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David Levinthal Collection 1956-1978


Overview of the Collection

Creator: Levinthal, David (1949- ) .
Title: David Levinthal Collection
Inclusive Dates: 1956-1978
Quantity: 4 boxes (4 linear feet)
Abstract: Artifacts and research materials used by David Levinthal (1949 - ) in his photographic dioramas. Includes: books about German military history, toy soldiers and toy military equipment.
Identification: AG177
Language: Material in English
Repository: Center for Creative Photography, University of Arizona
1030 N. Olive Rd., P.O. Box 210103
Tucson, AZ 85721-0103
Phone: 520-621-6273
Fax: 520-621-9444

Biographical Note

David Levinthal was born in 1949 in San Francisco, California and currently lives and works in New York City. He received a BA in studio art in 1970 from Stanford University and an MFA from Yale University in 1973. Levinthal is known for his creation of miniature environments using small toys and props with dramatic lighting. (Wiki)

Scope and Content

The David Levinthal Collection consists of two series organized into four boxes. Series one is made up of eleven research books collected by Levinthal that relate to German World War II military history. Series two consists of artifacts used by the artist in his Hitler Moves East project from 1972-1975. The series is organized into four different groups based on how the objects were originally housed. Those in box one are housed in a metal box with 24 drawers, therefore the container list lists the objects by drawer. The model soldiers in this box are painted and 1:35 scale unless otherwise specified, while the tanks and other vehicles are HO scale. Those objects in box two were originally housed in a metal cookie tin and have since been sorted and transferred to numbered thirty-nine plastic bags, therefore the container list lists the objects by bag number. The objects in box three were originally housed in a shoebox and have since been sorted and transferred to twelve numbered plastic bags, therefore, again, the container list lists the objects by numbered bag. All model vehicles contained in the box are HO scale unless otherwise specified. Objects stored in box four were originally housed in a cardboard box and have since been sorted and transferred to eight numbered plastic bags.


The Collection is arranged into the following series:
Series 1: Books (Box 1)
Series 2: Artifacts (Boxes 1-4)


Conditions Governing Access

Access to this collection requires an appointment with the Volkerding Study Center.

Conditions Governing Use

It is the responsibility of the user to obtain permission from the copyright owner (which could be the institution, the creator of the record, the author or his/her transferees, heirs, legates or literary executors) prior to any copyright-protected uses of the collection.

The user agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Arizona Board of Regents, the University of Arizona, Center of Creative Photography, including its officers, employees, and agents, from and against all claims made relating to copyright or other intellectual property infringement

Controlled Access Terms

Personal Name(s)
Levinthal, David, 1949-


Administrative Information

Custodial History

Gift of the artist, 1999.

Preferred Citation

David Levinthal Collection. AG 177. Center for Creative Photography. University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona.

Processing Information

Initial inventory prepared by Carl Anderson, December 1999.

Finding aid updated by Meghan Jordan in May 2016.

Container List

Series 1 Books 1956-1978
Related to German WWII military history, collected by the artist
Flower, Desmond and Reeves, James, ed. The Taste of Courage: Vol. II: The Axis Triumphant. New York: Berkeley Medallion Books, 1971
Flower, Desmond and Reeves, James, ed. The Taste of Courage: Vol. III: The Tide Turns. New York: Berkeley Medallion Books, 1971
Guderian, Heinz. Panzer Leader. New York: Ballantine Books, 1957
Hogg, Ian V. The Guns 1939-45. New York: Ballantine Books, 1970
Jukes, Geoffrey. Kursk. New York: Ballantine Books, 1968
Von Mellenthin, F.W. Panzer Battles. New York: Ballantine Books, 1956
Whiting, Charles. Battle of the Ruhr Pocket. New York: Ballantine Books, 1970
Wykes, Alan. The Siege of Leningrad. New York: Ballantine Books, 1968
Ziemke, Earl F. The Battle for Berlin: End of the Third Reich. New York: Ballantine Books, 1968
HO Model Miniatures Minitanks Manual, R. Kohnstam, Ltd., England.
1978 MRC-Tamiya Catalog, Model Rectifier Corp., NJ, 1978
Series 2 Artifacts 1972-1975
Materials include artifacts for the Hitler Moves East project, 1972-1975. The first box is housed in a metal box with 24 drawers. The rest of the materials in the next three boxes are housed in bags.
113 plastic Nazi soldiers; Parts of soldiers
123 plastic Nazi soldiers; 3 plastic Nazi soldiers with camouflage uniforms; 1 plastic Nazi soldier (21 mm); 3 soldier’s arms; Misc. equipment
134 plastic Nazi soldiers,1 with knife, 1 with rifle; 2 plastic Nazi soldiers with camouflage uniforms, one without helmet
144 plastic Nazi soldiers; 1 armless plastic Nazi soldier with camouflage uniform; 1 unpainted plastic Nazi soldier and stand; Misc. equipment
151 armless plastic Nazi soldier; 1 unpainted plastic Nazi soldier;1 plastic Nazi soldier torso; 1 plastic Nazi soldier bottom half;1 arm
161 plastic Nazi soldier; 1 knife
171 plastic Nazi soldier (prone position)
182 plastic tanks; 2 plastic armored cars
192 plastic Nazi soldiers; 6 plastic Nazi soldiers, painted with primer- 2 are armless; 3 plastic Nazi soldier torsos, painted with primer; 2 plastic Nazi soldier bottom halves, painted with primer; 3 arms; 2 helmets; 1 canteen
1102 plastic Nazi soldiers
111Misc. plastic parts
11235 small scale plastic Nazi soldiers, unpainted (21 mm); Misc. arms and equipment, some on breakers; Misc. plastic parts
113Nazi decal sheet; 2 arms; 1 helmet; Misc. equipment
1141 plastic Nazi soldier; 5 plastic Nazi soldiers (flight or tank crew?); 1 helmet
1151 plastic Nazi soldier; 1 piece equipment
1161 plastic armored car with anti-aircraft gun; 1 plastic trailers
1176 plastic Nazi soldiers
1181 plastic tank; 2 plastic Nazi soldiers
1191 plastic tank; 1 plastic truck
120 1 plastic armored car; 1 plastic armored personnel carrier; 1 plastic armored car chassis; Misc. vehicle parts
1212 plastic bedrolls ; 1 misc. plastic piece
1223 plastic Nazi soldiers; 1 arm with submachine gun
1232 plastic pieces and misc. plastic parts (found in bottom of container)
1241 armored car; 1 truck cover; 2 plastic pieces
211 green plastic flight crew member
222 white plastic flight crew members
233 red plastic (Russian?) soldiers
242 plastic Nazi soldiers on motorcycles, painted (HO scale)
258 plastic wounded Nazi soldiers on stretchers, 1 painted Nazi stretcher bearer
2618 green plastic Nazi soldiers
2719 “wounded” plastic Nazi soldiers, painted (1:72 scale)
2824 gray plastic soldiers- flight crew; 1 gray plastic dog
2920 plastic Nazi soldiers, painted gray (1:72 scale)
21040 gray plastic Nazi soldiers (1:72 scale) some painted minimally
21155 plastic German Afrika Korps soldiers, painted olive drab (1:72 scale)
21225 plastic Nazi soldiers, painted white (various sizes)
21345 plastic Nazi soldiers, painted camouflage (1:72 scale)
21480 olive green plastic Nazi soldiers, minimally painted (21 mm)
21539 plastic Nazi soldiers, painted gray (1:72 scale)
21634 gray plastic Nazi soldiers, minimally painted (23 mm)
21765 gray plastic Nazi soldiers, minimally painted (23 mm)
21816 gray plastic Nazi soldiers, minimally painted (23 mm)
21948 plastic soldiers, minimally painted (20 mm)
22011 plastic flight crew members, painted black (1:72 scale)
22149 yellow plastic civilians, some painted (various sizes)
22235 misc. plastic soldiers (various sizes)
22322 plastic Nazi soldiers in prone positions, painted (1:72 scale)
22416 soldier flight crew, still on breakers; 3 dogs; 2 chairs
2258 plastic horses, painted
22611 plastic telephone poles
22724 white picket fence sections
2281 plastic stone archway; 3 plastic sandbags; 6 plastic brick sections
2291 plastic cart; 1 plastic artillery piece (horse drawn?)
2308 plastic oil drums
2314 plastic tank tracks
23210 plastic artillery shells
2333 loose artillery pieces
2341 artillery piece; 2 trailers; Misc. vehicle parts
2351 plastic tank (HO scale); 1 plastic armored car (HO scale)
236Misc. plastic parts: bombs, rifles, limbs, etc.
237Military decals
2381 plastic airplane (HO scale)
2391 Danish butter cookie tin
311 plastic truck
322 plastic tanks; ½ plastic tank
331 plastic armored car; 1 plastic model truck with anti-aircraft gun; 1 truck top
241 die-cast metal tank model, partially melted
35Misc. plastic parts: 1 plastic anti-aircraft gun, vehicle pieces, weapons, etc.
361 plastic model German airplane, painted, with decals
3711 plastic bridge pieces (various sizes)
3812 plastic bridge pieces (various sizes)
391 plastic bridge piece
3101 plastic factory building, partially melted
3111 plastic model farm building; 1 stack of boards
3121 plastic model German plane with bomb, painted, with decals
411 plastic model bridge section (not in box originally)
421 gray metal die-cast model tank, with “battle scars”
431 plastic model airplane, painted, missing 1 wing (HO scale); 1 plastic wing; 1 plastic Nazi soldier (23 mm) found in plane
442 metal flatbed model train sections; 3 plastic bridge pieces; 1 plastic brick piece; 1 plastic airplane landing gear; 1 misc. plastic piece
452 plastic model brick houses
461 plastic model brick 4-story townhouse; 1 plastic model railroad bridge section
471 plastic model farmhouse scene (2 buildings on 1 base)
48Green plastic model bunker (2 pieces); 1 green plastic twin anti-aircraft gun