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Aphold family papers, 1898-1956

MS 372

Collection Summary

Creator: Aphold Family
Collection Name:Aphold family papers,
Inclusive Dates: 1898-1956
Physical Description:.5 linear feet
Abstract:The Aphold Family collection contains financial statements, legal documents, mining claims, deeds, and newspaper clippings.
Collection Number:MS 372
Repository: University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections
University of Arizona
PO Box 210055
Tucson, AZ 85721-0055
Phone: 520-621-6423
Fax: 520-621-9733

Biographical Note

The Apholds were an Arizona pioneer family and miners that resided in Tucson. Adelaide A. Aphold and Henry Louis Aphold, brother and sister, inherited many of the family gold, silver and lead ore mines. Their parents, Louisa Maria Mallet and Henry Louis Aphold, were married in Brownsville, Texas. Henry Louise Aphold, Sr., of German descent, was a salesman and politician in Brownsville, Texas.

After her husband was shot and killed in Texas, Mrs. Louisa M. Aphold moved their three children, Henry Jr., Adelaide, and Louisa, to Tucson. In 1883, Louisa M. Aphold married a Tucson pioneer surgeon, Dr. Narciso Herra Matas. They had two children, Rudolph and Irene. Henry L. Aphold, Jr. married Kathryn Overholszer and served as Coconino County assessor and treasurer. Louisa Aphold became the bride of Dr. A. C. Wright. Irene Matas wed Frank Darling and relocated to Los Angeles, her birth place. Rudolph followed in his father's profession, becoming a world famous physician and surgeon, receiving many honors and awards.

The Aphold-Matas family was influential in the social, political and economic culture of Arizona. Dr. and Mrs. Matas had an active interest and role in the mining business. At one time, the family owned about 17 mines and 3 mills. After Dr. Matas' and his mother's death, Henry L. Aphold, Jr. developed and worked several of the famous mines along with his sister Addie, until he died in 1948.

The last member of the Aphold-Matas family to survive was Adelaide A. Aphold, who remained single and lived near the mines in Canada del Oro, the northern slopes of Santa Catalina Mountains, until her death.

Scope and Content Note

Series 1, 1906-1956, contains primarily financial statements regarding the estate of Louisa Marie Matas and the business records of her son and appointed executor, Henry L. Aphold.

Series 2, 1867-1950, contains various legal documents of the Mallet, Aphold, and Matas families. Many of the documents relate to the probate court records for Dr. Narciso Herra Matas' estate, including contracts, attorney correspondence, deeds, financial statements, and an indenture of separate property by Louisa M. Matas. Of notable mention is a Teacher Certificate for Louisa Aphold, 1880; an Alderman Certificate for Henry Aphold, 1890; Marriage Certificate for Dr. Narciso Herra Matas and Mrs. Louisa Aphold, 1883; the Baptism Certificate of Henry L. Aphold, 1937; and the will of Adelaide Aphold, 1949. In addition, the 1867 document in Spanish is a contract between Elena Mallet and D. F. Gregoire for the production of ice, and the corresponding document appears to be power of attorney.

Series 3, 1898-1955, has mining claims in Pima and Pinal Counties of Arizona for Dr. N.H. Matas, Louisa M. Matas, Henry L. Aphold, Adelaide Aphold and Irene F. Darling. Among the mining claims is an Abstract of Title for the mining property of Miquel Martinez and several other individuals.

Series 4, 1940-1960, contains newspaper clippings primarily from the Arizona Album, edited by Albert R. Beuhman, featuring the Aphold and Matas families. These clippings provide a historical overview of the individuals within the collection and the families’ mining business.


This collection is organized into 4 series.
Series I: Financial, 1905-1956
Series II: Legal Documents, 1867-1950
Series III: Mining Claims, 1898-1955
Series IV: Newspaper Clippings, 1940-1960





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Personal Name(s)
Alphold, Henry Louis, d. 1883.
Aphold, Adelaine A.
Aphold, Henry Louis, d. 1948.
Darling, Frank.
Herra Matas, Narcisco.
Mallet, Louisa Maria.
Matas, Irene.
Matas, Rudolph.
Wright, A.C.

Geographic Name(s)
Brownsville (Tex.)
Tucson (Ariz.)

Mineral industries -- Arizona.
Pioneers -- Arizona -- Tucson.

Administrative Information

Credit Line

Aphold family papers (MS 372). University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections.

Container List

Series 1: Financial, 1905-1956
11 Financial--Checks, 1922-1926
12 Financial--Statements, 1882-1929
13 Financial --Affidavits, 1905-1956
Series 2: Legal Documents, 1867-1950
14 Legal Documents--Contracts--Mexico, 1867
15 Legal Documents--Certificates, 1880-1890
16 Legal Documents-- Property and Probate Records, 1898-1906
17 Legal Documents--Contracts and Correspondence, 1917-1950
18 Legal Documents--Court Order and Indenture, 1932
19 Legal Documents--Will and Baptism Certificate, 1937, 1949
Series 3: Mining Claims, 1898-1955
110 Mining Claims, 1898-1903
111 Mining Claims, 1905
112 Mining Claims, 1906, 1955
113 Mining Claims, 1919-1931
Series 4: Newspaper Clippings, 1940-1960
114 Newspaper Clippings, 1940 - 1960