David Soren popular sheet music collection, 1801-2011 (bulk 1900-1950)

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David Soren popular sheet music collection, 1801-2011 (bulk 1900-1950)

MS 365

Collection Summary

Creator: Soren, David
Collection NameDavid Soren popular sheet music collection
Inclusive Dates: 1801-2011
Bulk Dates: (bulk 1900-1950)
Physical Description 1.25 linear ft.
Collection NumberMS 365
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections
University of Arizona
PO Box 210055
Tucson, AZ 85721-0055
Phone: 520-621-6423
Fax: 520-621-9733
URL: http://speccoll.library.arizona.edu/
E-Mail: LBRY-askspcoll@email.arizona.edu

Biographical Note

Scope and Content Note

The David Soren popular sheet music collection, documents an approximately 150 year period in the creation, production, and dissemination of American popular music. These musical scores mirror trends in both American popular music and American history and culture. Full of pathos and emotion, these scores evoke feelings of patriotism, nostalgia, and gaiety. Apart from their musical value, many of these scores are beautifully decorated and like the music, the cover art represents significant trends in American art and fashion.

Well known titles in the Collection include, "Alexander's Ragtime Band," "Cheek to Cheek," "The Entertainer," "Over There," "Riders in the Sky," "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes," "Stars and Stripes Forever," and "You Were Meant For Me." Well known composers include, Irving Berlin, George Gershwin and Ira Gershwin, Al Jolson, Paganini, Cole Porter, Rogers and Hammerstein, and John Philip Sousa. Musical genres include American patriotic, song and dance, romance, Dixie, and ragtime.


This collection is arranged alphabetically by score.



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Personal Name(s)
Berlin, Irving N.,
Gershwin, George,
Gershwin, Ira,
Hammerstein, Oscar,
Jolson, Al,
Paganini, Nicolò
Porter, Cole,
Rodgers, Richard,
Sousa, John Philip,

Composers -- United States
Dance music -- United States -- Scores
Dixieland music -- Scores
Patriotic music -- United States -- Scores
Popular culture in art -- United States
Popular music -- United States
Ragtime music -- Scores
Romanticism in music -- Scores

Administrative Information

Credit Line

David Soren popular sheet music collection (MS 365). Special Collections, University of Arizona Libraries.

Processing History

A number of items have been deaccessioned due to their deterioration beyond use. They were the following titles:

"In the Orchard Where the Children Used to Play" (two copies). Walker, Barkley (Composer). Riley, James Whitcomb (Lyricist). 1901;
"Lamb that Strayed from the Fold, The." Carleton, Sidney (Composer). Davis, Harry (Lyricist). undated;
"Our Glorious Banner." Santiemann, Wm. H. (Composer). 1901;
"Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep (Sponsored by Bromo-Seltzer)." Knight, J.P. (Composer). Knight, J.P. (Lyricist). undated.


Additional items were added to the collection in 2015, further accruals to this collection are anticipated.

Container List

Sheet music 1801–2011 Bulk, 1900–1950
11 Across the Border. Tallmadge, Kirby A. (Composer). 1917
11 Admiral Dewey March. Van Riper, Alva (Composer). 1898
11 Admiral Dewey's Grand Triumphal March. Marcel, P. (Composer). 1898
11 Adorable. Whiting, Richard A. (Composer). Marion, George Jr. (Lyricist). 1933
11 After the War is Over Will There Be Any 'Home Sweet Home'. Woodruff, Joseph (Composer). Pourmon, E.J. (Lyricist). 1917
11 Alexander's Ragtime Band. Berlin, Irving (Composer). Berlin, Irving (Lyricist). 1938
11 All I Do is Dream of You. Brown, Nacio Herb (Composer). Freed, Arthur (Lyricist). 1934
11 All That I Ask of You is Love. Ingraham, Herbert (Composer). Selden, Edgar (Lyricist). 1910
11 Alla En El Rancho Grande. Uranga, Emilio D. (Composer). Costello, Bartley (Lyricist). 1934
11 America Here's My Boy. Lange, Arthur (Composer). Sterling, Andrew B. (Lyricist). 1917
12 America's Victory Sweet Liberty. Ford, Frank W. (Composer). Johnson, Bessie V. (Lyricist). 1918
12 Amor. Ruiz, Gabriel (Composer). Skylar, Sunny (Lyricist). 1941
12 Anniversary Song. Jolson, Al & Chaplin, Saul (Composer). Jolson, Al & Chaplin, Saul (Lyricists). 1946
12 Annual Song Revue. Onivas D. (Arranger). 1917
12 Anvil Chorus, The. Krausse, Theo (Composer). undated
12 Arrah Wanna: An Irish Indian Matrimonial Venture. Morse, Theodore (Composer). Drislane, Jack (Lyricist). 1906
12 Au Revoir, But Not Good-bye (Soldier Boy) (Two Copies). Von Tilzer, Albert (Composer). Brown, Lew (Lyricist). 1917
12 Back to the Carolina You Love. Schwartz, Jean (Composer). Clarke, Grant (Lyricist). 1914
12 Battle of New Orleans, The. Driftwood, Jimmy (Composer). Driftwood, Jimmy (Lyricist). 1959
13 Battle of Spion Kop March, The. Butler, M.W. (Composer). 1900
13 Battle of Waterloo, The. Anderson G. (Composer). undated
13 Beautiful Ohio Song. Earl, Mary (Composer). Macdonald, Ballard (Lyricist). 1918
13 Beside a Garden Wall. Short, Albert E. & Delbridge, Del (Composers). Kahn, Gus (Lyricist). 1926
13 Big Brown Bear, The. Mana-Zucca (Composer). Mana-Zucca (Lyricist). 1919
13 Black Key Polka Mazourka. Winner, Sep. (Composer). undated
13 Blue and the Gray, The. Sudds, W.F. (Composer). Finch, F.M. (Lyricist). 1884
13 Blue-eyed Sally. Bernard, Al. & Robinson, Russel (Composers). Bernard, Al. & Robinson, Russel (Lyricists). 1924
13 Break The News To Mother (Two Copies). Harris, Chas K. (Composer). Harris, Chas K. (Lyricist). 1897
14 Bridal Bells Waltz. West, L.E. (Composer). 1897
14 Bring Back My Soldier Boy to Me. Magine, Frank (Composer). Hirsch, Walter (Lyricist). 1918
14 Brown Eyes Has That Little Maiden. Osgood, Geo. L. (Composer). Laurius (Lyricist). 1875
14 California and You. Puck, Harry (Composer). Leslie, Edgar (Lyricist). 1914
14 Camp Custer. Schroeder, Ed. (Composer). 1917
14 Carrie or Carrie Marry Harry. Von Tilzer, Albert (Composer). McCree, Junie (Lyricist). 1909
14 Carry Me Back to Old Virginny. Bland, James A. (Composer). Bland, James A. (Lyricist). 1920
14 Celebrated Witches Dance, The. Paganini (Composer). 1880
14 Chapel Chimes. Greenwald, M. (Composer). 1913
14 Cheek to Cheek. Berlin, Irving (Composer). Berlin, Irving (Lyricist). 1935
15 Cinderella. Powell, W.C. (Composer). O'Dea, Jas. (Lyricist). 1906
15 Connecticut March, The. Nassann, William (Composer). 1911
15 Convent Bells or Les Cloches Du Couvent. Bollman, Henri (Composer). 1877
15 Corsican Girl, The. Holst, Eduard (Composer). 1889
15 Cow-Cow-Boogie. Raye, Don & De Paul, Gene (Composers). Raye, Don & De Paul, Gene (Lyricists). 1941
15 Cutey, Tell Me, Who Tied Your Tie? Edwards, Ed. (Composer). Longbrake, Arthur (Lyricist). 1910
15 Daisy Song, A. Gatty, A. Scott (Composer). Gatty, S.H. (Lyricist). undated
15 Dance of the Honey Bells. Wurtele, G.F. (Composer). 1906
15 Dance With a Dolly (With a Hole in Her Stockin'). Shand, Terry, Eaton, Jimmy & Leader, Mickey (Composers). Shand, Terry, Eaton, Jimmy & Leader, Mickey (Lyricists). 1954
15 Dancing In The Dark. Schwartz, Arthur (Composer). Unsure (Lyricist). undated
16 Dancing Tambourine. Polla, W.C. (Composer). Ponce, Phil (Lyricist). 1927
16 Dark Eyes. Fassio A. (Arranger). Raven, Carol (Lyricist). 1929
16 Day By Day. Cahn, Sammy, Stordahl, Axel, & Weston, Paul (Composers). Cahn, Sammy, Stordahl, Axel, & Weston, Paul (Lyricists). 1945
16 Dear Mom. Harris, Maury Coleman (Composer). Harris, Maury Coleman (Lyricist). 1941
16 Dear Old Pal of Mine. Rice, Gitz, Lieut. (Composer). Robe, Harold (Lyricist). 1918
16 Delta Kappa Epsilon Grand March (Cover Only). Pease, Alfred H. (Composer). undated
16 Dinah. Marshall, Henry L. (Composer). Murphy, Stanley (Lyricist). 1913
16 Dixie Volunteers, The. Leslie, Edgar & Ruby, Harry (Composers). Leslie, Edgar & Ruby, Harry (Lyricists). 1917
16 Dizzy Fingers. Confrey, Zez (Composer). 1923
16 Dolly Varden (Selection from,). Edwards, Julian (Composer). 1801
17 Don't Try to Steal the Sweetheart of a Soldier. Van & Schenck (Composers). Bryan, Alfred (Lyricist). 1917
17 Don't You Wish You Were Back Home Again. Harris, Chas. K. (Composer). Harris, Chas. K. (Lyricist). 1913
17 Down On The Farm. Williams, Jas. T. (Composer). Williams, Jas. T. (Lyricist). 1839
17 Down South Everybody's Happy. Paley, Herman (Composer). Vincent, Nat (Lyricist). 1917
17 Down Where the Daisies Grow. Eastman, A.H. & Heltman, Fred (Composers). Eastman, A.H. & Heltman, Fred (Lyricists). 1917
17 Dreaming Love of You. Harris, Chas.K. (Composer). Harris, Chas. K. (Lyricist). 1907
17 Dutch Lullaby, A. Jordan, Jules (Composer). Field, Eugene (Lyricist). 1889
17 El Fresco Galop. Garland, A.C. (Composer). 1880
17 Empty Saddles. Hill, Billy (Composer). Hill, Billy (Lyricist). 1936
17 Entertainer, The. Joplin, Scott (Composer). Brimhall, John (Lyricist). 1973
18 Entertainer, The. Joplin, Scott (Composer). 1974
18 Every Little Movement. Hoschna, Karl L. (Composer). Hauerbach, Otto (Lyricist). 1910
18 Ferry-Boat Serenade. Di Lazzaro, E. (Composer). Adamson, Harold (Lyricist). 1939
18 Fickle Mollie. Bischoff, J.W. (Composer). Dowe, Jennie E.T. (Lyricist). 1883
18 Follow the Swallow. Henderson, Ray (Composer). Rose, Billy & Dixon, Mort (Lyricist). 1924
18 Forty Second Street. Warren, Harry (Composer). Dubin, Al (Lyricist). 1932
18 Four Little Blackberries Schottische. O'Connor, Lawrence B. (Composer). 1907
18 Freedom Train, The. Berlin, Irving (Composer). Berlin, Irving (Lyricist). 1947
18 From Here to Shanghai. Berlin, Irving (Composer). Berlin, Irving (Lyricist). 1917
18 Gaby Glide, The. Hirsch, Louis A. (Composer). Pilcer, Harry (Lyricist). 1911
21 Give Your Smiles to All the Boys But Keep Your Heart For Me. Mohr, Halsey K. (Composer). Mohr, Halsey K. (Lyricist). 1910
21 Glory of Love, The. Hill, Billy (Composer). Hill, Billy (Lyricist). 1936
21 Glory of Spring, The. Rubens, Maury (Composer). Brennan, J. Keirn (Lyricist). 1928
21 Good Company (Cover Missing). Adams, Stephen (Composer). Unsure (Lyricist). undated
21 Good Morning Mr. Zip-Zip-Zip!. Lloyd, Robert, Army Song Leader (Composer). Lloyd, Robert, Army Song Leader (Lyricist). 1918
21 Goodnight Mother. David, Mack; Bryan, Al & Lawnhurst, Vee (Composers). David, Mack; Bryan, Al & Lawnhurst, Vee (Lyricists). 1940
21 Gotta Be This or That. Skylar, Sunny (Composer). Skylar, Sunny (Lyricist). 1945
21 Grandmother's Love Letters, Memories of Long Ago. Bishop, Chas. (Composer). Gordon, Janet (Lyricist). 1905
21 Greyhound March, The. Parker, John (Composer). 1912
21 Hail to the Stars and Stripes. Miller, Joseph (Composer). Miller, Joseph (Lyricist). 1919
22 Hail! Hail! The Gang's All Here (What the –Duece – Do We Care). Morse, Theodore & Sullivan, Arthur (Composers). Esrom, D.A. (Lyricist). 1917
22 Have You A Little Fairy in Your Home?. Daniels, Chas. N. (Moret, Neil) (Composers). Hawkins, G.H.E. & Gillespie, Arthur (Lyricists). 1911
22 Have You Ever Been Lonely? (Have You Ever Been Blue?). De Rose, Petper (Composer). Brown, George (Lyricist). 1933
22 Heavenward. Tours, Berthold (Composer). REA (Lyricist). 1875
22 Hero Girl's Dream, The. Labitzky, Aug. (Composer). Labitzky, Aug. (Lyricist). 1909
22 Hi-Ho. Gershwin, George (Composer). Gershwin, Ira (Lyricist). 1936
22 Hooks and Eyes. Harris, Chas. K. (Composer). Harris, Chas. K. (Lyricist). 1914
22 How 'Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down On The Farm (After They've Seen Paree?). Donaldson, Walter (Composer). Young, Joe & Lewis, Sam M. (Lyricists). 1919
22 Huckleberry Finn. Hess, Cliff, Lewis, Sam M. & Young, Joe (Composers). Hess, Cliff, Lewis, Sam M. & Young, Joe (Lyricists). 1917
22 I Can't Stop Loving Your Now. Snyder, Ted (Composer). Kalmar, Bert & Leslie, Edgar (Lyricists). 1914
23 I Got to Go Where Your Are' Chlo-e (Song of the Swamp). Moret, Neil (Composer). Kahn, Gus (Lyricist). 1927
23 I Hate to Lose You I'm So Used to You Now. Gottler, Archie (Composer). Clark, Grant (Lyricist). 1918
23 I love you so much it hurts. Tillman, Floyd (Composer). Tillman, Floyd (Lyricist). 1948
23 I May Be Gone for a Long, Long Time. Von, Tilzer, Al (Composer). Brown, Lew (Lyricist). 1917
23 I Never Knew How Much I Loved My Soldier Boy Until He Marched Away. Rundell, Leon P. (Composer). Rundell, Leon P. (Lyricist). 1918
23 I Want to be a Lidy. Talbot, Howard (Composer). Dange, George (Lyricist). 1901
23 I Want You Just You. Paley, Herman (Composer). Klein, Lou (Lyricist). 1915
23 I Wonder How the Old Folks Are At Home. Vandersloot, F.W. (Composer). Lambert, Herbert S. (Lyricist). 1909
23 I'll Change the Shadows to Sunshine. Ball, Ernest R. (Composer). Graff, Geo. Jr. (Lyricist). 1913
23 I'll Come Back to You When It's All Over. Mills, Kerry (Composer). Brown, Lew (Lyricist). 1917
23 I'm Crying Just for You. Monaco, James V. (Composer). McCarthy, Joe (Lyricist). 1913
24 I'm Glad I Can Make You Cry. McCarron, Chas. R. & Morgan, Carey (Composers). McCarron, Chas. R. & Morgan, Carey (Lyricists). 1918
24 I'm Going to Leave You. Howard, Joseph E. (Composer). Howard, Joseph E. (Lyricist). 1904
24 I'm Sorry I Made You Cry (Three Copies). Clesi, N.J. (Composer). Clesi, N.J. (Lyricist). 1918
24 I'm Waiting My Darling For Thee!. Evans, Geo. T. (Composer). Evans, Geo. T. (Lyricist). undated
24 If He Can Fight Like He Can Love Good Night, Germany!. Meyer, Geo. W. (Composers). Clarke, Grant & Rogers, Howard E. (Lyricists). 1918
24 If I'm Not at the Roll Call Kiss Mother Good-bye For Me.. Boyden, George L. (Composer). Boyden, George L. (Lyricist). 1918
24 In A Little Spanish Town (Twas On a Night Like This). Wayne, Mabel (Composers). Lewis & Young (Lyricists). 1926
24 In Dreamy Panama. Bennett, Theron D. (Composer). Norton, Geo A. (Lyricist). 1914
24 In God We Trust, The American National Anthem. Chapple, W.W. (Composer). Chapple, W.W. (Lyricist). undated
25 In Maytime Reverie. Reeg, Geo. A. Jr. (Composer). 1916
25 In the Evening By the Moonlight. Bland, Jas. A. (Composer). Bland, Jas.A. (Lyricist). 1880
25 In the Garden of My Heart. Ball, Ernest R. (Composer). Roma, Caro (Lyricist). 1908
25 In the Shadow of the Dear Old Blarney Stone. Barron, Ted S. (Composer). Havez, Jean C. (Lyricist). 1913
25 In the Shadows. Finck, Herman (Composer). Goetz, E. Ray (Lyricist). 1911
25 In The Still of the Night. Porter, Cole (Composer). Porter, Cole (Lyricist). 1937
25 Indian Love Call. Friml, Rudolf (Composers). Harbach, Otto & Hammerstein, Oscar (Lyricists). 1924
25 It Can't Be Wrong. Steiner, Max (Composer). Gannon, Kim (Lyricist). 1952
26 It Does'nt Matter Though Your Hair is Gray. Klickmann, F. Henri (Composer). Callahan, J. Will (Lyricist). 1913
26 It's A Long, Long Way to Tipperary. Judge, Jack & Williams, Harry (Composers). Judge, Jack & Williams, Harry (Lyricists). 1912
26 It's Always Nice Weather Indoors (From the Sunday Sentinel). Henry, S.R. (Composer). Lamb, Arthur J. (Lyricist). 1908
26 It's Not Your Nationality (It's Simply You). Johnson, Howard (Composer). McCarthy, Hoe (Lyricist). 1916
26 I've Got You Under My Skin. Porter, Cole (Composer). Porter, Cole (Lyricist). 1936
26 Ja-Da. Carleton, Bob (Composer). Carleton, Bob (Lyricist). 1918
26 Jerry (You Warra a Warrior In the War) (First Page Only). Baskette, Billy (Composer). O'Neil, Dannie (Lyricist). 1919
26 Jingle Bell Galop. Butler, M.W. (Composer). 1895
26 Just a Night for Meditation. Pollack, Lew, Young & Lewis (Composers). Pollack, Lew, Young & Lewis (Lyricists). 1928
26 Just Like Washington Crossed the Delaware, General Pershing Will Cross the Rhine. Meyer, Geo. W. (Composer). Johnson, Howard (Lyricist). 1918
27 King and I, The (Vocal Selections). Rogers, Richard (Composer). Hammerstein, Oscar (Lyricist). 1951
27 Kinky-Head. Morris, Edward (Composer). Gardiner, Maud Luise (Lyricist). 1924
27 Kiss That Made Me Cry, The. Gottler, Archie (Composer). Burns, Joe & Fields, Arthur (Lyricists). 1918
27 Kitty. Solomon, Frederic (Composer). Goodwin, J. Cheever (Lyricist). 1901
27 La Fiesta Tango. Moret, Neil (Composer). 1914
27 Laddie, A True Blue Song. Moore, Luella Lockwood (Composer). Lawton, J. Fred (Lyricist). 1914
27 Last Night Was the End of the World. Von Tilzer, Harry (Composer). Sterling, Andrew B. (Lyricist). 1912
27 Lay Down Your Arms. James, Charles (Composer). Small, Louise (Lyricist). 1915
27 Le Reveil Du Lion (Cover Missing). Cover Missing (Composer). Cover Missing (Lyricist). undated
31 Let Me See You Smile. Fischer, Fred (Composer). Fischer, Fred (Lyricist). 1905
31 Let's All Be Americans Now. Berlin, Irving, Leslie, Edgar, & Meyer, Geo. (Composers). Berlin, Irving, Leslie, Edgar, & Meyer, Geo. (Lyricists). 1917
31 Let's Bring New Glory to Old Glory. Warren, Harry (Composer). Gordon, Mack (Lyricist). 1942
31 Liberty Bell (It's Time to Ring Again) (Two Copies). Mohr, Halsey K. (Composer). Goodwin, Joe (Lyricist). 1917
31 Light Cavalry. Von Suppe, Franz (Composer). 1924
31 Lily of the Valley. Smith, Sydney (Composer). 1905
31 Lingering. Spear, Henry C. (Composer). Spear, Henry C. (Lyricist). 1911
31 Listen to the Knocking at the Knitting Club. Von Tilzer, Harry (Composer). Hanlon, Bert (Lyricist). 1917
31 Little Angel, The: A Sequel to Little Barefoot.. Merrill, H.T. (Composer). Furman, Josephine (Lyricist). undated
32 Little Beauties. Haven, Claude (Composer). 1881
32 Little Bit of Sunshine (From Home), A. Hanley, James (Composer). MacDonald, Ballard & Goodwin, Joe (Lyricists). 1918
32 Little By Little. O'Keefe, Walter & Dolan Bobby (Composers). O'Keefe, Walter & Dolan Bobby (Lyricists). 1929
32 Little Grey Mother Who Waits All Alone, The. De Costa, Harry (Composer). Grossman, Bernard (Lyricist). 1915
32 Little Maid Milking Her Cow, The. Molloy, J.L. (Composer). Molloy, J.L. (Lyricist). undated
32 Lonesome Road, The From Show Boat. Shilkret, Nathaniel (Composer). Austin, Gene (Lyricist). 1928
32 Love Will Forgive and Forget. Furth, Seymour (Composer). Heelan, Will A. (Lyricist). 1910
32 Love Your Spell is Everywhere. Goulding, Edmund (Composer). Janis, Elsie (Lyricist). 1929
32 Love's Ship. Morrison, Alice Nadine (Composer). Morrison, Nellie (Lyricist). 1920
32 Lucy-Anna-Lou. Edwards, Gus (Composer). Madden, Edward (Lyricist). 1905
33 Mam'selle Marie (From Five Imaginary Early Louisiana Songs of Slavery ). Guton, David W. (Composer). Lussi, Marie (Lyricist). 1929
33 Mary Dear (Some Day We Will Meet Again). De Costa, Harry & Jerome, M.K. (Composers). De Costa, Harry & Jerome, M.K. (Lyricists). 1922
33 Melody of Love. Engelmann, H. (Composer). 1903
33 Memories of France. Robinson, J. Russel (Composer). Dubin, Al (Lyricist). 1928
33 Mem'ries (Golden Memory Days). Sanford, Harold (Composer). Neely, Henry M. (Lyricist). 1928
33 Mendelssohn's Wedding March. Von Mendelssohn, Felix (Composer). undated
33 Mickey. Moret, Neil (Composer). Williams, Harry (Lyricist). 1918
33 Military Waltz. Logan, Frederic Knight (Composer). Logan, Frederic Knight (Lyricist). 1917
33 Min Kones Mand (From Kongerevuen). Christine (Composer). Christine (Lyricist). 1916
33 Mister Gallagher and Mister Shean.. Gallgher, Ed (Composer). Sheah, Al (Lyricist). 1922
33 Missouri Waltz (Hush-A-Bye, Ma Baby). Logna, Frederic Knight (Arranger). Shannon, J.R. (Lyricist). 1914
34 Molly Lee. Morse, Theodore (Composer). Mahoney, Jack (Lyricist). 1909
34 Moonlight On the Colorado. King, Robert A. (Composer). Moll, Billy (Lyricist). 1930
34 More I See You, The. Warren, Harry (Composer). Gordon, Mack (Lyricist). 1945
34 Mother's Welcome At the Door. Estabrooke, H.M. (Composer). St. Clair, Geo. F. (Lyricist). 1884
34 Mountain Stream, The. Smith, Sidney (Composer). undated
34 My Baby's Arms. Tierney, Harry (Composer). McCarthy, Joseph (Lyricist). 1919
34 My Carolina Rose. Hall, Wendell W. (Composer). Hall, Wendell, W. (Lyricist). 1921
34 My Country I Hear You Calling Me. Dreyer, Dave (Composer). Grossman, Bernie (Lyricist). 1916
34 My Heart is with the U.S.A.. Burn, Farrar (Composer). Burn, Farrar (Lyricist). 1915
34 My Isle of Golden Dreams. Blaufuss, Walter (Composer). Kahn, Gus (Lyricist). 1919
35 Napoleon's Last Charge (Two Copies). Paull, E.T. (Composer). 1910
35 National Echoes March. Ellis, J. Henry (Composer). 1906
35 National Emblem March. Bagley, E.E. (Composer). 1907
35 New Russian Rag, The. Cobb, George L. (Composer). 1923
35 New York's Jubilee March. Nicosia, Richard (Composer). 1923
35 O'Brien Has No Place to Go. Evans, George (Composer). Murphy, Stanley (Lyricist). 1908
35 Oh! What a Pal Was Mary. Wendling, Pete (Composer). Leslie, Edgar & Kalmar, Bert (Lyricists). 1919
35 Oh! Your Million Dollar Doll. Abrahams, Maurice (Composer). Clarke, Grant & Leslie, Edgar (Lyricists). 1913
35 Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny. Olman, Abe (Composer). Rose, Ed. (Lyricist). 1917
36 Old Spinning Wheel, The (Two Copies). Hill, Billy (Composer). Hill, Billy (Lyricist). 1933
36 On Account-a I Love You. Stept, Sam H. (Composer). Green, But (Lyricist). 1934
36 On the Boardwalk (in Atlantic City). Myrow, Josef (Composer). Gordon, Mack (Lyricist). 1946
36 On the Road to Mexico Through Dixieland. Van Alstyne, Egbert (Composer). Callahan, J. Will (Lyricist). 1914
36 One Heart, One Soul. Strauss, Johann (Composer). undated
36 Our Glorious Banner. Santlemann, Wm.H. (Composer). 1901
36 Out Where the West Begins. Philleo, Estelle (Composer). Chapman, Arthur (Lyricist). 1917
36 Over Here. Weston, Charles B. (Composer). Weston, Charles B. (Lyricist). 1917
37 Over There (Three Copies). Cohan, George M. (Composer). Cohan, George M. (Lyricist). 1917
37 Paris in the Spring. Gordon, Mack & Revel, Harry (Composers). Gordon, Mack & Revel, Harry (Lyricists). 1935
37 Patience Lancers (From Popular Dances Old And New). Sawyer, J.J. (Composer). 1882
37 Pavane. Stetson, Nahum (Composer). 1886
37 Pick a Little Four Leaf Clover (and Send it Over to Me). Olman, Abe (Composer). Reisner, C. Francis & Rose, Ed. (Lyricists). 1918
37 Piff! Paff! Pouf!. Schwartz, Jean (Composer). 1904
37 Please Save the Last Dance for Me. Freeman, Harry (Composer). O'Keefe, Jack (Lyricist). 1905
37 Please Touch My Daddy's Star Again and Change it Back to Blue. Brandon, Clarence (Composer). Phelps, Marion (Lyricist). 1918
41 Poor Pauline. Walker, Raymond (Composer). McCarron, Chas. (Lyricist). 1914
41 Poppy-Time in Old Japan. Dulmage, Will E. (Composer). Meyers, Ernest J. (Lyricist). 1915
41 Popular Songs (Magazine). Various (Composer). Various (Lyricist). 1934
41 Pretty Girl is Like A Melody, A (From There's No Business Like Show Business). Berlin, Irving (Composer). Berlin, Irving (Lyricist). 1919
41 Queen of My Dreams. Nathan, Joe (Composer). Overin, Douglass (Lyricist). 1905
41 Ragtime Cowboy Joe. Muir, Lewis F. & Abrahams, Maurice (Composers). Clarke, Grant (Lyricist). 1939
41 Ragtime Soldier Man, The. Berlin, Irving (Composer). Berlin, Irving (Lyricist). 1912
41 Ramona. Wayne, Mabel (Composer). Gilbert, L. Wolfe (Lyricist). 1927
41 Rendezvous With A Dream. Robin, Leo & Rainger, Ralph (Composers). Robin, Leo & Rainger, Ralph (Lyricists). 1936
41 Return of Spring Polka Brilliant. Moelling, Theo. (Composer). 1881
42 Return, The. Gobbaerts, L. (Composer). 1882
42 Revelry. Nall, Ollie Foster (Composer). 1899
42 Riders in the Sky. Jones, Stan (Composer). Jones, Stan (Lyricist). 1954
42 Rio Rita. Tierney, Harry (Composer). McCarthy, Joseph (Lyricist). 1926
42 Road to Slumberland, The. Aiello, Joseph (Composer). D'Auvergne, Yvette (Lyricist). 1927
42 Rookies March, The. Drumm, George (Composer). 1917
42 Rose That Bloomed Unseen, A. Chapman, Elmer B. (Composer). Taylor, Tell (Lyricist). 1913
42 Ruby March (From Alabama Boys and Girls, A Choice Set of Teaching Pieces). Story, Pauline B. (Composer). 1912
42 Rum and Coca-Cola. Sullavan, Jeri & Baron, Paul (Composers). Amsterdam, Morey (Lyricist). 1944
43 Salut A Pesth (Marche Hongroise). Kowalski, Henri (Composer). 1908
43 Senora Waltzes. Nathan, Jos. S. (Composer). 1908
43 Shall I Ever See My Mother's Face Again?. Adriance, Paul (Composer). Adriance, Paul (Lyricist). 1895
43 She Waits by the Deep Blue Sea. Morse, Theodore (Composer). Madden, Edward (Lyricist). 1905
43 She Was Just A Sailor's Sweetheart. Burke, Joe (Composer). Burke, Joe (Lyricist). 1915
43 She's the Daughter of Mother Machree. Ball, Ernest R. (Composer). Nenarb, Jeff T. (Lyricist). 1915
43 Shepherd's Evening Song, The. Blake, Chas. D. (Composer). 1874
43 Shuffle off to Buffalo (From Forty Second Street). Warren, Harry (Composer). Dubin, Al (Lyricist). 1932
43 Sing Me 'The Rosary' The Sweetest Song of All. Klickmann, F. Henri (Composer). Lewis, Roger (Lyricist). 1913
43 Sing Me a Song of the Islands. Gordon, Mack & Owens, Harry (Composers). Gordon, Mack & Owens, Harry (Lyricists). 1942
44 Sittin' And Whittlin'. Sanders, Joe (Composer). Sanders, Joe (Lyricist). 1928
44 Sleepy Head. Donaldson, Walter (Composer). Kahn, Gus (Lyricist). 1934
44 Sleepy Town Express, The. Gillespie, Haven (Composer). Gillespie, Haven (Lyricist). 1930
44 Sleepy Valley. Hanley, James F. (Composer). Sterling, Andrew B. (Lyricist). 1929
44 Smarty. Von Tilzer, Albert (Composer). Norworth, Jack (Lyricist). 1908
44 Smoke Gets in Your Eyes. Kern, Jerome (Composer). Harbach, Otto (Lyricist). 1931
44 So is your old lady. Burke, Joe (Composer). Durbin, Al (Lyricist). 1926
44 So Long, Mother. Van Alstyne, Egbert (Composer). Kahn, Gus & Egan, Raymond (Lyricists). 1917
44 Some Day Your Thoughts Will Wander. Smith, C. Jay (Composer). Smith, C. Jay (Lyricist). 1908
44 Someday Somewhere. Becker, Alice May (Composer). Becker, Alice May (Lyricist). 1917
44 Someday, I'll Meet You Again. Sterner, Max (Composer). Washington, Ned (Lyricist). 1954
45 Something Else Seems Tingle-ingleing (Cover Only). Hauerbach & Friml (Composers). Hauerbach & Friml (Lyricists). undated
45 Somewhere in France is the Lily (Two Copies). Howard, Joseph E. (Composer). Johnson, Philander (Lyricist). 1917
45 Somewhere in the Night. Myrow, Josef (Composer). Gordon, Mack (Lyricist). 1946
45 Song Hit Folio V. 3, No. 7. Various (Composer). Various (Lyricist). 1935
45 Songs of the Sunny South (Various Songs). Various (Composer). Various (Lyricist). undated
45 Soon. Rodgers, Richard (Composer). Hart, Lorenz (Lyricist). 1935
45 Sounds from the Ringing Rocks. Walters, B. Frank (Composer). undated
45 Spirit of the U.S.A., The. Edouard, Emil, Miller, Chas. (Composer). La Pierre, Louise (Translator) (Lyricist). 1918
45 Spring Greeting. Espen, Theodor (Composer). undated
46 Sprinkle Me With Kisses If You Want My Love to Grow. Ball, Ernest R. (Composer). Carroll, Earl (Lyricist). 1915
46 Stars and Stripes Forever, The. Sousa, John Philip (Composer). 1897
46 Stolen Kisses. Schleiffarth, Geo. (Composer). 1886
46 Stranger in Paradise. Wright, Robert & Forrest, George (Composers). Wright, Robert & Forrest, George (Lyricists). 1953
46 Sweet Dreams, My Love, Sweet Dreams. Edwards, Ed. (Composer). Longbrake, Arthur (Lyricist). 1909
46 Sweeter Than All the Roses. Verner, H.C. (Composer). 1896
46 Sweetest Singer, The. Roeckel, J.L. (Composer). Roeckel, J.L. (Lyricist). undated
46 Sweetheart Darlin'. Stothart, Herbert (Composer). Kahn, Gus (Lyricist). 1933
46 Sycamore Schottische. Kehr, C.H. (Composer). 1866
46 Take Back the Heart (Sponsored by Bromo-Seltzer). Claribel (Composer). Claribel (Lyricist). undated
51 Tam O'Shanter. William, George Wm. (Composer). No Lyrics (Based on Poem by Robert Burns) (Lyricist). 1882
51 Tango de Yango Dance. McCabe, Jas. C. (Composer). 1913
51 Taxi. Kaufman, Mel B. (Composer). Kerr, Harry D. (Lyricist). 1919
51 Tell Me Once Again You Love Me. Bowers, Frederick V. (Composer). Horwitz, Charles (Lyricist). 1905
51 Ten Pin Galop. Zikoff, Fr. (Composer). 1882
51 That International Rag. Berlin, Irving (Composer). Berlin, Irving (Lyricist). 1913
51 That Soothing Serenade was Just Written for Me. De Costa, Harry (Composer). De Costa, Harry (Lyricist). 1918
51 There's a Little Blue Star in the Window and it Means all the World to Me. Klickmann, F. Henri (Composer). Armstrong, Paul B. (Lyricist). 1918
51 There's a Quaker down in Quaker Town. Solman, Alfred (Composer). Berg, David (Lyricist). 1916
51 There'll Be Blue Birds Over the White Cliffs of Dover. Kent, Walter (Composer). Burton, Nat (Lyricist). 1951
51 They Made it Twice as Nice as Paradise and They Called it Dixieland. Whiting, Richard A. (Composer). Egan, Raymond (Lyricist). 1916
52 They Were All Out of Step But Jim. Berlin, Irving (Composer). Berlin, Irving (Lyricist). 1918
52 This is Always. Warren, Harry (Composer). Gordon, Mack (Lyricist). 1946
52 Three Fishers Went Sailing (From Fireside Favorites). Hullah, John (Composer). Kingsley, Rev. Chas. (Lyricist). undated
52 Three Wonderful Letters From Home (Two Copies). Hanley, James F. (Composer). Goodwin, Joe & MacDonald, Ballard (Lyricists). 1918
52 Tip-top Tipperary Mary. Carroll, Harry (Composer). MacDonald, Ballard (Lyricist). 1914
52 Tom Dooley. Warner, Frank, Lomax, John A. & Lomax, Alan (Composers). Warner, Frank, Lomax, John A. & Lomax, Alan (Lyricists). 1947
52 Tres Moutarde. (Too Much Mustard). Macklin, Cecil (Composer). 1911
52 Twelfth Regiment, The. Lincoln, Harry, J. (Composer). 1918
52 Two Little Eyes Are Watching for a Daddy Far Away. Weasner, H.C. (Composer). Weasner, H.C. (Lyricist). 1918
53 Two Little Sailor Boys. Jardon, Dolly (Composer). Madden, Edward (Lyricist). 1906
53 U.S.S. New York March. Shannon, J.R. (Composer). 1915
53 Uncle Sam March. Noonan & Bell, D. (Composers). 1916
53 Waiting at the Church; or, My Wife Won't Let Me. (From Vesta Victoria's New Song Successes). Pether, Henry E. (Composer). Leigh, Fred W. (Lyricist). 1906
53 Warrior Bold, A (Sponsored by Bromo-Seltzer). Adams, Stephen (Composer). Thomas, Edwin (Lyricist). undated
53 Watch Hope and Wait Little Girl 'I'm Coming Back to You' (Two Copies). Clayton, Will (Composer). Brown, Lew (Lyricist). 1918
53 Way You Look To-Night, The. Kern, Jerome (Composer). Fields, Dorothy (Lyricist). 1936
53 We Don't Want The Bacon - What We Want is a Piece of the Rhine! (Two Copies). Carr, Howard, Russell, Harry, & Havens, Jimmie (Composers). Carr, Howard, Russell, Harry, & Havens, Jimmie (Lyricists). 1918
54 We'll Do Our Share (While You're Over There). Egan, Jack (Composers). Brown, Lew & Harriman, Al (Lyricists). 1918
54 We'll Have A Jubilee In My Old Kentucky Home. Donaldson, Walter (Composer). Goetz, Coleman (Lyricist). 1915
54 We'll Knock the Heligo-Into Heligo Out of Heligoland!. Morse, Theodore (Composer). O'Brien, John (Lyricist). 1917
54 We're All With You Dear America. Schaeffer, Lew & Leventhal, Phil (Composers). Schaeffer, Lew & Leventhal, Phil (Lyricists). 1917
54 We're Going Over (Two Copies). Sterling, Andrew B.; Grossman, Bernie, Lange, Arthur (Composer). Sterling, Andrew B.; Grossman, Bernie, Lange, Arthur (Lyricist). 1917
54 We've Kept the Golden Rule. Wenrich, Percy (Composer). Deely, Ben (Lyricist). 1910
54 Weep No More My Mammy. Pollack, Lew (Composer). Clare, Sidney & Mitchell, Sidney D. (Lyricists). 1921
54 What's the Matter with Father. Van Alstyne, Egbert & Williams, Harry (Composers). Van Alstyne, Egbert & Williams, Harry (Lyricists). 1910
54 When A Boy Says Good Bye to His Mother and She Gives Him to Uncle Sam. Frost, Jack (Composer). Frost, Jack (Lyricist). 1917
55 When I Dream of Old Erin (I'm Dreaming of You). Friedman, Leo (Composer). Lee, Marvin (Lyricist). 1912
55 When I Hear the Songs of Dixie Land. Pratt, Paul C. (Composer). Callahan, J.Will (Lyricist). 1913
55 When I Was a Dreamer and Your Were My Dream. Van Alstyne, Egbert (Composer). Lewis, Roger & Little, Geo. A. (Lyricists). 1914
55 When My Dream Boat Comes Home. Friend, Cliff & Franklin, Dave (Composers). Friend, Cliff & Franklin, Dave (Lyricists). 1936
55 When My Dreams Come True. Berlin, Irving (Composer). Berlin, Irving (Lyricist). 1929
55 When That Midnight Choo, Choo, Leaves for Alabam'. Berlin, Irving (Composer). Berlin, Irving (Lyricist). 1912
55 When the Dew is on the Rose. Owen, Anita (Composer). Owen, Anita (Lyricist). 1911
55 When the Golden Leaves are Falling. Harris, Chas. K. (Composer). Harris, Chas. K. (Lyricist). 1911
55 When You Come Back, And You Will Come Back, There's The Whole World Waiting for You. Cohan, George (Composer). Cohan, George (Lyricist). 1918
56 Where Do We Go From Here (Two Copies). Johnson, Howard, & Wenrich, Percy (Composers). Johnson, Howard & Wenrich, Percy (Lyricists). 1917
56 Whispering Wind, The. Wollenhaupt, H.A. (Composer). 1884
56 Who are You With To-night?. Van Alstyne, Egbert (Composer). Williams, Harry (Lyricist). 1910
56 Who Cares?. Ager, Milton (Composer). Yellen, Jack (Lyricist). 1922
56 Whole World is Calling You, The. Anthony, Clifton S., Company B (Composer). Anthony, Clifton S., Company B (Lyricist). 1917
56 Will You Remember (Sweetheart). Romberg, Sigmund (Composer). Young, Rida Johnson (Lyricist). 1917
56 Windy Nebraska Waltz. Miller, Miss Nellie (Composer). 1900
56 Woodland Echoes. Wyman, A.P. (Composer). 1908
56 Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula. Goetz, E. Ray; Young, Joe, & Wendling, Pete (Composers). Goetz, E. Ray; Young, Joe, & Wendling, Pete (Lyricists). 1916
57 You Aint Got the Girl 'Till the Ring is on Her Finger (and Even Then you Never Can Tell). Kendis & Paley (Composers). Bryan, Alfred (Lyricist). 1910
57 You Were Meant for Me (Two Copies). Brown, Nacio Herb (Composer). Freed, Arthur (Lyricist). 1929
57 You're Not A Bit Older To-day. Eltrym, Brooke (Composer). Branen, Jeff T. (Lyricist). 1905
57 You'll Always be the One I Love (Two Copies). Freeman, Ticker (Composer). Skylar, Sunny (Lyricist). 1946
57 You're Just Like A Dream (And I Hate to Say Good-Night). Kugler, Johnny & Miller, Roy (Composers). Kugler, Johnny & Miller, Roy (Lyricists). 1932
57 Yours and Mine. Brown, Nacio Herb (Composer). Freed, Arthur (Lyricist). 1937
61 Adoring You. Harry Tierney (Composer). Joseph McCarthy (Lyricist). 1924
62 All That I Need is You. Lester Santly, Abel Baer (Composer). Lester Santly, Abel Baer (Lyricist). 1921
63 Arithmetic of Love. FC Metcalf & Billy Smythe (Composers). FC Metcalf & Billy Smythe (Lyricists). 1916
64 Beatrice Fairfax Tell me What to do. Jimmy Monaco (Composer). Grant Clark and Joe McCarthy (Lyricist). 1915
65 But Where Are You?. Irving Berlin (Composer). Irving Berlin (Lyricist). 1936
66 Call On Me. Ted D. Ward (Composer). Edward Grossmith (Lyricist). 1915
67 Cooking Breakfast for the One I Love. William Rose & Henry Tobias (Composers). William Rose & Henry Tobias (Lyricists). 1930
68 Darktown Strutters' Ball, The. Shelton Brooks (Composer). Shelton Brooks (Lyricist). 1917
69 Don't Take Your Beau to the Seashore. E. Ray Goetz & Irving Berlin (Composers). E. Ray Goetz & Irving Berlin (Lyricists). 1911
610 Ev'rybody Shimmies Now. Joe Gold & Edmund J. Porray (Composers). Eugene West (Lyricist). 1918
611 Flower Garden Ball, The. Jean Schwartz (Composer). Wm. Jerome (Lyricist). 1913
612 Foggy Day, A. George Gershwin (Composer). Ira Gershwin (Lyricist). 1937
613 Good Ship Mary Ann, The. Grace Le Boy (Composer). Gus Kahn (Lyricist). 1914
614 Great Ethiopian Songs. James A. Bland (Composer). James A. Bland (Lyricist). 1890
615 Hold Me. Art Hickman and Ben Black (Composer). Art Hickman and Ben Black (Lyricist). 1920
616 I Ain't Givin' Nothin' Away. Louis E. Zoeller & Lewis Tally (Composers). Louis E. Zoeller & Lewis Tally (Lyricists). 1920
617 I Love My Baby (My Baby Loves Me). Harry Warren (Composer). Bud Green (Lyricist). 1925
618 I Love You California. A.F. Frankenstein (Composer). F.B. Silverwood (Lyricist). 1913
619 I Want To Be In Dixie. Berlin & Snyder (Composers). Berlin & Snyder (Lyricists). 1912
620 I Was a Floradora Baby. Harry Carroll (Composer). Ballard Macdonald (Lyricist). 1920
621 In Old Japan. Ed. Wynn (Composer). Ed. Wynn (Lyricist). 1920
622 In the Candle-Light. Fleta Jan Brown (Composer). Fleta Jan Brown (Lyricist). 1913
623 Little Peach. Sigmund Romberg (Composer). Arthur Wimpers (Lyricist). 1925
624 Love Me to Pieces. Melvin Endsley (Composer). Melvin Endsley (Lyricist). 1957
625 Mammy's Chocolate Soldier. Archie Gottler (Composer). Sidney Mitchell (Lyricist). 1918
626 Neath the South Sea Moon. Victor Herbert, Louis Hirsch & Dave Stamper (Composers). Gene Buck (Lyricist). 1922
627 Night and Day. Cole Porter (Composer). Cole Porter (Lyricist). 1932
628 Nobody But You. Louis Hirsch & Dave Stamper (Composers). Gene Buck (Lyricist). 1923
629 Parson Johnson's "Chicken Brigade". Lee Johnson (Composer). Lee Johnson (Lyricist). 1896
630 Please. Ralph Rainger (Composer). Leo Robin (Lyricist). 1932
631 Rose of Washington Square. James F. Hanley (Composer). Ballard Macdonald (Lyricist). 1920
632 Sally Won't You Come Back?. Victor Herbert, Rudolf Friml & Dave Stamper (Composers). Gene Buck (Lyricist). 1921
633 Second Hand Rose. James F. Hanley (Composer). Grant Clark (Lyricist). 1921
634 Some of These Days. Shelton Brooks (Composer). Shelton Brooks (Lyricist). 1910
635 Somebody Stole My Gal. Leo Wood (Composer). Leo Wood (Lyricist). 1922
636 Sweet Italian Love. Irving Berlin (Composer). Irving Berlin (Lyricist). 1910
637 When It's Apple Blossom Time in Normandie. Mellor, Gifford & Trevor (Composers). Mellor, Gifford & Trevor (Lyricist). 1912
638 When Martha was a Girl. Percy Wenrich (Composer). Julian Eltinge (Lyricist). 1914
639 Wild Rose. Jerome Kern (Composer). Guy Bolton & Clifford Grey (Lyricists). 1920
640 Won't You Come Over?. Raymond Hubbell (Composer). Annette Kellerman (Lyricist). 1915
641 You Can't Guess What he Wrote on my Slate. Audrey Kingsbury (Composer). Audrey Kingsbury (Lyricist). 1907
642 You'll Never Know the Good Fellow I've Been ('Till I've Gone Away). Jack Coogan (Composer). Jack Coogan (Lyricist). 1911
71 A Daughter of the Gods. 1916
72 El Tinge Theater 1921
73 Letter from Jill Corey to Dr. Soren 2011
74 Ruth St. Denis 1916
75 Shop Girl. 1894