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Leo Goldschmidt Photograph Collection, 1878-1899 MS 437

Collection Number: MS 437

Creator: Goldschmidt, Leo
Title: Leo Goldschmidt Photograph Collection
Inclusive Dates: 1878-1899,
Bulk Dates: (bulk 1880-1889)
Quantity: 2 linear feet
Abstract:Glass plate negatives and some printed material, 1878-1899 (bulk 1880-1889). The bulk of the material is comprised of the photographic plates taken by Leo Goldschmidt, a pioneer of the Tucson area. The plates cover a range of persons, subjects and locations, including; family, businesses, personal residences in Arizona and Sonora, Mexico.
Identification: Collection Number: MS 437
Language: English
Repository: University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections
University of Arizona
PO Box 210055
Tucson, AZ 85721-0055
Phone: 520-621-6423
Fax: 520-621-9733

Biographical Note

Leo Goldschmidt was born September 15, 1852 in Hamburg, Germany, died January 25, 1944 in Tucson, Arizona. Goldschmidt came to the United States at the age of eighteen where he later became a successful businessman and amateur photographer.

He began his business career in New Mexico with his brother, Adolf and moved to Tucson Arizona in 1878 where he opened a furniture store that later became the furniture department of the Zeckendorf and Steinfeld department stores. In 1888, he bought the Eagle Flour Milling Company and built it into the most modern mills of its time. He was also a director of the Consolidated National Bank which later became the Valley National Bank and is now Chase Bank.

The glass plates cover a range of persons, subjects and locations including family, businesses, personal residences in the Arizona and Sonora, Mexico area. One of his four sisters, Eva, was married to Jacob Mansfeld, another pioneer in the Tucson area.

Scope and Content

Glass plate negatives (bulk 1880-1899). The bulk of the collection is comprised of glass plates of Leo Goldschmidt and family members at their Tucson residences. Goldschmidt was never married and many of his photographs are of his nieces and nephews. The collection also consists of plates of Goldschmidt businesses and places of interest in Arizona, such as the Eagle Milling Company, San Xavier Del Bac Mission and the University of Arizona.


This Collections is arranged into 3 series
Series 1: People 1880-1899
Series 2: Subjects 1880-1899
Series 3: Places 1880-1899


Conditions Governing Access


Conditions Governing Use

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Related Material

University of Arizona Special Collections, Bloom Southwest Jewish Archives, SJA 002 Arizona Historical Society/Tucson, Goldschmidt photograph collection, ca. 1885-1920.

Controlled Access Terms

Personal Name(s)
Goldschmidt, Leo, 1852-1944 -- Photographs.

Family Name(s)
Goldschmidt family -- Photographs.
Mansfeld family -– Photographs

Corporate Name(s)
Campana Mill (Sonora, Mexico) -– Photographs
Eagle Flour Mill (Tucson, Ariz.)-- Photographs
Mission San Xavier del Bac (Tucson, Ariz.) -– Photographs
Old Main (Tucson, Ariz.) -– Photographs
Owl’s Club (Tucson, Ariz.) -- Photographs
University of Arizona -– Photographs

Geographic Name(s)
Baboquivari Peak (Ariz.) -– Photographs
Santa Cruz River (Ariz. and Mexico) -– Photographs
Sentinel Peak (Tucson, Ariz.) -– Photographs
Sonora (Mexico : State) -– History -– Photographs
Tucson (Ariz.) -– History -– Photographs

Bankers -– Arizona -– Tucson -– History
Businessmen -– Arizona -– Tucson -- History.
Flour mills -– Arizona -– Tucson -- History
Furniture industry and trade -– Arizona -– Tucson -- History
Merchants – Arizona – Tucson – History
Pioneers -– Arizona – Tucson -- History

Genre Form(s)
glass negatives

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Leo Goldschmidt Photograph Collection (MS 437). Special Collections, University of Arizona Libraries.

Container List

Series I: People, 1880-1899
Arrangement: Alphabetical. This series contains glass plates of Leo Goldschmidt’s sisters, nieces, nephews and other family members in Tucson, Arizona. It also contains plates of Leo Goldschmidt and others at one of his places of business, La Campana Mill in Sonora, Mexico.
11 Bertho and nurse 1899
12 Eza, Beckie and friend under an umbrella 1887
13 Fenner, Gibbon & Rocha in Gibbons yard, 1890
14 Fenner, Mrs., Miss Henmore and Mr. Blake (by Herbert Tenney) , 1800s
15 Gertrude, 1887
16 Gilchrist and myself at El Grupo Sonora , 1895
17,8 Goldschmidt sisters: Mrs. Adolf Goldschmidt, Mrs. Erce Mansfeld, Mrs. Gertrude Florsheim, Mrs. Aaron Zeckendorf, Mrs. Helen Leventhal, 1880s 2 plates
19 Goldschmidt, Doris, 1897
110, 11, 12 Goldschmidt, Leo, 1800s 2 plates
113 Goldschmidt, Leo (bedroom) , 1800s
114 Goldschmidt, Leo (yard), 1800s
115 Goldschmidt, Leo (?) Portrait of man , 1800s
116 Goldschmidt, Samuel – First baby picture , 1895
117 Helen, Marianne and Hannah at Gibbon garden Tucson, Arizona , 1887
118 Howe, Charlie on horseback , 1889
119 Indian Duzlinga at El Toen Sonora, México , February 1897
120 Luke and his barnyard at El Grupo (Sonora, Mexico) , July 1896
21 Mansfeld, Eva, 1888 or 1889
22, 3, 4 Mansfeld, Sammie on bike, 1894 3 plates
25 Phyllis, Jeanne Z (Zeckendorf?) and two friends in Mansfeld Yard Tucson, Arizona , 1894
26 Unidentified Kids dancing (family)), 1800s
27, 8 Unidentified kids on a step ladder 1895, 1895 2 plates
29 Unidentified man , 1800s
210 Unidentified man at writing table in a bedroom, 1800s
211 Unidentified man in glasses, 1800s
212 Unidentified men sitting at table reading , 1800s Broken plate
213 Unidentified Mexicans boys playing marbles, 1894
214 Unidentified people with W.J. Gibbon , 1890 Broken plate
215 Unidentified woman , 1800s
216 Unidentified woman in chair1800s,
217 Unidentified woman with young boy and rocking horse , 1800s
218 Unidentified women at table/fireplace , 1800s
219 Unidentified young boy, 1800s
220 Unidentified young boy on rocking horse , 1800s
221 Unidentified young man , 1800s
222 Unidentified young man, circa 1899
223 Unidentified young men, 1800s
224 Tenney, Herbert & Herford, Frank under fig tree in Gibbon yard, 1800s Broken plate
Series II: Subjects, 1880-1899
Arrangement: Geographical by Arizona and Sonora, Mexico, Alphabetical.
This series contains glass plates of the exterior and interior of Leo Goldschmidt’s place of residence, The Owl’s Club. Also included are general subjects of interest to Mr. Goldschmidt as a photographer such as the Mission San Xavier del Bac, the University of Arizona and various street scenes of Tucson, Arizona in the late 1800s. The series also contains plates of the Eagle Flour Mill in Tucson, Arizona and the Campana Mill and various, associated buildings of the business in Sonora, Mexico.
31 Canvas tent in landscape Tohons? Stockade? , 1800s
32 Church building Exterior view1800s,
33 Church Plaza “Old Catholic Church” St. Augustine Cathedral , 1896
34 Cows in field, 1890s
35 Cows under trees, 1890s
36, 7 Dog sitting on rug, 1890s 2 plates
38 Eagle Mill and tanks, July 1986
39, 10 Eagle Mill Belts and Machines, 1880s 2 plates
311 Eagle Mill from South Main Street, 1895
312, 13, 14, 15 Eagle Mill Interior 4th Floor Daylight , 1890s 4 plates
316 Eagle Mill Interior 4th Floor Flashlight – Leo Goldschmidt, 1890s
317 Eagle Mill Roller Floor, 1890s
318 Eagle Mill Third Floor, 1800s
319 Eagle Milling Company Roller Process Floor mills, 1890s Broken plate
41 Episcopal Church (Tucson, Arizona) , 1895
42 Episcopal Church (Tucson, Arizona) left side, blurred , 1895
43 Landscape – Unidentified Building, 1890s
44 Landscape - Unidentified Building and water tanks, 1890s
45 New Eagle Flour Mills (Tucson, Arizona) , 1899
46 Old Eagle Mill on South Main Street shortly after purchase from E.N. Fish, 1890 Broken plate
47, 8, 9 Owl’s Club - Bedroom, 1895 3 plates
410 Owl’s Club Christmas decorations, 1895
411 Owl’s Club - Dining room, 1890s
412 Owl’s Club - Dining room with fireplace, 1890s
413 Owl’s Club - Dr. Fenner’s House-The Owls original annex, 1892
414 Owl’s Club - Interior of residence sitting/living room, 1890s
415 Owl’s Club - Interior residence table, 1890s
416 Owl’s Club - My room (no info.), 1890s
417 Owl’s Club on Main Street - facade of building , 1890s
418 Owl’s Club - Sitting/living room , 1890s
419 Owl’s Club - Unidentified room , 1890s
420 Owl’s Club – Unidentified room with stairway , 1890s
51 Royal A. Johnson’s Iceworks , 1889
52 Saginaw Mill Exterior , 1800s
53 San Xavier del Bac (Tucson, Arizona) Exterior , 1887
54 San Xavier del Bac (Tucson, Arizona) Interior , 1887
55 San Xavier Hotel Tucson, Arizona , 1890
56 San Xavier Mission – Mortuary chapel Tucson, Arizona , 1888 Broken plate)
57 Southern Pacific Depots (Slide said: California East Freight line), 1890
58 Unidentified building, 1890s Broken plate
59, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 University of Arizona Panorama , 1800s
515 University of Arizona, Old Main (Tucson, Ariz.) , 1895
61 Campana Mill, 1897
62 Campana Mill February, 1897
63 Campana Mill Blacksmith Shop, circa 1896-1897
64 Campana Mill – Brush house, February 1897
65 Campana Mill-Front view, 1897
66 Campana Mill-Side view, 1897
67 El Grupo Sonora (Mexico) - Assay Office & tanks, circa 1896-1897
68 El Grupo Store & San Joaquin Ranch House, 1896
69 Panorama of El Grupo Mill??? House from Reservoir Dam, July 1896
610 El Grupo Sonora (Mexico) - Superintendent’s House and 2 unidentified people, 1896
“Place de la Bastille” copy (Paris, France), 1890s
Series III: Places, 1880-1899
Arrangement: Alphabetical.
71 Baboquivari Park from Buenos Ayres, 1897
72 Bear Canyon, Catalina Mountains taken by Prof. Tommey, 1896
73 Main Street looking North 1895 (Tucson, Arizona), 1895
74 Santa Cruz River Scene (Tucson, Arizona), 1892
75 Sentinel Park (Tucson Mountains, Arizona), 1895
76 Silver Lake (Tucson, Arizona), 1888
77 Silver Lake (Tucson, Arizona) (Broken plate), 1888
78 Some old willow trees (Tucson, Arizona) River below Main Street, 1892
79 South Main Ave. (Tucson, Arizona), 1890
710 South Main Street Eagle Mills, 1895
711 Tucson, Arizona from Ice Works, 1887
712 Unidentified Panorama (Old sleeve says “Iron Horse”), circa 1800