Samuel E. Snider Collection, ca. 1850-1920

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Samuel E. Snider Collection, ca. 1850-1920

AHS-ND 850

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Snider, Samuel E.
Title Samuel E. Snider Collection
Inclusive Dates: ca. 1850-1920
Physical Description 1 linear foot
Abstract Papers and photographs of Reverend Samuel E. Snider related to his missionary work at Fort Defiance, Arizona during the period ca. 1894-1896
Collection numberAHS-ND 850
Language English
Repository Arizona Historical Society/Flagstaff Archives
PO Box 6022
Flagstaff, AZ 86011-6022
Phone: 928 523 5551
Fax: 928 774 1596

Biographical Note

Reverend Samuel E. ("S.E.") Snider was born June 8, 1847 in Preston County, West Virginia. He was a civil war veteran who served in the Fourth West Virginia Cavalry along with his father, Colonel Samuel Wesley Snider, and his brother, Captain Snider. Following the Civil War, Snider moved to Pawschiek County, Iowa. By 1871 he was licensed to preach by the Methodist Episcopal Church. The following year he was admitted on trial in the Upper Iowa Conference. He was married to Maggie Hickman in 1873, and ordained an Elder in 1877. Snider spent over eight years as an evangelist in Iowa.

His missionary career among the Indians began in 1881 when the Methodist Episcopal Missionary Society appointed Snider to the position of Missionary for the Sioux. Snider established the boarding school at Fort Peck, Montana, apparently against the wishes of local white settlers. From 1885 to 1894, Snider served as Missionary and Elder for the Montana district. In 1894 he was given the missionary position at Fort Defiance, Arizona. The exact circumstance under which he left this position, first in August of 1895, and finally in 1896, are not known. One account states that he was removed for medical reasons; another because he was caught embezzling funds. In any case, he moved back to Montana (briefly) in 1896 before returning east.

He died July 18, 1921 at The Southern Branch Soldiers' Home, Hampton, Virginia.

Scope and Content Note

The collection contains approximately (1) linear foot of materials including photographs, correspondence and publications. The majority of the materials are from Snider's tenure as missionary at Ft. Defiance, Arizona, during the period ca. 1894-1896. Of primary interest are the photographic materials of Hopi and Navajo Indians, as well as Samuel Snider's letter book which contains intra-agency correspondence with the Methodist Episcopal Church and with United States Indian agency officials. Other materials include an 1891 bible; a small ledger, ca. 1895; an Odd-Fellows manual, 1904; a brochure from the Central Branch National Military Home, Montgomery County, Ohio, ca. 1915; news clippings and biographical information and obituary regarding S.E. Snider, ca. 1921; and Snider family photographs and ephemera, ca. 1850-1920. The original photographic materials include tintypes, lantern slides and silver gelatin (black and white) processes. For preservation purposes, the photographs have been digitized and the letter book has been photocopied.


3 Series: I. Correspondence; II. Publications; III. Photographs



Original photographic images and letter book are deteriorating; requests to view these materials should be directed to the Arizona Historical Society/Flagstaff, archivist.


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Related Material

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Access Points

Personal Name(s)
Snider, Samuel E., 1847-1921--Archives.

Corporate Name(s)
Methodist Episcopal Church.

Hopi Indians.
Indians of North America--Arizona.
Navajo Indians.

Genre Form(s)
Financial records.
Letter books.

Administrative Information

Credit Line

Arizona Historical Society/Flagstaff, AHS-ND 850

Container List

Series I. Correspondence, ca. 1894-1921
3 folders. A photocopy of Samuel Snider's letter book which contains intra-agency correspondence with the Methodist Episcopal Church and with United States Indian agency officials. Also includes biographical notes, obituary of Samuel E. Snider, and a small financial ledger.
1.1 Biographical notes and obituary of Samuel E. Snider, ca. 1921
1.2 A photocopy of Samuel Snider's letter book which contains intra-agency correspondence with the Methodist Episcopal Church and with United States Indian agency officials, 1894-1895
1.3 A small financial ledger, not well organized, also includes what appears to be school grades from Missoula, MT., ca. 1895
Series II. Publications, ca. 1885-1921
4 file folders.
1.4 Brochure from the Central Branch National Military Home, Montgomery County, Ohio, ca. 1915
1.5 Holy Bible, news article, and obituary, ca. 1885, 1901, 1921
1.6 Odd-fellows manual, 1904
1.7 Small date book with biblical quotes; golden wedding announcement for Heckmans; envelope of names associated with the Navajo Mission, 1909-1917
Series III. Photographs, ca. 1850-1920
89 photocopied images. Pueblo, Hopi and Navajo Indian photographs and lantern slides of the Fort Defiance, Arizona area; Snider family photographs. The original photographic materials include tintypes, lantern slides and silver gelatin (black and white) processes. The most predominant images are those from Sniders missionary position at Fort Defiance, Arizona.
For preservation purposes, the photographic images, including lantern slides, have been digitized and photocopied. For permission to view originals, see AHS/Flagstaff Series 1. Hopi Indians--Social life and customs archivist.
1.8 Eighty-nine photocopies of photographic images [see restrictions regarding original images], ca. 1850-1920
Images include: 850.1 Group of (12) Pueblo Indians with two burros in front of adobe building; 850.2 Pueblo Indian standing in front of pueblo village; 850.3 Pueblo Indian woman carrying child; 850.4 Pueblo Indian woman, daughter and infant; 850.5 Pueblo Indian village scene; 850.6 Pueblo Indian village with people poised on second floor; 850.7; Hopi Indian woman holding child; 850.8 Canyon De Chelly; 850.9 Pueblo Indian village children next to ladder; 850.10 Possibly grave site of Pueblo Indian; 850.11 Pueblo Indian woman with squash blossom hair style; 850.12 Pueblo Indian woman with infant if cradle board; 850.13 Pueblo Indian men seated near horses; 850.14 Pueblo Indian child standing next to weavers loom; 850.15 Pueblo Indian children in village courtyard; 850.16 Man in bowler hat next to Hopi Indian woman displaying shawl; 850.17 Pueblo Indian woman on burro; 850.18 Hopi Indian woman next to child, 1st mesa; 850.19 Pueblo Indian children in front of stone wall; 850.20 Pueblo Indian children standing next to woman combing hair with straw brush; 850.21 Rock formations; 850.22 Skull and bottle on chair with warning, "Young man take warning"; 850.23 Pueblo Indian village lane view; 850.24 Pueblo Indian children in group; 850.25 Burros standing on mesa; 850.26 Rock formation in Chuska Mountains; 850.27 Indians running in open area; 850.28 Two Pueblo Indian women, hair brushing; 850.29 Pueblo Indian woman with child and decorated bowl; 850.30 Pueblo Indian children in village courtyard of stone buildings; 850.31 Pueblo Indian man wrapped in blanket; 850.32 Pueblo Indian man wrapped in blanket (copy 2); 850.33 Canyon with river; 850.34 Weavers loom and corn plants; 850.35 Corn drying on village buildings (See image database #AHS.0850.00035); 850.36 Three smiling Hopi Indian woman; 850.37 Navajo Indian woman shearing sheep; 850.38 Two Hopi Indian woman seated with young boy; 850.39 White House ruin, Canyon De Chelly; 850.40 Mesa top view of Pueblo Indian village; 850.41 Pueblo Indian man in ceremonial body paint; 850.42 Hopi Indian women making baskets; 850.43 Hopi Indian woman next to blankets and clay ware; 850.44 Pueblo Indian woman with child in cradle board; 850.45 Pueblo Indian with child and hanging blankets; 850.46 Pueblo Indian woman gathering; 850.47 Pueblo Indian man holding bow and arrow; 850.49 Pueblo Indians, close shot of two women in blankets and infant; 850.50 Man in necktie riding donkey; 850.51 Pueblo Indian woman and child at short doorway; 850.52 Pueblo Indian woman holding umbrella; 850.53 Euro American man seated with three Pueblo Indians; 850.54 Pueblo Indian children seated on building; 850.55 Smiling Hopi woman leaning on wall next to clay ware; 850.56 Pueblo Indian dance; 850.57 Pueblo Indian dance (Hopi Snake Dance?) with spectators seated on buildings; 850.58 Fort Defiance compound; 850.59 Portrait of soldier in formal uniform; 850.60 Two men seated and smoking cigars; 850.61 Reverend Sniders mother; 850.62 Collage of (17) Methodist Episcopal Church Bishops; 850.63 Pueblo Indian woman standing at grave site; 850.64 Parade, possible Methodist Episcopal Church Bishops; 850.65 Pueblo Indian women walking in open area (blurred image); 850.66 "Preacher Pete grandfather", three men seated in chairs; 850.67 (same as 850.54); 850.68 Pueblo Indian cultivated area on edge of forest; 850.69 Canyon De Chelly viewed from canyon floor; 850.71 Rock Formation; 850.72 Slip rock formation; 850.73 Rock canyon view; 850.74 Men standing at forest edge; 850.75 Group of men and boys dressed in euro American clothing; 850.76 Three Pueblo Indian woman walking along fence (same as 850.70); 850.77 Pueblo Indians standing with euro Americans along fence near wagon; 850.78 Smiling Pueblo Indian woman in blanket seated in front of adobe building; 850.79 Group portrait of four men and women; 850.80 Scenic canyon image; 850.81 Scenic canyon, desert image; 850.82 Pueblo Indian village; 850.83 unknown; 850.84 Navajo Indians shearing sheep, flock in background; 850.85 Navajo Indians shearing sheep, flock in background; 850.86 [same as 850.84]; 850.87 Woman seated on city park bench; 850.88 Portrait of two boys; 850.89 Collage of six men.