Gerard P. Kuiper Papers

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Container List
Series I: Personal Files 1924-1973
Series II: Employment, 1933-1973
Subseries 1: Lick Observatory, Mount Hamilton, California
Subseries 4: Yerkes and McDonald Observatories
Subseries 5: University of Arizona, 1960-1973
Subseries 6: Lunar Planetary Laboratory (LPL)
Subseries 7: Planetarium
Subseries 8: Department of Planetary Sciences (PLSC)
Series III: Correspondence 1923-1974
Series IV: Lunar Planetary Laboratory (LPL): Telescopes and Facilities, 1961-1973.
Series V: International Astronomical Union, 1946-1973.
Subseries 1: General
Subseries 2: Commission 16 – Study of Planets and Satellites
Subseries 3: Commission 17 - Lunar Nomenclature
Subseries 4: Commission 20 - Positions and motions of minor planets, comets and satellites
Subseries 5: Commission 26 - High Energy Astrophysics
Subseries 6: Commission 44 - High Energy Astrophysics
Subseries 7: Mars Committee
Subseries 8: United States National Committee
Subseries 9: IAU General Assembly meetings
Subseries 10: IAU Symposiums
Series: VI: National Academy of Science 1942-1973.
Series VII: National Aeronautics and Space Administration 1954-1974.
Subseries 1: Ames Research Center
Subseries 2: Apollo Project
Subseries 3: Comet Conference NASA and LPL April 8-9,1970
Subseries 4: Correspondence.
Subseries 5: Goddard Space Flight Center.
Subseries 6: Marshall Space Flight Center.
Subseries 7: Infrared Astronomy Working Group.
Subseries 8: Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Subseries 9: Lunar Science Institute
Subseries 10: Manned Spacecraft Center
Subseries 11: Mariner Program Mars- Mercury-Venus (MMV)
Subseries 12: NASA Missions Loose Handwritten Notes by Dr. Kuiper
Subseries 13: NASA University Program Review Conference
Subseries 14: NASA Office of University Affairs
Subseries 15: NASA Official Visit to University of Arizona
Subseries 16: Orbiter
Subseries 17: Planetary and Interplanetary Science Subcommittee
Subseries 18: Planetology Subcommittee
Subseries 19: Ranger
Subseries 20: Space Flight Earth Photographs
Subseries 21: Space Program
Subseries 22: Space Research
Subseries 23: Space Sciences Building/University of Arizona
Subseries 24: Space Science Steering Committee
Subseries 25: Surveyor
Subseries 26: Tiros Weather Satellite
Subseries 27: Viking Project
Subseries 28: Voyager Mission to Mars
Series: VIII: National Science Foundation, 1959-1973.
Series: IX: Publication Files. This series is arranged alphabetically. It is a record of Dr. Kuiper’s writing career. This subgroup is divided into 6 series: Solar System. Stars and Stellar Systems, articles, lectures, papers. Atlases. Book Chapters. Notes, 1944-1974.
Subseries 1: Solar System, 1951-1966
Subseries 2: Stars and Stellar Systems, 1954-1968
Subseries 3: Articles, talks, lectures, papers. 1936-1974
Subseries 4: Atlases 1953-1974
Subseries 5: Book Chapters, 1944-1965
Subseries 6: Notes, 1926-1973
Series X: Research 1894-1973:
Subseries 1: Asteroid Program 1949-1954
Subseries 2: Proposals by year - Kuiper involvement, 1946-1972
Subseries 3: United States Air Force (USAF),
Subseries 4: Central Intelligence Agency (CIA),
Subseries 5: Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL),
Subseries 6: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA),
Subseries 7: National Science Foundation (NFS),
Subseries 8: Office of Naval Research,
Subseries 9: Subjects Files, 1894-1973
Subseries 10: Hawaii - Observation Sites, 1957-1970
Subseries 11: Chilean Project - Observation Sites, 1959-19631957-1970
Subseries 12: Other Site Surveys, 1964-1973
Subseries 13: Observations, 1921- 1970
Series XI: Trip Reports. 1958-1973
Series XII: World War II 1938-1951.
Series XIII: Personal Interests, 1965-19661972
Subseries 1:Lighting - Morningside Addition District, Tucson,
Subseries 2: Tucson police helicopter surveillance,
Series XIV: Photographs, 1909-1973
Series XV: Newspaper Clippings pertaining to Gerard Kuiper, 1942-1974
Series XVI: Oversize 1911-1968.
Series XVII: Slides 1948–1974.
Subseries 1: These slides are organized by date into 28 metal slide containers. Each container has a subject guide which links the title to the appropriate numbered slide., March 1948 – March 1962.
Subseries 2: The slides in this subseries are organized into yellow slide boxes. Slide boxes (folders) 1 through 263 are dated from 1952 to 1974. Slide boxes numbered 263 to 372 are undated. The majority of boxes do have labels. I have done my best to transcribe the labels. April 1965 – May 1973.
Subseries 3: In this subseries the slides are organized by date.
Subseries 4: The slides in this subseries are not dated and are organized by subject
Series XVIII: Audio tapes, one filmstrip and films
Subseries 1: Audio tapes and one film-strip, this subseries is organized by date 1965-1973
Subseries 2: Films