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Henry “Hank” Oyama Papers, 1945-2003(Bulk 1973-1980; 1991-2002)

MS 448

Collection Summary

Creator: Oyama, Henry
Collection Name: Henry “Hank” Oyama Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1943-2003
Bulk Dates: bulk 1973-1980; 1991-2002
Physical Description:7.5 linear feet
Abstract:This collection contains the papers of Henry “Hank” Oyama that relates to his pioneering work in bilingual education in the Tucson area. Of particular interest are documents that discuss his work in bilingual education at Pima Community College. Included in the collection are newspaper clippings, correspondence, bilingual education research, and conference papers. There are also several publications related to Pima Community College and bilingual institutions in the greater Tucson area.
Collection Number:MS 448
Language: Material in English and Spanish
Repository: University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections
University of Arizona
PO Box 210055
Tucson, AZ 85721-0055
Phone: 520-621-6423
Fax: 520-621-9733

Biographical Note

Henry “Hank” Oyama was born in 1926 and grew up in Mexico. He is of Japanese descent, and his first language is Spanish. His father died before he was born, and he was raised by his mother and maternal grandfather in Nogales. When his grandfather passed away, he and his mother moved to Tucson where they lived until the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in 1941. Oyama was fifteen years old at this time, and he and his mother were interned in concentration camps along with thousands of other Japanese and Japanese Americans. After the release of the internees, Oyama and his mother moved to Excelsior Springs, MO. Upon graduation from high school, he enlisted in the U.S. Army, and he was assigned to the Panama Canal Zone because his first language was Spanish.

In 1947, Oyama left the army and returned to civilian life where he earned a BA and MA in Education from the University of Arizona. Throughout college he worked for Tucson Newspapers, Inc. In 1952, he began his teaching career at Safford Junior High School in Tucson. Three years later, Oyama began his efforts in bilingual education when he was selected as a faculty member at the brand new Pueblo High School. At Pueblo, Oyama designed and executed a plan to teach both Spanish and English to native Spanish speakers. Through this program, he became involved with two U.S. senators who introduced national legislation to provide funding for bilingual education. At the age of 33, Oyama fell in love with Mary Ann Jordan. However, there was still a law in effect that banned marriage between Asians and Caucasians. After taking their battle to court, the two were married in 1959. Their first child died of leukemia, and they went on to adopt four children. They were married until Mary Ann’s death from heart failure in 1987 at the age of 55.

In 1970, he left Pueblo High School and began working for the Bilingual and International Studies at Pima Community College, becoming the dean of that program in 1978. He retired after 22 years at Pima Community College.

Scope and Content Note

This collection contains correspondence; reports; files related to conferences and events; journal and newspaper articles; and publications. The time period represented in the collection is 1945-2003, but the bulk of the items are from 1973-1980 and 1991-2002. Most materials relate to Henry “Hank” Oyama’s involvement in the bilingual education movement in the Tucson area as well as his work for general Mexican-American rights. Reports and research for the reports make up the largest series in the collection. The reports are from all over the United States and relate to bilingual education and Hispanic issues. Of note in this series are Oyama’s handwritten notes referring to some of these reports. There is also a large amount of material dedicated to the English Only/English Plus More debates of the 1990s in Arizona.


This collection is organized into 6 series.
Series I: Correspondence1945-2000s
Series II: Reports and Forms1960s-2001
Series III: Conferences, Meetings, and Events1966-2000
Series IV: Articles1967-2003
Series V: Newsletters1947, 1972-2000
Series VI: Publications1943, 1945, 1947, 1968-2003





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Administrative Information

Credit Line

Henry “Hank” Oyama Papers(448). University of Arizona Library Special Collections.

Container List

Series I: Correspondence 1945-2000s
This series is arranged alphabetically by subject and then chronologically by date. It contains letters to and from Henry Oyama during the war and throughout his career as an educator.
11 Confidential Info for Retirees
12 Congreso, Jorge, Pepe, Alfredo
13 Correspondence Aug. 1945-Sept.1977
14 Correspondence Feb. 1979-June 1992
15 Correspondence July 1992-Jan. 1999
16 Correspondence Jan. 1999-2000s
17 Correspondence undated
18 Folklorico Meeting/Funding Req. 1973
19 Garcia, George
110 Letters of Acceptance B. B. Summer Institute "73
111 Letters of Support for Bilingual Program (1974)
112 National Law Center for Inter-American Free Trade
113 Need for Bilingual Secretaries
114 Pima Community College Foundation, Hispanic Student Endowment Fund
115 Sweetland, Monroe
116 A Tapestry of Tucson
117 The White House May 19, 1975
Series II: Reports and Forms 1960s-2001
This series contains final reports, draft reports, and notes regarding research for reports on bilingual education and Hispanic issues. Some of the reports are written by Henry Oyama, but the majority is reports from various organizations involved in bilingual education and Mexican-American rights.
21 “1-C” Program
22 Ad Hoc Committee on Diversity
23 Agreement for Corrective Action
24 Amphitheater Folklorico Board of Directors
25 Application for Employment Institutional Support Personnel at PCC – Urquides, Maria L
26 Arizona APS Economic Development Department
27 Ariz. Association of Mexican Amer. Educators (AAMAE) 1972
28 Ariz. Assoc. of Mexican Amer. Educators (AAMAE 1975
29 Bank of America Arizona 1994 Corporate Giving
210 The Biling and Int’l Prog. At PCC: A Successful Hybrid
211 Biling. Courses
212 Biling. Progs. and ESL
213 Bilingual Training Program
214 Bill to Amend Bilingual Education Act 1965
215 Diane V. Bissell/Raytheon; Sally Fernandez/Hughes
216 Budget Draft
217 C. E. Rose, Robison/TUSD Biling. Educ
218 Centro NAFIN para el Desarrollo de la Micro y Pequeña Empresa
219 Coalition for Language Educ
220 Combined Surveys, Conditions of Work for Quality Teaching, TEA
221 Community as Resource for Minority Language Learning
222 CONALEP Automotive Prog
223 El Concilio para la Unidad Mexico Americana
224 Congreso – General Info
225 Dir., Biling. Educ. (Interview Questions)
226 Educ. Center South – MDES
227 Employee Evaluation – Oyama, Hank 1977
228 Eng. For the Children
229 Eng. Plus More
31 English Plus More Mission Statement
32 Fellowship Program
33 Fimbres, Richard
34 Fiscal Year 1971 EPDA Projects in support of bilingual education
35 Folklorico Infantil
36 Frederic Burk Foundation for Education at San Francisco State University
37 Goals 1980-1981
38 Goal Synthesis Process for Bilingual-Bicultural Education Using a Modified Delphi Technique 1972
39 Graduate and Undergraduate International Studies Program Development
310 Grupo Folklorico de Pima College, performances, list of members
311 Hernandez, Angel
312 Higher Education Leadership Program
313 Hispanic Businessmen PCC OBIS Biling. Admin. Prog
314 Hispanic Professional Action Committee
315 Hispanic Student Endowment Fund Select Committee
316 Hispanic Studies
317 Hispanic Studies Grades K-12
318 ICEED, New Summit Info, memo from Miguel to Carol
319 Implementation of Prop 203
320 Individual Member Form
321 The Initiative
41 Instituto de Folklore Mexicano
42 Interim Report
43 Interim Report Revised Grant
44 International Center for Higher Education and Philanthropy
45 International Consortium for Educational and Economic Development, Annual Report of Activities of the Executive Directory Jan. 23, 1993
46 Introducing the Sunnyside Unified School District Foundation
47 The Invisible Minority
48 Latino Adv. Comm.
49 Law and Poverty Class Project – Biling. Educ. In Tucson
410 Lemos, Alfonso
411 Lopez Plan
416 MDES Decentralization Plan
417 MDES – Developmental Education
418 Mickolajak, Gary
419 Minera San Jorge S.A. de C.V.
420 Misconceptions – Biling. Educ
421 ML, BB TC Institute Schedules, 1973 Biling. Inst.
422 Molina, Marie Christina
423 MONTAL Educational Associates
424 National Ed. Task Force de la Raza
425 National Hispanic Scholarship Fund
426 National Law Center for Inter-American Free Trade
427 NEA – Tucson Survey on the Teaching of Spanish to the Spanish Speaking
51 New Mexico State University Program for the Department of Mexican-American Community College Admins.
52 OBIS Survey 1984
53 OME Ad Hoc Panel Reports
54 Oyama, Henry’s Notes
55 PCC Biling. Educ. Development Prog., 1975-1976
56 PCC Danforth Proposal (including El Paso and Cochise proposals)
57 PCC EPDA (Part D) Proposals, Guadalajara Institutes Phases II, III, and IV
58 PCC Hispanic Enrollment
59 PCCF Planned Giving Committee Report Dec.15, 1999
510 Peralta, Mike
511 A Personal Position Paper on Leadership
512 Las Posadas
513 Position paper
514 Prog. Eff.
515 Program Proposal to Assist in the Development of Mexican-American College Administrators 1972
516 Program META
517 Prop 227 The Initiative
518 Proposal for Biling. Educ. Prog. at Pima College
519 Proposal Outline for Biling. Educ. at Pima College
520 Recommendations for Bilingual Program by Pauline Kelzer, Dec. 6, 1973 mtg. and other Info.
521 Recommendations Regarding Biling. Courses at PCC 1999
61 A Relook at Tucson ’66 and Beyond, Albuquerque Nov.28-Dec. 1973
62 Reports and Forms, Misc. 1963-Nov. 1998
63 Reports and Forms, Misc. Nov. 1998-2000
64 Report on Failure/Success Rates of Bilingual Students in Higher Education
65 Revision: Bilingual Training and Curriculum Development
66 Rosas, Gilbert A
67 Rose Elem. Questionnaire
68 School Reports
69 John C. Scott/H.O.’s Bio, Ben Buehler Garcia fax #624-0955
610 Self-Identity: Minority Affairs Subcommittee
611 Southside Partnership Steering Committee
612 Summary of Recommendations for Change in the Biling. Educ. Program Pima College
613 A Tapestry of Tucson
614 Tapestry of Tucson African-American Contributions
615 Thomas, Wayne P. and Virginia P. Collier, George Mason Univ.
616 Title VI Int’l Proposal
617 Tohono O’Odham Resolution Navajo Nation Proposed Resolution
618 Training Program in Bilingual-Bicultural Education Final Report June 30, 1976
619 TUSD
620 TUSD Biling. Ed.
71 TUSD Dropout Rates
72 TUSD Hispanic Studies.
73 TUSD Parental Waivers Request, Effect of Prop 203 on Biling. Educ. and Teacher Training
74 Tucson Convention Center Commission
75 Tucson Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce
76 Tucson Rotary Club
77 TRS Prog.
78 TUSD Sch. Admin. Questionnaire
79 The University of Arizona Building the Future Class of 2007
710 University of California, Los Angeles: The Training of Mexican Americans for Leadership Roles in Community Colleges
711 Useful Reports
712 Viva Arizona
Series III: Conferences, Meetings, and Events 1966-2000
This series includes minutes, programs, presentation notes, and invitations for various conferences, meetings, and events that Hank Oyama attended or participated in from the 1970s to the 2000s. Most events are related to his work in bilingual education, but a small number are of a personal nature.
713 1C
714 1st Nat’l Comm. and Jr. Col. Colloquium on Biling.-Bicultural Ed.
715 3rd Anniversary Recognition Day Program for the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Student Center
716 12th Annual Serra Scramble and Priest Appreciation Dinner
717 15th Annual Bishop’s Scholarship Dinner, September 24, 1999
718 25th Anniversary Dinner
720 AACHE Celebration to Honor Eva Cota and Raquel Goldsmith
721 AACJC Convention Feb. 24-27, 1974, LTI Biling. Educators Wkshp. Feb. 28- Mar 1, 2, 1974
722 AACJC Convention 1976, Wash., D.C., Mar 15-21, 1976 and CONAC Reception
723 Acción ‘80s
724 American Airlines Tickets
81 Ariz. 1st Bilingual Institute
82 Ariz. Association of Mexican American Educators (AAMAE)
83 Arizona Education Association, Special Committee on Biling. Educ.
84 Arizona Language Education Council (ALEC) Presentation to HPAC, Wednesday July 5, 2000
85 Ariz. Parents
86 Arizona Parents’ Right to Sch. Choice vs. Arizona’s English Only Initiative
87 Asian Community
88 Asociacion de Charros de Tucson, 1977
89 Bilingual Education 25 Year Anniversary Committee Meeting
810 Biling. Educ. and School Choice Remarks by James Crawford
811 Biling. Educ./Hispanic Studies and Second Language Acquisition Review Committee
812 Bilingual/ESL Multi-Campus Meeting, Aug. 21, 1980
813 Bilingual Pay Program
814 BOG CONALEP Presentation
815 Business Administration Dinner, May 7, 1982
816 The Celebration of the Marriage of Elizabeth Murfee and Dino DeConcini, October 11, 1998
817 El Centro Cultural Annual Meeting, April 11, 1998
818 Ciudad Obregon Visit
819 CONAC Curric Planning Conf. (Follow-up and Concluding Conf. of series of conferences that included Queretoro and El Paso conferences)
820 CONAC Meeting – Aug. 1974, Ajijic, Jalisco
821 CONALEP Trip to Mex. City, June 20-24, 1992
822 CONALEP Visit April 1992
823 CONALEP Visit to PCC
824 Congreso Board Mtg. May 28, 1974 Goleta, California
825 Congreso Mtg. – Seattle Apr. 12, 1975
826 El Congreso Nacional de Asuntos Colegiales: Parents – An Education Institute, Mar. 24-28, 1980
827 Day of Dialog, SMCC
828 De Concini, Dennis meeting
829 Desert Vista Campus, 2nd Bilingual Festival
830 Educational Services Staff Meeting, Sept. 8, 1980
831 “English as a Second Language” Workshop
91 Eng. Plus More Presentation
92 EPDA Institute, 1973-74
93 Fiesta de la Placita
94 First Annual Ray Davies Luncheon, Educational Enrichment Foundation, October 20, 1999
95 Golf for Education
96 Guidelines for Local Conference Chair
97 Handouts
98 Hispanic Studies Symposium, May 11, 1996
99 Hispanic Year 2000
911 International Consortium for Educational and Economic Development (ICEED) Annual Meeting, January 21-23, 1993
912 Israel 50th Anniversary
913 The Jefferson Awards, 1998
914 Kiser, Jim Meeting
915 Kolbe-HPAC Conference
916 KUAT Public Advisory Board Annual Meeting, May 19, 1999
917 Latino Adv. Comm.
918 Leadership Colloquium, January 11-14, 1981
919 LULAC Annual Awards Luncheon, October 29, 1999
920 LULAC Biling. Forum and Border Dispute
921 LULAC Council
922 LULAC Resolution and Fimbres/Oyama Presentation
923 LULAC State Meeting, April 5, 1998
924 LULAC State Meeting, January 30, 2000
925 LULAC Superintendents Recep. July 7th Inn Suites, Copper Room
926 Luz Academy Spain Trip
927 Los Mariachios de P.C.C.
928 Meetings, Misc.
929 Meeting with Carol Gorsuch 5-21-92 (Thursday)
930 National Secretaries Week Recognition Dinner, April 26, 1997
931 National Strategy Meeting on Defeating Arizona’s State Ballot Initiative Against Biling. Educ.
932 Una Noche Plateada
933 Opportunities for Improved International Understanding, 1979
934 Oyama, Henry: L.A. Symposium 5/24/77
101 PCC Amigos de Pima Reunion Dinner 2003
102 PCC/CONALEP Dinner
103 Peruvian Ministry of Education
104 Photographs of Hank Oyama (photocopies) at events
105 Pima Community College Fifth Annual Hispanic Celebration, May 15, 1999
106 Pima Community College Foundation Fifteenth Annual Recognition Dinner, October 27, 1999
107 Pima Community College’s 25th Anniversary
108 Poesias, Cantos y Bailes del Pueblo
109 Presentation Information
1010 Presentation on U.S.-Mexico Relations
1011 Prop 203/Biling. Educ. Issue
1012 Public Advisory Board Minutes, March 31, 1999
1013 Pueblo High School Class of 1962, 35th Year Reunion
1014 Refund – Aeromexico and America West
1015 Runnin’ at Midnite, December 4, 1999
1016 Self-Identity and the Use of “Minority” Terminology for the 21st Century
1017 “Semana Cultural”
1018 Sister City Trip Oct. 22-26, 1975
1019 Sixth Annual Festival Folklorico de Ballet Folklorico San Juan, July 15-16, 1995
1020 Sponsors
1021 Staff Meetings
1022 Symposium of the Mexican-American Student, Apr. 1968
1023 Symposium of the Spanish-Speaking Child in the Schools of the Southwest
1024 Symposium for Bilingual/Bicultural Manpower Development, Mar. 14-16, 1974
1025 A Tapestry of Tucson Committee
1026 Tapestry of Tucson Committee Meeting, May 28, 1999
1027 Tapestry Meeting, October 14, 1998
1028 Tickets Anniversary Dinner
1029 Video Presentation
1030 Vote No! 203 English Plus More
Series IV: Articles, 1967-20003
This series includes scholarly journal articles, newspaper clippings, and Internet articles related to bilingual education. There is a heavy emphasis on the English Only/English Plus More debate of the 1990s.
1031 25th Anniversary of Hank Oyama’s wedding
1032 Ariz. Daily Star articles on biling. Educ.; English Only articles
1033 Articles, Misc. 1967-2000
111 Articles on Bilingual Education
112 Asociación de Charros and Corazón de Oro
113 Begaye, Kelsey A., Pres., Navajo Nation, Guest Editorial
114 Biling. Educ. Articles
115 Biling. Educ./H. Oyama
116 Citizen Editorial June 9, 2000; Star Editorial April 24, 2000 and June 28, 2000
117 Combs, Mary Carol – Official Eng.
118 Current Biling. Articles
119 Los Descendientes del Presidio de Tucson, January-June, 2003
1110 Drafts of Hughes Missile Systems Ad
1111 Eng. Only/Eng. Plus
1112 Eng. Plus
1113 The Evolution of the Mariachi: A Brief Historical Sketch
1114 Hispanics Making a Difference
1115 Hispanophobia
1116 IDRA
1117 Initiatives are too easy
1118 Krashen, S.
1119 Krashen, Stephen
1120 A Language Deficit Theory for the 80s; CALP, BICS, and Semilingualism
1121 Latino Adv. Comm.
1122 Mama’s Santos: An Arizona Life
121 MDES Decentralization Plan
122 Meta
123 A Nation at Risk
124 National Law Center for Inter-American Free Trade
125 Navajo Nation – Pres. Begaye
126 Newspaper articles remembering WWII
127 Noda, Dr. Phyliss (Radio Prog.)
128 Not Child’s Play
129 The Odd Couple
1210 The Pariah
1211 PCC Biling. Educ.
1212 Post Election (Prop 203) Issues
1213 Read 1972, 1981, 1989-1992, 1996
1214 Relocation Camp Articles
1215 The Rising Star, Winter 2002
1216 Rothstein, R. – Sink or Swim
1217 A Systematic Approach to Total Quality Management
1218 TUSD/Biling. Educ. Articles
1219 Vote No! 203 English Plus More
1220 Why the Bilingual Education Amendments Deserve Support
1221 Yazguirre, R.
Series V: Newsletters, 1947, 1972-2000
This series contains the newsletters of various organizations that Hank Oyama was a member of or that were of interest to him as a bilingual educator.
1222 AACHE Newsletter
1223 The Arizona Report
1224 Brainwaves
1225 La Cadena de Teatro Carmen
1226 El Centro Cultural Noticias
1227 El Congreso Nacional de Asuntos Colegiales, 1972
1228 Discover
1229 EPIC Events
1230 ERIC Information Bulletin
1231 La Fiesta Santificada
1232 Innovation Abstracts
1233 The Link
1234 La Lona, El Centro Cultural Artists’ Newsletter
1235 The Mission Bell
1236 Music Matters
1237 NABE News
1238 News from the Borderlands
1239 Pima Community College Alumni Association Newsletter
1240 Pima Community College District Bulletin
1241 Rotary Club of Tucson Newsletter
1242 Sister Cities
1243 TABE
1244 TuSerran
1245 UA Hispanic Alumni Newsletter
1246 La Voz de Aztlan, 1972
Series VI: Publications, 1943, 1945, 1947, 1968-2003
The publications in this series are books, catalogs, and informational pamphlets published by organizations and individuals interested in the bilingual education movement.
131 Ballet Folklorico
132 The Bilingual Journal, Winter, 1978
133 Centros de Asistencia y Servicios Tecnológicos
134 The Chicano Movement: Some Not Too Objective Observations by Abelardo B. Delgado
135 Color and Learn: The Book of the Sun Tonatiuh = Colorea y Aprende: El Libro del Sol Orozco
136 Community, Technical, and Junior College Journal, June/July 1989
137 Earl Carroll Theatre Restaurant Hollywood
138 Easy Tricks with Numbers
139 Edificios Antiguos de Guadalajara
1310 Gates Millennium Scholars
1311 Guide of the Regional Museum of Guadalajara by José G. Zuno
1312 The Heliograph
1313 “Los Hombres de la Reforma”…y dieron su vida!
1314 I Am a Doughboy
1315 Industrial Park, Obregon City, Sonora, Mexico
1316 Joel D. Valdez Main Library Dedication Ceremony
1317 The Mexican-American and the United States by Charles J. and Patricia L. Bustamante
1318 The Multilingual Educator
1319 National Law Center for Inter-American Free Trade
1320 NEA Research Bulletin, Vol. 46: 2, May 1968
1321 Report of a National Bilingual Bicultural Institute: A Relook at Tucson ’66 and Beyond
1322 Report of the Chicano Ad Hoc Special Interest Group, Stanford University
141 Saint Cyril Parish
142 San Francisco Tours of Discovery
143 Search for Opportunity
144 Souvenir du Restaurant Antoine
145 Tres Cosas Lindas Hay en la Vida
146 Tucson Unified School District Compliance Procedures Manual for Bilingual Education, January 1994
147 The University of Arizona Foundation Report, Fall 2001
Series VII: Addition of Papers 1986-2005
Addition to papers documenting Henry Oyama’s leading role in fundraising for scholarships for bilingual students through various organizations. The papers consist of scholarship requirements, meeting minutes, consultancy and financial reports, donor lists, scholarship backgrounds and event planning.
151 Amigos, 2001
152 Amigos, 2001
153 Amigos II, 2001-2002
154 Amigos III, 2002
155 Amigos IV, 2003
156 Amigos IV, 2003
157 Amigos V
161 Gilbert Acosta
162 Gilbert Acosta
163 Gilbert Acosta
164 Gilbert Acosta
165 Jacinto Orozco
166 Jacinto Orozco
167 Jacinto Orozco
171 Dave Kennon & Manuel Bedoya Scholarships
172 University of Phoenix
173 PCC/DC Bilingual Program & Tucson Hispanic Coalition
174 PCC Foundation Registers
175 Tucson & PCC Bilingual Legacy
176 Angel Hernandez
177 Scrapbook
178 Briefcase
181 Tardeada 1994
182 Tardeada 1998-2001
183 Tardeada 1998-2001
184 Tardeada 2002
185 Tardeada 2004-2005
186 Consultancy Report
187 Consultancy Report 1993-1997
188 Consultancy Report 1997-2005
191 Hispanic Student Endowment Fund
192 Hispanic Student Endowment Fund
193 Hispanic Student Endowment Fund, 1986-2001
194 Hispanic Student Endowment Fund, 1986-2001
195 Hispanic Student Endowment Fund
196 Hispanic Student Endowment Fund
197 Amigos/HSEF/Tardeada, 2004-2005