Harlan Gallery Collection 1967-2010 (bulk 1972-1978)

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Harlan Gallery Collection 1967-2010 (bulk 1972-1978)

MS 512

Collection Summary

Creator: Harlan Gallery (Tucson, Ariz.)
Harlan, Roger Harlan, Pamela
Collection Name:Harlan Gallery Collection
Inclusive Dates: 1967-2010,
Bulk Dates: (bulk 1972-1978)
Physical Description:3 Linear Feet
Abstract:The Harlan Gallery (1972-1978), located in Tucson, Arizona, was owned by Roger and Pamela Harlan. The gallery focused on contemporary artists of the Southwest and gave them a place to showcase their art when there were few galleries in the Southwest showing anything other than "Western Art". The collection contains information about the Harlan Gallery, such as correspondence, photographs, and newspaper clippings. This collection also has materials pertaining to various, featured artists of the Harlan Gallery. These materials include artwork, publicity materials, correspondence, and photographic materials.
Collection Number:MS 512
Repository: University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections
University of Arizona
PO Box 210055
Tucson, AZ 85721-0055
Phone: 520-621-6423
Fax: 520-621-9733
URL: http://speccoll.library.arizona.edu/

Biographical Note

The Harlan Gallery was opened in 1972 in Tucson, Arizona by Roger and Pamela Harlan. The Harlan Gallery concentrated on contemporary artists of the Southwest that who had few venues or galleries that were showing contemporary art. Many of the artists that they showcased have gone on to make a name for themselves in the art world and in other mediums. Some examples would include Jürgen Partenheimer who became one of the foremost contemporary artists working in Germany today; Ron Shelton, a screen writer and movie director for such films as Bill Durham and White Men Can’t Jump; Karen Truax, a leading female photographer; and Luis Jiménez, a nationally acclaimed sculptor of fiberglass art pieces. These and other Tucson artists were given the opportunity to share their creativity through the Harlan Gallery. The gallery closed in 1978. Shortly after closing, Roger Harlan became the Interim Director at the Tucson Museum of Art, and later was Deputy Director of the Arizona Commission on the Arts in Phoenix. Pamela Harlan helped facilitate the gifting of the Lawrence J. Heller collection, acquired by her father, to the Tucson Museum of Art.

Scope and Content Note

The inclusive dates for this collection are 1967-2010, with the bulk of the material dating from 1972-1978. The Harlan Galley had close ties to the Tucson Museum of Art and the Phoenix Art Museum and so materials including correspondence, exhibition information, and publicity materials are included within the collection. Materials from noteworthy artists that the Harlan Gallery showcased can be found in this collection-including Luis Jiménez, Nancy Tokar Miller, Ron Shelton, Jim Waid, John Wenger, and Jürgen Partenheimer. Prints, negatives, and positives of artwork from these noteworthy artists and others are represented in the collection. This collection includes publicity materials including exhibition catalogs, postcards, and posters that display artwork from Tucson artists. Correspondence from these artists concerning their life and work can be found here as well. Portfolios of silkscreen prints that were created by Tucson artists and published by the Harlan Gallery, in conjunction with the Arizona Theater Company (then known as the Arizona Civic Theater), are also in this collection. Physical artwork from Nancy Tokar Miller, Luis Jiménez, Andrew Rush, Ron Shelton, Jim Waid and other Arizona artists are also present within the collection.


This collection is organized into 3 series.





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Personal Name(s)
Jimenez, Luis, 1940-2006
Miller, Nancy Tokar
Shelton, Ronald W.
Waid, Jim, 1942
Wenger, John

Corporate Name(s)
Harlan Gallery (Tucson, Ariz.)
Tucson Museum of Art

Art Museums—Arizona--Tucson
Art, American--Arizona--20th century
Art, American--Arizona--Tucson--20th century—Exhibitions
Artists--United States--20th century
Artists--United States—Correspondence

Administrative Information

Credit Line

Harlan Gallery Collection (MS 512). Special Collections, University of Arizona Libraries.

Container List

Series I: Business Materials 1972-1984, undated
This series is arranged alphabetically and then chronologically. It contains materials concerning the Harlan Gallery, including correspondence, photographs, and newspaper clippings.
11 Adhesive Recipe undated
12 Correspondence A-Z 1972-1983
13 Correspondence Artists 1976-1978, undated
14 Correspondence Tucson Museum of Art 1974-1984
15 Photographs The Harlans and the Gallery 1975, undated
16 Publicity Newspaper Clippings 1972-1983
Series II: Artists and Galleries 1963-2010, undated
This series is arranged alphabetically. It contains materials from artists and galleries that were significant to the Harlan Gallery. Materials include correspondence, financial documents, photographs of artwork, and publicity materials. Some items pertaining to these artists are oversized and can be found in Box 2.
17 James Antonie 1976-1978, undated
18 Lars Bo 1972, undated
19 Gallery Artists Miller, Shelton, Waid, Wenger 1973-1974, undated
110 Elizabeth Foster Gjelsness 1973
111 Barbara Grygutis 1974-1975
112 Dorothy Hay Collection 1972-1973, undated
113 Lawrence J. Heller Collection 1971-1977, undated
114 Lawrence J. Heller Collection Artists Biographies undated
115 Luis Jiménez 1977-2006, undated
116 Jacob Landau 1970-1993, undated
117 Thomas Lewis 1972, undated
118 Nancy Tokar Miller 1973-1983, undated
119 Jeff Mitchell 1974-1980, undated
120 Jürgen Partenheimer 1973-2010, undated
121 Phoenix Art Museum 1983
122 Edward Putzar 1975, undated
123 Andrew Rush 1963-1975, undated
124 Fritz Scholder 1976
125 Ron Shelton 1974-2010, undated
126 Kaki Shields 1976-1977, undated
127 Spectrum Gallery undated
128 Bruce and Clonard Thomas 1975
129 Karen Truax 1976-1977, undated
130 Tucson Museum of Art 1972-1985, undated
131 Jim Waid 1974-2006, undated
132 John Wenger 1970-1976, undated
Series III: Artwork 1967-1990, undated
This series is arranged alphabetically by artist. It is composed of artwork and posters that were created by Harlan Gallery artists. Publicity posters for the Harlan Gallery, artist exhibitions, and the Arizona Civic Theater are found here as well.
21 Daniel Berrigan and Thomas Lewis, Vietnamese Letter 1975
22 Robert Buitron, The Legend of Ixtaccihuatl y Popocatepetl (Calendar) 1990
23 James Davis, Arizona Civic Theater 1974-1975
24 James Davis, Arizona Civic Theater 1974-1975
25 Harlan Gallery Publicity Ad undated
26 David Jones, Arizona Civic Theater 1974-1975
27 David Jones, Arizona Civic Theater 1974-1975
28 Luis Jiménez, Ancient Roots/New Visions Exhibition Poster 1978
29 Patricia Johnson, Arizona Civic Theater 1974-1975
210 Patricia Johnson, Arizona Civic Theater 1974-1975
211 Patricia Johnson, Arizona Civic Theater 1974-1975
212 Yoshiko Kanai, Arizona Civic Theater 1974-1975
213 Yoshiko Kanai, Arizona Civic Theater 1974-1975
214 Thomas Lewis, Trial and Prison: A Portfolio of Ten Etchings 1969
215 Charles Littler, Arizona Civic Theater 1974-1975
216 Charles Littler, Arizona Civic Theater 1974-1975
217 Nancy Tokar Miller, Arizona Civic Theater 1974-1975
218 Nancy Tokar Miller, Arizona Civic Theater 1974-1975
219 Nancy Tokar Miller, Galaxy 1971
220 Nancy Tokar Miller, Untitled 1967
221 Nancy Tokar Miller, Untitled 1975
222 Nancy Tokar Miller, Untitled 1976
223 Nancy Tokar Miller, Untitled 1980
224 Nancy Tokar Miller, Untitled undated
225 Nancy Tokar Miller, Untitled undated
226 Edward Putzar, Photographs Exhibition Poster 1977
227 Andrew Rush, Harlan Exhibition Poster 1975
228 Ron Shelton, 20 Illustrations for an Unwritten Novel Exhibition Poster 1974
229 Jim Waid, Arivaca undated
230 Jim Waid, Landscapes: Real and Imagined Exhibition Poster undated
231 Jim Waid, Publicity Poster undated