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Gay liberation papers, 1970-1978

AZ 349

Collection Summary

Creator: Gay Liberation Arizona Desert, II
Collection Name:Gay liberation papers,
Inclusive Dates: 1970-1978
Physical Description:1.7 linear feet
Abstract:This collection includes correspondence, clippings, tapes, periodicals, and other material concerning the gay liberation movement in Arizona and on the West Coast, and related issues.
Collection Number:AZ 349
Repository: University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections
University of Arizona
PO Box 210055
Tucson, AZ 85721-0055
Phone: 520-621-6423
Fax: 520-621-9733

Historical Note

Gay Liberation Arizona Desert (GLAD II) was local affiliation of the national Gay Liberation Front. Their purpose in meeting was to educate the public and to raise the level of awareness about gays in the Tucson Community.

Scope and Content Note

This collection includes correspondence, clippings, tapes, periodicals, and other material concerning the gay liberation movement in Arizona and on the West Coast, and related issues. Includes issues of the newspaper Gay Sunshine , 1970-1973.


This collection is organized into five series:
Series I: GLAD II Historical Archives
Series II: Subject Resources
Series III: Articles authored by Jack Latham, 1973-1975
Series IV: Gay SunshineMaterial
Series V: Audio Recordings, 1973-1975





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Corporate Name(s)
Gay Sunshine

Gay liberation movement -- Arizona
Gay liberation movement -- Periodicals
Gay liberation movement -- United States

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Credit Line

Gay liberation papers(AZ 349). Special Collections, University of Arizona Libraries.

Container List

Series I: GLAD II Historical Archives
11 Guide to the collection.
12 GLAD, ASU, Tempe, Arizona.
Clippings, newsletters, and memorabilia of the original GLAD organization in Tempe.
13 GLAD II, History and Purposes.
Memorabilia, a partial chronology, historical notes of the organization in Tucson; statements of purpose.
14 Glad II, Correspondence.
Both outgoing and incoming correspondence arranged chronologically. Additional letters in Box 1, 14 & 15.
15 General clippings.
Clippings from local news sources about GLAD II and the Tucson gay work; other clippings are in Box 1,14 & 15.
16 Advertisements.
Classified and display ads from The Arizona Daily Wildcat and The New Times regarding GLAD II and Tucson gay movement activities.
17 National Directories.
These items were used by GLAD II for mailings and for referral information for transient gays.
18 Referral Materials.
These materials were used in telephone referrals and/or provided to other agencies to use in dealing with gay clients; included here is a 1975 description by Samuel Albert of the referral and general services of Jack Latham and Dan Downey. Materials in Box 2 were more general sources of referral information.
19 Discussion Materials.
This collection of articles were items frequently used by GLAD II in general meetings, consciousness-raising groups, and joint sessions with Women's Liberation groups. "The Gay Liberation Manifesto" by Carl Whittman and "Sexism, Racism and White Faggotry in Sodomist Amerika" by Nick Benton were focal materials.
110 Law Programs.
This folder contains items regarding legislation relating to gays which Arizona gay groups were interested in; it contains materials from joint GLAD II--ACLU programs dealing with both the Law and law enforcement. Additional materials are in Box 2, 8.
111 Library Projects.
GLAD II attempted to increase and improve library holdings on homosexuality and gay liberation; to interest gays in the use of materials on these topics; and to provide through its own lending library and the sale of Gay Sunshine alternative gay literature services in cooperation with Southwest Communications Center. More materials in Box 2, 9 and in Box 3, 1.
112 Free University Classes.
These items show the structure and topics of GLAD II's self-education project, listed through the Free University.
113 Urban Plunge.
GLAD II participated in a program coordinated by the Campus Christian Center designed to familiarize suburban Tucsonans with local inner-city and minority groups.
114 Stonewall Demonstration.
On December 2, 1972, GLAD II staged a demonstration protesting the dress code of a Tucson gay bar. Additional comments on such dress codes is in Box 3, 5, Issue 7.
115 Gay Pride Week.
This material includes notes, materials, and clippings about GLAD II's celebration, April 2-8, 1973
Series II: Subject Resources
21 Anita Bryant.
Clippings on her anti-gay campaign.
22 Bibliographies.
This folder includes, among others, the American Library Association, SRRT, and Gay Liberation Task Force bibliographies.
23 Campus Organizations.
Clippings on campus gay liberation organizations outside Arizona.
24 Children.
Clippings on relationships of gay people to children and childcare. Additional material is available in Box 3, 6.
25 Consciousness-Raising.
Articles, guides, and materials dealing with small-group, personal-experience sessions. Box 3, 1 Issue 1 deals with consciousness-raising. See also Box 4, Gay Men's Referral Training Tapes 1 and 2.
26 Effeminism.
Materials used by the Effeminist Study Group including letters from Kenneth Pitchford and Steven Dansky.
27 Gay Community Services Center, Los Angeles.
Brochures and flyers advertising the Center's services. See also box 2, 11, Envelope 3.
28 Heakin Murder.
Newspaper clippings regarding Richard Heakin's murder in Tucson by four teenage boys.
29 Law.
Clippings, handbills, and statutes, all regarding homosexual acts and gay issues. See also Box 1, 10 and Box 2, 19 and 20. Hear Box 4, Gay Men's Referral Training Tape 3.
210 Librarianship.
Notes and copies regarding library service to gay patrons and employment of gay librarians. Related local materials in Box 1, 11 and in Box 3, 1.
211 Matrix Workshop Materials.
These pamphlets were developed for 1974 Tucson Awareness House workshops and were subsequently used at other places, including Pima College, Tucson, AZ.
212 Medicine Brother, no. 6.
Additional material "Toward a Gay Men's Health Guide" in Box 3, 7. Hear Box 4, Gay Men's Referral Training Tape 2.
Envelope 1: VD, General Gay Health, Medical Profession
Envelope 2: Pima County Health Department, hear also Box 4, Gay Men's Referral Training Tape 2
Envelope 3: Materials from Gay Community Services Center, Los Angeles, Men's Clinic
213 Military.
Material about gays in the military and about the war in Vietnam and related homosexual issues.
214 Minority Status.
A copy of Franklin Kameny's article "Homosexuals as a Minority Group" and notes; a copy of Mary MacIntosh's article "Homosexual Role." Locally relevant material in Box 3, 1.
215 Music.
Clippings on sexism and popular music.
216 Psychology-Psychiatry.
Clippings and articles about gay clients and professional attitudes toward gays. Additional material in Box 1, 8 and in Box 3, 5, Issue 2.
217 Religion.
Clippings and articles about Christian attitudes toward homosexuals and women.
218 Semmen's Affair.
ASUA Senator Robert F. Semmen was asked by the Gay Student Organization to resign.
219 Sexual Techniques.
Articles about gay male sexuality.
220 Transvestism.
Materials about homosexual cross-dressing.
221 Travel.
Articles about group travel for gays.
222 Corrie Furst.
Clippings about her being fired for bisexuality by Amphitheater Junior High School and the suit which followed.
223 Marvin Wayne Walden.
Correspondence from Arizona State Prison, Florence, inmate regarding prison reform and gay rights suits.
224 "Word is Out"
Seminar papers.
225 Miscellaneous Notes of Rick Wilson.
Series III: Articles authored by Jack Latham, 1973-1975
31 New Times: "VD for Gays, Women" with Colleen Elegante. , February 14, 1973
31 New Times: "Ya Gotcha Crabs" with Colleen Elegante. , August 3, 1973
31 New Times: What is a Minority?" , April 30, 1975
32 The Worm: "Report from Berkeley." , March-April, 1973
33 Law Wives' Association, A Lecture for the: "Playing the Game by Someone Else's Rules." , March 12, 1973
34 Metropolitan Community Church, A Sermon for the: "Stigma and Community." , May 11, 1975
35 Mountain News Real, Number 1: "CR and Gay Solidarity." , No date
35 Mountain News Real, Number 2: "Gay Heads and Straight Shrinks." , June 1974
35 Mountain News Real, Number 3: "Gay Directory: Try Tucson First (Gay)." , September 1974
35 Mountain New Real, Number 4: "True Thoughts for Gay People." , October 1974
35 Mountain New Real, Number 5: No column.
35 Mountain News Real, Number 6: "Faggots: Butch or Fem?" , December 1974
35 Mountain News Real, Number 7: "Gay Bars: Denim Threads Among the Gold." , February 1975
36 Gay Sunshine, Number 14: "Dear Sunshine: S & M" (Letter to the Editor). , February 1973
36 Gay Sunshine, Number 24: "A Faggot Father Speaks Out." , Spring 1975
37 Unpublished Materials.
Materials include:
Information on W. H. Auden
Notes toward a gay perspective and Arizona history
"The Beginnings of a Gay Man's Health Guide"
Series IV: Gay Sunshine Material
41 Correspondence with Gay Sunshine
Largely regarding GLAD II's sale of Gay Sunshine.
42 Gay Sunshine Index.
Including issues 1-24, plus the only issue of offshoot People's Gay Sunshine.
43-7 People's Gay Sunshine and Gay Sunshine,1-24.
Issue one is a photocopy.
Series V: Audio Recordings, 1973-1975
4 Suicide Prevention Center. , 1973
One reel, two sides, Dandelion Oquitadas and Jack Latham.
4 Gay Men's Referral Training and Consciousness-Raising. , 1975
Three reels containing three of eight sessions.
No. 1, side one: Consciousness-Raising, Gay History, and Minority Status featuring Jack Latham
No. 1, side two: "What I like best and least about being gay."
No. 2, side one: Gay Men's Health featuring Jack Latham and consciousness-raising group, "VD."
No. 3, side one: Gay Men and the Law featuring Jack Latham