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LEO (Library Employee Organization) Records 1980-2005


Overview of the Collection

Creator: Cline Library. LEO (Library Employee Organization)
Title: LEO (Library Employee Organization) Records
Inclusive Dates: 1980-2005, bulk 1985-2002
Quantity: 1.7 linear feet textual material (4 archival boxes), 362 photographs
Abstract:The LEO (Library Employee Organization) Records (NAU.ARC.MS.2; NAU.PH.2006.09) contains materials produced by employees of Cline Library who participated in LEO between 1985 and 2005, including administrative materials, LEO's newsletter LEO Roars, correspondence, public relations materials, documentation of LEO and Cline Library events, and photographs of library employees and student employees involved in LEO activities.
Identification: NAU.ARC.MS.2
Language: Material in English.
Repository: Cline Library. Special Collections and Archives
Northern Arizona University
Box 6022
Flagstaff, AZ 86011-6022
Phone: 928 523-5551
Fax: 928 523-3770

Historical Note

The Library Employee Organization, or LEO as it was most commonly known, was established in 1985 by Northern Arizona University's Cline Library employees for the purpose of utilizing the many talents of library employees outside of their normal work responsibilities, as well as providing multiple opportunities for social activities. Membership to LEO was open to all employees of Cline Library for nominal annual dues.

The LEO Executive Board was comprised of the officers and committee chairs, all of whom were elected by the membership. Officers were the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and, in later years, Web Master.

The three original standing committees of LEO were the Social Committee, the Professional Committee (sometimes called "Employee Development Committee" or "Staff Committee" or "Staff Development Committee"), and the Service Committee (sometimes called "Community Service Committee"). The Social Committee provided opportunities for fun social gatherings of library staff. It organized the popular annual Halloween parties and February Potlucks, among other gatherings. The Professional Development Committee offered learning sessions for Cline Library employees on a number of topics, including learning about the new Internet and how to write effective employee evaluations and self-evaluations. The Service Committee gave LEO members opportunities to volunteer to help the community with activities such as Adopt-A-Family at Christmastime and Adopt-A-Highway clean-ups. A fourth standing committee, The Scholarship Committee, was later established to solicit entries and choose winners from among the library's student employees for the Textbook Scholarship, which later became the Mary Crawley Memorial Scholarship.

Although it was never a standing committee, the LEO Roars Committee met on a fairly regular basis to coordinate the publishing of the LEO Roars newsletter, which kept Cline Library employees up to date on current events, library news, and new employee introductions.

LEO dwindled in the early 2000s in both membership and activity. The last mention of activity by the organization was in late 2002.

Scope and Content

The LEO Records (NAU.ARC.MS.2; NAU.PH.2006.09) documents the activities of the Library Employee Organization (LEO) at Northern Arizona University's Cline Library from 1985 to 2002. It includes administrative materials, committee and task force activity, social, professional and service events sponsored by LEO committees, as well as copies of the LEO Roars newsletters. A wide range of material types include bylaws, agendas and minutes of meetings, annual reports, officers' notes, committee chair notes, event planning notes, event flyers, public relations materials, membership rosters and photographs of various people at sponsored LEO events.


Rebecca Harner and Sam(antha) Meier organized the LEO Records into 4 series based on different LEO activities / functions, as well as by material format, in spring 2022:
Series 1: Administrative materials, 1985-2004
Series 2: Committees and task forces, 1986, undated
Series 3: Events, 1980-2005
Series 4: LEO Roars newsletter, 1985-2003


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No restrictions on access and use in the Miriam Lemont Reading Room.

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[Title or brief description of file or item.] LEO (Library Employee Organization) Records, NAU.ARC.MS.2, Series [ ], Box [ ], Folder [ ]. Northern Arizona University. Cline Library. Special Collections and Archives. Flagstaff, Arizona.

[Title or brief description of file or item.] LEO (Library Employee Organization) Records [photographs], NAU.PH.2006.09.[ ], Box [ ], Folder [ ]. Northern Arizona University. Cline Library. Special Collections and Archives. Flagstaff, Arizona.

Acquisition Information

The LEO Records were transferred to Special Collections and Archives in 2006 by Shanyn Money.

Processing Information

Cindy Summers physically foldered and sleeved photographic materials in the LEO Records in 2015.

Rebecca Harner completed physical processing, inventorying, and arrangement of the LEO Records in fall 2021 - spring 2022.

Container List

Series 1: Administrative materials 1985-2004 (0.4 linear feet textual materials)(1 box)
Scope and Contents
Series 1: Administrative materials of the LEO Records includes annual reports, LEO's bylaws, meeting agendas and minutes of executive board meetings as well as the general meetings, membership rosters, documents detailing officers' responsibilities, documentation related to elections, documentation of procedural aspects of LEO, and general notes.
Rebecca Harner organzied files in Series 1 based on their original organization by subject, or when there was no subject given, by year.
11 1987-1988 1987-1988
12 1989-1990 1989-1990
13 1991-1992 1991-1992
14 1992-1993 1992-1993
15 1993-1994 1993-1994
16 1994-1995 1994-1995
17 1996-1997 1996-1997
18 1997-1998 1997-1998
19 Annual Reports 1986-1987
110 Annual Reports 1987-1988
111 Annual Reports 1988-1989
112 Annual Reports 1989-1990
113 Annual Reports 1994-1995
114 Bylaws 1985-2001
115 Elections 1989-2002
116 Executive Board Meetings 1985-1986
117 Executive Board Meetings 1986-1987
118 Executive Board Meetings 1987-1988
119 Executive Board Meetings 1988-1989
120 Executive Board Meetings 1989-1990
121 Executive Board Meetings 1990-1991
122 Executive Board Meetings 1991-1992
123 Executive Board Meetings 1992-1993
124 Executive Board Meetings 1993-1994
125 Executive Board Meetings 1994-1995
126 Executive Board Meetings 1995-1996
127 Executive Board Meetings 1996-1997
128 Executive Board Meetings 1997-1998
129 Executive Board Meetings 1998-1999
130 Executive Board Meetings 1999-2000
131 Executive Board Meetings 2000-2001
132 Executive Board Meetings 2003-2004
133 General Membership Meetings 1985-1986
134 General Membership Meetings 1986-1987
135 General Membership Meetings 1987-1988
136 General Membership Meetings 1988-1989
137 General Membership Meetings 1989-1990
138 General Membership Meetings 1990-1991
139 General Membership Meetings 1991-1992
140 General Membership Meetings 1992-1993
141 LEO Logos 1985-2003
142 Membership Rosters 1985-1998
143 Notes and Memos 1985-2003
144 Officers - Secretary
145 Officers - President
146 Officers - Treasurer
147 Officers - Vice President
148 Parliamentary Procedure
149 Various Masters 1985-2003
Series 2: Committees and task forces 1986, undated (0.4 linear feet textual materials)
Scope and Contents
Series 2: Committees and Task Forces of the LEO Records includes documentation of various committees and task forces within LEO, such as the Employee Development / Staff Development Committee, scholarship committees supporting Cline Library student employees, such as the Mary Crawley Memorial Scholarship, the newsletter committee for LEO Roars, service committees, and social committees.
Rebecca Harner organized files in Series 2 by committee, regardless of year.
250 Employee Development Committee
251 LEO Roars Committee
252 Lounge Task Force 1986
253 Professional Committee
254 Scholarship Committee - Library Student Worker Scholarship
255 Scholarship Committee - Mary Crawley Memorial Scholarship
256 Service Committee
257 Service Committee
258 Service Committee
259 Social Committee
260 Staff Development Committee
261 Staff Development Committee
Series 3: Events, 1980-2005 1980-2005 (1 linear foot textual materials, 296 color prints, 66 black-and-white prints)
Scope and Contents
Series 3: Events of the LEO Records includes information about varous events sponsored by LEO or one of its committees, as well as photographs of such events and of Cline Library staff members. It also includes copies of Check It Out, the Cline Library staff bulletin that preceeded LEO Roars and Foreword, the newsletter of NAU Libraries.
Photographs were created or provided by various LEO event attendees; there was no mention of an official photographer for LEO. Cline Library staff, student employees, and family members depicted in the photographs include Rahim Akbarzadeh, Susan Alden, Linnea Aldrich, Chris Anderson, Jim Armour, Steve Arozena, Susan C. Awe, Don Baker, Claudia Bakula, Maria Baldwin, Yvonne Barlow, Sylvia Barrios, Susan Beard, Becky Beck, Sue Beebe, Heather Bell, Sylvia Benally, Diane Boyer, Joe Brewer, Pete Bukowski, Randy Butler, Ed Cahall, Tom Carpenter, Mary Beth Chambers, Cynthia Childrey, Barbara Cline, Platt Cline, Josh Cline, Muriel J. Coil, Brad Cole, Jean D. Collins, Kylee Collins, Marilee Collins, Cindy Contreras, Bob Coody, Laura Cox, Mary Crawley, Cynthia Davis, John Doherty, Deb Dohm, Teresa Donohoe, Anne Eagan, Terry Egan, Sean Evans, Charleene Fell, Brian Forney, Joe Fucaloro, Vince Garcia, Kim Gavigan, Maggie Gewecke, Alice Girvin, Lee Gregory, Diane Grua, Gary Gustafson, Rebecca Harner, Hank Hassell, Diana Hernandez, Anna Higgins, Emily Hill, Craig Hoffman, Walter Hoke, Maggie Horn, Leslie House, Karen Jaggers, Susan Jones, Kevin Ketchner, Lee Kidder, Sheri Kinney, Tricia Kirk, Rita Lajau, Rebecca Laughman, Lois Leman, Marie Levy, Gary Liou, Valerie Little, Pete Looney, Stephanie Lopez, Glen Lougee, Steve Maddox, Betty J. Mason, Laurie Mayhew, Carole McEwan, Tom McFadden, Jerry McGlothlin, Micah McGlothlin, Nate McGlothlin, Susan McGlothlin, Anne McGregor, Penny Medina, Lucy Medlyn, Chris Mobley, Katie Mobley, JD Montgomery, Bill Mullane, Rufus Mullen, Delia Muñoz, Sherri Newton, Marlene Nebitsi, Judy Nilsson, Sofia Nuñez, Iris Nez, Logan Nez, Marcia Ostrowski, Bruce Palmer, Brian Patterson, Victoria Peters, Jan Pinkoski, Dan Porter, Richard Quartaroli, Trey Rankine, Joyce Read, Patsy Reed, Lew Robinson, Kathee Rose, Omid Roustaei, Mark Ruby, Laura Sandigo, Michelle Sargeant, Joan Schlimgen, Andrew See, Janet Serino, Carol Seyumptewa, Patti Shanholtzer, Micole Shorty, Kathleen Smalldon, MaryAnn Stoddard, Cindy Summers, Laine Sutherland, Eve Tallman, Wendy Taylor, Mike Taylor, Laura Taylor, Mike Thompson, Mary Turk, Karen Underhill, Mary Velasquez, Dana Vincil, Carol Walker, Jacob Walker, Craig Yarbrough, Naomi Young, Kara Zimmerman, and Meijuan Zou-Alvarado.
Rebecca Harner organized files of textual materials in Series 3 by event, and photographs chronologically and then by event.
362 Adopt-A-Family 2003-2004
363 Adopt-A-Highway 1993-2004
364 Book Signing 1999
365 Check It Out 1980
366 Chili Cook-Off 2000
367 Christmas Party
368 Fashion Show
369 February Potluck
370 Flagstaff Kitchen 2004
371 Flagstaff Music Festival 2004-2005
372 Foreword 1980-1982
373 Graduating Student Aide Reception 1987-1990
374 Halloween Party
375 LEO Cooks, vol. 1 1998
376 LEO Cooks 2 2000
377 LEO Cooks!, vol. 2 2004
378 Life Under Construction 1990
379 Northern Arizona Food Bank 2003
380 San Juan River Trip Sept. 12-15, 1986
381 Tee Shirts 1988
482NAU.PH.2006.09.01 Student Appreciation Awards 1985
483NAU.PH.2006.09.02 Hands Across America 1986-05-25T00:00:00+00:00
484NAU.PH.2006.09.03 Student Appreciation Awards 1987
485NAU.PH.2006.09.04 Buildings 1988
486NAU.PH.2006.09.05 Winged Foot Mercury Race 1988
487NAU.PH.2006.09.06 Cline Library Renovation Mock-ups 1989
488NAU.PH.2006.09.07 Cline Library Staff Photos 1989
489NAU.PH.2006.09.08 LEO Bake Sale 1989
490NAU.PH.2006.09.09 LEO Picnic 1989
491NAU.PH.2006.09.10 Mars Hill Clean Up 1989
492NAU.PH.2006.09.11 Adopt-a-Family Gift Wrapping Party 1990
493NAU.PH.2006.09.12 Misc Events & Building Shots Pre-1991
494NAU.PH.2006.09.13 Moving Day circa 1991
495NAU.PH.2006.09.14 LEO Halloween Party Early 90's (91, 92, 93)
496NAU.PH.2006.09.15 Lucy Medlyn Retirement Party 1992
497NAU.PH.2006.09.16 Adopt-a-Highway 1993
498NAU.PH.2006.09.17 LEO Halloween Party 1993
499NAU.PH.2006.09.18 LEO Fashion Show circa 1994
4100NAU.PH.2006.09.19 LEO Halloween Party 1996
4101NAU.PH.2006.09.20 LEO Halloween Party 1997
4102NAU.PH.2006.09.21 Staff Photos 1997
4103NAU.PH.2006.09.22 Climb to Conquer Cancer 2001
4104NAU.PH.2006.09.23 Misc. Staff Events
Series 4: LEO Roars newsletter 1985-2003 (0.4 linear feet textual materials)
Scope and Contents
Series 4: LEO Roars newsletter includes copies of the LEO newsletter from the 1985-2002 academic years.
Rebecca Harner organized files in Series 4 by academic year.
5105 LEO Roars 1985-1986
5106 LEO Roars 1986-1987
5107 LEO Roars 1987-1988
5108 LEO Roars 1988-1989
5109 LEO Roars 1989-1990
5110 LEO Roars 1990-1991
5111 LEO Roars 1991-1992
5112 LEO Roars 1992-1993
5113 LEO Roars 1993-1994
5114 LEO Roars 1995-1996
5115 LEO Roars 1997-1998
5116 LEO Roars 1998-1999
5117 LEO Roars 2000-2001
5118 LEO Roars 2001-2002
5119 LEO Roars 2002-2003