, Development and Visualization, and Visualization and Visual Literacy. Of particular interest is Sub-Series N: Television, which documents research in nine areas including a study on the effects of television on children.

Series II: Teaching consists of class syllabi, papers, and related class assignments. It also houses several theses and dissertations reviewed by Seels.

Series III: Professional consists of an assortment of publications, presentations, grants, and projects submitted during Seels' career. Her vita provides a more concise and up to date chronology of her career and a list of publications.

Series IV: Games and Exercises consists of several board games, exercises, and visual games that challenge players to concentrate on visualization rather than on the use of text.


This collection consists of twelve boxes divided into four series:
Series I: Research
Sub-Series P: Television
Sub-Sub-Series a: General Materials
Sub-Sub-Series b: Introductory Concepts
Sub-Sub-Series c: Technology
Sub-Sub-Series d: Definitions and Characteristics
Sub-Sub-Series e: Delivery Systems
Sub-Sub-Series f: ITV, ETV, and Mass Media
Sub-Sub-Series g: Introductory Concepts: Intentional/Incidental Effects
Sub-Sub-Series h: "Historical Analysis of Research on Intentional and Incidental Learning From Television, 1970-1990: A Preliminary Evaluation and Syntheses of the Evidence"
Sub-Sub-Series i: Methodological Report and Approaches
Sub-Sub-Series j: Historical Evolution of the Approach and Research
Sub-Sub-Series k: Television and Message Design
Sub-Sub-Series l: Television and Mental Processing
Sub-Sub-Series m: Cognitive Development
Sub-Sub-Series n: School Achievement
Sub-Sub-Series o: Television and Cognitive Development
Sub-Sub-Series p: Television and Family Viewing Context
Sub-Sub-Series q: Television and Socialization
Sub-Sub-Series r: Television: Programming and Message Design

Series II: Teaching
Series III: Professional
Series IV: Games and Exercises


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Interested researchers may also wish to consult MSS-174: Barbara Seels Collection.

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Personal Name(s)
Seels, Barbara.

Corporate Name(s)
International Visual Literacy Association.
University of Pittsburgh.

Instructional systems -- Design.
Television and children -- Research.

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Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], Barbara Seels Papers, MSS-156, Arizona State University Library.


The Barbara Seels Papers (ACC# 1993-01198 and 2000-02280) were received in 1993 and 2000 from Dr. Seels.

Container List

Series I: Research
Sub-Series A: Articles/Publications
11 Techniques of Non-Verbal Psychological Testing, 1982-1983, Undated
12 "Effects of pictures on recall of written prose: how durable are picture effects", 1987
13 Review of Research in Visual Arts Education: Proceedings of the National Symposium for Research in Art. Learning in Art: Representation and Metaphor, 1982
14 "Creative Imagery in Blind and Sighted Adolescents", 1979
15 "Dream recall frequency and vividness of visual imagery", 1979
16 "Visual literacy and Visual thinking", circa 1979
17 "Introspection and Visual Thinking for the Instructional Technologist", circa 1979
Sub-Series B: Arts Education
18 Reports from: The Arts, Education, and American, Inc., 1980
19 Articles Relating to Art Education [Use of Imagery], 1978-1979; 1981
110 The Arts Propel Project re: Pittsburgh School District/Project Zero, 1986-1988
Sub-Series C: Critical Viewing
111 "Visual Solutions", Undated
112 Inside Television: A Guide to Critical Viewing, Undated
113 "Perceptual principles for the design of instructional materials", 1970
114 "Points of View", Undated
115 "An overview of the critical TV viewing skills project", 1980; 1992; 1994; 1998
116 "Critical Viewing/TV Questions", 1989?
117 "Short Articles on Critical Viewing", 1965; 1980; 1982; 1990
118 "Critical Viewing Skills", 1983; 1991; 1988
119 "Drawings", 1986
120 "How to draw and write cartoons for instructional impact", 1982
Sub-Series D: Images and Photography
121 "Image sense", 1977-1978
122 "Images", Undated
123 Polaroid Education Program- "The Poetic Image", 1996
Sub-Series E: Reading, Language, Development and Visualization
124 New Ways of Seeing: The Milford Visual Communications Project, 1972-1973
125 "Mental models in narrative comprehension", 1990
126 "Spelling: a visual skill", 1988
Sub-Series F: Researching Visual Literacy
127 ERIC/ECTJ Annual Review Paper Exploring Approaches to Researching Visual Literacy, 1980
Sub-Series G: Signs, Images and Symbols
128 "Sign, Image, Symbol", Undated
129 "Images found in magazines and newspapers", 1973-1979
130 "Comprehension systems in education", 1991; 1993
Sub-Series H: Television Production
131 Television Production, 1977
132 Television-Open Circuit, 1966-1968
133 "All about TV", 1958
134 "Inside a TV Studio", 1978
135 Television/Mass Communication Process, 1960
136 "Career services/Slide/Tape Program" SAMPLE Proposal, Undated
137 "Audiovisual Budgeting and Production Tradeoffs", Undated
138 Sample scripts/interacting video training program, 1983
Sub-Series I: Thinking Creatively
139 "Types of Thinking Creatively" Handouts, Undated
140 "Types of Thinking Creatively" Masters and Overheads, Undated
Sub-Series J: Visualization
141 Slide Presentation: "Visualizing Ideas", Undated
Sub-Series K: Visual Creativity
142 Journal articles relating to Visual Creativity, 1980; 1988
Sub-Series L: Visual Instruction
143 "Visual Urgency", 1991
144 "Visual Instruction", 1981
145 "An exploratory study of the relative effectiveness of realistic and non-realistic color in visual instructional materials", Undated
146 "The interactive effects of color and cognitive style on a pictorial recognition memory task", 1978
Sub-Series M: Visual Literacy
147 Articles on Visual Literacy, 1973; 1978-1979
148 "Baca Study", circa 1989
149 Elements of Visual Literacy, 1969; 1979; 1982; 1987; 1989
150 "Visual Literacy References-Post 1983", 1983
151 "Current projects in visual literacy", 1979
152 A Layman's Guide to Literacy, Undated
153 "Visual Literacy Chart", Undated
154 Visual Literacy: Overhead Transparencies and Slides, 1987
155 Visual Literacy: Printed Scripts for Critical Thinking, Undated
156 Research and Theory Division: Newsletters on Visual Literacy, 1976-1979
157 Visual Literacy: Bibliographies, 1982
158 "Points of view on visual literacy presentation drafts", Undated
159 "Points of view on visual literacy", circa 1980
160 Visible language: The Journal for Research on the Visual Media of Language Expression, 1972
161 "Elements of visual literacy", 1969; 1991
162 ERIC Report "Visual literacy, what research says to the teacher", 1978
163 "Teaching visual literacy", 1967-1968
164 "Will media influence learning" Reframing the debate, 1993
Sub-Series N: Visual Thinking
165 Research: Split-Brain Theories, 1972
166 "Progressive Activities in Visual Thinking", Undated
167 Brain-Forming/Visual Thinking, Undated
168 Visual Thinking: Articles for Ideas, 1971
169 Articles on Humanizing Through Visual Thinking, 1976
170 Articles relating to Visual Thinking, 1973-1974
171 "Progressive activities in visual thinking", Undated
172 Visual Thinking: Exercises, Undated
Sub-Series O: Synetics
173 Synectics: Excursions Example, Undated
174 "Practice in synectics: Problem-solving", 1972
175 Synectics: Direct Analogy Practice, 1976-1980
176 Synectics: References, 1976-1978
Sub-Series P: Television
Sub-Sub-Series a: General Materials
21 "Will media influence learning" Reframing the debate, 1994
22 "A comprehensive review of the research methodologies used to study on the effects of television on learning, 1984-1994", 1984-1994
23 Handbook for Research on Educational Communications & Technology, 1993 (Chapter II: "Research on Learning From Film and TV")
24 Bibliographies, 1992
25 References--Microfiche [for use in ID & T 2373 Children & Television], Undated
26 Custom Course Materials: I & L 2373-Children, Adolescents & Television, 1992
Sub-Sub-Series b: Introductory Concepts
27 Research Statistics--for Handbook for research on Educational Communications & Technology, 1994 (Chapter II: "Research on Learning from Film and Television")
28 Scope of the Chapter: Introductory Concepts, 1993
29 Senator John Heinz Bill--National Endowment for Children's Television, 1979
210 National Council for Children & Television, 1983
211 Agency for Instructional Technology [A.I.T], 1989
212 American Children's Television Festival, 1987
Sub-Sub-Series c: Technology
213 Articles relating to T.V. Technology/Satellite T.V., 1992
214 Educational TV…A Primer, Undated
215 "The picture suddenly gets clearer", 1992
216 "Campuses of the future", 1992
217 "Television gets a trial", 1983
Sub-Sub-Series d: Definitions and Characteristics
218 Assorted research articles, 1993
Sub-Sub-Series e: Delivery Systems
219 Assorted research articles, 1993
Sub-Sub-Series f: ITV, ETV, and Mass Media
220 Assorted Research Articles, 1987
Sub-Sub-Series g: Introductory Concepts: Intentional/Incidental Effects
221 "Trends in the study of incidental learning from television viewing", 1978
Sub-Sub-Series h: "Historical Analysis of Research on Intentional and Incidental Learning From Television, 1970-1990: A Preliminary Evaluation and Syntheses of the Evidence"
222 Faculty Development Proposal: "Historical Analysis of Research on Intentional and Incidental Learning From Television, 1970-1990: A Preliminary Evaluation and Syntheses of the Evidence", 1992-1993
Sub-Sub-Series i: Methodological Report and Approaches
223 T.V. Criticism, 1989
224 Methodology--General, Undated
225 Television & Methodology Approaches to Research, 1993
226 Articles Relating to Formative Evaluations, 1980, 1981, 1990, 1993
227 Research Questions, Undated
228 Research Articles: Traditional Empirical, 1968, 1977, 1986, 1990
229 Research Articles: Comparative Media Studies, 1977, 1993
230 Research Articles: Message Design Studies, 1963
231 Research Article: Cross Cultural Studies, 1994
232 Research Articles: Research Methodology, 1993
233 "Fifty-one families with computers: a study of children's academic uses of micro computers at home", Undated
234 Life Span Development [Pre-School], 1990
235 Life Span Development [Adolescent], 1991
236 T.V. Effects: A Qualitative Study, 1978
237 T.V. Jokes [Newspaper Cartoons], 1988-1996
Sub-Sub-Series j: Historical Evolution of the Approach and Research
238 T.V. Issues [Various Newspapers], Various
239 Journal of Popular Film and Television: General Perspectives (Vol. 23, No.2), 1995 Summer
240 Pre-1954 Film Research, Undated
241 ITV Research, 1954-1968
242 A Re-Appraisal of Instructional TV, 1987
243 Museum of Television and Radio, 1996
244 Government Policies to T.V., 1994
245 Television & Government Policy, 1994
246 "Learning from Television: What Research Says", 1968
247 "Effects of television on children: what is the evidence?", 1975
248 Instructional Television: The Best of ERIC, 1972
249 Mass Media Research, 1979-1984
250 TV Effects, TV & Children: Priorities for Research, 1975
251 Educational Television, 1968-1978
252 TV Attention & Cognition, 1966
253 Children's Television: The Best of ERIC, 1974-1977
Sub-Sub-Series k: Television and Message Design
254 Articles/Papers: Organization, 1970; 1993
255 Articles/Papers: Reinforcement, 1991
256 Articles/Papers: Cueing, 1972-1975
257 Articles/Papers: Message Design, 1961-63; 1968; 1977; 1993-1994
258 Articles/Papers: Cognitive Processing, 1972; 1976; 1994
259 Papers/Articles: Mental Processing: Reality vs. Fantasy, 1988; 1990; 1989; 1993
260 Papers and Articles: Mental Processing: Attitudes and Beliefs, 1978; 1985; 1993
261 Articles/Papers: Imagination, 1978; Undated
262 Doctoral Dissertation: The Impact of Gender, Order Effect, and Violent News Video on the Viewer's Ability to Recall and Learn Information from Televised News Stories, 1991
Sub-Sub-Series l: Television and Mental Processing
31 Articles/Papers: Mental Processing: T.V. Code, 1975-1977; 1982-1983; 1991
32 Articles/Papers: Mental Processing-Active/Passive, Undated
33 Articles/Papers: Mental Process-Attention, 1983
34 Articles/Papers: Mental Processing: Individual Differences, 1979; 1990
35 Articles/Papers: Mental Processing-Imagination, 1981; 1989
36 "The systematic viewer: an inquiry into the existence of a television schema in children", 1982
37 "Cross-cultural studies on television effects: children's television use", 1994
38 Articles/Papers: Mental Processing, 1977; 1993
39 Mental Processing-T.V. Code "The impact on children's education: television's influence on cognitive development", 1989
310 "Children's understanding of television: research on attention and comprehension", 1983
311 "The language of media and the cultivation of mental skills", 1977
312 Mental Processing: "The entertainment functions of television", 1980
313 TV Code: "The hurried child: growing up too fast too soon", 1957
314 Articles/Papers: Television Code, 1979; 1989; 1994.
315 Articles/Papers: Individual Differences, 1982; 1985; 1990
316 Articles/Papers: Mental Processing, 1980; 1983; 1987
Sub-Sub-Series m: Cognitive Development
317 Articles/Papers: Cognitive Development, 1986; 1989
318 TV Effects: On Children and Television, 1975
Sub-Sub-Series n: School Achievement
319 "The relation of children's television viewing to school achievement and IQ", 1982
320 "The impact of television viewing on mental aptitude and achievement: longitudinal study", 1990
321 California Assessment Program Surveys of Television and Achievement, 1982
322 "Problem based learning: an instructional model and its constructionist framework", 1991
323 "More than a simple association: conditional patterns of television and achievement", 1982
324 "The displacement effect: assessing the relation between television viewing and reading performance", 1988
325 "Television viewing: its relationship to reading achievement of third grade students", 1984
326 "A review of research on the effects of television viewing on the reading achievement of elementary school children", 1982
327 "The relationship of students' academic achievement to television watching, leisure time, reading and homework", 1983
328 "Educational research: competencies for analysis and application", Undated
329 "Implications of instructional psychology for the design of educational television", 1987
330 "Assessing academic achievement", 1984
331 "Television and children's problem-solving behavior: a synopsis of an evaluation of the effects of Square 1 T.V", 1990
332 "What research indicates about the educational effects of Sesame Street", 1990
333 "Using children's video to motivate students to read", 1988
334 "Facts, Fantasies and Schools", 1984
335 "Television's impact on children's reading skills: a review of research", 1988
336 "Viewing of Sesame Street by pre-school children in the U.S. and its relationship to school readiness", 1994
337 Cognitive Development/Language Development: ERIC Reports, 1981
338 "Are television's effects due to television ?", Undated
339 "The effects of television on reading and scholastic achievement", 1992
340 "The negative effects of television on reading", 1996
Sub-Sub-Series o: Television and Cognitive Development
341 Reading Performance, 1984
342 "Combating illiteracy with television", 1965
343 "The positive effects of television on reading", 1996
344 "The unintended results of using instructional media: A study of 2nd & 3rd graders", 1996
345 "Heavy television viewing and perceived quality of life", 1983
346 "Development of television viewing patterns in early childhood: a longitudinal investigation", 1992
347 "Television viewing and scholastic achievement", 1993
348 "Factors that impact television-viewing in early childhood", 1992
349 "Children's television viewing frequency: individual differences and demographic correlates", 1988
350 "Audience selectivity and involvement in the newer media environment", 1990
351 "The use and experiences of the new video media among children and adolescents", 1990
352 "Development of television viewing patterns in early childhood: a longitudinal investigation", 1990
353 "Television content viewing patterns: some clues from societal norms", 1986
354 "Four young children construct reality: television watching in the home", 1981
355 Chapter Draft: Family Viewing Context, Undated
356 "Television and the viewing environment", 1993
Sub-Sub-Series p: Television and Family Viewing Context
357 "Television viewing and imagination in young children", Undated
358 "Are television's effects due to television?", Undated
359 "Television's effect on children: does it stimulate or stultify?", Undated
360 "The effects of television viewing on language development", 1993
361 "Television and the classroom: a special relationship", 1979
Sub-Sub-Series q: Television and Socialization
362 CBS Television Reading Program, 1981
363 "The early window: effects of television on children and youth", 1982
364 "Research on the effects of television advertising on children." [A review of the literature and recommendations for future research], 1977
365 "Television violence and the small boy", Undated
366 "Media exposure and the sexual attitudes and behaviors of college students", 1987
367 "All the news that's fit to watch--in school", 1992
368 "The war over family values", 1992
369 "Children and television advertising: can the marketplace protect that public interest?", 1988
370 "Repurposing children's television for the classroom: teacher's use of 'Square One TV'", 1988
371 "Television and children: a review of recent research", 1987
372 "Media, sex and the adolescent", Undated
373 "T.V. use and social interaction in adolescence", Undated
374 "Images of life on children's television", 1983
375 "Effects of cartoon's and commercials on pre-school children", 1992
376 "Television and youth: 25 years of research and controversy", 1980
377 "Methods of presentation used in CLIO-winning television commercials", Undated
378 "A longitudinal analysis of television advertising effects on adolescents", 1982
379 "Viewer misconception of televised communication", 1982
380 "Anti-drug commercials and communication", 1992
381 "Children's perceptions of favorite television characters as behavioral models", 1973
382 "Television's role in the socialization of African american children and adolescents", 1991
383 "Differing reactions to television in kibbutz and city children", 1985
384 "Social implications of music videos for youth", 1987
385 "The effects of action and violence in television programs on the social behavior and imaginative play of pre-school children", 1973
386 "Television and aggression: a panel study", 1982
387 "Effects of television advertising on adolescents and adults-linked to concerns related to violence", Undated
388 The "mainstreaming of america: violence", 1980
389 "Adolescents' perception of the primary values of television programming", 1990
390 "Transmission of aggression through imitation of aggressive models", 1961
391 "Imitation of film-mediated aggressive models", 1963
392 "Children and the faces of television: teaching, violence and selling", 1980
393 "Television and delinquency: a neglected dimension of social control", 1984
394 "Violence and aggression", 1984
395 "Violence on T.V.: the effects of television on children and youth", 1976-1977
396 Newspapers articles relating to Violence/Sex on T.V., 1996
397 Reports on Mass Communication: The Mass Media in a Violent World, 1971
398 Television and Social Behavior: Beyond Violence and Children, 1980
399 "You've come a long way baby" No way! [Television and current role stereotypes], 1993
3100 "Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't: the effects of television stereotyping on sex roles attitudes", 1994
3101 "Adolescents and ambivalence toward marriage: a cultivation analysis", 1992
3102 Roles: "Portrayals of women in prime-time network T.V.: Some demographic characteristics", 1990
3103 "Children's reactions to televised counter stereotyped male sex role behavior as a function of age, sex, and perceived power", 1989
3104 "Television, sex role attitudes, and sex-role behavior", Undated
3105 "Children, television, and conceptions about chores: attitudes & behaviors", 1992
3106 "Prime time television's portrayal of women and the world of work: a demographic profile", 1992
3107 "The relationship between children's use of television and stereotypes about occupations and personality attributes", 1981
41 "Does sexism live on Sesame Street?: Examining the gender differences in occupations and behavior characteristics", Undated
42 "Sex role messages in television commercials: An update", 1989
43 Television sex roles in the 1980's: Do viewers' sex and sex role orientation change the picture?, 1988
44 "Television and conceptions about sex roles: Maintaining conventionality and the status quo", 1989
45 "Television and conceptions about sex roles: Maintaining conventionality and the status quo", 1975
46 "The influence of television on children's sex typing", Undated
47 "Prime time television's portrayal of women and the world of work: A demographic profile", 1991
48 "Prime time television's portrayal of women and the world of work: A demographic profile", 1988
49 "Stereotyping in T.V. programming: Assessing the need for multicultural education in teaching education in teaching scriptwriting", 1973
Sub-Sub-Series r: Television: Programming and Message Design
410 "Blinding power of television", 1987; 1993
411 Video Production, 1976
412 Mister Rodgers, 1979; 1994
413 "Children's Programming: Commercials and Children", Undated
414 "Objective news & other myths: the poisoning of young black minds", 1991
415 T.V. in the class, 1988
416 National Teacher Training Institute: Science, Television and Technology, 1991-1992
417 Children's Programming, 1990
418 TV ADS: Pre-School Children, 1989
419 Television News, 1979-1983
420 Telecourses Offered, 1983; 1992
421 Telecourse: Robert Morris College, 1987
422 Telecourse: Electronic Learning, 1980
423 Telecourses: SERC Project, 1978; 1989-1992
424 "Stop picking on Big Bird", 1979
425 Sesame Street: Developed by Children's Television Workshop, 1971
426 CTW: The Electric Company Magazine, 1981
427 Selected bibliography of research on programming at The Children's Television Workshop, 1976
428 Television and Children's Problem-Solving Behavior: a synopsis of an evaluation of the effects of Square One T.V., 1990
429 Children's Television Workshop (CTW) Research Bibliography, 1968-1976
430 Television's Hidden Curriculum, Undated
431 Selected bibliography of research on programming at the Children's TV Workshop, 1976
432 Children's Television Workshop in Education, 1994
433 Reading List for Instruction and Learning 2372/3372/Children and Television-Research on Television Effects, 1995
434 Positive Reinforcement in "Sesame Street" and "Mr. Rodgers", 1975
435 Visual Literacy: Some Lessons from Children's Television Workshop, 1974
436 Class Paper: History of Sesame Street, 1995
437 Children's Television Workshop (CTW) "Effects of encouraging Israeli mothers to co-observe 'Sesame Street' with their five-year olds", 1977
438 Sesame Street Research Bibliography: Selected citations relating to Sesame Street, 1969-1989
439 Children and the media, 1994
440 "Sesame Street" and children in poverty, 1994
441 A Review of Sesame Street Research, 1989-1994
442 "Television: How to use it wisely with children", 1976
443 School Utilization Study: Availability of use & Support of Instructional Media, 1982-1983
444 Summary Report: Study of School Uses of Television and Video, 1990-91 School Year, 1990-1991
445 The Public Broadcasting Service: Analysis of a Myth, 1968-1999
446 "Public Broadcasting: Ready to Teach-How Public Broadcasting Can Serve The Ready To Learn Needs of America's Children", 1968-1999
447 Square One Television: Research History & Bibliography (Children's Television Workshop), 1968-1999
448 3-2-1 Contact ! Research Bibliography, 1968-1999
449 Sesame Street: Research Bibliography, 1989-1994 (Children's Television Workshop), 1994
450 Ghostwriting and Youth Serving Organizations, 1994
451 Utilization: General, 1969
452 "Beyond 'Channel One': How Schools are Using Their Schoolwide Television Networks", 1995
453 T.V. Literacy II: Amplifying The Affective Level Affects of Television's Pro-Social Fare, 1987
454 "Interventions to mitigate the Psychological effects of media violence on aggressive behavior", 1986
455 "Televised models as agents of behavior change: Inducing pro-social interaction among severely withdrawn children", 1980
456 The Whittle Education Network, 1991
457 "Effect of Pro-Social Cartoons on Pre-School Children", 1982
458 "The Frequency and Context of Pro-Social Acts on Primetime T.V", 1988
459 Interactive T.V., 1988
460 T.V. in South America, 1978
461 Articles Relating to Channel One Television, 1990
462 "Channel One News in the Classroom: Does It Make A Difference?", 1992
463 Public Policy and Children's Television, 1989
464 Video At Work in American Schools, 1987
465 "Television and Utilization Training: How do they influence learning?", 1977
466 "Status of Social Studies Teaching: Practices in Secondary Schools", 1980
467 A Program Evaluation Concept and Methodology--The Video Storyboard: An Evaluation of 'The Public Library': The Essential Learning Skills Project, 1977
468 "Early Adolescence--Skills Essential To Learning Television Project: Working Paper", 1981
469 "It Figures: A Survey of Users", 1984
470 "Research On The Use of Television in Secondary Schools", 1977
471 "A Summary of the 'Think About' Cluster Evaluation: Collection of Information", 1979
472 "Research on the Introduction, Use and Impact of the 'Think About' Instructional Television Series", 1982
473 "Television as a Facilitator of Good Behavior Amongst Children", 1984
474 "Caveat Emptor", 1992
475 "Channel One: Reactions of Students, Teachers and Parents", 1993
476 "Television and Families: Parental CoViewing and Young Children's Language Development, Social Behavior, and Television Processing", 1989
477 Pro-Social Behavior, 1994
478 Myths in T.V., Undated
479 "Channel One: Are Schools Trading Captive Student Audiences For Free Equipment", 1990
480 "Ethical Dilemmas of Pro-Social Television", 1990
481 "Television's Influence on Pro-Social Behavior in Children", 1993
482 Aspects of Pro-Social Television, Undated
483 Teenage Television Viewing, 1989
484 Issues paper: "Television and Classroom Planning", 1993
485 "Television's Effects on Rural Alaska", 1984
Series II: Teaching
51 "A Socio and Psycho-Linguistic Theory of Pictorial Communication", 1964
52 "Instructional Design: Training of Creative Mental Skills", 1970
53 Assembled articles/materials for: Developing Curriculum for Teaching the Visual Process, 1975
54 "Visual Learning, Thinking and Communicating", 1978
55 LS 221 Libraries & Early Childhood, 1978-1979
56 Visual Education Curriculum Project, 1979
57 ASTD Workshop: Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making, 1979
58 ED COMM 242 Class paper: "Developing Visual Abilities in Physical Therapy Curriculum", 1979
59 ED COMM 242 Class paper: "How Adults Learn From Pictures", 1979
510 Teaching Materials (presumably for 2373/3373), 1980; 1981; 1988
511 A Visual Base for Communications [Workshop], 1980
512 "Parent Participation Workshop", 1980
513 ID & T Children and Television--Media and Methods, 1981
514 "Field Dependence--Independence and Embedded Figures Tests." Presented at: Curriculum Issues for Curricular Leaders Conference, 1982 April
515 References: ED COMM 242, 1979-1983
516 Reserve List: ED COMM 242, 1979-1983
517 IVLA Readings Bibliography, 1983-1987
518 ID & T 2373 Children & Television--American Film, 1983
519 Educational Communication 242: Visual Thinking & Learning, 1983 Fall
520 "Chinese Writing-Visual Imagery", 1983
521 "A Planned Program For Elementary School Children That Utilizes Visual Thinking Skills for Problem Solving", 1983
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523 Instructional Design & Technology 242: Visual Thinking and Learning: The Uses of Imagery, 1987 Fall
524 "Visual Thinking, Learning & Communicating", 1987 December
525 Instructional Technology 272: Visual Thinking & Learning, 1988
526 Instructional Technology 272: Visual Thinking & Learning, 1979 Fall
527 Visual Literacy Articles, 1989
528 Instruction & Learning 3373: Instructional Design & Technology-Research on Television Effects, 1989
529 Instruction & Learning 2373: Instructional Design & Technology-Children and Television [w/drafts of class proposal], 1992-1993
530 "What Are Children Learning From Television?", 1992-1993
531 Instruction & Learning 2372-Visual Thinking & Learning, 1993 Fall
532 Videotapes: Instructional Design & Technology 2373, 1993
533 Instruction & Learning 2373/3373: Instructional Design & Technology--Children & Television/Research on Television Effects, 1993-1994
534 Instruction & Language 2373/3373 Instructional Design Technology-Children & Television/Research on Television Effects-"Simulation Exercise on Dealing With Violence in America", 1995
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536 "The Role of Physical Context in Elementary School Children's Learning From Touchable Objects in a History Museum", 1999
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Series III: Professional
61 Professional Vita Covering 1958-1999, Undated
62 AECT-IVLA Presentation: "Criteria for Selecting Materials & Activities to Develop Visual Abilities", 1979
63 "How to Develop Your Visual Maturity" , 1979
64 Research Proposal: [Draft] "The Mediating Effects of the Family Context for Television Viewing on Preschoolers", 1981 January
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Series IV: Games and Exercises
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