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Levi Stewart Udall collection, 1842-1974

MS 293

Collection Summary

Creator: Udall, Levi Stewart
Collection Name:Levi Stewart Udall collection,
Inclusive Dates: 1842-1974
Physical Description:2.5 linear feet
Abstract:Papers, 1842-1974 (bulk 1910-1960), of Levi Stewart Udall (1891-1960), lawyer and judge. Includes personal files, correspondence, reminiscences, activity files, ledgers, and speeches relating mainly to his family, their settlement in Saint Johns, Arizona, his professional activities and services to the state and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
Collection Number:MS 293
Repository: University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections
University of Arizona
PO Box 210055
Tucson, AZ 85721-0055
Phone: 520-621-6423
Fax: 520-621-9733

Biographical Note

Levi S. Udall was born 20 January 1891 at Saint Johns, Arizona, to David K. and Ella Udall, Morman pioneers to Arizona in 1880. His childhood was spent working on his father's farm and carrying United States mail by team and buckboard for his father's mail contract business. He attended public school in St. Johns, completed his secondary education at Gila Academy (1910-1911), and briefly attended the University of Arizona, Tucson.

He married Louise Lee of Thatcher, Arizona, on 10 June 1914. They had six children: Inez, Elma, Stewart, Morris, Eloise, and Burr. In addition to the farm, the family operated Apache Abstract Company (c. 1930-1945), the only title company in Apche County. He was member of the Arizona Boy Scouts Councils (1915-1960). He worked as a clerk for the Apache County Board of Supervisors (1915-1918), and as a clerk for the Superior Court (1919-1920). An Democratic National Convention in San Francisco (1920). Admitted to the state bar (1922), he served as county attorney for Apache County (1922-1923, 1927-1928). He was elected as Judge of the Superior Court (1931-1946), and later, as Judge to the Arizona Supreme Court (1947-1960).

He was appointed Ward president for the Young Men's Mutual Improvement Association (1915-1920), a Morman organization. Ordained into the Mormon priesthood by his father, David K. Udall in 1920, Levi Udall was a committed member of his church. He served as president of the St. Johns Stake (1922-1945), and later was appointed as Patriarch for the Phoenix North Stake.

Dedicated to the preservation of his father's deeds, he edited a biogrpahy prepared by his sister, Pearl Udall Nelson, titled Arizona Pioneer Mormon (1915). A member of many civic associations, he was awarded both the Medallion of Merit (1959) and an honorary Doctor of LAws (1960) by the University of Arizona.

He died of a heart attack in Wickenburg, Arizona, on 30 May 1960.

Scope and Content Note

Papers, 1842-1974 (bulk 1910-1960), of Levi Stewart Udall (1891-1960), lawyer and judge. Includes personal files, correspondence, reminiscences, activity files, ledgers, and speeches relating mainly to his family, their settlement in Saint Johns, Arizona, his professional activities and services to the state and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

The bulk of these papers are found in three series, Correspondence, Activity Files, and Speeches. These papers best document the Udall family, their settlement in Arizona, the influence of the church in their lives, the editing and publication of his father's memoirs in Arizona Pioneer Mormon, and the many civic and religious speeches given by Levi Udall.

This collection does not document Udall's official tenure as a leader in Mormon organizations, or his career as a lawyer and judge in St. Johns and Phoenix. There is little information which recounts his youth on the farm, his stewardship as farmer, or his life as father to six children, including two of Arizona's most respected Democratic politicians. There is little correspondence between members of the Udall family.


This collection is organized into seven series:
Series I: Personal Files, 1842-1974
Series II: Correspondence, 1909-1962
Series III: Reminiscences, 1903-1956
Series IV: Activity Files, 1937-1962
Series V: Ledgers, 1932-1959
Series VI: Speeches, 1920-1960
Series VII: Miscellaneous Printed Matter, 1918-1969





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Personal Name(s)
Nelson, Pearl Udall
Ross, Harry D.
Udall, David King, 1851-1938
Udall, Levi Stewart, 1891-1960 -- Archives
Udall, Louise Lee, 1893-1974

Family Name(s)
Udall Family

Geographic Name(s)
Apache County (Ariz.) -- History
Saint Johns (Ariz.) -- History

Graham-Tewksbury Feud
Judges -- Arizona
Mormons -- Arizona -- History
World War, 1939-45 -- Personal narratives

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Administrative Information

Credit Line

Levi Stewart Udall collection(MS 293).Special Collections, University of Arizona Libraries.

Container List

Series I: Personal Files. , 1842-1974
Contains resumes, diplomas, lists of court cases highlighting his career, and biographical information relating to Levi and Louise Udall. Includes two booklets recalling the lives of Levi and Louise Udall, and five audio tapes of a tribute to Levi Udall, "This is your life," and the funeral services for Levi, and later, Louise L. Udall.
11 Personal Files: Biographical. , 1915-1960
12 Personal Files: Biographical. , 1915-1960
13 Personal Files: Biographical. , 1915-1960
14 Personal Files: Certificates and Diplomas. , 1904-1959
15 Personal Files: Memorial booklets and audiotapes. , 1959-1974
Series II: Correspondence, 1909-1962
Family correspondence is largely letters received by Levi Udall during the 1950s and to which he stapled his outgoing replies. Selected subjects covered are church activities, experiences in the armed forces during World War Two, family reunions and vacations, and birthday and holiday greetings. Of interest are letters from David K. and Ella Udall to Levi which discuss David's work for the church in Mesa, Arizona, travels to Utah, and other routine family matters in the 1920s and 1930s. A selected index of correspondence follows.
The general correspondence addresses a wide variety of topics relating to Levi Udall's professional, religious, and civic interests. There is correspondence from lawyers, law professors, and judges discussing various court cases, invitations to speaking engagements and fund-raisers, congratulatory notes, letters of appreciation, and matters relating to the Mormon Church in Arizona.
16 Udall family. , 1918-1960
17 Udall family. , 1918-1960
18 David K. and Eliza Luella Udall. , 1923-1937
19 Pearl, Joseph, Joseph Jr. Nelson. , 1909-1957
110 General. , 1921-1959
111 General. , 1921-1959
112 General. , 1921-1959
113 General. , 1921-1959
114 General. , 1921-1959
115 General. , 1921-1959
Series III: Reminiscences, 1903-1956
Contains texts relating to the history of a Mormon womens' relief society by Ella Udall; a brief history by Levi Udall on the construction of the Apache County Court House; memories by Pearl Nelson of the family's stay in Hunt and St. Johns in the early 1900s, early Mormon history in Arizona and her research notes on Don Lorenzo Hubbell and Arizona history; a typescript copy of recollections by Osmer D. Flake concerning the Pleasant Valley War of the mid-1880s; and a typescript copy of Orland K. Hamblin's service in the U.S. Army from 1941-45 including his narration of the Japanese invasion of the Philippine Islands, the "death march" to Bataan, his life as a prisoner of war from 1942-45, and his liberation and return to the United States.
21 General. , 1960-1962
22 On the Mormon women's relief society. , 1842-1903, ca. 1903
23 History and cost of Apache County Court House. , ca. 1918
24 Early memories of the Hunt-St. Johns period of our lives, and other research notes. , 1931-1933
25 Some reminiscences of the Pleasant Valley War and the causes that led up to it. , ca. 1937
26 My experiences in the service and as a prisoner of war of the Japs. , 1956
Series IV: Activity Files, 1937-1962
Contains mostly correspondence relating to the settlement of the estates of David K. and Ella Udall, and later, Levi Udall; a case file relating to one of Levi Udall's most noted trials Arizona vs. Southern Pacific Railroad; a folder pertaining to his activities as a leader of Boy Scouts in Arizona; mateials relating to his election campaigns for the judgship of Arizona Supreme Court; files relating to the publication, distribution, and reviews of Arizona Pioneer Mormon; and his Doctor of Laws honorary award from the University of Arizona.
27 Condolences on deaths of David and Ella Udall. , 1937-1938
28 David K. Udall Estate: Correspondence. , 1938-1944
29 David K. Udall Estate: Correspondence. , 1938-1944
210a Arizona vs. Southern Pacific. , 1940-1941
210b Arizona vs. Southern Pacific. , 1940-1941
211 Arizona Boy Scouts , 1943-1960
212 Arizona Supreme Court Election files. , 1946-1958
213 Arizona Supreme Court Election files. , 1946-1958
214 Arizona Supreme Court Election files. , 1946-1958
215 Arizona Supreme Court notes and summaries. , ca. 1950s
216 Arizona Pioneer Mormon: Correspondence. , 1926, 1956-1958
31 Arizona Pioneer Mormon : Correspondence. , 1959-1960
32 Arizona Pioneer Mormon: Correspondence. , 1959-1960
33 Arizona Pioneer Mormon:Pedigree chart and notes. , ca. 1958
34 Arizona Pioneer Mormon:Book reviews. , 1959-1960
35 Doctor of Laws. , 1959-1960
36 Levi S. Udall Estate. , 1961-1962
Series V: Ledgers. , 1932-1959
Contains two volumes relating to accounts for Levi Udall's farming, title service, and real-estate ventures; his election campaign of 1946; the settlement of David K. Udall's estate; and miscellaneous family loans. Indexes to the ledgers are found inside front covers.
37 Ledgers. , 1932-1959
38 Ledgers. , 1932-1959
Series VI: Speeches. , 1920-1960
Contains public addresses and research materials, mostly periodical clippings, given by Levi Udall. There are two other speeches, one by H.D. Ross relating to the history of the office of the Arizona Supreme Court, and the other by Dr. Clarence G. Salsbury relating to political, social, and economic problems of the Navajo Indians. The bulk of this series, which constitutes nearly half of the entire collection, consists of speeches by Udall on occasions of patriotic and religious holidays. There are also a number of funeral talks revealing the accomplishments of pioneers and citizens of Apache County; graduation speeches to local high schools and colleges; professional addresses to associations of lawyers and judges; and talks given to Mormon church groups concerning its history and teachings.
39 Dedicatory remarks: Arizona Supreme Court Building. , 1939
310 The Navajo Problem. , 1948
311 General. , 1920-1958
312 General. , 1920-1958
313 General. , 1920-1958
314 General. , 1920-1958
41 General. , 1959-1960
42 General. , 1959-1960
43 Christmas. , 1945-1959
44 Easter. , 1936-1954
45 Funeral. , 1940-1960
46 Funeral. , 1940-1960
47 Funeral. , 1940-1960
48 Graduation. , 1929-1960
51 Graduation: fragments. , 1929-1960
52 Latter-Day Saints. , ca. 1920-1960
53 Latter-Day Saints. , ca. 1920-1960
54 Latter-Day Saints. , ca. 1920-1960
55 Latter-Day Saints. , ca. 1920-1960
Series VII: Miscellaneous Printed Matter. , c. 1918-1969
Contains clippings, poems, and brochures collected by and/or about Levi Udall and the family. Includes an Arizona Superior Court Final Decree involving water rights on the Little Colorado River in the St. Johns Irrigation Company vs. Round Valley Water Storage and Ditch Company, et al, 1918; and a history of telegraphy in Utah which was compiled by Kate Carter in 1961.
56 Clippings. , c. 1940s-1950s
57 Poems. , c. 1930s-1940s
58 Printed Materials. , c. 1918-1969