Sanctuary Movement Trial papers, 1979-1992

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Series I: Indexes, no date
Series II: Background/Pretrial Material, 1981-1987
Series III: Individuals, no date
Series IV: "A" Files, ca. 1985
Series V: Count Files, no date
Series VI: Trial Notebooks, ca. 1985
Series VII: Trial Transcripts, 1985-1986
Subseries 1: Pre-trial transcripts, January-October 1985
Subseries 2: Depositions, September, 1984
Subseries 3: "Operation Sojourner,", ca. 1985
Subseries 4: Certified Trial Transcripts, October 1985-May 1986
Subseries 5: Trial Summaries, January 1985-May 1986
Subseries 6: Post-verdict Sentencing, May-July, 1986
Series VIII: American Friends Society Committee (AFSC), 1981-1988
Series IX: Southside Presbyterian Church, ca.1982-1992
Series X: Newspaper Clippings, 1981-1988
Series XI: Appeals, 1981-1989
Subseries 1: Assorted Background and Appeal Materials, ca 1980's
Subseries 2: Legal Briefs, ca 1980's
Subseries 3: Motions and Government Responses, 1981-1988
Subseries 4: Peggy Hutchinson Files, 1981-1988
Series XII: Background/Pretrial Material, 1981-1991
Subseries 1: Assorted Background/Pretrial Materials, ca 1980's
Subseries 2: Background--Guatemala, ca 1980's
Subseries 3: Background--Related Cases (Texas), ca 1980's
Series XIII: Individuals, 1981-1991
Series XIV: Post-Trial Miscellaneous Material, 1982-1992
Series XV: Newspaper Clippings, 1979-1992
Series XVI: Background/Pre-Trial Material, 1981-1986
Series XVII: During Trial Material, 1985-1986
Series XVIII: Post-Trial Miscellaneous Material, 1983-1997
Series XIX: Related Trials Material, 1988-1990
Series XX: Tucson Economical Council (TEC), 1981-1996
Series XXI: Arizona Sanctuary Defense Fund, 1985-1987
Series XXII: Newspaper Clippings, 1980-2002
Series XXIII: A/V Material, 1985-2002