Richmond Jones papers, 1859-1861

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Richmond Jones papers, 1859-1861

MS 414

Collection Summary

Creator: Richmond Jones Jr. (1833-1861)
Collection Name:Richmond Jones papers,
Inclusive Dates: 1859-1861
Physical Description: .4 linear feet
Abstract:Diary and Notebooks, 1859-1861. This collection includes materials which document the travels and surveys of Richmond Jones (1833-1861) while working for the Sopori Land and Mining Company in the Santa Cruz Valley of Arizona. The diary describes his journey from Rhode Island to Tucson, Arizona and offer insights on individuals and mining activities in southern Arizona until his sudden death at the hands of Apaches, in the field, in 1861. Includes account books, letters, survey books and documents, as well as a report on the Sopori and San Xavier mines by mining engineer Raphael Pumpelly (1837-1923) who was in charge of the Santa Rita Mine from 1860-1861.
Collection Number:MS 414
Languages Represented English
Repository: University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections
University of Arizona
PO Box 210055
Tucson, AZ 85721-0055
Phone: 520-621-6423
Fax: 520-621-9733

Biographical note

Richmond Jones, Jr. (1833-1861) was a mining engineer hired by Welcome B. Sayles (1812-1862) of the Sopori Land and Mining Company and the Arizona Land and Mining Company of Providence Rhode Island to survey the Sopori Rancho boundary in the Arizona Territory. Both the Sopori Land and Mining Company and the Arizona Land and Mining Company were incorporated in Providence Rhode Island in 1859 by Sayles with firearms manufacturer Samuel Colt (1814-1862) as a major stockholder. Although the Sopori Company was financed mainly out of Providence, Cincinnati financiers Charles Debrille Poston (1825-1902) and Samuel Peter Heintzleman (1805-1880) founders of the Sonora Exploration and Mining Company, were also involved. Jones' diaries help to tie together the sometimes complicated interactions of the companies. When the Civil War began in 1861 United States troops were withdrawn from the territory of Arizona and many mines closed due to increased raiding by Apaches. As the attacks increased Jones diary entries become less frequent until they cease altogether in July 1861 when Jones was killed in an Apache raid while attempting to return to Tucson Arizona.

Scope and Content Note

Diaries and Notebooks, 1859-1861. Collection consists of materials which document the travels and surveys of Richmond Jones (1833-1861) while working for the Sopori Land and Mining Company in the Santa Cruz Valley of Arizona. The collection contains account books, letters, survey books, reports on individual mines, and documents. Jones' diaries and account books (1859-1861) make up the bulk of the collection.


This collection is organized into 5 series.





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Personal Name(s)
Sayles, Welcome B., 1813-1862
Jones, Richmond Jr. 1833-1861
Pumpelly, Raphael, 1837-1923

Corporate Name(s)
Arizona Land and Mining Company
Sopori Land and Mining Company

Geographic Name(s)
Santa Cruz River Watershed (Ariz. and Mexico)

Land Grants -- Arizona
Sopori Land Grant (Ariz.)
Surveying -- Arizona
Geology -- Arizona -- Pima County.
Ranches -- Arizona -- Pima County
San Xavier Mine (Ariz.)
Sopori Mine-(Ariz.)

Genre Form(s)

Administrative Information

Credit Line

Richmond Jones papers (MS 414). Special Collections, University of Arizona Libraries.

Container List

Series 1: Diaries, 1860-1861
These two diaries, an original written in pencil and a duplicate written in ink, record Jones' journey from Providence, Rhode Island to Arizona; his survey of the Sopori Rancho and the Rohnstadt grants; his examination of mineral indications; and the growing danger from Apaches.
11 Diary. , 1860
12 Diary. , 1860-1861
Series 2: Account Books, 1859-1861
These account books contain accounts by Sayles and Jones written by Jones. They detail the goods purchased for the trip to Arizona and other expenditures. The Sopori account book contains an account of transactions from Welcome B. Sayles to Richmond Jones which shows the purchase of equipment necessary to a geologist or a mining engineer, as well as foodstuffs, pack animals, weapons, and petty cash payouts to workers for unspecified jobs.
13 Richmond Jones and Welcome Ballou Sayles Account Book. , 1859-1861
14 Sopori Land and Mining Company Cash and Personal Account Book. , 1859-1861
Series 3: Notebooks, 1859-1861
These notebooks were kept by Jones while in Arizona and contain notes on mines and mining practices; plant and animal genealogy; barometric heights; and magnetic observations; and the completed survey of the land owned by the Arizona Land and Mining Company, including the Sopori Rancho and the Orozco property.
15 Arizona Land and Mining Company Notebook. , 1860-1861
16 Arizona Land and Mining Company Notebooks, Nos. 1-2, 5. , 1860
17 Sopori Land and Mining Company Notebook No. 4. , undated
Series 4: Letters, 1861
This is a five page letter from Welcome Sayles to Richmond Jones, from Providence, Rhode Island. Receipt of the letter is noted by Jones in his diary and parts of the letter are noted in greater detail. The letter discusses the survey made by Jones and makes it clear that the Sopori Company has title in the Rohnstadt and Orozco land. Internal business matters are discussed and comments are made concerning many of the participants in the mining companies involved; including Charles Poston and John R. Bartlett.
18 Letter from Welcome Ballou Sayles to Richmond Jones Jr. , February 27, 1861
Series 5: Reports, ca. 1894
These reports consist of a 35 page report which details the history of the Sopori Land Grant; a handwritten copy of a three page title document originally produced in 1838 concerning the survey of the Sopori Rancho; and a five page handwritten report from Pumpelly to Jones concerning ore production at the Sopori and San Xavier Mines in Arizona.
19 Sopori Land and Mining Company vs. the United States et al. El Sopori Grant. , ca. 1894
110 Description of the Sopori Rancho. , undated
111 Report on the Sopori and San Xavier Mines by Raphael Pumpelly. , April 18, 1861