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Stanley Swarts Photographs1986-2000 ca.


Overview of the Collection

Creator: Swarts, Stanley.
Title: Stanley Swarts Photographs
Inclusive Dates: 1986-2000 ca.
Quantity: 719 photographic images (4x5 color transparencies, negatives)
Abstract:Photographic transparencies include images of various locations in the Colorado Plateau during different seasons between the years 1986 and 2000 ca. and their wildlife.
Identification: NAU.PH.2016.14
Language: Material in English
Repository: Cline Library. Special Collections and Archives Department
Northern Arizona University
Box 6022
Flagstaff, AZ 86011-6022
Phone: 928 523-5551
Fax: 928 523-3770

Biographical Note

Stanley Swarts traveled throughout the western United States in his early life and attended high schools in four different states. His love for natural environments developed with exposure to non-urban western regions and he began photographing them in 1948. He obtained a Bachelors degree in Industrial Arts Education from the University of Nebraska, a Masters degree in Social Science from Long Beach State University, and a Ph.D. from UCLA. His employment while attending college included four years of construction work, seven years as a city and regional planner, and several years teaching in public schools, community colleges, and at UCLA.

In 1972 he accepted a position at Northern Arizona University to teach geography and to develop a land planning program. The position was attractive, but of equal importance was the opportunity for his wife and him to raise their two children in the beautiful environment of the Colorado Plateau. His photography was an essential part of both his academic training and his geographic teaching. He believes that a photographer develops an appreciation of the subject being photographed so, that photography is inexorably linked to the environmental appreciation and protection. His dissertation, "A Conservation and Land Use Plan for the Eastern Mojave Desert," is a consequence of that perception. Although most of his photography features the Southwest and the Colorado Plateau during his twenty-five years at NAU, he has also been privileged to photograph many other global environments.

Scope and Content

The photographs contain images of the Colorado Plateau area including major geological formations, flora, and man-made structures and document the many different seasons and their affect on the area. Some of the sites include Jerome, the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, and Sunset Crater. The subjects of the photographs range from former dwellings and man-made structures to natural occurrences like water and petrified wood.



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No restrictions on use, except: not available through interlibrary loan.

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Related Material

Northern Arizona ... scenic calendar [chart] / photography by Stanley Swarts (1988-2000). F815.N678, Cline Library Special Collections and Archives.

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Stanley Swarts Photographs, NAU.PH.2016.14 [Photographs]. Special Collections and Archives. Northern Arizona University. Cline Library. Flagstaff, Arizona.

Acquisition Information

Acquired from Stanley Swarts in 2016.

Processing Information

Processed in September of 2016.


Other Finding Aid

Container List

NAU.PH.2016.14: Photographs, 1986-2000 ca. 719 photographic images (4x5 color transparencies)
NAU.PH.2016.14.1: Color Transparencies, 1986-2000 ca.
NAU.PH.2016.14.1.1: Utah ,
Contains 27 photographic images including photographs of the Coral Pink Sand Dunes, the Red Canyon, and Fisher Towers.
NAU.PH.2016.14.1.2: Jerome ,
Contains 7 photographic images.
NAU.PH.2016.14.1.3: Ponderosa, 1999-2000
Contains 21 photographic images including images of frost and clouds in Ponderosa and of Flagstaff.
NAU.PH.2016.14.1.4: North West of San Francisco Mountain: Chapel and Area ,
Contains 5 photographic images.
NAU.PH.2016.14.1.5: Chapel of the Holy Cross, Century Plants ,
Contains 4 photographic images.
NAU.PH.2016.14.1.6: Grand Canyon North Rim ,
Contains 30 photographic images.
NAU.PH.2016.14.1.7: Grand Canyon South, 1998-1999
Contains 38 photographic images.
NAU.PH.2016.14.1.8: Canyon de Chelly ,
Contains 4 photographic images.
NAU.PH.2016.14.1.9: Southern Edge of Plateau ,
Contains 12 photographic images.
NAU.PH.2016.14.1.10: Lake Powell, 1999
Contains 5 photographic images.
NAU.PH.2016.14.1.11: South of Mogollan near Sedona,
Contains 15 photographic images.
NAU.PH.2016.14.1.12: Sedona Oak Creek, 1999-2000
Contains 40 photographic images including images of both the west and east forks of Oak Creek.
NAU.PH.2016.14.1.13: North of Sunset Crater, 1999
Contains 11 photographic images.
NAU.PH.2016.14.1.14: Sunset Crater ,
Contains 26 photographic images.
NAU.PH.2016.14.1.15: Sunset Crater: Lava Flow, Vegetation, Snow, 1997-2000
Contains 40 photographic images.
NAU.PH.2016.14.1.16: San Francisco Mountain: Aspen, 1998
Contains 8 photographic images.
NAU.PH.2016.14.1.17: San Francisco Mountain ,
Contains 16 photographic images.
NAU.PH.2016.14.1.18: Vegetation: Peaks Area, 1990-2000
Contains 46 photographic images.
NAU.PH.2016.14.1.19: Vegetation General, 1997-2000
Contains 42 photographic images including images of plant life from around Sedona,Sunset Crater, and Flagstaff.
NAU.PH.2016.14.1.20: Flowers, 1998
Contains 33 photographic images.
NAU.PH.2016.14.1.21: Sedona Area Plants, 1998-2000
Contains 28 photographic images.
NAU.PH.2016.14.1.22: Century Plants, 1997, 2000
Contains 28 photographic images.
NAU.PH.2016.14.1.23: Petroglyphs ,
Contains 6 photographic images of petroglyphs in Nevada and near Wet Beaver Creek.
NAU.PH.2016.14.1.24: Former Dwellings I, 1997-1998
Contains 38 photographic images including photographs of the White House at Canyon de Chelly, Walnut Canyon, Monntezuma's Castle, and Wukoki.
NAU.PH.2016.14.1.25: Former Dwellings II, 1999
Contains 23 photographic images including photographs of Wapatki, New Mexico, west of Sedona, and Lomaki.
NAU.PH.2016.14.1.26: Coral Pinks ,
Contains 13 photographic images.
NAU.PH.2016.14.1.27: Petrified Wood, 1997
Contains 30 photographic images.
NAU.PH.2016.14.1.28: Water, 1997
This file contains 36 photographic images of creeks, ponds, lakes, and rivers including the Little Colorado River, Wet Beaver Creek, and Grand Rapids on the Little Colorado River.
NAU.PH.2016.14.1.29: Geomorphing, 2000
Includes 36 photographic images of erosion of sedimentary rock ,rill erosion of badland clay, and rock formations.
NAU.PH.2016.14.1.30: Miscellaneous ,
Includes 12 photographic images including some of Fort Valley.
NAU.PH.2016.14.1.31: Other Interests ,
Contains photographic images including one of the first Nebraska female school Superintendent.
NAU.PH.2016.14.1.32: Calendar and Negatives, 1989-1996
Contains 34 photographic images.