Forrest Shreve photographs, 1902-1940 (bulk 1914-1936)

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Forrest Shreve photographs, 1902-1940 (bulk 1914-1936)

AZ 518

Collection Summary

Creator: Shreve, Forrest, 1878-1950
Collection Name:Forrest Shreve photographs,
Inclusive Dates: 1902-1940 (bulk 1914-1936)
Physical Description:1.7 linear feet
Abstract:This collection consists of 1102 photographs, chiefly of vegetation taken throughout Arizona, New Mexico, California, and Mexico (Sonora and Baja California).
Collection Number:AZ 518
Repository: University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections
University of Arizona
PO Box 210055
Tucson, AZ 85721-0055
Phone: 520-621-6423
Fax: 520-621-9733

Biographical Note

Forrest Shreve was a botanist and desert plant ecologist. He served on the staff of the Desert Botanical Laboratory of the Carnegie Institution, Tucson, Arizona, from 1908 to 1929, and as director from 1929 to 1938.

Scope and Content Note

This collection consists of 1102 photographs, chiefly of vegetation taken throughout Arizona, New Mexico, California, and Mexico (Sonora and Baja California). It also includes photographs of Shreve and his family, the Desert Botanical Laboratory, early automobile trips, and a number of towns in Sonora, Mexico. Some photographs were taken by Laboratory director, D.T. MacDougal, staff members Godfrey Sykes and H.S. Gentry, and others.


This collection is organized into two series:





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Related Material

Other photographs by Forrest Shreve may be located in various folders in the University of Arizona Libraries Special Collections Photograph File.

For related material see AZ 566, AZ 356, and AZ 425

The following photographs received with this collection were removed at cataloged separately:

View of Tucson from the Blake house near the University of Arizona campus, 1907
Tucson street scene, 1908
Picture Rocks, near Tucson, photos by Edith Clements (6 photographs), 1913
Ostrich Farm, possibly on the University of Arizona campus (2 photographs), 1914
Tucson street scene, 1915
Congress Street Bridge, Tucson, across the Santa Cruz River, 1915
University of Arizona cactus garden (2 photographs), 1915
Views of Tucson from Tumamoc Hill (2 photographs), 1916
Tucson street scenes (2 photographs), 1916
Train wreck near Maricopa, Arizona, 1924
Ajo, Arizona, 1929
Columbus, New Mexico and Pershing's troops (6 photographs), April 1916
San Atonio de Padua Mission, Jolan, California (3 photographs), no date

Access Terms

Corporate Name(s)
Desert Botanical Laboratory of the Carnegie Institution -- Photographs

Geographic Name(s)
Arizona -- Description and travel -- Photographs
Mojave Desert (Calif.) -- Photographs
Salton Sea (Calif.) -- Photographs
Sonora (Mexico : State) -- Description and travel -- Photographs
Sonoran Desert -- Photographs

Botany -- Mexico -- Baja California (Peninsula) -- Photographs
Botany -- Mexico -- Sonora (State) -- Photographs
Botany -- Sonoran Desert -- Photographs
Desert plants -- Arizona -- Photographs
Desert plants -- Mexico -- Baja California (Peninsula) -- Photographs
Desert plants -- Sonoran Desert -- Photographs

Genre Form(s)

Administrative Information

Credit Line

Forrest Shreve Photographs(AZ 518). Special Collections, University of Arizona Libraries.

Container List

Series I: Photographs, 1902-1940
Personal and Arizona Photographs, 1904-1933
11 Forrest Shreve (14 photographs).
12 Family and homes (20 photographs).
13 River crossings at flood time (9 photographs). , 1915-1916
14 Carnegie Desert Botanical Laboratory buildings, staff, surroundings (36 photographs). , 1914-1915, 1924, 1930s
15 Catalina Mountains (26 photographs). , 1904-1914
1 Notebook: Arizona. , 1913
Havalina Canon and Tortolita Mountains (5 photographs)
Chaparral near Prescott
Grand Canyon
San Francisco Peaks and forests (17 photographs)
1 Notebook: Arizona I. , 1914
Silver Bell Pass, Tucson Mountains (3 photographs)
Havalina Canon, Tortolita Mountains (3 photographs)
Rosemont and Empire Ranch (11 photographs)
Pima Canon, Catalina Mountains (7 photographs)
Black Mountain, Tortolita Mountains and Suffering Camp (18 photographs)
Mount Fagan, Santa Rita Mountains (28 photographs)
Catalina Mountains (12 photographs)
Ventana Canon, Catalina Mountains (8 photographs)
Trip: San Pedro River, Dragoon and Mountains, Willcox, Dos Cabesas, Artesia, Safford (40 photographs)
Trip: Pearce, Tombstone, Empire Ranch, Davidson's Canon (48 photographs)
Vegetation west of Gleeson; also near Tombstone (2 photographs)
1 Notebook: Arizona II. , 1914
Graham Mountains, Frye Canon (38 photographs)
Desert scenes (2 photographs)
Catalina Mountains from Speedway, December 1914 (2 photographs)
Catalina Mountains (7 photographs)
2 Notebook: Arizona I. , 1915
Tumamoc Hill; Catalina Mountains; Tucson Mountains (12 photographs)
Davidson's Canon; Empire Mountains (10 photographs)
Giant cactus and desert scenes (10 photographs)
Catalina Mountains (4 photographs)
San Pedro River (7 photographs)
Colorado River at Parker
Vegetation near Midway, Yuma County
Unidentified (8 photographs)
2 Notebook: Arizona II. , 1915
Trip: Coyote Mountains, Comabai, Poso Blanco, Tonoka, Ajo, desert scenes, Casa Grande, Papago groups, Tucson Mountains (63 photographs)
2 Notebook: Arizona. , 1916
Greaterville (5 photographs)
Trip: Desert Well, Wickenburg, Camp Verde, Montezuma's Well, northern Arizona, Grand Canyon (36 photographs)
San Pedro Valley, Huachuca Mountains, desert scenes (15 photographs)
21 Arizona Photographs. , 1926-1933
Catalina Mountains, 1923, (4 photographs)
Baboquivari Mountains, 1923, (5 photographs)
Automobiles, near Flagstaff, 1923
Roosevelt Lake and area, 1925, (10 photographs)
Boyce Thompson Arboretum and Picket Post, 1925, (3 photographs)
Craig Ranch, Pinal Mountains, 1925
Giant cactus, 1925, (6 photographs)
Near Yucca, Arizona, 1929
Near Sabino Canon, 1930
"The Office," 1930
Huachuca Mountains, 1932, (2 photographs)
Tule Tank; Cabeza Prieta, etc., 1932, (3 photographs)
Chiricahua Mountains, 1933, (2 photographs)
Cabeza Prieta Mountains, 1933, (2 photographs)
New Mexico, California and Mexico Photographs, 1902-1936
3 Notebook: New Mexico. , 1911, 1929
Ortero Basin, 1911, (9 photographs)
Sacramento Mountains, 1911, (11 photographs)
Cloudcroft, 1911, (2 photographs)
Tularosa Creed and Canon, 1911 (3 photographs)
Mescalero Indian Reservation and Agency, 1911, (3 photographs)
Elephant Butte Dam, 1929
Vegetation along Rio Grande River below Socorro, 1929 (2 photographs)
La Lunas home, 1929
Jemez Canon, 1929, (2 photographs)
Unidentified (2 photographs)
3 Notebook: California. , 1902, 1914-1916, 1924, 1936
Eucalyptus tree, 1902
Mohave Desert, 1914-1915, (38 photographs)
Pine Valley, Cuyauaca Mountains, 1916, (4 photographs)
Carrizo Gorge, 1924, (2 photographs)
Salton Sea and Basin, 1924, (8 photographs)
Trip from Tucson to San Diego, sand dunes, 1936, (8 photographs)
31 Sonora, Mexico Photographs. , 1923, 1925-1926
Sasabe, Altar, Pitiquito, 1923 (26 photographs)
Altar, Poza Verrugo, 1925, (33 photographs)
Libertad, 1926, (5 photographs)
32 Sonora, Mexico Photographs. , 1930-1933, 1936
Pozo Serna, Libertad, Los Molinos, Santo Domingo, 1930, (22 photographs)
Mission San Pedro de Tubutama and Mission San Antonio de Aquitoa, 1931 (4 photographs)
Imuris, Magdela, Santa Ana, Horcasitas, Mission San Ignacio de Caborica, the tanks in the Sierra Picu, 1932, (31 photographs)
La Misa, Punta Piedras, Cedros, Port Lobos, 1933, (14 photographs)
Culiacan, 1936, (13 photographs)
Yaqui River, no dates (2 photographs)
33 Sinaloa, Mexico Photographs by H. S. Gentry (12 photographs). , 1939-1940
34 Baja California, Mexico (23 photographs). , 1915, 1922, 1924
Non-Southwestern and Unidentified Photographs,
35 Non-Southwestern Photographs by various artists.
New South Wales (9 photographs)
New York
New Zealand
Oregon (2 photographs)
Unidentified (14 photographs)
36 Unidentified Photographs (7 photographs).
Series II: Album, 1930-1934
Arizona Photographs (26 photographs).
Tucson Mountains
Tortolita Mountains
Santa Cruz floodplain
Papago Bell, Tule Tank
Camino del Diablo
San Rafael Valley
Mohave County
Sonora, Mexico Photographs (107 photographs).
Baja California, Mexico Photographs (97 photographs).
San Marcos Island
Mission of San Ignacio de Kadakahamang
Mohave Desert, California Photographs (3 photographs).