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Tucson Council for Civic Unity records, 1948-1966

MS 317

Collection Summary

Creator: Tucson Council for Civic Unity
Collection Name:Tucson Council for Civic Unity records,
Inclusive Dates: 1948-1966
Physical Description:2.5 linear feet
Abstract:This collection contains Board of Director and general membership files, meeting minutes, correspondence, financial papers, programs, newspaper clippings and subject files. Subject files include pamphlets, flyers and other formats on a variety of Tucson agencies and civil rights activities; and Council's activities in the Arizona state legislative process concerning civil rights issues of the day: school desegregation, equal employment opportunities, human relations, public accommodations; and related information and publications on other state organizations and federal issues. Also includes files, 1948-1960, on the early years of Arizona Council for Civic Unity.
Collection Number:MS 317
Repository: University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections
University of Arizona
PO Box 210055
Tucson, AZ 85721-0055
Phone: 520-621-6423
Fax: 520-621-9733

Historical Note

Tucson Council for Civic Unity (TCCU) was dedicated "to foster and promote better understanding and relations among people of various racial, religious, social and national backgrounds in Arizona and to promote better conditions among all groups with respect to education, housing, employment, recreation, health and other community problems." It was affiliated with the Arizona Council for Civic Unity (ACCU: incorporated December 21, 1948). The Greater Phoenix Council for Civic Unity was another local agency for the ACCU.

ACCU's founder was Dr. Fred G. Holmes, whose interest in initiating this agency was triggered by President Truman's Commission on Civil Rights' report of 1946, To Secure these Rights. During 1946-1947, Holmes worked with Louis Wirth and Louis E. Hosch of the American Council for Race Relations in Chicago on planning the Arizona Council for Civic Unity. Many well-known Tucsonans were involved with TCCU over the years, including Morris and Stewart Udall, Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Maxwell, Maria Urquides, Rabbi Bilgray, Dorothy Barber, Laura Banks, Thomas Bahti, Harry Gin and Sam Goddard.

The Council contributed to several achievements including the desegregation of Tucson public schools, 1948-1951, and repeal of school segregation laws in Arizona; the passage of the Equal Employment Opportunity bill, 1955; the creation of the Human Relations Commission, 1955; and in many daily local battles against racial and religious discrimination. TCCU's longest struggle was for the passage of the Public Accommodations legislation in the Arizona State Legislature. The effort lasted from 1949-1965, when the Civil Rights bill was finally enacted.

Scope and Content Note

The first subgroup, the Tucson Council for Civic Unity records, pertains to the council's activities in Tucson and in the state legislature to achieve its mission. Historical information includes the constitution and by-laws, and background information about TCCU. Board of directors lists, 1948-1965, meeting minutes from 1951-1965, and treasurers' reports from 1951-1962 are included. Correspondence on general matters is divided into two folders. Membership files are divided into membership lists and membership meeting minutes, both arranged chronologically from 1948-1965. Membership lists from 1961, 1962 and 1964 are missing. There is also a file of internal memos, meeting notices and a few newsletters sent to members. Various programs, conferences and committees sponsored or cosponsored by TCCU, 1950-1964 are arranged in folder. A series of subject files covers Tucson organizations and civil rights activities during 1949-1964; Arizona civil rights legislative activities from 1948-1965; regional and national organizations; and supplemental files of newspaper clippings from 1948-1965, and including related publications in comic book formats of civil rights issues, one featuring Martin Luther King.

The second subgroup of records involves the Arizona Council for Civic Unity, 1947-1960. These few files are incomplete. Included are Board of Directors lists, 1948-1957 [lacking 1950-1953 and 1955] ; the meeting minutes from 1948-1958 [these too are incomplete] ; Financial records, 1950-1952, are mostly tax information. Both incoming and outgoing correspondence is filed. The bulk of this correspondence is with Louis Wirth and Louis Hosch of the American Council on Race Relations and Fred Holmes regarding the early development of ACCU; and between Fred Holmes and Executive Secretary Rosamond Spicer. A few newsletters from 1948-1958 are also present here. A supplemental group of files, containing a historical file, 1947-1949; a file on Greater Phoenix Council for Civic Unity, and a miscellaneous file are included as well.


This collection is organized into two subgroups:
Subgroup I: Tucson Council for Civic Unity, 1948-1966
Subgroup II: Arizona Council for Civic Unity, 1948-1960





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Related Material

Approximately 2 linear feet of records was not retained, mainly duplicates, bank statements, ledgers, bills and receipts.

Access Terms

Personal Name(s)
Holmes, Fred G.
Spicer, Edward Holland, 1906-
Spicer, Rosamond B.
Udall, Stewart L.
Wirth, Louis, 1897-1952.

Corporate Name(s)
American Council on Race Relations -- Correspondence.
Arizona Council for Civic Unity -- Correspondence.
Greater Phoenix Council for Civic Unity -- Correspondence.
Tucson Council for Civic Unity -- Archives.

Geographic Name(s)
Tucson (Ariz.) -- History -- 20th century.

Citizens' associations -- Arizona.
Civil rights -- Arizona.
School integration -- Arizona.

Genre Form(s)

Administrative Information

Credit Line

Tucson Council for Civic Unity records(MS 317). Special Collections, University of Arizona Libraries.

Container List

Subgroup 1: Tucson Council for Civic Unity, 1948-1966
Series 1: Historical Information, 1948-1963
11 Historical information.
Series 2: Officers, 1948-1965
12 Board of Directors' lists.
13-4 Board of Directors' meeting minutes.
15 Treasurers' Reports, 1951-1962
Series 3: Correspondence, 1948-1966
16-9 Incoming
110 Outgoing
21-2 Outgoing
Series 4: Membership, 1948-1965
23 Membership lists
24-5 Meeting minutes
26 Internal memos, notes
Series 5: Programs, 1950-1964
27 Committee on Intercultural Education, 1950-1951
28 Conference on Human Relations, 1950
29 Other programs sponsored by TCCU.
Series 6: Subject files, 1947-1965
210 Civil Rights Congress of Tucson, 1949
211 Council of Social Agencies (later named Tucson Community Council), 1950-1962
31 IMPACT, 1960
32 Operation Good Neighbor, 1958
33 Other organizations, 1947-1964
34 Tucson Commission on Human Relations, 1955-1962
35 University of Arizona segregation information, 1948-1960
41 School Desegregation, 1948-1950
42 State Commission on Human Relations, 1959-1965
43 Public Accommodations, 1954-1962
44 Correspondence re: public accommodations, 1954-1962
45 Equal Employment Opportunities, 1952-1958
46 Civil Rights (final bill), 1965
47 Various other state legislative actions, 1950-1965
48 Miscellaneous state legislative information, 1949-1965
49 American Council on Race Relations, 1946-1950
51 California Federation for Civic Unity, 1947
52 Civil rights reports from various US cities, 1948-1960
53 Colorado Civic Unity, 1948
54 Fair Employment Practices Commission, 1949-ca.1950's
55 Housing, 1949-1955
56 National Association of Intergroup Relations Officials, 1948
57 National Conference of Christians and Jews, 1961-1962
58 Native Americans information, ca.1950
59 United World Federalists, 1948-1950
510 Urban Renewal, ca.1950
Series 7: Supplemental materials, 1948-1965
511 TCCU: miscellaneous
512 Printed matter : 3 booklets on civil rights, including Martin Luther King : the Montgomery story
513 Newspaper clippings
Subgroup 2: Arizona Council for Civic Unity, 1948-1960
Series 1: ACCU, Boards of Directors, 1948-1957
61 Board of Directors lists
Series 2: ACCU meeting minutes, 1948-1958
62 Meeting minutes
Series 3: ACCU financial records, 1950-1952
63 Financial records
Series 4: ACCU correspondence, 1947-1958
64 Correspondence
65 American Council on Race Relations, 1947-1949
66 Fred Holmes, 1947-1950
Series 5: ACCU supplemental, 1947-1960
67 Historical file, 1947-1949
68 Miscellaneous, 1947-1955
69 Greater Phoenix Council for Civic Unity, 1948-1960