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Papers of Frederick Samuel Dellenbaugh, 1867-1937

AZ 407

Collection Summary

Creator: Dellenbaugh, Frederick Samuel,1853-1935
Collection Name:Papers of Frederick Samuel Dellenbaugh,
Inclusive Dates: 1867-1937
Physical Description:15 ft
Abstract:Frederich Samuel Dellenbaugh papers document Dellenbaugh's expedition experiences and studies of the Colorado River and the Southwest
Collection Number:AZ 407
Language: Materials in English
Repository: University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections
University of Arizona
PO Box 210055
Tucson, AZ 85721-0055
Phone: 520-621-6423
Fax: 520-621-9733

Biographical Note

Frederick Dellenbaugh was born in McConnelsvile, Ohio in 1853. He was an artist, explorer, historian, and writer. Most notably he was a member of John Wesley Powell's Second Colorado River Expedition, 1871-1873, as artist and assistant topographer, and later became historian of the expedition and of the Colorado River. In 1899 he joined the Harriman Alaska Expedition as an artist. Dellenbaugh was one of the founder of the Explorers Club, New York. He wrote a number of books, articles, and short stories about the Powell Expedition, Native Americans, and the West.

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, diaries, notes, manuscripts, clippings, publications, drawings, photo albums, and photographs relating to Dellenbaugh's expedition experiences and studies of the Colorado River and the Southwest. Expedition materials consist of correspondence, photographs of individuals, and articles by Powell and others. Books, articles, short stories, and poems by Dellenbaugh are present, as well as a typescript of 1861 reminiscences by Edward E. Ayer. Also included are photographs of Dellenbaugh's paintings, southwestern Native Americans, and travels; a few taken by E.O. Beaman and John K. Hillers. Correspondents include expedition members, publishers, geographic societies, U.S. government agencies, John Burroughs, Frederick Webb Hodge, William Henry Jackson, Ellsworth and Emery Kolb, Daniel T. MacDougal, Robert Stanton, Robert Taft, John K. Hillers, and William Wallace Bass. Personal materials are diaries (1889-1935), estate papers, W. Norton Goddard family photo albums; and notes, photographs, and maps for a history of Cragsmoor, New York, founded by Dellenbaugh.


This collection is organized into 5 series
Series I: General Correspondence, 1867-1935
Series II: United States Colorado River Expedition, 1869-1934
Series III: Exploreres and Explorations, 1872-1933
Series IV: Writing, 1871-1934
Series V: Art,Architecture, Photography 1871-1934
Series VI: Personal and Family Materials 1889-1937



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Related Material

Related materials on Frederick Dellenbaugh are available at the Arizona Historical Society.

Access Terms

Personal Name(s)
. Kolb, E. L.(Ellsworth Leonardson), 1876--Correspondence.
Ayer, Edward Everett, 1841-1927.
Bass, William Wallace, 1848-1933--Correspondence.
Beaman, E. O.
Burroughs, John, 1837-1921--Correspondence.
Dellenbaugh, Frederick Samuel, 1853-1935--Archives.
Goddard family -- Photographs.
Hillers, John K.,1843-1925.
Hodge, Frederick Webb,1864-1956--Correspondence
Jackson, William Henry,1843-1942--Correspondence.
MacDougal, Daniel Trembly,1865-1958--Correspondence.
Powell, John Wesley, 1834-1902.
Stanton, Robert Brewster, 1846-1922--Correspondence.
Taft, Robert,1894-1955--Correspondence.

Corporate Name(s)
Explorers Club.
Harriman Alaska Expedition,(1899)

Geographic Name(s)
Colorado River (Colo.-Mexico)--Description and travel.
Colorado River (Colo.-Mexico)--Powell Expeditions
Cragsmoor (N.Y.)--History.
Grand Canyon (Ariz.)--Discovery and exploration.

Explorers -- Southwest, New.
Indians of North America -- Southwest, New -- Photographs.

Administrative Information

Credit Line

. Papers of Frederick Samuel Dellenbaugh(AZ 407). Special Collections, University of Arizona Libraries.

Container List

Series I: General Correspondence, 1867-1935
11 A
12 Abbot, Stephen: Correspondence, photo, drawing; Enclosure Meagher, J.J.
13 American Geographical Society: Bowman, Isaiah
14 American Historical Society
15 American Museum of Natural History/National History: Fisher, G. Clyde
16 American Scenic and Historical Preservation Society: Kunz, George F., Hall, E.H.
17 Ayer, Edward H.: manuscripts, photo
18 B
19 Bandelier, Rann6 R.
110 Barret, George: Correspondence related to painting by, with National Gallery of Ireland, Metropolitan Museum of Art,Art Digest, notes, photos
111 Bass, William Wallace: correspondence, 2 copies of his Adventures in the Canyons of the Colorado Annotated by FSD
112 Berthoud, E.L.
113 Bray Pictures Corporation: Bray, J.R., correspondence relative to Colorado River film
114 Burroughs, John: Correspondence (John Burroughs; Barrus, Clara; Burroughs, Julian), writings, clippings, photos
115 The John Burroughs Association: Correspondence (Barrus, Clara; Fisher, G. Clyde; Garland, Hamlin; Beebe, William M.), organizational information, program
116 C
117 D
118 Dictionary of Architecture: Sturgis, R.
119 E
120 F
121 Frazier, Russell E.: Correspondence, photos
122 Freeman, Lewis R.
21 G
22 Ghent, W.J.: Correspondence;Historians Find Life Story of Forgotten Pioneer;enclosure: Eberstadt, Edward
23 Gilbert, G.K.: Correspondence, photo
24 H
25 Halladay, Wilford H.
26 Heye, George G./Heye Foundation/Museum of the American Indian
27 Hodge, Frederick Webb
28 I
29 J
210 Jackson, William Henry
211 K
212 Kelly, Charles
213 Kelly, Dr. Howard A.
214 Kolb, Ellsworth L. and Emercy C.: Correspondence, articles, clippings
215 L
216 M
217 MacDougal, D.F.
218 MacMillan Company, Publishers: Correspondence, agreements; see also Dictionary of Architecture
219 Meeker, Ezra: Correspondence, clippings
220 Middleton, Dr. George W.
221 Minnehaha Opera Production: Engels, P.J.; Jarman, R.; Jackson, P.; Rehsen, F.; Grinnell, G.B.
222 Moss, Lee J.: Enclosures, Moss, John T.
223 N
224 National Geographic Society: Grosvenor, Gilbert
225 New York City: Police Department; Public Library; University; Zoological Society. See also American Museum of Natural History/Natural History
226 North, Arthur W. and Mary R.
227 O
31 P
32 Putnam's G.P., Sons, Publishers: Correspondence (Putnam George H.), contracts, royalty accounts, flyers, notices
33 Q
34 R
35 Rust, David D.: Correspondence, photos, Boating on the Colorado
36 S
37 Smithsonian Institution: Holmes, W.H.; Fewkes, J.W.; Walcott, Charles D.; Graf, J.E.
38 Spencer, D.S.
39 Stanton, Robert Brewster: Correspondence
310 Stanton, Robert Brewster: Correspondence with Jean Oliver Stanton (wife), Anna M. Stanton Burchard (daughter) and Louis F. Burchard (son-in-law)
311 Stanton, Robert Brewster: Correspondence with Yale University Press; Clark Arther H. Company, relative to the publication of Stanton manuscript; field notes; dairy extracts; reviews of miscellaneous items
312 Stefansson, Vihjalmur: See also Box 6,correspondence and #9, #10, #11
313 Stone, Julius F.: Correspondence, photo
314 T
315 Taft, Robert: Correspondence, lecture/flyer Old Photographs.
316 U
317 United States: Correspondence, hearings, reports, etc.:
Coast and Geodetic Survey
Commissioner of Indian Affairs
Defense Department
Forest Service
Geographic Board
Geological Survey: Birdseye, Claude H.; Gregory, Herbert E.; Rizer, H.C.; Smith, George O.
41 United States:
Interior Department: Finney, E.C.
Justice Department/Solicitor General: Blackmar, Charles M.; Collins, Randolph S.
Land Office
Library of Congress
National Park Service: Mather, Stephen T.; Tillotson, M.R,; enclosure: McClintock, James H.,February 1, 1933
Plant Industry
Post Office Department
Reclamation: Davis, Arthur Powell; see also Davis, Arthur Powell, BOX 1/17
42 V
43 W
44 White, James: copy of letter to brother H.W. White, 1867; copy of notes on trip; Dawson, Thomas F.: The Grand Canyon
45 Whitemore, Frances D.
46 Y
47 Yale University Press: Correspondence, contracts, royalty statements; Coleman, R.V.; Follett, Soule, L.P.
48 Unknown/Unidentified Correspondence
Series II: United States Colorado River Expedition, 1869-1934
51 Adams, Nathan (Mormon helper):letter
52 Bishop, Francis Marion (topographer): Correspondence, obits
53 Fennemore, James (photographer)/Fennemore, H.M. (son): Correspondence, photo
54 Hamblin, Ben/Helen//Rose H.
55 Hawkins, William R. (cook, 1896): Photo
56 Hattan, Andrew J. (general assistant): Correspondence, photos, obit
57 Hillers, John (Jack) K. (photographer): Correspondence, obit
58 Jones, Stephen V. (assistant topographer): Correspondence, diary extracts, clippings
59 Powell, John Wesley (expedition leader): Correspondence; copy of agreement with J.C. Summer, W.H. Dunn, O.G. Howland (1869); letter of appointment as expedition head (1874-1874); photo of Emma Dean Powell (wife); correspondence of Mary Dean Powell (daughter), Juliet Powell Rice (sister), and Mary Breasted Powell Paden
510 Powell, John Wesley (expedition leader): FSD notes (for Fsd articles about Powell see box 9/5 and 7); clippings, photos, obits
511 Powell, John Wesley (expedition leader): Articles by:
Outlines of the Philosophy of the North American Indians,New York, 1877;Mythologic Philosophy, an address the American. New York, 1877;Mythologic Philosophy, and address before the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Sarasota, New York, 1879
articles about: Science, November 14. 1902; Minutes of a meeting held... ; proceeding the funeral of Major J.W. Powell...; John Wesley Powell, a memorial to an American explore and scholar, edited by Gilbert, Grove, from articles by Bessie Beach, G.K. Gilbert, Grove Karl, Marcus Baker, Paul Carus, Chicago,1903 (a reprint of the G.K.Gilbert article , Chicago 1903 (a reprint of the John Wesley Powell, from the above in "Science", December 27, 1907: Forbes, S.A., History of the Former State Natural History Societies of Illinois; "American Journal of Science", July, 1918: Smith, George O.,A Century of Government Geological Surveys
Powell,William Bramwell (brother): photo, memorial addresses
512 Powell, John Wesley (expedition leader): Memorials to Grand Canyon, Illinois Wesleyan, Arlington Nation Cemetery: FSD note, sketches, clippings, photos, Lists of personnel, form letter from W.H. Holmes
513 Renshaw, Jon H. (general assistant): FSD letters to
514 Riley, George (packer, prospector): photos
515 Steward, J.F. (assistant geologist: correspondence, correspondence, photo, diary extracts
516 Summer, John (Jack) Colton (prospector, 1869): correspondence, photo, obit; FSD note on manuscript; correspondence: Rider, Edgar A.
517 Thompson, Almon Harris (2nd in command, geographer): correspondence, photo; Eileen Powell Thompson (wife; sister of JWP): correspondence, photos
518 Thompson, Almon Harris (2nd in command, geographer): diary extracts, obits; letters of condolence to widow; financial statement of expedition (1871-1873) with rosters of personnel and annotations by FSD
519 Young, Brigham L. (Mormon packer): correspondence
Series III: Explorers and Explorations 1906-1933
Subseries 1: The Explorers Club, New York City,
61 Correspondence, 1906-1924
62 Correspondence, 1925-1931
63 Correspondence, 1932
64 Correspondence, 1933-
65 Organizational information 1933-
66 Committees: Locations and moving library (Blossom) inquiry 1933-
67 Special events: annual dinners, lecture series, ladies night, smokers
68 Miscellaneous items: flag, Perry medal, bookplate, bell of the cutter Bear, clippings, etc.
Subseries 2: Explorers and Exploration (Mostly Arctic)
69 Newspaper and magazine clippings; part 1, pp. 1-69
610 Newspaper and magazine clippings; part 2, pp. 70-136
611 Other writings by or about explorers, exploration
612 Miscellaneous items: FSD notes, autographed pictures, etc.
Subseries 3: The Harriman Alaska Expedition
613 Rosters, articles (including FSD, From the Palisades to the diomedesread before the Thursday Evening Club, January 25, 1900, FSD letters to Harriet Otis Dellenbaugh, Taylor (editor, Ellenville Journal), Clara Burus; clippings
Series IV: Writings 1872-1933
Subseries 1: Manuscripts,
71 Hopi Indians
A Ride to Oraibi
The Somaikoli Ceremony"
The Land of the Hopis
To the Hopi Towns - incomplete
various fragments and incomplete articles
72 A Long incomplete article, circa 1885
73 Other Indians:
Among the Southern Pai Utes Fifty Years Ago
Tally Hogan or the Singing House
The Feast of Soyaita at Sichumovi
Sunset Fables, how Echo was born
The Judy Blanket
The Cave and Cliff Dwellings of the South-West
The People of the Blue water
The Aztec Calendar Stone
The New Metlakahtla Settlement
The Hermit Tribe of Arizonaincomplete
74 Powell Expedition/Colorado River:
Data on the killing of three of Major Powell's men...
Colorado River Exploring Expedition
"Escalante and the Ute Ford, is Crossing the Fathers a misnomer?(incomplete)
75 Rio Grande Valley:
The Location of the Rio Grande Pueblos, 1540 to 1630
The Conquest of the Rio Grande, some relating thereto
The Location of Cibola and the Historic Towns of the Rio Grande Valley..." (transcription of a talk) various fragments
76 West/autobiographic of western years:
Buried alive
Sandstone Paradise
The Story of a bite
Concerning the Word 'Estafa'
The Lost Mine of Espinosa
77 Fiction
The Pardon of Tenderfoot
Their Wedding Present
Patsy's Christmas
The Figure-head of the Red Dragon
Daniel's remainder and the Magic Watch(version)
Professor Lingalem's Language Elixer(3 versions)
78 Fiction
The Pocketbook
A Bear Story(incomplete)
A Crusoe of the Canyon Country(chapter 1, incomplete)
untitled novel: 2 incomplete chapters; story fragments:
The Midnight Arrow
A Piece of Tarred Rope
others, untitled
sketch about a Gazeka, written for a competition scenarios/plays: incomplete fragments
81 Poetry
Gate of the Arctic,(1899)
My (orThe)Trails of Yesteryear or Lost Trails(3 versions)
Little Coal Black Coon,1901
To the Sockdologer, 1933
The Colorado's Lament, 1933
The Old Door stone
82 Reviews, introductions, letters to the editor
V. Stefansson's The Friendly Arctic, and R. Farrer's The Rainbow Bridge: reviews
R.B. Stanton's Colorado River Controversies: review
Wheeler's Lewis and Clark: Introduction on the United States: letter to the editor
Another Protest Against Name Change:letter to the editor
Naming the Grand Canyon:Letter to the edition
83 Canyon and Desert:incomplete chapters from Project recollections of life on the First Mesa in 1884
84 Miscellaneous, articles and fragments:
Phenomenon of Cloud-frost
Granddad's Ch√Ęteau
Hudson and Fulton
Peter Skene Ogden, sketch of his life
article about Florence, Italy
Log House Building
incomplete article on building a log cabin
As It Was Thengroup of very short pieces
Subseries 2: Published Newspaper and Magazine Pieces,
91 Shorter pieces: comments, reviews, letters to the editor, etc.: Part 1 (1877-1934), pp. 1-25
92 Shorter pieces: Part 2 (1877-1933), pp. 26-74Longer pieces (dates, unless noted, are of publications)
93 Colorado Day,broadside poem (written 1872) with hand colored woodcut after a painting by FSD; 2 copies, initialled, and 2 copies of printed explanationConcarnewauAn episode in Circle Valley 1883 (1894)
94 An Artist's Glimpse of Northern Arizona;The First Americans;A Singular Case(American newspaper publication,);Death Masks in Ancient American Potter;reprintThe True Route of Coronado's march,reprint (1899); 2 copies, one annotated by FSD 1889 1889 1893 1897
95 The Quick Horse;Fabric-marked Pottery;Architectural Forms in Nature;John Wesley Powell,a brief review of his career, reprint (the epilogue from The Romance of the Colorado River, New York, 1903 1898 1898 1898
96 A New Valley of Wonders;Notes on the Location of Tiguex,with map annotated by FDS (published as an advertising flyer,);The Library of the American Geographic Society;Cross-cutting and Retrograding of Steam Beds;reprintLibrary of Congress: The Lowery Collection;The Evolution of the Mind in Its Bearing on Woman's Suffragereview;A Canyon Voyage 1904 1905 1911 1912 1912 1912
97 Archdeacon Stucks' Conquest of Mount McKinley;The Somaikli Dance at Sichumovi;Memorial to John Wesley Powell,reprint; 3 signed copies;Lumholtz, Carl:Through Central Borneo, review;Alter, Cecil: James Bridger: Trapper, Frontiersman, Scout, and Guide, review;The Painted Desert;reprintsThe Bell of the Cutter Bear, short broadside poem read before the Explorers Club, reprint;Naming the Grand Canyon;The Hardenberghs, reprint 1914 1915 1918 1921 1926 1932 May 20, 1933 1933 1933
Subseries 3: Books:
101 BREAKING THE WILDERNESS: reviews and notices
102 A CANYON VOYAGE: notebooks and notes, drafts for preface to Yale University Press edition with galleys
103 A CANYON VOYAGE: reviews and notices, both editions
111 A CANYON VOYAGE:(copy 1), G.P. Putnam's Sons, New York, 1908. Autographed with notes and annotations; tipped letter fro Edwin W. Winter, 1927
112 Letter to Postmaster, Lodore, Colorado,letter from Helen Hamblin, letter from Nathan Adams,letter from Clyde Eddy,letters from U.S. Geological Survey, 1924; 1922; 1909; 1927; 1906
Enclosures for a CANYON VOYAGE(copy 1):
113 Special boxed edition; given to the Kolb brothers and carried by them on their Canyon trip of 1911-1912, then given back to FSD (see BOX 12/4) 1908.
A CANYON VOYAGE(copy 2), G.P. Putnam's Sons, New York,
121 Notes and annotations 1926.
A CANYON VOYAGE(copy 3), Yale University Press, New Haven,
122 Letter from G.D.B. Hasbrouck,review,photo, Emery Carl Lehnert 1934; 1927;
Enclosures for A CANYON VOYAGE(copy 3):
123 Notes and annotations 1926
A CANYON VOYAGE(copy 4): Yale University Press, New Haven,
122 Letter from R.M. Broadhurst,bill from Putnam's, 1926 1922 (probably should be 1911)
Enclosures for A CANYON VOYAGE(copy 4):
131 Articles,clippings,pictures,correspondence, mostly with Elizabeth B. Custer
132 Notes,manuscripts,fragments,reviews
133 notes,drawings,clippings,outlines,maps,
141 Notes and notebooks
142 Articles,clippings,photos
143 notices,reviews,mapscorrespondence, mostly with Elizabeth Benton Fremont
144 flyersreview
145 Notesmap,photos,flyers;another copy of contract between Powell and summer/Dunn/Howland
FREMONT AND "49 (copy 1), G.P. Putnam's Sons, New York, 1914. Signed
161 FREMONT AND "49 (copy 2), G.P. Putnam's Sons, New York, 1914. Signed
171 THE ROMANCE OF THE COLORADO RIVER, G.P. Putnam's Sons, New Your, 1906. Presented to Frederick S. Dellenbaugh 3d, December 25, 1934
Subseries 1: Notes on Other writing Projects:
181 Coronado/Rio Grande Valley: notes
182 Coronado/Rio Grande valley:maps, clippings, drawings
183 Log cabins:articles, pictures, sketches, notes
184 Log cabins:pictures and photographs
185 Meteor Crater, Arizona:notes, jottings, diagrams, writings by others
186 Miscellaneous notes and fragments related to various books and articles
Series V: Art, Architecture, Photography
191 List of picture (on hand?, sold?) May 1901
192 Photos of Arizona/West: painting and drawings, 1871-
193 Photos of European paintings and sketches, 1875, 1882-1884
194 Photo of painting of a woman, Ellenville, 188?
195 Photos of Arizona Indians: paintings, 1884-1885, 1890, 1933-1934
196 Photos of Ellenville Knife Works: paintings, 1886-1887;
197 Photos of Ellenville Pottery Works: paintings, 1887
201 Library, Cragsmoor, New York:Correspondence (with committee and others: Jessica Inness, Grace Curran, Gertrude Wlld, Mary Buxton, Elizabeth Peters, Lawrence Keir, C. and R. Lamb) over planning and construction;various notes, plans, specifications, sketches; dedication by FS 1925:
202 Chapel of the Holy Names, Cragsmoor, New York: history of FSD,commentary,photos; for the rose window see box 32/1 1896:
Subseries 1: Photograhps,
203 Europe 1906
204 Canada (Banff, Lake Louise) and Alaska
205 Northern Arizona, Southern Utah (some of these photos may not be by FSD), 1884, 1903, 1907, 1910
206 Western trip, 1921
207 Western Trip photos and album 1929;
208 Miscellaneous
211 "Prints of the negatives made by F.S.D. on the First Mesa of the Hopi," 1884
212 Proof of album of photos made, mostly in Hopiland; pp.1-23, 1884-1885
213 Proof of album of photos made, mostly in Hopi land pp.24-48, 1884-1885
214 Photo albumfamily (FSD, Jr., others),friends (John Burroughs),interiors,scenes circa 1903
221 Drawings/sketches;Studio/photos 1871-1876, 1884, later dates;
Series VI: Personal and Family Materials
231 Autobiographical/biographical notes and papers.
232 Photos of FSD: pp.1-18
233 Photos of FSD: pp.19-39
234 Correspondence with family members --1929
235 Correspondence with family members 1930--
236 Clippings with references to and/or quotes by FSD
237 Photos of Endridge
241 Portrait photo of FSD: This is the last portrait of FSD and was the one sent to various friends after his death.
Subseries 3: Diaries,
251 "Diary of Walking trip from Ellenville to Arkville etc. in 1889 in company with Arthur Pomroy of N.Y."(original and photocopy)
252 Scattered pages of a diary (ies), 1895,1896
253 1900
254 1901
255 1903
256 1904
257 1905
258 1906
259 1907
2510 1908
2511 Entries, February 11, 1902
2512 Enclosures for 1903 diary
2513 Enclosures for 1904 diary
2514 Enclosures for 1906 diary
2515 Enclosures for 1907 diary
2516 Enclosures for 1908 diary
261 1909
262 1910
263 1911
264 1913
265 1914
266 1915
267 Enclosures for 1909 diary
268 Enclosures for 1910 diary
269 Enclosure for 1911 diary
2610 Enclosure for 1913 diary
2611 Enclosure for 1914 diary
2612 Enclosure for 1915 diary
271 1916
272 1917
273 1918
274 1919
275 Enclosures for 1916 diary
275 Enclosures for 1917 diary
276 Enclosures for 1918 diary
277 Enclosures for 1919 diary
281 1920
282 1921
283 1923
284 1924
285 1925
286 1926
287 Enclosures for 1920 diary
288 Enclosures for 1921 diary
289 Enclosures for 1923 diary
2810 Enclosures for 1924 diary
2811 Enclosures for 1925 diary
2812 Enclosures for 1926 diary
291 1927
292 1928
293 1929
294 1930
295 1931
296 1932
297 Enclosures for 1927 diary
298 Enclosures for 1928 diary
299 Enclosures for 1929 diary
2910 Enclosures for 1930 diary
2911 Enclosures for 1931 diary
2912 Enclosures for 1932 diary
301 1933
302 1934 (short entries)
303 1934
304 1935
305 Enclosures for 1933 diary
306 Enclosures for 1934 diary
Suberseries 4: Financial Records
311 Taxes:Correspondence with various taxing agencies, statements, receipts
312 Taxes, estate (beginning February, 1935): Correspondences (FSD, Fr. with W.R. Garritt)
313 FSD estate, general, February-May, 1935:Letters of condolence; correspondence between FSD, Jr. and others with a personal , business, legal interest in the estate:
Edward Eberstadt,
Bert H. and Sidney Terwilliger,
Raines Galleries,
The Home Insurance Company,
One West Sixty-seventh Street (R.R. Daigle),
Rollins and Sons,
Henry W. Smith,
Wood and Lambert,
314 FSD estate, general, June, 1935--:continuing correspondence between FSD R. and:
Rains Galleries,
P. Edwin Clark,
Juan A. Almirall,
Henry W. Smith,
Edward Eberstadt,
Ellenville Electric Company,
One West Sixty-seventh Street (R.R. Daigle),
Annette M. Ham,
Kendall T. Methot,
Slawson and Hobbs,
Arizona Pioneers' Historical Society,
others; letter from FSD to FSD, Jr. about with list of disposition; inventories
315 1 West 67th Street: rental statements correspondence between FSD and FSD, Jr. and; 1923-1934;
Walter B. Jones,
J.S. Kelly,
Middlebrook and Sincerbeaun,
Slawson and Hobbs,
Bangs and Davis,
Mayer C. Goldman,
miscellaneous items related to the building:
list of stockholders,
316 1 West 67th Street: rental statements correspondence between FSD and FSD, Jr. and: 1935-1937
One West Sixty-seventh Street and R.R., Daigle,
Slawson and Hobbs,
Wm. A. White and Sons;
lease (1935-1936) between estate and Esther Hellberg
317 1 West 67th Street, estate: original lease;correspondence between FSD, Jr. and Northern Trust Company,Shattuck,Bangs and Davis 1917
318 Barnstormers: Correspondense of FSD,Jr. with Annette N. Ham,Paul Barnee
319 Burial lots:Forest Lawn, Buffalo;Fantinekill Cemetery
321 Harriet Otis Dellengaugh:
Obits; correspondence relating to her estate between FSD, Jr. and: Shawnut Bank, Rank L. Holt; correspondence relating to the rose window in Chapel of the Holy Hame: FSD, with the J. and R. Lamb Studios: Charles R. Lamb, Karl Lamb; clippings, photos, etc. related to rose window
322 Harriet Otis Dellenbaugh: photos
323 Frederick S. Dellenbaugh, Jr., Anne Goddard Dellenbaugh and children: clippings, photos.
324 Belle Dellenbaugh estate, general: 1917-1923:
Correspondence of FSD and FSD, Jr. with: Frank L. Holt, The fifthe Avenue Bank, Goodwin Procter, Field and Hoar, Slawson and Hobbs; various estate accounts, etc.
325 Belle Dellenbaugh estate, general, 1924:
Correspondence of FSD and FSD Jr. with: N.Y. State Tax Department, Goodwin Procter, Field and Hoar, Slawson and Hobbs, Smyth, Haggerty, King and Corcoran, The Fifth Avenue Bank, Platt, Field and Taylor, Bulter and Baldwin; various estate accounts, etc.
326 Belle Dellenbaugh estate, general, 1925:
Correspondence between FSD, Jr. and: Butler and Baldwin, Platt, Field and Taylor, The Fifth Avenue Bank, FSD; various estate account, etc.
327 Belle Dellenbaugh estate, Orchard Cottage:
Correspondence between FSD and FSD, Jr. with: Pfister Brothers, W.R. Garritt, Lawerence S. Keir, The Terwilliger Agency, H.B. Rust, Raymond G. Cox, others; assessments, leases, tax receipts, etc.
328 Belle Dellenbaugh estate, Orchard Cottage: photos,
Subseries 5: Photo Albums
331 FSD, Jr.: Western trip (some of these photos taken by FSD), 1907
332 FSD, Jr.: Friends, scenes, one photo of FDS, 1913
333 W. Norton Goddard (father of Ann Goddard Dellenbaugh): family, home, friends, 1897-1899
334 "Annie and her father on Paris," 1897
335 W. Norton Goddard: Triton Club, 1898-1899
336 Triton Club photos, 1898
337 W. Norton Goddard, family, friends, scenes, 1899
338 Goddard friends, photos, 1899
Subseries 6: Cragsmoor
341 Correspondence, mostly related to the buying, selling and exchange of land,FSD with George and Catherine Bleakley, Bert H. and Alex Terwilliger, George G. Keeler, Mary D. Sherman, Raymond G. Cox, P. Edwin Clark, Helen C. Brown, Bernard Suydam, Frank L. Holt, Julia Northrup, Charles C. Curran, Juan A. Almirall, Charles Pfister, Annette M. Ham, other 1929
342 Correspondence, mostly related to the buying, selling and exchange of land,DS with Julia G. Immess, Pfister Brothers, Bert H. Terwilliger, Lawrence S. Keir, P. Edwin Clark, Paul Barnee, Ellenville Construction Company, Juan A. Almirakkm Robert G Groves, Helen C. Brown W.H. Garrit, others 1930
343 Land:Maps, description deeds, conveyances, etc.
344 Miscellaneous items:notes and clippings; history by FSD; maps of area; FSD: The Herdenberghs; Blanche D. Curtis with drawings by Charles C. Currant:The Legend of Sam's Point
345 Miscellaneous items:Report of meeting on the schoolhouse; house for Fred Schwabk telephone, power rights of way; Cragsmoor Country Club, etc.
346 Music, art, theatre:photos, programs, reviews; history of Barnstormers Theatre by FSD, etc.
347 People:Obits, photos
348 Homes, other buildings:photos
349 Scenes:photos
3510 NewspapersThe Cragsmoor Journalv.1 no. 1, 1904, v.11, no 1, 1913,v. 13, no.6 1916;The Mountain Echov.1, no.2, 1928
Subseries 7: Miscellaneous Saved Items:
Sub-subseries 1: Clippings, Maps, Brochures, Leaflets
351 Arizona
352 Cody, Colonel William F. (Buffalo Bill)
353 Colorado River
354 Colorado River, trips and explorations
355 Grand Canyon
356 Indians
357 Juliwn, D./Robidoux, Antoine
35 8Miscellaneous subjects
359 People, mostly obits
3510 Pony Express and other riders
3511 Science
3512 Utah
3513 The West
3514 Zion National Park
Sub-subseries 2: Other Items
3515 Miscellaneous notes, sketches, etc.
3516 Memberships, donations, citations, etc.
3517 Odds and Ends
Sub-subseries 3: Photos
361 Western and other subjects from various sources

362 Western subject from Beaman, Hillers, other sources