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AG 48

Creator: Beaumont Newhall
Inclusive Dates: 1930/1983
Quantity: 9.5 Linear Feet
Abstract:Correspondence, writings, and subject files, 1930-1983, of Beaumont Newhall (l908-1993), and Nancy Newhall (l908-1974), art historians, curators, teachers, and authors. Includes correspondence with noted photographers Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, and others; published and unpublished manuscripts by Nancy Newhall concerning Ansel Adams, such as Death Valley (l953), The Eloquent Light (l963), and The Enduring Moment (ca.1971); writings by Beaumont Newhall including Photography: Essays and Images (l980) and his revised and enlarged edition of The History of Photography (l98l); and printed materials relating to their wide interests.
Identification: AG 48
Language: English
Repository: University of Arizona Libraries, Center for Creative Photography
University of Arizona Libraries
PO Box 210103
Tucson, AZ 85721-0103
Phone: 520-621-7968
Fax: 520-621-9444

Biographical Notes

Beaumont Newhall

Beaumont Newhall was born in Lynn, Massachusetts on June 22, 1908. Degrees in art history from Harvard (A.B. in 1930, M.A. in 1931) led to a brief stint as a lecturer at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, then a position in the Department of Decorative Arts at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art. After further studies at the Institut d'Art et d'Archéologie, University of Paris and the Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London, Newhall was hired as the librarian at MOMA in 1935. In 1937, Newhall presented "Photography 1839-1937," an exhibition surveying the history of the medium that he had prepared at the invitation of Alfred H. Barr, the museum's director. An expanded version of Mr. Newhall's catalogue essay was published by the museum the following year as "Photography: A Short Critical History." A Guggenheim Foundation fellowship in 1947 enabled Newhall to enlarge this essay into a book, now titled "The History of Photography, 1839 to the Present." Revised by Newhall several times over the next 35 years, this book has become a standard general history of photography. Newhall was appointed the first curator of photography at MOMA in 1940, a position he held until 1945. From 1948 to 1958 Newhall was curator of the International Museum of Photography at George Eastman House. He was its director from 1958 to 1971, during part of which time (1968-1971) he also professor of Art at State University of New York at Buffalo. In 1971, he moved to Albuquerque, where he became professor of Art at UNM until 1984. He was appointed professor emeritus upon his retirement. He died at his home in Santa Fe, from complications from a stroke, February 26, 1993.

Nancy Newhall

Nancy Newhall, née Nancy Wynne, was born in Lynn, Massachusetts on May 9, 1908. As a photography critic, conservationist, and editor, she was an important contributor to the development of the photograph book as an art form. Newhall attended Smith College and was a member of the Art Students League of New York. Her career began when in 1943 she became acting curator of the photography department at the Museum of Modern Art, New York City, substituting for her husband, Beaumont Newhall, the photography historian and founder of the department, while he was in military service. A founding member of Aperture magazine, Newhall helped to conceptually shape the publication and was a frequent contributor. She collaborated with many of the photographic luminaries of the day—Ansel Adams, Edward and Brett Weston, Paul Strand, Henri Cartier-Bresson, and Minor White—writing text to accompany their images for magazine articles and books. Newhall died following a rafting accident while vacationing with her husband in Grand Teton National Park on July 7, 1974.

Scope and Content

These papers represent one important segment of the personal papers of Nancy Newhall, and to a lesser extent those of Beaumont Newhall. These letters and writings were culled by Beaumont Newhall, and were sent to the Center after Nancy Newhall's death in 1974. They were intended to complement the archive of Ansel Adams which had already been committed to the Center. Some of the Nancy Newhall papers were at one time integrated into the Adams archive, but an attempt has been made to return those papers to this collection. Researchers should, however, consult both collections, especially the correspondence series. The bulk of the material in this collection relates to the career of Nancy Newhall and begins in the late 1930s and continues until her death in 1974; a lesser amount of material is present for Beaumont Newhall, especially his Photography: Essays and Images, and his final revision of The History of Photography. The general correspondence, 1942 78, contains personal and business correspondence between the Newhalls and editors, publishers, artists, curators, museums and universities. Since the Newhalls worked together and often on similar topics, much of the personal correspondence is directed to both of them. However, in the specific business and subject files, the material is directed to that person with a major concern in the particular project. A selected index has been prepared to cover the many personal and institutional names in this correspondence. In addition, a selected index has been made for the Adams Newhall letters.


Series List:
Series I: Correspondence
Series II: Writings
Series III: Subject Files
Series IV: Oversize Materials


Conditions Governing Access


Conditions Governing Use

Copyright to images and writings by the Newhalls is held in trust. For permission to copy or publish copyrighted materials in the CCP collection, contact: David Scheinbaum, Co-Executor of the Beaumont and Nancy Newhall Estate, 369 Montezuma Avenue, Suite 345, Santa Fe, NM 87501.

Controlled Access Terms

Personal Name(s)
Adams, Ansel, 1902-1984
Newhall, Beaumont, 1908-1993
Newhall, Nancy, 1908-1974
Weston, Edward, 1886-1958

Administrative Information

Custodial History

This collection began as a gift from Beaumont Newhall to the CCP in 1975.

Preferred Citation

The Beaumont and Nancy Newhall Collection, Center for Creative Photography, University of Arizona Libraries.

Container List

Series I: Correspondence
Series note: Correspondence, 1937-1974. Consists of handwritten originals, carbon copies, and photocopies of letters. There are many enclosures of other correspondence and printed materials in this series. Where possible, these enclosures were filed with the letters that they originally accompanied, otherwise they were filed chronologically with the general correspondence. Adams often sent many small postcards to the Newhalls; these cards were separated from the letter size correspondence and filed together chronologically. The bulk of the correspondence is between Nancy Newhall and Ansel Adams. Their letters, postcards, and telegrams are often lengthy; sometimes adding up to two or three notes a day. The topics of these letters are their joint projects including books, exhibitions, portfolios, and workshops; their personal acquaintances; and other matters. This correspondence includes many discussions, commentaries, and criticisms regarding contemporary developments in photography, conservation, and politics. The letters also serve as an index to the sundry assignments and proposed schemes of Adams and the Newhalls. A letter often extends into several typewritten pages itemizing the status of several concurrent projects, or relating their work schedules for the near future. This correspondence between good friends is frank, humorous, and detailed. The Newhalls began a long friendship with Edward Weston around 1940. Through publications, exhibitions, and print sales, the Newhalls promoted Weston's work in the last two decades of his life. Before and after his death in 1958, Nancy Newhall, who was also Adams' appointed biographer, produced several monographs and articles about Weston. She had a decisive role in editing Weston's Daybooks, his personal diaries from the early 1920s onwards which were published in two volumes in 1961 and 1966. Beginning in 1937 with a letter from Weston to Beaumont congratulating him on his catalog for the exhibition "Photography 1839 1937" at the Museum of Modern Art, the correspondence between Weston and the Newhalls continues until 1945. The letters concern arrangements for meetings; mutual friends and adversaries; Weston's production of his books, prints, and numerous exhibitions; the intrusion of the war; the clan of cats in Carmel; brief observations on the activities of the Photo League; the Newhalls activities at the Museum of Modern Art, and later at the George Eastman House; and Weston's struggle with Parkinson's disease. These letters are photocopies of the originals which were given to the Museum of Modern Art by Beaumont Newhall.
Subseries 1: General
1 Miscellaneous unknown and/or undated, 1942-83
Suberies 2: Nancy and Beaumont Newhall
1 Between Nancy and Beaumont Newhall, 1952, 1954, 1969
Subseries 3: Adams, Ansel
1 n.d., 1937-46
2 1947-53
3 1954-61
4 1962-67
5 1968-75
6 postcards, 1945-74
Subseries 4: Weston, Edward
7 photocopies, 1937-57
Series II: Writings
Series note: Writings, ca. 1933 1981. Arranged alphabetically by author, and then chronologically. These files often contain correspondence, research materials, and drafts of essays which relate to a particular topic, however, several of the files contain only fragments of the entire text. The bulk of this series was authored by either Nancy or Beaumont Newhall, but there is a four page typescript, with corrections, by Ansel Adams titled "Statement for Camera Craft: f/64" which was written for publication in that periodical. The writings of Nancy Newhall, 1937 - ca. 1971, are largely concerned with her projects done in conjunction with Ansel Adams. Of particular interest are the following titles: "The Photographer and Reality," ca. 1948, probably her first unpublished biography of Adams; Mission San Xavier Del Bac, 1953 68, concerning the research and writing of an article and book on that mission near Tucson, Arizona; The Eloquent Light, ca. 1960s, her first published biographical volume on Adams covering his career from 1902 to 1938 and including her research notes and extracts from Adams' personal correspondence; Fiat Lux: The University of California, 1965 68, a comprehensive photographic essay which was commissioned for the centennial celebration of that institution; and "The Enduring Moment," ca. 1971, her unfinished second volume of Adams' biography documenting the middle years of his life. There are only a few writings by Beaumont Newhall. These include some brief chronological notes outlining Adams' career; an article in French on Degas; a short introduction to the exhibition "Photo Eyes of the 20s"; and an inventory with photographs documenting a retrospective exhibition of the work of Brett Weston selected by the Newhalls. More complete are the final manuscript draft for Photography: Essays and Images, and drafts for the revised and enlarged edition of The History of Photography.
Adams, Ansel
8 "Statement for Camera Craft: f/64," ca.1933
Newhall, Beaumont
8 Southwest Log, 1947. [Photocopy of manuscript account of trip to the southwest with Edward Weston.]
8 "Degas Photographie Amateur," Gazette Des Beaux Arts, 1963
8 Notes by B. Newhall for a lecture on Adams at SUNY, 1970
8 “Eye of the 20's," statement on exhibition, 1970
8 "Voyage of the Eye: A Fifty Year Retrospective (1925 75) The Work of Brett Weston," 1975
8 Photography: Essays and Images, final ms., 1980
8 History of Photography, drafts chapters 1 16; notes and bibliography; plate captions
Newhall, Nancy
9 "Introduction to France," ca.1937
9 "Maloney Book":
Correspondence, 1941¬-45
Illustrations list, ca. 1942
Manuscripts and books, ca. 1942
9 "The Enduring Moment":
Research notes, ca. 1943 61
Typed excerpts from Adams correspondence, ca. 1942-63
Drafts, ca. 1940s
9 "Alfred Stieglitz," 1946
9 “Hors d'Oeuvre a la Russe,” correspondence and text, 1946
9 Reminiscences of Musya Sheeler, ca.1946
9 "The Enduring Moment," research notes, ca. 1940s 63
9 "The Photographer and Reality: Ansel Adams," ca. 1948
9 "Always the Far Horizon":
Correspondence, 1950-¬51
Notes, 1951
Typescript dummy, 1951
9 "Death Valley," correspondence, 1952-55
9 "Death Valley," 1954
9 "The Pageant of History," 1953-55
9 "An Act of Dedication," pageant for Campfire Day, ca. 1953-71
10 "Mission San Xavier Del Bac":
Correspondence, 1953-69
Research notes and printed materials, 1953-69
Photocopy of manuscript with comments by Father Celestine, 1954
Rough drafts, 1954
Drafts, 1954
Carbon copy of final draft, 1954
Galleys, 1954
Copy of 1st edition, 1954
10 "This is the American Earth" (exhibit):
Correspondence, 1954-58
Rough drafts, 1955 59
Notes and text for display panels, 1956-58;
Reviews, 1956 58
10 "This is the American Earth" (book)
correspondence, 1956-58
correspondence, 1959
Correspondence, Jan.-Aug. 1960
Correspondence, Sept.-Dec. 1960
11 This is the American Earth" (book) (continue)
Correspondence, 1960-70
Slip cased correction dummy, ca. 1960 [move to oversize]
2nd ed. corrections, 1960
German translation and related papers, 1962
German translation photocopies, ca. 1962
Reviews, 1966
Sheet music, record album using Newhall's text, 1976, 1978 [move to oversize]
11 Article on Ynez Mexia, 1955
11 John Muir Film, 1956
11 "The Negro Exhibit," progress report and correspondence, 1956
11 A Contribution to the Heritage of Every American:
Correspondence, 1956-58
Notes, research materials, 1957
Galleys, fragments, 1957
Reviews, 1957
11 “A Nation of Nations," correspondence and reviews, 1957
11 Masters of Photography, "Ansel Adams," ca. 1958
11 "Portrait of the Universe," outline, ca. 1959
11 "History of Yosemite," research notes, ca. 1959
11 "The San Francisco Book," correspondence and outline, 1959
11 "Sanctuary in adobe,”
Rough drafts, 1960
Printers dummies, 1960
Correspondence, 1960-62
11 "The Eloquent Light,"
Research notes, n.d.
research notes on family history, n.d.
Research notes: typed extracts from Adams correspondence, 1920s
Bibliography, ca. 1963
Drafts, ca. 1963
Exhibition catalog, 1963
Letters of congratulations, 1963-64
11 "Fiat Lux,"
Correspondence, 1965-66
Correspondence, 1967-68
Rough drafts and notes, 1967
Research materials, 1967
Reviews, 1967-68
12 “The Enduring Moment,”
Fragments of drafts, 1963 (?)
Chapter 1:1, “Vortex in the East: negative positive”
Chapter 1:2, “Vortex in the East: mailbag”
Chapter 1:3, “Vortex in the East: the puff of steam”
Chapter 1:4, “Vortex in the East: center of a cyclone”
Chapter 1:5, “Vortex in the East: constructive belligerent”
Chapter 1:6, “Vortex in the East: the fair and the forum”
Chapter 1:7, “Vortex in the East: the department”
Chapter 1, duplicate drafts (2 folders)
Chapter 2, “Images of America: exhibition, competition, commission”
Chapter 2, “Images of America: Manzanar, collapse and rebirth”
Chapter 2, “Images of America: Art Center School, zone system, photography center”
Chapter 2, “Images of America: tempest in a hall bedroom”
Chapter 2, “Images of America: education of a tenderfoot, democracy?”
Chapter 3, “Multiple spheres: intersecting orbits, etc.”
Chapter 3, “Multiple spheres”
Chapter 4, “Big country: ballet in reverse, dream reality, etc.”
Chapter 5, “The beautiful things and the beautiful compromise” (2 folders)
Chapter 6, “Bumper crop of ambrosia: magnitude of obligations, textbook of perfection, cliques and nightmares”
Chapter 6, “Bumper crop of ambrosia: constant vigil, peregrinations, observer in Yosemite”
Chapter 6, “Bumper crop of ambrosia: observer in Carmel, San Francisco; the National Park Service”
Chapter 6, “Bumper crop of ambrosia: snafu, affirmations”
12 "Introduction to the Persistence of Beauty, 1969 [moved to oversize]
12 "Great Classics: Ansel Adams," 1969
12 The Tetons and the Yellowstone, book review, 1971
Series III: Subject Files
Series notes: Subject files, 1930 1983. Consists of clippings, correspondence, research notes, photocopies of printed materials, photographs, catalogs, and other items relating to a wide variety of activities by both Newhalls, but especially Nancy. These materials were sorted into artificial subject categories and relate to topics or organizations in which she had an interest. Selected headings in this group include architecture, conservation, the Sierra Club, photography, and radio. There are several folders relating to the activities of Beaumont Newhall. Of exceptional interest is a 243 page photocopy of a course outline to a museum studies class at Harvard taught by noted curator Paul Sachs. Beaumont Newhall was a student in this class in the early 1930s. In addition, there are bibliographies of articles and monographs by Newhall, a brief listing of some books from his personal library donated to the Center in 1981, and his curriculum vitae current as of 1983. There are a few miscellaneous personal photographs in this series.
13 Architecture: clippings, 1938,51,58
13 Art: Paul Sachs Museum Course, 1930 (4 folders)
Bibliography of Beaumont Newhall, 1971
Books by Beaumont Newhall, 1937-83
inventory of selected books and catalogues from Beaumont Newhall’s library, 1981
13 Biographical: curriculum vitae of B. Newhall, 1983
13 Biographical: U.S. Army certificate of service of B. Newhall [photocopy], 1945
Conservation, general:
Clippings, 1960-72
misc. conservation group pamphlets, 1954-71
13 Miscellaneous: brochures, announcements, ca. 1960s
13 Miscellaneous: photographs by unidentified photographers, ca. 1974
13 Music: notes, programs, 1952, 1955
Exhibition catalogs, 1962
Clippings, 1962, 1969
Clippings, 1934-39
Notes, correspondence, publications, ca. 1939
Sierra Club:
Clippings, 1967-69
Statements, memos, 1963-69
Election materials, 1955-71
Financial statements, 1963-68
Outings, openings, exhibitions, 1965-68
Foundation, 1960
Miscellaneous, 1966
Newsletters, Finger Lake and Rochester groups, 1969-71
outings, openings, exhibits, 1965-68
Publications, announcements, advertising, 1962-68
Publications, The Argonaut, 1965, 1969
Publications, Sierra Club Bulletin, 1958
Publications, The Southern Sierra, 1968
Sierra Club Foundation, 1960
13 Trustees for Conservation: minutes of meetings, 1962, 1965-66
Series IV: Oversize Materials
This is the American Earth,
Correction copy, ca. 1960
Slip cased dummy, ca. 1960
Score by Scott Wilkinson, a musical setting of Nancy Newhall’s text to the book, 1976
Sound recording of Wilkinson’s cantata, 1978 The Persistence of Beauty: Portfolio I, 1969
14 Canadian geographical journal, April 1956 issue
14 “A new language,” article by Beaumont Newhall, clipped from Life, ca. 1953
Adams, Anne, 1944, 1950, 1952
Adams, Anne, see also Mayhew, Anne Adams
Adams, Charles, 1951
Adams, Jeanne and Michael, 1965
American Conservation Association, 1965
Aperture, 1971
Armitage, Merle, 1963
Bohn, David, 1968
Brower, David, 1963, 1968
Brower, David, see also Sierra Club
Camera Club of New York, 1964
Caulfield, Pat, 1953
Chapman, Albert K., 1954
Chinn, Celestine, 1953
Coast Films (San Francisco, CA), 1956
Coke, Van Deren, see University of New Mexico
Cornell University (Ithaca, NY), 1970
Dawson, Laurence, 1965
DeVoto, Bernard, 1954
Diamond, Henry, see American Conservation Association
Dixon, Dan, 1953
Duson, Dede, 1975(?), 1983
Eastman Kodak Company (Rochester, NY), 1951
Five Associates (San Francisco, CA), 1964
Hallett, Laurence E., see Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain
Hirschberg, Nell, n.d.
Hoffman, Michael E., 1966
Hudson River Valley Commission, 1967
Judge, Jacquelyn, 1951, 1953(?)
Knight, Philip, 1948
LandMark Society (Rochester, NY), 1951
Lange, Dorothea, 1953
Little, Brown and Company, 1952, 1971
Long, Henrietta, 1954
McAlpin, David H., 1942, 1945, 1952-53, 1963-64
McGraw, Dick, 1956
McLanatha, Richard, n.d.
Marshall, George and Betty, 1973
Mayhew, Anne, see also Adams, Anne
Mayhew, Charles and Anne Adams, 1956, 1959, 1969(?), 1971
Mazzeo, Rosario, 1964
Memorial Art Gallery (Rochester, NY), 1952, 1955
Morgan, Barbara, 1954, 1968
Museum of Modern Art (NY), 1952
New Yorker, 1967
O'Keeffe, Georgia, 1962
Parker, Mrs. Johnson, 1953
Prather, Winter, 1953
Purcell, Jean Rivers, 1953
Quest, 1960
Refocus, 1972
Rochester Historical Society, n.d., 1955, 1969
Rothstein, Arthur, 1953
Rotkin, Charles, see Quest
Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain (London), 1964
Saturday Review, 1967
Sharpe, Gerry, 1964
Sheeler, Charles, 1956, 1964
Sheeler, Musya, 1951, 1956, 1964
Sierra Club (San Francisco, CA), n.d., 1954, 1960-62, 1964, 1967-72
Smithsonian Institution (Washington, DC), 1963
Szarkowski, John, 1965
Trustees for Conservation (Washington, DC), 1961, 1967
University of California, Berkeley, 1966
University of California, Santa Cruz, 1968
University of New Mexico (Albuquerque), 1965
University of Rochester, 1953
Van Dyke, Willard, 1948(?)
Wallace, Kevin, see New Yorker
Waters, George, 1951, 1954
Waters, George, see also Eastman Kodak Company, 1951
Weston, Edward, 1953-57
White, Minor, 1952
Wilentz, Theodore, see Sierra Club
Wilkinson, Scott, 1981
Wright, George, 1948(?), 1951
American Broadcasting Company, Sept. 1968
American Photographic Publishing Company (Boston, MA), Sept. 1945
American Society of Magazine Photographers (NY), May 1966
Amon Carter Museum of Western Art (Fort Worth, TX), Jan. 1966
Arizona Highways, May 1952, May 1965
Baruch, Ruth Marion, Sept. 1945
Brooks, Paul, Sept. 1968
Brower, David, see Sierra Club
Bullock, Wynn, Dec. 1953
Bunnell, Peter, see Museum of Modern Art, Nov. 1967, Dec. 1970, June 1972
Burden, Shirley, Oct. 1953, Nov. 1953, Mar. 1957
Clergue, Lucien, Nov. 1973
Coke, Van Deren, May 1965, Aug. 1969, Dec. 1973
Crane, Arnold, Aug. 1970
Doherty, Robert J., see George Eastman House, 1973
Famous Photographers School (Westport, CT), Nov. 1967
George Eastman House (Rochester, NY), Jan. 1959, Nov. 1962, Oct. 1973
Grand Teton Lodge Company (San Francisco, CA), Mar. 1969
Harper's Magazine, June 1967
Infinity, Feb. 1970
Leonard and Dole (Lawyers: San Francisco, CA), Apr. 1957
McAlpin, David H., Apr. 1965
Magnum, Feb., Mar. 1952, Mar. 1953
Mitchell, John, Apr. 1972
Morgan, Barbara, Jan. 1968
Munkacsi, Martin, Nov. 1946
Museum of Modern Art (NY), Dec. 1942, Apr. 1946, Jan. 1966, Dec. 1967, Dec. 1970, June 1972
New Yorker, Oct. 1967
Norman, Dorothy, Jan. 1951
Owens, Nathaniel, Apr. 1965, Mar. 1970
Parasol Press, Feb., Sept. Oct. 1973
Photo League (NY), Aug. 1949
Polaroid Corporation (Cambridge, MA.), Jan. 1957, Oct. 1960, July, Nov. 1967, Jan. 1968,Jan., Sept. 1969
Pope, Alexander, May 1957
Rockefeller, Laurance, Feb. 1966
Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain (London), July 1969
Schumaker, George, Oct. 1964
Sierra Club (San Francisco, CA), Jan. 1960, Jan., Feb., Apr. 1961, Apr. 1964, Aug., Sept. 1968, Feb. 1969, Jan., Mar. 1970, Dec. 1971
Steichen, Edward, Jan. 1960
Strand, Paul, Apr. 1964
Syracuse University, June 1966
Szarkowski, John, see Museum of Modern Art, Jan. 1966, June 1972
Udall, Stuart L., Apr. 1965, Apr. 1968
University of Arizona, Sept. 1969
University of California, Berkeley, Feb. 1961, Sept. 1965, June, July 1966
University of California, Davis, May 1966
University of California, Riverside, Jan. 1966
University of California, Santa Cruz, Feb. 1961, July 1963, June, Oct., Nov. 1967, Jan. 1968
Waters, George, June 1969, Jan., July 1970, Oct. 1973
Welpott, Jack, Feb. 1972
Weston, Edward, Apr. 1951
White, Minor, May 1964, 1968, Feb. 1969
Wilson, Adrian, 1967, July, Mar. 1969 Sept., Oct. 1973
Wisdom, Jan. 1957
"Maloney Book," 1941 45
Adams, Ansel
Maloney, Tom
Museum of Modern Art (NY)
Taft, Robert
"Hors d'Oeuvre a la Russe," 1946
Sheeler, Musya
"An Act of Dedication: Pageant for Campfire Day," ca. 1953-71
Adams, Ansel
"Always the Far Horizon," 1950-51
Adams, Ansel
Adams, Virginia
Houghton Mifflin
Mackland, Ray
Oxford University Press
Paepcke, Walter
"San Xavier Del Bac," 1953-69
Adams, Ansel
Arizona Highways
Chinn, Celestine
Dobyns, Henry F.
Ivancovich, Jane
Stoner, Victor
University of Arizona Press (Tucson)
"Mexia," 1955
Adams, Ansel
Bracelin, N. Floy
Colby, William E.
"Death Valley," 1952-55
Adams, Ansel
H.S. Crocker Company
United States. Department of the Interior
"A Contribution to the Heritage of Every American," 1956-58
Adams, Ansel
Albright, Horace M.
Earl Newson and Company
McAlpin, David
Norman, Dorothy
United States. Department of the Interior
"Fiat Lux," 1965-68
Adams, Ansel
McGraw Hill Book Company
University of California, Berkeley
Wilson, Adrian