Big Bend Photo Club Collection, bulk 1972-1977

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Big Bend Photo Club Collection, bulk 1972-1977

AG 16

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Big Bend Photo Club, 1972-1977
Title: Big Bend Photo Club collecion,
Inclusive Dates: 1972-1977
Quantity: 1.5 linear feet; 3 boxes
Abstract: Issues of Big Bend Photo newsletters, photographs, audio and visual recordings, commemorative patches and other miscellaneous materials related to the Big Bend Photo Club (Tallahassee, Fla.). Includes complete copies and extra pages of the Big Bend Photo News for 1974, a compilation of black and white, color, and mixed media works in photocopy, offset, and other generative methods by the members of the club. A large scrapbook, labeled as the BBPC handbook, and associated with notes pertaining to photography included. Collection also includes snapshots and postcards created or compiled by members of the club and membership applications. Of particular interest is an audiotape of a 1976 lecture by Clarence John Laughlin (1905-1984).
Identification: AG 16
Language: Material in English
Repository: Center for Creative Photography, University of Arizona
1030 N. Olive Rd., P.O. Box 210103
Tucson, AZ 85721-0103
Phone: 520-621-6273
Fax: 520-621-9444

Historical Note

The Big Bend Photo Club was a loosely comprised group of photographers, primarily undergraduate and graduate students of Todd Walker (University of Florida) and Robert Fichter (Florida State University). Principally created by Ben Davis, Victor Schrager, Melanie Walker, Stephen Danko, Michael Siede, Fred Endsley, Michael Cook, and Rus Gant, the Big Bend Photo Club existed roughly between the years 1973 to 1974 and was based in Tallahassee, Florida.

The club's primary activity seems to have been the compilation and distribution of the Big Bend Photo News. Artwork in various generative methods photocopy, offset was created by the members and then compiled and distributed by the members in Florida as the Big Bend Photo News. There are 3 newsletters represented in this collection.

Scope and Content

The first series contains an 11x14 notepad labeled BBPC Handbook, 1974, a 7x8 notepad with drawings, photos of/by the BBPC, and 3 handmade patches by Melanie Walker.

The second series contains 1 folder of correspondence to/from members of BBPC. Postcards and loose letter pages are included, as is BBPC letterhead.

The third series contains completed and partial editions of 3 newsletters distributed by the BBCP in 1974. Separate folders are labeled for different artist contributions including: artwork, copy, templates, and member applications. A NYT clipping which mentions a BBCP studio is also included.

The fourth series contains audiovisual materials including: film reel of works by artists in group, audio tape interviews, and CD and thumb-drive of BBPC story, both from Ben Davis.


The Collection is arranged into the following series:
Series 1: Organizational materials and memorabilia
Series 2: Correspondence and Letters
Series 3: Publication Materials
Series 4: Audiovisual Materials


Conditions Governing Access

Access to this collection requires an appointment with the Volkerding Study Center.

Conditions Governing Use

It is the responsibility of the user to obtain permission from the copyright owner (which could be the institution, the creator of the record, the author or his/her transferees, heirs, legates or literary executors) prior to any copyright-protected uses of the collection.

The user agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Arizona Board of Regents, the University of Arizona, Center of Creative Photography, including its officers, employees, and agents, from and against all claims made relating to copyright or other intellectual property infringement

Controlled Access Terms

Personal Name(s)
Biddle, Garland
Bishop, Michael []
Borken, Marian
Chiarenza, Carl []
Clarke, Cristina
Cook, Michael []
Costello, M. Allison
Cowin, Eileen []
Curran, Darryl []
Danko, Stephen []
Davis, Ben []
Endsley, Fred []
Fichter, Robert []
Flasch, Joan
Gant, Rus
Gleber, Conrad []
Hahn, Betty []
Heinecken, Robert []
Henkel, Jim []
Jobb, Jamie
Jones, Harold []
Kellough, Michael
King, Michael
Laughlin, Clarence John []
Lindstrom, John
McCauley, Hayes
Mercer, Susan
Mirano, Virgil []
Parker, Bo []
Ray, Paul Henry
Rodenheim, Jim
Ruther, Joe []
Schrager, Victor []
Siede, George []
Siede, Michael
Slaughter, Jamie
Sommer, Frederick []
Tarnowski, T.G.
Thogersen, Lynn
Thomas, Diana
Walker, Melanie []
Walker, Todd []

Corporate Name(s)
Big Bend Photo Club, circa 1972-76

Photographers []
Photography []

Administrative Information

Custodial History

The Big Bend Photo Club Collection was given to the Center for Creative Photography in 1976 by Ben Davis, a member of the club.

Preferred Citation

Big Bend Photo Club Collection, 1972-1976. AG 16. Center for Creative Photography. University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona.

Acquisition Information

Processing Information

Processed in summer of 1984 by Judith Leckrone. Accrual processed and finding aid updated by Melissa Sanson in March 2019.


Additional materials were donated by Ben Davis in April of 2018, all of which were from original collection, with exception of 1mp3 audio CD and thumb-drive by Ben Davis from 2018.

Other Finding Aid

Please visit the CCP website for a more descriptive version of the finding aid, which includes a detailed inventory list.

Container List

Series 1: Organizational Records and Memorabilia, 1 box.
Note: Patches, copy, photos of/by BBPC, notepad followed by 11x14 notebook.
11 Handmade patches by Melanie Walker for Big Bend Photo Club
12-3 Photos and copy of/by the BBPC
14 Notepad containing drawings, 7x8, circa 1974
15 Scrapbook notebook described as BBPC handbook, 11x14, 1973
Series 2: Correspondence, 1 box.
Note: letters and postcards to/from members of BBPC, 1974-1977.
21 Letters and postcards to/from members of BBPC, 1974-1977
Series 3: Publication Materials 1973-1974 1 box.
Note: Individual artist contributions in alphabetical order, announcements, applications, templates, and NYT clipping, followed by full newsletters and lastly the mock up spiral of newsletter 3.
22 Bishop, Michael, 1974
23 Danko, Steve, 1974
24 Davis, Ben, circa 1974
25 Fichter, Robert, 1974
26 Hahn, Betty, circa 1974
27 Heineken, Robert, circa 1974
28 Mirano, Virgil, circa 1974
29 Walker, Todd, 1974
210 Unidentified, circa 1974
211 6-BBPC achievement diploma template
212 BBPC membership application materials, b&w and sepia
213 3-exhibition announcements
214 1- NYT clipping where BBPC gallery mentioned
215 4 -Newsletter #1 with original notes, paste-up, copy
216 1- Newsletter #2 paste-ups and copy, loose
217 2- Newsletter #2, Big Bend Photo News 1974
218 3-Newsletter #3, Bend, ‘The Whole Show’, never distributed
219 Newsletter #3, copy and paste-ups
220 1-photo spiral mock-up of Newsletter #3, Bend, ‘The Whole Show’, circa 1974
Series 4: Audiovisual Materials, 1958, 1971-1978, 2018 1 box.
Note: tapes, film, CD and attached thumb-drive grouped together by medium include interviews, lectures and story of/by BBPC members.
3 ¼ inch tape of Frederick Sommer by Fred Endsley, 1971
3 ¼ inch reel to reel audio tape of a lecture by Clarence John Laughlin recorded by Ben Davis (in Tallahassee, Fla.?), 1976
3 1- audio cassette tape, Weegee donated by Fred Endsley, 1958
3 1- audio cassette tape, Fichter Lecture donated by Fred Endlsey, 1977
3 1- audio cassette tape, Fichter Interview donated by Fred Endlsey, 1978
3 1-16mm film animation of Todd Walker offset prints by Melanie Walker and Ben Davis, 1974
3 1-16mm film animation of Todd Walker work prints by Melanie Walker and Ben Davis, 1974
3 1-mp3 CD, BBPC story, Ben Davis, 2018
3 1-thumb drive, BBPC story, Ben Davis, 2018