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American Vaudeville Museum collection, 1850s-2007 (bulk 1910s-1940s)

MS 421

Collection Summary

Creator: Cullen, Frank, 1936-?, McNeilly, Donald, 1945-, American Museum of Vaudeville
Collection Name: American Vaudeville Museum collection
Inclusive Dates: 1845-2007
Bulk Dates: (bulk 1910-1940)
Physical Description:66.8 linear feet
Abstract:This collection consists of materials documenting vaudeville and other entertainment in the United States, particularly in the 1910s through 1940s. Primary materials such as photographs, scrapbooks and handwritten stage scripts document the careers of particular performers. There are substantial numbers of sheet music and theatre programs, and a large LP collection. The collection focuses on vaudeville but encompasses other forms and eras of American entertainment as well.
Collection Number:MS 421
Repository: University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections
University of Arizona
PO Box 210055
Tucson, AZ 85721-0055
Phone: 520-621-6423
Fax: 520-621-9733

Historical Note

This archive was collected by Frank Cullen and Donald McNeilly, founders of the American Museum of Vaudeville (commonly referred to as the American Vaudeville Museum) in Boston. Many of the materials pertain to the Boston and New York areas. Some items were purchased by Cullen and McNeilly; others were contributed by fans and other interested persons, or by family members of performers from the vaudeville era. Many of the histories gathered by Cullen and McNeilly were published in their periodical, The Vaudeville Times. The culmination of their research appeared in their two-volume encyclopedia, Vaudeville Old & New, co-authored also by Florence Hackman. The collection was donated by the Museum in 2008.

Scope and Content Note

This collection, originally located at the American Vaudeville Museum in Boston, comprises theatre programs and postcards, sheet music, magazines, playbills, photographs and posters, stage scripts and other manuscripts, clippings and scrapbooks, films, miscellaneous papers, and a large collection of LP albums, as well as some entertainers' costumes and accessories. Some materials are included as photocopies rather than in original form. There are primary materials such as scrapbooks and handwritten stage scripts that document the careers of particular performers, often couples or family members. The collection focuses on vaudeville but encompasses other forms and eras of American entertainment as well, such as film and recorded music.

Specific descriptions of scope and content are provided for each series, along with biographical notes for the individual performers' collections.


This collection is organized into 32 series:
Series I: Vaudeville Reference Materials, ca. 1897-2007
Series II: Promotional Materials, 1990-2006
Series III: Thematic Subjects
Series IV: Performers
Series V: Obituaries
Series VI: Theatres, 1892-2007
Subseries 1: Theatre Postcards, Photographs and Ephemera, ca. 1894-2004
Subseries 2: Theatre Programs, 1892-2007
Subseries 3: Souvenir Programs, 1899-1999
Subseries 4: Boston Theatre Programs, ca. 1920-1945
Series VII: Photographs, 1906-1961
Series VIII: Posters and Oversize Items, ca. 1850s-1980s
Series IX: Sheet Music, 1859-1945 (bulk 1905-1935)
Series X: Periodicals, 1894-2007
Series XI: Balasic next hit Family Collection, 1904-1930, 1990s
Series XII: Dixon-Freeman Collection, 1864, 1919-1935
Series XIII: Cato Sells Keith Collection, ca. 1911-1928
Series XIV: Kill Kare Kouple Collection, ca. 1890-1933
Series XV: Olsen and Johnson Collection, ca. 1941-1949, 1995-2002
Series XVI: Sonia Serova Collection, ca. 1917-1925
Series XVII: Doreen Rae Collection, ca. 1919-1931
Series XVIII: Gondoliers-Ricci Collection, 1933-1936
Series XIX: Rooney Collection, ca. 1892-2006 (bulk ca. 1910-1940s)
Series XX: Frank J. Sidney Collection, ca. 1900-1965 (bulk ca. 1900-1928)
Series XXI: Leon Errol Collection, 1904-1940s
Series XXII: Belle Story Collection, ca. 1914-1920
Series XXIII: McWatters-Tyson Collection, ca. 1898-1936 (bulk 1910s-ca. 1925)
Series XXIV: Willie, West & McGinty Collection, ca. 1930s
Series XXV: Paul Gerard Smith Collection, ca. 1918-1960, ca. 2000-2001
Series XXVI: Fan Scrapbook Collection, ca. 1897-1914, ca. 1930-1935
Series XXVII: Films, ca. 1930-1947
Series XXVIII: Media, ca. 2000-2007
Series XXIX: Commemoratives, undated
Series XXX: Hippodrome Theatre Actors' Accessories, ca. 1910s
Series XXXI: Performance Costumes, undated
Series XXXII: LP Record Collection, American Vaudeville Museum
Subseries 1: LP records: Blues, Revue, Jazz, and Cabaret - Solo Singers
Subseries 2: LP records: Blues, Revue, Jazz, and Cabaret - Compilations
Subseries 3: LP records: British Music Hall and Revue - Solo or Small Revue
Subseries 4: LP records: British Music Hall and Variety - Compilation Albums
Subseries 5: LP Records: Vaudeville and Early Film Musicals Singers - Compilations
Subseries 6: LP Records: American Vaudeville Performers - Comedians Solo or Duo
Subseries 7: LP Records: American Vaudeville Performers - Singers Solo or Duo
Subseries 8: LP Records: American Vaudeville Performers - Compilations
Subseries 9: LP Records: Broadway Musicals
Subseries 10: LP Records: Hollywood Musicals
Subseries 11: LP Records: Spoken Word Recordings - Classic Actors
Subseries 12: LP Records: Spoken Word Recordings - Miscellany
Subseries 13: LP Records: Spoken Word Recordings - Comedians, Solo or Teams
Subseries 14: LP Records: Folk Music - Solo Singers or Family Acts
Subseries 15: LP Records: Folk Music - Compilations
Subseries 16: LP Records: Instrumentalists - Blues (mostly solos) and Jazz (mostly small combos)
Subseries 17: LP Records: Instrumentalists - Blues (mostly solos) and Jazz (combos)
Subseries 18: LP Records: Instrumentalists - Blues and Early Jazz - Compilations (mostly piano)


Notes on Collection Access

Many of the items in this collection are extremely fragile and therefore not available for handling. For the scrapbooks in particular, reference photocopies have been provided for viewing.

Patrons must use motion picture reels under the direct supervision of the Manuscripts Librarian. Preservation copies of this material are not currently available. Depending upon equipment availability and item condition, users may not be able to view this material.


It is the responsibility of the user to obtain permission to publish from the owner of the copyright (the institution, the creator of the record, the author or his/her transferees, heirs, legates, or literary executors). The user agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Arizona Board of Regents for the University of Arizona, its officers, employees, and agents from and against all claims made by any person asserting that he or she is an owner of copyright.

Related Material

See also the David Soren Popular Sheet Music Collection, MS 365.

Linda Diane Jackson Collection, MS 457

Access Terms

Personal Name(s)
Clinton, Julia Rooney
Clinton, Walter
Cullen, Frank, 1936-
Dixon, Jessica
Errol, Leon, 1881-1951
Freeman, Frank
Johnson, Chic, 1891-1962
Keith, Cato Sells
McNeilly, Donald
McNeilly, Donald, 1945-
McWatters, Arthur J.
Olsen, Ole, 1892-1963
Rae, Doreen
Rooney, Pat, 1880-1962
Rooney, Pat, 1926-
Serova, Sonia
Sidney, Frank J.
Smith, Paul Gerard, 1894-1968
Story, Belle
Tyson, Grace
Wright, Chester A.

Corporate Name(s)
American Museum of Vaudeville
American Museum of Vaudeville
American Vaudeville Museum
B.F. Keith (firm)
Orpheum Circuit, Inc.
Pantages Circuit of Vaudeville Theatres
Radio-Keith-Orpheum Corporation

Blackface entertainers
Burlesque (Theater)
Entertainers -- United States
Minstrel shows
Musical theater
Theaters -- United States

Genre Form(s)
Black and white photographs
Motion pictures
Sheet music
Sound recordings

Administrative Information

Credit Line

American Vaudeville Museum collection (MS 421). Special Collections, University of Arizona Libraries.


A publication related to this archive, and reproducing many of the items included in it, is Vaudeville Old & New: An encyclopedia of variety performers in America, by Frank Cullen, with Florence Hackman and Donald McNeilly (New York: Routledge, 2007), in 2 volumes.

Related articles may also be found in The Vaudeville Times, 40 issues of which were published by The American Museum of Vaudeville from spring 1998 to Winter 2007.

Container List

Series I: Vaudeville Reference Materials, ca. 1897-2007 1 linear foot
Scope and Content
This series includes photocopies and printouts from various sources, as well as loose original articles and other texts.
11 "Black women recording pioneers," by Rainer Lotz. IAJRC Journal, vol. 40, no. 2 ( ), pp. 32-41, May 2007
12 Boston Opera House (Keith Memorial Theatre) - articles from the Boston Sunday Globe, (photocopies), 2004
"Virtually Vaudeville," June 20, 2004
"Another opening, another show," June 27, 2004
13 Boston Theatre District (map - former streets, demolished historic buildings, former theatres, etc.)
14 "Cabaret comeback," by Elizabeth Kendall. Civilization, , pp. 34-36, Feb.-Mar. 1999
15 Comedy shorts - typed list
16 Cosmopolitan, - articles, 1897?-1905
"Actress aided by camera," by Daniel Frohman. Cosmopolitan, , pp. 413-420., Feb. 1897?
"Where vaudeville holds the boards," by Charles R. Sherlock; "The postal-card craze," by Julian Ralph. Cosmopolitan, , pp. 411-426, Feb. 1902
"The future of vaudeville in America," by Israel Zangwill. Cosmopolitan 38 , pp. 639-646 (2 copies), Apr. 1905
17 Chinese performance art
"Chinese Vaudeville: Xiangsheng and the Performer Hou Baolin" by Shu-ying Tsau, , for "Workshop on Contemporary Chinese Literature and the Performing Arts", Harvard, June 1979, May-June 1979
Report by Frank Cullen on researching Chinese performance art in English language holdings at Harvard Yenching Library, June 6, 1996
18 Down Memory Lane, by Guy Magley, n.d. - booklet with names of vaudeville acts listed by city and theatre, 1914-15, 1926, 1937
19 "The evolution of American vaudeville," by John J. Murdock (source not identified)
110 Keith/Albee Collection
Keith/Albee Collection Inventory, University of Iowa Libraries
"The Keith/Albee Collection: The vaudeville industry, 1894-1935" by M. Alison Kibler, Books at Iowa 56, Apr. 1992
111 "In Vaudeville" by Hartley Davis, Everybody's Magazine, Aug. 19, 2005
112 "Jugglers, past and present" by M.S. Mahendra, Linking Ring, Dec. 1944
113 "Lest We Forget": Curtain falls on notable theatrical personages in 1949 (13th ed.); 1950 (14th ed.); 1951 (15th ed.). From the records compiled by Paul E. Glase, Fabian's Embassy Theatre, Reading, Pa.
114 Library of Congress, 1993-1995
Correspondence between Frank Cullen and LC reference librarian Madeline F. Matz, 1993-1995, and printout search results, for LC holdings of early silent films related to vaudeville, Vitaphone short films, and films with all-black casts.

115 [List of theaters and contact information], ca. 2000
116 "Memphis Vaudeville Theater Orchestras" by Roy C. Brewer, from diss. Professional Musicians in Memphis, Tennessee (1900-1950)
117 The Mississippi Rag, - articles, 2004
"Sax appeal," by William J. Schafer, , pp. 32-33"The TJEN corner," by Dave Robinson, founder, Traditional Jazz Educators Network, , p. 34, Oct. 2004 Oct. 2004
- review of books and recordings about the Six Brown Brothers
118 "New York Theatres 1882 to 1939, Now Demolished" - typed list
119 "The Origin, Development, and Significance of Dramatic Entertainment in American Vaudeville, 1893-1925," by Mari Lyn Henry (thesis, Catholic University of America, 1968)
120 "Notes on the Principal Spanish Dances," by Vicente Escudero
121 Orpheum Circuit
Orpheum Circuit of Theatres, - booklet, published upon the occasion of the dedication of the New Orpheum Theatre, San Francisco, 1909
"The Orpheum Road Show," - photograph of flyer, 1908
"Origin of Orpheum Circuit," by Epes W. Sargent, July 24, 1934
122 Orpheum Theatres (San Francisco, Calif.) - correspondence, papers, photocopies
21 "The Palace" by Donald Wayne ( Holiday, , pp. 63-66+)- photocopy, lacks first page; accompanied by typed text and summary, March 1951
22 "Panning the 'pan' time: being a compilation of information appertaining to the Pantages Circuit," "cooked up" by Herbert Lloyd, "chef de claque", - booklet, 1917
23 "Paramount turns 75: Oldest U.S. movie studio proves to be survivor," by Joseph Gelmis; Cape Cod Times, , p. 24, Jul 10, 1987
24 Performance arts bibliography, (source not identified), 1995
25 Play Production, by Henning Nelms, - photocopy, 1950
26 Poster catalogs
Christie's - Hollywood Posters, Christie's East, Tuesday, Dec. 11, 1990
Sports Movie Posters,, vol. 4 of The Illustrated History of Movies Through Posters, comp. Richard Allen and Bruce Hershenson, 1996
27 "Primary Sources in Vaudeville History: A Survey," by Michael Leininger, 1982
28 "Telemedia Soundies" and Telemedia catalog
29 Theatre articles, various - photocopies
"Historic Uptown may get an encore at last," Chicago Sun Times, Dec. 1, 2006
"A palace of a playhouse: Rockford's Coronado Theatre," Historic Illinois, Aug. 2001
"The rise and fall of the Old Howard," Boston Sunday Globe, May 20, 2001
"Vaudeville once again takes center stage at Netcong theater," Star-Ledger, Sep. 12, 2003
210 "They Stopped the Show" - album cover and liner notes, 1969
211 "To Artists" by E.F. Albee
212 T.O.B.A. (Theater Owners Bookers Association; black vaudeville) - photocopies
213 Vitaphone Project
Vitaphone News, vol. 1 (fall 1991), vol. 2 (undated), vol. 4, no. 1 (summer 1998), vol. 4, no. 2 (fall 1998)- web page printouts

214 The White Rats (actors' union)
"A historical study of the White Rats of America," by Thomas Colley (thesis, Wayne State University, ), 1967
The Player, - photocopy, Dec. 22, 1916
E.A. Albee, The Dromio, The Original Eight - digital prints
215 "Yesterday's movie stars in their heaven on earth," by Bill Slocum, Record American, , re: Motion Picture Country House and Hospital, Feb. 5-6, 1971
Series II: Promotional Materials and Business Materials, ca. 1997-2006, .25 linear foot
Scope and Content
This series consists of brochures, correspondence, and other promotional materials from organizations. There is also a series of periodicals, Lambs Script, provided by their issuing organization. The series is arranged alphabetically by organization.
31 American Southwestern Railway Association (Los Angeles, Calif.) - correspondence, "The Little Nugget" promotional card, 2006
32 American Vaudeville Theatre (Brooklyn, NY) - brochure, after 1996
33 Audio Film Center - brochure pages
34 British Music Hall Society, Players Theatre (London, England) - correspondence and information, 1998-2000
35 Certificates of Authenticity , undated
36 Correspondence - Frank Cullen / Vaudeville Museum , undated
37 Correspondence - Frank Cullen / Turner Entertainment , undated
38 Harvard Theatre Collection (Cambridge, Mass.)
"Cross-Dressing in the Theatre" - lecture/exhibition announcement, 2003
"Dime Museums and Nickel Theatres" - exhibition brochure, 2006
39 The Institute of the American Musical (Los Angeles, Calif.) - press kit, ca. 1998
310 The International Al Jolson Society ( Norman Conrad) - order form, correspondence
311 KiMo Theatre (Albuquerque, N.M.) - folder, flyers; incl. Spencer Theater for the Performing Arts (Ruidoso/Alto, N.M.) flyer
312 The Lambs (New York, N.Y.) - correspondence, "Installation Gambol" dinner program, ; Lambs Script, 1998 Jan/Feb 1997 - spring 1998
313 Moschen, Michael ( David Belenzon Management, Inc.
) - press kit, 2002
314 Museum of the Moving Image, British Film Institute (London, England) - correspondence and flyers, 1997
315 National Comedy Hall of Fame (St. Petersburg, Fla.) - press kit, ca. 1997
316 New York Friar's Club (New York, N.Y.) - booklet, undated
317 New York Public Library for the Performing Arts (New York, N.Y.) - exhibition brochure, "Vaudeville Nation," , 2005-2006
318 Palm Springs Follies (Palm Springs, Calif.) - press kit, 2001
319 Periwinkle Entertainment Productions (Anaheim, Calif.) - press kit, 2005
320 University of Southern California (Los Angeles, Calif.), Donehy Memorial Library - exhibition booklet, "Setting the State: The Rise of American Popular Theater" , 2005
Series III: Thematic Subjects , .5 linear foot
Scope and Content
This series comprises photographs, articles, stamps, postcards, and photocopies that were organized by the American Vaudeville Museum based on themes rather than performers. The holdings in this series are generally minimal, with only one or a few items in each category.
41 Acrobats, Balancing Acts, Bicycle Acts
Harry Decoe
Rice and Prevost
Kay Farrelli, Holiday on Ice, 1950s-1960s?
Mel Hall, and The Fabulous Cycling Whiz Kids (Mel Hall's Kids)
Bobby May
The Percelly's
, Holiday on Ice, 1955
Rice & Prevost
Eddy Rose and Marion
Harry Sykes
Tubby & Spats
Jimmy Valdare & Duffy
"Where Vaudeville Holds the Boards," by Charles R. Sherlock; Cosmopolitan, Feb. 1902
42 Acts Who Used Drawings
43 African Americans
Sandy Burns
Dixie Strutters
Radcliffe and Rogers
44 Burlesque
Four Sisters Ruby
Helen Leach, Wallin Trio
45 Caricatures and Drawings
(Subjects of drawings include Dardanelle, Anita O'Day, Walter Lippman, Bessie Smith, and Maxine Sullivan. Two are part of a card series, Women Singers of Cafe Society.)

Caricatures and drawings by Frank Cullen
"The Algonquin Wits", caricature by Hirschfield, The New York Times Book Review, May 19, 1968
Caricatures of celebrities, 1927 - Cocoanut Grove, by Ralph Barton, and 1996 - Mortons, by David Cowles, Vanity Fair
46 Clowns
47 Dance Acts
Maarya and Rene Gunsett
Al and Carmelita Hernandez
48 Entrepreneurs
Michael O'Harro, Champions stuff cards, ca. 2001
49 Flash Act; posters (color reproductions)
Gavine and Arnette
T.F. Harris
A. Mae Preston
Washer Brothers
, "Champion Scientific Midget Boxers"
Weston and Beasley
410 Little People
Bob Hermine's Magazine of Midgets, 1945
The Doll Family
(Tiny, Harry, Daisy, Grace)
Hansel and Gretel
King and Prince
Royal Lilliputians
411 Movies: promotional photos - "Brother, Can You Spare a Dime"
412 Movies: promotional photos - "The Great American Broadcast"
413 Movies: promotional photos - various
All Quiet on the Western Front
The Apartment ( Jack Lemmon, Shirley MacLaine)
Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice
Butterfly ( Stacy Keach, Pia Zadora)
The Chinese Connection ( Bruce Lee)
The Conspirators ( Hedy Lamarr and Paul Henreid)
Elephant Man
From Russia with Love ( Sean Connery)
Gold Rush Maisie
The Great American Broadcast
Hardcore ( George C. Scott)
Hercules Unchained ( Steve Reeves)
High Plains Drifter ( Clint Eastwood)
Incredible Shrinking Woman ( Lily Tomlin)
The Late Show ( Lily Tomlin)
My Life with Caroline ( Ronald Colman and Anna Lee)
A Night at Earl Carroll's ( Jack Norton)
The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia
Nobody's Perfekt ( Gabe Kaplan, Alex Karras, Robert Klein)
Only When I Laugh ( Kristy McNichol and Marsha Mason)
Parachute Battalion ( Harry Carey, Buddy Ebsen, Richard Cromwell, Edmond O'Brien, Robert Preston)
The Perils of Pauline
Play Girl
Pollyanna ( Hayley Mills)
Richard Pryor: Here and Now
Scanty Panties ( Virginia Bell, Irving Benson, Max Furman, Billy "Cheese & Crackers" Hagan)
Star Wars
Strange Idols ( Dustin Farnum)
Tarzan ( Johnny Weissmuller)
Walking My Baby Back Home ( Donald O'Connor)
What's New Pussycat
Zorro, the Gay Blade ( George Hamilton)
414 Movies: "Polyester" (Odorama)
415 Movies: "Rize" (review)
416 Musicians
International Cornet School, Inc. (Boston, Mass.) - pupil lesson receipt card
Musicians Supply Co. (Boston, Mass.) - catalog, 1920s
417 Player/Actor Bios
"Mrs. Wiggs in the Cabbage Patch" by Ethyl Eichelberger
418 Postcards
To Lilly Chargé of Magdeburg, 1900-1908
To Julia Redman of Brooklyn and Long Island, 1910-1914
419 Singers, misc. ( Mildred Bailey, Rosemary Clooney, Ethel Waters)
420 Stamps
421 Tap dance
Postcards of performances in Germany, 2002-2005
Urban Tap (Boston, Mass.), founder/performer Herbin "Tamango" Van Cayseele
422 Vaudeville acts
423 Ventriloquists
424 Vitaphone
- photographs
Crystal Cave Revue
Xavier Cugat and His Gigolos
Florentine Choir
The Ingenues
Morrisey & Miller Revue
Jesse Stafford Orchestra
Earnie Stanton
Series IV: Performers , 4.75 linear foot
Scope and Content
This series consists of clippings, photographs, announcements, sheet music, publications, and ephemera. The subjects are individual and group performers; they include singers, dancers, female impersonators, acrobats, jugglers, actors, clowns and comedians. It is organized alphabetically - by performer's surname, by stage name, or by group name - with oversize material grouped at the end.
Two more substantial collections originally received among this material - Frank J. Sidney and Doreen Rae - have been organized separately.
Performers A - Be
51 Abbott and Costello
( Bud Abbott and Lou Costello)
52 Abeles, Edward
53 Adams, Maude
54 Adams, S.S. ( Samuel Sorenson Adams)
55 Ailey, Alvin (dance company)
56 Albee, Edward Franklin
57 Allan, Maud
58 Allard, Bee
59 Anderson, Eddie "Rochester"
510 Anderson, Ernestine
511 Andrews Sisters
( Laverne Andrews; Patty Andrews; Maxene Andrews)
512 Arden, Eve
513 Arnaz, Desi
514 Ashcroft, Peggy
515 Ashford, Pauline
516 Avner the Eccentric ( Avner Eisenberg)
517 Baez, Joan
518 Baker, Josephine
519 Ball, Lucille
520 Bankhead, Tallulah
521 Bara, Theda
522 Barnet, Robert A. (producer), and Eltinge, Julian (female impersonators)
523 Barrymore, Ethel
524 El Barto ( James Barton, 1858-1935)
525 Barton, James, 1890-1962
526 Barty, Billy
527 Bates, Peg Leg ( Clayton Bates)
528 Bayes, Nora
529 Bennett, Richard
530 Benny, Jack
531 Bentley, Gladys
532 Bergen, Edgar
533 Bergman, Ingrid, and Matthau, Walter
534 Berle, Milton
535 Bernie, Ben
536 Bernhardt, Sarah
Performers Bi - Bu
61 Bigger, Laura
62 Bindlestiff Family Cirkus
63 Bizzarro Brothers
64 Blake, Eubie
65 Blake, Robert
66 Blesh, Rudi
67 Block & Sully
( Jesse Block and Eva Sully (Block))
68 Blondell, Joan
69 Bloolips (P.G. "Bette" Bourne, Danny "Diva Dan" Barratt, Vincent "Lavinia Coop" Fox, Paul "Precious Pearl" Shaw, etc.)
610 Bolger, Ray
611 Bigger, Laura
612 Bondi, Beulah
613 Bowers, Cookie
614 Brachetti, Arturo
615 El Brendel
616 Brice, Fanny
617 Bronson, Charles
618 Brown, Buster
619 Brown, George
620 Brown, Joe E.
621 Bubbles, John
622 Buckley, Dick (Lord Buckley)
623 Bufalino, Brenda
624 Burns & Allen
( George Burns and Gracie Allen)
625 Butterbeans and Susie
( Jodie Edwards and Susie Hawthorne-Edwards)
626 Buttons, Red
Performers C - D
71 Caesar, Sid
72 Cagney, James
73 Calloway, Cab
74 Calvert, John
75 Canova, Judy
76 Cantor, Eddie
77 Carl Freed's Harmonic Harlequins
78 Carle, Richard
79 Carlin, George
710 Carmichael, Hoagy
711 Carpenter, Thelma
712 Carus, Emma
713 Cavanaugh, Hobart
714 Chang, Anna
715 Chaplin, Charlie
(see also: Reeves, Alf and Billy)
716 Chaplin, Sydney
717 Chase, Chaz (Chaz Chase)
718 Chase, Charley
719 Chevalier, Albert
720 Chevalier, Maurice
721 Cirque de Sade
( Stephanie Monseu and Keith Nelson)
722 Claire, Ina
723 Clark, Bobby
724 Clayton, Ethel
725 Clinger, Will
726 Coca, Imogene
727 Cohen, Myron
728 Cole & Johnson
( Bob Cole and J. Rosamond Johnson; and James Weldon Johnson)
729 Collier, William(William, Sr. and William, Jr.)
730 Collins, José (Josephine)
731 Connor, Chris
732 Cook, Joe
733 Cooper, Gary
734 Cornell, Katherine
735 Covan, Willie
736 Crabtree, Lotta (Lotta La Petite; Little Lotta)
737 Curran, Sean ( Sean Curran Company
738 Dailey, Peter F.
739 D'Arville, Camille
740 Davenport Sisters
741 Davis, Joan, and Haley, Jack
742 Davis, Sammy, Jr.
743 DeMarco, Tony, and DeMarco, Sally
744 Deslys, Gaby
745 Douglas, Melvyn
746 Doyle, Patsy (Patrick)
747 Draper, Paul
748 Draper, Ruth
749 Dressler, Marie
750 Duffy, Patrick ( Marlo & Duffy
751 Dumont, Margaret
752 Duncan Sisters
( Rosetta Duncan and Vivian Duncan)
753 Duo Arnedis
( Arne Ellingstad and Marina Ellingstad)
754 Durante, Jimmy
Performers E - Go
81 Eddie & Lorraine
(The Aristocrats of Tiny Wheels)
82 Edwards, Cliff
83 Edwards, Gus
84 Elen, Gus
85 Ellington, Duke
86 Elliott, G.H. (George Henry)
87 Elton, Lily
88 Emery, Winifred
89 Fagan, Noodles, and Fagan, Paxton
810 Farrar, Geraldine
811 Farrell, Eileen
812 Fernandel ( Fernand-Joseph-Désiré Contandin)
813 Fetchit, Stepin ( Lincoln Perry)
814 Fields, Gracie
815 Fink's Mules
816 Fitzgerald, Ella
817 Flagstad, Kirsten
818 Flavin, Margaret ( Margaret Flavin Sheehan), and Watson, Billy
819 Fletcher, Dusty (Clinton Fletcher, 1897-1954)
820 Flippen, Jay C.
821 Foley, Joe, and Kenney, Joseph
822 Ford Sisters
( Dora Ford and Mabel Ford)
823 Forde, Florrie
824 Four Step Brothers
( Maceo Anderson, Al Williams, Red Walker, Sherman Robertson)
825 Fox, Della
826 Foy, Eddie
827 Friganza, Trixie
828 Frost & Morrison
829 Gartelle Brothers
830 Genée, Adelina
831 Gilbert, William Schwenck
832 Gilder, George
833 Gillette, William
834 Gilmore, Charles "Mike"
835 Gilson, Lottie
836 Glose, Augusta
837 Glover, Savion
838 Goodner, Lillian
839 Goodwin, Nat
840 Gordon, Bert
841 Gordon, Ruth
Performers Gr - J
91 Betty Grable
92 Le Grand David (magic show)
93 The Great Raymond
( Maurice Saunders)
94 Great Small Works
95 Green, Mitzi
96 Greenwood, Charlotte
97 Grey & Byron
( Mildred "Dolly" Grey and Bert Byron)
98 Grey, Lizzie/Lissie (Lizzie/Lissie Gray; Elizabeth (Ganssler) Wilson)
99 Grock ( Charles Adrien Wettach)
910 Guilbert, Yvette
911 Hall, Adelaide
912 Harmonica Rascals
( Borrah Minevitch)
913 Harper, Leonard
914 Harrigan & Hart
( Edward "Ned" Harrigan and Tony Hart)
915 Harris, Julie (correspondence)
916 Harry, Deborah, and McGill, Everett
917 Havoc, June
918 Henlere, Herschel
919 Hindu Belles
920 Hines, Gregory
921 Hitchcock, Raymond
922 Hoen, Max, Cora, and Ed
923 Hoffmann, Gertrude
924 Holiday, Billie, and Armstrong, Louis
925 Hope, Bob
926 Houdini, Harry
927 Howard, Willie, and Howard, Eugene
928 Humes, Helen
929 Hunter, Alberta
930 Huntington, Agnes
931 Hutton, Betty
932 International Sweethearts of Rhythm
933 Irving, Henry, Sir
934 Irwin, Bill
935 Ito, Michio
936 Janis, Elsie
937 Jefferson, Joe
938 Johns, Brooke
939 Johnstone, Sibyl
940 Jolson, Al
941 Joy, Leatrice
Performers K - Man
101 Kaye, Danny
102 Karamazov Brothers (aka: The Flying Karamazov Brothers)
103 Keaton, Buster
(see also: The Keaton Chronicle, in Periodicals)
104 Kelly & Galvin
( Phil Kelly and Joe Galvin - The Actor & The Italian)
105 Kelly, J.W. (Rolling Mill Man)
106 Kelly, Patsy
107 King, Hetty
108 Kitt, Eartha
109 Lackaye, Wilton
1010 Lahr, Bert
1011 Lamarr, Hedy
1012 Langdon, Harry
(see also: Wild About Harry, in Periodicals)
1013 Las-Cellas, Sarah
1014 Laurel & Hardy
( Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy)
1015 Lavelle - Ross
1016 Lea, Barbara
1017 Leguizamo, John (Mambo King of Comedy)
1018 Leno, Dan
1019 Lenya, Lotte
1020 Leonar, Eddie (Our Minstrel)
1021 LeRoy, Hal (CIGAR)
1022 Lewis, Furry ( Walter E. Lewis)
1023 Lillie, Beatrice
1024 Limón, José
1025 Lindfors, Viveca
1026 Lippman, Walter
1027 Little Tich
1028 Lloyd, Alice
1029 Lloyd, Harold
1030 Loftus, Cecilia, and Loftus, Marie (mother)
1031 Low, Rowland
1032 Loy, Myrna
1033 Lugosi, Bela
1034 Luke, Keye, and Robert Ito (with Chet Dowling)
1035 Lyons, Carnell
1036 Mack, Frank Guy
1037 Mack, Ollie
1038 Mackenzie, Mary
1039 Mahoney, Will, and Maria Elena (daughter; painter)
1040 Makishi, Stacy
1041 Mankin, Harley
1042 Mantell, Anna
Performers Marx - N
111 Marx Brothers
( Harpo Marx, Groucho Marx, and Chico Marx)
112 McIntyre, Heath (James McIntrye and Thomas K. Heath)
113 McNulty, Jennie
114 McRae, Carmen
115 Menes, Michael
116 Midler, Bette
117 Mignon ( Sadie Rosenberg)
118 Miller, Ann
119 Mills, Florence
1110 Miss Broadway
1111 Mr. Nostalgia
( Bob Cusack)
1112 Mr. Slim's Goodtime Ragtime Vaudeville Revival
( R.W. Bacon and L.J. Newton)
1113 Mitchell and Durant
( Frank Mitchell and Jack Durant)
1114 Monty Python
( John Cleese)
1115 Moore, Marianne
1116 Moore, Tom
1117 Moran and Mack
( George Moran and Charlie Mack - "The Two Black Crows")
1118 Moran, Polly
1119 Moreland, Mantan
1120 Morlacchi, Giuseppina, and Texas Jack
1121 Morse, Lee
1122 Morton, Jelly Roll
1123 Murray, Ken
1124 Napier, Valantyne, and Napier, Hector (father)
1125 Neagle, Anna
1126 Negri, Pola
1127 Neilson, Julia
1128 Newhart, Bob
1129 Newton-John, Olivia
1130 Nicholas Brothers
( Fayard Nicholas and Harold Nicholas)
1131 Noble, Venza, and Ogden, Margie
(Note: there is a single photo of this duo; contains primarily photos of other entertainers, most autographed to Venza Noble, also spelled Noblet, Noblett or Noblette.)
1132 Norman, Mary, and Norman, Ron
Performers O - R
121 Oakley, Annie
122 O'Brien, Pat
123 O'Day, Anita
124 Oliver Band
125 Oliver, Richard
126 Olivier, Laurence
127 Palace Music Hall Girls
128 Patton, Frank
129 Pavlova, Anna, and Mordkin, Mikhail
1210 The Payton Trio
(Lew, Hattie, and Clifton)
1211 Peters Sisters
1212 Piaf, Edith
1213 Pickford, Mary
1214 Pitts, ZaSu
1215 Pollard, Daphne, and Stanley, Katherine
1216 Potts, Ernie, & Company
1217 Powell, Eleanor
1218 Raft, George
1219 Rainey, Ma
1220 Rand, Sally
1221 Ravel Troupe
(François, Gabriel, Jean, and others)
1222 Raye, Martha
1223 Reed Sisters
( Melva Reed and Bonnie Reed)
1224 Reeves, Al
1225 Reeves, Alf, and Reeves, Billy
1226 Renault, Francis
1227 Rice, Fanny
1228 Richman, Harry
1229 Ring, Blanche
1230 Rio Brothers
(Ed and Joe)
1231 Ritz Brothers
(Stage names: Al, Jimmy and Harry; given names Abraham, Samuel and Herschel Joachim)
1232 Roach, Hal
1233 Robert, Joe
1234 Robeson, Paul
1235 Robey, George
1236 Robins, Adolph
1237 Robinson, Bill
1238 Robinson, John - John Robinson's Circus
1239 Rogers Brothers
(Stage names: Max and Gus Rogers; given names Max and Gus Soloman) ( Joe Weber and Lew Fields)
(see also: Weber and Fields)
1240 Rogers, Will
1241 Rose Marie (Guy)
1242 Ross and Fenton
( Charles J. Ross and Mabel Fenton)
1243 Ross, Hope
1244 Roventini, Johnny (Philip Morris bellboy)
1245 Rowland, Adele
1246 Royal Rockets
(John Carson, Dorothy Carson Smidt and Paul Smidt)
1247 Royal Tokyo Japanese Troupe
(circa 1910)
1248 Rubin, Benny
1249 Rubinstein, Arthur
1250 Russell, Jane
1251 Russell, Lillian
Performers S - T
131 Samuels, Rae
132 Santoro, Margaret
133 Savo, Jimmy
134 Scheerer, Robert
135 Seeley, Blossom, and Fields, Benny
136 Semon, Larry
137 Short, Bobby
138 Sidney, Sylvia
139 Skinner, Otis
1310 Slate Brothers
1311 Smith, Bessie
1312 Smith, Joe, and Bale, Chas
1313 Smith, Kate
1314 Smith, Maggie
1315 Spacek, Sissy, and Roberts, Eric
1316 Sparks, Ned
1317 St. Denis, Ruth, and Shawn, Ted
(see also: Photographs, Box 22)
1318 Stathos, Margaret Moreland
1319 Storch, Larry
1320 Stritch, Elaine
1321 Suratt, Valeska
1322 Swanson, Gloria
1323 Tabor, Baby Doe ( Elizabeth McCourt Tabor)
1324 Talma, LeRoy, and Bosco, Mirth
1325 Tan, Margaret Leng
1326 Tanguay, Eva
1327 Tempest, Marie
1328 Templeton, Fay
1329 Thompson, Lydia
1330 Three Musical Moods
1331 The Three Stooges
( Larry Fine, Moe Howard, and Joe DiRita)
1332 Three X Sisters
(Hamilton Sisters and Fordyce; Pearl Santos, Vi Hamilton, and Jessie Fordyce)
1333 Tilly, Vesta
1334 Tip, Tap & Toe (Ray Winfield (leader) with Samuel Green, Ted Fraser and Freddie James)
1335 Tormé, Mel
1336 Tracy, Arthur
1337 Tucker, Sophie
1338 Travato
1339 Tully, May
1340 Turpin, Ben
Performers U - W
141 Unidentified (various)
142 Urline, Capitola
143 Valaida, Snow
144 Van, Billy B.
145 Vance, Clarice
146 Vardon & Perry
( Frank A. Vardon and Harry H. Perry)
147 Vaughan, Sarah
148 The Vents
(Ruth and Ray)
149 Vesta Victoria ( Victoria Lawrence)
1410 Vidor, King
1411 Walking Brothers
1412 Warfield, David
1413 Washington, Dinah
1414 Waters, Doris and Waters, Elsie
1415 Watson, Billy
1416 Watson Sisters (Fanny and Kitty)
1417 Wayburn, Ned
1418 Weber, Joe, and Fields, Lew
1419 Weeks, Larry
1420 Weill, Kurt
1421 Welles, Orson ( Citizen Kane)
1422 Westfield, Catherine
1423 Wethersby, Emma
1424 Wheeler & Woolsey
( Bert Wheeler and Robert Woolsey - Mummy's Boys, 1936)
1425 Whiting, Margaret
1426 Wiere Brothers
( Harry Wiere, Herbert Wiere, and Sylvester Wiere)
1427 Williams, Herb
1428 Williams, Joe
1429 Williams, Marion
1430 Wilson, Wesley
Performers (oversize)
151 Dardanelle ( Dardanelle Hadley)
152 Fanchon & Marco
( Fanny Wolff and Mike Wolff)
153 Fields, W.C.
154 Frost and Morrison
155 Gielgud, John, Sir
156 Gish, Lillian
157 Graham, Martha
158 Horne, Rudy
159 Valliere, Geraldine
1510 Waters, Ethel
1511 Weber, Joe (and Lew Fields)
1512 West, Mae
1513 Wynn, Ed
1514 Zaloom, Paul
Series V: Obituaries , .25 linear foot
Scope and Content
This series consists of newspaper clippings of obituaries, many of them originally glued onto scrapbook pages; they are generally provided as photocopies. They are organized alphabetically by surname or stage name. The subjects include a broad range of singers, dancers, actors, comedians, and other personalities, including some outside the realm of entertainment.
Obituaries are also located in the Performers files, when there is other material about that performer.
161 Obituaries A - C
Abbott, George
Alinsky, Saul
Allen, Dayton
Anderson, Maceo
Atkins, Cholly (Charles)
Barnes, Binnie ( Gittel Enoyce)
Bates, Clayton (Peg Leg Bates)
Bird, Billie ( Billie Bird Sellen)
Bogue, Merwyn
Borge, Victor
Bricktop ( Ada Beatrice Queen Victoria Louise Virginia Smith)
Brown, Johnny Mack
Bruce, Lenny
Cage, John
Carney, Art
Churchill, Marguerite
Clyde, Andy
Coogan, Jackie
Cook, Elisha
Corio, Ann
Cornell, Katharine
Cotten, Elizabeth
Crawford, Joan
Cronyn, Hume
Cukor, George
Cummings, Constance
Cunningham, Merce
162 Obituaries D - F
Dale, Charles (of Joe Smith and Charlie Dale)
Daniels, Bebe (Phyllis)
Darwell, Jane
Dawn, Dolly ( Theresa Maria Stabile)
Delmar, Kenny
Devine, Andy
Dietz, Howard
Dooley, Ray ( Rachel Rice Dooley)
Douglas, Helen Gahagan
Douglas, William O.
Dove, Billie ( Lillian Bohny)
Downey, Morton
Dresser, Louise
Farina, Richard
Farlow, Talmage "Tal" Holt
Farrell, Glenda
Fealy, Maude
Feldman, Marty
163 Obituaries G - I
Gardiner, Reginald
George, Dan, Chief ( Geswanouth Slahoot)
Gingold, Hermione
Gish, Dorothy
Goman, Charles Raymond
Goodman, Ace ( Goodman Aiskowitz)
Gorcey, Leo
Gosden, Freeman (of "Amos 'n' Andy")
Griffith, Corinne
Guinness, Alec
Hairston, Jester
Haley, Jack
Halop, Billy
Hammond, John
Haney, Carol
Harding, Ann
Hawthorne, Nigel
Hayes, Roland
Hickson, Joan
Hildegarde ( Hildegarde Loretta Sell)
Homolka, Oscar
Hopkins, Miriam
Hughes, Russell Meriweather
Hulbert, Jack
Huntz, Hall
164 Obituaries J - L
Jackson, Eddie (of Clayton, Jackson and Durante)
Jaffe, Sam
Jenkins, Allen
Johnson, Nunnally
Kane, Helen
Keeler, Ruby
Keller, Greta
Kelly, Emmett
Kelly, Fred
Koestler, Arthur
Laye, Evelyn
Le Gallienne, Eva
Lindquist, John
Loudon, Dorothy
Lukas, Paul
Lunt, Alfred
Lupescu, Magda (Elena)
165 Obituaries M - P
Maracci, Carmelita
Mason, James
Matthau, Walter
Mayo, Virginia
McHugh, Frank
Mercer, Johnny
Merman, Ethel
Miscellaneous from Variety ( Buddy Rogers, Ellen Corby, Señor Wences, L.C. "Speedy" Huggins)
Mitchell, Jimmy "Sir Slyde" ( James Titus Godbolt)
Monk, Thelonious
Moore, Dudley
Morley, Robert
Morse, Ella Mae
Murray, Mae
Nelson, Portia
Nesbitt, Cathleen
Nielsen, Asta
Oakie, Jack
Parker, Dorothy
Pollard, Harry (Keystone Kop)
Powell, William
166 Obituaries Q - S
Quayle, Anthony, Sir
Rambova, Natacha (second wife of Rudolph Valentino)
Reed, Leonard
Renoir, Jean
Richardson, Ralph
Ritchard, Cyril
Ritter, Thelma
Rogers, Ginger
Roth, Lillian
Russell, Nipsy
Rutherford, Maude
Ryan, Peggy (Margaret O'Rene)
Scott, Hazel D.
Señor Wences ( Wenceslao Moreño)
Sheridan, Ann
Simone, Nina
Sokolow, Anna
Stevenson, Adlai
Strauss, Robert
Syms, Sylvia
167 Obituaries T - Z
Trevor, Claire
Turner, Daisy
Ulanova, Galina
Valois, Ninette de
Ward, Aida
Warren, Earl
Webb, Clifton
Welch, Elisabeth
Wilder, Billy
Wilder, Marshall P.
Wiley, Lee
Williams, Marion
Wilson, Edith (Aunt Jemima)
Winwood, Estelle
Wray, Fay
Wright, Richard
Young, Gig ( Byron Elsworth Barr)
Young, Loretta (Gretchen)
Series VI: Theatres, ca. 1894-2007, 1.5 linear feet
Scope and Content
This series encompasses four subseries:
Subseries 1: Theatre Postcards, Photographs, and Ephemera, ca. 1894-2004
Subseries 2: Theatre Programs, 1892-2007
Subseries 3: Souvenir Programs, 1899-ca. 2003
Subseries 4: Boston Theatre Programs, ca. 1920-1952
Subseries 1: Theatre Postcards, Photographs, and Ephemera, ca. 1894-2004
Scope and Content
This subseries consists primarily of postcards depicting entertainment theatre buildings, mostly in the United States. Other materials include admission tickets, announcements, photographs, and commemorative booklets. There are a few postcards of non-theatre subjects. The series is organized alphabetically by state, with a miscellaneous grouping at the end.
171 California
Fox Theatre (San Francisco, Calif.) - photograph
Movieland Wax Museum (Buena Park, Calif.)
Orpheum Theatre (San Francisco, Calif.)
172 Illinois
Gaiety Theatre (Galesburg, Ill.)
Majestic Theatre (Chicago, Ill.)
Maxwell Street Market (Chicago, Ill.)
Orpheum Theatre (Chicago, Ill.)
Rialto Theatre (Chicago, Ill.) - miniature program
Vaudeville Theatre, formerly the Iroquois Theatre (Chicago, Ill.)
173 Maryland
Maryland Theatre and Hotel Kernan (Baltimore, Md.) - 2 views
174 Massachusetts
Adam's House and Keith's Theatre (Boston, Mass.) 1924 - 2 versions
B.F. Keith's New Theatre (Boston, Mass.) - booklet, 44 p., ca. 1894
Boston Music Hall (Boston, Mass.) - tickets from "All Star Vaudeville", 1905
Colonial Theatre (Onset, Mass.)
Cordon's Theatre (Chelsea, Mass.)
Gaiety Theatre Building (Boston, Mass.)
Happyland Vaudeville (Boston, Mass.) - admission ticket
Keith's Theatre (Boston, Mass.) - King's Booklets, a souvenir of Keith's Boston Theatre, ca. 1900
Keith's Vaudeville (Brockton, Mass.)
RKO Keith's (Boston, Mass.)
Tremont Theatre (Boston, Mass.) - 2 versions
175 Michigan
Fisher Theatre (Detroit, Mich.) (booklet, 31 p.; Graven & Mayger, Architects; Theatre Historical Society of America annual, no. 31) 2004
Orpheum Theatre (Detroit, Mich.)
Temple Theatre (Detroit, Mich.) - 2 copies
176 Missouri
New Orpheum Theatre (Kansas City, Mo.)
Orpheum Theatre (Kansas City, Mo.)
177 Nebraska
Burwood Theatre (Omaha, Neb.)
Orpheum Theatre (Lincoln, Neb.)
Orpheum Theatre (Omaha, Neb.)
World Theatre (Omaha, Neb.)
178 New Jersey
Boardwalk (Atlantic City, N.J.)
Lyric Theatre (Summit, N.J.)
Waldmann's Theatre (Newark, N.J.)
179 New York
B.F. Keith's Palace Theatre (New York, N.Y.) - postcard of playbill, 1915
B.F. Keith's Vaudeville Theatre (Syracuse, N.Y.)
Bowery (New York, N.Y.)
Club House of the National Vaudeville Artists (New York, N.Y.)
Harry Hills Variety Theatre (New York, N.Y.)
Hippodrome (New York, N.Y.) - 2 postcard views and photograph
The Lambs (New York, N.Y.) - 73rd consecutive weekly function - Lambs & M. Corps - Oct. 13, 1943; page from guestbook
Memorial Hall (Gloversville, N.Y.)
On Stage: A Photographic Reminiscence of New York Theater, 1895-1915; a book of postcards. Museum of the City of New York, The Byron Collection. (San Francisco: Pomegranate Press, 1999)
Places of Amusement - New York City, Nov. 1882 - miniature brochure
RKO Palace Theatre (New York, N.Y.)
Shea's Theatre (Buffalo, N.Y.)
Shubert Theatre (Utica, N.Y.)
Temple Theater (Rochester, N.Y.)
Union Square (New York, N.Y.)
1710 Ohio
B.F. Keith Vaudeville (Cleveland, Ohio)
Keith Vaudeville (Columbus, Ohio)
1711 Pennsylvania
Air Dome (Wilkinsburg, Penn.)
Keith's Theatre (Philadelphia, Pa.) - postcard, and page from Philadelphia Guide
Neumeyer Theatre (Easton, Pa.)
Orpheum Theatre (Allentown, Pa.)
Poli's Theatre (Wilkes Barre, Pa.)
Star Theatre (Monessen, Pa.)
1712 Rhode Island
Ball Room, Vanity Fair (Providence, R.I.)
Imperial Theatre (Providence, R.I.)
1713 Miscellaneous
Bijou Theatre (Melbourne, Australia)
Bird Cage Theatre (Tombstone, Ariz.) - photograph
Keith's New Theatre (Portland, Me.)
Majestic Theatre (Fort Worth, Tex.)
Palace, Sunderland (Hippodrome, Salford, England)
Palace Theatre (Wis.)
Unidentified theatre (Melbourne, Australia)
Subseries 2: Theatre Programs, 1892-2007
Scope and Content
This subseries is a collection of programs and playbills from theatres across the United States, including B.F. Keith's, Orpheum, and RKO theatres. There are also some theatre publicity materials and arts periodicals, and flyers from music publishing houses and from suppliers of playbills and posters for stage productions. They are organized alphabetically by theatre name.
181 The Alex Theatre (Glendale, Calif.) , 2002
182 American Repertory Theatre (Cambridge, Mass.) , 2004
183 B.F. Keith's (Columbus, Ohio) , 1910-1911
184 B.F. Keith's New Theatre (Philadelphia, Pa.) , 1911-1912 1922
185 B.F. Keith's New Theatre (Providence, R.I.) , 1899
186 B.F. Keith's Palace Theatre (New York, N.Y.) , 1925
187 B.F. Keith's Theatre (Boston, Mass.) , , ; souvenir booklet, undated; and playbills (photocopies), 1905 1909-1910 1917 1920-1925
188 B.F. Keith's Theatre (Columbus, Ohio),"The Vaudeville Bill" , 1917
189 B.F. Keith's Theatre (Portland, Me.) , 1913
1810 B.F. Keith's Theatre (Providence, R.I.) , 1911
1811 Big Auditorium (Chicago, Ill.) , ca. 1906
1812 Bijou Theatre (Bangor, Me.) , 1922
1813 Boston Arts (Boston, Mass.) - magazine , March 1970
1814 Boston Arts Festival (Boston, Mass.) - program of events , 1955
1815 Boston Music Hall (Boston, Mass.) - cover photocopy; , 1901 1904-1905
1816 Castle Square Theatre (Boston, Mass.) , 1898 1903
1817 Chase Theatres (Washington, D.C.) , 1903
1818 Clark Theatre (Chicago, Ill.) or , ca. 1916 1922
1819 Clunie Orpheum Theatre (Sacramento, Calif.) , 1918
1820 Colonial Theatre (Boston, Mass.) , , 1910-1911 1919-1921 1958
1821 Columbia Music Hall (Boston, Mass.) , 1907-1908
1822 Curran Theatre (San Francisco, Calif.) - "The Playgoer", - "Laugh Time" ( Frank Fay, Ethel Waters, Bert Wheeler), 1943
1823 Duchess Theatre (London, England) , 1954
1824 E.F. Albee Theatre (Providence, R.I.) , 1919 ca. 1925
1825 Federal Theatre / Copley Theatre (Boston, Mass.) - Works Progress Administration , 1936
1826 Forty-fourth Street Theatre (New York, N.Y.) , 1939
1827 Gayety Theatre (Boston, Mass.) , 1929
1828 Geary Theatre (San Francisco, Calif.) - flyer for "The Doughgirls" by Joseph Fields, staged by George S. Kaufman , ca. 1943
1829 Grand Opera (Minneapolis, Minn.) , 1892
1830 Hammerstein's Victoria (New York, N.Y.) , 1905
1831 Hathaway's (Boston, Mass.) , 1906-1907
1832 Hollis St. Theatre (Boston, Mass.) , 1910
1833 Koster & Bial's Music Hall (New York, N.Y.) , ca. 1900
1834 Lakewood Theatre (Skowhegan, Me.) , 1932
1835 Light Opera of New York (New York, N.Y.) - photocopy , 2007
1836 Manhattan Theatre Colony (Ogunquit, Me.) , 1934
1837 Maryland Theatre (Baltimore, Md.) , 1919-1920
1838 National Theatre (Dayton, Ohio) , 1908
1839 New Palace - RKO Vaudeville (New York, N.Y.) , 1929
1840 New Victory Theater (New York, N.Y.) , March/April 2004
1841 Nixon & Zimmerman's Academy of Music (Baltimore, Md.) , 1899-1900
1842 NY City Center, Encores! (New York, N.Y.) , 2007
1843 Ocean Road School (Point Pleasant, N.J.) , 1959
1844 Olympia (San Francisco, Calif.) , 1901
1845 Open Theatre, Loeb Drama Center, Harvard (Cambridge, Mass.) , 1968
1846 Orpheum Theatre (Los Angeles, Calif.) , 1929
1847 Orpheum Theatre (South Bend, Ind.) , 1911
1848 Osbornville School (Brick Township, N.J.) , 1957 1958
191 Palace Theatre (New York, N.Y.) - "Sarah Bernhardt in Vaudeville" , 1912
192 Philharmonic Auditorium (Los Angeles, Calif.) , 1924
193 Phoenix Theatre (London, England) , 1953
194 Poli's Theatre (Hartford, Conn.) , 1907
195 Proctor's Palace Theatre (Yonkers, N.Y.) - photocopy , 1920
196 The Repertory Dance Theatre (Salt Lake City, Utah) , 1970
197 RKO Albee (Cincinnati, Ohio) , 1949-1950
198 RKO Palace (Rochester, N.Y.) , 1949
199 Royce Hall, UCLA (Los Angeles, Calif.) - Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo , 1976
1910 Sam S. Shubert Theatre/Chestnut Street Opera House (New York, N.Y.) , 1923
1911 Sampliner - advertisements, undated
1912 Sargent School (North Andover, Mass.?) , 1910
1913 Selwyn's Park Square Theatre (Boston, Mass.) , 1919
1914 St. James Theatre (London, England) , 1954
1915 Strand Theatre (Boston, Mass.) - "Floor Lore, A History of Hip-Hop", The Floor Lords , 2002
1916 Symphony Space (New York, N.Y.) , 2007
1917 Theater Offensive (Boston, Mass.) - "Unitard" , 2002 1920
1918 Tremont Theatre (Boston, Mass.) , 1905 1920
1919 Vaudeville Theatre (London, England) , ca. 1935
1920 White Barn Theatre (Westport, Conn.) - "Thirty Years of the White Barn Theatre" , 1978
1921 Wilbur Theatre (Boston, Mass.) , 1976
1922 Winter Garden Theatre (New York, N.Y.) , 1934 1936
1923 Wyndham's Theatre (London, England) , 1954
1924 Theatre programs - color reproductions
B.F. Keith's Palace Theatre (New York, N.Y.)
The Circle (New York, N.Y.)
Daly's Theatre (New York, N.Y.)
Earle Theatre (Philadelphia, Pa.)
Gaiety Theatre (New York, N.Y.)
Lew Fields Herald Square Theatre (New York, N.Y.)
New Amsterdam Theatre (New York, N.Y.)
Orpheum Circuit
Pantages Theatre (Sacramento, Calif.)
White House lawn, Jenny Lind concert (President and Mrs. M. Fillmore)
Subseries 3: Souvenir Programs, 1899-ca. 2003
Scope and Content
This subseries comprises souvenir programs from revues, Broadway shows, musicals, and plays. They are organized alphabetically by production title, or in some cases by another cover title when there is no evident production title. The earliest is an 1899 program from Koster & Bial's Music Hall in New York. There are two Hippodrome souvenir programs (1918 and 1924) and a Ziegfeld Follies program (1942-43). Productions include "Showtime" with George Jessel (1943) and "Tobacco Road" with James Barton (1936).
201 "As the Girls Go" ( Bobby Clark, Irene Rich) , 1948
202 B.F. Keith's New York Hippodrome, "Novelties from All Parts of the Earth" - Bill of International Artists , , Aug. 1924 Oct. 1924 Feb. 1925
203 "Big Time" ( Ed Wynn) , 1921
204 "The Biggest Show of '51" ( Duke Ellington, Nat "King" Cole, Sarah Vaughan, etc.) , 1951
205 "Bless You All" ( Jules Munshin, Mary McCarty, Pearl Bailey, etc.) , 1950
206 "Curtain Time" ( Chico Marx, Connee Boswell, etc.) , 1945
207 George Jessel's "High Kickers" with Sophie Tucker, Chaz Chase, York and King. , 1941
208 Hippodrome Souvenir Book, Charles Dillingham presents "Everything", a Mammoth Musical Spectacle , 1918
209 "Hold Your Horses" ( Joe Cook) , 1933
2010 "Holiday on Ice of 1955""Holiday on Ice of 1961"
2011 Horace Heidt, "Stars on Parade" , 1950
2012 James Barton in "Tobacco Road" , 1936
2013 John Murray Anderson's "Almanac" ( Hermione Gingold, Billy De Wolfe, Harry Belafonte, Orson Bean) , 1953-54
2014 "Jumbo" ( Billy Rose production at the Hippodrome) , 1935
2015 Koster & Bial's Music Hall (New York) ( Sadie Probst, The Meeker-Baker Trio, Zelma Rawlston, etc.) , 1899
2016 "Let's Face It!" ( Danny Kaye; Cole Porter songs) , 1941
2017 Lew Brown's Musical Comedy "Yokel Boy" ( Buddy Ebsen, Judy Canova, and Phil Silvers, etc.) , 1940
2018 " Maurice Chevalier at 77" (Nine O'Clock Theatre series) , 1965
2019 "Mrs. Steinberg and Byker Boy" , 1999
2020 "The New B.F. Keith Memorial Theatre" (Boston, Mass.) , 1928
(and letter to the editor by Frank Cullen, Boston Sunday Herald, Feb. 26, 1995)
2021 "Oklahoma!" (Los Angeles Civic Light Opera) , 1959
2022 "Priorities of 1942" ( Lou Holtz, Willie Howard, Hazel Scott, Ben Bernie, Paul Draper, etc.) , 1942
2023 "Show Time" ( George Jessel, Jack Haley, Ella Logan, The De Marcos, etc.) , 1943
2024 "Sugar Babies", The Burlesque Musical ( Mickey Rooney, Ann Miller Mickey Deems) ) , 1979
2025 Todd Robbins' "Carnival Knowledge", Soho Playhouse , ca. 2003
2026 Victor Herbert's "The Red Mill" ( Eddie Foy Jr., Jack Whiting, etc.) , 1945
2027 "West Side Story", A New Musical (directed by Jerome Robbins) , 1957
2028 "Ziegfeld Follies" ( Milton Berle, Ilona Massey, Arthur Treacher) , 1942-43
Subseries 4: Boston Theatre Programs, ca.1920-1952
The items in this subseries were donated to the American Vaudeville Museum collection by G. M. Sanborn of the Massachusetts State Transportation Library.
Scope and Content
These programs are organized alphabetically by theatre, with featured programs indicated. Multiple programs for a given theatre are listed chronologically. They include the "Ziegfeld Follies" (1922) at the New Amsterdam Theatre and "Candida" (1925) at the Plymouth Theatre. A few are from New York rather than Boston theatres; those are indicated as such. Some theatre-related publications other than programs are also located here.
211 Boston Opera House
"The Miracle" 1925
212 The Capitol, A Publix Theatre
"The Wolf of Wall Street" 1929
213 Colonial Theatre
"Stepping Stones" 1925
"Three Cheers" 1929
214 Community Service of Boston Inc.
"Community Songs" (not a theatre program) undated (after 1920)
215 Copley Theatre
"The Bellamy Trial" 1928
"The Wrecker" 1928
"The Ringer" 1929
"The Whispering Gallery" 1929
216 Cort Theatre (New York)
"Only 38" 1921
217 Dollhouse Theatre
"Medea" 1999
218 Film Guild Cinema (New York)
"The House of Shadow Silence" 1929
"Waterloo" 1929
219 George M. Cohan Theatre (New York)
"Across the World with Mr. & Mrs. Martin Johnson" 1930
2110 Greenwich Village Theatre (New York)
"The Beggar's Opera" 1920
2111 Hollis Street Theatre
"Peter Pan" (Civic Repertory Theatre, New York, tour) 1926
"Marco Millions" 1928
"Porgy" 1928
2112 Majestic Theatre
"Cavalcade" 1933
"White Lilacs" 1929
2113 Metropolitan
"Three Sinners" 1928
2114 New Amsterdam Theatre
"Ziegfeld Follies" 1922
2115 New York Amusements (New York) week of , Apr. 8, 1929
"The Love Duel" - Ethel Barrymore, at the Barrymore Theatre (on cover)
2116 New Park Theatre
"The Dark" ca. 1927
2117 Plymouth Theatre
"Candida" 1925
"Applesauce" 1926
"The Play's the Thing" 1928
"The Command to Love" 1929
"Emlyn Williams as Charles Dickens" ca. 1952
2118 Publix Theatres
"The Vagabond King" (promotional booklet for motion picture) 1930
2119 Repertory Theatre of Boston
"Heartbreak House" 1926
"R.U.R." (Rossum's Universal Robots) 1926
2120 Shubert-Plymouth Theatre
"The Command to Love" ca. 1929
2121 Shubert Theatre
"George White's Scandals" ca. 1928
"Greenwich Village Follies" ca. 1921-26
"Dark of the Moon" 1945
"Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" ( Carol Channing) 1952
"Paris '90" ( Cornelia Otis Skinner) 1952
2122 Shubert-Majestic Theatre
"Good News" ca. 1925
"A Connecticut Yankee" ca. 1927
2123 Shubert-Wilbur Theatre
"The Road to Rome" 1927
"The Trial of May Dugan" 1929
2124 Tributary Theatre of Boston
Flyer ca. 1945
2125 Wilbur Theatre
"The Royal Family" 1929
"Dunnigan's Daughter" 1945
Series VII: Photographs, 1906-1961, bulk ca. 1910s-1940s 1 linear foot
Scope and Content
This series consists of miscellaneous photographs, mostly 11 x 14 inches; some are offset reproductions rather than actual photographic prints. Many more photographs can be found in the Performers files and the individual collections.
There are two general categories. The first group consists primarily of publicity portraits of entertainers. The photographs are listed here in alphabetical order by subject's surname. The second group consists of movie stills, mostly 11 x 14 inches. Many of them are from an unidentified 1940 movie, with image numbers SMC- .
221 Photographs: Portraits, identified
Jeanette Alabassi, by Strand (N.Y.)
Phil Baker in "Pleasure Bound", Majestic Theatre, by George Maillard Kesslere (N.Y.)
Ray Bolger, by Vandamm Studio (N.Y.)
Ray Bolger [in "Sunny"] - 2 photos
Walter Clinton, by Mitchell (N.Y.)
Joe Frisco, by Mitchell (N.Y.)
Joe E. Lewis, by Bloom (Chicago)
Flourney Miller - formerly of Miller & Lyles, "Blackbirds of 1930", by Mitchell (N.Y.)
Mae Murray, by Bloom (Chicago)
Valerie Parks, by Bruno (Hollywood)
Julia Rooney, by Mitchell (N.Y.)
Rosita Royce, by Bruno (Hollywood)
222 Photographs: Ruth St. Denis
(photomechanical process)

Ruth St. Denis as "Radha", 1906, by Marcus Blechman
Ruth St. Denis in "Black Nautch", 1927, by Marcus Blechman
[Ruth St. Denis in] "White Jade", 1927, by Marcus Blechman
Ruth St. Denis in "Tagore Poem", 1929, by Marcus Blechman
The Spirit of Ruth St. Denis, 1950, by Phil Baribault
Photo of Ruth St. Denis in foyer of the Museum of the City of New York, 1961, by Marcus Blechman
223 Photographs: Miscellaneous
"Going to Town" [burlesque revue], by Canell (N.Y.)
[unidentified woman holding black gauze fabric]
[unidentified woman draped in swirling-pattern gauze fabric]
[unidentified couple in straw and bowler hats, stage role], by Cadia? (N.Y.)
[unidentified female portrait, bleached]
[Yiddish theater façade and street scene]
224 Movie stills: "The Flame of New Orleans", 1941 (Marlene Dietrich and Mischa Auer) - 2 photos
225 Movie stills: "Sunny" (Anna Neagle and John Carroll) - 5 photos
226 Movie stills: "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" (Gene Raymond, Robert Montgomery, Carole Lombard) - 2 photos
227 Movie stills: Unidentified film - 18 photos
228 Movie stills: Miscellaneous
Merle Oberon
Emily Smith, as Peas, in Shine On Harvest Moon. A Warner Bros. First National Picture
[still from "The Maltese Falcon" - Humphrey Bogart, Mary Astor, Peter Lorre, Sydney Greenstreet]
[still from silent? film - couple holding hands by window, locomotive approaching]
Series VIII: Posters and Oversize Items, ca. 1850s-1980s 4 linear feet
Scope and Content
This series comprises vintage and reproduced posters and display boards. In addition, there is a cut-out toy figure, a group of photos matted together, a portfolio cover, and a newspaper article, housed here for reasons of size. Four oversize photographs from the Dixon-Freeman collection are also stored here. Larger posters are housed separately in oversize storage.
"Argentine Nights, starring The Ritz Brothers and…The Andrews Sisters", 1940 poster, Realart Pictures
" Basil Rathbone, Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi in Son of Frankenstein", poster (reproduction), 1939
"Bloolips in London's Finest Comedy, Teenage Trash", 1987
" Carl Laemmle presents Dracula, the vampire thriller", poster (reproduction), 1931
Dixon-Freeman collection - photographs
[ Jessica Dixon], by Witzel (L.A.)
[ Frank Freeman]
[ Jessica Dixon in Mexican costume]
[ Jessica Dixon with Mexican ensemble], by Stagg
Duncan Sisters, 2 photographs and newspaper image, 1920s-1950s, matted together
"F.B.O. presents Fred Thompson and his remarkable horse Silver King in…'Thundering Hoofs'", poster, Film Booking Offices (color photocopy), 1924
" Fanny Brice as Baby Snooks", cut-out figure, , 16 in., with Tums ad and instructions on verso, 1950
"The Four Step Brothers, America's foremost dancing quartet…", Marcus Glaser, Charles Hogan Agency, Chicago
"Harry Qubey's Dog Circus" (reproduction)
"Hellzapoppin'" starring Olsen and Johnson with Martha Raye, (modern reproduction), 1941
(from the Olsen and Johnson collection)
"The Jewess! Or, The Council of Constance." , Boston Museum playbill, approx. 19 x 9 in., ca. 1850s
Minstrel show sign - no text
"The New Ravel, Humpty-Dumpty", , cardboard poster, ca. 1900
" Orson Welles, Citizen Kane", poster (reproduction), 1941
" Paul Wenzel, producing original, clown-walk-arounds", Charles Hogan Agency, Chicago
Standard Theatre program (New York, week ending ), Apr 20, 1889
"Twelve new Gibson Girls, hitherto unpublished", red portfolio cover, lacking original print contents
(received with Dixon-Freeman collection)
"The 'Two Black Crows': pitiful end of one of the Moran and Mack team of popular merrymakers recalls some of the jokes and funny dialogues which amused Americans for many years." ( American Weekly article, 1937)
"Vaudeville's High-Water Mark - All-Star Bill…Houdini…Frank McIntyre…Joe Cook…", playbill, 1922
"Willie, West & McGinty", , George A. Hamid and Son, 1940s
24 Mae West, , Paramount poster mounted on particle board, 26.5 x 20 in., 1931
Oversize Storage Color lithograph posters, , approx. 40 x 80 in. each, 1907-08
Clown heads (2 posters)
Dancing girls (3 posters)
Somersaulting bicycle act (1 poster)
Oversize Storage Posters
"George Primrose and His Minstrels / Olsen & Johnson / …", Crystal playbill, 42 x 14 in.
"'Skipper' Don Mills … / The Four Gondoliers / Blib and Blob / …", 1934 playbill, 3 ft. 6 in. x 2 ft. 4 in.
(received as part of the Gondoliers/Ricci collection)
"Pat Rooney, Jr. / George & Dixie, Radio Stars / other big acts - screen: Sailors On Leave", ca. 1941 playbill
"Salem Paramount / Salem Empire, New Year's Eve … Mammoth", ca. 1940 playbill
"Vaudeville Revue featuring Follies stars Buster West & Co.", ca. 1940 playbill
"Fort Massacre, starring Joel McCrea", 1958 movie poster
Series IX: Sheet Music, 1859-1945 (bulk 1905-1935) 2 linear feet
Scope and Content
This series encompasses popular sheet music from the late 1890s to the mid-1940s, as well as two opera librettos from 1859 and the 1920s. Most are the original item; a few are color photocopies. They are arranged alphabetically by title. Several are associated with shows such as the Ziegfeld Follies. Each features images of one or more performers on the cover.
Sheet music can also be found in the Performers files and in individual or family collections, particularly the Dixon-Freeman collection.
251 Librettos
Norma, composed by [Vincenzo] Bellini (Ditson & Co.'s standard opera libretto, 28 pp.) 1859
Die Walküre, a musical drama in three acts, by Richard Wagner; English version by Charles Henry Meltzer; pub. by Fred. Rullman, Inc. (New York); libretto, for Metropolitan Opera House Grand Opera ca. 1920s
252 Sheet Music, A
After All (Lee S. Roberts, lyric J. Will Callahan) 1919
After the Ball (Charles K. Harris) 1920
Ain't She Sweet? (Milton Ager, lyric Jack Yellen) 1927
Album of Bert Williams Famous Song Hits 1905, 1932 - 2 copies
All Alone Monday from The Ramblers (Harry Ruby, lyric Bert Kalmar) 1926
All She Does Is Follow them Around (Maurice Abraham, lyric Grant Clarke) 1914
All I Want Is You (Benny Davis, Sidney Clare, Harry Akst) 1927
Alma (Jean Briquet, English lyric George V. Hobart - translated from Alma, Where Do You Live? Alma Wo Wohnst Du, German lyric Adolf Philipp) 1910
Along the Rocky Road to Dublin (Bert Grant, lyric Joe Young) 1915
Always Be Honey to Me (Jeff Branen, Arthur Lange, Max Prival) 1915
Always in My Heart [Forever on My Mind] (J. Fred Coots, lyric Roy Turk) 1932
Am I Blue? (Harry Akst, lyric Grant Clarke) from On with the Show 1929
And Then (Herman Paley, lyric Alfred Bryan) 1913
Are You Sorry? (Milton Ager, lyric Benny Davis) 1925
Are You Lonesome To-night? (Roy Turk and Lou Handman) 1927
Arizona Stars Song (Carl Rupp, lyric George Little) 1923
At Sundown [When Love Is Calling Me Home] (Walter Donaldson) 1927
At the End of the Broken Down Trail (Fred Rose) 1931
253 Sheet Music, B - D
Back in the Old Sunday School (Phillips H. Lord, May Singhi Breen, Peter DeRose) 1932
Back in Your Own Back Yard (Al Jolson, Billy Rose, Dave Dreyer) 1928
Beside an Open Fireplace (Paul Denniker, Will Osborne) 1929
Boogie Woogie on W.C. Handy's St. Louis Blues (Earl Hines) 1914, 1942, 1945
Boston Town (Felix Rice, John Rehauser, lyric Wilbur Mack) 1907
Breezin Along with the Breeze (Haven Gillespie, Seymour Simons, Richard A. Whiting) 1926
By the River Sainte Marie (Harry Warren, lyric Edgar Leslie) 1931
Call Me Darling, Call Me Sweetheart, Call Me Dear (Sag Mir Darling, English lyric Dorothy Dick) 1931 (German music and lyric Bert Reisfeld, Mart Fryberg, Rolf Marbot)
Cheerful Little Earful from Sweet and Low (Harry Warren, lyric Ira Gershwin, Billy Rose) 1930
Cross My Heart, Mother [I Love You] (Jack McCoy, Sam Williams, lyric Al Piantadosi) 1925
Crying for You (Ned Miller, Chester Cohn) 1923
Dinah (Harry Akst, lyric Sam M. Lewis, Joe Young) 1925
Dreamy Melody (Ted Koehler, Frank Magine, C. Naset) 1922
Drifting (Gertrude Lincoff, lyric Max Siegel) 1930
254 Sheet Music, E - F
Eddie Cantor Song and Joke Book for 1934
Feather Your Nest [Emplumez le Nid] (Kendis Brockman, Howard Johnson, French lyric A. Bollaert) 1920
Five Salted Peanuts (Charlie Abbott) 1945
Follow the Swallow (Ray Henderson, lyric Billy Rose, Mort Dixon) 1924
Footlight Favorites (Frank Banta) 1897
Forgetting (Ray Mitchell) 1927
Forgive Me (Milton Ager, lyric Jack Yellen) 1927
Forgive Me (Milton Ager, lyric Jack Yellen) 1927 (different cover)
Francis & Day's Album of Harry Lauder's Popular Songs 1905
255 Sheet Music, G - H
The Gaby Glide (Louis A. Hirsh, lyric Harry Pilcer) 1911
Garden of My Dreams, from Ziegfeld Follies (Louis A. Hirsh, Dave Stamper, lyric Gene Buck) 1918
The Gem Dance Folio for 1932 (Elliot Shapiro) 1932
Gloomy Moon (Harry Geise) 1924
Go As Far As You Like, Kid (W. Percival Kelgard, lyric Will H. Smith) 1909
Good-night My Own Love (Jean Schwartz, lyric Stanislaus Stange and William Jerome), from The Musical Gems of F.C. Whitney's Piff! Paff! Pouf! A Musical Cocktail 1904
Good Night Nurse (W. Raymond Walker, lyric Thomas J. Gray) 1912
Gypsy Fiddles (Allie Wrubel) 1933
Half a Moon [Is Better Than No Moon], from Honeymoon Lane (Herbert Reynolds, Eddie Dowling, James F. Hanley) 1926
Hasta Manana [Until Tomorrow] (Al Hegbom, Egbert Van Alstyne, lyric Haven Gillespie) 1924
Hello My Dearie, from Ziegfeld Follies (Dave Stamper, lyric Gene Buck) 1917
Hello Evening Star (Jack Scholl, Henry Lodge, Emil Seidel) 1932
Here I Am (Ray Henderson, lyric B.G. de Sylvia, Lew Brown) 1926
Honolulu Eyes (Violinsky, lyric Howard Johnson) 1921
The Hours I Spent with You (Little Jack Little, lyric Stan Lewis, Joe Young) 1927
Hush-a-Bye (Robert E. Spencer, lyric Frank X. Galvin) 1926
256 Sheet Music, I
I Can't Give You Anything But Love [Baby], from Lew Leslie's Blackbirds of 1928 (Jimmy McHugh, lyric Dorothy Fields) 1928 (lacks insert leaf, only has last page of the score)
I Love a Lassie [Ma Scotch Bluebell] (Harry Lauder, Gerald Grafton) 1906
I Love Me - I'm Wild About Myself (Will Mahoney) 1923
I Love You - That's One Thing I Know (L. Wolfe Gilbert, Anatol Friedland) 1915
I Miss a Little Miss [Who Misses Me in Sunny Tennessee] (J. Fred Coots, lyric Tot Seymour) 1930
I Wonder Who's Dancing with You To-Night (Ray Henderson, lyric Mort Dixon, Billy Rose) 1924
If I Could Be with You (Henry Creamer, Jimmy Johnson) 1926
If My Love Could Talk (Harry Kogen, lyric Lou Holzer) 1935
If You Had All the World and Its Gold (Albert Piantados, lyric Bartley Costello, Harry Edelheit) 1916
I'll Keep On Loving You (Joseph B. Carey) 1916
I'm a Lonesome Melody (George W. Meyer, lyric Joe Young) 1915
I'm As Happy As Can Be (Hazel Graves, lyric Tell Taylor) 1926
I'm Crazy 'Bout the Turkey Trot (George W. Meyer, lyric Joe Goodwin) 1911
I'm Glad I Can Make You Cry (Charles R. McCarron, Carey Morgan) 1918
I'm Looking Over a Four-Leaf Clover (Harry Woods, lyric Mort Dixon) 1927
I'm Sorry That I Let That Gentleman In (Wilfred Herbert, lyric Jean Charez) 1902 (color photocopy)
I'm Through [Shedding Tears Over You] (Edwin J. Weber, lyric Karyl Norman) 1922
I'm Waiting in Dreamland for You (W.R. Williams) 1921
In a Little Spanish Town (Mabel Wayne, lyric Lewis and Young) 1926
In My Hide-Away (K. L. Binford) 1932
In My Indiana Home (Larry Shay, lyric Harry Harris) 1929
An Innocent Young Maid, from In Wall Street (Richard Carle, Maurice Levi, lyric Richard Carle) 1899
It All Depends On You (B.G. De Sylva, Lew Brown, Ray Henderson) 1926
It Had to Be You (Isham Jones, lyric Gus Kahn) 1924
It's Never Too Late to Be Sorry (Jos. A. Burke, lyric James E. Dempsey) 1918
I've Got Rings on My Fingers (Maurice Scott, lyric Weston and Barnes) 1909
I've Got Everything I Want But You (Henry I. Marshall, lyric Marion Sunshine) 1913
257 Sheet Music, J - L
Jigs and Reels, in two volumes, vol. I, academic edition undated
Jimmy Valentine (Gus Edwards, lyric Edward Madden) 1910
Just an Old Bouquet [of a Bye-Gone Day] (Lew Porter, Harry Edelbert, Mel Ball) 1928
Just Cause I Lub Yo (Charles F. Gall, lyric Kate Thyson Mann) 1908 [color photocopy]
Laugh! Clown! Laugh! (Ted Fiorito, lyric Lewis and Young) 1928
Let Me Spend the Journey's End with You (Billy Baskette) 1926
Let Us Waltz As We Say Goodbye (Art L. Beiner) 1925
Limehouse Blues (Philip Braham, lyric Douglas Furber) 1922
Little Brown Hut in the Hills (Ethwell "Eddie" Hanson) 1926
Little Darling Marguerite (Eliza Doyle Smith) 1919
Little Rag Baby Doll (Lewis F. Muir, lyric L. Wolfe Gilbert) 1913
Log Cabin Lullaby (Cal De Voll) 1926
London Bridge Is Falling Down on the Isle of Childhood Dreams (Harry I. Robinson, lyric Louis Robinson) 1923
Lonesome [for You] (Earl Smith, Tell Taylor) 1925
Long, Lean, Lanky Letty (Sydney Grant) 1914
Looking at the World Thru Rose Colored Glasses (Tommy Malie and Jimmy Steiger) 1926
261 Sheet Music, M
Madeira (Bert Kalmar, Harry Ruby, M. K. Jerome) 1925
Make-Believe, from Show Boat (Jerome Kern, lyric Oscar Hammerstein) 1927
Mammy's Little Coal Black Rose (Richard A. Whiting, lyric Raymond Egan) 1916
Mammy's Lullaby (Pete Bontsema, Julius Peto, Marty Jacobi, lyric Al Cameron, Julius Seidor) 1929
Marta, Rambling Rose of the Wildwood (Moises Simons, arr. Rosamond Johnson, English lyric L. Wolfe Gilbert [also in Spanish] 1931
Martha: Just a Plain Old Fashioned Name (Joe L. Sanders) 1922
Mem-o-ries (Harry H. Williams, lyric Morgan Brown) 1914
Mickey (Neil Moret, lyric Harry Williams) 1918
Mister Five by Five (Don Raye, Gene De Paul) 1942
Mister Gallagher and Mister Shean, from Ziegfeld Follies 1922 (Ed Gallagher, Al Shean) 1922
Moments with You (Nat Shilkret, lyric Jack Yellen) 1928
Momsy (Jack Yellen, Ed "Nemo" Roth, Dave Ringle) 1927
Moonbeam Kiss Her for Me (Harry Woods, lyric Mort Dixon) 1927
Moonlight and Roses [Bring Mem'ries of You] (Edwin H. Lemare, Ben Black, Neil Moret) 1925
My Isle of Golden Dreams (Walker Blaufuss, lyric Gus Kahn) 1919
My Sin (B. G. De Sylva, Lew Brown, Ray Henderson) 1929
My Song of the Nile (Al Bryan, George W. Meyer) 1929 (with 15 other songs; untitled compilation with star portraits)
My Twilight Queen (Lou Hirsh, lyric Jean Havez) 1907
262 Sheet Music, O - R
Oh By Jingo! Oh By Gee! You're the Only Girl for Me (Albert Von Tilzer, lyric Lew Brown) 1919
Oh, Donna Clara (J. Petersburgski, lyric Beda; English version Irving Caesar) 1930
Oh! Gee, Oh! Gosh, Oh! Golly I'm in Love, from Zeigfeld Follies (Ernest Brener, lyric Olson and Johnson) 1923
Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh (Abe Olman, lyric Ed Rose) 1917 [Olman portrait on the cover]
Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh (Abe Olman, lyric Ed Rose) 1917 [different edition, flapper on the cover]
Only a Rose You Once Gave Me (H.C. Weasner) 1926
Only a Weaver of Dreams (Ethwell Eddie Hanson) 1924
Pal of My Cradle Days (Al Piantadosi, lyric Marshall Montgomery) 1925
Peg O' My Heart (Fred Fischer, lyric Alfred Bryan) 1913
Poor Butterfly, from The Big Show at the New York Hippodrome (Raymond Hubbell, lyric John L. Golden) 1916
Put Away a Little Ray of Golden Sunshine for a Rainy Day (Fred E. Ahlert, lyric Sam M. Lewis and Joe Young) 1924
Put Away a Little Ray of Golden Sunshine for a Rainy Day (Fred E. Ahlert, lyric Sam M. Lewis and Joe Young) 1924 (different edition)
Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey [I Never Knew Any Girl Like You] (Albert Von Tilzer, lyric Junie McCree) 1910
Rae! Rae! Rae! (John C. Rundback) music section, New York American and Journal July 8, 190[6] [color photocopy]
Reaching for the Moon (Benny Davis, Jesse Greer) 1926
Rememb'ring, from Topsy and Eva (Duncan Sisters) 1923
River, Stay 'Way from My Door (Harry Woods, lyric Mort Dixon) 1931
Roam On My Little Gypsy Sweetheart (Francis Wheeler, Irving Kahal, Ted Snyder) 1927
Rocky Mountain Rose (M. K. Jerome, lyric Joan Jasmyn, Wm. Tracey) 1931
Roll Along Prairie Moon (Ted Fierito, Harry MacPherson, Albert Von Tilzer) 1935
A Rose and a Kiss, from La Paloma (Mabel Wayne, lyric Bennée Russell) 1931
Rose of Washington Square (James F. Hanley, lyric Ballard Macdonald) 1920
263 Sheet Music, S
Save Your Sorrow [for To-morrow] (Al Sherman, lyric B.G. De Sylva) 1925
Shanghai Honeymoon (Wm. L. Shockley, Chas. J. Hausman, Lester Melrose) 1926
Side by Side (Harold Dixon, lyric Claude Sacre) 1922
Side by Side (Harry Woods) 1927
A Smile Will Go a Long Long Way (Benny Davis, Harry Akst) 1923
Soft Boiled Ballads: A Collection of Heart-wrecking Songs (H. W. Hanemann) 1931
Some of These Days (Shelton Brooks) 1922
Somebody's Sweetheart I Want to Be (Cobb and Edwards) 1905
Someday Soon (Edna Fischer, lyric Rosetta and Vivian Duncan) 1929
Someday Sweetheart (John C. Spikes, Benjamin Spikes) 1924
Sorry and Blue (Bob Elbel, Don Elbel) 1925
Swanee River Dreams (Wendell Words Hall, Carson J. Robison) 1924
Sweet Southern Love (Howard Johnson, Irving Bibo, Joe Darcy) 1925
Sweet Sue - Just You (Victor Young, lyric Will J. Harris) 1928
Sweet Varsity Sue from Life Begins in College (Charles Tobias, Al Lewis, Murray Mencher) 1937
Sweetheart I'm Sorry [That I Made You Cry] (Frank Westphal, lyric Charley Newman) 1928
264 Sheet Music, T - V
Take Me to the Midnight Cake Walk Ball (Eddie Cox, Arthur Jackson, Maurice Abraham) 1915
Talking to the Moon (Billy Baskette, George A. Little) 1926
That's Some Love (George M. Cohan) 1908
That's Why You Make Me Cry (Joe Verges, Henri Therrien, Irwin LeClere) 1923
There's Something Nice About Everyone But There's Everything Nice About You (Pete Wendling, lyric Arthur Terker, Alfred Bryan) 1927
This Is My Love Song (Joe Burke, lyric Al Dubin) 1931
This Is the Life (Irving Berlin) 1914
To Think I Thought So Much of You and You Thought So Little of Me (Jack Little, lyric Tommie Malie) 1924
To-Night You Belong to Me (Lee David, lyric Billy Rose) 1926
Trading Smiles (Don Ramsay) 1907
'Twas Only an Irishman's Dream (Rennie Cormack, lyric John J. O'Brien, Al Dubin) 1916
Under the Moon (Ev. E. Lyn, Francis Wheeler, Ted Snyder) 1927
Underneath the Stars with You (Nick Lucas, lyric Sam H. Stept) 1927
The Victor Dance Folio, no.3 1907
265 Sheet Music, W - Y
Waitin' for the Evenin' Mail [Sittin' On the Inside, Lookin' at the Outside] (Billy Baskettee) 1923 (2 copies)
Waitin' for the Moon (Sam Lerner, lyric Joe Brown) 1925
What Can I Say After I Say I'm Sorry? (Walter Donaldson, Abe Lyman) 1926
When I Was the Dandy and You Were the Belle (Lou Handman and Dave Dreyer, lyric Herman Ruby) 1924
When I Wore My Daddy's Brown Derby [and You Wore Your Mother's Blue Gown] (Max Rich, lyric Harry Pease, Chas O'Flynn) 1931
When It's Apple Blossom Time in Normandy (Mellor Gifford and Trevor) 1912
When It's Lamp Lightin' Time in the Valley (Joe Lyons, Sam C. Hart, The Vagabonds (Harold - Dean - Curt) 1933
When the Chapel Bells Were Ringing (Clarence Gaskill, lyric Cal De Voll) 1931
When You Come to the End of the Day (Frank Westphal, lyric Gus Kahn) 1929
When You're in Love (Walter Donaldson, Walter Blaufuss) 1926
Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go with Friday on Saturday Night? (George W. Meyer, lyric Sam M. Lewis, Joe Young) 1916
Where the Mill Stream Winds Its Way (Harold Dixon, lyric Claude Sacre) 1923
Where the Song Birds Sing "Good Mornin' (Ed East, W.R. Williams) 1931
Where the Shy Little Violets Grow (Gus Kahn, Harry Warren) 1928
Wonderful One (Paul Whiteman, Ferdie Grofé, adapted from a theme by Marshall Nielan; lyric Dorothy Terriss) 1923
Wait You Believe in Me (Lester Palmer, Jess Williams) 1926
With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming (Mack Gordon, Harry Revel) 1934 (photocopy)
Would You Take Me Back Again? (Peter De Rose, Alfred Solman) 1931
You Can't Make a Fool Out of Me (Egbert Van Alstyne, lyric Paul Cunningham) 1923
You'll Always Be the Same Sweet Baby (A. Seymour Brown) 1916
You're Lucky to Me, from Lew Leslie's Blackbirds of 1930 (Eubie Blake, lyric Andy Razaf) 1930
You're Tired of Me (Don York, Jack Sadler, Pauline Brown) 1931
Series X: Periodicals, 1894-2007 7.75 linear feet
Scope and Content
This series comprises primarily magazines, with some other items such as calendars and catalogues grouped here due to similar format. The titles are loosely grouped in pre-1950 and post-1950 sections, with titles represented by single or a few issues presented first and organized alphabetically by title. The groupings are based in part on size; the last two boxes are larger-format titles. Within each title, the issues are organized chronologically. There are also some tear sheets and an oversize article.
Some periodicals can also be found in the Performers files.
Periodicals, pre-1950
271 Conkey's One-to-fill of (photocopy), 1920
272 Conkey's One-to-fill of (photocopy), 1921
273 Conkey's One-to-fill of (photocopy), 1923
274 Liberty (lacks cover; half of p.33-34 cut out), Nov 16, 1929
275 The Official Vaudeville Guide, v.3, no.2 , (1927)
276 Radio Stars , Jan. 1931
277 Theatre Arts , , Sep. 1940 Dec. 1940 Jan. 1951
Periodicals, pre-1950
281 Loose tearsheets, reproductions , ca. 1916-1960s
282 "The future of vaudeville" by Newman Levy; "The composer of 'Alexander's Ragtime Band'" by Irving Berlin, as told to Russel Crouse (first page only). Unidentified magazine ( ), pp. 75-80., 1911
283 The Billboard: the theatrical digest and show world review
Oct. 13, 1928
The Billboard: the world's foremost amusement weekly
Feb. 26, 1938 - cover Fred Allen
284 Broadway Weekly
Sep. 21, 1904 - special vaudeville number
285 The Dance Magazine: glorifying the dance
Nov. 1927 - cover Maryon Vadie
286 The Fra: a journal of affirmation
v.5, no.3 ( June 1910) - the vaudeville number
287 Gallery of Players, from The Illustrated American
no.2 ( 1894), ed. Charles Fdc. Nirdlinger
no.3 ( 1894), ed. Marwell Hall
288 Paris Qui Chante
, 4e année, no. 189 ( Sept. 2, 190-)
289 Pictures of Movie Stars, with stories by Mae Tinée (Racine: Whitman Pub. Co., ), 1937
2810 The Player: The official organ of The White Rats of America, Inc.
v.1, no.14 ( Mar. 11, 1910)
v.2, no.34 ( July 29, 1910)
v.4, no.33 ( July 21, 1911)
Anniversary & Christmas number ( Dec. 22, 1911)
Periodicals, pre-1950
291 Stage: the magazine of after-dark entertainment
Dec. 1936 - cover Fanny Brice
Jan. 1938 - cover Ed Wynn
Mar. 1938 - cover Beatrice Lillie
Dec. 1940
292 The Theatre (pub. by Meyer Bros. & Co., New York)
v.5, no.49 ( Mar. 1905) - cover Dustin Farnum as "The Virginian"
v.5, no.52 ( June 1905) - cover Miss Eleanor Robson, in "She Stoops to Conquer"
293 Theatre Magazine: for the lovers of stage and screen ( ), Mar. 1927
294 Variety Daily: News of the show world (published in Hollywood)
v.33, no.38, sec. 2 ( Oct. 29, 1941)
295 New York Star
v.15, no.26, whole no.390 ( Mar. 22, 1916)
v.16, no.16, whole no.406 ( July 12, 1916)
The Vaudeville News
v.9, no.25 ( Dec. 26, 1924)
The Vaudeville News and New York Star
v.18, no.16 ( Oct. 13, 1928)
v.19, no.4 ( Jan. 19, 1929)
v.19, no.6 ( Feb. 2, 1929)
v.19, no.22 ( May 25, 1929)
296 Wirth and Hamid, Fair Booking Inc. - world's greatest attractions , ca. 1932
Periodicals, pre-1950
30 The Illustrated London News
Oct. 26, 1901
Apr 11, 1903 (lacks front cover)
Apr. 16, 1904
Oct. 1, 1904; Oct. 8, 1904; Oct. 22, 1904
The New York Dramatic Mirror
Note: not available for viewing - extremely fragile, and most issues are partial rather than complete.
May 1890 (pp. 7-10 only)
Jan. 8, 1898; Jan. 15, 1898; Jan. 22, 1898; Jan. 29, 1898
Feb. 5, 1898; Feb. 12, 1898; Feb. 19, 1898; Feb. 26, 1898
Mar. 5, 1898; Mar. 12, 1898; Mar. 19, 1898; Mar. 26, 1898
Apr. 2, 1898; Apr. 9, 1898; Apr. 16, 1898
June 18, 1898
July 16, 1898; July 23, 1898 July 30, 1898
Nov. 15, 1902; Nov. 22, 1902 (1 sheet from each only)
Variety (published in New York)
v.10, no.3 ( Mar. 28, 1908)
v.10, no.4 ( Apr. 4, 1908)
v.10, no.8 ( May 2, 1908)
v.10, no.13 ( June 6, 1908)
v.11, no.1 ( June 8, 1908)
v.11, no.3 ( June 27, 1908)
v.14, no.7 ( Apr. 24, 1909)
v.15, no.7 ( July 24, 1909)
v.15, no.8 ( July 31, 1909)
v.18, no.13 ( June 4, 1910)
v.19, no.2 ( June 18, 1910)
v.23, no.4 ( July 1, 1911)
v.23, no.12 ( Aug. 26, 1911)
Variety (published in New York)
v.49, no.7 ( Jan. 11, 1918)
v.50, no.7 ( Apr. 12, 1918)
Periodicals, post-1950
311 Loose article: "Fabulous Fanny" [ Fanny Brice], by Norman Katkov. Ladies' Home Journal ( ), pp. 48-49,123-129., Jan. 1953
312 Loose article: "Refugee from Burlesque" [ Phil Silvers], by Stanley Frank. The Saturday Evening Post ( ), pp. 40-41,146-150., Jan. 1953
313 Bloody Beautiful
issue 1 ( 2000) - includes 7-inch red vinyl album of songs from 1916, performed in 1967/1972 by Ian Whitcomb
issue 2 ( 2001?)- includes 10-inch blue vinyl marbleized album of songs by Al Bowlly, Lilian Harvey & Willie Firtsch, Sophie Tucker, and Durium Dance Band
/ Fred Douglas (1928-36)
314 Life
Oct. 23, 1950 - cover "TV gets top comics - Ed Wynn"
Mar. 18, 1957 - cover " Beatrice Lillie, girls from New Ziegfeld Follies"
Apr. 18, 1969 - cover " Mae West going strong at 75"
315 Life
Feb. 19, 1971 - cover "Everybody's just wild about…nostalgia"
Dec. 31, 1971 - cover "The year in pictures 1971"
Feb. 1980 - cover "Whatever became of Mary Astor and other lost stars?"
316 Look
Apr. 10, 1951- cover "TV's old-new stars prove that laughs begin at 40"
317 Paris Match
Jan. 15, 1972- cover "Chevalier: 30 pages"
Periodicals, post-1950
321 Bijou
Apr. 1977
322 The Call Boy: The official journal of the British Music Hall Society
v.34, no.1 ( spring 1997)
v.36, no.1 ( winter 1999) - v.39, no.4 ( winter 2003)
323 The Call Boy: The official journal of the British Music Hall Society
v.40, no.1 ( spring 2003) - v.44, no.1 ( spring 2007)
324 Dance Magazine
Sep. 1966
325 Juggle: the official magazine of the International Jugglers' Association
July/Aug. 2000
Mar./Apr. 2001
Nov./Dec. 2006 (complete and partial copies)
and related correspondence to Frank Cullen
326 The Keaton Chronicle
v.3, issue 2 ( spring 1995)
v.4, issue 2 ( spring 1995), issue 3 ( summer 1996), issue 4 ( autumn 1996)
v.5, issue 1 ( spring 1995), issue 2 ( spring 1997), issue 3 ( summer 1997)
v.6, issue 1 ( spring 1995), issue 2 ( spring 1998), issue 4 ( autumn 1998)
v.7, issue 1 ( winter 1999), issue 2 ( spring 1999), issue 3 ( summer 1999)
v.7, issue 4/v.8, issue 1 ( autumn 1999/winter 2000)
v.8, issue 2 ( spring 2000)
327 Liberty: the nostalgia magazine
v.1, no.4 ( spring 1972), no.7 ( winter 1972)
328 Lompoc Picayune-Intelligencer: the official newsletter of the W.C. Fields Fan Club
issue no.8 ( spring 1996)
issue no.9 ( summer 1996)
issue no.10 ( fall 1996/winter 1997)
issue no.11 ( spring 1997)
issue no.12 ( winter 1998)
issue no.15 ( winter 2000)
issue no.16 ( winter/spring 2001)
329 Mad
no.430 ( June 2003) - special edition: Boston Comedy & Movie Festival
3210 Marquee: the journal of the Theatre Historical Society
v.9, no.2 (2nd quarter 1977) - reproduction of Balaban & Katz Magazine, v.1, no.23 ( Aug 17, 1925), featuring the Uptown Theatre in Chicago (photocopy)
v.35, no.4 (4th quarter 2003)
v.36, no.1 (1st-4th quarters 2004), and supplement to no. 2
3211 Modern Maturity
July/Aug. 2001
3212 Movie Crazy: a newsletter for people who love movies
issue no.17 ( summer 2006)
issue no.18 ( autumn 2006)
issue no.19 ( winter 2007)
issue no.20 ( spring 2007)
Back issues available as of Autumn, 2006 (flyer)
Periodicals, post-1950
331 Nostalgia Illustrated: the pleasures of the past
v.2, no.4 ( Apr. 1973) - lacks cover
332 Old News
Free sample copy
Mar.-Nov. 1999
333 Old News
Jan./Feb.-Dec. 2000
334 Old News
Jan./Feb.-July/Aug. 2001
Periodicals, post-1950
341 On Tap: a publication of The International Tap Association
v.15, no.5 ( Apr./May/June 2005)
v.16, no.1 ( July/Aug. 2005)
342 The Passing Show: newsletter of the Shubert Archive
v.22, no.2 ( 2002)
v.23 ( 2003)
v.24 ( 2004/2005)
343 Past Times: the nostalgia entertainment newsletter
no.30 ( Jan.? 1998)
no.31 ( Apr.? 1998)
no.33 ( Nov.? 1998)
no.34 ( Apr.? 1999)
no.35 ( June? 1999)
344 Puppetry International: the puppet in contemporary theatre, film & media
issue 15 ( spring/summer 2004)
issue 16 ( fall/winter 2004)
issue 17 ( spring/summer 2005)
issue 18 ( fall/winter 2005)
issue 19 ( spring/summer 2006)
345 SooNipi Magazine
summer 2007
346 Theatre: 1983 engagement calendar; based on pictures from the Harvard Theatre Collection (New York: Abbeville Press)
347 This Was Show Business
unnumbered ( 1956)
348 The Whole Forty Year Old Hippie Catalog
unnumbered ( 1978)
349 Wild About Harry: the quarterly newsletter of The Harry Langdon Society
v.1, no.1 ( Dec 1996)- no.4 ( Sep 1997)
v.2, no.1 ( winter 1998-98)- no.4 ( winter/spring 1999)
v.3, no.1 ( Nov. 1999)
And the Two of Us...Are Horses!: annual journal of the Harry Langdon Society
1998, 1999
3410 The World of Yesterday
no.29 ( Dec. 1980)
Periodicals, post-1950
351 After Dark: magazine of entertainment
v.10, no.3,5-8 ( July, Sep.-Dec. 1968)
Note: Dec issue lacks cover and first/last few pages
352 After Dark: magazine of entertainment
v.10, no.11-12 ( Mar.-Apr. 1969)
v.11, no.2, 4-8 ( June, Aug.-Dec. 1969)
353 After Dark: magazine of entertainment
v.11, no.11-14 [sic] ( Mar.-June 1970)
v.12, no.3 ( July 1970)
Note: Mar. issue lacks pp.35-42
354 After Dark: magazine of entertainment
v.12, no.4-6 ( Aug.-Oct. 1970)
v.13 [sic], no.7-8 ( Nov.-Dec. 1970)
355 After Dark: magazine of entertainment
v.3 [sic], no.9-12 ( Jan.-Apr. 1971)
v.4, no.1-2, 7 ( May-June, Nov. 1971)
Periodicals, post-1950
361 After Dark: magazine of entertainment
v.6, no.2, 8 ( June, Dec. 1973)
v.7, no.1, 6, 8 ( May, Oct., Dec. 1974)
362 After Dark: magazine of entertainment
v.8, no.2, 4, 8 ( June, Aug., Dec. 1975)
v.10, no.4 ( Aug. 1977)
363 Films of the Golden Age
no.1-7 ( summer 1995 - winter 1996/1997)
364 Films of the Golden Age
no.8-13 ( spring 1997 - summer 1998)
37 Periodicals, post-1950
Classic Film/Video Images: the magazine for film and video enthusiasts
(formerly Classic Film Collector)
no.61 ( winter 1978)
Classic Images
(formerly Classic Film Collector)
no.83 ( May 1982)
no.228-231, 233-234 ( June-Sep., Nov.-Dec. 1994)
no.235-246 ( Jan.-Dec. 1995)
no.247-280 ( Jan. 1995 - Oct. 1998)
38 Periodicals, post-1950
Classic Images
(formerly Classic Film Collector)
no.312 ( June 2001)
no.321, 324, 326, 329-330 ( Mar., June, Aug., Nov.-Dec. 2002)
no.331-332, 335, 337-342 ( Jan.-Feb., May, July-Dec. 2004)
Big Reel: movie, video, & Hollywood collectibles
issue 282 ( Nov. 15, 1997)
issue 284 ( Jan. 15, 1998)
Lamparski's Calendar of the Stars, 1984
Series XI: previous hitBalasic next hit Family Collection, 1904-1930, 1990s .5 linear foot
Scope and Content
This collection consists primarily of three albums of text with photocopied and digitally printed images documenting the family's history in variety and vaudeville, 1904 to 1930, assembled by Mark Balasi, the grandson of Victor Sr. and Paula previous hitBalasic next hit. Photocopies of sheet music from ca. 1920-1927 that were used by the family in their European and American acrobatic acts, and by Maria Holz in her earlier solo variety act, are included. Most of these are arrangements by S. Geiger, a "kapellmeister" in Vienna. There are also two vintage photographs.
Biographical Note
This series documents the entertainment career of Victor and Paula (Enders) previous hitBalasic next hit and their sons Alfred and Victor, Jr. Paula's parents ran the Circus Enders in Hungary until 1905. The previous hitBalasic next hit family toured throughout Europe and Russia as a circus and then an acrobatic variety act known as The Great Merkels or The Five Merkels (1904-1915), The Great Enders (1915), and The 5 Balasis (1916-1924). The family toured the United States in 1923 and remained there. Following Victor Sr. and Paula's retirement around 1925, the sons continued to perform along with Alfred's wife, Maria Holz, as the Balasi Trio (1925-1927), and finally as Florence Micareme & Co. (1927-1929), featuring Maria. As the Balasi Trio, the act featured a finger stand by Alfred and a grand finale of a head-to-head vault sequence with Victor as the vaulter, hence their byline "The Boys with the Steel Heads."
391 Correspondence from Mark Balasi , 1999
392 "The Balasis, a Vaudeville Family" - article for the Vaudeville Times ,
393 The Balasi's on Stage , 1990s
394 The previous hitBalasic next hit Family: A Vaudeville Album , 1990s
395 The previous hitBalasic next hit Family Vaudeville Album , 1994
396 previous hitBalasic Family Vaudeville Album, vol. II: Sheet Music , 1999
Series XII: Dixon-Freeman Collection, 1864, 1888-1943 1.75 linear feet
Scope and Content
The collection consists of contracts and documents, photographs, programs, correspondence, typescripts, and sheet music related to the performances of Jessica Dixon and her husband, Frank Freeman. Several parts of the collection refer to their "train sketch" production, "A Minute Late." There are numerous publicity photographs of themselves and other vaudeville performers, and glass transparencies used for publicity in theaters. There is also a substantial sheet music collection.
A memo booklet includes entries by Jessica Dixon of her tour in Europe in 1919-20, with expenses, songs performed at various camps, names and addresses of some servicemen she met, and a handwritten score for "Keep the home-fires burning", as well as later entries of poetry, lyrics, and inspirational texts, with some entries in a different hand. There are handwritten chronologies for both Dixon and Freeman. There is an interview, clipping, and list of film and television credits for their daughter, the actress Kathleen Freeman.
Biographical Note
This collection documents the careers of Jessica Dixon (b.1888), a soprano singer known as "The Overseas Girl" at the end of World War I as she entertained American troops in England, France and post-war Germany; and Frank Freeman (b.1884), "The Minstrel Man," who headed Freeman's Forty Musical Minstrels in 1918. From 1922 to 1930 they toured together as Dixon & Freeman, described as "The Singer & The Minstrel" or "The Overseas Girl and That Minstrel Fellow", performing musical theater. They performed a form of blackface called "black and tan" (him black, her tan). In the mid-1920s they identified themselves as The Van Gordons. Their young daughter Kathleen (1919-2001) accompanied them on the road, and began performing with them at the age of two. Dixon subsequently taught voice in Los Angeles; Freeman served as president of California Artists' Protective Association.
401 Chronologies
402 Papers related to Kathleen Freeman
403 Clippings
404 Pages from Sacramento Daily Union, March 19, 1864
Note: extremely fragile, not to be removed from Mylar housing; has reference photocopy

405 Contracts, 1923-1929
406 Correspondence, 1919-1930
407 Correspondence, Actors Union of America/American Artists' Federation, 1929
408 Documents, 1888-1943
409 Maquette for advertising flyer, "A Dark Honeymoon"
4010 Papers, miscellaneous
4011 Periodicals and tearsheets
4012 Programs, 1913-1934
Gamut Auditorium, Wallis School of Dramatic Art (Los Angeles) - "Cousin Kate", Sep. 15, 1913
Gamut Auditorium, Wallis School of Dramatic Art (Los Angeles) - "The Silver Snuff Box", Dec. 1, 1913
Mason Opera House (Los Angeles), Sep. 4, 1916
Keel Klub (Long Beach?) - Freeman's 40 Musical Minstrels and Vodevil, ca. 1918
Constance Alexandre, mezzo soprano - promotional flyer, 1920
Santa Fe Reading Room (Shopton, Iowa) - "The Philharmonic Four" (with Jessica Dixon), Feb. 9, 1920
The Huntington (San Marino, Calif.?) - Sunday Evening Concert by the Huntington Artist Ensemble, Mar. 7, 1920
Pantages Broadway Theatre (Los Angeles), Nov. 1, 1920
Berchel Theater (Des Moines, Iowa) - Second Annual Edition of Raymond Hitchcock's "Hitchy-Koo", Nov. 11-13, 1920
Pantages (Los Angeles?), Vaudeville Attractions, May 14, 1920
Song Recital by Thomas Egan, Scottish Rite Auditorium (San Francisco), Sep. 7, 1921
California Theatre (San Francisco) - Sunday Morning Concert, Sep. 11, 1921
Regent Theatre (San Mateo, Calif.) - Jessica Dixon, Oct. 3-4, 1921
St. Francis Hotel (San Francisco) - joint recital by Emilie Lancel and Lincoln S. Batchelder, Oct. 18, 1921
Cline Theater (Santa Rosa, Calif.), Jan. 1922
Hippodrome (Los Angeles?), playbill, Apr. 2, 1922
Auditorium Theatre (Quebec), Nov. 10, 1924
Ascher's Forest Park Theatre (Forest Park, Ill.), 1925
Hobart Methodist Episcopal Church (Los Angeles), "Five Years Consular Service in China" and musical program (w/Dixon), Nov. 6, 1925?
Hippodrome (Los Angeles), Dec. 27, 1925
Hobart Blvd. Methodist Church (Los Angeles), Concert (w/Dixon), Jan. 28, 1926?
Auditorium, Home of Capitol Entertainment (Quebec), Oct. 1929
Bridgeport Foresters of America Entertainment and Dance, Pyramid Mosque (Bridgeport, Conn.), Feb. 8, 1930
Philadelphia Club Entertainers Association, Moose Hall (Philadelphia), Nov. 17, 1930
Philharmonic Auditorium (Los Angeles) - First Annual Jamboree and Vaudeville Frolic, Oct. 26, 1934 (Frank A. Freeman production)
4013 Memo booklet of Jessica Dixon, , later entries dated ; and reference photocopy, 1919-1920 1933-1938
4014 Scrapbook of Jessica Dixon, 1919-1929
4015 Scrapbook of Frank Freeman, California Artists' Protective Association, 1932-1935
4016 Scrapbook of Frank Freeman - loose papers
411 Handwritten stage script, unidentified
412 Typescript for "End Men" (2 versions)
413 Typescript for "A Minute Late"
414 Typescript for "The Sorcerer's Apprentice", adaptation in two acts by Bill Farr
415 Photographs, of Dixon and Freeman
416 Photographs, of Dixon and Freeman
417 Photographs, of Dixon and Freeman
418 Photographs, of others
419 Photographs, of Dixon and Freeman (duplicates)
4110 Photographs, of Dixon and Freeman (duplicates)
Note: four larger photographs from this collection are stored in Box 23, Posters and Oversize Items.

421 Sheet music, from "A Minute Late"
422 Instrumental scores in folders, from "A Minute Late"
423 Sheet music, A - C
After Every Party (Arthur Freed and Earl Burtnett) 1922
The Alcoholic Blues (Albert Von Tilzer, lyric Edward Laska) 1919
All Alone (Irving Berlin) 1924
All That I Ask of You Is Love (Herbert Ingraham, lyric Edgar Selden) 1910
An Einen Boten [To a Messenger] (Frank La Forge) 1909 (trimmed)
The Beck'ning Trail (Frances Mitchell) 1917 (inscribed to Jessica Dixon by the composer)
Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms, and My Lodging Is On the Cold Ground (Sir John Stevenson, lyric Thomas Moore) 190-? (trimmed)
Bert Williams Folio of Ne'er-to-Be Forgotten Songs (anthology) 1925
Bonnie Wee Thing (Liza Lehmann, lyric Robert Burns) 1912 (trimmed)
Christmas Carols (anthology pub. by Jeffries Transformer Co., Los Angeles) 1943
Come, Holy Spirit (C. B. Hawley, lyric Watts; from Choice Sacred Songs by Famous Composers) 1909
Corals, A Sea Idyll (Bryceson Treharne, lyric Zoë Akins) 1919
Could Be (Walter Donaldson, lyric Johnny Mercer) 1938
424 Sheet music, D - I
Dawn (Pearl G. Curran, lyric Feril Hess) 1918? (trimmed)
Dawn in the Desert (Gertrude Ross, lyric Faith Boehnke; from Three Songs of the Desert) 1914
The Doll Dance (Nacio Herb Brown) 1927
He's a Good Man to Have Around (Milton Ager, lyric Jack Yellen) 1929
Hello, Hello, New York Town (Henry I. Marshall, lyric Stanley Murphy) 1912 ("Successfully introduced by Freeman & Dunham")
How Do I Love Thee (Harriett Ware, lyric Elizabeth Barrett Browning) 1912
I Aint A-Goin' to Weep No More (Harry Von Tilzer, lyric George Totten Smith) 1900
I Just Keep Wond'rin' (Aubrey Stauffer) 1944
I Lost My Heart in Palm Springs [When I Found You] (Louis Herscher and Frederick V. Bowers) 1948 - 2 copies
I Love Me [I'm Wild About Myself] (Edwin J. Weber, lyric Jack Hoins and Will Mahoney) 1923
I Think I Hear a Woodpecker Knocking at My Family Tree (Joseph E. Howard, lyric Hough & Adams) 1909
I'd Like to Meet Your Father (Jerome D. Kern, lyric M. E. Rourke) 1907
I'll Always Be in Love with You (Herman Ruby and Green and Stept) 1929
An Irish Love Song (Margaret Ruthven Lang) 1895
It Takes a Long Tall Brown-Skin Gal to Make a Preacher Lay His Bible Down (William E. Skidmore, lyric Marshall Walker) 1917
It's Your Move Now If You Want to Play Checkers (Murray Rubens, lyric Billy Curtis) 1920
425 Sheet music, K - O
Kiss Me Pretty (Edward Nelson, lyric William J. Hart and William J. Ruger) 1917
Lambeth Walk (Noel Gay, Douglas Furber, and Arthur Rose; from Me and My Girl) 1937
The Land of "Let's Pretend" (Jerome Kern, lyric Harry B. Smith) 1914
Lead, Kindly Light (D'Auvergne Barnard) 1909
Little Grey Home in the West (Hermann Löhr, lyric D. Eardley-Wilmot) 1911
The Little Millionaire (George M. Cohan) 1911
The Lord Is My Light (Frances Allitsen, lyric from Psalm 27) 1897
Louise, A Musical Romance - song, "E'er since the day when unto thee I gave me" (Gustave Charpentier, trans. Henry Grafton Chapman) 1909 (trimmed)
Marguerita, a California Serenade (Josephine Chapman Johnston) 1916
The Moon Shines on the Moonshine (Robert Hood Bowers, lyric Francis De Witt) 1920
My Honolulu Lady (Lee Johnson) 1898
My Lovely Celia (Giles Higgins, lyric George Monro) 1906
'Neath Stars and Stripes (Charles M. Pyke) 1917 (inscribed to "our Dixie" [Jessica Dixon?] by the composer)
O Death Where Is Thy Sting (Clarence A. Stout) 1918
O Death Where Is Thy Sting (Clarence A. Stout) 1920
Oh, Those Days (Sigmund Romberg, lyric Harold Atteridge; from Maid in America) 1915
On the Road to Home Sweet Home (Egbert Van Alstyne, lyric Gus Kahn) 1917
426 Sheet music, P - S
La Paloma (Yradier, trans. By P.J.H.; from Songs of the Western Lands) 1910 (trimmed)
A Perfect Day (Carrie Jacobs-Bond) 1910 (trimmed)
The Phrenologist Coon (Will Accooe, lyric Ernest Hogan) 1901
Pinkerton Detective Moon (Nora Bayes and Jack Norworth) 1912
Pray for the Lights to Go Out (Renton Tunnah and Will E. Skidmore) 1916
Rock-a-Bye Your Baby with a Dixie Melody (Jean Schwartz, lyric Joe Young and Sam M. Lewis) 1918
Rosa (F. Paolo Tosti, trans. Th. Baker; from Favorite Songs by F. Paolo Tosti) 1899? (trimmed)
Rose of My Heart (Hermann Löhr) - handwritten score and parts undated
Some Sort of Somebody [All of the Time] (Jerome Kern, lyric Elsie Janis) 1915
Somebody Else - Not Me (James F. Hanley, lyric Ballard Macdonald) 1920
A Song of Dawn (Frances Allitsen, lyric Ellis Walton) 1899
Sonny Boy (Al Jolson, B. G. de Sylva, Lew Brown, and Ray Henderson) 1928
A Study for the Fifth Finger (violin lesson compilation; Supplement to Standard Graded Course of Studies, vol. II) undated
Sweet Genevieve (Henry Tucker, lyric George Cooper) 1897
427 Sheet music, T - Y
That's My Personality (Albert Von Tilzer, lyric Lew Brown) 1912
Then You'll Remember Me [Tu M'Ami Ah Si!] (M. W. Balfe; from The Bohemian Girl; Operatic Anthology) undated
Tip Toe Through the Tulips with Me (Joe Burke, lyric Al Dubin) 1919
What Aloha Means (Kaimanahila) 1923
When I Gets Out in No-Man's Land [I Can't Be Bother'd with No Mule] (Will E. Skidmore and Marshall Walker) 1918
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling (Ernest R. Bal, lyric Chauncey Olcott and George Graff, Jr.) 1912 (trimmed)
When The Midnight Choo-Choo Leaves for Alabam' (Irving Berlin) 1912
Within the Garden of My Heart (Alicia Scott, lyric Marshall Roberts) 1912 (trimmed)
Yoo-Hoo (Al Jolson, lyric B. G. de Sylva) 1921
You Were Meant for Me (Nacio Herb Brown, lyric Arthur Freed) 1929
43 Glass transparencies
Note: not available for viewing due to fragility

Series XIII: Cato Sells Keith Collection, ca. 1911-1928 1 linear foot
Scope and Content
This series comprises contracts, photographs, handwritten scores, notes and clippings for stage "gags" and dialogues, and stage scripts by Keith and others. The photographs are mostly of Keith and his partner and companion, Maude Parker. There is a scrapbook of script notes and collected clippings of jokes, and several notebooks with script notes. The few handwritten musical scores are for performance "cues."
The bulk of the collection consists of stage scripts, some handwritten, most typed, several by public typists in New York City. Most are undated; those with copyright dates noted range from 1911 to 1920. There is a substantial collection of contracts representing the various circuits that Keith and Parker performed on. The collection was given to the American Vaudeville Museum in 2001 by Keith's niece, Betty S. Bannister, whose mother was Keith's sister. She also contributed a biography and a collection inventory.
Biographical Note
Cato Sells Keith (1882-1951) was born in Iowa and grew up in Helena, Montana, where his father was newspaper editor. At eighteen he moved to Butte and worked as a reporter. By the 1910s he was in the east pursuing a career in vaudeville, and writing stage scripts either himself or jointly; his most frequent writing collaborators as documented in this collection were Frank L. Whittier and Bessie Warren. During the 1920s he toured various vaudeville circuits with Maude Parker, as "Keith and Parker." When the demand for vaudeville declined, Keith tried unsuccessfully to find work in Hollywood. He and Parker withdrew to a reclusive life in Montana.
441 Biography, collection inventory, by Betty Bannister
442 Papers, miscellaneous
443 Clippings, 1914-1927
444 Binder and clipping ad of the Rialto (Butte, Montana)
445 Contracts, 1923-1928
446 Photographs
447 Handwritten scores
448 Scrapbook - "Lost, Strayed and Stolen Jokes"
449 Typed stage script page, "Why Did I Do It"; script fragment; "Gags" clippings
4410 Stage script notebooks
4411 Handwritten stage scripts, uncredited - "R. U. Married?" and unidentified
4412 Stage scripts, uncredited - "Duam Nayro" (2 versions)
4413 Handwritten stage script, "My Jim" by Ferdinand Grahame
451 Handwritten stage script - "Men Be Careful - A Study in Colors" by Cato S. Keith
452 Handwritten stage scripts - "What Next?" by Cato S. Keith and Bessie Warren; "A Pair of Schemers" by Cato S. Keith
453 Typed stage scripts, by Cato S. Keith and Bessie Warren - "On the Job", "A Surprise Party" (2 copies)
454 Typed stage scripts, by Cato S. Keith and Neil E. Schaffner - "Isn't It Killing", "Leave It to Ouija"
455 Typed stage scripts - "The Greater Duty" by Chas. H. Smith and Cato S. Keith; "Just for Instance" by Cato S. Keith and Ben Barnett
456 Typed stage scripts - "Mr. Husband and Friend Wife" by Cato S. Keith, "Oh These Men" by Cato S. Keith and E.P. McNamee
457 Typed stage scripts, by Cato S. Keith and Frank L. Whittier - "A-Tell-Phone", "It Could Happen [The Omen]", "On the Job", "Our Anniversary Dinner"
458 Typed stage scripts, by Cato S. Keith and Frank L. Whittier - "Men Be Careful" (2 versions); by Cato S. Keith only, "Men Be Careful" (2 copies)
459 Typed stage scripts, by Cato S. Keith and Frank L. Whittier - "Sherlock the Second [Case for Sherlock]" (2 copies)
4510 Typed stage scripts, by Cato S. Keith and Frank L. Whittier - "Professor Tightwad", "The Weapon", "The White Cat"
4511 Typed stage scripts - "Two of a Kind" by W.L. Lockwood, "Little Miss Santa Claus" by Malcolm Arthur, "The Mysterious Mr. Why" or "The Man from Central Office" by John Arthur Loining, "Spike and Lizzie" (uncredited, partial? script)
4512 Typed stage scripts, unidentified
Series XIV: Kill Kare Kouple Collection, ca. 1890-1933 .25 linear foot
Scope and Content
This series consists of photocopies and digital printouts of press clippings and photographs describing the lives and careers of John and Winnie Hennings, who performed together as The Kill Kare Kouple from 1908 through the World War I years, and of John Hennings' subsequent work in Hollywood during the 1920s. Some of the clippings and other photocopies relate to an island summer community frequented by vaudeville performers, Put-In Bay, Ohio, on Lake Erie, where the Hennings spent the summers early in their career. There are articles and images related to the band leader Sam Pryor, his son Arthur Pryor who performed with John Philip Sousa, and Winnie Henning's mother, Mary Baker Hamlet.
There is also correspondence, a biographical sketch, a list of songs composed by the couple, and an excerpt from a draft of a biography, "Back Drop: A Vaudeville Love Story", all written by their daughter, Nancy (Hennings) Tomlin, who contributed these materials to the American Vaudeville Museum.
Biographical Note
John Hennings (1886-1933) began performing as a young child with his father, John Bernard Hennings, and his sister Mamie; they were known as the Hennings Trio. His mother had performed with her sister as the Lee Sisters; his cousin Bessie McCoy was also an entertainer, the "Yama-Yama girl." As a young man John performed in vaudeville acts with his sister and her husband.
Winnie Hamlet (1882-1961) was the daughter of Mary Baker Hamlet and Charles Hamlet. Her mother was a talented instrumentalist who studied with Sam Pryor, a military band leader in St. Joseph, Missouri, where Winnie was born. The family played locally as the Hamlet Family Band, with Winnie on cornet. At sixteen Winnie joined The Navassar Ladies Band as a cornet player, and toured with them for nine years. An offshoot of this group played in vaudeville theaters, and Winnie joined them. She met John Hennings in a vaudeville theater, and they were married in 1908.
John and Winnie named themselves the Kill Kare Kouple and developed a popular act that included his trombone, piano and dancing, her cornet and songs, and comic banter. He capitalized on his slender build in a humorous manner that lent him the nickname "The Grasshopper Dancer." In 1913 they toured with the Sarah Bernhardt tour as the top vaudeville act. In 1915 they traveled to London where John performed in a show at the London Hippodrome, "Push and Go!" With the flare-up of war, they performed in hospitals and elsewhere; John also entertained troops in France and Belgium. It is possible that he was affected by poison gas at Ypres, since he suffered chronically from pneumonia after that. They returned to the U.S. and continued to perform in war benefits, including with Lily Langtry.
John performed in several musical shows in the early 1920s. Winnie was raising their daughter and missed performing herself, but she contributed a song to John's act in "A Trial Honeymoon" and as a result their infant daughter was included in the act. John then went to Hollywood, and in 1930 he played in his only film, The Poor Millionaire, directed by Richard Talmadge. His health failed and they relocated near extended family in St. Joseph, Missouri, where John died three years later at age forty-seven. Winnie opened a restaurant after that, and died at the age of eighty.
461 Correspondence from Nancy (Hennings) Tomlin
462 Biography (3 pages) of John and Winnie Hennings, by Nancy (Hennings) Tomlin
463 Excerpt from draft of biography, Back Drop, by Nancy Tomlin
464 Papers, miscellaneous
Thank-you in "Celtic" style handwriting from John F. Loyd (photocopy)
List of films by Richard Talmadge (photocopy)
465 Mary [Hamlet] - Sam Pryor, Winnie & Navassar Orchestra - pictures (digital and photocopy)
466 John Hennings - pictures (digital and photocopy)
467 John and Winnie Hennings - pictures (digital and photocopy)
468 Press clipping photocopies: Sarah Bernhardt [in "Phedre"], New York, 1913
469 Press clipping photocopies: "Push and Go!", London, 1915
4610 Press clipping photocopies: "Take It From Me", 1923
4611 Press clipping photocopies: "A Trial Honeymoon", 1924
4612 Press clipping photocopies: "Dutch Girl", Hollywood, 1925
4613 Press notices
4614 Press notices (duplicates)
Series XV: Olsen and Johnson Collection, ca. 1941-1949, 1995-2002 .15 linear foot
Scope and Content
This collection contains material related to the career of Ole Olsen and Chic Johnson. It includes signed photographs, playbills, posters and sheet music from Hellzapoppin. It also includes correspondence between Frank Cullen and the daughter of Ole Olsen, Moya Olsen Lear, and his grandson, Stephen Ron Olsen.
Biographical Note
Ole Olsen (born John Sigvard Olsen, 1892-1963) and Chic Johnson (born Harold Ogden Johnson, 1891-1962) were originally musical entertainers from the Midwest (Indiana and Illinois) where they met and worked together as band mates. From there they began performing as a vaudeville comedy act. Their revue "Hellzapoppin" became a great success on Broadway in 1938 and a motion picture in 1941. Their comedy act did not translate well or successfully in the Hollywood film setting; they did some television in 1949 and continued to perform in their own revues during the early 1950s in Las Vegas, where they eventually retired.
471 Correspondence
Letters from Moya Olsen Lear to Frank Cullen, 1995-1999
E-mail from Stephen Ron Olsen to Frank Cullen, 2002
472 Articles
The Milwaukee Journal - Screen and Radio, Sunday, July 23, 1944 (color original and photocopy)
"Olsen & Johnson, the zaniest of the zanies" by Charles Stumpf, Classic Images website, accessed Dec. 15, 1999
473 Publicity photographs, 1943Postcard, "Chic Johnson in Sons of Fun", , photo by W. Eugene Smith (2 copies), 1941
474 Programs and sheet music
The Playbill for the Winter Garden (New York)
"Hellzapoppin", beginning Monday, July 21, 1941
"Sons O' Fun", beginning Sunday, December 28, 1941
"Laffing Room Only", beginning Sunday, June 24, 1945
Chicago Stage, 1945 (photocopy)
"Laffing Room Only" (souvenir flyer)
"Olsen & Johnson's Sons o' Fun", souvenir program, ca. 1943
"Olsen & Johnson in Laffing Room Only", souvenir program, ca. 1944
"Olsen and Johnson's New Hellzapoppin of 1940", souvenir program
"G'Bye Now, Olsen and Johnson's New Hellzapoppin of 1941", sheet music
"Souvenir program, Olsen and Johnson in Funzapoppin", ca. 1949
475 Olsen & Johnson perpetual calendar, signed by Moya Olsen Lear, ca. 1999
"Hellzapoppin'" (modern reproduction of poster, for 1941 motion picture)
Note: stored in Box 23, Posters and Oversize Items

Series XVI: Sonia Serova Collection, ca. 1917-1925 .1 linear foot
Scope and Content
This series comprises five items related to modern dance, most including musical scores.
Biographical Note
Sonia Serova trained in dance at the Wordsworth School in London, and was influenced by ancient Greek sports and vase paintings, as a disciplined approach that countered the then-popular trend for "aesthetic" dancing. Her style of modern dance was known as "nature dancing." She directed the Vestoff-Serova Russian School of Dancing in New York City, along with her husband, Veronine Vestoff,, who studied ballet at the Russian Imperial Academy of Arts in Moscow. A film, Sonia Serova Dancers, was produced in 1924.
476 Dance program, Dance of the Witches: group dance for 6 babies, dance arr. by Sonia Serova, Dance of the Witches (reference photocopy), 1922-23 undated
477 Publications
Baby Work by Sonia Serova, undated (after 1917)
Nature Dancing: a text-book to perfect natural movement (cover subtitle: The poetry of motion) by Sonia Serova, undated (after 1916)
Talented Tots by Sonia Serova, 1925
Series XVII: Doreen Rae Collection, ca. 1919-1931 .25 linear foot
Scope and Content
This series comprises photographs and two scrapbooks, documenting the career of Pearl (Dorothy Elizabeth) Hoff (1912-2003), whose stage name was Doreen Rae. The scrapbooks contain mostly newspaper clippings, with some photographs and other texts. There are loose photographs and a few clippings, many of them apparently removed from another scrapbook. There is a short biographical sketch written by her daughter, Carolyn Mooney, who contributed these materials. (Note: This collection was originally received organized as part of the Performers files.)
Biographical Note
Pearl Hoff's family came to Long Beach from Toronto. She first performed at age five as "Lil" Miss Long Beach. By age seven she was performing on the Pantages circuit and at Chautauqua shows, in Canada as well as the U.S., with her mother's support. She toured with vaudeville shows along with two other girls who were friends of hers, Patty Kinney and Fredlyn (also spelled Fredlin, Fredline, Fredaline) Singleton. She was part of the Franchon & Marco group, which featured the singer Rose Valyda, and sang and danced as leading soloist in their act "Baby Songs" during a year-long tour. Aida Broadbent, who was then director for Franchon and Marco, gave Pearl dance lessons. Her older sister, Greta (Gretna?) Murray, also performed in a vaudeville comedy act, with her husband Billy Murray, and they ran the Oriental Theater in North Long Beach; she died at age twenty-six. Her brother Gordon died of tuberculosis at age 19, when Pearl was 12.
Around 1930 Pearl took on the stage name Doreen Rae. She was still associated with Fanchon & Marco, along with a ukulele playing comedian named Bob (Uke) Henshaw, the trapeze artists Ed and Jennie Rooney, The Four O'Connors, and the Allison Troupe (from Berlin), in a 1931 touring show called "Vaudeville Echoes."
Around 1935, at age twenty-three, Pearl stopped touring; she married Robert Leland Mooney and had three children. She continued to perform in the Long Beach area. After her husband's death in the late 1940s she worked at Pacific Press in Los Angeles.
481 Biography
482 Clippings
483 Photographs
484 Scrapbook 1 - Pearl Hoff, ca. 1919-1930
485 Scrapbook 2 - Doreen Rae, ca. 1930-1931
486 Scrapbook 1 (reference photocopy)
487 Scrapbook 2 (reference photocopy)
Series XVIII: Gondoliers-Ricci Collection, 1933-1936 1.25 linear feet
Scope and Content
This collection comprises papers, photographs, and a scrapbook, documenting the career of Nick Ricci and his musical group in the mid-1930s. There are contracts and business correspondence, a receipt for membership in the Chicago Federation of Musicians in 1936, and a handwritten log of income. The photographs are mostly promotional portraits of the group; there are also some stage shots of them as part of a larger ensemble, including their performance with the Chef Milani show. There is a large poster (3-1/2 by 2-1/3 feet) for the "Skipper" Don Mills show featuring the Four Gondoliers as well as "Blib and Blob" and others, from April 1934, which was originally stored folded in the scrapbook. The collection also includes Nick Ricci's violin. These materials were donated to the American Vaudeville Museum by his sons, Larry Ricci, Paul Ricci and Henry Ricci.
Biographical Note
Nick Ricci was part of a Seattle musical group known originally as the Four Gondoliers and later the Three Gondoliers, or simply the Gondoliers. Two other members were Henry Ricci and Al Maletta (b.1914). Nick played violin, and the others played accordion and clarinet / saxophone. A fourth member, Henry Maiorano, also played accordion, but left the group sometime in 1934. Their nicknames were Icky, Wicky, Wacky and Woo. They were still in high school when they began performing.
Their first performance that is documented in this collection is the Black Ball Line and Egyptian Theatre radio and stage contest in Seattle, in August 1933. As winners of a McKesson opportunity contest, the Four Gondoliers played in vaudeville acts with Skipper Don Mills, of Portland, around Oregon, northern California, and Washington in early 1934. The act was called Don Mills and His Wonder Stars, and included a dozen other performers. By mid-1934 they were performing with Chef (Joe) Milani's cooking musicale show, in venues including Oakland and Los Angeles. By 1936 they called themselves the Three Ritto Brothers, and were touring the Bert Levey Circuit of Vaudeville Theatres. They also used the name The Three Italian Street Singers.
Information about Nick Ricci's later life is not provided. Al Maletta later moved to Yakima and started an accordion studio, according to information from the Yakima Valley Museum.
491 Papers, 1933-1936
492 Photographs, 1933-1936
493 Scrapbook, 1933-1936
494 Scrapbook (reference copy)
Oversize Poster, 1934
50 Violin in case with two bows, extra parts (bridge, strings, rosin, etc.)
Series XIX: Rooney Collection, ca. 1892-2006, bulk ca. 1910-1940s 3.5 linear feet
Scope and Content
This series consists of materials relating to Julia Rooney (Clinton) (1887-1990), and to a lesser degree to her brother Pat Rooney Sr. (II) (1880-1962), and his son Pat Rooney Jr. (III, or Clarence Patrick Rooney) (1909-1979). There are numerous photographs, mostly autographed publicity photos of entertainers and actors, which were given to the youngest Pat Rooney and his wife, Estelle (Wright) Rooney, and displayed in their beach front restaurant, The Dog House, on Lake Blaisdell, a New Hampshire summer vaudeville colony. There is a short family history written by Estelle Rooney; as well as clippings about Chester (Chet) Wright. Some family photographs are included, as well as two late 19th century cabinet cards of entertainers, and a silhouette cut-out apparently of Walter Clinton.
Julia Rooney's materials include a scrapbook containing clippings about her early career with her sister Josie; her solo career from 1910 to the teens; and her duo career with Walter Clinton (1890-1966), whom she married in 1915. Julia Rooney's other sibling performers, Mattie Rooney (Kennedy) (1878-1950), and Pat Sr., are mentioned in the scrapbook clippings. Her papers include the passenger list from the Lusitania from the voyage that she and Josie took upon their return from their first European tour in June 1908, as well as copyright documents, awards and recognitions. Performance programs are included in the scrapbook and printed matter. The collection includes a few items of memorabilia, such as an honorary plaque to Walter Clinton from the Hollywood Comedy Club (1949-1961) and a trophy to Julia Rooney from the Ladies' Comedy Club (1972).
Most of the loose clippings, documents, performance programs and other printed matter, and a few of the photographs, relating to Julia Rooney and her family were received stored loose within the scrapbook. The scrapbook pages were mostly detached when received, and include three different page styles and two sets of covers. There is a small autograph-style album containing snapshot photographs, approximately 2-1/4 by 4-1/8 inches, of theaters, many with "Clinton & Rooney" visible on the marquee, and some with locations noted. There are some photographs of Pat Rooney, Sr.
Biographical Note
Pat Rooney Sr. and Julia Rooney were two of the children of the original Pat Rooney (1884-1892), a boxer who became famous as a performer, especially for clog dance. Julia Rooney and her siblings began performing as children in the 1890s. Julia and her sister Josie toured as the Rooney Sisters (1903-1910), "daughters of Pat Rooney"; their act split up when Josie married during their second European tour. In the teens Julia became known as "The Girl with the Million Dollar Legs." Julia and the singer and actor Walter Clinton (1890-1966), who performed together as Clinton & Rooney, married on Christmas Day 1915. In the 1920s they toured with an accompanying ten-piece band. With the end of the vaudeville era around 1930 they relocated to Hollywood, where Julia opened a dance school. She performed in Ken Murray's Blackouts from 1942 to 1949, and appeared on television in The Sun City Scandals at the age of 82.
Pat Rooney Jr. was the son of Julia’s brother, Pat Sr., a well-known vaudeville and Broadway dancer, and his first wife, the dancer Marion Bent. (Over the decades, the billing names of the male Rooneys changed. Pat Rooney referred originally to the grandfather, Pat Jr. to his son, and Pat III to the grandson. Sometime in the 1930s, after the public memory faded of the original Pat Rooney, his son, Pat II, simply dropped the “Jr.” from his billing and became Pat Rooney, while his son, Pat III, took the name Par Rooney Jr. The Pat Rooneys (ii and III) performed together in the 1930s in a father/son dance act. Pat (II)’s last notable engagement was a featured role in the cast of the original production of Guys and Dolls, 1950-53. Pat III largely retired from dance by 1940; he married Estelle Wright (1916-2006), whose parents, Chester A. Wright and Ola Gay Wright, were traveling wagon-show entertainers. Chet’s acts included trained dogs and birds, and marionettes. Ola sang, danced, and played mandolin and banjo. Estelle performed with her parents on the vaudeville circuit as a child. Pat and Estelle Rooney operated a hot dog stand called The Dog House in Lake Blaisdell, New Hampshire, an area that served as a summer colony for vaudeville performers, for 32 years; it closed in 1984.
Pat and Estelle Rooney collection
511 Papers, miscellaneous, from and concerning Estelle Rooney
512 Clippings, concerning Chester (Chet) A. Wright
513 Typescript - 2 fragments, concerning Chet Wright and Ola Gay Wright
514 Photographs and digital prints, of Chet Wright and The Dog House
515 Photographs, bulk , 1940s
516 Photographs, bulk , 1940s
517 Photographs, bulk , 1940s
518 Photographs, bulk , 1940s
519 Photographs, bulk , 1940s
Julia Rooney collection
521 Rooney Sisters chronology, ; typed after 1966, 1903-1910
522 Correspondence, to Julia Rooney
523 Copyright materials
524 Documents
525 Printed matter
526 Printed matter
527 Awards and recognitions
528 Photographs, (bulk 1910s-1940s), 1910s-1983
529 Photocopies and digital image printouts
5210 Clippings, - loose clippings accompanying Julia Rooney scrapbook, 1910s-1920s
5211 Clippings, - loose clippings accompanying Julia Rooney scrapbook, 1930s-1980s
5212 Clippings fragments, from Julia Rooney scrapbook
5213 Julia Rooney scrapbook, part 1 - reference photocopy
5214 Julia Rooney scrapbook, part 2 - reference photocopy
5215 Julia Rooney scrapbook, part 3 - reference photocopy
5216 Julia Rooney album of theater photographs - reference photocopy
Julia Rooney scrapbook, (bulk 1906-1920s), 1892-1980s
Note: Not available for viewing due to fragility; reference photocopy is in Box 52.

531 Julia Rooney scrapbook, part 1
532 Julia Rooney scrapbook, part 2
533 Julia Rooney scrapbook, part 3
54 Julia Rooney album of theatre photographs, ca. 1920s
Note: Not available for viewing due to fragility; reference photocopy is in Box 52.

55 Memorabilia - Julia Rooney and Walter Clinton
Engraved copper plate, for Julia Rooney business card
Key chain tab - Ken Murray's "Blackouts", 5th year, El Capitan Theatre
Plaque for Walter Clinton, honorary life member, Hollywood Comedy Club, 1961
Trophy for Julia Clinton from Ladies' Comedy Club, 1972
56 Photographs - Pat Rooney, Sr.
Note: one photograph is partly adhered to broken glass, must be handled carefully.

Series XX: Frank J. Sidney Collection, ca. 1900-1965, bulk ca. 1900-1928 .5 linear foot
Scope and Content
This series consists of photographs, negatives, papers, and an ad printing block, documenting the career of Frank J. Sidney. The photographs depict a circus tour in India as The Great Sidneys, a performance troupe tour in Australia in 1908, troupe portraits in Johannesburg in 1913, and some acrobatic acts. Some of the photographs are annotated. From 1922 to 1925 Frank J. Sidney & Co. appeared in B.F. Keith's and other theatres in Brighton Beach, Jersey City, and Philadelphia. His act at that time was called "A Morning in a Sportsman's Garden", and featured "Zillah the Singing Dog."
The papers are mostly theater programs; there is also a copy of Sidney's handwritten 1965 will. There are postcards sent in 1960 and a 1963 portrait of Sidney. The ad printing plate is mounted on wood with a partial page with printed text adhered, advertising a Labor Day event featuring "Frank Sidney and Abe … Clown Cop". The bulk of this collection was originally received as part of the Performers materials.
571 Photographs, ca. 1900-1928
572 Photographs, ca. 1900-1928
573 Photographs and postcards, , 1960 1963
574 Negatives, ca. 1900
Note: extremely fragile

575 Papers, , 1922-1925 1965
58 Ad block printing plate
Series XXI: Leon Errol Collection, 1904-1940s 1.25 linear feet
Scope and Content
This collection comprises primarily two scrapbooks describing the stage career of the comedian Leon Errol (1881 or more likely, 1876-1951), on the vaudeville circuits in the Northwest and then in New York with the Ziegfeld Follies. There are also later publicity photographs of Errol from Culver Pictures, First National Pictures, Universal Pictures, and Paramount Pictures, including roles from "Sally", "A Lunatic at Large", "Dancing Co-Ed", and "Princess O'Hara." Miscellaneous papers include correspondence from Chet Dowling that accompanies photocopies about the Ziegfeld Follies and the role of Abe Erlanger as a financial backer for Florenz Ziegfeld, as well as information about Errol's career.
The first scrapbook consists of newspaper clippings, playbills, programs, and handwritten notes from 1904-1906, documenting the Errol's early career in the Northwest and West Coast as part of the Edward Shields vaudeville company. Its cover has a label for "Gerald and Errol, German Dialect Comedians." There are two pages of handwritten text - one of sailor lyrics, and one of a short stage bit - and a loose sheet of handwritten comedy lines.
The second scrapbook documents Errol's career on Broadway, including performances in the Ziegfeld Follies of 1911, 1912, 1913, and 1914 along with his wife, Stella Chatelaine. There is a program from August 1910 of their comedy performance "A Complicated Affair" with The New Jersey Lillies; that performance was staged by and largely created by Errol. The bulk of the scrapbook is news clippings. There is also a New York Star cover from October 26, 1912 featuring Errol along with Bert Williams and Ida Adams in a scene from the Ziegfeld Follies; and an undated playbill from The Player for the New Jersey Lilies Co., featuring Leon Errol as principal comedian, Stella Chatelaine as "The Rag Dancer", and others. Leon Errol's time with the Ziegfeld Follies was as a stage director as well as a principal comedian. Errol and Bert Williams (1872-1922) teamed up in four Follies to become the first notable "white and black race" act in mainstream American show business. They wrote the sketches themselves, and Errol portrayed the fumbling master and Williams, the wily servant. It concludes with coverage of his production "Hitchy Koo 1918", sponsored by Raymond Hitchcock, in which he introduced Ray Dooley of vaudeville's "tumbling Dooleys" to Broadway.
The scrapbooks were donated to the American Vaudeville Museum by Dale Jones and Valerie Speaks of Long Beach in 2004. The other materials are from a variety of sources.
Biographical Note
Leon Errol (1876 or 1881?-1951) was born in Australia, and began performing in college, circus, Shakespeare and light operas while still there. He migrated to the U.S. by 1904 with his dance partner, Stella Chatelaine (1886-1946). He performed cockney songs and eccentric dance in variety saloons and partnered with Pete Gerald as "Gerald and Errol", featuring German ("Dutch") or Irish dialect comedy, ragtime piano, burlesque boxing, and a trained bulldog named Buck. They played alongside Gale Dauvrey and Alf T. Lane in "A Wife's Folly", an Edward Shields Company comedy drama, ca. 1904, in Baker City, Oregon. The trio of Gerald, Errol and Dauvrey performed in Walla Walla, Washington in 1904. Errol was stage manager for the Orpheum Theatre in Portland, Oregon during the 1904-05 season. He also performed in their productions, directing a group known as "Errol's Burlesquers" which includes future Keystone comedian Roscoe Arbuckle. Errol performed in numerous productions at LaVern's Park in Walla Walla, and at Shields' Park in Portland during this time. He and Will Gross, as "Errol and Gross", performed ragtime musicals. In 1906 Errol was traveling with Zinn's Travesty Company, which performed in San Francisco in 1906 and was there when the earthquake hit.
Leon Errol and Stella Chatelaine married in 1906. By 1911 they had arrived in New York with their burlesque comedy show, The Lilies or The Jersey Lillies. At Abe Erlanger’s (Ziegfeld’s financial backer) insistence, Leon was soon engaged by Florenz Ziegfeld in his Broadway debut, "The Winsome Widow", and then in the Ziegfeld Follies (1911-1915), in which Stella Chatelaine also performed. He co-produced and performed in two shows of "Hitchy Koo", the second in 1918. Errol was known for his dialect roles, which he originally developed to camouflage his strong Australian accent, as an eccentric dancer-physical comedian and for his comic gait as a "stage inebriate" or other eccentric role. He is especially remembered for his long-running series of short comic films for RKO Radio Pictures, beginning in 1934 and continuing until his death in 1951.
591 Scrapbook 1, 1904-1906
Note: fragile; see reference photocopy in Box 60

592 Scrapbook 2, 1910-1918
Note: fragile; see reference photocopy in Box 60

601 Papers, miscellaneous
602 Photographs, ca. 1925-1940s
603 Film Fan Monthly, no. 109-110 ( ), July-Aug. 1970
604 Scrapbook 1, (reference photocopy), 1904-1906
605 Scrapbook 2, (reference photocopy), 1910-1918
Series XXII: Belle Story Collection, ca. 1914-1920 1 linear foot
This scrapbook was given by Belle Story to Eulalio Estrella, who had lived with her in Winnetka, Illinois from 1968 to 1970, when she sold her house there. He took the scrapbook to Brazil. Three decades later his stepson's fiancée found it there and brought it back to the United States with Estrella's permission; it was donated by her to the American Vaudeville Museum collection around 2000.
Scope and Content
This series comprises a scrapbook of newspaper clippings, theater programs and other printed matter, and one photograph, 1914-1920, documenting the career of the soprano singer Belle Story (sometimes spelled Storey). There is also correspondence with biographical information from Belle Story's daughter, and programs (two in photocopy form) provided by her of Belle Story's performances at the Hotel Biltmore and Carnegie Hall.
Biographical Note
Belle Story (née Grace Leard, born 1887) was the daughter of a Midwestern Presbyterian minister who encouraged her musical training but not her stage career. She studied voice with Mme. Marcella Sembrich, and traveled to Europe around 1906 with a group to study music. She took her stage name from the maiden name of her mother, which was Storey, but she later shortened it.
By 1916 she had toured as a vaudeville singer for several years and performed at theaters including the Hippodrome in New York and the Temple in Boston and Detroit. Songs she was known for at the time included "Chin-Chin Open Your Heart", from Montgomery & Stone's "Chin-Chin, Or A Modern Aladdin" (1914); and "The Flower Garden Ball." She also performed in "Hip Hip Hooray" at the Hippodrome beginning in June 1916. She was featured in a cover article of B.F. Keith's Theatre News in May 1916. That year, at age twenty-eight, she married a Wall Street broker from Chicago, Frederic E. Andrews.
In 1917 she focused on a concert career, performing with pianist Leopold Godowsky in a program with the Russian Symphony Orchestra at Carnegie Hall, and with Enrico Caruso at the Biltmore Musicales. A promotional booklet from that time called her "America's greatest coloratura singer." Her voice was described as sweet, flute-like, and bird-like. According to her daughter, Belle was the first person to sing "Over There" in public, at a Liberty Bond rally, before it was officially published in 1917. In 1918 she performed again at the Hippodrome, as several different characters including "Columbia" in a fifteen-act musical spectacle, "Everything" by R H. Burnside.
Aside from her participation in a benefit concert in 1920, there is no later information provided in the scrapbook about Belle Story's career. (An undated loose clipping with no evident relationship to her describes a May Day children's festival in Los Angeles, and mentions a young Martha Graham as mistress of ceremonies.) She retired completely from performance upon remarrying four years after the death of her first husband (ca. 1930), and moved to Texas.
Related Material
The Hippodrome souvenir book for 1918, which includes the program for "Everything" in which Belle Story performed several roles, is in the Theatres series, subseries 3: Souvenir Programs, Box 20.
611 Note re: scrapbook provenance from Alicia Shirakbari, Correspondence between Frank Cullen and Mrs. Walter Watson, ca. 2000 July 2000
612 Programs, from Mrs. Walter Watson
613 Printed matter, separated from scrapbook
614 Scrapbook, - reference photocopy, ca. 1914-1920
615 Scrapbook, ca. 1914-1920
Note: fragile, not available for viewing

Series XXIII: McWatters-Tyson Collection, ca. 1898-1936, bulk 1910s-ca. 1925 .25 linear foot
Scope and Content
This series consists of photographs, printed matter, a newspaper clipping, photocopies, and correspondence documenting the career of Arthur J. McWatters and Grace Tyson. Arthur's surname is sometimes spelled McWaters. There is a color copy of a 1902 document from Herrman the magician, giving McWatters exclusive permission to perform one of his own illusions. A 1903 Saginaw program lists McWatters & Tyson Co. performing "Scenes in a Dressing Room." Most of the photographs are of McWatters and Tyson, but also include other performers. Some of these toured as part of McWatters & Tyson & Co. There are also photographs of Bessie Burton (of Tyler & Burton), Hal David, and Fred Nolan. One color snapshot depicts a poster of McWatters & Tyson in company with John and Ethel Barrymore. A copy of a family photograph from 1936 is included. The correspondence is from Evan S. Williams, the son of McWatters' niece Helen Southgate Williams; he donated the collection to the American Vaudeville Museum in 2004.
Biographical Note
Arthur McWatters (1871-1963) grew up in Saginaw, Michigan, and returned there throughout his life to hunt and fish in the area. He taught piano and organ there as a young man, and advertised himself as a "tenor balladist" already with several compositions to his name. In the mid-1890s he and three friends went to New York to seek careers there. By around 1900 he and Grace Tyson (d.1942), who became his wife, were appearing together as McWatters & Tyson. They sang, danced, and did comic skits, with Arthur playing guitar and banjo as well as piano. In 1913-14 they toured to South Africa and London. At that time Grace was touted as "the actress whose eyes are insured for £5000." They continued performing in an active tour schedule until at least the mid-1920s. With Grace's death in 1942 at around age sixty, Arthur retired from the stage and managed a chain of movie theaters around Freeport, Long Island, where they had been living. He died at age ninety-two.
616 Correspondence
617 Papers
618 Photographs
Series XXIV: Willie, West & McGinty Collection, ca. 1930s 1 linear foot
Scope and Content
This series comprises photographs, photocopies and other papers, and props related to the career of Willie, West and McGinty, a comedy team sometimes described as “The Comedy Builders.” The props consist of a carpenter’s apron and two large corncob-style pipes. The photocopies include a step-by-step record, attributed to Ted Corradine, of the Willie West and McGinty stage routine and a playbill for Judy Garland and her International Variety Show that includes Willie, West and McGinty, “A Billion Building Blunders.” A poster from this collection is stored separately with the Posters and Oversize Items series, Box 23. .
These materials were [apparently] donated to the American Vaudeville Museum by Bill West's granddaughter, Robin Doolan Geoffrion.
Biographical Note
Bill Briscoe (1886-1949) began his career as a comic acrobat in a team known as Wild and West, which toured internationally. He and Frank Crossley (ca. 1882-ca. 1942), both from Lancashire, England, developed a carpenter slapstick act as Willie West & McGinty (no comma) around 1900, while en route to perform a gymnast act in Australia, discarding that form in favor of acrobatic comedy. Willie West was played by Briscoe, who later went by the name William, Willie, Bill, or Billy West, Sr.
A third unidentified member joined the original two in the role of Mr. Willie while they were still in Lancashire, and the comma was added to the act's name from that time on, though irregularly. This third role was played by Rue Corré from around 1923, prior to their immigration to the U.S.; he also was from Lancashire.
The trio moved to the U.S. under the auspices of Florenz Ziegfeld for the Follies of 1923. They performed a skillfully choreographed clumsy carpenter act in worn work clothing, with props including tools, boards, pails, and a ladder. Their routine emphasized physical slapstick rather than verbal exchange. The group continued to be successful through the Depression, touring in London and elsewhere in Europe in the late 1930s, as well as in Australia and South Africa. They appeared in several films (both short and feature-length) in the 1930s, beginning with "Plastered" in 1930.
Willie, West & McGinty carried on with second-generation members into the 1950s, and appeared on television, including The Colgate Comedy Hour in 1951. Billy West, Jr. (1909-1971) joined the act in 1929 at age 19, and replaced his father in later years. Frank Crossley's son, Frank Crossley, Jr. (ca. 1910 - ca. 1997) replaced his father as Ted McGinty. Ted Corradine (ca. 1896-1975), also from Lancashire, became McGinty in the early 1940s. Donald Keith was playing the third role by 1958.
621 Papers, miscellaneous
622 Photocopies
623 Photographs
62 Work apron
62 Tobacco pipes (2)
Poster - "Willie, West & McGinty", 1940s (George A. Hamid and Son)
(stored in Box 23, Posters and Oversize Items)

Series XXV: Paul Gerard Smith Collection, ca.1918-1960, ca. 2000-2001 1.25 linear feet
Scope and Content
Paul Gerard Smith's materials include correspondence between his grandson, Paul Gerard Smith III, and Frank Cullen (American Vaudeville Museum), and drafts of his biography by Paul Gerard Smith III and Frank Cullen. Also included are a chronology, "Adventures in Show Business"; performer and sketch indexes; and a list of credits compiled by Paul Gerard Smith. There are photocopies of typewritten scripts with handwritten notations from the early 1920s and 1930s. . An album of clippings includes his pre-vaudeville years, beginning in 1918 when he enlisted in the Marines, and mentions his service in Germany where he produced the Sixth Marine Revue for fellow "doughboys" in 1919. Most of the clippings are from the 1920s and 1930s, with the source not generally given; some playbills are included.
Biographical Note
Paul Gerard Smith was born in Omaha, Nebraska on September 14, 1894 and died April 4, 1968 in San Diego, California. He also lived in Chicago, where he met and married Mary Alice Lundgren in 1919. Sometime after 1919 he moved to New York City where he began writing for vaudeville acts, including the Ziegfeld Follies (1924-1925). From 1920 to 1927 Paul Gerard Smith, Inc. also produced and booked over 100 vaudeville acts. He moved to California around 1927, at the request of Buster Keaton, to work on adapting the film "The General." Over the years he wrote or contributed to over 90 film scripts. Most of his work was as a "script doctor" - he would fix scripts and not necessarily receive credit for his work. He served in the Marines during World War I and in the USO during World War II, and wrote various scripts for plays and revues in the postwar years.
631 Correspondence between Paul Gerard Smith III and Frank Cullen, 2000-2001
632 "Adventures in Show Business" - chronology, 1918- ca. 1950s
633 Biographical drafts
Drafts by Paul Gerard Smith III, ca. 2000 (2 versions)
Draft by Paul Gerard Smith III and Frank Cullen, ca. 2000
634 Indexes
Vaudeville Performer Index
Vaudeville Sketch Index
Vaudeville Acts/Sketches Produced But Not in Files
635 Papers, miscellaneous
Friars Club program in form of menu, "Paul & Joe's Table d'hote Frolic", cooked up by Friar Joe Laurie, Jr., and Friar Paul Gerard Smith, Nov. 28th, 1926
Full-page ad by Paul Gerard Smith, Variety, 1921 (in 2 pieces)
Full-page ads (2) by Paul Gerard Smith, Variety, 1921
"Your Broadway and Mine" column by Walter Winchell, text contributed by Paul Gerard Smith, New York Evening Graphic, July 15, 1927
"Odyssey of a literary vagabond" by David Arlen, Script (?), ca. 1936-37, pp. 39-42 (photocopy)
"A thumbnose sketch - Paul G. Smith" by Joe Laurie, Jr., unidentified newspaper, Nov. 26, 1947
"Famed author recalls years with Broadway greats for Hemet group" by Bea Gaines, The Hemet News (Calif.), ca. 1960
636 Photographs of Paul Gerard Smith, (digital copies and photocopies), ca. 1920s-1930s
637 Stage and Pictures Credits, 1923-1940s (2 versions, compiled ), 1946-ca. 1947
638 Typescripts
"Comedy Writer", undated (poem)
"The Unknown Sucker", undated (poem)
"The Suspense Is Terrible", ca. 1922
"Beautiful - But Dumb": A Skit for Eight Women, 1923
"Beautiful But Dumb" (New Version), ca. 1923
"Clark & McCullough in Le Grande Cafe", ca. 1936
"The Yellow Peril", 1926
"Curtain Call", ca. 1938
Untitled, ca. 1950-1951
"Hero", undated (film script)
639 Clippings (reference photocopies)
64 Clippings album, (rehoused ca. 2000), ca. 1918-1932
Series XXVI: Fan Scrapbook Collection, ca. 1897-1914, ca. 1930-1935 2 linear feet
Scope and Content
This collection comprises four scrapbooks created by unidentified, unrelated collectors, of magazine and newspaper clippings of actresses and actors as well as playbills and program clippings, around the first decade of the twentieth century.
Fan scrapbook 1 (1911-1912) comprises primarily clipped reviews of silent films from Bison, Edison, Itala, Kalem, Lux, Nestor, Pathe, Powers, Selig, Solax, Thanhouser, Yankee, and other film companies. There is a program for a chamber concert at Faneuil Hall. There are some tipped-in reproduced portraits, as well as an ad for portraits of "Photo-Player Favorites" from Kalem Company, and one for "Some Notable Vitagraph Players." There is also a handwritten shopping list, and a handwritten summary of theatre programs from January to April 1912, including cast notes. It was apparently assembled by a Boston area resident.
Fan scrapbook 2 (ca. 1897-1935, bulk ca. 1900-1907) consists primarily of magazine clippings of stage stars, usually depicted in roles. The subjects include Ethel Barrymore, Mrs. Patrick Campbell, Lulu Glaser, Ellen Goodrich, Ada Rehan, Blanche Ring, Valeska Suratt ("The Original Gibson Girl"), Ellen Terry, and Edith and Mabel Taliaferro. Some group stage portraits are included. There are a few added loose magazine and newspaper clippings from the 1930s.
Fan scrapbook 3 (ca. 1909-1911) is a hand-bound, uniformly presented set of "Photographic Art Studies of Stage Favorites." They are reproductions on glossy paper of photographic portraits, each with an ornate decorative line surround. The portraits range from bust to full-length, generally with elegant dress. There are some posed group stage scenes. Several of the subjects are identified as being in vaudeville. The photographers are White, Sarony, Otto Sarony Co., Frank C. Bangs, and Hall (all of New York); and Jens R. Matzene, Melvin H. Sykes, and Moffett Studio (all of Chicago). There are title pages from several issues of Smith's Magazine, ranging from May 1909 to January 1911, which apparently was the source of all the pages included in this scrapbook. The issues indicated are:
v.9 no.1 (Apr 1909), no.2 (May 1909)
v.10 no.5 (Feb 1910)
v.11 no.3 (Jun 1910)
v.12 no.1 (Oct 1910), no.4 (Jan 1911)
Fan scrapbook 4 (ca. 1905-1914) consists of clippings from magazines and newspapers (predominantly portraits rather than text), as well as playbills and program clippings. There are some loose clippings and playbills from 1907-1914. Performers documented in this scrapbook include aerialists such as Charmion, the Sisters Macarte, and the Four Harveys; and stage actors Dan Crimmons and Rosa Gore, George H. Primrose, O'Brien and Havel
, Belle Blanche, May Ward, Catherine Countiss, Eva Tanguay, Emma Francis, Eugenie Fougere, Una Clayton, Louise Le Baron, and Jane Oaker. Some performances recorded here are "The Hurdy Gurdy Girl" (1907) featuring Mae Botti, "The Earl and the Girl", "Wine, Woman and Song" featuring Bonita, "The Man of the Hour" with Lillian Kemble, the Clyde Fitch comedy "Girls" ( 1908), and Christie MacDonald in "Miss Hook of Holland" (1908) and several other plays.
This scrapbook is housed in a ledger book on detached pages. Some of the pages are lined, from a separate late-nineteenth-century accounting ledger; their contents are from the first decade of the twentieth century. Although most are numbered in pencil (apparently at a later stage), the original page order is not evident. There are some loose clippings and playbills from ca. 1907-1914 as well, which include portraits of Fanny Stedman, Vera Curtis, Bertie Herron, and Burdella Patterson. There is some indication that the collector lived in Boston and Maine. . The scrapbook was donated to the American Vaudeville Museum by Linda Richards, a Maine resident.
651 Fan scrapbook 1, 1911-1912
652 Fan scrapbook 2, (bulk ca. 1900-1907), ca. 1897-1935
653 Fan scrapbook 3, ca. 1909-1911
66 Fan scrapbook 4, ca. 1905-1914
66 A Fan scrapbook 5, ca. 1900-1903
Series XXVII: Films, ca. 1930-1947 2.75 linear feet
Scope and Content
This series consists of 16mm films in a variety of lengths. The films with original packaging mostly intact are from Official Films, Inc. The known dates range from ca.1930-1947; one, Charlie Chaplin's Hits of the Past, was originally released in 1914 as The Property Man. The longest of them, Merry-Go-Round of 1938, is notable for the inclusion of two vaudeville/revue routines: "Song of the Woodsman" performed by Bert Lahr, and "River Stay 'Way from My Door" performed by Jimmy Savo.
67 3-1/2 inch reel
Concert Canteen - Rubinoff (1945; Music Hall Varieties, from Official Films, Inc., Ridgefield, N.J.; production no. 20604)
7 inch reels
Charlie Chaplin, Hits of the Past (An Official Films movie; title on film lead)
News Review of 1947 (Official Films Inc., News Thrills; title on box)
A Present for Santa Claus (title on film lead; lacks container)
The Rag Dog, 1935 (Official Films Inc., Merry-Toons Cartoons; title on box)
Unidentified - Long - Frees on the R... (written on film tail; An Official Films movie)
68 7 inch reels
Bismarck Sea Victory, ca. 1942 (title on container)
Flowers (title on container)
Jungle Jinks, 1930 (title on film lead)
Lindbergh (title on container)
Roosevelt, or T.R. Himself (title on film lead)
69 13-3/4 inch reels
Merry-Go-Round of 1938 (2 reels)
Series XXVIII: Media, ca. 2000-2007 .75 linear foot
Scope and Content
This series includes audio cassettes, compact disks, zip drives, and 3-1/4 inch disks; contents include images, text, and sound. Some are commercially produced works or copies thereof; some were created by donors of other materials to this collection; and some are files created by the American Vaudeville Museum. Printouts have been provided when feasible.
701 Audio cassettes
Three X Sisters
- Pearl Santos - Discography Project by Glenn Santos
Clarice Vance, Sweet Singer of Southern Songs
Compact disks
702 Bindlestiff - Vaudeville Times photos - BFC [Bernard Frank Cullen]
703 Bobby May (images and text; 2nd disk is duplicate images)
704 Capt. Anson Graphics (Rosenberg)
705 Daniel Rosen Photos
706 Early Theatrical Posters, 1840-1936 (A2ZCDS, 2003; 2,124 images)
707 Family History, by Margaret Jeanne Ramirez (2001; text and images)
(Includes biographies of Vaudeville performers Edward Santoro and Margaret Marlow, and their daughter "Baby" Victory Rose Santoro, who married Frank Ramirez; the latter were Margaret's parents)
708 Gildemeister, Vaudeville and Circus photos
709 The Great Tomsini & Co. (images)
7010 Julian Eltinge Compilation Disk, from Mark Berger (images)
7011 Larry Weeks (images)
711 Levent, Vaudeville at Sea photos, disc #1 - Feb. 2004
(Levent & Mickey O'Connor live shots, plus ship photos - Sovereign of the Seas) - original in color
712 Levent's Last Di - last photos for VT [Vaudeville Times]
(New Daniel Rosen headshots / Mickey O'Connor) - original in color
713 New York Clipper photos (1858, 1878, 1898 issues)
714 Pandemonium! Hines, Hines and Dad (sound)
(originally located with Thematic Subjects: Tap)
715 Trixie Really Was a Friganza! (text [WordPerfect] and images)
716 Vaudeville at Sea - Alan Howard, Jay Johnson photos - some originals in color
717 Vivace (sound/images)
3-1/4 inch disks and zip drives
718 Balasi Family - Vaudeville Times Balasi history (disk) and images (zip drive)
(Content of these disks is in the Balasi Family collection)
719 Bloolips poster (3 images of same poster on disk)
(Original poster is in Posters and Oversize Items, Box 23)
7110 BPL Saloon (zip drive with images - Adobe Photoshop files)
7111 George Brown, speed walker (3 disks of images)
7112 J.W. Kelly - Songster cover; J.W. Kelly stage persona; Maggie Cline, old age; M. Cline - Throw Him Down, McCloskey; Mike Kelly - Slide Kelly Slide (images)
7113 Rooney family - Pat Rooney, clog dancing; Pat Rooney and Marion Bent; Pat Rooney Sr. and Jr. (3 disks of images)
7114 The Royal Rockets - text by Nick Retson (disk) and images (zip drive)
Series XXIX: Commemoratives, undated .25 linear foot
Scope and Content
This series comprises a ribbon, two pins, and an engraved spoon related to vaudeville.
721 Spoon - "Proctor's", engraved with floral design
722 Pin - Orpheum Circuit "100th Anniversary of Vaudeville" Greater Season
723 Pin - Vaudeville's 100th Anniversary Greater Keith-Albee Season
724 Ribbon - Assistance League Vaudeville Flower Committee
Series XXX: Hippodrome Theatre Actors' Accessories, ca. 1910s 10.75 linear feet
Scope and Content
This series contains wigs, beards and other assorted hair pieces and dressings, wig blocks, numerous curling irons and cork for black-face make-up, used at the Hippodrome Theatre in New York during the World War I era.
73 Costume accessories and aids
Aluminum pan for cork
Bottle of hair oil
Corks (7)
Curling irons (7)
Jars of burnt cork (2)
Metal picks (2)
Wig blocks (2)
74 Costume accessories and wigs
Black knit skullcap
Box of small costume accessories
Black gauze
Corncob pipe
Floral pins
Lip rouge
Needle threader
Pince-nez and case
Collars, starched (4)
75-82 Wigs
Series XXXI: Performance Costumes, undated 2.75 linear feet
Scope and Content
This series comprises seven costumes and two wigs, of unspecified provenance.
83 Coster costume (for singing/dancing stage portrayal of a Cockney fruit peddler)
Includes trousers, vest, jacket, hat and spats. Extra loose buttons were attached at the time of archive processing.

84 Other performance costumes
Oriental style dress, in blue, gold and green patterned silk
Black velvet coat
Black and cream silk dress with bead trim
Black pleated two-piece dress
Shoulderless gown of gold-threaded fabric with tucked bodice, bead and embroidery decoration, and beaded fringe along hem
Straw-colored two-piece linen dress with tatted trim
Red comic wigs (2)
Series XXXII: LP Record Collection, American Vaudeville Museum , 11.3 linear feet
Subseries 1: LP records: Blues, Revue, Jazz, and Cabaret - Solo Singers
Scope and Content
This series consists of record albums documenting 155 solo singers, mostly women. The number of LPs by each singer is given in parentheses.
A - Be
David Allyn (1)
Lorez Alexandria (3)
Mose Allison (1)
Ernestine Anderson (3)
Ivie Anderson/other side Lena Horne (1)
Andrews Sisters
Gene Austin (1)
Charles Arznavour(3)
Mildred Bailey (4)
Pearl Bailey (1)
Belle Baker /other side Sophie Tucker (1)
Chet Baker (1)
Josephine Baker (1)
Sweet Emma Barrett (1)
Dee Bell (1)
Tony Bennett (2)
Bo - Cr
Boswell Sisters
Connee Boswell (1)
Fanny Brice (1)
Stella Brooks (1)
Ruth Brown (1)
Wini Brown (1)
Cab Calloway (1)
Larry Carr (2)
Betty Carter (3)
Ray Charles (3)
Jeannie (& Jimmy) Cheatham (1)
June Christy (3)
Steve Clayton & Marlene Ver Planck (1)
Rosemary Clooney (2)
Charles Cochran (1)
Chris Connor (4)
Barbara Cook (3)
Ida Cox (3)
Bing Crosby (3)
Da - Fa
Dardanelle (13), some autographed
Blossom Dearie (8)
Marlene Dietrich (1)
Bob Dorough (2)
Anita Ellis (1)
Cass Elliot (with Tim Rose & Jim Hendricks) as the Big Three (1)
Ruth Etting (4)
Alice Faye (2)
Frances Faye (6) incl. Porgy & Bess with Mel Tormé
Fi - Hol
Ella Fitzgerald (11)
Roberta Flack (3)
Aretha Franklin (2)
Stan Freeman (1)
Dave Frishberg (1)
Helen Grayco (1)
Lil Green (2)
Adelaide Hall (1)
Nancy Harrow (2)
Johnny Hartman (3), one with John Coltrane
Dick Haymes (1)
Jon Hendricks (2)
Al Hibbler (1)
Billie Holiday (7)
Libby Holman (1)
Hop - King (B.B)
Linda Hopkins (1)
Helen Humes (9)
Alberta Hunter (3), one with Lovie Austin
Jackie & Roy
( Jackie Cain and Roy Kral) (3)
Mahalia Jackson (2)
Al Jarreau (2)
Eddie Jefferson (1)
Lonnie Johnson (7), one with Victoria Spivey
Al Jolson (3)
Etta Jones (1)
Greta Keller (2)
B.B. King (1)
King (Morgana) - Lee (Ada)
Morgana King (4)
Teddi King (3)
Eartha Kitt (1)
Irene Kral (2)
Gene Krupa (1)
Cleo Laine (9)
Lambert, Hendricks & Ross
(1), one with Joe Williams & Count Basie
Gertrude Lawrence (1)
Barbara Lea (11)
Ada Lee (1)
Lee (Peggy) - McRae
Peggy Lee (5)
Carol Leigh (1)
Lotte Lenya (4)
Katherine Handy Lewis (1)
Abbey Lincoln (1)
Dorothy Loudon (1)
Vera Lynn (3)
Gloria Lynne (1)
Manhattan Transfer
Big Maybelle (1)
Carmen McRae (19)
McRae - O'Day
Carmen McRae
Mabel Mercer (5)
Helen Merrill (3)
Tony Middleton (1), with Ellis Larkins
Mills Brothers
(1), with Count Basie
Ada Moore (1)
Helen Morgan (1)
Lee Morse (1)
Anne Marie Moss (2), one with Jackie Paris
Gertrude Niessen /other side Josephine Baker (1)
Helen O'Connell (4)
Anita O'Day (19), some autographed
O'Day - Shan
Anita O'Day
Bernadette Peters (2)
Esther Phillips (1)
King Pleasure (1)
Maria Postell (1)
Josephine Premice (1)
Arthur Prysock (1,) with Count Basie
Ma Rainey (4)
Martha Raye (1)
Bertice Reading (1)
Della Reese (1)
Harry Richman / other side Sophie Tucker (1)
Betty Roche (1)
Eileen Rodgers (1)
Annie Ross (1)
Jimmy Rushing (2)
Hugh Shannon (1)
Shay - Smith (Bessie)
Dorothy Shay (1)
Daryl Sherman (2)
Bobby Short (4)
Nina Simone (3)
Frank Sinatra (1)
Carol Sloane (2)
Bessie Smith (13)
Smith (Carrie) - To
Carrie Smith (3)
Keely Smith (1)
Valaida Snow (1)
Victoria Spivey (3)
Jo Stafford (2)
Dakota Staton (1)
Kay Starr (2), one with Erroll Garner
Joan Steele (2)
Maxine Sullivan (10), some autographed
Sweet Honey in the Rock
Sylvia Syms (4)
Mel Tormé (5)
Tr - Wash
Thom Troy (1)
Sophie Tucker (2)
Big Joe Turner (2)
Sarah Vaughan (13)
Frederica Von Stade (1)
Sippie Wallace (2)
Fats Waller (3)
Clara Ward (1)
Dinah Washington (6)
Wat - Whit
Ethel Waters (17)
Elisabeth Welch (2)
Mae West (10)
Georgia White (1)
Margaret Whiting (5), one autographed
Whit - Whyte
Margaret Whiting
Lee Wiley (19)
Marion Williams (7)
Marie Wilson (1)
Jimmy Witherspoon (2)
Ronnie Whyte (1)
Subseries 2: LP records: Blues, Revue, Jazz, and Cabaret - Compilations
Scope and Content
This series consists of compilations, mostly of songs by women singers. There are multiple singers on 18 blues or jazz LPs - many of them on the Rosetta label. The number in parentheses is the number of LPs on which each of the listed 160 singers performs. No number in parentheses means the singer performs on only one compilation LP.
Almost Like Being in Love – Women's Railroad Blues
Ora Alexandra
Annisteen Allen
Ivie Anderson
Andrews Sisters
Nancy Andrews
Lil Armstrong (5)
Jim Bailey
Mildred Bailey (3)
Kaye Ballard
Blue Lou Barker (3)
Gladys Bentley (3)
Lucille Bogan (3)
Hadda Brooks (2)
Ada Brown
Bessie Brown
Cleo Brown (2)
Sweet Georgia Brown
Butterbeans & Susie
( Jodie Edwards & Susie Edwards), 3 duets/one Susie solo (4)
Cab Calloway (2)
Una Mae Carlisle (2)
Christine Chatman
June Christy
Rosemary Clooney
Marilyn Cooper
Martha Copeland (4)
Ida Cox (4)
Blossom Dearie (4)
Gloria De Haven
Johnny Desmond
Phyllis Diller
Mary Dixon (2)
Tina Dixon
Dorothy Donegan
Warde Donovan
Arizona Dranes
Bernice Edwards (2)
Edward Earle
Ella Fitzgerald (4)
Rhonda Fleming
Bea Foote (2)
Helen Forrest
Mozelle France & Mae Hopkins ( Bandana Girls
Jane Froman
Judy Garland
Cleo Gibson (2)
Hermione Gingold
Lillian Glinn
Fannie Mae Goosby
Eydie Gorme
Lil Green
Harlem Hannah ( Peggy English)
Rosa Henderson (2)
Lawrence Harvey
Bertha Chippie Hill (4)
Mimi Hines
Billie Holiday (4)
Jennifer Holliday
Rosetta Howard (2)
Helen Humes (5)
Alberta Hunter
Betty Hutton
June Hutton
Bertha Idaho (2)
Bessie Jackson
Fran Jeffries
Myrtle Jenkins & Bumble Bee Slim
Edith Johnson (3)
Ella Johnson (2)
Lil Johnson
Margaret Johnson (2)
Merline Johnson
Stella Johnson
Albennie Jones
Betty Hall Jones (2)
Etta Jones
Maggie Jones
Madeline Kahn
Laura Kenyon
King Sisters
Nora Lee King
Sara Riva Krieger
Nancy La Mott
Frances Langford
Paula Lawrence
Julia Lee (3)
Peggy Lee
Dorothy Loudon (2)
Nellie Lutcher
Sara Martin (2)
Mary Ann McCall
Mary McCarthy (2)
Viola McCoy
Hattie McDaniel
Sarah McLawler
Armelia McQueen
Danny Meehan (2)
Memphis Minnie (2)
Ethel Merman
Lizzie Miles (2)
Ann Miller
Rose Mitchell
Monette Moore (2)
Ella Mae Morse
Helen O'Connell
Anita O'Day (2)
Bibi Osterwald
Edith Piaf
Billie Pierce
Charlotte Rae
Ma Rainey
John Reardon
June Richmond
Isie Ringgold
Chita Rivera
Lyda Roberti
Betty Roche
Charles Rydell (3)
Hazel Scott (2)
Blossom Seeley
Mark Sendroff
Dinah Shore
Ethel Shutta
Arthur Siegel
Bessie Smith
Clara Smith (2)
Mamie Smith (2)
Trixie Smith (2)
O'Neil Spencer
Addie "Sweet Peas" Spivey (5)
Victoria Spivey (5)
Jo Stafford
Maureen Stapleton
Kay Starr (2)
Jo Sullivan
Gloria Swanson
Rosetta Tharpe (2)
Hociel Thomas
Big Mama Thornton
Martha Tilton
Henrietta Valor
Sarah Vaughan
Sippie Wallace (3)
Dinah Washington
Ethel Waters (2)
Mae West (2)
Georgia White (2)
Margaret Whiting (3)
Addie Williams
Gussie Williams
Joe Williams
Cy Young
Subseries 3: LP records: British Music Hall and Revue - Solo or Small Revue
Coward - Lillie
Noel Coward
The Noel Coward Album, double album, ca. 1965, Columbia MG 30038
Noel Coward & Gertrude Lawrence, We Were Dancing: songs from Tonight at 8:30 and Private Lives. Also: Gertrude Lawrence with Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. in Moonlight Is Silver; Monmouth Evergreen MES 7042.
Noel & Gertie & Bea, EMI Parlophone PMC 7135: Noel Coward, Gertrude Lawrence, & Beatrice Lillie
Joyce Grenfell
Joyce Grenfell, The New Collection (double album), 1978, EMI DUO 128
Joyce Grenfell Requests the Pleasure, mid-1970s, DRG SL-5186
George - Don't Do That: Six Nursery School Sketches, 1977, EMI Starline, SRS-5199
Gracie Fields
The Gracie Fields Story (double album), mid-1970s, EMI DUO 120
The Golden Years of Gracie Fields, 1975, WarwickWW-5007
Amazing Gracie Fields, 1976 reissue of 1930s records, Monmouth Evergreen MES-7079
The World of Gracie Fields, 1970, Decca Records SPA-82
Stanley Holloway
The Original Stanley Holloway (music-hall numbers), EMI Starline MRS-5104
Elsa Lanchester
Elsa Lanchester: More Bawdy Cockney Songs, vol. 2, Tradition Everest Records 2091
Beatrice Lillie
Queen Bea: a Musical Autobiography (double album), 1979, DRG DARC-2-1101
Thirty Minutes with Beatrice Lillie (10 inch LP), Liberty Music Shops, LMS-1002 A-B
An Evening with Beatrice Lillie, 1955, London Records LL1373
Beatrice Lillie Sings, 1965, JJC M-3003
Subseries 4: LP records: British Music Hall and Variety - Compilation Albums
Music Hall to Variety - Revue 1919-1929
Music Hall to Variety: volume 2: First House, World Record Club WRC SH-149
Billy Bennett
Nora Blaney & Gwen Farrer
Douglas Byng
Tom Clare
Mr. Flotsam & Mr. Jetsam
Tommy Handley
Will Hay
Layton & Johnstone
Lily Morris
Charles Penrose
Leslie Sarony
Harry Tate
Sophie Tucker
Music Hall to Variety: volume 3, Second House, World Record Club WRC SH-150
Crazy Gang: Flanagan & Allen
, Nervo & Knox
, Naughton & Gold
Florence Desmond
Gracie Fields
Ronald Frankau
Stanley Holloway
Horace Kenney
Max Miller
Tessie O'Shea
Nellie Wallace
Elsie & Doris Waters
Western Brothers
Robb Wilton
Palace of Varieties, London Records LL-297
Helen Clare
Rob Currie
Billie Howard
Raymond Newell
Paddy O'Neil
Leslie Sarony
Noel Coward: The Revues, EMI: SHB 44
Noel Coward
Alysia Delysia
Maisie Gay
Doris Hare
British Tribute to Stage & Screen Royalty, Magna ZZ89
Noel Coward
Gertrude Lawrence
Beatrice Lillie
Nigel Bruce, Cedric Hardwick & C. Aubrey Smith
Basil Rathbone & Vivien Leigh
Brian Aherne
Greer Garson
Dennis King
Nostalgia Trip to the Stars 1920s - 1950s, volume 2, Monmouth Evergreen LP MES 7031
Gracie Fields
Stanley Holloway
Elsa Lanchester
Stanley Laurel & Oliver Hardy
Ben Lyon & Bebe Daniels
Adolphe Menjou
Anna Neagle
Lili Palmer
Walter Pidgeon
Harry Richman
Sophie Tucker
(British) Revue 1912-1918, EMI Parlophone: PMC 7145
Nat D. Ayer & Louise Leigh
Frank Carter & Isabell D'Armond
Maurice Chevalier
Fay Compton
Teddy Girard
Robert Hale & Ida Crisp
Lew Hearne & Bonita
Elsie Janis & Basil Hallam
Nelson Keys
Gerald Kirby
Gertrude Lawrence & Walter Williams
Ethel Levey
Gertie Millar & A. Simon-Girard
Unity More
George Robey & Violet Loraine
Lee White & Clay Smith
(British) Revue 1919-1929, EMI Parlophone: PMC 7150
Edythe Baker
Joyce Barbour
Jack Buchanon & Trix Sisters
Cicely Courtneidge
Maisie Gay
Melvin Gideon
Elsa Lanchester
Alfred Lester
Beatrice Lillie
Jessie Matthews & Henry Lytton
George Metaxa
Herbert Mundin
Jack Smith
Leo White
Subseries 5: LP Records: Vaudeville and Early Film Musicals Singers - Compilations
Show Biz - Those Wonderful 1930s
Show Biz: Vaude to Video, RCA LOC 1011
Gene Austin
Ben Bernie
Fanny Brice
Cab Calloway
Eddie Cantor
Enrico Caruso
Maurice Chevalier
George M. Cohan
Bing Crosby
Morton Downey
Jimmy Durante
George Gershwin
Happiness Boys
( Billy Jones & Ernie Hare)
George Jessel
Harry Lauder
Beatrice Lillie
Helen Morgan
Will Rogers
Kate Smith
Joe Smith & Charlie Dale
Arthur Tracy
Sophie Tucker
Rudy Vallee
Paul Whiteman and others
A Night at the Palace, Take Two, TT108
Seven Little Foys
Harry Fox
Irene Franklin
Willie & Eugene Howard
Eddie Peabody
Georgie Price
Blossom Seeley & Benny Fields
Van & Schenck
Old Curiosity Shop, reissued , RCA LPT 1112, ca. 1950-51
John Barrymore
Nora Bayes & Jack Norworth
Fanny Brice
Enrico Caruso
Maurice Chevalier
Marlene Dietrich
De Wolf Hopper
Helen Kane
Helen Morgan
Will Rogers
Sophie Tucker
Gloria Swanson
Original Musical Comedy 1909 - 1935, RCA LPV 560
Nora Bayes & Jack Norworth
Fanny Brice
Eddie Cantor
Edith Day
Gallagher & Shean
Louise Groody & Charles King
Libby Holman
Elsie Janis
Al Jolson
Helen Morgan
J. Harold Murray
Cole Porter
Eleanor Powell
Blanche Ring
Noble Sissle & Eubie Blake
Camp, Capitol Records T 2474
Andrews Sisters
Harry Belafonte
Sammy Davis
Nick Lucas
Keely Smith
Rudy Vallee
Glen Gray, Horace Heidt and Harry James and their orchestras
Great Stars of Vaudeville, Columbia LP CSS 1509 (2 copies)
Victor Borge
George Burns & Gracie Allen
Eddie Cantor
Clayton, Jackson & Durante
Morton Downey
W.C. Fields
Al Jolson
Baby Rose Marie
Arthur Tracy
Rudy Vallee
Those Wonderful 1930s, volume 1, Decca DEA 7-1
Louis Armstrong
Kenny Baker
Bobby Breen
Bing Crosby
Marlene Dietrich
Jimmy Durante
Deanna Durbin
Judy Garland
Bob Hope & Shirley Ross
Al Jolson
Dorothy Lamour
Frances Langford
Nick Lucas
Tony Martin
James Melton
Grace Moore
Dick Powell
Wini Shaw
Mae West
Pinky Tomlin
Those Wonderful 1930s, volume 2, Decca DEA 7-2 (2 copies)
Gene Austin
Cab Calloway
Clayton, Jackson & Durante
Frances Faye
Benny Fields
Jane Froman
Libby Holman
Walter Huston
George Jessel
Joe E. Lewis
Ted Lewis
Mary Martin
Ethel Merman
Borrah Minevich & His Harmonica Rascals
Harry Richman
Bill Robinson
Sophie Tucker
Ethel Waters
Those Wonderful 1930s, volume 3, Decca DEA 7-3
Andrews Sisters
Ben Bernice
Boswell Sisters
Eddie Cantor
Bing Crosby
Arthur Godfrey
Al Jolson
Mills Brothers
Kate Smith
Arthur Tracy
Rudy Vallee
Several dance & swing bands
Subseries 6: LP Records: American Vaudeville Performers - Comedians Solo or Duo
Bergen - Wynn
Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy (Show), radio, 1952, Radiola, MR-1034
Burns & Allen radio show, Radiola Records, MR-1028
George Burns & Gracie Allen, radio show, Vol. 1, Garabedian Mark 56, #614 (2 copies)
A Musical Trip with George Burns, 1972, Buddah Records, BDS-5127
A Date with Eddie Cantor, Carnegie Hall Concert, 1962, Audio Fidelity AFLP 702
W. C. Fields, Temperance Lecture, 10 inch LP, 2001, Jay Records
W. C. Fields & Mae West, Fields' monologues, West's songs, Proscenium 22
Be Frank with Fay, Frank Fay (songs & patter), Bally Hi-Fi, BAL 12015
Mickey Katz: Star of Broadway's Borschtcapades, 10 inch LP, Capitol Records H-298
Bert Lahr Radio Broadcasts, 1977, Garabedian Mark 56, #729
Laurel & Hardy; Golden Age of Hollywood Comedy, United Artists UAG-29676
Frigidaire presents Lum & Abner, volume 1, 1949, Garabedian Mark 56 #605
Pigmeat Markham: Here Come the Judge, Chess Records, LPS-1523
Groucho Marx: Hooray for Captain Spaulding, 10 inch LP, 1952, Decca DL-5405
Harp by Harpo [Marx], 10 inch LP, RCA Victor LPM-27
Groucho & Chico Marx: When Radio Was King: You Bet Your Life with Groucho; Hollywood Agents with Groucho & Chico, Memorabilia Records, MLP-733
An Evening with Groucho, 2 LP set, patter & songs/1972 concert, A & M SP-3515
Marx Brothers radio broadcasts (mostly Groucho), 4 LPs, Murray Hill Records 931680
Moran & Mack (side 1); Smith & Dale (side 2); unknown label except "TBCSD 1247"
Mae West, Original Voice Tracks from Her Greatest Movies, Decca DL-79176
Bert Williams, patter songs, 1978 reissue, Sunbeam Records P-506
Ed Wynn: The Fire Chief, 1930s radio broadcasts, Garabedian Mark 56, #621
Ed Wynn, Grampa Magic at Coney Island, Riverside/Wonderland RLP-1416
Subseries 7: LP Records: American Vaudeville Performers - Singers Solo or Duo
Brice - Seeley
Fanny Brice Sings the Songs She Made Famous, Audio Fidelity Records AFKLP-707
John W. Bubbles Back on Broadway, 1980, Uptown Records UP 27.03
Bubbles, John W That Is. . ., mid-1960s, Vee-Jay Records VJ-1109
Al Jolson 1885-1950, Epitaph Records/VJ International E-4008
The Best of Spike Jones (& His City Slickers) RCA ANL-1035e
Ted Lewis, Me and My Shadow, Olympic Records 7127
Helen Morgan Sings, reissue by Audio Rarities 2330
Rare Originals by Fanny Brice (side 1) and Helen Morgan (side 2) RCA Victor LPV-561
Club Richman (Harry Richman/Eddie Cantor/Helen Kane), New Torrington Records 432
Blossom Seeley & Benny Fields, Mr. & Mrs. Show Business, 10 inch LP made in 1952 by Loew's/MGM-E92 to coincide with release of biopic Somebody Loves Me
Vaudeville Songs of the Great Ladies of the Musical Stage, sung by Joan Morris (William Bolcom/piano), 1976, Nonesuch Records H-71330
Subseries 8: LP Records: American Vaudeville Performers - Compilations
Those Wonderful Girls of Stage, Screen and Radio, 1930 (one title)
Those Wonderful Girls of Stage, Screen & Radio, 1930s, 2 LPs, Epic Records BSN-159
Boswell Sisters
Marlene Dietrich
Irene Dunne
Ruth Etting
Alice Faye
Jane Froman
Dorothy Lamour
Frances Langford
Ella Logan
Mary Martin
Ethel Merman
Grace Moore
Helen Morgan
Gertrude Niessen
Martha Raye
Kate Smith
Kay Thompson
Ethel Waters
Mae West
Lee Wiley
Subseries 9: LP Records: Broadway Musicals
At Home Abroad - Ziegfeld Follies of 1911
At Home Abroad (1935), archival reconstruction by Smithsonian, RCA DPM1-0491, lyrics by Howard Dietz & music by Arthur Schwartz. Original cast: Beatrice Lillie, Ethel Waters, Eleanor Powell and Reginald Gardiner; recreations by Cicely Courtneidge, Clifford David, Nancy Dussault and Karen Morrow
Lew Leslie's Blackbirds of 1928, lyrics by Dorothy Fields, music by Jimmy McHugh (recorded 1932 with original cast members Adelaide Hall and Bill Robinson, and 1930s recreations by Ethel Waters, Cab Calloway, Mills Brothers
, Duke Ellington & His Orchestra, Don Redman & His Orchestra), reissued 1968, Columbia Records OL-6770
Julius Monk's Plaza Nine Revue: Dime a Dozen with Susan Browning, Jack Fletcher, Gerry Matthews, Rex Robbins, Fredericka Weber, Marie Louise Wilson and pianists Carl Norman, William Roy and Robert Colston, 1963, Cadence Records CLP-25063
Ken Murray's Blackouts, reissued 1975 by Garabedian Mark 59 Records #701
Gilbert & Sullivan Selections: HMS Pinafore and The Mikado by The D'Oyly Carte Opera Company, London Records SPC-21010
The Nervous Set, Original Broadway revue cast, Columbia Records OL-5430
Jerry Herman's Parade, revue with Dody Goodman & Charles Nelson Reilly, Kapp Records 7005
Ziegfeld Follies of 1919 with Eddie Cantor, John Steel, Van & Schenck
and Bert Williams, 1977 reissue by Smithsonian Institution, Columbia Records R-009 / P14272
Subseries 10: LP Records: Hollywood Musicals
Golden Age of the Hollywood Musical - The Kay Thompson Reviews
Presenting the Golden Age of the Hollywood Musical (reissue w/pop-up cover 1974) with selections from Gold Diggers of 1933, Gold Diggers of 1935, 42nd Street, Dames and Footlight Parade, with George Raft, Dick Powell, Ruby Keeler, Joan Blondell, James Cagney and Wini Shaw, United Artists Records UAG-2942 (2 copies)
Hooray for Hollywood: The Golden Age of the Hollywood Musical (with booklet); Frances Langford, Johnny "Scat" Davis, Dick Powell, Bebe Daniels, Wini Shaw, Judy Canova, Lee Dixon, Joan Blondell, Rosalind Marquis, Ruby Keeler, Una Merkel, Ginger Rogers and Vera Teasdale. 1975 reissue by United Artists UA-LA361-H-0798
Ladies of Burlesque (compilation of clips by Alice Faye, Grace Bradley, Glenda Farrell, Miriam Hopkins, Ann Sothern, Virginia O'Brien, Marion Martin, Lucille Ball, Constance Moore, Ann Miller, Iris Adrian, Barbara Stanwyck, Betty Grable, Marilyn Monroe, Nita Talbot, Adele Jergens, Shelley Winters, Ann Sheridan, Jan Sterling, Kathryn Grayson, Jane Wyman, Rita Hayworth, Joanne Woodward & Cara Williams. Legends Records-1000/2
Stars of the Silver Screen, 1929-1930: John Boles, Fanny Brice, Maurice Chevalier, Bebe Daniels, Dolores Del Rio, Duncan Sisters
, George Jessel, Helen Kane, Charles King, Dennis King, Jeanette MacDonald, Everett Marshall, Helen Morgan, Gloria Swanson, Sophie Tucker and Lupe Velez. RCA Victor LPV-538
Nostalgia Trip to the Stars, volume 1: Tallulah Bankhead, Jack Buchanan, George Burns & Gracie Allen, Jackie Coogan, Bebe Daniels, Jeanette MacDonald, Pola Negri, Ramon Navarro and Gloria Swanson. Monmouth Evergreen MES-7030
Nostalgia Trip to the Stars, volume 2: Bebe Daniels & Ben Lyon, Gracie Fields, Stanley Holloway, Elsa Lanchester, Laurel & Hardy
, Adolphe Menjou, Anna Neagle, Lilli Palmer, Walter Pidgeon, Harry Richman and Sophie Tucker. Monmouth Evergreen MES-7031
The Kay Thompson Reviews: Bing Crosby, Peter Lorre, Jack Buchanan and others. Ultimo KAYT 406A
Subseries 11: LP Records: Spoken Word Recordings - Classic Actors
Great Actors of the Past - Ralph Richardson, Cyrano de Bergerac
Great Actors of the Past: cylinder recordings by Edwin Booth (1890), Joseph Jefferson (1903), Sarah Bernhardt (1910), Constant Coquelin (1897?), Ellen Terry (1911), Henry Irving (1890), Beerbohm Tree (?), Julia Nelson & Fred Terry (1903?), Alexander Moissi (?), Cyril Maude (?), Lewis Waller (?) and Tomasso Salvini (?); 1977, Decca Argo SW-510
American National Theatre & Academy
, ANTA Album of Stars, volume 2: Katherine Cornell, Brian Ahearn, Julie Harris, Henry Fonda, Marc Connelly, Edith Evans, Torin Thatcher, Ivan Sampson, Tallulah Bankhead, Kent Smith, Eugenia Rawls; 1950s, Decca DL 9009
Command Performance, Night of a Thousand Stars: 28 June 1956. Edith Evans, Peggy Ashcroft, Paul Scofield, Peter Ustinov, Lawrence Harvey, Jack Benny, Yvonne Larvin, John Mills, Vivien Leigh, Bob Hope, Tyrone Power, Laurence Olivier, Anna Massey, Sheila Sim, Noel Coward, Joan Sims, Jean Kent, cie Gray, Brenda Bruce, Peggy Cummins, Beatrice Lillie, Tallulah Bankhead, Mabel Mercer and Thelma Ruby. (same LP) Royal Variety Performance: 1952: Vera Lynn, Jack Jackson, Reg Dixon, Gracie Fields, Maurice Chevalier, issued 1977 DRG ArchiveDARC-1-1106
John Barrymore: Great Profile Speaks, Richard III & movie role excerpts, Shakepox J Bar 42
John Gielgud: Shakespeare's Ages of Man, 1958-59, Columbia 91A-02055
John Gielgud: Shakespeare's Ages of Man, part II: One Man in His Time, 1958-59, Columbia 91A-02057
John Gielgud & Irene Worth, Men and Women of Shakespeare, 1967?, RCA Victor VDM-115
John Gielgud & Gina Bachauer, poetry & music (Debussy & Ravel), 1964, Mercury SR-90391
Edith Evans: An 18th Century Comedy Album, excerpts: Congreve's Way of the World, Farquhar's The Beaux' Stratagem and Sheridan's The Rivals and The School for Scandal, 1977, EMI/HMV HLM-7108
Michael MacLiammoir: The Importance of Being Oscar, Part II, 1961?, CBS Classics 61160
Art of Ruth Draper, volume 2: Church in Italy & English House Party, 1954, Spoken Arts 798
Art of Ruth Draper, volume 5: Doctors & Diets, The Actress, 1954, Spoken Arts Records 805
Ralph Richardson: Cyrano de Bergerac, with Anna Massey, Peter Wyngard, 3 LPs, 1965?, Caedmon/Theatre Recording Society TRS-3068-S
Subseries 12: LP Records: Spoken Word Recordings - Miscellany
Nonsense Verse of Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear – Voices from the Hollywood Past
Beatrice Lillie, Cyril Ritchard & Stanley Holloway read Nonsense Verse of Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear, 1957, Caedmon Publishers Records TC-1078
The World of Dorothy Parker, [Dorothy Parker] Reads Her Short Stories, Verse and a Book Review, 1960s, Verve V-15029
S. J. Perelman Reads (4 humorous essays), 1962, Spoken Arts Records 705
An Evening with Quentin Crisp: The Naked Civil Servant, 1979, DRG-S2L-5188
Mary Pickford: America's Sweetheart; radio broadcasts 1938-1968, Garabedian Mark 56 #703
Movie Stars on Radio (4 LP set): Bette Davis, Spencer Tracey, Rosalind Russell, Henry Fonda, Paulette Goddard, Lloyd Nolan, Walter Brennan, Cary Grant, Judy Garland, Dick Powell, Gene Kelly, Marlene Dietrich, John Wayne, Randolph Scott, Dame May Whitty, Edward G. Robinson, Vincent Price, Susan Hayward and Charles Boyer. 1940-47, issued 1983 by Radiola Records 4MR-1
Prairie Home Companion: Garrison Keillor, The Family Radio, 1982, PHC Records-606
Old Curiosity Shop, 1951? reissue, RCA Victor LCT-1112 (dupe LP in Vaudeville Collection)
Supper Club Revue with Harry Ritz, Sophie Tucker, Skinnay Innis & Orchestra, etc., 1950s, reissued 1981, American Entertainment, AEI-1135
Voices from the Hollywood Past: Basil Rathbone (1958), Buster Keaton (1960), Stanley Laurel (1959), Harold Lloyd (?), Walt Disney (1959) and Edward G. Robinson (1964), issued 1975 by Delos Records DEL/F-25412
Subseries 13: LP Records: Spoken Word Recordings - Comedians, Solo or Teams
Bryan – Williams
Bert and I and Other Stories from Down East, Robert Bryan & Marshall Dodge, 1958
George Carlin: Occupation: Foole, 1973, Little David LD-1005
Cheech & Chong (self-titled), 1972, ODE Records SP-77010
Cheech & Chong
: Big Bambu, 1972, ODE Records SP-77014
Cheech & Chong
: Out of My Room, 1985, MCA Records-5640
The Beautiful Phyllis Diller, 1962?, MGM/Verve V6-15062
Stepin Fetchit in Person, 1961, Vee Jay LP-1032
Firesign Theatre
: Waiting for the Electrician or Someone Like Him, 1968, Columbia CS-9518
Firesign Theatre
: Don't Crush that Dwarf; Hand Me the Plyers, 1970, Columbia 30101
An Evening with Mike Nichols & Elaine May, 1960, Mercury Records OCS-6200
Nichols & May: Improvisations to Music, 1959, Mercury SR-60040
Best of Nichols & May, 1960s, Mercury SR-60997
Richard Pryor: That Nigger's Crazy, 1974, Warner Bros./Reprise Records MS 2241
Lily Tomlin: Modern Scream, 1975, Polydor Records PD-6051
Robin Williams: Reality - What a Concept, 1979, Casablanca Records, NBLP-7162
Subseries 14: LP Records: Folk Music - Solo Singers or Family Acts
Belafonte - Washington
Harry Belafonte, Mark Twain & Other Folk Favorites, 1954, RCA Victor LPM-1022
Oscar Brand, American Drinking Songs (with Erik Darling), 1956, Riverside RLP-12-630
Roll Cahn & Eric Von Schmidt (also name of the LP), 1961, Folkways Records FA 2417
Original and Great Carter Family, reissued 1962 by RCA Camden CAL-586
Charles River Valley Boys, Bluegrass/Old Timey Music, 1962, Prestige Folklore-14017
Judy Collins, In My Life, 1966, Elektra Records, EKS-7320
Bob Dylan (produced by John Hammond), 1962, Columbia CL-1779
Bob Dylan, Times They Are A-Changing, 1962-63?, Columbia CL-8905
Bob Dylan, Freewheelin', 1963, Columbia CL-1986
Bob Dylan, John Wesley Harding, 1967, Columbia CL-9604
Bonnie Dobson, She's Like a Swallow, 1962?, Prestige International-13021 (2 copies)
Cynthia Gooding, Languages of Love, 1958, Riverside RLP-12-827
Arlo Guthrie, Running Down the Road, 1969, Reprise Records 6346
Carolyn Hester (self-titled), 1962, Columbia Records CL-1796
Jim Kweskin & The Jug Band (also title), 1963, Vanguard, VRS-9139
Ewan MacColl & A.L. Lloyd, A Sailor's Garland, 1962?, Prestige International 13043
Peggy Seeger & Ewan MacColl, A Lover's Garland, 1963?, Prestige International 13061
Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger, New Briton Gazette, 1962, Folkways Records FW-734
Country Joe McDonald, Animal Tracks, 1983, Animus/Feel-1
Geoff Muldaur ( Fritz Richmond, etc.), Sleepy Man Blues, 1963, Prestige Folklore 14004
Susan Reed (also title), 1957, Elektra EKL-116
Tom Rush at The Unicorn, 1962, LyCornu Records SA-70 (?)
Tony Saleton, I'm a Stranger Here, 1962?, Prestige International INT-13036
Peggy Seeger with Barbara & Penny Seeger, Three Sisters, 1962, Prestige International 13029
Pete Seeger, Sing Out with Pete, 1961, Folkways Records FA-2455
Mark Spoelstra Recorded at Club 47, 1963, Folkways Records FG-3572
Sister Rosetta Tharpe, The Gospel Truth, 1961, Verve, V/V6-8439
Dave Van Ronk Sings Ballads & a Spiritual, 1959, Folkways Records FS-3818
Jackie Washington (also title), 1962, Vanguard VRS-9141
Jackie Washington, volume 2 (with Fritz Richmond), 1963, Vanguard VRS-9141
Subseries 15: LP Records: Folk Music - Compilations
Folk Festival at Newport, 1959 – Southern Journey 12: Honor the Lamb
Folk Festival at Newport, 1959, Joan Baez & Bob Gibson, Barbara Dane, New Lost City Ramblers
, Odetta, Mike Seeger, Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee, Vanguard, VSD-2054
New Folks, volume 2, Phil Ochs, Eric Anderson, Lisa Kindred, Bob Jones, 1964, Vanguard VRS-9140
Alan Lomax Field Recordings:
Southern Journey: All Day Singing from the Sacred Harp, 1959-1960, Prestige Int'l-25007
Southern Journey 11: Southern White Spirituals, 1959-1960, Prestige International-25011
Southern Journey 12: Honor the Lamb, 1959-1960, Prestige International-25012
Subseries 16: LP Records: Instrumentalists - Blues (mostly solos) and Jazz (mostly small combos)
Armstrong – Handy
Louis Armstrong:
Louis Armstrong & His All Star in Concert (2 LPs), 1977, Crescendo GNPS-11001
Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five, 1925-1927, reissued 1955-60 by Columbia CL-851
The Great Louis Armstrong (King Oliver Band, 1923), remastered 1968 Orpheum #105
Satchmo at Pasadena, Louis Armstrong & the All Stars, 1951, Decca DL-8041
Sidney Bechet:
Complete Sidney Bechet, volumes 3 & 4, 1941, RCA Jazz Tribune (France) PM-43262
Bechet of New Orleans, recorded in USA 1940-41, reissued 1957 & 1980, Pickwick Quintessence QJ-25411
Genius of Sidney Bechet, 1947, reissued 1970s/80s by GHB/Jazzology J-35
Sidney Bechet with Claude Luter & His Orchestra; volume 25 Concerts: Salle Pleyel, Disques Vogue LD-554-30
Fabulous Sidney Bechet with Sidney de Paris & Jonah Jones, 1951-53, Bluenote 81207
Sidney Bechet & Mezz Messrow, 1945-47, reissued 1976, 2 LPS, Classic Jazz, CJ-28
Bunny Berrigan: I Can't Get Started, 1937-39 on Camden & RCA, reissued 1978 by Pickwick Quintessence QJ-25081
Scrapper Blackwell, Mr. Scrapper's Blues, 1961, Bluesville 1047
Eubie Blake, Rags to Classics, 1971, Eubie Blake Music label, EBM-2
Wilbur de Paris & His New Orleans Jazz, Marchin' and Swingin', 1952, Atlantic 1233
Baby Dodds Trio
, Jazz a la Creole, 1946 & 1951, Circle Records, with James P. Johnson, Albert Nicholas, Pops Foster, Don Ewell & Danny Barker; reissued by George Buck as GHB-50
K.C. Douglas Blues, late 1950s/early 1960s, Prestige/Bluesville-1023
Duke Ellington at the Cotton Club, 1937-38, with Ivie Anderson, Swedish reissue: TAX m-8001
The Early Duke Ellington, with Jimmy Dorsey & Una Mae Carlisle, reissued by Everest FS-221
Gershwin by [George] Gershwin, radio broadcasts 1931-35, 2 LPs, reissued 1973, Mark 56-641
Edmund Hall Quintets
, Celestial Express, 1941 & 1944, Blue Note B-6505, autographed by Edmund Hall & Winnie Hall (his wife)
W.C. Handy, Father of the Blues, St Louis Blues, sings his compositions and talks, recorded in the early 1950s; reissued 1975 by Garabedian Mark 56 as #684
Hines – Kenton
Earl Hines, Paris Sessions, piano solos, 1965, reissued in 1981 by Inner City Records IC-1142
Earl Hines in New Orleans, 1977, solo piano, Chiaroscuro Records CR-200
Earl Hines Quintessential Continued, mid-1970s, solo piano, Chiaroscuro CR-120
[Earl] Hines Comes in Handy, piano solos of W.C. Handy's music, 1973, Audiophile AP-112
[Earl] Hines Does Hoagy [Carmichael], piano solos, 1974, reissue 1982 Audiophile AP-113
Hines: My Tribute to Louis [Armstrong], piano solos of 1971 issued 1973, Audiophile-AP-111
Shakey Jake: Mouth Harp Blues with combo, early 1960s?, Prestige/Bluesville 1027
Immortal Blind Lemon Jefferson (volume 1), 1926-29, reissued 1967 Milestone MLP-2004
Immortal Blind Lemon Jefferson (volume 2), 1926-29, reissued 1968 Milestone MLP-2007
Original James P. Johnson, piano solos 1943-45, reissued 1973 Folkways Records FJ-2850
Robert Johnson: King of the Delta Blues Singers, 1936?, reissued 1970s? Columbia C-30034
Dr. John Plays Mac Rebennack, piano solos, 1981, Clear Cut Records CC-705
Uncollected Stan Kenton, volume 3, radio broadcasts 1943-44, reissued 1979 HindsightHSR-136
Uncollected Stan Kenton, volume 4, radio broadcasts 1944-45, reissued 1979 HindsightHSR-147
Stan Kenton: Artistry in Rhythm, 1952-54?, reissued ? by EMI-Capitol SM-167
Subseries 17: LP Records: Instrumentalists - Blues (mostly solos) and Jazz (combos)
Larkins - Mulligan
Ellis Larkins, solo piano, 1980, Island Records/Digital Records, DBT-101
Leadbelly Sings Folk Songs, with Woody Guthrie, Cisco Houston, Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee, reissued 1962, Folkways Records FA-2488
Leadbelly's Last Sessions, 1953, Part One, Folkways Records FA-2941 A & B
Leadbelly's Last Sessions, 1953, Part Three, Folkways Records FA-2942 A & B
Leadbelly's Last Sessions, 1953, Part Four, Folkways Records FA-2942 C & D
George Lewis in Japan (with combo), 1963, issued 1965 by George Buck GHB-14
George Lewis Band of New Orleans: Jazz at Preservation Hall, 1963, Atlantic Records-1411
Loonis [McGlohan] in London, piano with Pete Morgan (bass), 1981, Audiophile AP-166
Marian McPartland (piano with combo), 1981, Bainbridge Records, BT-1045
Wanted!, Marian [piano] & Jimmy [cornet] McPartland, 1977, Improv Records, -7122
Memphis Willie B., Hard Working Man Blues, harmonica, guitar, vocal, 1961, Bluesville, -1048
Mingus Revisited, Charlie Mingus & band, 1960, issued 1965, Trip Jazz TLP-5513
Mingus: Oh Yeah (with combos), 1950s, reissued 1966 by Atlantic Records-1377
Best of Jelly Roll Morton (combos with Kid Ory, Sidney Bechet, Wilbur de Paris, Bubber Miley, etc.) 1926-40, reissued 1980, RCA/Deutsche CL-43291
Gerry Mulligan, Chet Baker (with combo), Carnegie Hall Concert, volume One, 1964, CTI-6054
Pierce – Yancy
Billie & De De Pierce, New Orleans, Legends Live, late 1950s?, Jazzology JCE-25
Billie & De De Pierce, Blues in the Classic Tradition, 1961, Riverside Record RLP-370
Billie & De De Pierce, Blues & Tonks from the Delta, 1961, Riverside Record RLP-394
Oscar Peterson, Digital at Montreux, 1979-80, issued 1980 Pablo Records d2308224
Oscar Peterson & Stephane Grapelli, 2 LPs, 1973, Prestige P-24041
Jess Stacy, Blues Notion, 1944, Jazz Piano Heritage Series, volume 40, Jazzology JCE-90
Return of Roosevelt Sykes, piano/vocals with combo, 1960, Prestige Bluesville-1006
The Blues of Arbee Stidham: Tired of Wanderin', early 1960s, Prestige Bluesville 1021
Tampa Red, Don't Jive Me, vocals, guitar & kazoo, early 1960s, Prestige Bluesville 1043
Art Tatum Masterpieces, volume 2 (1934 & 1937) and James P. Johnson plays Fats Waller (1944 & 1946), 2 LPs, Decca Label/MCA2-4112
The Tatum Solo Masterpieces, volume 11, recorded 1953-55, reissued 1981, Pablo 2310864
Art Tatum Trio ( Tiny Grimes, Slam Stewart), 1944, reissued 1983 Audiophile Records AP-88
Golden Horn of Jack Teagarden with the bands of Louis Armstrong, Eddie Condon, Red Nichols, Adrian Rollini and Eddie Lang & Joe Venuti's All Stars
, 1929-1953, reissued MCA-227
Jack Teagarden, Think Well of Me, music of Willard Robison, 1962, Verve Records V-8465
Henry Townsend, Tired of Being Mistreated, vocal/guitar/piano, 1961, Prestige Bluesville-1041
Henry Townsend, Mule, 1980, Nighthawk Records 201
Mercy Dee Walton (vocal & piano), Pity and a Shame, 1961, Prestige Bluesville 1039
Mary Lou Williams (in trio), My Momma Pinned a Rose on Me, 1977, Pablo Records-2310-819
Mary Lou Williams Trio
, Free Spirits, 1976, Inner City Records-2043
Mary Lou Williams First Lady of the Piano, recorded 1953, reissued 1979, Inner City IC-7006
Teddy Wilson, Teddy's Choice, 1975, issued 1981 by Jazzology Piano Heritage, volume 36, JCE-36
Teddy Wilson On Tour with His Trio, 1961, Charlie Parker Records PLP-809
Mama Yancey & Little Brother Montgomery: South Side Blues, 1961, Riverside Chicago Living Legends Series OBC-508
Subseries 18: LP Records: Instrumentalists - Blues and Early Jazz - Compilations (mostly piano)
Collectors' History of Classic Jazz – Jazz at Preservation Hall, Volume 3
Collectors' History of Classic Jazz (tribal, gospel, ragtime, blues, stride), Murray Hill 927942
New Orleans Jazz: The Flowering, 1950s, bands/combos led by Kid Clayton, Punch Miller, Billie & De De Pierce, Emile Barnes & Peter Bocage, Tony Parenti, Eureka Brass Band
with George Lewis, Folkways Records FA-2465
Heliotrope Bouquet Piano Rags, played by William Bolcom, 1971, Nonesuch H-71257
Jazz Piano, Willie 'The Lion' Smith, Charles Bell, Earl Hines, Billy Taylor, Mary Lou Williams, 1965, RCA Masters PL-42`07
Jazz Giants: The Piano Players, Mary Lou Williams, Beryl Booker, Erroll Garner, Johnny Guarnieri, 1955, Trip Jazz TLP-5504
Keyboard Kings: Errol Garner/Art Tatum/Oscar Peterson, originally recorded by RCA, Camden, reissued 1976 by Pickwick/Camden ACL-7015
Piano Rags by Scott Joplin played by Joshua Rifkin, volume 1, 1970, Nonesuch H-71248
Piano Rags by Scott Joplin played by Joshua Rifkin, volume 2, 1972, Nonesuch H-71264
Preservation Hall, volume 1, Eureka Brass Band
/ Peter Humphrey, 1965?, Atlantic 1408
Preservation Hall, volume 2, Jim Robinson's New Orleans Band (side 1) and Billie & De De Pierce (side 2), 1965?, Atlantic Records 1409
Jazz at Preservation Hall, volume 3, Paul Barbarin & His Jazz Band (side 1) and Punch Miller's Bunch
with George Lewis (side 2), 1965?, Atlantic Records 1410
108 Restricted photographs. Please use reproductions located within the collection.