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Roger Stern papers, circa 1955-1978

MS 304

Collection Summary

Creator: Stern, Roger, 1915-
Collection Name:Roger Stern Papers,
Inclusive Dates: circa 1955-1978
Physical Description:1.75 feet
Abstract:Contains biographical information, subject files, reports and printed materials, 1955-1978, relating chiefly to his career as an engineer and manager at Compañia Minera de Cananea in Sonora, Mexico, and as a consultant with the firm Pincock, Allen and Holt in Tucson, Arizona.
Collection Number: MS 304
Repository: University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections
University of Arizona
PO Box 210055
Tucson, AZ 85721-0055
Phone: 520-621-6423
Fax: 520-621-9733

Biographical Note

Roger Stern was born September 17, 1915 in New York, New York and raised in California. He attended schools in Glendale and graduated from San Diego State University in 1938 with a B.S. in Physics. He served in the U.S. Navy in the field of Aviation Electronics from December 1944 to March 1946. Roger Stern married Caroline Vota Stern; they had 3 children.

His extensive career in the mineral industry spanned more than 40 years; he worked mainly in Mexico. From 1937 to 1941, he began as an assayer-metallurgist and superintendent at the El Fenomeno Mine in Ensenada, Baja California. From 1941 until 1955, Stern worked for American Smelting and Refining Company (ASARCO) in various lead-zinc operations in Mexico, including positions in ore testing, metallurgical accounting, and management.

In 1955, Stern resigned from ASARCO to accept the position of Chief Metallurgist with Cananea Consolidated Copper Company in Sonora, Mexico, also known as Compañia Minera de Cananea. During his twenty-two years with the company, he held various positions, and retired on September 30, 1977, as Assistant General Manager. Following his retirement, Stern acted as a consultant for Pincock, Allen and Holt, a mining industry consulting company in Tucson, Arizona. His expertise was in the fields of mineral dressing, flotation, crushing, copper smelting, and fire refining.

Scope and Content Note

Contains biographical information, subject files, reports and printed materials, 1955-1978, relating chiefly to his career as an engineer and manager at Compañia Minera de Cananea in Sonora, Mexico, and as a consultant with the firm Pincock, Allen and Holt in Tucson, Arizona.

The majority of the alphabetically arranged files reflect topics concerning copper mining operations in Cananea, Mexico. Each file may contain correspondence, memorandum, research notes, blueprints, or printed materials from administrators, researchers, or suppliers to Stern relating to various processes and products in the mine. The major departments of the mine were Open Pit Mining, Concentrator, Leaching and Precipitation, and Smelting; support facilities included power genera-tion, shops, and railroad.

The largest files are: Cananea Reports, which contain documents on particular phases of the operation; Field Trips and Other Operations, which were written by Stern and other engineers in the 1950s and 1960s and detail visits or studies of related mining ventures, mainly in Arizona; Pincock, Allen & Holt, which contain his consulting activities during the late 1970s; and Supplementary Printed Materials, which hold brochures, equipment catalogs, and similar information on a wide variety of mining topics. Of interest in this folder is his copy of Contrato Colectivo y Reglamento Interior de Trabajo (Cananea, 1975) concerning labor and management relations at the mine.

Some materials in Spanish.





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Personal Name(s)
Stern, Roger, 1915 -- Archives

Corporate Name(s)
Cananea Consolidated Copper Co.

Copper mines and mining -- Mexico -- Cananea
Industries -- Mexico -- Cananea
Mines and mineral resources -- Mexico -- Sonora (State)
Mining engineers -- Archives

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Administrative Information

Credit Line

Roger Stern papers(MS 304). Special Collections, University of Arizona Libraries.

Container List

11-2 Biographical Information. , circa 1955-1978
13 Bagdad Mine Report. , 1978
14-7 Cananea Reports. , circa 1955-1978
18 Cement Cu Blocks. , circa 1955-1978
19 Cement Cu Smeltering. , circa 1955-1978
110 Chemical Smeltering. , circa 1955-1978
111 Converter Slag. , circa 1955-1978
112 Concentrate Drying. , circa 1955-1978
113 Cyanidation. , circa 1955-1978
114 Cyclones. , circa 1955-1978
115-17 Field Trips and Other Operations. , circa 1955-1978
118 Flash Smelter. , circa 1955-1978
119 Flotations. , circa 1955-1978
120 Fluo Solids. , circa 1955-1978
121 Fuel and Combustion. , circa 1955-1978
122 IMIQ Convention: Quimieros Instituto Mexico de Ingenieros. , 1968
123 Instrumentation: Rillito. , circa 1955-1978
124 Intermediate Products. , circa 1955-1978
125 Kennecott Ray Meeting. , circa 1955-1978
126 Leaching. , circa 1955-1978
127 Lime Plant. , circa 1955-1978
128 Metallurgy Notes. , circa 1955-1978
129 Mining Congress. , circa 1955-1978
130 Phosphate. , circa 1955-1978
131 Pincock, Allen & Holt, Inc. , circa 1955-1978
132 Pit Organization. , circa 1955-1978
133 Plants. , circa 1955-1978
134 Relocation Filler Plant. , circa 1955-1978
135 Relocation Filler Plant. , circa 1955-1978
136 Retirement Information. , circa 1955-1978
137 Roast Leach Electrowinning. , circa 1955-1978
138 Soft Rubber Lined Pumps. , circa 1955-1978
139 Seminar: Organization and Operation of a Modern Maintenance Program (Atlanta, Georgia: 1977). , 1977
140 Slag. , circa 1955-1978
141 Smelter Byproduct Treatment. , circa 1955-1978
142 Smelter Casting Machine. , circa 1955-1978
21 Smelting. , circa 1955-1978
22 Smelting: Metallurgy. , circa 1955-1978
23 Soil Conditioner. , circa 1955-1978
24 Solvent Extraction. , circa 1955-1978
25 Storage Piles. , circa 1955-1978
26 Sulfuric Acid. , circa 1955-1978
27 Supplementary Printed Materials. , circa 1955-1978
28 Tailings. , circa 1955-1978