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Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona (UNPROCESSED), 1987-2017.


Overview of the Collection

Title: Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona (UNPROCESSED),
Inclusive Dates: 1954-2007
Quantity: 4.0 linear feet
Abstract:This material includes 18 boxes of association papers including meeting agendas and minutes, event material, publications, and other association ephemera.
Identification: NAU.2017.51
Language: Material in English
Repository: Cline Library. Special Collections and Archives Department
Northern Arizona University
Box 6022
Flagstaff, AZ 86011-6022
Phone: 928 523-5551
Fax: 928 523-3770

Historical Note

Angel Delgadillo, barber and proprietor of the Delgadillo Barber Shop and Pool Hall, after observing the economic damage done to Seligman, Arizona caused the then recent I-40 bypass, began looking for ways to help revive the town. On February 18, 1987, he arranged a meeting of representatives from Route 66 towns across Arizona to organize a group to make old Route 66 a “historic” highway with hopes of reviving tourism and increasing traffic. At this meeting the Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona was proposed. In November of 1987, the Association formally came into being. Soon after, the state of Arizona christened the former Route 66 alignment between Seligman to Kingman as “Historic Route 66”. Then, sections of Route 66 east of Seligman, and from Kingman to Topock at the California border was also named part of historic Route 66, preserving the longest remaining stretch of uninterrupted Route 66 in the country. In 1988, the Association began putting on an annual “Fun Run”, a two-day event running from Seligman, to Golden Shores, Arizona. Starting with just a couple of dozen cars and participants that first year, the Fun Run today is one of the larger annual events held on Route 66. Through the efforts of the Association, Route 66 has been designated as: An Arizona Historic Road; a National Scenic Byway, and now is also as an All-American Road. The Association is among the oldest in the contiguous Route 66 states promoting tourism and preservation of the old highway. In addition, many Route 66 associations in other states and in other countries can draw a direct lineage back to the Historic Route 66 Association in Arizona through either direct support and encouragement, or through inspiration. Visitors from all across the United States, and the world seek out pieces of Arizona’s Route 66 as part of a “pilgrimage” of traveling some or all of the old highway.

Scope and Content

This collection largely reflects the period of 1987-2017 with correspondence, newsletters, ephemera from the annual Fun Run as well as the research files of one of the Associations founders, Dr. Vince Salmon. Also contained in the collection are events and materials relating to other Route 66-related organizations as well as scrapbooks and photo albums.


Conditions Governing Access

This collection has not been processed. It may contain sensitive materials that requires advance review by Special Collections and Archives staff. Please contact Special Collections and Archives at least three weeks in advance to request access.

No restrictions on use, except: not available through interlibrary loan.

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona (UNPROCESSED). NAU.2017.51 Special Collections and Archives. Northern Arizona University. Cline Library. Flagstaff, Arizona.

Acquisition Information

This material was donated by the Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona in October, 2017.

Processing Information

Processed in January of 2018


Container List

BOX 1 Contact sheets, Photographs, 1987 Route 66 Research Book 2, Brochure project, Route 66 Brochure project, 1993 Fun Run Photos, Binder of correspondence and articles.
BOX 2 Scrapbook of postcards and stamps, 1987 Route 66 Research Book #1, 4th Annual Fun Run (articles, pamphlet, etc.), 6th Annual Fun Run Apr. 23, 24, 25, 1993, Articles of Interest, 2 Scrapbooks, Passing the Shield – small photo album.
BOX 3 Newspapers, Brochures and pamphlets, Maps, Photographs, Advertisements, Photocopied news articles, Magazines.
BOX 4 Route 66 Fun Run Placards, Fun Run license plates, Route 66 pamphlets, Advertisements, Photocopied ads, Magazines, Newspaper articles, Newsletters, Maps, Photographs, Route 66 Museum Association Area, Various paperwork and correspondence.
BOX 5 4th Annual Fun Run poster (2), 1993 Miss Historic Route 66 Pageant poster (2), 10th Annual Fun Run poster, Route 66 poster (3 copies), 5th Annual Fun Run poster (43 copies), Route 66 “Ghost Road” poster, Route 66 Preservation Foundation poster, Illinois state map (2 copies), 22nd Annual Fun Run poster, 12th Annual Fun Run banner, 16th Annual Fun Run poster (8), 17th Annual Fun Run poster (2), 12th Annual Fun Run poster, 6th Annual Fun Run poster, 21st fun rub 3 cop, 1st annual cruise the route poster, 9th Annual Fun Run poster (3), 8th Annual Fun Run poster (4), 15th Annual Fun Run poster (4), 1992 Tulsa State Fair poster, 2006 Fun Run poster (4), Arizona state map (2), 23rd Annual Fun Run poster, 14th Annual Fun Run poster (3), 30th Annual Fun Run poster, Midpoint Rt. 66 bumper stickers (4), Tulsa State Fair letter, Route 66 Pulse newspaper, Route 66 Menu, 4th Annual Fun Run envelopes.
BOX 6 1987 Route 66 Historic Road Appl. Report, Action Arizona ATTN Kevin Kaighn, 1993 Historic Route 66 Club of Ancient Automobiles and Rallies, Book: FSA on Route 66, Route 66 Pamphlets, Historic Route 66 Corridor Management Plan, Fun Run booklets, Route 66 Newsletters.
BOX 7 VHS tape labeled, To: Jerry Richards RTE 66 Dedication April 22-23-24, 1988, 4th Annual Route 66 Fun Run Weekend April 26, 27, 28, 1991 VHS tape, VHS Tape: Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona, VHS Tape: April 1993 Historic Route 66 Fun Run by Robert T. Burton, VHS Tape: Historic Route 66 Association Channel 3 Arizona USA - Kingman Channel 12 Jerry Foster – Kingman, Film in a film can: Kingman – 66 Last Portion, European Route 66 Auto Rally button, Police Kingman, AZ 1952 Patch, Travel Arizona’s Historic Route 66 pamphlet (3 copies), Southwestern Desert postcard, Family Tour Guide Points of Interest from Topock, Arizona to Ashfork, Arizona (8 copies), Origins of the Association article (2 copies), Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona Deed of Gift application, Photographs on Route 66, Route 66 postcards, Envelope addressed to Vincent Salmon, Various photocopied articles, Various Route 66 Pamphlets, Various city pamphlets, Zdenek Jurasek, Route 66 Book, Arizona Road maps, “6 Runs on 66” Certificate, Grand Canyon Caverns pamphlet, La Posada Hotel Pamphlet, Route 66 advertisements, Route 66 Artwork, Various news articles, Camp Beale’s Springs pamphlets, The History Channel, Great Race Year Book magazine, Book: Peach Springs, Book: Pump and Circumstance, Powerhouse Visitor Center cards, Turquoise Room pamphlet, American Solar Run ad, Various business cards, Arizona Highways magazines, Route 66 envelopes, Various magazines, Route 66 Menus from other countries, Route 66 Pulse newspapers and articles, Correspondence, Fourth edition of the activities for the year 2001 booklet, 29th Fun Run Pamphlets (2), 2015 Fun Run Pamphlets (2), 2014 Fun Run pamphlets (2), 14th Annual Fun Run pamphlet, Book: The Route 66 TV Series, Route 66 East to West, Vincent Salmon 1928-2009, booklet, 30th Fun Run, Route 66 Calendar, 3 inch floppy disk, Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona notes and papers.
BOX 8 Route 66 News Letters 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, Route 66 News Letters, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, Route 66 Newsletters 1996, 1997, 1998, Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona Time Line by Vince Salmon, Photos of: Misc. 8x10, National Old Trial Highway, Scrapbook 2008, 2009, 2010, Foreign Letters, Arizona Historic Route 66 All-Community Meet Summary, June 29th, 2008, Powerhouse, Kingman, AZ, Route 66 photos compiled and bound by Vince Salmon.
BOX 9 Route 66 Newsletters 2008-2009, Newsletters 1996, Newsletters 2001-2002-2003, Newsletters 2004-20, Newsletters from Canada and Miscellaneous, 1987 In the beginning Letters and Newsletters, Route 66 Newsletters 1991, Fun Run Photos 12th Annual 1999 – 18th Annual 2005.
BOX 10 Route 66 Newsletters, Fun Run Pamphlets and Booklets, Newsletter articles from the Association, Arizona TEA-21 Transportation Enhancement Grant, Various correspondence with different people, Historic Route 66 Corridor Management Plan, “Wall of Fame” papers, Route 66 Plans and Projects, Department of the Interior paperwork, Oral History Reader, Generic Sign Preservation Ordinance, Frontier Motel paperwork, Postcards, Route 66 Pulse newspapers, Book: Conserving Our Treasured Places.
BOX 11 Newsletters 1989-1990, Magazines, Letter to and about Route 66, Cars and Parts 2000-2001, BLM Back-country by-way dedication ’93, Newsletters 1994-1995, Photos The People of Route 66, The Vince Salmon Library , Newspapers..
BOX 12 Photos Route 66 Association and Cars Continued, Photos 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, Newsletters 1993, Fun Run Photos 1st Annual 1988 – 11th Annual 1998, Route 66 Scrapbook Before the start of the Association and the years of 1987 1989.
BOX 13 Photo album of Route 66 in States: California, Kansas, Illinois, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Photo album of Route 66 In Arizona: Photos: Ashfork, Flagstaff, Gold Road, Grand Canyon, Caverns, Hackberry, Holbrook, Kingman, Photo album: Photos: Cars, Trucks, and Motorcycles, Photo album: Photos Of: The People of Route 66 Meetings of Association, Photos: 1989, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008
BOX 14 Newsletters 1997-1998-1999, and 2000, The Late Jerry Richard Co-founder of the Historic, Route 66 Association of Arizona, Route 66 Magazines 1994-2000 Published by Paul Taylor Williams, AZ, Route 66 Newsletters 1992-1993, Route 66 Newsletters 1994-1995, Route 66 Newsletters 2002, 2003, 2004, Route 66 Newsletters 1990, Route 66 Newsletters 1987-1988, Route 66 Newsletters 1989
BOX 15 Book: La Route 66 en Harley-Davidson, Scrapbook 2003-2004, Scrapbook Misc. Odds and Ends Unknown Dates, Scrapbooks 1998-1999, Route 66 Scrapbook 1994-1995, Scraps 2005-2009.
BOX 16 Route 66 Scrapbook 1996-1997, Scrapbook 2007, 2008, 2009, Route 66 Scrapbook Part of 1991-1992, Scrapbook 2002-2003, Route 66 Scrapbook 1993, Scrapbook 2000, 2001, Part of 2002.
BOX 17 Artwork, Photos Kingman Army Airfield, Kingman Andy, Devine Parade Oatman, Peach Springs, Seligman, Photos Topock-Golden Shores, Truxton, Valentine, Valley Vista, Williams, Winona, Framed photograph of Miss Route 66, Photos of: Miss Historic Rt. 66’s of AZ 1988-2004, Seligman Pictorial book, Various Route 66 Magazines, Framed Route 66 News 1989, Route 66 Scrapbook 1990, 1991, 1992.
BOX 18 Newsletters 1987-1988, Newsletters 1991, Newsletters 1992-1993, Magazines of Various Cars Car Parts, Book, Shoebox of photographs.