Hemlock Society of Southern Arizona records, 1983-1991 (bulk, 1988-1991)

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Hemlock Society of Southern Arizona records, 1983-1991 (bulk, 1988-1991)

MS 301

Collection Summary

Creator: Hemlock Society of Southern Arizona
Collection Name:Hemlock Society of Southern Arizona records,
Inclusive Dates: 1983-1991 (bulk, 1988-1991)
Physical Description:1.25 linear feet
Abstract:This collection is comprised of six series: Organizational Materials, 1983-1990. Correspondence, 1987-1990. Legal Materials. Talks, 1984-1991. Conferences, 1984-1991. Printed Materials, 1981-1991. Correspondence, minutes, bylaws, leaflets, clippings, and books pertaining to their activities. The correspondence pertains to the proposed Death with Dignity Act; some is with the organization Americans Against Human Suffering. Legal materials involve both the Society and general euthanasia issues. The transcripts are of talks delivered in Tucson and Phoenix. Some records pertain to the 1988 Supreme Court case of Cruzan vs. Harmon. Newsletters from the National Hemlock Society and regional societies are included.
Collection Number:MS 301
Repository: University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections
University of Arizona
PO Box 210055
Tucson, AZ 85721-0055
Phone: 520-621-6423
Fax: 520-621-9733
URL: http://speccoll.library.arizona.edu/

Biographical Note

The Hemlock Society of Southern Arizona was formed around 1983 and incorporated in 1988 as a nonprofit corporation. It is one of many state and regional Hemlock societies in the United States. The expressed purpose of the Society is to educate the general public regarding right-to-die issues. The Society seeks to promote its goals by such means as newsletters and other printed materials, conferences, and court cases.

Scope and Content Note

The Organizational Materials, 1983-1990, are subdivided into Minutes, Bylaws, and Forms/Leaflets. The Minutes include not only records of topics discussed at meetings, but also treasurer's reports on the Society's financial status. The Bylaws include a general guide for the formation and structure of local Hemlock societies. The Forms and Leaflets consist of questions and answers about the Hemlock Society, membership applications, and a catalog of Hemlock Society videos.

The Correspondence, 1987-1990, consists of letters and miscellaneous items pertaining to the proposed "Death With Dignity" Act, and correspondence from the organization "Americans Against Human Suffering."

The Legal Materials include forms and brochures concerning both the Hemlock Society of Southern Arizona and euthanasia issues in general.

The Talks are transcripts of euthanasia-related speeches sponsored by the Society and delivered in Tucson and Phoenix from 1984-1991.

The Conferences, 1984-1991, consist of a collection of articles, correspondence, and reports dealing primarily with meetings sponsored by the Society, along with a set of brochures, papers, and correspondence pertaining to various other euthanasia-related conferences.

The Printed Materials, 1981-1991, are subdivided into Definitions, Clippings, Legal Cases, Newsletters, and Books. The Definitions are of key terms encountered in discussions of the right-to-die issue. The Clippings consist of newspaper and magazine articles about hemlock societies and euthanasia. The Legal Cases are court records, and summaries of court records, from cases involving the question of euthanasia. Most of these records pertain to the 1988 Supreme Court case of Cruzan vs. Harmon. The Newsletters include newsletters from not only the Hemlock Society of Southern Arizona, but also from the National Hemlock Society and several other state and regional hemlock societies. Finally, there are four books, one booklet, and six issues of the journal The Euthanasia Review.


This collection is organized into six series:





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Americans Against Human Suffering
Hemlock (Society)
Hemlock Society of Southern Arizona

Right to Die

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Credit Line

Hemlock Society of Southern Arizona records(MS 301). Special Collections, University of Arizona Libraries.

Container List

Organizational Materials, 1983-1990
11-5 Minutes of meetings, treasurer's reports, bylaws, guide to formation of Hemlock societies, question-and-answer leaflets, video catalog, and membership applications. , 1983-1990
Correspondence, 1987-1990
16-7 Letters and miscellaneous materials regarding the proposed "Death With Dignity" Act, and correspondence from the "Americans Against Human Suffering" organization. , 1987-1990
Legal materials, No Date
18 Legal forms and brochures pertaining both to the Hemlock Society of Southern Arizona and to euthanasia issues in general. , No Date
Talks, 1984-1990
19 Texts of talks given in Tucson and Phoenix concerning the right-to-die issue. , 1984-1990
Conferences, 1984-1990
110-11 Brochures, reports, correspondence, and articles regarding various euthanasia-related conferences. , 1984-1990
Printed materials, 1981-1991
112-19 Clippings, court records, newsletters, books, and journals. , 1981-1991