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Karen Kuykendall papers, 1923-1982

MS 243

Collection Summary

Creator: Kuykendall, Karen
Collection Name:Karen Kuykendall papers,
Inclusive Dates: 1923-1982
Physical Description:7 linear feet
Abstract:Contains historical material relating to Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich, with emphasis on the character and personality of Adolf Hitler and the decorative arts and relics of the Third Reich.
Collection Number:MS 243
Repository: University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections
University of Arizona
PO Box 210055
Tucson, AZ 85721-0055
Phone: 520-621-6423
Fax: 520-621-9733

Scope and Content Note

Contains historical material relating to Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich, with emphasis on the character and personality of Adolf Hitler and the decorative arts and relics of the Third Reich. Includes chiefly clippings, political cartoons, articles, posters, photographs, and miscellaneous memorabilia, 1923-1971. Also includes correspondence and questionnaires from interviews by Karen Kuykendall with individuals who knew Adolf Hitler, including Arno Breker, Gerhard Engel, Hermann Giesler, Heinrich Heim, Richard Schulze-Kossens, Dr. Werner Naumann, Albert Speer, and Gerdy Troost, 1971-1978.


This collection is organized into five series
Series I: Biographical Materials and Articles, 1972-1982
Series II: Interviews and Correspondence, 1971-1978
Series III: Material Relating to Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich, 1923-1975
Series IV: Materials Relating to the Art and Architecture of the Third Reich, 1932-1971
Series V: Miscellaneous Oversize Materials, 1928-1971





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Related Material

Some volumes were previously cataloged separately under the following numbers: MS 244 through MS 252, MS 255 through MS 258, MS 260, and MS 261.

Access Terms

Personal Name(s)
Bird, Kenneth, 1887-1965
Breker, Arno, 1900- -- Correspondence
Engel, Gerhard -- Correspondence
Giesler, Hermann, 1898- -- Correspondence
Hasselbach, Hans Karl von -- Correspondence
Heim, Heinrich -- Correspondence
Hitler, Adolf, 1889-1945
Hitler, Adolf, 1889-1945 -- Humor
Hitler, Adolf, 1889-1945 -- Personality
Hitler, Adolf, 1889-1945 -- Caricatures and cartoons
Hitler, Adolf, 1889-1945 -- Comic books, strips, etc
Hitler, Adolf, 1889-1945 -- Pictorial works
Marcus, Edwin, 1885-1961
Naumann, Werner -- Correspondence
Schulze-Kossens, R.(Richard), 1914- -- Correspondence
Speer, Albert, 1905- -- Correspondence
Szyk, Arthur, 1894-1951
Toland, John -- Correspondence
Troost, Gerdy -- Correspondence

Geographic Name(s)
Germany -- Politics and government -- 1933-1945

Architecture, Modern -- 20th century -- Germany
Art, Modern -- 20th century -- Germany
Decorations of honor -- Germany
Medals -- Germany
Military decorations -- Germany
Military paraphernalia -- Collectors and collecting
Military paraphernalia -- Germany
National socialism -- Philosophy
National socialism and architecture
National socialism and art
Nazis -- Pictorial works
World War, 1939-1945 -- Humor
World War, 1939-1945 -- Posters

Genre Form(s)

Administrative Information

Credit Line

Karen Kuykendall papers(MS 243).Special Collections, University of Arizona Libraries.

Container List

Series I: Biographical Materials and Articles, 1972-1982
11 "Recollections by Karen Kuykendall: Growing up in San Diego, California during the 1930's." , 1982
12 Various articles on the Third Reich. By Karen Kuykendall. , No Date
13 "Hunting: The Joys and Sorrows of Being a Third Reich Relics Collector." Includes mostly black and white photographs and color slides of military decorations and other Third Reich collectibles. Also includes correspondence from various dealers, museums and collectors. By Karen Kuykendall. , No Date
14 Original holograph translations of articles from Das III Reich. By Karen Kuykendall. , No Date
Series II: Interviews and Correspondence, 1971-1978
21 Interview notes. , 1973
22 Correspondence: Professor Arno Breker. , 1971-1974
23 Correspondence: General Gerhard Engel, Professor Herman Giesler, Dr. Werner Naumann. , 1971-1974
24 Correspondence: Dr. Hans Karl von Hasselbach. , 1973-1977
25 Correspondence: Heinrich Heim. , 1973-1978
26 Correspondence: Richard Schulze-Kossens. , 1972-1978
27 Correspondence: Albert Speer. , 1971-1974
28 Correspondence: Gerdy Troost. , 1973-1978
29 Correspondence: John Toland, author of Adolf Hitler. , 1972-1977
Series III: Materials Relating to Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich, 1923-1975
31 "Hitler in American and British cartoons." , 1939-1940
32 "Hitler in British cartoons." , 1932-1945
33 "Cartoons by Marcus." Clippings of political cartoons by Edwin Marcus from the New York Times. , 1938-1945
34 Articles from Life magazine, The New York Times, Look magazine, the Police Gazette and others. , No Date
35 Articles from Das Illustrierte Blatt, Signal, Collier's and L'Illustration magazines. , 1933-1942
36 Articles and clippings from Look magazine, The Illustrated London News, The New York Times Book Review, and various newspapers. , 1933-1975
37 "The Third Reich in Caricature." Der Simplicus 1:34. , 1934
38 "Adolf Hitler: a questionnaire with essays" by Karen Kuykendall. One bound volume and one copy with author's handwritten notes. , 1974
41 "The Fuehrer's face." Photographs and clippings of Adolf Hitler. , 1923-1945
42 Articles from Readers Digest. , 1962
43 Articles from Readers Digest, Coronet Magazine, Current History, Pageant Magazine, and Forum magazine. Also includes Flemming, George and Don Tapisco. Terror over Berchtesgaden. Booktab; no. 11. New York, NY. , 1936-1960
44 Excerpts from various books: Waln, Nora. Reaching for the Stars. [Boston: Little, Brown and Co., 1940?]; Lochner, Louis Paul. What about Germany? [London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1943?]; Taylor, Henry J. Men and Power. [New York: Dodd, Mead, 1946?]. , No Date
45 Articles from: Current Biography, Harper's, American Historical Review, The Living Age, and Current History. , 1936-1955
46 Miscellaneous Publications of the Terramare Office, Berlin: Bouhler, Philipp. Adolf Hitler: A short sketch of his life. Terramare publications; no 1. Sadila-Montau, Hans Heinz. German Political Profiles. Terramare publications; no 2. Adolf Hitler from Speeches, Terramare publications; no 8-10. Grimm, Freidrich. Versailles in Liquidation. Terramare publications; no 3. Schinnerer, Erich. German Law and Legislation. Terramare publications; no 4. Frercks, Rudolf. German Population Policy. Terramare publications; no 5. Edel, Fritz. German Labour Service. 2nd edition. Terramare publications; no 6. Reher, Werner. Social Welfare in Germany. Terramare publications; no 7. , 1938
47 Excerpts from various books: Sinclair, Thornton. "The Nazi Party Rally at Nuremberg." Public Opinion Quarterly (October 1938); Henderson, Sir Neville. Failure of a Mission: Berlin 1937-1939. New York, N.Y. : G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1940. , No Date
48 "Hitler: miscellaneous articles." , No Date
49 Clippings from newspapers and magazines. , No Date
410 Various articles and clippings from Time magazine and others. , No Date
411 Articles from Playboy magazine, Harper's magazine, The Atlantic Monthly and various other popular magazines. , No Date
412 Clippings from The Los Angeles Times. , September-December 1955
413 Clippings from German newspapers. , 1933
414 Various articles, and clippings from American newspapers and magazines. , No Date
Series IV: Materials Relating to the Art and Architecture of the Third Reich, 1932-1971
Original items from box 5, vol. 5-7, Memorabilia of the Third Reich, are located in the vault.
51 Bird, Kenneth. "Posters by Fougasse." Color posters from the 'Careless Talk Costs Lives' series. , 1941
52 Color Slides: Art history color slides mostly Medieval, Baroque, and 19th-20th century architecture. Third Reich Artifacts. , No Date
53 "The Fuehrer's Treasures: Decorative Arts of the Third Reich" by Karen Kuykendall. , No Date
54 "Art of the Third Reich." Chiefly clippings, photographs and memorabilia such as postcards and uniform charts. , 1932-1945
55-7 Memorabilia of the Third Reich. Includes some originals and some photocopies of photographs, postcards, stationary, stamps, currency, calling cards, propaganda leaflets and other memorabilia from Nazi Germany. The originals of the photocopied items have been placed in the vault. , 1932-1945
58 "Posters of the Third Reich." , No Date
59 Doehle, Heinrich. Orders and Decorations of the Third Reich. Berlin: Berliner Buch - und Zeitschriften Verlag. English translation by Dr. Doehle, with addenda compiled by Karen Kuykendall. , 1943
510 "Art in the Third Reich". Magazine of Art. Washington, D.C. : The American Federation of Arts. , October 1945
511 Articles: "Third Reich Art." "Interview with Albert Speer." Playboy magazine 18: 6 (June 1971): 69-204. "Arno Breker: Sculptor Laureate of the Third Reich." The Sunday Times Magazine (November 7, 1971). , No Date
512 "German Paintings of World War II." , No Date
513 "Designs for Nazi Daggers." , No Date
514 The Medal Collector. Orders and Medals Society of America. , 1957-1959
Series V: Miscellaneous Oversize Materials, 1928-1971
1 "The Adventures of Adolf Hitler." Volume I. , 1928-1939
2 "The Adventures of Adolf Hitler." Volume II. , 1940-1942
3 "The Adventures of Adolf Hitler." Volume III. , 1943
4 "The Adventures of Adolf Hitler." Volume IV. , 1944-1945
5 "Hitler in Soviet Cartoons," with English captions. , 1941-1945
6 Articles and clippings from The New York Times, Collier's, the Saturday Evening Post and others. , 1933-1971
7 "Adolf Hitler." Photos from the National Archives and Library of Congress. , No Date
8 "Hitler in Mexican cartoons." Clippings primarily from Hoy magazine (Spanish). , 1940-1945
9 Artur Szyk, Illustrations by Arthur Szyk. Contains full color political cartoons from various sources including Collier's magazine. Also includes lithographic prints of the 'United Nations Series' of stamp album title pages created beginning in 1945 for Canadian philatelist and entrepreneur Kasimir Bileski. , 1941-1948
10 "The Third Reich." Clippings from newspapers and magazines. Also includes photographs and posters, from American, British, and German publications, and original posters by Karen Kuykendall. Materials are in German and English. , No Date