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Patronato San Xavier Collection, 1968-1997 (bulk 1990-1995)

MS 459

Collection Summary

Creator: Patronato San Xavier
Collection Name: Patronato San Xavier Collection
Inclusive Dates: 1968-1997
Bulk Dates: (bulk 1990-1997)
Physical Description:3.75 linear feet
Abstract: The Patronato San Xavier collection comprises of the adminstrative files of the non-profit corporation. The corporation’s mission is to be used solely and exclusively for historical, research, scientific and education purposes concerned with the restoration, maintenance and preservation of Mission San Xavier del Bac near Tucson, Arizona. The collection is comprised primarily of papers relating to business operations and restoration projects, but also included are photographs ,brochures and building drawings.
Collection Number:MS 459
Repository: University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections
University of Arizona
PO Box 210055
Tucson, AZ 85721-0055
Phone: 520-621-6423
Fax: 520-621-9733

Biographical Note

Patronato San Xavier is a non-sectarian, non-profit corporation which was formed in June, 1978. The corporation was formed to be used for historical, research, scientific and educational purposes concerned with the restoration, maintenance and preservation of Mission San Xavier del Bac near Tucson, Arizona. The founders of Patronato San Xavier recognized that the mission was in need of the maintenance and repair which was financially beyond the abilities of the Franciscan Friars who ran the mission. The founders of Patronano San Xavier included James M. Murphy, A Tucson attorney and historian; Emil W. Haury, a former director of the Arizona State Museum and head of the University of Arizona’s Department of Anthropology; Watson Smith, attorney and archaeologist; Jane Ivancovich, a Tucson philanthropist; Dianne Bret Harte, an editorial assistant at the Arizona Historical Society; and Bernard L. Fontana who was ethnologist in the Arizona State Museum. These people along with two Franciscan priests at Mission San Xavier del Bac, Father Kieran R. McCarty and Father Celestine Chinn, were the Patronato's first board of directors.

In 1985, Patronato San Xavier commissioned a study by art conservators Gloria Giffords and Miguel Celorio which resulted in an effort to raise funds through foundation, corporate, and private donations for restorations and conservation on the mission’s interior and exterior as well as the sculptural art held within. This effort which began in 1992 and was completed in 1997 was organized and coordinated by Paul Schwartzbaum. Patronato San Xavier is still active and committed to its mission of conserving the San Xavier del Bac.

Scope and Content Note

This collection is comprised of the papers of Patronato San Xavier. The majority of the collection relates directly to the corporation’s conservation and restoration efforts of the San Xavier del Bac. The collection contains the agendas and minutes of meetings held by the Board of Directors which gives insight to the plans towards conserving the san Xavier del Bac and outreach efforts the corporation made to local community groups. This notion of outreach and community involvement is further illuminated by the correspondence held within the collection. The Patronato San Xavier’s mission included not only conserving and restoring the San Xavier del Bac and its artworks, but also making the public aware of the necessity of conserving this unique landmark which was done in part through corresponding with various community groups and leaders. This collection also includes many financial statements, including fund raising efforts and grant proposals by the corporation. These documents display the tireless and imaginative efforts of the corporation towards establishing the San Xavier del Bac as a landmark that must be utilized by researchers, schools, and people in general and one that is worthy of conserving for use by future generations. This collection primarily consists of papers, but also includes photographs, brochures, and building drawings. The conservation efforts of the Patronanto San Xavier are displayed through the Building Plans and Condition Reports subseries which detail the steps and planning necessary towards restoring and conserving portions of the San Xavier del Bac that began in 1992 and was concluded in 1997.


The collection is organized into two series.
Series I: Business Files
Subseries 1: Agenda and minutes
Subseries 2: Correspondence
Subseries 3: Finances
Subseries 4: General
Series II: San Xavier del Bac Restoration Files
Subseries 1: Building Plans
Subseries 2: Condition Reports
Subseries 3: Proposals
Subseries 4: General





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Access Terms

Personal Name(s)
Fontana, Bernard L.

Corporate Name(s)
Patronato San Xavier

Architechture – Conservation and restoration – Arizona – Tucson.
Historic buildings – Arizona – Tucson.

Administrative Information

Credit Line

Patronato San Xavier Collection (MS 459). Special Collections, University of Arizona Library.

Container List

Series I: Business Files
This series has 4 subseries which are arranged alphabetically and chronologically. This series contains agendas and minutes, correspondence, finances and general information including a history of the corporation and the Tucson Community Group.
Subseries 1: Agenda and Minutes
Box Folder
11 Agenda and Minutes, 1984-1988
12 Agenda and Minutes, 1989
13 Agenda and Minutes, 1990
14 Agenda and Minutes, 1991
15 Agenda and Minutes, 1992
16 Agenda and Minutes, 1993
21 Agenda and Minutes, 1994
22 Agenda and Minutes, 1995
Subseries 2: Correspondence>
23 Correspondence 1983-1988
24 Correspondence 1989
25 Correspondence 1990
26 Correspondence 1991
31 Correspondence 1992
32 Correspondence 1993
33 Correspondence 1994
34 Correspondence 1995
Subseries 3: Finances>
35 Finances,1967-1970, 1983-1990s
41 Finances 1991-1992
42 Finances 1993
43 Finances 1994
44 Finances 1995
45 Finances: Ivancovich Estate 1984-1985
46 Fundraising Events, 1967-1970, 1979, 1980, 1984, 1987-1990
51 Fundraising Events 1992-May, 1993
52 Fundraising Events June, 1993-1994
53 Fundraising Events 1995-1997
54 Grant Proposals 1990-1991
Subseries 4: General>
55 History
56 Tucson Community Group - Agenda and Minute 1969-1972
Series II: San Xavier del Bac Restoration Files
This series has 4 subseries which are arranged alphabetically and chronologically. This series contains building plans and funding proposals, condition reports by various conservationists which are arranged by last name, and general files.
Subseries 1: Building Plans>
61 Building Plans 1968-1997
62 Master plan and Funding Proposal June, 1993-1994
Subseries 2: Condition Reports
63 Desert Earth Engineering
64 Fraser-Giffords, Gloria
65 Giffords, Gloria and Celorio, Miguel (1)
66 Giffords, Gloria and Celorio, Miguel (2)
67 Holben, Randon E. and Lawrence Leland L.
68 Massari, Ippolito
69 Olvera, Jorge
610 Peck, John
611 Peterson, Carolyn
71 Schwartzbaum, Paul M.
72 Smithsonian Institute Collection
73 Vint, Robert
Subseries 3: Proposals
74 Anson, Gordon
75 Antonow, Laura
76 Giffords, Gloria
77 Morales Construction Company
Subseries 4: General
78 Visa Information for 1992 Project, 1991
81 Visa Information for 1993-1994
82 Visa Information for 1995-1997 (1)
83 Visa Information for 1995-1997 (2)