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Michael J. Drake Papers 1972-2008 (bulk 1973-1986)

MS 511

Collection Summary

Creator: Drake, Michael J.
Collection Name:Michael J. Drake Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1972-2008
Bulk Dates: (bulk 1973-1986)
Physical Description:8.75 linear feet
Abstract:This collection is comprised of the professional papers of Michael J. Drake. The bulk of the material relates to his career as a researcher and professor in geochemistry, planetary sciences, and meteoritics at the University of Arizona. The majority of this collection predates 1994 when Dr. Drake became the director of the Lunar Planetary Laboratory and head of the Department of Planetary Sciences.
Collection Number:MS 511
Repository: University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections
University of Arizona
PO Box 210055
Tucson, AZ 85721-0055
Phone: 520-621-6423
Fax: 520-621-9733

Biographical Note

Michael J. Drake was born on July 8, 1946 in Bristol, England. He received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Geology at Victoria University of Manchester, England, 1967 and earned his Ph.D. in Geology from the University of Oregon in 1972. Dr. Drake was a post-doctoral research associate at the Harvard Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory in Cambridge, Massachusetts from 1972-1973. In 1973 he joined the University of Arizona faculty as an assistant professor in the Department of Planetary Sciences. He served as the associate director of Lunar Planetary Laboratory from 1978 through 1980 and became an associate professor of Planetary Sciences in 1978. In 1986 and 1987, Drake served as the Associate Dean of Science, and in 1994 he became the head of the Department of Planetary Sciences and the Director of the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory. He served in that capacity until his death in 2011.

Michael J. Drake was a leader in the field of extraterrestrial geology. He studied lunar rock samples, meteors and the moons of Saturn. His assisted with establishment of the University of Arizona Electron Microprobe Laboratory in 1974. He helped map the surface of Mars and was part of a NASA team that detected the presence of ice below the Martian surface in 2002.

Dr. Drake contributed to important space projects that gained international awareness for Lunar and Planetary Laboratory and the University of Arizona. These projects included the Cassini mission to explore Saturn, the Gamma-Ray Spectrometer onboard NASA's Mars Odyssey Orbiter, the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera onboard NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, and the Phoenix Mars Lander.

Drake was the principal investigator for one of the most ambitious University of Arizona projects ever, OSIRIS-REx, the $800 million NASA mission designed to retrieve a sample of the near earth asteroid Bennu and return it to Earth. OSIRIS-REx is due to launch in 2016. It was the largest grant or contract the UA had ever received to date. The project was approved by NASA after 2 years of challenging work by Drake and only months before his death.

Dr. Michael J. Drake was a Regents Professor, the highest of faculty ranks reserved for full professors with exceptional achievements that have brought them national or international recognition.

Scope and Content Note

This collection is comprised of the professional papers of Michael J. Drake. Almost all of the materials relate to his career as a researcher and a professor in geochemistry and planetary sciences at the University of Arizona. The bulk of the papers date from 1973 to 1986 before he became the director of the Lunar Planetary Laboratory and head of the Department of Planetary Sciences in 1994. The largest series is the publications which is divided into four subseries; presentations, articles, books chapters, and general. Other items in the collection are his personal files, correspondences, proposals and grants, professional services, and a subject file.


This collection is organized into 10 series
Series I: Personal Files, 1972-1922
Series II: Correspondence, 1973-1986
Subseries 1: Professional correspondence.
Subseries 2: Organizational correspondence.
Series III: Proposals and Grants, 1972-1992
Subseries 1: Department of Energy (DOE)
Subseries 2: NASA
Subseries 3: National Science Foundation (NSF)
Subseroes 4: Other organization
Series IV: Professional Services, 1979-1985
Series V: Scholarship files, 1972-1991
Subseries 1: Presentations
Subseries 2: Articles
Subseries 3: Book Chapters
Series VI: Subject files, 1972-2008
Series VII: Instructional files, 1972-2008
Series VIII: College Class Work, 1965-1972
Series IX: Scientific Notebooks, 1968-1993
Series X: Picture Negatives, circa 1977-1980



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Personal Name(s)
Drake, Michael J., 1946-2011

Corporate Name(s)
Mars Odyssey Orbiter.
OSIRIS-REX mission.
United States. National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
University of Arizona--Department of Planetary Science--History.
University of Arizona--Lunar and Planetary Laboratory--History.

Geographic Name(s)
Mars (Planet).
Saturn (Planet).

Asteroids Research.
Gamma-ray spectroscopy.
Lunar geology.
Lunar petrology.
Meteorites Research.
Microprobe analysis.
Solar System Formation.

Administrative Information

Credit Line

Michael J. Drake Papers (MS 511). Special Collections, University of Arizona Libraries.

Container List

Series I: Personal, 1972-1982
This series is arranged chronologically by year. It contains Dr. Drake's United States Visa application, his final thesis presentation along with the copy of the abstract, correspondence relating to his appointment to the Department Planetary Sciences faculty, a personal log, information regarding his 6 month sabbatical in 1981 at the University of Oxford, letters relating to Drake’s interest in the job of director of the School of Geophysical Sciences, Georgia Institute of Technology 1981-1982.
11 Visa, 1972
12 Ph.D. Thesis final oral presentation and copy of abstract, September 1972
13 Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory appointment, 1972-1973
14 University of Arizona, Department of Planetary Science appointment, 1973
15 Personal log, 1977-1979
16 Sabbatical-University of Oxford, 1978-1982
17 School of Geophysical Sciences, Georgia Institute of Technology application, 1981-1982
Series II: Correspondence, 1973-1987
This series contains professional and organizational correspondence including both incoming and outgoing mail. The series is divided into two subseries; the first is arranged by years and the second is arranged by title of the organization.
Subseries 1: Professional correspondence,
18 1973
19 January-February 1974
110 March-December 1974
111 January-September 1975
112 October-December 1975
113 January-June 1976
114 July-December 1976
115 January-April 1977
116 May-August 1977
117 September-December 1977
118 January-March 1978
119 April-July 1978
120 August-March 1978
121 January-March 1979
122 April-June 1979
123 July –September 1979
124 October-December 1979
125 January-March 1980
126 April-June 1980
127 July-September 1980
21 October-December 1980
22 January-June 1981
23 July-December 1981
24 June-March 1982
25 April-August 1982
26 September-December 1982
27 December 1983-May 1984
28 January-March 1985
29 April- September 1985
210 October-December 1985
211 January-June 1986
212 July 1986-1987
Subseries 2: Organizational correspondence, 1974 -1982
213 International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics – IUGG, 1979-1982
214-16 National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Lunar Sampling, 1974-1976
Series III: Proposals and Grants - Dr. Drake’s involvement, 1972-1992.
This series is arranged alphabetical by organization. The series is divided into four subseries: Department of Energy (DOE); NASA; National Science Foundation (NSF); Other Organizations..
Subseries 1: Department of Energy (DOE), 1981-1983
217 Partitioning of Radwaste Elements among Synroc minerals and related phases(not funded,) 1983
218 Systematic experimental investigations of the partitioning of radwaste elements among minerals proposed for ceramic and synthetic roc immobilization (not funded,) 1981
Subseries 2: NASA, 1974-1989
219 Acquisition of an electron microprobe, 1984-1989
220 Acquisition of computer controlled SEMQ, 1974
221 Evolution of Ree Patterns during Nebular Condensation, Accretion, and Lunar Differentiation, 1974
31 Evolution of Ree and other trace element abundances during nebular condensation, accretion, and lunar differentiation, 1975
32-3 Geochemical evolution of the moon and igneous meteorites, 1976-1979
34-6 Geochemical evolution of the moon, igneous meteorites, and other terrestrial planetary bodies, 1979-1984
37 Geochemistry of Petro graphically-Characterized Lithic Fragments and the Stratigraphy of Lunar Regolith, 1974
38 Petrology and Geochemistry of Lunar Regolith: Model Calculations of Geochemical Evolution of Terrae and Mare Rocks. 1975
39 Long duration exposure facility (LDEF), 1977-1980
310-11 Meteoritic Basalts, 1980-1984
312 Terrestrial analog studies of the relationships between Martian weathering products and primary igneous rocks, 1978-1982
313 Trace Element Conference, 1976-1977
Subseries 3: National Science Foundation (NSF), 1974-1989
314 Collaborative research: San Carlos ultramafic nodules and alkali lavas, and the Central Arizona Mantle (not funded,) 1980-1981
315 Electronic Microprobe, 1974
316-17 Electronic Microprobe, 1987-1989
318-19 Experimental determination of trace elements partition coefficients at high water pressures, 1975-1982
320 Experimental trace element geochemistry (not funded,) 1974
321 Experimental trace element geochemistry, 1982-1984
322 International conference on experimental Trace element geochemistry, 1977
323 Petrogenesis of ultramafic nodules from Peridot Mesa, San Carlos, Arizona, 1981-1982
Subseries 4: Other Organizations, 1972-1992
41 Bi-national Science Foundation-Geochemical Evolution of the Lower Crust beneath Northern Israel, 1980
42 Ira Kay Memorial Grant-Monte Carlo simulation of transport phenomena in silicate materials, 1983
43 National Association of Science (NAS). A Vax computer and computer network communication system, 1985
44 Research Corporation-Geochemical consequences of equilibrium and fractionation during nebula condensation, planetary accretion, and subsequent large scale differentiation (not funded,) 1973
45 U.S. Forest Service- Seam proposal, 1972-1974
46 United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Systematic Experimental Investigation of the Partitioning of Radwaste among Mineral proposed for Ceramic and Synthetic Rock Immobilization, 1986
47 University of Arizona Foundation. Proposal to create 2 new laboratories for Geochemical and Nuclear Sciences, 1973
48 University of Arizona. Survey of interest in the use of Scanning Electron Microscope(SEM)/Electron Microprobe, 1973
49 W.M. Keck Foundation-Equipment for the development of combined SEM-EDS-IA Facility, 1987-1988
410 W.M. Keck Foundation-Electron Microprobe/Stable Isotope Mass Spectrometer, 1989-1992
Series 4: Professional service, 1979-2000.
This series is arranged chronologically by year.
411 Associate Editor for the Proceedings of the 6th Lunar Science Conference, 1975
412 Associate Editor for the Proceedings of the 7th Lunar Science Conference, 1976
413 Associate Editor for the Proceedings of the 7th Lunar Science Conference, 1977
414 Associate Editor for the Proceedings of the 9th Lunar Science Conference, 1978
415 NASA Lunar and Planetary Review Panel 1979-1982
Chairman of the panel from 1981-1982
416 Graduate Admissions Committee for Department of Planetary Studies, 1982-1983
417 Associate Editor for the Journal of Geophysical Union, 1982
418 Faculty of Sciences Committee on Research Facilities, 1982-1983
419 Chemistry Department, University of Arizona Academic Program Review, 1985
420 Member of the 1st Lunar Geoscience Orbiter Workshop -Minutes, January 21-22, 1985
421 Member of the 2nd Lunar Geoscience Orbiter Workshop - Agenda, January 21-22, 1985
422 Member of the 2nd Lunar Geoscience Orbiter Workshop - Minutes, March 27-28, 1985
Series V: Scholarship files , 1972-2005.
This series is arranged chronologically and documents Dr. Drake’s writing career. It’s divided into four subseries; presentations, articles, book chapters.
Subseries 1: Presentations, 1972-1982
51 53rd Meeting of American Geophysical Union ( AGU), Washington D.C.,- notes only, no paper, April 17-21, 1972
52 NATO Advanced Study Institute -Plagise feldspar – silicate liquid equilibria: trace element distribution and the calculation of temperatures and oxygen fugacites of terrestrial and lunar samples, July 11-20, 1972
53 International Conference on Distribution and Partition of Trace Elements and Origin of Volcanic Rocks - The experimentally determined Equilibrium distribution of SR, BA, Y, EU2+, and other REE between Plagioclase feldspar and coexisting magmatic silicate liquid. October 2-4,1972
54 AGU Fall Meeting - Geochemistry of Petrologically-Characterized Lithic Fragments from Apollo 16, December 10-14, 1973
55 Fourth Annual Lunar Science Conference, March 5-8, 1973 Europium Anomaly: A Model for Prediction.
56 Fifth Lunar Science Conference March 18-22, 1974
The Infrared reflectance spectra of Eucrites, Shergottites and Vesta.
metro genesis on the Eucrite/Diogenite parent body as inferred from modeling cumulate formation
Modeling of the Two Stage Evolution of REE Abundance Patterns in High-Ti Mare Basalt Liquids.
Apollo 17 soil survey and Comparisons among non-Mare lithic fragments from Apollo and Luna 20 soils.
57 International Symposium on Geothermometry and Geobarometry, Plagioclase thermometry and barometry in igneous systems October 5-10, 1975
58 Sixth Lunar Science Conference, March 17-21, 1975
The Crystallization of Plagioclase Feldspar from Silicate Melt and Preliminary report on the Petrology.
Preliminary Report on the Petrology and Geochemistry of Lithic fragments from the Apollo 15 deep drill-core.
59 Meteortical Society 38th Annual Meeting - Lunar Anorthosite Paradox in the light of mineral/melt Equilibria July 28th-August 1st, 1975
510 The Conference on Origins of Mare Basalts - Modeling the two stage evolution of REE abundance patterns in high TI mare Basalt liquids and Mare Basalt Ree Evolution., November 17-19, 1975
511 Seventh Lunar Science Conference - March 15-19, 1976
Evolution of REE Abundances in High-Ti Mare Basalts: Problems with Total Melting and Equilibrium Partial Melting and a Possible Solution with Fractional Partial Melting
Critical review of models for the evolution of high-ti mare basalts
512 NATO Advanced Study Institute - Plagioclase – Melt Equilibria, September 17-27, 1976
513 Meteoritical Society 39th Annual Meeting - Geochemical Evolution of Eucrites: Composition of Eucrite parent body, October 18-21, 1976
514 AAS Division for Planetary Science 8th Annual Meeting - Possible Bulk Composition of Vesta: Evidence from Eucrites, January 19-22, 1977
515 Eighth Lunar Science Conference - Thermal History of Lunar Magma Ocean, March 14-18, 1977
516 Meteoritical Society 40th Annual Meeting - Metal Fractionation Patterns in the Bencubbin Meteorite: Possible evidence for fractional crystallization a parent body core, March 25-29, 1977
517 AAS Division for Planetary Sciences 9th Annual Meeting - Determination of the Bulk Composition of Terrestrial Planetary Bodies Utilizing Geochemical and Cosmo Chemical Methods: A Selective Review, October 26-30, 1977
518 Conference on Luna 24, December 1-3, 1977 Magma types at the Luna 24 Site in Mare Crisium and the Luna 24 Landing Site from Kilometers to Micrometers.
518 Ninth Lunar Science Conference, December 1-3, 1977
Magma types at the Luna 24 Site in Mare Crisium,
Mare Crisium and the Luna 24 Landing Site from Kilometers to Micrometers
519 Ninth Lunar Science Conference, August 14-17, 1978
Geophysical and Geochemical Evolution of the Lunar Magma Ocean.
The Case for at least three VLT Mare Magma types in the Luna 24 drill core.
Experimental Investigations of Trace Element Fractionation in Iron Meteorites and Pyroxene/Melt Equilibria: An update,.
520 Meteoritical Society 41st Annual Meeting, Experimental investigations of trace element fractionation in Iron Meteorites. August 14-17, 1978
521 AAS Division for Planetary Sciences 10th Annual Meeting - Geochemical Evidence for possible core in the Eucrite Parent Body , October 30-November 3, 1978
522 AGU Fall Meeting - Henry’s Law Behavior of NI in an Olivine/Melt system , December 4-8, 1978
523 Asteroids - Differentiation in Asteroidal-sized Bodies, March 6-10, 1979
524 10th Lunar and Planetary Science Conferenc,e March 19-23, 1979
Metal depletion in the Eucrites: Evidence for a Core or for a Heterogeneous Mantle in the Eucrite Parent Body Predicting Major Element Mineral/Melt Equilibria.
Predicting Major Element Mineral/Melt Equilibria.
525 AGU Spring Meeting, May 28-June 1, 1979,
Henry’s Law Behavior of NI in two Olivine/Melt systems and of SM in a Plagioclase/Melt System.
Lunar Magma Ocean: Evolution, and Implications for possible Ancient Crusts of the Terrestrial planets-Invited Interview.
526 Gordon Research Conference - Crystal Liquid Equilibria, August 20-24, 1979
527 Meteoritical Society 42nd Meeting - Metal content of the Eucrite parent body: Implications of Tungsten metal-Silicate partitioning experiments, September 3-7, 1979
528 Conference on the Lunar Highlands Crust - On early global melting of the terrestrial planets(no abstract or paper,) November 14-16, 1979.
529 11th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, March 17-21, 1980
The Infrared reflectance spectra of Eucrites, Shergottites and Vesta.
etro genesis on the Eucrite/Diogenite parent body as inferred from modeling cumulate formation.
530 Meteoritcal Society 43rd Annual Meeting - Formation of a Lunar Magma Ocean by Partial Melting, September 2-6, 1980
531 AAS Division of for Planetary Sciences - Argon and Nitrogen Systematics in Venus, Earth and Mars: Cosmo Chemical Implications. , October 14-17, 1980
532 12th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, March 16-20, 1981
On the Differentiation of the Terrestrial Planets.
Partitioning of Sm between Hibonite and Corundum and Silicate Melt.
533 NATO Advanced Study Institute - Differentiation of the Terrestrial Planets, March 23-April 3, 1981
534 Meteoritical Society 44th Annual Meeting, August 17-21, 1981
Experimental Trace Element Partition Applied to Iron Meteorites.
Constraints on the Origin of the Moon and the Metal content of the Eucrite parent body deduced from the Partition Behavior Tungsten.
535 Meeting of the Early Crustal Genesis Project(working meeting), November 13-17, 1981
536 13th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, March 15-19, 1982
Partitioning of Phosphorus between Metal and Silicate: Implications for the Moon and Eucrite Parent Body.
Experimental Approach to Early Planetary Differentiation,
537 14th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, March 14-18, 1983
Geochemical constraints on the Origin of the Moon.
Experiential determination of the portioning of Gallium between Metal and Silicate: Electron and Ion probability study.
Meteorite from the Lunar Terrae: Preliminary petrology of ALHA 81005,9.
538 Meteoritical Society 46th Annual Meeting - Partitioning of Ree between metal and volatile/refractory element fractionation (no paper or abstract). September 3-9, 1983,
539 15th Lunar and Planetary Conference, March 12-16, 1984
The SNC/Mars Connection: Geochemical Inconsistencies.
Basaltic Volcanism on the Eurcrite Parent Body: Geochemistry and Mineral Chemistry of LHA80102.
Basaltic Volcanism on the Eurcrite Parent Body: Petrology and Phase Equilibria of ALHA80102.
540 Conference on the Origin of the Moon - Origin of the Moon: Constraints from Volatile Elements,, October 12-16, 1984
541 LPI Workshop on the Early Earth: The Interval from Accretion to the Older Achaean - A Model for Core formation in the Early Earth, April 23-25, 1984
542 Meteoritical Society 47th Annual Meeting, July 30-August 2, 1984
Meteorites from Mars: Proofs, Problems and Paradoxes.
Investigations concerning the Magmatic Iron Meteorites, Static vs. Dynamic Experiments.
Core Formation in the Shergottite Parent Body (SPB).
543 17th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference 1986
Core formation in the Shergottite Parent Body and comparison with the Earth.
Siderophile elements in planetary mantles and the origin of the moon
544 18th Lunar and Planetary Science ConferenceFormation of the Moon and Terrestrial Planets: Constraints from V, Cr, and Mn Abundance in planetary mantles and from new planets, 1987
545 Conference on the Composition of the Terrestrial Planets,Experimental Partitioning of Siderophile, Elements amongst Lithophile Phases: Preliminary results using Pixe Micro probe Analysis, September 5-6, 1988
Subseries 2: Articles, circa 1960-2005
546 Miscellaneous papers, 1960’s-1970’s
547 Luna 20, circa 1972
548 Synthetic rare earth Silicate glass standards for electron microprobe analysis, 1981-1982
549 A Unified approach to a problem: Petrological and geochemical studies of lithic fragments from Apollo 15 soils, circa 1973(1)
550 A Unified approach to a problem: Petrological and geochemical studies of lithic fragments from Apollo 15 soils, circa 1973(2)
551 Descartes mountains and Caley plains compositions and provenance, 1973
61 The Oxidation state of europium as an indicator of oxygen fugacity, 1974
62 Evolution of major mineral compositions and trace element abundances during fractional crystallization of a model lunar composition, 1975
63 Plagioclase – melt equilibria,, 1976
64 Equivalence of equations describing trace element distribution during equilibrium partial melting, circa 1976
65 Composition and evolution of the eucrite parent body: evidence from rare earth elements, 1976-1977
66 Quantitative micro autoradiography by x-ray emission micro-analysis, 1977
67 Petrology and geochemistry of lithic fragments separated from the Apollo 15 deep drill core, 1977
68 Depth of lunar magma ocean, 1977
69 Quench temperatures of Moore County and other eucrites: Residence time on eucrites parent body, 1978
610 “Henry’s Law” behavior of Sm in a natural plagioclase/melt system: Importance of experience procedure, 1978
611 The Meteorite-asteroid connection: The Infrared spectra of eucrites, shergotties, and vesta, 1980
612 Partitioning Ni between Olivine and Silicate Melt: The “Henry’s Law Problem” Reexamined, 1980 (1)
613 Partitioning Ni between Olivine and Silicate Melt: The “Henry’s Law Problem” Reexamined, 1980 (2)
614 Experimental investigations of trace element fractionation in Iron Meteorites,I and II, 1978-1982
615 Evolution of earth and life, circa 1981-1982
616 Petrogenesis on the Basaltic Achondrite Parent Body as inferred from modeling Cumulate Eucrite and Diogenite Formation, 1982
617 Lunar Meteorite, ALHA 81005, 1983
71 Origin of lunar terrae meteorite ALHA 81005: Clues from the presence of a very low titanium mare basalt clast, 1983
72 Origins of the Moon, 1984 1983
73 Geochemical constraints on the Origin of the Moon, 1983
74 Geochemical Constraints on Formation of the Earth, 1985-1986
75 The Case for Planetary Sample Return Missions: Origin of the Solar System, 1986
76 Core formation in the Earth and Shergottite Parent Body (SPB): Chemical Evidence from Basalts, 1986
77 Constraints on the Origin of the Moon (authors reply and critical comment, 1986
78 Core formation and Earth's late Accretionary History (Drake and Jones reply to Morgan,) 1986
79 Experimental investigations of trace element fractionation in Iron Meteorites, III: Elemental partitioning in the system FE-NI-S-P, 1986
710 Crystal/melt partitioning of Ga, Ge, 1987
711 Partitioning of rare earth elements between Hibonite and melt and implications for nebular condensation of the rare earth elements,, 1988
712 Origin of the earth's moon constraints from alkali volatile trace elements, 1988
713 The Light Elements in the Earth's Core, circa 1988-1989
714 V, Cr, Mn in the earth moon, EPB and SPB and the origin of the moon: Experimental studies, 1989
1715 Geochemical constraints on early thermal history of the Earth, 1989
1716 Solubility and partitioning of Ar in Anorthite, Diopside, Forsterite, Spinel ,and Synthetic Basaltic liquids, 1989
717 Oxygen isotopes and the accretion of the terrestrial planets(unpublished,) 1991
718 Rb and Cs in the earth and moon, 1992
719 Metal silicate thermochemistry at high temperature, 1992
720 Noble gas evidence of an aqueous reservoir near the surface of Mars more recently than 1.3, 1992
721 MG-perovskite/silicate melt and garnet/silicate melt partition coefficients in the system Ca0-Mg)-Si02 at high temperatures and pressures, circa 1993
722 Experiments on Ru Rh, and Pd compatibility in Fe – oxides crystallizing from Silicate melt, circa 1993
723 Europium anomaly in plagioclase feldspar: Experimental results and semi-quantitative model, 1993
724 High –pressure and high-temperature experiments on core-mantle segregation in the accreting earth, 1994
725 Element partitioning between mg-perovskite magnesiowustite and silicate melt at conditions of the earth’s mantle, 1994
81 Fractional Martian atmosphere in the naklites, 1994
82 Ion microprobe study of plagioclase-basalt partition experiments at natural concentration levels of trace elements, 1996
83 Uranium in the lunar crust: Implications for lunar origin and evolution, 1996-1998
84 Siderophile geochemistry of Ga, Ge, and Sn: Cationic states in silicate melts and the effect of composition in iron-nickel alloys, 1998
85 What’s is the earth made of? 2001
86 : Experimental study of solubility and partitioning behavior of platinum up to 14 GPa and 1950 C: Implications for accretion and core formation in the earth, 2003
87 Vanadium, Cr, Si, and the Mg/Si and the Mg/Si ratio in the earth and mars, 2004
88 Origin of water in the terrestrial planets,, 2005
89 Partition of Sr, Ba, Ca, Y, Eu 2+, Eu 3+, and other REE between plagioclase feldspar and magmatic liquid: An Experimental study, undated
810 Magma Ocean by Partial Melting, undated
Subseries 3: Book Chapters, 1983-1989
811 The Nature and evolution of Vesta, (Asteroids and planets x book), 1979
812 Lunar Petrology and Geochemistry (book unknown), 1983
813 The Moon (book chapter number 9 in Natural Satellites,)presented at the International Astronomy Union, 1983
814 The Moon (book chapter number eight in Solid Earth and Planets, no date
Series VI: Subject files
This series consists of material relating to Michael J. Drake's professional interests and research, the series is arranged alphabetically.
91 ALHS 81005, 9 lunar meteorite notes and figures, circa 1983
92 Allende meteorite, 1975
93 Amphibole /liquid,
94 Apollo core catalog, undated
95 Apollo deep drill core catalog – MS, undated
96 Apollo 15 deep drill core, 15003, 545, October 1987
97 A15 Deep drill core teletype output, circa 1975
98 Apollo 16 lunar samples, 1972
99 Burline Project, circa 2001
910 Cameca Microprobe, 1987- August 1989
911 Cameca Microprobe, October 1989-1991
912 Crustal Genesis Program – Arizona Research Lab (ARL), 1982- June 1983
913 Crustal Genesis Program – Arizona Research Lab (ARL), 1983-1984
914 Department of Planetary Sciences and Lunar Planetary Lab Annual Reports, 1975-1981
915 Department of Planetary Sciences and Lunar Planetary Lab Faculty meetings, 1981-1983
916 Department of Planetary Sciences and lunar Planetary Lab -selection of new director/head, 1983
917 Eu 2+/Eu 3+
918 Early Crustal Steering Committee, 1980-1983
919 Eucrites (meteorite), circa 1970’s
920 Electron Microprobe-New, 2007-2008
921 Experimental Partitioning of Ga and Ge in Fo-Di-An (Glossy prints,) undated
922 Fe Solid/Fe Liquid, [1978]
923 Fe-FeS Partitioning, [1980]
924 Fractional partial melting, circa 1976
101 Garnet, undated
102 Geochemical structure of the crust, undated
103 Geologic maps Oregon, Scotland, Great Britain, circa 1957
104 H1 and H2 cumulates-partial melting, circa 1976
105 Henry's Law, undated
106 Hibonite/Melt Dsm, [1980]
107 Horizon undated
108 JOEL Electronic Micro probe, 1987-1989
109 Lunar modeling programs, October 1976
1010 Lunar Meteorites MAC 88104 and 88105, [1983, 1989-1990]
1011 Lunar Origin Group Discussions, October 1984
1012 Lunar Origin Group T-Loc, [1983-1984]
1013 Lunar Origin Group T-Loc, September 1985
1014 Lunar Planetary Laboratory budget, 1982-1983
1015 Lunar Planetary Laboratory/Science Building Renovations, 1989
1016 Lunar sample forms, 1975-1977
1017 Magnetic Iron Meteorites/Goldstein correspondence, 1983-1984
1018 Mare basalts calculations with redundant D’s, circa 1975
1019 Mare basalt, fractional, circa 1976
1020 Mare Basalts: Source Regions and Assimilation Program, undated
1021 Mars Colloquium, September 1981
1022 Mars Program, 1979
1023 Mars Weathering, undated
1024 Meteorite Sightings - Tucson, July 16, 1977
1025 Murthy’s Science Reply “High Temperatures”, 1991
1026 NASA Budget, 1981-1983
1027 Noble Gas - C. Leigh Broadhurst, 1989
1028 SNC: Noble Metals, no date
1029 Photographs Miscellaneous, [1982]
1030 Public Broadcasting Program, What About Modeling In Science, 1983
1031 Radioactive Materials, 1977-1983
1032 Radiation Safety and levels in the Science Building, July 31, 1978-January 15, 1979
1033 Radiation Safety and levels in the Science Building, January 11, 1979-October 14, 1983
111 Rare Gas Partitioning, 1989
112 Research Notes, [1983-1984]
113 SAO-UO A17 samples, 1989
114 Senate Appropriations Committee-NASA Lunar Analysis, 1978
115 Stony-Irons Meteorites, [1976]
116 Processing Polymict eucrite meteorites ALHA81011 and ALHA8010, circa 1983]
117 Apollo 15 deep drill core color prints, circa 1980’s
118 Asteroid 15003 photographs, circa 1980’s
119 Lunar meteorite ALHA 81005, undated
Series VII: Instructional files:
Classes taught by Dr. Drake, arranged chronology,
1110 Geochemical evolution of the terrestrial planet, 1977
1111 Geosciences 258 lectures, 1978
1112 Ply. Sc. 321, circa 1978
1113 Planetary sciences 244a, circa 1979
1114 PtyS 568 constitution of the terrestrial planets, circa 1980
1115 PtyS 571 origin of the the moon, fall 1985
1116 PtyS 520 meteorites, 1987
1117 PtyS 579a advanced igneous petrology, 1989
1118 PtyS 510 physical chemistry and nuclear chemistry, undated
Series VIII: College class work:
121 Physics 101, , circa 1965
122 Miscellaneous class notes, circa 1965
123 Geochemistry 307, 1966
125 German, circa, 1967
125 Math 441, 1967
126 Geology 513, 1968
127 Seminar in Cosmo-chemistry, circa 1968
128 Math with statistics, 1968
129 Chemistry 411 and 412, 1968-1969
1210 Chemistry 453 statistical mechanics, circa 1969
1211 Advanced Fortran IV, CS 407, circa 1969
1212 Advanced Geochemistry, circa 1970
1213 Geology 562, 1972
1214 Classification of Igneous rocks, GY303, undated
1215 Solutions in mathematics library, undated
1216 Mathematics 101, 1964-1965
1217 GY 201 and 202, circa 1966
1218 GY 203 and 204, circa 1965
Series IX: Scientific Notebooks
Arranged chronologically, 1968-1993
131 Experimental runs, lab book 1, circa 1968
132 Probe work on experiments (notes) no. 1, 1969-1971
133 Natural Rocks, 1970-1974
134 Probe work no.2, 1971-1974
135 Synthetic runs, 1971-1978
136 A15 deep drill core – 15003, Luna 24, Allende, 1974-1977
137 Probe book no. 3, Garnet/Liquid, Amphibole/Liquid, Diopside/Liquid, 1974-1978
138 Richard Bild, September 30, 1977-Feburary 15, 1988
139 Probe book, no.4, 1978
1310 Synthetic runs v.4, June 12,1978
1311 Synthetic runs v.5, 1978
1312 Probe book (Drake/Stephens), 1978-1980
1313 Probe book (Drake/Lo Faro), 1978-1979
1314 Rb/Sr (Lo Faro/Drake), 1978-1979
1315 Rb/Sr (Lo Faro/Drake), 1978-1979
1316 Furnace book (Drake/Stephens), 1978-1979
1317 No title, 1979-1980
1318 No title, 1980
1319 Glass Lab, 1980-1981
1320 Hibonite experiment (Stephens/Drake), 1980-1981
1321 Microprobe notebook, 1980-1981
1322 No title, circa 1982-1996
1323 C.L. Broadhurst, 1984-1989
1324 Run log, 1991
1325 Diamond Anvil Experiments, 1991-1993
1326 Probe, undated
Series IX: Photographic Negatives Circa,1977-1980
Eleven negative rolls and approximately forty seven negative flat strips, some of the negatives are labeled and dated but there are a few with no information.