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Martin Litton Collection, 1937-2005.


Descriptive Summary

Creator: Litton, Martin, 1917-2014
Collection NameMartin Litton Collection,
Physical Description25.5 linear ft (44 boxes, 4 oversize boxes, 23 volumes, 2 oversize folders Approximately 77 linear feet of unprocessed accruals (reels of film, textual material and maps)
Abstract The Martin Litton Collection includes all aspects of Litton's company, Grand Canyon Dories. In addition, the collection contains information about Litton's lifetime crusade as a conservationist for the Grand Canyon, the Colorado River, the Giant Sequoias in California and the surrounding southwest area, as well as other environmental issues. The bulk of the collection covers the 1970's-1980's. Multiple types of formats are available, including photographs, financial records, videos, and correspondence.
Collection NumberNAU.MS.352
Language English.
Repository Cline Library. Special Collections and Archives Department.
Northern Arizona University
Box 6022
Flagstaff, AZ 86011-6022
Phone: 928 523 5551
Fax: 928 523 3770

Biographical Note

Martin Litton was born February 13, 1917 in Inglewood California. In 1938, Litton graduated from the University of California at Los Angles with a degree in English. Upon graduation Litton enlisted in the Army Air Corp as a glider pilot during World War II. After the war, Litton worked for the Los Angles Times as a journalist, writing for the Travel section. Litton also contributed articles examining conservation issues. The experience Litton acquired as a journalist cultivated his path as a future conservationist and created a strong foundation for his passion for the environment.

After reading Litton's articles, David Brower, an environmentalist and director of the Sierra Club from 1952-1968, asked Litton to join the Sierra Club. After some persuasion, Litton agreed to do so. As the Sierra Club refocused its mission from recreation to wilderness preservation, Litton became more involved with the organization, sitting on several committees and boards. He was instrumental in the successful efforts to preserve Dinosaur National Park, Redwood Creek, Diablo Canyon, and the Colorado River.

During 1970, Litton founded and operated Grand Canyon Dories, Inc., a river rafting company that ran river trips down the Colorado River. Litton ran the company until 1989, when he sold the company to George Wendt and Ed Gooch of O.A.R.S (Outdoor Adventure River Specialists). Although he no longer owned Grand Canyon Dories, Inc., Litton continued to enjoy the river running and the Colorado River. He had twice set the record for the oldest person to have rowed down the Colorado River, first at the age of 82 and then again at 86. On November 30, 2014, Martin Litton passed away at his home in Portola Valley, California at the age of 97.

Scope and Content Note

The Martin Litton Collection (1937-2004) documents his work as a journalist for the Los Angeles Times, conservation activist with the Sierra Club, and founder and owner of Grand Canyon Dories, Inc. Materials include correspondence, financial records, photographs, trip logs, promotional materials, and news clippings. (1954-2004).

The strength of the collection lies in the business records of Grand Canyon Dories, Inc. sixteen companies permitted to run commercial river rafting trips down the Colorado River. Litton founded Grand Canyon Dories, Inc. in 1973 and eventually sold it to George Wendt and Ed Gooch of O.A.R.S. in 1989. Litton recorded nearly every launch that the company sponsored, and one of the most intriguing features of the collection are the trip cards encompassing the years 1977-1988, noting the participant's names of each launch.

To a lesser degree, other aspects of Litton's professional career are represented in the collection. Newspaper clippings from the Los Angles Times capture his activities as a journalist, and there is also published material documenting Litton's conservationist activities with the Sierra Club.

The inclusive dates of the collection are 1934 to 2004; however, the bulk dates are 1970 to 1989.


The collection is organized in eight series: I. Grand Canyon Dories, 1955-1994 II. Organizations, 1963-1993 III. Environmental Issues, 1962-1992 IV. Personal, 1945-1985 V. People and Places, 1968-1987 VI. Publications, 1954-2003 VII. Awards, 1939-1995VIII. Legal matters, 1970-1996


Conditions Governing Access

No restrictions on use of the processed portions of this collection, except: not available through interlibrary loan.

Some portions of this collection have not yet been processed. These UNPROCESSED portions may contain sensitive materials that require advance review by Special Collections and Archives staff. Please contact Special Collections and Archives at least three weeks in advance to request access to UNPROCESSED ACCESSIONS.


It is the responsibility of the user to obtain permission to publish from the owner of the copyright (the institution, the creator of the record, the author or his/her transferees, heirs, legates, or literary executors). The user agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Arizona Board of Regents for Northern Arizona University, its officers, employees, and agents from and against all claims made by any person asserting that he or she is an owner of copyright.

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Images and audio-visual materials have been transferred to the photograph and multimedia collections.

Administrative Information

Credit Line

Martin Litton Collection, NAU.MS.352, Cline Library. Special Collections and Archives Dept.

Container List

Series 1, Grand Canyon Dories, 1973-1988.
This series documents the activities of Martin Litton's Grand Canyon Dories boating business,and is arranged into six subseries: financial records, correspondence, logistics, National Park Service, advertisments, and trip cards.
Subseries 1, Financial Records of Grand Canyon Dories, 1972-1989.
1.1 Audit Procedure, 1982-1983.
1.2 Budget (Projected and Actual Spending), 1984-1986.
1.3 Ledger: All Accounts, May 1, 1978-April 30, 1981.
1.4 Ledger: Cash Disbursements, May 1, 1981-April 30, 1988.
1.5 Ledger: General, 1973-1988.
1.6 Ledger: Unidentified, n.d.
1.7-1.8 Movie, Assets amd Invoices, 1972-1973.
1.9 Pricing, Discounts, etc; Record for Sending Files to Hurrican and Lewiston, 1985.
1.10 Pricing, River Trips Brochure, 1975.
1.11-1.12 River Trip Insurance, 1975.
1.13 Trip Prices: Flyers, Schedules, etc., 1984.
1.14 Trip Prices, Flyers, Schedules, Mail-ins, etc., 1983-1984.
31.1 Boat Equipment, 1971-1978.
31.2 Books, 1986.
31.3 Cessna 195 Parts Catalog and Bill, 1979-1987.
31.4 Crew Payment Records, 1976.
31.5 Chart of Accounts, 1976-1978.
31.6 Combined Vehicle & Trip Insurance, 1982-1984.
31.7 Equipment Ordered, 1980.
31.8 Food Payments, 1977-1978.
31.9 Food Payments, 1977-1978.
31.10 Freight #707, 1977-1978.
31.11 Grand Canyon Dories Expenses, July 28- August 14, 1977.
31.12 Grand Canyon Dories Expenses, July 30- August 3, 1977.
31.13 Income: Lectures, etc. (Not Rent), 1973-1984.
31.14 Kitchen Equipment, 1977-1978.
31.15 Northwest Rivers Sale, 1986-1987.
31.16 Meals & Lodging, 1977-1978.
31.17 Medical, 1977-1978.
31.18 Photography Expenses, 1977-1978.
31.19 Reimbursement Utah, 1987-1988.
1 Grand Canyon Dories, Inc. All Accounts Ledger, May 1, 1978-April 30, 1979.
2 Grand Canyon Dories, Inc. All Accounts Ledger, May 1, 1979-April 30, 1980.
3 Grand Canyon Dories, Inc. All Accounts Ledger, May 1, 1980-April 30, 1981.
4 Grand Canyon Dories, Inc. General Ledger, 1973-1980.
5 Grand Canyon Dories, Inc. General Ledger, 1983-1988.
6 Grand Canyon Dories, Inc. General Ledger, 1983-1988.
7 Ledger, 1937-1978.
8 Grand Canyon Dories, Inc. Cash Disbursement Sheets (All Banks) and Cash Receipts, May 1, 1981-April 30, 1982.
9 Grand Canyon Dories, Inc. Cash Disbursement CA,UT; Cash Receipsts Barklay Bank, CA; Cash Receipts Valley Bank, WA; Cash Receipts Zion Bank, UT, 1982-1983.
10 Grand Canyon Dories, Inc. Cash Receipts, May 1, 1983-April 30, 1984.
11 Grand Canyon Dories, Inc. Cash Receipts, Cash Disbursements: Barclay Bank, Zion Bank, Valley Bank, Great Western, May 1, 1984-April 30, 1985.
12 Grand Canyon Dories, Inc. Cash Receipts, Barclay Bank, Zion Bank, Valley Bank, Great Western, May 1, 1985-April 30, 1986.
13 Grand Canyon Dories, California Barclay Bank, Portola Valley, CA, May 1, 1987-April 30, 1988.
14 Grand Canyon Dories, Inc. Cash Disbursements: Valley Bank, Clarkston, WA, 1987-1988.
15 Grand Canyon Dories, Inc. Cash Receipts, May 1, 1987-April 30, 1988.
16 Grand Canyon Dories, Inc. Xion Bank Cash Disburesement Sheets, May 1, 1987-April 30, 1988.
17 Grand Canyon Dories, Inc. Great Western Checking, May 1, 1987-April 30, 1988.
18 Grand Canyon Dories, Inc. Cash Disbursements, Barclay Bank (Wells Fargo), May 1, 1988-April 30, 1989.
19 Grand Canyon Dories, Inc. Great Western Checking, May 1, 1988-April 30, 1989.
20 Grand Canyon Dories, Inc. Cash Disbursements: Valley Bank, Idaho , May 1, 1988-April 30, 1989.
21 Grand Canyon Dories, Inc. Cash Receipts, May 1, 1988-April 30, 1989.
22 Grand Canyon Dories, Inc. Cash Receipts, May 1, 1986-April 30, 1987.
23 Grand Canyon Dories, Inc. Cash Receipts, April 1989- April 1990
Subseries 2, Correspondence, 1973-1988.
1.15 Fan Mail, 1973.
1.16 Fan Mail, 1974.
1.17 Fan Mail, 1975.
2.18 Fan Mail, 1976.
2.19 Fan Mail, 1977.
2.20 Fan Mail, 1978.
2.21 Fan Mail, 1979.
2.22 Fan Mail, 1980.
2.23 Fan Mail, 1981.
2.24 Fan Mail, 1982.
2.25 Fan Mail, 1983.
2.26 Fan Mail, 1984.
2.27 Fan Mail, 1985.
2.28 Inquiries, 1975-1985.
2.29-2.30 Letters from Litton Concerning Conservation, 1973-1987.
2.31 Letters Replying to Information Litton Requested, 1987.
2.32 No-Repeat Rule, 1975.
3.33 Returned Videos, 1987.
3.34 Rogue Navigation, Inc., 1980-1981.
3.35-3.36 To Litton from Organizations, 1980-1985.
3.37 User Day Problem Correspondence, 1978-1982.
3.38-3.41 Xeroxed Copies of Fan Mail, 1975-1984.
32.1 Explorers Club, 1981.
32.2 Martin Litton's Correspondence, 1952-1984.
32.3 Martin Litton's Correspondence, 1953-1986.
32.4 Martin Litton's Correspondence, 1985-1988.
32.5 National Geographic Correspondence, undated.
Subseries 3, Logistics, 1971-2000.
Activities related to equipment and boatmen, as well as a record of launches.
3.42 Bert-Saag Trip, 1988.
3.43-4.45 Boats and Rafts in Use, Equipment 153, 207 and 209 (Machinery), 1971-1978.
4.46 Charter and Group Requests, 1988.
4.47 Costa Rica Expeditions, 1986-1987.
4.48 First Aid/Health Requirements, 1981-1984.
4.49 Hells Canyon, 1988.
4.50 Inventory, 1975.
4.51 Inventory, Equipment, 2000.
4.52 Inventory, Equipment, and Supplies, 1977.
4.53 Launch Schedule and User Days, 1980.
4.54 Launch Schedule and User Days, Hatch Amendment Correspondence and Changes in Allocations, 1981.
4.55 Launch Schedule and User Days, 1984.
4.56 Launch Schedule and User Days, 1985.
4.57 Launch Schedule and User Days, 1986.
4.58 Launch Schedule and User Days, 1987.
4.59 Launch Schedule and User Days, 1988.
4.60 Launches: Lower Salmon #1, July 7-11, 1978.
5.61 Launches: Lower Salmon #2, July 15-19, 1978.
5.62 Launches: Lower Salmon #3, July 23-27, 1978.
5.63 Launches: Lower Salmon #4, July 31- August 4, 1978.
5.64 Launches: Lower Salmon #6, August 16-20, 1978.
5.65 Launches: Lower Salmon #7, August 24-28, 1978.
5.66 Launches: Lower Salmon #8, September 1-5, 1978.
5.67 Launches: Lower Salmon #9, September 9-13, 1978.
5.68 Launches: Lower Salmon #10, September 17-20, 1978.
5.69 Launches: Lower Salmon #12, October 3-7, 1978.
5.70 Launches: Main Salmon #A, June 28-July 10, 1978.
5.71 Launches: Main Salmon #B, July 6-18, 1978.
5.72 Launches: Main Salmon #C, July 14-26, 1978.
5.73 Launches: Main Salmon #E, July 30-August 11, 1978.
5.74 Launches: Main Salmon S-1 (Stanford), July 30-August 11, 1978.
5.75 Launches: Main Salmon #F, August 7-19, 1978.
5.76 Launches: Main Salmon #G, August 15-27, 1978.
5.77 Launches: Main Salmon #H, August 23- September 4, 1978.
5.78 Launches: Nachtigal Salmon Charter, May 21-June 3, 1978.
5.79 Launches: Salmon #A (Charter: Weber Tours, Robinson, IL), June 29-July 3, 1978.
5.80 Launches: Salmon #1, July 28-August 5, 1978.
6.81 Launches: Salmon River Cancellations, 1978.
6.82 Launches: Salmon River Lodge Trips, 1979-1981.
6.83 Launches: Stanford River Trips, 1976.
6.84 Launches: Stanford Charters, Salmon, 1981.
6.85 Launches: Stanford Charters, Salmon, 1982.
6.86 Launches: Stanford Charters, Salmon, Green to Whitmore, 1983.
6.87 Launches: Stanford Charters, Salmon, 1984.
6.88 Launches: Upper Salmon #4, July 22-29, 1978.
6.89 Launches: Upper Salmon #7 and Salmon #G, August 15-22, 1978 and August 15-27, 1978.
6.90 Launches: Upper Salmon #8; McDnough Group, August 23-30, 1978.
6.91 Reservations for Trips, 1988.
6.92 Requests, 1988.
6.93 River Guide Requirements, 1984.
6.94 User Day Checkouts and Correspondence, 1972-1975.
32.6 Stanford Charter Trips (Grand Canyon, Snake, Main Salmon), 1978.
32.7 Crew List, undated.
32.8 Deadman Summit, 1955.
32.9 Equipment Cameras - Correspondence, 1960-1972.
32.10 Grand Canyon Trip, 1956-1958.
32.11 Grand Canyon, 1959-1960.
32.12 Grand Canyon Trip, 1961-1962.
32.13 Grand Canyon, 1963.
32.14 Grand Canyon, 1964.
33.1 Grand Canyon, 1965.
33.2 Grand Canyon Trip, 1965.
33.3 Grand Canyon, 1966.
33.4 Grand Canyon, 1966.
33.5 Grand Canyon Trip, 1966.
33.6 Grand Canyon Trip, 1967.
34.1 Grand Canyon Trip, 1967.
34.2 Grand Canyon, 1967.
34.3 Grand Canyon Trip, 1968.
34.4 Grand Canyon, 1968.
34.5 Grand Canyon Trip, April 30- May 4, 1978.
34.6 Grand Canyon Trip, May 4-21, 1978.
34.7 Grand Canyon Trip, May 25-June 11, 1978.
35.1 Grand Canyon Trip, May 27-June 11, 1978.
35.2 Grand Canyon Trip, June1-18, 1978.
35.3 Grand Canyon Trip, June 17-July 2, 1978.
35.4 Grand Canyon Trip, July 6-23, 1978.
35.5 Grand Canyon Trip, July 20-August 6, 1978.
35.6 Grand Canyon Trip, July 27-August 13, 1978.
35.7 Grand Canyon Trip, July 29-August 6, 1978.
35.8 Grand Canyon Trip, August 17-22, 1978.
35.9 Grand Canyon Trip, August 19-23, 1978.
35.10 Grand Canyon Trip, August 22-September 3, 1978.
35.11 Grand Canyon Trip, August 23-September 3, 1978.
35.12 Grand Canyon Trip, August 24-September 10, 1978.
35.13 Grand Canyon RoNance Charter, September 14-October 1, 1978.
36.1 Grand Canyon User Days, 1978.
36.2 Grand Canyon Trip - Potential "Turned Down" Passengers, 1978.
36.3 Grand Canyon Cancellations, 1978.
36.4 Stanford Grand Canyon Trip, June 24-July 9, 1978.
36.5 Stanford Grand Canyon Trip, September 9-24, 1978.
36.6 Grande Ronde Trip, May 29-June 2, 1978.
36.7 Grande Ronde Trip, June 5-9, 1978.
36.8 Grande Ronde Trip, June 12-16, 1978.
36.9 Grande Ronde Trip, June 20-24, 1978.
36.10 Grande Ronde Trip - American Wilderness Alliance (Cancelled), July 1-5, 1978.
36.11 Grande Ronde Trip - Belsey Group, June 11-17, 1978.
36.12 Grande Ronde Trip - Rosalia H.S., May 23-24, 1978.
36.13 Green River Trip, June 17-22, 1978.
36.14 Green River Trip, June 18-23, 1978.
36.15 Green River Trip, June 25-30, 1978.
36.16 Green River Trip, June 26- July 1, 1978.
36.17 Green River Trip Cancellations, 1978.
36.18 Launch Calendar and Passenger/Crew Lists, 1978.
36.19 Mailings, Trip Schedules, Travel Information, Grand Canyon Trip Cards, 1977-1978.
36.20 Mrs. Figuera Forms and Trip Information, 1988-1989.
36.21 Office Move, 1985.
37.1 Owyhee River Trip, May 5, 1978.
37.2 Owyhee River Trip, May 8-13, 1978.
37.3 Owyhee River Trip, May 16-21, 1978.
37.4 Owyhee River Trip Cancelled, May 9-14, 1978.
37.5 Owyhee and Grande Ronde Cancellations, 1978.
37.6 Persis P. Farley Employment Conformation, 1976.
37.7 Salmon River Trip, July 28- August 1, 1978.
37.8 Snake River Trip, May 9-14, 1978.
37.9 Snake River Trip, May 17-22, 1978.
37.10 Snake River Trip, May 25-30, 1978.
37.11 Snake River Trip, June 10-15, 1978.
37.12 Snake River Trip, June 18-23, 1978.
37.13 Snake River Trip - NEI Charter, July 1, 1978.
37.14 Snake River Trip, July 4-9, 1978.
37.15 Snake River Trip, July 12-17, 1978.
37.16 Snake River Trip, July 20-25, 1978.
37.17 Snake River Trip, August 21-26, 1978.
37.18 Snake River Trip, August 29-September 3, 1978.
37.19 Snake River Trip, September 6-11, 1978.
37.20 Snake River Trip, September 14-19, 1978.
37.21 Stanford Snake River Trip, July 28-August 21, 1978.
37.22 Stanford Snake River Trip, August 5-10, 1978.
37.23 Stanford Snake River Trip, August 13-18, 1978.
37.24 Snake River Cancellations, 1978.
37.25 Travel Agents, 1982-1985.
37.26 711 Grand Canyon Crew, 1985-1986.
38.1 711 Grand Canyon Crew, 712 Green River Crew, 719 Cataract Canyon Crew, 1983-1984.
38.2 879 Passenger Transport for Hire, 1987-1988.
Subseries 4, National Park Service, 1972-1992.
This subseries documents the restrictions placed on Litton's Grand Canyon Dories business by the National Park Service.
7.95-7.96 Boat Ban Plan, 1979-1980.
7.97 Comments on National Park Service Seminars, 1982-1987.
7.98-7.99 Grand Canyon Contract, May 1984-December 1992.
7.100-7.101 Grand Canyon Master Plan, 1977-1979.
7.102 Grand Canyon Original Concessioner Permit, 1972-1976.
7.103 Grand Canyon Permit, 1983.
7.104-7.105 Proposal for Permit Extension for 10 Year Period, 1983.
38.3 Cataract Canyon Project (Canyonlands National Park), Maps, Permit Information, Grand Canyon Dories, 1979.
38.4 Grand Canyon Environmental Studies, 1980-1988.
38.5 Grand Canyon Management Plan, 1979-1981.
38.6 River Use Reports, 1987-1995.
Subseries 5, Advertisements, 1972-1988.
7.106 Advertisements for Trip Season, 1980.
7.107-8.108 Advertisements for Trip Season, 1981.
8.109 Advertisements for Trip Season, 1982.
8.110-8.113 Advertisements, Publications, 1973-1985.
8.114 Correspondence from Litton to Advertising Companies, 1981-1988.
8.115 Diablo Production, Inc., 1973-1974.
8.116 East/West Network, Advertisement for Trip Season, 1982.
8.117 Grand Canyon Film Script, undated.
8.118 Lecture, "Grand Canyon by Dory," , 1973-1974.
8.119 Lecture, "Grand Canyon by Dory," , 1974-1975.
8.120 Lecture, "Grand Canyon by Dory," , 1975-1976.
8.121 Lecture, "Grand Canyon by Dory," , 1976-1977.
8.122 Lecture, "Grand Canyon by Dory," , 1977-1978.
9.123 Lecture, "Grand Canyon by Dory," , 1978-1979.
9.124 Lecture, "Grand Canyon by Dory," , 1979-1980.
9.125 Mendelson Productions, Flip Wilson, 1976.
9.126 Notices for Advertisements, 1975-1984.
9.127 Photographs Returned, 1973-1982.
9.128 Posters, 1955-1968.
9.129 Quotations and Endorsement from Passengers, 1979-1984.
9.130-9.132 Radio Spot Advertisements: LA, Phoenix, Santa Maria (Woodbridge Media: Earl Trout), 1987.
9.133 Travelfilm Artists Producers Guild, 1979-1981.
38.7 Grand Canyon Dories Ads, 1982.
38.8 Colorado River Adventure, 1995.
38.9 Lecture, 1976 & 1981.
38.10 Webb Company Ads (TWA Ambassador, Northwest Passages Frontier, Continental), 1982.
1 Grand Canyon Dories Advertisements, 1973-1994.
1 Grand Canyon Dories Advertisement, undated.
Subseries 6, Trip cards, 1954-1988.
Trip Cards compiled from 1977-1988. Contains passenger(s) and launch information.
9.135 Trip Cards, 1977-1978.
21.136-21.137 Trip Logs, 1954-1988.
Series 2, Organizations, 1963-1993.
This series has folders on individual organizations Martin Litton has been associated and active with from all across the nation. The series is further organized into three subseries: Environmental Groups, Outfitters, and the National Park Service.
Subseries 1, Environmental Groups, 1972-1993.
22.1 American Rivers Conservation Council, 1978-1985.
22.2-22.3 American Wilderness Alliance, 1980-1987.
22.4 Friends of the Earth (FOE), 1972-1983.
22.5-22.6 Friends of the River (FOR), 1977-1985.
22.7 Friends of the River Affair, November 11, 1987.
22.8 Friends of the River Correspondence, 1985-1987.
22.9 Federation of Western Outdoor Clubs (FWOC), 1974-1981.
22.10 Idaho Conservation League, 1979.
22.11 Idaho Travel Council, 1985-1986.
22.12 Interagency Whitewater Committee (IWC), 1977-1980.
22.13 National Forest Recreation Association (NFRA), 1972-1986.
23.14-23.15 National Parks and Conservation Association, 1975-1984.
23.16 Olympic National Park, undated.
23.17-23.19 Oregon Guides and Packers, 1977-1988.
23.20 Oregon Guides and Packers Resolutions, 1987-1988.
23.21 Oregon Wilderness Coalition, 1981-1985.
23.22 Sierra Club, 1975-1993.
23.23-23.24 Sierra Club Bulletins: Outing Issue, 1977-1984.
23.25 Western River Guides Association (WRGA), 1975-1979.
24.26 Western River Guides Association, 1980-1981.
24.27-24.28 Western River Guides Association, 1981-1982.
24.29 Western River Guides Association, 1982-1983.
24.30 Western River Guides Association, 1983-1987.
24.31 Western River Guides Association Litigation, 1982-1984.
38.11 The Sierra Club: Dinosaur National Monument, 1953-1955.
Subseries 2, Outfitters, 1977-1988.
24.32 Adventure Guides, Inc., Pat Dickerman, 1983-1986.
24.33 American Adventure League, Jake Pettengill, 1982-1985.
24.34-24.35 Idaho Outfitters and Guides, Association Directories; List of Authorized Guides and Outfitters-Correspondence, 1977-1988.
24.36 Oregon Outfitter Association, 1981.
24.37 Professional River Outfitters (PRO), 1981.
24.38 Northwest Outfitters list (Snake, Salmon, Grande Canyon Ronde, Owyhee), 1985.
Subseries 3, National Park Service (NPS), 1973-1989.
24.39 Grand Canyon Outfitters (Grand Canyon National Parks Lists, Addresses and Phone Numbers, etc.), 1976-1983.
24.40 Grand Canyon Annual Reviews, 1977-1989.
25.41 National Park Service Newsletters, 1981.
25.42 National Park Service, Publications, 1963-1978.
Series 3, Environmental Issues, 1962-1992.
This series reflects some of the environmental issues Litton was committed to, either individually or collaboratively with an organization.
25.1 Articles: Dams, Hydroelectric Plants, Clear Cutting, Mining, Misc., 1972-1979.
25.2 Articles: Nuclear Power Plants, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, 1972-1979.
25.3 Chiapa, 1974-1975.
25.4 Grand Canyon, 1970-1992.
25.5 Grand Canyon Dam Battles, 1966-1968.
25.6 Giant Sequoia, undated.
25.7 Glen Canyon Dam Correspondence, 1973-1982.
25.8 Human Ecology Research Service (HERS), 1975.
25.9 Kaiparowitz Steam Plant, 1974-1975.
25.10 Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), 1978.
25.11 Mineral King, 1971-1977.
25.12 Navajo Land Selection, 1975.
26.13 News Media, 1974-1977.
26.14 Nuclear Energy: Diablo Canyon, 1977-1979.
26.15 Palau Island, Oil Superport, 1977.
26.16 Proposition 17, 1977.
26.17-26.22 Publications, 1973-1991.
26.23 Salmon, 1988.
26.24 Whales, 1974-1977.
38.12 Colorado River, 1981-1990.
39.1 Dinosaur National Monument, 1951-1987.
39.2 Dinosaur National Monument - Correspondence, 1953-1955.
39.3 Dinosaur National Monument - Newspaper Clippings, 1954-1969.
39.4 Dinosaur National Monument - Pamphlets and Periodicals, 1952-1960.
39.5 Dinosaur National Monument - Random, 1950-1954.
39.6 Dinosaur National Monument - Visitor Travel, 1942-1953.
39.7 Grand Canyon, 1987-1989.
39.8 Grand Canyon Conservation, 1985-1986.
39.9 Grand Canyon Dam Peaking Power Project, 1981-1983.
39.10 Grand Canyon Trust, 1985-1987.
39.11 Idaho Conservation, 1981-1988.
39.12 Japan, 1977.
39.13 Santa Monica Mountains, 1978.
39.14 The Trust for Public Land, 1971-1985.
2 Environmental Issues, 1962-1992.
Series 4, Personal, 1945-1985.
This series contains material not related to Litton's professional or environmental activities.
26.1 Letter from Family, 1945-1982.
26.2 Letter from P.T. Reily, 1985.
26.3 National World War II Glide Pilots Association, 1975-1985.
26.4 Photographs, undated.
27.5 Scholarship, 1974.
27.6-27.9 South Africa Trip, 1985.
27.10-27.12 South Africa Trip, 1985.
27.13 "Yesterday's Children," by Ronald G. Hayes, undated.
40.1 "Portraits of Senior Environmentalists," by Nancy Kittle, undated.
40.2 "Wildland Expertise and Facilities in the University of California System," by Don Erman, 1993.
40.3 "World War II Army Airborne Troop Carriers," , 1992.
Series 5, People and Places, 1873-1987.
This series has information on specific people known to Martin Litton and familiar places.
27.1 Chang, Curt, 1987.
27.2 Deschutes River, 1968.
27.3 Eiseman, Fred, 1972-1976.
27.4 Grand Canyon, 1975-1979.
27.5 Grand Canyon: Inner Canyon (General), 1873-1975.
27.6 Grand Canyon: Inner Canyon, Jensen, Shaw, 1978-1979.
27.7 Grand Canyon: Inner Canyon, Stritt, Jensen, Shaw, 1976-1977.
27.8 Green River, 1975-1976.
27.9 Jane, 1985.
27.10 Kern Plateau, 1974-1979.
27.11 McCloskey, Paul, 1977.
27.12 Munroe, Joe, Private Permit and Other Issues, 1975-1977.
28.13-28.14 Olepin, Owen, 1974-1981.
28.15 Owyhee, Grande Ronde, 1973-1974.
28.16-27.17 Powell Centennial Ceremony and Events, 1969.
28.18 Powell Centennial History, 1969.
28.19-28.20 Publications, 1978-1979.
28.21 Redfern, Ron, 1978-1982.
28.22 Rio Grande River, 1975-1978.
28.23 Rouge River, 1973-1976.
28.24 Rusho, Bud , 1987.
28.25 Snake River, 1973-1974.
28.26 Stanislaus River, undated.
28.27 Wampler, Joe, 1973.
40.4 Powell Centennial Celebration, 1969.
Series 6, Publications, 1954-2003.
This series deals with articles either written by Martin Litton on various nature related topics or about Martin Litton as a conservationist and owner of Grand Canyon Dories. Publications is divided into media About Litton and publication authored. There are videos on the Grand Canyon and river running, two nature cassettes are also included.
Subseries 1, About Litton, 1954-2004.
28.1 Articles About the Colorado River, 1972.
29.2-29.5 Articles About Grand Canyon Dories, 1954-1984.
29.6-30.15 Litton, Conversationalist and Boater, 1954-2003.
30.16 News Articles, Snake River (Hells Canyon) and Salmon River, 1976-1979.
30.17 Periodicals, 1954-2003.
40.5 Articles About Grand Canyon Dories, 1964-1989.
40.6 Litton - Conservationist and Boater, 1948-1987.
40.7 Litton - Conservationist and Boater, 1988-1992.
40.8 Litton - Conservationist and Boater, 1994-1997.
41.1 Litton - Conservationist and Boater, 1997-2002.
41.2 Litton - Conservationist and Boater, 2005.
41.3 Publications About Grand Canyon Dories River Trips, 1980-2004.
3 Litton - Conservationist and Boater, 1984-1979.
Subseries 2, Authored, 1952-2002.
30.18 Articles Martin Litton Worked On, 1984.
30.19 Articles on Grand Canyon Dories, 1982-1985.
30.20-30.26 Various Topics, 1952-2003.
30.27 Write-ups, Magazines, and Newspaper Clippings, 1952-2003.
41.4 Litton - Authored Works, 1948-2003.
41.5 Litton Authored Work - "A Mexican, for Change, A Look at Mexican Politics", undated.
4 Authored Publications, 1950-1976.
Series 7, Awards, 1939-1995.
2 Awards
Includes "The California State Legislature" June 7, 2001; "The California State Senate" June 7, 2001; "California Wilderness Coalition" 1969.
2 Friends of the River, 1987.
Series 8, Legal Matters, 1970-1996.
41.6 Arizona Sales Tax Protest - Ann Dumenil, 1992.
41.7 Arizona Sales Tax Protest - Correspondence, 1990-1996.
41.8 Arizona Sales Tax Protest - Correspondence, 1991.
41.9 Arizona Sales Tax Protest - Correspondence, 1992.
41.10 Arizona Sales Tax Protest - Correspondence, 1992.
42.1 Arizona Sales Tax Protest - File Taken to Phoenix, 1976-1990.
42.2 Arizona Sales Tax Protest - Moki Mac, 1982-1990.
42.3 Arizona Sales Tax Protest - Wilderness World, 1991-1992.
42.4 Arizona Tax Case, 1972-1991.
42.5 Arizona Tax Case, 1990-1991.
43.1 Arizona Tax Case - Court Papers, 1987-1995.
43.2 Arizona Tax Case - Thomas Jordan's Correspondence, 1986.
43.3 Arizona Tax Matter - Bills, 1990-1995.
43.4 Arizona Tax Matter - Grand Canyon Dories, 1970-1976.
43.5 Arizona Tax Matter - Grand Canyon Dories, 1985-1991.
43.6 Arizona Tax Matter - Grand Canyon Dories, 1992-1995.
43.7 Arizona Tax Matter - Grand Canyon Dories, Attorneys Notes and Memos, 1989-1991.
43.8 Corporation Business - Legal, Agency Agreement, 1987-1992.
43.9 Grand Canyon Dories - Audit, 1972-1979.
44.1 Grand Canyon Dories Green River Sale - Pitchfork Enterprises, Inc., 1984-1985.
44.2 Grand Canyon Dories Transfer, 1980-1981.
44.3 Legal - Cynthia Figueroa vs. Martin Littons Great Riders Journeys, 1988.
44.4 Legal - Damage Suit, Grand Canyon Dories vs. Idaho Outfitters and Guides Board, 1976.
44.5 Legal - Grand Canyon Film Suit, Panorama International Productions, 1983-1987.
44.6 Legal - Morgan T Smith Junior Complaint, 1982.
44.7 Legal - Shepersky vs. Roach, 1987.
44.8 Legal - Sierra Club Lawsuit & Grand Canyon vs. Grand Canyon Outfitters, 1978.
44.9 Legal - United States of American vs. Lesley Edward Marr, 1984.
44.10 Legal - Williams vs. Grand Canyon Dories Lawsuit, Hopkins & Carley, 1977-1980.
44.11 Sample Contract Forms for Independent Contractors, 1978-1981.
A series of both informative and recreational literature regarding the Southwestern regions of the United States. This collection contains information concerning various topics about Littons thoughts regarding political controversy and valuable tactics used by the Desert Fishes Council to help preserve natural habitats. Additionally, books containing historical facts about Georgie White, Jimmy Swinnerton, and the Grand Canyon are amongst the contents of this collection. Miscellaneous materials such as a childrens book, a consumers guide, and posters advertising Littons Grand Canyon Dories are also included
Two large collections of photographs, negatives, and moving image media. First collection holds photographs and negatives containing visual imagery of Martin Litton's Grand Canyon trips and voyages from 1965 throughout 1971. Additionally, collection also includes photographs captured by Joe Monroe and Pat Reilly. The second collection is composed of acetate based, 16mm, film reels depicting the devastation and aftermath of The Catastrophic Flood of December 1966. In December of 1966, precipitation from an unusual storm was concentrated on highlands in Northern Arizona, causing severe channel erosion in the Grand Canyon. These films by Martin Litton capture and survey the flood damage caused in 1966 and the attempts at restoring the destruction in January of 1967.
This addition to the collection is currently being inventoried and appraised. A unique color-coded and extensive inventory to specific items in the box-level descriptions below is available upon request.
This collection is organized in the following series:
Loma Pretan July/August 1990 Folder
The Sierra Club Loma Pretan Paper 1990
Miscellaneous "M" Folder
George Miller Contact Information
J. Michael Mccloskey Folder
Letter requesting consensus for the Sierra Club
Paul N. Mccloskey Jr. Folder
Specialty Crops and Natural Resources Subcommittee members
Julie McDonald Folder
"Congratulations" Note from Julie
Jerry Mander Sequoia Ad Folder
Redwood and Sequoia preservation letters, documents, and article.
Mediated 1990 Settlement Folder
Sequoia National Forest Reforestation Report and Sequoia Forest Settlement Report
The Mediated Settlement Agreement Folder
Settlement Article in Washington Post and the Sequoia Forest Settlement Report
Metes and Bounds Folder
Multiple Copies of Appendix I: Boundary Description of the Giant Sequoia National Preserve
Tom Lantos Folder
Tom Lantos Contact Information
Legislative Cards Folder
Senate and House of Representatives Business Cards
Lighthawk Folder
Intercom: Lighthawk's highlights and volunteer pilot newsletter. Includes Lighthawk board of directors and articles.
Les Line Folder
Letter to Les Line, editor of Audubon Magazine.
Charlene Little Folder
Letters between Litton and Charlene Little, Sequoia Forest Alliances Member. Includes articles written by Charlene Little and Anae Boulton.
Logging Folder
Multiple copies of David S. Krueger memo to public lands activists.
Loma Prietan Feb/March 1990 Folder
Multiple copies of the Sierra Club: Loma Prietan Volume XXI, Number 1.
James Kay Folder
Forest preservation articles and letters from/to James Kay between the U.S Department of Agriculture and other government offices. Includes resume of James Kay.
Roy Keene Folder
Letters from Roy Keene, member of the Public Forestry Foundation. Includes multiple copies of draft comment about the Sequoia National Monument.
Cynthia Kendall Folder
"Earth First! Controversy claims reporter's job" articles.
Kern Folder
Reports and documents regarding Kern Plateau preservation statement to Senate. Includes June 1980 issue of Sunset Magazine.
Sandra Key Folder
Letters between Martin Litton and Sandra Key, Sequoia National Forest Supervisor. Multiple copies of letter between Sandra Key and Joe Fontaine. Multiple copies of road opening confirmation letter from Sandra Key.
Kings Canyon Folder
The Kings River and California's Greatest Canyon Information Package and Map.
Tom Knudson Sacramento Bee Folder
Letters from Tom Kundson, writer for the Sacramento Bee, to Martin Litton about interesting articles and friendly conversation. Summary Statements Prepared for The Sierra Summit booklet included.
Miscellaneous "L" Folder
Patrick and Kathy Lacey contact information. Litton letter to Bill and Jean Lane. Letter from Caleb Layton to Martin Litton.
Lee Green Folder
Multiple Copies of Congress' memo in regards to the Sequoia Preservation Act of 1993. Various letters and writings of Lee Green. Audubon Magazine articles and opinion writings. Includes a critique writing of Lee green and his article "They've been raping the sequoias."
House of Reps Subcom Folder
Copies of Martin Litton's statement before the House of Representatives.
Jim Jontz Folder
Jim Jontz contact information. Includes note from Marian.
Tom Jordan Folder
Letter from Martin Litton to Thomas Jordan about the World Heritage Site.
Forest Voice Folder
Copies of Forest Voice Paper (Volume 5, Number 4; 1992)
Forest Voice 1992 Folder
1993 Congressional Record Page and 1992 Below-Cost Statistic Sales.
Forest Watch 4-92 Folder
The Citizen's Guide to the Forest Service Budget packets and pages.
Michael Frome Folder
Articles and letters from Michael Frome, professor from Western Washington University.
Fundraising Folder
Adopt-A-Sequoia Fundraising Campaign report.
Giant Sequoia Symposium Folder
Giant Sequoias- Their Place in the Ecosystem and Society event details.
Ed Goldstein Folder
Letters between Litton and Edward S. Goldstein, Senior Research Analyst to the White House.
Federation of Western Outdoor Cities Folder
Copies of letters between Litton and Winchell Hayward, FWOC Secretary. Western River Guides Association "World Heritage Site" Resolution blank FWOC stationary.
Neil Fernbaugh Folder
The Sequoia Forest Preserve Myths and Realities by Neil Fernbaugh.
Joe Fontaine Folder
Many Copies of Joe Fontaine's letter to Sandra Key about the Mediated Settlement Agreement.
Empty Folders
Dianne Feinstein
Miscellaneous "F"
Giant Sequoia Preservation
J. Bennett Johnston
Unknown Folder
Jim Hood Camp Nelson
Hearings 1993
H.R. 5594
H.R. 5594
Locator Map
ML's Speech
Mel Levine
Loma Prietan
Mccutchen Doyle
Loma Prietan September 1989
Loma Prietan July/August 1988
This collection is organized in the following series:
195 JJ Color Enlargements Folder
Consists of photos featuring Martin Litton, friends, and his plane the N195JJ.
M.L Introduction to the essays Folder
Interview manuscript (page 1) of the Sierra Club's 1947 Symbol Change, Litton's excerpts from John Muir's essays on the Sierra Nevada, and a letter from Harriet.
Correspondence Folder
Letters between government officials, editors, friends, and environment protection agencies. Includes articles, interview manuscripts, and memos from scientific advisory board.
Young Timers- L.A Times ML Photos Folder
Multiple Young Times Magazine 1947-1950 featuring cover photos by Martin Litton.
Yosemite Folder
Articles and Manuscripts about Martin Litton. Includes photos of Grand Canyon Dories and letters between Martin Litton and friends and government offices.
Conservation: Filing Schedule Folder
Includes letters, photos, articles, and newsletters about old Grand Canyon Trips, Sierra Club, and the Sequoia National Monument.
Correspondence and Articles Folder
A collection of various letters, newspaper and photocopied clippings about forest conservation and Grand Canyon Dories.
Sunset and Other Material Folder
Sunset Magazine Articles and State Park Letters. Includes the rough draft of "A Riverman who made a Difference" by Michael Powers and photographs.
Sunset Mag: Correspondence Folder
Letters from Martin Litton when he was the senior editor of Sunset Magazine in 1968.
Fan Mail Folder
Fan Mail for Grand Canyon Dories and Northwest Dories river trips between 1987-1988.
Boats in use Folder
Aerial view of USFS-approved logging, and two engagement memorandums of venue performance orders.
Vagabond Folder
Includes articles about nature conversation, letters from/to Martin Litton, Schematics of Dories, and Litton's 85th Birthday Guest List.
Lockyear vs Forest Service Folder
Complaint for declaratory judgment and injunctive relief: People of the state of California v. United States versus service.
Books and Magazines
November 1964 Sierra Club Bulletin
November 1969 Top Op Colorado River Trip
November 2000 Forest Magazine
OARS 36 Years anniversary
Canoe and Kayak (The Green Issue)
A Vision For The Future
Dories x2
November 1965 Audubon
Senate Draft "Giant Sequoia National Forest Preserve" 1994
A matter of grove concern by Bettina Boxall
Silent Wings Museum Newsletter
July Argosy
Excerpts from "The Sierra Club 1892-1970"
National Geographic Traveler May/June 1998
The Living Wilderness 1955-1956
Among the Giants magazine pages 1997
Physician's Sportslife May/June 1986
Now or Never; California's Crisis in Outdoor Recreation
December 1952 Sierra Club Bulletin
Save the Pupfish!
Defenders January/February 1990
They've Been Raping the Giant Sequoias by Lee Green
September 1968 Sierra Club Bulletin
Cry California Spring 1970
Grand Canyon: The Hidden Secrets
The Sequoia Seedling Autumn 2008
California Crush (L.A. times Magazine)
California Crush (L.A. times Magazine)
Silent Wings August 1976
A Geologic Report on San Joaquin Hills
Mineral King Preservation Society Newsletters
Pictures and Images
Negatives, Slides, colored and black/white prints, and magazine photos of Grand Canyon Dory River Trips, Sequoia Forest Rallies, Airplanes, Aerial Forest views, Nature Landscapes, and people.
Articles about Litton's river trips, forest preservation, animal preservation, and Litton's life.
Flagstaff 2007 Film Festival Pamphlets
Taos Mountain Film Festival Ad
Five Rivers Five Voices DVD
Empty U.S Department of the Interior Envelope
The Making of a Continent Poster
WWII Gliders Folder
Photos of Martin Litton during his years as a pilot in World War II. Includes a letter speaking about Martin Litton's Pilot History and an article of a personal account of a WWII soldier.
Venue confirmation letters, Grand Canyon Dories member responses and letters, government letters, and Happy Birthday Cards for Martin Litton's 95th Birthday.
Memo from State Division of Highways
Lee's Ferry to Temple Bar Landmark Outline
Page 5 of Martin Litton's Statement of Gland Canyon Damn
Summary of the McNally Fire, California
Taos Mountain Film Festival Flyers
This collection is organized in the following series:
Magazines, Booklets, and Pamphlets.
Life: Ted Kennedy
Report on the Americas (Conquest of Nature 1492-1992)
Citizens for a Redwoods National Park
FlyRod and Reel Magazine
Sierra Now Agenda
1981 Wilderness Adventures
Sierra Club Bulletin: Redwoods Issue
High Desert Boatworks
X2 National Parks Magazine
Turner Foundations: 1995 Annual Grants
X2 UNPROECTED Sequoia Forests
National Parks July/August/1981
Through the Sipapu
Grand Canyon and Dory Photos
Consists of slides, prints, and negatives of Litton's river trips, scenic imagery, dories on water, and of the Grand Canyon river landmarks.
Nature, Vacation, and National Forest Photos
Includes slides, prints, and negatives of the Sequoia and Redwood National Forest as well as vacation trips to ranches and hikers. These images also include aerials of scenic locations and footage of various animals.
Grand Canyon: Inner Canyon 1979 - 1980 Folder
A Collection of letters between Martin Litton and various people including the President of the Sierra Club, Barbara Boyle, Cline Library, and the Council of Conservatives.
Diablo Canyon Article Manilla Envelope
Article by Jason MacNeil Andrews featured in the Big Sur Gazette. Photos by Litton.
Columbia Pictures Film Folder
Includes a script from Bill Meadows, gratitude letters and letters to office officials (Senators and Governors), and Litton's testimony concerning the Grand Canyon Protection Act of 1990.
Correspondence Folder
Sequoia ForestKeeper documents and letters, letters from middle school classes, the 2003 Giant Sequoia National Monument Bill, and friendly letters.
Poppies. Rob Wells Antelope Valley Folder
Large colored prints of various flowers.
Correspondence 1969 River Trip
Includes 1944 Letter of Declaration for the Air Medal issues to Clyde M. Litton, letters amongst friends and government offices, and river running articles.
Corporate Minutes Correspondence 1990 Folder
Letters and Documents concerning Esther Litton's position at recording minute meetings for the Hopkins and Carley Law Firm.
Turner Correspondence Folder
The Turner Foundation letters, grant application sheets, and time line. Includes the Sequoia ForestKeeper 2005 Budget.
Miscellaneous Folder
Single Letters for unknown banner, Canyon Music Cassette by Paul Winter, an unknown cassette, and two blank California Trails Association Cards.
Large collection of letters to and from Martin Litton and the United States Forest Service, government officials, California Wilderness Coalition, Renee Abbey and Edward Abbey, The Sierra Club, and past members of the Grand Canyon River Trips.
Various articles and newspaper clippings about protecting wild life and national forests, Martin Litton's travels and biography, an orange county murder, and Grand Canyon Dories.
Testimonies before the House of Representatives, financial documents, mediate settlement agreements, informational documents, Grand Canyon Dories crew list and contact information, the diary of Fredrick Dellenbaugh excerpts, and missing manuscript pages.
Kodak Image Slide Boxes
6 boxes containing slides of Grand Canyon Trips.
This collection is organized in the following series:
Media: DVD's
Grand Canyon by Nature (Spear in the Sand)
Down the Colorado River in a Rowboat
o The Good Fight 2006
o The Good Fight 2007
o Among the Giant Sequoias 2005
o Among the Giant Sequoias 2006
o Drowning River (Documentary of Katie Lee)
o Doug Vavrick 2004 Grand Canyon Trip (6 DVD)
Media: VHS's
Down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon
Dare the Wildest River
Dories from Elena
Exploring the Mighty Salmon / News Goes Down the Colorado / Where God lost his boots
Grand Canyon Dories
Powell - German
Grand Canyon with James Taylor
Drain Lake Powell
Grand Canyon Colorado River Trip
Grand Canyon by Dore from Bright Angel Down
Books and Magazines
National Geographic (Vol.179, No.6)
Taos Mountain Film Festival (Third Annual)
Taos Mountain Film Festival (Fourth Annual)
Canoe and Kayak
LIFE Magazine Fourth of July Special
Los Angeles Times (Dec 21, 2006)
Pacifica Tribune Sports (August 31, 2011)
The Sacramento Bee Special Report
Photocopy of 1946 LA Times Comic "Terry and the Pirates"
{Unorganized} Collection of prints, negatives, and photocopies of images from Martin Litton's Grand Canyon River Trips
{Plastic Bag}Photos detailing the "Work-In-Progress" of repairing the Prudhoe Bay Dori. Includes letter from "Tim" who is working on the boat.
{White Glider Folder}Photo of Martin Litton during the War in 1944 before taking off for Holland
{Blue Photo Album}Images of Martin Litton's 1992 Grand Canyon River Trip
{Group Trip Pictures Packet}1970's and 1985 Group Photos of Grand Canyon River Trip participants.
{McNalley Fire Folder}One image of the smoke from McNalley Fire. Other photo of the Sequoia National Forest covered in snow.
{G.C 1955 Trip Packet} A collection of Black and White negatives of Litton's 1955 Grand Canyon River Trip.
Redwoods Testimony Eubeka Folder
Contains the testimony of Martin Litton to Chairman Farr in regards to the Division of Highways and the Highway Commission and its desire to build through the Sequoia National Forest.
Dinosaur Folder
Contains the statement in support of the Dinosaur National Monument by David R. Brower.
Regan II Folder
Contains many photocopied articles featuring Martin Litton's Grand Canyon trips, Martin Litton's life, and the creation of Dories.
Martin's First Job Packet
Contains a copy of a newspaper article about "The Wigwam" dude ranch. This was the location of Litton's first job after graduating from U.C.L.A. in 1939.
Blank Folder
Contains Government Documents: Supreme Court Case Information, A letter to President Bill Clinton, and Details of a District Court Case against the department of agriculture.
Unorganized Documents Folder
This packet includes letters addressed to Martin Litton, photocopied newspaper and magazine articles, in addition to a memo and poem.
This collection is organized in the following series:
The Sequoia Alliance Briefing Book Material Folder
Sequoia National Monument Proposals, Summary of Provisions, and other descriptive information related to the Sequoia National Monument.
Sequoia Forest Alliance Without Sally Ranney Folder
"Save the Sequoia Forest" Articles and copies of the YODELER and CONDOR CALL newspapers.
Sequoia Forest Alliance With Sally Ranney Folder
"Save the Sequoia Forest" Articles.
The Sequoia Forest Citizens Coalition Folder
News and Information regarding the Sequoia Forest Citizens Coalition's attempts to protect the Sequoia National Monument.
Sequoia Forest Protection Act Draft Folder
Drafts: October 1991, March 1992, December 1992, March 1993.
Sequoia Hearing Paperwork Folder
Materials supporting the protection of the Sequoia Forest from Timber and Lumber Companies.
Save America's Forests Folder
"Save America's Forests" Pamphlet.
Save the Redwoods Folder
Letters to President George Bush and others calling for support of the Redwoods Forest.
Sawdust and Mirrors Folder
Photocopied pages of "Sawdust and Mirrors" Newspaper Articles.
Santa Barbara News Press 6-21-90 Folder
Santa Barbara News Press 6-21-90.
Sequoia Bill Hearing Washington Trip 3-94 Folder
Hand-Drawn Seating Arrangements Page.
Miscellaneous "S" Folder
Congress Pete Stark's Home Address and Phone Number.
Review of the Sequoia Forest Plan and Final EIS Covers Folder
Photocopied Review of the Sequoia Forest Plan and Final EIS Covers.
Review of the Sequoia Forest Plan and Final EIS Folder
Full Copies of the 1988 Review of the Sequoia Forest Plan and Final EIS Document.
Richard Rico's Forum Article 7-8-90 Folder
Photocopied pages of "At Ease!" articles by Richard Rico.
Charlie Rose Folder
Single Letter from Charlie Rose to Litton and Copies of Charlie Rose Brief Description.
Planet Folder
Photocopied pages of Article from "Planet" Newsletter.
Michele Perrault Folder
Copies of Perrault's letter to Senator Barbara Boxer
Patagonia Folder
Letter communication between Martin Litton and Patagonia Company. Includes donation of $5,000 receipt.
The Sequoia Alliance Folder
Executive Summaries and documents defining The Sequoia Alliance's purpose and goals. Features Letters and Sequoia Alliance member information.
Press Miscellaneous Folder
Newspaper article clippings and letters between editor of the Times and CBS News.
Proposed Sequoia Monument Map Fresno Bee Folder
Map copies for the Proposed Sequoia Monument boundaries.
Public Forestry Foundation Folder
Two copies of The Citizen Forester Vol.2 No.2
Range of Lights Folder
Newsletters, Maps to John Rasmussen's House, and mailing list.
John Rasmussen Folder
Letters to and from John Rasmussen from Congress, Sierra Club, Park committees, and district park representatives.
Redwood Summer Folder
Guide to Redwood Summer Actions and Upcoming Events for the event. Redwood Summer is a group of "non-violent, direct action" participants.
NAFTA Folder
Various Newspaper Clippings. Includes a 1993 report of the chairman of the Sierra Club to the Board of Directors.
The National Forest Acts of 1992 Folder
Multiple copies of the National Forest Acts of 1992.
National Forests- Offices Folder
Pacific Crest Trail Issued July 1988, contains two maps of California and Washington and National Forest Office locations.
Native Forest Councils Folder
Letters of acknowledgment support and calls for actions. Includes conceptual drafts of the NFPA 1990 protection draft and marketing documents. A newspaper, magazine, and photocopied newsletter are found in this folder.
National Geographic Magazine Folder
Rowe Findley's NatGeo article about Litton, and Litton's letter to Noel Grove of National Geographic Magazine.
New York Times Ad Folder
Final printed copy of the Last Great Sequoias advertisement and rough copies. Letter to Jerry Mander (April 27, 1991) in regards to the Ad's creation is included.
Beth Norcross Folder
Copies of Litton's letter to Beth Norcross, member of Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.
Observations of Martin-Washington, D.C. (3/15-22/91) Folder
Incomplete document of Litton's observations and interactions when he visited the Washington D.C.
National Forests- Offices Folder
Pacific Crest Trail Issued July 1988, contains two maps of California and Washington and National Forest Office locations
Margaret Owings Folder
Faded letters between Margaret Owings and Martin Litton. Reminiscing old travels and attempting to plan a new one (1991-1993).
Miscellaneous "P" Folder
Rough draft and edited version of Phillips' article. Includes a "thank you" letter to Nancy and Paul for their support and creating a fundraiser as well as the 1990 River Schedule for Northwest Dories.
Miscellaneous "P" Folder
Rough draft and edited version of Phillips' article. Includes a "thank you" letter to Nancy and Paul for their support and creating a fundraiser as well as the 1990 River Schedule for Northwest Dories.
Pacific Forum Folder
Upcoming Pacific Forums and various photocopied newspaper articles.
Packets Folder
Outline of packet contents. [Packets are missing.]
Empty Folders [Contain no Materials]
Miscellaneous "Q"
Red Hill Planning Area
Reforming the Forest Service
Sequoia Miscellaneous
Sequoia Bark
Senate Bill
Miscellaneous "R"
This collection is organized in the following series:
Personal and Business Letters
Various letters to and from friends, editors, customers, and coworkers.
Government Letters
Letters to and from Senators, House Representatives, and officers from various United States Forest Service Departments. Packet includes letter from Litton to President Ronald Regan.
Printed and Written Articles
Articles relating to opinion pieces, African sanctions, The Sierra Club, Laws, and national news relating from 1960 to 2000.
Newspaper and Photocopied Articles
Articles from newspapers, clippings, or photocopied papers relating to opinion pieces, Litton's travels, national parks, and national news relating from 1960 to 2000.
Large Binded Based Items
Newsletters, Pamphlets, Magazines, Brochures, and Bulletins. Material relates to the Nature Film Festivals, The Sierra Club, and Grand Canyon Dories. Includes missing magazine cover pages and the PARADE (January 2005) newspaper.
Government Manuscripts
A series of various proposed Bills from the House of Representatives regarding the Giant Sequoia National Forest Preserve. Includes Testimony transcript of Nathaniel Lawrence, Karen Taylor-Goodrich and transcript for a plaintiffs' motion for preliminary injunction (Earth Island Institute vs. Del Pengilly).
Miscellaneous Manuscripts
Includes a vast array of different topics: missing pages of unidentified documents, a Bicycle repair manual, Memos, Sequoia Advisory Board members' names and addresses, and informational documents. A page comparing President George W. Bush to monkeys and an interview transcript between Martin Litton and Lew Steiger are found amongst these papers.
Litton River Running and Grand Canyon Dories Images
Slides, Negatives, Black and White Prints, Color Transparents, Color Prints, and Printed Color Images. Martin Litton and seasonal crew during his time operating the Grand Canyon Dories company. Images include group photos, scenery, dories, camping, and an image walk-through on how to create dories.
Litton Pilot, Personal, and Business Images
Slides, Negatives, Black and White Prints, Color Transparents, Color Prints, and framed photos. Images include vacation photos, factory interiors, scenery, Litton flying planes, WWII crew photo, logging of the sequoias, animals, architecture, trains, and social gatherings. A framed photo of Litton in a plane is featured amongst these materials.
Miscellaneous Items
Card with mountain elevations recorded on it.
Litton WW2 Glider Pilots Association Name Tag and Ribbon.
Empty Photo Holder.
Empty Calendar Book.
John Spragens U.S. House Business Card.
Litton Business Card.
John Krebs Wilderness Proposal Map.
Blank Boat Club Stationary.
Drawn Remote Controller Instructions.
Green Sheet of Paper.
Bill Rudell Mailing Address and Phone Number.
Among the Giant Sequoias DVD.
This collection is organized in the following series:
Panoche Hills Wilderness Folder
Proposal for Panoche Hills Wilderness
Miscellaneous R Folder
Tom Rambo Request for Letter of Recommendation
Pro Tech Recumbent Bike Folder
Store Directions and Hours
Pro Tech Fitness Bike Pamphlet
Press Miscellaneous Folder
From Colleen Casto (October 16, 1986)
Palo Alto Times Newspaper Cover (1956)
Powell Museum Folder (Empty)
Population Folder
X2 Immigration Policy, The New Environmental Battlefield
Photos- Miscellaneous Folder (Empty)
Photography-Price List Folder
The Dark Room Prices
Color Plus Prices and Services
Peskin V American Land Conservancy Folder
From Carolyn Caldwell-White (June 24, 1993)
Peterson, Swede Folder
X5 Wild Horse River Dories of Canada
X3 Whitewater Scenic River Trips
Miscellaneous P Folder
-----Linda L. Liscom Envelope-----
1. Litton w/ Irene and Linda
2. Litton speaking to Irene
3. Litton and Irene
4. Litton w/ Irene, Linda, and Ed
From Linda Liscom (July 5, 1990)
From Irene F. (July 3, 1990)
Panoche Hills Wilderness Folder
Bill Oliver and Glen Waldeck Music Flyer
To Litton Abt/ Flagstaff (Sept 1993)
Rousing the Conscience: The Southern Sea Otter
Northwest Dories Photos Folder
1. Dory Crew Playing Volleyball
2. Sleeping Tent and Crew Members
Northwest Dories Promotion Folder
Final Conference Program: Nonprofits in Travel Booklet
Nonprofits in Travel Sponsors and Committee
X2 Travel Conference Transaction Report
Ecotourism; The Next Step
From J. Mara DelliPriscoli (March 1992)
X2 Nonprofits In Travel Newsletter
From Mara DelliPriscoli (April 22, 1991)
From Mara D. and Sally C. (April 5, 1991)
The Great River Journeys Dories
Airplane- Flying Medical Folder (Empty)
Miscellaneous M Folder
Devon Meade Portrait Headshot
Empty Envelope for Medical Certificate
Northwest Dories-General Folder
X4 List of Animal and Plant Species Encountered
X4 Geologic Summary and Travel Log
From Leslie Hartley (August 1978)
From S.P. Hanna (June 11, 1975)
History of the Pacific Northwest Outline
Steel Rails turn Back Time Article
Copy of Liability Insurance
Business Improvement Folder
Pittsburg Landing Reading
From Sally (August 1991) + River Map
To Larry Townsend (May 16, 1991)
Editor Rejection from Larry Townsend
History of the Pacific Northwest Outline
DMNH Ecological and Cultural Institute on Water
Floating the Salmon River
From Ward Sear and Michelle Conger (Aug, 1991)
Northwest Dories Promotion Folder
X31 The Great River Journeys Brochure
Northwest Dories Rough Article Book
Northwest Dories Final Article Book
Charter Group Contact Agreements
The 1991 River Schedule Packet
X3 Sample Program Specifications Page
References for Alumni Trips
The Salmon: A Wild and Scenic River Map Guide
Hardboating the Mighty Snake River Article
X2 Rough Draft of 1991 River Schedule
X3 From Peter Voll (September 13, 1991)
X3 From Gary Groves; To Curt Chang (1990)
From Wyatt Allen (August 19, 1988)
X2 From Gabrielle Hanna; To Curt Chang (1990)
Snake, Grande Ronde, Lower Salmon Travel Instructions
Main Salmon Trips Travel Suggestions
Across the Idaho Wilderness
Note From Paul Christensen (April 21, 1992)
Litton's Analysis of Dory Crew Members
X2 Sample Program Specifications for Lower Salmon
Strange Crossword Puzzle
Missing Page of Letter from Gary Groves
Great River Journeys Small Advertisement
Giant Packet of Northwest Dories Travel
Information and Details for Lewiston, Idaho Reservation
----------Fan Mail1988 Folder---------
Monastery of Christ in the Desert (Sept 1988)
Northwest Dories Final Article Book
Charter Group Contact Agreements
Petey Cook to Karen (July 25, 1988)
Bernice Edison (July 22, 1988)
Rick Elden (Unknown Year)
From R.P Ligtelyn (August 25, 1988)
From Don W. Martin (September 21. 1988)
Sue to Karen (October 8, 1988)
Heather Doble (June 2, 1988)
Brad M. Reiss (July 6, 1988)
Phillip Sharpsteen to Chaveg (Oct, 10, 1988)
Jean C. Skamser (June 20, 1988)
Barbara and Jane Tocher 9October 10, 1988)
John Howie (August 8, 1991)
From Jane Schleimir (August 19, 1986)
-------Great River Journeys Envelope-------
From Mike Miler (August 13, 1991)
S.1 Litton Full Shot in Dori
S.2 Litton in Heavy River Rapid
S.3 Litton and Member in Diablo Canyon Dory
S.4 Diablo Canyon in Rapid push to Mountain Wall
S.5 Litton Smiling on Dori
Northwest Dories Promotion Folder 2
Nonprofits in Travel Conference 1991 Speaker Schedule
Northwest Dories Travel Conference 1990 Flyer
Hardboating the Mighty Snake River
References for Alumni Trips
From Peter Voll; To Curtis Chang (Nov 4, 1989)
From Gary Groves; To Curtis Chang (July 6, 1990)
From Curtis Chang; To Sandy Telich (Sept 25, 1990)
1991 River Schedule Draft + Note from Curtis
Main Salmon Trips Travel Suggestions
Back Country Bike Tours
Alumni Association List
Various Questions asked to Northwest Rivers Staff
Northwest Dories Travel 1990 Rough Flyer
Northwest Dories Travel Conference 1991 Flyer
Other Salmon Boatman Descriptions
Lower Salmon River Expedition Specifications
Snake River Expedition Specifications
Charter Group Contract Agreement (Cover Sheet)
Northwest Dories Packet of Empty Stationary
1992 Family Expedition on the Salmon River
X2 1992 Family Expedition List of Participants
Northwest Dories Release of Liability
The River of No Return by Edward Abbey
1992 Salmon River Expedition Readings
To Salmon River Runner (July 27, 1992)
Family Expedition of the Salmon River
Departure/Arrival Times
Family Expedition on the Salmon River Travel Information
1992 Family Expedition on Salmon River List of Participants
X2 Grand Canyon Expedition Stanford Alumni in Envelope
1992 Salmon River Expedition Eval Form
From Peter Voll (August 31, 1992)
X10 A River Ride Down the River of No Return
X2 Coming Back from the River of No Return
Northwest Dories Salmon River Details
Grande Ronde River Details
The Lower Gorges of Salmon River Details
Hell's Canyon of the Snake River
The Owyhee River Details
Salmon River Checklist
Hardboating the Mighty Snake River
Exploring Wild River of the Northwest
Salmon River Details
White Packet of Stanford Alumni Trip Details
From Kay Petersen; To Persis Farley (1984)
From Tina Demetis; To Yale Alumni (1984)
From Lummis, Griswold, Dunnack, Bercow (1984)
Grand Canyon Dories Check Receipt
Deposit for Grand Canyon Dories Yale Group
Salmon River Adventure (1984) Yale Alumni
Series of Letters with Persis Farley (1984)
X9 From Jeffrey Bercow (August 20, 1984)
Northwest Dories General Information
The Outdoor Press Article Page
X2 Driftboat Fishing Article
X6 Paddle Options for River Rafting
X2 Backcountry Bike Tours Details
Lower Salmon River Expedition Sample Program
Empty Northwest Dories INC. Packet
------Grand Canyon Dories White Packet-----
40 Photographic Slide of River Crew on Rapid
26 Photographic Slide of Dories from Afar
39 Photographic Slide on Calm River
72 Photographic Slide Litton River Running
34 Photographic Slide Dory crew relaxing on river
5 Photographic Slide Male giving birdcall
20 Photographic Slide Docked Dories
23 Photographic Slide Cave Drawings
89 Photographic Slide Litton and Crew Laughing on River
+5 Photographic Slide Esther Litton. Hells Canyon River
3 Photographic Slide Diamond Head Dory on River Rapid
92 Photographic Slide Dories Docked
4 Photographic Slide Cave Drawings
45 Photographic Slide Male Giving Bird Call
39 Photographic Slide Copper Ledge On River Rapid
16 Photographic Slide Coeaur D'Allene on River Rapid
Negative 3x1 Mountain Cliff Slide
1x1 Dory on River Rapid
1x1 Aerial Shot of Grand Canyon River
White Cardboard Frame Snake R. Hells Canyon
Small Film Reel Clip by Michael K. Nichols
Empty "1984 Yale Charter" Folder
Empty "Northwest Dories Promotion" Folder
Northwest Passengers 1989 Folder
Entire Packet of Individual Info Forms for 1992 Family Expedition
Letter containing Photocopied Checks for Trip
Suzanne Phillips Reservation Form
Chester B. Peterson Reservation Form
Megan M. Boyle Reservation Form
Jerome Rudnizzky Reservation Form
Ruth Allen Reservation Form
Andrena Collello Reservation Form
Maureen Rudzik Reservation Form
John Gearity Reservation Form
Susan and David Giffen Reservation Form
Rita Weathersey Reservation Form
Howard and Alra Intermill Reservation Form
X6 To Dave; From Litton (February 21, 1988)
1987 Grand Canyon Schedule of Prices
Nonprofits in Travel Folder
Nonprofits in Travel Nonprofits List Booklet
Native Forest Council Folder
X2 30 Page Article Series of issues regarding the National Forest lands in America.
Sierra Club: They Stole from the Poor Article
National Geographic Folder
From Robert J. Reynolds (May 7, 1953)
To Bonnie S. Lawrence (January 24, 1991) +
Chapter 5 Rough Copy of Grand Canyon Country
From Bonnie S. Lawrence (January 14, 1991)
Miscellaneous "N" Folder
From Hugh Nash (March 15, 1983)
Mono Lake Folder
-----Mono Lake B/W Aerials-----
X2 1x4 Negative Strips Aerial of Mono Lake
1.B/W of Aerial Shot of Mono Lake
2.B/W of Aerial Shot of Mono Lake
3.B/W of Aerial Shot of Mono Lake
4.B/W of Aerial Shot of Mono Lake
The Destruction of Mono Lake
Mono Lake Grand Auction (June 1, 1983)
The Mono Lake Newsletter Vol.15 No.1
The Mono Lake Newsletter Vol.14 No.4
The Mono Lake Newsletter Vol.2 No.2
The Mono Lake Newsletter Vol.14 No.1
The Mono Lake Newsletter Vol.13 No.4
From Harriet Burgess (July 1, 1988)
From Dave Gaines (November 18, 1986)
The Mono Lake Newsletter Vol.13 No.2
The Mono Lake Newsletter Vol.13 No.1
X2 Mono Lake Committee Advertisement Letter
1990 Save Mono Lake Free Drawing Pamphlet
MonoLake 1989 Save Mono Lake Drawing AD
From Norman D. Shumway (September 25, 1979)
The Mono Lake Newsletter Vol.11 No.3
The Mono Lake Newsletter Vol.11 No.3
The Mono Lake Newsletter Vol 12 No 4
The Mono Lake Newsletter Vol 14 No 3
Miscellaneous 1989 Cor. Folder
To Rebecca Hobart; From Karen Nelson (1989)
To J. Philip Faust; From Karen Nelson (1989)
To Doug Brown; From Karen Nelson (1989)
To Jean Anderson; From Karen Nelson (1989)
To Cathy Dean (August 9, 1989)
To A.R Knechtel; From Karen Nelson (1989)
The Grand Canyon Trip Travel Members
To Joachim L. Gottwald (December 14, 1989)
To Catherine Heenan (August 20, 1989)
From Jeni Mikesell; To Karen Nelson (1989)
From Jerry Oldenstam (May 29, 1989)
To Charles Judson; From Karen Nelson (1989)
To Robert Bilinski; From Karen Nelson (1989)
To Peggy Shields, From Karen Nelson (1989)
To Betty Atchison (August 1, 1989)
To Betty Atchison (August 3, 1989)
To Frankie S. Grazier (July 28, 1989)
To Jean Brumbaugh (July 6, 1989)
To John Robertson (July 6, 1989)
To C. Pabon (June 7, 1989)
To Laurence Roy; From Karen Nelson (1989)
To Gudrun Bortman (April 19, 1989)
Great River Journeys Ordering Information
1989 Westwater Books Dealer Prices
X2 To Don Anderson (March 22, 1989)
To Marilyn McDonald; From Karen Nelson (1989)
To William Stanford (June 24, 1989)
Copy of Advertising Contract in Envelope
To Susan K.. Ashby (September 6, 1989)
-----Susan Ashby Envelope-----
From Susan K. Ashby (July 3, 1989)
A. Litton Posing near his Plane
B. Litton Posing near his Plane
C. Litton Cleaning Plane Windshield
D. Litton Cleaning Plane Windshield
E. Litton and People near Litton's Plane Group
F. Litton and People near Litton's Plane Group
G. Couple near Van posing for photo
H. Couple near Van posing for photo
I. Flying Service Vehicle Near Chevron Gas Pump
J. Flying Service Vehicle Near Chevron Gas Pump
K. Flying Service Vehicle Near Chevron Gas Pump
L. Flying Service Vehicle Near Chevron Gas Pump
Miscellaneous 1990 Cor. Folder
X2 California Magazine Invoice for $350.00
To Pawet Kostecki; From Karen Nelson (1990)
To Misty Norby; From Karen Nelson (1990)
To Carlene Adams; From Karen Nelson (1990)
To Dorray Fisher; From Karen Nelson (1990)
To Thomas Plate; From Karen Nelson (1990)
To Harriet + Jon Collier; From Karen Nelson (1990)
Scratch Paper on Misprinted Map
To George Wendt (December 13, 1990)
Grand Canyon Gross Receipts (May1-April 30)
To LaDale Beard; From Karen Nelson (1990)
To Lois Hart; From Karen Nelson (1990)
To Tanya Schoemann; From Karen Nelson (1990)
To Suzanne Fell; From Karen Nelson (1990)
To James Barnes; From Karen Nelson (1990)
To Lin Pollard; From Karen Nelson (1990)
To Patrick Glennon; From Karen Nelson (1990)
To Henry Schinkelshoek; From Karen Nelson (1990)
To B.F.Pracho; From Karen Nelson (1990) +
1988 Drawing Card from Pracho
To Jane Zuckert; From Karen Nelson (1990)
To Michael Hilliger; From Karen Nelson (1990)
To Larry Good (June 29, 1990)
To Susan Jeffries; From Karen Nelson (1990)
To Nanse Fichter; From Karen Nelson (1990)
To Bob Johnson; From Karen Nelson (1990)
To Bruce and Hattie Babbitt (May 29, 1990)
To Jorg Ascheuer (May 8, 1990)
To Kevin Kittleson (May 7, 1990)
Note From Karen Nelson + Participants List
X3 Diane Sawyer "Size 9 Nikes" Article
To Henry Schinkelshoek; From Karen Nelson (1990)
To Wolfgang Matschke; From Karen Nelson (1990)
To Glen Canyon Dam Environmental Bureau (1990)
From Tema Burk (February 28, 1990)
From J.C. Williams (February 22, 1990)
To Chris Majkrzak (March 7, 1990)
To Chavalit Patrachai (March 5, 1990)
To CydMarie Grabher; From Karen Nelson (1990)
To Delaire Dhillon (February 26, 1990)
To Joachim Gottwald (February 5, 1990)
To Bev Groves (January 19, 1990)
To Dede Grossman (January 23, 1990)
To Bill and Sherry Wertz (Jan 19, 1990)
To Sylvie Koch (January 23, 1990)
To Julie (January 07, 1990)
From Mihe (March 20, 1990)
To Sally Schultz; From Karen Nelson (1990)
Red Book Binder
Litton Medical Evaluation (Palto Alto Medical)
Echocardiogram ordered by internist
Neurologist Evaluations 91-94
Echocardiogram ordered by Neurologist
Evaluation by Cardiologist
Evaluation by Heart Surgeon
Test Results
Medical Certifications
Series of Evaluation Medical Letters
Black Binder
Collection of Radiology Reports for Martin Litton
7 (Photo Slides Only)
This collection is organized in the following series:
November 1988
X72 National Forest Park Scenery
July 1989
X74 National Forest Park Scenery
Empty Manilla Folder (Type I, II)
April 1989
X89 National Forest Park Scenery
Starvation Manilla Folder w/ 4 Slides
October 1988
X93 National Forest Park Scenery
X11 National Forest Park Scenery
January 1989
X76 National Forest Park Scenery
September (No Year)
X9 National Forest Park Scenery
October (No Year)
X41 National Forest Park Scenery
October 1990
X69 National Forest Park Scenery
September (No Year)
X45 National Forest Park Scenery
September (No Year)
X60 National Forest Park Scenery
September 1990
X93 National Forest Park Scenery
November 1989
November 1989
Empty Logging and Mill Manilla Folder
October 1989
X25 National Forest Park Scenery
Empty Peyrone Manilla Folder
Empty Plantations Manilla Folder
August (No Year)
X42 National Forest Park Scenery
July (No Year)
X93 National Forest Park Scenery
September 1989
Cable Logging on Black Mountain Page
X89 National Forest Park Scenery
July (No Year)
X41 National Forest Park Scenery
July (No Year)
X47 National Forest Park Scenery
July (No Year)
X68 National Forest Park Scenery
This collection is organized in the following series:
California Living (July 23, 1967)
X2 Forest Voice (Winter 2003)
The New York Times (September 24, 1997)
The Country Almanac (May 22, 1985)
The Almanac (September 13, 2000)
Forest Magazine (November/December 2000)
Rainforest 1997 Action Network Annual Report
Collier's Magazine (February 18, 1955)
Boatman's Quarterly Review (National Canyon)
Sundog Convergence (Spring 2007)
Dories (Northwest Dories) Book
Mountain Film in Telluride (May 23-26 2008)
Boatman's Quarterly Review (Fred and Margaret)
Boatman's Quarterly Review (O'Connor Dale)
Adventures OARS Magazine
Boatman's Quarterly Review (David Brower)
Southwest Resource Council
Sierra Club Annual 1993 Banquet
Sierra Club Bulletin (October 1963)
Sierra Club Bulletin (August 1967)
Visitor's Guide (Giant Sequoia Nat Mon)
There Stand the Giants (Sunset Junior)
River Defense Fund Donation Letter
X2 Save-The Redwoods League (1965)
Stet (Volume 4, No 12)
Grand Canyon Dories Full Brochure
American Land Conservancy
The Watershed (Spring 2005)
Tule River Conservancy (Winter 93-94)
The Sequoia National Monument (Summer 2005)
The Sequoia Seedling (Spring 2005)
X2 Save the Sequoias! (Message From Litton)
The Watershed (Spring 2001)
Bridge Canyon Project (August 1949)
Citroen Club (December 22 2005)
Portola Valley's Annual PVOSAF (2012)
2007 Flagstaff Film Festival (March 8-11)
Grand Canyon Trust Pamphlet Info
California League Conservative Voter (19th Dinner)
Float Trips on the Salmon River w/ Dories
1995 Mountainfilm (May 26-29) Booklet
Upper Tule Hiking Trails (1991)
The Sequoia Seedling (Autumn 2008)
Unprotected Giant Sequoia National Forest. Now
Modern-Day Romance The Cessna-195 PRINTED
California League C.V 19TH Dinner Info
To Barbara Boxer (July 9, 1993)
From Arthur R. Brown (August 22, 1941)
From Martin Litton (April 15, 1969)
To Jim Whitfield (February 11, 2003)
To Maurice Hinchey (August 7, 2008)
X3 From Craig Hosmer (May 3, 1954)
To David Appleberg; From Peter Egbert (1988)
To Howard Chapman; From Paul McCloskey (1977)
From Grace Baldridge (September 10, 1952)
From ART (November 1, 1983)
From Mika Yamamoto (Global Photo Association)
From Dan O'Keefe (February 1, 1982)
From Don Lago (December 19, 2005) + Document
From Mika Yamamoto (March 7, 2001)
From LvAnn Simmons (Various Materials in Envel)
Protected 1942 Pilot's Crash Reports (Issued: Commissioned Supply Officer)*
From Leslie Van Nostrand (August 23, 1978)
To Merle E. Stitt (August 8, 1975)
From Paul Fannin (October 24, 1974)
From C. Calvert Knudsen (December 27, 1968)
To Canyoneer Pat (June 18, 1962)
To Inspector Phyllis K. Fong (October 10, 2007)
From Anna Eshoo (February 13, 2008)
To Jim Ruch (March 2, 1973)
From Canyoneer Pat (March 3, 1970)
To Anna Eshoo; From Stewart Udall (Sept 1996)
From Barry Goldwater (March 13, 1973)
From George Miller (June 7, 2001)
A Note From Warren Jones (January 16, 2005)
From James B. O'Barr (February 25, 1998)
From Valerie Cassity (December 6, 2010)
To Franklin S. Elder (November 26, 1983)
To Woody Harelson (September 3, 2001)
From Mrs. S. S. West (September 22, 1937)
From George Avey (March 10, 1948)
From Burton Jr. (August 5, 1937)
From James A. Fraser (April 19, 1946)
From James A. Fraser (June 3, 1946)
From Raymond Carlson (AZ Highways Paper)
From Raymond Carlson (February 19, 1947)
From James A. Fraser (November 25, 1946)
From Edna R. Bennett (December 1, 1943)
From Aubrey Drury (February 26, 1944)
From Fred M. Packard (August 20, 1951)
From Will H. Thrall (August 6, 1935)
From Chas Stroad (June 22, 1937)
From Craig Hosmer (May 3, 1954)
From Richard N. Goldm (May 9, 2007)
To Sam Farr (May 26, 2011)
To Richard W. Marks (December 21, 1986)
To George M. Woodwell (September 27, 2002)
Incomplete Page from Martin Litton (Unknown Date)
From Colin Fletcher; To Richard W. Marks (8/31)
To Barbara Boxer (Incomplete Letter)
From Diane E. Boyer (October 8, 2009)
From Terry Clark (1997 Small Card)
From Nancee Knutson (Mention Azz Azzarello)
From Richard Kangas (October 16, 2009)
From John Modin; To Litton, Esther, French (06)
From Cindy Arch (July 2, 2008)
Letter to The Chronicle Editor (October 15, 1974)
From Arthur Gaffrey (January 16, 2004)
Generic Letter to Endangered Species Coalition (05)
From George Brown; To Mike Espy (June 18, 1993)
Email from Robert Ekedahl; To Mark Fraser (2008)
From Joseph Hentges (August 5, 1981)
From George Koch (February 14, 2006)
From Fred Wright (Damaged Photocopy)
Card + Photo from Michael and Co (2008) Wolf
From Sol Sweet (November 14, 1968)
From Betsy Reifsnider (December 22, 1997)
From Some Dude Named Mark (July 2, 2008)
Card from Ote Regan (February 13, 2007)
Department of the Interior Letter (Unknown Sender)
From Barbara Dahn (April 5, 1971)
From Denise Boggs (January 12, 2007)
From Andy Bessler + Bill Bheed (March 12, 2007)
From Richard Goldm; To Anna Eshoo (May 9, 2007)
From Richard Goldm; To Nancy Pelosi (May 9, 07)
From Richard Goldm; To Pete Stark (May 9, 2007)
From Richard Goldm; To Dianne Feinstein (May 07)
From Richard Goldm; To Barbara Boxer (May 9, 07)
From Jane Braxton Little (October 26, 2000)
Card from "Mountain in Telluride"
From Pete Stark (September 20, 2006)
From Dorothy Bradly (March 26, 1998)
From Paul Fannin (October 24, 1974)
Card + Email from David Hyde (January 9, 08)
From Ruby Jenkins (May 3, 2000)
From Charlotte and Meeuk (September 4, 1952)
X2 From Seiberling + Burton (August 22, 1980)
From Marty D. (November 11, 2004)
Card from Ellen Tibbetts (April 3, 2007)
From Mary E. Gransden (August 1, 2009)
From Lindsay A. Ward (June 28, 2010) + Document
From George E. Brown (September 9, 1993)
From Ellen Canava (September 17, 1980)
From Barbara Rose (August 22, 2001)
To Someone Named Sam (Unknown Date)
Incomplete Letter from University of California
From Brad Welton (December 12, 1981)
From Raj Singh (October 29th, 1985)
From Kevin Fedarko (March 6, 2009)
From Carla (December 27, 1997)
From John Lawson (July 31, 2005)
From John J. Berger (September 23, 2011)
X2 From Tom Udall (June 21, 2012)
From the U.S Department of the Interior (1997)
From Betsy Reifsnider (March 5, 2004)
From Elysha Stevenson (March 28, 2014)
A note from Anna Eshoo
Testimony, Letter, Summary from Litton (2003)
From Ron Beitelspacher (April 10, 1988)
From Lynn E. Sagramoso (May 11, 2001)
X4 Letter from Environment Now Informant (26th)
From Stewart Udall (September 27, 1996)
From Frank G. Wells (July 9, 1993)
From Terry Tamminen (November 8, 1999)
Letter to the LA Times Editor (October 25, 1974)
From Harriet C. Babbitt (May 26, 1987)
From Bill Lane (April 25, 2006)
From George Brown (September 9, 1993)
From Pat Tierney (August 20, 2004)
From Barbara Boxer (November 15, 2004)
Card from Megan Wall and Bryan McCloskey (2006)
Card From Denise Boggs (April 8, 2011)
From Bill Marken (August 21, 2014)
From Karen Grooms (June 05, 2007)
Card From Denice Napletano (February 13, 2014)
Card from "Jane" (Featuring Grand Canyon Photo)
From "Dock" and Ruth (Sunset Letter 1956)
From Otis Marston (September 26, 1952)
To Carla; From Litton (Unknown Date)
From Carl (University of Arizona) June 23, 1969
From Connie Helmericks (September 2, 1984)
To Carl (University of Arizona) August 10, 1990
From Jeffrey Bercow (August 20, 1984)
To Jean S. Vafeades; From Congress (Dec 1991)
Thank You From Calvin Dooley (Congress Member)
Duel Sided Letters from Joe Subia and Nadine Brown
From Theodore Spangler; To James Reid (July 1979)
To Thomas Jordan (February 21, 1985)
To James Reid (Court Case Minutes and Call)
To Mike Espy; From George Brown (June 1993)
To Ara Marderosian; From Douglas Bevington ('13)
From David Phillips (March 5, 2002)
To Ed Begley (July 3, 2012)
From Tom Udall (June 21, 2012)
To Jed Turner (Thank You From Litton)
From Jed Turner (May 10, 2012)
Letter to the LA Times Editor (June 12, 1974)
To Paul Fannin (November 29, 1974)
Card From James O'Barr (Unknown Date)
From Marie and Joe Hentges (January 11, 1988)
To Jim Whitfield; From Cali* Attorney General (03)
To Barbara Rose (May 22, 2002)
From Dugald (Request for Portrait to GC Legends)
From Rick Cassard + Poem "BOATMAN"
From Frank Wells; To Barbara Boxer (July 7, 1993)
Incomplete Letter from Martin Litton
Holiday Card from the Motter Family
Email To Steve Schapman (September 24, 2003)
To "George" (May 31, 2011)
From Paul Rogers (March 5, 2001)
From Linda Alvarez (October 15, 1984)
From Ara Marderosian (September 05, 2012)
X2 From U.S Senate Members (May 8, 1998)
Email from Ara M.; To LeAnna DeAngelo (05)
From Michael Weber (June 27, 1985)
From George Woodwell (December 10, 2001)
From Paul M. Tilden (November 10, 1972)
To George Bays (March 16, 1955)
From Michael Roddy (January 17, 1996)
Confirmation Message from Western Union
Birthday Card to Litton (2009)
Litton's Passing Card to Friends
Litton's Passing Card to Activists
-----------Letters from 4th Grade Class----------
From Oliver (November 6, 1929)
From William (November 6, 1929)
From Frank P. (November 29, 1929)
From Frank B. (November 29, 1929)
From Joe Martin (November 29, 1929)
From Don (November 29, 1929)
From Carl (November 29, 1929)
From Bob (November 29, 1929)
From Clarence (November 29, 1929)
From Joe Marley (November 29, 1929)
From Plutsman (November 29, 1929)
From Robert (November 29, 1929)
From Red (November 29, 1929)
From John (November 29, 1929)
From Ralph (November 29, 1929)
Dam Generator Ruining Grand Canyon Boat Trips
Not Man Apart
Brown Bag Lunch Series
Travels with Litton
X2 Times Writer Balzar Wins Ernie Pyle Award
James Taylor Hosts World of Audubon Special
Editorially Speaking
California Condor: Vanishing Remnant of the Wild West
Wild Rivers
Audubon on TV W/ Nancy Stryble Business Card
Saving the Primitive Areas + Letter to the Editor
Litton Gets Appointment
Brown's a bust environmentally
X2 A Lifelong Activist's Last Fight (Litton's Points out false quote)
Welcome to the Mutant Factory
Bush League Forest Policies (in envelope)
Portola Valley man's work feature in PBS
Grand Canyon by Dory
Whitewater Reflections
Up the Creek with the downriver Rowdies
Two New National Parks in the West
The River Runner
Cries of Timber! In National Forests
X2 Dorying is best way to see canyon
A rapid ride down the River of No Return
On the River of No Return
House Balks on Dam Deal
Opposing sides riled over plan to save sequoias
Gordon Baxter: Grand Canyon in a Rowboat
In the Northwest: Conservation Icon Plans a Final Campaign
This is the Grand Canyon we're talking about
A Grand Man, A Grand River
Standing Tall: Plan Threatens Monument
Clinton's grand gesture to "SAVE"
Dousing Forest Fires, Soaking Taxpayers
Giant Sequoias may get Ax
National Forest Priorities
Ban Logging in Sierra's National Forest Lands
Green Leaders have turned into Toadies
Famed activist quits Sierra Club Board (Brower)
The Old Man Does it Again
Grace' Thick on Sunsets, Thin on Plots
U.S Proposes Logging in Sequoia Monument
Original Cut: Dorying is Best Way to see Canyon
What are "Wilderness Public Rights?"
We had to kill the Sequoia in order to save it
Approach to the Rapids
Martin Litton Magazine Article
Grand Canyon: An Old Crusader Worships the River
War Course Shift Seen With Soviet in Struggle
She's Still Little and Likes to Make Believe
Lt. Crumley and the French
When Sgt. Haggerty went to War
Miss Swish-to-Malibu
April and beyond Southern California
The Natural Wonder that was our home for two weeks...
Martin Litton: Author (Kern Plateau Association)
Giant Sequoias could get the Ax
State Acts to Save Giant Sugar Pines
Santa Barbara Notebook
Weather Conditions of September 26, 1953
Sale of Park would benefit state, feds, citizens
Martin Litton in Louisiana Maneuvers
Famed Sugar Pines Periled by Loggers
As in Galvanized Iron
Yosemite's Charm Attracts Millon
Timber Cutting Probe Sought
House Members Request Formal Probe of Illegal Logging
Sequoia ForestKeeper Gets Huge National-Impact
Loggers See Spotted Owl as Harbinger of Doom
Colorado River Adventure: Article Clip Compilation
The Spaniards Sowed our Wild Oats
Where I Stand
Rare II Map 1978 (California Region)
Giant Sequoia National Monument Northern Section
Article Papge Map of Sequoia National Forest
Topography and Route to Sequoia Crest Map
Blank Topography Map of Camp Nelson to Cedar Slope
Topography Map of Belknap Camp and Others
Sierra Residents File Lawsuit Against Forest Service
X2 Not Man Apart Article w/ Grand Canyon Ad
X7 Grand Canyon Dories Ad
Grand Canyon 1970 Memo
U.S.D.I Statement to Federal Committee
Forest Service S.2593 Complete Bill
Title IV. Giant Sequoia Wilderness Act Exclusion
Alder Creek Giant Sequoia Grove
Chief of Forest Service Gives False Testimony
Purposes of Giant Sequoia National Monument 2004 Bill
Purposes of Giant Sequoia National Monument 2003 Bill
Grand Canyon Trust Memorandum (Pages out of order)
Litton "The Experience"
Colorado Saga 1981
Litton's Testimony to G.C Protection act of 1990
Selling Sunset's Editorial Influence
Grand Canyon Expeditions Invoice 2891
X2 California Trails Application for Membership: West
California Trails Application for Membership: Burton
California Trails Application for Membership: Harman
Sequoia Monument or Sequoia National Preserve
The James White Conspiracy
Black Diamond Lawyer Selected for Planning Commission
The Wilderness Act: Public Law 88-577
National Park System in the Department of the Interior
Statement of Senator Barbara Boxer
Unknown page ab/ "Sherman Holding Title"
U.S and State Govt. Representatives
Unknown Transcript of Litton Interview
To the scientific Advisory Board
Martin Litton "Grand Canyon The River" Title Page
Historical Landmarks Grand Canyon Dories Postcard
American Environmentalists: An Anthology
Unknown Page: Ab/ Central Arizona Project
Grand Canyon Dories: The Photography Workshop
Agreeing to Protect Giant Treasures, but How?
Memorandum in Support of Objection to Deficiencies
Here's to the Littons. "Sue Cahput" suechapt
1996 Elves' Champ Field Notes
Notes to All Cooks
The Cook's Mother Poem
Congress Signatures (October 13, 2006)
HR. 6237 Congress and House Bill 2006
Page 2 + 3 of Sequoia ForestKeeper
Forest Service Fails to consider Non-Logging Alternative
Sequoia National Forest Photographs
Zane Smith Page 14 of Unknown Document
Sequoia ForestKeeper Board Will Agenda
X2 Lumber Inc. Political Cartoon
"My God, It's Waltenberg!"
Administration and Management of Sequoia Nat. Monument
X2 Members of Congress Signatures
Fauna, Flora, and Fecundity
Federation of Western Outdoor Clubs
S.22 Title IV- Forest Landscape Restoration
Page 3 of Unknown Document for Park Services
Table 4.3 Giant Sequoia Groves
Largest Sequoias as Measured by Wendell Flint 1997
Inside Giant Sequoia National Monument
X3 Unknown Page of Litton Transcript
Establishment of the Giant Sequoia National Monument
Litton's Commentary for Preservation of Wilderness
Day of Infamy; Notes Last Dedication of Redwood
Board of Directors of Sequoia ForestKeeper
Bill Moyers Contact and Email Information
Martin Litton at 89 (Film Promo Title Cover)
1: Grand Canyon Scenery + Negatibrd
2: 1964 Grand Canyon Black and White Images
3: Grand Canyon and Marble Gorge + Negatives
4: Lake Mead 1962 Pierce Ferry Area + Negatives
5: Lake Mead Wash 1962 + Negatives
6: Kaibab N.F Signs + Negatives
7: Glen Canyon Wahweap 1962 + Negatives
8: Lake Mead, Grand Wash Shore + Negatives
9: Vasey's Paradise Overlook + Negatives
10: 1964 Marble Gorge Overlook + Negaives
11: Litton's Car towing Dory + Old Abandoned House
12: Heavy River Rapid + Log Pile
13: On Water Rapid and River Looking to rock wall
14: Interior of Canyon Walls + Overlooking Water
15: Log Cabins + Primary Cabin Over Pond (Phantom Ranch)
16: Flavell II Dory on calm waters
17: Cave Entrance + Cave Interior Photo
18: Tree Grown around Wheel + Trail + River Shore
19: River Dory Crew + Along Side Rock River Wall
20: Phantom Ranch Cabins and Horses
21: River Rafts + Overlooking Interior Canyon
22: Portola docked and in motion + Distance River Shot
23: River in heavy rapid + negatives
24: 1972 Dories underneath Bridge on River
25: Interior Canyon Walls
26: Copy of #25
27: Constructed Stairs against Rock Wall + Negatives
28: Overlooking short waterfall and various scenery
29: Human Skeleton Discovered and Waterfall Scene
30: Phantom Ranch Cabins and River
31: "Lets' Due" Dories on River
32: Gem Dory on Calm River
33: Middle Granite Gorge
34: Flavell II on River +Distant Canyon Photos
35: Gem Dory and Crew on Calm River
California Wilderness Coalition Page
Deer Creek, Grand Canyon AZ By Litton
Litton and Other Crew on River Rapid
A1: Litton and Crew Cleaning Plane Propeller
A2: Doug, Litton and Ken at Grande Ronde
A3: Cataract Docked
A4: Vasey's Paradise Waterfall
A5: Litton and Boatmen on the Malibu
A6: Litton and Boatmen on the Malibu
A7: Brad D. in Buz Hoastroan Boat
Envelop of Negatives from Supai Hike (1951)
A8: Martin Litton and Dory Crew Group Photo
-----U.S Northwest Folder-----
B1: Aftermaths of Logging on Mount Rainier
B2: Close-Up of Mount Adams + Hood Logging
B3: Close-up of Mount Rainier Logging
B4: Aftermath of Logging on Mount Adams + Hood
B5: Close-Up of Mount Adams + Hood Logging
B6: Close-Up of Mount Adams + Hood Logging
36: Dory on Calm River in Canyon Valley
37: Large Peace River and Makaha on River Rapid
Martin Litton: Article and Portrait Printed Photo
Sequoias-B/W Envelop with Sequoia Negatives
1952 Barranca De Cobre Roadbed for Railroad
38: 1963 Bill Lane and Cave Entrance + Negatives
39: 1971 Dories on Heavy Water Rapids + Negatives
40: 1971 Grand Canyon Thunder River
41: Single Dory and Multiple Rafts on River
42: 1972 Soap Creek Dories on Water
Laminated by Kurt Markus (Dories in Canyon) Distance Shot
Laminated Packet of Ariel View of Western Divide
43: 1939 Los Angeles at Night from Griffith Observatory
44: Kofa Mountains in Distance/ Entering National Refuge
45: Mammoth Mountain Ski Crew Distance Shot
Sequoia ForestKeeper Blank Postcard w/ Litton
46: Negatives Only of Vehicle in Forest Road
47: Mt. San Jacinto State Park Fence and Skiers
48: Mt. San Jacinto State Park Hill and Patrons
49: Mt. San Jacinto State Park Fence Line
50: Rail Fan Trip: Trains and Conductors
-----Grande Ronde 2007 Envelope-----
D.1 Fallen Sequoia Tree
D.2 Brown and Sequoia Tree Tops
D.3 Sequoia Tree to Human Comparison
D.4 Aerial Shot of Sequoia Forest
D.5 South Side Aerial Shot of Sequoia Forest
D.6 Road Closed sign in Sequoia Forest
D.7 Redwood Grove Type II Sign on Tree
D.8 Aerial Photo of Sequoia Forest
D.9 Litton at home with his dogs @ 1:23PM
D.10 Swallowtail Butterflies at Salt Lick
D.11 Dory Action Shot on River Rapid
D.12 Aerial Photo of Snow Mountain Top
D.13 Martin Litton and Dory Expedition Crew
Negative of Glider Pilots in Envelope
51: Negative of Dory on River Rapid
52: Green River, Utah, Dory on Water
53: Santa Barbara Story Sunset w/ Esther
54: Aftermath of Forest Logging
55: Aftermath of Forest Logging
56: Fallen Tree with Pinecones surrounding
57: Logging Base and Aftermath of Forest Logging
58: Dinosaur Park 1951 Aerial Shot
59: Martin Litton Solo on Wooden Boat
60: Portrait Photo of Litton on Dory
61: John Litton (Litton's Son) and other Dory expedition crew sleeping
62: 1962 Bill Lane on Trip to Phantom Ranch
63: July 1945 Litton's first canoeing trip
64: Negatives of Sequoia National Forest
65: Negatives Hikers traveling through wooden forest trail
66: Negatives of Hikers on wooden trail
67: Negatives of Construction Site and Vehicles near roadside
68: Negatives of People in forest and analyzing trees
69: Negatives of Roadside; Hillslope; and Kern Plateau Visitor Sign
70: Aftermath of Forest Logging
-----Mammoth Lakes 1954 Envelope Negatives-----
Negative of Child on Wooden Dan
Negative of Child on Wooden Dam
Negative of Lake Shore Lines
Negative of Tree Tops
71: Colored Aerial Transparent of Man-Made Canyon
72: Orange Transparent of Man-Made Canyon
73: Copy of #71
74: Orange Transparent of Man-Made Canyon
Aerial of McNally Fire in Giant Sequoia Nat. Park
Aerial of McNally Fire in Giant Sequoia Nat. Park
Small Manilla Envelope of San Jacinto Peak Negatives
75: Orange Transplant of Aerial Photo
76: September 1999 Litton on the Sequoia Dory
Promo Cover for Sunset Travel Guide to Arizona Magazine
77: Negatives of Large Boat Top Deck and Boat Surroundings
78: Negatives of a Large Boat on Water
79: 1970 Music Temple on Calm River in Canyon + Negatives
80: Dory and Crew on Heavy River Rapid + Negatives
81: Aftermath of Sequoia Logging Negatives
82: Old Brick Building with Mountain In the background
83: Standing by the River Shore + Serving food on river trip
84: 1936 Martin Litton River Rowing Team in Action
85: Sequoia National Park Signs and park requirements
86: White Frame of Fence covered in unknown materials
White Frame of G.C Matkatamiba Creek, Mile 148
White Frame of G.C Matkatamiba Creek, Mile 148
87: Orange Transparent of Man-Made Canyon
1962 Bill Lane on River Trip navigating on Flavell II
88: Aerial Negatives of Natural Scenery
89: Copy of #88
90: Grand Canyon 1970 Trip Group + Valley w/Negatives
91: Aerial Shot of Docked Dories on Shore + Negatives
92: 1966 Sunken Dory and Dories on Calm River
93: 1965 Scenic Photos and Negatives of River
94: 1965 River Trip Dories Docked and Rock Climbing w/ Negatives
95: Aerial Photo of Desert Scenery
96: James Taylor + Litton across from Silver Grotto 1996
U.S.S.R Iowa Anchored in Log Angeles Harbor
97: Vagabond Cover Page Photo of Magazine
Celilo Falls Black and White photo before the Dam
98: Negatives of Logging and Moving Vehicles + Prints of Sequoia Trees
99: Northern California Coast Range Preserve Postcard
100: Cliff Dwellers Lodge, Marble Canyon Postcard
101: Dinosaur National Monument Postcard
Martin Litton: Article and Portrait Printed Photo
102: B/W prints of N1537H Airplane
103: Hike down to Lava Falls; Esther cooling feet
-----Dory Construction 1967;1962 Folder-----
q.1 Dory Chassis w/ Litton and other
q.2 Dory Chassis w/ Litton and other
q.3 Building Interior Support of Dory w/ Negatives
q.4 Creating Interior Dory Walls w/ Negatives
q.5 Building Dory base w/ Negatives
q.6 Dory is finished w/ crew group photo w/ Negatives
q.7 Connecting Dory walls and Sanding Outside w/ Negatives
Empty GCD.ADS Centennial Trip Letter Folder
The Making of A Continent Poster
Empty Envelope from the Modins
Empty Envelope from The Boat Club
X2 Empty Folders as Dividers
War Ration WWII Books One and Four
13 Johnson BA-GW Folder (Empty)
A city of music Folder (Empty)
Grand Canyon-Diablo Canyon Folder (Empty)
Correspondence Folder (Empty)
Stewart VDall Folder (Empty)
Red's Camp Idaho Folder (Empty)
Newspaper Clipings Folder (Empty)
82-82 713 Snake River Folder (Empty)
South Fork Watershed Association Folder (Empty)
Death Valley Mining Folder (Empty)
Giant Sequoia Nat. Monument Folder (Empty)
Video Ex Folder (Empty)
Supai Folder (Empty)
Content of this box include:
The Old Man does it Again
The Spaniards Sowed our Wild Oats
Letters Alpine Inspiration: Newspaper Clipping
Over Forty: ML River Reverence
A Restless Giant
A lifelong Activist's Last Fight
In The Northwest: Final Campaign Sequoia
Birds in the Black: By Michael Jamison
Martin Litton; Environmental Icon, Boatman
Environmental Warrior: ML is still fighting
Going for the Grape
Seeing the Grand Canyon
Litton goes down the Colorado in a Dory
Environmental Champion Dies: Martin Litton
The Country Almanac (May 22, 1985)
Forest Voice (2003; Targeting Your Forests)
Visitor's Guide: Giant Sequoia Nat. Monument)
Los Angeles Times: December 2, 2014)
X2 The Almanac: September 13, 2000)
X9 The Almanac: September 12, 2012)
Portola Valley Local News: September 12, 2012)
The San Francisco Examiner (Pictorial Living)
The Vernal Express (June 26, 1969)
The Huntsville Times (July 28, 1986)
Los Angeles Times (May 11, 1997)
Los Angeles Times (June 2, 1985)
The Ventura Country (June 18, 1990)
The Country Almanac (May 22, 1985)
The New York Times Magazine (July 22, 1979)
The Country Almanac (April 25, 1967)
Mountain Film in Telluride (May 23-26 2008)
Mountain Film in Telluride (May 26-29 2006)
The Nat. Geographic Mag Catalog (Feb 1955)
The Nat. Geographic Mag Catalog (Mar 1954)
X3 The Dory; 40 Years of Passion, Adventure
Paddler: October 1996
Arizona Highways (June 1993)
Camping Life: River Trips (June 2000)
Westways (June 1985)
The Social Contract: Spring 2011
X2 Outside: June 2005
Outside: May 2013
National Wildlife (Aug-Sept 1963)
X2 Arizona Highways (November 2008)
X2 Forest Magazine (December 2000)
X3 Sierra Magazine (July/Aug 1997)
X2 Travel and Leisure (April 1986)
Natural History: October 1966
Outside: May 1986 (Printed Out)
X3 Sunset Magazine: August 1993
River: The Magazine of Moving Water (1998)
Outdoors West (Winter 1978)
Canoe and Kayak (March 2007)
Colorado Wonderland (October 1954)
Arizona Highway (November 1950)
Nat Geo: June 1991 DARK DAWN
California of Commerce (Summer 1964)
Westways (June 1953)
Audubon Speaking for Nature: May 1990
Sierra Club Bulletin (April 1977)
Colorado Plateau: Summer 2013
Wooden boat (Number 15)
Colorado Plateau: Winter 2006
Adventure West (Summer/Fall 1994)
Hibernacle News (Drawing Cover) 1988
Golden Pacific Airlines (Jan/Feb 1983)
Horizontal Shot: Litton and Dory Crew
Celebrating a Life Litton Photo
Vertical Shot: Dory Submerged in Water
A woman screaming on Dory (Large)
Nechako River on Heavy Rapid
Packet of Images (Orca Whale on Front)
Powell Centennial Celebration Council
Cover Page of: The Destruction of Sequoia
Hall of Fame and Museum: International Whitewater
1995 Mountainfilm Event Information
Flagstaff Film Festival 2007
Styrofoam Piece
Content of this box include:
x5 Grand Canyon Dories 1975 River Trip Brochure
x1 Grand Canyon Dories 1977 River Trip Brochure
x2 Grand Canyon Dories 1978 River Trip Brochure
x7 Grand Canyon Dories 1979 River Trip Brochure
x3 Grand Canyon Dories 1980 River Trip Brochure
x2 Grand Canyon Dories 1981 River Trip Brochure
x3 Grand Canyon Dories 1982 River Trip Brochure
x1 Grand Canyon Dories 1983 River Trip Brochure
x6 Grand Canyon Dories 1984 River Trip Brochure
x2 Grand Canyon Dories 1985 River Trip Brochure
x13 Grand Canyon Travel Info Book (Red Cover)
x3 Grand Canyon Travel Info Book (Green Cover)
x8 1970 G.C Brown Dories Newsletter Voyage
x4 1972 G.C White Dories Newsletter Voyage
x1 1974 G.C White Dories Newsletter Voyage
x2 1988 Great River Journey's letter River Schedule
x3 1989 Northwest Dories River Schedule
x5 1990 Northwest Dories River Schedule
x11 1991 Northwest Dories River Schedule
x5 1992 Northwest Dories River Schedule
1984 Litton Photograph Brochure Photograph Layout
Rio Miranda Motor Inn Hotel Notepad
New Wilderness River Trips in 1973
Grand Canyon Dories (1971 Schedule)
Great River Journeys 1991 Hotel Flyer
Salmon River for Grand Canyon Dories Pamphlet
Content of this box include:
Chevrolet's Needs Timing
Packet of Scrap Paper, Addresses, Information
Northern Ruckies (Grand Canyon Notes)
Film Log Lines of Self-Contained Vehicles
(Roughing it Easy) Full Document
Sunset-Chevy Film (Roughing it Easy) Outline Prices
Freelance Filing Schedule with Equipment
Trust Territory of Pacific Islands Tourist Card
Friends of the Earth (Ticket Tab)
A Century of Southern Pacific Locomotives
X2 First Year Releases
Slim Rails through the Sand (Southern Lines Pacific)
Steam Excursion (Santa Maria Valley) Green Paper
Arcade and Attica Railroad Article Info
Steam Railroad Excursions News Release
Foremons Marugg Photo/Graphics Statements
Aqua Sports Rent Agreement
Packet of Sales Slips of Oils and Hotels
Packet of Credit Card Charges and Bank Copies
Sierra Club Invoice for Shipping Changes
Packet of Credit Card Charge Forms
Loco-Boose Electric Train Shop
Yellow Scrap Paper
Nystrom Aviation Photograph Shipping Papers
Shipping Invoice 9360
General Purchase Order No. 1305
Shipping Invoice 9370
Shipping Invoice 9382
Shipping Invoice 9376
Shipping Invoice 9381
Shipping Invoice 9379
Time Inc. Material Release from Gail Nussbaum
Time Inc. Material Release from Hernando Ford
Time Inc. Material Release from Jessy Sajous
Photographs - Transparencies: Java and Bali
Photographs - Color Transparencies
Packing Slip 4359
Photographs - Proof Sheets
Transparencies - On Micronesia
Photographs - North Cascades
Photographs - Colour Transparencies
Photographs - Transparencies: Java and Bali
Another/ Photographs - Colour Transparencies
Photographs + Litton Scratch Paper
Time Inc. Material Release from Joan Lynch
2 ¼ x 2 ½ Color Transparencies (By Martin Litton)
Photographs Number List and Catalogue
4x5 Transparencies by Martin Litton
Photographs - Transparencies Country and State List
Black and White Photographs - Grand Canyon
Simmon Omega (Advance Information)
X2 Nikon, Inc. Subsidiary of Ehrenreich
Sleeping Bear, Michigan (Description)
Yellow Page Scratch Paper
Chevy Movie Arrangements to Date (Aug 26, 1971)
Application to take Motion and Sound
HUGE Yellow Packet of Scratch Paper
Tourist List and Location Descriptions
Hartzog Interview Starting Scene 11, Take 1- Hartzog
List of Needed or Request Materials
Briggs Phone Numbers
Smokies and Yosemite White Scratch Paper
Details for Material and Component Disposal
Yellow Page Checklist Starting with "Drive"
Yellow Page Scratch Paper and Names
Ae213 Information and Phone Number
Port/Jet and Customer's Report
Parks of the World (Actual Listings)
Foreman's Statement Quote and Invoice
Notice of Mail Delivery
FPG: Country Project Description
Shipping Invoice 9361
Shipping Invoice 9362
Shipping Invoice 9355
June 27 Day Details Notes
Photographs from Litton on February 1, 1970
Received Materials from Marie Kane: Loc Mex
Count Martin Litton: Pieces-Color Being Ret'D
20 Unselected Transparencies (Information)
Photo Researches, INC. Change of Address
Packet of Scratch Paper; Invoices and Checks
Photography - Expenses
Outline of Photographs in the Files of Bob and Ira
35 Mm Color Transparencies Available From
Personal Adventures Films of Alfred and Elma
Brian Payne Business Card
For Immediate Release 111971
California Tomorrow (April 13, 1971)
Articles Published in Cry California in 60's
Imagine the Colorado River
Memorandum: Suggested Editorial Profile
Holiday Magazine Memorandum (May 4, 1971)
The "Trailerables" are coming
Shipping Invoice 9371
Sheep Continue South Rim
Mountain "Scheep"
Redwood National Park Yellow Page
Litton (Family Features - Family Travel)
Litton: West Coast National Parks
Shipping Invoice 9372
Sara Pacher (Sunset Memo)
Gordon Greer; Advisement to Readers
Better Homes and Gardens (Compliments Copy)
Redwood National Park; History
The American Wilderness: Time Life
Packet of Invoices and Scratch Paper
Wilderness Series Partial Account of Litton
Time Inc. Material Release from Renee Ehrlich
Time Inc. Material Release from Gail Nussbaum
Time Inc. Material Release from Jessy Sajous
The High Sierra: American Wilderness Volume I
Foreword to Lewis Osborne
The Great Unknown by Martin Litton
Neil Travis Phone Number
Neil Travis Address and Information
Thrillseekers Sidelights
Thrillseekers Highlight Listing
Thrillseekers Announcements
Thrillseekers News Release
Request for Check for Litton
Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club E.V.
Martin Litton Biographical Information
Motorlu Kara Nakil Tasitlari
Certificate of Appreciation to Litton
Draft-Copy Agreement for Romance-Waterways 60'
Nomination for Public Land Law Review
Health Alert Notice Travelers Card
Receipt for Life Insurance Policies
Empty Biological Information Fill out Page
Sunset Magazine "The Cremation of Sam McGee"
General Description of Units Comprising the Alaska
Yellow Page Scratch Notes of Alaska Trip
State of Alaska Ferry Schedule (Revised)
Kotzebue-Nome (Arctic Coast Tour)
Rough Draft Page of Conclusion for Kotzebue-Nome
Packet of Yellow Field Notes
Alaska Contacts from Bill Klein, FBOR
Yellow Scratch Notes
Packet of White Scratch and Field Notes
White Pass Yukon Route
The Alaska Railroad: Routes and Departments
Afamia Beach Advertisement (2 Languages)
X2 TurTel Turistik Tesisler Ltd. Invoices
Mile River Trip Pattern w/ Field Reports
Where in the World is Canakkale
Yalman (Martin Litton Scratch Notes)
Turkish Tourism and Information Office
Turkish Tourism Arrivals Show Steady Increase
Turkish Tourism (Capital of the Future)
Huseyin Kutsal Tickets
A Memo and Scratch from Barbara Braasch
Card Holder Contact (Blank Fill Out Form)
Random Thoughts from a Travel Writer's Notebooks
American Travel Writers Set Convention Oldest City
Turizm Sanayil A.S Invoices and Orders Folded
Buyuk Ankara Oteli Receipt Invoice
Buyuk Efes Oteli Receipt
X2 Buyuk Ankara Oteli Invoices
The Life and Legend of Santa Claus
Development of Tourist Facilities in Turkey
Litton Memo featuring Number 2 and 6
The Wild Places
Endangered Animals List
From J.T. Vickers (November 15, 1971)
From Nancy Halbert (December 1, 1971)
From Russ and Nita Rosene (February 10, 1960)
From Jane Churchill (September 30, 1959)
From Russ and Nita Rosene (September 22, 1959)
From Russ and Nita Rosene (August 1st, 1959)
From Jane Churchill (July 28, 1959)
From Russ Rosene (July 15. 1959)
From Paul Johnson (November 19, 1971)
From Donald L. Gibbon (January 17, 1972)
From Edythe Chute (March 13, 1972)
From Donald L. Gibbon (March 9th, 1972)
From Don Downie (August 22, 1965)
From Kenneth Anderson (March 17th)
From Jim Johnston (December 17, 1971)
From Selma Brackman (February 4, 1972)
From Ginny Spielberg (June 13, 1972)
From Martha Goolrick (January 4th, 1971)
From Harry Koplan (December 29, 1972)
From Linda Morrissey (December 7, 1971)
From Tom Ohliger (October 2, 1970)
From Tom Ohliger (October 15, 1970)
Film Outline from Tom Ohliger (September 18, 1970)
From Tom Ohliger (October 2, 1970)
From Manuel Avina (October 29, 1970)
From Allen Steck; To Connie Flateboe (March 1)
From David Brown (Friends of the Earth)
From David E. Pesonen (October 17, 1965)
To David Pesonen (December 6th, 1965)
From Carol Gaul (August 3, 1961) + Article
To Carol Gaul (July 14, 1961)
Packet of Letters from James Morrison (1965)
From William E. Huston (July 7, 1965)
Purchase Orders and Packet from Robert Iacopi (69')
Shipping 9359 from Sheryl Baily (June 12, 1970)
From Terry Simmons (June 29, 1970)
Shipping 9358 from Sheryl Baily (June 12, 1970)
From Beatrice Laws; To LaVerne Dotson (Jan 1971)
From Robert Iacopi (December 13, 1971)
From Connie Flateboe (February 24, 1971)
To Robert Saunders (August 5, 1968 + July 30, 1968)
From Norman Smith (December 14)
To Robert Saunders (August 5, 1968)
From Ken Froehly (June 18, 1971)
From Jos. Stacey (November 26, 1971)
From Sheryl Bailey (June 19, 1970)
Packet from Conni Harris (1971)
From Kit Morse (May 21, 1971)
From Rene Klein (March 7, 1972)
From Edythe Chute (April 24, 1972)
From Jerry Preator (February 26, 1973)
From Lawrence Fung (December 16, 1969)
Plane Card from Jim Reed
To Rene France (April 23, 1968 + April 9, 1968)
From Russell Butcher (September 3, 1971)
From Russell Butcher (November 18, 1971)
From Floyd Shaw (March 5, 1972)
From Constance Sullivan (November 21, 1968)
From Robert Johnson (June 5, 1970)
To Joanne Shapiro (February 25, 1971)
From Kirby L. Nickels (December 11, 1970)
From Milton Rugoff (August 15th)
From Adelle Weiner (April 26, 1972)
From Maxine Goldner (March 3, 1971)
To Maxine Goldner (February 26, 1971)
From Maxine Goldner (January 21, 1971)
From Ann M. Palormo (July 22, 1968) Statement
From Rose Luparello (May 22, 1968) Statement
Packet Conversation: Nora Carey (October 10, 1967)
From William MacDonald (January 29, 1972)
From Robert Phillips (February 16, 1972)
From Margaret Sherriff (January 19, 1972)
From Neal Gadlin (September 28, 1971)
From Joyce Berry (October 25, 1968)
From Roy Elk (July 24, 1969)
From Laurence Dawson; To J. Munroe (March 1971)
From T.E. Timell (July 9, 1971)
To Ann Conner (May 03, 1971)
From Robert Iacopi (May 11, 1972)
From Ed Holm (January 2, 1973)
To Selma Brackman (December 09, 1971)
From Deborah Jones; To Selma Brackman (1972)
From James Riggs (November 17, 1970)
From Henry Wachs (February 9, 1971)
From Henry Wachs (June 21, 1971)
From Henry Wachs (August 30, 1971)
From Martin Litton (February 1, 1970)
From Joe Munroe; To Peter (January 15, 1970)
From Jonathan Schults (Generic Letter)
Blank Generic Photo Researches Letter
From Jonathan Schults (February 13, 1970)
To Jonathan Schults (March 23, 1970)
To Jonathan Schults (September 30, 1970)
From the Desk of Marie Kane
From Joyce Peterson (July 6, 1970)
From Don Dixon (December 20, 1971)
From Jane S. Kinne (December 28, 1971)
From Jane S. Kinne (March 2, 1972)
From Jane S. Kinne (February 7, 1972)
From Brian Rayne
From Ira L. Spring (January 4, 1972)
From Judy George (August 21, 1961)
From Ray Atkeson (December 15, 1971)
From Brian Payne
From Dick Rowan (December 7, 1971)
From Louis R. Huber (July 10, 1967)
Article + From Robert Crossley (March 11, 1969)
From Shelly (August 24, 1964)
From William Bronson (March 9, 1970)
To William Bronson (December 14, 1965)
From Alfred Heller (March 23, 1971)
From Chery Brandt (January 17, 1972)
From Thomas Jukes; To August Fruge (1969)
Complaint from Jean Hageed (December 2, 1966)
From Walter Mahoney (December 12, 1966)
To Martin Litton (April 11, 1967) Editor Letter
From Connie Flateboe; To SerVaas (March 3, 1971)
From Joanne Sheeley; To John Weaver (March 1971)
From Michele Conrad (March 12, 1971)
To Ed Cortese (March 18, 1971)
From Cory SerVaas (March 17, 1971)
From John J. Rea (March 15, 1971)
To Cory SerVaas (March 15, 1971)
To Ed Cortese (April 5, 1971)
From Jarrell and Steele (April 28, 1971)
From Myron Goldsmith (International)
From Robin Kinkead (March 16, 1967)
From Myron Goldsmith; To Erdogan Ulus
From Barbara Braasch (March 24, 1967)
To Mustafa Yalman (March 23, 1967)
To N.P. Harmse (June 2, 1966)
To Marschal D. Rothe (June 2, 1966)
To Ruth Warren (June 6, 1966)
To Michael Teague (July 8, 1966)
To J.H. Musiel (July 26, 1965)
To W.H. O'Shea (July 26, 1965)
To Ellen Nudd (October 25, 1967)
From H.E.Mathis; To Theodore Heil (1965)
From Frank H. Waley (July 2, 1965)
From Virginia Bickford; To Newton Stacey (July 65')
From Virginia Bickford; To H. J. Musiel (July 1, 1965)
To Jimmy Bickford (July 16, 1965)
From H.E. Mathis; To Walt S. Kuchta (June 30, 1965)
From Virginia Bickford (June 29, 1965)
To Charles B. West (March 5, 1965)
To David Bayse (February 7, 1958)
From Alain Whitman; To H.L Chapin (July 15, 1960)
To Edgar Paul Boyko (September 19, 1963)
To Robert Spring (June 6, 1963)
Packet of Frank Nelson (June 3, 1963)
From Bob Spring; To George Pfeifffer (May 25, 1963)
From Bob Spring (April 9, 1963)
From A.R. Peers (February 12, 1963)
From Bill Lane; From George Pfeiffer (10/17/62)
From Richard Scott; To Tom Wyrick (July 12, 1963)
To Mike Miller (June 12, 1961)
From Marcelle Owen (February 25th)
From Bill Lane (February 14, 1963)
From Proctor Mellquist (February 14, 1963)
From Marcelle Owen (February 9, 1963)
Rough Draft Page Edit to Bob Spring
From Gualpo (Happy Birthday Card)
From Bri and Maurine (Happy Birthday Card)
From Hughes (Happy Birthday Card)
From River (Happy Birthday Card)
Happy Birthday Dad Card For Litton
From Nancy W (Mach 14, 1968)
X3 From Woodside Police (January 20, 1965)
From Harry Brewster (April 2, 1968) + Award
From Jackson Martindell (August 12, 1969)
From Joseph Welsh (January 8, 1973)
From Jackson Martindell (June 11, 1969)
From Harry D. Koplan (January 4, 1973)
From Anderson G. House (Thrillseekers)
From Harry D. Koplan (December 7, 1972)
From Harry D. Koplan (December 7, 1972)
From Harry D. Koplan (October 25, 1972)
From Anderson G. House (November 28, 1972)
From Roberta Howell (April 24, 1970)
From Alexander Kugushev (March 30, 1970)
From Anderson G. House (November 27,1972)
From Lewis Osborne (September 6, 1968)
From Angus Cameron (August 26, 1970)
From Alfred A. Knopf; To Edwin Z'Berg
From Alfred A. Knopf (January 13, 1970)
To Alfred A. Knopf (January 8, 1970)
From Alfred A. Knopf (January 1970)
From Alfred A. Knopf (November 4, 1969)
From Alfred A. Knopf (October 3, 1969)
From Alfred A. Knopf (October 3, 1969)
From Alfred A. Knopf (May 14, 1969)
From Alfred A. Knopf (February 11, 1969)
To Alfred A. Knopf (February 5, 1969)
From William Penn Mott (January 31, 1969)
From Alfred A Knopf (January 23, 1969)
From Martha Goolrick(Nov, 20, 1972)
From Myra Mangan (September 19, 1972)
From Lewis D. Dana (February 20, 1973)
From Lewis D. Dana
From Myra Mangan (September 7, 1972)
From Paul Stewart (April 26, 1972)
X4 From the Desk of Martin Litton to all Readers
From Puella (February 28, 1972)
From Joan D. Manley (To Readers)
From Bob W. (November 19, 1971)
From Bob W. (September 15, 1971) + Number
From Penny Hinkle (October 14, 1971)
From Maifsoa SFO (June 25th, 1971)
From Charles Osborne (July 8, 1971)
From Osborne's Letter (January 29, 1971)
From Walter C. Rohrer (Time Life Generic Response)
From Martha Goolrick (March 22, 1971)
From Martha T. Goolrick (December 14, 1970)
From Robert Wallace (December 28, 1970)
From Hernando E. Ford (May 28, 1970)
From Charles Osborne (December 14, 1970)
From Terry Drucker (October 29, 1970)
From Charles Osborne (December 4th, 1970)
From Martha T. Goolrick (December 4, 1970)
From Ezra Bowen (October 31, 1970)
To Charles Osborne (December 1st, 1970)
From Ezra Brown (October 10, 1970)
From Charles Osborne (October 14, 1970)
From Martha Goolrick (October 1, 1970)
From Charles Osborne (October 6th, 1970)
To Charles Osborne (September 28, 1970)
From Martha Goolrick (September 15, 1970)
From Martha Goolrick (September 22, 1970)
From William Randegger (April 20, 1970)
From Charles Osborne (August 20, 1970)
From Charles Osborne (September 24, 1970)
From Maria Luisa Cisneros (May 24, 1967)
Hand Written Note to Litton
From Cecily Gemmell (October 12, 1971)
From Mary (October 11, 1971)
From Martha Goolrick (December 31, 1970)
From Don Downie (March 21, 1969)
To Louise Pastors (December 2, 1971)
From Ray Atkeson (March 3, 1972)
From Nancy Hall (March 3, 1972)
From Gordon G. Greer (January 3, 1972)
From Nancy Hall (November 12, 1971)
From Peter Lindberg (October 12, 1971)
From Peter Lindberg (August 31, 1971)
From Peter Lindberg (September 2, 1971)
From Peter Lindberg (September 3, 1971)
From Gordon G. Greer (September 21, 1971)
From Sara Pacher (August 19, 1971)
To Peter Lindberg (August 19, 1971)
From Peter Lindberg (August 4th, 1971)
From Peter Lindberg (May 5, 1971)
From Peter Lindberg (May 17, 1971)
From Peter Lindberg (May 22, 1971)
From Peter Lindberg (July 8, 1971)
From Peter Lindberg (July 21, 1971)
To Elton Welke (March 16, 1971)
From Kathy Lutz (June 4, 1970)
From Bill Yates (September 22, 1970)
From Elton Welke (February 11, 1971)
To Elton Welke; From Pete Lindberg (1971)
From Michael J. Connelly (May 26, 1971)
From Jerry Reedy (December 12, 1970)
Alcapulo; From Budd Albright (March 30, 1972)
From Jan Studebaker (April 26, 1971)
From Sandy Kaye (March 26, 1971)
From Maurice T. Jordan (November 1971)
From Arthur Horowitz (July 18, 1972)
From Connie Flateboe (February 24, 1971)
From Laura McCray (October 8, 1971)
From Ronald Evans; To SerVaas (January 25, 1971)
From Henry Ferris (May 17, 1971)
From Michele M. Conrad (August 5, 1971)
From Joan Fisch (August 12, 1971)
From Steven Elkins (August 16, 1971)
From Ed Cortese (May 13th, 1971)
From Cory SerVaas (Nay 5thm 1971)
From Ronald Evans; To Shri Khansaheb (1971)
From Anil Khansaheb (April 23, 1971)
From R.S. Austin (May 4th, 1971)
From William B. Harrison (April 28, 1971)
From Paul Coutlee (April 30, 1971)
From Morrie Altes (July 27, 1967(
From Syvia Altes (April 28, 1971)
From Morrie Altes (July 24, 1967)
From Ruth Puckett (April 19, 1971)
From Cory SerVaas (April 28, 1971)
From Ronald Evans (March 26, 1971)
To Ron Evans; From Cory SerVaas (March 24, 1971)
From Paul Jeans (April 15, 1963)
American West and Cry California
Autumn Fairs, Festivals and Foliage
Wanted: A Grabber of a Photo for 4-color Spread
The Ferroequinologist (July 11, 1966)
Electric Trains - Sketch Caption
Electric Train Sketch Captions
Chevy 1972, Starting with Concepts
Chevy 1971 (Starting with Yellowstone)
Canyon Lands Roll #1
Everglades Roll #12
Smokies Roll #19
Smokies Roll #18
Smokies Roll #16
Yellowstone Roll #7
Yellowstone Roll #9
Yellowstone Roll #8
Canyonlands Roll #2
Acadia Roll #6
Chevy Roll 1972 Prologue
Chevy Roll 1971 Yellowstone
X2 Chevy Movie Arrangements to date (August 1971
Music Large Scale
Slickrock Country
Sunset Chevy Mexico 111
Bishop Broncos Open Grid Season Friday
Robert P. Crossley (February 7, 1972)
Sunset Chevy II Full Script
Working Title: 42
M. Litton "Yours to Explore"
Everglades Script Outline
Yosemite Script Outline
Canyonlands Script Outline
Yellowstone Script Outline
Smokies Script Outline
Acadia Script Outline
Washington Segment
Yosemite I
Smoky w2
Great Smoke 1
Yellowstone 2
Yellowstone 1
Yellowstone 1 ½
Have you ever seen (Yellow Page)
In The Great Smokies (Yellow Page)
Can 4
Can 5
Canyonlands 3
Canyonlands 1
Canyonlands 2
Opener after 100 yrs Camping
Yosemite Camper
Yosemite after Camper
Everglades 2
Everglades 3
Everglades 5
Everglades 4
Acadia 2
Washington 3333333
Rainy Mainland Behind
Washington 2222222
Lodging is Pretty Scarce
Idaho 2222222
This Film is about Camping
Idaho Golden Gate Bridge
From Zion (Cab to Cab)
Traded my House on Wheels
Idaho 3333333
Arcadia 3
Chapter 3 of "Wilderness"
Written by Wallace Green Packet
Steam Locomotives Find Many Customers in East
The Viking Voyagers
Historic Jordan; The Holy Land; Jerash
Scenic Boat Tours; Everglades National Park
Rod and Gun Club: Everglades City, Florida
Great Smokey Mountains National Park
Railroad Record Club (Hawkins, Wisconsin)
Sierra Classic Pacific Railroad Society
Ticket Order Form
Feather River Short Line Rail Road
Strasburg Rail Road; the Road to Paradise
Strasburg Rail Road; America"s Oldest Short Line
X2 One Adult Round Trip Ticket (Souvenir Coupon)
X2 Strasburg Rail Road; the Road to Paradise
Steamtown U.S.A Live Steam Excursion Railroad
1965 Family Adventure Edaville Railroad
Citroen: 1971 Prices and Specifications
Acadia National Park and Mount Desert Island
Canyonlands: Nature's Most Unique Vacationland
Bar Harbor; Acadia National Park on Mount Island
Catlinburg (Great Smoky Mountains; National Park)
Hagabo Club; Have a Guest and Be One)
Yosemite Information and Rates 1971
How Much Remains of the American Wilderness
Travel Alaska and British Columbia
Alaska Ferry Schedule
1963 Reasons Why Camping is Fun
Alaska 1965 Cruises
Historic Jordan; The Holy Land
Turkey; Istanbul-Hagia Sophia
International Association for Medical Assistance
Everglades National Park Florida
International Driving License Permit
A New Book List; The Old West Dining Railroads
The Road to Paradise
The Great Northern Goat; November 1963
Photo Rahn; German Photograph Catalogue
Technika Press Camera Catalogue
Camping Under the Midnight Sun
Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan; Jerash
Cilicia in History (Adana-Mersin)
Magazines and Newsletters
Alaska Land Lines; July 1965 Vol. VI No. 7
Time Life Books (Newsletter from Joan Manley)
Alaska Land Lines; July 1963 Vol. IV No.7
Trains; The Magazine of Railroading (August 1967)
The Railway Magazine (March 1961)
Lima Locomotives (Golden West Books)
Citroen Ds 21 (Road Test Magazine)
Mobile Fidelity Records (Audio)
Narrow Gauge Lines (Litton)
Great Northern Railway (Steam Locomotives)
The Western Railroader: Redwood Trio
Railfan Excursion; Memorial Day in Quincy
Western Aviation Airport News
This Week in Land of the Smokies
The Johnny Horizon Outdoor Pledge
Popular Science (The WhatsNew) Magazine
California Tomorrow; Release on Receipt
X2 Odyssey (Mach-April 1973) 40 Cents
Must God's Junkyard Grow?
The American Wilderness Time Life Books
Combination of Letters and Pamphlets
X9 The American Wilderness; Time Life Books
Pilot: Voice of General Aviation
Reservoir or Wilderness by Russell Butcher
The Plot to Drown Alaska by Paul Brooks
National Parks Magazine (June 1965)
The North Coaster (Volume 34, No.1)
Alaska Land Lines (June 1965) Vol. VI No.6
Talking Totem (Spring 1965)
Sierra Club Letterhead Mount McKinley Roads
Crossroads: To Adventure in Alaska
Ghost Town Blooms in Jordanian Desert
Sherwin-Williams More Than Paint Store
San Jose Mercury-News FOCUS 1F
Steamtown U.S.A
Twenty-Fourth Season for "The Old Homestead"
Peninsula Living (Weekend of October 30-31 1965)
The New York Times (February 11, 1964)
Chicago Tribune (August 18, 1963)
The Jerusalem Star (1966)
The New York Times (May 29, 1966)
1. Man and Woman with their Gear and Supplies
2. Watching a Steam-Powered Train Gathering
Steam Passenger Post Card Photo
Nevada's Last Short Line Railroad Post Card
Vermont Steamtown Bellows Falls Post Card
Post Card; Steamtown Bellows Falls, Vermont
Signed "The Castle Harbour Hotel" Postcard
X5 Pecho Ranch; San Luis Obispo 1971
3.Old Photo of Train with thumbprint
4. Underside of a Plane in Flight
5. Litton Mountain Climbing
6. William, Avina, Litton at Travel Industry Gathering
Proofs and Negs of Litton in Front of Sunset HQ
Magazine Photos of U.S Bases in Vietnam + Article
No 3223 Manavgat Cagliyan. Antalya {Waterfall}
No 3047 Antalya {Tropical Trees and Mountain Distant}
No 5032 Antalyadan Bir Gorunus {Steeple Building}
No 2300 2 Courtyard of Jordan's Ancient Caravan City
Pamukkale-Turkey Postcard
Hatay-Turkiye Postcard
Egenin Incisi Izmir- Postcard
Istanbul ve Guzellikleri Postcard
Denizli - Turkiye Postcard
15 Istanbul - Turkiye Postcard
7. Black Sea Amarsa
Headshots and Profiles of Litton
Negative of Man near Pile of Timber
Alaska Visitors Map (Cruise Lines)
X2 Map of Alaska and Western Canada
Stamped and Certified Map of Nymegen
Visitor's Map of Mt. Desert Island
Paper Lines "Unknown Map"
Map of Alaska with Northwest Canada
Map of Syria
Acknowledgment of 10.00$ Payment
Ahmet Ectin Business Card
Martin Litton Business Card
Sadi Sezen Business Card
Invitation for Turkish coffee
Alaska Travel Promotion Document
"The Spiral" Notebook
Daily Expense Report Booklet
Motel Alantur in Alanya Envelope
Cruise Line Clipping in Postage Envelope
Unorganized Script of Film Chevy Dialogue
Unorganized Script of Film Chevy Dialogue
Atkeson and Co. Information
Rowan and Co. Information
A Decade of Achievement Envelope
Brian Payne Business Card
Frank H. Whaley Bussiness Card
Medical Assistance Membership Card
Hertz Special Charge Card
United Bay Area Crusade Receipt
Another Sadi Sezen Business Card
Alime Vegh Business Card
Another Martin Litton Bussiness Card
1963 Steam Railroad Calendar
Large Red DANGER Hiking Guide
Small Golden West Notebook
Empty Envelope of Acadia Material
Edit of Revision Film Script
X2 Martin Yellow Page Outline Scratch Paper
Empty Via Air Mail Correo Aereo Envelope
X3 Empty Borzoi Books Envelope
Empty Alfred A Knopf Envelope
Empty O.C. Field Envelope
Empty Jordan Intercontinental Stationary
The Biltmore Stationary as Scratch Paper
Faded Receipt Paper
The Jordan Intercontinental Hotel Pad
Litton KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Passports
LARGE 3 Layout of Newspaper + Magazine Page
Content of this box include:
Los Angeles Times (Vol. LXXII 1953)
Los Angeles Times (Vol. LII 1933)
X2 Desert Dispatch (Feb 5. 1974)
News Dimension (August 13, 1973)
Magazines and Books
X2 General Info Concerning Trademarks (Can I Have One?)
Pacific Discovery (November to December 1954 Vol. VII
X3 Chihuahua Al Pacific "A Dream Come True"
Motorland (November-December 1971)
Outside Magazine (September 1980)
Life Magazine (Marijuana: Should it be legalized?)
Argosy Magazine (July Segment) 1972
Sierra Club Bulletin (March 1973)
Sierra Club Bulletin (December 1972)
Holiday (May/June 1971)
Marian International (Journal of Wilderness Expedition)
Sierra Club Bulletin (February 1973)
Sierra Club Bulletin (January 1973)
Audubon January 1973
The Illustrated London News
Mainline United Air Lines (February 1971)
The American Way (November 1972)
PSA Magazine (October 1972)
Aloft (Summer 1972)
Carte Blanche (March/April 1973)
Hughes AirNet (Sundancer Magazine September 1972)
Hughes AirNet (Sundancer Magazine October 1972)
Wilderness River Drifting (October/November 1972)
Clipper Magazine (January 1972)
X13 Estados Unidos De America
X20 Chihuahua Pacific Railway Co. Mexico
Address for K. Paul Boggs for More Info
Empty Envelope (April 18, 1973) From Hollywood
X2 Really Weird Paper Stuff with Holes and Names
Empty Envelope from Connie and Sally Hall
Rouge and Santiago Inquires Unknown Paper
Jim Reeves Sound Collection Advertisement
Letters (GCD Applications)
From: Linda (February 14th)
From Olivia Barton
From Daphne Swanson (April 20, 1973)
From Karen Toukdarian (April 10, 1973)
From Jean Faloon (April 4th, 1973)
From Maeken Rack (March 12, 1973)
From Peggy Stone (November 25, 1972)
From Sandy Jaicer (December 29, 1972)
Series from Jeanne McGinley (Various Dates)
From Selli Benson (March 6th, 1973)
From Janet Van Arnum (April 23, 1973)
From Sue Blackadar (January 17, 1973)
From Claine Aadams
From Trish Trainer (February 17, 1973)
From Mary Fote (March 30, 1973)
From Mary Fote (April 9, 1973)
From Rebecca Roberts (March 13, 1973)
From Eileen Goldman (February 4, 1973)
From Richard and Annie Baker (Did they get it?)
Series from Pat Hetherington (Various Dates)
From Michelle Flantila (February 27, 1973)
From Katherine Fedusla (November 20, 1972)
Series from Mary An Condray (Various Dates)
From Pamela M. Senn (March 3, 1973)
From Lillian Stenfeldt (July, 27, 1974)
From Betty Miller (1973) From Connie and Sally Hall (1973)
Kathy Jensen Photos + Application April 1972
Packet Letter, Photos, Negs of Peggy Schaut 1972
Reference Letter and Further Resources for Sabine Gnittke From
Bruce Simballa (March 22, 1973)
From Kent Erskine (January 19, 1972)
From Gary Hall (April 1, 1973)
From Jackie Lundy (November 13, 1973)
From Diana Turner (December 7, 1973)
From Donna Rhoads (December 31, 1973)
From Donna Rhoads (December 11, 1973)
Letter from Liza and Lowze (February 10, 1973)
From Sabine Gnittke (Thank You Card)
From Helon Howard (April 24, 1973)
From Zondra McCleery (January 20, 1973)
From Barbara Brower (February 1, 1973)
From Susan Pomeroy Bassett (March 21, 1944)
From Margaret West (January 10)
From Barb and Mary (March 3, 1973)
From John (January 29, 1973)
From Lori Long (April 25)
From Pauline Mathers (June 19, 1973)
From Mary Tebbetts (March 12, 1972) LOFR
From Lori Long (December 9th, 1973)
From Mary Tebbetts (July 27, 1972)
From Mary Tebbetts (March 13, 1972)
From Mary An Condray (January 28, 1972)
Series from Margaret West (Various Dates July)
From Liza Tebbetts (April 16, 1972)
From Mellissa Ludthe (July 13, 1973)
From Mellissa Ludthe (June 26th, 1973)
Series from Helon Howard (Various Dates)
From Joice Long (June 23)
From Carrol Beth Elliot (January 30, 1972)
From Joey Ohleger (January 25th)
From Paula Pizzo (November 4, 1971)
From Betsy Comstock (October 28, 1971)
From Connie Baxter
From Judy Pace (March 18, 1972)
From Kathleen Cook
From Marian Hursh (March 13, 1972)
From Everett R. Dempster (April 24, 1972)
From Freda Kjolhede (April 25, 1972)
From Lynn Mickelson (March 15, 1973)
From Bob Box (February 22nd, 1973)
From Stuart Schlitt (December 21, 1972)
From Amortin Durst (March 25, 1973)
From Jeff Schaub
From Gary Budd (March 19, 1973)
From Gary Smith (January 25, 1973)
From Jeff Stein (March 1, 1973)
From Steven R. Nehrenz
From Bruce M. Steinhaus (January 5th, 1972)
From Randy Williams
From Mike Jones (Dunn School in California)
From Alan Himelaib (January 22, 1973)
From Geoffrey Herrick (December 15, 1972)
From Chris Crawlay (January 9, 1972)
From Jeffery A. Zuk (October 31, 1972)
From Doug Grant (January 10, 1972)
From Allan Sawyer (January 25, 1973)
From Aaron L. Grossman (March 23, 1973)
From Jenny Mortin
From Richard J. Weker
From Lincoln Caplan (1973)
From David F. Sell (March 27, 1973)
From Dennis Kucer (April 2, 1973)
From Ronald Young (April 18, 1974)
From Mark Rinsler (April 22, 1973)
From Jody Bone
From Scott Imsland (May 24, 1974)
From Randy Call (May 23, 1974)
From John R. Thomas
From Laurel Crittenden (January 23, 1974)
From Randy Call (April 6, 1974)
From Les Hamer
From Judy Pace (April 18, 1974)
From Ann Arnold (January 11, 1974)
From Jim Barton (April 24, 1974)
From Jill Hurst (January 23, 1974)
From Steve Dalton
From Some Dude Named Gary (2 Pages)
Mail-gram MGMSLCB
From Peter Edwards (June 29, 1973)
From Rock Brenner (July 5th, 1973)
From Karl Ochsner (June 14, 1973)
From Matt Conover (April 29, 1974)
From Bruce Gaguine (April 5, 1974)
From Gary Call (January 17)
From Dave Halliday (February 20, 1973)
From Chuck (September 21, 1972)
From Chris Hogan (February 8, 1973)
From Chuck (Yellow Paper)
From William L. Dooley (February 27,1973)
Letters (General)
From: Jan Malinowski (August 24th)
From Ann Marie Gretsch (August 21, 1972)
From Melissa Ludthe (August 08, 1973)
Anxious Series from Daphne Swanson (1972
From Lynda M. Isler (May 29, 1972)
From Helon Howard (June 27, 1972)
From Darcy (August 17, 1972)
From Margret (Saturday)
From Bethany Dadge (September 8, 1972)
From Joan Wheeler (January 2nd, 1971)
From Les Benson (May 25, 1972)
From Keip Setcliko (January 31, 1973)
From Jinn (New Years; Christmas Season Card)
From Thomas Brody (Yellow Note)
X45 To Canyon Member (Trip Info)
From Anthony Williams (October 3, 1972)
From Jim Whiteley (January 24, 1974)
From Joseph A. Krenetsky
From F. Jan Malinowski (May 28th)
From Karl Jaeger (March 4th, 1974)
From Bruce Simballa (December, 1972)
Series from Walter Rist (Various Dates)
From J. Richard Hertzher (Sept 30, 1972)
From Margaret
From "Darey" (Small Print)
From Barbara Ream (April 5) Poem
From Mary Shelton (February 26, 1973)
From Thomas B. Cowden (Ask for Ad)
From Virginia Jacobson (February 20, 1973)
From Richard Ray (February 6, 1973)
From Emmett Van Reed (February 27, 1973)
From Forrest J. Cioppa (February 20, 1973)
From Jesse L. Alexander (April 8, 1973)
From Gay Weissenberger (Corporate Packet of Letters)
From Gay Weissenberger (April 24, 1973)
From Litton to Gay and the Corporate Crew (1973)
From Gay Weissenberger (May 31, 1973)
From Gay Weissenberger (May 4, 1973)
From Jeff Clayton to Bob Yearout (Oct 11, 1973)
To Norman Chandler (August 20, 1946)
From Sherry Eisler
From Joseph C. Bach (January 31, 1973)
From Harold Pohl (January 18, 1973)
From James S. Devitt (January 31, 1973)
From Albert S. Bright (January 17, 1973)
From Barb (December 11, 1973)
Manuscripts (GCD Applications and Resumes)
Ann Marie Gretchen Photo Release Form and Waiver
Approved 1972 Cooks on river trip
Robert Wenkam
Daniel B. Wilson
Thomas Rambo
Andre Potochink
Robert Benjamin Peraino
Locations of Martin Litton's Job Ad
Possible Locations of Litton's Job Ad
Resume of George D. Menden
Kieran C. McCabe
Bruce Green
Spencer Seal
Mike Wallber
Mark Rinsler
Jon Skaglund
David Richard Holden
Jeff Phillips
James Douglas Hendrik
John Jackson
Doane Bradly
John Shea
Peter Joseph Ruffier
Peter Sistrom
John Rousseau
Frank B. Terrill
Bruce James Oreck
Michael E. Snead
Geoffrey Charles Herrick
Jim Farrar
Approved 1972 Cooks on river trip
Manuscripts (General)
Math Scratch Paper and Empty Envelopes in Envelope
Pre-Season Discounts Information
Ron Haralson Address and Information
Guest Check for Food
X2 The Wenzler Company Charges Invoice
X2 F-310 Ticket
X2 Rice Motor Company Automotive Rentals
Boatman and Trip Divisions of them
Wildness World (When Oarsman is Needed)
Mike Smead Address and Information
Ned A. Phone Number + Sorry Memo
Ned's Phone Number
Bruce Simballa and Peggi Smith Home Address
Packet of Various Phone Numbers and Symbols
Ticket Paper with Prices (Or A Secret Code 0_0)
Jake Hasis and Some Person Address and Phone Number
Lynette Lynch Home Address
David Loofey: Information Margaret Goud
Home Address
Plastic Dolly Assembly Instructions
1973 River Schedule
1973 Schedule + Pre-season Discounts Info
Dear Canyoneer Half Page Missing Letter
Pre-Season Discounts Info + Arizona Tax Information
The Colorado River (Cover Page)
Grand Canyon By Dory Movie "Poster"
Wilderness River Drifting Advertisement Price List
The Care and Feeding of Environmentalists
Paul-Jensen Home Address + Phone Number
Advertising Outline
Mailing List Costs and Locations
United States Mailing Check List
List of Public Buildings, Banks, and Service Locations
B. Green Phone Number
Mailing List to Northeast United States
Scratch Paper
Mail without Stamps Authorization
Grand Canyon Dories Information Packet
X7 Pre-Season Discounts Information Pages
Linda and Tibbetts and Ann Marie Phone Numbers
Bird Spotting Check List at Nankoweer
Small Packet of Las Vegas, Sport Shop Locations, + Ad
Cresmer, Woodward, O'Mara and Ormsbee, Inc.
X7 Large Index Card with the names of Newspapers
Packet of Rough Draft Poem Writes and Edits
"Sorry, Expeditions Booked (Rough Draft Edit Page)"
Max Henn Phone Numbers Duel
Grand Canyon Dories, Inc. Patent Information
Small Notebook Paper about Ads
1973 River Trip Schedule
Barclays Bank (Carb-Out Check)
Filing Application for Grand Canyon Dories Patent (1972)
Grand Canyon Dories Trademark and Patent Application from Litton*
Tollman and Laurel (Phone Number)
Packet of Approved Applications for Snake River
Snake Wilderness Boyd Narton (Scratch Paper)
Packet of Approved Passengers on Summer River Trips
Passengers on Summer Trips; Home Addresses Packet
Outfitter- Guide Application Land Use For GCD Inc.
Martin Litton's Grand Canyon Dories Approved Passengers
New Improved Dolly (Green Card Certification)
Grand Canyon Packet Trip National Park Tickets
1973 River Trip Schedule
X7 Grand Canyon 1974 River Trip Map and Information
The 22-Day Voyage Details Yellow Page
A Note on Beginning Your Grand Canyon Trip Dories
X8 1973 River Trip Schedule Page
X2Grand Canyon Dories 1973 Total Blank Paper
X2 Blank Approved Passengers List
X45 Information for 1972 River Trip (Schedule;Pre-Season)
X24 Information Packet of Grand Canyon River Trip
Content of this box include:
X19 Orange Color Prints (James Taylor in Sequoias)
2 Pints of Each Matte 4x6 Pink Envelope
2 Prints of each, 4x6 Matte
12 Prints Each of nos. 14 and 16 Only
2 Prints Each of Nos. 16, 17, 36 and 37 Only
6 Colored Beautiful Scenery Images
12 Prints of No 17 Only
Negative 5x5 #22 Of Litton's Travelers
Photo of a Spotted Owl
Orange Negative of Spotted Owl
Sunlit Sequoia Virgin Tree
12 Prints of No. 29 Only
Sunset Envelope Sequoia Forest and Woman Laughing
Lumber Yard in Envelope
From Charles Parker: 15 Fuzzy Photographs
A Man parachuting Down into Valley
Snowy Forest in Great River Journeys Envelope
X2 Packet of Orange Negatives (All Sequoia Forest)
12 Prints of #11 Only
2 Prints Each of #9, 10,13,14,16 only matte
2 Prints of #19
Colored Photo of Dories Lined up on Beach Shore
Slide of a Man Standing in Front of a Tree
Scenic Dogwood #18
Scenic Dogwood #31
Scenic Dogwood #34
Scenic Dogwood #9
Scenic Dogwood #30
Scenic Dogwood #26
Scenic Dogwood #8
Scenic Dogwood #35
Scenic Dogwood #4
Scenic Dogwood #3 with Caption
Camada River Trip Slide #1 Resting on River
Camada River Trip Slide #2 Walking Field
Camada River Trip Slide #3 Campsite
Camada River Trip Slide #Rock Wall
Camada River Trip Slide #5 Heavy Rapids
Camada River Trip Slide #6 Heavy Rapids ALT.
X3 Glen Canyon Dori on Calm Waters
X3 Grand Canyon Rainbow Bridge and Others on Calm
In Memory of Jesse (Shorty) Burton Blue Envelope
Stanislaus and Malibu Grand Canyon Dories Negatives
Dory (Rough-water rowboat) Soap Creek Rapid
RUSH 11X11 11X14 (Full Negative) of G.C. Travel
Negative of Fisherman in 2 of #13 Envelope
Four Dories Lined up for Battle in 13A envelope
Colored Mineral King; Sequoia Nat Park Photo
South Fork of Kern River (Monache Meadows)
Erosion x2 Slides and 2 4x5 G.C Negatives
X4 Crew Grand Canyon Travel Photos
Fotomat 1 Crew Slide, 1 Dori Slide, x2 Large Picts
Boats at Lunch Stop Mile 122. Water and Gravity
Southern Utah Slide #25 Salmon River Rapid Run
Southern Utah Slide #16 Distance by John B.
Southern Utah Slide #26 Just Salmon River
8x10's Negatives Sequoia Travels x5
Single Orange Negative of Sequoia Trees
Original 1844 Litton Photo in Cottesmore Field
Phantom Ranch Negatives and Proofs w/ the McCloskeys
James Folder: Litton on Sequoia Tree
James Folder: Aerial of Sequoia Forest
Three Pages of Litton's Logging Photos
Dories Docked Weirdly at Campsite
The Stump of Giant Sequoia Tree in Converse Basin
AO46 Waterfall Photo
Page of James Taylor July 1994 Slides plus Audience
Single Logging Black and White Proof Photo
Sunset Travel Guide to Arizona Cover Photo
1968 Travel Crew and Music Temple Proofs + Negatives
Thunder Springs; Grand Canyon Mile 134
G.C Jeff Clayton Rowing Photo
Aerial Photo of River Basin and Ground
B672 Crowd of Rafters on Calm River
Mineral King Paved Road BW Proofs
Photos (1955 Trip Folder)
#1 Bert Loper Memorial and Dories BW Proofs
#2 Diamond River Distant BW Proofs
#3 Cabins and Campsite and Pools Proofs
#4 Brick in Dubbie Flauell (1640) BW Proof
#5 Brick Wall BW Proof
#6 Mile 196 (Woman and Hats) BW Proof
#7 Combination Shot (Description on Page) Proof
#8 Water River Below Spencer BW Proof
#9 Grand Canyon Aerial View BW Proof
#10 Aerial Grand Canyon + Rock BW Proof
#11 Water Supply G.C.N.M BW Proof
#12 Stone Waterfall BW Proof
#13 Navajo Ridge - Badger BW Proof
#14 "Insert Term" River BW proof
#15 Tapeats + Pat BW Proofs
#16 G.C RIVER and UFO in Bottom Right Proof
#17 Middle of G.C. Gorge BW Proof
#18 Distant Shot of Dory on water Proof
#19 Grand Canyon Crew "Namco" Proof
#20 Ramparts Water River BW Proof
#21 Mile 16 at Mantle Cam BW Proof
#22 Lower Gorge BW Proof
#23 William Dunn and Howlands BW Proofs
#24 Aerial Shot Down onto Dories Proofs
#25 River and Calmness and Water and Dory Proofs
#26 Grand Canyon Dories River Wall Proofs
#27 Entering Arity of Mead Proofs
#28 Entering Mead BW Proofs
#29 Grand Canyon Washing Hair Proofs
#30 Giant Pile of Rock or Giant Wall of Stone Proofs
#31 Reeling in a boat BW Proofs
#32 Distant of Dori Water Boat Shot
#33 Mile 205 Rapid BW Proof
#34 Deer Creek BW Proofs
#35 Mile 205 Calm Waters BW Proofs
#36 Downstream Boulder Narrows Proofs
#37 Deer Creek Docked Dory BW Proofs
#38 Upper Mead Shores and Water Proofs
#39 Repeals/ Distant Valley BW Proofs
#40 Mile 217 Rapids BW Proof
#41 Deer Creek Hike BW Proof
#42 Mile 214 Lower Gorge BW Proof
#43 Younger Woman on a boat Proof
#44 Tree Side Cliff BW Proof
#45 Calm River Base BW Proof
#46 Sunshine and River BW Proof
#47 Sencha Howlands Memorial and Rocks Proof
#48 Aerial Rock BW Proofs
#49 Dory on Water BW Proof
#50 Distant Shot of Boat and Water Proofs
#51 Aerial Shot into the Valley BW Proof
#52 Hilltop Point and Man Proofs
#53 Vulcan's Throne Peak BW Proofs
#54 Travel Crew on Mountain Ledge Proofs
Photos (Mineral King Folder)
Packet 1: Scenery and Trails of Mineral King
Packer 2: People and Scenery of Mineral King
Photos (1964: Trips Folder)
1) Calor Cavern + River Flowing
2) Aerial Grand Canyon + River Flowing
Env3) Grand Canyon 1964 Land Negative
Env4) Grand Canyon Single 1964 Negative
5) South Buffalo Range + Direction Sign + Negs
6) BW Grand Canyon 1964 Land
7) On the Road (Litton's New Car) Proof
8) Parked Vehicles at Rim Cliff Proof
9) Long Desert Road with Litton's Car Proof
10) Same as #9 but different angle proof
11) Woods Campsite Proof
Negative #1632 of Woods Campsite
Env12) Hope George Grand Canyon
Packet 61 Negatives of Grand Canyon Aerial
Photos (Grand Canyon 1956)
1) Act: Peace River and Hidden Passage Proof and Negs
2) Act: Tapestry Wall, Raft, Hoochee Proofs and Negs
3) Susie-R Boat Docked on Rocks Proof Only
4) Docked Boats on River + River Proof + Negs
5) Flavell II on River Distance Proofs and Negs
Photos (September 1973 G.C Trip at Take Out)
Crew Photo + Names and Placements
Photos (Great River Journeys Folder)
X4 Glen Canyon on the River Proofs BW
Deer Creek Waterfall Color Transparent
2) Rafts and Doris on Slight Rapids + Rock Climb
Color Transparent of Recreate 1869 Powell Voyage
Matkatamiba Cree, Grand Canyon, Mile 148
Color Transparent of Boat in Heavy Rapids
3) Flavell II on Calm River BW Proof + Negs
Color Transparent of Grand Canyon #1 Campsite
Aerials of Rocky Cliffs and Bottom Basin
Photos (Apple Folder)
"Lazy River" Drifting on Smooth Water
Litton and 1970's Oar Team (See September 1973 Trip)
Photos (The Sacramento Bee Folder)
Slides 1-18 Variation of G.C -E.L Film Shooting
Slides 20-29 Variation of G.C -E.L Film Shooting
Slide 31 Variation of G.C -E.L Film Shooting
Slide 2-7 Same River Shore (Pattern Sand Bank)
Slide 10 -16 Same River Shore (Pattern Sand Bank)
Slide 1-37 Lower Nipomo Dunes onto Water (Series)
Slide Page "Grand Canyon River Trip of 1979"
Slide 1-37 + 8 + 19 "G.C River Trip of 1997"
Photos (Unassigned)
Remains of old road to Yuma BW Proof
Env23) G.C National Monument of Bridge Canyon Dam
Env130) G.C Deer Creek Negatives
Powell Center Large Photograph (Raft Sub) BW
Sports Illustrated First Page Cover Photograph
Color Transparent of Reenact Powell Trip
1. Mexican Hat Expeditions Raft being pushed (Lava Falls)
2. Doris Raft being Pushed into Water (Lava Falls)
3. 1951 Boaters and Rafters Waving on Smooth Water
4. John Riffey at Whitmore Wash
5. Lining boat along foot of Lava Falls
6. Lining cataract boat along foot of falls to landing
1967 Dory Passing by Rocky Terrain Proofs and Negatives
Photos (Slide Box)
-Soap Creek; Baloney Dories Slides Box-
Slide 1-36
-People on Boats Dories Slides Box-
Slides 1-21
-Coffee Grinder Group Shot Dory Slides Box-
Slides 1-36
Card from Lewis (July 27, 1994)
From Jane Clauche (March 7) Includes Address
From George Woodwell (December 10, 2001)
From Mauro E. Mujica (February 9, 1997)
To: Arthur L. Gaffrey (February 27, 2002)
To Ann M. Dumenil (April 22, 1995)
From Michael P. Cohen (Sept. 16, 1985)
From Dave Wegner (12-22-86) + Photo List
From John Hicks (Asking for Dori Information)
From Wally Baker (March 31, 1987)
From Sue E. Palmer (March 25, 1987)
To Grant Chappell (Call for Visit)
X2 to Proctor Mellquist (July 17, 1963)
X3 To Proctor Mellquist (July 17, 1963)
From Dan A. Emmet (November 21, 1990)
From Mary Williams (August 18, 1995)
To William Hark (November 3, 1994)
To Barbara Boxer (July 1, 1993)
From George Brown (July 6, 1992)
From Helen Hunt Burgess (MCI Telegram)
From Joe Kowalski (November 2, 1992)
From Tom Dimock (October 7, 1999)
From Martin Litton (June 29, 1988) To Chronicle
From Martin Litton (June 28, 1988) To LA Times
From Michele Perrault to Barbara Boxer (July 1993)
To Andrea J. Gaston (August 15, 1995)
To President Ronald Reagan (August 4, 1986)
From Karen Waddell (May 10, 1980)
From David C. Phillips (September 8, 2014)
From Ann, John, Brock, Gareer (Dec 18, 1974)
To Rep Forecast Development from David Wegner
Letters (Mrs. Barba's Class 5th Grade Letters)
Shelly Barnett
C.J. Bart
Nick Bulron
Tanner Clark
Cory Clement
Mackenzie Clement
Dylan Doll
Cheyenne Godoy
Sarah Gosnell
Thomas Howcarik
Jennifer UnknownLastname
Michael Lewis
Ryan Mariner
Georgia Maurice
Simon Miller
Zachary Michaels
Daniel Russell
Destinee UnknownLastname
Anthony Stanks
India Traylor
Autumn Weller
Stacey UnknownLastname
Anthony Beecces
Takara Walker
Martin Litton: Biography and Statement
Incomplete Page 2+3 From William Croft
Grand Canyon Statement of Martin Litton
Outline of a Mother Lode Resource Area
USDI Review of the 1981 Colorado River Plan
1982 Grand Canyon Expedition Evaluation Plan
Litton Statement to Scientific Advisory Board
Photocopied pages of the "Promised Land"
Critique of June 1994 Forest Evaluation
Memo or Statement for Jim Cohee
Grand Canyon Dories "A Naturalists Way" Ad
HR 2153 Congressional Record May 19, 1993
H.R.2153 Designate Giant Sequoia Preserve
Incomplete Page 2 of Unknown Document
Martin Litton Math Scratch Paper
Why Didn't We Do Anything To Call For Help
Packet of 1969 Grand Canyon Trip Food Menus
To The Giant Sequoia Nat Science Board
The Sacramento Bee (Volume 267, May 27 1990)
The Sacramento Bee (August 12, 2012)
Los Angeles Times (February 16, 1954)
Hero Of The Rivers Honored At Mtn. Film
True Lover Of Wilderness Mourns Future Of The West
Canyon Battle Looms W/ Features Note
Canyon Battle Looms Article Only
Ted Turner's Foundation For "Tree Huggers"
Down The Grand Canyon By Dory: Travel Article
Economics Of Logging Vs Prescribed Burning
Side Tracks: Dinner To Honor Outdoorsman Litton
American Land Controversy and Taxpayer's Expenses
Sunset Magazine Testimonies From Litton And Rogers
Why Worry About Sequoia Nat. Forest? Transparent
Martin Litton Wins Tribute From VFW
Attack On Grand Canyon By Richard Bradley
Magazines; Large Informational
Unprotected Sequoia Nat Monument Info Folder
Sierra Club Bulletin June 1964
Life Large Magazine (April 28, 1967)
Pamphlets and Booklets
The 1986 River Schedule
X3 The Great River Journeys: Litton's GC Dories
George Washington University River Fund
Northwest Dories "Great River Journeys"
Sierra Nevada Alliance 6th Annual Conference
Grand Canyon Hidden Secrets: World Premiere
1969 Vagabond "Adventures in 4-Wheel Drive"
Sierra Club Bulletin (December 1948)
Sequoia Preserve Proposal Map (1992)
Kodak Lens Cleaning Paper
Empty Nega-Bag
Leslie A Jones Scroll in Open Bag
Empty "March of Dimes Mothers March"
Empty "Expose for Person" Envelope
Blank Yellow Note Pad
Save Grand Canyon Bumper Sticker
Stationary and Envelope to George Bush
Harriet Burgess Business Card
P.T Reilly's Log of River Miles
Content of this box include:
Magazines, Booklets, Packets
Philippine Guide Book
Hotels in Turkey (1967)
Turkish Airlines Winter Timetable 1966
Anatolie Centrale Turquie
Aegean Region Turkey
Thrace and Marmara Region Turkey
1966 Ferguson Cruises to Caribbean Landfalls
Surinam Sun (June 1965) Vol. 1, No. 2
1965 Suriname Sightseeing
The Assemblies of God "Pentecostal Outreach"
X3 Hotel Bali Beach Info for Litton
Hotel Bali Service + Business Cards
Ferrocarril De Chihuahua Al Pacifico
X2 Hotel Nuevo Information
Ferrocarril De Chihuahua Al Pacifico x2
Back to the Ice Age by Jack Calvin
Glimpses of the Borobudur
Glimpses of Cultural History of Indonesia
X2 Peace River B.C. Hydro
Ponape General Information
La Siesta Press Fall 1966
Philippines Tour Guide
Manila This Month Airlines Guide August
Manila This Month Airlines Guide July
Asia Guide Philippines
1968 Accommodation List
X2 Angling in Northern Ireland
Surinam Sun (August 1965) Vol. 1, No. 2
The Department of Agriculture British 1955
January 31, 1969 (Life Magazine)
Venture (December-January 1970)
The UNESCO Courier "A Window on the World"
June 26, 1970 (Life Magazine)
Nature Park Udjung - Kulon
Air Tourist Information Canada
The Beaver "Summer 1968"
X2 Northern Ireland Tour Guide
Northern Ireland Tour Guide 1967
In Britain (April 1968)
Historic Houses Castles and Gardens 1968
From Antonio Varrera Melendez (January 18, 1964)
Incomplete Letter to Procter (August 22)
Incomplete Letter from P.T Reilly
Incomplete Letter from Pat (Yellow Stains)
Incomplete Letter from S. Roger Wolin
From the Office of Joseph E. Welsh (1/12/65)
To Proctor Mellquist (January 1, 1965)
To Bill Lane (January 12, 1965
From Don Robertson (January 11, 1965)
From Bruce Fox (January 13, 1965)
X3 From Roger Wolin (January 15, 1965) Set
To Roger Wolin (January 18, 1965)
From Roger Wolin (January 18th, 1965)
From Roger Wolin (January 15, 1965)
From Roger Wolin (January 15th, 1965
From Paul Schwartz (March 6, 1965)
From Antonio Lutz (February 15, 1965)
From Andrès Samper (February 8, 1965)
From Antonio Lutz (January 23, 1965)
To Bill Watters (October 14, 1968)
Rough Draft of Letter to Manuel
From Louise S. Ansberry (July 6. 1971)
From Louise S. Ansberry (December 1, 1971)
From Louise S. Ansberry (February 2, 1972)
From Louise S. Ansberry (October 24, 1972)
From Louise S. Ansberry (June 2, 1972)
From Louise S. Ansberry (June 3, 1971)
From Louise S. Ansberry (May 21, 1971)
From Louise S. Ansberry (February 4, 1971)
From Louise S. Ansberry (June 22, 1971)
From Louise S. Ansberry (January 19, 1971)
From Louise S. Ansberry (June 23, 1970)
From Louise S. Ansberry (April 17, 1970)
From Louise S. Ansberry (May 6, 1970)
From Amy Varney (January 10, 1973)
From Pat Including Letter and Articles
Happy Holidays from Joe
From Joe (February 23, 1973)
From Star Black (March 9)
From Star Black (September 1)
From Louise Ansberry (March 3, 1969)
Post Card of Snake River Canyon (March 21, 1967)
From Floyd W. Harvey (March 18, 1967)
Hand letter from Barbara Braasch (February 15, 1967)
Hand letter from Floyd W. Harvey (February 21, 1967)
From Floyd W. Harvey
From E. Paul Imhor (September 18, 1967) + Article Photo
Invitation to All-Male Weekend at Willow Creek Camp
From Barbara Braasch; Martin Litton; Article
From O.H. Geyer (November 25, 1954)
To Don Hatch (December 30, 1954)
From Pat (January 30, 1955)
From Pat (February 21, 1955
From Dock (April 23, 1955)
From Pat (June 1st, 1955)
From Pat (June 6th, 1955)
From Pat (June 6th, 1955)
From Pat (August 7, 1955)
From Pat (August 29, 1955)
From Pat (September 25, 1955)
From Pat (September 25, 1955)
From Pat (December 28, 1955)
To Proctor Mellquist (September 07, 1966)
From Litton (January 11, 1962) "Beautiful California"
Yellow Page Letter from Bill Lane (Dec 16, 1968)
X2 From Bill Lane (December 11, 1968)
Rough Draft Letter to Bill Lane (March 28, 1967)
From Barb Braasch; To Bill Lane (June, 1, 1967)
To Bill Lane (May 25, 1967)
Apology Letter from Bill Lane (April 19, 1967)
From Bill Lane (Plane Letter from William Hansen)
To Proctor Mellquist (August 11, 1966)
To Proctor Mellquist (July 18, 1966)
To Bill Lane (July 14, 1966)
To Bill Lane (April 14, 1966)
To W.E. Organ (July 21, 1966)
To W.E Organ (February 14, 1966)
To Bill Lane (January 10, 1966)
To Karl W. Onthank (August 12, 1965)
From Kathryn Wright (August 17, 1965)
To Paul W. Duffy (August 17, 1965)
To Emilie Naig (August 17, 1965)
To Evelyn Gayman (August 17, 1965)
To Richard A. Paigeter (August 17, 1965) + MAP
From Brock Evans (August 22, 1965)
From Mike Miller; To Barb Braasch (March 22, 1967)
From Norma Spring (March 23, 1967)
From Norma Spring (March 23, 1967)
To Bob Spring/Norma Spring (March 16, 1967)
From Bob Spring (February 21, 1967)
Packet Conversation between Bob Spring + Litton
From William F. Locke (March 20, 1967)
To Jack Calvin (June 20, 1967)
To Bob and Ira Spring (June 16, 1967)
From Norma Spring (March 24, 1967)
From Francis E. Ward (October 8, 1969)
X7 Louise's Letter About Litton's Article
Louise's Call to Arranging Litton's Trip Packet
From Sute (Tuesday, October 7th)
Invitation to Wedding for Murhandjati and Permana
From Cri (October 18)
Hand Written Letter From Cri
Yellow Sheet Letter to Bill (November 27)
From Robin Kinkead (November 13)
Rough Draft (SAMPLE) Letter from Robin Kinkead
Draft Letter from Robin Kinkead
From Doyle Minden (August 18, 1970)
To Gary E. Holt (August 17, 1965)
Unknown Sender from Seattle, Washington
To Ben H. Cummings (July 8, 1965)
From Lee Larsh (April 29, 1937)
From Kelly Master (1/14/1937)
From M.R. Teagiel (March 2, 1937)
Faded Letter from Arthur Huaghrucha (March 27, 1937)
From Chas E. Millikau (March 31, 1937)
From S.S West (April 8, 1937)
From Earl Felinger (August 19, 1936)
From Lee Larsh (August 12, 1936)
From Lee Larsh (December 12, 1936)
From HE. Hyatt (March 30, 1937)
From Dan Makeo (March 31, 1937)
From Tom Dommers (1938)
From Sam Demas (May 31, 1937)
From Kenneth C. Rich (May 26, 1937)
From Dandun Funk (March 29, 1937)
From H.C. Cliristianuananu (May 10, 1937)
From John Buckley (August 22, 1968)
From Jerry Conway (Hand Written)
From J. Buckley's Secretary (August 20, 1968)
To Chas W. Lynn (May 8, 1968)
Hand Written From Bill (January 27, 1957)
To Robert E. Elm (June 3, 1968)
From Daokin (October 5, 1957)
From Fran Coleberd (December 28)
From Bill Lane (November 27, 1966)
From Larry Smith (August 3, 1966)
From Proctor Mellquist (December 8, 1966)
To Walt Wheelock (May 22, 1967)
From R.M. Banks (July 30, 1970)
To Jose Cobbarubias; From Richard Banks (Oct 3, 1969)
From Bob Juppe (March 27, 1968)
To Proctor Mellquist (March 15, 1968)
X2 From Edward Antrobus (April 23, 1968)
Pamphlet from David Wilkinson (June 3, 1968)
Unknown Sender from Ballyedmond Hotel
From Eleanor Chambers (June 15, 1954) + Document
ESSO Map of Jamaica
Alberta and British Columbia Canada Map
Petrol Ofisi Caltex Map (1941-1963)
Europe Map from the NatGeo Society
Road Map of Turkey 1966
City map of Istanbul
Touristic and Historical Map of Turkey
Ankara Istanbul Strip Map
Carrenteras De Venezuela
World Aeronautical Chart of Rio Uraricuera
World Aeronautical Chart of Cape Orange
X2 Promotional Tourist Map of De La Isla de Margarita
Plano De Caracas
Plaza De Cartagena De Indias (El Recinto Amurallado)
South America Map from the NatGeo Society
World Aeronautical Chart of Pakaraima Mountains
Tourist Map of De Las Carrenteras
Fernandez Madrid Letter Map
Colombia Island Maps "Texaco Supported"
Curacao Island
Tumucumaque Mountains
Trinidad, B.W.I To Paramaribo, Surinam
X2 Indonesian Ocean Bali Map
X7 Creel, Chihuahua, Mexico and Vicinity
Wrinkled Garuda Indonesian Airways Flight Path
Canada Topographic Map
British Columbia Topographic Map
Vanderhoof "British Columbia"
Incomplete? Ponape District
Tourist Map on Saipan of Fishing, Boating, Skin Diving
Micronesia Tours Inc.
Manila Bay (Tourist Map City of Manila)
Philippine Motorist's Road Guide
The Northern Mines
Custom Hints for Returning U.S. Residents
If you think flying's just for Superman...
The Last Resort; On Lake Babine
X2 The Big Peace River Country: Canada
Turkey Sea and Sunshine
NevsehIr Goreme
Alaska Highway Celebrations
Galvin Flying Service; Boeing Field
X5 Babine Lake; British Columbia, Canada (Tukii Lodge)
X12 Tsuniah Lake Lodge Pamphlet
Fish Hunt or Just Relax (Chaunigan Lake Lodges)
Vanderhoof British Columbia
Posada Barrancas Hotel
Arctic Outpost Campus Fishing Season
Motel Amtalya
Dok ToroGlu Tours in the Aegean Region
Turquie Merveilles Historiques Et Naturelles
Facts on Turkey
Ministere Du Tourisme Et De L'Information/ IZMIR
Antalya Turkey
Tourist Companion Turkey
Goreme; Broadcasting and Tourism
Motel Alantur Alanya
Antalya Turkey
Denizyollari 1966
X2 Alanya; The Land of Sunshine and Sea
Mersin (Ministerium Fur Fremdenverkehr)
Izmir, Ministere Du Tourisme
Istanbul; The Magic City
Adana; Welcome to Cotton Land
Ministry of Tourism and Information; Turkey
Turkey; Ministry of Tourism and Information
Surinam Torarica Hotel/ Casino
A Fabulous Excursion to the Amazonas
Hotel Llano Alto (Barinas - Venezuela)
X2 A Fabulous; Excursion to the Amazonas
Bali is a Paradise; One of the Last
Indonesia's Bali Invites You
Indonesia Bali "Island of the Gods"
X9 Chihuahua Pacific Railway, Co. Mexico
X2 Visit Mexico's Grand Canyon
X4 Posada Barrancas Hotel
Renta's Canon Del Cobre
Wampler Tours and Trips 1973
Announcing Wampler Tours
X5 Mexico by Rail- Leisurely Tour- A and C
Hells Canyon Excursions
Scandinavian Airline Systems
Table.24 Polar Dinner Ambassadeur
Bord #10 Udenrigsministerns of fru H.C Hansens
SAS Polar-Route First Flight
SAS Polar Dinner (WALRUS IN CUP)
X5 Romance of Waterways
Indonesia Bali "Island of the Gods"
Samudra Beach Hotel West Java, Indonesia
Welcome to Indonesia: 1970
Singapore's Sea View Hotel
X2 Singapore this Week (November 10-16, 1969
MSA Flight Guide (In Wrapping)
X2 The Last Resort: On Lake Babine
X3 Babine River Resort
Twin Lakes Lodge
The BIG Peace River Country (Canada)
Peace River Trips on Kyllo Bros
Gone Fishing at 11 Sisters Fishing Camp
See N. America's Largest Dam in the Making
Babine River Resort
Stewart's Lodge and Camps
Royal Jaga Hotel "The Price of Micronesia"
Manila American Cemetery and Memorial
Philippines Northern Luzon
Hotel Filipinas at Manila; Philippines
Hotel Mabuhay in Manila; Philippines
Mabuhay Welcome! Allied Tours Philippines
Philippines: The Visayas
British Rail; IRISH Seaways: Belfast-Heysham
Visit Burton's Historic Tropico Gold Mine and Mill
Be the Guest of Nithi Lodge
Beneath These Waters by Earl K. Pollon
Chilko Lake Lodge
The Peace River Bulletin Area
Micronesia Guidebook
Travelodge (June 1, 1971)
Nan Madol (Micronesia)
Paramaribo is Jaw Breaker and Also Eye-Opener
Hand Written Litton Notes about Turkey
Victoria Island, in Lake Nahuel-Huapi
X2 Spot the Difference Cards
Fiesta Car Rentals of Venezuela
Indonesia Restaurants and Recommended Housing
Travel: Sunset Magazine Filing Schedule
Litton's Financial Payment Notes
Legong Dance Performance "Tandjung Sari"
The Barong and Keris Dance
Outline for Official Guide to Bali
Tours Almar, S.A (Yellow Paper Notes)
Brief Historical Notes on Topolosampo and Loc Mochis
Personal Account of Speaking to Park Ranger Jack P. Welch
Account of Speaking to Craig Vetter and Frank Fairchild
Hotel Mediterranero (Resident Room Stays + Litton 118)
Inauguration of Trans-Polar Service (November 15, 1954)
Welcome American Polar Press Representatives on Rome
Programme for American Journalists on the Polar Route
The City Council of Copenhagen Invitation to Litton
Errats: Errors and Corrections for Page
Litton (October) Grand Canyon Map Captions and Poems?
Colorado River Discharge Figures
Rating Table
Total Nights Spent at River Locations
Menus- G.C. Run Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner 1955
Itinerary "Lee's Ferry to Lake Mead"
Suggested Revisions of Grand Canyon Story +Letters
Ford Rent-A-Car for Martin Litton
Travel Feature (Many Ways to See Montreal)
Coming Events at the Royal Botanical Gardens
Alaska Coastal Airlines Winter Schedule
Itinerary for Martin Litton Schedule (Sept. 1969)
Hotel Bali Beach Cash Receipt and Bill Oct.11
American Express Travelers Checks
Hotel Bali Beach Cash Receipt and Bill Oct.12
Manila Hilton Hotel Bill
Trans Bali Travel Service Receipt OCT.20
Tiket Peneimpang Dan Bagasi Passenger's Coupon
Trans Bali Travel Service Receipt OCT.25
Wisma Pertamins International Guest Card Info
Hotel Filipinas Bills and Charges Packet
Hotel Filipinas Charge Statement for Litton
X2 Train Tickets? Green Brown Card with Whatchacallit
Sheraton - Philippines Room Statement and Charges
Telegram "Oye-Mista" for Martin Litton
Telegram "I'm not sure what these things are" Message Title
X2 Blank Ambarrukmo Palace Hotel Stationary
Aoa Aviation Corporation Page O' Numbers
Agencies associated with Nusantara Airlines
Packet of Indonesia Patches, Receipts, and Charges
Ambarrukmo Palace Calendar Events 1969
Ambarrukmo Palace Charges
Star Black's Resume
Martin Litton Visiting Indonesia Report
Unknown "Buffalo" Paper (Thin Paper)
Prospectus (Environmental Sciences Institute)
Bimonthly Progress Report: Environmental Sciences
Call of Expense Report to Don Campbell
Call of Expense Report to Don Campbell
Crooked, Peak, and Paranio Rivers
Points of Interest along Trail?
Tilden Rent-A-Car Canadian Receipt
Hotel Maramar Accommodations and Testimony
Handicraft Produced in Micronesia (In Envelope)
Palau Rock Island Tour
Travel Editors Itinerary In Micronesia
Jordan Safari - A New Adventure
Aeolus Boats Notes and Yellow Paper
The History of Sunset Magazine Rough Draft
Upcoming Outline of Unknown Work
Baja California Transportation Improved
(FADED AND TORN) Unknown "Experiences"
Philippine Air Lines Baggage Irregularity Report
Direct by Air to the Home of the Gilaroo
BOAC Supplements new Belfast Service with Auto Tour
Detailed Suggestions for Itinerary
11th Annual World Gold Panning Championships
Tropico Fact Sheet and Authenticity
Tropico: A Rendezvous with the Past
Yesterday at Tropico - The Golden Years
Departure and Arrival Arrangements with Notes and Letter
Unknown (Page 3) Document of Indonesian Islands
Tours Almar, S.A (Yellow Paper Notes)
Brief Historical Notes on Topolosampo and Loc Mochis
Beachy Bargains for Bali Shoppers
Bali of Surprises
Great Lakes Plan for Amazon
Regarding "The Biggest of Prambana Temples"
Mine Touring...North Star to Malakoff
The Vineyard Valleys. Try the side roads to avoid the traffic
Rough Edit of October CTN - Notes RePage Proof
They're More than Flyers' Guide
Overnight in the Colombian
Hand-lettered Books
Information and Educating the Trout Fishermen
Up Hell's Canyon by Jet Boat
Surinam Bush Packet Rough Copies + Final Copies
Surinam Captions
Canadian Superhighway 401
Unknown Titled Article(Torn First Page)
Death Valley Nuts and Bolts
November 20 in Guadalajara
Mexico News Packet of "Fiesta Calendar - Mexico"
Packet of Death Valley Articles
Mitchel Caverns State Park
The Deepest Gorge in North America - Hell's Canyon
Up Hells Canyon
Article 71 and 72 for Sunset Magazine (May)
Salzburg's Trees
Hamburg Rising from War Misery
Westbound Polar Airliner Arrives
Polar Air Travel Smooth as Glass
Contrasts Reign in Eternal City
Breathless Beauty Abounds in Alps
Danes Wine, Dine American Visitors
Zurich Proves Tourist Magnet
Colo. River Lures to Rapid Runners
Pack River at McLeod Lake Article
Adventure is calling you go Airstream!
X2 Article 58 and 59 for Sunset Magazine (April)
A Proud, Imperiled Temple
Night Train to Surabaya
First Class Delivery
Article 61 + 62 Death Valley Sunset Magazine
Maclean's Reports
Acres of FuN! PNE 68' Aug 17 - Sept 2
By Paddle to Peace River
An Auto Odyssey Through Darkest Baja
Highway to La Paz Planned
"Advance, Quen Elizabeth's Keys"
Fisherman's Paradise
Coarse- Fishing in Northern Ireland
South American Travel News (Vol.1 No. 13)
Lockheed Star (August 4, 1955)
On The Go (Truk- Between Flights)
The Micronesia Star (No. 2) January 15, 1972
Micronttor (Volume II No. 7) January 25, 1972
Not Man Apart (Volume 2 No.2) February 1972
Denizli - Turkiye Landscape Postcard
KLM. Royal Dutch Airlines Postcard
Denizli - Turkiye City Postcard
Istanbul ve Guzellikleri Postcard
Lago de Maracaibo Postcard
#18 Hut Photo Slide
#10 Si Gale Gale
#20 Sea Landscaped
#16 Si Gale Gale
Photos and Captions of St. Lawrence River (Octo 3.1)
1950 First Ever Photo of Litton's River Trip by P.T Reily
Photos of Martin Litton Asleep
Mile II Photograph with Notes and Letter
Oregon Barrel
World's Oldest Tree
A Boy BIKING on water
Do not be a litterbug photo
Hookena U.S Post Office Photos
Litter can ½ mile to Oregon Barrel
Oregon Roadside Stop "Deposit Litter Bags"
World's Oldest Tree Additional Photo with Person
Quadia Ireland B.C
Blank Motel Alantur Alanya Stationary
"Requested Years Ago" Shipside New York
Clemente Pena Drawing
Psalms "The Prayer" before and After Feasts
#3 Raffle Tickets (04-58-13 , 11, 12)
Rediscover the Philippines Allied Tour Service Card
Packet of Tropico Press Passes for Gold Mine and Mill
Hells Canyon Excursions American Express Credit Card Info
Pangkalan Udara Angkatan Laut Djuanda
Mabuhay Philippine Airlines Boarding Passes and Charges
MSA Malaysia-Singapore Airlines Boarding Passes
Passenger Terminal Fee Ticket
N.V. Eksploitasi Tickets
Western Airlines Boarding Passes and Charges
Business Card: Ida Bagus Tilem
Business Card: Cayentano G. Halili
Business Card: A.S Sigar
Business Card: Peter Amrosio
Business Card: Mohamad Jahja D.N
Business Card: Tony O'Ishi
Business Card: Kon P. Erenprais
Business Card: Arturo O. Cobarrubias
Business Card: Richard M. Banks
Business Card: Fjiptono Darmadji
Business Card: Antonio Romero
Business Card: Bonnie J. Horowitz
Packet of Empty Envelopes
Grey Packet of Hand Written Receipts and Notes
Packet of Flight Boarding Passes and Tickets
"Flip-It" Litton's Steno Book Grand Canyon Advt.
"The Spiral" Pocket Book Finances
"Golden West" Pocket Book Planner
Brown Journal + Drawing Pad for Martin Litton
Empty Folders
Content of this box include:
ML'S Grand Canyon AZ Statement Folder
Pay Statement for Jack McEndarffer
Pay Statement for Carol Fischer in Envelope
Hand Written Note from Julie Phillips (July 16th)
From Sue Conner (SMC Card)
Video Check List
Cynthia Winstead's Check of $34
Coreen Burns Check of $30
Empty White Envelope
Ibrahim Hirshani Mailing Address
Blurry Susan Giffen Mailing Address
Letter to Bill Hornbostel (November 15, 1988)
From Sylvan K'napp (July 3, 1989)
X54 Grand Canyon Dories Checks for Videos (Various)
From Marjorie Clarke (March 18, 1989)
From Humberto Codispoti (July 24, 1987)
Linda Mohaupt Void Check in Envelope
X31 Grand Canyon Dories Checks for Videos (Various)
From Beverly Higginson (10/5/87)
1978 Grand Canyon Trip Participant List June 17
X2 Charter Trip Agreement to Stanford Alumni Assoc.
1978 Grand Canyon Trip Participant List July 6
1978 Grand Canyon Trip Participant List July 20
1978 Grand Canyon Trip Participant List July 27
1978 Grand Canyon Trip Participant List July 29
1978 Grand Canyon Trip Participant List August 22
1978 Grand Canyon Trip Participant List August 19
1978 Grand Canyon Trip Participant List August 23
1978 Grand Canyon Trip Participant List August 24
1978 Grand Canyon Trip Participant List September 14
1978 Grand Canyon Trip Participant List August 17
1978 Grand Canyon Trip Participant List April 30
1978 Grand Canyon Trip Participant List May 4
1978 Grand Canyon Trip Participant List May 25
1978 Grand Canyon Trip Participant List June 1
1978 Grand Canyon Trip Participant List May 27
1978 Grand Canyon Trip Participant List July 20
1978 Grand Canyon Trip Participant List June 24
1978 Grand Canyon Trip Participant List September 14
1978 Grand Canyon Trip Participant List August 24
1978 Grand Canyon Trip Participant List September 9
1978 Grand Canyon Trip Participant List July 29
1978 Grand Canyon Trip Participant List July 27
1978 Grand Canyon Trip Participant List July 6
1978 Grand Canyon Trip Participant List June 24
1978 Grand Canyon Trip Participant List May 27
1978 Grand Canyon Trip Participant List June 17
1978 Grand Canyon Trip Participant List June 1
1978 Grand Canyon Trip Participant List May 25
1978 Grand Canyon Trip Participant List May 4
1978 Grand Canyon Trip Participant List April 30
Food Pull Mimeograph
Quantity of Food Per Trip for 35-40 People
Quantity of Food for Trip #3 (June 11-28)
1973 Menus on Trip for Lunches
1973 Menus on Trip for Breakfast
Menu- Snake Trip at Easter
BW Photo of rafters on calm river
Grand Canyon Dories Fan Mail Folder
Postcard from Mardy Burgass (1984)
From Lloyd and Olga Hovden (1992)
From Colin Helether (8/29/1983)
Letter and Pamhplets from Lea M. Scher (Australia)
From Mr and Mrs. Henrik Norby (November 17, 1990)
From Roberta Fischer (August 17, 1984)
From W.T. Baker (December 18th 1986)
From A. Farmanfarmaian (January 20, 1987)
Small Note from Mary Olle
From Art Woodwook (March 5, 1992)
From Christa Powell (20/8/1987)
To Wolfgang Matschke (German Import)
From Anne Boykin (April 26, 1991)
From Devon Meads
From Colin Wither (November 20, 1989)
From Ron Peuotta (Thank You Card)
From Kristen E. Reichardt (June 19, 1987)
From Charles J. Heyler (October 23, 1986)
From Carla and Catherine Waltz (Nov 24, 1987)
X3 Contact for Services; Page 1 of 2
Postcard from Carolyn Gates (August 14, 1989
From Tim and Tricia Blank (November 8, 1986)
From Colin Helether (January 26, 1980)
From Dave Wegner (May 3, 1988)
From Joachim Gottwald (March 27, 1990)
From Barbara J. Blais (January 27, 1989)
Christmas Card from Diane Collen (December 24)
From Richard Quartaroli (August 20, 1987)
From Lew Steign (November 27. 1987)
From Linda and Daniel Kohn (July 25, 1989)
Colorado Run a Wilderness Experience
Empty Envelope from Allen
From Dugald Bremmer (September 8, 1989)
From Andrew Potochink (September 8, 1987)
From Katie Larsen (October 22, 1987)
From Marji Robinson (October 24, 1986)
From Harriet Babbitt (October 8, 1986)
From Carroll Hendrickson + Photo (April 1986)
From Elizabeth Schermer (September 10, 1987)
From Demetrius Pohl (September 11, 1987)
From Anne and Steve Exler (September 9, 1987)
From William McNally (September 1, 1986)
From Neary (June 12, 1988)
X4 From Annie and John Lewis (October 16, 1986)
From Duganne Panford (November 1, 1986)
From Company Wally Haiole (September 8)
From Kay Kaggerud (November 20, 1987)
Offer for Warehouse (June 19, 1989)
From Dick Sanchez (March 1. 1983)
Empty Envelope from Damion Holder
Card from Wayne + Wife
Christmas Card from Paul
From Damion Holder (May 17, 1986)
From Bill and Clancle (Yellow Letter)
Poem and Letter from Joachim Gottwald
From H.S Holbert (November 20, 1975)
From Donald P. Falls (July 8, 1987)
From Penny and David
From Joan Tockstein (July 30, 1978)
Transaction Report and Letter from Wolfgang May 19
Transaction Report and Letter from Wolfgang May 22
From Grace and Rick de Laet (May 17, 1989)
From Robert P.Karz (January 4, 1986)
From K.J. Wood (September 4th, 1986)
From Kevin (April 9, 1986)
Empty Envelope to Martin Litton
From Carl Bennett (1986)
From Dave Andrews
From Dr. Ben Eiseman (September 26, 1986)
From Linda Hunt (August 18, 1987)
From Mary Staebler (May 19, 1986)
From Albert Hopkins (June 1, 1987)
Empty Envelope from Albert Hopkins
From William McNally
To William McNally; From Kate Brower (Sept 1986)
From B.M. McAninch (October 6, 1987)
Empty Envelope from McAninch
From Demetrius Pohl (September 8, 1987)
From Tom Drake (August 29, 1987)
Empty Envelope from Tom Drake
From Richard R. Sivertson (June 8, 1987)
Empty Envelope from ROLM IBM Company
Postcard from Burt Fingerhut
From M. George (September 10, 1987)
From Brad Reiss (July 6, 1986)
From Earl G. L. Cilley (November 16, 1987)
Empty Envelope from Early Cilley
From John Hancock (April 17, 1987)
From Tom Drake (August 29, 1987) COPY
From Audrey Weills (October 23, 1987)
From Raymond Scott Berry (June 5, 1987)
From John Kamer (May 3, 1987)
From Leslea Dummer (May 11, 1987)
From Rick Lindsey (May 19, 1987)
From Prof. Stece Okulewicz (9/18/1987)
From Thomas Grumke (December 5, 1986)
From Mark Eeonoll (November 19, 1986)
From Kathleen Leach (October 8, 1987)
From Nischnik Am Muhlberh (9.7.87)
From Kevin Kelly
From Rosemary Harriot (May 13, 1987)
From Richard Rust (June 18, 1987)
From Kenneth Cohn (July 5, 1987)
From Kathleen T. Leach (1988)
From Carla and Catherine Waltz (October 22, 1987)
From Keith and Barb (October 27, 1987)
Empty Envelope from American Graphics
From P. Sarr (May 18th, 1987) + Photo
Empty Envelope from P. Sarr
From Athene Magnusion (April 10, 1987)
Collection of Comments and Compliments from Crew
Dorying is Best Way to See Canyon
From Kristen E. Reichardt (June 19, 1987) COPY
From Lillian Cochran (October 10, 1986)
From Lynn and Milton Marks (August 25, 1986)
From Jerome Liebman
From Brad Dimock (August 12, 1986)
Postcard from Robyn Elias (6/30/1986)
From Russell Van Herik (June 16, 186)
From Stephen Rappel (June 13, 1986)
From Daniel Whalen (June 7th, 1986)
From Bette Glickman (May 29, 1986)
From Jean Jaininon (My 16, 1986)
From Willard Goodwin (October 24, 1986)
From George Kresovih (September 24, 1987)
The Trust for Public Land Folder
From Harriet (December 19, 1989)
Congrats Paul Fritz Article
From Lisa McGimsey (November 5, 1981)
On the Wild Side Bulletin...
Land People Vol 1. No.3 Fall 1989
Letter to Martin J. Rosen (June 28, 1988)
UPDATE Number 20 Summer 1988
UPDATE Number 18 Fall 1987
United Mileage Plus Folder
MileagePlus United News Ad
United Airlines 25$ Airfare Certificate Discount
United Airlines Litton Boarding Pass Photocopy
United MileagePlus Mileage Statement 1990
United MileagePlus Mileage Statement 1991
Utah Taxes Folder
Employment Security Act Amendments 1977
Utah Department of Employment Security Photocopy
From Ned M. Vowles (February 10, 1978)
From Kenneth J. Wunderling (1978) Payroll
From Harold P. Clawson (July 15, 1976)
From Horace Gailey (March 23, 1976)
X4 To Horace Gailey (May 4, 1976)
From Zondra Call (April 7, 1976)
From Joe Zvonek (April 5, 1976)
From Thomas S. Jordan (April 5, 1976)
X2 To Horace Gailey (March 18, 1976)
X2 From Horace Gailey (February 24, 1976)
X4 To Horace Gailey (February 16, 1976)
From Horace Gailey (December 22, 1975)
To Harold P. Clawson (February 16, 1976)
To Robert Merrill (January 2, 1976)
X2 To Sherriff W. H. Bowman (May 30, 1976)
To Horace Gailey (May 4, 1976)
From Thomas S. Jordan (April 5, 1976)
From Horace Gailey (March 23, 1976)
To Horace Gailey (March 18, 1976)
From Horace Gailey (February 24, 1976)
To Horace Gailey (February 16, 1976)
From Horace Gailey (December 22, 1975)
To Jim Reid (July 24, 1975)
Voice of Environment Folder
X2 Do you think America is A Democracy?
Is Newt Gingrich selling out Medicare for $200,000?
From Shelly Lazar; To Sig-Britt Scott (1995)
Losses from National Forest Timber Sales Cover Page
X2 America Betrayed
Voice of the Environment Business Plan
Vehicle Information Folder (EMPTY)
Miscellaneous W Folder
From Jeff Wallach (November 13, 1992)
Post Card from Dan Wile of "Cincinnati, Ohio"
1 Forgotten Canyon, Powell Reservoir
2 Red Canyon; Green River in Wyoming
3 Marble Canyon, Grand Canyon Arizona
4 Desolation Canyon; Green River in Utah
5 Near Badger Creek Rapid; Marble Canyon
6 Canyonlands; Green River in Utah
7 Havasu Creek; Grand Canyon
8 Havasu Creek; Grand Canyon
9 Travertine Grotto; Grand Canyon
10 Navajo Sandstone in Glen Canyon
11 Close-up on Navajo Sandstone near Cathedral
12 Rock Wall Explorer's Canyon; Powell Reservoir
13 Navajo Sandstone at Powell Reservoir
14 Colloidal Fractures on Navajo Sandstone
15 Near Travertine Rapid, Grand Canyon
16 Matkatamiba Canyon, Arizona
17 Pre-Cambrian Schist with Granite Intrusions
18 Near Travertine Rapid, Grand Canyon
19 Chimney Rocks, Green River in Wyoming
20 Desolation Canyon, Green River in Utah
21 Shinumo Creek; Grand Canyon
22 Navajo Sandstone at Powell Reservoir
23 Redwall Cavern, Mable Canyon
24 Desolation Canyon; Green River in Utah
25 Lodore Canyon; Green River in Colorado
26 Canyonlands; Green River in Utah
27 Glen Canyon Dam
28 Marble Canyon, Grand Canyon
29 Travertine Grotto; Grand Canyon
30 Chimney Rocks; River in Wyoming
31 Desolation Canyon; Green River in Utah
32 Grand Canyon Arizona
33 Navajo Sandstone in Glen Canyon
34 Water Striders in Grand Canyon
(In White Packet)
1 Orange-Purple Sunset
2 Dead Tree with the Sunset Aesthetic
3 Striped Clouds Sky Pattern
4 Desert Landscape, Sand
5 Camels eating Grass
6 Camels Overlooking the beach shore
7 Trees Together near river Bank
8 Bushel and Trees on Red-Pink Sand (
9 Additional Camel Photographs
10 Dried River Floor
11 Camel overlooking others
12 Desert Tortoise sleeping near Grass Hill
13 Sunset
14 Dried River Floor
15 Giant Boulders
16 Tracks in the Sand
17 Camels in Foggy Environment
18 Tree Casted Shadow
19 Camel Feet
20 Aerial of the Desert and Unknown Patterns
21 Dried River Floor
22 Top Down shot of shrub in desert sand
23 Peeling Tree ark and Sunset
24 Cracks in Rocks
25 Colorful Sunset
26 Camel Pack
27 Pink-Red Desert Slope Hill
28 Camel and Shepard Traveling
29 Camels across the Desert
Ardis Walker Folder
Reverence "A Poem"
X4 of 1 Old Man holding sewn bowl
2 Litton and Old man Standing Camp House of Joseph W.
Western River Guides Association
X70 Resolution Proposed by Litton in 1980
Eastern Professional; River Outfitters 1989
Associate and Merchant Membership Catalog
Summary of 1989 Events and Accomplishments
Wildland's Folder
Wild Earth Special Issue: The Wildland's Project
Yosemite Folder (EMPTY)
Glen Canyon Dam Folder
To Mary F. Condray (March 25, 1996)
Memo to Colorado River Studies Office (1995)
To Friend of Grand Canyon (October 9, 1987)
To Glen Canyon Bureau of Reclamation (April 16, 1990)
Grand Canyon Trust 1993 Futures Forum
GC Protection Act of 1990 Public Address Statement
Glen Canyon Dam "Preferred Alternatives" All the Sass
GCD 1991 Commissions Folder
Timothy N. Buffum Address and Telephone
Richard McDonald Grand Canyon Dories Trip Statement
Douglas McDonald Grand Canyon Dories Trip Statement
Timothy Buffum Grand Canyon Dories Trip Statement
Grand Canyon Dories General Folder
White Envelope with 1) Dori on Rapid 2) Mountain Person
2.31) Litton and Crew getting Food. Fish Bones
Run, Rivers, Run by Michael Bowker
Lunch in Grand Canyon Slide in Envelope
"Grand Canyon by Dory" Litton's Short Bio
Orange Transparent "Diablo Canyon" on River
"Grand Canyon by Dory" Litton's Short Bio Packet
The Best Vacation Grand Canyon Dories Advertisement
Break out the Dories
Women Sleeping; One Wakes up
Grand Canyon Dories Program and Trip Details
X2 "Grand Canyon by Dory" Litton's Short Bio
Magazine Photo of "Music Temple"
American Rivers Vol. 13 No.4
To Kaye Metherell; From: Dawn Stratton (1991)
To: Richard W. Marks (September 9, 1985) Not My Fault
To Merle Stitt (Complaint Letter) from Kenton Grua
To Patrick J. Conley (April 26, 1979)
To Marvin Jensen (April 30, 1978)
Missing Page 5 of Dori Trip Recollection
The Grand Canyon Day 1-17 Trip Recollection
From Jane Rudi (Unknown Letter)
Rio Grande (Grand Canyon Dories) Advertisement
Post Card + Letter from Ellen Tibbetts
1.A Interior of Construction Site
From Brad Domock (September 14th 1990)
Aeolus Boats 1980-1981 Pamphlet
Letter "Increased Prices" Format
X7 Grand Canyon Dories Reservation Form
Bronco Boating by Tom Jenks w/ Photos
1.33 Two Men Circa 70's Rafting
X4 Negatives First Person View from Dori
X4 Large Negatives of "Diablo Canyon"
Advertiser Proof of Grand Canyon Dories
Guidelines for Disease Control on Colorado River
Grand Canyon Film to be presented Monday
Original "No Way" Constructed Grand Canyon Dories Ad
Purple Frame Drafting in Marble Gorge "Mile 35"
Chilcotin River. Fresh Mushrooms steaks tonight; Puffballs
The Country Almanac (Vol XIX No21) May 1995)
"No Way" Grand Canyon Dories Ad
"Colorado River" Grand Canyon Dories Ad
G. Canyon Dori on Hectic Rapids
Glidder's Folder
Check Return To Misty Norby (May 20, 1991)
Check Return To Donald Lollich (November 17, 1988)
Check Return To Libby Oliver (July 3, 1990)
Check Return to George Simms (January 23, 1990)
Check Return to William Rix (March 1, 1989)
Check Return to Jane Marsello (February 23, 1990)
Check Return to Robert Simmers (September 26, 1989)
Check Return to Jeffrey Gold (December 28, 1988)
Reminder Refund to Jacquen Kramer
Reminder Refund to Lionel Whiston
Check Return to Florence Peterson (December 28, 1988)
Check Return to Jonathan Buchan (December 5, 1988
Check Return to Joe Hupka (August 23, 1988)
To Sarah Jussen (November 15, 1988)
Check Return to Marilyn Hirashima (October 7, 1988)
Check Return to Robert Hemhauser (Sept 23, 1988)
Check Return to Darryl Dargitz (September 19, 1988)
Check Return to James Bird (September 9, 1988)
Check Return to Catherine Cunningham (Sep 12, 1988)
Check Return to Clyde Crook (September 8, 1988)
Check Return to Lynn Graeter (September 1, 1988)
Check Return to Alan Simpson (August 26, 1988)
Check Return to Steve McMath (August 22, 1988)
Check Return to Thomas Reilley (August 2, 1988)
Check Return to Emily Ambler (June 9, 1988)
Check Return to Martin Jacobson (July 19, 1988)
Check Return to David Lee (July 18, 1988)
Check Return to S. Craig Broome (July 7, 1988)
Check Return to Monique Evans (June 4, 1988)
Check Return to Thomas Novotny (June 2, 1988)
Check Return to Stuart Marcus (June 9, 1988)
Check Return to Charles Webber (May 23, 1988)
Check Return to Joanne Vaiana (May 23, 1988)
Check Return to Janet Lorenzen (March 8, 1988)
Check Return to Scott Walker (May 16, 1988)
Check Return to Pat Ottley (May 13, 1988)
Check Return to John Rondy (May 19, 1988)
Check Return to Janice Locke (April 27, 1988)
Check Return to David Brown (May 4, 1988)
Check Return to Ernest Tart (April 27, 1988)
Check Return to B.G. Gattis (April 18, 1988)
Check Return to J. Randel Munro (April 27, 1988)
Check Return to Shirley Dossey (April 27, 1988)
Check Return to Tracy Plunkett (April 15, 1988)
Check Return to Charlie Clark (April 1st, 1988)
Check Return to David Wright (March 23, 1988)
Check Return to Melissa Burke (March 21, 1988)
Reminder Refund to Carol Nimety
No Deposit Found; No Refund for Haggneon
Check Return to Doris Aboott (March 21, 1988)
Check Return to Arnold Wolgast (March 15, 1988)
Check Return to David Pflug (March 15, 1988)
Check Return to Jay Morton Roberts (March 14, 1988)
Check Return to John Sawyer (March 14, 1988)
Check Return to John Howard (March 14, 1988)
Check Return to David Bogolub (March 14, 1988)
The Video Tape Information (Salmon River Grand Canyon)
Check Return to B.V Lemme (March 10, 1988)
Check Return to Stephanie Shopa (March 10, 1988)
Check Return Name Checklist
$34 deposit needed for Video Letter to Luella Thompson
Name added to Waiting List (Steve B. and Ginger H.)
Check Return to Tom R. Heyman (March 7, 1988)
Check Return to Stephen Hawes (February 87, 1988)
Check Return to Dale Perry (March 2, 1988)
Check Return to Elmer Cerny (March 1, 1988)
"Deposited Towards" to Paul Pushkar (March 1, 1988)
Check Return to James Taylor (February 29, 1988)
Check Return to Jim Brisbin (February 29, 1988)
Check Return to Grant Rowe (February 26, 1988)
Check Return to Reatha Oliver (February 24, 1988)
Check Return to Anne Exler (February 24, 1988)
Check Return to Guenter Meurer (February 16, 1988)
Check Return to Eric Anderson (February 5, 1988)
Check Return to Jayne Neal (February 5, 1988)
Check Return to Jean Debray (February 4, 1988)
Check Return to Richard Moore (February 1, 1988)
Check Return to J. Andy Thompson (January 28, 1988)
Check Return to Karl Kumm (January 28, 1988)
Check Return to Daniel Clare (January 28, 1988)
Check Return to Christian Talbert (January 26, 1988)
Check Return to Dennis Parrett (January 26, 1988)
Check Return to Frank Reppenhagen (January 21, 1988)
Check Return to Humberto Codispoti (January 21, 1988)
Check Return to C. Eldon Archer (January 12, 1988)
Check Return to Meredith Wagner (December 17, 1987)
1 Color Litton and Two Gentleman on Dory
2 Individuals Rafting on Heavy Rapid
3 Dories w/ Hidden Passage on Calm Valley
4 Hidden Passage, Peace River, Makaha Newspaper Photo
5 Docked Rafts and Journey Crew Prepping for Depart
6 Oosta Lake and Journey Members on Dory
Grand Canyon Historic Folder
From R.P. Marean ( June 6th, 1969) To Esther and Martin
Grand Canyon NatGeo Society Folder (EMPTY)
Grand Canyon NPS User Days
From Kenneth T. Miller (August 06, 1986)
GC National Park River Use Report January 1986
GCNP: End of Season River Use Report
1988 Calendar Status Sheet
September 1986 Calendar Update
From Kenneth T. Miller (September 04, 1986)
Past Year Statistics (Allocation and Exchange)
From Richard Quist (November 21, 1986)
X9 To Richard W. Marks (December 21, 1986)
From Kenneth T. Miller (October 02, 1987)
GC National Park River Use Report 1987
Math Note Card
From Rob Elliot (August 19, 1986)
X5 To Richard Marks (December 26, 1986)
GC National Park River Use Report September 1986
From W.L. Rusho (October 25, 1986)
Alternate Solutions: National Park Service from Marks
Pass-Through User Day Contributions
Reply Form: 1997 Pass-Through Program
To Joseph E. Carr (July 31, 1986)
Blank See through Thin Paper Page
Statistics for 1986 Summer Season
Grand Canyon NPS Operating Plan Folder
To Richard W. Marks (January 23, 1987)
Grand Canyon Dories Amendments and Business Plan
1988 River Schedule Martin Litton's Northwest Dories
Grand Canyon Operating Requirements Folder
Contract No CC8073-4-0039 Grand Canyon Dories
To Richard W. Marks (January 23, 1987) COPY
X3 From William Penn Mott (December 17, 1986)
Attachment A: Operating Requirements
From Richard W. Marks (February 25, 1987)
X2 From Richard W. Marks (December 12, 1986)
Incomplete (Page 2 Only) letter from Richard Marks
Section F (Paragraph Only) RV195?
Grand Canyon Powell Chronicle Folder (EMPTY)
GC Martin's 1989 Private Trip Folder
X2 Noncommercial River Trip Permit Application Info
The Grand Canyon from the Bottom Up...
Grand Canyon Dories: The Grand Canyon
Noncommercial River Trip Permit
Mule Services, Duffle Procedure Information
Partials of Permit Application
Regarding Info Letter to Lauri Adams (April 14, 1989)
Regarding Info Letter to Susan Alexander (April 14, 1989)
Regarding Info Letter to Rick Delaet (April 14, 1989)
Regarding Info Letter to Steve Johnson (April 14, 1989)
Regarding Info Letter to Coby Jordan (April 14, 1989)
Regarding Info Letter to Mike Meade (April 14, 1989)
Regarding Info Letter to W, Kent Olson (April 14, 1989)
Regarding Info Letter to Chavalit Patrachai (April 14, 1989)
Regarding Info Letter to Rodolfo Petschek (April 14, 1989)
Regarding Info Letter to Ed Robertson (April 14, 1989)
Regarding Info Letter to Mike Davis (April 14, 1989)
Regarding Info Letter to Jeff Sawnstrom (April 14, 1989)
Regarding Info Letter to Rick Ripple (April 14, 1989)
Grand Canyon Powell Trip 6-20 Folder
Hand Written from Brad Dimock (July 12, 1991)
X2 Names, Addresses and Days of Attendance
NatGeo School Bulleting March 25, 1968, No. 26
International Letter from Sussex, England (1992)
From Peter Miller (July 5, 1991)
Aug 31, 1990 Call to Action Friends of the River: Envelope
1992 Grand Canyon Dory Schedule in Envelope
Card from Eleanor C. Bell (December 30, 1991)
Nora Clark Bell Poem
X2 In Powell's Wake "A Contemporary Survey"
Price List for the Powell Trip -1991-
Martin's Private Trip 9-25-91 Folder
1 Litton and Participant Group Photo
2 Couple Photograph together. Unknown Names
3 Right Profile Shot of Martin Litton
4 Litton in Vest and Male Participant Duel Shot
5 Litton in Vest and Female Participant Shot on Dory
6 Left Profile Shot of Martin Litton
X2 1991 Times Program Addresses and Expenses
From Kenneth T. Miller (October 11, 1991)
Wilderness Tours Card from Joe June 1992)
Thank You card from Angelz Tims
Empty Martin's Private 9-25-91 TIMS Folder
From Christa Sadler (January 7, 1995)
Boatman's Quarterly Review Vol 7, No 2
Boatman's Quarterly Review Vol 7, No 3
Boatman's Quarterly Review Vol 7, No 3
Address list of GCD Alumni
From Richard W. Marks (October 01, 1987)
To Richard Marks; From Dick and Susan McCallum (9-15-86)
From Andre Potochnik (March 7, 1992)
From Tom Moody (February 17, 1991)
The fate of Grand Canyon Beaches
From Jeri Ledbetter (April 10, 1991)
From Denice Napoletano (July 28th, 1989)
Colorado River Guides Newsletter Suggestions
Grand Canyon River Guides Mail Advertisement
Grand Canyon River Guides The News Vol 5 No 2
Grand Canyon River Guides Vol 3 No 4
Hand Written from Brad Dimock (July 12, 1991)
X2 Names, Addresses and Days of Attendance
NatGeo School Bulleting March 25, 1968, No. 26
International Letter from Sussex, England (1992)
From Peter Miller (July 5, 1991)
Aug 31, 1990 Call to Action Friends of the River: Envelope
1992 Grand Canyon Dory Schedule in Envelope
Card from Eleanor C. Bell (December 30, 1991)
Nora Clark Bell Poem
X2 In Powell's Wake "A Contemporary Survey"
Price List for the Powell Trip -1991-
Content of this box include:
Martin's 1992 Private Trip Folder
Grand Canyon Dories Ballast Crew Information
Department of Interior Request for River Trip
Membership Information List and Contact info
Postal Service Sender Card
From Kultur Wolfgang (October 29, 1992)
From Fredric Sutherland (March 5, 1991)
Martin's 1993 Private Trip Folder
Fee Waiver for Educational Study to Litton
From Kenneth Miller (February 22, 1993)
Trip Audubon Shot Folder
X6 Page One of Flexible Framework for Alice Arlen
X2 Page Two of Flexible Framework for Alice Arlen
X2 Page Three of Flexible Framework for Alice Arlen
X2 Page Four f Flexible Framework for Alice Arlen
X2 Page Five of Flexible Framework for Alice Arlen
X2 Page Six of Flexible Framework for Alice Arlen
Thank You Card from Arlen and Anderson and Viscidi
Member RSVP and Guest List
To Kenneth Miller (February 19, 1994)
Faded "The Grand Canyon Production" Pages
From Chris Palmer; To Robert Redford (June 3, 1993)
Incomplete Letter to Alice Arlen (From Litton)
Grand Canyon "Faded" 1994 Expedition Information
Lemon Sky Productions Incorporated Crew Info
Going the Grand "An Audubon TV Special" Script
Going the Grand "Audubon TV Special" Rough Script
Grand Canyon Dories Promotion Folder
X6 "$144 Reward" Grand Canyon Advertisement
24A) Litton in Flannel rowing Boat
4-21) Litton/ Cross-armed Speaking
Color Transparent of 70's Litton with Crew
X2 The Photography Workshop (GCD) 1986
The Colorado River in the Grand Canyon Marker Map
The Grand Canyon from the Bottom Up
MileCragBend Photo Dori Line Up Arsenal
Grand Canyon South, North Rim Map
X3 San Francisco Chronicle "Rafting can be Deadly"
"No Way" Grand Canyon Advertisement in Magazine
Grand Canyon by Dory info and Article
Rough Draft of "A Naturalist's Way" Ad
Rough Draft of "Kayak Support" Ad
Grand Canyon Dories "Join us" Advertisement
Grand Canyon "America's Finest" Advertisement
Litton and Crew on Soap Creel Rapid Small Color
Litton and Crew on Soap Creel Rapid Large Color
Litton and Crew on Soap Creel Rapid Transparent
George Wendt Folder
Secretary of State Renewal Notice
X3 To George Wendt (October 8, 1987)
Grand Canyon Legends Folder
From Robert H. Webb (January 10, 1995)
Trip Report from Robert Webb (1995)
RESEARCH PROJECT Old Timers Trip Findings
From Walt Taylor (June 23, 1994)
USGS/GCES Trip Participants Contact Info
USGS/GCES Trip Participants Name Roster
Grand Canyon River Guides River Folder
Volume 6, Number 1; Winter 1992-1993
Volume 8, Number 2; Spring 1995
Volume 8, Number 1; Winter 1994-1995
Volume 4, Number 2; Summer 1991
Volume 4, Number 4; Fall 1997
Volume 6, Number 2; Summer 1993
Volume 6, Number 3; Late Summer 1993
From Tom Moody (February 22, 1994)
Grand Canyon River Guides Information Sheet
Volume 4, Number 1; February 1991
Sticky note to make new Folder for River Guides
Empty FedEx Envelope
Bill to Litton for $31.75 from FedEx
Remittance Advice and Address to Litton from FedEx
Activity Summary to Litton from FedEx
Grand Canyon Trust Folder
Unknown Recipient Speech Context
Colorado Plateau Advocate (Vol.2 No.7) Fall 1991
Colorado Plateau Advocate (Vol.2 No.6) Summer 1991
Colorado Plateau Advocate (Vol.2 No.5) Spring 1991
Colorado Plateau Advocate (Vol.2 No.7) April 1991
Federal Lands of the Colorado Plateau Region Map
Letter from Roger Clark (September 23, 1993)
Grand Canyon Trust 1993 Futures Forum
From Roger Clark (October 18, 1993)
Grand Canyon Trust Mission and Mission
Grand Canyon Futures Forum (October 24, 1992)
From Ed Power (September 28, 1990)
To Michael Rosenblum (March 1, 1988)
Grand Canyon Futures Forum 1993 Pamphlet
S. 144 Bill (To Protect Grand Canyon) Senate
St. Patrick's Preservation Committee Folder
St. Patrick's Preservation Committee Mission and Details
Global Environment Crisis is here
Menlo Park, 2025: commemorating at 15th anniversary
From Penny Durham (September 28, 1990)
From Penny Durham (April 18, 1990) + Packet
Postcard from Penny Durham (February, 1990)
Citizens' Group Proposes Environmental Alt St. Patrick's
St. Patrick's Preservation Committee Statement and Goal
From Penny Durham (March 1st, 1990)
Cali Oak Endorses St. Patrick (Memo Immediate Release)
Old Growth forests finally recognized as fragile ecosystems
Salmon River Reunion Trip (July 28, 1994)
From Jane Newton (July 17, 1994)
Faded Map of Salmon Creek
Diane Sawyer Folder
X2 To Diane Sawyer (January 6, 1990)
From Diane Sawyer (February 7, 1989)
From Diane Sawyer (November 14, 1989)
From Diane Sawyer (August 1990)
X4 Thank you to Diane Sawyer (August 22, 1990)
X2 The Adventure of Diane Sawyer (Grand Canyon Dories)
X4 To Diane Sawyer (April 03, 1990)
#1 Diane Sawyer and Woman with Bucket
#2 Diane Sawyer in Grand Canyon Dory
#3 Diane Sawyer in Grand Canyon Dory
#4 Diane Sawyer in Grand Canyon Dory
#5 Diane Sawyer in Grand Canyon Dory
#6 Diane Sawyer in Grand Canyon Dory
#7 Diane Sawyer in Grand Canyon Dory
#8 Diane Sawyer passing a Cup/Candle to Bucket Lady
#9 Diane Sawyer with arm around teenager
#10 Diane Sawyer
#11 Diane Sawyer in Grand Canyon Dory
#12 Diane Sawyer in Grand Canyon Dory
#13 Diane Sawyer in Grand Canyon Dory
#14 Diane Sawyer in Grand Canyon Dory
#15 Diane Sawyer in Grand Canyon Dory
#16 Diane Sawyer in Grand Canyon Dory
#17 Diane Sawyer in Grand Canyon Dory
Empty Grand Canyon Dory Envelope
Empty Envelope Addresses to Martin Litton
#1.1 Diane Sawyer in Grand Canyon Dory
#2.1 Diane Sawyer in Grand Canyon Dory
#3.1 Diane Sawyer; Martin Litton
#4.1 Diane Sawyer in Grand Canyon Dory
#5.1 Diane Sawyer with Teenager in Dory
#6.1 Diane Sawyer with Teenager in Dory
#7.1 Diane Sawyer in Grand Canyon Dory
#8.1 Diane Sawyer; Martin Litton
#9.1 Diane Sawyer; Martin Litton
Billie Schwarz Folder
Billie Schwarz Separate Shipping Label
Kaiser Resources Ins. Opportunities Issue
Sierra Club Folder
Preventing Pesticide-Related Illness in California
Pesticides: A Call to Action
Breast Cancer Linked to Pesticides
Excom Report-July 1993
C3 Michael Gregory 1993 Press Release
Creation of a Northern California Hardwood Industry
The Ventana (Vol. 32 No.7)
Tropical a Vanishing Rainforest Treasure
What Can You Do to Save Tropical Rainforests
Memorandum from Cathleen Fogel (March 15, 1991)
Deforestation in the Tropics
Stop the Tropical Forest Action Plan
Packet of Burma Newspaper Articles + Letter
ITTO Meeting Promotes Sustainable Unsustainable Logging
The Political Economy of Logging
The Human Consequences of Logging
Logging Threatens The Amazon of Costa Rica
Fasting for our Forest
Protecting a Community Forest
Sierra Club BD. DIR Folder
X3 Martin Litton Background and Public Statement
Sierra Club Found Folder
The Sierra Club Foundation Funding Services Guide
Dee Spiro Folder
X5 Draft of Martin Litton Biography
X6 Draft of A Convention with Martin Litton
Stanford Alumni Association Folder
X2 July 5-22, 1992 Alumni Travel/Study Program Packet
Generic Postcard from Captain Gabe Chengery
X2 The River of No Return; Family Expedition
X2 Generic Public Letter from Peter Voll (July 27th)
July 5-22, 1992 Alumni Travel/Study Program ONLY
Standard Voyage to the North Pole Application
Letter from Robert E. Dobkins 9October 11, 1983)
List of Participants (Family Expeditions on Salmon River)
Lew Steiger Folder
X2 Empty Priority Mail USPS Envelope
Martin Litton Interview with Litton and Steiger
From Lew Steiger (February 16, 1993)
From Lew Steiger (October 15, 1990)
From Lew Steiger (September 25, 1994)
From Lew Steiger (May 11, 1994)
The Moonlight Run by Lew Steiger
Charles Sullivan Folder
Congressional Treason and the Age of Lawlessness
Sunset Magazine Folder
Orchids on a Black Sand Beach
X2 Sunset's Open House Letters to Editors Page
Trains Folder
March 1961 Model Railway News
Railway Modeller March 1961
Classic Toy Trains October 1990
Classic Toy Trains February 1990
Classic Toy Trains June 1991
Classic Toy Trains December 1991
Trains the Magazine of Railroading October 1988
American Flyer Trains (Erector and Gilbert Toys)
Rail Travel Press Vol 3. No.2 autumn 1991
Schematics for table
Electric Trains Sketch Caption
Task list for "Trains" staff
X3 Children playing on Train Set
Negative of kids at toy train set
Live American History: Arcade and Attica Steam Railroad
Yellow Page Litton's Photos of Kids at Clutter Train Set
X2582 South Ernest Train Photo
"Clyde's Photos" Close up of Kids at Train Set
X2 Car Parked Underneath Strung up Train Set
X2 Different Positions Kids at toy train set
Two men and Boy Setting down Strung Train Set
Railroads Folder
Rails to Trails Conservancy
1963 Railroad Photo Calendar Planner
Trains The Magazine of Railroading February 1989
Crossroads Circle Advertisement and Newsletter
Washington State Railroad Plan
Gandy Dancer Videos Order Sheet
1 RV on a Train with People on it
2 Native Overlooking Forest Woods on Rock
3 Young Boy at tree top
4 Donkeys following man over bridge
5 Native man carrying Gelatin Extract
6 Interior Abandoned Mountain Home
7 Distance Shot of Railroad track around mountain
8 Train Station of RV Trucks approaching
9 Closer Shot Donkeys across wooden bridge
10 N-O-M 96 Train on Tracks
Michael Roddy Folder
Green Framing Systems Michael Roddy Card
The Environment Responsible Building Choice
Steel Framing Aids Japan Re-Build Efforts
From Michael Roddy to Litton
From Michael Roddy to Editor of LA Times
X6 Wood Industry Claims Require Further Scrutiny
X2 Wood Industry Claims Require Further Scrutiny FULL
Wood Industry Claims Require Further Scrutiny Page 26
Empty Folders
Folder 1.A (Empty)
Folder 2.B (Empty)
Grand Canyon ML'S 1994 Folder (Empty)
Grand Canyon Slides Folder (Empty)
Grand Canyon August 1994 Folder (Empty)
Martin's Testimony GC Folder (Empty)
Santa Monica Mountains Folder (Empty)
Miscellaneous T Folder (Empty)
Content of this box include:
Photos, Proofs, Negatives
Torn Calendar Photo from March (Heavy Rapids)
Printed Photo of the Black Mesa Dory on Display
Litton's Adventures Newspaper Photo
1958 1st Grand Canyon Trip with Litton and Esther Group Photo*
------Litton Photos OH-3-271------
#1 Litton standing on rocks, Dressed in Blue
#2 70's Litton and group photo of travel team
#3 Litton and Crew on the Malibu Dori 05'
#4 Litton and Crew Laughing
#5 Docked Dories
#6 German TV Trip/ Litton in Blue and Yellow
#7 Litton and Boater Crew
#8 German TV Trip/ (Wide Shot) Litton in Blue and Yellow
#9 Crew and Litton in Boat (Litton In the back)
------Havasupai Aerials 1970 or 1960------
#1 Havasupai Proofs and Negatives Canyon + Land
#2 Fossilized Leaf in a rock? Full B and W
(X2) #3 Grand Canyon PARK Rim Country
(x2) #4 Aerial Shot of Village and Country land Angle 1
(x6) #5 Aerial Shot of Village and Country land Angle 2
(x5) #6 Aerial Shot of Village and Country land Angle 3
------Grand Canyon Sunset 1968-69------
#1 From Newspaper Photo (Adventures Passengers) +Negs
#2 Above Shot of Dori Crew fighting the rapids
#3 12 Negatives (Sheet) of Dori Crew Close-Ups
#4 Dori Crew near rocky beach shore + BIRD w/ Negatives
#5 Arsenal of Litton's Crew + Fighting Rapids w/ Negatives
#6 Waterfall, Duel Dories on Stream, Distant Shot w/ Negs
#7 24 Scenic Docked Dories with Canyon / Negatives
#8 The "Tapestry Wall" against Heavy Rapids / Negatives
#9 Supply Raft with Supplies + Static Action Shots / Negs
#10 Dori with Bennigton Flag + Others Near Wall / Negs
#11 1965 People Raft; Walking through Giant Valley / Negs
#12 Docked Dories+ Woman Logs+ Canoe Rapids / Negs
#13 Diablo Canyon and Lake Tahoe fighting against Rapids
#14 22 Total Wide Shot of Valley and Lone Dori with Negs
#15 Lake Tahoe on Rapids + Crew Rafting near Rocky Shore
#16 Rainbow ridge + Dories w/ Rafts on Clear Lake
#17 Crew Sleeping + Interior Shot of Stone Home
#18 Colorful! Waterfall Base + Waterfall Top
Framed Photo of Litton and a not-so Sarah Baker
X2 Folded Info Packet of Grand Canyon Dories
X22 Empty Grand Canyon Dories Envelopes
Nature's Cycle of life and Rebirth Paper Poster
X2 Letter to President Johnson Sequoia Monument Poster
Small "Save Grand Canyon" Banner
Martin Litton PlexiFoam Documentary Promo Cover
The Good Fight PlexiFoam Documentary Promo Cover
Aged and Faded Travel River Marker encased in Plastic
Empty Envelope from Julia Butterfly Hill
Empty Folder Titled "GCD-vs-IOG #58815"
Empty Folder Titled "RIVER"
Empty Folder Titled "G.C Correspondence"
Empty Folder Titled "M/L Powell Centennial"
Empty Packet Titled "Correspondence from Julia Butterfly"
Empty Packet Titled "Julia Butterfly Hill"
Empty Packet Titled "Julia Butterfly Hill Letters"
"What's Happening" Vol. IX No.22
Native Forest Council's Forest Voice (Summer 2008)
Native Forest Council's Forest Voice (Winter 2003/2004)
Native Forest Council's Forest Voice (Winter 2008)
Native Forest Council's Forest Voice (Winter 2003)
The Story of FIRE (Park Public Service Announcement)
The Immortal Martin Litton
Felling Sequoia Preserve Untruths
Lack of Interest Worries Some at Desert Hearing
White water thrills promised for boaters
Better Keep Watchful Eye on Watt's Depredations
Around the World in 90 Years
Online "The Dory Story"
Insurance Crisis? River Trip Canceled? Advertisement
Magazine Article Explaining Grand Canyon Dory Trips
Wild America 1985 Torn Magazine Article Page
Vast Portions of our Greatest Scenic Wonder
The Old Man and his River
There They Go Again
Enlarged "The Dory Story"
The Old Man and the River
The J.W Powell Expedition (Lincoln Litton?)
A Lifelong Activist's Last Fight
World-Renowned Conservationist Stops for a Night
We Never Comment on Pending Litigation
Forest Show Resilience as Fires Pass
A Year in the Sky: Butterfly Loves Luna
A Year in the Sky
"Growth" and "Woody Guthrie" Half Articles
X3 Birds in the Black
From Giants to Hot Tubs
The Sierra Club Goes to Court for Mineral King
Follow that Blaze
Clinton's Grand Gesture to "Save" the Trees
Nixon's shoot the rapids!
Skies Best Network November 1982
Page of Opinions "Party Workers are Elected Blindly"
A Restless Giant
Profiles: Huey Johnson (Man About Earth)
X2 Infinite Ingress Large Page Article
State Act to Save Giant Sugar Pines
"The Redwoods" and Mill Creek Watershed
OPINION Land Swap Probe in its implications
Delta Chief Signals Aqueduct Support
From Hicksville and its Trees: Forest Preservation
Coming Back from the "River of No Return"
The Mark Twain Tree History and Legacy
Dousing Forest Fires: Soaking Taxpayers
Let's put an end to logging on Public Lands
Celebrating a Life Article
To Arthur Seamans (February 02, 1968)
A Proposal to Buy "Flaming Gorge" from Cody (May 16th)
From Alan Kuper (April 6th, 1981)
Postcard Signed by Grand Canyon Dories Crew
Christmas Card from Betty and Fred Nixon
Letter to Merle E. Stitt (September 30, 1979)
From J. Bennett Johnston (October 3, 1989)
From John Kerry and Robert Torricelli and Edward Kennedy 98'
To Hank Montrey (June 15, 1994)
To Ara Marderosian; From G.M. Woodwell (Jun 01, 2003)
To George Miller (August 30, 2000)
To Paul E. Waggoner (October 18, 2002)
To Martin Litton (February 20-21) From John Davis
To The Scientific Advisory Board (March 08, 2003)
To Chris Sanders (March 07, 2002)
From Stephen M. Stevick (April 03, 1992)
X7 From Anna G. Eshoo (December 21, 2006)
Thank You Card from Jim and Barb Strucker (1981)
Memo From Linda and Jeff (5/23/1988)
*In Folder* From Phillip Shayvatien (Oct 10, 1988)
Hand Note from Julia Butterfly (Happy Holidays)
Hand Drawn Art, Poem, Letter from Julia Butterfly
Red Ink Letter from Julia Butterfly (Thank You)
Julia Butterfly Contact Information Letter (Envelope)
Thank You and All My Love Card from Julia Butterfly
Sample Support letter for the Fate of Julia Butterfly
Actual Support letter to John Campbell of Julia B.
To Scientific Advisory Board (Draft Environment Impact)
X2 From Deborah Spies (January 28, 1986)
Belated Birthday Hand Letter from Brad
Letter to Anchor Tom Brokaw (June 12, 2001)
To Mr. Turner from Litton (April 2003, 18)
From William J. Shapiro (October 15, 1976)
From Shpiro,Schleicher,Callway Law Office (Paid a Fine)
To Andre... (From Litton) January 11, 1998
Letter to the Editor from Litton Family (December 4, 2014)
From Elise Otto to John B. (Litton's Death) (Dec 04, 14)
Fewanne (French Girl) International Letter with Photo
From Donen Gleick (September 12, 1976)
From George R. Wendt (April 6, 1979)
Hand Letter from B.J. Levinson (March 28, 1976)
From Willa Baum (October 9, 1980)
From Lionel Craven (October 10, 1978)
From Gie Mule (July 1, 1979)
From John F. Kelley (June 8, 1979)
From Jean M. Bennett (April 1, 1976) + Article
Thank You Hand Letter from Bill and Connie Smith (1-16-79)
From Chad Ehlers (December 28, 1961)
Hand Letter From Coby Jordan (Jan 9, 1980)
From Glenn Robert Kershner (Jun 24, 1975)
From Julia Butterfly (Poem and Drawing
From Lloyd L. Shanks (May 30, 1979)
X3 Statement of Senator Barbara Boxer February 18, 2003
Comments from "Friends in the River" abt. Litton's Death
Suggested Reading and Resources
New Year's Day Speech of Hal Manuscript
The Grande Ronde River
Grand Canyon Dories "The Grand Canyon"
Page 10 (Sept 27) River Rapid Running Recap
Fire Weather: Guide for Application of Meteorological Info
Page 2 (Armette Oar) Book Review?
Page 2 (Statement of Martin Litton)
The Photography Workshop (May 27 - June 15)
X4 Wilderness Society "Does Thinning Stop Wildfire"
Wilderness Society "Is Fire Always Bad"
1991 Timber Receipts and Expenses
Page 1 (Fourth Claim for Relief)
Page 3 What the Monument provides
Field Trip (Tule River Reservation Protection Project)
List of Names to be put on plaques
Sierra Club Oral History Series References
Booklets and Packets
CRS Report for Congress "Forest Fire Protection"
Rim-to-Rim (By Lee Green) Cover Story
Establishment of the Giant Sequoia National Monument
The Approach to the Big Sur (Yellow Packet)
They've Been Raping the Giant Sequoias by Lee Green
Magazines; Books; Pamphlets
Living with Wildfire (Sunset Magazine)
Buzzworm: The Environmental Journal (Summer 1988)
Delta Sky (The Real Little Italy) Featuring Joaquin Phoenix
Boatman's Quarterly Review Volume 17, Number 4
Rapid: The Whitewater Magazine (Spring 2015)
American Wilderness Adventures 1987
Guiding Life's Greatest Adventures (OARS)
Sunset Magazine (August 1993)
Cali League of Conservation Voters 19th Annual Dinner
Julia Butterfly's Heroic Struggle to save Ancient Redwoods
The Dory (40 Years of Passion, Conservation and Adventure)
Fire and the Changing Land (USDA Forest Service)
The Federal Wildland Fire Budget
Sierra Club Bulletin (June 1969)
American Land Conservancy (Winter 2003)
High Country News Vol37 No13 (July 25, 2005)
Forest Magazine (Nov/Dec 2000)
Lake Powell (Jewel of the Colorado)
X4 The Great River Journeys (Northwest Dories)
X3 Martin Litton's Grand Canyon Dories (1984 Expeditions)
The Association of Yale Alumni
Float Trips on the Salmon River
Senate The Grand Canyon (Article) Document No.42
United States Court of Appeals (No.73-1653)
Citizens for a Redwoods National Park (August 1967)
National Geographic Traveler (March/April 1993)
Conde Nast's Traveler (April 1988)
18 (Photos and Negatives Only)
Content of this box include:
G.R.J. Receipts 1996-1997 Folder
X4 Woman Tribe Member on Beach (1-4)
Boat on Rapid River (#5)
Docked Boat; Mingle with Tribe (#6)
#7 NSFW Tribe Children and Woman
#8 NSFW Local Man looking at Tribe Woman
#9 NSFW Tribe Woman speaking to child
#10 NSFW Man hand on Tribe Woman's Shoulder
#11 NSFW Up-close Tribe Woman
#12 Tapanahony 1960-70 Proofs, Negatives
#13 "Suriuaeu" Proofs, Negatives
#14 Para Maribo 1960's 1970's Proofs and Negatives
#15 "Bush and Negro Villages" 60's Proofs and Negatives
#16 Para Maribo 1960's 1970's Proofs and Negatives
#17 "Suriuaeu" 1980's Proofs and Negatives
#18 Beach and Enjoyment Proofs and Negatives
#19 Large Trees and Boat Proofs and Negatives
#20 NSFW Tribe Children and Woman P and N
#21 Woman and Her Catch Proofs and Negatives
#22 Individual on Boat: Crocodile P,N
#23 Town Roads and Civilians Proofs and Negatives
#24 Tribe Woman and Children in Water
#25 PANAM Airlines and Campfire
#26 Resident Building; Civilians Life P,N
#27 NSFW Tribe Women and Children
2007 1 to 100 Folder
#1 Baby Monkey; Tribe Woman; Boat on Water
#2 Native Woman Rolling Dough
#3 Treetops and Aerial River
#4 1st Person River and Navigating Rocky Terrain
#5 River Scenic Shot
#6 Native Man on Edge of a Boat
#7 NSFW Tribe Children
#8 Wooden Ceiling and Planks
#9 Treetops Black and White
#10 NSFW Woman and Baby Hammock
#11 Upper Coppeneme River
#12 Part of Raleigh Falls (2040)
#13 One of the Raleigh Falls
#14 Taniimama Creek; Creek of Cenhenien
X2 #15 Two men looking over River Rapid
#16 Precolombian Amerinaniah
X3 #17 Three Tribe Men Rowing Boat
#18 Some of Guest Range at R. Falls
#19 #4 Tribe Men on Boat Posing for Picture
#20 Tribe Men Dragging Boat into River
#21 Tribe Children Playing
#22 Tribe Eating and Boatman
#23 Boatman + River
#24 Navigating River Rocks and River
#25 Children and Archery
#26 Tribe Men and Women Meeting
#27 Docked Boat and Boatman
#28 Flooding Boat; Tourists Watching
#29 Tribe Woman Standing Together
#30 Tribe Woman with Cotton + River Scenery
#31 Cacti +Member Gathering and Eating
#32 Facial Tribe Woman
#33 Tribe Children and River
#34 River, Photographer BLUR; Forest
#35 Tribe Women and Children and Scenery
#36 Neighborhood and Residential Photo
#37 Tribe Children and House across Field
#38 Swimming and Playing in the Lake
#39 Tribe woman and children rowing a boat
#40 Tourists standing before forest tree tops
#41 Photographer and Civilians chatting together
#42 Traversing through the large forest
#43 Playing in the water and Docked Boat
#44 Swimming and Playing in Water
#45 Cacti; Treetops; Photographing the Sky
#46 Swimming in Water; Forest and Cacti
#47 Forest Treetops
#48 Swimming and Playing in Water
#49 Docked Full Boats; Nature Walk; Language Sign
#50 Flooding Boat; Tourists Watching
#51 Cacti + Member Gathering and Eating
#52 Flight in Mid-Air; Airplane
#53 River and Foggy River Scenery
#54 A Very Nice Tree and Village Square
#55 River, Photographer BLUR; Forest
#56 Aerial Tree Tops and Cliffside
#57 Photographer and Civilians chatting together
#58 People Diving into River from Boat
#59 Playing in the water and Docked Boat
#60 Aerial Photograph Treetops
#61 Traversing through the large forest
#62 Large Plants and Treetops
#63 People on a Porch looking at river
#64 Tourists standing before forest tree tops
#65 Playing in the water and Docked Boat
#66 Tourists standing before forest tree tops
#67 Aerial Tree Tops and Cliffside
#68 Sepia, Loading and Docking a boat
#69 Tribe Eating and Boatman
#70 Tribe Children and Archery
#71 Front Boatman and River
#72 Tourists on rocks
#73 NSFW Tribe Woman and Baby + Hammock
#74 Tribe Women and Children Near Docked Boat
#75 Pushing out a boat into river
#76 NSFW Tribe Woman and Docked Boat
#77 River Scenery + Boat against Rapids
#78 Distance of Village on Beach
#79 NSFW Bathing a Tribe Child
#80 Shot Hidden Village on Beach
#81 NSFW Monkey on Tribe Lady
#82 Boat stuck between rocks
#83 Tribe Man Shaving and Village
#84 Boatman
#85 Tribe Child + Tree Tops
#86 River Horizon Point
#87 Boatman and River
#88 River Horizon Pont Various
#89 Children + Archery
#90 Boatman
#91 Tribe Members on Beach Side
#92 Tribe Member Observing Plane
#93 Smiling Children + Tribe Teamwork
#94 NSFW Tribe Children Gathering
#95 Tribe Men Gathering and Line-Up
#96 Waterfall + Heavy Rapids
#97 Boatman + Tribe Teamwork
#98 Tribe Hut
#99 Turning River Horizon
#100 River Rapid and Horizon
2007 100 to 145 Folder
#101 Treetops and Tree
#102 Tribe Beach Side + Vines on Rocks
#103 3 Man Boat Trip
#104 NSFW Tribe Woman+ Baby and Trees
#105 Home in the Woods + Boat near Dock
#106 Tribe Man
#107 NSFW Man Posing with Tribe Woman
#108 Boatman; Tribe Hut; Beach Floor
#109 NSFW Tribe Woman and Children and Men
#110 Pushing a boat into the water
#111 NSFW Tribe Woman and Children and Men
#112 Rocky Waterfall
#113 Inside a House
#114 Tribe Teamwork
#115 NSFW Tribe Women and Children
#116 Native Fisherman
#117 NSFW Tribe Woman at Work
#118 Tractor at Camp
#119 Undocking a boat
#120 Child Blowing Balloon
#121 Boatman undocking boat
#122 Treetops and Tree Base
#123 Boat Crew
#124 Boatman
#125 NSFW Tribe Meeting and Boatman
#126 Traversing through the large forest
#127 Tribe Member Observing Plane
#128 Tribe Member Carrying Boat over Rocks
#129 Finish Carving of Boat
#130 Boat River Horizon
#131 Traversing through the large forest
#132 Tourists standing before forest tree tops
#133 Boat Docked and Harbor
#134 Birds and Pigs
#135 NSFW Man posing with Tribe Women
#136 Plane in the Brush + River Views
#137 Plane in the Brush + River Views
#138 Tribe Man on Boat on Water
#139 Boatman; Tribe Hut; Beach Floor
#140 Man Shaving + River + Waterfall
#141 Boatman
#142 River Short Waterfall
#143 Group of Photographers and Tourists
#144 Aerial photos out of a plane
#145 Photographers and Tourists Eating
Preview Trip for 1976
#146 NSFW Tribe Woman w/ Baby + Carved Boat
#147 Children and Archery
#148 Tribe Men Undocking Boat + River Horizon
#149 Tribe Man Jumping Rocks + Carrying Supplies
#150 Tribe Members lining up + Animals + Hut
#151 River Foggy Horizon + Tribe man
#152 NSFW Tribe Girl washing Baby
#153 Tribe Teamwork pulling boat; Boat on Water
#154 Rocky Terrain, Carrying boat across rocks
#155 Rocky Terrain, Carrying boat across rocks
#156 NSFW Tribe Children and Gathering
#157 Rocky Terrain, Carrying boat across rocks
#158 Boatman and Lounging on a Boat
#159 NSFW Tribe Woman and Baby in Hammock
#160 Vine Branch + Tribe Beach Side
#161 NSFW Tribe Woman and Monkey
#162 Tribe Men Standing Side by Side
#163 Behind Shot of Boatman
#164 Jumping and Rowing a Wooden Carve Boat
#165 Man Shaving + River Horizons
#166 NSFW Tribe Woman Kneading Dough
#166 NSFW Tribe Woman Kneading Dough
#168 NSFW Tribe Woman and Men getting out of boat
#169 Tribe Hut + River Horizons
#170 River Horizons + Shady Bush and Forest Thing
#171 Rocky Terrain + Tree Flower
#172 Tribe Children and Tribe man at work
#173 Tribe Hut and Man Shaving
#174 NSFW River Horizon and Tribe Members on Boat
#175 NSFW Tribe Children and Tribe Women
#176 NSFW Tribe Members and Boatman
#177 NSFW Woman and Baby + Woman Picking Food
#178 NSFW Tribe Woman in Hammock
#179 Boatman Directing a boat while in water
#180 NSFW Tribe Members in Boat and Civil Day
#181 Rocky Terrain + Tree Flower
#182 Aerial Photography of Tree Tops
#183 Tribe Children + Tree and River and Bushes
#184 Aerial Photography of Tree Tops
#185 Tribe Children and Men around Dead Campfire
#186 Boatman pulling boat and cargo through river
#187 Tribe Village + Huge Tree
#188 NSFW Tribe woman and baby in the Jungle
#189 Tribe Teamwork
#190 House in the woods + Tribe Members on Boat
#191 NSFW Tribe Children; Tree Tops; Tree Base
#192 Tribe Members Carrying Boat over Rocks
#193 NSFW Tribe Woman Carrying Food
#194 Unloading boat + Beach side shore
#195 Group of Photographers and Tourists
#196 Traversing through the large forest
#197 Aerial Photography of Tree Tops
#198 Traversing through the large forest
#199 NSFW Man Posing + Various Tribe Women
#200 Boatman pulling boat and cargo through river
#201 Unloading boat + Beach side shore
#202 In-Flight Plane Win + City Sidewalk
#203 City and Harbor Proofs + Negatives
#204 Photographers and Tourists Eating
#205 Distance Shot of Forest Tree-Tops
#206 Docked Full Boats; Nature Walk; Language Sign
#207 Spear Fishing + Tribe Men Carrying Stuff
#208 Boat Harbor +Construction Site
#209 NSFW Tribe Woman and Baby
#210 NSFW Bent Proof of Tribe Woman and Baby
#211 Water Reflection of River Horizon
#212 NSFW Negatives of Tribe Woman and Baby in Forest
Coast Redwoods Folder 1973
#1 Plane N195JJ on airfield
#2 California Hot Springs 086
#3 Owyhee River (George Miller and Martin Litton)
#4 C.46 Cockpit B and W Active pre-flight start up.
(x2) #5 Manki Garden; Landing in Holland 1944.
#6 Engineers Investigating Train
#7 Martin Litton and Crew Blasting on Malibu Dori
#8 Construction Site and Aerials Proofs + Negatives
#9 Suriname (Plane Aerial Mid-Flight Negatives of Wing)
#10 Aerial Shot of Woman overlooking canyon Negatives
#11 Redwood Tree Base Vertical Negatives
#12 Aerial Treetops and "The Grove" Overview gathering
#13 Small woman in a huge forest (Redwood Forest) Neg
#14 The aftermath of the destruction of May Creek
#15 Ironic Arcata Redwood Company (Destruction)
#16 Investigating the Aftermath of the Giant Sequoia Ruins
#17 The Lumber Yard + "Predator" Inside the Woods Photo
#18 Comparison (The Redwoods Standing Tall vs not at all)
#19 Verticals of Severed Landscape and vehicle trails
#20 More of the Redwoods Severed stumps.
#21 Vertical Negatives of Tree Base and Woods
#22 Picnic Area; ARCO tree farm; Lumber Yard Negatives
#23 W. Smith Fallen Trees and Hallow Logs w/ negatives
#24 Photos Taken of Inter-forest Shot 1967
#25 Aerial of Miller-Rellim Lumber Co. Harsh Truth
#26 Clyde Childress Aerial photos of Redwood Forest
#27 Aerials of Redwood Creek and Environments 1973
#28 The Aftermath of Destruction of Starwein Ridge
#29 The Beginning Logging of Redwoods in Autumn 1971
San Joaquin Irrigation Canal Folder
#1 Aerial San Joaquin Valley
#2 Aerial San Joaquin Valley
#3 Aerial San Joaquin Valley
#4 Aerial San Joaquin Valley
#5 Aerial San Joaquin Valley
2007 ML - EL Folder
E. Litton Papago Indian Reservation, Arizona Photo
Yuma + El Centro Plank Road of Highway 80.
Empty South America: Surinam Folder Packet
#18 Negatives + Proofs Merida Venezuela 1965
Empty S. American Venezuela 1960 Folder Packet
Calendar Photo "Grand Canyon Dories" for August
Martin Litton and Crew on Dories Circa 1975
#1 Negatives Town Square, Crew near Sequoia, Forest
SO. America 1960 Chile Folder
#1 Trais-Aud Dirt Road Top Down B and W Shot
#2 P. Mott Train and Station and man
#3 P. Mott Train Passing Stable with Men working top train
#4 P. Mott Train Passing Stable with Men working top train
#5 Las Andes Onslaught of the Old People and Horse Army
#6 Puerto Varas Hotel Back "Porch" and Village Distant
#7 Puerto Varas Children on the Train
#8 Puerto Varas Sidewalk Town Interior Vanishing Point
#9 Proofs 2902 Trains and Rock Sacred Grotto Place
#10 Proofs 2902 Trains, Rock Grotto, Negatives
#11 Out of a Train Window + Train 103 with Crew Proofs
#12 Train Station; Horse; Stationary Train
#13 Negatives + Proofs Train Window + Landscape #1 Small
#14 Train Station; Horse; Stationary Train + Negatives
#15 Train Window + Landscape + #1 All Proofs
#16 Crowded Train Station + Landscape + Train + Negatives
#17 Train Window + Landscape + #1 Including Negatives
#18 Crowded Train Station + Landscape + Train + Negatives
#19 Chile Train + Mountain Side
#20 Mountain Side and #1 Small Proof
#21 Side Train with Mountain in the back + Rocks
#21 Side Train with Mountain in back + Rocks + Negativess
#22 Negatives of #20 and #19
#23 Out of a Train Window + Train 103 with Crew Negs
Grand Canyon Dories Information Bookmark
Barranca Del Cobre Tarahumara Springs Folder
#1 Native Indian Man
#2 Aerial Shot down into a Valley and River
#3 "Popcorn" Mountain/ Mountain Side Covered in Trees
#4 Heart of Barranca Del Colre: Popcorn w/Soaptree Yucca
#5 Native Overlooking Forest Woods on Rock
#6 Tejahuan Ruins: The Barranca Village Angle 1
#7 Old Man Overlooking Lumber Yard
#8 Playing and Swimming in Water River Stream- Lake
#9 Same Old Man Overlooking Village and Town
#10 Mountain Village of Creel: Hotel and Cafe
#11 "Mexico's Canyon of Mystery" Downriver Location
#12 "Mexico's Canyon of Mystery" Downriver Location
#13 Man scoping out Canyon with Binoculars
#14 Garden Planting
#15 Mountain Village of Creel: Hotel and Café
#16 Bridge over River with Cows at one end
#17 Native Overlooking Woods on Rock
#18 Aerial Shot down into a Valley and River
Barranca Del Cobre Batopilas Folder
#1 Man Overlooking Abandoned Sawmill with Notes
#2 Man Overlooking Abandoned Sawmill with Notes
#3 Boy in a Tree
#4 Martin Litton's Car in Valley on way to Barranca
#5 Overlooking HUGE Canyon
#6 Litton's Car out of the Valley
#7 Primitive Lead Mine in Barranca Del Cobre
#8 Tejahuan Ruins: The Barranca Village Angle 1
#9 Garden Planting
#10 Martin Litton's Car in Valley on way to Barranca
#11 Tejahuan Ruins: The Barranca Village Angle 1
#12 Tejahuan Ruins: The Barranca Village Angle 2
#13 Tejahuan Ruins: The Barranca Village Angle 1
#14 Aerial Shot of an Unknown Sawmill
#15 Ruins of a British Mine; Abandoned 80 Years Ago
#16 Aerial Shot down into a Valley and River
#17 Aerial Shot of an Unknown Sawmill
#18 Country Man overlooking Canyon
#19 Aerial Shot down into a Valley and River
#20 Overlooking HUGE Canyon
Surinam Tourist Bureau Envelope
Letter regarding 37 Prints being Sent
#1 Native Man
#2 A Home (Building) in the woods
#3 Children holding Rocks
#4 Town children gathering in village
#5 Tribe Member watching Plane Takeoff
#6 Archery + Children + Tribe Working
Sunset Magazine Envelope
#1 Aerial Shot of Canyon Overview
(In Order of Negatives)
People Overlooking Canyon + Hill
X8 Aerial Shots of Mountain
Aerial shot of mountain + Hill
People Overlooking Canyon + Top of Valley
18 (Everything Excluding Photos)
Content of this box include:
Videos and VHS Cassettess
Headwaters Forest Forever VHS Cassette
Cry of the Condor
The Good Fight: The Martin Litton Story
Laminated Poster for "The Last Great Sequoias"
Membership Card for Glider Pilots Association
Soft Comm. Laminated Headphone Advertisements
Empty Great River Journeys Envelope
Richard C. Sermon Business Card
Mary Williams Phone Number
Earth Island Institute Empty Envelope
Magno Sound and Video Pocket Sleeve
Empty "Deliver To" Hummingbird Envelope
Friendly Savage Missing "Photo Description"
Daedalus Books Receipt to Esther Litton
X2 Empty Negative Protective Sheets
Empty "History of Sequoia FK" Folder
Empty "Salmon R. Charter" Folder
The Almanac (September 13, 200) Vol. XXXVI
Big Sur Gazette (July- August 1979 Version)
Wild Rivers Reporter (Vol. 1, No. 1) Summer 1970
Old Spanish Ruin Sighted from Air
Adventure Magazine Article "Litton Flipped Dories"
Canyon: A Plea to Tear Down a Dam
Special Guest Martin Litton
Running with Current
A True Lover of Wilderness Mourn Future of The West
My God, It's Waltenberg
War Veteran Likes His Life as Hermit
Lawmakers Blast Forest Service for Meeting at Sierra Club
Judge's order suspends Sequoia forest logging
Saving the Giant in California
Incomplete Grand Canyon Private Boaters Association
X2 Monument Scientific Advisory Board
Saving the Pupfish
House balks on Dam Deal
U.S Acts to Save Pine Forest for California
The Angry old Man of the Forest
When Sgt. Haggerty went to War
Where There's Smoke, There's Liars
Conservation-Minded People Win Battle
Unknown Pamphlet "Not all Has been a Failure"
Ed Begley Jr. joins SFK's Advisory Board
The False Choice between overconsumption...
The Sequoia Seedling "Hello Members"
Incomplete "Dory Story"
The American West Travelodge
Lawmakers call for probe into alleged logging of pines
The Sequoia Seedling meet with Obama in 2006
X2 Tule River Conservancy (Spring, 1998)
State wants Sequoia Monument Draft Tossed
Logging costs laid at White House Door
The Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund
Logging Threat to Sierra Giants
Logging Threat to Sierra Giants
What Happened to the Sierra?
Still Saving Trees
Ban Logging in Sierra's national forest lands
Longtime Activist sings out against Forest Service
Conducting your own reforestation survey
Report Appreciated
DutchCool to People of Colony
195 Reasons to Fly (Bax Seat)
Our Struggle to Save the "Saved"
Notable Achievements during the 3,500 Life Span.
The Mighty Sequoia...
Pamphlets, Books, Magazines, Packets
Camp Nelson McIntyre Creek Tract Map
Giant Sequoia National Monument Designated Roads Map
The Baldy Eagle (Sierra Club) September-October 2000
Giant Sequoia National Monument Roads and Statistics
Green Footnotes (Spring 2015)
Sierra Club Bulletin (March 1952)
Trains and Travel (October 1952 Edition)
Sierra Club (Outdoor Newsletter May 22, 1964)
Unprotected Giant Sequoia National Forest Env. Now
Environment Now 2000 Message and Annual Report
Rivers of Life... (Friends of the River: Southern California)
Young Timers Magazine (April-May 1948)
UCLA Crew VS University of California College Pamphlet
Dams in Grand Canyon- A Necessary Evil?
The Living Wilderness Winter 1964-65
The Dory Story (Full) by Martin Litton
Stories of the Pacific Crest Trail Laminated Pamphlet
Northwest Dories (Grand Canyon Dories)
An Environmental Movement going Nowhere
Stephenson's Abstract and Thesis (Eco and Management)
A Message to Congress: Plight of the Redwoods
X2 Pamphlets "Save the Sequoias"
Manuscripts and Documents
The Destruction of the Sequoia National Monument
Martin's Original Version (Slightly Edited) Snake River
Missing Page 3 of Unknown Doc (World Lumber Produce)
Grand Canyon-Arizona-OutsiderOnline.Com Website
108th, 2nd Session House of Representatives (Bill)
Immediate Release (Environmental Groups Intervene)
2011 Salmon Wild Seasons Info Statistics
Schedule of Proposed Actions USDA + Letter
Case No. CIV-F-03-630 Injunctive Relief
Memo from Dave Bosworth (Consider Forest Service)
Missing Page 2 (Edited Page) Sequoia ForestKeeper
Call to Action to Congress Document
Missing Page; Example of Board Misdirection
Statement of Martin Litton to NAU*
Lee's Ferry to Temple Bar
X2 Sierra Residents File Lawsuit (Environment Now)
Memo from John (Chris Modin) Issues in the Final MRP
Unscrambling Action Priorities on Sequoia National Forest
Sequoia National Monument and the Heritage Site
President Proclamation (Sequoia Monument)
X2 Statement of Senator Barbara Boxer
Trail of 100 Giants Interview Manuscript
Funding Organizations of Dr. Thomas Bonnicksen
News Release + Case No--- Complaint for Relief
X2 Timber Cutting Probe Sought
Sequoia ForestKeeper 2010 Annual Planning Meeting
Quote from New York State Constitution
Breaking News "Save our Sequoias" Advertisement
Quote from Adlai Stevenson (1965)
Quote from Upton Sinclair
Litton Check for $35,000
Quote from J. Michael McCloskey
RSVP and Ticket Checklist for Conservative Voters Dinner
2011 Signatures from "Members of Congress"+
From John Wills (October 2nd 1998)
To Mary Ann Erickson (December 17, 1978)
From Barbara Boxer (January 7, 1998)
To Jim Hawkins (October 3, 2003)
From John Blackstone (March 10, 1992)
To Daniel R. Tormey (October 19, 2002)
From Bob Hagge (September, 1, 2000)
Letter to John Blaustein (May 17, 2002)
Email from Frank Angel to President Public Email
From Stephen Garrison (May 04, 1997)
Series of Letters from Dave Brower to Ed Martin
From Anna G. Eshoo (December 21, 2006)
Edited Letter from Ara Marderosian to James Taylor
Informal Letter to Mike
Congratulate Letter to Martin (Board Member)
To Barbara Boyle (February 18, 1991)
From Martin Litton to Editor of the Times (June 9, 1977)
From John J. Berger (March 22, 2004)
To Alan Cranston (June 2, 1977)
To Barbara Boxer (June 15, 1993)
To the Editor from Litton (April 7, 2005)
From: James Alehana (April 5, 1946)
To Bruce Babbitt (April 13, 1995)
From John Wills (July 25, 1997)
Anonymous Hand Written letter to Litton (July 20, 1977)
To George M. Woodwell (January 03, 2002)
From Anna G. Eshoo (June 21, 2012)
To Bill and Jean (October 27, 2004)
To Carl Ross from Debbie Masterson (October 4, 2007)
To Mr. Hoffman (August 26, 1984) from Litton
X3 Unknown Address from Martin Litton (Nov 22, 1995)
To Sandra Key; From John Rasmussen (April 23, 1992)
Congress Letter to John C. Litton (August 14, 2003)
From Albert; To Litton (Thank You Note) Jun 11, 1997
To Carl; From Litton (August 10, 1990)
To President Ronald Reagan (August 4, 1986)
From Richard W. Marks (October 06, 1987)
To Marianne Stump (April 20, 1977)
To Edward Norton (April 17, 1990)
To Tom Turner (August 10, 1985)
Unknown Address from Martin Litton (At your Service)
From Adjutant General Arthur Brown to First Lieutenant
X4 Letter to Barbara Boxer (July 9, 1993)
Series of Written Letters from Frank Wells (Monday 26th)
Written Letter to Ana Eshoo from Stewart Udall (1996)
Incomplete Letter from Martin Litton "Hazards"
Letter to Barbara Boxer from Frank Wells (July 9, 1993)
Strange Format Letter from Ansel Adams (Sept 20th 1952)
Letter to George Miller (August 30th, 2000)
Letter to Terry Tamminen (April 30, 2003)
Email Conversation between Ara M. and Dan C. (2010)
Letter to Sam "Hospitals are Behind Me" February 2011
Email from Richard Kangas (March 1st, 2013)
From Ben Zuckerman; To James Bennet (Feb 13, 2009)
Email to Ara from Nathan Stephenson (March 04, 2005)
Memo Letter from Anna Eshoo (April 19, 2004)
From Nancy Brian and Litton to P.T. Reilly (Oct 29, 1996)
From Dan A. Emmett (November 21, 1990)
From Joy Parades (March 24, 2004)
To David Mihalic (August 26, 2002)
From Ara to Danielle "Dan's Sudden Resignation"
To Nancy and George (July 05, 2013)
From Ben Zuckerman (January 14, 2009)
Letter from Dan Christianson (December 18, 2013)
From Kevin Fedarko (April 16, 2009)
Written Letter From Andre Potochnick (6/9/1996)
Memo Letter from Martin Litton (March 12, 2003)
From George M. Woodwell to Ara Marderosian (2003)
From George M. Woodwell to Arthur Affray (May 2003)
To Paul E. Waggoner (October 18, 2002)
To Jim Hawkings (October 3, 2003)
To Jim Whitfield from Department of Justice (Feb 2003)
To Andrew Grubb (May 31, 2007)
To Richard N. Goldman (May 14, 2007)
To Drummond Pike (September 3, 2003)
To Niel Lawrence (Feb 22, 2000) + Bill Case Followings
To Daniel R. Glickman (February 14, 2000)
To Jenny O'Brien (March 26, 1992)
To Barbara Boxer (June 07, 2011)
To Carl Bausch (August 01, 1990)
From Olga M. Madar (September 08, 1967)
From Linda Reavely (July 21, 1980)
From Anna Eshoo (June 20, 2011)
Happy Holidays Card from Russell and Betsy (Dec. 2012)
Thank You Card from Tacy (November 21, 2013)
Adventure Recap card from Kelly (September 19, 2013)
Happy Birthday Card from Linda Hunt and Harriet Burgess
Custom Card; Funky Stuff Letter fm/ Joan Pierce May 29th
Content of this box include:
VHS and Video Tapes
Champions of the Land 1994
X2 Spaceship Earth: The Dilemma of GC 2015
Going the Grand 1994
Desert Act
Salmon and Snake Rivers: Northwest Dories
Water: Sacred and Profaned
Environment Now Wells Family Tribute
Yellow Stone-Under Fire
Bibelfest im Pulverschnee von Claus Kleber
James Taylor "Colorado River Adventure"
X3 Tom Brokaw: The American Spirit
With James Taylor in Sequoia National Forest
Bringing Back the Salmon: Bypassing Dams
Wilde Western Wasser Lines
Wild Connections: The Hells Canyon Wallowa Eco
Grand Canyon Wilderness (Clearwater Films)
Law and Order Flood Episode
MacNeil/Lehrer Sequoia Pre-Monument
X2 MacNeil/Lehrer SEQUOIAS 1992
X2 Save the Sequoias- Martin Litton 1990
Grand Canyon Wilderness Clearwater Films
To Bear Witness (Environment Now)
GC W/ Nos VHS Short Movie
German Grand Canyon
Legends 194 Oral Histories. Steiger
Laurel Ericson- G.C
PBS McNeil Lehrer News hour
Without Compromise (Litton Interview Selects)
Litton Fil Window Dubs VHS Transfer
U.S News Forever Wild (Rough Cut)
Tom Brokaw W/Dad CBS News
Wilde Western Wasser Wolfgang Ebert
Foothill College About the Sequoias 1990
#344 Acetate Film Reel (See Description Below)
X4 "Terry and the Pirates" LA Times Comic Book
Contents of this box are organized in the following series (Based on Folder Names):
Folder #1
Account #702 Check Balancing Scrap Notes
Account Bank Prices and Unknown Numbers
Folder #2
Waver of Notice and Consent for 1990
Waver of Notice and Consent for 1991
Waver of Notice and Consent for 1992
Letter from Jean M. Cushman (Sept 1992)
Letter to Merrill B. Weech (July 27, 1992)
Set of Unknown Word Cutouts
Personal Taxes Due
Clyde M. and Esther C. Litton Tax Payments
Dean Witter Family Funds (Asset Fund 1991)
X2 Dean Witter Family Funds (Asset Fund 1992)
Statement of Your Account (October 31, 1992)
Miscellaneous A
Creating the American Earth
Aeolous Boats
AE Olus Boats (1995) Pamphlet
America Outdoors Newsletters
America Outdoors Newsletter Volume 2
America Outdoors Newsletter Volume 3
Torn First Page AON Volume 22
Folder #3
Inahgeh Wetlands Book
Folder #4
Incomplete Letter from David R. Brower
Full Letter from David R. Brower
"How Builder Del Webb Managed To Win Prime"
Arizona Lawsuit
Letter from Martin Litton (November 22, 1995)
Decision of Hearing Officer (Case No. 910974-S)
Wilderness World: Supreme Court Case 94-0122
Check Number 0287 Invoice and Letter
Check Number 0239 Invoice and Letter
Check Number 0234 Invoice and Letter
Check Number 0216 Invoice and Letter
Check Number 0233 Invoice and Letter
Case No. 910974-S Taxpayer's Response
Letter from Christopher E. Avery (Nov 12, 1992)
Fees and Costs S12-349 Document
Compliance Section's Supplemental Memo 1995
X2 Letter from Ann M. Dumenil (May 5, 1995)
CV 94-0122-PR (Pursuant to Rule 22)
No.910974-S (In the Tax Protest)
Letter to Vladimir and Nada (Oct 24, 1994)
Supreme Court (CA-TX 92-0016) Letter Packet
Hand Written Notes: Amusement Xerox
Arizona Tax Appeal Letter from Ann D. (1993)
Addt. AZ Tax Appeal Letter from Ann D. (1993)
Revenue Case Letter from Ann Dumenil (1994)
Tax Appeal Opening Brief Letter from Ann D. (1993)
Letter to Martin Litton and Valdo (1992)
Empty Envelope from AZ Department of Revenue
92-0016 Appellant's Motion for Review
92-0016 Order Department T.
92-0016 Motion for Reconsideration
92-00109 Application for Attorney's Fees
92-0016 Department T OPINION
Copy Supplemental Application Letter (1995)
94-0122-PR Supplemental Application
94-0122-PR Supplemental Objections
94-0122-PR Motion for Leave to File
94-0122-PR Memorandum Amicus Curiae
188 Ariz. Adv. Rep. 23
910974-S Director's Order
Copy Motions for Reconsideration Letter (1995)
94-00109 ORDER Tax Court Letter (1995)
Client No. 45529 Sales Tax Protest (1995)
Letter from Ann M. Dumenil (November 18, 1992)
Case No 910974-S Taxpayer's Response
Facts and Procedural History + Civil Proceedings
Small Memo from Ann M. Dumenil (1992) To Litton
American Wildlands
Letter from John Randy (July 11, 1988)
X2 Blank Stationary "American Wilderness Alliance"
On The Wild Side (Vol. 4, No.2 Spring/Summer 1993)
Front Page American Wilderness Adventures Magazine
George Ballis
Sales and Use Tax Regulations
Sales and Use Tax Regulations
Miscellaneous "C"
Letter + Resume from Will Callaway (Jan 24, 1991)
1987 American Cho Oyu Expedition
California Historical Society
Letter from Kay Feallock (September 28, 1992)
California History: Spring 1980
California Native Plant Society
Fremontia: A Cali Journal (CNPS 25TH Anniversary)
California Academy of Science
Letter from Jovanne D. Reilly (June 6th, 1991)
Camas Prairie Railroad
Gandy Dancer Productions Advertisement
Lewiston Morning Tribune Newspaper
Letter to Douglas Smith (October 13, 1987)
Letter to Paul Fritz (September 4, 1987)
Letter to Ken Masoner (September 4, 1987)
Letter to Douglas Smith (September 4, 1987)
Letter to LuVerne Grussing (September 4, 1987)
Letter to Am Aylworth (September 4, 1987)
Letter to Am Aylworth (October 13, 1987)
Letter to Martin Litton (July 1, 1988)
Letter Complication 1988 + Information
Letter to John P. Barclay (September 4, 1987)
NPS steams into the age of railroads Articles
Letter from Douglas Smith (July 22, 1987)
Camera Folder
Empty Olympus Remote Control Box
Olympus Instruction Manuals + Warranty
Camera Trouble Shooting Guide
Equipment Page Item Catalogue
X2 Camera Purchase Receipt
Olympus Worldwide Warranty 3500 DLX
Shipping Receipt; 3500 EFS CAM and QD PCE
X3 Litton Shipping and Handling Camera Receipt
Chums Folder
Letter from Mike Taggett (4/23/91)
Colorado River Adventures
X3 Colorado River Adventures Premiere Information
Letter from Celia Tennenbaum (Fall 1995)
Turner Productions Fax Memorandum + Letter
Letter to William Anderson (May 5 + April 5 1995)
Information about Bruce Babbitt + Bill Clinton
Miscellaneous D
Letter from Grace Keefast (April 12, 1993)
Marian P. Bubler Experience and Resume Page
X3 Desert Protection Act Draft + Letter
X3 Decision for the Desert: Protection Act Book
X2 The California Desert: Western Heritage
Environment Now
Rob Wells (First Quarter, 1998) Sequoia Memo
Rob Wells (April-June Inclusive, 1998) Memo
Terra Loquitur [The Earth Speaks] Newspaper
Letter to Dianne Feinstein (9/5/1995)
Letter from Richard S. Luskin (September 13, 1990)
Letter to Rob Wells from Martin Litton
Miscellaneous F
River Book Draft Section + Letter to Martin
News and World Rep.
Grand Canyon Draft #301 by Jesse Sublett
Fishes and Aquatic Resources
Fishes and Aquatic Resources: Death Valley System
Friends of the River
X2 Friends of the River 1973-1988
Testimony of Friends of the River Foundation (1990)
Memo: Friends of Grand Canyon w/ Kevin Wolf 90'
Agenda for Todays' Meeting (March 8, 1990)
Annual Spring Auction Information and Prices
HR 4498 Introduced in Congress: Save the G.C
CREDA: Position of Colorado River (1990)
Letter from Larry Orman (May 10, 1990)
Incomplete Letter from Martin Litton (????)
Notice to All Members for Boards of Directors
Reminder to Contact People
Hand Letter from David Balliny (February 12, 2017)
Hand Letter from David Balliny (February 12, 2017)
Litton's Memo "Friends of the River"
Letter from Ethan Winston (January 4, 1991)
Possible Donation Card for Friends of the River
Empty Envelope "Friends of the river"
South Fork Trinity Call for Help
Federation of Western Outdoor 2-4-82
X74 Statement of Litton before Public Lands and Parks
Friends of UCLA Rowing
Friends of UCLA Rowing Overwatch
Empty Envelope of Federation of Western Clubs
X2 Empty Stationary Page for FWOC
Miscellaneous G
Letter from Dom (Info Request about Asa Gray)
Asa Gray Information Page
Forest Geography and Archeology
Desert Folder
The Desert Protective Council Pamphlet
X3 Desert Fishes Council: Battle against Extinction
Letter from John Seymour (April 15, 1991)
Audubon Desert Task Force (April, 1990)
Letter to 60 Minutes from Litton (Feb 19, 1979)
X4 Board of Supervisors: County of Santa Clara
X4 Resolution No. 52880 (Desert Protection Act)
X3 Endorsements for California Desert Protection Act
X3 Passed Resolution Confirmation: Desert Act
X4 Resolution No. 8-88 (Support for Desert Act)
X4 Resolution No. 413-88 (Desert Protection Act)
City of Vallejo Proclamation (Desert Act)
X3 City of Davis (Resolution No.6259) 1989
X4 City of Visalia Resolution Endorsement
X4 Letter to Anne Rudin (July 20, 1989)
X3 Resolution No. 89-46 (Protection Act 1989)
X3 Resolution No. 17107 (Riverside, California)
X3 Board of Supervisors of the County of Alameda
X3 Endorsing the Desert Act. Resolution No. 89/375
Letter to U.S Land Management (May 14, 1980)
X4 Defenders Magazine January + February 1990
New West: Goodbye to the 70's Magazine
Vagabond: Adventures in 4-Wheel Drive
Empty "Defenders of Wildlife" Donation Envelope
Federation of Western Outdoor Clubs
X14 Empty FWOC Envelopes
X59 Empty FWOC Paper Stationary
Outdoors West Magazine Winter 1977 Edition
X5 Federation of Western Outdoor Clubs
1992 FWOC Annual Convention Minutes + Doc
Resolutions Adopted at the 1992 Convention
61st Convention FWOC Details and Scheduling
60th Annual FWOC convention Information
Preliminary Program for the 60th Annual FWOC
Hand Written Information for David Struhs
1990 FWOC Convention Minutes and Information
Letter from Robert Haage (09/12/1990)
Letter from Bob and Lila Haage (9/11/90)
X2 The Resolutions (Trials: An Endangered Species)
X2 Outdoors West Newspaper (Summer 1990)
FWOC Member Clubs and Previous Attendees
FWOC and Washington Rails-To-Trails Conservancy
Letter from Cyril M. Slansky (September 27, 1975)
Judy S. Davis: Executive Committee Meeting Info
Minutes of the 1976 Annual Convention (1976)
Letter from Ken B./ Hazel W./ Hasse B.
Resolution of the FWOC
Empty Folders
92-93 Cash Disbursements
Desert Fishes Council x1
Desert Fishes Council x2
Cascade Outfitters
Alliance for the Wild Rockies
Dory Construction
Dinosaur National Monument
Lois Garry
This collection is organized in the following series:
Sequoia Protection: Proposed Resolution
X3 Giant Sequoia Management Abstract + Doc
Wiltshire Associates Fax Cover Sheet for Litton
Sierra Now Conference Workshops
Sierra Now Draft Budget (6/22/92)
Bio and Management Implications Abstract Page
Missing Page 3 and 4 of Unknown Document
X26 Environmental Brief (Sierra Club California)
X21 The Sequoia Forest Citizens Coalition Packet
X5 30# Immediate Release Memo + Proposition
X2 Call for Action (Help Protect The Giant Sequoia)
X10 Converse Basin Tour Information + Map
X6 Bearskin Grove Tour Information + Map
X10 Black Mountain Grove Tour Information + Map
X8 Path of a Hundred Giants Tour Information + Map
X5 Longsaddle Sale Unit #1 Tour Information + Map
X49 Sierra Club Fundraiser (Save Ancient Forests)
"All Downtown Buildings Declared Safe"
X74 Sierra Summit Article "If A Tree Falls..."
University Extension (Unique Symposium Article)
"River Run" Article in The Nevadan Today 1968
X6 Hand Written Letter "Congrats" from Julie (1992)
Letter to Les Line Editor (February 26, 1990)
Letter from John B. Dewitt (March 23, 1992)
Letter to William Penn Mott (May 24, 1988)
Letter from James A. Crates (May 14, 1991)
Letter to Willa K. Baum (August 1, 1987)
Letter to Willa K. Baum (August 1, 1987)
Hand Letter from Ray Peast (5/20/81)
Letter from Bruce F. Campbell (May 13, 1980)
Letter from Jack Franklin (October 20, 1986)
Happy Birthday from Dave Wegner (Feb 13, 1988)
Letter to Catherine Heenan (August 20, 1989)
Task Forces from Kevin Sweeny (Feb 18, 1992)
Memo from Kimery Wiltshire (July 1, 1992)
Memo from Kimery Wiltshire (July 1, 1992)
Letter from Ronald E. Stewart (Jun 08, 1992)
Letter from John Rasmussen (January 29, 1991)
Letter from Pat. T. R (May 23, 1988) Envelope
Empty White Envelope
Empty Sunset Magazine Envelope
X2 Empty Grand Canyon Dories Envelope
Torn August Calendar Page + GCD Photo
Empty Folder (To: Rob or Pam)
Blank Sheet of Green Paper
Blank Manilla Binder Divider
Unknown Source (H.WOOD LOCAL CITIZENS) Page
Blank Sheet of Yellow Paper
Smokey the Bear Political Cartoon
Blank Sheet of Spotted Printer Paper
Unknown Torn Magazine Page "Automobile Club"
Wild and Wonderful Empty Spiral Notebook
X2 Black Grand Canyon Dories Banner
White Grand Canyon Dories
Incomplete Grand Canyon Dories Banner
Pamphlets and Booklets
Giant Sequoias Pamphlet
Montecito-Sequoia Nordic Ski Resort Pamphlet
Tulare Kings Regional Arts Council Pamphlet
High Sierra Family Vacation Camp Pamphlet
Analysis of Problems on Sequoia National Forest
Citizen's Guide on the Forest Service Budget
Los Angeles Airport Dedication Program
The U.C.L.A Magazine November 1939
Wasp and Hornet Dependable Engines (Burned)
Pacific Discovery Academy of Science
Romance of Waterways Pamphlet
Causes of Uprooting and Breakage of Specimen
The Public Forester Winter 1992
The Sequoia Sentinel Spring 1992
Climate Dynamics Drought Frequency Articles
The Giant Sequoia of the Sierra Nevada
Giant Sequoias: Their Place in the Ecosystem
X2 Young Growth Management of Giant Sequoia
The Forest Service Pathway: 90s
x2 Perspective of the Forest Products Industry
Photos and Drawings
Voyage of Life: Childhood by Thomas Cole
Voyage of Life: Adulthood by Thomas Cole
Voyage of Life: Old Age by Thomas Cole
Dinosaur 5AD-4 Yampa River
Dinosaur 5AD-5 Castle Park
Dinosaur 5AD-6 Sculptured Canyon
"A Strike" Drawing by Martin Litton
Magazines and Books
Pictorial California and the Pacific
U.S Camera October 1942
British YANK The Army Weekly Jul 2nd
LOOK Magazine 1942
Holiday Magazine Oversize 1945
British YANK The Army Weekly June 25th
British YANK The Army Weekly June 11th
The Saturday Evening POST (1955)
Images de L'Himalaya (Encyclòpedie)
The Air Offensive against Germany
X3 Martin Litton's Grand Canyon Dories 1984
X2 Westways June 1985
The Magazine (TRILOOOGY) 1991
This collection is organized in the following series:
"Friends of the Earth" Volume 11; Number 8
"New York Times" August 22, 1996
San Jose Mercury (February 16, 2000)
San Francisco Examiner (Thursday, 4, 2000)
Discovery Newspaper (June 18, 1990)
Books; Magazines; Pamphlets
Silent Wings Museum Pamphlet
109th Congress 1st Session S.1897 Bill
Sunset Magazine (July 1970 Edition)
U.S Forest Service Pamphlet
Colorado Plateau (Winter 2006 Edition)
Sunset Magazine (August 1961 Edition)
Redwoods Memorials Pamphlet
Sierra Club Bulletin (May 1952)
X2 Sierra Club Bulletin (February 1954)
National Parks Magazine (Vol. 26; No. 110)
Litton-Stegner Documentary Script
What is Your Stake in Dinosaur? Booklet
Hibernacle News 1986 Booklet
Westways Magazine (July 1953 Edition)
Sunset Magazine (June 1965)
Arizona Highways (January 1951 Edition)
Arizona Highways (October 1951 Edition)
Friends of the Earth News magazine (Summer 2014)
"Ain't It Just Grand" Litton Biography
The Nuclear Crucible (Susan R. Schrepfer)
X14 Diablo Canyon (Sierra Club) February 1967
Sequoia National Forest Observer (Winter 1996)
X2 Tule River Conservancy (Winter 1993-1994)
California History (Summer 1992)
Land Letter (April 11, 2000)
National Parks Magazine (Vol 32 No 132)
The Sequoia Seedling (Winter 2008)
Letter from Ara Marderosian (September 24, 2014)
Letter to Mike Espy (June 18, 1993)
Letter to Barack Obama (June 2, 2011)
Letter to Barack Obama (October, 2011)
Letter to Arthur Gaffrey (May 30, 2003)
X2 Letter to Ara Marderosian (June 01, 2003)
Letter to Martin Litton (October 07, 1992)
Hand Written Letter from Frank Wells
Letter to Menlo Park City Council (Jan 1964)
Letter from Gary Fillmore (June 17, 2011)
X2 Letter to Earle M. Montgomery (Oct 25, 1952)
X2 Letter to Kathleen Riley (December 4, 2014)
Letter to Phillip S. Berry (December 23, 1997)
Letter from Douglas H. Hamilton (May 11, 2008)
Letter to Bob Rogers (May 6, 1997)
Letter to Jim Denney (September 28, 1993)
Letter to William Jefferson Clinton (August 17, 1998)
Letter to Andy Wiessner (September 30, 1978)
Letter from Frannie Waid (November 8, 1991)
Letter from J. Bennett Johnston (October 3, 1989)
Letter to Mel Levine (February 28, 1992)
Letter from James B. D. Barrett (October 10, 1955)
X2 Letter to George Miller (August 30, 2000)
Letter to Rick Luskin (February 2, 1994)
Letter to Giant Sequoia Advisory Board (2/4/02)
Letter from Editor Kern of the Valley Sun
Letter to Jim Crates (June 29, 1991) + Article
Incomplete letter from Martin Litton
X2 Letter to Secretary Mike Espy (June 18, 1993)
Letter to Gloria Hammod (November 12, 1999)
Letter to Barbara Boxer (June 15, 1993)
Letter to Becky Evans (August 20, 1996)
Letter from Michael P. Cohen (January 7, 1986)
Incomplete letter from Martin Litton
Hand Written Letter from Tom B. (12/9/93)
Letter to Kathleen Riley (December 4, 2014)
The Best Petunias? Growers Give Us
Martin Litton, Conservationist, Dies at 97
X32 "Martin Litton (Environmentalist) Wikipedia"
Preserving Beauty of Yosemite
Point Reyes Light
Giant Sequoias Could Get the Ax
Martin Litton Article Clipping
X2 "In the Northwest: Final Campaign: Sequoia"
Join Save-the-Redwoods League
Co-ordinated Army Expedites Clipping
Martin Litton Wins Tribute from VFW
Wallis Shifts Varsity Crews
Angels Fight to Maintain Coast Lead
Varsity Sweepsters in Hard Workout
Local Sweepsters Chalk Up For Speedy Win
Genial Oar Mentor Various Clippings
Packet of Newspaper Clippings
She's Still Little and Likes to Make Believe
Still Going Strong
"The 1992 River Schedule" Northwest Dories
Thousand Jam Diablo Hearings
To The Times Newspaper Clipping Page
Alps in the Desert written by Martin Litton
Fierce Environmentalist Martin Litton Dies
X2 "Portola Valley Champion Martin Litton Dies"
Martin Litton dies at 97
Legendary Conservation Leader dies at age 97
A Giant in Protecting the Earth
A man who protected Giants of Nature
Quotes of Martin Litton and Saving Forests
The Job Ahead: Giant Sequoia Monument
The Man who Stopped Grand Canyon Dams
Half of unidentified Newspaper Clipping
Giant Sequoias could get the Ax
People for the West! "Wise" Use
Ban Logging in Sierra's National Forest Lands
Giant Sequoia Groves of the Sierra Nevada
X2 "Giant Sequoias may get Ax"
Felling Sequoia Preserve Untruths
Why Worry About Sequoia National Forest
A Monumental Effort to Save the Sequoias?
The Forgotten Sequoias
Leading by example, vision for Sequoia NF
Legislation is needed to Protect Sequoias
Lawmakers Blast Forest Service for Meeting
Seeing Redwood Park Magazine Article
Green Leaders Have Turned Into Toadies
Establishment of the Giant Sequoia
America, the Beautiful
Kilowatts in the Wilderness
Giant Sequoia National Monument: The Job Ahead
Sunset Magazine Save Diablo Plea
Giant Sequoia National Forest Preserve, 1993
2002 Sequoia National Forest 9 Frames
Location Map Sierra National Forest
Hand Drawn Map on Pemex Travel Club Letter
World Aeronautical Chart CH-23 Scale 1:1,000,000
Alder Creek Grove Printer Map
Peyrone Grove and Alder Grove Map + Letter
Kern Plateau Off-Highway Vehicle Map
Martin talks with Rob Wells - 19 September 2014
Comments will be accepted until March 17, 2003
Giant Sequoia National Monument- Action Alert
Grove Perpetuation and Manipulated Destruction
Table 4.3 - Giant Sequoia Groves
Compton Foundation Proposal Outline Form
Political Cartoon "Only we prevent Forest Fires"
Budget and Timing by Grant Amts.
Comments Analyzed for Healthy Forests Initiative
Memo from Martin Litton (Scientific Advisory Board)
Quote from President George Bush (March 22, 1990)
Two missing pages about Forest Construction
Western Divide Unit
Sierra Now Conference with Frank Wells
Western Outdoor Clubs "The 1976 Convention"
Memo from Brock Evans to FWOC
Need for a Continued Rider to Save Sequoias
X4 Sequoia Ecosystem and Rec Preserve Act details
Sequoia ForestKeeper Board Meeting Agenda
Sequoia ForestKeeper Cash Flow Budget
X2 For Earth's Sake
X6 Conservation and Public Matters: Diablo Canyon
Canyon of the Devil: Memorandum and Outline
Douglas H. Hamilton and Notes Photocopy
Martin Litton and the National Parks
"Please Write Today!" Advertisement
Action Alert- Quincy Bill surfaces as New Rider!
Larry, comments on the FAX
Comments towards Congress and Environment Now
Mail for Carla Cloer Energy and Mineral Resources
Sequoia Task Force Members List
Perpetuation of Giant Sequoia Stands
Myths and Truths about the Sequoia Bill
Memo from Martin Litton (Incomplete)
Statement of Purpose; Tulare County Economic
Sequence and Detailed Plan on TBS Documentary
Statement of Senator Barbara Boxer (Feb 18, 2003)
National Forest Timber Program Losses and Road Costs
X2 Largest Sequoias Measured by Wendell Flint 1997
7-22:26 Sequoia National Forest Land Survey
Frank's 9/23/92 FMA speech
The Sierra Club Rigs another Election Scandal Notes
Sequoia ForestKeeper Memo Call to Action (2003)
Sheet F - Sheet L: Page Details
ML Revision of Piece Distributed
X2 James Swinnerton Full Body Photos
-Photo Folder #1-
Black and White Mineral Kind Farewell Gap
Sierra Club Wilderness Conference Cover Photo
Echo Park- Cottonwoods in Jail
Aerial Angle Top Shot Grand Canyon
Steamboat Rock Diansor
Martin Litton Funeral Photo Card*
Christmas Martin Litton and Giant Sequoia
Newspaper Clipping Martin Litton Rowing
Martin Litton (Circa.1954) Train 128
Litton and Team Rowing Competition
Keet Seel Ruins Photo by Swinnerton
Cardboard Photo "Standing up top River Mouth"
Redwood National Park Newspaper Aerial Shot
Destruction of the Redwoods Construction
3x4 B and W Destruction of Sequoia Trees
2x4 +1x3 Aerial Redwood Photos
-Photo Folder #2 (All Black and White Photos)-
Girls Photo 1
Man Standing on Post 2
Women's Weapon Marching 3
On Stage Play Performance 4
Woman Eating 5
On Stage Play Performance 6
A Man Standing and Posing 7
Boat Loading Dock 8
Fishing off side of boat 9
Boys and their Fish Stash 10
Boys Fishing 11
Crew and Group Fishing 12
Horse at Parade 13
Horse Showcase 14
Equestrianism Competition 15
Equestrianism Competition 16
Equestrianism Competition 17
City Parking Lot 18
Dans Megaphone Rally 19
Catholic Priest at Bells 20
Catholic Priest Gathering Event 21
Inside Building/Home with Priest 22
Nature Tree Photo 23
Priest Giving a Tour 24
Family Nature Trail 25
Family Nature Trail Exit 26
Santa Barbara Botanic Garden Pathway 27
Litton's Parked Car 28
Giant Tree near Home 29
Base of Tree with passing Train 30
Street Vanishing Point 31
Hidden Church Photo 32
Neighborhood street view 33
Vehicle Turning Corner 34
Park Cared on Corner Turn 35
Horse Being All-Cool and Stuff with People 36
-Negatives Packet 3-
x15 Family Trio + Red Sedan on Open Field
Family Trio Playing in Open Field (Mom + Child)
X2 (5x4) Large Image Family Trio In Open Field
Woman standing in Open Field
Blue Vehicle Parked near Open Field
Esther Litton sitting in Field with Sunflower
Combination of Purple, Pink and Yellow Flowers Large
Combination of Purple, Pink and Yellow Flowers Small
Are These White Lilacs? I Do not Know Flowers.
X7 Family Trio; Red Sedan: Open Field in Kodak Env
X2 Litton and Bill Lane standing near Sunset Plane
Orange Tint: Plane under Arch
DDL 893 Vehicle Entering Bridge (Negative)
Two Kids Peaking in Abandoned Wells Fargo (Neg)
4x1 Destruction of Sequoia Forrest Construction
X11 Destruction of Sequoia Forrest Construction
-BAG #1-
Sleeve #1; x8 Volkswagen; x2 Sea Photos; x1 Leaves
Sleeve #2; x4 Mountain; x2 Mossy Rocks
Sleeve #3; x2 Mossy Rocks, x3 Mountains, x2 River
Sleeve #4; x3 Tree Valley; x2 River Branch; x3 Valley;
x1 Cows in Field, x2 Water bubbles
Sleeve #5; x4 Aerials of Coast Lion RK
Sleeve #6; x8 Large Oak; Oak Base; Tree Valley; Purple Tips
Sleeve #7; x10 Diablo Canyon; x2 Stream; x4 Hills
Sleeve #8; x8 Fungus; x2 Mossy Substance; x2 River Branch
Sleeve #9; x8 Oak Tree Trunk
Sleeve #10; x7 Purple Ceanotrus; x8 Yellow Ceanotrus.
Sleeve #11; x20 Sea Coast Lines; x4 Tree Swamp, Cows in Field
Sleeve #12; x8 Sea Coast Lines; River Branch; Cows in Field
Sleeve #13; x3 Abalones on Rocks; Tree Swamp
Sleeve #14; x15 Sea Coast Lines; x2 Rock in a hole; Mossy Rock
Sleeve #15; x10 Diablo Creek Bed
X3 Empty Sleeves
-Shelter Cove Photos-
P3: x4 Lighthouse; x2 Cows; Bridge; Airport
R18: x2 Homes; x4 Scenery; x4 Family + Litton Car
R19: The Etterburg Ghost; x5 Litton's Car; x2 Cabin
R20: x2 Semi Truck; x4 Litton's Car; x2 Cabin
R7: x3 Grizzly Buff School; x2 Mansion; x3 Scenery
R6: X6 Walking Beach Shore; x3 Coast Shore
R9: x7 Kids Playing on Shore
R21: x6 Car in Woods: x2 Kid Touching Bush
R10: Tree: Bridge; x3 Playing on Shore
R8: Lighthouse; x2 Dolly; X2 Overlook; X3 Stairway; x4 Farm
R11: x3 Shelter Cove Building; x2 Plane; Family
R17: X7 Litton's Car; Scenery
R12 x2 Lighthouse; x6 Man on Lighthouse Balcony
R4: x4 Litton's Car. X5 Scenery Rock
R13: X5 Litton's Car, Scenery
R14: x3 Litton's Car; x2 Horse
R15: x8 Aerial of Litton's Car
R16: x3 Kids Looking, x8 Inside the Lighthouse
R5: x2 Sheep; x2 Water; x2 House; Bridge
R1: x3 Litton's Car; x5 Log Lumber Pile
R3; x6 Street Directional; x2 Scenery
R2 x2 Litton's Car, x5 Scenery
P1: x4 Car; x2 Coast; Aerial Lighthouse
P2: X2 House; x2 Coast; x2 Lighthouse; x2 Deer; Road
P4: x6 Lighthouse; x2 Bridge, x2 Building; Aerial Lighthouse
ML1: Beach Shore
ML2: Litton's Car Enjoying the Sun
ML3: Litton's Car speaking to a tree
ML4: Tree + Mountain Scenery
ML5) Distance Shot of the Lighthouse
ML6) Tree Scenery
ML7) Cow's on Field, Including Bees and Flys
ML8) Litton's Car looking at Grass
ML9) Litton's Car Fading Away
ML10) Beach Shore
ML11) Litton's Car approaching Bridge
ML13) Scenery
Env1: Foggy Hills
Env2: X1 Litton's Car; Giant Rock; x2 Shore
Env3: A Really Chill horse
Env4: House Lawn; Lighthouse on rocks
Env5) x3 Lighthouse; x4 Scenery
Env7) x2 Kids Playing; x3 Litton's Car
Env6) Litton's Car creeping in Forrest; Beach Shore
-Miscellaneous 1-
"The Last Redwood Forest" by Martin Litton
X2 Martin Litton and Crew Rowboat + Faded Article
Ruins Black and White Photo
-Miscellaneous 2-
Sticky Note "Interview Reminder" Gray
Stick Note "Covered Bridge" Pink
Sticky Note "Reference Information" Pink
DVD "Among the Sequoias" with Martin Litton
Blank Clearview Window Cleaning Service Receipt
-Diablo Canyon Color Folder-
Hotel Pool and Beach Side Photo 1
Watching the Horses on the Road 2
Indian Flapper Girl Dancers in a Line 3
A Woman Pointing out a Cactus 4
Santa Barbara Mission Chapel 5
Collection of On Stage Dancers + Negatives 6
Abstract Art Gallery Audience and Room 7
"Don't Everyone Laugh" Aerial Town Shot 8
Full Cast Photo "On Stage" 9
The Lovely City Folk 3X4 Collection 10
A Fox 11
A Fox 12
Front Mansion Home Photo 13
Woman and Child at Steamboat Point 14
Woman moving forward 15
Sidewalk, Residential Homes 16
Santa Barbara Mission Living Quarters 17
Kaplun Coins and Antiques Shop 18
Train Tracks 19
Santa Barbara Courtyard 20
JWeeds+Weeds Men Shop and Hall 21
Photo through Shop Window 22
Dining Room Set 23
Family Home in Boston 24
A caricature of a young boy 25
Richfield Tracks and Plastic Yard 26
Trussell-Winchester Adobe Memorial 27
Giant Palms in Santa Barbara 28
Ladies at Shooting Range 29
A Child 30
Ladies and Dog at shooting rage
Chariot 32
Channel City Club Meeting and Diner 33
1: Mouth of Whirlpool Canyon
220: Echo (Dori on Echo Park River)
224: Lodore River Shore
225: Lodore River Shore Alternate Angle
221: Echo Park River Distance Shot
212: Yampa-Cattle (Waving off to Rafter)
4: Dinosaur; Walking on Sand Canyon Road
24: Mrs. Mantle and the Last Frontier
10: Dinosaur National Monument: Echo Park
5: Dinosaur; Litton's Car on Sand Canyon Road
6: Steamboat Rock
8: Steamboat Rock #2
18: Echo Park Rock
21: Hell Canyon Road at Dinosaur
14::Echo Park Road and Steamboat Rock
9: Litton's Car visiting Echo Park
26: Empty Sand Canyon Road
F1: Children Picking Food with Farmer Joe
F2: I would say Steamboat River
-Unknown Coast Proofs Folder-
1) x5 Beach Shore and x5 Discarded Lighthouse
2) x7 Litton's Car and Street Signs
3) x8 Cows and Homes and Shores
4) x7 Aerial of Litton's Car and Farms
5) x12 Lumber Yard and Litton's Car
6) x6 Beach Shore
7) x3 Litton's Car driving off into the distance
8) x3 Litton's Car on bridge and road
9) x7 Horses at Farm and Litton's Car Adventures
10) x9 Shelter Cove Plane, Homes, and Family
11) x7 Litton's Car and Large Oaks
12) x3 Distance of Horse and Road
13) x11 Lumber Yard and Litton's Car
14) One Large Photo of Horse Ranch
15) x9 Kids on Beach, Shore Line, Family
16) x3 Cows, Bridge, Café Meadows
17) Giant Rock and Discarded of Litton Car
18) x2 Grindhouse Litton's Car
19) One Photo of Children watching Fisherman
20) One Photo of Café Meadows
21) One Photo of Children watching Fisherman
22) A Cow
23) x2 Lone Fisherman in Distance
24) Litton's Car Crossing Bridge
25) x8 Kids playing with water reflection
26) x11 Litton's Car on Hillside Road and in Forest
27) Following "Natalie" to beach
28) x9 Litton's Car, Lumber Semi Truck, Farm Home7) Following "Natalie" to beach
29) X8 Litton's Car + Kid playing with Bush
30) x9 Litton's Car, Old Lady, Lumber and Water
31) x11 Scenery and Litton's Car
32) x9 Kids Playing on Beach, Scenery, Bridge
33) One Photo of Lone Fisherman in Distance
34) x9 Foggy Weather, Scenery, Litton's Car
35) x9 Litton's Car, Scenic Forest, Fog Mountain
36) One Photo of Horse in Fog
Negative of Litton's Car on Unknown Coast Line
-Dinosaur Photo Slides-
X13 Slides of Bardyeca Chapel Ruins
X4 Miscellaneous Proofs
X3 Bardyeca Dam
X6 Mexico-Bardyeca Coast
-Random Folders-
X8 Empty Folders
This collection is organized in the following series:
Frank Green Folder
X2 Sierra Meltdown (1995) Environmental Film
Hell's Canyon Preservation Folder
X17 Hells Canyon Preservation Council Magazine
Hand Written Letter (1993) From Kay Hanville
Letter from Curt to Litton; December 5, 1989
Hells Canyon Participant List
Wide Rift in a Huge Gorge Article
World River Reviews + Letters from Mark Dubois
Letter from Ken Warren (October 10, 1988)
Rim-to-Rim Visitor's Guide to Hells Canyon
Hells Canyon $2.5 Million Improvements Article
American Rivers Letter from Kent Olson (1989)
River Network and Conservation Program
Hells Canyon Preservation Council
X5 Hells Canyon Falcon Newspaper
Jack Hope Folder
Green Watch Environment Articles
Miscellaneous I Folder
Letter from Juliette Majot (February 29, 1991)
Letter from M. Peled, MK (July 23, 1988)
Idaho Outfitters and Guides Folder
State of Idaho Rules and Regulations Book
Martin Litton Letter from James Baughman Page 2
Letter from Peter Heiser (July 07, 1975)
The Interstate Commerce Act 1973 Article
Idaho State Senate Manuscript
Name and Address References
Letter from Amy L. Hoover (January 03, 1990)
Board Ordered to Issue Article
Idaho Centennial Float Trip
Centennial Float Trip Agenda and Summary
Negotiations on Idaho Wilderness to Proceed
Idaho Tax Case 1993 Folder
Outdoor Adventure River Specialists Letter and Documents
The Supreme Court of the State of Idaho; Appellant's Reply
Letter from James G. Reid (June 2, 1993)
City of Sun Valley Supreme Court Report
Idaho Tax Case 1992 Folder
Case 91526 Notice of Appeal
Case 91526 Motion for Reconsideration
Letter from James G. Reid (August 25, 1992)
Idaho Supreme Court Notice of Appeal Filed
Letter from Steven C. Mahaffy (August 6, 1992)
Letter from James G. Reid (July 1, 1992)
-Manilla Envelope-
Full Case Details (Case 91526)
Case 91526 Motion for Reconsideration
Case 91526 Notice of Hearing
Idaho Tax Case 1991 Folder
Letter from David Hammerquist (April 11, 1991)
Docket 18850 Citation of Additional; Authority
What Is a Sale for Sales Tax Purposes Article
Docket 18850 Appellant's Reply Brief
Letter from James G. Reid (February 1, 1991)
Supreme Court 18850 Respondent's Brief
Idaho Tax Case 1990 Folder
X4 Pacific Reporter, 2d Series Page 350-356
X11 Pacific Reporter, 2d Series Page 352 Only
Case 91526 Notice of Appeal and Envelope
Letter from James G. Reid (July 17, 1990)
Case 91526 Memorandum Decision and Envelope
Docket 18850 Appellant's Brief
High Country Folder
High Country News Vol. 22 No.22
-Auto Insurance Folder-
Letter from Rick Lindsey (April 26, 1991)
Letter to Kay Pulley (August 3, 1991)
Letter from Kay Pulley (May 7, 1990)
Letter to Darlene Limb (October 18, 1990)
Letter from Kay Pulley (January 15, 1990)
Letter to Kay Pulley (July 2, 1991)
California Cancellation and Nonrenewal
Empty Envelope to Martin Litton
High Country Kay Pulley Letter and Receipt
Great River Journey Balance Statement
MVD Registration and Validating Tab
Letter to Rick J. Lindsey (January 24, 1989)
X4 Darlene Limb Accountant Balance Statement
Letter from Kay Pulley (May 17, 1989)
Letter to Kay Pulley (June 7, 1990)
Litton Vehicle Insurance Supplementary Schedule
USFG Commercial Insurance Policy
Last Spring May 88 List Vehicles
Faded Record of Payment
David B. Hennessy Police Card
Attorneys Blasé, Valentine and Klein Card
Certificate of Title for 1975 Dodge 8 B20
Martin Litton Check and Balance Photocopy
Edward Ginzton Address and Phone Number
X2 Region Certificate of Title to a Vehicle Packet
High Country Auto Policy and Vehicle Insurance
Original Record of Payment $4089.10
Client Invoice for Great River Journeys
Letter from Darlene Limb (March 1, 1988)
X2 Letter to Curt Chang (May 23, 1988)
-High County-
Empty High Country Insurance Agency Envelope
Letter to Rick J. Lindsey (October 23, 1987)
X2 Outfitter's, Guide's and Guest's Application
Faded Photocopy Policy Balance and Receipt
Lorina High Country Letter and Check Photocopy
Faded New Auto Policy Letter to Martin Litton
Shirley Burrows Copy of Policy Letter (5/11/87)
Deon High Country Credit Policy Letter (4/16/87)
ATP Insurance Outfitters and Guides Insurance Ad
Number Calculations Yellow Note Sheet
Client Statement of Account for 12/10/87
Letter to Janet about Vehicle Insurance (12/31/87)
Endorsement for Adding Vehicles Price
X2 Schedule of Covered Autos under Litton
First Annual All Guides Cook-off Information
The Guide and Outfitter Empty Envelope
The Guide and Outfitter Magazine
Payroll Info Letter to Rick Lindsay (May 14, 1987)
Photocopy Check and Endorsement for $700.00
X2 Call for Auto and Driver List from Deon
Policy Balances for $51.60 and $3213.00
Information of "Change in Automobile Policy"
Serial Numbers Approved Addition to Vehicles
Invoice Balance due $5,349.00 Vehicle Insurance
High Country Auto insurance Balance $207.00
Yellow Note Page Price Calculations
Message to Curtis Change from Janet (7/31/87)
Client Invoice for 2-23-88 "Description of Coverage"
USFG Commercial Insurance Policy
High Country News Special Issue Ad
X18 Hard Negotiating, or Treachery? By Kay M.
High Country News Vol. 21 No. 6
High Country News Unknown Volume
High Country News Vol. 22 July 2, 1990
High Country Vol. 21 No. 6 March 27, 1989
Faded Description of Invoice
Idaho Tax Case Folder
-Idaho Tax Case-
Lower Gorge of the Salmon Map
Letter from James G. Reid (February 23, 1988)
Case 91526 Order Setting Judicial Review
Case No. 87-B-502 Request for Oral Argument
Notice of Deficiency Determination
Case 87-B-502 Memorandum in Opposition
Appeal 87-B-502 Motion to Dismiss
Letter from James G. Reid (November 3, 1987)
Letter from Rick Lindsey and Enclosed Application
Letter from Joe E. Randall (September 21, 1981)
Before the Idaho of Tax Appeals
Case 91526 Brief of Petitioner
Case 91526 Motion to Amend
Docket 00321 Tax Commission
Letter to Thomas S. Jordan (February 21, 1985)
Department of Revenue and Taxation (May 7, 1981)
Power of Attorney Idaho State Commission Info
Missing Page Formal Hearing State Tax Commission
-Salmon River Permit-
Idaho Outfitter License Issued 1979 and 1980
Letter to Mr. Foster (March 6, 1986)
Article Address Sender Instructions
Senate Roll Call + Letter from Ron Beitelspacher
Letter to Commander P.K. Anderson (Nov, 18, 1977)
X4 Outfitters Application for Grand Canyon Dories
Letter to Frank Elder (April 17, 1977)
Faded Letter from David Wishney (June 10, 1977)
Grand Canyon Hand Written Notes
Idaho Outfitter License and Letter from David W.
-Snake River Folder-
Letter to James G. Reid (July 24, 1984)
Letter to Larry Dunn (April 21, 1987)
Hells Canyon User Survey Booklet
X3 Letters to Dennis C. Holthus (October 10, 1978)
Letter from Dennis C. Holthus (May 5, 1978)
Letter from Dennis C. Holthus (May 15, 1978)
Outfitters Application for Grand Canyon Dories
Department of Agriculture 2710 Special Use Permits
Outfitter Trips List Document
Letter to Hank Miller (January 13, 1978)
Letter to Dennis C. Holthus (February 22, 1978)
Continuation Sheet Grand Canyon Dories
Letter from Dennis C. Holthus (September 2, 1977)
X2 Letter from Dennis C. Holthus (June 24, 1977)
Snake River May-October Total People and Trips`
Memo from Karen Hopfenbeck 1977 Rafting Season
X2 Hells Canyon Snake River 1978 Launch Schedule
Letter from Dennis C. Holthus (June 10, 1977)
Wild Rivers Workshop Agenda
Letter from Diane Curtis (May 21, 1977)
Letter from David E. Wishney (May 20, 1977)
Letter from Denis C. Holthus (May 10, 1977)
Memo from Ben G. Simione (May 10, 1977)
Minutes of Meeting "Snake River Outfitters"
Agenda Items for Outfitter-Guide
Pine Ranger District Bill for Collection
Letter from Dennis C. Holthus (January 10, 1977)
X2 Outfitters Application for Grand Canyon Dories
Hells Canyon Snake River 1977 Launch Schedule
Snake River Outfitters (Floaters)
X2 Letter to Dennis C. Holthus (January 21, 1977)
Letter from Nada Kovalik (August 20, 1976)
X2 Float Trip Use from 1976 and 1975 "Snake River"
Letter from Ben G. Simione (September 14, 1976)
Letter from Lynn E. Andrews (August 17, 1976)
Memo from Lynn E. Andrews (April 28, 1976)
Idaho Tax Case Folder 2
AC79-4830 "GC Dories -v- Idaho Outfitters"
-Grand Canyon Dories Folder-
Office Memorandum of Grand Canyon Dories
-Idaho Tax Case Idaho Outfitters-
Incomplete Letter to Alaire Bobbitt
Letter from James G. Reid (June 10, 1976)
Letter from James F. Baughman (July 21, 1975)
Unknown Memo about a Suggested Inquiry
Memo from Rex Lanham + Number Calculations
Case 9617 "Case was Dismissed" Mark Johnson
State of Idaho; Proposed Changes for Rules
Letter from Henry Falany (9/23/76)
State of Idaho Rules and Regulation Pamphlet
Outfitter License Application for Curtis M. Chang
Letter from James G. Reid (May 10, 1976)
Empty Yellow Outfitter License Application
Empty Pink Outfitter License Application
Faded Memo to Propose New Rules
-Idaho Tax Case 1976-1978-
Outfitters and Guides Act Booklet
Fish and Game; Outfitters and Guides Pg. 45-54
Letter to James G. Reid (January 7, 1977)
X3 Letter to Alaire Bobbitt (April 1, 1976)
United States Court of Appeals Tenth Circuit Doc
X2 Idaho State Outfitters and Guides Board Pamphlet
Letter to James G. Reid (November 3, 1976)
X2 Letter to Alaire Bobbitt (April 7, 1976)
Letter to Guy Hurlbutt (April 18, 1977)
Letter to Fred H. Snook (October 15, 1976)
Letter to Phillip M. Aldape (April 4, 1976)
Letter to James G. Reid (March 22, 1976)
Letter from Peter Heiser (June 30, 1975)
Hand Written Letter Dan Keller (March 21, 87')
Letter to William Meiners (March 30, 1987)
Letters to James D. Reid (May 11, 1979)
Salmon Outfitter Opposes Lottery Article
Letter to Stan Tixier (March 23, 1984)
Yellow Typed Letter to William Brown
Uncompleted Letter from Martin Litton
-Idaho Tax Case Folder 1-
Case 91526 Supplemental Pre-Trial Memorandum
X5 Department of Employment Order of Appeals
Letter from Larry Moatz (June, 7, 1988)
Docket 8634-CONT-86 Hearing Memorandum
Case 91526 Supplemental Pre-Trial Memorandum
-Idaho Tax Case Folder 2-
Oregon Measure Summary "A Bill for an Act"
Letter to Stevie Freedman (August 12, 1983)
House Bill No. 163. Resources and Conservation
Letter to LCDR P. K. Anderson (November 18, 1977)
River Regulations Make Sense Article
Case 9617 District Court Idaho -vs- Tom Rambo
X4 Martin Litton's "Defense of Grand Canyon Dories"
Letter to William B. Taylor (September 17, 1973)
Hand Written Notes Phone Numbers and Info
Idaho Tax Case Folder 3
State of Idaho: Sales and Use Tax Info Pamphlet 1986
Letter to "Grant" (February 08, 1988)
Supreme Court No 76-29. -Vs- Charles R. Brady.
State of Idaho: Sales and Use Tax Info Pamphlet 1984
Letter to Thomas S. Jordan (February 21, 1985)
Office Memorandum 1981 / To: Thomas S. Jordan
Letter to James G. Reid (April 6, 1985)
Amended Determination from Joe R. Subia (1986)
Faded Grand Canyon Dories Interstate Commerce
Letter from James G. Reid (November 15, 1976)
Case 58815 Replies to Defendant's Interrogatories
Grand Canyon Dam Plan Reviewed after 17 Years.
Case 58815 Reply Memorandum Full Document
Faded Case 58815 Complaint Full Document
X2 Case 58815 Memorandum Brief Full Document
Case 58815 Defendant's Interrogatories Full
Case 58815 Plaintiff's Interrogatories
Case 58815 Motion to Amend and Supplement Full
Case 58815 Motion for New Trial Full Document
Case 58815 Affidavit in Support of Motion Full
Case 58815 Support of Plaintiff's Motion
Case 58815 Motion for Partial Summary Judgment
Case 58815 Amended Complaint
Case 58815 Notice of Hearing
X4 Case 58815 JUDGMENT
Letter to James G. Reid (July 22, 1985)
Joe Kowalski Folder
White Water Rafting Wilderness Tour Pamphlet
-Wilderness Tour Envelope-
Grand Canyon Trip '95 Schedule
Wilderness Tours Fax Cover Page
Miscellaneous "L" Folder
Sierra Club; Mel Levine Destroyed Letter
Article and Letter from Mary Lou LaPierre
Katy Lee Folder
Katy Lee Books and Records Order Page
Life of Katy Lee Pamphlet AND Photos
Colorado River Songs Cassette Tape by Katy Lee
Limekiln Canyon Property Folder
Lighthawk Board Meeting Details (Feb 6, 1999)
Esther Litton Folder
Butterfly Creations Ad from Steven Albaranes
Helen Litton Folder
Skill Courage Sharing Joy 1st Place Ribbon
Kathleen Litton Riley Folder
The Vernal Express Page (July 2, 1953)
American Wilderness Adventures 1987 Page 16 and 15
John Litton Folder
X2 John Litton's resume for Flight Operations
John's Litton Career Summery for Air Force Officer
Donald Litton Folder
Torn Cover page from Vagabond magazine
Fifty Million Californians Book by Leon Bouvier
Vacaville Reporter Vista Magazine; June 1972
American Wilderness Adventures 1987 Page 16 and 15
The Bill of Rights US Constitution Work Units
River Runner Torn Cover Page July-August 1984
Photograph of Unknown Couple
Martin Litton Folder
Grand Canyon Dories on River
X6 Martin Litton and Crew on Diablo Canyon
Martin Litton and Crew on Prudhoe Bay
Black and White Martin Litton Headshot.
Client List Phone Numbers and Addresses
Name and Addresses blank Sheet of Paper
Rough Draft "The Immortal Martin Litton" by Beth H.
X2 Newspaper Clip Litton Appointed 2nd Lieutenant
Jury Duty Pre-Service Notification for Martin Litton
X2 Faded Memo to Roger Clark from Martin Litton
Letter from Alain Nickerson (July 20, 1971)
Letter from Ben Wallis (November 17, 1941)
Letter from Charles Wright
Letter from B.R Saunders (October 1, 1952)
Photo head shot of Martin Litton
IX Troop Carrier Command Extract Manuscript
X3 Canyon Battle Looms Article by Bob Hicks
Letter from Leslie and Jesse King (June 11, 1992)
The Sierra Legal Defense Fund Articles
-Black Folder Container-
X2 Martin Litton Angle #1 Photo
X3 Martin Litton Angle #2 Photo
This collection is organized in the following series:
Empty Folders
Sequoia National Monument
Sequoia National Forest
Sequoia Monument
Sequoia Photos
Sierra Club Sequoia
Tule River Indian Reservation
Tule River Conservancy
Tulare Audubon/ Sequoia Alliance
Trees or Timber
Smokey Poster
Twila Trotter
Tule River Times May 2
Tule River Times July 25
Turner Foundation
Sierran Biodiversity Institute
Sierra Ecosystem Folder
X5 Public Questionnaire
X2 University of California Letter (Jan, 1995)
X2 Sierra Nevada Ecosystem Progress Report
Tule River Times July 4 Folder
X2 Tule River Times July 4, 1990 Paper
Tule River Times June 27 Folder
X8 Tule River Times June 27, 1990 Paper
Tule River Times June 13 Folder
Tule River Times June 13, 1990 Paper
Tule River Times May 30 Folder
X7 Tule River Times May 30, 1990 Paper
Tule River Times April 18 Folder
Tule River Times April 18, 1990 Folder
Smithsonian Study Tour
Hand Written Noted Betchart
Field Draft Only Colored Map
Letter from Prudence Clendenning (1991)
Betchart Expeditions Note Page
X2 The Realm of Chief Sequoyah Travel Notes
X6 Northwest Dories Travel Conference Page
Letter to Prudence (April 2, 1991)
Betchart Expeditions Travel Plan and Info
Lee Stetson Folder
Wild Productions Letters and Release Forms
Sierra Club #1 Folder
Letter to Jim Blomquist (January 06, 1992)
Sierra Club Lack a Strong, Green Spirit. Article
Field Office Memorandum
X2 Sierra Club Continued Rider to Save Sequoias
Memo from Michael McCloskey (1989)
Sierra Club Confidential Memorandum
Letter to William Reilly (May 1, 1990)
X2 Letter to Constance Harriman (May 22, 1990)
Sierra Club National Monument Resolution
Letter from Roscoe A. Poland (September 7, 1968)
Sierra Club Forest Management Policy
Thank you Letter from R.E Turner (June 20, 1991)
SFCC Meeting in Bakersfield Information
Empty Blank Stationary for Sierra Club
Letter to President Bush (November 17, 1989)
ASCMEE "Sign the Petition for Ethics"
Sierra Club Memorandum Sequoia Amendment
Sunset Magazine
X2 Sunset Magazine Cover Page
X2 Frank G. Wells Paragraph to Sunset Magazine
X4 The Sierra's Troubled Trees
X2 Saving Sequoias Magazine Article
X6 Running Text for Sequoias Paragraphs
Jeff Phillips #41 Notes and Information
To Bear Witness Second Draft Folder
To Bear Witness- Second Draft- 4/19/93
Find the Biggest Trees Folder
Litton Letter to Sequoia Natural Association (1988)
Trail Guide Folder
Upper Tule Hiking Trails Pamphlet
Tule River Times June 6 Folder
X7 Tule River Times June 6, 1990
Sierra Now Conference Folder
X2 Sierra Nevada Paradise Litton's Speech
The Roadrunner October 1990
Memo to Martin Litton from Sierra Club
Sierra Club Conservation Directors Report
X2 Reforming the Sierra Club Article
X5 Sierra Now Environment Now Pamphlet
Environment Now Memorandum Summary Book
Sierra Now Steering Committee Members
Letter to Richard Luskin (August 25, 1992)
Sierra Now Press Advisory
Environment Now Transmission Cover
Transmission Cover and Transaction Report
Sierra Summit Steering Committee
The SPGReporter Vol. 24 No Conference Summary
Wilderness 1992 Magazine
----------X2 Sierra Now Folder-----------
Workshops Locations
Weekend Agenda
Biodiversity Panel
Forest Panel
Water Panel
Grazing Panel
Mining Panel
Urbanization Panel>
X4 Management Policies\Biographical Sketches
Sierra Club Annual Folder
X8 Letter to Kathy Lacey April 27, 1991
X5 Sierra Club Annual Dinner
Letter to Calvin Dooley Rough Draft
Letter to Mel Levine (April 6, 1991)
Letter to Richard Lehman (April 6, 1991)
Letter to Mel Levine Rough Draft
Letter to Barbara Boxer (April 19, 1991)
Unknown Hand Written Notes
Windstar Sparkling Guest List
Letter and Check to Bill Smith (April 26, 1991)
X3 Unknown Hand Written Notes
Letter to Richard Lehman Rough Draft
X2 Photocopied Hand Notes
Letter from Gary A. Condit (April 22, 1991)
Hand Written Letter from Bentl
Multiple Name and Business Information
Unknown Hand Written Notes
Photo Copied Hand Written Notes
Hand Written Notes
X2 Invite Letter from Martin Litton
X6 Hand Written Notes
Postcard from Tom Campbell Member of Congress
X4 RSVP Confirmation Letters
Sierra Club #2 Folder
-----Sierra Now Conference-----
Sierra Nevada Paradise Litton's Speech
-----Sierra Bow Steering Committee-----
Sierra Summit Steering Committee Info Booklet
Handwritten Notes
Sierra Summit Roster and Binder Tabs
Sierra Club Logos Folder
-----Sierra Club Logos Folder-----
X17 Sierra Club: The First 100-Year Logo
-----Sierra Now Conference- Attendees-----
X2 Packet Sierra Now Conference Attendees
The Sierra Summit Participant List
Sierra Club Logo Artwork Folder
-----Sierra Club Logo Artwork Folder-----
Sierra Club Centennial Logo Page
-----Sierra Summit Page Folder-----
Douglas Wheeler Letter to Participants
To Kevin Sweeny: BioDiversity Memo
Forest Service Pathway into the 90's and Beyond
Memo Description of Sierra Now Conference
Kevin Sweeney Sierra Now Committee Conversation
Minutes of the Sierra Now Committee
Letter from Douglas Wheeler (November 6, 1991)
Sierra Now Agenda "Environment Now"
State of California Memorandum (1991)
Executive Steering Committee November 1, 1991
Executive Steering Committee October 30, 1991
Steering Committee Transaction Report and Info
Executive Steering Committee November 18, 1991
Sierra Activist Organizing Proposal
The Sierra Summit Proposed Itinerary
Sierra Club Red Book Folder
1993 Sierra Club California Conservation
The Sierra in Peril Folder
Sierra Peril Copies Released Receipt
Sierra in Peril: Questions of Balance
Letter to "The Bee" Editor
Sierra Magazine Folder
Sierra Feature H and J Range of Light Rough Draft
Sequoia Photos Folder
Sequoia Tree Black and White Photo
X10 Sequoia Trees and Forest
X8 Colored Photographs in System 35 Envelope
Litton Sequoias Slide Envelope
Sequoias Salvage Logging Folder
David S. Krueger The Issue "February 4, 1991"
S/ Sequoia Song Folder
Music Sheets of the Sierra Sequoia Song
Sequoia Video Folder
Hand Written Note on an envelope
Lee Siegel Folder
Hand Written Letter from Lee Siegel (3-91-1991)
S/ Sierra Biodiversity INS Folder
Sierran Biodiversity Institute Mailed Receipt
Sierra Club #3 Folder
Labor, Allies Rip NAFTA Article
X5 Hand written letter from Mike D.
Sierra Club Bulletin
The Sierra Club History 1892-1970
Sierra Club Nature Knowledge Workshop
Sierra Club Political Committee Endorsed Candidates
The Sierra Club 1990 Mediated Settlement
The Sierra Club America's Forests Clear-cut Disaster
X2 Sierra Club: How Will you have your Redwoods?
X8 Nowhere Else on Earth Pamphlet
Barbara Boyle "Another Photo-Op"
Sierra Club Postcard Acknowledge Receipt
-----The Sierra Club Critical Ecoregions Program Folder-----
The Sierra Nevada Ecoregion
The Rocky Mountains Ecoregion
The Appalachian Highlands Ecoregion
The Mississippi Basin Ecoregion
The Great Lakes Ecoregion
The Great Northern Forest Ecoregion
The Great North American Prairie
Sequoia Maps Folder
Giant Forest Sequoia National Park Map
Southern California Map
Sequoia Tule River Map
Land and Resource Management Plan Map
Map of Fresno
Sequoia Kings Canyon Map
Northeast Maryland Map
Sequoia National Forest Late/Old Forest Map
Fresno and Kings Counties Map
Golden Trout Wilderness
Old Sequoia Maps Folder
Mt. Diablo Meridian Map
Land and Resource Management Plan Map
X6 Giant Forest Sequoia National Park California
Kern County Map
Sequoia National Forest Map
X2 Eastern Sierra Map
Hand Drawn Sketch Map Layout
Ridgecrest Area Map
X22 Photographs of Basic Sequoia Maps
Project Area National Forest Map
Golden Trout + South Sierra Wilderness
Northern California Map
Compartment Photomap
Final Forest Plan Map Packet Envelope (Full)
Rule River Times September Folder
Tule River Times September 19, 1990
Sierra Club Legal Folder
Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund Quarterly Legal
Defense Newsletter Environment Law 1992
Defense Newsletter Environment Law 1990
Defense Newsletter Environment Law 1991
This collection is organized in the following series:
Continental Trailway Hostess w/ Litton
X2 U.S May Throw Shield over Most Sequoias
Jousting in the Land of Giants by Lee Green
Remarks of Michael From Article
Page 25 Article from National Parks Magazine
Lindbergh Flies, Author Learns
A Visit to the Red Chief Tree
Coast Redwood Save-the-Redwoods
Forests Show Resilience as Fires Pass
Salmon River Idaho Litton Advertisement
Saving the Pupfish
Cut the Cutting
Foresters Society tours Tule River
El Diablo is in the Details
Conservationist stumps for trees
Letters to the Editors May 12, 1953
Sierra Club Sues to Block Forest Logging
Eco-Wary Criticism of President Bush
The Tuna Boycott
Plants with Feelings
Fallen Forester by Tim Williams
Glen Canyon Dam Groans under Flooding
The Great Mirror by J.R Challacombe
Forest Service Seeks Timber Pay Back
Affidavit lays out timber scheme
Lawmakers want Forest Service investigated
Two Suspended in Timber Inquiry
Bill Will Tighten Timber-Scaling
DeFazio, Aucoin to Aim Bill at Timber Sale
Two Congressmen Want Investigation
Lawmakers Eye Timber Sales Probe
Timber Task Force Opens Portland Office
Ex-Log Scaler Indicated in Fraud
Forest Service halts some scaling
Log Scaler tells how job is done
Grants Pass logger accused
Timber fraud investigation brings arrest
The Register-Guard "SCAM"
Feds Indict Ex-Log Worker
Canyon Log Firms Biked U.S
Charges Expected in Timber Sale Case
Feds Seize Mill's Records in Lyons
Trees Fall in Forest without any Trace
The Sierra's Troubled Trees
Earth First! Rallies in Giant Sequoias
X2 National Forest Priorities
Folder 1
X2 Letter to Linda Utt from Peter Bahouth
Letter to Mary Brock from William Meadows
Julia Butterfly Hill Manuscript
Dome Land Wilderness Addition
Sierran Biodiversity Institute
Giant Sequoia National Monument: The Path
X2 Sequoia ForestKeeper was handed a Victory
Boxer Introduces Bill to Expand Sequoia Park
Mission on NRDC Online Website Copy
Martin Litton Conversation and Public Matters
Boundary for Sequoia National Monument
The Visiting Cartoonist Political Cartoon
Senator John Corzine Document
Public FAX International Community: Center
Op-Ed Roadless Rules Dept. of Conversation
Sierra Club Bulletin Still One Dam Too Many
Our Position Missing Page Document
X2 Giant Sequoia National Monument: The Job
Sylvan Sentinel Missing Page Document
X2 Alder Creek Grove Document
FWOC Convention 2002 Resolution #15
National Monument Status Sequoias
Unknown Pages for Glen Canyon Dam
1991 Timber Receipts and Expenses
X2 Statement before the House of Rep.
Members of the Giant Sequoia Advisory Board
Western River Guides Association, Inc.
Establishment of the Giant Sequoia Monument
US CV-F-93-5373 District Court Violations*
Appeal to the Regional Forester Powell
Colorado River Adventure James Taylor
Board of Directors Meets September 14-15
Giant Sequoia unknown page
Unknown Critical of Pat Document
Mono Lake Committee People Invited
Statesman Journal Salem Political Comic
U.S Forest Service Timber Sales
Senate Draft 103D Congress 2nd Session
Sierra Club Confidential Memorandum
Associated Press Forest Service Document
Senate Draft 103D Congress 2nd Session
Boundary Description Appendix I
Congressional Record Testimony
Too late for moderate solutions Written
H.R 2077 105th Congress House of Rep.
Scientific Advisory Board Minutes Day 1
Folder 2
Statement before the House of Representatives
Federation of Western Outdoor Clubs
Sequoia Monument Advisory Board
California Department of Justice
Yosemite's Beauty Fast Disappearing
Sequoia ForestKeeper Letter from Ara M.
-----Folder 3-----
The Dories - Whence and Whiter?
Martin Litton Adventures Printed Photos
To Kathleen Cobb (January 14, 1988)
To Kathleen Cobb (January 14, 1988)
To Forests Forever (February 14, 2000)
To Dion Aroner (February 11, 2000)
From Joan Kay and Bill Wells (March 5, 1997)
To Robert Joslin (October 23, 1998)
To George M. Woodwell (January 03, 2002)
To Peter Douglas (March 02, 1998)
To Del Pengilly (December 01, 1999)
Unknown Letter from Martin Litton
X2 To Martin Litton (June 20, 2011)
To Virginia Barnes (August 28, 1993)
To Martin Litton (August 28, 2000)
To Martin Litton (May 09, 2000)
To Martin Litton (August 24, 1978)
To President George Bush (September 10, 1990)
To James Lipscomb (Unknown Date)
To Sandra Key (June 26, 1992)
To Martin Litton (July 15, 1994)
To Dana DuBose (April 15, 1996)
To Martin Litton (March 08, 1996)
To Linda Powell (March 10, 1993)
To Kevin Eckery (June 19, 1991)
To Pauline Gomez (June 23, 1993)
From Barbara Boyle (January 23, 1991)
To Barbara Boxer (July 07, 1993)
To Robert Burgord (November 21, 1987)
To Barbara Boyle (February 18, 1991)
To Barbara Boyle (January 07, 1991)
X2 To Carl Bausch (August 01, 1990)
To William Clinton (October 27, 1999)
To Carl Bausch (April 19, 1990)
Folder 3
To Carl Pope (September 2002)
To Martin Litton (June 06, 1969)
To William Clinton (November 04, 1999)
From Martin Litton (June 06, 2006)
To Gene Coan (November 29, 2004)
To Andre (January 11, 1998)
To Jennie Garlington (April 19, 1995)
To Art Gaffrey (March 25, 2000)
To Niel (Unknown Letter)
To Jean Vafeades (December 22, 1991)
To Martin Litton (May 26, 1995)
To Beau (April 28, 1995)
To Jennie Garlington (April 28 1995)
To Barbara Boxer (July 09, 1993)
To Barry Eisenberg (October 17, 2006)
Heroes on Silent Wings Article
From: Martin Litton (Friends of the Forest)
Folder 4
Giant Sequoia National Forest Photograph B.W
Redwood Forest, B.W Photograph
Redwood N.P Martin Litton Purple Frame
To Martin Litton (March 31, 1970)
From Martin Litton (November 12, 2002)
To Steven Spielberg (June 12, 1998)
Unknown letter from Terra Bella
To Thomas Jordan (August 11, 1997)
Unknown letter from Martin Litton
To Claus Kleber (October 27, 2001)
From David Bunga (July 26, 1987)
From William Korn (May 27, 1993)
To Niel Lawrence (February 22, 2000)
To L. W. Lane (April 29, 1997)
To Jeffrey Hammond (July 07, 2003)
To Martin Litton (November 21, 1983)
To San Jose News (September 13, 2006)
To Martin Litton (February 13, 1996)
To Proctor Mellquist (July 30, 1955)
From Joe Subia (December 11, 1986)
To Bruce Babbitt (September 24, 1995)
To Jeanne (July 09, 2002)
To Martin Litton (September 09, 1993)
To Les Line (February 26, 1990)
Unknown Letter to Martin Litton
To Jim Blair (January 30, 1990)
To Rob Wells (September 15, 1996)
To Martin Litton (November 22, 1995)
To Martin Litton (April 03, 1996)
Jennie Garlington (March 15, 1995)
Giant Sequoia National Advisory Board
Gray Great Owl Card to Martin Litton
Mono Lake Post Card
X2 Letters to the Times Post Card
Thank You Card from JC and Tom
Thank You Card from Dave Wegner (Feb 1990)
Photos and Images
The Making of a Continent Poster
Timber Yard Photograph
Spanish Grand Canyon Photographs
Harriet Photo April 1997
Roosevelt Elk on Freeway Route Photograph
Dinosaur Yampa River Photograph
X2 Dinosaur Yampa River Dinosaur P. Frame
-----Photo E Envelope-----
Photos 1-8
Folder 6
VALERIE Start Page Document
To Martin Litton (June 05, 1981)
To Mel and Joan (December 06, 2004)
To Ralph Britton (January 05, 2004)
To Robin Ives (September 01, 2000)
To Time Editor (Unknown Date)
To San Jose Mercury (May 09, 2004)
To Environment Now (September 30, 1998)
To Jessica Kusmin (July 30, 1999)
To Carla (Unknown Date)
Free Letter to Ray
To Barbara Boyle (March 23, 2000)
To Martin Litton Info about National Parks
To Tulare County Assessor (February 20, 1997)
From Davis R. Brower (To Martin Litton)
To Katie Carpenter (September 12, 1995)
Information about Santa Monica and Redwoods
To Jenny O'Brien (March 26, 1992)
To Rob Wells (From Martin Litton)
To Niel et al (Sequoia Monument)
To Time (August 16, 2003)
From Wolfgang Ebert (June 10, 1997)
Peter Passell "The Best" Title Page
To Becky Evans (August 20, 1996)
To George Brown (June 25, 1993)
To Kimo Campbell (D-Day 2002)
To Mike Espy (June 18, 1993)
Martin Litton Manuscript (September 11, 1998)
Environment Now Quarterly Progress Report
To Tom Brokaw (June 12, 2001)
To Chris Sanders (March 07, 2002)
To Daniel Tormey (October 19, 2002)
To Jeanne (July 09, 2002)
Hand Written Note to Litton (1996)
To George Miller (May 23, 2003)
She is Still Little Article by Martin Litton
To Joe Hays (December 09, 2004)
To Andrea J. Gaston (August 22, 1995)
Martin Litton OIG Report Information
From Stewart L. Udall (September 27, 1996)
Missing Document Page
To Martin Litton (August 06, 1999)
To Martin Litton (August 10, 2000)
Martin Litton Description and Statement
From Joe Barnwell (January 30, 1999)
To Kristin (July 11, 1998)
To Martin Litton (May 20, 1997)
Martin Litton Award Sheets + Additional
Dirty "Late Night Horror" Letters
Black Mountain Grove
Long Meadow Grove
Converse Basin and Indian Basin Groves
Sequoia Crest
Giant Sequoia National Monument
Matthes-Evans Hand Drawn Map
Sequoia Grove Locations
Sierra Biodiversity Institute 1994
U.S.D.A Forest Service Folder
Presidential Documents
US Department of Agriculture Background
-----Document Photo Mailer-----
Martin Litton Hart/Kittle Essay
Photographs 01-12 of Litton and his Plane
-----Folder 7-----
To Martin Litton (September 12, 1952)
Better Language and Thinking by Litton
Folder 8
-----Folder A (All Photos)-----
AZ White Tank
Litchfield Park
Superstition Mountains 01
Superstition Mountains 02
Ghosts of the Kofa Original Title
Palm Canyon
Mountain Park
North Star Mine
Kofa Mountains 01
Kofa Mountains 02
Golden Star Mine Meal Ticket 01
Golden Star Mine Meal Ticket 02
Kofa Mountains 03
Kofa Mountains w/ Ray Smith
White Mountains
Colorado River Aqueduct
Near Maverick
Big Lake Fern-Carpeted Woods
1950 Maverick
While at Work
Mountain Goat on Rocks
Potato Patch
Pillars of Hercules
Kofa Mountains 04
Near Fort Apache
Fort Apache
Turquoise Mine
Blue River Valley
Tonto Lake
Virgin Yellow Pine
White River Arizona
Between Alpine + Big Lake
Pipe Spring National Monument
-----Folder B (All Photos)-----
X6 Aerial Shot Different Filters
-----Folder C (All Photos)-----
Humphrey Basin
Unknown Feed Lot
McClure Meadow
Plute Creek
Evolution Creek
Joan Muir Trail
Middle Fork Kings River
John Muir Trail
Devil's Punch Bowl
Angeles National Forest
Hamilton Lake- Sequoia Park
Sequoia National Park
Black Bear Griffith Park Zoo 01
Black Bear Griffith Park Zoo 02
Camp Nelson 1946 01
Camp Nelson 1946 02
Camp Nelson 1946 03
Camp Nelson 1946 04
Inglewood Citizen - Lennox Citizen Newspaper
The New York Times Sunday, Dec 04, 1966
Folder 9
Dinosaur River Field Journal
Sierra Club Bulletin May 1952
Pack A: River Trip Negatives
Pack B: Dinosaur II Negatives
Pack C: Mrs. Mantle Negative
Pack D: Dinosaur II 02 Negatives
Pack E: Burn in Sky Negatives
Pack F: Harper Negatives
Pack G: Tiger Wall Negatives
Pack H: Bog Cox Negatives
Pack I: Dinosaur River Trip Negatives
Pack J: Yampa Canyons Negatives
Pack K: Split Mountain Negatives
Pack L: Whirlpool Canyon Negatives
Pack M: Dinosaur Negatives
Pack N: Dinosaur River Trip 02 Negatives
Pack O: Blue Mountain Negatives
Pack P: Evans Negatives
Pack Q: The Chair Negatives
Pack R: Evans Negatives
Pack S: Evans 02 Negatives
Pack T: Bear Canyon Negatives
Pack U: Split Mountain Canyon Negatives
Pack V: Dinosaur 02 Negatives
Pack W: Evans Ranch Negatives
Pack X: Evans 03 Negatives
Pack Y: Split Mountain 02 Negatives
Pack Z: Island Park Negatives
Pack AA: Whirlpool Canyon 02 Negatives
Pack AB: Split Mountain 02 Negatives
Pack AC: Split Mountain 03 Negatives
Pack AD: Castle Park Negatives
Print File x4 Negatives Protection Sheet
Pamphlets and Magazines
Hibernacle News 2005
Sierra Club Bulletin September 1964
Martin Litton Opening Page and Documents
X2 Canyon Dories "The Grand Canyon"
Northwest Dories "1991 River Schedule"
Grand Canyon Dories Booklet
1985 Grand Canyon Supplement
Fire and the Changing Land
Float Trips on the Salmon River Pamphlet
National Geographic, September 1990
Lake Powell "Jewel of the Colorado"
X2 The Great River Journeys Pamphlet
Grand Canyon Dories "Grand Canyon"
Sunset Magazine June 10-13
Young Timers January 1947
Mountainfilm May 26-May 29
Grand Canyon River Guides
The Mono Lake Committee
Tule River Conservancy Newsletter
Warbirds Magazine
Sierra Club Bulletin/March 1971
Air force Magazine March 2005
The Man's Magazine Tribute
Arizona Highways 1952
National Geographic Vol.178, NO.3
The National Geographic Magazine
Folder 10
Sierra Club Bulletin March 1955
Pulse of the Public- Newspaper Article
Peril to California- Newspaper Article
Echo Dam Dispute- Newspaper Article
Rubber Deals- Newspaper Article
Bills hit by Board- Newspaper Article
River Fight - Newspaper Article
Los Angeles Times Newspaper 1953
Echo Park Dam- Newspaper Article
Projects Stressed - Newspaper Article
Vice Raid Arrested- Newspaper Article
Dam Dispute and Water- Newspaper Article
New Needs- Newspaper Article
Fight over a Dam- Newspaper Article
Shooting the Rapids- Newspaper Article
Water Bill - Newspaper Article
Dam Plan- Newspaper Article
Conspire to Destroy- Newspaper Article
Controversial Dam- Newspaper Article
Los Angeles Times Newspaper 1951
Dam There Essential - Newspaper Article
Dinosaur Dam - Newspaper Article
Echo Park Dam Fight- Newspaper Article
Echo Dam Dispute- Newspaper Article
Battle for the Wilderness Article Page
Letter from Richard Leonard (April 1954)
Statement from Ansel Adams
Congressional Committees Hearings Page
Why Echo Park Dam is not needed Article
Colorado River Newspaper Headlines
Martin Litton Page from Unknown Magazine
Folder 11
Rae + Anna Engdahl Birthday Card
The 1986 River Schedule
Martin Litton's Hand Written Name
Blank H.R 104th Congress Document
Blank Senate Draft 103D Congress Page
Toward Permanent Preservation by James Kay
Draft of the Sequoia Forest Protection Reading
Giant Sequoia Heritage Site Description
World Heritage Convention Site Background
H.R 2077 105TH Congress Completed
Letter to Carl from Litton (Eshoo's Bill)
Criteria for World Heritage List Manuscript
Sequoia National Monument 1990 Reading
Analysis of Problems Booklet by O'Toole
Incomplete Letter from Litton (August 1990)
Letter to Michael McCloskey (Feb 23, 1990)
Letter to Mike + Carl Bausch Fax Number
This collection is organized in the following series:
Letters (Without Folders)
CHEC Letter from Randal O' Toole
AFSEEE Letter from Jeff DeBonis + Guidelines
Telecopier Cover Sheet + Letter 1989
Photos (Without Folders)
X2 Analysis of Region 5 Timber Yield Tables Booklet
x6 The AFSEE Activist National Forest Issues
The Public Forester Volume 01, Number 01
Sequoia and Kings Canyon 1999 Field Seminars
CHECH Review of the Sequoia Document
x2 Public Forestry Foundation Letter + Review
Pamphlet (Without Folders)
X3 AFSEE Federal Employees Speaking Pamphlet
Articles (Without Folders)
X31 The Great Robbery Article
x2 Sequoia Sawmill May Import Logs Article
x3 Sequoia Sawmill May Import Logs Photocopy
Miscellaneous (Without Folders)
x2 Edward Flynn Note Sheets
Blank Colored Paper
Manuscript (Without Folders)
Sequoia Natural History Association (1999)
Empty Folders
Linda Blum Folder
Birds Folder
Phillip S. Berry Folder
Virginia Barnes Folder
Eric Barnes Folder
Miscellaneous "B" Folder
Atlantic Monthly Mismanagement Folder
Ancient Forest Alliance Folder
Barbara Boxer Folder
Central California Roadless Area Maps
Camp Nelson Lodge
California Congressional Delegation
John B. Dewitt Folder
Condors Folder
Concerned Citizens For Responsible Folder
Clara Cloer Folder
Bill Clinton Folder
Erik Bjornson Folder
Letter for Erik Bjornson August 08, 1991
Earth First Folder
Sequoia National Forest Pamphlet
Redwood Summer and the Bombing Attack
x7 Earth First! Article
Earth First! Newspaper Mabon 1992
Earth First! Article by Mark Phillips
Proposal for Headwaters Forest Complex
Earth Island Institute Folder
Sierra Atlantic Vo.17, Number 3
Eco Northwest Folder
Potential Economic Impacts Letter and Protection Act
x3 Martin Litton Letter to Ernest G. Niemi
Counseling Services and Letter To Richard Luskin
ECO Northwest from Ernie Niemi and Guidelines
x2 Letter from Ernest Niemi (August, 1991)
Blank Martin Litton Stationary
Letter from Martin Litton (March 13, 1991)
July 03, Wednesday Political Comic
Sequoia National Forest Office Service Info
Fred Eissler Folder
x2 May 16, 1990 Forest Service Certified Mail -R.R.R
Environment Now Folder
x4 San Diego Bay Keeper Boat Photographs
Environment Now Letter from Frank Wells
x2 To: Richard S. Luskin (March 27, 1993)
J. Kirk Boyd Folder
Boyd, Huffman and Williams Attorneys Letter (1995)
Miscellaneous "E" Folder (Frank Wells)
Letter From Timothy Such (April 14, 1992)
The Sierra Summit Mission Statement
x2 Litton's Letters to Frank Wells (April 1993)
x13 Letters from Richard S. Luskin (Sept. 1990)
Faded Proposal Request Sierra Club
x2 Expert Witnesses Paper Confirmation
Litton Texaco Receipt
Terra Loquitur Summer 1991 Booklet
California Forestry Assoc. Majesty/Tragedy Packet
Kinko's Copy Center Copied Documents
Malibu Creek, Lagoon and Beach Health Crisis Packet
American Oceans Campaign Email to Rick Luskin
Martin Litton's Great River Journey's Letter to Frank
Turner Movie Promo Letter to Peter Dykstra
Environment Now Letter from Margaret Hartwell
From Richard Luskin (Sept. 13, 1990)
Letter From Walt Disney Company (Frank G. Wells)
Martin Litton and Red/White Dory Photograph
American Wildlands Letter From Sally Ranney (1991)
Disney Newsreel
Handwritten Note Galanty CO Address
Environment Now Letter from Richard S. Luskin
Letter to John Blackstone CBS News (1989)
x5 Letter to Dan A. Emmett (December 17, 1990
x3 Letter to Frank Wells of Environment Now
Frank Wells Disney's Gravy Train
x9 Letters to Frank Wells about Rick Luskin
Anna G. Eshoo Folder
Congress of the United States Empty Envelope
Anna G. Eshoo "Member of Congress" Contact
Hand Written Quote from Anna G. Eshoo
Brock Evans Folder
X2 National Audubon Society Thank You Letter
Richard Challacombe Folder
The Real Frontier: Conquest of Giants Pamphlet
J.R Challacombe Empty Manilla Envelope
The Great Mirror Article and Orange Envelope
Letter from J. Richard Challacombe (Aug 2, 1976)
Richard Challacombe Letter and New Address
Letter from Richard (February 08, 1994)
Time Adventure in Time: Book by Challacombe
William Croft Folder
Litton's letter to Bill "Great Plan Ideas"
James O. Denney Ph.D. Folder
Faded Envelope Photocopy California Coalition
Actual Envelope California Coalition
Letter to Dr. James O. Denney, 7/19/93
Jim Denney from Martin Litton (September 29,1993)
The Sequoia Alliance Faded Photocopy Letter
Sequoia Alliance Stationary Hand Written Note
Martin Litton Political Comic for Jim Denney
Jim Denney: Mailed Copy Follows Hand Note
Maura Dolan Folder
x8 Historic Pact Limits Logging Article
x3 Letter to Ms. Maura Dolan (July 23, 1990)
Calvin Dooley Folder
x6 Congress United States Letters H.R 2153
X10 Letters to Congressman Calvin Dooley (1991)
x6 Thank you Letters to Joseph Raeder (1991)
Hand Written Marker Note for Cal Dooley Packet
x2 Destroyed Letters With Notes Written On Back
California Wilderness Coalition Folder
California Wilderness Act of 1980 Folder
Congressional Record July 17, 1981 Booklet
California Wilderness Act of 1981 Articles
97th Congress 1st Session H.R 859M Finished Bill
97th Congress 1st Session H.R 3053 Separate Page
Edited and Revised Page of 1981 Articles
California Wilderness Coalition Folder
California Ancient Forest Activist Pamphlet No.3
California Ancient Forest Activist Pamphlet No.1
x22 Mr. Steve Evans US Coalition Letter and Map
Discover California Wilderness Act of 1984
x4 15th Anniversary Invitations Coalition
California Coalition August 17, 1990 Letter
California Wilderness Coalition Letter to Waldron
Hand Written Note Featuring Names
California Wilderness Conference Folder
x2 California Wilderness Conference Invitation 1989
x3 Steve Evans Recent Drought July 08, 1993
Barbara Boyle Folder
Sierra Club Facsimile Transmittal Faded Document
Sierra Club Memorandum December 27, 1993
The Sequoia and Sierra National Forests
California Congressional Delegation-103rd Congress
Sierra Club January 7, 1991 Memorandum Letter
Sierra Club Field Office 6-22-93
Sierra Club Hand Written Note and Photographs
x3 Barbara Boyle February 1991 Letter and Info
Addendum Apologies for Mis-context
Faded Letter for Barbara Boyle (April 1993)
Sierra Club Hand Written Note from Barbara Boyle
Sierra Club Memorandum May 29, 1992 for Litton
Highly Confidential Working Draft Copy
x2 Sierra Club Memorandum / Barbara and Frannie
x3 Joe Fontaine Letter from Martin Litton
Smith River Alliance Sequoia Draft Legislation
x2 Working Draft of Sequoia Forest Protection 1991
Faded Document (Directions to Northern California
Confidential Memorandum from Barbara Boyle
From Bradlee S. Welton May 29, 1991
Frannie and Blaine Waid letter from Litton (1992)
Memorandum Sierra Club From Frannie and Barbara
Memorandum Frannie Waid (November 8, 1991)
House of Representatives H.R 4492 Bill
Martin Litton Letter to Barbara Boyle
Sequoia Protection, Proposed Resolution 1991
State of Cali. Congressional Districts Map Packet
Susan Brenneman Folder
Lee Green Copy Documented Letter LA Times
Litton's Letter to Susan B. Scandal Info
George E. Brown JR. Folder
x21 George Brown Letter from Jim Owens (1993)
X7 Congress United States from Lehman and Dooley
X20 H2596 Congressional Record-House 5/24/1993
x5 Congress of the U.S. Letter to Mike Espy
X10 House of Rep. Thank You Letter to Brown
x3 E 1300 Congressional Record- 5/19/1993
X18 E1299 Congressional Record 5/19/1993
Incomplete Page 30 Brown Statement
George Brown Letter and Budget Office
October 11, 1993, Sequoia Alliance Memo
October 14, 1993, Sequoia Alliance Memo
Grassroots Alert! Manuscript Page.2
Grassroots Alert! Manuscript Page.2
x3 Leannah Bradley Business Card Photocopy
Grand Canyon Stationary Written Jim Denney
George E. Brown Junior Written Information
Congress of the U.S Letter (July 6, 1992)
George Bush Folder
x14 George Bush Quote March 22, 1990
x7 Draft Executive Order of Giant Sequoia
x2 The White House President Bush Fact Sheet
x4 Incomplete Letter for President Bush
The White House, Proclamation by Bush 1990
x55 Congress and Senators House Office Fill-Out List
x4 Final Executive Order April 22, 1990
Save-the-Redwoods League Letter to President Bush
Tule River Tribune Sequoia Nat. Pamphlet
CBS News Folder
x7 River Journeys Letter to John Blackstone (1992)
California Ancient Forest Activist (CAFA)
California Ancient Forest Activist Sept/Oct 1993
CAFA October 1991/ Volume II, No.4
CAFA September 1990/Number 1
CAFA May/June 1991-Volume II,No.2
CAFA November 1990- Number.3
CAFA October 1991, Volume II, No.4
CAFA Rough Draft #2 and Draft #1
CAFA January 1992, Volume III No.1
CAFA Feb/Mar 1993, Volume IV, No.1
CAFA June/July 1993, Volume IV, No.2
Sierra Club NVCA June 1993 Manuscript
Analysis of Problems 5-92 Folder
x6 Full Booklet OF APSNF by Randal O'Toole
Extra APSNF Papers in Booklet
Audubon Folder
x2 Television Environmental Action Folder
Recent Testimonials Page
Christopher N. Palmer Description
Audubon Partners Page
Questions and Answers for Christopher N. Palmer
Television Environmental Action Booklet.
Bruce Babbitt Folder
Daily Appellate Report Environmental Law 1993
x2 Martin Litton Letter to Honorable Bruce Babbitt
The Sequoia Alliance Letter to Pauline Gomez
x4 Litton Letter to Carole Florman (1993)
US Department of the Interior Letter to Litton
Carl Bausch Folder
Carl Bausch Business Card and Letter
Kinko's Fax Cover Sheet 8/5/90
Great River Mr. Carl Bausch Letter April 1990
Jane Baxter Folder
Resume for Jane Baxter "Range Watch Director"
Flash... Important Notice Document
SFCC Meeting in Bakersfield Reminder!
Road's End at Poso Creek Pamphlet
X2 Letter from Jay M. Probasco
The Nation Folder
Terra Bella Mill Eyes Imported Timber Article
x2 Beat the Devil "The Nation" 1993 Article
Additional Empty Folders
San Francisco Chronicle Folder
The New Yorker Folder
Wild Earth Folder
Visalia Times-Delta Folder
The Valley Voice Folder
Valley Voice "Giant Sequoia is Found" Article Original
X6 Valley Voice "Giant Sequoia" Photocopy article
Science Folder
American Association for Science Photocopies
Porterville Recorder Folder
X5 Thomas Reacts to Timber Preserve Bill Article
The Oregonian 6-23-93 Folder
Noah's Arc Political Comic
Timber Management Plan Political Comic
This collection is organized in the following series:
1981 Catalog Drift Boats and Trawler Dories
Sierra Club Bulletin November 1962
Citizens for a Redwoods National Park
Sierra Club Bulletin January 1964
x2 Arizona Highways June 1950
Arizona Highways June 1952
Sunset Travel Guide to Arizona
Letter from Charles Eggert "November 1953"
State Marine Board May 11, 1979
Wright Adjusters November 17, 1983
Grand Canyon Dories Richard Marks April 1986
Sierra Club June 1, 1992 From Caleb Layton
Gray Brechin Letter to Litton 1984
National Park Service Yosemite Letters + Forms
Comparison of Proposed Redwood National Parks x2
Comparison of Metcalf-Cohelan Compromise
State of California Garberville
x2 The Heart of the Grand Canyon
Rare II 1979 Wilderness Decision
S.2515 Park Proposal
Newspapers and Articles
The Roots of Militancy Article Page
The Poet of the Kern Plateau Article
No. 3024 in Pasture Article
Echo Park Wont Drown After All
Night of the Condor in No Man Apart
Pioneer White Water Explorer
Whitewater thrills promised for boaters
x2 Beaver Creek's Pines
She's Still Little and Likes to Make Believe
Sequoia Forest Article
Pope Paul to view land of disasters
Break out the Dories
Forest Voice Native Forest Council Paper
Palo Alto Times Newspaper
Disney in Snow Biz
Sunset Memo
Sierra Club Outing Reservation
Blank Martin Litton Stationary
Tentative Comment Dinosaur Park
Storage Below the State of Colorado Is Not Answer
Initiative Measure '92 Committee
Unknown Year Boating Party Group Photo
"Happy Hour" on the Diablo Canyon
Sequoia National Park River Trip
R. Dawsen Kodak x8 Transparent Photos
Woman Cleaning a Wagon (In Folder)
Active Stage Coach (In Folder)
1974 Ads Folder
x3 Pamphlet Photocopy Grand Canyon Ads
x2 Smaller Photocopy Grand Canyon Ads
As seen in Sunset Magazine Litton's Ad
Ads: Sierra Club Bulletins
x3 Reservations for Sierra Club Trips Paper
x2 Commentary Springtime Litton Adsx2 Energy
x2 Briefs News with Litton Articles
x2 Editorial Preservation and Re-creation ADS
Salmon River, Idaho News with Litton Ad
Commentary Editorial Mothership Litton Ad
1975 Ads Folder
River Trips Litton Dories Ad
Actual Constructed Springtime and Mothership Ads
x4 Colorado River Litton Dories Ad
x3 No Use for Oil Litton Dories Ad
Exceptional Summer Litton Dories Ad
Colorado River in Newspaper Dories Ad
National Parks Conservation Magazine with Litton Ad
x2 Exceptional Year Litton Ad in Newspaper
Exceptional Summer Litton Ad in Newspaper
Editorial Preservation and Re-creation Litton Ad
Springtime Litton Canyon Commentary Ad
Autumn on the Rio Grande Advertisement
1976 Ads Folder
x4 Wilderness River Trips Litton Ad
High Water Colorado River Ad
1970-1973 Ads Folder
x8 Grand Canyon Solitude in 1971 Ad
x3 Grand Canyon Dories Owyhee River Ads
x4 1973 Schedule Litton Ads
Sierra Club Bulletin Contents
x2 Bland Owyhee River
Department of the Int. Envelope Photos
x4 Forest and Animal Negatives in Envelope
Individual Jumping Rocks 2 Negatives Sheet
Cactus and Desert B and W Photos
x3 Negatives of Desert Trail in Sheet
Parked Vehicle and Mountain Negatives in Sheet
x3 Relaxing in Stones Negatives in Sheet
x2 Distant Photos of a Ram
Up-close Photo of a Ram
Individuals in Desert "Joshua TreeKat"
Negative of Up-Close Photo of Ram
DUPOINT Large B and W Photos
x3 Scenic Mountain Tops
Korn River Scenic Riverview
x2 Korn River Heavy Rapid Scenery
x4 Canyon view Overview Scenery Shot
Man Walking in field near Mountain Top
Tall Shot Man starring at Waterfall
Small B and W Photo Horse and Building
1917 Muir Trail Split Stone Small B and W Photo
Small B and W Trees and Wide Forest Shot
Individuals in Tree Overlooking River
Tall Waterfall
Empty Los Angeles Times Envelope
Martin Litton and David Brown Envelope
Letter from David Brown to Martin Litton
The Struggle over Diablo Canyon: A Proposal
This collection is organized in the following series:
Western Union Telegram
Letter From Warner Bros to Martin Litton
Litton's Letter Memo about McCloskey
Litton's Incomplete Letter for Service
Litton to President Ronald Reagan
x2 To Devereux Butcher
Hand Written to Martin Litton
Letter Pamphlet from Paul Photographer
Notice of World War II Pilot Memorial
Craig Anderson on Student Health Form
Thank You Martin Litton from Eva and Graille
Howard Chapman Regional Letter
Enclosed Copies of Troubled Waters Letter
Thank You Letter From California Magazine
Reunion of the 316TH. T.C. Group
Des Moines Register and Tribune Letter
x2 Faded Unknown Letters
Merry Christmas Card from Delnor
An evening in the Grand Canyon Invitation
Thank You Card + Stickers + Member Card
Westwater Books Letter + Pamphlet
Cellular One Application Response + Map
Thank You and Ron Beitelspacher Manuscripts
Regarding Governor Matheson's Speech
Costa Rica Post Card (August 30, 1993)
Aviation License Protective Syndicate
Incomplete -2- Page Letter
Meeting Notice, National Forest Committee
Martin Litton Business Cards
Thank You for Colorado Film Letter
Association of Forest Service Budget Cut
WWII Pilot Association Mini-Reunion
Happy 29th Birthday from Sis
Uncompleted Letter from Richard Marks
Uncompleted Letter from Martin Litton
From Kai Shuman; Thank You
BBC Natural History Unit; Thank You
x2 Public Letter From Martin Litton
Golden Communications The Hard and Simple
Memorandum; California Spotted Owl
From: Jack B. Middleton; New Receivement
Final Maps to Litton; Eric P.
BertaeSoecialties Valuable Customer
Key Staffer Letter + Business Reports
Decision Notice and Finding Spotted Owl
Ausventure Notice to Grand Canyon Dories
The Sequoia Alliance; Work Plan
Congress of the U.S; George E. Brown
Congress of the U.S; Report File
Sincerest Apologies; From Andie
Sierra Club Stationary Hand Written Letter
Hand Written Letter; Wilderness Society
Hazard Tree Hazard; January 10, 1994
Thank You Postcard and Letter
Sierra Club Outings Photographer Letter
Association of Forest Service Memorandum
Arthur V. Collins Department of the Interior
John H. Tanton M.D Founding Chairman
University of California, Berkeley Transcript
CHEC; Threat to Forest U.S Randal O'Toole
Letter to the Editor From: Martin Litton
x6 Newton B. Drury (April 2, 1968)
Rooster Postcard March 12, 1993
Mary Allison Questions and Letter
Hand Written Letter from Terry Clark
National Endowment for Humanities+Photo
To: Olde Rat of the River
Happy Birthday; From Karen
Hope you Feel Better Card from Carry Freilic
Arizona Department of Revenue Letter
x2 Department of the Interior October 28, 1983
Exeter Maritime Museum Letter
Postcard "San Cristobal"
National Endowment for the Humanities Letter
California War Memorial Park Association
Photos and Film
Redwoods Audubon September Aerial Shot
Sand and Wind Storm B and W ph'1'otos + negatives
Desert Plants B and W photos + negatives
Negative of Litton's Car on a Plane
Negative of Grand Canyon Valley
Lake and River Reflections B and W Shot
Single B snd W River and Mountain Wall
x2 Willow Springs Ranches and Destroyed Building
Antelope Valley and Joshua Trees
Joshua Trees B and W Photos
Joshua Trees Desert Negatives
Children Playing near a Lake Negative
Seals or Birds on Sea Rocks
Single Negative of Children on Beach
Negative Film Strips of Family Gathering
Children Negatives at Petting Zoo
Negative of Plant Flowers
Negatives of Cactus Flowers
Negatives of Children Running through Lake
Negative of Man Studying Sand
Castle Ruins Negative
Negative of Tree and Litton's Car
Phacelia Wildflower Sanctuary
x2 Litton's Car Adventures B and W + Negatives
Photo E-R-126 or 34% of this Side
Clearcutting, Oregon B and W Aerial Shots
B and W Nine Photos on a ships mast
B and W Nature and Forest photos
Glacier Peak Wilderness and North Cascades
Grand Canyon Entrance
Lunch Stop on Colorado River in Granite Park
River-Touring Party in Castle Park
Stehekin River, Chelan National Rec Area
Water Lake Above Shot
Joshua Trees Black + Negatives
Litton's Car and Joshua Trees + Negatives
Vanishing Point of Negative Roads
Negative of a tree on a Roadside
Single Negatives of a Roadside Tree
Butte Valley Wildflower Sanctuary
Negative Film Reel Strips Workshop
Save The Redwoods League x4 Notebooks
Georgetown Motors Trip Envelope
x5 Redwood Tree Bark in Envelope
Old Soldiers Photo Showcasing a Woman
Angel Statue B and W Photo
Aerial Shots of Pathways
Aerial Photographs Grand Canyon Peaks
Aerial Grand Canyon Valley Negatives
Deer and Doe Far Negative Shots
Mountain Foggy Negative Shots
Litton Black and White Paper Nature Photos
x4 Native American Negatives in Yellow Paper
B and W photos of Litton's Car
African Tribe Leader Color Photograph
Passing Train B and W Photos and Negatives
Photocopied Acetate Film Strips
B and W Times Photo
Driving Party Jeep and Traveling Party
Negatives of Shipping Docks
Martin Litton Dateline: USA Cassette
Negative of African Tribe Chief
x10 Sequoia National Forest Negatives
Single B and W Photo of People Talking
Double B and W Photo of People Rock Climbing
Negative Film Strips Boating Party
Distant Mountain Peak Negatives
Distant Boat on Water Negative
Mexico Baja 3 page Negative Folder
Mount Jefferson Blank Postcard
Large Laminated Plane Runway Photo
x3 Nature Negative Scenery Shot Envelope
x2 Ocean Coast Negatives
x2 Single Vanishing Shots B and W Photos
Grand Canyon Water Monster Spencer Creek
Hiking Party Traveling Photo
Dories on the Colorado River, Grand Canyon
x5 Color River Images in Envelope
Yellow Envelope x2 Negative Officials
Duel Mountain Waterfall Images
Single B and W Man Studying Sand
Single B and W Boating Party Beached
Single Rock Climbing Man B and W Photo
Single Color Photo Dori on Water
Palau District Legislature Congress Building
Dinosaur National Monument Blank Postcard
White Framed Mountain Hiking Party
White Framed Narrow Boating Party Photo
Playing in Colorado River Photo White Framed
Dories (rough-water Rowboats) Grand Canyon
White Framed Hiking Party + Mountains
Vanishing Point Negatives in Envelope
Limekiln Creek Waterfall Blank Postcard
x24 Negative of Hiking Vacation in Envelope
Happy New Year Card from Carla and Katie
Boating Party Slide and Boating Shore Negative
x16 Negatives of Boating Vacation
Boating Party Campsite
Large Black Photo of Child Playing with Toys
Havasupai Indian Reservation Photo Purple
Havasu Falls on Havasu Creek Purple Frame 1
Havasu Falls on Havasu Creek Purple Frame 2
Havasu Falls on Havasu Creek Purple Frame 3
x7 Transparent Mountain Cabins and Homes
x2 White Framed Grand Canyon Images
Negative Film Strip of Plants
Photographic Slide 4 Park
Photographic Slide 6 Park
Photographic Slide 7 Park
Photographic Slide 8 Park
Photographic Slide 9 Park
Photographic Slide 10 Park
Kodacolor-X Exposed Film
Unopened Kodak Professional Film
X2 Single Boat on Water
B and W Rock Climbing Photo
Hiking Party Photo Taking a Rest Envelope
x3 Diablo Canyon on Water Transparent Photos
Books and Magazines
Colorado River Storage Project Part 1
Colorado River Storage Project Part 2
Ukwenziwa Kweendlela Zokuwaka Book
San Bernardino MTN. Area Booklet
National Parks Magazine NO.97
National Parks Magazine NO.96
Sierra Club Bulletin May 1952
Fly The Friendly Skies United Pamphlet
Baikal Watch Pamphlet
Sea Turtle Restoration Project Pamphlet
Distress Signal Road Service Pamphlet
Mountainfilm '93 Pamphlet
Compliments of Hood And Strong Pamphlet
x3 National Parks Magazine No.111
x4 Sierra Club Bulletin November 1953
Arizona Highways June 1952
National Parks Magazine January 1959
x2 San Jacinto Mtn. Area
Forest Service 1968- U.S Department of Agriculture
Redwoods Memorials That Live Booklet
x3 Vagabond Takes You There
Every Species Counts Conserving Diversity
The Living Wilderness March 1947
Trains The Magazine of Railroading
Sierra Club Bulletin February 1954
Sierra Club Bulletin May 1952
x2 National Parks Magazine No.115
Sierra Club Bulletin: The Redwoods Issue
Arizona Highways October 1951
Colorado River Studies Office Newsletter
Redwoods For A National Park Part 1
x2 San Bernardino MTN. Area
National Parks Magazine Vol.21 No.90
San Gorgonio Wilderness Pamphlet
The Living Wilderness May 1943
The Saturday Evening Post Large Booklet
Sierra Club Bulletin May 1956
Sierra Club Bulletin December 1955
Sierra Club Bulletin April 1956
Sierra Club Bulletin June 1956
Stake in Dinosaur Large Pamphlet
National Parks Magazine No.89
Sierra Club Bulletin January 1956
Sierra Club Bulletin June 1955
Young Timers January 1950
The Living Wilderness Summer 1958
The Living Wilderness Winter 1954
Rafting Adventures Whitewater Center
Trains and Travel Long Island Rail Road
Progress in Fight to Save Redwoods
Newspaper and Articles
x2 Progress in Fight to Save Redwoods
x2 Cattleguard Bulldozers in the Wilderness
Report from Washington
The New Face of Environmentalism
American Flyer Transformer instructions
x3 No. 3024 In Pasture
Forest Service Ducks Change
Sports Section 2 and Real Estate Ads
Kelly Blue Book Unadjusted Prices AD Paper
Tehipite Topics Vol.36
Mexico's Canyon Article
Washington Post Friday, March 11 1994
California News February 8, 1994
Tehipite Topics No.9
Goings On Newspaper Sheets
Neighbor Newspapers Viewpoint Page 4A
Reviews by Hasse Russell Bunnell
X2 Debate over Whaling Industry Article
Agreement on Redwoods Park Plan Article
x4 OWL: Policy Would be Blow to Loggers
Body Identified as Che Guevera Article
Accommodation Policy With Reds is Held Vital
Forest Service Policy May Deal Blow to Loggers
California must Curb Growth of Population
The Railroad That Could Abandonment
Forest Service Policy May Deal Blow
Editorials of the Times 1993
Rhine on the Ground Article
LeConte Memorial Lodge Advertisement
"River of No Return" Article
Prop. 1563 Foes ADS warn of Costly Food Article
Down Yampa in the Lands of Carved Walls
"Metricate in Haster Repent at Leisure" Article
Salmon Swimming Against Logging Tide Article
Trees That "Live Forever"
Forest Service Workers Dislike Goals Article
Manuscripts and Notes
Political Cartoon Federal Eaucrac
For Gayle Poem and Program Events
The Rudder Boat Advertisements
x2 Yellow Note Sheets
NAU Special Collections Photographer Catalogue
SCA Objects
Hillside Shows Magazine Page
Will the Redwoods Survive Magazine Page
Allstate Advertisement Magazine Page
Type of Material; Where to Take It
Written Notes and Letters
x2 Beyond the Day United Airlines Receipt
The Allagash River Magazine Page
Pilot Instructions Chart
Capitol Hill Hotel Receipt
United Airlines Passenger Receipt
x2 Gold Card Cardholder Receipt
Martin Litton Washington D.C Expenses
My Health Record "Don't Forget"
Stouffers Dayton Plaza Hotel
316th Troop Carrier Group
Dudley Davidson Quote
Capitol Hill Suites Receipt + Plane Ticket
The New Yorker The Talk of the Town
x2 Tule River RD Sequoia NF Opportunities
Senate Business Card Information
California Water Protection Council Packet
Southwest Resource Council Warner Valley
Department of the Int. Non-Approved Routes
Effective Date of Payroll Production
Species List for the Ecology of Tanzania
Water and the Public Trust Los Angeles Times
Advertisers Grand Canyon Dories
Adriana Associates LTD
Shartsis, Friese and Ginsburg
Threat to San Gorgonio Primitive
Reservation Form Grand Canyon Expedition IX
Unknown Introduction Page 4
The Observer Ohio Chapter Raise Funds
Preliminary Outline "The Last Hills and Canyons"
Unknown Introduction Page 5
Environmental Television Institute Board of Directors
The Sierra Club: 1892-1970
Jon Brand's The Last Hills and Canyons
Unknown Introduction Page 2
Unknown Introduction Page 3
Chapter 6 (Color Signature)
Proposed Contents (Chapters)
The Dark Room Mountain View Invoice
Aerial Photographs Order Forms
Federal Express Litton Recipient's Copy
Sierra Nevada Alliance Board Meeting #5
Region and National Forest 1990 Form
The Last Great Sequoias First Draft
Grand Canyon Dories Trip
South Sierra Symposium Invitation
x2 Incomplete Document from Richard Marks
American Heart Association Basic Life Support
Arizona Department of Revenue Sales and Tax
Lee's Ferry to Grand Wash (Lake Mead)
Transaction Expense Report
California Trails Application for Membership
Transaction Report Sequoia Alliance
x12 Kodak Print Cover Sleeves
United States Department of the Interior Packet
Sony VHS Instructions
x4 Index Stickers
x4 Index Stickers
Yakima Racks Business Card
Northwest Dories Martin Litton Business Car
Kodak Print Envelope and Paper Sheet
Kaweah Oaks Preserve Fund and Envelope
U.S Government Fund Instructions and Envelope
Happy Easter Basket to Martin Litton
Christmas Large Envelope
Redwood Mountain Unit Stickers
Sierra Club Envelope
Empty Protective Sheet
Panasonic Photo Battery
David L. Wegner Business Cards
Kodak Prints Envelope and Notes
SAS Pilots Protective Sheet
Clyde Martin Litton Inglewood, California Note
Martin Litton x3 Unknown Keys in Envelope
Jennings Strouss and Salmon Envelope
Embarcadero Center Parking Receipt
Delivery Information and Instructions
Sierra Club White Envelope
Kodak Lens Cleaning Paper Envelope
Vehicle Registration Renewal Page
Social Security Number Collection Information
Aerial Photography Field Office Slip
Coach Nahai and Dodo Blanc Invitation
Numbers Receipt
Transaction Report Receipt
Postal Service and Receipts in Envelope
Sony Limited Warranty Information
Boycott Mitsubishi Bumper Sticker
U.S House of Representative Envelope
Black Letter "L"
United States Senate Chamber Card
Yosemite Valley Envelope
Specs Update and Wish List
AOPA Membership Renewal Invoice
National Parks Magazine Envelope
Additional Number Receipt
Turner Publishing Company Mailed Sheet
Mary Jane Brock Envelope
National World War II Glider Pilots Association
Martin Litton White Envelope
Blank White Envelope
Grand Canyon River Guides Envelope
Great River Journeys CLCV Envelope and Sheets
Cardboard Sheet
Western Union Telegraph Envelope
Judge Dwyer Acceptance Sheet
Bureau of Automotive Repair Receipt
1937 Crew List
Empty Washington Manilla Envelope
Grand Canyon Dories Envelope
Grand Canyon Signature Image Stamp
Empty Ringert Clark Folder
Rocklanding Map
Colorado Plateau Region
Golden Trout Wilderness
The Living Wilderness Folder
The Living Wilderness Volume 13
Rare II San Bernardino NF Folder
CA San Bernard Acres Gross and Net
Sierra Club Letter from Mary Ann Eriksen San
Bernardino Rare II Map
SAVE, INC Large Folder
From Stewart M. Brandborg + News Article
Forest Supervisor Letter from Don R. Bauer
x3 Department of Agriculture 1965 Letter
From Clifton R. Merritt 1965 / To Bob
From Clifton R. Merritt 1966/ To Joe
Yellow Bob Copy + Rosemary Letter
From Clifton R. Merritt to Edward Lowman
Congress of the U.S Letter "Mr. Bailey"
To Mr. Stewart Brandborg and Cliff Merritt
From Clark H. Jones June 17, 1967
Thank You Letter to Stewart and Cliff 1966
From John L. Hall (1969) to Betty Mangan
-----Manuscripts and Notes------
Help Save the Condor Pamphlet Notes
Defenders of San Gorgonio Wilderness Memo
x2 Field Hearings Over Hearing Report
Defender Photocopy of New Introduced Bill
San Gorgonio Wild Area Information Sheet
Interior and Insular Affairs Press Release
HR 6891 a Bill Information
x2 Hard-to-read Hand Written Notes
San Gorgonio Passed HR Bills
The Wilderness Society 6891 Statement
Wilderness Society Airmail Info Postcard
Statement for the White House
Public Land Law Review Commissions
San Gorgonio Wild Area General Info Sheet
Development Proponents San Gorgonio
Blue Southern California Table of Comparisons
-----Booklets and Pamphlets-----
x3 San Gorgonio Wilderness Pamphlet
The Defender 1967
1965 Outdoor News Bulletin
Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs
Congressional Record-House July 30
The Defender 1965 October
The Defender 1965 April
The Defender 1965 July
The San Goronio Wil Area Controversy Report
A Guide to San Gorgonio Wilderness Area
Mazama Volume XLVIII No.1
The Living Wilderness Sumer 1965
This collection is organized in the following series:
Films and Reels (Film Descriptions at end of Page)
Reel 335
Core 336
Core 337
Core 338 Spectacle
Core 339 West Yellowstone + Station
Core 340 Point of View "Rain"
Audio Core 341 Smokies Wade
Core 342 Smokies Good A
Core 343 Trims Open and Cut Down
Unknown Black and Gray Severed Film Strip.
Memo from Tule River Conspiracy + Note from Ray
Memo from Ray West to Sequoia Forest Activities
Testimony to Chairman Lehman (9-4-91)
Letter From: Randal O'Toole (April 26, 1990)
Letter From: James A. Crates (April 16, 1990)
Letter to Mr. Bayles from Ray West (9-7-1991)
Additional Letter to Mr. Bayles from Ray West (9-91')
USDA Forest Service Timber Funds Worksheet 1990
Annual Collection Statement by Resource Classes
USDA Forest Service Revenues and Expenses
USDA Forest Service Timber Funds Worksheet 1989
This collection is organized in the following series:
The Wild Cascades; July 12 1966
The Wild Cascades: Jun 06 1966
The Wild Cascades: May 1970
The Wild Cascades: Aug 05 1968
The Wild Cascades: April 1970
The Wild Cascades: May 20 1969
The Wild Cascades: February-March 1970
The Wild Cascades: December 1969
The Wild Cascades: August 1967
The Wild Cascades: May 01 1967
x2 The Phantom Cities of California Booklet
CryCalifornia Summer 1971
CryCalifornia Fall 1971
CryCalifornia Winter 1968/69
CryCalifornia Spring 1969
CryCalifornia Summer 1969
Not Man Apart Volume 5
Not Man Apart Volume 6
Not Man Apart Volume 1
Not Man Apart Volume 3
Sierra Club Bulletin September 1973
Grand Canyon Powell Trip Folder
Paul McHugh's Phone Number
x6 Nechako River in Heavy Rapid B and W Photo
New Andrews Address and Phone Number
USPS Express Mail Fill out Slip to: Ted Cuzzillo
Letter to Ted C. about picture shipping
Letter from Carolin+ Phone Number
Retracing Powell's Epic Exploration Article
Following the Grand Canyon Voyage of Powell Article
The Wildness Society Losses Folder
X4 Losses from National Forest Timber Sales; FY1991
The Wildness Society Taxpayer Losses Folder
-----1990 Taxpayer Losses Folder------
X3 Taxpayer Losses from FY 1990
-----1991 Taxpayer Losses Folder-----
x2 Taxpayer Losses FY 1991
The Wise Use Movement Folder
x13 Supporters of the Wise Use Movement
Mendocino Environmental Center Newsletter
WUM PR Firms, ThinkTanks, Financiers
Major Wise Use Survey Funders
James Whitten Folder
X7 To: Chairman Witten; From: Dooley and Lehman
Wilderness Record Folder
The Wilderness Record; February 1993
The Wilderness Record; March 1993
The Wilderness Record; March 1990
The Wilderness Record: August 1990
The Wilderness Society Pilt Payments Folder
x2 Pilt Payments (Payments in Lieu of Taxes Act)
Miscellaneous "W" Folder
Sierra Club Destroyed Letter To: Mel Levine M.C
Edgar Wayburn Folder
x23 Sierra Club Memo to Martin Litton and Co.
Kill the Sequoias to Save Them Folder
Vanishing Cali. "We had to kill the Sequoia to save it"
Ray West Folder
-----Ray West Folder 1------
USDA Forest Service Sale Program Results
Press Release to Ray West
x5 Tule River Conservancy Newsletter
-----Ray West Folder 2------
Memo From: Ray West; To: Sequoia Forest Activists
Memo From: Ray West; To: Sequoia Forest Activists 2