Lauzon Family Collection, 1885-1982.

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Series one, boxes 1-2, Lauzon Family Correspondence, 1914-1990.
Series two, box 3, notebooks and diaries, 1904-1947.
Series three, box 4, Lauzon Family Documents, 1885-1935.
Series four, box 4, Ada Bass Diary, 1895-1914.
Series five, boxes 4-5, Lauzon Family Occupational Documents, 1917-1965.
Series six, box 6, Lauzon Homestead Documents, 1918-1983
Series seven, box 6, Bert Lauzon's writing and subject files, 1890s-1940s.
Series eight, boxes 7-8, Hubert F. Lauzon's writing and subject files, 1900s - 1980s.
Series Nine, boxes 9-10, Grand Canyon ephemera, 1900 - 1945.
Series ten, Photographs, 1880s to 1980s.
NAU.PH.96.3.1: images of William Wallace Bass
NAU.PH.96.3.2: images of Ada Diefendorf Bass.
NAU.PH.96.3.3: images of Edith Bass as youth.
NAU.PH.96.3.4: images of William Guy Bass.
NAU.PH.96.3.5: images of Hazel Bass
NAU.PH.96.3.6: images of Mabelle Bass
NAU.PH.96.3.7: images of Bass children in group photographs.
NAU.PH.96.3.8: images of Bert Lauzon as guide, rancher, father.
NAU.PH.96.3.9: images of Bert and/or Edith Lauzon with family.
NAU.PH.96.3.10: images of Hubert, Muriel, and Loren Lauzon as children together.
NAU.PH.96.3.11: images of Hubert Lauzon as youth
NAU.PH.96.3.12: images of Hubert Lauzon as adult, and with his family
NAU.PH.96.3.13: images of Muriel (Dolly) Lauzon
NAU.PH.96.3.14: images of Loren (Tiny) Lauzon
NAU.PH.96.3.15: images of Rosa White Lauzon
NAU.PH.96.3.16: images of Maurice and Ana Lauzon.
NAU.PH.96.3.17: images of Muriel Lauzon Glen and Jay Glen.
NAU.PH.96.3.18: images of Madeline Lauzon Morris and Bill Morris.
NAU.PH.96.3.19: images of Bert Lauzon at work (caretaker, constable, park ranger).
NAU.PH.96.3.20: images of Grand Canyon National Park personnel.
NAU.PH.96.3.21: images of Emery and Ellsworth Kolb, and Kolb Trail photographs.
NAU.PH.96.3.22: images of Misc. people, including Fred Harvey employees, tourists, etc.
NAU.PH.96.3.23: images of Bass Camp and other Bass-related places and activities.
NAU.PH.96.3.24: images of Grand Canyon buildings.
NAU.PH.96.3.25: images of Misc. Grand Canyon places.
NAU.PH.96.3.26: images of Grand Canyon rodeos and regional hunting.
NAU.PH.96.3.27: images of Transportation, including train wrecks, airplanes, and Harvey Stage line.
NAU.PH.96.3.28: images of Horses and Mules.
NAU.PH.96.3.29: images of Lauzon ranch work.
NAU.PH.96.3.30: images of Cowboys.
NAU.PH.96.3.31: images of Ranches and ranch work, other than Lauzon.
NAU.PH.96.3.32: images of Wagons.
NAU.PH.96.3.33: images of Ash Fork Rodeo, 1938.
NAU.PH.96.3.34: images of Prescott Rodeo, 1914.
NAU.PH.96.3.35: images of Colorado River-Grand Canyon, 1923-58.
NAU.PH.96.3.37: images of San Juan River.
NAU.PH.96.3.38: images of Mines and mining in Arizona.
NAU.PH.96.3.39: images of Mines and mining in Colorado.
NAU.PH.96.3.40: images of Mines and mining in Ecuador.
NAU.PH.96.3.41: images of Native Americans.
NAU.PH.96.3.42: images of buffalo and hunting.
NAU.PH.96.3.43: images of Arizona.
NAU.PH.96.3.44: images of Betatakin (Navajo National Monument, Arizona).
NAU.PH.96.3.45: images of Utah.
Series Eleven, Box 11, 2014 Accession, 1895-1980.