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Civil War Collection1850s-2012

MS COLL 2011.01

Collection Summary

Creator: Peggy Slusser and others
Collection Name:Civil War Collection
Inclusive Dates: 1850s-2012
Physical Description:20 linear feet
Quantity: (20 linear feet)
Abstract:This collection focuses on the American Civil War and the history and culture of the Civil War era. It contains battlefield artifacts, such as weapons and uniform elements; currency; presidential campaign medallions, and literature; photographs and albums; newspapers; correspondence; memorial postcards; military orders; illustrations; and postage stamps. Most of the items are from the collection of Peggy Slusser.
Collection Number:MS COLL 2011.01
Language: Material in English
Repository: Postal History Foundation, Peggy J. Slusser Memorial Philatelic Library
920 North First Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85719

Background Note

Peggy Slusser acquired items in the collection through visits to Civil War battle sites and correspondence with other collectors. She was particularly interested in General William T. Sherman and collected items relating to him. Her Civil War collection of artifacts and books were donated to the Postal History Foundation shortly after her death, and the Slusser Library was built in part to house this material.


Conditions Governing Access

No restrictions on use, except: not available through interlibrary loan.

Conditions Governing Use

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Access Terms

Confederate States of America.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
Sherman, William T. (William Tecumseh), 1820-1891.
United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Correspondence.
United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Civil War Collection. Postal History Foundation. Tucson, Arizona.

Processing Information

Processed in May 2011

Container List

Series 1: Philately
1 Administrative papers and background, undated
Confederate stamps, circa 1862
18 Confederate stamps (replicas), undated
111 Lincoln envelopes , undated
112 Civil War commemorative postage stamps, 1962-1965
112 Civil War commemorative postage stamps, 2010-2012
"The Civil War Collection" postage stamps and replica medal in plexiglass, undated
112 Civil War and Postal History covers, undated
112 The Girl I Left Behind Me CoverC, undated
Thomas Hale Collection of Civil War envelopes, 1861-1866
Series 2: General William Tecumseh Sherman
8 Union military hat (original owner not confirmed), undated
4 Button with blue cloth from the coat of Gen. W.T. Sherman, undated
51 Gen. Sherman's calling card, undated
21 Photo album containing portraits of General Sherman, Ulysses S. Grant, President Lincoln, undated
52 Gen. Sherman and Horse in trenches before Atlanta, GA stereograph, 1864
52 Gen. Sherman and staff in trenches stereograph, 1864
51 Autographed photograph of Gen. Sherman, undated
51 Photograph of Gen. Sherman, undated
6 General Sherman's photo album, undated
113 Photos of W.T. Sherman and family gravestones, undated
2 Gen. W.T. Sherman daguerreotype in hinged case, undated
Gen. W.T. Sherman framed photograph, undated
114 Gen. W.T. Sherman letter regarding W. Roach, recommending admission to the National Home dated 8/18/1880, 1880
114 Gen. W.T. Sherman handwritten letter with Headquarters of the United States, Washington, DC letterhead dated 5/20/1870, 1870
114 Gen. W.T. Sherman handwritten letter regarding his niece's wedding dated 12/30/1890, 1890
114 Gen. W.T. Sherman handwritten letter dated 3/4/1887 (photocopy), 1887
115 Gen. W.T. Sherman handwritten letter to Patterson (a lawyer) with envelope dated 8/9/1881, 1881
16 Personal copy of Sherman and His Campaigns: a military biography; inscribed by the author Col. S.M. Bowman to General Sherman
114 Gen. W.T. Sherman autograph presented to the French Fair, Boston, 1871
Series 3: Battlefield
19 Flat leather pouch, circa 1865
20 Spanish American War - Navy Cartridge Box. 1889 pattern. Leather with U.S.N. (US Navy) embossed flap with interior woodblock, circa 1889
20 Small leather cap pouch, undated
22 Confederate Pike, undated
14 Civil War bullets, musket balls and Minie Balls, undated
15 Uniform button, undated
Sword, undated
3 Playing cards, undated
1124 Songs for Soliders, GAR Posts, 1884
116a Military Orders, Charles Lyman, 1863
3 CSA Prayer book, 1865
117 Glory Hymn, undated
Series 4: Realia
118 Four ribbons, undated
10 Brass padlock with key, undated
7 "Photos" box, undated
119 CSA (Confederate States of America) watermarked paper 6 1/2" x 8", undated
Series 5: Photographs
Subseries 1: Photograph Albums
6 Album with photos of: Sherman, Mother and Minnie; Lincoln, Hamlin; Mrs Treat; RT Treat; Gen MacDowell; Sheridan; Brook; Burnside; Thomas; Scott; Culligan; Brook; Paddock; Mr. and Mrs. Grimmons; and more, undated
6a Cover to Sherman photo album, undated
4 Confederate Photo album, undated
4 Union photo album - images (mostly not photographic) of Union persons, undated
21 Union photo album - photos of Union Generals, undated
25 Album with photos by Brady; photos of Grant; Breckenridge; Cheatham; Mrs Jefferson Davis; Thompson; Geo Thomas; Hovey; Todd; Mead; Sheridan; Kit Carson; John Freeman; Eva, undated
26 Photo album with 6 photos, many photos missing in album, captions don't match photos, undated
Subseries 2: Framed Photographs
Ulysses S. Grant 7"x5", undated
Young soldier or musician in gold colored oval frame, undated
Abraham Lincoln in frame 4"x5", frame 8"x10", undated
24 Unidentified Daguerrotype in half case, undated
2 Squier Mathews, in hinged case, undated
2 Hand-tinted photo of unknown man, in hinged case, undated
2 Five soldiers, seated in hinged case, undated
2 Daguerrotype of unknown man in hinged case, undated
Subseries 3: Photographs
52 8 Stereographs, undated
53 J.E.B. Stuart 4 1/4" x 6 1/2", undated
54 George Armstrong Custer - 9 photos, undated
53 John A. Logan by A.S. Morse, undated
53 Ulysses S. Grant, undated
53 General G.B. McClellan, undated
53 Civil War landscapes, undated
12 Lincoln by Matthew Brady, undated
12 General Sherman and Staff of Union Generals: Standing: Oliver Howard, William Hazen, J. C. Davis, Joseph Mower. Seated: John Logan, William T. Sherman, Henry Slocum [see alternate of this photo in Union Photo Album], undated
12 The United States Capitol - offset lithograph of Daguerrotype, circa 1846
12 12 modern 11"x14" reprints of Mathew Brady photographs, undated
55 Miscellaneous portraits, undated
Series 6: Political Campaigns
15 Abraham Lincoln medallion 3" diameter, [19--]
15 Abraham Lincoln medallion 2" diameter, [19--]
15 Abraham Lincoln medallion 1 1/4" diameter, undated
15 Abraham Lincoln campaign medallion 1" diameter, undated
15 Abraham Lincoln medallion 3/4" diameter, 1860
1110 Confederate election flyer, 1861
12 Poll-Book, undated
Series 7: Currency and Financial Instruments
15 Confederate one cent coin 1/2" diameter, 1861
15 Large commemorative Lincoln penny, [19--]
CSA Georgia one thousand dollar 7% bond issued May 1, 1862 maturing May 1, 1881 with (36 of 40) $35 coupons attached, 1862
Spitzer Stacks CSA give hundred dollar 8% bond issued Dec 10, 1862 maturing July 1, 1878 with (27 of 30) $20 coupons attached, 1862
CSA one hundred dollar 7% bond issued February 20, 1863 maturing in 30 years with nine $3.50 coupons attached, 1862
1111 Scrip from Bank of Newbury, 1860s
1111a State of Louisiana, five dollar bond, 1880
1212 Confederate money - 4 bills, $1, $2, $20, $1,000; 2 replica bills, undated
Lincoln home insurance policy (copy), undated
11 Leather postage currency wallet, 1860s
12 Reconstruction, state of South Carolina sheet of dollar notes in "Get Well" card for Peggy Slusser, undated
Series 8: Correspondence
1113 Letters to Bettie Miller from Sergeant Thomas Miller, Boonesville, Mississippi, 1864-1865
1114 Letter from William Holmes to Davis and A. Holmes, 1864
1115 Love note, 1864
1123 Joseph Tucker's letters, 1862-1863
1116 Letter from Union soldier Rogers to his brother, undated
9 Valentine, undated
56 Commemorative postcards, undated
Series 9: Newspapers
13 L'Abeille de la Nouvelle-Orleans. Lead article announces the arrest of deserters from Virginia 15 March 1865, 1865
13 The Daily Citizen, Vicksburg, Mississippi - Wallpaper newspaper 2 July 1863, 1863
13 The Daily Citizen, Vicksburg, Mississippi - Wallpaper newspaper 2 July 1863, 1863
13 The Daily Sentinel, Raleigh, NC 21 Dec 1865, 1865
13 The Sentinel, 20 Nov 1863, 1863
13 The Daily Richmond Examiner 10 Mar 1864, 1864
13 The Daily Richmond Examiner 20 Jun 1864, 1864
13 The New York Times 19 Apr 1865, 1865
13 The New York Times / The Obsequies 25 Apr 1865, 1865
13 The New York Tribune 16 July 1864, 1864
13 The New York Tribune 26 July 1864, 1864
13 The New York Tribune 28 July 1864, 1864
13 The New York Tribune / Capture of Atlanta 3 Sept 1864, 1864
13 The New York Tribune / Capture of Atlanta 5 Sept 1864, 1864
13 The New York Tribune / Capture of Atlanta 8 Sept 1864, 1864
13 The New York Tribune / Capture of Atlanta 12 Sept 1864, 1864
13 The New York Tribune / Sherman "He is Near the Coast" 10 Dec 1864, 1864
13 The Cincinnati Times 8 Oct 1863 , 1863
13 The Houston Daily Telegraph 12 Mar 1864 , 1864
13 Daily Chronicle and Sentinel 28 Jun 1864 , 1864
13 Daily Chronicle and Sentinel 1 July 1864 , 1864
13 Harper's Weekly Journal of Civilization May 6, 1865 (reissue), 1865
13 Indianapolis Journal 4 Jan 1891, 1891
13 Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper 4 Apr 1874, 1874
13 Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper 31 Jan 1874, 1874
13 The New York Herald 24 Apr 1865, 1865
13 The New York Herald 25 Apr 1865, 1865
Reading Room The New York Herald / Lincoln Assasination 15 Apr 1865, 1865
13 This Week Magazine, The Los Angeles Times / Which Gettysburg Stamp Do You Like? 10 Feb 1963, 1963
Series 10: Other Documents
1117 Funeral notice, M. George Custis / Frank, Tennessee, 1861
1118 Wanted Poster: Surrat, Booth, Harold, undated
1119 Mourning card, undated
1120 Civil War design, undated
1121 Slusser collection of postcards and polaroids, undated
1122 Receipt for Gettysburg gravestone, 1857
116b Discharge papers for Michael Mara, 1863
"Our Southern Flag" framed copy, undated
12 "Our Generals Quick Step" sheet music , undated
12 "Our Generals" sheet music , undated
Series 11: Illustrations
57 Assassination of Col. Ellsworth, undated
12 "Our Generals Grand March", 1861
12 "Charles Island Capture" newspaper broadsheet, 1870
12 Advertisement for the Western Bank Note Company, Chicago and the American House hotel, Denver, 1883
12 67 book plates, many from the "United States Pacific Railroad Expeditions and Surveys, 1855-1861", undated
"Emmancipation of the Negroes" / Harper's Weekly broadsheet, 1863
"After Counting the Colors", undated