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Joseph Perillo Photograph Collection 1949-1984 (bulk 1975-1984)

MS 477

Collection Summary

Creator: Perillo, Joseph J.
Collection Name:Joseph Perillo Photograph Collection
Inclusive Dates: 1949-1984
Bulk Dates: ( bulk 1975-1984)
Physical Description:0.5 linear feet
Abstract:The Joseph Perillo Photograph Collection, 1949-1984 (bulk 1975-1984) contains photographic negatives spanning the career of Joseph Perillo. Prominent Jazz band leaders, singers, athletes and political leaders from the 1940s and 1950s can be found in the collection. Singers, entertainers, and political figures, such as Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, and Pope John Paul II, from the 1970s and 1980s can be found in the collection as well.
Collection Number:MS 477
Repository: University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections
University of Arizona
PO Box 210055
Tucson, AZ 85721-0055
Phone: 520-621-6423
Fax: 520-621-9733

Biographical Note

Joseph Perillo’s love for photography began when he was in high school. Upon graduating he went on to study photography in New York City. After completing his photography training he went on to enlist in the Air Force. He was an Air Force photographer for several years. While in the Air Force he was part of Public Relations and was assigned as General Davis’s personal photographer. He had the opportunity to photograph many famous people such as Werner Von Braun and Dr. Messerschmitt. His photographs were used in the Air Force Times. After the Air Force, Joseph worked for seven years in Patunent Naval Air Station. During his time at Patunent he worked as a photographer for Grumman Aircraft and the Grumman Newspaper. He also worked in Motion Picture photography and still photography.

The love for Photo Journalism took Joseph to Washington D.C. where he worked for a newspaper. Consequently, he was assigned to the White House where he photographed the administrations of President Gerald Ford and President Jimmy Carter. This gave him the opportunity to photograph many historical milestones such as Pope John Paul visit to the White House and the 1979 Peace treaty signing between Israel and Egypt. Mr. Perillo also photographed for the magazine EUROPE and for the U.S. Park Service Theatre Wolf Trap.

Scope and Content Note

The collection is composed of negatives of photographs taken by Joseph Perillo from 1949-1985. The negatives span his career as an Air Force and Newspaper Photographer. The collection is divided in to three series. The first series highlights his early career. The negatives in this series consists of famous musicians, singers, and athletes from the 1940-1950s. Some notables are Ella Fitzgerald, Xavier Cugat, Dean Martin, Ray Robinson, Joe DiMaggio, Susan Vaughan, Nat King Cole and Gene Krupa. Series two, his political images, consist of negatives that span the administrations of Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter as well as other political figures including Edward Kennedy and Werner Von Braun. Series Three, Entertainers, is composed of two subseries. Subseries 1, contains negatives from performances and events that were held at Wolf Trap in 1984. Included in these negatives are performances by Placido Domingo, Ella Fitzgerald, and Liza Minnelli. Subseries 2, includes negatives of famous artists in different events and locations. Ansel Adams, Duke Ellington and Frank Sinatra can be found within this subseries.


This collection is organized into 3 series.
Series I: Early Career,1949-1959
Series II: Political,1975-1979
Series III: Entertainers,1970-1985
Subseries 1: Wolf Trap,1984
Subseries 2: Miscellaneous Events,1970-1985



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Personal Name(s)
Carter, Jimmy, 1924-
Ford, Gerald R., 1913-2006
John Paul -- II, -- Pope, -- 1920-2005.
Perillo, Joseph J.

Corporate Name(s)
Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts (Va.)

Big Bands—United States
Jazz Musicians—1940-1950
Photojournalism—20th century
Women entertainers

Genre Form(s)
Negative Prints

Administrative Information

Credit Line

Joseph Perillo Photograph Collection (MS 477). Special Collections, University of Arizona Libraries.

Container List

Series I: Early Career, 1949-1959
This series is arranged alphabetically. It contains negatives of various musicians, singers, athletes, and personalities of the era.
11 Count Basie, 1953>
12 Tex Beneke,1954
13 Milton Berle,1956
14 Connie Boswell,1956
15 “Candy” Candido,1952
16 Dick Cantino,1950
17 Nat “King” Cole,1953
18 Xavier Cugat,1949
19 Vic Damone,1956
110 Joe Dimaggio,1950
111 Billy Eckstine,1952
112 Ella Fitzgerald,1953
113 Norman Granz,1953
114 Illinois Jacquet,1953
115 Gene Krupa,1953
116 Guy Lambrado,1959
117 Frankie Lane,1956
118 Ralph Marteri,1953
119 Dean Martin,1956
120 Chico Marx,1950
121 Ray Mckinley,1953
122 James Melton,1953
123 Noro Morales,1949
124 Al Morgan,1950
125 Patti Page,1950
126 Louis Prima,1951
127 Jackie Robinson,1949
128 Ray Robinson,1953
129 Hazel Scott,1949
130 Zachary Scott,1953
131 Cardinal Spellman,1948
132 Sarah Vaughan,1953
133 Billy Ward and Group,1950
Series II: Political,1975-1979
This series is arranged alphabetically. It contains negatives of President Carter, President Ford and other politicians. It also contains negatives of several significant events in their administrations.
134 Zbigniew Brezezinski,undated
135 Father’s Day Jazz Celebration,June 1978
136 Betty Ford,1975
137 President Ford and Christmas Celebrations,1977
138 Governor Carter on campaign trail,1978
139 President Carter and President Ceausescu of Romania,undated
140 President Carter and Japanese Prime Minister Takeo Fukuda,undated
141 President Carter and President Portillo of Mexico,undated
142 President Carter and Jody Powell in Oval Office,undated
143 Senator Edward Kennedy,1978
144 Peace Treaty Signing by Egypt and Israel,1979
145 Pope John Paul II visit to the White House,1979
146 Werner Von Braun Reception Party,undated
147 John Warner for Senator Campaign,1978
148 John Warner, Elizabeth Taylor and John Dalton,undated
Series III: Entertainers
This series contains two subseries. The first contains negatives of performances and events at Wolf Trap. The second contains negatives of entertainers and artist at several different events. Both subseries are arranged alphabetically.
Subseries 1: Wolf trap,1984
149 Judy Collins,undated
150 John Davidson “Oklahoma”,1984
151 Johnny Desmond and Helen O’Connel,1984
152 Johnny Desmond, Helen O’ Connel, Peter Marshall and Tex Beneke,1984
153 Placido Domingo,1984
154 Ella Fitzgerald and Oscar Peterson,1984
155 Gala,1984
156 Liza Minnelli and Sammy Davis Jr.,undated
157 Renata Scott and John Alexandra,1984
158 Temptations and the Four Tops,undated
159 Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons,1984
Subseries 2: Miscellaneous Events,1970-1980
160 Ansel Adams,1982
161 Vikki Carr,1973
162 Cyd Charisse,1981
163 Phil Donahue,undated
164 Duke Ellington,undated
165 Frank Sinatra,undated