Babbitt Brother Trading Company, 1880-1999.

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Subgroup One, Babbitt Brothers Trading Company Documents, 1880-1970.
Series one, boxes 1-8, Property, 1880-1960.
Series two, box 8, Water Rights, 1890-1970.
Series three, boxes 9-13, Subject/Correspondence Files, 1888-1980.
Series four, boxes 14-16, Taxes, 1919-1970.
Series five, boxes 17-18, Oil Investments, 1922-1964.
Series six, box 19, E.D. Babbitt Motor Company, 1925-1966.
Series seven, box 20, Court Cases, 1924-1944.
Series eight, correspondence and business papers, 1886-1947.
Subgroup Two, 22 series, Babbitt Brothers Trading Company Ledgers, 1918-1966.
Series One, ledgers 1-33, Cash paid and received, 1893-1924.
Series Two, ledgers 1-5, Cash journals, 1892-1901.
Series Three, ledgers 1-8, Expense journals, 1893-1924.
Series Four, ledgers 1-8, Merchandise journals, 1905-1919.
Series Five, ledgers 1-6, Miscellaneous journals, 1919-1935.
Series Six, ledgers 1-10, Miscellaneous, 1901-1940.
Series Seven, ledgers 1-39, Ledgers and accounts, 1890-1917.
Series Eight, ledgers 1-23, General, customer, and private ledgers, 1893-1958.
Series Nine, ledgers 1-4, Time, orders, and cash and credit sales, 1890-1913.
Series Ten, ledgers 1-17, All draft records from various banks, 1892-1916.
Series Eleven, Ledgers 1-5, Depositories and statements from various banks, 1900-1949.
Series Twelve, ledgers 1-9, Bank drafts, check stubs, 1899-1903.
Series Thirteen, ledgers 1-28, Freight, express, and prepay settlements, 1916-1941.
Series Fourteen, ledgers 1-21, Miscellaneous ranch ledgers, stock records, 1898-1954.
Series Fifteen, ledgers 1-33, Various minute books and stock certificates for sheep and livestock companies, 1906-1943.
Series Sixteen, ledgers 1-16, Ledgers for Babbitt commercial enterprises, 1898-1954.
Series Seventeen, ledgers 1-22, Individual family members' journals, 1906-1978.
Series Eighteen, ledgers 1-4, Various Babbitt enterprises, 1903-1958.
Series Nineteen, ledgers 1-14, Stock certificates and minute books, 1904-1954.
Series Twenty-one, ledgers 1-213, Ledgers, reports, and records for various Babbitt enterprises including taxes, as well as family members, 1893-1973.
Series Twenty-two, ledgers 1-7 ledgers of various Babbitt enterprises, 1918-1966.
Subgroup Three, 18 series of Babbitt Brothers Trading Company records. This subgroup represents the last accrual of records from the company, 1880-1999.
Series one, Babbitt Brothers Trading Post Company and subsidiary company minute books, 1918-1988.
Series two, boxes 1-3, historical files, 1880-1960.
Series three, boxes 10-14, Articles of Incorporation , 1880-1988.
Series four, boxes 15-25, deeds, 1885-1965.
Series five, boxes 25-27, contracts, 1966-1989.
Series six, Grand Canyon, boxes 27-29, 1964-1986.
Series seven, boxes 29-30, lease agreements, 1975-1986.
Series eight, Associated Grocers of Arizona, boxes 30-31, 1979-1986.
Series nine, General business files, 1974-1989.
Series ten, boxes 35-36, Old agreements and contracts, 1905-1972.
Series eleven, boxes 37-38,Old leases, 1926-1972.
Series twelve, Grand Canyon, old files, boxes 39-41, 1921-1972.
Series thirteen, boxes 42-45, old trading posts files, 1915-1974.
Series fourteen, Old general files, 1915-1974.
Series fifteen, 4 subseries containing legal files from the Babbitt Brothers Trading Company, 1895-1982.
series sixteen, 4 subseries containing financial files from the Babbitt Brothers Trading Company, 1920-1984.
Series seventeen, 2 subseries containing financial files from the Babbitt Brothers Trading Company. This includes records of the Babbitt Foundation, and shareholders meetings, 1980-1999.
Series eighteen, Thunderbird Trading Company, 1895-1982.
Series Nineteen, Scrapbook, 1970-1972.
Subgroup IV: 2015 Addition, 1905-1969.
Photographs, NAU.PH.421, ca. 1915-1981